Season for Love (2018) Script



♪ I know everybody wants you

♪ And that ain't no secret

♪ Hey baby, what's your status ♪

♪ And tell me are you trying to keep it ♪

♪ Well, they can all back off 'Cause I know what I want ♪

♪ And while I got your attention ♪

♪ Did I mention JO:(LAUGHING) So, Rosie honey, are you excited about spending the wholesummer with us?

Yes, ma'am. Mom told meabout all the cool things there are to do, like fishing.


And the festival.

Don't forget, that Red Rocksummer camp is coming up very soon. That'd be a greatopportunity for you to make some new friends.

Whatever happens, it's goingto be an amazing summer.

Wait and see.Look, honey.


♪ I'm calling dibs on your lips, on your kiss ♪

♪ On your time Boy, I'm calling dibs ♪

♪ On your hand, on your heart, all mine ♪

♪ Make everybody jealous

♪ When I take you off the market ♪

♪ And get my lipstick on your right cheek ♪

♪ 'Cause boy, I've got to mark it ♪

♪ Ooh, so they can all back off, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause I know what I want ♪

♪ And while I've got you listening ♪

♪ Come on and show me what I'm missing ♪

♪ Yeah, if you got a kiss on your lips... ♪ I told her it doesn't reallymatter whether I have to go dead. I don't think so!




Oh, that's ama--Thank you!

You didn't have todo all that!

Oh, don't be silly,sweetheart.

Welcome home, Tyler.Come on!


(CHUCKLES)Oh, we missed you.

Wow! Look at you,Rosie.

You've grown. You were justa baby when I saw you last time.


I am George.



Are you hungry,sweetheart?


Yeah. How about I fixyou a nice, big stack of blueberry pancakes?

Yes, please.

She's huge!

I know. She's so big now.

And you're probably wonderingwhere Eddie is.

Actually, Jo already told us,and I figured you wouldn't want to talk about it.

That's sweet, but honestly,the divorce was final over two years ago, and Eddieand I just realized we're better as friends thanwe were as husband and wife.

(CHUCKLES) I know the feeling.I made two friends the exact same way.


How long are youand Rosie staying?

The whole summer.


Rosie really wanted to spendher birthday here, and guess I neededa bit of a breather.

Ah! I'll bet you're niceand busy at the big, fancy restaurantout in San Francisco.

Yup. Yeah, pretty busy.

It's so good to beback here, though.

Everything looksexactly the same.

We don't like change.

Any chance you guys havean extra apron in the back?

You know, your mama hangsyour apron in the same spot.

Of course she does.


JO:... sugar. Now, your mom was telling me that you have got a teacher that you really, really like.

What, what are you doing?

I thought I'd helpwith the lunch rush.

JO: You've been in town less than thirty minutes, and you already want toget back to work?

Yup. Some things never change.

No! My CD player!

You still have this?

It's right whereI left it.


♪♪ Oh, this was my favorite!


♪ I like the feel of bluegrass under my bare feet ♪


JO:Oh, no I can't dance! I cannot dance!

♪ Give me a cool swimmin' hole in the hot summer heat ♪





Okay, so just give them someof that Texas charm, and you'll be done.

Let's do it.

Alright, alright! Can I geteveryone's attention?


SOFIA:I have to get on out of here before Corey finds out I'm a vegetarian.


As you all know, we're herecelebrating the release of Corey's newest cookbook,Tales of a Texas Pit Master, which - and I haven't eventold him this yet - just reached enoughadvance sales to make it his third best seller!


Hey, that's all you guys.No, no, that's, that's you guys.

In the ten years sincehe arrived from a little town in central Texas, Corey's builta barbecue empire that includes his books,a product line, and three restaurantshe's opened.

So, let's give it upfor Corey Turner!


You know, for a vegetarian,she sure eats a lot of ribs.


Um, no. Listen, I do wantto say a special thank you to my manager,Sofia Johnson.

COREY:She has single-handedly helped me achieve all my dreams, and Iwill be forever grateful.


So, thank you guys fortaking your lunch and coming hereto help us celebrate.

It's been an amazing,and exhausting journey.

One of my favorite quotesis from the late journalist, named Harriet Von Horne,who said, "Cooking is a lot like love.It should be entered into with abandon, or not at all."Well, I have entered into all of this with abandon,but I've done it with each of you at my side.

COREY:I love you guys, and thank you, and go eat some more brisket.


Baby backs and mac are up.

♪♪ GEORGE:Hey, Tyler, come here a sec.

♪♪ Tell me what you think.


♪♪ Mmm. Maybe a pinch morebutter and chive.

(CHUCKLES) I thinkyou may be right.

It's good to have youback in the kitchen.

It feels good to be back.George, it seems slow for lunch. What gives?

Well, I hadn't really noticed.

♪♪ George? You've worked herefor twenty years.

You notice everything.

Probably just a slow day.

Okay, you're notfooling me. Give it up.

(SIGHS) Okay, but youdid not hear this from me.

♪♪ It's been slowlike this for a while.

Two new, flashier barbecuerestaurants opened up in town this past year,and they've pulled a lot of our business away.Your mama won't say anything, but she's worried.

So are we all.

♪♪ I'll go check on the smoker.


♪♪ What you drawing, ladybug?

♪♪ TYLER:That's really good!

It's a keeper.

Thank you.

TYLER:So, your grandma said they still have some spots left at that summer camp.Think you might want to try it?

It's just for two weeks.

What if I go,and no one likes me?

What are you talking about?Why wouldn't they like you?

TYLER:You're smart and funny. Of course they're going to love you!

You just have to say thosethings because you're my mom.

No, I have to say thembecause they're true.

♪♪ Alright. Well, the meat'scooked, but the Staubach just quit on us.

There we go.

So, Staubach is the smoker?

Yup. Named after yourgrandfather's favorite Dallas Cowboy,Roger Staubach.

And the backboneof this place.

Ray always used to say,"Without the right smoker, your barbecue ain'tgoing to be right."

So, we got him back,but how long has he been on the fritz?

A little while now.

Seems like something new breaksdown every day around here.

I heard that!

Heard what?


Rosie, come help mein the kitchen.


Mom, how come youhaven't said anything?

Oh, honey.There's nothing to say.

Oh, come on. The smoker,the broken appliances, fewer customers?

It's, it's nothing. Trust me.We're going to be fine.

Things work themselves out.Now, come on.

We've got hungry mouths to feed.

♪♪ Oh, and that's done.

Okay. So, admit it.You had fun.

Of course I did.I always have fun.

It's true. You definitelyhave more energy than any of my other clients.That's for sure.

And you're going to need itfor the meeting with the network tomorrow.I think they're going to make you an offer.

Wait. You set that for tomorrow?

Don't tell me you forgot.

No, I didn't forget.Maybe you forgot.

I'm flying to Texas tomorrow.

Corey, this is the network.All the top executives are going to be there.What can possibly be more important than this?

I know, I know. I just knowthat we talked about this.

I'm supposed to be on a planefirst thing in the morning to Texas.

No, you said you were thinkingabout going to Texas.

There's a difference.

I promised Jay.

SOFIA:And who is Jay again?

My best friend from high school.

Let me get this straight.You're putting Jay, from high school,over a national TV show that could change your life?

Look. I promised himthat I would go back to our hometown's annualbarbecue cook off.


Attendance is down.He thought I could help him out.

I am sure he'll understandthat this is the priority, and you have to back out.

