Secret of the Wings (2012) Script

If you had wings to lift you and the Second Star your guide, you'd find a place where all the seasons flourish side by side.

Yet past the Summer Meadow and beyond the Autumn Wood, lies an icy land of secrets, a world misunderstood.

But if your mind is open and your heart just has to know, your wings can take you farther than you ever thought you'd go.

We'll be there at the first breath of spring When the birds start to sing and the grass starts growing We'll be there in the still summer heat With the meadow's gleaming gold We'll be there on the crisp autumn days With the leaves all ablaze in the cool breeze blowing We'll be there for it all every year As we've been since days of old For what if the world is wider than we ever knew?

And through all the seasons didn't we dream of something more?

What if we brave the great unknown?

What if we're not so all alone?

What if it's you I'm searching for?

Look sharp, everyone!

The snowy owls will soon be arriving to take the snowflake baskets to the Winter Woods.

Lucinda, stop noodling and start tinkering.

Is that the last load?

Thanks, Cheese.

Basket weaving is my favorite thing, Bobble.

Really? I'm partial to macramé.

Morning, Clank. Morning, Bobble.


That should be enough to finish the snowflake baskets.

Aye, that will do her.


Clanky. Oh! Sorry.

I can't believe we make the baskets, but don't get to take them to the Winter Fairies.

I mean, wouldn't you want to go into the Winter Woods?

Oh, we wouldn't last a day in that cold.

Besides, I'm afraid of glaciers.


They're known for their stealth.

He's never actually seen one.

You never do!

The snowy owls!

Places, everyone!

Clank, Bobble, get that basket up.

Right! Got it, Fairy Mary!

Start the pulley!

Ooh! Newcomer.


The final shipment order.

Oh, goodness! They need 20 more baskets for tomorrow's pickup.

There's a whole other world over there.

Well done, everyone! The first shipment is headed for Winter.

But there's much more to do for tomorrow's pickup, so this is no time to rest on your laurels.

Lucinda, get off your laurel and get to work.

Look out!

Runaway bunny!


Got you! Thanks, Tink.

No problem, Fawn.

Come on, little guy. It's still a long way to the Winter Woods.

Oh, you're taking the animals today?

Trying to.

It's time for them to cross the border, but this little guy is a handful.

Hey, uh, how about if I help?

Slow down! Slow down!

Need some help? Nope. Doing fine.

That lost thing really is handy.


Heel, Hoppy, heel! Slow down!


Oh, don't be scared, little fellow.

We'll let the weasels go first.

Come on. Come on. Come on!

So, how far do we take the animals in?

Uh, Tink, we don't cross the border. Huh?

We just help the animals cross.

But I thought Animal Fairies got to cross with the animals.

Tink, it's freezing over there.

Besides, no Warm Fairies are allowed in the Winter Woods.

Just like Winter Fairies aren't allowed over here.

Who made up that rule?

I think it was the Lord of Winter.

Winter has a lord?

All right, guys. You ready?

Wow. Pretty great, huh?

It's incredible.

They get their winter coats to protect them from the cold.

Your turn. Go on.

Go on, now. Follow your brothers.


All right, big guy.

Oh, no.

No hibernating yet.

You do that in Winter!

Come on. Come on!

Wake up. Wake up.


Come on.

Wake up.

Rise and shine.






Tinker Bell! What?

Oh, Tink! I told you, we're not allowed to cross.

Your wings.

I know!

They were sparkling.

They're freezing!

We'd better get you to a Healing Talent Fairy.

But... Come on

May I help you?

How much longer?

I told you, a rainbow collision is not an emergency.

But the purple's starting to itch.

Take a seat.

Oh. Snapdragon, right?


Not an emergency. Plant it over there.

Thank you.

Hurry, girls. What if we're too late?

Oh. Sorry. Do you know... Window.

Uh, uh,uh, uh!

Patient's name?

Tinker Bell.

Oh, yes. The border crosser. She's...

Frozen solid?

Room two. Oh, my.

Thank you. Mmm-hmm.

This way! Come on, girls. Hurry.

She's right over here. Room two.

There she is. Tink!

We got here as quick as we could.

We did have to stop at reception.

Did you really cross?

Well, did you?


Hmm... Whoa.



Okay. You're all warmed up. Let's test your wings.

Oh. Sure.


Mmm. Close.

And try a little flap.

A flutter.

Can you give me a flitter?

Okay. Well, I don't see anything unusual. Your wings appear to be fine.

