Secret Zoo (2020) Script

Attorney Visitation Good morning, Vice President!

You're alone today?

Yes, attorney Suh is prepping for the hearing.

If you have a message, I'll relay it.

No, it's fine, I'm sure you all will do fine.

Go on, sit.

Yes, sir.

I brought newspaper clippings, would you like to see them?

Charged with Stock Manipulation and Embezzlement, who is Min Cheol-hyun?

Yeah, sis.

Did you see my text?


What should I do? Shouldn't I sue?

Sue for what? It was no big deal.

Your nephew was attacked by bullies, that's no big deal?

So he's scratched up a bit, put some ointment on them, kids can get rough.

You have no clue how scary kids nowadays are?

Talk to the teacher, why are you nagging me?

You work for a top 3 law firms, why shouldn't I talk to you?!

I'm a temp at JH Law. Don't you know?

I know, you're in charge of Rakwon's sonny boy!

Your firm won't leave that to just anyone!

No, not to just anyone.

These super rich boys get bored in jail so they got me run errands.

Forget it! You're still a lawyer, call up the bullies' parents and freak them out!

I'm busy, I gotta go!

Unjust and exploitative JH must apologize!

Apologize! Apologize!

Guardians of speculative capital! Punish JH!

Punish! Punish!

JH must apologize!

Apologize! Apologize!

Guardians of speculative capital! Punish JH!

Good morning, Mr. Hwang! Punish! Punish!

Unjust and exploitative JH must apologize!

Apologize! Apologize!

Guardians of speculative capital! Punish JH!

Punish! Punish!

Unjust and exploitative JH must apologize!

This doesn't work all of sudden. I work at JH.

Temporary cards must be renewed, didn't you know?

I forgot about that. I'll renew it today.


Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning, Ms. Suh! What brings you here?

I went to see Mr. Min earlier.

He said to tell you...

You can give the report to my secretary.

Mr. Min says... he's doing fine.

Okay, good work.

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to tell me!

This is 14th floor.

Kang Tae-soo.

Hey Song.

Going down.

Been well?

Yeah, you know.

Come to the reunion for once, everyone's curious about you.

I really should, but I can't find the time.

We're meeting this Friday, didn't you get the text?

I got it.

But I got an appointment on Friday.

Don't be like that.

I got an appointment.

Kang Tae-soo.

No one from our class will say anything bad about you, there's no need to be dejected.

When did I feel dejected? I'm just busy on Friday!

Even sunlight will reach the rat hole.

You gotta hit rock bottom to jump back up...

Jesus! I got an appointment, I can't go because of it!

8th floor,

Come have some coffee in my office.

Forget it, I'm busy.

Dude, I'm your friend.

Only we became lawyers from that third-rate school.

You shouldn't treat me like this.

You tend to lecture me whenever you see me, you're just dying to tell me that you're an associate at JH and I'm a bottom-dwelling temp, am I right?

And I don't need friends, so don't order me around.

Why're you like this?

Dude, sunlight will reach the rat...

Why are you keep using a rat metaphor?

What a bad luck...

Guardians of speculative capital!

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon!

Punish JH! Punish JH!

Good afternoon, boss!

Unjust and exploitative JH must apologize!

Apologize! Apologize!

Guardians of speculative capital! Punish JH!

Punish! Punish!

That's Hwang! Let's mobilize! This way!

Punish! Punish! Why are they bitching and moaning here?

Punish! Punish! What exactly do you do?!

Sir, we should leave!

Unjust and exploitative JH must apologize!

Sue those bastards for interfering with our work!

The union sent them as backup!

They want us to sue them and cause a stink.

It's best to ignore them.

Exploiter of speculative capital! Punish JH!

'Exploiter of speculative capital'?

If it wasn't for it, your colleagues would be out on the street, without a single cent of pension!

What did you just say?!

Mr. Hwang!


Are you okay?!

Sir, you go ahead!



Come on, hurry!

I feel bad that my brother is public enemy #1, and is rotting behind bars, but I believe Rakwon must use this chance to change.

Those without the means like to blame others, don't mind them, madame.

70% of our business is done with low and middle classes, but my father and brother were never respected nor liked by them.

I'm different.

Why else come to a place like this, instead of our company restaurant?

The entire restaurant has been booked.

But the hall is empty.

So dumb, let's go.

Mr. Hwang called for me.

Mr. Oh!

So you're Kang?

Yes, Mr. Hwang.

Say hello, this is Rakwon Group's Vice President Min Chae-ryung.

Nice to meet you, I'm Kang Tae-soo!

He's assisting with your brother's case.

Is that so?

I've never seen him before.

Not for the trial, but at jail...

I better go now.

Yes, ma'am.

Good bye. Thank you.

Sit, sit.

Yes, sir.

Have you had lunch?

I'm fine, sir.

All right. So, how long have you worked for our firm?

8 months, sir.

Almost a year.

"I'd like to work for the M&A department," this is your CV cover letter?

Yes, sir, I've been studying M&A laws extensively.

There is something I'd like to discuss with you.

It's an M&A deal of sort.

We have a client called Value Fyre Haus William & Gabriel, a UK-based equity fund, let's call them Gabriel.

Right, Gabriel.

They bought a Korean company recently.

Dongsan Park? It's a zoo?

They defaulted on their loan.

The creditors assumed the loan, and Gabriel took it over for 1 cent with the condition of extending the loan deadline.

We'll be managing it for a while.

What do you mean by that?

They gave us full managerial authority.

It doesn't look good for a private equity valued at several billions to dive into this to make mere $10 million.

Making $10 million with 1 cent?

Do some restructuring and when people start coming in, we add business rights and sell it back.

How about it? Quite challenging, huh?

Yes, it's brilliant.

I'd like you to handle this brilliant plan.


How many people on earth would ever become a zoo director?

Me? A zoo director?

Take care of the zoo and come right back.

I'll save you a spot in the M&A department.

If you're not up for it...

I'll do it! I'll give it my very best!

3 months would do.

Normalize the zoo in 3 months and maintain it, and I'll find a buyer in that time.

