Scramble (2017) Script

Now look at this. The gang is all here.

Now it's a fucking party.

Oh, frank, Simon, meet harry.

Harry, black Jesus, breaker.

Y'all know Lester.

Oh, and Quinn.

We have your money, now give me Quinn.

Ah! Sexier, woman! What do we pay you for?

Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Hey, give me more, give me more!

We went to a lot of trouble to acquire this piece, Mr. Fertelli.

If you do not accept our terms, we will find another buyer.

Threaten me all you want.

It'll be mine.

Open it, open it, open it, open it.

I want to see it!

♪ I've been trying to forget you ♪

♪ You're not the only one ♪

♪ Well, I've been trying to regret you ♪

♪ You're not the only one ♪

♪ And I've been loving you way too much ♪

♪ And I've been loving you way too much ♪

♪ And I've been loving you way too much ♪

♪ And I've been loving you ♪

Hey, babe, what d'ya got?

Just a letter from one of my students.

Oh, yeah? From billy? Hot for teacher again?

Uh, that kid! Can't blame him though, right?

Uh, breakfast is up.

Okay, these are the best scrambled eggs I've ever made.



Hey, is this about your father?

It's okay, Quinn, it's better than he's gone.

Look, he drank vodka with his cheerios.

He had lines of coke for lunch, and did oxy for dessert.

He was in debt up to his eyeballs.

You know, it was better that this happened.

It was gonna happen anyway.

Someone was just gonna off him, just...

I didn't mean it like that. I think you did.

Look, Quinn, I was thinking, you know, after the funeral, we skip town.

You know, your father's gone, we're gone.

I don't think we should leave together, frank.

I think we should break up.

Is this a joke?


It's better this way.

It's... no!

This fucking car, turn my hair into bees' nests every time.

Nobody rocks a bees' nest as good as you do, babe.

Hey, you have your way with words.

I was never naive enough to believe them.

Come here and look at these beautiful babies, eh?

You've got them? Mm-hmm.

Mmm, gives me chills every time.

I got this one from this Williams Sonora place.

Why anybody would spend $100 on a piece of sharpened metal is beyond me.

Found this one in a dumpster.

It's a little rusty, but I kind of like it.

It gives them that kind of infecting cut, instead of just a regular one.

And this one, this one is for cutting sushi.

Hmm, as long as it can cut flesh.

You sure about this?

You know, you could hop on the PCH, be sipping piña colada, be in Mexico by tomorrow?

It's margaritas.

And you know I can't.

An eye for an eye. A life for a life.

Tomorrow we start living.

What are you talking about? Straight abs right here.

Those are love handles, my friend.

Love handles? Those are abs, man.

Look who's talking. You're about to drop dead any minute.

Oh, frankfurter!

What's the haps, man? Quinn's talking about breaking up.

Ouch! That's good news.

No more tampons in the medicine cabinet.

No more kale smoothies, no more microdermabrasion.

And, hey, you can jerk off in the living room if you want to.

Rick, I don't wanna jerk off in the living room.

You know, I don't get it.

One minute she's reading this note from her student, and then, I'm making eggs and then she pulls out the break-up card.

You don't think she's leaving you for him?

He's seven. The eggs, then?

They were perfect.

That's why I say stay away from women, they ain't nothin' but heartbreak.

Unless her name's Stoli or she's a stripper.

This will take your mind off of it.

Bam! New cush, fresh off the vine from Tujunga.

Yeah, and how many times I tell you this ain't a dispensary, numbnuts?

And if it was, you could afford to keep the lights on.

Just doesn't add up.

I mean, life's a bag of shit sometimes, frank.

Shanika done me, I cried for a month.

You guys dated for two days, Simon, and that was in the seventh grade.

So? It still hurt.

Oh, hey, just do it.

I mean, she been there for you through everything.

Her dad just died. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe she just needs some space, man.


And as we gather here, we commit to the ground, return to the heavens, a noble man, a very interesting man, and as he returns to his heavenly plane, for those of us on earth, we ask forgiveness... look at this fucking guy.

Alcoholic, drug addict, overdoses, got a beautiful daughter, you know what his problem was?

He couldn't make a behavioral change.

...Returns to the heavenly plane, we ask god... fucking cigarette.

Boys, life is the process of consistently dying.

You know what that means?

How you treat the issue is the issue.

Some people are committed to be bottom feeders.

He was a bottom feeder.

All his life he strived to do something else, tried to be somebody else, but he couldn't make a behavioral change, therefore, he's in the hole.

Think about that.

Where do you want to be?

Do you wanna be a bottom feeder?

Are you guys bottom feeders? I don't think you're bottom feeders.

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.


Okay, can we talk about this now, please? Frank, it's not the time.

What do you mean it's not the time? No, frank.

Quinn. Not now.


Fucking bottom feeders.

All right, let's get this bitch.

Quinn, stop! Stop! This is our life, babe.

All right, if it's space you need... it's not space, okay?

Just listen to me. Please.

Just trust me. You're better off this way. You don't believe that.

I do. No, Quinn, you don't know what you're saying.

Fine. You wanna know the truth?

Yes. My father was mixed up with...

Quinn, it's not nice to talk behind people's backs.

Especially when they can't talk back.

Nice funeral.

A bit pedantic for my taste, but then again, so was your old man.

I trust you got my note.

I hope you liked it.