But what about the sparkling?

It must have been the light reflecting off the snow.

But“ You should have never crossed the border.

Winter is too cold for our Warm Fairy wings.

Now, to be safe, I want you to take two sunflower seeds and come back if there is any problem.

Thank you. Mmm-hmm.

We were worried, Tink.

Oh! You are so lucky nothing happened to your wings.

Can you imagine?

But something did happen. They sparkled!

But you heard her. It was just the light reflecting off the snow.

No, it wasn't. They actually lit up.

It was brighter than a thousand fireflies.

You saw it. Didn't you, Fawn?


You don't believe me?

Who... Um...


Look, you guys, it happened. It felt like...

Like... Like what?

Like the Winter Woods was calling me.

You know?

Not really. Get the doctor.

Animal Fairy Books, 101 Uses for Pixie Dust, Beauty and the Bees...

There's got to be a wing book here somewhere.

Rules for Rainbow Riding. No, not that.

Huh? Hey.

Someone's been eating the books!


Oh. What's this?


Light reading.

Dustology, windology...


Wingology. That's got to have it.


Got you!




Okay, let's see.

Wing care. Wing washing. Wing tips.

"Don't get them wet." Everybody knows that.

Sizes, shapes, flapping, fluttering.

Sparkling! I knew it!


Sorry. Found it!


Oh, no.

Thanks a lot.



"Sparkling wings. When a most incredible...

"...that the sparkle... There were two."


"That the sparkle... There were two."

Two wings? Two feet? Two what?

Psst. Oh!

Yes? Hey.

Do you know anything about sparkling wings?

No. The bookworm ate that page.

Yeah, I know.

But the Keeper does.

The Keeper? Who's the Keeper?

He writes the books. He is the keeper of all fairy knowledge.

That's perfect. Is he here? I have to talk to him.

I would give anything to talk to him. But you can't.

Why not?

Because he's a Winter Fairy.

In order to talk to him, you would have to go to the Winter Woods.

And that's impossible. Your wings will freeze and...

Chapter 16.

Hmm. The Winter Woods.


Can't fly.

Hurry, now, hurry! Let's finish up. Stand by with the pulley.

All right! It's this season's final pickup, so let's make it our best.

Lucinda, let's leave the loafing for the Baking Fairies.

Okay, Clanky. Right!


Snowflake release system working!

Maybe you should be the test snowflake for a while.

Tink? Huh?

We already checked that basket.

Right. Uh...

Why are you dressed all cozy?

I'm going to the Winter Woods.

The Winter Woods?


The Winter Woods?

Places, everyone!

The snowy owls. They're here!

Start the pulley!


Tink! Wait!

You can't cross the border, Miss Bell. Your wings!

Don't worry. They're in my coat.

Does this have to do with the...

The sparkling? Yes.

There's somebody in Winter who can tell me what it means.

Clank! Bobble! Is something wrong with that basket?

What? Oh.


I just have to do this.

No, no. Everything is fine.

We're just sad to see it go. Pretty basket.

Oh! Honestly. Let it go!

That's the new one.

Uh, new one? Mmm-hmm.

Excellent work, everyone. They're off to the cold of winter.

Well, that's that until next year.

Wow. I made it.

Welcome back.

A Winter Fairy.

You ready for the drop-off?

Come on. You did it yesterday. You'll be fine.

All right then. Here we go.


Look out!

Sorry about that.

Oh, no.

Lord Milori.

And what happened here?

A bit of a bumpy landing. It's only his second drop-off.

As long as the basket made it, I'd say he did just fine.

How was the crossing?

Four bunnies, two weasels, and a marmot.

And they all crossed safely.

Yes. I met up with them on the north side.

The snowflakes are looking quite beautiful.

No two alike.

No, no,no.



Now that is odd.


It must have been left in the basket by accident.

Return this to the Keeper.

The Keeper.

He can send it back to the Warm Side with his next delivery.

It must have come from the Warm Side. In one of the baskets.



That's the end of that chapter.

Boy, that's a beauty.

Flora and Fauna of the Fairies.

Put a period there, then we are pretty much done.

Wait. I forgot to number the pages.

Oh! I'm going to have to start all over on this large book.

Keeper. Keeper! Yes, what...

The most amazing thing happened. You'll never believe it.

Okay, I'm coming. I'm coming.

I've never felt anything like it!

My friends didn't believe me, but how could they because it's so...

Slow down. I can only listen so fast.

Yesterday, at the border, my wings.