Not a problem! I'll normalize the zoo in 3 months!

Your inauguration gift, you're a zoo director now, you can't be seen in a cheap car.

Dongsan Park Entrance

Dongsan Park Zoo

Are they all inside?

Excuse me?! Where did all the animals go?!

Excuse me! Wait!

Gorilla Forest It's okay, Black Nose!

No one will take you away! It's okay!

Why did they try to force him out?!

Dr. Han, you're too close! Black Nose, it's all right now!

Here, shoot it!

Wait! Tranquilize him!

Hold on a sec!

Black Nose! Stop it!

He'll knock down the wall!

No one'll take you away, it's all over.


Very good.

Good boy, that's it.

It's all right, okay.

Excuse me?

You took it all, what else do you want?

I'm the new zoo director, Kang Tae-soo.

It's completely empty.

I heard a foreign company bought the zoo, aren't you a Korean?

It's a UK-based private equity called Value Fyre Haus William & Gabriel...

It's complicated.

JH Law is taking charge of it and they assigned me as the proxy.

A stand-in.

I'm not!

I'm a professional manager.


I've been given full authority by Value Fyre Haus William & Gabriel.

I'm the legal director of this zoo, who holds the key to your survival, got it?

Okay, let me get this right.

Because of the debt, they took animals that's worth anything?

So what's left?

Meerkat, raccoon, ostrich, parrot, Black Nose...

Okay, that's enough.

Who'd come to the zoo to look at those animals?

I better go...



He's our zoo director.

He founded Dongsan Park and managed it till now...

Now that a new director is here, the used up one better leave...

Sit down for a second, let me try to figure this out.

Where are rest of the staff?

Thanks to my incompetency, I couldn't pay them and they all left.

Thank you for sticking around till the end.

I'll come with you, director.

Hye-kyung, you're quitting too?

Wait a minute!

I think there's been some misunderstanding, I didn't come here to fire you.

I'm here to save the zoo!

I'll normalize the zoo at once!

Easy for you to say.

To do that, we need your help.

With your experience and my passion, we can revitalize Dongsan Park.

What's your plan? It's a zoo without animals.

Then we'll buy new ones!

How much? How much do we need?

Why the heck can't we buy animals?

Never heard of 'International Sales Agreement of Endangered Animals'?

Aren't you a lawyer?

Lions, tigers, elephants are endangered, so they can't be exported.

What about those animals in other zoos?

They received special permission for research or breeding.

So why can't we get breeding permission too?

It'll take over 3 months for application with Department of Environment, and finding a seller before we get a tiger.

3 months? That's idiotic!

Even human organs can be trafficked!

There has to be a black market for the zoos to make trades.

I'm heading out.

Wait, doctor, we have to discuss this together.

I was gonna check eBay for used tigers.

How do you type so fast on such a tiny screen?

Maybe my fingers are too fat, I can't really do that.

Get a girlfriend, you'll learn fast.

Don't pull my leg. I'm not into that anymore.

You got high standards?

No, super low, actually.

I don't care about looks at all.

I'll find a decent girl, and get married.

Oh! You're right!

Before I get a girl, I should practice texting.

I'll need a good texting partner, let's see.

Who's a good texter around me?

I have to!

Save Dongsan Park!

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I can't give up! I won't!

Just watch me!

I'm gonna save the zoo like it's no one's business.

Hooray to our new director! Hooray to Dongsan Park!


Look at the time, I told you I'm busy today.

Sorry, we had dinner with the new director.

How did it go? Is the zoo salvageable?

He said he'll try his best.

With the zoo in shambles, this shop's gone to hell.

This is my entire fortune, I'll probably go under...

It'll work out.

You invested $30,000 too, at least look like an owner.

Invested? You asked me for a loan.

Don't talk like that.

I'm not doing this for my benefit alone.

And don't ever quit that zoo job.

I won't.

Anyway, man the shop properly, clean it too and don't fool around.

Just gonna leave?


Love you. Later!

Wait, hold on there.

Over there, that's director's quarters.

Over here is staff quarters, since I ruined the zoo, I gotta go this way!

You should go that way!

Let's go to the director's quarters.

No, I'll sleep in the staff quarters.

The boiler isn't fixed yet though.

You can stay with me tonight.

I don't deserve it...

I ran this zoo to the ground...

Tiger! A tiger escaped!

We sold everything, we got no tiger.

There! It's over there!

Let go of me.

Don't go, director!

Don't go!


Mr. Ha? Yes?

What are you doing here?

Good evening, sir.

I was picking up my stuff from the office.

So this is...

There's a big restaurant in the city, and they kept asking me for it.

It's a stuffed tiger?


Take it.

We went under, take what you can sell.

I'm sorry, sir.

Why should you be sorry?

Take it...

He looks okay to me, what do you think?


When he was here, his hind leg looked awkward.

Take a look.

Nothing's wrong.

Yeah, I guess so...

Could I take a look at 2 wolves too?

Doctor, I really have to go home.

I'm so sorry.

I'll keep my eye on him, so don't worry.

Let's chat further if others aren't doing so good.


Yes, Mr. Hwang.

I think this was a problem of due diligence.

The takeover was done without ever considering contingent liability.

So the loansharks sold off all viable animals?

That's right, sir.

So what's the problem?

There aren't any animals in the zoo, so how...

File any necessary expenses.

Even if we have the money, we can't procure animals on demand.

Hey, Kang.

I've transferred all zoo authority to you!

I've given you a chance, but you just won't grab it.

Not at all, sir.

Too bad, if it's too hard, come back.

No, I'll do it, I can do this, sir!

Even so, what can he do without any animals?

If he's got none, maybe he'll steal some from other zoos.

He grew up like weed, so his survival instinct will kick in.

This job isn't for those grew up softly.

Ow, my head...

Director, what's this photo?

My head...

It's my daughter, who's studying abroad.


This one.

That's not my daughter, we had an animal costume event 2 years ago.

I heard kids loved that kinda thing, but it was a bust, so the suits are in the storage.

Jesus Christ...

My head...

Are you insane?

