Seeru (2020) Script


'Kumbakonam - Mayavaram bypass road'


"Thoughts keep popping up in different colours"

"The colours keep changing based on the thoughts that popup"


"It's true! I am just stating the truth, oh my dear"

'Introducing Riya Suman'

Madhi... check out his name Ilaiyaraaja which means 'The young king'

He can never grow old, isn't it?

Even if this world comes to an end, no one can replace Ilaiyaraaja Indeed, true! His songs were an important reason why my parents fell in love Even my grandchildren will fall in love... and his songs will definitely play an important role in it

We were having a smooth ride and here comes your folks!

Look at him hitting right in our eyes with the torch light!

What is it, sir?

Sir, only ladies here

Please hand me your cell phones Why are you asking our cell phones?

If we catch you being a defaulter with your vehicle documents...

You'll use your connections and call them. They'll order us to let you go If any problem arises in the future then we, the nigh duty officer will be scrutinized Now, give me your phone I said, give it

Look, so many of them are running towards us!

Sir, please return our phones! Please return it Please return it I will, if all documents are perfect Go, get inside the car! Don't worry I said go! I'm scared! You also come!

Madhi! Come on Kavi! Let go of us!

Madhi! Let go of me!

Madhi! Kavi!

Leave me!

Won't she come out?

Where can she escape? I've got the key Look! She's calling someone Dad!

These days they carry more than one cell phone You go. I'll take care of her!

Please dad! Pick up!


Open the door!

I said, open it!

Now! Open the door!

Open the door! Please, leave us I said, open the door! Please, leave us Now! Open the door!

Hello friends, two of us are in trapped in a problem here We had been to Kumbakonam to attend a marriage. On our way back, in Chidambaram... after crossing a bridge, near a temple...

Right after the temple the cops stopped us and are misbehaving with us Please, everyone forward this message If this message reaches anyone nearby, please help us!

So, you won't open the door?

She sent a clear message to everyone!

What's the reply?

'Who is that cop? Send his photo?'

'Let's post it and insult him on Facebook' reply from a guy They only react in Facebook No one's gonna come in person and help them!

The message would've gone viral if it was day. Thankfully it's night What did you reply on that post?

A clear reply saying 'Nothing to worry. The police only came to help us and nothing else'

To that a reply came saying 'Happy journey. Take care'

No one's gonna reply after this Like a quick coffee on the freeway, everything would have got over with only one of you.

But now...

What is it?

A reply Saying what?

'On the way'

Someone's bluffing to make them feel better. No one's coming Don't we know from our experience?

Again! Not a text this time Voice message

'I know that place, where you are'

'This happens regularly over there'

'I'm from neighborhood. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Stay there, no matter what!'

'I promise, I'll be there!'

'You're like a brother to us now! Please come soon!'

Look at that!

Did that voice feed some courage into you?

You heard him!

He said 'I'm from neighborhood. I'll be there in 10 minutes'

'This happens regularly over there.'

Stay there, no matter what!' he said those word clear!

Go, check out who is coming here!

If you come back safe and in shape... we both will be ready to fulfill any of your desires!

Looks like he is here!

Let him come. He won't make it home!


Give me 10 minutes Let me bash them up. I'll be back

Hope you both are alright Thanks a lot, brother!

Come on. Please don't mention it What made you come here?

They had already replied to my message Your voice message sounded clear that you were in danger Those fools replied even without realizing caps lock was ON It was a clear give away that someone else took your phone What is it? I hope everything's fine Hope I'm not late We're fine You're the reason we are safe today If something had happened, my life would've been ruined Come on, now I'm getting married soon The groom is also a cop. It's all ruined now!

These guys are not cops but frauds!

This is regular here. Told you! Manimaran!

Look, the real cops are here. Sir!

I already informed them Catch him, Mr. Murthy! Yes, that's the guy!

Told you guys this happens here regularly We don't how we can thank you for this help Dear...

Help is like a mole on your back It cannot be seen but it is considered lucky!

Same thing with Help You also keep helping others and it'll come back to you one day Oh yeah! These forwards, from years ago, asking for blood donation... it is still being forward till date There is no closure to such forward if it was got, if the patient survived and no thanks!

So forget forwarding message and step forward!

I did my part to my best for your forwarded message So, help others as much as you can. Ok?

Now, get in the car and leave. Take care!

Dear brother... Yes?

When can we meet you again?

I'm from the neighborhood!

Come to Mayavaram, ask for Manimaran and anyone will help you reach me!

Like the husband, who returned from Dubai and surprised the wife at midnight...

And when the rain showered drenching the soil and our hearts...

Here we are wishing you a good morning, from Kokarako TV!

No matter what, Mayavaram is a place no city can replace!

Why? Don't ask me instead ask your grandmother!

River Cauvery! 3 course meal and merry!

Our place that's extra ordinary! So beautiful, it's not imaginary!

A land with so kind people, who will greet and treat even the enemies And that's our land!

Near the tower clock is our shopping complex! The Akaloor village is our palace!

Never drying pond! Agriculture is our strength and our bond!

Kumbakonam on one side and Chidambaram on the other!

In between lies our place and our channel is it's grace!

There's lots to speak about the Vayurnathar temple and the Kudamuzhuku festival!

Everything up to the neighbourhood border is special here!

Abundant rain ever year! Droughts are never our fear!

Agriculture never stops thanks to the ever flowing ground water No matter what, life moves on top speed in our land!

Paradise theatre; the place to watch movie!

Fearless are our eyes, for us nothing is scary!

The students here carry a smile in face and fire in heart to succeed in life Our railway station, crowded bus stand...

The best landmark; Anna statue What else is left to say?

On top of all, TV is part of everyone's family and so am I!

There are a lot of channels but Kokkarako TV is the best of them!

Rolling! Ready! You!

When I start to talk, you should close your mouth!

I don't get it Shut up your mouth! Shut up!

Aries; today eerie tale and tomorrow fairy tale!

"Your day will be funny!"

"She's got the magnet eyes that attracts me! It attracts me!"

"She gets our attention, so easy! So easy!"

"She's got the magnet eyes that attracts me! It attracts me!"

"She gets our attention, so easy! So easy!"

"Little birdies, so tell me what's your sign? What's your sign?"

"Everything in these modern days are just fine! Everything's just fine!"

"The moustache is sign that we are men now!"

"Not so young, we are old enough though"

"Finally, we have an idea about women"

"So hear me out, my dear men!"

"Hit it! Hit it!"

"She's got the magnet eyes that attracts me! It attracts me!"

"She gets our attention, so easy! So easy!"

"Cancerian girl..."

"will play Loki so be careful!"

"Sagittarius girl..."

"will ask for a life that's luxurious"

"Aquarius will saw you! Leo will screw you!"

"Aquarius will saw you! Leo will screw you!"

"Sagittarius will make you pay. Capricorn is a headache!"

"Gemini... Libra will drive you crazy"

"Will drive you crazy!"

"Will drive you crazy!"

"Well, she is Aries! Don't follow her or else all you'll get are worries!"

"Hell yeah!"

"Oh hell yeah! Oh hell yeah!"

"She is Pisces! You must keep her engaged all time, which will only push you into crisis"

"Hell yeah!"

"Oh hell yeah! Oh hell yeah!"

"A Cancerian is always hot headed"

"Hell yeah!"

"A Taurean girl, has only imaginary stories to tell"

"Hell yeah!"

"She's got the magnet eyes that attracts me! It attracts me!"

Our next show, "The cheeky cat and ruthless lady"

"She gets our attention, so easy! So easy!"