They actually... They lit up.

It's happening again!


Well, I'll be a yeti's uncle.

In all my years.

Your wings. They're sparkling.

Like yours.

I've written about the sparkling, but I've never seen the sparkling with my own peepers!

Oh, uh, follow me.

Now, step the footsies on the snowflake.

Just put your wings into the light.

The mainland.

Oh, no.




Two fairies born of the same laugh.

So that means...

You're my...

So we're sisters.

Yes! And your wings are identical.

That is why they sparkle.


Ah... Oh, boy. Maybe you shouldn't do that.

Um, I'm Tinker Bell.

I'm Periwinkle.

So you must have been at the border.

Yeah. I was hoping to see the animals cross.

I guess I didn't see you.

Me either.


I usually just wear them at home.

Wow. Hello.

Keeper, are you in?

Yumping yetis, Lord Milori!

If he sees you, he'll send you back.

Keeper? Are you here?

Don't worry. I'm going to take care of this.

Where are you?

Ah. Come back later!


Whoa, boy. Can't get that one back.

I need to speak with you.

It's important.

I'll be right back.

I'm right here, Lord Milori.

Did you receive that wing book?

You know, once upon a time, you'd stop by just to say hello and howdy-do.

I'm sorry. Hello.



This book has me worried. What if a Warm Fairy brought it here?

Well, that might be nice, then, meeting a Warm Fairy.

Especially one with such good taste in books.

It's too cold.

Maybe if they were wearing a coat, or one of them little sweater vests.

They're nice. I'll remind you.

Crossing the border is forbidden.

There was a time when it wasn't.

The rule is there to keep the fairies safe. That will never change.

But I...

If a Warm Fairy comes here, you will send them back.

Of course.

Thank you.

Well, you heard the Lord Milori.

He said you must go back home.

Of course, he didn't say when.

Now, listen, you two, it gets colder after the dark, so it's best to get Tinker Bell home before the first moonlight.

Thank you, Dewey.


That's his real name.

It's what my friends call me.

Thank you.



So, um, I'm a Frost Fairy. I frost things.

Oh. I'm a Tinker. I... Tinker things?

Yep. I even made this coat.

Oh, I like it. Thanks.

You're welcome.


It's amazing. The dust travels all the way from the Pixie Dust Tree.

Kind of like you did.

...Terence and I barely escaped the pirate ship!

Is he your boyfriend? Uh...

So Lizzy loves fairies?

Yeah. She even built a fairy house.

That's how I met her. You see, me and Vidia...

You collect lost things, too?

I call them found things.

I never knew I lost you till I found you

And you'd never guess how close you are to me Now I want to throw my arms around you Tell a thousand tales that will astound you Everything about you tells me this was meant to be Don't you see? I'm on your side Let's take this ride And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide Anymore This is the Frost Forest.


That's Gliss.

Come on, Spike. Practice.

Okay, okay. Practicing.

And that's Spike. She's a bit...


Hi. Sisters?

Well, I think it's fantastic!

Wow, you two look exactly alike!

I mean, except for your clothes and your hair and Peri's a bit more pale.

But your noses are very similar.

Forget their noses. She's a Warm Fairy. In Winter!

You're right. We got to show her around!

Oh, Oh, Oh!

Let's take her ice sliding! Come on, Spike!

You are going to love this!

It sounds fun.

Yeah. Great idea. Push the Warm Fairy down a hill of ice.

Okay, well, wait for me, you guys.

And if you'll be there beside me when I falter Then whatever comes I know we'll take it all in stride Ready, set, slide!

I'm on your side Let's take this ride And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide Anymore

Um... I know. Favorite star?

Second star to the right. To the right.

Okay. Favorite drink?

Hot chamomile tea.

Iced chamomile tea!

Om Okay, my turn. How about favorite bug?

Bug? It's too cold for bugs over here, but in one of Dewey's books, I read about butterflies.

Oh, in Butterfly Cove, there's hundreds of them.

It's in Summer. It's right over...

Um... Hmm.

I guess you can't see it from here.

No. You can't.

What's it like over there?


And the colors? The sounds?

All the animals. And the fish.

They swim in melted ice, right?


I wish...

I wish I could go there.

Peri?? Yeah?

I made it warmer over here. Maybe I could make it colder over there.

Are you...

Are you saying I could cross?

Yeah! Oh, Tink.

You could show me your world.

I could meet your friends.

Do you think I could see a butterfly?

There's a pretty good chance.


