Secrets of a Nurse (1973) Script


C'mon, get out, we've just got here. What's up? You still don't trust?

How could I, since I have to pay him later?

A guy I know had to pay 2 millions Lire for a surgery like this.

Why should this surgeon, who's the best and the most famous, remake my stomach for free?

Who's he? Maybe a saint?

Saints stay in heaven, if they exist. This one is good and generous.

You're not the first he operates for free: all the people know here, inside factories,...

...they have to appeal to him having no money to save themselves from a serious disease.

And then, read. What's it written? "LORD'S VINEYARD RELIGIOUS CHARITY"

It's his business only which organization and boss he works for. What do you care?

Think that you're in a family. Think to save yourself.

See these ones? Like you, all of them are down and out and with some big problems.

Madam, it'll be your turn shortly. Thanks.

I'm really satisfied with this patient. And with the nurse, of course.

Remember that you not only may but have to make that journey. Take all your time.

Moreover it's free. She doesn't want to leave me for such a few days.

But you're convinced now, aren't you? Yes, professor.

Woe betide you if you won't send some nice postcards.

Here're some medicines for your mother and some vitamins for you.

Take them. And smile! See how nicer you're?

Professor, if you were not so young, I'd say that you're a father for all of us.

A father and a benefactor. Simply a friend. Now you may go.

Is this his first exam? - No, he's the child you operated a month ago.

There're both the reports with medical and personal data. - Ah, yes! Let him come in.

May I? Good morning, professor.

Good morning, madam. Come in, Giovanni.

You've not brought your little sister this time. Why? - She's not a serious case like me.

Get undressed, my dear. You're no longer a serious case too by now.

Anyway I'm more seriously ill than my sister.

Quick, do not waste the professor's time. C'mon, move.

How do these outdoor exercises go?

He's no longer short of breath and doesn't turn pale now. It's just that he's a bit lazy.

If I remember well, you want to be a policeman when you grow up.

Policemen can't be lazy at all, right? Yes but I changed my mind: I'll be a doctor.

Why just a doctor?

Well, in short, to become important. Important for the others, I hope.

I just don't want to say again that panes are useful to see through, not to guess.

I want them clean, no matter if it rains or not! Got it?

That halo of sanctity is so heavy for him.

It's all the same old story every Monday.

Charity breaks his balls and he has to break someone else's balls to unwind.

What on earth is he doing this for? Right. He can't gain any money.

My nature is bad and a surplus of generosity has always made me suspicious.

You're the main surgeon's right-hand man, look out for your bones. - Go to hell!

I'm already in, probably. Oh, Betti, you forgot the apple.

What? - The apple the top of the class must always bring to his teacher.

Ah, sister...

Also nuns must be always perfectly tidy at the great Vallotti's clinic.

Dr Giordani, you always take advantage when our hands are busy. - Oh, yes.

Good morning, professor. Good morning. - How is the professor?

I'd feel better if everybody did his own duty here. What are you doing here?

The nun was telling me that... those mags are not up-to-date.

Well said, sister. I want them always up-to-date. Charge someone with that. - Right away, professor.

VALLOTTI'S CLINIC Ah, we have 3 vacant rooms.

Unfortunately we had to dismiss 3 patients perfectly unhealed.

What about the pre-exams? Done. - I'm left with one.

Finish it, because I'm starting to see people shortly.

Hello, Tanzi. Good morning, professor.

Don't tell you had to ascend mountains also this time.

Not really, but to reach the precision... properly require from the information about your clients...

Let's get to the point, c'mon.

Guido Rovetti, owner of many textile factories.

His checking account is over 100 millions Lire.

Real estate in Italy and abroad, a villa at Positano and also...

So much for that! Let's get on to the baroness Lanciani.

Great relations all over the world, a real VIP.

The usual trails of the jet set: Bahamas, Saint-Tropez, Gstaad, Acapulco...

Make it short.

As to her financial resources, nothing special.

Her checking account is not over 20 millions...

But there's an alimony from her separated husband, a cool lot of 10,000 dollars per month,...

...coming timely...

Thanks, more than enough. Well, whom are we still left with?

Onorato Marchetti. And that's no really good here.

Refrain from such comments: "We've got it", "that's no good"... C'mon, go ahead.

Wage as an ordinary employee,...

...which, added to his wife's one, doesn't achieve 300,000 Lire.

1,800,000 Lire on his bank account,... a profit coming from a recent mortgage on a flat registered in his wife's name.

Sometimes also the great men are easily prone to scalpel.

I've been feeling better recently.

Is our turn? No, you still have to wait for long.

Read some mags, go down to the bar. It's no use to be on tenterhooks here, is it?

Thanks, professor. - Doctor. The other ones are all professors.

Also him? He was born a professor.

I don't want to question your talents, let it be clear.

You must be very good as your main surgeon. Even more.

This system of the pre-exam doesn't fit in with me though.

It's a method used all over the world by now.

What does it mean? Many things are done everywhere and badly.

I came a very long way to be seen by Vallotti,...

...instead another doctor sees me!

Listen... - Do not complain. You must be very good, but you're different!

Now the professor... ... will receive me, of course he will.

But he will make his diagnosis on the basis of the data you provided.

That is, he will make his diagnosis basing on a pre-diagnosis.

And so forth one could get to a robot.

Listen, mr Rovetti! I don't have it in for you, calm down.

You need to calm!

Now professor Vallotti will make a regular exam of you. Don't worry!

Has Casati popped up? Interesting occupation...

I'm trying to make some halos worthy of you. What's wrong?

Yes, an idiot having it in for pre-exams!

Maybe he'd like Vallotti in person to ask if he got a rubella as a child.

How pretentious this guy is. - Are you teasing me by chance? - You decide.

I have no time for bullshits! That's why you can't understand yourself.

The only thing I don't understand is why the hell the professor can stand you!

Try to guess. - I don't think that being fellow college students is enough.

Putting up with a schoolfriend only for generosity, no way.

Even Vallotti wouldn't do that. There must be a reason, don't you think so?

Who knows, maybe because I cost little or also because I carry it off a bit.

Or more simply, the two things together. What do you think?

Giordani... Yes, I'm coming.

It's from the baroness Lanciani. Do you remember her spleen...?

What's up with this spleen? - One could consider this as a swelling.

I've not completed her report yet, but symptomatology is clear. Isn't it, Betti?

Very clear. - If you don't operate her, she will end up in other hands.

She's one of the patients who wants to be operated by force, a promoter of surgery.

Luigi Rovetti... - Look! It's just a classic textbook X-ray.

These are big rocks, not gallstones. See?

Actually... Let's see Marchetti's one.

Giordani saw him. - Where's he by the way? He must be at the bar for sure.

I was there. It's the healtiest place in the clinic.

Here. That's a very serious case. Moreover, you already know it.

I think we can hope for a positive result by a quick surgery.

Miss, please can you come right away? Yes, professor.

