Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018) Script

Ask Hsiao-chin to come home.

All right.

Why did you take my eyeball off?

Why didn't you hold on to your parents?

Weren't you scared?


You know why I wear this silly outfit and work part-time here?

Hold on to your parents tightly.

Hold on to their waist, arms, and thighs.

Listen to your heart beating, beating really loud.

I enjoy seeing you people get so scared that you hug each other tightly.

But you...

You didn't do that, did you?

Uncle, I'm sorry.


Call me "brother"!

That uncle is so scary.

-Didn't I tell you? Call me "brother"! -You're fired.

That brat got lost and pulled my eyeball off.

I'll dock the cost of the eyeball from your wages.

You won't call my school, will you?

Please don't call my uncle.

If you really have to tell him, wait until my aunt is not there. Okay?


Why did you answer your phone in class?


You called me in the first place.

I'm calling you as a test.

What kind of student would take a call in class?

I'm not in class.

-Not in class? -Who are you talking to?

No one. It's a cold call.

I don't need anything to build a six-pack.

I'm hanging up.


Speak up.

All men need a six-pack.

But since you're a woman, you can forget about it.



We've been teachers for years.

I've never seen a jackass like you who's still in high school at the age of 20.

You should get a medal for that.

How are your grandparents doing?

I haven't seen them for ages.

Shameless jackass!

Don't pull the phone away!

That's enough.

Forget it.

That jackass uncle of yours says that this school has lost of idiots who are dumber than you.

Maybe there's one next to you now.

You just need to get into fewer fights.

-A call costs a lot. -What are you doing?

-Give it back, I'm not finished yet. -Please graduate from this school. Bye.

CHIEH HSIAO-CHIN This student, his name is Chieh Hsiao-chin.

"Chieh" is quite an unusual surname.


You stress the last syllable.

Right then.

Can you please tell me why you didn't show up till the fifth period on your first day at a new school?


That's fine, then.

Mr. Chin, take the seat next to Little Princess.

It's the last seat in the second row.

Get up.

That's the fourth row.

Little Princess sits to your right.

That's your left.

Every student in the school knows that cell phones must be switched off during class.

That's basic etiquette.

And for Mr. Chin here, this would be the third high school he has been to.

Everyone should appreciate their time with Chin because it might not be long.

You have one new message.

Answering your phone is basic etiquette.

Your grandpa's health is getting worse.

Come home and take over the family business.

Grandpa wants to speak with you.

-Here. -Hsiao...

What are you unhappy with?

High school...

Hey, Blondie.

Keep out of our business. Got it?

Did you get it?

-Grandpa said... -Hey, Blondie! Are you deaf?

-It's okay if you don't finish. -You hear me, Blondie?

-You've learned more than most. -Blondie...

Shut up!

You keep saying "Blondie"! It's so annoying!

Damn Blondie!

Are you standing up for him?

You better watch out!

Chin, thank you.

You stink.

They forced me to drink from the toilet.

You three fought against one person?

The transfer student, Blondie, and the school bully, Bat, are fighting over a sissy boy out of jealousy.

I always knew about Little Princess.

-Look at him! -Don't you want to throw up?

-But Lu Chun is in tenth grade! -I know about him.

-He looks old for a tenth grader! -He's that gloomy looking thing.

Anyway, later...

-He finally got his way. -Chin finally won.

-He rescued the faggot. -Rescued the Princess from the Bat.

And won over his heart.

Listen carefully.

Put the word out.

I want to teach Blondie, Hsu Li-han, and Lu Chun a lesson!



Get back here!

Come back here!

How dare you stop?

You are next!

DAMN FAGGOT You're next.

Mr. Chin, is there something on your mind?


Then why is it that, when I asked you to make a bookcase, you built a house with such exquisite craftsmanship?

Even I would want to buy it from you and keep as part of a collection.

DAMN FAGGOT I don't discriminate against people.

As a teacher, I hope my students don't spend too much time dating.

It will be the winter vacation in the blink of an eye.

In another blink of an eye, school will start again.

And, soon, you will graduate and take university entrance exams.

And then you'll get expelled. And in another blink of an eye, you will have kids.

I want to die...

In the evening, you'll know that I've died.

It's too high.

It's all your fault, yet you pretend that nothing happened.

You can tell them to come after me.

I did.

I even begged them to beat you up.

They said they are no match for you.

It's more fun to hit me.

I see.

Did you hear what I said?

Are you going to answer that? If not, turn it off.

They said, when winter vacation begins, they'll beat me and Hsu Li-han up alternatingly.

You should be responsible!

