Secretariat (2010) Script


More than three thousand years ago, a man named Job complained to God about all his troubles.

And the Bible tells us that God answered.

"Do you give the horse his strength?

Or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?

Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting?

He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength and charges into the fray.

He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing.

He does not shy away from the sword.

The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance.

In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground.

He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."

Kate, Sarah, you have to leave in ten minutes.

Penny, I have three shirts to pick up at the cleaners, and two more to go in the hamper, if you wouldn't mind.

I'll pick those up. Also go by the wine shop, pick up some Riesling? I have a client coming in. That's all he drinks.

Sarah, orange juice, please.

No nuclear devices on the table. Come on, Dad.

Daddy, I need to pick up a gown.

Another gown?

When you earn your own money, you can buy gowns for every party.

I'm sure we can find something reasonable. We can go look this weekend.

Not Gewurztraminer, only Riesling. Mom, can we have pancakes?

Working on it. Che Guevara or Ho Chi Minh?

What are you doing? Getting ready for a Christmas pageant.

A Christmas pageant? When? Spring.

It's experimental. Has to do with Christmas and lots of things.

Really? That's great! What's the role?

The War Protester. I was thinking that we could...

The what? The War Protester.

It's a really good role, Mom. You'll love it. You, too, Dad.

Tweedy residence. This is she. War protester in a Christmas pageant?

We'll leave this afternoon. Thank you.

What are you doing? I don't pay you to dream, I pay you to work.

Now, let's get to it. Come on! You do that on your own time.

Thank you.

Oh, Hollis.

Mama's gone.

She's gone. Hi, Jack.

Hollis, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your mother was always so kind to me.

Miss Chenery, we're sorry. Thank you.


Penny, darling. Darling.

Girls, you remember Miss Ham? Granddaddy's secretary?

Hi, Miss Ham. Oh, my, you two have grown.

Thank you so much, Miss Ham. For everything.

Hollis said you found her.

She had just fallen. The doctor said she didn't suffer.

She looked... peaceful. Hm.

How is Daddy?

He keeps asking, "Where is she?"

But I'm not sure if he's asking for your mother or you.


Girls, I'm going to go in and see your granddaddy now.

I'll bring you in later.

Come on, girls. Let's get you something to eat.

Don't let them fool you, darling.

It's not whether they think we won.

It's whether we think we won.

You run your race, Penny.

We'll take 'em.

We just got ourselves a couple new horses.

Are we going to race them?


They're going to be mommies and daddies for new horses.


Daddy, it's Penny.


You got married.


But I'm here now.

Because Mama's gone.

Mama's pin?

Yours now.


The Lord shall preserve thy going out, and thy coming in.

From this time forth...

...and even forever more.

And so we return to You your faithful servant, Helen Chenery.

Loving mother, devoted wife...

...who lived each moment to the fullest, cherishing the life she had with her beloved husband, Christopher.

And may the peace that passeth all understanding be in your hearts now and forever more.

Amen. Amen.

Eddie? Eddie, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming.

Miss Penny, your mama was a fine woman. I just feel real bad for Mr. Chenery.

He always thought the world of you.

He said you could hear the horses' thoughts through your hands.

Yeah, well, your father's a good man, Miss Penny.

Thank you.

Mrs. Tweedy?

I'm Arthur Hancock.

Your daddy called me... Bull!

Oh, yes, and everyone else did, too, as I recall.

This is my son, Seth.

Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you for coming.

Your mother was a fine woman. It was a privilege just knowing her.

Thank you.

I know you're going to be making some changes, and if you or your family have any questions, Miss Ham's got my number.

Thank you, Bull.


Your daddy's eyes would always light up when he talked about you.

How smart you are. How much you loved the horses.

Doctor says there may be some brief moments when he is aware of things, but we shouldn't expect much.

Practical thing would be to put him in a nursing home.

This is home to him. And he knows he's here.

I think as long as he does, we should hire nurses and let him stay at home.

The farm has to go. And it won't bring much.

It's been losing money hand over fist for years now.

We have to face facts. To run a horse breeding operation, you need a certain touch.

I'm a professor, and you're a housewife.

I moved up our flight to first thing tomorrow. I've got to get back.

Jack, I need a few more days here.

I have to make sure Daddy's all right, sort through Mother's things.

The kids could all do with a little responsibility.

It will just be a few days.

We need to file right away for his power of attorney?

Miss Ham says he tried to sell four of his best horses last month for half of what they're worth. Mom had to step in and stop him, and now...

I suppose someone will have to clean up for the liquidation.

Hollis, if you need any help on the tax issues you call me, anytime.

Thanks, Jack. It will just be for a few days.

Sarah makes great pancakes.

Oh, no! They're toxic. We won't survive.

That's right, you won't.

Make sure Hollis has that power of attorney order.

The estate's vulnerable. I will. I'll stay on him.

Mom, give Granddaddy a hug for us when he wakes up.

I will. I love you! Love you!

Bye, Mom! Be good!

We will!

Miss Ham. Thank you.

Two sugars and cream?

How did you know?

It's how your daddy likes it. Oh.

You doing all right, honey?


No. But I'll be all right.

These two are both pregnant by Bold Ruler.

And great colts come from great sires.

Miss Ham?

My mother thought the world of you.

And my father's trust in you was... is absolute.

I hope you'll stay.

Funny, I was about to tell you the same thing.

Al! Who the hell told you to bring this one out?

The sable, put it back. Bring out the yearling in 18.

Yes, sir, Mister Jansen. Who are you?

Penny Tweedy.

Penny Chenery. Oh, you're the daughter.

Better get back to work. Excuse me, Mr. Jansen?

Could I talk with you a moment? In private?


About what? I wanted to ask you about that sale of those broodmares that my mother stopped a few weeks ago.

I know you and your brother aren't horse people and you suffered a loss, but you don't need to worry about this right now.

Apparently, I do since they're my father's horses, and the sale would've been bad business.

It's bad business to come to a barn, interrupt a trainer's work.

Not if you want to keep him. I understand.

But about that sale? What about it?

They were worth twice what we were going to sell them for.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I checked the books and I made some calls this morning to be sure.

Like you say, I don't own the horses. Your father has to sell them.

But as trainer, you would know their worth and that they were about to be sold.

I'm wondering why it had to be my mother who stopped the sale and not you.

The old man, your father? Ask him.

I'm asking you! My father's been sick for quite a long time now.

You've been paid to look out for his interests.

And I do! Just because this place is going downhill it ain't my fault.

The sale was going to be to Oakworth Farms?

I learned this morning that the owners of Oakworth were already talking about selling our horses for twice the price they were going to pay us.

You train for them, too, don't you? I don't have an exclusive deal here.

I work for them sometimes. So what?

So if you arranged a deal that gave them four horses at half their market value and they paid you back, plus an extra share on everything they made, that wouldn't just be disloyal. That would be committing fraud.