You know how long it takes to find an "O" in a magazine?

Frank. Who are you?

I'm breaker.

Black Lightning. Q.

Hey, stop! Hey, get off me!

No, frank! Frank! What are you doing?

Seems as the old man ain't coming out of the hole any time soon, we've come to repay his debt.

The girl's ours.

Frank! Frank!





You sexy beast.

I have a feeling you're gonna enjoy everything I'm about to give you.

Mmm. Especially the ending.

Oh, I always enjoy your endings, V.

Uh-uh, no touching today.

Oh. Mmm.

Pretty kinky today, aren't we?


Have you been a bad boy?


Do you want me to punish you?

Mm-hmm. Well, then, since you asked.

Harry, darling! Hmm?

Don't worry. It's not a threesome.

At least not your typical one, anyway.

Harry here, he just wants to play.

I told harry all about how you like it violent.

Harry likes violence, too.

Harry here likes to play.

Oh, it's so nice Wasn't that one of the commandments?

I think it was right after "thou shalt not kill."

Don't worry, we don't follow the commandments either, jerk.

Well, she's gonna like this.

Simon, get off your phone. Hey, take a selfie with me.

No, there's no time for a selfie right now.

Whoo-hoo! You look good in a suit, by the way.

Fuck the suit. Quinn's gone.

Yeah, you said that yesterday.

No, no, two guys at the funeral, they... they grabbed her and they put her in the car.

Hey, keep that shit down.

I'm taking my afternoon siesta.

Yo, somebody took Quinn.

What? Who? I don't know.

But they left that.

What sort of trouble did your girl get into?

Nothing. She's never even had a parking ticket, rich.

Not if she's mixed up with the likes of Dom.

Who? Dom Fertelli.

This here's his calling card.

Now, he doesn't have a number on it... rick! Frank, this guy's a son of a bitch if I ever met one. Now who the fuck is Dom?

You know, for a wanna-be drug dealer, you're kind of out of the loop, you know that?

You think you're a shark with your thumb bags of cush?

Well, this guy's an Orca. He runs the biggest prostitution ring in the whole damn city. And you know this because?

Well, when you get down deep enough you know things.

Now what I don't understand is what does a high-end pimp want with your girlfriend?

Her dad, he owed him money.

Oh, shit.

Where can I find him, rick?

Only way I know anybody gets into Dom's compound is with a buy.

No, no, I mean like a big buy, like six figures.

Well, I'll just go, I'll talk to him.

Then what? He'll apologize for the inconvenience and hand you your girlfriend back?

I'll call the cops. They're on his payroll!

Oh, that is bullshit.

It's true shit.

Where is he, rick?

You know that warehouse on cherry street, with all those boats?

That's the place, but I'm telling you, you got a worse chance of getting in there, than me getting with Madonna.

I need your car.

No, yo! Hey!

Get off me!

Let go!


What do we have here?

This girl thinks that she has class.

Get up.

Is that a manicure?

Ah, and great hair, too. Ooh, cute!

Look at that dress.

I'll help myself, sweetie. Step aside.

Good bone structure.

A bit on the young side.

I'd say you'll fetch 1,500 bucks?

Maybe 1,800.

But now with what you're wearing.


You need messy hair, sweetie.

I'm not wearing that.

What? Not your style?

You piss us off, you piss Dom off.

And you don't wanna be doing that.

Get dressed.

I've never seen you like this before.

Like what?

So animalistic.

Is that a good thing?

I'm not sure.

You didn't have to come with me.

You knew what you were getting yourself into.

I still came.

I... I don't even need you.

I can do anything... hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I do, I do.

Come here. Come here.

I do.

Thank you.

Can I ask you why you were unsuccessfully trying to scale my castle?

You have my girlfriend.

And you are? Frank.


Let's be frank. You're being rude.

You stole my girlfriend!

Give her back.

Who is she?

Who is she? We have an array here.

The skinny one? The rotund one?

Is she the one with the tail?

Her name is Quinn.


Ah, Jones girl.

Let her go.

Can't do that.

She's a valuable commodity to me.

Look, you can't do this.

I'll call the cops.

An interesting and relatively expected go-to.

Who do you think keeps us warm and cozy in this establishment?

You son of a bitch.

I've been called worse.

Give her back!

You're not a very shrewd businessman, are you, frank?

You can't get something for nothing.

Then take me.

No, thank you. You're not my type.

You're a very charming young man, but not my type.

How much did her dad owe you? I'll pay it back.


25,000 for the pain and inconvenience.


Look, I don't have $75... dollars laying around?

You got 100 bucks?

You got 50?

All right, you got five bucks?

Then you're wasting my time.

Good-bye. I'll get it.

The crazy things men will do for love.

Let me see her.

I can't.

Considerate it an incentive to bring me the money.

All right, fine.

Okay, just don't do anything to her till I... look, now you're trying to tell me how to run my business.

I can't let a valuable commodity sit around like that unused.

It's called appreciation of value, frank.

You really should take an economics class.

If you want your girlfriend's integrity to be saved, then it might behoove you to give me the money quick, like a bunny.

If she's anything like her mother, she'll fetch a pretty penny.

You fucking son... oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you didn't know.

Patty was a frequent customer.

Daughter of a prostitute has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?

Bring me the money, frank, and she's all yours.

If you fail, she's all mine.