This is a message from the teachers' office for Chieh Hsiao-chin in Class 3, 12th grade.

We got an emergency call from your family.

They're asking you to check your cell phone.

Mr. Chin, please tell your family that school is not a department store.

The teachers aren't your secretaries.

We shouldn't relay messages like this either.

Mr. Yao?

Is it okay to speak with me on the phone?

It's okay.

Your aunt has gone to a pawnshop.

A pawnshop?

What for?

She's pawning the wedding ring to see how much our marriage is worth.

Don't worry.

It's just a divorce.

Uncle, are you crying?


If you describe my life in one word, it would be "brave."

-Just 2374 NT dollars! -I'm hanging up.

The train is about to leave.

Can you please get off?

It's his fault that we're on the run.

I've found a part-time job.

And now?

He's an heir to a hot spring hotel.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

What spoon in the mouth?

You should not speak with things in your mouth.

I'm so nervous.

We're about to meet your parents.

Hey. What does your family's hot spring hotel look like?

My parents died ages ago.

My grandparents manage the place.

I'm warning you.

Don't say anything good about the hotel.

Of course, we won't...


No matter how luxurious, beautiful, or comfy it is.

But that's quite rude.

That's not how we should behave.

Does it matter?

He just wants to use phony praises to hide the fact that we are freeloaders.

I want to make myself dislike that place.



I've never heard of this place.

Maybe it's like Lanjo Temple.

What's "Lanjo Temple"?

The journey of life Is like a beautiful dream Wind blows on my face Several roads lead me to...


You gave this place too much credit.


What does "OO Hotel" mean?

It probably means "circles."

A pair of slippers costs 50 NT dollars.

Two pairs cost 200. Do you think we are stupid?

And that bathroom scale, we were charged as soon as we stood on it.

And it's not even accurate.

The water has so much froth and scum, how do expect us to take a bath?

And the hotel looks nothing like the pictures on your website.

I can sue you for that, you know?

-What a fraud! -And it's such a dirty place!

-Idiot! Get down! -We want a refund!

It's a hallucination again.

We're sorry.

We're sorry.

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

I'm okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Forget it.

We're just being too kind.

Let's go! Go...

My gosh, even the door is broken.

This is ridiculous!

-Thank you. -People are so evil nowadays.


Whoever made the web page is so mean.

-See you again soon. -They took advantage of the elderly!

Listen, you'll get sued sooner or later.

-Sorry. -Seriously.

We wish you a prosperous business and to have children soon.



Your eyes have not changed at all.

Ma'am, my name is Hsu Li-han.

I'm Hsiao-chin's friend.

It's so good to have you back.

It's so good to have you back.

Oh, my!

Why are your teeth bucked?

Old man, I'm Lu Chun.

Blondie and I had a disagreement.

They did it on purpose.

I can understand.

Look at yourself.

Who would want to admit that you're their lovely grandson?

Didn't Suzuki come back with you?

Who is that?

Who is that?

Look at your grandson.

He studied in high school for five years.

His memory is worse than ours.

-So, what is a Suzuki? -How would I know?


Are you okay?

You go to this school?

Excuse us.

We didn't mean it.

So, what do you want?

Hsu Li-han?

"Little Princess" is Hsu Li-han?

A girl called Li-han.

On the surface, Hsu Li-han is a boy.

But we don't know if he's really a boy.

A boy?


My surname is Chieh.

You wrote this just now, right?


Insert a coin.

Insert a coin.

Insert a coin.

Insert a coin.


But you cannot ride it.

Are you sleeping Brother John Morning bells are ringing Morning bells are ringing Ding, dang, dong Everyone, gather round.

Gather round.

This is the first inn that the Chieh family built.

Now we call it a hotel.

So grand!

No, so ugly!

It was burned down.

This is what remains of the site.

We, the Chieh family, have been in the hotel business for generations.

We're successful and famous.

This was the hotel my father ran when I was a child.

When the war broke out, the hotel was destroyed.

Later, I came to Taiwan.

I worked in the martial arts club run by his grandma's family.

Then, conveniently, I married his grandma and his father was born.

I had no money or courage to run another hotel.


Next stop.



I swear, if he isn't the first to speak, I'll never speak to him.

Because I found out that Hsiao-chin and the school bully, Bat...

Who are you calling for?

-Hello? -In the lavatory...

-Are you booking a room? -with that Princess...


He won his heart!

But, this time, there's no way I can turn into a man!

Who was that? A guest?


The voice sounded like a woman's.

But in the end, she said that she's a man.

No guest, then.

Let's try this.

The hot spring is good for your health.

Don't forget to try it out.

Do we have to pay?