Wear animal suits?

You call this scheme a viable plan?

Let's call it bold.

We all can get arrested for fraud!

I was shocked to see a stuffed tiger last night, why?

You were drunk beyond reason.

No, because this is a zoo.

It's a hidden camera from an overseas zoo.

If you look closely, you can tell it's a man, but everyone's fooled!

Because it's at a zoo, no one expects fake animals!

This guy's not sane.

This meeting is pointless.

I'm the idiot for having some faith in him.

Come on, let's all leave.

I'm staying.


If it means I can save the zoo, I'll even drink the sewage water.

3 months.

In 3 months, we can bring the animals back.

We must bring back our animals first.

Right, our animals.

It tears me apart to think where they are and how badly... they're treated.

You haven't even seen them.

Imagine your pain, when it hurts me this badly.

Hye-kyung, will you stay? Seriously?

If we stay far away from the fence, it could be convincing.

Hye-kyung, don't fall for this, Gun-wook! Snap out of it!

I have to come by everyday to feed rest of the animals...

Of course! We just gotta try it!

How do we make the suits?


What we have now is hardly convincing.

Absolutely, so we leave it to the professionals.

Do whatever you want. Dr. Han...

One less person won't be a problem.

As per regulation, we need a vet at a zoo.


I was told you became a vet because of him.

Came to see him every day since elementary school?

Black Nose is... my family.

I'm responsible for him until the end.

The zoo must survive so that you can take care of him.

Trust me, I can pull this off.

Mr. Song recommended you highly.

He said you can make anything.

When I was scammed out of film budget, he helped me out.

As I've mentioned over the phone...

You need animal suits, right?

Yes, we're holding an event, and we need realistic suits.

So for example, if we wore it inside a cage, people shouldn't know it's us in there.

That's just an example, but it'll look fake, right?

It's possible.

It's used frequently in Hollywood film commercials.

It's convincing.

It's possible.

Even in Hollywood... It's possible.

Then which animals are possible?

It's gotta be worn by humans, so...

Anything's possible.


Take your pick, I'll make them all.

Lion? Tiger?



All possible?

Of course.

Excuse me...

Felines like lions and tigers walk on tip of their paws, so they're not bi-pedal.

Wouldn't be more natural for us to wear polar bear or gorilla suits that can walk on their feet?

Then I'll start with polar bear and gorilla, oh this, how about sloth?

It'd be perfect for someone to wear it.

But sloths are this big, about 60cm long.

If you're far away, who can tell?

You said it's an event, let's add a sloth.

Lion? What about a lion?

You just lie down, and no one can tell.

It'd be good to have...

Let's add a lion.

This, giraffe is really possible.

Other animals are one thing, but how can we fit inside a giraffe?

Head and neck are one unit, and put 2 people inside the body, it's possible.

He's confident.

But it's more expensive than others.

How soon can you make them?

If you pay 50% up front, we'll start the work, and finish them in 2 weeks.

Why? Too long? Then 10 days?

Faster the better for us, but aren't you rushing it?

Then let's sign the contract!

Giraffe, polar bear, gorilla, boar, no, not that one.

You won't work alone, right?

No, my staff went to lunch.

You sure about dinosaur? No dinosaur.

The gorilla is supposedly the heaviest, so can Gun-wook wear that?


Sure, why not.

I want to ask for the last time, do you think this is all possible?

Polar bear should be worn by a man too.

I have to direct this, so I can't do that.

Then you're out, and I'll do it, since I ruined the zoo.

Lion and sloth are left...

Dr. Han, what do you want to do?

I'll stand by with the first aid kit in case someone passes out.

Hye-kyung, be the sloth.

It's the lightest, call dips!

Dips on sloth!

Then Dr. Han is lion.

I said I won't do it!

It's all settled then, so practice your parts.

Like hell I'll do it...

What do you have for lunch? Lunchbox at the shop? Lunchbox for me too.


Let's focus!

Don't shout at her!

Suits arrive on Wednesday, and we re-open on Friday, this won't do!

We're taking care of remaining animals, we got no time for this!

Can't we get part-timers and train them?

There's no guarantee they'll keep our secret.

Practicing is the only way.

Practice whenever you can, you understand?

I'm sick and tired of this.

Let's just give this up!

This looks so stupid!

Gun-wook, that was so good! You looked like a real gorilla!


Practicing is the only way, director, Dr. Han!

Do your best! Let's do this!

Dongsan Park is re-opening.

Thank you.

Dongsan Park is re-opening.

Dongsan Park is re-opening. Admission 50% Off.

Walking on four feet too long could damage your spine, so sit as much as you can.

Chest pump properly...

Dongsan Park Tickets

Our headsets are all connected, so just move to my order.

See the hose in the mouth?

You can drink through that.

All right, lift your front right leg.

Front right arm.

If you fold that, very good, a roar sound will play.

All right!

Let's put the mask on.


So claustrophobic.

It's so itchy, my skin is sensitive.

It's too tight in here, I won't last 10 minutes!

Be a man, this is nothing.

Wait a minute...

I think there's a mistake with one costume.

Which one?

Isn't that...

Chewbacca from Star Wars?

Jesus, what is that?


Why did we get Chewbacca?

I'm sloth!

Right, sloth.

You guys are terrible. I'm sorry.

Hye-kyung, you look good.

Let's get into position as you practiced.

I need to hang somewhere...

Left leg? Or was it right leg?

Man, this is so embarrassing.

Why is this so heavy?

What am I doing, this is crazy...

So comfy...

No comments? Are we convincing?

Let's all move back.

To where sloth is.

So heavy... I can't stretch my back.

I'm so tired...

So? Were you fooled?

Please move back further.

We'll need some distance from the fence.

There isn't anything to hang off...

How much further?

It's too far back...

Is this good?

Further back once more!

Why don't you move back?

Whatever, I'm done.

My feet hurt...

My knees...

We must stay in the farthest spot in the pit, hiding behind trees or rocks, so people can watch from furthest point.


Our guests.

Grand Re-opening 50% Off Admission As a practice run, we're opening on a weekday.

