See No Evil (2006) Script

Jesus, that is loud.

I'd call and complain, too.

Neighbors also said there was screaming.

It's the police!

Hey, shouldn't we wait for backup?

You wait.

Are you checkin' this out?


Aaahh! Aah! Aah!

Police! Freeze!


You all right?

Is she alone in here?


Oh, my God.

What the f--


No! Aah! Aah! Aah!



Officer down.

Move it back, people!

Please. Step back. Move back.

Ready to go live in three... two...

And one.

It's--it's indescribable.

This-- This horrific crime scene where a rookie officer has been savagely hacked to death at this dilapidated residence. what authorities have described as a gruesome crime scene, two officers entered this abandoned building earlier this afternoon.

What they found inside is simply too grisly...

The young officer who lost his life in this attack has not been identified pending notification of next of kin.

Williams risked his own life to rescue the young woman being held hostage on the premises. So far, the remains...

So far, seven human remains have been unearthed, all with the eyes grotesquely removed in what police are saying is one of the most diabolical...

The only possible clue to the horrendous acts which occurred here today lay in the hands of two very shaken survivors.

14-year police veteran Frank Williams is the only surviving officer.

He's being taken from the scene with severe injuries, and at this point, his condition is listed as critical.

...for any clues they can provide.

...female victim, who was brutally blinded.

...will be consulted as numerous unsolved mysteries may be laid to rest with these tragic...

Investigators are anxious to question Sergeant Williams and the female...

For now, both will be rushed to Overland General for psychiatric evaluation and trauma care.

Stay tuned to this developing story as--

Hey, Russell.

What, dude?

Check this out, bro.

I don't need to.

Help a white boy out.


Keep it down back there.

Gentlemen, can we move it?

How many more miles?

Richie, please.

Shut up, man.

I found these condoms.

Why are you looking at me?God.


We need to be able to trust you guys.

This is the first coed program of its kind.

So, again... no fraternizing.




She's the last person you've got to worry about.

You bitch.

Oh, my God. The mute spoke.

Watch your ass, slut.

What, like the way you watch Kira's?



They're here.

Bunch of losers.

Hope they had their shots.

Zo, pass me my bag, please.



Dude, you better back up off me.

I just about had enough of your shit.

Oh, my God.

Move me, boy.

What? Son of a bitch.

I got your boy. I'm'a show--

Let's go, shithead.

Hey! "Boy," huh?

You two knock it off.

I said knock it off!


You'd rather stay here?

Go back inside?

Now, get goin'.

Hey, Frank.

I thought my group was animals.

Those two gonna make it?

We'll see.

Hello, ladies.

Don't sit next to me.

What are you lookin' at?

Hello, everyone. I'm Hannah Anders.

This is Frank Williams.

You guys know that your hard work this weekend will pay off in shorter sentences.

I hope you can prove to us that we made the right decision in choosing you for this program.

What's up, squeaky tweaker?

Fuck you, Mike.

Been there. Done that.

I used to hit that shit.

Is that what you call it?

What, I say somethin'?


You talkin' to me, Rufus?

Yeah. You know what?

You might want to move.


Oh my God. Hey!

Break it up back there!

I said break it up.

What? I didn't do shit.

I don't care. Act up again, we turn around.

That goes for all of you.

God, his hand. What happened to him?

You mean the claw?


I heard Chihuahua attack.

Hey, you're, like, the dog pound liberator, huh?

Dog pound liberator?

Yeah. They were gonna gas 'em.

Nice move, though.

I respect that.

I'm gonna need drugs.

I heard that.

Where the fuck are they taking us?

Yo, Tye.

Tye. Come on, man.

Can't a brother get some rest?

Look, I might had a proposition for you.

For me.


I'm listenin'.

Okay, everyone, this is it.


What is this? Hotel Ghetto?

Like you'd know.

I thought my 'hood was bad.

Mr. Williams.

I'm so glad this worked out.

Me, too, Margaret.

Thanks for the opportunity.

How's our first group?

Not so good.

Some a little worse than others.

We left County for this?

'Scuse me.

Let's go.

Slave labor bullshit.