If you offer to pay, I'll be offended.

But since you guys are sensible, I'll charge a small amount for cleaning to avoid disagreement.

Since you're Hsiao-chin's classmates, let's not talk about money, okay?

I'll turn most of the lights off after midnight to save money.

I mean, to save energy.

Why do you look like a foreigner?

Let me tell you in advance.

Should you see any froth and scum in the hot spring, they're certainly not froth and scum.

They're medicinal herbs.



You want to have a pillow fight with him?




Dear guests,

welcome to our amazing hotel!

How many days would you like to stay?

Oh, three days?

Then, let me show you the hot spring.

Okay, let's go.

Please turn your heads 360 degrees to the back.

The froth and scum you see on the surface are definitely not froth and scum.

They're medicinal herbs.

If you drink the water, one sip costs 60,000 NT dollars.

Come, let's turn our heads to the other side--

What are you doing?

I'm checking if I can steal any money.

What do you want?

Come join us in the hot spring.


What happened to the chair in your room?

Can you leave me alone so I can steal money?

Go away!

Blondie seems so strange.

He's not only violent, he talks to himself too.

I thought they would put Blondie in the Presidential Suite.

But his room is the same as mine.

Who knows if this hot spring is real?

How can a hot spring be fake?

Of course, it can.

Froth and scum.

No. They are medicinal herbs.





What's your problem?

Didn't you hear that?

That horrifying sound.

I heard someone calling my name.

That was me.

I meant the three other strange sounds.

In the beginning, it was...

Then it sounded like...

-The third-- -Can you let go of me?

You two perverts, let go of me!

There really was some sound.

The third sound was definitely not human.

Let's go and check, okay?

Can you free me from this thing?

No, I can't.

Why not?

They say you would kill a sleepwalker if you wake him up.

We should guide him slowly back to bed.

Can we go now?

He must be talking in his sleep!



We're pretty smart, aren't we?

Only the two of us run the place.

It saves us a lot of work like this.

But, don't you think it looks like...

Like what?

I mean, Grandma.

You could hire helpers.


That costs money!

Go. Collect the sheets. They need to be washed.



Bigger smiles on your faces!

Happy smiles!


Splash harder!

Buckteeth, splash Non-buckteeth!

-What are they doing? -Harder!

That looks so gross.

How is that gross?

These photos are going to be posted on the website.

We thought about this idea for a long time.

But we can't find good-looking youngsters.

Are they good-looking?

Stop fooling around!

Be more serious!

Non-buckteeth, get out of the water.

You go back in!

-Why can he get out of the water? -Why don't you ask me?

You don't smile right.

We're running a decent business.

Call for an ambulance!

I'll get tetanus.

You'll be fine after it's sucked out.

Don't even think about it.

We might have a first-aid kit in the old house.

Old house?

Where is that?

I might not live to go that far.

THE CHIEH FAMILY Before the hotel was built, my whole family lived here.


Excuse me.

Holy crap!

Even if we found the kit, I wouldn't dare to use it.

I found it.

What's that sound?

It's just a gecko.

Don't move.

It's very painful.

Wrap it tighter.

It's very painful.

Come over.

How long does it take?

Ten seconds.

Hold on a second.

Ten seconds have passed.

-Okay, it's done. -Is it?

Again. Come over here. Take another one.

Hi. I'm a guest.

I'm also a guest.

I'm the owner, Hsiao-chin.

Dear guests, welcome to our amazing hotel.

How long will you stay with us?

Let me think.

How about staying for our whole life?

Our whole life!

It's so beautiful!

Is this our room?

It turned out to be a fraud!

Looking for trouble? If you are done, let's go!

That dollhouse.

What dollhouse?

The one that you played with in the video.

What? It's not a dollhouse.

It's a hotel management game.

It was a model.

It looks great!

Where did you get it?

We made it ourselves.

We used it to simulate running the hotel.

How nice!

You are a boy.

And your parents played house with you.

My parents wouldn't do that.

You weren't listening to me.

What's the rush?


I want to see more of this place and get to know you better.

Get out!

I can't get in the water. I'll get infected.


Didn't you say you would get infected?

I thought the place was a ruin, If died there, it wouldn't affect its business.

But the police proved that there was no such an event.

Maybe you had inhaled carbon monoxide and weren't completely conscious?

I told you.

There was no fire.

The charcoal wasn't lit yet.

We have obtained an exclusive picture of the hotel owner the victim claimed to have committed suicide before him.

Sorry to intrude.



What happened to me?

You suddenly rushed into my room.

You hit and broke a chair before passing out.

What was that about?

I saw a ghost.