Until people come in, can't we take the suits off?


As soon as the zoo opens, we're live.

You won't say that if you wear this.


I have claustrophobia.

Why didn't you tell me that earlier?

I just found out.

Guests! Guests!

Our first guests are kindergarten kids.

All right, all right! Another vehicle just came in!

The seniors, maybe?

It'll be a piece of cake fooling seniors and kids.

The first course is sloth...

Hye-kyung, get off your phone!

Don't ever lock eyes with the guests.

Gorilla, stay away from the fence, maintain distance.

So itchy...

Lion! What are you doing?!

It's so itchy!

Suck it up!

Lastly, just remember one thing!

No one in this world ever thinks that there are fake animals in zoos.

Teacher! What's that?

That is... an Amazon giant sloth.

The biggest species of sloth, and one of the rarest in the world, and endangered too.

Sloth, you're doing well.

I'm about to fall...

So disgusting.

Children, shall we check out other animals?


This is so hard...

You're doing so well.

Hold on, you have to!

Lion, stay down!

Don't stand around! Okay, I hear you.

The other way! Which way is front?

It's a lion!

It's a lion!

Lion! Hi!

Teacher, I want to see lion's tail.

Kids, shall we move to the side so we can see the tail?

Okay! Sure!

Lion, they can't see your body!

No, no, no!

It's the front again.

What's with that lion?

That looks like a monkey, but it's so big.

Since it's so big, maybe it's orangutan.

Look at those big titties, it must be a female.

Gorilla, chill out, they'll figure you out!

Come this way!

Kids, over here.

It's a polar bear!

This is bad...

What do I do...

Kids, this is the polar bear that lives in North Pole!

Where is he?

Teacher, I can't see it.

Kids! Let's go to the side so we can see him.

Okay! This way!

This is really bad...

What am I doing...

I can't see him!

Come on out!

Why are there so many?

Polar bear, come forward a bit, it's all right.

My legs are shaking, I can't move.

I'll be exposed...

Go out and walk around once, it'll be quick.

I'm a polar bear, I'm a polar bear...

Teacher, polar bear must be cold.

Kids! The polar bear usually lives in cold North Pole, so he feels colder in Korea, which is warmer.

They want to see animals being cute, and you can't do that?

Hide appropriately and be cute appropriately!

If you think that's so easy, do it yourself!

Take care of your own suits, and let's do better tomorrow.

Dang it!

It should roar like this.

It's not moving at all. Fascinating, right?

Lion, good posture.

Right, chill and cool.


Let's go see other animals.

Hold my hand. Let's go.

So itchy!

Itchy! Itchy!



Hi, lion!


Let's go see the polar bear.

No lion! Fake! Go!

Yo, let us see your face!

Don't do that to animals.

Don't do that to humans!

Put that down!

He's so shy.

Come out to the front.

Don't worry, they can't tell.


Here he comes!

So cool...

He's going into water!

Don't get your fur wet!

It's really expensive!

It's not moving at all, maybe it's a doll.

Let's go.

48 adults.

25 children.

73 total.

73 is...

Worse than before we closed down.

Much less.

Are you going to continue?

Not like this though.

Right? Then let's...

We really need a giraffe.

Every zoo should have a giraffe.

I knew it.

A loser who takes full advantage of a girl because he thinks he's a pretty boy.

Maybe they have a reason.

He just broke up with her.

You know full well, he came here frequently to hit on her.

I'm so tired, what the hell are we doing?

5 years!

She lent him 5-year worth of her savings!

What a bastard!

This shop is mine.

I can close up whenever and no one can say crap.


I love you more.



A... gorilla?

Yes, a gorilla.

Someone who looked like a gorilla?


A real gorilla, it escaped from the zoo.

Is there a security camera?

Can we see the footages?

It took it.


You're just gonna leave?

Stop with your lies!

You should've said it was a boar or something.

No one will notice as long as you don't get too close!

Be confident!

Director Kang? Yes?

Do we need to continue even without anyone here?

Not again, we just haven't promoted properly.

Can't we promote then start over?

I'm not feeling well.

Did someone leave a phone here? I hear a ringing.

It might be mine, who's the caller?

No name, just a heart emoji.

I'll be right there!

After we close, it's almost opening time!

There's still time! I'm coming!

So you won't answer me?

The number you have dialed...

Where did she get the idea to train a gorilla?

They let all the animals out of the cage?


Dang it!

Stop! Stop right there!

But there's no time!

I paid you in full, what's taking so long?!

I'm picking it up tomorrow, so have the giraffe ready!

Please help!

Help me out here! Please!

What was that?



Hye-kyung! Who's that?!

Please help!

What are you?

You can't leave!


Gorilla! Gorilla!

It's not a big wound, it'll heal up quickly.


Thank you very much, Ms. Lion.

Are you guys nuts?

How could you run a zoo with animals suits?

I'm really sorry about your convenience store.

My shop isn't the problem.

You're a lawyer, I can't let this one slide.

How could a lawyer try to scam people?

You're the scammer!


How did I scam?!

Took money from your girlfriend and forced her to work!

You sucked all life out of her and threw her out!

That's enough! Who threw out whom?!

No one threw me away!

It's offensive so don't use that phrase!

What happened?

Hye-kyung wants to talk to him privately.

They were lovers, maybe he'll turn a blind eye.

Like hell he will.

Don't you know him by now?

You got no right to shout! This is all because of you!


Apologize to Sung-min.

If you apologize sincerely, he'll let this one go.

I'm sorry.


I didn't hear a thing.

I sincerely apologize.

Please forgive us just this once.

I'll let this one go for Hye-kyung's sake.

This zoo has to be successful for my shop to do well.

We'll pay for the damages to your shop.

I'm gonna keep my eye on you all.


Who are you?

Where did Mr. Ko go?

Are you here to collect debt?


He took off overnight.

I shouldn't have let him take the deposit.


Giraffe! My giraffe!

Giraffe Has Joined Our Family!

The giraffe will come, wait a little bit.

It'll come out soon.

Be patient.

There it is! Look!

It's so big!


