Sekigahara (2017) Script

Sekigahara, September 14, 1600 (Lunar)

The eve of battle

Small though it be this god may remember the ancient rebellion of Prince O-amano Indeed Father, did the prince fight here in Sekigahara?

The war began with a blockade of this road Yonder is Momokubari Hill named for the peaches he gave out

Storm's abrewin' in my belly I can smell it Pee-ew Mercy!

Good God

Reinforcements are arriving daily from Satsuma afar Only 1,000 of them, but fierce The army of the East is 100,000 We, the West, are 80,000 Yet half are in the hills, watching from safety This is a war of justice and injustice We cannot lose

The author recalls visiting the temple in Omi as a boy Climbing stone steps in the hot summer I don't recall the sect Hideyoshi was sitting right here where I'm sitting Wearing his falconer's outfit How long ago, Mr. Kaiware?

Oh, about 350 years ago It was a hot summer's day A day like today when sweat stings your eyes As I struggled to write about the Battle of Sekigahara... this incredible human comedy, or tragedy... such scenes from my boyhood wisped through my mind like a dream in a nap Henry Miller once said something like this:

"You are thinking of something right now. Start writing from there” So, that's what I'll do with this story

Around 1572, Hideyoshi was the Lord of Omi a vast territory granted to him as one of Nobunaga's generals Ishida Mitsunari was called Sakichi when he was a boy It is unclear if he was a student or a servant at this temple Hideyoshi was in the area for falconry He was so thirsty he entered unannounced

Historical texts say the first cup of tea was:

”brought in a great tea bowl filled three quarters and warm” He drained the cup and smacked his lips He ordered another cup in good humor

This time it was hotter and half the amount

Damn good. Gimme more

The third cup was mostly empty and scalding hot

Kid. What's your name?

Sakichi, from lshida village in your territory, sir What if I grant you land worth 100 barrels of rice?

I would rather receive the tax charged for harvesting the reeds on the banks of Lake Biwa-

How much?

Sakichi, don't bother his lordship-

Priest! I like this kid I'm takin' him with me

16 years later

Osaka Castle, 1588

Sakichi My lord Once this triple moat is finished I'll build a castle in Fushimi Destroy and build That's the work of power Got it? Fushimi is next And then?

What do you think? We'll beat down Ming of course Choson and its culture block our way there I'll conquer Choson after I unify the 66 states War will never end Won't ever end until I rule them all

Seven years later Where is the foyer?

Tokugawa Ieyasu's new mansion, Fushimi, 1595 Where is the foyer?

Please, Your Highness Take off traveling gloves Take that around back Sir Masanobu His Highness is wearing travel garbs to meet the Imperial Regent

Your Highness!

Those are your travel garments All the lords in the land are broke from invading Choson We can barely afford to get here Formal wear is not required They will mock you as a bumpkin His Highness wants to show Mitsunari what a trouble it is to get here Shut it, Naomasa I couldn't change anyway They can't find my wardrobe trunk Fushimi Castle There is tension between the Supreme Taiko and his nephew, the Regent On July 3, despite the concern of war The Regent offered the Emperor 3,000 coins of gold and silver This is most grave Formal wear is not required, but this is too crude Every house is bankrupt from invading Choson Look at leyasu. Has he no shame?

He rushed from Edo. He means well I doubt it He's displaying the trouble it took to get here the end the Regent quit his post and became a monk in Mt. Koya And still there are signs of rebellion Thus, Lord Fukushima was ordered to besiege Mt. Koya... where the Regent took his own life Now, for the treatment of his women and children They shall be beheaded tomorrow as collective punishment I rushed down from Edo upon the news of the rebellion I know not the details, but... the outcome of Choson is still uncertain after three years To demonstrate the authority of the Taiko and eliminate any challenge to his son little Hideyori I believe it is only natural to terminate the bloodline of the rebel

Very good, Hideyori

May I plead with His Highness?

He shall hear you Princess Koma of the Mogami house will be executed tomorrow Will she?

She traveled far to serve the Regent but he was dead when she arrived Could you spare her life as you did... the sister of Lord lkeda?