You know what?Where I'm from, when you make a promise, you keep it.I'm sure that you can use your magic with the network,and they'll be happy to reschedule for later.



I'll buy us some time.Just please get back here ASAP.

You're not the only chefwho wants a TV show.

Thank you.





JAY:I'm telling you, man. It is so good to have you back, buddy. It's been like fifteen years since you moved out to New York?

COREY:Yeah, something like that.

Well, I've got to tell you,I really appreciate all those times that you hostedme and Karen out there.

That loft of yours is amazing.

Hey, whatever happenedwith that? Huh?

You guys were togetherseven years.

I never got that far.

Yeah, I know. It's just,when she got that job out in Chicago,I just couldn't...

I didn't have it in me to move.

Red Rock is where I belong.

I get it.

This place's changed some, huh?

Yeah, but it stillfeels like home.

This you?

Yup, this is us.

This is yours?

JAY:Ah, it's just a little renter I own.

JAY:Nobody's here right now. I figure it's the perfect place for you while you're in town.

I mean, gas range,smoker out there.

Not bad, huh? And I have got youa fully stocked fridge.


See? I know how to treatmy celebrity guest.

Stop it.


Listen, thank you againfor coming out.

Really, I mean it.It means so much to everyone.

JAY:And your name alone is going to seriously boost our attendance this year.

I don't know about that.

And I don't know who would putyou in charge of this festival.


I mean, did they not know youin high school?

What are you talking about?


I was a goodhigh school student.


When I showed up.

Right. And now you're a teacher.

And a real estate mogul,apparently.

What is the world coming to?

Well, don't worry.I am not going to challenge your status as Red Rock'smost notable son anytime soon.

I'm going to make an omelet.Do you want one?

I'd love to, but I've got to go.I'm volunteering at the town summer camp.

You're what?You're volunteering?

Come on!Who are you?

Thank you, man.

See you soon.

Appreciate you.

♪♪ RADIO ANNOUNCER:And there's still time for anyone who wants to enter the annual Red Rock Barbecue Cook Off, but you'd better hurry!

Mmm! Something smellsgood in here.

Ah, good morning.

Good morning. So, are youthinking of signing up for that cook off?

Probably not.

JO:Well, why not?

I saw you in the restaurantyesterday.

Didn't miss a beat.

I don't know. The contest wasalways your and Daddy's thing, not mine.

Sure. I'm just sayingit could be your thing, too if you wanted.

I don't know. I think I'll stickwith French cuisine.

Whatever makes you happy, hon.That's all I care about.

Oh, I forgot. I saw one ofCorey's cookbooks in the kitchen.


I thought that was really nice,what he wrote to you.

Yeah, wasn't that sweet of him?

Who's Corey?

Uh, good morning.Corey is... Was...

Corey is your mom'sgood friend.

TYLER:Here you go, sweetie.

When Dad and I FaceTimedlast night, he said he might try to fly in for my birthday.

That would be great.

Why are you wearinga backpack?

Oh. Well, I was thinkingI might want to go to summer camp today,if you're okay with it.

Of course I'm okay with it.I think that's a great idea.

TYLER:Why don't you eat your breakfast, and then I'll drive youover to camp?

Thank you.

Okay, gather round, everyone!Please, gather round.

JAY:Welcome to this year's Red Rock Summer Camp!


Yeah! Now, over the nexttwo weeks, we want all of you to try as many new experiencesas you can.

Whether that's a dance class,or a nature hike, or horseback riding.The goal here is for you to have the best summerof your life!


Alright, before we start,I'm going to ask you for a favor. I would like youto help us tell everyone about the Red RockBarbecue Cook Off and Festival by handing out these flyersafter camp, alright?

You, there.

Hand these out?


There you go.


And here's some for you.

JAY:Alright, before we get on to our first activity, I'm going to give youan assignment.


Don't worry! It's not homework, I promise!

I just want you to startdocumenting your camp experience.And that could be anything that you want. It could betaking photos, drawing pictures,anything that is going to tell the story of your summer.And it's not due until the very end of camp.

Now, let's split up into threes,and let's go!

♪♪ Do you want to come join usfor the treasure hunt?


♪♪ Tyler, you should be outsideenjoying this beautiful summer's day.

I am enjoying it, by cookingin your kitchen again.

(CHUCKLES) I'm very gladto have you around, so I'm not going to complain.

Do you think that Eddie'sactually going to get here for Rosie's birthday?

I don't know. He's got a loton his plate right now.

I don't want Rosieto get her hopes up.

Everything alrightwith his business?

Yeah. Yeah, it's...


I didn't want you to worry,so I didn't say anything, but Eddie and the otherinvestors decided to close the San Francisco restaurant.So, I am currently out of a job.

What happened?

You know how it is.At first you're the hottest place in town,until something new opens up.

Oh, honey. I'm sorry.

No, it's okay, it's okay.

When I get back, I'll line upsome interviews, and my savings will get usthrough until then.

You sure you'll be okay?

Yes, I will be fine.Honestly, I could use the break, and maybe it's for the best.They didn't seem like they were going to offer methe head chef position anytime soon.

Couldn't Eddie havesaid something?

No, I didn't want himto do that. I only wanted to move up if it wasbecause of my skill.

Good for you.




TYLER:Hey there, ladybug. I can't believe I barely had time to talk to yousince you got back from camp.

How was it?

It was really fun.I think I even made some new friends.

That is great.

And you should enter this.


I don't know.I don't exactly look like your every daybarbecue chef.

Mom, I'm not kidding.You could totally win this.

Well, thank you forthe vote of confidence.

Lights out in ten.


Do you remember that day?

One of many winsfor you and Daddy.


I'm going to enterthe contest this year.

What? Really? Oh, honey!Why the change of heart?

Well, $25,000 would reallyhelp around here.

Think about it. New appliances,new parts for the smoker, and being in the contestis going to bring in a lot of free advertisingfor the restaurant.

Tyler, honey, that's very sweetof you, but -

Mom, don't be so stubborn.I want to help you.



Alright, sweetie.

♪♪ Besides, I'm doing thisfor me, too.

I want to show Rosie thatsometimes taking risks is important, and you'llnever win unless you try.

♪♪ That is my girl.


♪♪ Jay?


JAY:I can't believe it!

It's so good to see you!

It's good to see you, too!It's been a while.

Yeah. What are you doing here?

They said this is where tosign up for the contest, so here I am.

Well, this is it. Actually,I'm in charge of running the festival this year.


Can you believe that?

Of course you can!(LAUGHS)

It's so good to see you.I'm so glad you're going to be competing in the cook off.

Yeah, me too.

Oh, and I don't knowif you heard, but we announcedthe participation of a celebrity chef.


He's going to be joining usall week, and taking part in the cook off finale.

That's exciting!Who is it?

Actually, I thinkyou know him.


♪♪ COREY:Is it me, or does it feel like we just saw each otheryesterday?

I was just thinkingthe same thing!

I know! I mean, probably becausewe haven't aged at all.

Oh, so true. No, we lookexactly the same.



Seriously, Corey, you didso well for yourself.

The cookbooks,and the restaurant, and I think I might even ownone of your spatulas.

Oh, that's embarrassing.

(LAUGHS) No!Are you kidding?

Do you know what I'd givefor a product line?

Well, it has paid some bills.

I bet. And I'm sure your parentsare very proud.


Speaking of your parents,how are they?