"Little birdies, so tell me what's your sign? What's your sign?"

"Everything in these modern days are just fine! Everything's just fine!"

"The moustache is sign that we are men now!"

"Not so young, we are old enough though"

"Finally, we have an idea about women"

"So hear me out, my dear men!"

Please! We beg you! Don't drink! Please! Mind your business! Go to school!

Why'd you girls wanna come to such places! Leave!

Please! We plead you! Don't drink! Please!

Dears, it's time!

The school bell has rung. You guys are already 10 minutes late You guys don't need this Why do you wanna do all this? That too towards strangers!

We aren't protesting here to close the liquor shop Those who turn up here are our relatives Instead of earning a living, they turn up here early in the morning You guys do have a point We have been appointed here to ignore all such justified arguments and points If I don't do my job i.e. stop people like you... then I won't be able to earn bread and butter for my family, this month What is it? Are they gathering up?

Are they protesting?

Such acts have become a fashion statement!

Don't harm the girls. Trace out their father's names Sundar. Dhanapal. Manohar Ramurthy. Rajendran Few girls are pleading to men, who are turning up at our liquor shop to drink Hit them! Break their arms and legs!

Look what they are doing instead of going to school

Excuse me, other girls had their father to take them away My father won't come to drive me away Because last month, you were the one who cremated him!

I'm Dhanapal's daughter Dhanapal's daughter? Yes, chief Forget it I call up the cops and ask a lady cop to take care of her. Don't harm her Chief! Chief!

Now what?

Manimaran is here!

Is it?!


Turn on the television! Now!

Look, she is our late friend Dhanapal's daughter!

Oh my God! Poor girl! Lost her father and now she's fighting all alone!

If a little girl can protest then why can't we? Come on!

Sir! Sir! Hold on Come on, now. For 3 generations you and your family members have been the MLA here And why do you want to indulge in this silly issue. He just runs a local channel And you're afraid of him?

For the reputation your father and grandfather had...

Reputation? Reputation; my foot!

Do you've any idea about Manimaran from Mayavaram?

He just runs a local channel? He's the BBC of this town!

Have you ever witness sun rise in Mayavaram?

He wakes up everyone here. I am unable to do anything about him!

Sir! Sir! Just wait Greetings chief

Chief, so much crowd within a short span of time?!

Stop! Stop here He gathered the whole of Mayavaram in 5 minutes!

Who is he? Where is he?

Point him to me Now that he has gathered the crowd... he won't be here now!

Why did we leave when people have gathered over there?

If I had been there then that crowd would be behind me This is their problem and they must handle it on their own All we need here is someone to bell the cat Why do people name their kids after leaders and not after objects?

Just a hope they'll grown up to be like those leaders!

My name is Mani (bell), shouldn't I live up to my name?

Manimara, don't you know about my grandfather, Aaruchamy?

Guess what it means to remove the holy thread and tie on the waist To tighten their lowers?

Means, we priests also know about thug life! Go ask the lady of Rage!

No, thanks! Tell him about me Yes, he and his family has been struggling of late. No one's even tipping us Please tip him and help him I didn't ask you to tell this!

Dear brother, what's the issue between you and MrGru?

Quiet, little sister. Grandpa had said that hurt the priest and it'll bring droughts No! Cut tress and that will bring droughts!

Why are you scared of these wuss?

Manimara, do you want to explain your sister about this issue or shall we?

Quiet or he'll bash you up!

What's the problem?

Will you solve it? It's been there for 3 years now!

Look at that!

Why is the temple bell so weak here?

What's with that bell, brother?

Your elder brother just won't allow us to replace it!

Earlier, if you ring the bell here, in Mayavaram and it'll be heard it Tanjavur!

But now, it's not even audible till the entrance Then how will prayers be answered?

How will God grant wishes? Wait, who donated the bell here?

It was my grandfather and before that my great grandfather!

We have been doing it for generations!

"One child for a family and bell for the temple" said my grandpa In fact I was named Manimaran after the bell So?

Just wait for 2 more months Once my nephew or niece is born, 250 kilos brand new Brass bell is waiting Ring it here and not in Tanjavur... it'll be heard all over Tamil Nadu!

Oh really? Is it a brass bell or comedian Tony Bell?

I don't care if it rains or not, I'm gonna rough him up and hang him!

You little brat! It's all because of you

Ilakya! Ilakya!

Catch her! Watch out!


Ilakya! Ilakya! This is happening to her again, dude!

Lift her up! Take her to an hospital, at once!

Dear! Ilakya! Lift!

Sister! Here!

Little sister, nothing will happen to you!

Dear little sister, you're fine. Wake up Nothing to worry! Stay strong! Ok, little sister!

Stay strong, dear!

Listen to me, dear! Don't give up! Stay strong!

Manimara, why did you do this to us?

You tricked us into getting our son married to a girl having fits!

I had set up good alliances for my son from reputed rich families!

You don't get tension After all for peanuts he flew abroad for work now!

Will she ever deliver a child? Tell me!

Let's wait and watch!

Can you shut up?

Don't call yourselves friends. You all ruined my son's life!

Shut up! I curse you!

I can't take my mom's tantrum about marrying my friend's own sister!

Our friends always are our well wishers Wonder why relatives are so mean and cheap!

Sister, brothers... everyone!

"She'll never get married but she got married now!"

"She'll never give birth to a child but now that's happening"

They keep throwing such tantrums!

They keep telling me that if she delivers a baby, that baby will also have her problem!

It's horrible!

Why are you worried about all this?

If I stay here, I'll murder them all and go to prison!

After my kid is born, I'll be here on the 10th day!

We'll celebrate in a grand manner!

Those who threw tantrums at us, we'll serve them a feast!

Fits occurrence is common during delivery time for women But handling a delivery for a woman having fits is no easy task If labour pain and fits occur at same time... we will only be only able to save either the mother or the child Please take immense care of her I don't know what better recommendation I can give I repeat...

When she gets labour pain, fits must not occur When she has a fits attack, she must not get the labour pain at any cost!


Ok, doctor. Thanks

Don't worry, brother I know you won't let me die so easy I won't die before handing my child to you Suppose, if I die...

I'll be reborn as your daughter I hope you will pamper me and take care of me very well then also No matter what, I will be with you forever Saw that? He was looking at a new born with a yearning Why?

Because even a new born is taller than him!

Here he is What did the doctor say?

It's ok, I know what she'd have said. Nothing new!

The doctor would have repeated the same old things!

Where are you? The movie has started Almost there. In the parking lot Fine! Make it fast!

Which row? C row P?

C row. C for Sea Hang up! Make it fast C for Sea?

Then what? Saw? Shut up and watch!

I climbing up the stairs. Tell me properly. Which ro...

"Oh! What a fragrance!"

Such a fragrance in our hood?

"Though far away, is there any way I could get closer to her?"

"Oh my! She's got a beautiful pair of eyes"

"Who is she? Only God knows the truth"

"I can see her fragrance shower like flower petals"

She is not from here!

"Her smile is driving this boy crazy and stealing his heart away"

"What kind of magic is this feeling?"

Whoa! My bike!

"Shall we embark on a new journey is this life? What do you say?"

Dad! Can you hear me?

Dad, can you hear me? Hello?

Can you hear me? Hello, can you hear me now, dad?

The bride and groom are ahead, in the procession The band is loud, right behind me It's too loud. Hence, I can't hear you Hello?

When will you be back? In 4-5 days Convey it to mom too. Hello! Hello!

Signal's fluctuating here. Hello! Hello? Hello!

I'll call you back. Bye


Gents restroom!