Uh, Tink?

I can't fly! Tink!

Hold on. Hold on!

I'm slipping!

That's it, Fiona. That's it.

Are you girls all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Are you sure? Nothing broken? Nothing bruised?

No. We're okay.

This time.

Lord Milori was right.

Crossing the border is just too dangerous.

What are you saying?

I'm sorry, girls, but I'm afraid this isn't going to work out like you hoped.

We have to take Tinker Bell home.

Let's go, Fiona.


It's for your own good.

I can't watch, Fiona.

I promised myself I wasn't going to do this.

Okay. Here's the plan. Meet me here tomorrow.

Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were really saying goodbye.

No! I just met my sister I never knew I had and I'm going to say goodbye forever? Are you kidding?


Clank? Bobble?



Tink! You're back!

Yes. Sorry!

We thought you were a troll.

A troll?

I knew we shouldn't have used the troll stopper.

What if it was a troll?

You'd be saying something different, wouldn't you?

Guys. It doesn't matter.

Oh, right.

I need your help. Is it about a glacier?

No. But it's kind of a secret.

I don't want everybody to know.

I'm pretty sure these buttons will work, but we're going to need more of them.

Aye, unless we use a couple of acorn caps.

Right! Good idea.

Whoo! Now where is that Clanky?

Oh, yes, I'm right here.


I didn't tell everybody.

Just Fawn, Ro, Sil, Dess, and Vidia.

So, there's another you.

Vidia! Yeah.

I've got a sister.

I told you!

Bust my bonnet.

Amazing! It's fantastic!

I can't believe this is happening.

But how?

They were born of the same laugh!

Tell them, Tink, what you told me and Bobble.

Her name's Periwinkle.

She's a Frost Fairy, and she's just amazing.

I'm making this machine so she can come here and meet you all, and after that we'll go straight to Queen Clarion!


Um, have you thought this through?

"Hi, Queen Clarion. Meet the Winter Fairy I smuggled over the border."


When Queen Clarion hears how we found each other, and that we're sisters, she will change Lord Milori's rule.

Oh, of course she will.

She'd never want you to be apart.

It's like you found the perfect lost thing.

And I'm never going to lose her.

Well, then, let's get to work!

Just tell us what to do.


Okay. We need to place that wheel right here.

Got you, Tink.

And let's get that propped up over there.

I feel so tinkery.

Clank, Bobble... Wait, wait.

Finish up the chassis?


Come on, Clanky! Bobble!

Perhaps you and I are brothers! It's possible.

We look almost exactly alike.

Anyone see you?


I can't believe we're doing this!

So, did you bring it?


Watch the branch.

Careful. More to the right.

For the record, we shouldn't be doing this, whatever it is we're doing.

As ordered. One big block of ice.

Courtesy of our resident glacier fairy.


So, what do you think?

It's perfect!

Uh, are you sure she's not luring you into a trap?

Oh! It's one of those...

Things we shouldn't be doing?

It's a snowmaker!

It makes snow!

Yep, this is your ticket to the warm side of Pixie Hollow.

Wait a second.

This is crazy! You don't even know if this thing works!

Oh, it works, all right.

Aye, we made it ourselves.

Of course you did. Just walk away.

How does it work?



Move this around here.

You might want to step aside for this part.

Ha! They're serious.



You did it! You actually did it!

Ooh! It's cold.



Go, go on.

Live it, man.


Welcome, Miss Winkle.

Thank you.

All righty! Your tour begins with the Autumn Forest.

Next it's a quick stop in Springtime Square.

And finally, the Pixie Dust Tree, which, as you know, makes all fairy life possible.

Aye, that's where you'll be meeting her majestiness, the queen.

The queen?

They're going to see the queen!

She's very wise.

And if we tell her we're sisters, she'll change Lord Milori's rule.

That is so exciting!

Say hi for me, or curtsy, or whatever it is you do.

Sure. And bring me back an acorn. A big one!

After you. Thank you.


I can't believe I'm going to get an acorn!

Finally! That is so exciting!


Just when we thought life couldn't get much better

A wish we never knew we made came true Worlds that were apart have come together There she is! She's so wintery.

We'll be friends no matter what the weather This is so exciting!

Wait for the signal.

Wait until you see the wondrous things that we can do here with you That's it. Operation Periwinkle in effect.

We're on your side Let's take this ride

And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide Butterflies!


Oh! Your friends did all this?

They wanted to surprise you.

Everyone, this is Periwinkle, my sister.