They're great. They retiredto Coco Beach.


What about you, huh?How have you been?

Hey, I heard you havea daughter.

I do.


I do. Her name's Rosie.

That's great.

Let me guess whoyour source is. My mom?

Your mom, yeah.


And full disclosure,I Googled you.


Probably once.(LAUGHS) Really?

Well, something you might notknow about me is I'm divorced.

Nope, knew that, too.

My mom.

Your mom.(LAUGHS)

How was that?I bet that was hard.

Um, you know, it was actuallyvery friendly.


We just really wanted to keepeverything normal for Rosie, so that becamethe most important thing.

Yeah, of course.

I almost forgot.I saw one of your cookbooks...


... at my mom's house.It was Life is a BBQ.

And I wanted to thank youfor what you wrote about my mom.

Oh, look, I meant it.It's the truth.

Everything I learned, I learnedfrom them in that restaurant.

How long are youin town for?

I'm going to have togo back to New York right after the competition.


I should head back tothe restaurant.

Yeah. Yeah.

It was really niceseeing you again.

You, too.

Maybe we cansee each other again.


♪♪ You look great, Tyler.


♪♪ Isn't it great to seeCorey back in town again?

Yeah, it's been a long time.

Have you been ableto catch up with him at all?

Uh, I actually saw him at thesign up for the cook offs.

It was amazing to see howhe hasn't changed with all that success.

You know, I know you wereboth young, but I always thought that you two were going toend up together.

(LAUGHS) Yeah. I think wewere just too much alike.

You know, we were twoheadstrong kids who wanted to take the worldby storm, and...

Oh, honey.

Thank you.

You never told methat before.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Yeah, well, I betyou had a hunch.

Well, maybe.

I'm just glad that the two ofyou are going to be cooking together again.You know, like the old days.

We're not going to becooking together.

Even if I do make it intothe final round, we're going to be competingagainst each other.

Thank you.

I'm just saying, it's nicethat you're going to be spending some timetogether again.

He's, he's single right now,isn't he?


Okay, fine. I won't sayanother word.

What do I know, anyway?I'm just your mother.

♪♪ Yeah, good. Don't put the holestoo close together.

Okay. Why?

Well, we puncture the meatto let it breathe while it's cooking.

That's silly.

(LAUGHS) It kind of is,but it's also very important.

TYLER:Ladybug, can you grab me a tomato?


Hey, Mom, do you thinkwe can try one of the recipes from your friendCorey's cookbook?


Grandma, are you okay?

I'm sorry, honey.I'm fine, yeah.


Grandma just needs to bea little more careful next time, right, Grandma?

Why don't we put this awayso we can focus on what we're making?

♪♪ Go check your dish.




♪ I've been thinking about those good old days ♪

♪ Feeling like I made a big mistake ♪

♪ I just wish I was back in your arms ♪


Oh, no, no. Staubach,don't quit on me now.

♪ Catching lightning twice is way too hard ♪

♪ Remember when it was just you and me ♪ Okay.

♪ Signed our names with hearts on that oak tree ♪ Alright. Okay.

♪ The way you looked at me it was true love ♪

♪ All this time, it's all I've been thinking of ♪


Just give me till the endof the competition, okay, Big Guy?

♪ I wish you'd come around

♪ And hold my hand again ♪


Hi, Eddie.

EDDIE:Hey! Just wanted to touch base, and see how you're holding up.

TYLER:It's been really nice being back in Red Rock.

I even enteredthe barbecue contest.

That's great! You're back behinda smoker again!


It only took fifteen years.

(LAUGHS) How's Rosie?

She's good. She's spendingthe day with my mom.

Do you think you're going tomake it for her birthday?

Um, I hope so, but I'm about tocatch a flight to San Diego.

We've got a new place opening upthis weekend.

The manager just quit,so, uh...

Right, right. But it would meana lot to her, so I -

AIRPORT ANNOUNCER:Final boarding call for Flight 342 to San Diego.

Yeah, I'll do my best,but I've got to go.

Tell Rosie I'll call hertonight. Bye.


Hello again.




♪♪ Well, how are you on thisfine Texas morning?

Fine. I'm just runningsome errands.

Yeah? AnythingI can help with?

No, I got it.

I'm sure you do.


I remember that.


That disarming smile of yours.

Oh, no that wasmy charming smile.

This is my disarming smile.(LAUGHS)

Okay, okay.

♪♪ Do you want tograb dinner later?

Uh, I don't thinkthat's a good idea.


I mean, we're competitors now.

Oh, right, right. I mean,but really are we?

Because I'm just competingagainst the finalist.


Well, we don't know.

Oh, okay! So, you don't thinkI'm going to make it into the finals.

Oh, I don't know.French cuisine?

You might be a little rustyback there.

I will have you know thatI will be competing against you in the finals.

And therefore, we needto act accordingly.

And so I can't affordany distractions.


♪♪ JAY:Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and a special welcome to the contestants.

We are thrilledto have you here!



Now, this year's cook offwill take place over the course of a week,leading to our grand finale, which will close outour festival.

Now, the first round is goingto be an on-site cook off, and the menu will consistof chicken, plus one side of your choice.Your meals will be evaluated by our esteemed judges.


After which they will eliminatesix contestants.

Four will remainfor the semi-final.

After the semi-finals,only one contestant will be selected to participatein the grand finale, where they will face off againstour own celebrity chef, Red Rock's Corey Turner.


JAY:And there, a champion will be crowned, and good luck to you all!



Chef Corey, can I ask yousome questions?

Yes, of course.

How does it feelbeing back home again?

Oh, I love Red Rock.Being here kind of feels like I never left.

Excuse me. One sec.Um, hey.

Let me know if you changeyour mind about dinner.

Don't think that smileis going to change my mind, or help you win this contest,either, Mister Turner.

Well, okay then.Let the games begin.


(LAUGHS)Sorry about that.

♪♪ What's going on in here?

Mom is testing a new saucefor the competition.

TYLER:I figured since people are starting to come into town for the festival, we couldset up a sampling tray out in front, and drum upsome new business.

And get people excitedabout the restaurant!

I love that idea.


Anything that gets new customersin is okay with me.

Mmm! Mmm, that is delicious,Tyler.

Good. Then take this tray.I'm putting you to work.

Oh! Alright.




Sofia, hey. How are you?

Do you realize this isthe first time we've talked since you left?

No, I know. I know.It's just been slammed, and they've got, they've gota couple of more things scheduled for me, and then...

You know, hey, listen.Maybe we can just do a video conference.

No, we can't doa video conference.

They need to see youin person.

And Corey,they're losing patience.

I can't stall them forever.

I know. I know. Sorry.

JO:Best barbecue in Red Rock! Come and get your free samples, and come on in!

Hey, listen. I'm going to callyou back, okay? Alright.

I, I'm not...(GROANS)


Excuse me, are thesefor anyone?

Why, yes they are!

It's great to see you!

Oh, it's so nice to see you!

You look great!

Oh, thank you. So do you.How are things in that big city of yours?

You know, a little differentthan Red Rock here, but...


You know, being here makes mepump the brakes a little bit.


Which I need.

Well, home has a wayof doing that.

Yeah. This is a good idea.

Oh, yes. It's Tyler's idea.It's her brisket, actually.

Do you want to try some?


♪♪ Mmm! That's amazing.Hey, is she here?

Yeah, she's around backat the smoker.


How's old Staubach doing?

What are you doing back here?