Oh my God.

What a dump.


Uhh. Smelled better on the bus.

I wonder if there's cable.

Knock it off.

Good afternoon, everyone.

I'm Margaret Gaine.

I'm involved in the renovation of historical landmarks. This property was donated to us a few years ago.

We toyed with the idea of reopening the hotel, but honestly, what this part of town really needs is a shelter for the homeless.

That's where you guys come in.

What, homeless?

No, dear.


We didn't volunteer.


Can't you ever fuckin' shut up?

Eat me.

Oh, yeah. Good comeback.

Fuck you.

Uh, what museum... did you say you work for, granny?

Guys. You know the tradeoff for three days' work is a month off your sentence.

That's not a bad deal.

Let me tell you somethin'.

Hannah and I are here on a weekend because we believe in second chances.

Don't prove us wrong.

For the next three days, if Margaret asks you to do somethin', you better do it.

You got it?

Who wants a tour?

Mr. Blackwell built the hotel I can't believe this. as a playground for himself and his friends.

Rumor has it that there are hidden passageways and two-way mirrors all over, although I've never found them.

We've almost finished renovating the suites on the second floor.

That's where you'll all be staying.

Penthouse floors, however, on eight and nine are off-limits. It's too dangerous for guests.

Why? What happened?

There was a fire in '71.

It gutted them.

It killed Mr. Blackwell, his wife, and a few others.

And since the hotel was more of a hobby than a business, it's never been repaired.

Besides, we don't want your parents suing us if you get hurt, now, do we?

Oh. Before I forget. During mealtimes, you all can eat in the atrium.

However, the doors must remain locked at night.

So. Ladies... grab a trash bag.

Gentlemen, brooms.

Michael, is it?

Yeah. You want me to be shot caller?

No. No, we want you to mop.

The lavatory's over there.

Your heard her, Mike. Get the mop.

Hey, I'm tryin' to clean here!

Cut it out!

Oh, sh--




Shh! You scared me!

Keep your voice down.

Did you open that?

Yeah. I'm gettin' the fuck outta here.


This only leads out to the atrium.

You'd still be inside the hotel.


Nice try, though.


Come on, don't let Michael get to your head.

You don't understand.

Where'd you get those?

What's-her-name. She lifted 'em off Hannah.

Oh. Zoe.

Yeah. Zoe.

I just can't believe the same asshole that got me locked up is gonna be sleepin' down the hall.

You know?

I know.

Can I have one?


We were just...

Thanks, girls.

Try not to burn the place down.

Yes, sir.


You think he whacks off with that thing?



What's up?

All that, uh, all that stuff about the hidden rooms, the passages, the stairwells?

All true.

This is what I was talkin' about on the bus.

So what?

Okay. This is where you come in.

Can you crack a safe?

Please. Open 'em like I open your mama's legs.

Good, 'cause there is a safe.


Blackwell's private stash.

Never been recovered.

Why not?

No one knows about it.

I mean, this place is a goddamn maze, but...

I got the blueprints.

Look, man, I'm not tryin' to get no more time.

You won't. You won't. Look, if we get caught wandering, you know, we just say... we got lost.

It's simple.

And this shit is current.

'Course it is. I mean, why wouldn't it be?

You tellin' me after 35 years no one's found this so-called safe?

Have you got anything else better to do?

All right, Richie-Rich. I'm down.


I'm working.

I didn't say anything.

I'm glad you were cleared for this project, Christine.

Out of everyone here, I think you've got the most potential.

Do you, now?

I've seen everyone's file.

I know your story.

Why you attacked your stepfather... what happened to your sister.

You got a shitty deal.


Actually, speaking of shitty deals... whose bright idea was it to put Kira and Michael on this project together?

What are you talkin' about?

What I'm talking about is Kira used to work for that prick out on the streets. What?

Yeah...when he wasn't beating her ass.

She rolled over on him, and now because of you guys, he's here, and he's been fuckin' stalking her the whole time. Okay.

Okay. We didn't know.

I'll deal with it.

Yeah. You deal with it.

You'd get with her?


What, you wouldn't?

Man, your standards are too high.