Giordani, listen. That Marchetti family... they're poor people.

Such surgery is very expensive. I don't feel like leaving them in abject poverty.

Please, persuade them to go elsewhere. Try to suggest them some other names.

Trani, Verni... In short, you decide.

Surgery bill: 3 millions Lire

Bring the surgery bills to the back office. - Right away, professor.

What does money matter? - Yes but if we can spend less, with Barti or Terrani...

Answer me sincerely, I beg you.

If this were a case you really cared for...

In short, in your opinion are all these professors equally good, or...

Well, listen, if you want to hear my personal opinion,...

...Vallotti is the best for a surgery like this.

What's up with this damned spleen?

I let it travel and be seen in East and West.

I nicknamed it "B. B.", like Brigitte Bardot,... far as it has been touched and photographed.

"It could be removed", "It hasn't to be removed", "Maybe hereafter", "Be patient"...

I have been even too much patient! Take a seat.

After all, these upsets are mine and I can't see why I'd have to keep them,...

...since I could recover a physical fitness...

...which, I think, I can still strive for.

Or maybe the time for aches and pains and also for my Waterloo has come?

You just want me to tell you're a young and charming woman, even if you know it.

Rather, why am I the last place of your pilgrimages?

Your charge in unfair. We met at Fefè Lanciani's two years ago.

You must not remember for sure, but I do. One can't forget Vallotti easily.

That night you dumped me and my spleen by a few facetious gags though.

O, I'm inexcusable. I'll do everything to restore your good opinion of me. - We will see.

Physical fitness, for a woman like you, is not only a right, but also a duty.

To get it, you will leave me as a souvenir your...

..."B. B."? Exactly.

Sister Maria, you're just like a doctor here and nothing escapes you.

Do you think I'm really recovering?

I'm absolutely forbidden to express any medical opinion,...

...and I don't want to break this rule.

I can only entrust you...

.. that I'm talking to a lady who's noticeably recovering...

...and will be able to let her little nephews toe the line soon.

Anyway, the professor will come soon. Ask him.

Well, the time for exam has already come.

A mirror and a lipstick must be there.

You know, when a woman is old and ugly, she'd better take care of herself.

Thanks. - Good morning. Good morning.

Who knows why, when the professor is coming,...

...all the patients beautify themselves just like for a date with their lovers.

It's a date with hope. Do you think that’s nothing?

This happens everywhere, with all the doctors.

They're some real masters, because of God's grace and nation's will.

This mastery will stay forever, with any government,...

...with or without health reform.

Here sick people pay loads of money, they could say with stern voices.

Instead they almost never speak.

Sure, they're feeling better than poor evils, but not so much then.

All the hares are the same. - The hares? - Yes, I mean the patients.

A doctor should have a clear conscience.

Just like professor Vallotti expects glass walls of his clinic to be.

He does have a clear one. He works himself to death and requires a strict discipline.

But he sets an example for first, and then...

Then he's so fascinating that you can't be indifferent to him.

I forgot that you support Giordani, who's not even a professor moreover.

Certainly not because he was unable to achieve that status.

He's a strange guy, he seems he cares nothing about everything.

In my opinion he had big love woes.

All woes are love woes, in a sense.

Maybe. You studied philosophy. Only psychology.

Hence why does Giordani drink, in your opinion? Never before making a surgery.

But he's exaggerating. Why? He clearly enjoys it.

Ruining himself? Maybe.

That's a rather complicated case, it's easy to make mistakes. What do you think?

I analyzed exams and X-rays and I lean towards Betti's guess.

However, I don't feel like being so peremptory.

And you, Betti? - In my opinion it's a blatant case of angina pectoris.

Here, Giordani. What do you say? He didn't see the medical reports.

You can keep them, I did see the patient.

I think it's a fake nervous angina,...

...mostly due to bile dyskinesias.

Gentlemen, I agree with Giordani.

Dr Giordani!

The patient at the room no. 23 has got suddenly worse.

Who has seen him this morning? Professor De Ruva.

Is his wife with him? She went down and met a relative.

Make it so that she's not back before Vallotti's exam. - Yes.

Why hasn't a blood transfusion been done?

The blood was missing: B, Rh negative blood type.

I'll take an action personally in order that this won't happen again.

You'd better look after your patient at the room no. 23 first.

What's up with him? He's going to pass away.

I said you had to keep watch over his flood of blood, in addition to his liver.

Are you getting it, aren't you? One can't die here. Got it?

Nobody can die here!

Give me a pen!

You'll pull him up by these injections. Alternate them every two hours.

He might be able to move this evening, and tomorrow, before noon,...

...dismiss him, send him home.

Professor! - Madam! - I'm worried. What's up with my husband?

There's a light reaction, which was predictable, but nothing alarming.

Calm down, the surgery has been perfectly successful...

...and we can be pleased with it.

He has already been regaining his health for some days.

Tomorrow at noon you'll be allowed to bring him back home.

Really? How happy I am! And I'm very grateful to you!

Let's get it quite clear, put him into the hands of his cardiologist, who's a very good doctor.

Your husband is a heart patient and needs monitoring. - Sure.

I was convinced he was very seriously ill. How could I be so mistaken?

No, sister Maria, you weren't mistaken at all.

But if he will be allowed to come back home tomorrow,...

...he will stop over shortly, before making a longer journey.

How couldn't you still understand...

...that express trains for heaven don't leave from this station?

Professor! - Are you still here? I thought Giordani had persuaded you.

Only you can operate my husband. I wouldn't keep quiet with anyone else.

I'd like you avoid this cost. Do not worry for the money.

We can get to 4 millions with the money we have already got and thanks... a loan promised by my husband's boss.

That's a huge amount of money for us, if you...

We don't speak about 4 millions. They will be 2 millions, to meet you half way.

What are you doing? Now you may go, come back tomorrow.

I'll take care of everything else. Thanks.

Did mr Rovetti and the baroness Lanciani pop in the back office?

No, professor. Give me their personal files.

Keep always in mind that any notion you learn in this department...

...can be useful for you in the future to alleviate pain, to cure someone of a disease,... contribute to the safety of that supreme good which is human life.

Doctor's job must be never downgraded,...

...taking advantage of your knowledge for profit making.

You'll have to help both the rich and the poor in the same duty bound,...

...the most powerful man as well as the humblest one.

Because pain, remember, equals and provides everyone with the same rights.

Professor, I think everyone agrees with what you say,...

...but whom can we actually help?

We'll get out of here full of notions and theories,...

...but with a degree we can't even use to cure a cold possibly.

Keep in mind that I was one of the first to fight for academic reform.

Even if we get it, who will save us from knocking on a lot of doors humiliatingly... get a job whose salary is 80,000 Lire per month?

Once we find a job, nobody can shine a light on us, 'cause it's not useful for fat cats.

Fat cats will never allow health reform!

I hope you will save me that ignominious title.