I was just out, out front withyour mom, and I tasted your brisket. Ty, man,it's crazy good.

Like, really. The bark on itwas perfect...

Okay. I see what you're doing.


Coming back here, trying to spyon the competition, get some intel on my sauce...

COREY:No, no.

... in case I make itinto the final round.

Trust me, I am not doing that.

I'm going to tell yousomething, Mister Turner.

I will have you know thatmy brisket and my sauce are off limits.

You need to flip those ribs.

See what a distraction you are?


Just so you know,I didn't come back here for any insider information.I just came back here to tell you that that ishonestly some of the best brisket I've ever had.



And I wanted to see you again.

♪ Here it comes, that old familiar pain ♪ Great music, by the way.

That takes me back.(CHUCKLES)

♪ When it comes to me and you ♪

♪ There's nothing more that I can do ♪ Why is he leaving so soon?

Okay, Ma, I know you thinkof Corey like a son, but you can't just let him comeback here with out at least giving me a heads up.


The first round is inthree days.

He's the competition now.

Okay, you're right. I'm sorry.I forgot how competitive you are.

(LAUGHS)Here we go.

I'm just saying, ever sinceyou were a little girl, you have always hadthat desire to succeed, and it only makes melove you more.

Your sample idea is working.We are getting so busy in there!



(LAUGHS)Told you!

♪♪ Your grandfather and Iused to do this all the time.

He always used to say,"The key to fishing is silence, so you don't scare the fish."

Well, did you evercatch anything?

Are you kidding?We could never stop talking.


That's okay, though. I mean,fishing isn't really about catching fish, it's aboutspending time together.

You know?


How's camp?

Oh, I love it. Especiallythe first assignment we were given.

Ooh! Tell me about it.

We have to journal our summermemories through things like writing and photos,or even art.

Ah, is that what you've beenworking on in your room?



Can I see whatyou've done so far?

Not yet, but I promise you'll bethe first person to see it when it's done.

Okay. Thank you, honey.

Oh, and Mr. Knowles said thathe's getting a guest chef to come teach us cooking stuffat camp this week.

A guest chef, huh? Well,I wonder who that could be.


Oh, Mom! I thinkI caught something!

♪♪ I think you did! Okay, just reelit in really slow, okay?

Okay. Oh, this onefeels big, Mom.

Oh, it's getting...

Let me help you here.

♪♪ I caught a branch!




Okay, it doesn't look likewe are going to catch any fish today.


So, what would you sayto some ice cream instead?



♪♪ This was my absolutefavorite place in the world when I was your age.


♪♪ Yeah, let's do it.Come on. Of course.

♪♪ Thank you. Good to meet you.Well, look who it is.

Hi, Corey. This is my daughter,Rosie.

Oh hey, Rosie.


I'm Corey. Nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.

Your mom brought you tothe best ice cream in Texas.


Yeah. You're the guyfrom the cookbook, right?

I am.

Mom and Grandmawere just talking about you.

Really? They were talking aboutme? What were they saying?



It was, it was at breakfast,and I was asking Mom about your cookbook.


Anyway... Um...

ROSIE:Oh, want to sit with me and Mom?

Thank you for the invite, Rosie.I would love to do that.

Here, you guys get something.

Ice cream on a beautiful,sunny day.

It's no better than that, right?

So, what else do you guyshave planned today?

I'm going to work onsome of my sketches.

Yeah? What do you sketch?

Well, pretty much anything,but right now I'm working on people.

You any good?


She's definitely the artisticone in the family.


Some day, I'd love formy pictures to hang in a museum.

COREY:You know what? If you practice, I bet that dream will absolutelycome true.

You know, we kind of dothe same thing.

What do you mean?

Well... Can I use your spoon?


Whether you are cookingor painting, it's all about taking chances.

Being creative.Because you never know what the winning combinationis going to be.

Alright. So, you take a chance,and try new things.

♪♪ That's really good.



Here, Mom,you have to try this.

Okay, let's see. Hmm.



That's not bad!


That's not bad at all!(LAUGHS)

♪♪ Here, you do one.

ROSIE:I'm going to add chocolate.


♪♪ JAY:Okay, everyone, can I get your attention, please?

Now, today we are going to dothings a little bit differently.

We have a very special guestjoining us, so can you please help mewelcome Chef Corey Turner!


COREY:Hey, guys! Mister Knowles tells me you're having a great week, huh?


COREY:Well, I am here to show you how to make some good things in the kitchen, talk aboutcooking a little bit.

So, what I need to knowis who is ready to make something delicious?


COREY:No, no, I can't hear you! Who's ready?


COREY:How are you guys doing, huh?

How are these beans coming?

I think I might haveforgotten something.

Well, let's give them a tasteand see.

♪♪ How are they?

Mmm! Rosie!Look, they're sweet enough, so you got yourbrown sugar right.

I'm getting a hintof the garlic powder.

They're fantastic.They're better than your mom's.




Look, just don't tell herI told you that.

(LAUGHS)Alright, good job.

Okay! How are you guysup here?

♪♪ This was a great idea.

Please remember, try notto hit the pitcher.

Oh! I should have gone pro!

Alright. So, tell me,how you feeling about potentially competingagainst Tyler?


Well, I guess there'smy answer.

Tyler I'm not worried about.You know, by the way, I thought I was coming back herefor an appearance at the cook off, not to actuallycompete in it.

You're actually going to takethis competition seriously, aren't you?

One more.


Oh! Oh!

I am not getting that.


Hey, I went byJo and Ray's.


Man, when I went through thosedoors, I'm telling you.

Memories, huh?

Oh, man. (LAUGHS)

But you know what it did?

♪♪ It reminded me of why I startedcooking in the first place.

Oh, yeah?

It was barbecue,and that restaurant, and that family, werethe whole reason I wanted to become a chef.


Because now...You know, now I'm just...

I don't know.

♪♪ What?

I'm a brand, you know.Writing books, and making appearances,and I'm managing restaurants.

I miss getting my hands messy,and just being in the excitement all day long.You know?

I'm grateful, of course.But...

♪♪ But what?

♪♪ It just made mestop and think.

Maybe... I don't know.

♪♪ Come on. I'm up.

Alright. At least I know I won'thave to shag any balls, because you won't hit anything.


♪♪ You keep pacing like that,you're going to wear a hole in my porch.

Sorry, I'm just tryingto figure something out.

I feel like the sauce forthe brisket just isn't right.

Tyler, the sauce is good.It got a whole lot of new customersinto the restaurant.

Yeah, but that's the thing.I don't want it to be just good.I don't want it to be great.

I want it to be extraordinary.

And it will be.

The competition's in two days.

Tyler, you've got totrust yourself.

They're not expectingTyler Dawson, Ma.

They're expecting the daughterof Jo and Ray Dawson, the five time winners ofthe Red Rock barbecue contest.

Come on. Come, sit.Listen, you have always been so hard on yourself,but all this over-thinking, it just leads youto doubt yourself.

Listen, what were you sayingto Rosie the other day when you two were cookingin the kitchen?

Uh, don't eat so much at once.You'll choke?

No. No, you told her thatthe most important thing about cooking sometimesis letting things breathe.

Well, I believe that the sameis true of life.

Sometimes you justhave to let things breathe.

♪♪ Trust yourself.


♪♪ BARKER:Okay, step right up! Two for a dollar! Step right up!


