Searching (2018) Script

Oh. No, look over there.

Look over there. Okay. All right. Look over there.

Let's take a picture. One...

You say "cheese," okay? One, two... Say "cheese."

Cheese! ...three.

The four and the one. No, that's your two.

There you go. Four, one.

Four, one. Four, one. And then five, one.

When you're ready, you can switch to five.

Look what I got! What is that?

What, you don't know Pokémon?

Come on.

Faster, faster. Smile! Oh, sorry. This is video.

Just slide the thing. Slide the...

Video log 3.7.

I have reason to believe my wife is a robot.

Can seemingly run for miles. Wait up.

Stop. Don't!

Everybody's grounded!


Yes! Bravo!

Video log 6.7.

I think we can, I think we can, I think we...



Hey, Dad.

Hey, sweetheart. How's it going?



What's up with the FaceTime?

Oh, I'm glad you asked.

What is wrong with this picture?

I'm about to be in trouble, aren't I?



Maybe we should keep the trash in your room?


Maybe the smell will remind you.

I'm sorry, Dad. It won't happen again.

Okay. Where are you, by the way?

Study group. Ah. Whose house are you at?

Uh, one of my friends in bio. You haven't met her yet.

Oh, Miss Popular. When are you gonna be home?

Uh, I think we're gonna go late.

Late like 9:00-ish or...

Late, like... all night, probably.

I thought we were gonna eat dinner together.

We ate together on Monday.

Didn't know you were counting.


I should get back. Right. Oh, one more thing.

I want to know about the final you... Bye, Dad!

...took today.

Uh, yo, what am I looking at?


I cannot remember the name of this thing.

Uh, it was like a kimchee, okra, mussel stew.

Pam used to make it.

Oh. The kimchee gumbo. Gumbo, gumbo.

Yeah. That's it. Do you have the recipe?

'Cause I'm definitely forgetting something. Yeah, I might.

But I can definitely tell you there's no pot in it.

Oh. This healthy and organic jar of oregano?

How much are you smoking?

You doing every day or...

Do you do it at work? Dude.

Can we not do this right now? Please?

It's been a long day.

Uh... edamame.

I'm pretty sure there's edamame in it.

Let me find the actual thing.

What's, uh...

What's Margot up to tonight?

She's at a study group all night.

Wait, all night tonight? Yeah, just got off the phone with her.

She's got a bio final next week. Why?

Oh, nothing. She's good, though?

Yeah. Why do you ask?

Making sure you guys are both talking to each other, both happy, et cetera, et cetera.

Everything's fine, Peter. Thanks for asking.

Hey. Look, Davy.

Do you think that maybe you should just... Dude, everything's fine.

Hey, I got to go. But send me that recipe. Please?

Thank you. Yeah.

Love you.

Bye. Bye.

Make sure to get all the water out. Are these ready?

Yeah, they're ready. Go on.

Stop. You got to drain all the water.

Turn it off.

Let's stir it in.

We got to mix those up first.


You gonna try mixing it? Yeah.

Okay. Here.


Good. Gentle. Do it slowly.

Do you see how those are all done?

Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, you've reached Margot's phone.

Leave me a message or text me back.

Hi, sweetheart. Sorry I missed your call. I was asleep.

Um, just checking in 'cause it looks like you already left for school this morning.

Um... Also, what time did you get in last night?

All right, give me a text when you get this.

No need to call. We both know you usually...

forget. their topography across all the tiers in the application system, and then in real time and on continuous basis, measure them end to end...

David, you with us?

Yeah. Sorry. I'm here.

Do you have the integration report on the Bellington system?


Engineering is still running tests, but I should be able to integrate by Monday.

Put some pressure on them, all right?

Yep. Pressure.

Okay, team. Anything we forgot?

I think that's it. I don't think we did.

All right. Have a good weekend.

See you. Cool. Take care.

Bye. All right. See ya.

Hey, you've reached Margot's phone.

Leave me a message or text me back.

Hey, Margot. Dad again.