Sakichi, remember when we first met you brought me tea in a huge cup?

You drank it up and asked for more The second cup was half of the first The third in a tiny cup... and it was scalding hot I couldn't make up my mind Should I punish this little snot or make him my servant

One's life turns on a whim Forget about Koma Her old man gave her to the Regent Shamelessly trying to cozy up Why shouldn't he be punished?

You're so good, Hideyori

Clear the way

Sanjo Riverbank, Kyoto

I plan to resign my post as commissioner today Because of your condition or the unreasonable demands?

My left eye's mostly blind The right is also clouding up An incurable disease Why must it be you?

I may resign, but my heart is one with you

A cruel task. Leading to execution the widow and children whom he loved as his family His Highness' popularity has plummeted Mind your words, Gyobu It's what you're thinking

Koma never even met the Regent She's only 14 Why must she be punished?

If I survived, no words would I have Surveying the cruel world Nothing more sorrowful than parting Here at the waters of the river

Mitsunari, you promised Were you lying about saving Koma?

I promised to do my best-

Do you mock me?

Your rage will not serve you

Will Hideyoshi's commissioners let such injustice stand?

Kill them!

My lord!

Stay calm Maintain your dignity

Koma's maids are fighting

Have you no mercy?

Fighting women and children? You disgrace the name of lshida Ignore him

I think that was Shima Sakon

Hold Hold, I say. Step back!

Stop! Step back!

Nobody touch her

Enough Don't die on me

Sukeza, a robe Please tend to the injured Gyobu, take care of the rest I will

What do you want?

I serve the Toyotomi house- What do you want?

I believe you are Sakon formerly of the house of Tsutsui I've searched high and low for you the last several years

Thank you

I want your service Do you know what I was doing?

Testing your blade?

My blood is aboil, so I pretended these were Hideyoshi's men and cut them down And you want me to serve him?

I don't What?

I am enlisting your service You want me to serve you?

The Supreme Taiko will grant me the Sawayama Castle shortly My fief will grow from 40,000 to 190,000 I'll give you half Never heard of a samurai taking half his lord's territory It is an obvious price for retaining the greatest... most honorable samurai of our time I have no interest

If you refuse to serve me then, advise me as my brother If not my brother, as a worthy friend

My lord You haven't changed, Myozen It must be all my prayers Pray for me, too I want that youth

Your companion?

His name is Mitsunari A strange fellow As in Lord lshida Mitsunari?

Give me some gruel I'm famished

I dislike the Taiko. I will not serve you Why? Tell me It won't be pretty I'll listen His lewd and disgraceful behavior is unparalleled

He took his master Nobunaga's daughters as his concubines He even took Nobunaga's own concubines and the wife of his son Coming from humble beginnings His Highness admires noble ladies He desires the ladies of warriors in particular He considers his master's clan to be the apex of nobility Still, Lady Nene is his wife He cherishes her above all saying she is a woman among women

Hideyoshi wants Hideyori, his son with Lady Yodo to succeed him Thus, the Regent, his nephew had to go So snuffed him out as a rebel Am I wrong?

As far as I know, the Regent had no rebellious intentions

You and Lady Yodo are both from Omi Aren't you?

We were both born near Lake Biwa There are rumors it was a plot by Mitsunari Some say Yodo conceived the plan and Hideyoshi bought it Some even say worse Such as?

That I am the father of Hideyori

When together, Hideyoshi and Lady Nene would joke and argue loudly like a couple from the lower class They had a heavy country dialect from Owari Naturally, Lady Nene was feared as the most powerful political force of the Toyotomi house On the eve of Sekigahara if she had secretly ordered the lords to kill Ieyasu it may have altered Japanese history But in fact, the opposite was true Why?

Hideyoshi's chief concubine, Lady Yodo whose parents... were destroyed by Hideyoshi was from Omi As were Mitsunari and Gyobu

Get off your high horse, Omi I'm a bumpkin from Owari Damn me if I ever get friendly with the oh-so-gifted Omi folk Why did you save them?

They fought for justice Was not the execution an injustice?