Looks like someone is in the toilet for long!

Don't crowd here Dude, take turns one after the other! Not together!

You guys must be put in priso...

Please! Please! Sorry I plead you. Please don't embarrass me Firestick, invites you for...

Dude, call up this number Sorry! I was on a call and walked in without realizing Dude, it's your number!

I told you to write it down in that restroom! Why did you write it here?

There was no space on the wall there So? You'll write it here? Doofus!

Dude, come on!

Hey Tortoise head!

Damn it! You shameless!

Now, let's go!

You just spoiled my mood to pee! You carry on!

What's with you and that girl? Coming out at the same time from the restroom!


Dude, Trisha looked better in 'Endru endrum punnagai' movie than this!

But the hero in it looked just 'okay'

Are you a Santhanam fan?


Why did she just thank you?

"Oh Vasuki, please come with me"

Hey! Hi!

How are you? I'm fine What are you doing here?

To this temple. I come here every Friday at 5:30 Every Friday? Yes But today's...Monday, Tuesday...

No! No! Daily 5:30 Oh! Daily 5:30?

At 5:30? Ok! Ok!

"Even if the branch grows out and touches the sky, the roots still cling on to the ground"

"Even if I am away, my thoughts are always with and about you"

"What do I call this never ending desire?"

"Feels like a ball of fire has swirled me up but I don't see any smoke or feel any burns"

"My heart keeps skipping a beat"

"My heart keeps skipping a beat"

"The heart wants you! It's desperate!"

"The heart wants you! It's desperate!"

"My heart keeps skipping a beat"

"The heart wants you! It's desperate!"


"Oh Vasuki, please come with me"

"Your eyes have stolen my heart! You've swept me off my feet!"

"My heart keeps skipping a beat"

"The heart wants you!"

"Time spent with you everyday..."

"has changed my world! It's a whole new exciting one"

"My heart was strong and brave"

"But the moment I lay my eyes on you it become nervous"

"All I want to do is be with you"

"I have now lost the track of time"

"Oh dear, henceforth I can't live without you"

"When you are around, I am never alone"

"The moment your fragrance takes over me..."

"I feel something inside of me"

"Oh Vasuki, please come with me"

"Your eyes have stolen my heart! You've swept me off my feet!"

"What do I call this never ending desire?"

"Feels like a ball of fire has swirled me up but I don't see any smoke or feel any burns"

"My heart keeps skipping a beat"

"The heart wants you! It's desperate!"

"Oh Vasuki, please come with me"

What about a photo of your mother?

Don't you feel like seeing her?

My brother is here, right?

What will you do when you feel like seeing her?

My brother has come up with an idea for that My mother's kitchen. He brings me here Traditional kitchen reminds us of our mother

Ok, see you then See you Take care of Ilakya. This is very critical time for her Don't roam around. I'll call you everyday Tell me once she delivers the child. I'll come down at once!

Ok. Muah! I love you Ok? Bye!

Bye! Bye!

Bid her good bye properly I did!

I said so because the bus will halt for a food break Some other guy will woo her then! You!

Situation is getting worse day by day Let him and he'll bury us alive!

Put to an end to his channel for once and for all!

Call up that advocate!

Everyday I'm losing one or the other thing because of him!

Last month the marriage hall and yesterday, this factory!

Wonder what I'll lose tomorrow!

Yet why haven't you taken any action?

He is a stranger to nobody here!

He has connections from Mayavaram to Thiruvaroor If this continues... then people will gossip that MLASingaram is a wuss!


Did you threaten to ruin my friend, Senthil's business if he doesn't suck up to you?

Told you chief is a sucker!

Oh come on! Be nice to him Chief, he's my friend. I don't have any brother and you know it If I had an elder brother and if he had a problem, I'd have inquired what happened If it was a younger brother I'd ask if he created any problem?

But a problem for a friend means I'll start dealing it by chopping off the enemy's head!

Because for me my friends are my life!

What say, buddy?

Fine but what problem do you got with me?

Enough is enough!

You better stop!

I've lost enough because of you!

So, don't mess with me and lose the one and only thing dear to you


Chief... too old school! Didn't scare me at all!

Say something that's in trend and can scare me. Like some ghost plot Of late even ghosts in ghost plots are very funny When did the spat between us begin?

You wanted to buy out my cable connection business and I refused You played dirty games to snatch it from me Later you became a victim of my dirty games!

If you hadn't disturbed me, I'd have carried on with my horoscope show daily morning... and 'the secret of the nights' show in the night. I'd have minded my own business

Chief... do you think I don't about the dirty games you still play to bring me down?

Politicians are too good at messing with and turning others into politician Please don't turn me too into a politician Look at him!

You! Aren't you educated enough? Talk some sense into him He looks educated to you?

It sounds like "Grannies turned into models in a land with no youths"

This comedy didn't work out!

Wait! I have a better one Your jokes suck! Don't leave me!

I'll go home and message you that joke!

Ok dude!

Chief, remember I have a connection in Courtallam We have established our business there too Go there and you can get entertained!

Bye chief!

Love you!

Sir, very dangerous fellow!

He is waiting for the right moment to strike What will you give me if I remove him from your path?

I know a thug. He won't look at a person's photo before murdering He murders first and then confirms it with the photo!

If you find an apt person who can finish him off... then I'll pay whatever he demands!

I'll set him up!

So? You betrayed us, isn't it?

Look I might have but I will never stab you guys or anyone in the back Don't show off that everyone of us follows you I just got the phone number promising you'll do it If I had got the photo and details, I'd have done it myself!

You think you can murder by just looking at the person's photo?

So if the person is tall and muscular, you'll take men with you... and if he's short and weak, you'll do it yourself. Is this your strategy?

Remember, Hitler was ye height!

Didn't the whole world fear him?

Height and weight of the person doesn't matter You must read the person's mind first And you say you'll do it by just seeing the target's photo? My foot!

So, what's your concept?

Like, first provoke the target over a call then decide on whether to finish him off or not?


You guys won't understand if I tell you. Let me show it Give me his number She asks for a 'Dark Fantasy' cookie in a local tea shop

"Marry off a girl a little young and it'll keep playing with it's toys!"


Come here

Would you like a tea?

No, seriously. That's the proverb! "it keeps playing..."

Shut up! I'll finish you off You're thinking like a pervert!


A tea for him!

Who was that?

What did I do now?

You called him up and abused him What would you do if a stranger does this to you?

I'll call him back and abuse him like he has never been abused before!

If he does the same... then he is a dummy! A nothing!

You can finish him off yourself But if he calls back and goes like this...

'Hello, sir. I got a call from this number. Who is this? Someone abused me'

"But why? For what?"

If he deals in such a calm manner... then he is a sharp fellow!

It means he has a clear mind Not 10, even 100 of you go and still you can't do anything!

Call him back, give it to me and I'll abuse him real bad!

Let's all abuse him! Come on! Listen you pot head!

Someone had an issue and he called up the wrong number by mistake It's a new number and I have never heard this voice Crystal clear, it was Chennai slang. He's showing it off to me?

I don't recollect having any foes in Chennai Dude... order a tea for me

What's running in your mind?

If this call was not meant for me... then he won't even call back to apologize If it was meant for me... then he'll call me again, for sure!


Would you like some fritters?

Confirmed, the call's meant for me Hey! He disconnected the call Now, he'll call back for sure!

What now?

Are you gonna call back and ask his details in a polite way?


See that? It's him Either he will talk Or he'll let a police or his advocate do the talking A single 'Hello' from him and I'll tell you his height, weight, color and color of his eyes Start music!