Not sure if you've been checking your messages, but, um, I'm starting to get a little...

Why did you leave your laptop at home?

Okay, uh, it is 3:30, one hour after school ended on Friday, May 12.

Duh. Okay. It's Friday.

I know where you are. All right.

Ignore this message. I love you. Bye.


Hi. Mrs. Shahinian? Yes?

This is David Kim, Margot's father.

Yes. I'm in the middle of a lesson. May I call you back afterwards?

Right. No, this'll just take a second.

Can you put my daughter on the phone just for a second?

I'm sorry, Mr. Kim. I'm confused what you're calling about.

My daughter, Margot Kim, is in a lesson with you right now.

Margot Kim canceled her classes six months ago.


Is she looking to restart lessons?

Hold on. That... doesn't make any sense. She loves piano.

Mr. Kim, is everything okay?

Yes. Um... Everything's fine.

Thank you. Thank you, Mrs. Shahinian.

Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hello? Hi, hi. I'm David Kim.

I'm Margot Kim's... Pam's husband.

Yeah. Of course I remember.

How are you doing? I'm good. I'm good.

Listen, the reason I'm calling is that, um...

I haven't been able to reach Margot for a little bit.

And I'm sure her phone is dead, but I was just wondering if I could speak to Isaac and see if...

Well, it's got to be more of a reception problem, right?

Uh... What do you mean?

You know, if they're all in the mountains.

Sorry, what mountains?

Camping. Isaac is camping with his friends.

Margot was definitely invited.

She was.

I'm pretty positive she's there, too.

Did she not tell you?

Sh... She did.

I'm, um... Yeah, I'm looking through her texts now.

She didn't mention mountains, that's why. Yeah.

Yeah. They've been planning this for a while. I can't imagine she just couldn't...

Do you happen to know when they left? The reason I'm asking is that school has her marked as absent today.

Did they all ditch school?

I'll tell you something, if that's what they did, Isaac is in big trouble.


That's definitely what happened.

Kids. Tell you what.

They're planning on heading back tomorrow morning anyway.

Once they get reception, I will let Isaac know to have Margot give you a call.

Perfect. That is perfect. Thank you.

Is everything okay with you two? Thank you so...

What do you mean? Well, I...

I just haven't spoken to you since Pam's...

Oh. Oh. Thank you.

Everything is great. Margot and I are great.

Hello? Hey. Mr. Kim? This is Isaac. My mom told me to...

Isaac! Yes, hi. Sorry to have you call me so early. It's okay.

Just wanted to say I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Yeah. Can you put my daughter on the phone, please?

Did my mom not tell you?

What... What do you mean?

She never came.

What? What are you...

Isaac, what do you mean? I mean she never came.

I even reached out to her after school on Friday when we were all heading out and my car still had an extra seat.

What did she say?

She... didn't respond.

911. What's your emergency?

Hi. I'm calling about a possible...

I'm calling to report a missing person.

Okay, who is this regarding? Uh, my daughter.

I know I should've called sooner. I just thought that...

That's okay, sir. Yeah.

The first thing we need to do is file a report.

After that, I'll put out a call to a detective in the area who will be in touch with you.

All right. Now, let's start with her name.

Margot Kim. M-A-R-G-O-T.

Kim. K-I-M.

Hello? Hi. Is this David Kim?

Yes, this is David Kim. I'm assuming this is...

Good morning, Mr. Kim. My name is Rosemary Vick.

I'm the detective sergeant assigned to your daughter's case.

Yeah. Good morning. I've been waiting for your call.

Of course. We're working as fast as we can.

I'm currently 35 minutes away from your house.

But while I have you, do you feel comfortable telling me what you know?

I just told every detail I know to whoever I got off the phone with an hour ago.

I don't know what you guys are doing. I promise you, Mr. Kim, we are taking this very seriously.

And as a parent myself, I can only imagine what you must be feeling.

But for me to help you, I do need to know how everything unfolded, from your eyes.



Okay, let's see if I got this right.

