Seed 2 (2014) Script

My God!

Oh yeah! Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Your damn pigs!


Waking up, you bitches! Stand up!

What's up? We have slept!

Well, so what? Can you here sometimes not so rumstressen.

In 15 minutes we need to check out.

Um, where is Claire?

Oh, they'll kill me.

Get up, Claire! Claire, get up!

Wow, Steve has really lucky that he so 'ne uncomplicated, peaceful bride gets married.

Claire? Get up, Claire!


This can not be true.

I want to hear a word from you, her crazy brides!

And from you not only right before we are back in Chicago! - Okay.

I hope your Future is in you the basement block. That was not cool!

Judging by your cry, it must have been pretty cool.

Hey, I can still hear you.

This is guaranteed a very interesting journey.

Yes, they are on the go.

But sure.

Yes, he's still here.

I will.

So, let's see. Uh, we take the 51 No!

I mean, we can not have the same path take, such as on the way here?

Oh, nonsense! The other is more beautiful of the landscape here.

Yes. More desert, more lowland more seclusion.

Is better than the same damn Track, where we came from.

We did not have 'ne cool ride? We are back before your wedding.

For God's sake, please! I do not want go back the same way.

If we take the 51! It's your trip. You decide.

Okay. Then wirs do.

Fantastic. Kick ass.

Okay, ladies without gentlemen! Buckle up, please!

This is a great ride.


It's her mom.

She's pissed because the sweetness since they did not call yesterday.

Where the hell do you bring us? No questions asked. Just go. Pace.

Hey! /, Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Make no mistake now, otherwise'll miss I you a bullet in the face!

You're welcome!

You're welcome!

You're welcome! There is now enough, sweetie!

You're welcome! A question, then we move on.

Do you think through your whining I change my mind? - No.

Do you know I'll gladly add to pain.

You stay sitting there, like a good girl.

It's nothing personal, just in case.


Here waits a little gift for you. Five miles north of the mobile home.

And hurry up. What about the others?

Not stay too long in the sun, otherwise you get a heat stroke.

Hey, Mom Who is this bitch?

Glen, do not ask questions. We lift on it and go, okay?


Why did you do me not previously told?

We are best friends. Already forever.

And you always could with all come to me.


Please, you can not now talk to me about?

Do not you see, how hard I will still fall?

I notice it, and it can be absolutely understand, but - No "but", okay?

I do not believe it, that I've told you three.

And now I do not know how to deal with it!


Well, what do you expect from us? I mean, you thought, we would now nothing more want to have to do with you?

That we would go to the police?

Did you really think of us? I dont know!

We just had the opportunity and have done nothing of the sort. Why?

Because you our damn best friend are! That's you!

And you were a child.

And who made?? you.

So, I do not know what else to say.

You know, I

Help! Did you hear that?

Yes. They're back.

All right. All right.

Why did it take so long?

I would out here run not gonna be a mile.

There is someone there. There's nobody here.




Man, you scared me! My heart!

I'm sorry, but I thought out here would be anyone.

I do not know. Rotation not.

I do not know. Come on. Let's go back inside.

Will you tell me why the still not get back? - No idea.

Or why she took both of them? Yeah, that was funny, right?

Yes, was really funny.

When I saw this woman, thought I the same, which is really skewed.

Uh, yeah, great angle.

Did you hear that?

No, stay here. Man, you're driving me insane!

You see, here is no one. May I pee now again?

From out of me. Thank you very much.

That... we would go to the police?

We just had the opportunity.

You were a child.

Be careful what you say.

Oh my God!

Your damn pigs!

No! What do you want?

Oh my God!


Here waits a little gift for you Five miles north of the mobile home.

What about the others?

He Hey. You have a while slept.

For real? What time is it? About ten.

Oh, wow.

I'm sorry about this morning.

Do not worry. It's okay.

The main thing you are well. This means me a lot. Hi there! It's obvious sweetness.

As if a 12-hour flight from me would hold your wedding.

Sure, the only reason that you came?

But of course. Why do you ask?

Just like that.

Where are we? I have no idea.

You were too tired to continue. Where are the others?

Out there. At the campfire.

Do you have any? Of course.

Always something new.