If academic reform is important,... reform is binding, as long as it's radical and free of ambiguity.

Medicine must be politicized!

Try to cure a cancer reading Mao's maxims to a patient.

If you succeed, I'll be the first to put the scalpel down...

...and hold the little book of the Red Guards.



Doctors and nurses have no right to strike,...

...when human lives are involved!

You've been keeping them with no cures for three days! Murderers!

Just tell me if one can work in such conditions.

It seems that this mess will finish at noon.

They have reached a compromise with the internal board.

The minister says the health reform will be enacted before holidays.

We'll see how many of us will keep on being doctors in such a shitty nation!

Forget the reform!

The Christian Democrat Party would like the whole industry be nazionalized,...

...just to leave the health market in the hands of loads of religious authorities.

My husband will die, if blood transfusions aren't done!

200,000 Lire was the price I paid on the black market for blood!

I pawned everything to buy the blood, as nurses said!

Calm down, madam. - They made some money out of it too! Crooks!

They take advantage of poor people's despair! Bastards!

Let's go, c'mon.

DEATH TO THE FAT CATS Why are you laughing? I didn't get it!

It's not an uplifting thing to hear people crying out...

...that nurses use to traffic blood shamefully.

And how could I avoid that? Blood donors are lacking.

Blood bank director knows better than me that donors are not missing!

You'd better tell that many people are convinced by your staff... lend themselves to this shameful speculation. Shit!

That's how things are or is it useful for you to ignore it? - Why would it have to be useful for me?

Because nurses pay a kickback on what they gain. And I have evidence of that.

Who's paid by them, Fabiani? Who?

If you think I have to resign... Let's not dramatize, c'mon.

I know very well that you have to face huge costs for your daughter's wedding.

I can understand, but tread carefully.

An inquiry could lead you to be disbarred.

We'll avoid that. - I'll be always grateful to you, professor.

Forget that "always" and let's rather get to "now".

Rh negative blood type was missing yesterday at my clinic.

Fabiani, let it not happen again. Certainly, professor.

That was his real aim, what a big son of a bitch!

We did all we could. We're sorry, madam.

No! Not him! You must not have killed him!

You could have saved him!

What's up? - Because of a strike lasting 3 days, one went on strike forever.

He must be taken away. When the professor comes, he must find everything in order!

Got it? Take away rubbish, corpses and chamberpots!

The other ward is already in order. We shall begin from there. - Agreed.

Gava, go and check that operating rooms are ready.

You, let not the stretchers be missing. There must be around 20 surgeries.

I must have to do 5 at least. Will your precious hand make it?

I'm ambidextrous. And doubly asshole.

Hey! What's up with this music? The professor is coming!

And what does he need? The Royal march?

Look! I brought you the new little pajamas and you've spotted it.

Just now that the professor's coming.

How are you this morning? - Better. Has your shoulder pain lessened? - Yes.

Let's go on with the same injections, but every other day. Double dose of Vitalin.

Don't get wrong like the last time, when you called him "doctor".

Why? Isn't he a doctor?

Do not get confused! You must call him "professor", got it?

Let's operate today. Do an electrocardiogram first, though.

I feel dizzy... forget that! What does hair matter?

It does. One has always a special care for a nice girl.

No! Exams on hepatic functionality clearly show we've to recover her liver, not her stomach! C'mon!

Give him Netrotimimil in the morning. Write.

Essen after meals, Ciproepatina, and in the evening...

...Vitalin. Yes, two pills.

Don't you think that effects of Vitalin are useful? - Sure. A real miracle cure.

This Vitalin is no use. Do you understand what I mean with "no use"?

That it's equal to loads of other similar medicines currently available on the market.

My company has already invested huge amounts of money on Vitalin.

If you don't sign the report to the health ministry with your approval,... you realize what a loss I would suffer?

Put yourself in my shoes. No, you put yourself in mine!

In Italy there're 1120 pharmaceutical companies.

They're dragging out more than 200,000 products for us with a no value trial,...

...performed on test animals and not on chimps, as it'd be done!

You know that no company is provided with them.

Instead I've loads of them along the wards, true?

Give me only one reason why I've to consider my patients as some chimps!

These are 80 millions,...

...which you may assign for more modern equipments in a ward,...

...for promoting studies in this clinic or somewhere else.

All of us know with such unselfishness you're fighting for medical progress.

Hence, I let you decide how to use this money in the way you'll consider the most appropriate.

Where, how and when you like.

And not to restrict your freedom, here's a check payable to the bearer.

Dear Loris. How are things going with that report about Vitalin?

I had finished, but I'm updating it thanks to some articles published abroad.

Which articles? About the similar product. - Let's see.

They're withdrawing it from market in Swizerland and in Germany...

...for its harmful secondary consequences due to entrazine, included in Vitalin too.

So what?

If it's harmful to Swiss and German people, it's not necessarily the same for Italians.

Other climates, other environmental conditions.

C'mon, Loris, let's be serious. Everything depends on the dosage of entrazine.

And don't get confused by reading too much.

Keep to instructions and prepare the report for tomorrow. Will you make it?

I'll spend the whole night, professor. Well said.

If I feel calm it's why I know in which hands I put you: Vallotti. Do you know who's?

If I had known that Vallotti was operating me,...

...I'd have spent the money required by the notary for my will... go to the stadium for the match Italy versus England.

You'll go and watch that match. And I also will come this time.

You've been good when you wanted to hide the truth from me,...

...but I've been always aware that it was a difficult surgery.

If something went wrong, find a good girl who takes care of our kids.

You go to work and they're still so young.

Thanks to Vallotti I'm feeling calm, for us and the children. I swear.

I'm scared! I want you to bring me back home.

What are afraid of, dad? You won't feel anything when they anesthetize you.

That's just what I'm afraid of, to ignore what they're doing.

C'mon, dad. You'll be back home in a few days. - Easier said than done!

You're really lucky, dr Natali was able to talk to him...

...and the professor promised he will take care of you in person.

When I'll be dismissed, I promise I'll buy you that blessed scooter.

Really, dad? I promised.

I'm so calm that I didn't even write to my family.

You did well. You'd not get worried, you're in good hands.

There must be a surgery to let us realize that what matters is only our love.

Betti, you check Donati and Pascali.

You keep an eye on Menzoni and Pavani, they're absolute beginners.

I'll be helpful to everybody. Fine.

Giordani, you operate that kidney. But I've two other surgeries.

Are the glasses ok? Yes. I'll pick up them now.

Is it all ready, miss? Yes. The patient's already sleeping.

Let's go. At which point are the surgeries in the other rooms?

The professor Betti is waiting for that new operation.

Make it larger, c'mon! Coagulate.

What about that loss of anastomosis?

I've still not been able to make everything visible. There's a lot of adhesions.

Get the stomach cleared, then I'll be back. - Coagulate. Dry!

Forceps. Kelly. Dry. Coagulate.