One: after a group study session, Margot, with her car, didn't return home Thursday evening.

Two: she called three times at 11:00 p.m.

Three: she didn't attend school on Friday.

And four: she's been skipping piano classes for the last six months.

Was all of that correct? Yes.

Okay. Mr. Kim, I am going to find out what happened to your daughter.

But I'll need to know a lot more about her, okay?

Yes, yes. What do you want me to do?

I'll go talk to neighbors. I'll...

We'll handle the ground investigation, Mr. Kim. That's our job.

But if there's something a parent can do, it's shedding light for us on who your daughter is and the people she talks to.

Is that something you can help us with?


I can help with that.

Okay. It's already been 36 hours since Margot's last call, so we've got to move a little quickly.

We'll be taking a copy of Margot's hard drive to Forensics.

But in the meantime... any information you can give me about her or the people around her will help.

Wait, you can't find Margot?

No, I can't. Do you mind answering some questions for me to help?

Yeah, sure. Okay, when was the last time you saw her?

Um... Tuesday. Her locker's near me.

All right, on Thursday evening, she attended a study group for her biology class.

Do you know anything about that? She's probably in AP Bio, right?

Yes. She is. Yeah, no, I'm in regular.

What were you doing Thursday night?

Thursday night, I was at my dad's house.

Yeah, he picked me up after finals that day.

All right. Thank you, Jonah.

How does, uh... how does this look?

Perfect. Hey, update me whenever you learn something. Big or small.

Okay. Where are you going?

To find out what the rest of her Thursday looked like.

Oh. Oh.

And share that with me, too.

And what about Thursday night?

Thursday night, I was finishing up my final paper for English.

I don't know. Xbox, dinner, some Netflix?

I just finished my last final, which means I was at Carmen's house playing pong.

Ping... Ping-pong.

What about study group? Do you know who hosted that?

I took bio last year, so no. No idea.

She and I are on different AP paths, so it was kind of hard to keep tabs.

But you guys are friends.

Kind of.

What are you talking about?

You invited her on a camping trip.

Well, yeah. I mean, you know my mom.

Yes. So?

She was really good friends with Margot's mom.

Okay, so?

She felt bad... about everything that happened to you guys.

But she has friends, right?

Define "friends." Do people invite her to things?

I think people occasionally invite her to things.

She just never comes. She keeps to herself a lot.

She's quiet. I did see her eat lunch alone.

On Thursday?

Every day.

David, look, I know you don't want to hear this from me right now, but you got to take it easy.

I can help with everything that you're looking through.

Are there any Facebook friends you haven't talked to yet?

Yes. Ninety-four.

And, apparently, since nobody was actually her friend, I don't know who to talk to without calling every name I read online.

What about offline?

Yeah, that was at my place. That was your place?

You hosted the study group on Thursday night for bio? Yeah.

So you were with Margot for the majority of the night. Did you...

Well, the study group only went till 9:00.

No, no. She said it was going all night.

No, she definitely left at 9:00.

Maybe even earlier.

Did she say where she was going?

Not really. How'd she look?

Was she worried? Did she look scared? Was she talking?

Honestly, I don't know. We're not really that close.

Well, then why did you invite her to study group?

I'm trying to get into Berkeley next year.

Okay, you were...

You were in her class, though.

Did she mention anything unusual going on lately?

Was she acting strange? Uh...

You know, she did go on Tumblr a lot.

What? What is a "tumbler"?

First, she fills up her gas.

Then exits off the 101.

And then turns onto the 152 East.

10:02 p.m.

152 East?

That exit leads out of town.

She took it alone.

That doesn't make sense. This does not sound like my daughter.

She's acting like a totally different person.

Okay, hold on, hold on. You just gave me an idea.

In the meantime, start expanding from only the people she communicated with.

Look into her behavior also.

Oh, my God. What?

She's been depositing her piano cash into her checking account every week.

The hell was she doing with all that money?

Six days ago, she made an outgoing transaction of $2,500 to "Venmo."