Tick tock.

Compliments on the suit.

You'll get used to it.

Just leave me alone.

Honey, if you wanna survive around here, you're gonna need to make a friend or two.

Nicoletta. Been here since I was 19.

See that bitch over there?

You give her any problems, you're sent straight to the front lines.

I take it you didn't come here by choice.

My father owes a lot of money to Dom Fertelli, but he's dead.

No shit.

Well, I came here by choice.

I wanted to put my sister through college.

Just seemed so easy.

Four years later I'm still here turning tricks.

So why don't you just leave?

Honey, if you try getting out of these walls, They'll get you.

They have something on us.

They have something on all of us.

Damn, look, I can't make $500 in a week.

How am I supposed to come up with 75 grand?

I mean, do you think maybe he was bluffing about the whole cop thing? I doubt it.

Guys like that always got a guy like Dudley smith looking out for them, otherwise they'd have been busted.

Dudley smith?

Come on, man, it's a movie reference.

You're a Stoner, for god's sake, yeah, but I'm a video game Stoner, Simon, that is like a whole different breed altogether. You know, entirely, just... bro, wait. Wait?

I might be able to know somebody that can get you the money.

And you were waiting to tell me this when?

I mean, the weed man, it kicked in.

Made me think. Yeah, okay.

Then tell me, tell me... and the video game- mm, but, I don't know, man.

Tell me, Simon.

Look, he's called the kid.

I ain't messing with no kid, Simon, are you crazy?

No, not a kid.

The kid. The kid?

Yeah, he's some kind of man-child, so everybody calls him the kid.

And I mean, you know a guy like this how?

Should I even ask you?

He buys from me sometimes.

And he's got 75 grand?

Hoo hoo hoo! Frank, a whole lot more than that.

The dude's a billionaire. He made his fortune off some prototype for angry birds or something.

And you think he'll just give us 75 grand?

Who knows? Crazier things have happened.

Yeah, like my girlfriend getting kidnapped by a pimp.

All right, I'm in. All right, cool, but look, I gotta go with you.

He doesn't trust anybody he don't know.

Okay. He's super paranoid.

But he likes me.

I hooked him up during that Adderall shortage in 2012.

I didn't even know that was a thing.

It wasn't. Oh, ho, ho.

Oh, you're kidding.

You know, man. Hey, you got any more weed?

Yeah, a little bit. Okay, cool. I need it.

They're targeting us.

This is no coincidence.

Those are both regular customers.

Top brass.

I want this to stop now!

Get it, boy.

He's off the Adderall.

We're here on different business.

Who's the Jew?

I'm frank.

Right this way.

Young master, I have Mr. Simon and his associate.


How you been, mi africano?

As good as a drug dealer can fucking be.

When pot's legal in Cali. That's right.

Good for me, shitty for you.

Who's your friend?

This is frank.

Nice suit. Like a penguin.

Give me a hit of that.


Sorry I didn't buy this from you, Simon.

That's cool.

Been growing myself, actually.

It's been jacking up my electric bill quite a bit.

Hey, yo, can I get a hit? Hey, look, we don't have time to mess around, Simon.

All right, now, my girlfriend, she's held up in some basement, and I need your help. Oh, shit.

Do you need my help?

Fuck, he needs my help.

Someone's killing the vibe around here.

And I don't appreciate it.

Do I, Lester?

You should go.

Oh, whoa, whoa, we just got... hey!

Short stays are the sweetest.

Don't wanna overstay our welcome.

Please, I just... I just was wondering if I could borrow some money.

Man, 25 seconds in and he's already doing the fucking greenback boogie.

Look, I will pay you back.

I just... I need the money now so I can get her back.

Are you... "I need the money now. Help me.

I'm poor."

Do you want a bottle?

Lester. Almond milk?

Please. How much?

75 grand.



You're a fine one, kid.

Now, if you guys don't mind just getting the fuck outta here.

Look, Simon says that you may be able to help us out.

Oh, did we now, Simon? Yeah.

And what makes you think I'd be so inclined to help you and your mousy little friend?


Touche. Touche.

So who's basement has the honor of holding your little girlfriend, anyway?

Some guy named Dom Fertelli.

Dom Fertelli? Yeah.

What a rat bastard he is.

Wait, you know him?

Of course I know Dom Fertelli.

Everyone knows Dom Fertelli. Clearly.

Where do you think jenny over here came from? The moon?

Made of cheese?

Look, her dad owed him a lot of money, but Fertelli says if we pay him back, he'll let her go.

Paying for your girlfriend's freedom, huh?

Two sides of the same coin, you and Dom.

Listen, Simon, I like you, I really do, but your proposition doesn't interest me.

Bets are tricky devils.

No one wins in the end.

I know.

Besides, my money is very dear to me, and I just hate to part... just consider it a loan.

Tish tosh, it's all just words, Frank.

What I wanna know is what are you gonna do for me?

You can't get something for nothing.

Name your price.

How about $75,000?

That we don't have this second. Whoa, whoa, right.

You don't have $75,000.

Listen, there's nothing I could ever want from you that I can't already buy myself.

You know, I'm gonna play this game with you.

You know why?

It's actually quite boring being rich.

You've seen it all. You've done it all.

Tasted it all.

It's boring being bored.

We'll, um, we'll do anything.

All right.