I asked you not to say anything good.

Just do your best.

No need to compete with Lu Chun.

I'm telling the truth!

At first, I thought it was Lu Chun.

But that thing...

It had long hair, one hand, and it was floating!

-You stayed in the hot water for too long. -I didn't.

I even put on my glasses.

You wore your glasses.

Wouldn't it turn foggy?

I told you not to be suspicious.

Hey, I'm returning it to you.

I don't want it anymore.

Can I sleep with you tonight?

Go away!

Don't even think about it.

I saw only the feet.

I saw the hands.

Wait till you see its face, and then come back to me.

It was real.

Then why didn't I see anything?

Why didn't my grandparents see anything?

-Only you two first-timers saw it. -Of course.

The Chin family owns the hotel.

If word gets out, will you still be in business?


Would it have anything to do with your parents?

If it were really them, they would have come to me first.

Why would they go to two strangers?

It's hard to say.

When we first arrived, your grandparents mistook us for you.

Maybe they think we look more like that adorable child in their memories.

If you think this place is haunted, you can pack up and leave!


It's me.

Brother, where are you?

Never mind that.

Have you been feeding A-Huang?

Is A-Huang around?


He's wagging his tail right here.

Brother, tell me where you are.

What's wrong?

A-Huang is my grandmother.




-Hello? -Hello?


Bat, my brother is on the phone.



You seem quite well these days.

At first, I thought you pretended to be sick.



That model...

Did we throw it away?

Which one?

The hotel management game.

The model.

The dollhouse for playing house.

We still have it.

Where does it hurt?

I've applied medicine to it.

Why did you hit me?

What's so funny?

Why are you still here?

Sure enough, busy days are short.

You've got legs of your own.

If you wish to leave, no one can stop you.

Same with you, Hsiao-chin.

And his dad and mom, too.

Take Grandpa for example.

When he's ready to leave, I cannot stop him.

Don't you dare leave!

Where are you going again?

If you want to leave, then leave.

If you are staying, don't knock on my door at night.

Even if you have something to say, say it, but not so close to me.

Don't scream out loud like, "Ghost!"

And then come charging at me.

So disgusting.

In this case, can we sleep in the same room?


Keep your distance!

So annoying!

When you're afraid Open your eyes and look at me Take a good look at me Despite the pain Don't let go of my hands Hold them tightly In darkness I'm with you My eyes light up your surroundings The moment our eyes meet Sparkles are seen

Come closer Can the distance be closer?

Grab the invisible red line firmly In darkness, our shoulders nestle at last

-Lightly -Make a choice between me and the Bat.

Can the heart beat more lightly?

-Let go of my sister! -But if you hear it It's fine As long as you're with me I’m a scaredy-cat But I am different, I am changed in your company Even my impassive heart turns tender And begins to beat Unknown terrors lie abundant Behind the door But I won't run away again When I get scared Even if I'm trailing behind I am no longer alone

Thank you for keeping me company



Lu Chun?

Hsu Li-han?

I was surrounded by people like this before.

I beat them so hard that they were hospitalized.


Even though this thing isn't human,

I can still easily...

I'm standing up too fast.



Did you see its face?


Only its hands and feet.

-Are you okay? -No.

You're disturbing us.

I mean...

Did you see that...


At our age, to be honest, it's hard to have anything.

At this hour, we could only lie down and sleep.

If we are lucky, we wake up the next day.

It's very late.

You three are still up.

Didn't you work hard enough during the day?

Or are you showing off your youth?

What do you mean they're already dead?

Would the dead appear in daylight?

Do they look dead to you?

Haven't you seen that movie?

Which one?

There are at least five.

Ask skillfully.


Can you tell me skillfully if someone had died in our hotel?

In every hotel, -more or less, someone has died. -What?

But there hasn't been one in ours yet.

Don't you know what "skillfully" means?

Move aside.

Grandma Chin, have you had breakfast?

I'm tidying this up first.

I have some snacks here. Why don't you have some?

Smells nice, right?

You have them first!

Eat up!

Hsu Li-han!

What the heck are you doing?

You even got your hands on Grandpa, too.

-I didn't! -He did!

So, his grandma is also a mortal?


Damn it!

Oh, I'm sorry that they are still alive.

As soon as I came back, I sensed something strange.

Why is the hotel doing so badly?

It's no wonder. Because it's haunted!

Don't say it out loud.

Yes, don't.

Say what out loud?

That word.

If you keep saying that word, they'll hear you.

They'll come near you to hear what you're saying.

Who's they?

Oh, ghosts?

See? It's all your fault.

Hand in hand. What does that mean?