The payment service?

There it is. $2,500.

Six days ago.

Does it say what it was for?

Nothing but a peace sign.

Who did she send it to?

Doesn't say.

Okay. That's weird.

That's really weird.

You don't think she's involved with anything serious, right?


I don't know. I got to go.

Sir, I don't have to tell you anything.

I just want to know where you were the night my daughter went missing.

Like I said, I had a prior engagement.

What are you hiding? I was busy.

What are you hiding? Nothing!

Then answer the damn question before there's a cop knocking on your door.

Where were you the night my daughter went missing?


Does the name Rachel Jeun ring a bell?

No. Why?

It's Margot. You mentioned earlier she was acting like a different person, so I had our Forensics team look through any deleted contacts on the copy of her hard drive.

One of those contacts was a local forger.

He said Margot picked up an ID a few days ago, around the same time she withdrew all that money.


What? Withdrew what money?

David, I also spoke to security at Venmo to find out more about the account Margot sent the $2,500 to.

Yeah. Do they know who it belonged to?

It belonged to Margot.


She sent the money to herself?

What was she doing, running a laundering scheme?

That's what it looks like.

I'd see this a lot in narcotics.

People who know their money is being watched just transfer their funds to somewhere much less monitored.

"Less monitored." Like where?

The Internet.

She gets a fake ID, she sends money to herself.

What does this mean?

That it's time to start considering the possibility... that Margot ran away.

Why would she do that?

That's what we don't know.

Why would she do that? She called me three times in the middle of the night.

Three times she called me. Why?

We are going to figure out why.

So what I want to look for now... No, no, no.

No, no, no.

I know my daughter.

She did not run away.

Ooh. This is a good angle.

Also, to all my fans, I know this vlog is a little late, but...

Favorite concert in the last year? Definitely Twenty One Pilots.

Well, thank you for the compliment, Lucy.

Oh, this is a Fearless Core shirt. Cost me, like, 40 bucks.


How... how would I be able to see you?

Well, you know what? You guys, you keep commenting, but honestly if it's kind...

Hold on.

It's Uxie.

It can wipe out memories. And it's kind of cute.

How'd you know I like Pokémon?

A lot of people, actually.

I mean, ever since they started chang...

This one I took at a lake.

This one I took at a forest.


I'm Margot.

I'm 15. Almost 16.


San Jose.

What's that like?

Trust me, it's probably better than this.

This is it.

Best place in the world to do nothing.

You work 25 hours on top of school?

My dad doesn't know I stopped going to piano.

He wouldn't get it.

Anyway, don't you guys have...

So... today is this mega babe's birthday.

Happy Birthday.

You know, if she were still here today, a hundred percent, she'd be making us all her...

Come in!

Hey, sweetheart. Um...

I... I... forgot to say earlier...


It's, uh...

Yeah, it's... Tuesday.

So, The Voice...


Elimination round.

Yeah, of course.

Still on?

Yeah. Megan's gonna get cut.

Yeah, she is. I'll see you...

Bye. ...downstairs.

I'm sorry, David. It's another dead end.

You're sure you looked into every one of them?

Every one. None of the YouCast users Margot interacted with have a connection to her disappearance.

Even f... Even fish-n-chips.

Using the information on her account, we traced her to a Kirchick's Diner, ten miles outside Pittsburgh.

I spoke to her and her manager, who confirmed with CCTV that she was on a shift.

Checks out.

I didn't know her.

I didn't know my daughter.

Couple years ago, an angry neighbor starts banging on my door.

When I asked her what the trouble was, she said she wanted the $25 that my son had stolen from her.

Now, I didn't know what she was talking about.

I know my son, and that did not sound like the Robert I raised.

But as it turned out, it was true.

My son had gone house-to-house in the neighborhood for two weeks, telling people that he was my son and that he was raising money for a fictional police charity called "Moms and Dads in Blue."


Point is...

you don't always know your kid.

And that is never your fault.

I have NCIC searching for her vehicle in 16 states.