Whoa! Both of us? Look, I'm not in on it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not gonna help poor little Frankie out?

It's not my debt. Then fuck that. No deal!

Hey, hey, hey, hey... look, I got a league of legends tourney starting in 15 minutes, Simon.

And I gotta meditate.

This guy, gypsy 69, has it out for me, fucking elven bitch.

But why do you need me too?

Isn't that what friends are for?

Are you gonna abandon your buddy in his time of need?

Simon, please.

Okay, I'll go.

Too late, deal's off the table.

What? Come on! I'll do it, please.

Is that your final answer? Mmm.

Tick tock. You're on the clock.


Thank you, Lester.

Now this is getting interesting.

Two friends brought together in times of tragedy.

Best of buds.

It's like a lifetime movie in the making.

What do you think? Is it marketable?

Absolutely, sir.

Mmm, maybe not.

You're not gonna ask us to murder anyone, are you?

Come here.

You boys want some tea?

Lester, bring the boys some tea, come on.

Thanksgiving day, 1971.

A guy named Dan cooper boards a flight to Oregon dressed in a $3,000 suit.

He orders a bourbon and soda before telling the waitress he's got a bomb in his pocket.

This guy demands 200,000 in dollar bills, two parachutes and a fuel truck.

Then he orders a second bourbon, hold the soda. Pays his tab.

Keep the change.

Before jumping out of the goddamn plane.

And it wasn't for the money, I tell you that.

I mean, the guy could have robbed a bank situated squarely on the ground in a much more cost-effective manner.

But where's the fun in that, huh?

The fucking Mona Lisa? Hell, the janitor wiped it clean off the wall.

Hell, it wasn't even the most expensive painting, but it got people talking. They'd even come around and see the spot where it used to hang.

It's funny, isn't it?

Fucking Nazis. Thomas crown, the fucking pilgrims.

They all wanted something they couldn't buy, so they fucking stole it.

This... this is what I want.

You okay?


I'll go up first.

You'll have to wait for her.

You know, sir, it's not exactly hotel policy to perform these kind of services in the guest's bed.

Mm, well... well, that's precisely why I'm paying you extra.

Yes, sir.

You haven't been doing this long, have you?

Just started here last week.

Mm-hmm, which slum did you come from?

Excuse me?

Which slum did you come from before this?

Um, I'm from new york, actually.


There's a lot of tension here in your left shoulder.

Would you say you use this body part more than others?


Get in there deep.

A little lower,

yeah, that area's fine. A little lower.

I've got real bad knots.

Much lower.

Mmm, that's a little warmer.


Keep going.


Expecting someone?

Oh! Oh! Fetch a robe, would you, love?

Ah, okay.

Oh, Jesus, I don't get paid enough for this shit.

Oh. Good luck.

Hey. V.

I heard you were off the beat.

Yes, and yet here I am.

Shall we?


So what brings you back?

Let's just say the retirement got a little boring.

Hmm, hmm, they say.

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.

Lucky for me I enjoy pain.

And I never get bored.

You know me well. I think intimately's the word.

Sunshine on Tuesdays, 2:05 like clockwork.

What can I say?

I'm a creature of habit.

What did you do with little miss sunshine?

So am I still gonna get paid?

Right, right, right.

I hope you don't mind, my tastes have gotten a bit more sophisticated since we last met.

I developed my own...

Affinity for torture.

Is that so?

Oh, baby, mmm.



Sunshine found the tape when she arrived at the room.

Poor girl's in shock.

This is the third client today.

About the body, sir?

What? I, um, I can't... just say it!

His member is missing.

Well, did they find it? Not yet.

It just... gone.

Get turbo.

God damn it.

Whoo! My, you are a looker, huh?


Let's go. Fuck you.

Yeah, fuck you, too.

You've been causing quite the stir.

I have people that will come looking for me.

Who's that? Your boyfriend, Frankie?

Huh? Who you unceremoniously dumped?

Nah, I think he's probably halfway to Hawaii by now.

Probably licking his wound with a shot of tequila and a hula girl.

As soon as you send me out, I'm going straight to the cops.

Don't insult us, Quinn.

You think we're gonna send you out unattended?

We're gonna have someone watching you at all times, sweetheart.

I'll run away.

Well, then I guess the parents of Tommy, Lilly, and billy, will love to know that their teacher's responsible for the unforeseen ends of their children.

They're kids! Listen, Quinn, this is entirely on you, all right?

If you want your children to live another day on the monkey bars, I suggest you don't do anything stupid.


I'm gonna leave you here to your little slumber party.

Rest up.

We'll be sending you out shortly, all right?

Take care of this bitch.

Right in the hole's a little trick.

Oh, got it!

I mean, it's a... all right, come on, help me, push.

Son of a bitch.

No one's here. That's just great.

This is all ours.

That is awesome.

Okay, if you were a gangster, where would you hide it?

Gangsters and drug dealers.

Drug dealers. We think the same, man.

Okay. Bookshelf, motorcycle, table...

Tool shed.

Why didn't I think of that? Yeah, man, that's where I'll hide it.

Oh, that's a box. Oh, yeah.

This is the exact box that the kid explained.

You're a genius. I told you, man.

That's what I been trying to tell you. Oh, my god.

You rock the... Simon. Let's get outta here.

Simon, daddy. I told you.

Simon! Let's go, let's go.

Let's get outta this shindig.

