Secret Rites (1971) Script

MALE VOICE: A remote château.. . (THUNDER CRACKS)

It is near midnight.

A time and place where few would dare venture.


It is the Devil's Night.


In the château's depths, a frenzied orgy. .. blasphemous rituals.. .

It is the Devil's work.



An innocent victim dragged screaming towards unmentionable obscenities.. .


Naked, she is brought to their obscene orgy.

Helpless now, but still she struggles.

A knife at her throat all hope seemingly gone.


But not all is lost.

John Goodfellow, the erstwhile victim's one true love makes a desperate bid to save her.


The witches recoil from the sign of the cross.


A battle of wills between John Goodfellow and the witch priest is soon over with Satan, the loser.



Blinded by the flashing sign of all that is good and pure the witches cower.

Powerless now to prevent John Goodfellow spoiling their lewd and wicked intent.

NARRATOR: This is the popular conception of what witches do and how they practice their craft.

How true is it of modern-day witches?

Are they, as is popularly supposed, Antichrist Locked in perpetual conflict with the established church?

We asked Europe's leading witchcraft authority what he thought of the widespread image.

That is a lot of rubbish.

NARRATOR: Alexander Sanders Europe's king of the witches.

When people meet me in the street they're so terrified of me after seeing a scene like that.

They think I'm going to put a curse on them but they never stop to think why l believe in what I do and why l do it.

NARRATOR: Witchcraft is a subject that has fascinated man throughout the centuries.

But distanced by fear, distorted by witch-hunting propagandists few of the beliefs, practices, and powers that witches claim, are widely known.

Yet, witchcraft has a long and respected bibliography and Alex Sanders possesses probably the most comprehensive private library on witchcraft, in Britain.

Indian Myth and Legend, Celtic Myth and Legend.. . so many books.

There are even older books. .. these, only the connoisseurs, have these particular things.

This one is Barrett's Magus, which was published in 1801 .

A lot of witches base their rituals outside the Book of Shadows on this.

There are even older, older books.

There are so many books.

For any layman wishing to study the subject in any depth has got years and years of study ahead of him.

NARRATOR: Witches claim theirs is the oldest religion.

Primitive man with little regard for the abstract worshiped what he knew.

And what he knew was that he depended for existence on the animals he could hunt.

Those animals - deer, wild cattle - were horned.

So for primitive man, the source of life and his very existence were the horned ones.

It was but a short step to the creation of a horned deity.

Can there, today, in the age of the electron be any strong, abiding interest in witchcraft?

ALEX: This is my mail for a month.

They come from all over the world.

And some of them asking for help.

The majority of them are people asking for initiation.

In England, we usually assign some of our witches to answer the letters for us if we can't do it.

And then, take the person if they think they're sincere and talk to them about initiation and bringing them into the Wicca.

NARRATOR: We followed up one of these inquiries and found a young lady far from the image of a cranky spinster one might associate with witches and broomsticks.

Yes, okay.

NARRATOR: Penny had written to Alex Sanders expressing her interest in witchcraft.

The reply she got came from an already-initiated witch in her own age group.


Penny's leaving her work earlier than usual today because she has a most important date.

PENNY (VO): I'd always had this interest in the occult, ever since I can remember.

But I didn't know how to go about contacting anyone.

Until I read a book about Alex Sanders and wrote to him. l had a reply from a girl called Wendy who was a witch. l 'd met her a couple of times before she agreed to introduce me to Alex Sanders.

I've thought about what I'm doing quite a lot and talked it over with my parents and friends and people.

Almost all of them think I'm crazy.

But they're all interested to know how it turns out. l 'm sincere in wanting to do it.

I've read enough now to know approximately what it's all about but l must admit, l feel very nervous.

It's like taking my exams all over again.

It's a lot worse than going on a blind date.

As arranged, l met Wendy at the station and she took me off to where l was going to meet Alex Sanders.

I only hoped he remembered me.

Yes l do. I remember the handwriting quite well.

The majority of people write saying that they want to be witches and they want other things as well.

What do you want?

Well, I've always known there was something and l was never quite sure until l read your book.

And now I am sure that this is what I want to do.

Well, in the book it shows us dancing around fires, naked.

These are some of our religious ceremonies but you get lots of people who think that there are other things involved.

In actual fact, there's quite a lot more to it than that.

And there's a lot of hard work, lectures, reading, writing the Book of Shadows out which is our book of religious ceremonies.