Let's both try and catch up on some sleep tonight.

Talk in the a.m.

What'd you do after?

With your son, once you found out?

Um, I told my neighbor that...

I had in fact founded the charity, and I thanked her for the money.

But I will deny it if you ever bring that up.


Look, I hope you know how thankful I am that you were assigned to us.

I just wish there wasn't a case to be assigned to.

All right. Shutting down.

Yeah. Talk soon.

This is it.

Best place in the world to do nothing.

This is it.

You've reached Detective Sergeant Rosemary Vick.

Leave a message. I'll get back to you.

Vick, wake up!

I know why she was at that intersection.

She wasn't leaving town.

She was driving to the spot she's been visiting for the past five months.

It's 3:45 a.m. I'm headed there now.


Where are you?

You told me she ran away, Vick.


Are you at the lake?

You told me she ran away.

Okay, I'm heading there right now.

Robert, honey, just go back to sleep, okay?

Okay. I need you to stay calm, all right?

We're gonna figure this out together.

What are you showing me?

This is her key chain.

Oh, my God.

Did you call the cops?

I'm heading... I'm on my way!

You told me she ran away, Vick!

Good morning, Bay Area. I'm Natalie Boyd.

A terrifying development today as a vehicle matching that of a missing San Jose teenager was discovered late last night underneath a Santa Cruz lake.

An operation is currently underway to recover Margot Kim's Toyota Camry.

But at this moment, we still don't know whether the Evercreek High sophomore is actually inside the vehicle.

Okay, doesn't look like there's anyone at the front seat.

And now it looks like they're...

Okay, they're checking the trunk.

Good morning. Thank you for being here on such short notice.

I'm Detective Sergeant Rosemary Vick, lead investigator on this case.

I am joined by David Kim, Margot's father.

We've provided you all with a timeline of events, starting with last Thursday, May 11th, when Margot first went missing.

That is yours to circulate.

But focusing on the events of this morning, the Silicon Valley Police Department was able to recover Miss Kim's vehicle.

And to answer the most pressing question, Margot Kim was not inside.

However, our examination of the vehicle did reveal a small amount of blood on the passenger-side dashboard, blood that points to a physical altercation, meaning that this case is now officially being considered an abduction.

Good afternoon.

A search through the Santa Cruz forest is now underway for a local teen whose car was found dumped in a lake.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to please call the hotline or 911 immediately.

Starting at 1:00 p.m., we'll be assigning every volunteer to a search team.

Each team is in charge of a single section of the critical 12-square-mile radius.

Because of the steep ravines and otherwise unsafe topography on the west side of the lake, we have already cleared the following zones.

But still, there's a lot of ground to cover.

Margot! Margot!

Margot! Margot!

It's been four days since Margot Kim was last seen, and so far, nothing to show for it except for the torturous mystery at its center.

$2,500 in cash was found in a manila envelope on Margot's passenger seat.

Was it a runaway fund, like the lead detective is suggesting, or was it something more?

We covered about, um, half the search zone already, and, um, tomorrow is a full day.

And the more people came, the faster it went.


Can I?

So, if you have some time tomorrow, we would... love the help.

This is obviously not the outcome we wanted, but we will resume the search the moment it is safe to walk through the forest again.

In the meantime, however, the investigation will not stop until we find Margot.

I mean, listen, I do not think it is my place to say anything. I just...

I feel that these problems usually start in the household.

She was...

I'm sorry.

She was my best friend.

I'm just a big believer in community service.

Looking at all the things that happened to Margot, I just thought to myself, "I think they could use my help."

Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me.

You can't assist in the investigation anymore.

What? What does that... What does that mean?

It means that we can't have someone this close to the case helping investigate it.

It's my fault for getting you involved in the first place.

I did it because we had already lost so much time.

You're cutting me off?

Every professional who should be working on this case is working on this case.

All I'm trying to do is to help you find my daughter!

I know. But you can't see things clearly.

Who's the one who brought you to the car?