The pretty little rocks because I have not seen on the way.

So what?

Oh shit.

You can not be serious! Drive on!

You may not strangers pick up in the desert.

But if he You can not just pass by.

We're in the middle of nowhere. Come on, we help him.

90 percent of the people who you are in the desert true, are not normal.

And besides, we do not have to help him. It is determined by free will here.

Oh come on, do not be ass. What if he is not out of free will here?

I mean, he looks nice. We might need company.

I would in any case need.

Oh. He looks sharp. Olivia, please!

Anyway. I'm not responsible for what happened.

Okay, noted. And now relax.




Hey. Hi.

Thanks for stopping.

Oh, my name is Joe. I'm trying to come to the next town.

Hi, Joe. No problem. I think, it is about 15 miles ahead of us.

Hi, Joe. I'm Olivia. Would you like something to drink?

Yes. Clear. That would be great.

Thank you.

Well then.

And, where are you from?

From the desert. Yes. Ha, ha, we have seen.

I mean, really? Yes. Actually.


So, in the desert you have there a house or something? - No.

And in the city what do you do? I'm just, uh, just passing through.

Okay, I give up. This type is a spinner. But a real.

Do you see what I meant. But our Miss Perfect listens never to me.

And you know what?

You are no longer so perfect if he's done with "rape you."

Steve has then no innocent Bride more. - Barbara!

What is it? Seriously! I think we're in the shit.

Okay, it's not far to the nearest town. Maybe 'an hour.

Another one? Of course.

Thank you, ma'am.

Where you ride ladies go? Um, back to Chicago.

Chicago? You do not seem, as if you're from Chicago.

Maybe Are you Swiss? German.


I've never had what. There with a German Olivia?

There you are, sweetie.

Be honest, you were only to drive tired.

Has not work, did it?

You want some?

Take the floor.

If you go back to Germany, then what do your parents think?

I must admit, I like it there.

The only thing I really miss, you are. And the marshmallows of course.


Silk merely quiet, you little sluts!

Okay. I am switching times now the topic.

So who is the chosen one? Who is the one who leads you down the aisle?

We all of course! I do not fly but around the world, only to sit by the mob.

Of course, all of you! And who is your bridesmaid?

Oh! Stop it, that's no Popularity contest. - Of course.

There is neither the first, second or third bridesmaid. - Oh, how boring.

What about your parents? Are there also?

No. No, they are not. Okay.

I'm going to bed. Tomorrow we have a lot of before.

Must go early, so Good night. - Good night, sweetheart.

What are you doing? What was the problem?

Let's discuss the issue rather not. Which topic?

Uh, the Mother-Father-topic.


Do you have your medication?

Be careful what you say.

I can not! I do not want it.

Why did you do that? Was that really necessary? - What?

She never talks about her family. Not on their right.

I do not know her family. No one of us knows the.

We only know she was in her Foster family when she was small. - Yes.

And? And they do not like to talk about it.

Did you forget? You do not like it. And they do not want it.

We should no longer access it. Clear.

If she wants it, then they can first do it.

In all the years she never came home with me this or 'nem another problem.

Well, what do you expect? What do you mean?

Well, the last time when you were together, you with him Oh, that's why it's here in reality.

I thought that was years from the table.

I mean, there was nothing. Only one error and Okay, girls, okay, it is sufficient Now to hear!


Our Father, who art in heaven.

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

As in heaven, so on earth.

Our daily bread give us this day, and forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Deliver us. From evil Amen.

Sorry. Not you and Olivia.

You should not have to mention Your reaction was to be expected.

There's something else that will make me more busy. What do you mean?

Chrissie, stop. If it so bad for you is you should not marry him!

Maybe'd's easier they would not be here.



Hey, what are you doing? Uh, nothing more. Clean up.

We want to continue soon. Okay.

Why did not you say anything?

Heavy, someone from 'its surprise party unload. - Chrissie, what is it?





Help! Help!



No! No! No!

Let go of me! Put me down!

Leave me alone! Thou shalt put me down!

Damn! What a freak!

It was from the beginning not a good idea. Yes, yes, Barbara, we know it.

You said it. Next time time we hear on you. Promise. - Should you also.