Why are you loyal to that tyrant?

The tyrant made me Shouldn't he go? I'd rather inherit... the heart for justice he once had Or else justice will be lost forever

When His Highness is dead... there will be war to determine his successor That is when the flag of justice must be raised In this age?

That is His Highness' ignominy In crushing his enemies or making peace with leyasu he never cared for justice

He has reigned for 13 years Order in the realm is built on self-interest

I will take up arms for justice When all the world is self-interested it is a worthy task... to run alone against it My life isn't even worth a poem by Du Fu or Du Mu But I'll take 15,000

20,000 for a worthy friend Ride it and leave it Leave Pa?

A riderless horse returns home on its own The wisdom of an old horse

Mitsunari's mansion, Fushimi

Am I to be your plaything? No Why did you spare me?

Your courage struck me

Did the others survive?

Your friend was badly wounded I left her with the doctor She will live Unless she kills herself out of despair My sister nor I will commit suicide I can arrange your return For what? Have you no family there?

I only have my sister Just don't think about revenge The world is unjust. Revenge is laughable

You are from?

Iga An lga ninja My father was born in lga and served Lord Takeda All the houses we served perished After he died we had to survive as street performers and pilgrims You and your sister?

And my mother She died at the riverbank

The three of you served Koma Taken in as dogs Dogs?

That's what my mother said

"We can spy, agitate, watch, ensnare spread rumors - anything"

"Use us as your dogs"

Will you serve me?

Might be bad luck I want to change the unjust world under the flag of Dai /chi Dai Man Dai K ichi Dai Ichi Dai Man?

I retained a samurai who has all the qualities I lack So, I designed a new emblem

If one gives oneself for all the world will prosper

You risked your lives for your bond I covet your service

Then consider me a dog Neither human nor woman Let me roam free and I will requite your trust

Home of Yamato Yagyu What is the way of a long and healthy life?

The way the Yagyu and Shima clans grew up in Yamato helping each other The marriage of sword and medicine The land may eventually split in two leyasu and Mitsunari may go to war How, then, to foster life?

He who survives from either house must nurture the families of both I have chosen Mitsunari Then, I shall give my sons to leyasu


I have been retained Hanano. We will be moving to the lshida House in Fushimi And I thought you were in Kyoto womanizing A counselor worth 20,000 That's a daimyds pay You can practice medicine there Will we meet next on the battlefield?

We may cross swords Three years later Fushimi, 1598

You went on a site inspection at a temple in Kyoto I did You gave orders with this stick I did You dropped the stick leyasu picked it up and gave it back to you What did you do?

Nothing You turned away frowned, and walked away leyasu didn't say anything either You're like a child Where did you get the stick?

From leyasu's servant Sakon. lam not so skillful as to smile at a person I dislike Others don't see your frown as harmless It is seen as hubris of the most powerful man under the Taiko It's your loss I can explain Let's hear it Even as the Taiko grows feeble that villain has presented the emperor... two swans and ten pieces of gold He wants to take over Cozying up to Lady Nene as well I see But I am talking about a very simple thing When someone picks up your stick smile and acknowledge them Even more so if it is leyasu That's too much for me That night Masanobu went to leyasu's bedroom and asked whether the stick incident was true Oddly enough, the two men always conspired in the bedroom

The younger men are demanding to kill Mitsunari How did you stop them?

I told them the stage must be set The killing must serve Tokugawa But is the stick incident even true?

What would you think if it were?

He must be killed When?

After Hideyoshi dies When after?

When he rises up for Lady Yodo and her son Not enough They must first be labeled rebels Then we can kill Oh, you win this time Masanobu Masanobu always let Ieyasu win the last hand The two were more conspiracy partners than master and servant Then they exchanged predictions on who would side with Mitsunari and who would side with Ieyasu if something were to happen Of those who've served Hideyoshi since youth... how many can we persuade? That is the key To split the Toyotomi house in two Where do we start?