Who's the one who found the lake and brought you to the car?

If it wasn't for me... not you... you and I would both be thinking that my Margot ran away, but because of me, we...

We don't know that she didn't run away.

She had cash in her car.

But what we do know is that a 17-year-old boy is in the hospital...

He's gonna be fine. You broke his jaw!

Mom? Robert! What...

Sweetheart, let me take care of this. Please.

If you have a suspicion about someone, that's fine.

But then it is the police's job to look for proof, not yours to act on flakes of evidence.

Vick, I shouldn't have done that.

From now on, you just tell me what you need.

We need nothing from you.

I'm going back to the field. Do not call me until I call you.

Vick, please. Get some sleep, Mr. Kim.

Don't lie to me. Don't walk away from me.

Don't walk away. Hey.

Oh, shit.

Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey!

Hey! Stop! Son of a bitch!


Oh, shit! Get off!

What'd you do to her?

What'd you do to her?

Has anyone even considered the possibility that it was an absolute stranger?

Some sick perv in the middle of the woods sees a little girl...

Looking for something to drink?

Yeah. Coffee?

Yeah, coffee would be awesome, thanks.

All right.

No, you know what, you've been probably straight-chugging caffeine the last three days.

I am going to make you some tea.


Um, I got to go to my car for a minute. I'll be right back, yeah?


How's the detective?

She working on any new leads?


She's not.

What was your relationship like with Margot?

What do you mean?

You guys hung out, right?


You know, it was, um...

You know, we didn't hang out much, but...

You know, it was just...

When's the last time you saw her, by the way?


You know what, I'd have to think...

I think this needs some honey.

Who was that?


Oh, yeah. Uh...

What have they been saying to you this whole time?

Going back to the previous question, when's the last time you saw her?


I can barely remember.

But you know what, let's... let's get our minds off this for a sec, huh?

I feel like we're just gonna drive each other crazy talking about it.

Hey, is your tea okay?

You still want that coffee?

"Last night was fun." What was that?

"I feel so weird doing this."

"Don't tell your father."

"He'd kill me."

"Seriously, he'd murder me."

And then seven different times:

"See you tonight."

What'd you do to my daughter?

What'd you do to my daughter?

I can explain, all right?

But you know what, let's calm down.

Let's grab a seat. What'd you do to my daughter?



What the...

What'd you do to her?

Please! What'd you do to her?

What'd you do to her? What were you doing with her?


What? Weed!

I was smoking her out.

When you guys all came back from New Year's...

...she found my piece.

She wanted to try it, and... it just kept happening.

You gave drugs to my daughter?

I promised her I wouldn't tell.

So she would come to you in the middle of the night and you would give her weed and do God knows what else?

That's it.

We'd get high and talk. I swear.

Look, I know how wrong all this sounds, and I know I should've told you sooner, but...

Look, I didn't think it had anything to do with this.

What kind of a brother are you?

You're asking me?

You come in here and accuse me of something un-fucking-speakable, and you're wondering what kind of family I am?

Do you want to know why she hated those piano lessons?

It's because every time she would walk in, she would see that thing and she would think about her mother.

She told you that?

She told you that and not me? Why?

Because you never asked.

Ever since Pam, you stopped talking to Margot about the only thing that's been on her mind the last two years.

She needed you to talk to her... not the other way around.

I just thought it would fix itself.


We... We got him.

His name is Randy Cartoff.


Oh, God.

Davy. Oh, God.

This is Eyewitness News with live breaking news.

Good morning. I'm Faustine Rea.

A parent's worst nightmare comes true this morning for David Kim.

In a shocking and thoroughly mind-boggling conclusion to a story that's captivated the Bay Area, Margot Kim, missing now for five days, has just been tragically declared dead.

Why? A taped confession.

Randy Cartoff, released just six years ago for felony drug possession and sexual assault, uploaded the confession online before taking his own life.

We're going to show you a segment of the three-minute video now, but please be warned: the following contains graphic descriptions and disturbing content.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear girl in the green car, I'm sorry for what I did to you.