Yes. And the study and the understanding of your own inner nature.

Do you feel capable?

Yes I do, l really do.

Well if we do decide to take you in, it's going to be very hard work and a lot of personal responsibility.

If you're not going to be capable of doing it, I should get up and walk away right now.

You've got to think twice about it.

Yes, I do want to join, I'm quite serious about it.

PENNY (VO): l had to keep reminding myself that this quietly spoken unassuming man really was the most powerful witch in Europe.

Then quite suddenly, this first meeting was over.

And he still hadn't said whether l was to be admitted as an initiate or not.

My meetings with Wendy continued.

What's the end product of it all? Why do you do it?

Erm, the end product is to, erm.. . really to reach your spiritual self.

PENNY (VO): Although she answered all my questions, I couldn't escape this feeling of being on test.

.. .the universe and things like this, and philosophical things.

What's going to happen to me in my initiation if l get initiated?

Well, Alex will tell you when you're to be initiated and on that morning or just beforehand, we'll take you out to buy you a black-handled knife which is your athame.

PENNY (VO): Then the day l had been waiting for finally came.

Wendy and I went out shopping for the working tools of a witch.

Two knives, one black-handled, the other white.

Plus blue, red, and white cords.

Alex had finally given permission for me to be initiated.

NARRATOR: Here, in the temple of witches, alone within the Sacred Circle, Alex Sanders begins the process of receiving new candidates for initiation.

Lamac. .. lamec. .. cahi. .. achababe.


Lamac. .. lamec. .. cahi. .. achababe.


NARRATOR: The horned god, Man's first image of the deity.

Great God Cernunnos.

Return to Earth again.

Come at my call and show thy self to men.

Shepherd of goats upon the wild hills way lead they lost flock from darkness unto day.

NARRATOR: Every witch ritual begins with the casting of the Circle.

Here, our Circle.

Be our meeting place of love and joy and truth.

A shield against all wickedness and evil.

A rampart of protection for all those who will stand herein.

Wherefore l do bless thee and consecrate thee by the scared and secret names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

NARRATOR: The Circle is cast and has created a meeting place between Man and the gods.

The coven are now summoned into the temple.


Preceded by the robed and armed guardians of the watchtowers the candidates enter the temple for the first time.

On this occasion, there are two: Penny, and a man called Brian.

PENNY (VO): When I first saw the temple, l got quite frightened.

Every terrible thing l 'd ever heard about witches suddenly seemed only too possible.

All the confidence l 'd built up in my meetings with Wendy evaporated into panic.

We were brought to the edge of the Circle.. . and stood watching as the other members of the coven came in and took their places. l knew all their faces.

I'd spoken to most of them outside.

But in here, they seemed very, very different.


The Witch Priest now summons the High Priestess to join him in the Sacred Circle.

The High Priestess is the true governing authority of the rituals, personification of the matriarchal nature of the Wicca.

PENNY(VO): As the guardians closed the doors, I felt they were shutting out the 20th century.

NARRATOR: The Witch Priest now blesses the High Priestess with the Five-Fold Kiss, ritual act of subservience to her authority.

The lesser priestesses are now conducted into the Circle, each being greeted with a kiss.

Katha.. . malcoth.. . vigavier, vigajula.. . layolan.

NARRATOR: The Priest now takes the "Sacred Book of Ritual" from the altar and returns to the apprehensive candidates to read the Charge.

"Listen to the words of the Great mother.. ."

".. .who was of old, also called among men. .. "

". ..Artemis, Astarte, Dione. .. "

". ..Melusine, Aphrodite, Diana.. ."

". ..Cerridwen, Isis, and by many other names."

"At Her Altars, the youth of Lacedaemon in Sparta. .. "

".. .made due sacrifice. "

"Whenever ye have need of anything.. ."

".. .once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full.. ."

".. .then shall ye assemble in some secret place.. ."

".. .and adore the spirit of Her, who is Queen of all Witcheries".

"And as a sign that ye be really free. .. "

". shall be naked in your rites".


"And ye shall dance, sing, feast. .. "

". ..make music and love, all in Her praise".

NARRATOR: Nakedness is considered by the witches to be an essential symbol of freedom and equality.

The candidates, not yet having accepted The Witches' Creed, are blindfolded and lightly bound as a symbol of trust in those they wish to join.