Let's get outta here. We're gonna save Quinn's back.

We're gonna get a lot of money.

You must like trusting me, man.

♪ we are the champions, my friend ♪

All right. Who is next?

Remember me? Jog my memory.



This feels vaguely familiar.

Now the clouds are lifting.

I told you, man. This is Quinn right here.

Yeah, yeah. You saved her, my man.

Too easy. Too easy.

It was just so easy. I can't believe it.

Oh. Trust me.

Oh. Shit!




I'm starting to... shh.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, my god. That was close.

Oh, man!


Damn. Yeah.

Hey, there.

We got you, boys.

I'd say you're outta places to run now.

Drop the box.

Do it right now! Come on! Do it!

Did Fertelli send you?

Yeah. I knew it.

Cheap bastard.

How come you always get to kill?

Cause you not good at it.

Wait, what?

Will someone just kill them already?

Baby cakes, you're up.

You're not supposed to enjoy this.

Just act like you do.

Get yourself a good tip.

Any requests?

You know, I'm disappointed in you, Dom.

Not only do you steal from us, but you send amateurs, to add insult to injury.

I can assure you I had nothing to do with it.

If you lost it, it's your problem.

And it's also your fault for not selling it to me sooner.

If you'll excuse me, I have more important things.


Fertelli lied. Go get it back.

Focusing on, you're squeezing my neck.

That part gave me neck scratches.

You know what I'm saying?

Oh, look who's back.

Is this what I think it is?

Open it up.

Oh, Mr. surprise, surprise, huh?

You little faggots better not be fucking with me.

All right.

So this is what we almost got killed over?

People get killed for worse, don't they, Frankie?

Freedom? Liberty?


Is everything just a joke to you, kid?

Everything's a joke to me, Frankie.

Oh, yeah?

What about our money? Was that a joke, too?

Of course not.

A deal's a deal, isn't that right?


Fuck! Lester! God.

Fucking... you know, it's so hard to get good help these days.

I'm gonna have to just pay you myself.

All right?


I tire of you.

You know, sometimes I don't even know why I keep them around.

Then I remember.

Wanna get a little taste, Simon?

Yeah. Heh?

Just like old times, yeah.

Fuck you.

Anyways, Lester will send you the terms of repayment.

So is there anything else I can do for you boys?

No, we're good. Would you like the shirt off my back, perhaps?

No, thank you, no. All right.

Well, if you wouldn't mind just kindly getting the fuck out and shutting the door behind you.

God damn, some fucking peeping toms, babe.

Fucking peeping toms.

They just wanna see me put a finger in your mouth.

It'll all be over soon.

They know it was me.

It's only a matter of time before cops come...

Or Dom drags me down.

I'm a fugitive now.

But they don't know about you.

You can still get out now, but I can't.

I'm not gonna make you run with me.

So, if you want out, go.

Who's next?

I have the money, now give me Quinn.

If you got it, then you got it.

Bring it tonight, I'm busy now.

Think you can handle it?

Don't insult me.

What do we do now?

Just wait.

Oh, shit.

Hey, Frankie, you miss me?

We just saw you.

Oh, that's right.

Well, I miss you. Isn't that sweet?

I require your services.

Please report to my humble abode.

Hey, look, we did what you said already... yeah, now I'm asking you for something else, all right?

Unless you wanna return my money.

We did what you said, okay?

"A deal's a deal." You said that.

Hey, I said, "some people say that."

As long as you have my money, I own you!

See you in a jiff, or else.

I fucking love that line!

I thought you said we could trust him.

We can.

You coming?


Come here, baby.


I only like it if you obey.


Do you like to play with big guns, too?

Bangers and mash.

No more.



Biscuits and gravy.

Hey, Frankie and Simon!

What's up, players?

Listen, I need you to deliver a car of Dom's you're going there anyway, right?

Anyway, it's the Lexus in the garage.


Yo. You do know we're gonna be running around like some guinea pigs until you pay this money back, right?

I'm not paying the kid back, Simon.

Yo, yo, yo, yo, what do you mean you're not paying him back?

I mean, I'm not paying him back, Simon.

How am I supposed to get $75,000?

Pull it out of my ass? Pull it out of your ass?

I mean, come on. Let's get real, okay? I'm gonna get Quinn back, I'm gonna put her in a witness protection, or something like that, and then we're gonna book it out of town.

Okay, and what am I supposed to do?

Go into wp, too? You come with us.

All right? We get out of this together.

Unlike you, I got a family here, frank.

I can't just up and run.

Look, the guy's mad as march, frank.

You rip him off, he's gonna kill me, he's gonna come running after you.

No, the kid doesn't know what's up and what's down.

Okay, Simon? He wouldn't hurt a fly.

It's not all about him, frank.

Did you hear what I said? He got friends.

And I ain't talking about the tea party type.

Oh yeah, well, if he's got such good friends, what is he doing in a basement all by himself paying for... paying for company?

Well, look, it's mine as much as yours.

You better give me the money.

No, don't you dare, Simon!

It's for Quinn, man.


At least someone knows how to tell the truth.

Sorry, frank.

As much as I was looking forward to cutting off some fingers, seeing all this cash at my feet is cheering me up.

That's my money.

Now, it was your money.

A reward for stealing from us, correct?

Now it's my money.

Reward for being me.

Hey, don't touch that.