Found anything, Giordani? A cholecyst filled with gallstones.

We shall have to explore the choledochus, which has increased in volume, I think.

Ok, but call me before going on. - Agreed.


Good morning. Good morning, professor.

Is everything ready, isn't it?

Scalpel, please.

Open! Again!

This way.

Dry. You go on opening the inside, I'll be back later. - Fine.


Where the fuck are you operating?! On the left kidney.

Rascal! You had to operate the right one!

What's up? - An oversight by this muddler! C'mon, swab!

I'm so calm that I didn't even write to my family.

You did well. You'd not get worried, you're in good hands.

Dr Natali was able to talk to him...

...and the professor promised he will take care of you in person.

There must be a surgery to let us realize...

...that what matters is only our love.

I've been always aware that it was a difficult surgery.

If something went wrong, find a good girl who takes care of our kids.

You go to work and they're still so young.

Coagulate. She's losing a lot of blood. Open more.

Draw here, please. Give me the scissors.

Coagulate. C'mon with that swab!

The little kocher. Dry. Scissors. Open. Draw.

Clamp thread guide. C'mon, tampon. You too.

Draw deeply! C'mon, draw as much as possible!

C'mon with those swabs!

Did you realize where this blood comes from? - To be honest...

Get out of my way! Give the swabs, quick!

Quick, clean up. Draw there! What the fuck are you doing?!

Pick up another gauze and another aspirator!

More bandages, c'mon, quick!

Is the second aspirator coming? It doesn't work.

My God! If only something worked here...

Where are you drying?! I can't see anything!

Can you see that you caused a spleen's laceration? We have to remove it. C'mon.

Coagulate. Pull.



Draw, c'mon. And take your hand off! Kelly, miss.


Coagulate. Draw. Scissors.

Daniele... You go on.

Good evening, professor. Good evening.

Thanks, Giacomo. You look ready for Christmas time. Dazzling!

Didn't you put on too many jewels? What did you wear?

Too many are better than a few ones. Are you feeling tired? - No.

And those littles pains at your neck? They come and go.

You'd have to do some sport again, with a tennis court close to our house...

Where do I find the time, mom? You will.

Did you play canasta? Carla Seriotti got under my skin.

Did she even play so badly? - She wanted me to tell you about her brother's sickness.

It's not the first time a friend of yours tries to scrounge a diagnosis.

As if you were your dearly departed father...

My father was a an esteemed professional.

Especially esteemed by that crowd of tramps who always made him rush over,...

...even on Easter Sunday!

But he didn't have the courage to let the most of his bills get paid,...

...because he was good hearted, generous, unbiased...

You're talking about that just like it were a list of defects.

Forget the defects! One has no right to die...

...and just to boast his goodness, to leave his young wife down and out!

Inexperienced, fragile and with a baby to grow up.

What are you doing? You're kidding me... C'mon, mom, you made out just fine.

Ricky was hoping to have the dinner and watch a certain Olympic challenge with you.

Don't forget you have to replace his mother.

He has you, thank God. It's not the same thing.

Go to him. He's still awake.

C'mon, tell me another one! Ok. It's the last one, though.

Do you know the difference amongst an architect, a cook and a doctor? - No.

An architect uses to hide his mistakes under the plaster, the cook under the mayonnaise...

And the doctor? Underground, ok?

Dad, I've more fun with you than with my mates, but, damn! I never see you.

If you're good, I promise we'll spend a whole month on holidays together.

Cool! And where will you take me?

Let's change this time. You'll take me somewhere.

You choose the place. Wherever you like: Africa, America, Asia. Just choose.

It'll be a place so far away from here that no one can bother you, not even by phone.


But now say a prayer for your mother and fall asleep, 'cause it's late, you'll go to school tomorrow.

C'mon, get well under the covers... this way.

Bye, dad. Bye.

Well, just a hour at home...

...and the whole tiredness due to an exhausting day disappears.

Is there anything from mail box that I have to read?

No, nothing. The usual letters filled with courtesies. I'll answer.

Also the one you hide there below? It's certainly from Ricky's school.

Stop it. Again a bad grade for conduct?

It's not about Ricky. What is it?

I had to throw it away into the dust bin, it's the only place for anonymous letters.

You were in such a good mood... I've been just stupid.

No, why? I'd always better know, in order to watch my back.

Anything we have to worry about? No, nothing. Now go to bed. Bye.

Good night, Daniele. Good night.

You're listening to Montecarlo radio.

Radio programs are over and will start again tomorrow.

We wish you a very good night.

No. 229 is about Ettore Vanni. An unnecessary surgery.

A few millions more for you, but even one more dead.

Good night, professor.

So what? No filed data, professor.

It's not possible. Ok, you may go.

Along with Ettore Vanni's ones other 10 clients' X-rays disappear,...

...and all that you've to tell me is nothing but: "It's not possible".

This never happened... It has happened just now!

Who took just those X-rays did that on a precise purpose!

True, Casati? Or do you prefer not to understand it?

But only your collaborators come in here, must I think that...

Just think to make those X-rays appear again!

Forget to worry about your gambling debts...

...and think to make them appear again in the archive!

It's a good advice, believe me!

People don't understand how we can still be in love after so many years.

Yet it's enough that we stay together to feel happy.

I've to go.

I'll be back as soon as I can give you news about the surgery.

I'm leaving you in good hands.

Will you remove or not that swab?! I'm sorry.

Draw. Again. You open, here.

Are the tools for vessels ready? - Yes. I think they will need them.


What's the level of the scalpel? 3. - Lead it to 6. - Alright.

Coagulate. Draw, Giordani. Draw! Do not cover me up!

Draw. Open more again, pull more, c'mon!

Coagulate, miss.

Draw. Coagulate. Again.


Betti, if you carry on with that swab, what will I do?

Coagulate, miss.

Pull. What's wrong with you this morning?!

Coagulate, miss.

Professor, there's a call for you. I'm operating, am I not?

It's Donati the lawyer, he says it's very compelling. - Tell him to call later.

What are you doing? Keep still!

It had to last 2 hours. How is it that it's still not over?

There're no complications, right? No, everything's going well till now.

Time for such a surgery cannot be evaluated. - Thanks.

Nun, please, provide two silk filaments of measure 2 zeros.

Coagulate. Again. Again, miss.

Professor, the lawyer is over there. He repeats that it's compelling.

What a bore! Betti, you go on.

I'm operating, you can't come to bother...

If it weren't compelling, I'd have not taken the liberty to bother you.

They've imformed on you for your income.

They've verified 800 millions instead of the 90 you declared.

The board of enquiry will be here in half a hour, unless... - How much?

I think that 5 millions will be more than enough. - Pay, if that's enough...

Provided always that a copy has not been sent to the ministry.

I'll take care of that now, dial 872598.

Giordani, I'm not figuring anything out. This won't stop. Quick, a stitch.