(Group of old ladies abusing)

Enough! Enough!

Ok! Ok! Enough!

Please! Enough!

He's a little kid. Don't abuse his family That turned out to be really funny!

Manimaran from Mayavaram here Malli speaking!

Speak and I'll listen Go ahead! Speak!

Then hear me out!

7th day from today, you will lie chopped into pieces in your place!

I just called to tell you that Ok When are you coming down? Listen!

This is 'Vysarpadi' Malli!

I asked you, when are you coming down?

Hope you have my address Come down and call me

What's up Malli, sir?

So, who was he? Hitler or Charlie Chaplin?

You see both of them look similar Same style of moustache too!

So please enlighten us Which was the place?

He is an outsider and threatens to kill me He knows my complete details I want to know everything about him. He said he'll be here in 7 days I'm sure he'll reach Mayavaram in 7 hours!

Pondicherry, Kadaloor, Chidambaram, Sirkali

Tell me We are looking at the railway station. We'll keep you posted They won't turn up there I'll call you back Ok buddy! Ok!

What is it, brother? You look very tensed up What's with so many calls? Isn't your girlfriend visiting you?

Any problem?

Are you guys planning to elope?

Oh come on, little sister Do bid me good bye if you're eloping Dear!

Don't laugh so hard!

Hello, tell me Buddy...

I came here and checked on based on a lead from Dhana Remember this old rail gate?

In a toddy shop near it, I see an Omni van with Madras registration number The men also seem very peculiar and their slang also sounds fishy What do we do?

Buddy, don't move! Stay right there I'll be there in 5 minutes. Ok?

Don't move! Stay right there! I'll be there Ok dude Where are you going at this hour?

Dear, did you take your medicine?

I had them The tonic?

I had that too Awesome!

Look, just stay put...

Where are you going? I'll be back in a jiffy Where are you going at this hour?

I'll be back in 10 minutes. Just stay put! Listen to me...

Listen! Brother! I'll be back, dear!


Please come back

Where did you go at this hour?

Oh God!

Where are they?

Inside You said toddy would be good here. I drank 3 bottles but nothing!

Manimara, Mr. Teetotaler, what are you doing here? Any problem?

What are you staring at? Hit him!

What's your problem? What...

Sir, we are cinema stunt artists. Here for a shoot at Kumbakonam We just stopped by for some authentic toddy We are not here to create any trouble, sir Yes, sir Come on, guys


He had a completely different tone He won't waste time, drinking!


My sister is alone at home. See you Ok dude

Remember, you must not get fits attack when the labour pain kicks in And the labour pain must not occur when you have a fits attack If both occurs at the same time...

This brother wants both, you and your child. Got it?


He'll do a clean job, right?

He is a mad dog! Once he decides to murder... he won't back down until he draws blood If he doesn't get hold of the target... he ends up butchering even street dogs


Little sister!




Buddy, what happened?

Quick, turn around!

23 years, buddy!

For 23 years I took care of her and that too all for this very moment

Like... if anyone has a problem and all they got to do is make one call!

I'll be there but when it came to my sister...

Poor thing! Wonder how she came here and what all struggle she had to go through Oh God!

Our friend, Saravanan! Her husband! How will I face him?

If something happens to her, what will I answer him?

Dude, calm down Calm down, nothing will happen to her Wonder what struggles she had to go through How did she manage to come here?


I'm useless as of today! Come on!

I'm useless! Useless! Come on!

Gopi... please go, listen what the doctor has to say I shall but where are you going?

Buddy, the doctor wants to meet you Please ask, what is it?

What happened, sister?

I will inform only him Manimaran, your sister delivered a baby boy!

Madam... my sister?

Both, mother and child are safe Thank God! Yay! Awesome news!

Congrats, dude! You're now an uncle!

Buddy, stop weeping like a child Awesome! You're an uncle now Stop crying! Thanks buddy. Just a minute Sister! Sister! Here, have this He just gave his wallet!

Can I meet my sister? Can we meet her?

Please wait for a while Buddy!


Hello! Hello!

Come to uncle! Look, he's smiling at his uncle!

Thank you, dear nephew!

Thank you very, very much!

This uncle's penance, vows, challenges, oath, dream, victory; everything is all about you!

It's all about you!

Thank you, my dear nephew Buddy, hold him

Sorry, uncle couldn't make it on time today. Please forgive me!



Thanks doctor!

Enough of your thanks!

Thank your friend, whom you sent along with your sister. He donated blood to her!

Sure, doctor! Thanks!

Who came with my sister?

Don't know. We were with you Hey! Must be Kumar!

He promised he'd come home to get the Collection amount Call him Call him!

Kumar! Where are you?

On duty at Karaikal Then who was it?

Must be Ramesh!

Prankster fellow, right from childhood!

He is trying to prank us, I guess Oh yeah!

Now watch me when he attends my call Did you come home? No dude No, it wasn't me. What's the news? No, I'm on the way to Tanjavur No, I hadn't come No, Mara. I am at native He is drunk and sleeping He is out of station Senthil? He says it's not him He is the reason for everything!

Had he not disturbed, I would've been there when Ilakya needed me Hello!


Come down!

You keep inviting me but won't you be at home when I come there?

You came to my home?

What did you just say? Hello?

Thought I'll chop of your head when you welcome me to your home and treat me as your guest Poor girl. She's your younger sister, right?


Sir... Sir?


Whom are you addressing as 'Sir?' Do I look like an officer?



You! Whom are you now addressing as 'Boss?'

Well, boss. Where are you now?

You'll keep repeating the same question again and again If I turn up, you won't be there You have no ethics!


No, boss. Just tell me where are you?

I'll come there And?

Boss... go ahead, stab me and put me down!

Butcher me into pieces!

Boss, tell me where are you?

I'll come there!

You want me take orders from you?

I'm not always in the mood to murder!

Finish him off!

Sir, just tell me where are you. Sir? Sir?

Stop being funny! Oh my God! Sir! Sir! Sorry, sir!

Talk to me the way you spoke today morning!

Go ahead! Talk with that attitude!

An important call came in between... which is why I left or else I'd have left only after slitting your throat!

Now, hang up!

Sir, come stab me now! Leave me! Dude, shut up!

Sir? Hello? Sir?


What is it?

Malli had been here!

He's the one who admitted my little sister!

Malli did it?

He came to my home when I was away!

He came here, just like he said!

My dear nephew! My darling! My honey!

Look what all have I got for you Yesterday...

Our uncle's here from native. Let me go, receive him from bus stand Ok? Brother!

I'll be back I said, wait!

The brother who helped me yesterday; who was he?

Haven't you seen him?


He's Ilango. You've met him Then ask him to come here He'll come, for sure. I'll ask him to come down next week How can you say so?

I want to meet him, at once!

I saw him in the place where I used to see you for all these years It's that brother's blood that is running in me and my son Bring him here. I must fall at his feet and thank him Hey, little sister, calm down He lives in the neighbourhood. One call and he'll rush down like a puppy He's one of us. Ok?

Dear nephew, I'll be back. Take care of mom until then, ok?

What happened, dude?


if she finds out that the guy who came to murder me is the one who helped her... won't it kill her?

His help...

It'll be a mistake So? What are you gonna do?

Just a minute Whom are you calling?

Hold on! Just a minute! Oh! Come on

Hello Sir, boss...

Sorry boss. It's me, Mayavaram Manimaran You promised to come down and murder me When are you coming?

Or else, I shall come. Tell me, how we can work this out You!

Is this something you discuss early in the morning?