Shut up!

For now, I will let you live.

But if I ever see your face again, I will chop it up and feed it to you.

So what shall we do with this money?

(Speaking indistinctly in native language that is... that is my money.

Shut up. Frank!

Look, I told him this would be dangerous.

I'm not sticking around to see what happens.

This shit just got real.

What did you expect? The kid's likely to cut your head off and send it to your mom in a fruit basket it's not the gangsters I'm worrying about.

Well, running ain't gonna solve your problem.

And a bullet in my back ain't gonna help either.

No one's gonna die.

And rick's right, we can't run.

Oh, yeah? Well, you got a plan now or something?

Because all my deals seem to end with my friends leaving me responsible for their debt.

Look, Simon... look, I'm all ears, man.

The last thing I want is for you to cover me.

Okay? But this isn't about me. This is about Quinn.

And she needs me and I need you. Oh, she needs you.

Man, that's all fine and fancy, frank, but this bitch is on her own. She dumped you, remember?

You didn't see her face.

Oh, man, wake up. She doesn't want you.

I will be damned if I walk away from her right now.

I'm gonna go in there. I'm gonna save her.

And I'm gonna get the money back.

Man, you ain't skipping town, are you?

No. And if I gotta wipe the kid's ass for a year, I will do it.

We got into that warehouse once, we can do it again.

We get the cash, we give it to Fertelli, then we figure out what to do with the kid.

That's your big plan? Yeah.

And rick, we need you, too.

What's this? Deliver that to Fertelli.

Why me? Because you ratted us out.

They wanted to cut off my fingers.


Aye aye, capitan.

George. How are you?

I'm bored, Dom.

Of what? Oh, you know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Mainly this.

That last girl, fucking sub-par.

You're slipping. Sub-par?

Jenny came from Romania.

She's authentic as a bag of pig shit.

Do you know how much that cost me?

I don't care it she came from Antarctica on a fucking hot air balloon.

All right? I want something new. Something untouched.

Well, we don't have anyone like that right now.

But as soon as we do, you'll be the first one we send her to.

That's a lie. No, it's not.

Quinn. I want Quinn.

How did you... why? Don't ask me how, Dom.

Ask me when.

And from one businessman to another, don't get in the habit of lying to your clients.

They're smart. They know.

Georgey, I can't give her up right now.

She's too valuable to me.

Are you missing something, Dom?

Don't think I'm stupid.

And don't think I didn't count on your little Asian pups to come looking for blood as soon as your little prized possession went missing.

Didn't you say you were looking for something special?

How'd you get your hands on it?

Simple. I hired your little errand boy.


You're a sharp one.

It was you. Of course, it was me.

Who else do you think would be smart enough to mastermind such a heist, and have enough leisure time to see it through?

So if you want your little prized possession back, you'll deliver me the girl. An hour, shall we say?

For our little play date? Then you'll put the prize back into my hands?

Oh, I'll have it wrapped up real nice for you, Dom, with a bow.

I must say though, Dom, I'm just not really liking the way things are going.

I'm not liking it one bit.

I just don't feel like you're that serious about our relationship any more.

I'm coming in, earl.

Hello, hello?

Hello, peaches. Turbo.

Some things never change.

I'm surprised it took you so long to find me.

You must be losing your touch.

So are you.

Did dom send you?

Who else?

I'd rather kill myself than have you take me.

I don't think so.

Revenge is a dirty beast.

You know what?

You remind me of the pathetic little girl, always trying to steal a special doll from the toy store.

It's really too bad she always got caught red-handed.

She got on my nerves.

What is this shit?

Been practicing, I see?

You have no idea. Steel rope beats the scissors, baby.

You always underestimate me.

When did you forget that I'm a professional?

Fertelli's gonna hear about this!

Thank you.

Sons of fucking bitches get him in the car!

Stop fucking resisting!

Harry! 78, put them in the trunk.


Uh, but... put them in the fucking trunk.



Impressive work.

Suggest you know how to deal with this guy?

Chop, chop.

Ah, V, beautiful V.

Oh, looks like harry's been feeding you a little bit.

Let's fucking go.

Looking good, harry.


Horchata, amigo, and make it fast.

I have a body in the trunk to bury.

Si, señor.

It's pretty hot out here, right?

Are you hot?

I'm hot.

What d'ya say we get outta here?

I'll give you a discount. I'm good.

What's the matter? You don't find me sexy?

Get lost before I ruin you.

Tres dolares, por favor.

Thanks for the lift, asshole.

Benjamins! There we go.

♪ Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin... ♪

♪ Hey, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin ♪ Here we go.

♪ oh, Benjamin ♪ Benjamin's working!

We gotta make it rain tonight! Enough. Enough!

This is nothing.

Now stop fucking around. Sorry, boss.

We're gonna finish this tonight.

Let's go.

What are you doing?


I was looking for dunkin donuts.

That's in Santa Monica, buddy.

Oh, I'm in the wrong part of town, huh?

Step out of the car, will ya?

Okay, look, fellas, I'm just a delivery guy, huh?

I swear? Yours?

Good talking to you guys.

Oh, hey, any chance of you giving me a lift home?

Go. All right. All right. No problem.

Y'all have a nice...


Rocky, pop the trunk, will ya?

Whoa! We got a live one here.

What's it been, 30 this last year?