What's up, bitch?

I mean, uh... Rich.

Come on. You didn't stick your tongue in this, did you?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

I specifically asked for no meat.

The granola girl's on a rampage.

Shoulda left her tofu-munching ass back in County.

Hey, uh, you want my potato salad?

Oh, that's sweet. Thanks.

"That's sweet. Thanks."


Oh, the poor thing.

Here. Come here, puppy. Want some food?

Here you go. Ahh!

Fucking moron!


He's starving! What?

It's a fucking stray dog. Who gives as shit?

She wasn't that fat.

You got that shit?

Hey. How about a peace offering?

You can pimp it up in the penthouse.

Home-grown aspirin?

Hell, yeah.

How about it, granola girl?

It's organic.

Bring it on.


Do you think, uh... veggie girl... you know... likes tube steak?


You'll never know, will you?

But I'll let you smell my fingers later.

You two aren't partying?



Rich pussies.

This better work, Richie-Rich.


You asshole.


How the fuck did you get in here?

You should be used to me comi'' through the back door.

Get out! Get the fuck outta here!

Jesus Christ, bitch--

No! Get out now!

Hey! Let her go!

And what if I don't?

I said... fucking let her go. Now.

You bitches.

Fucking asshole.

You okay?

Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

I'm sorry.

This one.

Damn. It's locked.


Wow. All this for Russell?

He's interested in my views.

Is that why he keeps lookin' at your ass?

My girl even shaved her furry legs for this guy.

Yeah, well, I was getting a little sick of the natural look anyway.

If lookin' like a Hobbit is natural.

So, you guys coming?

Mm. Come on. Let's go.


Nice rock.

Thank you.

Why is it on your right hand?

I'm, uh... test-driving it.

I haven't given him an answer yet.


He's decent, right?


Got all his own teeth?


What are you waiting for?

Man! smell that?

Bet no one's been up here since the fire.

I think you're wrong, dawg.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe I'm wrong.

Why would they leave all this here?

Maybe they found the safe, got rich, and didn't need this shit no more.

Check him out.


He's dead.

No shit.

Probably from the fire.

The fire was 30 years ago.

This guy's fresh. He wasn't killed in the fuckin' fire.

Stop freakin' out on me. All right?

Maybe he's got some money on him.

You never know.

Uhh! Where the fuck are his eyes?

Richie! Where you goin'? Richie!


What the h--

Richie! Where the hell are you?


Yahh! Uhh!



Aaahh! Aaahhh!


Aaahh! Aaahh!

Aaahh! Help!

Aah! Aah! No! Ohh!

Help me! Please!


There's someone in the elevator.

They must've left their rooms.

I'll get this one.

I guess I'm not waiting on anything.

Come on.


Anybody here?


So, why didn't Christina come?

I don't know. She probably wanted to make out with Kira.

Why do homeless people live here? It's disgusting.

What's that?

Opportunity knocking.

Or granny and her vibrator.

Ugh. That was pathetic.

He's only gonna get worse.

I gotta get outta here.

The windows in the kitchen face out toward the atrium.

Yeah, but don't they have--

No. No bars.

There's an opening in the wall.

It's gotta lead somewhere, right?

Dog got out.

Okay. I'll stay out here.

The hole's on the far wall in the atrium.

If you stay low, you should make it.

I wish you'd come with me.

Just go.

Okay. Okay?

Be careful.

Okay, go.


The kitchen.

What happened?

I'm okay. Just keep Williams out.



Why can't you just leave me al--


Ohh! Uhh!






Uhh--Uhh! Uhh!

Uhh! Ohhh!

Ohh! Ohh! Aaahh!

Damn it. Kira!




Where does this lead to?

It goes to every floor.

Who else is in the hotel?

Nobody. We cleared the homeless out before you got here.

Go make sure everybody else is still in their rooms.

Wait! Everyone else went to the penthouses.

That's off limits! Damn it!


Call 911. Anyone comes down, get 'em out of the building fast.

I'm coming with you.

Forget it. You wait here for Hannah.

What are you doin'?

I said I'm coming with you.

Come on, hurry up!

What happened to you?