Lord Kobayakawa His verdict will be announced tomorrow We are moving the times We will need people in various roles A fool can be useful as a fool and a madman can do a madman's job The battle was being won, yet you charged alone into the fleeing enemy He was the commander general We would have lost if he was captured How strange. Our forces were nearly destroyed in Ulsan Lord Kobayakawa's valor is praiseworthy-

The tide of battle changes quickly It is not good, under any circumstance for a Toyotomi to-

He charged into the enemy and killed 13, all of them soldiers It is worthy of respect They were all fleeing He killed the fleeing enemy from behind A shameful act for a warrior You, Hideaki!

You aren't worthy to be a commander general

520,000 in Chikuzen is too much for you Too damn much You're only worth 150,000 in Echizen

What did Lady Nene say when she heard of your bravery at Ulsan?

My aunt, she told me, "well done"

His Highness was delighted, too But someone advised him that rewarding you would not be good... for Lord Hideyori Was it Lady Yodo?

Who cozies up to her?


You should accept your demotion for now. It's for your best But, do not move immediately Nor should your council move Send the unimportant ones to Echizen one or two at a time Return your fief little by little

Give yourself time And leave the rest to me Do you understand?

You have the blood of a bugeisha Bu-gehsha?

One who lives by the way of swordsmanship

This is Goro, son of the Yagyu chieftain and Munenori, his younger brother

The Yagyu house has fallen over the years The survival of the clan depends on the arms of these two

Goro! Munenori! Well done

I would like the service of such men, too You may pick one you like It's like buying something A bugeisha is to be bought Goro, now serve Lord Kobayakawa Give him your all!

Maeda Toshiie's mansion, Fushimi

Lord Asano. Lord Asano!

Get them lined up Sit down you all!

Lord Genyi. Lord Genyi!

What is going on?

Not yet with the courtesy meal Serve it after the briefing It's only a snack

Just a snack

What? They're gone! Where are the oaths?

The oaths!

Sorry, that was me

This isn't enough. Go get some more Do you understand? I repeat You will not break any laws set hitherto by the Supreme Taiko Will not fight each other, not privately organize, not go home for personal reasons and will serve Lord Hideyori as you did his father These are the five oaths

You laugh?

Not I You laughed Most certainly not Go to the library with your oath and sign with your seal Address it to the Council Must we sign ourselves? Yes, of course!

You may mark an X

Well done

Well done

You have been collecting our oaths But what about yours?

Mine goes to His Highness But he is-

Correct. He may depart from us any day Therefore, the oaths of Lord Maeda and myself will be submitted in his coffin should the Supreme Taiko pass Who will inspect those oaths?

Mitsunari, mind your words lam mindful, sir You are not!

Lord Tokugawa is being very patient It's upsetting me and I'm a bystander Enough. Leave us

Well done

A few days later Kyoto Sister Hatsume Where is the ninja swap meet tonight?

At the ruins of Jounji Will you go?

No, I have work I see

Ouch! Enough. I give up The swap meet is not for competition Dumb ass You're Hatsume of Nabari And you? Red Ear of Ueda Never heard of you My ears are special I can hear from a mile away if I want I could hear you on the roadside from miles away

You're Ear Boy who worked with Father Some called me that I roamed the north countries of Date and Uesugi, but the cold's too much My ears are no use in the cold Go blabber elsewhere Who's your master? Guess

There was mayhem in the Fushimi Castle town leyasu released two wild horses The night was astir with men running... to capture the horses, and the echo of hooves Lord Tohdo's men rushed to leyasu's mansion to protect him lkeda, Hosokawa, and Fukushima did the same and went to leyasu Nice show of loyalty The Taiko may already be dead He's not dead yet leyasu wanted to see who would be his allies?

He didn't release the horses Is that true, White Snake?

Leyasu is wont to say winning is ultimately about longevity Hideyoshi was clearly inferior but leyasu has been patient-

Listen! End the swap meets as of tonight But this is the lga way leyasu is keen on ruling ninjas He'll kill any who serve others Very shortly

What's this?

Rations for war Huh?

The stems of taro plants are woven thus and stewed in miso We chop it up, mix in some water and put it in soup

Just as you thought. There were over 50 lords at leyasu's last night Here's a list His lordship has already retired I'll give it to him in the morning

Do you know there's a party underway in the palace?