I must have finished you off yesterday Malli, who is it? Your girlfriend?

Romancing up so early in the morning? Shut up you pony tail!

It's a friend Boss!

What did you just address me as? What's the big deal?

You addressed me as friend, right? Isn't it?

Who said we are friends?

I am Vysarpadi Malli!


I don't care where you are from. Stop making me laugh!

You addressed me as your friend Boss!

Crazy fellow!


Did you ask him to come down?

He addressed me as friend to someone over there Oh my God!

He said the word that he shouldn't have said He called me a friend!

Will he say so if he doesn't mean it? So, what now?

Dude, what do you even know about him?

You'll be like blindfolded in a forest How will you find him?

If you appear in front of him and he'll stab you before talking Chennai, Vysarpadi, Malli and his phone number These details are enough!


6 kilometre radius on the right and 4 kilometre radius on the left, that's Vyasarpadi Where do you want to go in Vyasarpadi?

Quick! Drive! Stop! Stop!

Only last week I ratted them out to police and here they are again!

Fools! Thieves! They'll never change!

Greetings Waiter, serve him. Ask him what he'd like to have I'm stuck between the thieves and cops! I better quit this business and go home!

Troublesome guys!

Excuse me! The Idlys are as good as the authentic Madurai Idlys I pleaded my father not to open a food outlet here instead open it in Madurai The rogues always keep messing with this outlet!

Well, do you know anyone called Malli... God! That murderer?

I've never seen you here before. Who are you?

Who is patrolling Jones road? Come on line Waiter, serve the officer Sir, that area inspector is Mr. Kishore. Over Kishore, where are you? Come on line at once!

Kishore, come on line at once What are you looking at?

Nothing, sir Why do you guys have the walkie talkie? To hear songs?

Come on line!

Tell me, sir!

Do not patrol Jones road. Tell all your station officers Report at AC's office I'm on the way, sir Ensure no officers are even near the Jones road surroundings Copy that, sir

They prevent us from doing our duty Don't know who is going to do what and when?

The whole department is helping this cause. It's Ashok Mithran's issue Malli is the one in charge!

Malli is showing off his connection with AshokMithran and troubling us a lot!

Let me get my hands on him I'll unleash all that I learnt during training, on him!

Malli! Malli! Listen to me...

It wasn't us at the court the other day We didn't stab Ashok Mithran, I swear!

Don't vent out your anger for our old feuds The enmity is between us... why would I try to kill Ashok Mithran?


Sir, your walkie...

Traffic inspectors around Jones road come online Is Jones road clear?

Those who are leaving after duty, please inform before leaving

Sir, all officers have assembled at the station Inspector and SI have gone to the AC's office

Even you guys?

Aren't we friends?

Who said we are friends?

If you got a contract to kill me, you'd have done the exact same to me!

We are thugs, Malli. We have no friends!

You refused to join us on this mission and now you are settled with another one!

Looks like you'll cost us our life!

Now, speak!

Hold on!

Sir? Did he say something?

Nothing, sir!

He used your issue to his advantage and put an end to his old feuds He very well knows who stabbed you in the court premises the other day May be if you come down and ask, he might tell you Don't let him die. All I need is a name from him Where are you guys?

Jones road, near Five lights street You'll find 8 similar streets. Don't get confused I'll have my men waiting. They will bring you to the spot I'll be there in 10 minutes Ok sir!

Leave him. He is in no condition to attack us!

Guys, take the vehicle and start at once The engine won't start. Come on, push!

Go to the Five light street. One person at each street end

Make it fast! Go!

Dude, don't you see us pushing the car? Now change the gear and start it!

Guess, that's Malli So, I saw Malli Time to appear in front of him He can stab me! Anything might happen!

No matter what happens... my sister's 'Thank you' message must reach him

Who are you?

No one's allowed here. Leave!

Are you Malli? Malli?

You! Who are you?

Malli? That's Malli Who are you?



Didn't you promised to come down and kill me! Malli!

Look, what will I answer my sister?

Answer me, Malli!

Do you even know the value of your blood?

It's your blood that runs in my sister!


You! Get up!


Who in the hell are you?

A friend!

A friend?

How come we don't know of such a friend of his?

Never seen him before!

Could he be the guy Ashok sir is looking for?

Yes! Yes! Come on!

He said he is his friend But we've never seen him before But one thing, sir. His punches land right on the jaws!


Where is the emergency ward?

Move! Move!


Where's the doctor?

Where's the doctor? Move! We're almost there There's the doctor! Doctor's here Wait, what happened? Doctor....He met with an accident But he has cuts all over his body Doesn't look like he met with an accident This is a private hospital. Do one thing Go, lodge a complaint in the police station and come with the FIR copy Else this case will be an headache Doctor, please. We don't have that much time Doctor, this person was brought here by this cop!

Sorry, sir. Sister, do the necessary arrangements

Could it be the same guy who stabbed you the other day?

Think twice Imagine you send someone to kill me The plan slips and the murderer gets caught by me Now, if you were in his shoes, what would you do?

Before he rats me out, I'll finish him off Then why did the guy, who came, save Malli instead of finishing him off?

The guy, who came has nothing to do with us The one who wanted to finish me is somewhere else But... when a spectator intervenes and takes over the fight between two individual... then he'll finish of the game very quick The guy, who intervened now...

I want him too

Anyone in the name of Malli admitted here?

Dear, would you like some tea?

No, thanks Who got admitted here?

Friend My husband fell into the drainage last week and suffocated We got him admitted him here I have been here for a week now Everyone I see, who bring patients by carrying them on their shoulders, I ask them... who is the patient I get a reply saying that it's their friend. I get no other reply Only friends turn up early to help Only after that brothers, uncles, in laws and parents turn up Wonder what's so special about friendship Gifted are the youths of today Anyone admitted here in the name of Malli?


Patient's name?

Well, Ilangovan Ok, the patient requires 5 units of blood

1 or 2 is fine but 5 units is tough to get in here So put a message in social media and you'll easily get it O positive Ok doctor

The hospital looks empty Well, we'll get someone admitted Watch your step!

Stop staring or we'll get you admitted here!

Who bashed up Sittu and got away with Malli?

Who could it be?

Look, Malli!

Yes, it's Malli indeed! Catch hold of him first!

Hey, wait! Why are you bashing me up? How would I know?

Look...I...I don't know Where is the guy?

Who is the guy who admitted him?

What's your blood group?

A Negative Why is he asking blood?

He's a ghost! A ghost?

Shut up!

Guys with O positive blood group step aside Let's all attack him at once!

Hey Mayil, where are we?

He bashed us up and got us admitted too

Excuse me, nurse!


Sir! Sir! Please help me! I need to make a quick call Please come here! I need to make just one call


Fast! It's an emergency

Hello, Sekar?

Hey buddy! What happened? He bashed us up real bad Quick, come here at once! Mayil! Wait! We'll come Which hospital? Hey! Hello!

Tell me, sir. Yes, he had called from my mobile Which hospital?

Aruna hospital Aruna hospital? Ok Yes Even in meat shops, the lamb is killed first before it is butchered for meat Wonder how could someone get cuts like this?

Minimum 12 hours before he'll regain his conscious

36 cuts!

Only after patient regains his conscious we can further continue the treatment Doctor... can I shift him to another hospital?

Why not? But he must be under observation For at least 12 hours. So, must be shifted very carefully

Hey! What happened?

Dude, he bashed us up all I searched all over here, Aruna hospital. Where is Malli? Who bashed you all?

What? Aruna hospital?