Who the hell do you think you are? Coming here, accusing me?

Someone who knows enough law to know she's right.

And I'm not "missy" anything. Get your things and get off my farm!

I have a contract, and I'll sue you.

If I ever even hear your name again, I will see that you go to prison!

Where does Bull Hancock eat lunch?

At his club, every day.

But it's gentlemen only.

Uh, miss? Uh... Miss, you can't...

I'm sorry, Mr. Hancock.

I told her this was a gentleman's club, and she just...

It's all right, Brenda. It's all right.

Thank you, Seth. I apologize for interrupting.

It's fine. I have friends here, Miss Chenery.

Thank you.

Well, how's it going?

I fired Earl Jansen.

Do tell.

Does that mean you're selling the horses or keeping them?

The farm's in bad shape, as is Daddy.

But I'm not willing to sell it unless I get what it's worth.

Well, horse farm needs a strong hand on the reins, but the hand that threw Earl Jansen out the door looks pretty strong to me.

Well, I've got a family back in Denver.

I need a good trainer just to get things stabilized.

You need to talk to Lucien Laurin. He's a French Canadian.

Dresses like SuperFly.

He's trying to retire.

What do you mean, "trying"?

Mr. Laurin?

Excuse me. I'm Penny Chenery, Chris Chenery's daughter.

And, um, I need a trainer. Bull Hancock suggested that I find you...

Yeah, Bull called me, but I tell you, I'm tired of babysitting half-ton animals who are nearly as stubborn and stupid as their owners are.

I've lost interest in racing. Don't even follow it anymore.

Well, I'm in a bit of a tight spot.

I wonder if you might just try it for a few months and see how... I don't need to try anything, and trainers don't go anywhere to work for a few months.

They go where there is a good horse. We have plenty of good horses.

No, you don't. You have one or two that might be worth the time, but you're a little short on people over there who know what they're doing.

Well, that's why I've come to see you, Mr. Laurin.

Miss, you're not hearing me. A trainer makes his living off commissions.

Ten percent off sales, ten percent off winners.

To get a top trainer, you need a top horse.

You're going to have to go back to Bull and see if he has any other ideas.

Mr. Laurin, two of our mares are pregnant by Bold Ruler who is the finest stallion of his generation.

Fore! Hey!

Fore! Watch where you're hitting!

Well, I yelled "fore," you idiot. That's what "fore" means.

You see how I am, Miss Chenery, when I put myself in a position to do something poorly?

And I'm afraid at your stable, I'd be yelling "fore" all day long.

Give my regards to your father.


- When are you coming back? - Soon.

I need to talk to you about this coin toss thing.

- Coin toss? - Jack, listen.

Stallions cost more than mares. No, they're more glamorous.

But Daddy knew that a great horse comes just as much from the mare as the stallion.

He invested in mares, which is the first smart thing he did.

Second smart thing he did was he made a deal with Ogden Phipps.

Phipps? Richest man in America?

Yes. Instead of paying a stud fee, Daddy made a deal to breed Phipps' best stallion with our two best mares.

When the mares are close to term, they toss a coin to see who gets which foal.

That coin toss is in two weeks!

What's the difference? I don't have any idea which horse to choose.

I've been through the stud books, Jack. Bold Ruler, that's the sire.

He was fast, but he couldn't last over distances.

Now the two dams are Hasty Matilda and Somethingroyal.

Hasty Matilda is eight years old. She's still young.

Since broodmares tend to produce their best offspring while they're young, that makes her foal the obvious choice, since Somethingroyal's 17.

But her grandsire was Princequillo.

He had great stamina, Jack.

Penny? Penny! Do you know what that means?

What? - Sire and dam and Sam-l-Am?

What is this? Come on. We need you here, Penny.

Come home.

Right after the coin toss.

You about ready? We're ready.

Excuse me just a minute. Mmm-hmm

I'll be making the toss. Are you waiting on anybody else?

No, I came alone. We toss right on the hour.

Good luck to you. Thank you.

Hi. Good to see you, Mr. Hancock. How are you?

Hollis. What are you doing here?

I called Jack about our tax issues, and he told me you fired our trainer.

How do you expect we can fetch a good price on the farm if we don't have a training operation in place.

He was dishonest. He had to go. You came down here because of a trainer?

This coin toss is big. The foal could be worth a great deal.

I checked with some of Phipps' people.

They think he wants Hasty Matilda's foal.

So that's who we'll choose.

No, Hollis, I think that's wrong.

Somethingroyal's colt could have an unusual mix of speed and stamina.

Phipps has the best horse people in the world. You know more than they do?

Come on.

Please don't take offense, Miss Chenery, but your father almost never won our coin tosses.

And I do hope you've inherited his luck.

All right. We're all here now.

Mr. Phipps has the call as the owner of Bold Ruler.

The winner has the choice of the offspring of Mr. Chenery's mares.

Hasty Matilda or Somethingroyal.

Are we all in agreement here? All right. Here we go.

Call. Heads.

Heads it is. I'll go with Hasty Matilda.

Miss Chenery. Please give my best to your father.

Well, that's that.

But I got what I wanted.

You got what nobody else wanted. Time to go home.

Can I give you a lift home?

No, thank you, I have Daddy's truck here.

All right. Bye, Bull.

So, who won the coin toss?

Phipps. He went with Hasty Matilda.

Of course he did.

Call me when she's ready to drop her foal.

Pigs! Pigs. They're all such pigs!

We've been putting on this Protest Pageant for a year.

Now the teacher says it's too political and we can't put it on.

What do you mean you can't?

They have a rule that theater projects can't be political.

When the teacher saw what we were doing... Dad, can we, like, sue them?

If you didn't disclose until today, they couldn't be held liable for a breach.


Honey, listen. If this is really important to you, you won't...

Tweedy residence. - Is Miss Chenery there?

Can we talk about this some more? Yeah. OK. Fine.

Penny. For Miss Chenery.

This is Penny. - This is Eddie.

Somethingroyal is about to drop her foal.

All right. Thank you. - Bye, Miss Chenery.

Somethingroyal's foal is on its way.

Kick hard! Come on! Kick, Chris! Come on. Good job!

Hey, John. How would you like to come with me and see a horse being born?

Really? Yeah!


How many times has she done this?

She did it 13 times.

You've done it four.


It's a boy. It's a boy.

Have you ever seen that? No. Not me.

What? A colt stand up that fast.

Hey, Daddy. I brought you some company.

This is the Bold Ruler colt, Daddy.

We call him Big Red.

Let him run his race, darling.

Flight 226 to Denver is ready for boarding. Gate 33-D.

Almost done. I know this is hard for you.

How long do you think you can keep living two lives at once?

The yearlings are looking good, especially the red one.

We've cut expenses.

We're breaking even.

I thought the point was to sell the farm, not to break even.

When I went off to college, I felt like that colt.

Full of promise.

Full of adventure, like I could...

...make something work.