A party?

Isn't that sword heavy for a woman?

Don't consider me a woman A dog. huh?

Your short sword is not short A masterpiece by a Yamato swordsmith Who will you use it on?

Perhaps leyasu, but it depends

Everyone quiet please His Highness wishes that...

Quiet please

...we all get along with each other This is the reality of Toyotomi

I pray you behave yourselves Damn priest, I'll show you something Give me your head You're out of your mind

I pray you stop Please sit down First, have a seat Sir Sakon

Here comes Lord Tokugawa

How dare you all deceive me

You swore before me not to fight each other Have you forgotten?

What am I to tell His Highness about this?

Very well All of you are now my enemies Attendants, shut the gates

Not one of you shall leave here alive

My lord, I was wrong I repent. I beg you, forgive me Forgive

So long as you understand I know very well how you feel...


Did you hear?

Who knew leyasu was so loyal Now I know Hideyori will be safe Isn't that right, Sakichi?

As long as I live, leyasu shall never supplant Lord Hideyori You may rest assured

August 18, 1598 Hideyoshi, the Supreme Taiko, dies

Listen, everyone

The death of the Supreme Taiko must be kept an absolute secret But the lords should be told If our enemies find out our troops in Choson led by Kato Kiyomasa and Lord Konishi will suffer Until all our troops return, it must remain a secret closely guarded in the heart of each man here and nobody else Not even to Lord Tokugawa?

We must obey the will Lord Tokugawa will be young Hideyori's deputy It will be a problem if he isn't told You heard me, Lord Asano The will is everything

What about the body?

As we agreed, we will secretly carry it to Lady Nene's residence in Kyoto

Are we ready?

Yes, sir You and Priest Kozan shall carry the body Very well Now, the sutra for the departed

A miserable man, thought Mitsunari Hideyoshi tamed the warring states and unified Japan for the first time Yet for Hideyori, the son he left behind, the future was uncertain The funeral was lonely, absurd and heartrending

This is all because of leyasu Although the funeral was in consideration of the troops abroad who could blame Mitsunari for feeling thus?

At the end of that year Kiyomasa returned from Choson He visited Hideyoshi's mausoleum in Kyoto to meet Lady Nene whom he considered a mother As you know, leyasu Kiyomasa was orphaned at the age of five and we brought him up He signed an official document as Toyotomi Kiyomasa out of his love of His Highness who was like a father His Highness and I both understood that very well But, Mitsunari-

The bastard!

Made a mountain out of a molehill and disparaged you On my return, when I got to Pusan I decided to make it my priority to find Mitsunari upon landing in Japan and cut him down in one strike but Nagamasa-

Oh, Nagamasa stopped you?

You would have become a traitor if you caused trouble in the midst of the mourning period for His Highness You abided well Still he will not let go his grievance leyasu, you must chide him well A samurai, by nature, bears deep grudges Kato Kiyomasa is the greatest samurai of Japan

If you cause trouble out of personal grievance never mind Mitsunari I will deal with you directly Kiyomasa, do you understand?

Nothing can stop me now I am no man if I back down because of a rebuke by Lord leyasu Kiyomasa, Kiyomasa Forget taking up arms You must sue Bring me a complaint To impeach Mitsunari?

Yes, but your complaint shall be against Lord Konishi the spearhead commander in Choson with whom you disagreed That's brilliant, leyasu Don't you think, Kiyomasa? Leave it all to Lord Tokugawa K a to K iyomasa '5 mansion, Fushimi

Nagamasa! A visitor You haven't spoken to each other since your fight in Choson Masanori was ordered home first If there's any grudge it's him

Let's trade helmets Are you serious? Do you mean that?

I want to make up You jest. That's a masterpiece Take the damn thing Good! Now the Team of Seven is back together Any problem with that, Nagamasa?

Thank you, Masanori Great I've been briefed What's the plan?

It's clear Lord leyasu likes us So, rather than stir up the city by attacking Mitsunari we will write and submit a joint complaint Etchu, you draft it Very well We'll list the villainies of him and his faction You just turn it into a formal complaint Right, Kiyomasa?