Hey, we are in close of the Grand Canyon? - Why?

We could go there, look at him Are you serious?

Oh, come on. After all, there is the Grand Canyon.

Yes, that's a neighborhood with Stones and rocks and so 'nem stuff.

Yes, but also 'ne sight. For retired or left behind.

No, for people who are not only for Parties and interest to men.

If I were as one, you think, I would far?

Because I have not seen anything like. Oh.

We just had a hot guy here. So, why did you not try it?

That was an idiot, with a weakness for exotic German girl.

Oh, jealous, or what? Okay.

Time for 'nen driver change. I'm tired and has to go to the bathroom.

I have not been drinking as much as they. That was crazy. Or?

I know.

I know.



What we do?

Christine? What?

Um, do you want a detour to Grand Canyon make, or ...?

Have not we already seen the all? Uh, Claire obviously not.

Claire also does not see everything. Okay.

Hey. Wake up. Barbara! What is?

Look. Uh, that's a cop.


Why does the for around in this deserted area?

Has perhaps' n problem with her?? car. Oh, Fuck! Now we need to stop.

We need to clear. It is' ne policewoman, no bum.


If there is no more hope, sends of God a two little angels.

Are you left lying in the car, Officer? - Properly recognized, young lady.

Um, should we take you?

Rule change, huh? I'm supposed to help you.

And wherever you need to? Calico.

I think that's in the other direction. Listen, young lady:

Help those that help you, and you protect them. So they say, right?

Yes. Are we there?

In there are more girls? Yeah, uh, Claire and Olivia.

Say hello to the officer, Claire Short break, huh?

That's right, yes. - Listen, girls, take with me to the next town.

It does not matter whether it Calico , or a different one. - Fuck.

Um, sure, yes. Come on in. God bless you, my child.

What was that? No idea, but it did not sound good.

Hello, everyone! Did you hear that?

No, what do you think? Hey, girls, thank you very much.

Not everyone would let a stranger. I heard that before.

Yes, but you are not a stranger. Somehow, yes, but you are policewoman.

A good combination, Sherlock. So, the direction is Classko good for you?

Anything is better than in the heat outside to be. -Oh, please have a seat.

Thank you, honey.

Okay, on we go!

What is it? No idea.

Is something wrong? The car will not start.

What the hell ...? Ah, ah, ah This area seems to be cursed At least for cars.

Now what?

Do not panic. Help is on the way.

What is she thinking, to be able to do now?

Maybe she wants us even after Classko slide.

Stay calm and let get us, okay?

The V-belt is broken. How did that happen?

By heat. Heat?


We can wait until the next Camper with girls comes along, or someone runs into the city with me. Why would we do that?

Because we're in the same boat.

Anyway. You and you, you come with. What? Never.

Why we? Two of you should stay here.

And two of you should come along.

No one should be in the desert remain alone.

When the three of us come together, it is at least not boring.

But why do we? I do not care which one of you.

Tell me when you're ready.

Come over here.

Why do we run with it now? Should she still go alone.

Oh God. - But she actually is right, or? I can call, if you want.

Damn it. No, 'a chick with Sunburn looks like shit.

Okay, then Can I still get something to drink, before I get to the desert?

Oh God, have you not.

Say that when you are lying in the dust and begging for water.

Do not worry. It takes no more than two hours.

Well, that sounds very reassuring. "Stress in Paradise"

I'm ready. Think of it as a small desert trip.

Wow. Well, how exciting.

Luckily I did not. Do I look that way.

Please give me your bottle. Look who says now.

Come on, do not be like that.

What are you doing? Yes, good for you.

That was not meant for you. I know, You should have asked.

That would be pure Been a waste of energy. - What?

I have to concentrate.

There is much work ahead of me. My body needs the minerals.

Especially in the heat.

What does she mean by that?

I kill you, it's that simple!

But first you go to this Up hill. Seed is waiting.

And now is the time, anxiety is to have, and I love this moment!

Oh no!


You're welcome! God help us!

I am your God.

Put it out there.

Dad, I need your help.

And now what?


Okay, if that's the only way.

Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. I am unworthy.

I will do the right thing.

Wake up!