I gave up a career to have our family, and...

...this colt is part of our family now.

I just want to see him run.

So after two years of juggling all this... isn't ending, it's just... beginning?

How's he feel, Jimmy? Just a big kid having fun out there.

He'll figure it out. Huh, Red?

That's good. That's good.

Now, listen, don't try to change his natural gait, OK?

Don't force him.

Well, Mr. Laurin, what do you think?

I think he's 1100 pounds of baby fat.

He eats too much and too often.

The only reason he doesn't eat more is because he's too busy sleeping.

He only does what he wants to do exactly when he wants to do it.

He lays against the back of that starting gate like he's in a hammock in the Caribbean.

And when he finally does get out of the gate, it takes him forever to find his stride.

Any other questions?

I have one. How much did you spend on that hat?

Right now this horse is all sleep and eat.

But he's got fire inside him. Ain't that right, Red?

That horse couldn't beat a fat man encased in cement being drugged backwards by a freight train.

Well, you should know, Mr. Laurin.


You thought that was funny. I did, too.

I wish we could just race him under his name. Red.

The Jockey Club insists on unique names.

I keep sending them, they keep rejecting them.

I've tried Something Special, Royal Line, Deo Volente...

Deo Volente. "God willing."

God may have been willing, but The Jockey Club wasn't.

Well, there is a race up in Aqueduct in a couple weeks.

I think we should send him out. It's time. Not that I'm expecting much.

Let's enter him, then.

Deo Volente.

Well, that was really good! Can we be excused?


Please bring in the dessert. OK, Mom.

It's good you're home.

Your daughters have something they want to talk to you about.

Oh? What's that?

Kate and I were thinking of going to Chile. Just for a couple of months.

Chile? What for?

Teach English and learn Spanish. It's part of a cultural mission.

A mission to stir up trouble and act cool, you mean? Chile is socialist now.

Thank you. Go play.

It is not. And that's not why we're going.

Although if an opportunity to protest the war did present itself...

See? This is what you're missing.

Your teenage daughters are growing up to become rebels.

No, more like hippies. Free spirits.

Hippies are running from paying the price of freedom.

If there's a price, how is it freedom, Dad?

I'll answer that question when you become an adult.

Would anyone like some pie?

No, thanks. No, thank you.


When do you have to give an answer by?

There's a meeting for the parents on the fifth.

The day after my Protest Pageant.

Your play? You're doing your play?

Yeah. I present it as a civic arts summer program, so...

Oh, Kate, after two years, you're finally going to do it.

Both of you can make it, right?

The new colt runs his first race on the fourth.

That's in New York. I will be on the first plane home.

OK. Oh, by the way, Miss Ham called.

Something about a name for the horse.

Rounding out the field in the fourth race is the son of Bold Ruler: Secretariat.

Right up through there, that one's ours.

Let's take off this stupid... Paul. Where's Paul? Paul!

Here. Right here. Listen.

Quit sneaking around. Got it? Listen. Yes.

Watch out for number six. He's got the speed.

Also, watch out for number three, who's going to hold back with five and eight along with him. And watch out for number one.

That's the best horse in the field. Watch out for him.

All right. Where do you want this?

Are there any horses he doesn't need to be watching out for?

Did I say number four?

We're four.

What? We're four.

Oh, yeah. Right. Well, definitely watch out for number four.


Ohh. Jockey's mighty young. He is mighty young.

He's good enough. He'll do.

You don't like my hat? Why?

Do you like my hat?

Your hat? Yeah.

I... Well... It's...

I do. I like the hat.

Sorry. I do, I do, I like the hat. Help me.

Of course I do. I like it very much.


Oh. What's wrong?

I just realized that's the first time I've laughed, I've really laughed, in a... Since I don't remember when.

She scares me.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fourth race at Aqueduct, maiden trip for two-year-olds, among them, Secretariat by Bold Ruler.

Secretariat leaning against the back of the gate.

And they're off.

It wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

You said he was ready to race.

He was ready to race. He just wasn't ready to play bumper cars.

Fourth? And he runs like he's afraid? I expect more than that.

So do I. What were you doing?

He got hit coming out of the gate. We saw he got hit.

You got him mugged at the gate, mugged in the pack, and mugged on the rail!

You're off him. We need to talk about this.

Don't start with me. You are off him!

Go on home. Just go on.

And you stay out of this. It's none of your business.

Excuse me? What are you saying? The horse should never have lost.

Are you sure that it was Paul's fault, then?

Say that in English.

No. It was my fault.

He doesn't have enough experience. This horse needs a jock with more experience.

Well, I know this.

If his jockey won't back off, Red won't back off. From anything!

You want a jockey who won't back off, then you want Ronnie Turcotte.

I want to meet with him. When I'm back in two weeks.

One more thing. I'm new to this, and you know a lot more about it than I do.

But don't ever say this is none of my business.

Every bit of this is my business! Do you understand?

Yes, ma'am.

I called to check on your flight.

They cancelled it due to weather. Oh, no.

I'm sorry. No. Kate's play.

- ♪ Silent night War, war, war, war...

♪ Holy night

♪ All is calm Mom? Honey. Is she on, almost?

Yeah, she's just starting.


Let me hear.

- ♪ Mother and child ... war, war, war...

♪ Holy infant so

♪ Tender and mild Can you hear? Yeah, I hear!

Dad says it's Commie crap.

It's art, honey.

It's art.

- ♪ Sleep in heavenly peace War, war, war, war...

♪ Silent night

♪ Holy night

♪ Shepherds quake

♪ At the sight ♪

Thank you.

You got a problem?

Hey! Get out of the street!

I'm trying to get across the street.

Move out of the way! Use crutches on the sidewalk!


Miss Chenery? Mr. Turcotte. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Well, Lucien and I were so hoping that you'd be able to ride in our next race.

I'll be ready. Why wouldn't I be?

I spoke with some of the owners you ride for.

They say you're one of the best. You got a great touch.

You're great with young horses.

They also say that you can be over-aggressive.

Use bad judgment. Put a horse into too much traffic where he can't run.

Then why did you come to me?

I hear you have the heart of a champion. I know my horse does.

I read here that the last horse you were on ran so hard his heart burst?

I'm sorry? Lucien told the truth.

What did Lucien say? That you're hard as nails.

Miss Chenery, I risk my life every time I climb on a horse.

I'm not afraid. Neither are they.

I want to win, just like they do.

It's true. The last horse I rode ran so hard his heart burst.

But it's who they are. And it's who I am.

You want somebody else, get somebody else.

I don't want somebody else.

I want you.

Here you go. Thank you.

So which of you ladies owns Secretary?

His name is Secretariat.

And he's going to make your horse take dictation.

You don't know which horses we own.

Doesn't matter. Mine's the big red one. And he's going to beat them all.

Big red one.

I see him. Yup.

It's a beautiful day at Saratoga Park.

Close them up! - We're ready for our six-furlong, single-turn sprint for two-year-olds.