That's fucking sick. We'll run out soon if he keeps this up.

Nah, there's plenty of hookers out there.

That's what makes the world go round, man. Hey, guys, guys.

Check this out.

♪ Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee ♪

♪ The head I give's worth more... ♪ Sorry. Jesus. No respect for the dead, you.

Oh, come on, it's funny, bro. Oh, man.

I thought it was funny, whatever.

Sometimes you're funny, sometimes you're not funny.

They left. They're gone.

They put the money in the safe.

Did you see the combination?

Of course I didn't see it.

You didn't see... with all that shit in there?

We can get Quinn back and pay back the kid.

Wow, how do you know that?

How do you even know it's gonna be enough?

Look, I'm a drug dealer. It's gonna be a little bit harder.

A lot harder.

Yeah, a lot harder.

Oh, don't look over here.


Go, go, go!


Safe. Safe.

Oh, my god.


Oh, you asshole!

Let's go, sweetheart.


Come on, sweetheart.

Hurry up, bitch. On your knees.

Do you have a gun on her?

I always knew you'd come back to me.

Oh, V.

Where did I go so wrong?

I pulled you off the street when you were 14 years old.

And you relished in it.

Money, power, attention.

You loved it.

Right, boys? Yeah, I agree.

I gave everything to you.

Save it.

And you betrayed me.

You ran off!

Without even a goodbye.

That hurt.

You cut me to the core.

You hurt my heart.

Your heart died the moment you were born, dom.

You didn't used to think so.

You used to say, "I love you, dom."

"Take me to the movies, dom."

"Let's go out and eat, dom."

This is called Stockholm syndrome, asshole.

Why are you so ungrateful?

You served me to him on a silver platter.

Let's talk about loyalty. Let's talk about kindness.

Let's talk about ungrateful.

I'm loyal...

Except when those loyalties conflict.

You just stopped being a novelty.

Go to hell.

Oh, it's so good to have you back, V.

Take her away, boys, take her away.

Get up, bitch.

Come on!

I'll see you later.

Are you gonna tell me how you ended up in the trunk, harry?

It's complicated.

What, you think that I'm too dumb to handle it, huh?

Of course not.

Jesus Christ!

Did you come back for me?


Of course not.

She left you, didn't she?

Oh, my god, you guys ran off together and then she got sick of you, right?

Will you please pull the car over?

She'd had it with you.

Just stop!

What has she got that I don't got?

Pull the fucking car over, Sylvia!

No! It's not Sylvia anymore.

My name's London now. Oh, lay the fuck off!

You keep talking to me like that, I swear to god I'll crash this car into a tree, okay, harry?

Oh, you stupid... What are you fucking doing?

Pull the car over!

Jesus, harry!

I'm sorry for what happened.

I didn't mean to cause you any pain.

Which part was not meant to cause me any pain?

Was it leaving me for her?

Or was it not caring enough about me to save me, too?


Well, I'm fine, okay?

Let me drive, please.

Why should I, harry?

Because V's in trouble.

Let that bitch rot.

For me?


I'll drop you somewhere.

No, I'm gonna... I'm going with you.

No, you can't.

Why the hell not?

Because V's at cherry street.


I'll drop you at a gas station and get you an Uber.

A gas station, an Uber? What are you... oh, Sylvia, I don't have time for this shit.

It's London, all right? And, and, let me go with you.

I need to go with you. You can't.

What if you need my help? What if you need my help?

What if you need a getaway driver?

What if you need a getaway driver? Come on!

Please, harry, please.

All right. All right.

Hello, V.

Welcome back to paradise.


Bad girl.


It's all there, man.

You sure about this?

Frank, I can buy 89 inch magnum HDTV with a chromecast and led, and still got enough money to get a new car with this.

You see this, man?

This is real gold. Yeah.

Look, I figure I'll sell some of these, when we pay the kid... man, we'll be Scot free with some extra money in our pocket.

Give that to dom, we'll be done with all this, man.

Did I ever tell you... did I ever tell you that I love you, man?

That I love you?

I do.

You know, you creeping me out, man.

Let's go save Quinn.

Quinn, here we come!

Something for the road.


It's go time, ladies.

Let's go!

Come on, frank, pick up.

We're here.

Hey, muscles.

Long time, no see, harry.

Back for more?

Die, motherfucker!

Bacon, I thought I told you to leave us the fuck alone.

Bacon can't come to the phone right now.

I doubt he ever will.


You mind if I finish this last brushstroke?

Be my guest.

It's the most important one.

Little to the left, Hamish.

Don't shoot him.

He's just a boy.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

This might be it.

Might be my masterpiece.

Where is she?

Where do you think?

Harry the hand. Don't call me that.

Why not?

Best backhand north of the equator.

How many women did you put in the hospital with that backhand?


Oh. Am I sensing remorse?

Even you should know we can't change the past.

We can't make it what we want it to be.

She would have loved to see you die.

I'm not the bad guy.

Keep telling yourself that.

Fuck, this is from mars, bro.

This is fucking not even earthly.

What's up, kids?

Oh, holy shit!

I feel like I'm looking at a ghost right now.


Please take Quinn to the vault. Make sure she's safe.

With pleasure, sir.

I gotta reunite with an old friend.

Hello, V. When did you get back into town?

You know, I really gotta call dom.

I gotta thank him for this... this unbelievable surprise.