O thou who standest on the threshold between the pleasant world of men and the table domains of the Dread Lords of the Outer Spaces, hast thou the courage to make the Assay?

For l say verily, it were better to rush on these blades and perish than to make the attempt with fear in thy hearts.

I have two perfect words.. . perfect love, and perfect trust. l have two perfect words: perfect love and perfect trust.

All who have are doubly welcome.

We give you a third, to pass you through this dread door.

NARRATOR: For the very first time, the candidates are admitted into the Sacred Circle.

Now they're being brought before the guardians of the watchtowers who are called upon to witness their initiation.

Ye lords of the Watchtowers of the East l do summon stir and call thee up to witness my rites and to guard the Circle. l do bring before you the initiates.

Boreas, thou guardian of the Northern Portal, l do summon stir and call thee up to witness my rites and to guard the Circle.

I bring before you the initiates.

BOREAS: l am the Black Bull of the North, The Horned One.

Dark ruler of mountains and all that lies beneath them.

Prince of the powers of Earth. l am present and guard the Circle from all perils coming from the North.

NARRATOR: The presentations complete, the coven now begins a ritual circling dance, perhaps the most widely known part of the Witches' Ritual.

As they dance, they chant the Witches' Rune.

ALL: Eko, eko, Azarak, eko, eko, Zomelak, Eko, eko, Cernunnos. Eko, eko Aradia, Darksome night and shining moon, East, then South, then West, then North, Hearken to the Witches' Rune, Hear we come to call ye forth, Cords and censer, scourge and knife, Powers of the witch's blade, Waken all ye into life, Come ye as the charm is made, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Hornèd hunter of the night, Lend your power unto the spell, And work our will by magic rite, By all the power of land and sea, By all the might of moon and sun, As we do will, so mote it be, Chant the spell, and be it done.

Eko, eko, Azarak, eko, eko, Zomelak, Eko, eko, Cernunnos. Eko, eko Aradia, Eko, eko, Azarak, eko, eko, Zomelak, Eko, eko, Cernunnos. Eko, eko Aradia.

In other religions.. . the Postulant kneels while the Priest towers above him.

But in the Art Magical we are taught to be humble, and so we kneel to welcome them, and we say "Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways".

"Blessed be thy knees that shall kneel at the Sacred Altar".

"Blessed be thine organs of generation without which we would not be".

"Blessed be thy breast, formed in beauty and in strength".

"Blessed be thy lips that shall utter the Sacred Names".

Before thou art sworn in, art thou willing to pass the Ordeal and be purified? l am. l am.

Feet neither bound nor free.

Now we are taking a measure, and this is taken from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.

In the old days, at the same time that the measure was taken, hair clippings, and nail clippings would have been taken from your body.

And if you had tried to break away from the coven, these would have been used as hostages and you would have been dragged back to that coven, and you would never have escaped.

But because you came here with two perfect passwords of perfect love and perfect trust, we give you the measure back.

NARRATOR: The candidates now prepare to undergo a purely symbolic act of scourging.



PRIEST: We now consecrate thee with oil.

We consecrate thee with wine.

BOTH: l consecrate thee with my lips. GIRL: Priest and witch.

NARRATOR: Following the consecrations, the blindfolds and bindings are removed.

They are now members of this coven of witches and are able to participate in the remainder of the rituals.

After the presentation of the secret working tools of a witch, they are further confirmed by the officiating Priest.

PRIEST: I now salute thee in the name of Cernunnos and Aradia, newly made Priest and Witch.

As thee, atheme, is to the male, so the cup is to the female and when conjoined, they become one in truth.

NARRATOR: With the ritual exchange of wine and food, the ceremony of receiving the initiates is complete.

The newly made witches may now begin to learn the secrets of the craft.

Their first step is to witness the acting out of the mythological basis for the initiation ceremony they've just undergone.

A re-enactment for their benefit of the Legend of the Goddess.

PRIEST: Having learnt thus far, you must know why the Wicca are called "the hidden children of the Goddess".

STORYTELLER: "In ancient times, our Lord, The Horned One.. ."

".. .was, as he still is, the consoler, the comforter".

"But men knew him as the Dread Lord of Shadows. .. "

". ..lonely, stern and just".

"But our Lady, the Goddess. .. "

".. .would solve all mysteries".

"Even the mystery of death".

"And so she journeyed to the Underworld".


"The guardians of the portals challenged her.. ."