And I'm sorry for not listening to you when you begged me to stop.

I'm sorry for beating you and crushing you and tossing you with your suitcases so no one would ever find you.

I thought this would be easy, but it isn't.

When we arrived at his Morgan Hill residence, Mr. Cartoff was deceased, seemingly by a self-inflicted gun wound.

Sometimes these confessions are hoaxes, but based on his story, we were able to return to the lake site, where we discovered trace DNA matching that of Mr. Cartoff in critical areas of the search zone.

I've already spoken to her father.

But at this point in the investigation, we are very confident... that Miss Kim's life was taken on her way out of town.

A private vigil will be held for Miss Kim in downtown San Jose this week.

It still doesn't make sense.

Where's the car that he took her in? Where's the... the suitcases?

Did he... did he clean up the blood?

Vick, who is this guy?

I don't know.

I wish I had an answer.

All I know, and all you need to know, is that this had nothing to do with you.

Yes, it did.

I am so sorry for everything that happened to your daughter.

And I am so sorry for everything that happened to you.

And if there's anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to call.

Okay. Okay.

Make sure to get all the water out. Are these ready?

Go wake up Daddy.

Wake up, Daddy, wake up!

Wake up.

Wake up. Okay, all right.

Margot, show Daddy what you made in school.

That's not...

I'm Margot.


Hi. I'm wondering if I could speak to Hannah?


Hi, I'm calling in regards to my daughter, Margot Kim.

You spoke to her online as "mkmania."

Oh. Um...

You must have the wrong number.

I'm talent, not representation.

But I can connect you to my agent if you'd like.

So you work as a waitress part-time, then?

You told the detective you were on a shift when she called.

Uh, what detective?

I don't understand. Detective Vick.

She called you four days ago, and you told her you were on a shift. Sir, I never got a call from the police.

What are you talking about?

Maybe I'm not being clear.

On YouCast, you've been chatting with my daughter for months.

Your username is "fish-n-chips."

Your mother was in the hospital.


What's YouCast?

You've reached Detective Sergeant Rosemary Vick.

Leave a message. I'll get back to you.

Vick, this is David Kim. Something doesn't add up.

Call me back as soon as you get this, okay?

SVPD. Hi. Yes. This is an emergency.

I need to speak to Detective Rosemary Vick.

Can you connect me, please? I'm sorry, sir, that's not possible.

Uh, what is this regarding? No. Um... This is David Kim.

I need to speak to Detective Rosemary Vick. V-I...

Mr. Kim. I am so sorry to hear about Margot.

Thank you. We are all so torn up about it here.

Yeah, thank you. Especially Rosemary.

I have never seen someone so invested in a case.

Yeah, I know. From the moment she volunteered to lead it, the way she handled the investigation... Wait.

...and really dealt with the media, I mean...

Hang on, wait, wait, wait. She...

Did you say "volunteered"? Sorry?

Y-You said she volunteered.

No. I was led to believe that she... she was assigned to the case, right? She was assigned.

No. She definitely volunteered.

Unfortunately, though, I...

I still can't patch you through dispatch.

She's probably on her way to Margot's vigil, though.

If you'd like, I can connect you to her work voice mail instead.

Mr. Kim?

Mr. Kim?

Actually, can you... connect me to the deputy sheriff, please?

Ms. Vick, as your counsel was informed, by signing this document, you hereby verify the confession you provide today pertaining to the crimes you are accused of after your arrest one week ago.

The DA's office will then consider leniency on any charges related to the case, including first-degree murder.

Excuse us. We're taking you now to San Jose, California, where we're getting word now that a law enforcement officer has just been taken into custody at the vigil for a local teen who's been missing since last Thursday.

Let's start with Thursday, May 11th, when Margot Kim went missing.

What happened that night?

I got a phone call. And who was calling?

My son.


I made a big mistake.

I think I need to call 911.

What did you do after hearing the call?

I met him. Where?

Near Barbosa Lake. He was standing on the edge of a ravine.