Shit, this calls for a celebration.

Black Jesus. Yes.

Get the fucking mimosas out, baby!

Here, take a hit, break.

I'm good.

I insist.

You fucking serious? I'm dead serious.

This is a party, and I wanna celebrate.

There you go.

Knock yourself out, baby.

You like that?

Black Jesus gave this to me.


What the fuck? Oh, my god.

Dom. Oh, Frankie.

Not the last person I wanted to see before I died.

But I guess it's not my lucky day.

Dom, where is she?

You just missed her.

Guess it's not your lucky day, either.

Dom, where's Quinn?

Where the fuck is she?

Long gone.



Dom, where is Quinn?

Look, we gotta get out of here. We gotta go, come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't shoot, don't shoot!

Rick. Jesus.

What are you doing? Do you check your damn phone?

No. She's at the kid's!

What? Go look for yourself.

In the trunk, go look!

Holy shit.

Damn, Jennie.

Call me an ambulance!

Let's get Quinn.

Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute! Where you going?

In you go, love.


Everything going all right in there?

See for yourself, sir.

Excellent work, Lester.

Excellent work.

Oh, two beauties for the price of one.

Quinn, so good to finally meet you.

Let her go.

Now you.

Let's get started on you, V, shall we?

You will be my biggest conquest yet.

Fertelli's little pet.

He didn't want to part with you, you know.

Begged me not to take you.

Pathetic, really.

He offered me everyone else, but all I wanted was you.

You're full of shit.

Hey, you know, believe what you want to believe, but I assure you, he didn't want to give you up.

He even tried to pay me off.

Oh, well.

Looks like we're back where we started from, four years ago, huh?

With you tied up and me about to kill you.

If my memory serves me correct, you were here...

And then you were there.

And then I never saw you again until...

Right now.

Oh, well.

Who to start with?

The untainted one...

Or the ruined one?

Hey, harry! What the fuck, man?

Just leaving me in the car?

What the fuck, am I chopped liver?


Simon, this way! Come on!

Oh, shit.


You have really got to resist a little less.

Do you see Quinn resisting this much?

I just don't know if this whole thing is gonna work out.

Don't worry, we're just gonna get a little snacky snack...

Gimme V.

Hey, harry.


Now look at this, the gang is all here.

Now it's a fucking party!

Oh, frank, Simon, meet harry.

Harry, black Jesus.

Breaker. You all know Lester.

Oh, and Quinn.

We have your money.

Now give me Quinn.

Your savior's here. Oh, um...

You know, it actually wasn't about the money, frank.

It never was.

75 grand is just a shit in the can to me, I must say.

I think it was your fascination with Quinn that just...

Intrigued me.

But good for you, though, frank, because I gotta tell you, buddy, she is way outta your league.

Almost give V here a run for her money.

Then again, Quinn didn't try to kill me, so then there's that.

You scumbag. We trusted you.

Never trust a hippie, frank.

Look, you're a piece of shit.

Is that any way to speak to your benefactor, Simon?

Look, I took care of you.

You already used that one up, Simon.

Tit for tat.

That's what I always say, and...

"Tit" sounds a lot nicer.

Mazel tov, motherfucker. Not so fast.

You know, I guess it doesn't really matter how he dies, Lester.

I want his girlfriend to see, but beyond that, I don't really care.

Let's go.

Cap his ass, Les. Go on and cap the little faggot.

I think she's dead.

What are you gonna do?

Fucking blast him, Lester.


Damn, the bitch is out.

Damn, frank!

You fucked up my plans, man.

Lester, blast this asshole in the face.


Fuck, you killed Lester, you fucking bastard!

Now who'll make me my fucking tea?

Is there nothing in this world that you care about?

It's just a game, frank.

Not even your own life?

You live, you die.

Collect treasures along the way.

It's a meaningless fucking game.

You gonna shoot me, frank?

'Cause I might just beat you to the punch.

Well, then I'll shoot you, you fuck...



Quinn. Oh, my god.


Ooh, hoo, hoo!

What do we got here?

What's going on, snowflake?


Think we should get out of here before the cops come.

And look, okay, if you still don't want to be with me, when we get back, and all that stuff that you said... frank. What?

Shut up.

I got something to wake you up.

Wakey wakey!

Ooh! Take it easy.

I love you okay.

Harry's gone.

He's gone, you know?

Yeah, maybe I'm better off, you know?

What's in the box?

Oh, my god. That's what I'm talking about.

Yo, romeo. Hey.

What's going on, man?

Well, I think, we're gonna get outta here, get outta town, go down to Mexico or something.

We haven't decided yet.

You know, go take that convertible, all right?

It's just brought nothing but bad luck.

Okay. It's in here somewhere.

Here you go. Just take that, all right?

Here. Great.

Hey, but what about the money?

You keep it.

I got everything I need right here.

Say, man, what is this, a john Hughes movie?

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

You know that's roger Mitchell, right?

Hey, man, that's why we're friends, frank.

That is why we're friends.

Thank you. Yeah.

Hey, take care of this guy. He's a big, fluffy teddy bear.

Are you ready? Yes.

Let's get outta here.

My lady, care for a ride?

I got room for two in the old Simonmobile.

Damn straight, you sexy beast.

Ever done it in the back seat? Oh.

One thing, frank.

Why'd you have to give him all the money?

Yeah, that was stupid.