Conditions are perfect. The track is rated very fast.

And they're off!

The field is spreading out. Russ Miron out quickly.

Come on, Ronnie, make your move!

He's got nowhere to move. I thought you said Turcotte was aggressive.

OK, Red. Let's go get them!

Secretariat. Secretariat making a bold move.

Secretariat surging, knocking Blackthorn and Fat Frank aside with brute force.

That's it, Red. We got them.

He's overtaking the field, passing Joe lz, Tropic Action, now approaching Blackthorn.

A spectacular event. Secretariat is catching up to Russ Miron.

Fore! - Russ Miron on the inside.

Secretariat on the outside, now getting the lead by a head.

Secretariat pulling away!

It's Secretariat. Secretariat and Russ Miron.

Secretariat taking the lead as they come to the wire.

It's Secretariat with an impressive victory by two lengths.


Thank you.

Looks like you finished last. I was there long enough.


Is it just me, or is that horse posing?

You and I both know that horse...

Owner hates the attention, but the horse loves it.

Secretariat wins by three lengths!

Secretariat by five lengths!

Secretariat by eight!

Secretariat wins!

- Secretariat! - Secretariat!


Seven wins in four months.

There's talk he could be Horse of the Year.


But most of the sons of Bold Ruler couldn't handle the distances 3-year-old runs.

And they've all failed as Triple Crown contenders.

So what can you tell us about Secretariat?

He loves to run. Loves it.

Likes to come from behind.

Nerve-racking for me, but his fans love it.

And he's a ham.

He likes to show off, doesn't he?

You really think he knows what he's doing?

Don't look at me. Beyer's the one that said you can't run long distances.

You do acknowledge the issue, right?

That speed and endurance don't necessarily go...


No way.

Hey, Thelma! Bring more hamburger. These little guys eat like elephants!

You are doing a great job with him, Lucien.

Let me ask you something. Why did you choose me?

I know Bull recommended me.

But you had to know, you do your homework, that there were other more successful trainers you could've gotten.

The truth? I was hungry. And so were you.

I heard that you carried the clippings from the big races that you lost.

So that's why you didn't try very hard to convince me.

I knew you couldn't stay retired, after I saw your golf swing.

Hey! Secretariat! Horse of the Year!



Arnold Palmers for everyone! Oh, big spender.

Congratulations. Mmm!

Great riding, Ronnie. Good job.

Look at this. Hey, Ronnie.

Good job, man. Thank you, man.

To the greatest horse I ever rode.

And to its owner, who took on the old boys and won.

But now that you've gotten their attention, you're going to have to take them on in earnest next year.

The races are longer. Much longer.

The horses are faster. Much faster.

And every owner, every trainer, every jockey out there is going to be trying to bring us down.

I'll be ready. - Salut.

Horse of the Year! We have to celebrate.

Is this the article that's going to be running across the country?

Did you hear?

It's your daddy, honey.

He's had a stroke.

Let's just go.

I don't think there's much left unsaid between us, Daddy.

I always knew where you stood.

And I'm grateful... so grateful, for the way you showed me what it was to stand up in the world and... the way you believe.

The big red colt won Horse of the Year, Daddy.

I think he can go all the way.

And if he does...

I hope...

I hope you could see it.

Jack, what are you doing here? How did you get here so fast?

I'm so sorry about your father.

I was already on my way.

Already? Are the children all right?

They're fine. I left Denver before I heard the news.

Hollis had asked me to study the tax issues that would arise upon your father's death.

Issues that now find us totally unprepared.

So you've asked my husband to become your ally in this?

It's family business.

And, last time I checked, Jack and your children were still part of this family.

Hollis, you're my brother and I love you, but if you presume to judge my fitness as a wife or mother I will count you a stranger for the rest of my life.

Penny, Hollis is only trying to talk sense.

We need to regain some perspective.

Regain? Penny, it's just...

Let's not talk about this right now.

No. No, no, no. She needs to hear this.

She needs to hear what?

At the current value of his estate, the inheritance tax will be at least six million dollars.

And neither of us has a fraction of that money.

So we sell the mares and the yearlings.

I had an appraisal done, and that won't get us half of what we need.

But there is another option.

I'm not selling him.

Due to his outstanding two-year-old season, if he were sold today, Secretariat would bring a price of seven million dollars.

But if he were to lose just one of the Triple Crown races that value would drop to three million with no way to recover it.

So we sell Secretariat.

You try and sell him and... We're out of time.

If we don't play this right, it could amount to nothing.

Our father came from nothing.

And his legacy to me isn't money.

It's the will to win! If you can. And live with it if you can't.

If I have to challenge you in court on this, I will.

Miss Ham? Would you come in here a moment, please?

Thank you, Miss Ham.

Would you tell Jack and Hollis about the document that Daddy left for you.

Five years ago Mr. Chenery had me witness him signing a provision that, while both of you are beneficiaries, dispersal of the farm would be left to Hollis.

Decisions regarding the horses would be left to Penny.

We could argue he already had dementia.

He was of sound mind when he signed it.

I'd swear to it... in court.

Thank you, Miss Ham.

Great. I teach economics at Harvard, and I don't know a way to conjure up six million dollars before you race him again. What makes you think you can?

I'll find a way. And if I can't, I'll live with it.

Why? Why do you need to live with it?

Make me, the whole family, live with it for a past that is gone!

Our father was a great man, but we can't bring him back.

This isn't about going back.

This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it.

Because you never know how far you can go unless you run.

That's great.

But if you stumble and fall, you don't just make us fools, you make us beggars.

When your horse people call the house, they don't ask for Mrs. Tweedy, they ask for Miss Chenery.

Is that who you've become? Jack...

...Miss Chenery and Mrs. Tweedy have always been the same person.

I'm wondering how it is that Mr. Tweedy could take sides against me.

Trying to muscle me into something. Can't do that.

Good evening, Eddie. Hi, ma'am.

How are you, Big Red?

How's it going? Ma'am...

I reckon you heard about Bull Hancock, ma'am?



After your daddy's funeral, they say he went home and just fell dead.


I don't know about the ways of God, ma'am, but... I know your daddy and Mr. Bull lifted each other up.

The way you lift me up and the way you lift up Red.

Everything living lives from its heart, and I wish I can give you something to lift yours up.

Well, thank you, Eddie. You just did.

What does he see?

When he looks at me, I feel like he looks right into me.

He sees what matters to him, ma'am. What's immediate.

The clouds and stuff, they don't mean nothing to a horse.

Lights, sounds, flashes... Intentions!

That's what a horse notices.

Especially one as smart as Big Red here.

And they can tell when the horse next to them or behind them wants to be first to the food. Or the mare.

Or the finish line.

That's what matters to them.

Ain't that right?

It's never been done. But that doesn't mean it won't work.

We offer 32 shareholders exclusive breeding rights.

We call it "a select opportunity."