He bashed us up in Laksha hospital... and got us admitted here! Meanwhile, Malli is there

Hello Hey hello! Vasuki here Are you free to talk? Yes, I'm free What's up so early in the morning?

Remember I told you my parent's wedding anniversary is approaching Oh, yeah. You were talking about it So, early morning, we are at the temple I'll hand over the phone to them exactly after they are done praying And if you start with a sweet, loving and polite wishes...

First, hear me out or allow me to hear you out Quit talking without a break like in those advertisements!

Why do you sound upset?

Fine, shall I come to Mayavaram to meet his highness?

Why Mayavaram? I'm nearby Where?

I'm in Chennai What do you mean?

Fine, I'll call you after praying

What happened? Why are you covered in blood?

If he sheds a drop of blood again... that means a second before that...

I'd have just lost my life

'Chennai Police Control Room'

Ashok... this all the evidence we have No one in press media is helping with any footage they got They are giving lame excuses like They are just dodging our plea Rascals!

My death means celebration for whole of Tamizh Nadu Many are awaiting my death Malli has done a lot for me But one who tried to murder me...

Why is Mallinot exposing the murderer?

I must find out who was standing opposite to Malli there!

Who's Malli here?

Anyone called Malli?

No one in that name, here Malli?

Is your friend's name Malli?

Told you his name is...

Ilangovan No one with that name. Come upstairs and check if you want Wait, I'll go


Look, Vasuki only two of them are coming. I'll manage them somehow

Don't worry. Ok?

He is getting closer! Turn around!

Calm down. Don't panic. I got this

Come, let's go out Hands off me!

Who the heck are you?

There are patients here. Let's go out and talk Do you know whom you're messing with? Won't you just listen to me?

Buddy! Sekar! Someone just bashed up our fellow guy Who is it? Show him to me There! That's him!


He's a cop!

What's going on?

Won't you guys obey? Sir! Sir!

Sorry sir! Sorry sir!

We're searching for him on one hand and you on the other. Hence, the confusion Sir, sorry! You! Go get him Greetings, officer

Keep moving! Leave this place Put him in the car trunk


It's me, Saravanan Saravana!

Where are you?

Look, Ilakya's husband! I have arrived I'm at the hospital Are you inside?

I wanted to give a surprise. Hence, I didn't inform you Surprise? Look! She just delivered the baby Careful, let the excitement not put her in danger Don't you check out social media?

Surprising like this is the latest trend!

Listen, I'll wait here. You also join me Let's give her a surprise together I am out, regarding a small work I'll finish it and reach Where are you?

What's so important?

Chennai In Chennai?

So, aren't you in town?

Fine, stay on the call. I'll go, meet her now Saravana! No, wait Wait, buddy Nothing will happen No! Listen!

Look at his nose, exactly like his mother's brother!

Is it so?

Eyes exactly like his father Quiet, now. Don't jinx things for my baby now Mom! - Can't you keep quiet?

Keeps bluffing Indeed!

Eyes are just like me Who's that?


I had offered to host a feast in the name of our deity if she delivered a baby boy

Where are you?

Shouldn't you be here at this hour?

Weren't you waiting for this special day?

Isn't this what you wanted?

Where are you? Well, nothing dear... didn't you ask me that you wanted to meet my friend, who helped you?

I set off immediately when you said that I'll bring him soon Fine, do one thing Not just him, bring everyone in his family His parents and his children Is he married?

How does that matter? Just bring down all his family Ok, dear. Ok. I'll come soon Ask them to come down and spend few days with us

Things have changed for good here Please brother He seems to be held up with work Once he's done, I'll bring him at once Held up with work?

Whatever work it is, you finish it for him and come soon!

Bring him! Ok, I'll hang up now

Where will I look for his family. What's his background?

Who is is family and where are they?

Whom did he murder?

Who is trying to kill him?

Henchmen keep swarming in every now and then Fine, let's go!

Whoever needs him, let 'em come to my place!

All I know about him is his name and phone number...


Sir, Malli's cell phone is switched on Sir, Ekattuthangal. Karani thottam building tower What are the hospitals nearby?

Sir, 4 24 hours and 2 private hospitals Hospital that he could be admitted in is Laksha as the other one won't admit such cases Then that's the one! Ask them check there!

Ask our men to check! At once!

Sir, Malli's cell is receiving a call from some local booth Hold our men!

Yesterday, he had an hour call conversation from the very same number but only once He's getting a call from the same number Let me talk to the department and take action Wait!

I don't want even a single cop over there!

A brutal murder is going to take place!

Then ask you cops to turn up Just go

A call immediately after turning on the mobile?

Hello, I'm Malli's friend. He met with an accide...


Can you please check this number in True caller app and get the details?

Realizing it wasn't Malli, the caller disconnected the call Ask our men to go to the location from where the call was made This caller is whom I need bad than Malli!

I want all of you there in 10 minutes!

Yes. Ok, sir

This seems to be a local phone booth in Ashok Nagar Unable to get exact details Just 6-7 kilometres from here The caller disconnected knowing it wasn't Malli Who could it be?

Listen, we have traced out who hired Malli to kill our boss Ok Come to the location I tell you A cop is being a pain in the head here The whole police department is on our side. Inform that cop about this Ok. I shall He's a dead meat, today!

Would you like something to eat?

Coffee? Granny!

Where is that officer?

He just went somewhere

Sir, the culprit is identified Not Malli. Malli is nothing. We've identified the one who hired Malli Just got the information on a call Since, you too are looking for him I thought I'd inform you. See you

Ok, you start Mara, don't worsen the situation that is already bad!

Don't do it You heard him Malli is not whom they need now When thugs have a problem, the first thing they do is find a way to escape But he has sacrificed himself to save someone I can save him only if I find out what the whole issue is all about You start. I'll join you on the way Ok

What if Malli comes back to his senses and tell me "Instead of saving me..."

"you must have save him" What if he tells me so?

I must tell him "I went on your behalf! I bashed up everyone!"

I must tell him "I saved that mystery man"

But I must first find out this mystery person Sir! Greetings Greetings Where are you all going?

To Ashok Nagar. To finish of that culprit I'll also join you. Drop me in the police station on your way Sir, please be our guest. You, move!

Hear me out carefully. Again Malli's number will receive a call from the same number I'll call you at once then The moment you receive my call, get down and butcher down that caller!

If that caller is someone I know...

Even if that caller is someone you've seen with me...

Still don't hesitate Butcher down that person!

It must be gory to the core!

Got it?

The one who commits this murder will be famous Guess, who's the lucky one. Everyone be ready!

Get lost! You just embarrassed me!

The situation has changed here. Hence, we couldn't do it I asked you 15 days time. Don't be in a hurry. We'll finish your work by then I asked you to murder him and instead you helped him?

Why did you've to do that? Hold on! Come again The MLA spit on my face!

Forget it. It's hard to finish him off in his hood This is a golden opportunity. He is in Chennai, to meet Malli there He must not return alive from Chennai. Got it?

Send his photo!

How dare he?

He has tried to murder someone who has taken Tamizh Nadu by storm!

On top of that Malli tried helping him So, instead of the murderer... the one who hired the murderer is busted

Ok Ok, I'll pass the information Listen, he is the one who bashed up our men and escape away with Malli Who the hell is he?

Just now Kumar informed me. His name is Manimaran From Mayavaram. He locked horns with the local MLA there, over some cable connection Malli went to kill him but ended up doing him some favor He came down to show his appreciation Show me his photo Wait, it's loading Now that he is coming in person... deal him then Oh! A fight over the cable connection?

I'll cut all his cable connection today! Wait and watch!