♪♪ Alright, everyone.We're going to be starting in a few minutes.I want to remind you that on today's menuwe have chicken, and one side dish.Now, contestants, please make your wayto your stations.

♪♪ Here we go.Wish me luck.

You got this, Mom.

Good luck, sweetheart.

You make us proud, Tyler.


♪♪ Well, how's it going here?


Hey, don't forget to waiton the blue smoke.

Okay, thank you.(LAUGHS)

Alright. (CHUCKLES)I can see when I'm not wanted.



I wanted to say thank you.

For what?

For what you said to Rosie.For making her feel so special.

Well, she is special.

♪♪ Like her mom.


Places, please.

Good luck.

JAY:Now remember, you have three hours on the clock to makeyour chicken, and your side dish.

Contestants ready?Set? Smoker!


♪ So many hours spent looking for answers ♪

♪ Turning the pages through all your chapters ♪

♪ Hoping to find your place ♪

♪ Somewhere so bright, someone to love you ♪

♪ Somewhere to run you can escape to ♪

♪ And know that you are safe


♪ Yeah, you have found your place ♪

♪ Right here, right here a place where you know ♪ JAY:And it looks like we've got about a half an hour left, contestants.Half an hour!

♪ Right here, right here One minute left, folks.One minute left.

♪ You're always home right here ♪ CROWD:Five, four, three, two, one!


Hands up!Hands up!


♪♪ JO:You are so ready for this. You've been prepping for your whole life, honey.

So, what happens now?

Well, they're almost donewith the tasting, and then they'll rank us.

JAY:Well, it looks like the judges have come to their final decision. Now let's giveall of the contestants a big round of applause.


Well done!


I don't know how that tasted,but it smelled fantastic.


Oh, here we are.Thank you very much.


Very good. Our firstsemi-finalist, Chef Steve!


Our second semi-finalist,Chef Austin!



And our third semi-finalist,is none other than Chef Jackson!


And last but not least,our final semi-finalist is...

Chef Tyler!



JAY:Good job, everyone! Congratulations to everyone!

Terrific job!Wonderful!

Way to go.


COREY:Hey, hey!


Congrats.Great job.

Thank you.


♪♪ COREY:Sofia!

What are you doing here?

I'm here to get you on a planeback to New York.


♪♪ Rosie, Tyler, George, Jo,this is Sofia, my business manager.

♪♪ Hi.


♪♪ We have some thingswe have to deal with, so excuse us for one second.

♪♪ You haven't returned anyof my phone calls, so I had to cometrack you down myself.

The network is calling meconstantly.

They want to meet with youtomorrow.

Tomorrow? Sofia, there'sno way I can do tomorrow.

Corey, they're chompingat the bit. I have been working with them for a long time.I've never seen them this excited.

Corey, Corey, we've got to go dothe press conference, over at the community centre.Hi, I'm Jay.


Oh, sorry.


Jay, Sofia, Sofia, Jay.She's my manager.

Oh, sorry. Barbecue sauce.It won't happen again.

Alright, we have to getdown to this thing.

Would you liketo come with us?

Oh, I'm goingwhere you're going.



Chef Jackson, what are youplanning to do with the prize moneyif you win?

Well, I think you meanwhen I win, and I'll probably takea much needed Caribbean vacation.


Chef Tyler, didn't your parentswin this competition five times?

Yes, yes they did.

And is it true that youand Chef Corey were once high school sweethearts?

(LAUGHS) Um, that was alsoa long time ago.

I still feel likeI'm eighteen, though.


And sometimesyou act like it.


Okay, okay, okay.Before we finish, I want to announcethe second round menu for the semi-finals,which happens in four days.

And on the menu will bebarbecued ribs, along with your choiceof sides, and we will be once againat the on-site grills.

And remember, three of youwill be eliminated.

Alright, good luckto you all.


I'm going to get you back.



So, what's there to doin this town?

♪♪ Jay! Jay! Jay!

Jay is the perfect tour guide,and he would love to take you and show you ourcharming, little town.

I would?

Sure, you would.And Sofia was just saying how much she wanted to seeall the sights of Red Rock.

I did?

Sure, you did.

JAY:You seem like a very busy woman.

You guys have fun.



TYLER:It's over here.

♪♪ Oh. They moved it.

Ah, yeah.


♪♪ COREY:It's held up pretty good, given how old it is.

TYLER:I should hope so. I think it took you two hours to carve that in.



Do you want to sit?


What? What is going onup there?

I... Nothing.

Okay, listen. I know that it'sbeen a long time, but I can still readyour lousy poker face.

Okay. I guess I was justwondering how it went with your manager.

Oh. Listen, for the record,she is just my manager.

No, she flew down herebecause we have a big meeting setwith the network who wants to do a show.


So, she's just making sureI get back there on time.

So, she says she's not leavingwithout me.

So, I guess that meansshe's going to stick around till I finish the cook off.

Good. Then we get to keep youa little while longer.

That was a sweet thing to say.

Well, you know, you don't wantto disappoint Jay, and the citizensof Red Rock.

No, Jay. Don't wantto disappoint Jay and Red Rock.

Definitely not.

What about you? Huh?When do you go back to San Francisco?

I think we're going to stayfor a few more weeks until school starts.

Wow. They gave youa nice vacation.

It's not exactly a vacation.

What do you mean?

Okay, the restaurantI was working in closed down about a month ago.

So, you're looking atan unemployed sous chef, with a thing for barbecue.

Oh, sorry, Tyler.

It's okay.

Well, hey, do you ever justthink about opening up your own place?

Yeah, of course.But I want to do it on my own terms,and I want to do it in my own time.

Mark my words, though.One day it's going to happen.

I have no doubt.

We're going to squeeze you in.I promise we will.

You might have a little bitof a wait, because you see, (LAUGHS) it's been kind of busy.



Y'all are slammed!

I know!

This is amazing.

I know! What, withthe sample table outside, and all the local newscoverage, we've got...


People coming back.But, we're a little busy right now, so wecould really use a hand.

Oh, yeah. I got it.I got it.

♪♪ Hey, hey!

What are you doing here?

COREY:Tell me what you need, Chef.

♪♪ Okay. We need fully loadedbaked potatoes, and biscuits on allthese orders.

Yes, ma'am.



♪♪ Hey.

Hey, can you give this a try?



♪♪ Mmm! Oh, yeah.It's fantastic.


You've got some on your...(LAUGHS)

I've got sauce on me?


I was just going to say,if anything, it may need a little more sauce,but maybe not.


Do you need anything else?

No. I'm good.(LAUGHS)

♪♪ Pulled pork is up!

♪♪ COREY:Oh, perfect.

Chicken's up!

♪♪ COREY:Alright, guys, sorry. Brisket here. Pulled pork here. Let me get you somenapkins. Did you guys need anything else?You're good?

♪♪ Good.






Watch it, buddy.

You watch it.


(LAUGHS) Okay,make it stop. I can't.

Oh, I'm so glad you guysclosed early tonight.

I mean, I don't think I hadanything left in me.


Yeah, Mom and Rosie wantedto get to the festival early, so you can thank them.

I will.



COREY:You good?

I think that was the most funI've had in a kitchen in a long time.

Back in San Francisco,I wasn't really enjoying myself.



For me, it feels like that wasthe first time I was in a kitchen in forever. It's justbeen all business lately.

Boardrooms, book signings,just... You know.

I miss it. I miss that.That was, that was fun.

It was.

♪♪ Oh.


Remember that one?