Eating instant noodles in secret?

I'll cook you some dumplings.

You seem to know a lot about them.

Quite a lot.

Is there any way to get rid of them?


With what?

Something both you and I have.

We've got a lot of it.

How about him?

He doesn't have any.

I know what it is.

We must act now.

Let's go.

Hurry up!


The thing that you both have, but I don't.

You mean low IQ?

It's masculinity.


It's the air of confidence.

It's just like fighting and claiming territory.

Whoever shows confidence, wins the game.

Go away.

You're reducing our masculinity and confidence.

Go away.

It seems that we really don't know the boy well.

Who would expect that Hsiao-chin actually enjoys folk dancing?

We've demonstrated enough power.


Is there anything I can help with?


There's something that only you have and we don't.

Fill it up, thank you.

With what?

Virgin's urine.

I don't have that.

That was a nice fall.

Very good.

I don't think it will work.

Stay awake and we'll see.

You fell asleep.

Watch out.

I didn't fall asleep!

Over there.


Let them play with a few strings and milk cartons.

So, they won't play with our phone.

It's true!

I already got so many prank calls.

This time is even worse.

Left side.

Left side?



My left.

My left.

Behind you.

It's gone to the other side.

On the other side!

Behind you.

Turn faster!

It's late.

It's late. We're going to sleep.

Is there anything else?

Swear at them.

Curse them.

They're afraid of being cursed.

Why not?

What's wrong with having a check-up in the hospital?

You look like a ladybug and it's not working.

There is no need.

Our hot spring is therapeutic, for both the body and the soul.

Moreover, I believe in only your grandma.

Then go on a vacation.

-We did. -Where?


Last month, your grandfather and I stayed in the room where Buckteeth is staying.

We spent a few nights there.

Anyway, can you go away for a while?

Absolutely not.

It's peak season now.

We expect tons of guests to come in any time now.

You want the hotel to go out of business?


This place will be yours sooner or later.

You need to remember.

Running a hotel is a responsibility.

You can't just close it and leave.

We need to be responsible for our guests.

Be responsible for your parents.

Why must I take over?

Why must I be responsible?

I have to be responsible for the hotel, for Lu Chun and Little Princess.

Why are there so many things that I have to be responsible for?

OO HOTEL How about Bat?

I will be responsible.

Why aren't we passing through the front door?

You want to check out?

Our ID cards.

Oh, right.

Go have a look.

Why me?

I told you he's long dead!





Come here.

Save me.


-Grandpa! -Give me your hand.

Stop kicking!


The old lady isn't human either!


It wasn't cleaned for a few days, so it got dirty.

That's why I said that running a hotel is a responsibility.

-But you were floating on the water... -Goodness.

Didn't Master Chin tell you just now? He was having water therapy.

But your illness...

Water therapy has cured his illness!


I saw you carrying your luggage. Where are you off to?

Off to?

You're joking!

I was going to stop Blondie from leaving.

So I blocked his way.

Take what happened just now, for example.

I couldn't maintain my hold on Blondie, so I accidentally hit Grandma.

Have you seen any ghosts around here?

-No. -No.

Are you sure they're not dead?

If they aren't dead, they won't sue me, right?

How should I know?

There are few guests here.

It's the men's bath.

Where did the long hair come from?

How would I know?

You two aren't smart either.


You studied in high school for five years and you aren't smart at all.

All that hair,

That's not mine.

We haven't changed the water for six years.

Things must be jammed in the pipes.

You think we don't want to change the water?

We're old.

We're managing the place on our own.

It's exhausting.

When I'm exhausted, I often think it was a good thing that your parents built this place.

As long as the hotel stands, I feel like they are still around.

In these hallways, in the rooms, in the kitchen, and by the windows, I could often see them.

We really hope that they come back and visit us often.

That's enough.

Even if they don't come back to us, one day, we will go see them, won't we?


Although you dress like this every day, I'm still not used to it.


I'm not used to seeing the make-up that you put on today.

Here, for Grandpa's health!

-Can I-- -I called you several times.

Why did you ignore my calls?

My cell phone had no signal.

I called your room.

You made those calls?

I didn't hear any voice.


Can you hear me?

Can you please let me hear your voice?


I swore to Grandma that, if you aren't the first one to speak, I won't talk.

Luckily, you were the first one to speak.

Do you need help with those?

No need.

If there's nothing else, we have other things to do.


-Master Blondie. -Jeez.

Introduce us to each other!

You seem to know each other well.

She was a senior when we were in primary school.

Her name is...

Hsu Ling-mu.

They are my classmates.

Lu Chun. Hsu Li-han.