".. .saying 'Strip off thy garments' . "

" 'Lay aside thy jewels' ".

" 'For nought may ye bring with ye into this, our Land' ".

"So she lay down her garments and her jewels".

"And she was bound, as all living must be.. ."

". ..who seek to enter the realms of death".

"The Mighty One".

"Such was her beauty.. ."

".. .that Death himself knelt and laid his sword and crown at her feet.. ."

".. .and kissed her feet. .. "

".. .saying 'Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways' ".

" 'Abide with me' ".

" 'But let me place my cold hand on thy heart' ".

"And she replied.. ."

" ' I love thee not' ".

" 'Why dost thou cause all things that l love and take delight in. .. "

".. .to fade and die?' "

" ' Lady, ' " replied Death.. ."

" 'Tis age and fate against which I am helpless. ' "

" 'Age causes all things to wither. .. "

". ..but when men die at the end of time.. ."

".. .l give them rest and peace and strength. .. "

". that they may return".

"But you, you are lovely".

"Return not, abide with me' ".

"But she answered, ' I love thee not' ".

" 'Then, ' said Death. .. "

" 'And you receive not my hand on your heart.. ."

". must kneel to Death's scourge' ".


" 'It is fate, better so, ' she said. .. "

".. .and she knelt".

"And Death scourged her tenderly".

"And she cried, ' I know the pangs of love! ' "

"And Death raised her and said. .. "

" 'Blessed be, ' and he gave her the Five-Fold Kiss.. ."

".. .saying 'Thus only may you attain to joy and knowledge' ".

"And she told him her mystery of the sacred cup.. ."

". ..which is the cauldron of rebirth".

"And he taught her all the mysteries. .. "

". ..and gave her the necklace which is the Circle of Rebirth".

"They loved and were one".

"For there be three great mysteries in the life of Man.. ."

". ..magic controls them all".

"For to fulfill love, you must return again at the same time.. ."

".. .and at the same place as the loved one.. ."

". ..and you must meet and know and remember. .. "

". ..and love them again".

"But to be reborn, you must die.. ."

". ..and be made ready for a new body".

"And to die, you must be born".

"And without love, you may not be born".

"And our Goddess, ever inclineth to love.. ."

".. .and mirth and happiness. .. "

".. .and guardeth and cherisheth her hidden children in life".

"And in death, she teacheth the way to have communion".

"And even in this world. .. "

".. .she teacheth them the mystery of the Magic Circle.. ."

".. .which is placed between the worlds".

ALEXANDER: .. .but not that one, it's 2001 .

WENDY: Hello, Alex. ALEX: Hello, Wendy.

ALL: Hello, Wendy. WENDY: Hello. Thank you.

You've got to squeeze in, it's pretty crowded tonight.

Now, uh, I think for this evening, because. ..

NARRATOR: The gathering of the Wicca for ritual is no more than one fifth of the work of an Alexandrian coven.

Far more typical of their work, is the discussion group, and informal study group presided over by Alex Sanders.

I think we'll talk about the First Degree Initiation.

What happened when I was initiated? l had the blindfold on and I could hear all sorts of things going on around me but l couldn't see. What exactly did happen? l 'd like to know. Ah. This is one of the secrets of the First Degree Initiation.

When we have another one, and a new person is brought in, then you will see what happens.

And you won't be told anything about it until such times as a new initiate is brought into the circle.

So you'll have to be very patient. I shall have to wait.

Yes, worth waiting for.

Alex, can you explain away the Christian myth that the Wicca worships the Devil?

It isn't a Christian myth, it's a Christian reality. ..

When the witches were perhaps. ..

NARRATOR: The Alexandrian coven is an intensive training coven.

And newly admitted witches will be expected to attend such study groups twice a week for up to three years.

This, apart from hours of private study.

ALEX: . ..but they're Gods, so the old always become the devils of the new.

NARRATOR: By imposing this onerous workload, the initiate who has joined in the hope of nothing more than sexual kicks is soon eliminated.

ALEX: . actually our Horned God who is the God of fertility and the God of life, and of death, he's God of the Underworld which is not the Hell of the Christians, but is an underworld place where Heaven, Hades, is.

It's a place of resting.

People like Dennis Wheatley write about Satanism and he gives an entirely wrong concept of what witches are and what they do. He always puts them in ruined chapels.

And he always puts his Priestesses wearing red garters or black garters, I'm not sure which.