Father would've loved that phrase. How much per?


A hundred and ninety?


That's more than anybody's ever paid for a breeding share. Lot more.

That's what makes it exciting, Seth. Horseracing's all about excitement.

He's been a great colt, but he's completely untried as a three-year-old.

And the sons of Bold Ruler, they're long on speed, but short on stamina.

Yeah, and his mother was old when she had him and Ogden Phipps knew all that when he could have chosen my colt.

But he didn't. And now I've got Secretariat.

And he's got a horse named Missed Opportunity.

Daddy used to always say that rich people are rich because they're smart with their money.

And they're going to insist on a performance clause.

No son of Bold Ruler has ever won a single Triple Crown race.

That's a mile-and-a-half distance that Secretariat's never come close to running.

You're going to lose the farm and the horse, everything.

This is a big deal. I have never done anything like this before.

Nobody has.

You mind if I ask why you called me? Well...

Your father, he really helped me and...

...and work is good for grief.

I'm in.

Howard Keck on line one, Bunker Hunt on line two.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Mr. Hunt? Penny Chenery. Mr. Keck, Seth Hancock.

I was calling about a select opportunity on Secretariat.

No, sir, he's not for sale.

No, we are moving to syndicate his breeding rights.

It's a select opportunity. We have 32 shares...

Yes, sir. It's a great opportunity.

I will head that way. I'll see you in a bit. All right, bye-bye.

Look, Seth, I've been a part of lots of these deals, but I've never been asked to pay 190 grand for a breeding share.

Nobody has.

Tell Mr. Chenery's little girl that she's priced this colt like he's already won the Triple Crown.

I'm calling on behalf of Penny Chenery. We will call him back later. Thank you.

Dr. Todd, please. It's Elizabeth Ham.

No disrespect, sir, but if he gets any better, you're going to want to be in on this.

All due respect, but I got a pretty good handle on where I want to be.

You could have her give me a call me later this afternoon.

Yes, Mr. Cleaver, it's lots of money. But my father used to tell me you got to spend money to make it.

I'll put some thought into it, all righty.

Thank you, sir.

Jock Whitney's a "no." And Mr. Mellon's on line two.

Mr. Mellon, thank you for getting back to me.

Of course, I understand, Mr. Mellon.

I'll hold a share for you in case you reconsider. Thank you.

Have you ever seen that?

No, not me. That boy a whopper.

I don't care how many times they say no.

I don't care how many times they tell us we can't do it. I am not giving up!

I will not live the rest of my life in regret!

We are going to see that horse run and win!

And we are going to live rejoicing! Every day!


Ronnie! Going to have some lunch? Mrs. Tweedy.

Yes, ma'am. Just getting a bite to eat before I go to the ring. What about you?

I'm meeting somebody. Hello, Mr. Phipps, Thank you for coming. Miss Tweedy. My pleasure.

You know Ronnie Turcotte, my rider? Ronnie.

So, they call you "Tiny"?

What? Mr. Phipps...

Thank you for coming. Sure.

Are we ready yet?

We're still thinking about it.

If I smell the air correctly, Mrs. Tweedy, you're about to ask me to spend a small fortune to buy a share in a horse I could've owned for nothing.

That's true, I am.

Nobody's buying yet, are they?

That's right. They need someone to lead them.

You know that horse I chose the day we flipped the coin?

She's the prettiest, best-tempered horse in my whole stable.

And she couldn't outrun my accountants.

So now you've got the Horse of the Year, and I look foolish.

It's not foolish to be unlucky, Mr. Phipps.

Most men, if they had chosen wrong and lost this horse wouldn't think of investing in him again, but you're bigger than that.

And if you do invest in him instead of being the man who lost Secretariat in the past, you'll be the one who had the vision to lead investors in his future.

His future is uncertain. And I don't buy shares in untested three-year-olds.

But my accountants, they may be slow afoot, but they are quick to calculate and they tell me that you're in a rough spot.

So I'll buy that horse of yours right now.

Seven million dollars. All cash.

I can't do that.

If he does what I think he'll do, his value will double, if not triple.

You do know what you're saying.

You're guaranteeing that this horse is going to win the Triple Crown.

The Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont.

Three races, three states in just five weeks.

Hasn't been done in 25 years.

There are a lot of good horsemen think it can't be done anymore.

Just understand, this is what you're saying.

That is exactly what I'm saying.

Eight million.


You're that stubborn?

I'm that right.

Have we made up our mind yet?

Yes, I think we have.

All this talk about Secretariat. He hasn't faced a horse as good as Sham.

My horse is faster and stronger. We're not waiting for the Derby to prove it.

We're going to the Wood Memorial.

And when Secretariat has to run as far as my horse did today he's going to fade like the sunset.

- I guarantee it. He is ridiculous.

Well, Seth, what do you make of that?

I think that fellow is going to make Lucien say things in French my mama would spank him for.

This guy will not shut his face!

"Lucien Laurin cannot train a winning horse."

OK, so he's saying that I'm incompetent. He never shuts up.

This guy, he couldn't train a flea to jump.

He couldn't train a monkey to pick at his own butt.

Step out here with me. He could not train...

The guy couldn't train his own bowel movements.

The Wood is in New York. You're going to need a new dress.

They say, "Secretariat's owner is striking and charismatic."

Penny Tweedy. - I saw the paper.

Yes. Didn't Seth do a great job? I'd like to say congratulations, but I am a lawyer, and I know what performance guarantees mean.

Jack, I don't know how to earn a reward without taking a risk.

Is it really true Ogden Phipps offered you eight million dollars?

It's true. He wouldn't have made that offer unless he thought Secretariat would be worth twice that.

The richest man in the world can take a risk like that, Penny.

- But I can't. You?

I just mean, do what you want with your money.

But I can't spend my money on a risk like that.

Don't worry. I understand. Not a cent of your money.

I didn't mean it like that. I just meant...

I understood how you meant it, Jack.

Let's talk later.

There are words of wisdom that have sustained me throughout my darkest times.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share them with you.

I'm all ears, Miss Ham.

They are: "Good evening, Kmart shoppers."

Fifteen minutes to post. Fifteen minutes.

There he is.

Edward, it's big enough for a Clydesdale!

It ain't big enough for Red. Maybe he's still hiding fat from the winter.

Does he look fat to you?

What are you doing?

The same thing I've done with every belt I ever owned.

Come on, Red.

Miss Penny, look this way, please.

You OK, Miss Ham?

I hate what she's having to go through, and there's so little I can do to help.

Someday I'd like to be able to do for that horse half of what you do for its owner.

Lucien, those are the grandest words anyone's ever said to me.

Lucien. Mr. Phipps. How are you?

Good morning. Best to you.

Good luck today. Thank you.

The horses now being loaded in for the big race of the day, the match-up between Secretariat and Sham.

You're going to eat dirt today, Ronnie.

The final test before the campaign for the Triple Crown, the first test of whether the big horse from Virginia can cover the distance.