I often hear Grandma mention a beautiful "Suzuki."

So it's you!

When did I ever say that?

Yes, you did.

Damn Buckteeth.

You're Hsu Li-han?

I am.

How do you do?

How many years are you older than Chin?

None of your business!

Out of the way.

So sassy.

I like it.

Get down from there, idiot!

I'm Lu Chun.

Nice to meet you.

Kayako and Sadako, I must capture you!

Were you crying earlier?



Why didn't you signal me to look?

Blondie shed a tear!

Having the "thing" around isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Go to hell.

If possible, I still wish my grandparents a long life.


So I don't have to take over the hotel.

That's right!


Take a look.

Is this the ghost or that one?

Forget about how childish his drawing is.

Let's count the number first.

That thing...

There are at least two of them.

I wasn't like that.

Fire suddenly goes out...

Don't imagine things!

What's really odd is that my grandparents have never seen it.

They sleep in the same room?

How can that be allowed?

They are all guys.

Why not?

Exactly, because they are all guys, so...

My gosh.

Grandma, you don't understand.

I do.

What do you understand?

I understand everything.

How about Grandpa?

Don't ever let him understand.

Choose one.

Let's investigate.

No way, man.

We didn't get a wink of sleep last night. We've been cleaning the pond since dawn.

I think you're scarier than Bat and the "thing."

I want to choose.

But I really can't lift my arm.




Give me Suzuki's number.

Suit yourself.

She's three years older than me.

So she's five or six years older than you.

Older is good.

I like bigger.


It's okay.

Mock me all you like. I still want bigger.

Fortunately, this time, we stopped them from leaving in a reasonable and natural way.

But the next time he wants to leave, I don't think we can stop him.

I think we shouldn't wait anymore.

Don't break this again.

Sewing it back is troublesome.

You call this investigating the pond?

Don't push your luck!

Hydrotherapy takes time.

-Why don't you go back to the room first? -I don't want to be alone.

It's cold.

Get in if you're cold.

Don't tell me you can't swim.

Why don't you get into the water?

It's got nothing to do with swimming!

My mom died in a hot spring.

Not here!

When my parents went on a learning expedition in Japan, my dad died of a heart attack.

He didn't even get the chance to name our hotel.

So my grandpa just drew two circles on the sign.

How old were you then?

Second semester in third grade.

Nine years old.

What are you doing here?

This is the men's bath.

So you do know you're men.

I paid for it.

I worked hard, so I need to relax.

You can go to the women's bath to relax.

Hsiao-chin was about to enter fourth grade.

The hotel was in the middle of construction.

When my mother-in-law, which would be Hsiao-chin's mother, took him back to her family.

I graduated in that year.

I never received a bouquet from you.

I didn't even have time to say goodbye.

Why are you looking at me?

How about your mom?

My teacher and I were called out of the classroom in the middle of English class.

They said my mom drank and drowned in a hot spring.

She was in a bad mood, so she drank a lot.

She drank to her death like that.

Before your mom passed away, didn't she tell you anything?

If it weren't for that ghost hotel, your father wouldn't have died.

Those words, she kept saying them ever since my dad died.

When she was discovered, a photo was floating next to her.

What photo?

This hotel on its first day of construction.

You all know about Bat, right?

Bat has been bullying me for ages.

DAMN FAGGOT After Hsiao-chin stood up for me, it's gotten even worse.

Who stood up for you?

Exactly. Shameless!

Bat and I went to the same elementary and high schools.

We went home together every day and became good friends.

Bat became a bully in eighth grade and tried to cut off ties with me.

What does this have anything to do with my mom?

This hotel is your family's dream, isn't it?

I don't care how Bat keeps trying to beat me up, or writes things on my back, or throws my book bag into the gutter, I still want to be friends with Bat.

I also know that, deep down, Bat also wants to be friends with me.

At most, you would be killed by Bat.

But I have to be burdened with my late parents'...

what you just called a dream.

What if I ruin it?

The point is, is running this hotel also your dream?


It's not that simple.

Do you think it's like writing an essay?

If your parents see the way you are now, they would be disappointed.

Who do you think you are?

Holy crap.

Aren't you scared?

He's a thug.

Hsiao-chin actually has a kind heart. He won't do anything to me.

That old man is getting stingier.

Why do you like Bat so much?

Maybe I just prefer someone that looks tough.

What's that smell?



Do we have to check each room?

I'm really scared.

I'm scared too.

Don't worry.

I know a safer way.

This is even scarier.

What are you scared of?

Let's go.

Did you take it?

What are you doing?

The hotel is haunted. We're taking Grandpa and Grandma away.