What did Robert tell you when you got there?

He said, "There's a girl down there.

I accidentally pushed a girl down there."

I asked him why.

What did he say?

You need to understand that my son is not like other kids. He's different.

He can be very...

What did he say?

Six months ago, Robert recognized Margot on a live blogging website.

He'd liked her since grade school.

Knew all about her life.

Her interests.

So, what did he do?

Made up a story.

A new identity.

This one I took at a forest.

For six months, they were friends.

You work 25 hours on top of school?

It was just role-playing. It was harmless.

Until the money.

She found his username on Venmo.

She sent $2,500 to cover hospital expenses.

Expenses that didn't exist.

She was a good kid.

So he decided to give her money back.

He had to come clean. It was over.

Why didn't he just give it to her at school?

Margot could've reacted the wrong way in public.

Robert does not like that kind of attention.

So he followed her.

He followed her.

And what was Margot doing when your son arrived at the lake?

Getting high in her car.

Then what happened? He got in.

She screamed. She hit him.

Before he could even realize that he was bleeding, she was running, calling for help, and he ran after her.

It was pitch-black.

He was not trying to hurt her. He was trying to explain.

But she was punching him and screaming, and he just... he reacted.

He... he pushed back.

And she fell.

Just... just disappeared.

So, your son calls you, asks you to help cover up a murder...

No. No.

It was my decision.

Baby? I don't want you calling anyone.

Mommy's gonna take care of everything.

It was my decision.

Not his.

So, now you're looking down a ravine.

Did you go down? I tried.

But it was narrow, jagged, impossible without SAR.

So, how did you figure that sh... That she was dead?

It was narrow, jagged, and at least 50 feet to rock bottom.

And it was dead quiet.

So you helped your son.

I dumped the car in the lake and took charge of the investigation.

I convinced David his daughter ran away.

Said forensics had Margot's hard drive.

And told the law enforcement team we'd already cleared the zone I knew her body was in.

But still, it was only a matter of time before they'd find the spot.

Which is why I needed a confession.

It was the only thing that would make it stop.

So you drugged up an ex-con you knew and fed him a script.

Was it really a suicide?

He's my son.

Do you know what prison would do to someone like him?

He made a mistake.

For those of you just joining, we are now following the police SUV transporting Detective Vick and the father of Miss Kim...

So, after your arrest, on the way to the station, you didn't say a word to anyone until Mr. Kim asked you was his daughter actually dead.

What did you tell him?

I said even if Margot had survived the fall she took it wouldn't have mattered.

She still would've had to live five days without water.

And how did David respond?

He told them to turn the car around.


He said it'd been two days.

And hold on a second.

She'd only have to live without water for two days.

And it looks as though they're making a U-turn right now.

There was a storm on Monday.

They're heading off in the other direction.

We're currently watching live footage from our affiliates in the Bay Area of a recovery operation for missing teen Margot Kim, who authorities now believe is at the bottom of this Northern California ravine.

Presumed dead only hours ago, the search for Margot Kim is revitalized this evening after a suspect in custody has provided authorities with Miss Kim's exact location.

The only question that remains: is Margot still alive, or is it already too late?

We are continuing to monitor the ground, as it appears that everyone is still just waiting for any update on the operation below.

But hold on. Hold on.

We are just getting word now that rescue responders are beginning an ascent.

Again, for our viewers, we do not know what we're about to see here as we get a peek around...

And there she is.

We are getting a closer look now, as two rescue responders are pulling up what appears to be Margot Kim in a body basket to the top of this ravine here. Again, we just want to warn our viewers that we do not know what state she's in, as we get a look at Margot's father there.

But they are making their way up to the top.

And it looks like responders have gotten her up.

Again, no word yet as to her status.

And there you can see her father, as it appears that Search and Rescue is now preparing to lift Margot's body basket onto a stretcher they've just prepared.

Again, this is live footage here, as Margot Kim, who has been missing for the last week, is now being lifted onto an emergency...