That brings back memories.



♪ Let go of the day

(LAUGHS) Why not?

Why not?



♪ Not even time to watch your children play ♪

♪ Let go of the day


♪ Come on, take my hand

♪ Don't know where this leads or what is planned ♪

♪ All you need to know is I understand ♪

♪ Come on, take my hand


♪ 'Cause stars...



♪♪ I, I'm sorry. I hopeI'm not interrupting?

No, no, just -


Cleaning up.

You're not interrupting.I'm sorry.

Uh, this is Eddie,and this is...


Nice to meet you, Corey.

Nice to meet you, as well.

Hey, I said I would meetJay and Sofia over at the festival, so I'm goingto take off.


It's good to meet you, Eddie.

EDDIE:You, too.

Alright. See you, guys!

Why didn't you tell meyou were coming?

I wanted to surprise Rosie...And you.

(LAUGHS) Well, I'm definitelysurprised.

Rosie's going to be so happyto see you, though.

Where are you staying?

I got a room at a hotelnearby.



Rosie and my momare at the festival, and I was just aboutto head over.

Do you want to go with me?

I'd love to.

♪♪ I can't believe I haven't evenlooked at my phone all day.

You're going to needa napkin when you're done.


♪♪ I am glad Corey made yoube my tour guide.

Corey didn't make medo anything.

You know, in Texas,we eat those, not wear them.

These alone could keep mein Red Rock for another week.

Oh, and the networkgot back to me.

I bought us a little time.

Oh, great. Great.

Where you been?

Oh, I was over helping Tylerand Jo at the restaurant.


Yeah. And I metTyler's ex-husband.

♪♪ Hi, Corey!

Hey, where'd you come from?

We were just onthe ferris wheel.


Welcome to Red Rock.I'm Jay.

I'm Eddie.Nice to meet you.

SOFIA:I'm Sofia. I'm usually not this messy.


ROSIE:Mom, look! It's my favorite - Longhorns!


I'm on it. I'm on it.Excuse me.


Ferris wheel.

Oh, yes.

Shall we?

♪♪ ROSIE:So, Dad wanted to hang out with me in town a little bit tomorrow.Do you mind?

Of course not. I want youto spend as much time with him as possiblewhile he's here.

Cool. And thanks.I had a really fun time at the festival.

Good. It was really fun,wasn't it?

I even collected someticket stubs, and a postcard for my summer camp project.

I'll bet you made enoughgreat memories to make yourself a beautiful sketch.

Absolutely. It's funny.I never knew how much I was going to like it here.

(LAUGHS) I was hopingyou'd say that.

I mean, San Francisco is great,but I really like spending time with Grandma, and helping outin the restaurant.


But most importantly,I really like spending more time with you, Mom.

♪♪ Me, too. (GIGGLES)Come on.

♪♪ COREY:And so, you have to make sure that your sauce compliments the flavor of your meat, because the sauce that we made here today for the pulled pork, may not compliment your chicken, or say, your ribs.

♪♪ Pretty good. But listen,the reality is this...

What's going on?

The Women's Auxiliary requesteda private cooking lesson with the town's favorite chef.


Not the kind of groupyou say no to.

COREY:The spoons, all that's out the window.

If you'll excuse me,festival duty calls.

COREY:That's why, for me, it's important that you don't want to use too muchWorcestershire in the sauce, because that will over pow--


Excuse me, back of the room.

COREY:It seems like you disagree with expert opinion.

Um... Sorry, I...

No, I just... You're makingpulled pork, right?

I am, indeed.

Okay, well, this is justmy opinion, but I really feel that the Worcestershireand garlic are what brings out the boldness of the pork.

Very interesting suggestions.

Why don't you come on upand join the discussion?

(LAUGHS) No, no, I just...I've got to go.

Ladies, please welcome RedRock's own, Chef Tyler Dawson!


COREY:Come on up. We'll get you looking official, and you can just take over,and make your own...

Thanks, thanks.

... version of this.




Alright, let's give thisa try, shall we?

♪♪ Well?

♪♪ As I suspected, Worcestershireand garlic are key to pulled pork.

♪♪ But you know what?This is a good start.


TYLER:It's a good start.

It's a good start. Okay.


COREY:So, so just so we're all on the same page, she said that my finished saucewas a good start for her.


COREY:Hmm, interesting.


So, we'll just takethis as a base.

♪♪ I think we're going to do oneand a half tablespoons of Worcestershire,and then I think we're going to go with the raw garlic.

♪♪ TYLER:Ladies, what do you think about a blind taste test with Chef Corey?


Let me...

Oh, okay.

Let me be your assistant here.


Help me out.



Let's just make sure this isnice and snug.



Plenty tight, thank you.

Okay, good.

Can't see a thing.

Don't want you peeking at all.


♪♪ TYLER:Sauce number one.

Mmm, nice. Nice.

Pretty good, huh?

TYLER:Here comes sauce number two.

♪♪ Okay.


Which one tasted better?

Two, definitely.

Oh. Well, you were right...To choose my sauce!




No clapping! No clapping!I quit!


♪ You rise up and don't forget where you came from ♪



♪ 'Cause it's not about the win or the lose yeah ♪


♪ It's up to you, it's the choice you choose ♪ You know, this morning you wokeup, and you were not a potato sack champion.Look at you now!


Ferris wheel. Come on.Let's go do that.

No, no, no. I have so muchprep work to do.

I should go.

It's five minutes.It'll be fun. Come on.

♪♪ COREY:So, it's good to see you still have all the competitiveness really going.

Yeah, I'm kind of intense.Especially when it comes to potato sack races.

Or darts.

(LAUGHS) Okay, maybea little too intense.

I know, I'm verycompetitive.

I think it's this whole afraidto fail thing I've been carrying aroundmy whole life.

What are you talking about?

Oh, it's in everything.I have it with running a kitchen,it's this cook off.

Tyler, Tyler, stop.I guarantee you, you are as talented,or probably more, than what your parents are.

♪♪ Are we stuck?



Oh. Hey, hey, hey.

Just, let's justtake in the view.

Okay. Mm-hmm.(LAUGHS)


It is beautiful up here.

♪♪ Yeah, everything'sbeautiful up here.

♪♪ Really?

♪♪ You didn't, Mom.

I did! I did!Oh, look!


Hi! How was your day?

Great. We went tothe festival's petting zoo, and then we wenton a hayride.


And are you hungry?


Of course.

Okay, come on.Let's get something to eat.

Thank you.

Can I talk to youfor a second?

Yeah, what's going on?

So, I was waiting forthat phone call, and we just got confirmation.We're opening up another restaurantin San Francisco.

And we want youto be head chef.

♪♪ I, I can't believe this.

I mean, you may have to cutyour summer vacation a little bit short, but isn'tthis what you've always wanted?

It's amazing! I just,I need to think about it.

What's there to think about?I thought you'd be over the moon.

Yeah, a week agoI would have been, but now I... And I have Rosie'sbirthday tomorrow, I have everything I need to prepfor the second round.

It's just, it's a littleoverwhelming.

I just need some time to think.

I think it's good you'rethinking it through.


You're obviously takingit seriously, so...

Just let me know soon, okay?

Yeah, of course.Thank you.

Don't thank me.You've earned it.





♪♪ Would you just slow down a bit?Why are we walking so fast?

Oh, sorry. Sorry, Mom.I'm just, I'm distracted.

What is wrong?