Maybe we'd better call the professor. Ok. I go and call him. Replace me.


What's up? I don't know, there's a bleeding.

If you happened to be given a fake charge about my income... - Listen!

Yes, it's possible. Block it, if so. Now I can't, I'm operating.

So what?! Hi. What's up?

There's a serious bleeding. - What about Betti? There's a right and a wrong use of a scalpel.

I'm not able to block the bleeding, I'm not able to enable a hemostasis.

Fuck! You'll never enable a hemostasis persisting in stitching up the parenchyma!

Give me some gauzes! Draw! Look how large is that laceration!

Give me. Let's perform a removal. Professor, I can no longer take his pulse.

Is the patient making blood? He already made 5 units.

Give him more.

I can no longer take his pulse, there's a cardiac arrest.

Let's rub him down. Do not stop, Betti! Yes!

Miss, prepare an intracardiac injection of adrenalin.



Professor, there's no sign of recovery.

Keep on rubbing him down.

It's not true... I'm feeling that it's not true.

It can't be true!

No, I can't live without him... I can't know where he's now...

I don't want to! Madam Marchetti, you're a believer...

No! God had no mercy upon me! Christ deceived and betrayed me!

How dare you offend your Lord this way? It's a very grave sin.

Go away, mother, it's a graver sin to be indignant at a woman so desperate.

Madam, professor Vallotti has charged me with giving your advance payment back.

The advance payment... the money...

Got it, my love? They've given you the money back!


Oh... Look who's here... you're here.

You're saying it as if you didn't know that I had to come.

No, rather, I was expecting you visiting me like a Samaritan. Come in.

Moreover, that's a big distraction for me. Please, get in.

Well, what is a nun feeling at a single man's house?

I hate the mess.

Do you mind if I'll roughly tidy up?

Do as you like, but don't expect my gratitude.

Anyway tomorrow will be just like today.

Mess starts from within, and then it broadens out.

I've been living with it since a long time.

Starting from the outside one can get a little advantage.

Don't you have a woman? A woman?

Women, if anything, only at the plural, lasting shortly and needing little obligation.

I don't need any stable relationship.

You clearly need a very strong coffee.

I beg your pardon, but I've already had a lot of them.

I clearly need some time before getting better.

There was luckily some traffic and so I've been late.

Why did you come?

You've been absent from the clinic for two days.

I guessed what you felt hearing about...

...lady Marchetti's insane gesture.

Indeed, who knows then why they use that funny adjective all the times,...


I did convince them that Vallotti would have performed the surgery. You knew that?

So the picture you got is clear.

A lonely doctor, stricken with a crisis of despair,...

...a human being overwhelmed by his conscience bothering him, unduly furthermore,...

...who tries to drown his pathetic frustration in alcohol.

Isn't it so? More or less.

That's untrue instead! Because it's only disgust! Disgust of everything and everybody!

A volgar crisis of existential saturation,...

...a rotten weakness, just like all this world around us,...

...drives of disgust which have nothing sublime.

I don't feel my coscience bothering me, because I don't believe in conscience.

And crisis after crisis of... disgust,...

...I'm trying to live the best I can.

That's the truth. What about your truth?

The impulse of Christian charity doesn't convince me at all.

C'mon, why did you come here? Out of symphathy.

Do you remember the Greek origin of this word? "To feel together".

Nice. No objection.

Cynicism is breaking on frankness. Nice.

It's a pity that this won't be useful to put me back in order.

Is that useful to cheer you up?

No, it's useful to keep me a bit of bad company.

I've presumed I was going to compete against this bottle.

The result is not so encouraging, though.

Anyway, I really like you being here.

You're very good at hiding that. And not only since today.

I've been seeing you for almost 2 years every day,...

...and any time I enjoy it.

Rather, a result... a definitely positive assessment.

Only it can be proud of a similar one towards me,...

...but a year ago it got out to take me the newspaper and disappeared.

Let's hope it chose freedom.

Instead you chose this... May I ask you a question? - Spare me it.

It's the customary question people use to ask whores and nuns.

"Why? Why did you choose this path?"

There's a trend to redeem whores and to deprave nuns.

Perhaps because they're women who don't fit in the models of so-called normality.

You don't fit in because you're a rather extraordinary woman.

How kind of you.

Anyway, if you care for revealing the mystery of my vocation,...

...don't think of the usual big disappointments.

On the contrary, mine has only been a big illusion,...

...the one of being totally at disposal of the Lord's will.

So you believe in God.

Dr Giordani, your logic is disarming.

You can even be sarcastic. - No, you're really very good at that.

Am I completely wrong or do you have a weakness for me?

You're wrong. What I feel for you is much more.

Curiosity, liking, an outstanding attraction.

There's someone who calls all this with a precise name.

It's out of fashion and... it's extremely risky.

But "we're feeling together" and so why don't...

Why don't I throw the cloth away and throw fling my arms around your neck?

It'd be very nice.

Maybe, but also very bitter. And useless.

It'd be a break for you... in the middle of two crisis,...

...of existential disgust.

And a mistake for me.

A deliberate and conscious mistake which I'd have to regret.

And it matters a lot to me not to have to regret what I'm feeling.

Anyway, I thank you humbly. You'll never know how much.

Will you do me a favour? I'll ask you for a difficult small sacrifice.

Stop drinking for a whole week.

Alright. I'll be not drinking for a week... to your health.

Good morning, professor. - Good morning. Has the professor Calogeri been here for long?

Since a few minutes, professor.

What should I have to think when my husband gets purple in his face all of a sudden?

He has got clearly a dysfunction at his coronary arteries. Or am I wrong?

And when, not for one but for several times, I happen to hear him giving off...

...please excuse me... some bothersome air regurgitations from his mouth?

This can be explained only in a way for a gentleman like him...

.. an atony of his digestive system, or am I wrong?

Please excuse, if you don't mind. Just say, colleague.

I've known the patient for years. If I may say so myself, I've always been his doctor.

I'm not worried at all about his health condition.

For me he's healthy as... Enough, please!

I haven't bothered two authorities to listen to your baseless optimism,...

...which wants to ignore also the most serious and anguishing fact.

For me it's an enviable fact. Enviable?

What is it about, madam?

Well... my husband suffers from very recurring... erections.

This has a precise name in science: priapism.

From Priapus, an ancient phallic god.

You ignore how serious this illness is,...

...but I won't, as I use to read all the medical columns...

...on the most important Italian and foreign magazines.

Well, if we want to see the patient... - Yes.

I don't know which diagnosis you gentlemen will do, but one thing is sure... wife is crazy.

She's crazy and obsessed with diseases.

Purple! She makes me laugh.

I'm a bit coloured when drinking one or two glasses of wine.

Without her knowing, because she read that wine does great harm.

The little burps... No wonder!

I've to go down to the pantry by night... swallow a couple of sausages or what I find,...