This is so exciting.

Oh, wow! Can you believe it?

Hello. It is nice to meet you.

I am Rosetta. This is...

She's a Winter Fairy. She's not from the moon.

Oh, right. I know, I know. I'm just so excited!

It's great to meet all of you.

This is so remarkable! You two are sisters!

Yeah. A little fairy-to-fairy advice.

Tink can be tricky to get along with at times.

Yeah. Look who's talking.

We can't believe you're over here!

So... Are you cold enough?

Yeah. It's perfect.

Om Aw!

Oh, I nearly forgot.

This is for you. It's called a periwinkle. Also.

Thank you.

I'll keep it forever.

Look at that!

It's frost.

She and her friends practice in the Frost Forest. You should see it!

Oh, you should see Tink on ice skates.

She's a natural.

It's only because you had that lost thing.

Uh, she collects lost things, too? Yeah!

You guys are so alike.

I know.

Even our wings are identical. That's why they sparkled.

Let's show them. I don't feel so...

Oh! Periwinkle!

Is she all right?

I think she's getting a little too hot.

My wings, I can't feel them.

I think they're too warm.

Oh, the snowmaker!

It's running out of ice!

We have to get her back to the border!

Tink, what about the queen?

There's no time.

Clank, grab some ice. We'll wrap her wings.

Be careful. Gentle. Easy.

Okay. Let's go. Hurry!

All together. All together.

All together.


We can do this!


Go, go, go!

Hold on. We're almost there.

Hurry! It's nearly out of ice!

Not much further.

Don't worry. We're almost there.

We're going to make it. We're going to make it!

Let me help you.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Please, can you help her?


Gently. Lift your wings. Let the cold surround them.

You're okay. Your wings are okay.

Yeah. Yeah.

This is why we do not cross the border.

No, it could've worked! We just needed a bigger piece of ice!

And when that was gone? Your wings could have broken.

But they didn't. I'm fine. Thanks to them.

The rule is there to protect you. I'm sorry.

You two may never see each other again.

Oh, please don't do this. We belong together.

We're sisters.

We were born of the same laugh.

All the more reason you should want to keep each other safe.

Return home.

Come on, Tink. Let's go home.


Lord Milori, your rule will not keep us apart.

Tinker Bell.

This is not Lord Milori's rule. It's mine.

Queen Clarion?

I'm sorry.

You should get deeper into the cold.

Back to the north side of the mountain.

Speaking of sparkling, we can conclude that it spreads in a spiral and circles the center.





Queen Clarion. Why?

Tinker Bell.

Long ago, when Pixie Hollow was very young, two fairies met and fell in love.

One of them was a Winter Fairy...

...and the other was from the warm seasons.

The two fairies were enchanted with each other.

And every sunset, they met at the border...

...where Spring touches Winter.

But as their love grew stronger, they wished to be together...

...and share each other's worlds.

So they disregarded the danger and crossed.

One of them broke a wing.

For which there is no cure.

From that day forward, Queen Clarion decreed that fairies must never again cross the border.

And I agreed that our two worlds should forever remain apart.

And the two fairies?

What happened to them?

They had to say goodbye.

We saw the snow.

Queen Clarion, something's wrong!

The temperature, it seems to be plummeting!

The hibiscus are halfway to hibernation!

Now, now, ministers, let's not panic.

Absolutely right.




Heave! Ho!

Put your muscle into it, Clanky!

I'm trying, Bobble!

What happened? How did this get here?

We don't know, Miss Bell, but it's stuck real good!

Aye, and it's making that thing bigger by the minute!

Guys, down here!

Come on! Got it!

Okay, push!

All together. All together!


We did it!

We did it!

It's over.

Uh, I don't think it is.

Oh, my goodness.

The seasons have been thrown out of balance.

But if the temperatures continue to drop, it will freeze all of Pixie Hollow.

Oh, no. Queen Clarion, the Pixie Dust Tree.

We must hope the tree survives the freeze.

Otherwise there will be no more pixie dust.

Life in Pixie Hollow will change forever.

And no fairy will ever fly again.

Hurry. We must do everything we can.

Grab as many as you can and head for the Pixie Dust Tree!

Hurry, guys! This way! Hop to it! That's it!

Snug as a bug.

Oh, no!

Come on, that's it.

Just a little faster.

That's it, fairies.

Lay the blankets along the branches, as many as you can!

We must protect the Pixie Dust Tree!

Miss Bell! Tink! Do you need any help?