Baby, look... Mom.

Is the giraffe sick? Oh no!

It'll come out.

It's back! There it is again!

Is it playing hide-and-seek?

Yeah, hide-and-seek with you.

He was like that before, is he sick?

This is no fun at all.

What a waste of money, let's go.

He's fatigued, he needs his rest.

Is Black Nose not back to himself yet?

You just use humans and animals so freely, huh?

We should have never done this.

Then what? We don't even have animals.

Then do it yourself!

You gave yourself a comfy role!

I'm incompetent and so frail...

Get some rest.

No, Director Kang.

I ruined this zoo, I don't deserve to rest.

Will you stop saying that?

Even if I die, I have to die in the cage...

I ruined this zoo to the ground...

I'll do it, so don't worry about it.

Get some rest here.

Black Nose...

We should've sent him to Canada.

I wanted to rest, but 1 or 2 guests always stared at me.

It was like I was in jail, I thought I was going crazy.

Maybe that's why Black Nose turned out that way.


Even he's fooled.

All right, be confident, I can do this.

Look, look at that.

He's staring at people.

Go on, drink that!

Drink it!

Little punk!

Bud, it's your favorite, Coca-Cola!

You should drink it.


Come on out!

Come here! Come out!

I'll beat you if you don't!

Come out!

This is no fun. Let's go.

All gone?

This is tough.


I'm so thirsty, I'm dying...

Polar bears really do drink coke!

Amazing! Holy crap!

Look! Look!

The commercial was real!

Post it on Instagram.

So dope!


I must've missed your call.

Being a zoo director is no joke.

So many things to consider.

What brings you here?

Your request for animal purchases has been approved by Gabriel.

It's just formality so keep it with you.

You could've sent a courier.

Mr. Hwang asked me to check out the progress.

He doesn't need to worry.

There aren't many people in the zoo.

It's not that busy on the weekend.

Shouldn't it be busier on the weekend?

That's what I thought too, but the opposite was true.

Please tell the boss he doesn't need to worry.

No, I'll report what I see here.

I'll be off then. Okay.

No need to see me out. Okay.

I'll check out other animals on my own.

Other animals?

I haven't seen the others yet.

You acquired gorilla, giraffe, lion, and sloth, right?


A JH employee will be coming around, so be as natural as possible, this is a live situation.

I can walk around by myself.

You can head back inside.

I'm the director here, I'll guide you.

You know what, I've never seen a gorilla in person.

What's its name?


Aren't all zoo animals named?

It's Gorong.

Gorong looks so natural! Very good!

Let's go see the next animal.

No, I'd like to see more...

It's a long drive back to Seoul, you need to be haste.

Eh? What is it?

It locked eyes with me just now.

With Gorong?

He's looking away.

I think he's pretending to look away.

It's not like he's human.

I'm sure you're mistaken, let's go this way.

He looked again!

Gorillas are very intelligent, and staring can be stressful.

Let's check out the giraffe. He looked again!

Stop staring. He did it again.

Giraffe's our most iconic animal.

What is the giraffe's name?

Girong. It's Girong.

I see...

You got a good look at the giraffe, the lion's next.

Wait, it's not moving at all.


Look, not even little.

Girong! Move a bit!

It's okay, everything's okay!

See? He's moving.

So that's how giraffes move...

You saw the giraffe, let's go see the lion.


Lion doesn't move either...

They're nocturnal animals.

They don't move in the day.

Is that so?

What's the lion's name?

Liong. Liong.

All names ends with 'ong'?

Sloths normally never move.

I can tell you this with full confidence!

That's normal.

It'd be weird if they moved.


Then his name is...

Slothong? That sounds weird.

Yeah, weird.

His name is Danglong.


He looks tired dangling like that.

Not at all, he's like that all day.

Now you've seen everything. This way please.


The zoo's doing well, so don't worry about anything.

Why do you want to come here for?

To show my kid the zoo and whatnot.

Go to a bigger zoo, we barely got any animals.

Come on, man...

How did the suits come out for the event?

Don't even mention it, Mr. Ko, that scheming...

What about him?

Never mind, dude, let me ask you something.


How important is Gabriel as a client to JH?


If they were such an important client,

boss wouldn't have assigned this zoo to me, right?

It's his, a shell company to manage his slush fund.

Everyone knows about this?

Only a few at the firm.

I only found out when I did some errands to launder funds.

Is something wrong? Things not going well?

Let's talk later.

What are you doing? Shit! What the shit!

You scared me!

Why haven't you gone home yet?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm making sure unsold animals are okay.

I've been playing lion all day long.

Then keep at it.

We're all exhausted from looking after remaining animals after closing.

You might not care about that.

What is it that you want to say?

We're working hard to get the zoo back in shape, bring back our animals, and create a better environment.

I just wanted you to know that, and not just worry about selling tickets.

Am I fooling around?

We need people for this zoo to exist!

The zoo belongs to the animals, not people!

No! It belongs to Value Fyre Haus William & Gabriel!

And did I sell off the animals?

They'll come back to dirty and cold cement pits, that can't be good for them.

You said Black Nose is your family, right?

If he snaps out of it, will he recognize you?

When you're around him, he only thinks about eating you!

How does a polar bear and a human become family?!

You really are a lawyer.

You talk so damn well!

What's going on?

We went viral!

Because of the coke-drinking polar bear!

Why did you have to drink coke?!

I'm sorry.

I'll make sure no harm is...

Wait a minute, did they come knowing that, or...

Or what?

Do not shake the railing please!

Polar bear is coming out!

Everyone, please maintain order!

Not you too.

Are you ready?

Yes, I guess so.

Thank you for waiting!

The polar bear is coming now!

Please be quiet, he's coming out!

Hold mom and dad's ♪ ♪ hands and let's go!

To Dongsan Park, where dreams live

Hold friends' hands and let's go!

Our Dongsan Park!

Greeted by fierce tiger! We don't do interviews because animals can get stressed easily.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Our beloved Dongsan Park!

Our beloved Dongsan Park!

Our beloved Dongsan Park! Over the weekend, we made $100,000!