What a joke.

It's true!

Move over!

Why didn't she believe me?

I need something soft as padding.



Have they done something unacceptable?

For example, missing and wishing for your parents to come back.

How could it be possible?

Grandpa! Grandma!

You can play house when you come back alive.

They've probably run away.

We should run away too.

We shouldn't be the ones to run away.

This hotel belongs to the Chieh family.

In this field, I'm regarded as a first-rate master.

Remember, candlelight can protect you.

Never let the light go out.

These are my candles.

Shut up.

Lavender for you.

Rose for me.

Orange Blossom for Lu Chun.

Cinnamon for Ling-mu.


It's not why I brought the candles with me.

Let's go.

-You don't need to. -Oh, okay.

Not you. Her.

Me? Why?

When we leave the room, put the door back and block it.

Let's go.

Just because I'm a girl?

I never thought that you are.

But none of us knows how to ride a clutch motorbike.

If something happens to us, you need to go to the police.

Let's go.

Stop pushing.


Can you two say something?

Like what?

If you're scared, then sing a song.

Life is a long road...


What now?

Can you come to the restroom with me?

What's wrong with you two?

Go by yourself.

Shut the window.

What? What is it?

Look clearly!

Get up.

Get up.

Stand up.

I'm scared.

Doesn't it look like someone just checked in?

Don't say that.

I'm scared.

But we've got the candles to protect us, right?

These are made of essential oils.

Oh, right.

I almost forgot.

The scent of lavender soothes nervousness.

My ass!

The scent of lavender isn't the point.

The point is to keep the flame burning.

Give me yours.


What's this?

A-Huang gave me this.

Thank you.

But a dog tag is likely to be useless.

A-Huang is his grandmother.

You really need to pee right now?

I'm only thinking of it.

I haven't peed yet.

What should we do?

Did I ever tell you where my dad died?

Wasn't it in Japan?

On a snowy ground.

My dad died on a snowy ground.

My mom died in the water.

Didn't you suspect that my grandparents might have done something unacceptable?

As long as the hotel exists, they exist.

What are you doing?

When I first returned,

my grandparents mistook them for me.

I knew they did that on purpose.

They were trying to piss me off because I refused to come back.



Don't go too far.

They're my friends.

Mr. Chieh.

Mrs. Chieh.

Stop scaring them.

If they become scared to death, I wouldn't have any friends.

I know you are mad at me, mad at the way I am now, at the fact that I abandoned this place.

But this is nothing like the dollhouse, or when we play house.

You are no longer around.

One day, Grandpa and Grandma will be gone too.

I can't even finish high school in five years.

I'm afraid.


Hsu Li-han was right.

This place was not only your dream, it was also mine.

But you were selfish.

Dad was selfish.

So was Mom.

You left just like that.

You left me in the care of Uncle and Auntie, then Grandpa and Grandma.

I'm not sure what they did to bring you back, but they still have many years to live.

Can you let them go?

They are so mean and stingy.

They'll definitely find ways to keep the hotel going.

Please leave.

But this time,

take me, the troublemaker, with you.

Then I'll forgive you.

You can't do that!

Come help me!

So annoying.

Let's go.

I'll protect you.

Mr. Chieh.

Mrs. Chieh.

Mr. Chieh.

Mrs. Chieh.

Don't listen to his nonsense.

If he doesn't go back to school, he'll be expelled.



Your family got the wrong person again.


I'm here.


This is not my mother!


Who still has a light?

I found it.

Hold your breath.


Give me that crane.

-What? -Quick!



Take it.

When I count to three, grab him and squat down. Okay? One.

Hey, say it clearly before counting!





Please don't!

Chieh Kao!



Chieh Kao!

Move aside.

Chieh Kao!

What happened to you?

Chieh Kao!

How are you feeling?

Grandpa, where does it hurt?

My heart.


I'll never agree to it.

Agree to what?

I'll never let him marry into our family.

Little minx!

I'm not!

Yes, you are!

We're doomed.

He's lost his mind.

Do you still want it?

I'll drink it.

Say something!

In love?

He and I are?

Ling-mu warned Grandma a couple of times.

We didn't believe her until we saw it with our own eyes.

I'll protect you.

I told you, that's not true!

Grandpa, it's not true.

-My first love is-- -That doesn't matter!

Why are you disguised as ghosts?

I worked so hard for the future of the hotel.

I don't get it.


Have you forgotten?

You and your parents came up with this idea.

-Me? -Yes.


On August 14, 2002.

Four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon.


I asked you to come back because I wanted to discuss it with you.

Who knew you would bring two idiots with you?

What are you saying?