Time to see who's got the real horse.

The horses are in the gate.

Secretariat a bit uneasy, but that seems characteristic for him.

- And they're off! Yeah, he goes right to the back.

Horses breaking nicely. Angle Light moving from the outside.

Secretariat settling in at the rear of the pack.

OK. It's OK. Come on, Ronnie.

Heading toward the rail. Step Nicely in second.

Sham in good position running in third.

Secretariat seems to be laboring.

Go, Red! He always does this. It's OK.

Angle Light holds the lead into the turn. Sham in perfect position.

Sham moves up. Secretariat pressing forward.

Come on, Red! Go! Go!

Come on, Red! Come on!

Pincay's waiting for Turcotte to move.

Now, Red, now!


Come on.

Angle Light and Sham driving for home! Secretariat starting to challenge!

They straighten away in the stretch!

Angle Light holding on to the lead now.

Sham second, far outside is Secretariat!

Coming on the 16th pole, Angle Light in front by a length and a quarter. Sham is second.

God. What's he doing?

Angle Light in front. Sham on the outside.

Sham and Angle Light driving to the wire! Secretariat fading!

No! Go! Go!

It's Angle Light and Sham! Angle Light and Sham at the wire!

Secretariat a stunning and distant third!

All right, Sham! Way to go!

You know I speak for everyone. One loss can happen. Two is non-performance.

I understand. I'm sure you do.

Another son of Bold Ruler, all speed and no distance.

Magnificent! Magnificent!

Next time we'll bury him even worse!

You cost me ten grand, Turcotte! Hey, loser!

Who are you calling a loser? Think you can do any better?

Eddie! Ronnie. Ronnie!

What was that? He didn't fire. He didn't sound right.

What do you mean? In his other races he sounded like a freight train. Come with me. Just go inside.


We just lost a race that we could not afford to lose!

We finished third. Third! In front of Ogden Phipps!

I've got a slew of other investors here. What am I supposed to tell them?

Just tell them the truth. The horse had a bad day.

The horse? We're blaming the horse now?

And you? How could you hold him back that long? What were you thinking?

I didn't hold him back. I rode him the same way I always do.

The only reason Sham didn't beat us worse is because his jockey couldn't believe what was happening! He was waiting for you.

The only reason I don't fire you both is we're leaving for Kentucky tomorrow.

Do what you think is right, ma'am.

It's not Ronnie's fault. He had him where he should be.

Well, if it's not the horse and it's not Ronnie then you had better figure out what happened today and you had better fix it!

Because if that is the best he can do at this distance, we are finished!

Has he eaten anything? Nothing.

And this a horse that's never missed a meal in his life.

How much oats you usually give him? Sixteen quarts.

Twenty-five pounds of hay. A day?

That's more than a couple of pregnant mares would put away.

Yeah, well...

OK, now. Easy. I'm not going to hurt you.

I don't think he the one going to get hurt, Doc.

Settle down.

Lucien, you want to give me a hand here?

No, thanks. You scared of him?

This horse has been waiting two years for me to put a hand next to his mouth.

I'm not going to do that.


I think I got your problem here, Lucien.

He's got an abscess.


I'm calling for Kate Tweedy, please? It's her mother.

Kate! Your mother's on the phone.


Oh, I... I just wanted to see how you're doing.

Uh... Hey, I'm kind of busy right now. We're getting ready for a march.

Mom? Are you OK with that?



...our political beliefs can change, but our need to do what we believe is right...

... that doesn't.

I'm proud of you.

Thanks, Mom. Hey, I got to go. Can we talk later?


- Are you all right? Sure. Yeah, we'll talk later.

OK. Bye.

Doc found a big abscess in Red's lip.

It probably hurt him all the way around the track.

Ain't nobody seen it because Red won't soften up his mouth for nobody but you.

Oh... Lucien... Forget it.

Let's get him ready for the Derby.


I am so sorry.

I didn't know what happened before. Apparently...

In preparation for the 99th running of the Kentucky Derby, please welcome Secretariat!

We love you, Big Red!

Story's over here. Do you think Secretariat is ready?

We're very excited.

Is Secretariat ready for this race? Yes, indeed.

Listen, we'll take care of the horse, you take care of the reporters.

I don't know what to say.

You're as big a story as the horse, OK.

If you want him fit, you take care of them.

Welcome to the Derby. Thank you.

So that's Pancho over there with Sham, right?

Sure is.

Can't wait till you win this Derby, so we can go home.

I keep hearing rumors.

Secretariat's got bone chips, bad ankles, bad knees.

Sham's burning up the track and Secretariat has gone missing.

So is his owner. She'll be at the press conference.

The only thing she hates worse than talking about herself is backing down.

I can't wait much longer.

All right, gentlemen, I guess we're going to get started.

Let's open it up for questions.

Pancho, is it true you're predicting Sham's victory?

Lucien, there are rumors your horse is hurt. Any comment?

Pancho, how are you feeling about Sham's readiness?

Fantastic! You've all seen his workouts. He's never looked better.

Penny, Sham's turning in awesome workouts.

When will you work Secretariat? Soon.

Any concern Secretariat will run the same way he did his last race?


Pancho, some people think Secretariat didn't appear to be himself in Wood Memorial. "Didn't appear to be himself?"

Is that journalism-ese for getting your butt whipped?

Horseracing is unforgiving for trainers, horses and housewives.

Let me tell you what you're going to hear from the Secretariat people.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Let me tell you what you're going to hear from me.

We beat Big Red at the Wood, and we're going to beat him here again.

Any comment, Miss Tweedy?

How much pressure are you feeling from your investors right now?

Well, it's like every other all-or-nothing, multimillion-dollar gamble we housewives make every day.

Miss Tweedy didn't hear me, so I'm going to make it very clear.

Secretariat is going down.

I guarantee it!

Pancho's starting to brag like a boxer.

Maybe he plans on taking up prizefighting after he finishes horseracing.

Sham has about as much chance of beating Secretariat as Pancho has of beating Muhammad Ali.

I know it hurt, but I got to do it, Red.

How's it look?

Same. Still ain't ate.

I'm going to have Ronnie take him out in the morning.

See how it goes.

It's nothing like Sham's been running.

Nothing like Secretariat's been running. Penny's not talking.

Eddie? No, ma'am. He's still off his feed.

Miss Tweedy? Miss Tweedy? How's your horse doing?

He'll answer that question for himself on race day.

You're Bill... Nack, right? Yes, ma'am.

I've read you. You write like a poet. Why do you do this?

For years they had me covering politicians.

I wanted to write about the other end of the horse.

Why do you do this, Miss Penny?

I'm his voice.

Penny, we think the abscess is gone, but he still hasn't eaten and Ronnie says his breathing is still a little shallow.

I don't know. I don't know if we should run him.

Can I have a moment with him?

All right, then. I'll see you in the morning.

OK, Eddie.