Hold mom and dad's ♪ ♪ hands and let's go!

To Dongsan Park, where dreams live

Hold friends' hands and let's go!

Our beloved Dongsan Park!

Aren't you checking out?

My feet are asleep...

Yeah? Your feet? Should I massage you?

It's because you've been inside that suit all day!

Then why are you still wearing it?

Oh yeah...

I got so used to it that it feels weird when I take it off.

Will you go home when you get off work?

Yeah, you know.

Not gonna have dinner?

Of course I will.

By yourself?

Wanna have dinner with me? But you must be busy...

What will you have?

Well, you know, anything...

I hate the food called 'anything'.

Then what? What? What do you like?

Carbonara? Gorgonzola pizza? Come down here first.

Give me a sec.

My arms and legs are stiff...

Hold onto me, be careful now.

Careful, there you go.

That's it, be careful, all done!

You said you have really low standards, right?

I said that?

You said you don't care about looks.

Is that why you like me?

No, I have super high standards.

I only like beautiful, adorable and attractive girls.

I'm serious.

I won't date so carelessly anymore.

He has to be really nice.

I'm a good guy with high standards.

That's why I'm still single.

I'll take care of it until you graduate, so don't worry that!

Who cares if I'm the director or not?

If the zoo is successful, that's good for me too!

He's a smart guy since he's a lawyer.

Looks aren't everything!

A man must be capable!

What are you watching?

Jesus crap shit!

Why did you leave the pit gate open?

Since he can't go outside in the day, I wanted him to get some fresh air.

Who's that girl?

It's me, 20 years ago.

Then that's Black Nose?

Yes. He was fine back then.

It's stereotypic behavior, right?

Caged animals exhibiting unusual behaviors, no?

It's equivalent to mental illness in humans.

You studied.

You know, just a bit.

Even if the zoo is spacious and well decorated, it's like being in jail compared to living in the wild.

What you said the other day is true.

This is still a cement jail to them, no matter how good we make the environment.

I'm sorry about the other day.

I was out of the line.

After he became like this, we had a chance to send him abroad.

A zoo abroad?

There is a polar bear habitat in Canada, a habitat for polar bears that have difficulty living in the wild, which is the closest thing to wildlife.

Why didn't you send him?

I wanted to keep him around.

I thought if I did my best, he would get better, I got no skills, yet I'm so greedy.

You go ahead.

I have to check up on a raccoon that's having a diarrhea problem.

I'll head out. Okay.

Hye-kyung - Sloth Director Kang! Thank you so much for saving our zoo!

"Our zoo"?

Our zoo...

Total revenue of $1,000,000 with $700,000 in profit, and the projected end-of-the-year...


You are now a JH M&A lawyer.

Thank you, sir.

I'll do my best to contribute to the firm.

Do your best.

Absolutely, sir!

So who will be managing the zoo now?

We're gonna bulldoze it and build a resort.


The golf course will be where the zoo is right now.

'Rakwon Resort'?

You met VP Min the other day, Rakwon purchased over 25 million square feet, but couldn't buy the zoo.

They wanted to buy the zoo at an auction fire sale, but Gabriel swooped in and bought it up.

Rakwon can't stand a zoo in the middle of their resort.

So it was just a holdout?

A lawyer shouldn't use such banal word.

Anyway, this is all thanks to you.

We'll sell it at a much higher price than we thought.

But sir, the zoo's finally doing well, must you sell it now?

There are animals that need caring, and more that need to be brought back.

Listen, Kang.

Have you been playing a zoo director's role too hard?

Animals are one thing, but the staff will lose their jobs too.


Yes, sir.

Rakwon aren't new to this, they won't stir trouble senselessly.

They'll follow protocol and do the right thing.

Dr. Han.

You really look like a lawyer.

Did the meeting go well? What did the firm say?

Well, that's...

Did everyone check out?

Of course.

Dr. Han, I have something to tell you.

Let's talk inside. Okay, should we?

Of everyone here at the zoo, you're the most... logical and composed person.

Fees like you won't get upset... get upset no matter what.

They turned off the lights...

Congrats, director! What the hell?!

Congratulating Director Kang's 75th Day on the Job What took you so long? Come, come inside!

But Dr. Han...

Why 75th day? It's not even 100.

We wanted to thank you, we just needed an excuse to celebrate!

You got what it takes, I admit it.

Make a wish and blow.

Hurry! Hold on...

Blow them out! Hurry, just do it!

I'll blow them out... Blow!

Hold on, I have to tell you something.

They're all here.

Already? Who's here?

It's been so long!

Come in, over here!

Good to see you! Who are they?

They were part of Dongsan family, they wanted to drop by.

But what if we get caught?

We'll go out for drinks soon, don't worry.


All right! Attention!

Say hello to Director Kang!

Thank you, director!

For what?

For getting their jobs back after my incompetency laid them off!

But sir, that's not...

Thank you, director...

You saved my family!

I did?

To make ends meet, I washed dishes for 2 months at a restaurant...

Don't cry...

I told the boss to shove my job up his ass and ran straight here!

You shouldn't do that to your boss...

Come on! Let's have a drink!

I can't breathe...

It's my daughter studying abroad, she's been working part-time, but I told her to quit!

You shouldn't do that...

Hee-young, thank the director.

Here, take it.

Hi, Hee-young.

But please don't quit your job.

What are you saying!

Hooray to Director Kang!

Hooray to Dongsan Park!


Director Seo, have a drink!

I'm not a director, I ruined this place!

No, no way!

Ruined it to the ground!

Mix all the drinks!

Why are you sweating so much?

I'm about to puke...

Let's... Come inside for a bit.

I'm dizzy...

A bit overwhelming, right? To have everyone here...

Here, here.

What did you want to talk about earlier?

Today might not be the best day for that.

You do look pretty bad.

Today is a hard day, mentally...

You tired yourself out.

Thank you so much for your work!

Dr. Han, please...

What took you so long?! Come over here!

No, wait, hold on.

I just spoke to Mr. Choi from Department of Environment, he said a resort will be built on our zoo.