Nothing. That-- that's not even my--

What the fuck is going on?

Anyone for some interior redecorating?

Oh, shit!

You're gonna get us caught, asshole!


By who? Captain Hook?


Who needs therapy?


How many people died up here?

Stay close.

Damn. Damn.

Damn. Where in the hell are stairs?



Come on, baby. Open up.

Come on.

He took Richie.

Calm down.

He took Richie!

What'd this guy look like?

Man, he's huge, man.

He has a long, long chain, and a damn hole in his head.



No. It's not right.

It can't be him. I shot him in the head.

Holy shit.

Wait a minute. You shot that freak that plucked all those people's eyes out.

Whoa. Wait. What the hell does he want with Kira?

I'm not sure.

The last time, he killed all of his victims except one.

I think he was keepin' her because she had tattoos.

Stuff like crosses... religious markings.

Kira has religious tattoos.


You think he killed everybody else?

Didn't Margaret call the police?

I don't know that she could.

We gotta move.

He let the other woman live.

Take this. Take the stairs.

Whatever you guys gotta do, just get the fuck outta here.

I'm goin' after Kira.

Wait a minute!

Wait! You can't do this alone!

You guys gotta go!


Ohh! Aaahh!

Williams! Shit! Ohh!

Aah! Williams!

Oh, my God!



You think he got him?

Williams! Aah!


Come on! Christine, Come on!

We gotta go!

No! Come on!

Leave him alone! Come on!

What the hell are you doin'?


Come on!

Here. Take the Taser.

Ah. Far sweet.


Could you imagine cleaning up in here?

This could've been a classy joint back in the day.

What do youknow about class?

Oh my God.

This place is disgusting.

At least we got the sacred herb.

Spark that shit.

Let's go.

And one for me.

Try not to suck it all down.

So, you and Kira used to be a thing, huh?

You know, you could do better.

Here you go.

I keep seeing things.

I told you this shit is gold.

Let's find someplace private.

Oh, shit, you go girl!

Hey, wanna come?

Oh, my God.

Oh, God, where are we going?

Seventh floor.


Lucky number?

Ah ha, the maid's quarters?


You know what they say.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Who's begging?

Richie? Richie?

Help! Help!


What do you want?

What do you want?






Did you say something?

You know...

We're all alone up here.

You remember when I said that you could do better than Kira?

Mmm hmm.

Well, I didn't mean this much better.

Oh, my God. That's so pathetic.

Oh! My phone!

I'm having my sister up.

Where did you get a cell?

Duh, I took it from Hannah.

Hey, bitch, what's up?

Eh, no, yeah, save this number tonight.

This is the cell that I'm using, okay?

Fuck this.

Oh my God, no, it's just this total bonehead called Michael.

He thinks he's such a badass.

Do you see the sin?

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes and wash the sins out.

What ya got in here?

Russell, hold up.


You're kidding, right?

No, wait.

There's something weird about that mirror.

Let me up.

Mirror...I'll check it out.

Damn. You know what?

This is a two-way mirror.


Get out! Go!


What the fuck was that?

No bars.

We can get down to the entry room from here.


It's not tight enough.

It'll get tighter when you hang on it.

I'll get stuck on the glass roof.

Just kick it out. You'll be fine.

Okay? You'll be fine.

Oh, God, I can't do this.

You have to.


Oh, God! Russell, go slow.


It's all right.

Russell, stop.

Russell? Russell!

Russell, what was that?

Russell, where are you?

Russell. Why are you pulling me up?

Russell, stop.


Stop! Let go!

Let go of me!

Stop! Let me go!

Let me go. Let me down.

Please let me down!

Let me go.

Let me go!


Oh, God.


Tease? Michael, do you even have a car?

You skank.

What the fuck?

It's stuck.


It's stuck.

No shit.

God damn it.

Yeah, hang on a sec, will you, just give me a second.

So. Where's the elevator, Columbus?

Get off the phone.


I'm not Kira, Mike.

Yeah, I don't know, some really stupid hotel with a retard.

Oh, gross. Where the hell are they coming from?

Oh, my God, shit.

Oh my God.