Wear your seat belt I shall while the vehicle is moving You'll need it. Just wear it

Hello All of you hear me carefully The person calling Malli from this local booth is the black sheep!

I'll start honking... all of you get down and butcher that person. Ok?

We'll nail it Don't worry. It'll be done!

Not him

A lady's talking from that booth Not her

Ashok! A call from that booth!

The caller is there now!

Who is it?

Sir! Sir! It's a young girl A girl?

Is anyone of you Malli's younger sister?

Brother... do you recognize us?

Remember... we were talk of Tamizh Nadu one day Think harder

"Oh little flower..."

"She will soon be the queen of this world"

"Oh little flowers..."

"You're the queen bee that keeps flying"

'Virudhunagar District Arankottai Village'

"Sweet as an elixir and pure as the milk"

"A fire that burns forever"

"Like an art she has many unique qualities"

"She is the epitome of beauty"

"Oh little flower..."

"She will soon be the queen of this world"

"Oh little flower..."

"You're the queen bee that keeps flying"

"Even a thought of failure will drive you angry because you don't see it as an option"

"Anything that is genuine will make you emotional, for you are sensitive towards truth"

"You always live up to your words"

"Your friends call you the queen of the flowers"

"You're as authentic as a pure sandalwood"

"Your words are mightier than the sword itself"

"She is as soft the peacock feather"

"She has a very open and kind heart"

"Life is a celebration when she is around"

"Oh little flower..."

"She will soon be the queen of this world"

"Oh little flower..."

"You're the queen bee that keeps flying"

"Oh little flower..."

'S.Pavithra M.A., M.L,, Ph.D.'

'Who surpassed in the Exams? Girls or Boys?'

'This becomes the hot topic every year when the exam results are announced'

Every one has at least one enemy in their life But it's us, who decide the time we encounter our enemy But Pavithra's enemy was hiding in her dreams All the press media is here Come, let's interview the state topper Pavi, go ahead, talk! Come on, say something!

Once, near my home, a dog gave birth to puppies Once, near my home, a dog gave birth to 10 puppies

10 beautiful puppies People around came in and took away the puppies one by one But only one puppy was left stranded on the streets Me and my grandpa saved it before any vehicle ran over it That's when I asked my grandpa...

Why did people leave this puppy alone stranded?

Grandpa replied that all the puppies taken were male This one's a female puppy hence nobody wants it I asked "Grandpa, wasn't it a female dog that delivered all the puppies?"

He replied "Male puppies grow up and guard the house where as female dogs wander around"

I adopted that female puppy I trained it All those male puppies only guarded their master's house But my puppy grew up and guarded the whole town!

You must have read about her in a magazine last month That's my pet Awesome Pavi!

So females are no lesser than males even in dogs!

Men and women are equal!

They have same power!

Sounds good, sir?

Superb, Pavithra! You're very bold! So, what's your future plan?

What are you going to study? What next?

I want to become a lawyer Criminal lawyer!

Dear, you have scored centum in Physics!

Tamizh, English, Maths etc. leave all of them Scoring centum in Physics is not an easy task I expected you'll say you will become a scientist and work in NASA... instead you wanna become a lawyer?

Our country is going down the drains and what will change if go to NASA?

We can't keep pondering that the government and it's official are not functioning properly This is our land and we must take care of it ourselves!

That is why...

But what's advocate profession got to do with it?

Simple, only when the system and it's rules are strict, the country will develop Confused?

Strict punishments!

We keep boasting about foreign countries and how we can't break rules there Guess why? Because their rules and regulations are very strict A rapist is beheaded in front of a huge crowd But here?

We can't even chop off a finger of any criminal The God can only decide the punishment To ensure the right person, confirmed to his initials, gets that punishment... can only be done by a lawyer!

Here the wages and punishment always finds the wrong person!

It must reach the correct person Such a rage at this age. Do you really need to worry so much?

My anger is reasonable and justified. You guys find it amusing, isn't it?

I'm not surprised After all, all of your rage and anger are now like antiques in museum Where's all your anger?

You vent it out by honking at the poor load pulling labours on the road Or worst come, you vent it out in social media as a mere post!

Do you expect your anger will result to something?

It will, for sure!

There are many pending cases that drive me crazy and won't just let me sleep Allow me and I'll fight them right from tomorrow I'm desperate and eager to wear the advocate uniform You have just completed your 12th grade. There is still a long way to reach there Where do you think you can collect evidence and pointers for these pending cases?

Why would I have to look for it when you all are here?

How many press are functioning here?

Around 230 All these 230 press report the same news but in their own unique way Each of you have different way of telling the same story!

That's all I need to collect evidences and pointer. I have stored them in bundles Which cases are you talking about? Well, there are hundreds Name a few important ones out of those Gang rape by minister's son and his friends The suicide committed by 6 girls in a medical college owned by a big shot in Tamizh Nadu The saint Lord of modern era in Tamizh Nadu...

The mysterious hermitage case Do you've any idea who is dealing those cases?

Especially the accused one's background in those cases Guess who is the lawyer fighting for them?

The Ashok Mithran!

#1 Criminal lawyer!

You keep singing praises of such people and never let anyone fight or rise! Isn't it?

Someone raises voice and you'll kick them down with your words. Isn't it?

Ashok Mithran! You call him an advocate?

Pity that, people who lick boots and dance to others' tunes are called advocate these days We only have ourselves to blame for it Now, we must rise and change everything What an energetic young girl!

"We are the sharp minds that can bring about change with non violence"

"We are swords that will shed blood to win our war"

"We aren't angels merely because of our soft bodies"

"But because we question even the saint to serve justice"

"I'll trounce tyranny with my arguments and make the sinner bow in front of me"

"I need the black uniform to save the fair lady of justice"

"The women will soon rule and the advocate uniform will become my identity"

I'll wear the advocate coat and meet everyone in the court!

Young girl...

A young girl...

Who's the connection we got in Virudhu Nagar district?

In inquired. Our men have gone to her village

Hello What's happening there Ashok?

Sir... This is my son's future!

If something goes awry then you will...

You will suffer! Remember that! Sir, just...

If the case becomes a news then...

Sir, she's just a 12th grade student! I don't want her to speak!

Our people crowd even if 10 crows crow together!

We could've handled if it were boys But now, it's a girl Is Shankar home?

He has stepped out Where is Pavithra's house, the girl who secured state 1st?

That's her house

No, sir Forget it It's risky if we do it here Not just that. She is always surrounded by 10 girls all the time

Name: Pavithra Age: 17 years old Her parents are no more Only relative is her grandfather When she was in 7th , she had a fall from the giant wheel during a festive season She had a head injury and was in comatose for 6 months and 18 days She became brilliant after that injury. She was always the school topper from there on Right from her hair color to her toe nail polish...

Ask everything to be sponsored to her, at once Pity that, people who lick boots and dance to others' tunes are called advocate these days News spread that all the cases Pavithra mentioned will be re-opened by the Delhi high court That news shook the whole foundation of Ashok Mithran's firm Whose mail is it? Someone called Manimaran from Mayavaram He has sent me Rs. 5000 insisting that my first advocate uniform coat should come from him Really?

Hey Pavi, come out and check this out Desire!

Every business today in the world runs on the desires of the poor

Everything that he sponsored reached her

Tickets to a theme park in Chennai was also a part of it No arguments! We are taking Pavithra to Chennai!

Hey Pavi, come let's go in!