That was bad luck, huh? Do not say anything to your father.

Sooner or later learns it's anyway, Ma.

You know exactly what Max does, if one escapes from them.

How long do we have actually I do? - It will be over soon.

And at the end of the path followed by the redemption Is it worth it?

What? Whether it is worth it?

Glen, I do not ever want words of doubt heard from your mouth.

Never point the ways of God in question.

But Max, I mean, one hand washes but the other, or not?

Do not talk about him.

He's just 'n by marriage wanker and has nothing to do with Grandpa.

I do not know if first earned. How do you, or how we children.

He's your father. Significantly him kindly respect.

I got him elected. And believe me, he really deserves it.

He accomplishes things beyond your imagination.

With you, together we can do that, Glen. We are there for each other, And we are to each other until the end.

And now is a good boy and help me to make the best of the situation.

What a disgusting finger.

Baby look, talk!

Come on, do 's photo.

Wait here.

It is time.

You have done very well. He will be proud of you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


German. - I had never what a German.

Hey. It is all good. I'm here.

The're all trying to kill you. The're all trying to kill you.

Here. Here, drink something.

You Please help me.

I'm coming along well with foreigners.

You have 'ne sexy look, really.

We need to find Olivia. They want to us to solder! You have to help me.

We need to find Olivia!

Help me.

What are you doing?

It's over.

Almost there.

It must be done.

What are we up there again. In heaven.

And I read the only true Testament, the Holy message.

Therefore put to death every male is among the children, and all women are no longer virgins.

But all the girls that are untouched let live for you.

I am the Lord thy God.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

And be on me people trust.

Sin brings you to me.

Sin brings you under the canopy of eternal life.

On the day on which I am going to be ground, Water, air and fire, a plague come upon you, kill, and I will receive you.

I'll be the one the above brings the Holy message.

Now you are with Him, and he will hold you.

And escort to his kingdom.

Your group is always smaller and smaller.

If the Last Supper begins we will be alone.

He is already there. In all its glory.

You stay there, cunt!

Move it an inch and I show you what has holes for your body.

I'll plug purely my gun.

Please do not.

Oh my God!


Oh yeah! Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Your damn pigs!

Hey! The end is near.

If a no more time then you have to make decisions.

Whether one likes it or not!

If you had the chance of eternal peace and would understand what a beauty - What a shit are you talking about?

How rude! Hear me out!

Ah, you cursed - feel now you're pretty strong, or not?

But if you're going to rot here I'm up with him.

He is waiting for us. God is waiting for us!

And God is waiting for me, so that I may finish His work.

You do not think seriously, what are you talking about?

Fool. Believe nicely on to your good God!

You're completely haywire, Chrissie! You're welcome!

God, no! Pathetic.


You know, even now, where death is knocking at your door you still have to ask God, to send you an angel rescues of you.

But you know, I can do not take your faith.

But you will not be very long blind.

For behold, I will redeem you.

If I kill you, then you will finally understand. - No.

Do you see? Do you see the Peter crosses?

You would not stand on your head, when viewed from the sky!

There are signs everywhere! Why do not you see it?

We'll see you in heaven.

I'm so proud of you, baby.

Do not be afraid. Did not I.

When I was a child, there were times where I was scared. Fear of death.

With Glen and you, because everything was perfect. Everything was as it should be.

All that remains is a task. I know.

Are you willing sure? Yes, Mom

Honey? Yes?

Would you like them for not helping?

I'm pretty sure that they also create that alone.

Christine, listen. No, no.

I know what you mean.

Okay, but be careful. What do you think you?

Be careful what you say. You do not need to mention that.

Are you ready? Yes.

Drive carefully.

What do you think, then, that we are the small Sheriff Barbara let go?

Come on, people, let's go! We're running late.

Do you have the medication? Yes.

Call me if you are there. Yes.

Okay? Do not worry.

Okay. Tell Steve, I love him.

Uh, that I do. Until then!

Have fun.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

And take with no hitchhikers!



You are traveling.

But yeah.

Yes, he's still here.

I will.

Your wife called.

No. With it, I'm planning something else.

What were you going to tell me baby?

My God, damn it!

Damn shit!

I must immediately call for help!