Eddie offered me the head chefposition at a new restaurant in San Francisco.

Honey! Well, that's wonderful!

It is, it is. But I don't knowif I want it.

But, hasn't that alwaysbeen your dream?

Yes, until this week.Being back here, cooking barbecue again,spending quality time with you and Rosie, it just,it feels right.

Maybe I belong here.

Look, there's nothingI would like better than having you and Rosie back here,but I think you really have to think this through,and make sure it's what you really want.

And I know one thing for sure,whatever choice you make it is going to be the rightchoice for you and Rosie.

Thanks, Mom.

♪♪ Now, let's go getthat birthday cake, huh?


And this time, let's walklike they do in Texas.

Nice and easy.


Okay, go!




♪♪ COREY:Hey, happy birthday!

Oh, thank you!


You're welcome.


Do you have it?

Whoa! No!I love it!

You'll love it!It's good.

Thank you so much!

Oh, you're welcome.

Sweetheart, everyone is ravingabout your ribs, and quite right, too.They're delicious.

Thank you. I'm trying outa new sauce for the competition.


So, hopefully the judgeslike it tomorrow, too.

EDDIE:Well, they'd be fools not to.

Oh! Good to see you, Eddie.

You, too. You, too.

Let me take that for you.

Thank you.

Can I fix you a plate?

Yes, please.

Okay. Why don't youtake this one?

Thank you.

Get some watermelon.

Happy birthday,pumpkin.


How are you?

Do you want to come playpin the tail on the cow with me?

Why don't you let your dad eat,and I will play with you?


I'll be there in a bit.I promise, okay?

Thank you.(LAUGHS)


Hey, Eddie. Corey.


Nice to see you again.

Yeah. You, too.

You alright?

Doing great. With a spread likethis, how could you not be?


You, you based in San Franciscoas well?

Yes, I am. Yeah.

Yeah? How's that?Do you like it?

Things are good.And how about the cook off?

You ready for the final round?

(LAUGHS) I guess.But, you know, doesn't matter how much prep you do,something always happens that you don't expect.

I hear you. By the way,you've got yourself some pretty steep competitionhere, my friend.

These ribs are delicious.

She is a great chef.

That she is. And if my companyhad of put Tyler in charge of the restaurant to begin with,it may have survived.

I just hope she acceptsour new offer.

New offer?

Oh, she didn't tell you?

We offered Tyler the positionof head chef back at our new restaurant inSan Francisco.

Wow! Great!

So, it looks like her summervacation may be cut a little bit short. But you knowhow it is, right? Right?

When opportunity knocks,you've got to run.


♪♪ Well, if you'll excuse me,it looks like I've got to go pin a tail on a cow.Now there's something you don't say every day, right?

Nice to see you.

You, too.

♪♪ TYLER:Oh, no. Well, this is why adults don't play.

♪♪ COREY:The fun part for me is definitely seeing the prep, and seeing everybodyput their rubs together, and start to get thingsready to go, and then slap iton the grill.

Look, I think it's going to bea great competition. Good luck.

♪♪ COREY:Hey!

Hey. How'd it gowith the reporter?

Ah, fine.

♪♪ What was that?

What was what?

COREY:What was that little, smiley wave thing you just did?

♪♪ Is there somethinggoing on here?

What? No! I mean,I don't think so.

Okay, maybe.


Like... Look...He's not my normal type, but I find him interesting.


And cute, and enoughabout my love life.

Just go charm the good peopleof Red Rock, and I will see you afterthe contest.


♪♪ Hey!

I just wanted to say thanksfor coming to the party.

Oh, yeah. It was fun.Had a chance to talk to Eddie.

He's a good guy.


And he told me about yourjob offer in San Francisco.

Congrats!That's, that's huge.

Kind of a no-brainerfor you, huh?

When you, uh, when you thinkingabout heading back?

I don't know. When are youheading back to New York?

Tyler, let me ask yousomething.

I just want you to behonest with me.

JAY:Contestants! Please take your places.

No, no, go.

We're about to begin.Remember that you have four hours to completeyour rib dishes, along with your side dishes.Contestants ready?






♪♪ GEORGE:Let's go! You know it, Tyler!


♪♪ Thank you, thank you.Watch this.



♪♪ Cook it, Tyler!

♪♪ Two hours left!Two hours.

JAY:Those ribs are in the smokers, and getting very tender. We got a lot of slow cooking going on.


♪♪ JAY:And it looks like we're down to the thirty minute mark.

Chefs, we have half an hour.

♪♪ JAY:Thirty seconds!


JAY:You've got to be plating now.

♪♪ CROWD:Ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

JAY:Step away from your dishes!


Go, Mom!


Well, it looks like the judgesare in the final stages of their deliberation.I'd like to take this moment to tell you that the next roundis going to be a little bit different. The two finalistswill be cooking a dinner of barbecue brisket off site,along with sides for ten pre-selected, local tasters,and they will be making the final decision.

And it looks like we haveour decision for the semi-finalist.

♪♪ And it's unanimous.

JAY:And the chef who will be moving onto the final round, and who will be competingagainst Chef Corey Turner, is Chef Tyler Dawson!



♪♪ Oh, thanks.


Thank you!


♪♪ I knew this was goingto happen.

You did?

I got my work cut out for me.

Yes, you do.


♪♪ Mmm. This is so yummy.

(LAUGHS) It's always betterthe next day.

Would you say this isthe best birthday cake ever?

Best birthday ever!


I didn't know so many peoplewould come.

And see, you were so worriedabout making new friends at camp. You took a risk,and it paid off.

Really proud of you.

♪♪ Do we have to go?

What do you mean?

I mean, do we have to goback to San Francisco?

We'll see.

There you are.

I really miss the old swingthat used to hang over there.

Oh, yeah. Remember how you usedto make me push you so high?

You were fearless.

(LAUGHS) Was I?It's crazy how life changes that in people.

Well, it can if you let it.

♪♪ What if I lose tomorrow?

Oh, sweetheart. For starters,you are not going to lose.

And it wouldn't matterif you did.

I only care if you're happy.

Thanks. I'm working on it.

♪♪ GEORGE:Knock knock!

TYLER:Hi, George.

JO:What are you doing here?

Just thought I'd check and seeif you all wanted to go to the festival dance.

Oh. Well, Tyler,why don't you go?

I'll look after Rosie for you.

Are you sure?

Of course!

Okay, well, that sounds fun!Just let me get changed.

I'll be right back.

Sounds good.


Hey, buddy. I'm meeting Sofiadown at the festival.

You coming with?



Alright, what's wrong?

Nothing. It's ridiculous.

You're thinking about Tyler,aren't you?

Jay, I haven't seen herin fifteen years, and now I can't get herout of my head.

Well, what did you thinkwas going to happen?

I don't know. I don't know whatwas going to happen.

I didn't expect her to be here.I didn't even think about it.

I may not be the best personto give relationship advice, but what I do know is that youtwo were crazy about each other all those years ago.

And from what I can tell...Yeah, I think you still are.


And I don't want to go backto New York until I know how she feels.

Alright, then. Well, I thinkyou'd better have a talk with Sofia.

Oh. Maybe it would be betterif you had a talk with Sofia.

Oh, no, no. That is notgoing to happen.

While I really, reallylike Sofia, I'm also terrified of her.

Terrified of her. I get it.

You can make funof my two step.

Thanks, man.

♪♪ Now, let's show themhow it's done, huh?

♪♪ Ooh!