You brought two handsome boys with you.

-So we tested on these guinea pigs. -What's so funny?


Why are you so late?

I couldn't find the scissors.


How can we make money with this ghost thing?

We asked the same thing at first.

Then your grandma saw it on the news.

She said, there's a haunted hotel abroad.

Many people rush to get a room in it.

The more ghosts haunting the house, the higher they charge for the rooms.

Is that why the hotel looks so rundown?


We don't have money for a renovation.

But didn't Mom and Dad go to Japan to learn about hotels?

They went to learn more about ghost houses.


If it weren't for that "ghost" hotel, your father wouldn't have died.

I remember when I first came to Taiwan, I was really young and had nothing.



I had neither.

As long as I had a meal, I was satisfied.

But I kept thinking about my life in the hotel of my hometown when I was little.

To a child, living in a hotel can be a lot of fun.

I told your dad about this.

Later, he had this idea of running a hotel.

I was against it back then. I told him it was too risky.

But your dad said, "If we never tried, we would never know.

If we try hard, something good is bound to happen."

Did anything good happen?

Just like Grandma said.

No matter who leaves first, as long as the hotel exists, it feels like everyone is still around.


What are you doing here?

Didn't Grandma ask you to stay in the hotel?

What on earth happened?

As far as I know, he found out that Blondie and Little Princess are in love, he couldn't handle the news so he attacked Little Princess.

Little Princess then said, "That's my first love!"

Grandpa said, "Okay.

Something good happens if you take the risk."




Excuse me.

Is anyone there?

Do you also stay at this hotel?


But I've been waiting for so long.

No one seems to be around.

Then let's go somewhere else.


Wait a minute.

OO HOTEL I'm back.

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.

Whose innocent eyes Have made you let go of it With such courage?

Who has left such scars That made you grow up overnight And understand?

My darling, you don't need To make up for anything Love lasts either as forever Or as a journey You're the one I'm proudest of And love most profoundly And a family that I'll never be apart Luckily, we've grown up We have enough memories Let go and bravely march forwards Thank you for the hospitality.

I had a very good time.

Me too.

Thank you for the hospitality.

You're welcome.

Thank you for coming.

This really is... a wonderful and amazing hotel.

You must come again.

And a family that I'll never be apart Luckily, we've grown up We have enough memories Let go and bravely march forwards Happiness is about to Begin

We went to a haunted house in an amusement park.

ADMISSION TO "GHOST" HOUSE Actually, I didn't think it was scary.

Props were badly made.

The ghosts were silly.

But my parents didn't know that I wasn't scared.

They held me tightly.

The three of us were squeezed together.

Go away!

Our hearts were beating, beating really loud.

It was my mom's screaming that made me jump.

My arms were hurting from the squeeze.

I enjoy seeing you people get so scared that you hug each other tightly.

I can't memorize things well, so I can't even finish high school.

But that ten minutes in that Ghost House, I've always remembered it.

Dad and Mom must have remembered it, too.



It's really like what it says in the book.

A hotel that ignites passion in your relationship.

Hey. Won't you agree?

If I hadn't changed, I can't imagine myself talking to a nagging gay and a hooligan while bathing in a hot spring.

Who's gay?

You like Bat so much. Who else would it be?

That's right.

But Bat is a girl.


The journey of life Is like a beautiful dream

Wind blows on my face THE CHIEH'S HOTEL Over here.

-I'm bound to die here. -Wait for me.

Yes. You're bound to die here.

Who invited me here?

-I did. -I did.

Who's paying for me?

-I am. -I am.

This is free?

Let's go then.

Come on in.

Come on in.


Excuse me, sir.

We're fully booked these days.

Do you have a reservation?

Yes, I do. I'm not lying...

What are Buckteeth and that Princess doing?

They are not helping the guests.

Here, this way, please.

Go to hell.

They're taking a big step towards their dreams.

-Hsiao-chin. -Where's that jackass?


Be polite.



Damn brat.

I didn't know you can smile.

Why didn't you call me?

I thought you vanished into thin air!


It cost me more than 10,000 to buy it back from the pawnshop.

What are you whispering?


Don't worry.

It's a hotel that ignites the passion in your relationship.

Where are your grandparents?

That's right.

Where are they?

Rule number one.

Hold hands tightly with the person next to you.

Rule number two.

Be aware of your surroundings.



Since you've become part of the Chieh family, you swear on your lives that you will keep the secrets of the Chieh family.


There is a good reason that we bought the land for cheap.

We were forced to turn it into a hotel with a haunted house theme.


When I'm done here, let's go to a movie.

It is indeed a fake hot spring!