Satanism, you know, also includes child sacrifice and usually the seduction of virgins on altars and all kinds of obscene things.

We've been credited with kissing the Devil's arse.

The obscene kiss, which it had a basis in reality because the God was two-faced.

And he was so high and so mighty that you could only kiss his hind parts.

It's the only part of God, in the Bible, that was ever seen when Moses had to hide his face.

He saw the hind parts of God disappearing.

Alex, when you heal someone, do you do it at a distance or do you have to be in the same room?

Oh, you can heal in any part of the world.

Uh, I get letters from all over the world asking for healing.

And weeks later, l get thank-you letters.

The person has started to recover from the contact that they've had with me just by letter.

There is also a direct healing where you can literally put your hands on a person and you let your witch power out that you don't release in the Circle.

You start to draw it, draw it, take it into your own body and then throw it out.

In this day and age, is it still necessary for witches to keep secret their practices?

To keep secret their practices? Yeah.

I've been accused of giving all secrets away with the amount of publicity I've had.

In the old days, the Wicca was public.

It was a religion composed of more than a priesthood.

It had a congregation, and l, fallibly, from my experience, and the community, at large, is interested in occultism, why not let them join in with our outer ceremonies?

We don't give any of the secrets away.

It tells you in the Charge when you're being initiated.

"Is that which thou seekest, thou findest not within thee".

"Thou wilt never find it without thee.. ."

".. .for behold: l have been with thee from the beginning".

"And I am that which is attained at the end of desire".

So you can't give anything away. It's all inside.


NARRATOR: Not all witchcraft rituals are solemn occasions convened to call down the powers of the ancient gods.

The witches have their own marriage ceremony, known as "Handfasting".

Handfasting is the oldest known form of marriage, binding the celebrants for a year and a day, when, if they wish, they can renew their vows.

Having no legal force outside the Wicca, it's as meaningful as the celebrants wish to make it.

To the Wicca, it's a romantic and happy occasion, as any other marriage ceremony.

The ceremonial begins, as do all Wicca rituals, with the casting of the Circle.

On this occasion, the Circle is strewn with flowers.

The High Priestess is summoned into the Circle, carrying a garland of flowers intended for the bride.

The coven, also bearing flowers, now move to flank the arrival of the bridal couple.

The coven now join the outer edge of the Circle and add their own flowers to those already garlanding the Sacred Circle.

The couple receive two crowns: golden and silver, decorated with the mystic symbols of the Wicca craft.

Unlike more orthodox weddings, but like all other Wicca rituals, the ceremony is conducted with both bride and groom naked.

And another reminder of the earlier ceremonies: the coloured cords.

This time, symbolically binding the couple together from their throats down to their wrists.

The Handfasting.

The decree of the Goddess.. . for the Handfasting ceremony, is that the marriage shall last for a year and a day.

If, at the end of that time, you find that you are not compatible, then you must come back to the Magic Circle.

You will stand in the North.

You with stand in the South.

And you will walk away.

But you must remain friends, brothers, and sisters of the Wicca.

The children of the Goddess.

You hidden children of the Goddess, swear to each other this sacred oath:

"Of life.. ." GROOM: Of life. ..

"By form.. ." GROOM: By form. ..

"By my heart. .. " GROOM: By my heart.. .

"By my troth and my plight.. ."

BRIDE AND GROOM: By my troth and my plight.. .

"l take thee. .. " BOTH: l take thee. ..

GROOM: Pamela. BRIDE: Patrick.

"To my hand. .. " BOTH: To my hand. ..

"At the setting of the sun.. ." BOTH: At the setting of the sun. ..

"The rising of the stars.. ." BOTH: The rising of the stars. ..

NARRATOR: The actual handfastings are removed.

Since now, the couple are more firmly bound by their vows.

The bride's crown is now replaced with the garland of flowers brought to the ceremony by the High Priestess.

One last ritual gesture, as they leap together over the cauldron out of the Sacred Circle, to join the coven in a free expression dance.


As they dance, the High Priest calls upon the propitious spirits to witness the pleasure of the couple and their friends in the union and to bring good luck.

The Priest next draws the bridal couple back into the centre of the Circle.

This is the moment for the coven to take their leave of the ceremony.

As the coven complete their departure, the Priest returns to the altar.

The candles are placed at the gateway to the Sacred Circle to mark the way out of the Circle for the happy couple.