♪♪ Ooh!


You can take the girlout of Texas, but you can't takethe Texas out of the girl.


Won't argue with that!

♪♪ Oh! Can you excuse mefor just one minute?

Oh, yeah, yeah,absolutely.

Okay, thanks.

♪♪ Eleven years of knowing you.How did I not know you could dance like that?

Oh, well, it's all aboutyour partner.


You look happy, Tyler.

I am.

Which is why I can't acceptthe position you've offered me.

I figured as much.

You did?

Yeah. You just seem different.

I thought that job waseverything I ever wanted, but it's just not anymore.I would really like for Rosie and I to stay here in Red Rockand give it a try.

She loves it here, and I thinkit'd be really good for her.

For both of us.

But it's something we bothhave to agree on, so...

Rosie means the world to me,but if this is what's best for her, and I'm pretty surethat it might be, then you have my blessing.

Thank you.

So, I'll fly backas much as I can.

That said, I've got to catcha flight. I'll see Rosie before I leave.

Sounds good.

♪♪ Thank you.

Oh, and good luck tomorrowat the final. I'm proud of you.

Man, whoever put thisfestival together...

Yeah, sure nailed it.

Come on, show this city girlhow it's done down south.

Don't mind if I do.



So, it's fast, fast,slow, slow.

♪♪ I know I'm the competition.


But may I havethis dance?

(LAUGHS) Lead the way.

♪♪ Ooh!


You ready for tomorrow?

Mostly. I still got a lotof prep work to do.



It's probably going to bea long night, so I figured a little calmbefore the storm wouldn't hurt.

Well, I'm glad you came.

♪♪ You look beautiful.

Thank you, Mister Turner.




♪♪ There's somethingI should tell you.

♪♪ I'm not going to takethat job in San Francisco.


Rosie and I are goingto stay here for a while.

Wow. That's really great news.

Is it?

TYLER:Have your plans changed, too?

There's actually somethingI want to talk to you about.

Tyler -

Tyler! There's a fireat the restaurant.

A fire?

Yeah! Come on! Come on!


FIRE FIGHTER:So, it looks like the source of the fire is the smoker,and then it spread to part of the kitchen in there.There's some obvious smoke damage, and we'regoing to need to replace some of your electrical.That smoker's, well, cooked.

(LAUGHS) No pun intended.

At the end of the day,you're going to need about a month before you can reopen.

Okay. Thanks, Bill.My mom's inside.

She wants to see youbefore you go.


COREY:Thank you, guys.

It could have beena lot worse.

No one got hurt,the restaurant's fine.

You got lucky.

What am I going to do now?



What did the insurancecompany say?

Oh, well, it looks like they'regoing to cover us, so we'll probably be fine.

That's great news.

Oh, but honey.The cook off.

Yeah. I don't know how I'm goingto cook a meal for ten people by tomorrow without a smoker.


Maybe this wasn'tsuch a good idea.

Maybe I should justthrow in the towel.

Oh, no. Things have a wayof working themselves out.

You'll see.



♪♪ Hey.

♪♪ I know it's late, I was justthinking about you.

I just wanted to make sureeverything was okay.

(SIGHS) Yeah, I guess.I mean, you know, it will be.

I just have a loton my mind.

Yeah. Well, is there anythingI can do?

If you want to come and usethat kitchen over the loft, you're more than welcometo do that.

I think maybe I turned downEddie's job offer too soon.

And maybe all of this,the fire, the smoker, maybe it's a sign.

A sign of what?

That I'm fooling myself.

That we're fooling ourselves.

I mean, my whole life is inSan Francisco, you're whole lifeis in New York.


Up until about a week ago,I thought I had a pretty perfect life. I thought I had everythingI had ever dreamed of.

♪♪ And then I saw you again.

And I met Rosie, and now I can'timagine what my life would look like withoutyou guys in it.

♪♪ It's not going to work, Corey.






So, I just wanted toapologize about earlier.

I was confused,and upset, and...


And you deserve better from me.

That's fine.

It's not fine.

And I wanted you to knowthat even though we're competitors, I'd like us to workside by side tonight.

I'm glad to hear that.


So, we have twelve hoursto make two meals for ten people.

Are you with me?

What do you think?

(LAUGHS) Let's get to work!


♪ You were standing in a cotton dress ♪

♪ And I was playing on a smoky stage ♪

♪ I saw you looking at me with that smile ♪

♪ I was thinking, honey, what's your name? ♪

♪ Walked right up, and said pretty please ♪

♪ Can you try and play my favorite song ♪

♪ Didn't know the words, but faked it real good ♪

♪ And I played it all summer long ♪

♪ We got lost in time It just kept flying by ♪

♪ Guess that's the way it always goes ♪

♪ When everything feels right

♪ I won't forget that night under the midnight sky ♪

♪ Yeah, we knew we were moving faster than we should ♪

♪ And it sure felt good Oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ And it sure felt good You're busted!(LAUGHS)


♪ We were laying underneath the stars ♪

♪ You had a glass of wine in your hand ♪ You're going down.

Oh! Oh, we'll see about that.


Yeah. Yeah, we'll see.

♪♪ COREY:Alright, you're out.

Alright, I got that.I got that.

Thank you.


Oh, look at the time.We're going to be late.



She has been gone all night!I've been calling, and calling her,but she's not picking up.

Don't worry, they'll be here.Believe you me.

JAY:Oh, I think I see them!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen!Our finalists have arrived.



(LAUGHS) There!

Thanks, guys! You only tookfive years off my life.


You ready for this?



As ready as I'll ever be.

Alright, well, break a leg,or break a rib, I don't know.Whatever you guys say.

I love you.

Thanks, Jay.


♪♪ Well, now you decidewhose dish is best, Corey Turner's,or Tyler Dawson's!


♪♪ I mixed some ofDad's recipe with my own.

You did?

Thought it mightbring me some luck.

Oh, sweetheart, it will.

Sofia, hey.

Hey, all packed and readyto fly out after this?

We need to talk.

Well, nothing good ever comesafter a line like that.

I've decided to make Red Rockmy home base for a little while.

Like, a while meaning?

Like indefinitely.Obviously I'm still going to run the businesses,and get back to New York when I need to, but this town'swhere I want to hang my hat.

So, no TV show then?

You know, this may beyour last shot?

I know. But I need to followmy gut on this one.

Well, I can't sayI'm not disappointed.

We put a lot of work into this.

I know.

But honestly, after seeing howdifferent you are around here, I um, I think I understand.

And you're right. This placecertainly does grow on you.

And besides, I'm still yourmanager, so a few trips every year back here tocheck up on you won't kill me.

Sounds good.

It was great meeting you, Tyler.

Oh, you have to leave already?

Yeah, I've got a bunchof meetings tomorrow, so I've got to catch the lastflight out of Dallas, but I have no doubt we'll bemeeting again.

Bye, everyone!

Call you later.


Is everything okay?


And we have a winner!

Ladies and gentlemen,it gives me great pleasure to announce the winnerof the 30th Annual Red Rock Barbecue Cook Off...

Tyler Dawson!



Thank you.

♪♪ Shall we give thisanother chance?

I was just thinkingthe same thing.


And he insisted on calling itChef Tyler's famous recipe.


♪♪ COREY:Okay, let's do it, huh? Should we do this!

♪♪ Rosie, come on.

Here, you do it.

♪♪ Got it?





Good job.(CHUCKLES)





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