Your jokes are still not funny.

No, I'm serious.

An announcement was made on city hall homepage, about building a golf course and a ski resort here.


You guys never heard about this?

What are you talking about?

The city hall announced it.


We should check the homepage.

What's going on?

Dongsan City attracts Rakwon Resort, 25 million square feet plot that includes the zoo...

Don't lie to us and tell us everything.

It's not true, right? This can't be.

I'm sorry.

It's the firm's decision.

Are you listening to yourself?

What will happen to us?

I'm certain you'll be reinstated.

Rakwon is a big corporation, so it might be better...

What can zookeepers do at a ski resort?!

What's the point of this?

He fooled us all.

What about the remaining animals?

If you know of other zoos that can take them...

You should know better than I do...

What about Black Nose?

No one will take him.

I'm sorry.

You were our director.

We got here this far by believing in you.

But now you're sorry?

I really didn't know, I'm not like what you think.

If you didn't know, you're an idiot.

But if you knew, then you're...

I'm sorry, sir.

If your work here is done, head back up to Seoul.

What? Something else?

What we did...

I'll make sure no one talks about that, so don't worry.

Hello, I need help.

This won't work all of sudden.

Let me see.

Say hello. Sure.

I'm Kang Tae-soo, nice to meet you all.

Attorney-at-Law Kang Tae-soo

Rakwon Development What's wrong with you?!

He won't let go of me!

Do something, get this guy off of me!

You'll never put your foot inside here!

Are you nuts? Back the hell off!

It's my zoo! No one can enter without my permission!


Sir? Mister!


Sir, wake up, are you okay?

Could you help?


Is it all over?

No, it's not over.

Let's reopen the zoo tomorrow.

Choose Zoo over Golf course! Free admission!

Protect our zoo from violent corporation Rakwon!

Protect us from nature destroyer, Rakwon!

Protect our zoo from violent corporation Rakwon!

Protect us from nature destroyer, Rakwon!

Violent corporation Rakwon is demolishing nature?

Jesus, what do they take me for?

I'm a member of the Green Peace!

Calm down, madame.

I'll kick them out as soon as possible.

Are you nuts? Do you not understand what the problem is?

Rakwon's image is bad enough with my brother behind bars, are you desperate to bury us for good?

Don't they know who I am? A violent corporation?!

Anyway, this is a breach of contract.

I'd rather not build a resort!


There may be a way to force the zookeepers out quietly.

Then why did you let this situation get out of hand?

If you give me some time, I'll resolve it peacefully.


I'll give you 24 hours.

But there's no way it can be done in a day.

Could you wait a week?

Does this look like a negotiation?

I'm telling you how it is!

If this isn't done by tomorrow, we are done.


Have you called them? They won't take my calls.

Weren't all animals sold off? Why do they still have some?

Paperwork was filed and they're supposed to be shipped out this week.

I'll go down right away and talk to them.

You think talking will defuse this situation?

If you promise to rehire them...

Stop it!

There's no time for something so trivial!

How is this trivial?

I asked for their support to normalize the zoo, so what does that make me?

Why did you fight with protesters to get noticed by me?

You wanted to be a JH lawyer no matter what!

So I made you into one!

What happens to them isn't my business!


The polar bear was a man in a suit?

It's not just the polar bear.

All the animals are zookeepers in animal suits.

Any evidence?

I don't have any but I saw it with my own eyes.

I know one of the zookeepers, so I kept my mouth shut, but it's disgusting to see trying to be social justice warriors about it, this could lead to a massive losses...

What I mean is...

If what you're saying is true, we'll reward you fairly.

Go home and wait for a call from my people.

Could you leave us?

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

What do you think?

Thinking rationally about this, what would he get out of lying about something so absurd?

Kang said it was impossible to get new animals, then he suddenly changed his tune.

Honestly, coke-drinking polar bear never made any sense.


Did you notice anything strange about your visit?

I sensed some weird things.

Like what?

The names were weird...


All the animal names ended with 'ong'.

What do you mean?

And I kept making eye contacts with the gorilla...

Stop this nonsense!

Running a zoo with animal suits?

Holy crap!

Why are you here?

What did you tell Mr. Hwang? Did you tattle on us?

You thought I'd take measly $200,000 and piss off?!

$200,000? What do you mean?

Come on...

The loan Hye-kyung gave you?

You didn't know?

You kept the secret by taking $30,000?

I heard that was her entire savings.

Why else? Because it's got to do with her zoo.

Black Nose is my family.

I'm responsible for him until the end.

The zoo must survive so that you can take care of him.

Trust me, I can pull this off.

Director Kang! Thank you so much for saving our zoo!


That way, sir.

I haven't actually seen a sloth in person.

Polar bear is the most important one.

Coke-drinking polar bear will surely look fake.

Why aren't you answering!


Why isn't anyone answering my calls?

You said not to use cell phones during opening hours!

But at least one of you should have it on you!

Radio everyone right now!

JH people are heading to the polar bear pit!

We may have been exposed, so get to safety!

Those two people?

We've been exposed!

That JH man is on his way to the polar bear pit!

Everyone, be careful.

Where is the polar bear?

I don't think it came out yet.

Look at the time.

They set up the coke box, so it should be out soon.

Where's the door?

What door, sir?

There's gotta be one for zookeepers!

You can't come in here.

What's this?


How dare you objectify me?

You're illegally occupying the zoo, you have no right whatsoever.

That's enough.

I need to see the coke-chugging polar bear.

Not today.

Why not today?

The polar bear is too stressed to come out today.

I know what's going on here, let me in!

Mr. Hwang!

Kang, I'll give you one last chance, if you tell me the truth, you won't be penalized.

You'll get to keep your job too.

But if you take their side and get in my way, you'll never be called an attorney ever again.

I don't know what you mean, sir.

Polar bear drank too much coke so he's not in good health, that's why he can't be shown in public.

Am I right?


Wait, you can't go in there!


What are you doing?! Get out!

Sir! Please!

Can we talk outside?

You're not allowed in here! Mr. Hwang!

Stop! Stop!