...because she keeps me with semolina soup or vegetable broth.

Well, the story of priapism then.

C'mon, in short, we're men.

I'm a man 60 years old and I have to say that I have still a hard-on.

For example, my estate is filled with game, isn't it?

If I go hunting and I see a nice pheasant in front of me, what will I do? I'll shoot, right?

Otherwise, why do I even bring along my rifle?

And if instead of a pheasant I see a compliant woman, must I throw her away?

What to do? I'll shoot, won't I? Otherwise, why do I even bring this tool forward?

Excuse me, but I had forgot another alarming symptom.

Later, madam. Now along with my colleague we have to retire to study the case.

Come. You must be wondering why I wanted you to intervene in this consultation.

It's not to have a picnic together.

I have no doubts about it and I'm waiting for you to clarify.

Well, Calogeri... you're hostile to me.

You've been so since I made an artificial kidney be placed at the general hospital...

...and gave the custody of it to dr Azzina, who's able to make it work.

I've got the same device at my private hospital and you knew that.

Who do you think may come to me spending half a million...

...when he can get by with 50,000 Lire only in a public hospital?

I lost more than half of my clients in that ward! And I'd not have to be hostile to you?

There's a good and a bad way,...

...and then, your plan to discredit me is out of any professional ethics.

I heard that you loaned my radiologist Casati a huge amount of money. Why?

He's a friend of mine.

Very generous of you.

And haven't you ever thought that a frank dialogue between us...

...could remove any disagreement?

Being a health reform in the air, we're going to face very troubling moments.

To be united is our highest duty.

And I don't think that one device will break this unity.

I must think that you'll get rid of it at the general hospital.

Our solidarity, dear Calogeri,... an essential basis to carry out our work peacefully.

Thank you. We didn't talk about the patient.

Do not worry, I'll take care of that.

As I say again, my dear, nothing alarming. Keep calm.

But, after examining the complexity of your husband's symptoms,...

...we think that he has to stay in my colleague's clinic for a while,... let us decide if a surgery is appropriate.

Tomorrow I'll go with him who will be admitted to hospital.

Any flight, before evening!

To any place, where there must be hot chicks, of course.

But far from here, where she won't be able to reach me.

Did you think hard about it, Enrico? I've been thinking about it for 20 years.

Do you realize what means for me to get away from my mad wife's clutches?

I realize also what means to get away from the two fat cats' clutches.

Where are you going? - My son is seriously ill, he got a kidney failure.

Go to the general hospital, there's no more room here.

We have been sent here from there! - But there's no room! - Do you have the national health insurance?

Yes, my husband works for national electricity board. - My brother too. - We know him perhaps.

Where will I take him? To urology.

Just a moment, miss. - What's up? You must fill the admission form.

Couldn't it be done later? No, these are the rules. Fill this.

Give me. - Yes. What's the name? - Whose?

Of your son. Surname, name, date and place of birth.

That's unfair, I... But, madam...

I have to be with my son! Madam! - No!


That's for you, but it was on my table and I have opened it by mistake.

I'm sorry. - Who brought it? This was not sent by mail.

Who left it on your table? Why? Is it so important?

Simply I don't like mess. A letter for me was left on your table!

Don't you know who came into your room?

De Ruva, Betti, Loris... - Also Azzina? - Yes, and he was very angry because...

...they're packing the artificial kidney he uses, in order to carry it into another hospital.

That child wouldn't have died if this device had worked in time.

I can't stand you talking to me so insolently, dr Azzina,...

...and least of all your presence here in my ward.

If this means that I'll be moved,... not trouble yourself with it, I've already decided I'll come back to US.

I've been realizing since a long time that there's no place in this country...

...for those who specialized abroad to employ technical devices...

...which you cannot use!

There're many machines like this in Italy,...

...but there're a very few up-to-date technicians able to make them work!

And those few ones are almost all in the private clinics.

It was not useful to someone that in a simple hospital...

...a human life could be saved with a small cost!

That's why you've been always hostile to me since you came here!

That's why you made that device be sent into a hospital...

...where no one will be able to use it!

You're raving, aren't you?

Whether you like it or not, you'll leave this hospital today, right away.

I don't want close to me...

...people who hide behind anonymous letters and calls.

I don't know what you're talking about and I don't care!

Who used such a deceitful way won't have ever the courage to admit it.

Yes, it's Vallotti.

Earlier Marchetti, now that child.

Will you able to sleep tonight, professor?

Miss, someone has called me at this number. Was the call coming from outside?

No, I'd have received it if so.

Don't you know which internal number it came from then?

No, because internal calls don't pass through telephone exchange.

Prepare these patients I recommended for surgery. We shall operate them tomorrow.

Dear Laurenti! Good morning, professor.

How are you? you'd get some scoop about health reform. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Thanks but I'm not here for that. There's a whole page dedicated to you.

Let's see. - As you can see, it's about yellow journalism.

I'd call it a whispering campaign. Anyway, I was able to block its publication.

Who's delivering these news to the newspaper?

I don't know, we have got a lot of freelances.

Does a certain Loris, Marco Loris, happen to be amongst them?

Loris... Oh, yes, sure, he's a young man with glasses.

But I couldn't claim that he did that.

Alright, thanks.

Dear Loris.

A while ago you told me that you've got a family in your charge...

...and need to increase your income, didn't you?

Yes, professor. Well, as you can see, I remember.

I was thinking about that and I've got a solution for your problems.

Will you let me work in your ward? It'd be very little useful.

No, come with me, I'll introduce you to a colleaugue of mine at gynaecology.

I can't take it any more, be quick, I'm loosing blood.

You're not the only one here: why the hell don't you think hard, before getting ruined with...

...needles of stockings and bones of chickens by backstreet midwifes?

What a shame at your age!

While I'm killing myself at working as a partime maid to let you attend the training school for teachers!

I'll denounce her! Even if I had to end up in jail!

She operated you on a kitchen table! That's why she didn't want me to come in.

How old the eldest son is? - 3 years and a half, the youngest is 2 months old.

Congratulations. Good morning, professor. - Good morning.

The most of more than two millions of abortions carried out in Italy,...

...are performed by backstreet midwifes, witches,...

...or brute doctors.

Every Monday many of them use to come here with their pierced uteruses...

...and often affected by peritonitis.

What I have to do? To make them die?

No one of us is emotional while working, but ther're some cases when,...

...for God's sake, if you've section no. 553 of penal code in place of your heart,...'ll be spending the night on thinking hard and cursing.

I'll face this problem in my next report for the national... congress and let's hope to rock the boat.

They'll give heed to you. At least I hope so. Sooner or late we will make a go of it.

Loris, come here. The professor Bonanni promised me he will turn the screw on you.

He's a man who doesn't spare himself, but also makes the others work hard.

Are you up to that? I'll try, professor. - Fine.

Excuse me, professor, but I didn't intend to specialize in obstetrics.