Everyone has the right to dream But your dream shouldn't interfere and crush my dreams

Nice to meet you Pavithra

A voice from the crowd... shouted out that a girl fell off from the giant wheel

Senior, this is your grand daughter's autopsy report The press is waiting outside, go out and show this to them... and explain her death to them They will keep twisting their questions. Just read out the report!

What's written in the report It's written that yesterday your granddaughter got drunk and high What?

Looks like she had too many...

Is it so?

No! Yesterday, here... along with 3 boys...

Please! She is no more!

I'm not saying it. Her medical report says so Just read out the truth. Now, get up

Sir, what happened to Pavithra?

My granddaughter?

When she was in the 7th grade... she took the giant wheel ride when she was out on a school trip She fell from it and hurt her head very bad She was in comatose for a year After that she was afraid of the giant wheel But yesterday... she tried to overcome her fear and again took the giant wheel ride She again fell from it and died!

He wrote our destiny He decided what we should say

What's the problem, dear?

The main problem is here that she secured the state first rank in 12th grade!

People like us getting educated is a big issue here!


Hey! Can't you hear me?

Where are you going?

To home!

For what?

I'll go To where?

To Chennai!


We took her to Chennai Now, look!

I don't get you She doesn't deserve this. Look what they did to her!

Why and how did this happen to her? Who did it?

We know the answers to everything!

Yet we are here, just weeping and mourning for her!

Not even a single press channel bothered to turn up

What are you going to do for Pavithra?

We are even ready to sacrifice ourselves!

I don't want you worth-less life!

Money! How much money can you guys shell out?

Tell me, how much can you give? Tell us! How much do you need?

Give it to me!

Come, on. Give it!

What are you going to do with this?

When boys have a problem don't their friends huddle up and fight for them?

If the same happens to us, why should we sit at home and weep!

We must also fight back!

Yes! Indeed!

We must finish him off!

We must do something about this!

Pavithra said, females are no lesser than males even in dogs! We must prove it!

Then what are you all waiting for! Come on! Let's go!

'Chennai High Court'

The court was wired with cameras all around There was no one to help us But the only thing that helped us that day was rain

After every case, no matter how much the press questions...

Ignoring them is Ashok Mithran's usual reply

We decided that what we were gonna do that day could be the first of more to come


Hey! Someone in the crowd stabbed Mithran sir!

Run! Run!

Who stabbed him?

No one's here Come on Let's check over there

It is said that it is easy to escape using the loop holes in the law and order Similarly we found a small way out to escape from the court premises


Anybody there?

No one's here. Search over there!

Amidst that group full of beasts... we saw a person who turned into a kind human at that very moment Go!

His name is Malli That is all we know about him

Why did he help us and didn't rat us out? We started looking for him to find answers We decided to ask his help We finally found him out But we couldn't talk to him in person

We managed to get his mobile number We told him about us and our story

Do you have the last month edition of Junior Vikatan?

What's up with him?

Let me go, check

Since that issue at court, he seems to be double minded Isn't it?

He promised to meet all of us in person

Whom do we approach for help if we have to lock horns with such a big shot?

Thought we'll ask our families to help us but the situation will only make the stop us If she had a brother, he would have fought for her But she has nobody like that Her friends; us, isn't it us who must step up?

That what's we did! We stepped up! We stabbed him!

He was lucky, the first time You must have read about it in the flash news and as heading in the papers

"Murder attempt on popular advocate Ashok Mithran"

That was us!

Malli promised to meet us We called him from the local booth but we felt something was fishy Whom do we trust?

We don't have an option but to depend on someone We did trust someone but got busted Brother... do you have a sister?

I do have a sister Please let go of us considering us as your sisters We have no idea about who are you You saved us from them... but don't know what you'll do to us We have no idea, whom to trust That's is why told you our story Expecting you'll spare us showing some mercy

Here, please have this All we ask is please don't rat us out

Someone called Manimaran from Mayavaram He has sent me Rs. 5000 insisting that my first advocate uniform coat should come from him

Girls are being victimized in the railway station, bus stand and crowded places A single person from the crowd has never saved any such victimized girls There was never such a headline in papers In Maharashra, when a girl was murdered, a cow intervened and tried to save her In Mylapore, when a one sided lover stabbed a girl, a dog came to her rescue But the humans? All they do is just be a bystander!

It is said that such bystanders are the reason why our nation is going down the drains We didn't want to go to such bystanders and beg them for help!

Hereafter, bystanders will remain bystanders!

Because we'll also stab back and even then bystanders must keep quiet!

No one meets anyone in this world without a reason All I wish for... and all I desire is... is my younger sister's welfare A selfishness that nothing good must happen without my presence I wasn't there on the day I must have been there for her That one day...

Malli stole it completely from me I even cursed God that day!

Now, I have a clear understanding He saved my only sister But...

I have a task here to save 10 of my sisters!


God doesn't test us without a reason First and foremost, an applause and hats off to you all!

If everyone in every town stands up and fight like you then on will dare to attack you Aren't you all here for your friend?

I too am here for my friend. Malli is my friend!

Dears... here, not only bulls have horns!

Even deers have horns!

Use them and their horns too will pierce through and draw blood!

They don't realize your power Brother, can we trust you?

Call me a brother and my eyes will tear up You all have told me your issue considering me as your brother Do you think I'll let go of them so easy?


Please don't beat him! Please no!

Please don't hurt him!

Please don't beat him! No! Please!

Dear brother!

How dare you pose as a cop?

That too using my walkie! Drag him!

My dears!

Don't panic! You can even lose a battle to your enemy... but for even a moment do not lose the battle with yourself Do not let your self confidence die!

Shut up!

You were born only after fighting and defeating millions of cells!

Your life started by winning! Do not depend or trust anyone else!

You are your only savior!

Don't think! Thoughts are tricky!

It'll take the side of both good and evil!

Do what your heart says, even if it is wrong!

Everything will fall in place automatically! Don't think too much, my dears!

Prabhu, tell them to drop off Malli and that girl at the location I say Ok, sir Sir, please let me explain. Sir...

Don't you dare try trick us or else...

The department have given me the permission take any action against you Please, sir. Just hear me out for 2 minutes. Please!

Keep quiet Sir, this is a different issue Yes, dear A small issue last night A guy stole my walkie talkie Sir, actually I didn't steal Like I'm gonna believe that!

Caught the accused. The DGP has asked me to meet him. I'm on my way What?

You guys just won't understand!

What do you mean?

The whole Tamizh Nadu is waiting to witness our end But none has the guts to finish us off It's embarrassing to tell everyone that these girls stabbed me!

That's what I want!

Your dream is on a whole different level!

Hello. Tell me, Ravi Break his knees...

Help is like a mole on your back It cannot be seen but it is considered lucky!

Keep helping others and it'll come back to us one day

Tell me, how can I help you and I'll do it

That was our brother who made you break your phone!

Do you guys have his photo?

I want to see him!

You wanna see him?

You'll soon be just a memory in a photo! Because he'll be here soon!

How many of our men are here?

12 of us, boss 12?

Not enough. 12 is nothing!

12 of us but each of our hand is equal to a man That makes 24 men! Can we manage to at least stab him once?


Hey, it's me...

Hey, it's me, Mayavaram Manimaran!

Remember, you promised to kill me!

Look here! Here!

I thought I'll hang out with you and have a cup of tea

Son of a gun!

Well, stop pulling my leg now I did a small favor after all... and instead you almost sacrificed yourself for me Look at him!

Did you take us for Facebook friend who'll just stop with likes?

A real friend puts his/her life on the line for friends!

Oops! Ok! Ok An almond milk for our boy here!

See that saami?

Whole Tamil Nadu will hear it.