Thank you.

Hey, Kentucky!

Big old Red done ate his breakfast this morning!

And you about to see something that you ain't never even seen before!

So get ready!

Get ready!

♪ We will sing one song

♪ For my old Kentucky home

Do you think he'll be OK?

He ate his food this morning.

It's your day, baby.

Excuse me.

Hold it.

He's posing again. This way.

Good luck today, Miss Penny. Thank you.

Go, Secretariat! Yeah!

Easy, Red.

Safe trip, boys.

Bring it home, Red!

Big day, Mrs. Tweedy. Mmm-hmm.


There you go, boy.

OK, get him in.

Get him in there.

Hold it, hold it.

Come on now, Red, come on. Don't get distracted. Focus. You got it.

Go ahead. Hold up, now.

Steady! All right!

Come on, Big Red!

All right, let's go.

They're at the post. Secretariat throws his head just a bit.

And they're off in the 99th running of the Kentucky Derby!

Shecky Greene sprinting to the front, Royal and Regal just behind.

Gold Bag quickly moving into third.

And Secretariat breaks last from the gate.

Sham moving up to challenge for the lead.

Royal and Regal now being moved to the inside, looking for room.

Gold Bag is up on the outside.

Run them down, run them down, Red! Run them down. Come on! Come on!

Sham and a dozen others moving into striking position.

Secretariat is at the back of the pack.

I can't watch this.

You have to stay here and take this with me.

Sham working into strong position.

Sham now third on the outside by two lengths.

Fast first quarter in 23.2.

There you go! Come on!

As they're heading into the back straight Sham moving up, challenging for the lead.

Navajo, Forego, and Warbucks beginning to move up, followed by My Gallant...

Come on. Run them down, Red!

Sham moving up into third.

Gold Bag just in front of him as they clear the half mile.

Secretariat still lagging off the pace.

I'm sick of this dirt. Let's get rolling.

Sham closing to the rail. Three quarter time: A speedy 1:11.4.

Gotta move him, Ronnie. Let's go!

Come on, Ronnie, move. - Sham has taken the lead.

Secretariat well back of the leaders and failing to mount a challenge.

Entering the final turn, Secretariat surging past Angle Light!

Come on, Red! - Final quarter mile!

Come on, Red. Pace yourself. This yours. This yours.

Come on, Ronnie! Run!


They're at the head of the stretch and Sham is the leader.

He leads it by a length.

Secretariat is in the center of the racetrack and driving!

It's Sham and Secretariat, neck and neck!

They're in the stretch. It's Secretariat on the outside to take the lead.

Sham holding in second.

Run him, Ronnie!

It's Secretariat at the finish! He wins it by two lengths.

Holy! Whoo!

I knew he was going to do it. I knew he was going to do it.

Whoo! All right!

We won! I knew you could do it, Mom!


I can't believe it! You did it!

Penny, it's been 25 years since horseracing's had a Triple Crown winner.

Now, is this the horse that finally breaks that streak?

We still have a lot of work to do.

But at least we've given ourselves the chance.

Congratulations, Penny and Secretariat on the fastest Derby ever!

Here's hoping we see the same thing two weeks from now at the Preakness.

Girls! The race is about to start!

The excitement over this super-horse has captured the imaginations of Americans and brought together people across great divisions of culture, politics and passion.

Uniting them in one great battle cry: "Go, Secretariat, go!"

Of course he's the favorite in this race as we look at him in his barn.

He's getting ready now to make the walk across to the saddling area.

I'm Jack Whitaker, along with Heywood Hale Broun, Chic Anderson and Frank Wright. We welcome you to the 98th running of the Preakness.

Hey, there's Mom. I can't believe that's Mom!

Wow. She looks awesome. I can't believe she's on TV.

That's amazing. So cool.

With three horses in, I'm going to give this to Chic Anderson who will call the race for you.

We're about ready to go as Ecole Etage...

Secretariat bobs his head.

We're still looking... And they're off!

For the early lead, that's Deadly Dream. On the outside, Ecole Etage.

Settling into second, Torsion. Sham has good position, third on the rail, and Secretariat is last, again, as they move...

Red's last. He's last. Why is he always last?

But here comes Secretariat! He's moving fast! And he's going to the outside...

He's going for the lead, and it is right now he's looking for it!

See him right there? All right, Red.

Come on. Yes.

Secretariat is right alongside.

Sham now going to the outside in third. We're moving down the backstretch.

They're incredible! Look at them!

Secretariat the leader by...

Dad, you seeing this? I see him.

And it looks like Ecole Etage has had it, dropping back in third.

Here's the race, folks. Secretariat trying to hold it.

Look at this!

Head of the stretch, Secretariat at two and a half.

Sham under a strong left-handed whip.

Secretariat by two lengths! Sham driving second!

It is Secretariat! He's coming to the wire! He wins it by two and a half, almost three!

I don't believe this!

And it was a powerhouse race again by the big, strong Secretariat.

Here is Mrs. Tweedy, who has just won the second of two very important races to her.

Secretariat has now won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, and this time he did it the same way.

What is it, Lucien? What's wrong?


He just won Preakness, like he won the Derby.

You keep staring into your coffee. Are you worried about Red?

Since Citation did it in 1948, seven horses have won the Derby and then the Preakness.

Every single one of them has failed to win the Triple Crown.

He just won the first two in record time.

Yeah, and the Belmont is the graveyard of speed horses.

It's the longest race they'll ever run.

What do you suggest?

Normally we rest him, right?

Yeah. Sure. Let him recuperate.

Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

But you don't want to back off.

In all my years of training I've never had a horse who loves to run the way this one does.

You take that horse out one day, he's going to run faster the next.

My instinct?

My instinct is to train him. Hard. To stoke that fire.

But if I'm wrong, then they will say that not only did we ruin the horse's chances at the Triple Crown...

...they may say we ruined the horse.

Red is not afraid. And neither am I.

Just remember, if we push him instead of rest him... could be dangerous.

Nobody knows how much he can take.

He does.

He knows.

Mr. Martin! Secretariat has beaten your horse twice.

What makes this race different?

Any good horseman will tell you that Secretariat is built for speed and Sham is built for distance.

But, of course, uh, Miss Tweedy believes that her horse has somehow magically inherited both.

I believe that this race is going to prove that her woman's intuition will only take her so far.

Penny! What about all the attention Secretariat's getting?

Covers of both Time and Newsweek. Well...

Let me tell you something about all this talk about "super-horse."

Sham broke the Derby record, too.

He ran the second-fastest Derby. He ran the second-fastest Preakness... ever.

We were right there with the red horse every step of the way.

And now we're getting ready to run the longest of the Triple Crown races.

When we're done, you'll be calling Sham the super-horse!

Any comment, Penny?

Well, I'd have to say I agree completely with Mr. Martin.

His horse did run the second-fastest ever.

I'm out of here.

Where are you going? Come on!

That woman, she's so arrogant.