No! This is my last run!

I'll meet you in the tree!

Everybody okay?

Great. There you go. Nice and toasty.

You guys just stay here and keep warm.

Everything's going to be fine.

L'£'$ Still alive.


Dewey, you've got to see this.

There must be something wrong with the Pixie Dust Tree.

Now don't worry...



I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.


Oh, dear.

Okay, you might want to worry just a little bit.



Tinker Bell! Are you okay?

Why would you fly here?

I had to.

Your jacket. Put on your jacket.

Pixie Hollow's in trouble.

There's a freeze moving in, and the Pixie Dust Tree is in danger.

Oh, that explains it.

The pixie dust here, it already stopped flowing.

I think there's something you can do.

Your frost, it kept the flower alive.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Frost does that. It's like a little blanket.

It tucks the warm air inside and keeps out the cold.

We could frost the Pixie Dust Tree before the freeze hits it.

Uh, one question. What about our wings?

If it's a freeze, it will be cold enough to cross.

Then what are we waiting for?

We're almost to the border!

The Autumn Woods.

The freeze. It's moving so fast.

Come on! We have to get to the tree!

That's it, Clanky.

Queen Clarion, it's not working.

The wind, it's too strong!

Tinker Bell.

Queen Clarion! They can help.

Our frost, it covers like a blanket. It can protect the tree.

Do it.

Oh, no.

It's getting colder.

Let's hand out the blankets. They'll keep us warm!

Hurry, Peri. Hurry!

That's it. There you go! Make sure to cover your wings!

The tree! It's too big. We're never going to make it.

I'm sorry.

Whoopsie! Ha!

Lord Milori.

We've come to help.

Now, you didn't think I was going to let you do this all by yourself, now did you?

The tree should be our top priority.

But any fairy we can spare should try to frost the other seasons.

Start at the freeze line and spread out to Spring and Summer.

The rest of you, cover the tree!

Oh, my goodness.

Look, Bobble! The snowy owls!


Thank you.

Stay warm.



We've done all we can. Join the others.

The freeze is upon us. You must take cover.

Follow me.

Oh, I hope it works.


Will everything be all right?

I don't know. I've never seen anything like this.

Thank you, Milori.

Please, take cover.

Winter Fairies, stand guard.

What a beautiful sight.

It worked! It worked, Tinker Bell.

Oh, thank goodness!

We did it.



Come on, everyone!

Tink! Come on!


What's wrong?


When you flew to Winter, that's why you fell.

Oh, no.

Oh, Tinker Bell.


Why didn't you tell me?

We had to save the tree.

Besides, there's no cure for a broken wing.

I'm so sorry.

This happened because we tried to keep you apart.

But never again.

You belong together.

It's getting warmer.

You should get back to Winter.


I'll be okay. I'll meet you tomorrow at the border.




Uh... Eh...

That's a new chapter.

Okay, that was amazing.

Miss Bell, you are fantastic!

Oh! Queen Clarion!

I didn't know they were going to do the smoochy, smoochity.

Guess they're telling people now.


Uh, maybe you should go first.


Ugh! All right.

Ooh! Would you look at that.



That feels good.

Look out! Runaway bunny!

Sorry. It's okay.

Hey, little buddy.

From Dewey?

It's what my friends call me.


I love your work. I have so many questions for you.

Okay, you can let go of my hand now.


Hello there.

I'm Sled. Oh, my. That's perfect! Oh!

I'm Rosetta.

Rosetta. That's beautiful.

Oh, my.

Oh, Miss Gliss!

An acorn!

Biggest one we could find.

I love it!

She likes acorns.

Must be a Winter thing.

Not really.


You ready?




I never knew I lost you till I found you

And you'd never guess how close you are to me Now I want to throw my arms around you Tell a thousand tales that will astound you Everything about you tells me this was meant to be Don't you see? I'm on your side Let's take this ride And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide Anymore So, is it true that glaciers are stealthy?

You're sitting on one now, man.

Sneaky glacier.

I can't recall what life was like without you Now it feels as though we've never been apart Tell me every tiny thing about you Anything you'll say I'll never doubt you We're meant to be together I can feel it in my heart It's just the start I'm on your side Let's take this ride And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide And if you'll be there beside me when I falter Then whatever comes I know we'll take it all in stride

I'm on your side

The great divide It doesn't seem so wide I'm on your side Let's take this ride And together we're facing the world Doing things nobody's done before And the great divide Doesn't seem so wide Anymore