Shit. Fuck.


Oh my God!

Oh, please, no!

Michael! Michael, please!

Help me!

Please, God! Please help me!

It's annoying...the sin.

Do you see the sin?

Did you look at them?

Did you see the sin?

Do you see their sin?

Look into their eyes.

Oh my God!

The eyes are the window of the soul.


Come on, shit!

It won't fuckin' open!

What the fuck, man?

It doesn't matter, we're going after Kira anyway.

He's coming.

We're trapped!

We're gonna fucking die!

Shoot him!


Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Jesus Christ!

What's wrong with you idiots?

What the hell is this?

Looks like some kind of trip wire.

He took Richie into the elevator.

All right, motherfucker.

Christine, come on!

Let's go, we gotta get out of here!

Michael! Come on!

Damn, he broke it!

Oh, shit!

What the fuck are we gonna do now?

We gotta go up.

Hurry up!


Help me up! Pull me up, come on!

Quick, grab my hand.

Go, come on, go.

Come on, go, go.

Come on, let's go this way.




Shit, the other elevator.



Come on.

Help me.

She's in here.


Come on, Tye!

Holy shit.

Look at all this money.

I'll be damn, Richie Rich.

It really was a safe.

Look at all this damn money.

Oh my God.

Are these human eyes?




Help, please!

Tye, she's in here, come on!

Come on, Tye.

Kira...are you in here?


Oh God, Christine, get me out of here.

Move quick!


The keys.

They're over there on the table.

Oh! Richie.

He's coming, come on!

I gotta go. I'm gonna come back, okay?

Don't leave me.

I wish you'd just kill me.

We gotta draw him out.

What do you mean we gotta draw him out?

We gotta get his attention. Make some noise or something.

Come on, Tye, this is our only chance.

Oh, you pig!

You're sick. You're fucking sick!

You filthy little pig.

You enjoy this, don't you?

Oh, I can tell you do.

I see that.

I see what you're doing.

Stop it.


Oh, no.

Okay, Kira.

Where are the keys?

He took them.


This'll work.

Come on.




Open the cage!



Oh, Margaret, Margaret. Thank God.

What are you doing in there?

There's this guy, and he's just...

Oh, shit.

I'd like you to tell me.

Why is that whore still alive?

What? No.

Why is she still alive?

You know him?

Know him? Ha ha, he's my son.

He's the hand of God.

You got us here to help you.

Help me?

No. Williams was the one I wanted.

Found him.

He hurt my boy.

You were a bonus.

Why here?

What better place to do God's work?

The hotel caters deviants, sinners, and the ones that hear voices.

There's only one voice to hear.

And that's the voice of God.

And He's told you what to do!

Are you fucking insane!

This is not what God wants!

Don't you see...the tattoos.

Don't you see the sin? The tattoos are blasphemy.

Don't you see it?

She doesn't know God. Don't you see it?

Don't you see the sin?

You understand, don't you?

That's why you killed the others; now it's her turn.

Judge her.


Judge her.

No. Judge her.

Open your eyes. Judge her.

And wash the sins out. Judge her.

Once your soul's clean, you'll be the hand of God.

No. Judge her.



I'll do it for you.

Oh, shit!

Because I can see.

Oh, please, no!

Please, God, help!


And I... will not fail God.


What are you doing? Let me go!

Let go!

You ungrateful bastard!

You hear me?

Don't you see the sin?

I want my mama.

Please! You brought this home?

Don't you see what she is?

Look at her. Look at her.

Look at her!

Damn you!

Let go!

You ungrateful bastard!

Haven't you learned anything?

Bastard, you hear me?

Don't you see the evil in her eyes?

No, no!

You don't see it?

Maybe you just need to take a closer look at them.

Look! Look at it.

See that?

Have a good look at it.


I see it.


Please, no!

You don't have to do this.

No! No!



He's out of it.

Can you move?


Come on, Christine.

Do it!

Shoot him!


Come on, let's go!


In here!


Michael. Michael.


Watch out!

You okay?




Fall, you prick!



Fuck you!

Let's go.

Michael, you didn't have to come back for us.

I didn't want to walk