Lucien will do anything to prove he's not a loser. That's where they're weak.

We rest our horse, they push theirs.

On race day, we push him even harder. We push him until he comes apart!

Three-quarters of a mile: 1:12 and a fifth.

Oh, that's good time.

Sure you want to send him a mile next time out?

I'm just asking.

They think we're training him too hard.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Belmont Ball.

It's not bad.

Your daddy would be so proud.

Where did you find her?

Told her I was taller when I stood on my wallet.

Miss Chenery.

Mr. Laurin. You look exceptionally handsome tonight.

Well, I wanted to go on record, I left my hat at home, just for you.

I brought you a little something from a mutual friend of ours.

I offered to give it back to Seth, but he too thought you should have it.

The "tails" side is very nice.

Lucien, you know you are absolutely the best trainer that I could have ever...

You're the best owner I ever saw.

Turcotte and Edward say he's the smartest horse they've ever seen.

Maybe. I've trained horses my whole life.

I still don't have the slightest idea what they know and what they don't know.

Three years ago I would've said that a racehorse didn't care who his owner was.

But then he's not a racehorse.

He's Secretariat.

And I think tomorrow he'll be wearing wings.

Mom. I'm sorry I'm late. Kate!


You're not late. You're perfectly on time.

Look at you! You're so beautiful. And you're all grown up.

You look beautiful, too, Mom. All grown up.

I'm so proud of you.

Thank you.


I love you. I love you.

Mom! Come here!

Oh, Sarah.

Oh, look at you.

Missed you.

You're amazing. Look at what I've got.

Is that the coin? The coin?

The coin. Oh.

Here. Go ahead. You can hold it.

You guys keep it safe. Don't lose it tonight. It's important.

Come on, boys. Let's go.

They are growing up. All of them.

Kate is so beautiful in that gown. And Sarah in hers.

Yeah. Wish I'd bought those gowns earlier.

Something I need you to know.

I want you to win. And win or lose, you've taught our children what a real woman is.

What it is to believe in yourself, and I never could have taught those things.

And you've taught me something, too.

Come here.

I realized something.

I've already won.

I made it here. I didn't quit.

I've run my race.

Now you run yours.

A record crowd is expected today as Secretariat makes his bid for horse racing immortality.

The race is scheduled for 5:38 this afternoon.

Forecasters are predicting temperatures in the mid-90s.

Easy. Easy, easy. Hold him, Eddie. Hold him.

Easy, Red. Easy. Watch yourself.

Calm yourself. Calm yourself.

Let him walk. Walk off his nerves.

Horse seems pretty fired up.

He knows what's going on.

I saw Big Red! Good girl, sweetheart.

Is that the one? Oh yeah, right.

I don't make a lot of guarantees, but listen, this one you can bet on.

You're going to eat dirt today, Ronnie.

I don't think so.

Go hard for the lead. Draw him up close. If he comes, he's ours. OK?

Lot of track today, Red. A lot of track.

OK, Ronnie, don't send him out, all right? But don't choke him, either.

Remember, we have a mile and a half to cover. And one last thing, don't...

What? Burst his heart?

Just bring him home, Ronnie.

Come on, Big Red!

Go, Big Red!

Coming up: The eighth race, the 105th running of the Belmont Stakes.

Here we go. Oh, here he comes.

Big Red! Go, Big Red!

Oh, I think he's coming. Oh!

Big Red!

Very big day, Mrs. Tweedy.

OK, Big Red!

Come on, Sham!

Hey! Hey!

Ah, look at him.

You got a couple thousand I can borrow?

Come on, Red!

He looks fantastic.

Oh! I was afraid you wouldn't show up.

Well, uh... got a tip on a horse.

Yeah! Where is Lucien?


Good luck.

The remaining field, now entering the gate.

Easy there, easy.

That's good.

Only five horses in the field today, many of the owners conceding that this is a match race between Secretariat and Sham.

The field is at the post. Chic Anderson with the call.

Horses now loaded in.

And they're off!

Secretariat surging from the gate.

Secretariat away very well, has good position on the rail.

Secretariat driving immediately into the lead.

Secretariat and Sham off to a surprisingly rapid pace.

He's going out too fast!

Sham, on the outside, is also moving along strongly.

Now it's Sham. Sham and Secretariat are...

This is no good.

Why is he going to the lead? Because I don't know.

Go! Go!

Sham pushing Secretariat into an even faster pace.

As they round the first turn...

... drawing away down to the backstretch.

Sham pressing Secretariat even faster.

Secretariat refusing to yield. Driving forward.

This is unbelievable. No horse can take this pace!

Sham pushes forward to challenge for the rail.

Come on, Ronnie. Come on.

Three quarters, a blistering 1:09.4.

There you go! There you go!

Secretariat and Sham locked in a deadly duel.

It's another eight lengths to Private Smiles, who is trailing the field.

It's Secretariat and Sham!

Oh, man. This is a catastrophe. It's too fast.

- Before the turn, it's Secretariat. Come on, Big Red.

Let him run, Ronnie! Let him run!

Sham and Secretariat pulling away at blazing speed!

With a half mile still to run, Secretariat sprinting away.

Four lengths.


Nine! Eleven!

Entering the final turn, Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine!

That's impossible.

"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing.

He does not shy away from the sword.

He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."

Oh! Glory!

The lead is now 24 lengths.

- Twenty-six lengths! Whoo-hoo!

- Twenty-eight and still surging! Ride him, Ronnie! Ride him!

Go, Red! Go, Red!

Whoa. God.


Ronnie, don't fall off!

There you go, Red!

Secretariat by 30!

Secretariat wins!

Secretariat wins by 31 lengths!

You have a great horse.

♪ It's not the price ♪

♪ It's not the game ♪

♪ It's not the score ♪

♪ It's not the fame ♪

♪ Whatever road looks way too far ♪

♪ It's not what you have ♪

♪ It's who you are ♪

♪ It's not how fast ♪

♪ It's not how far ♪

♪ It's not of cheers ♪

♪ It's who you are ♪

♪ In darkest night ♪

♪ You make your sun ♪

♪ You choose your race ♪

♪ And then you run ♪

♪ It's never the glory ♪

♪ It's never the score ♪

♪ It's not about seeing about who's less and who's more ♪

♪ Cuz when you find out how fast and how far ♪

♪ You'll know it's not how much you have ♪

♪ It's who you are ♪

♪ When you have found ♪

♪ How fast you can run ♪

♪ When you have found ♪

♪ Your place in the sun, ♪

♪ It won't be just you that you'll find ♪

♪ Has made the run and the climb ♪

♪ It's everyone ♪

♪ Learning to bend and not to break ♪

♪ Living to give more than you take ♪

♪ Remembering to pray ♪

♪ Dying to live ♪

♪ Living to try ♪

♪ Feet on the ground ♪

♪ Dreams in the sky ♪

♪ It's never how much you have ♪