Sir, one moment!



How do you open this?

With this? Sir...

Get out!

Don't do that! It's dangerous.

You there, go out there and drink some coke!

Come on! Pull him off!

Take Mr. Hwang outside!

It's okay, Black Nose, it's fine.

I really don't understand.

I don't get it, what would he get out of lying to us?

Didn't you see me almost get killed?

Was it a real polar bear? Think carefully.

To be honest, it was too dark for me.

It felt real.

I thought it was the end.

This can't go on any further.

We can't put on this charade forever.

Black Nose!

Hurry up and drink a coke!

He might get agitated and cause a scene!

We'll have to send them away! Let's move!

Black Nose! Black Nose!

Why would I lie about that?! Wait there, I'm coming!

He said he's coming here.

What the hell for?!

Tell him to call us when he has evidence.

That giraffe is weird...

What's wrong with it?

It's fake.

It was a fake? Really?

I'm sorry! Attention please!

I'm sorry, we're closing the zoo!

Please get to the exit!

Black Nose! Over here!

Black Nose!

Black Nose! Black Nose!

Black Nose! Black Nose!

Where's the fake polar bear?

What's with you? You saw what happened earlier!


Mr. Hwang! Sir! Are you nuts?!

That's a real polar bear!

Go get the tranquilizer! Buddy!

Take it off before I beat you!

Sir! He's a real polar bear!

You must be going nuts, right?

I can hear your head spin!

Sir! Get back in here!

Sir! Please come back just in case!

It's really convincing. Please come back!

Sir! Play dead!

Black Nose!

You're doing well, sir!

Do something! Black Nose!

I'm doing a Google search, sir!

Black Nose!

Dr. Han.

There are a lot of different species...

What are you doing?

Black Nose gets excited when he sees this suit.

I'll lure him away, so grab Mr. Hwang.

You're going in like this? Are you nuts?

We have to save him first.

Sir! It says playing dead is a myth!

Ow! It hurts, you dumb bear!

It says if you meet a bear in the forest, climb up a tree!

There aren't any trees here!

Speak some sense!

Black Nose! Over here!

Hurry up!


Now's the time! Hurry!

Let's go!

Black Nose!

We did it! Get in here!

Black Nose!


I promised you that I'd save the zoo...

I'm so sorry...

I'll take full responsibility so no harm is done to you.

I did it because I wanted to, not because I trusted you.

He's right.

It was a failed zoo, I have no regrets since we gave it all.

I ruined everything.

This isn't all on you, we were on this together.

Come on, don't cry now.

We know how hard you worked.

I just wish we could do something about remaining animals.

I have a great idea.

I oppose.

Just stop it, director.

There is a way to save the zoo!

Let's stop, this is all very exhausting.

He can't let this heart-moving moment last a minute.

Please, just trust me!

I'll take full responsibility to bring back our zoo!

Are you asking me to run a zoo?

It's not just a zoo.

I'm asking you to provide an ecological park within the proposed resort for our animals to live in.

Only then, will we sell the zoo property to you.

Wait, the landowner is Gabriel.

Gabriel must concede, I'll get it done.

Rakwon's getting pummeled by the public for demolishing environment.

If you create an eco park within the resort, it becomes 'environment-friendly'.

An environment-friendly resort?

That's good.

If Gabriel agrees, I'll do it.

The Gabriel transaction records that I was in charge of.

Okay, this is enough.

Come on, I'll keep it anonymous.

It's too obvious who the source is.

Just deny it.

Why should I give these to you?

Because we're friends.

You said you don't need friends.

How can one live without friends in this world?

It's not a solitary life.

I love you, friend.

If we don't respond in 24 hours, he'll send it to the prosecutors.

Kang said... this is not a deal.

Do what he wants.

Find the leaker.

Mr. Song.

Please take good care of him.

Environment and animal protection associations are starting a petition, and our law school friends are helping out as well, he likely won't get a prison sentence.

I heard he could be disbarred even if he receives probation.

We'll get through the investigation and worry about that...

I'm the one in trouble! Me!

I'm sorry, bud.

All right, let's go.

Not as many as I thought.

So you feel bad?

There they are! He's here!

Don't frown, look remorseful.

Are you in any way associated with JH?

How much were the suits? Pardon me.

Excuse me.

Move aside, please. Who made the suits?

I'll cooperate fully to the investigation. One comment please!

Whose idea was it to have the polar bear drink coke?!

I'll cooperate fully.

Why wasn't the giraffe suit finished?!

1 year later

African Park Eurasian Park Rakwon Ecological Zoo Oceanian Park Rakwon Shopping Mall & Ecological Zoo Park & Resort Environment and humans co-exist at Rakwon Ecological Zoo Resort

I've been dreaming this for a long time, this ecological zoo that will be built in Dongsan City, is not a zoo for people to observe animals, but a park that is without cement and cages, a park that is closest to the wilderness, it'll be the biggest ecological zoo in Asia.

Like she was ever interested in zoos.

We're Rakwon employees now.


What happened to the polar bear?

The polar bear? Yeah.

He's gone.

What? Why?

He immigrated, to a cold country.


Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

Is he one of them? No...

They all look the same...

Excuse me, are you Koreans by any chance?

Yes, we are.

I was right, he's that fake zoo director.

Are you?


You're famous even among Korean residents here.

I am?

You were released so early?

It wasn't a prison sentence.

I got probation and 400 hours of community service.

If it's okay, could we take a photo together?



Thank you! Thank you!

Here we go. Okay.

1, 2, 3.

Thank you! Thank you!

Don't post it online!

You're an international star.


Black Nose...


SECRET ZOO AHN Jae-hong KANG So-ra PARK Young-kyu KIM Sung-oh JEON Yeo-been

Based on [SECRET ZOO] by HUN Written by SON Jae-gon LEE Yong-jae KIM Dae-woo Directed by SON Jae-gon ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS Presents An about Film, DCG PLUS Production Executive Producer JUNG Hyun-joo Produced by KIM Sung-hwan Co-producer PARK Hyun-tae SHIN Hye-yeun World Sales by FINECUT