Earning the same amount of money, I'd have preferred to stay in the ward with you.

Think that after a few days of practise you'll be able to start to freelance.

Without leaving the hospital, obviously.

With the due caution, in a month you'll easily earn your good million Lire.

But abortion is illegal!

Of course it is. Also revolution is illegal.

To all appearances, also freedom of speech and expression,...

...guaranteed by constitution, but obstructed by our convoluted code.

You know that a lecturer has been arrested because he was talking about contraceptives?

Arrested? Sure. You were amazed, weren't you?

I think that saving some lives from the clutches of these witches,...

...who commit unpunished murders,...

...ought not to disgust the conscience of a young man.

I don't consider edifying...

...the deceiver morals contained in the shell of a convenient conformism.

You're right, professor. I'll follow your advice.

To your health.

Well done! I want a seasonal rotation of flowers! - Thanks, professor.

The big white boss is joyful today. It's about time.

Professor, good morning. - We're behind on our work which we'll do right away.

Not having your instructions, I couldn't... - Sure.

Sorry, we didn't get on very well with each other as an equipe as usual, but unfortunately I got...

...some setbacks? Water under the bridge.

Well, everybody get to his own work now. I'll reach you immediately.

You can close, Betti. Yes.

Congratulations. The whole time of linfoadenectomy was very nice.

This guy will never know how much he was next to wake up in the other world.

Today you've made a real miracle.

Especially considering the event of the cardiac fibrillation.

Really a momentous operation in the history of surgery. - Thanks.

The connection of the lesion with heart only now has taken any doubt away from us...

...about X-ray deductions.

It's a real pity not having filmed it.

The real pity for me is that I can't to be glad about your praises.

Professor, would you like a coffee? Yes, thanks, sister.

Because amongst you...

...there's somebody who would like to damage and discredit me.

Let it be clear that, if that happened, mine will be also your ruin.

I've got enough proofs about your work to destroy anyone of you.

And let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

If you, as a representative of the ministry of health,...

...will tell him that our attitude is obstructionist,...'ll be just an opinion of yours, entirely arbitrary.

You see, all my colleaugues here and me personally,...

...wish for a health reform, but only for a radical one.

This means, first: the dismantling of all those cooperative companies...

...on which hundreds of billions were spent by government;...

...the abolition of all the religious charities, which, to say the truth,...

...are producers of propaganda for the strongest party in power;...

...third, all the hospitals which will have to become public overnight.

Finally the nationalization of the pharmaceutical companies, which are more than one thousand.

Only these are the requirements for an effective reform.

But all this involves prohibitive expenses...

...for a defict like the one we have.

Believe me, out of this reality there's only demagogy...

...and another swindle for the nation.

You say that we have to be united, 'cause it's a really thorny moment. Dangerous, I'd say.

The danger comes from our circle, perhaps from some close collaborators of ours.

What do you mean?

There're personal facts in our job...

...which someone is using not only in an anonymous but even intimidating way.

You mean that you're feeling exposed to a potential defamation?

Not only me but also Tancredi, Bellonci, Farelli, Rovita and who know how many others.

We have to react, Calogeri. To prevent. - Agreed, but how?

The time has come to confirm our prestige at the public eye.

Professor Vallotti, after he operated my stomach,...

...gave new life to me and didn't even ask me for a penny!

Professor Vallotti, we have heard from the real voices of people involved...

...the touching and dramatic statements which are the greatest recognition...

...of your high humanitarian feeling.

Will you tell us if this exemplar generosity of yours... followed also by other eminent colleagues of yours?

Most certainly, my dear.

Like me, many of them do their best in any moment of their free time...

...with a complete unselfishness, to help and often save the poorest people.


Rh positive blood, an universal type.

If I may state it, what we're doing... just a gesture of solidarity,... invite to the youngest colleaugues... understand the categorical imperative of our job,...

...which is to give, to give humbly, silently, anonymously.

Hi, dad! Hello, Ricky! What do you have there?

I've choosen the place for our holidays. There's everything: sailing, horse riding, swimming pool.

Let me see. Do you like it? - It's amazing.

This is a little shore, we can bathe there.

Very good! Then we shall take your time to study it.

It's so far away that no one will come and bother you. - Thank God.

Do you have some time to see my plans? Later.

Not now! Not now, Ricky. Go to your room, be good.

There's a new record I bought for you.

Is it underground? You'll see it.

What's up?

The prosecutor Selmi has called. Yes...

He said he wants to see you, it's compelling. - I'll see him.

I've received it this morning.

It's a charge against you, fully detailed.

Can't you ignore it? No, I can't, unfortunately.

I can only wait for some days so that you see if you can get it withdrawn.

Excuse me, isn't it anonymous? No. It's signed.


I want to get out! I want to go away! I'm not mad!

3 signings are enough...

...and a person of sound mind can be locked in this hell.

Well, he'll get out of here with a plenty of grim experiences and even churn out a bestseller.

Not necessarily, because even the one who gets in here as a person of sound mind,...

...may easily become mad.

Did you move the director away to talk about that?

No, it's for the objectivity of the inquiry.

Seeing the boss, everyone has a different behaviour.

Do you think that being terrified of a punishment is useful to get a grip?

A few shocks at the highest voltage and everything's forgotten now.

You're not even able to testify to your own identity.

To delete yourself from your own memory might be a solution.

Does also the method appeal to you? No. It's beastly.

Often the means justify the ends, when these ones are binding.

No! Don't do it!

I've been good! I helped to clean the floors! I'll do what you want!



Even if it happens to be here at the wrong time,...

...if freedom is his blood one can always find a way out.

These doors don't give in to dreams. They're tough.

More or less just the one of a jail.

Why did you report me? You hate because you're a failure.

No, I don't have it with you personally.

Anyway, just know that other detailed and incontrovertible,...

...reports will follow.

Are you feeling like an executioner? Not at all. And not even a moralist.

It was a distraction, a game. A hobby, if you prefer.

I threw myself into that with a diligence which is not even suited to me, however.

There was no dedication at the beginning.

Every time that I changed ward in a hospital,...

...I thought I was getting out of a sewer, but I realized I was falling into another one.

So I started to take note of everything.

Facts, blackmails, dirty tricks... murders.

I was selecting and cataloguing them one by one like one does with stamps.

Did you have fun? A lot.

It was the only antidote to the bore which I'm feeling all the times...

...and to the disgust I'm feeling for some things right now.

I prepared a show only for me.

Idealist for fun! Latent histrionism in search of a stage!

I happened to find myself on this stage.

Anyway, do not flatter yourself that I give up enjoying the show.

That's no good, dear Calogeri. It's not about half measure here.

Critical situations call for drastic measures!

Anyone of you has to loose as much as me or more!

Agreed, I'm with you. We need to defend our prestige.

Forget the prestige, perhaps our status is in danger.

The appreciation we have been gaining thanks to a whole life at work!

Forget prestige and appreciation!