Now the Priest himself departs leaving the couple alone to consummate their union with the blessing of the Priest.

Everything so far has been totally authentic and shows what witches do within the first three degrees of the Wicca ritual.

What follows, ranges far beyond these first three degrees.

In the Handfasting ceremony, we saw the acknowledgment of the Wicca to the physical union of two of their members.

In the ritual that follows, it is the union of souls that is sought.

It is a ritual that only the very highest qualified witches would dare attempt.

It ranges far back into the ancient rituals of Egypt, to the gods of Isis and Ra.

It is the most secret and sacred of all rituals and has rarely been witnessed, never before photographed.


This ceremony is only performed when two witches of high rank are convinced that their souls have conjoined in past time.

It's evocation of the ancient gods of Egypt and would not have seemed out of place at the court of Cleopatra.

It is the Egyptian rite of Ra taken from the forbidden "Book of the Dead".


PRIEST: The decree of the Goddess was male and female.


PRIEST: To love each other.

And without these two sexes, there would be no magic. .. ritual or otherwise.

What greater magic is there than for a man to behold the eyes of the woman who loves him?

Magic is, in truth, the two forces of opposites.

(BELLS JINGLE) And the greatest factor of these two forces is true love and unity of soulmates. .. with which one could reach the stars. .. move mountains, or plunge deep into the abysmal abyss of Hell.

For true love of one's soulmate is born of unity.

And that unity is for all eternity.

Then if l say "So decree to Heaven upon Earth.. ."

It is this, it is this. (BELLS JINGLE)

It is this!


Lord Hapi, royal son of Horus.

Earth God and Lord of the North.

Keeper and guardian of the loins.

With the casting of the sacred salt fertilise and sanctify the sacred realm with thy being so that it may be strong in all things.

Lord Qebehsenuef, Royal son of Horus.

Air God and Lord of the West.

Keeper and guardian of the intestines.

With the disturbance of the air with this sistrum descend from thy cardinal point.

Purify and sanctify the area of this holy sanctum.

Lord Duamutef, royal son of Horus, Fire God and Lord of these keeper and guardian of the stomach, with the burning of the ritual fire before Aset the all-consuming element, sanctify and purify this holy sanctum from all violation.

Lord Imsety, royal son of Horus, Water God and the Lord of the Sun keeper and guardian of the liver, with the sprinkling of this sacred water, sanctify and cleanse this holy sanctum of all its impurities and the vanity of all men.

Aset, Aset, Aset.

Ankh. Dedun.

Aset, Aset.

Dark Mother and beloved of he who must remain nameless.

Setem, setem, setem.

Dark Lord, Prince of Light, and beloved of she who will remain nameless.


Blessed be thy organ of generation that giveth birth to the children of the Great mother.

Blessed be thy left breast that giveth suck to the children of the Great mother.

Blessed be thy right hip that guardeth the sacred portals of the womb.

Twice blessed be thy left hip that guardeth the sacred portals of the womb.

Twice blessed be thy right breast that giveth suck to the children of the Great mother.

Twice blessed be the organ of generation that giveth birth to the children of the Great mother.

The Priestess now gives the Five-Fold Kiss to the Priest but speaks no words.

NARRATOR: The Priest and Priestess adopt the pyramid position to perform the Great Rite.

At this moment, the coven are ordered to depart since none may witness the Great Rite of Ra, except the celebrants.

At the commencement of the Great Rite, the celebrants are forbidden to look directly on the image of the goddess Isis.

They may only look upon her by means of her image reflected in the mirror of Ra.

(BELLS JINGLE) We may drink of wine as they did and know them not for wine may change with the years.

We may sing their songs and know them not for voices change as the wind.

We may speak their words and know them not for we hear not how they spoke then.

In one thing only do we feel as they felt and know as they knew, for between man and woman, the joys are unchanging.

If ye would seek the ancients then, do that which is unchanging between man and woman.

And in the final joy, then shall ye know the ancients and call them to witness that which ye seek to know.


NARRATOR: What you have just witnessed has ranged over many areas of human belief and understanding.

Entered areas of the subconscious as yet little explored.

Everything you have seen has been real and authentic, representing the sincerely held views of many thousands of people who believe the rituals shown to have very real power.

For that reason, Alex Sanders has asked us to emphasize that no untrained or unprepared person should attempt to call down any powers by means of these rituals.

It would be foolish.

It could be dangerous.