I'm thinking about the possible consequences due to a trial,...

...which, in the best case, involves our ruin.

So, dear gentlemen, there's nothing but a solution.

To decide together how to avoid this ruin.

Dr Giordani, there's a compelling operation!

I've already to operate today in the afternoon. Professor Vallotti isn't here?

He hasn't still come. - Strange, I felt like seeing his car.

Betti? We have looked for him, he's not here.

Today is really the day of delays. Alright, I'll come.

My gloves, miss. Well, what can you tell me about the patient?

He's 56 years old and tells, from his remote medical history,...

...he suffered from a infectious hepatitis about 20 years ago.

He has been rushed to hospital for a copious hematemesis.

What about the exams? - The blood count has showed a million of red blood cells.

We made a live visualization of the hepatic area, which you can see very well.

When was he hospitalized? About a hour ago.

Other information? We made two blood transfusions.

Apparently, he hasn't recovered in a satisfactory way.

How the hell was he able to get by with a liver in such conditions? Who knows.

Well... will you give me some water, miss?

Are you ready? Let's start? Yes, but the surgical risk is huge.


Dry. Kelly. C'mon, dry! Dry there, I can't see anything.

Coagulate. C'mon, dry! C'mon, I can't see anything.

Scalpel. Coagulate. C'mon, quick! Scalpel.

Pressure? Wrist? Heart?

Highest pressure, 120. The lowest one, 80. Wrist, 90.

Forceps. Dry, in the meanwhile! Coagulate.

C'mon, once again, dry. You open! How is the pressure?

Pressure: 80, 120.

Coagulate. Coagulate! You, open more!

Forceps! C'mon!

Coagulate. Dry. Swab! A new wab, can't you see here?!

Wrist? Pressure? C'mon, the wrist! - 70.

Kelly! Coagulate!

I don't undestand anything, here. It's clearly cirrus shaped.

There're no signs of ulcers... How is that...

Duodenum is free. Let's see the bile ducts.

Pull! C'mon, open!

C'mon, dry! Draw!

There're clear signs of cystic dangers.

Kelly! Coagulate.

Change that swab! Don't see that I can no longer recognize anything with the blood?

C'mon, miss, kelly! Coagulate.

You, dry here. Coagulate. How the fuck did you put this mask on me?!

What happens to you? Are you irritable? Very calm, now that you're here.

Scalpel! Open! Open more strongly!

Forceps for cysts. If I were you, I'd not do this way.

Later the lessons, professor. Coagulate. Dry, c'mon!

You, open!

What happens? Can't you see it clearly? - More light!

Aren't you feeling well? - This is not the X-ray which were there before.

You've made a mistake. What? Did you change it?

What are you saying? Take care of the bleeding.

Forceps. I said "forceps", not "crail"! Sorry, you didn't help me get clear on this.

I can't feel, Giordani. His heart is taking the strain.

What are you doing? Don't you go ahead?

Give me the kelly.

Here, remove that. Dry. What are you doing? Are you noding off today?!

Coagulate. Here!

I don't understand anything. I don't feel like going on.

Betti, see if you can do something.

He went away, was summoned by professor Vallotti.

C'mon, open. More! Coagulate!

Listen, De Ruva, you cannot...

It's useless, by now. There's a cardiac arrest.

What's happened?

Why didn't you allow Betti to go on?

He was not conscious of what was happening.

He even thought that we had changed the X-ray.

He was unable to understand.

How come? He was drunk.

Leave me alone with him.

I'm sorry, but... you forced me to do that.

You know what's in store for you, don't you?

Sure, I'll be convincted of manslaughter with all the aggravating...

...circumstances testified by professionals with no criminal record.

Maybe some years in jail, certainly a disbarment.

Isn't a too high price to play idealism?

The poor people, who've nothing to do with that, almost always pay a too high price.

Like this guy.

I'd have never thought you were able to go that far.

A premeditated murder. Necessary. - Gratuitous!

A simple exam could testify that I've been not taking alcohol for months.

Let's even suppose that things are so,... very well know that reports and counter-report exist.

The ones by defense and the ones by prosecution.

Or maybe do you still believe in an impartial justice, not easily influenced?

No... What do you want?

To help you out.

Any name you want to give to your lack of appetite for life,...

...the truth is that you're a failure, as a man and as a doctor.

Did you ever experience what's the pleasure and the joy for a realized life?

You're using the bore as an alibi to hide your powerlessness,...

...your ineptitude to become somebody.

You can still become somebody. I can make you be given a lecturing post.

I'll be able to put you in a good light.

Did you ever realize that the fact of being a doctor...

...entails the practise of power?

A doctor is a powerful man, a master, due to the nature itself of his function.

He can terrify, reassure, annihilate any hope,...

...give back a life, even kill, according to his own will.

Even the humble and simple men, have a small sceptre in their hands...

...for the poor people.

But how big this sceptre will become together with them, if they will able to use it,...

...if they will have a successful career?

It will become and huge and shining sceptre!

Like the one of an imperator, maybe even more!

You know, I saw a lot of people hanging their heads, bending their knees,...

...a lot of tears, smiles,...

...of hands stretching out as if a prophet came through.

I'll withdraw my report against you, but not against the others.

Well said!

I'll be a great supporter of you, you know?

I can change your position overnight.

It's pitful for me to tell you, but you can no longer do anything, by now,...

...because there will be no future for you.

Didn't you realize that you're no longer taking part of those ones who exploit pain?

Maybe you had too many things to do and didn't get...

...that you've reached the other side, the one of victims and of sick persons.

What are you saying?!

I'm a nobody, professor, but I'm unlikely to get wrong with a diagnosis.

I saw too many times some objects falling down from your hand,...

...a spasmodic steadiness in your gaze, a sudden stiffening of your neck...

And these are not symptoms of being tired.

You well know what is it, don't you?

Now you decide in front of which sceptre you'll have to hang your head.

But whom can you trust?

Betti! De Ruva!

Casati! Loris! Azzina!

Yes, Meizler.

Christian? Yes.

It's Daniele Vallotti speaking. Oh, my dear!

Excuse me, you were sleeping, weren't you? No.

I know you operated some persons affected by Parkinson in Zurich.


Which results? Unfortunately, mediocre or vain.

But I can always have a try. Do you care a lot for this client?

He's a friend. Send him, I'll treat him carefully.

If I decide for a surgery, I'll call you again.

A new medicine trial has started.

Yes, I know. You're very kind. Thanks. You're welcome.


It's very nice here, like the brochure showed.

The lady is good, but fussy.

But why don't you come? Damn! You had promised me...

Didn't you realize you're no longer taking part of those ones who exploit pain?'ve reached the other side, the one of victims and of sick persons.

Daniele, I don't want you to look so. React, my son.

All the biggest colleagues will feel honoured to help you out.

You've only to choose.

Who? Who?!




translated by quidtum March 2014