Indeed. First up is Konishi, Mitsunari's boy This is all because Mitsunari went to the old man with a bunch of lies That's right His slander made us suffer

So, that's what's going on A plan. my lord?

I'll sue them. Beat them to the punch

A meeting of the Council at this hour? Has something happened?

We received a complaint from Lord Konishi Complaint? For what?

The blunders of Kiyomasa and Nagamasa in Choson Lord Konishi sued Kiyomasa?

That is correct What shall be done about this?

You see, I also received a complaint Kiyomasa has also sued Lord Konishi The two commanders disagreed in Choson It'll be ugly

Are you looking for the complaint?

Oh my. I went to visit Lord Maeda on his sickbed to consult him I left it somewhere I will go check I beg your patience the while Let us first consider Kiyomasa's complaint

Bring the complaint from Lord Hosokawa's mansion now Complaint?

You said it could wait till tomorrow so those men are drunk in merriment I don't care if it's blank Just make them sign!

I'll do the rest Mitsunari beat us to the punch Naomasa Sir Run Run Mitsunari essentially won this fight Ieyasu, surprised, kept silent But Kiyomasa and the Team of Seven were enraged

We'll show him!

We'll set fire to his house! I'll impale that hammerhead!

Go follow them Grab a spear Rifle unit!

Kiyomasa is just blowing hot air He'll never get to me Sakon, can you believe-

My lord, my lord!

Battle is beginning They are about to fight

You imbeciles

Lord Maeda does what is right The Team of Seven cannot touch you while he is healthy ls leyasu still silent?

He's learning tea ceremony I thought he disliked it An lga ninja is teaching him He is inviting one lord after another Do ninjas make tea?

I can teach you if you wish Who came first?

Shimazu "The Monk"

He will not side with leyasu leyasu praised his valor in Choson Did you sneak in and listen?

I bribed another ninja who works there as a guard

If it wasn't for the Shimazus we would have suffered an unrecoverable defeat at Pusan Tens of thousands of men would have died

Let me thank you in place of His Highness

who is no longer with us

How is it?

Very fine

I will reward you for your service Reward for service?

Indeed The will says rewards are only to be granted when Lord Hideyori becomes an adult leyasu is acting as the Taiko This is madness What will you do?

I will beat him The work of Shimazu in the withdrawal from Choson was exceptional Might you suggest to the Council of Elders that Shimazu be rewarded?

I was thinking that, too There is Toyotomi land amidst Satsuma territory It must be a nuisance to Shimazu That land could be granted as reward You and Shimazu have a history don't you?

10 years, since the Supreme Taiko conquered Shimazu When they surrendered the Monk's niece was sent to Osaka as a hostage But you persuaded His Highness to let her return to Satsuma You go all the way for what you care That is also your weakness Is it wrong to care?

You assume the object of your affection will reciprocate You may be too pure to become a general of generals

He is thinking that far ahead The same thing you always tell me You go all the way, too I'm a rescued dog I ask for no return leyasu is asking for a return from his visitors is he not?

Yes, he's now a visiting fiend walking the daimyo ally at Fushimi He clearly has a wolf's heart A wolf's heart?

A wolf's heart and a dog's nature A saying that the human heart... can be infinitely cruel and base Any ideas, Sakon?

Ignore leyasu and separate the lords HOW?

Lord Hideyori must move to Osaka within 50 days of the death of His Highness The Council decided the date of death shall be February 29 of next year

50 days from then is April leyasu will have visited all the lords by then

50 days have passed from the actual date he died in August Force the issue?

Why will a move to Osaka separate leyasu from the lords?

The lords will move to Osaka if Lord Hideyori moves leyasu can't move because of the will left by His Highness

"leyasu shall oversee government from Fushimi as deputy of Hideyori"

"Lord Maeda shall counsel Hideyori at Osaka Castle"

January 1599 Hereafter his chief residence shall be in Osaka And when will he move?

On the tenth Three days from now? To Osaka?

That's too soon. We won't be ready So, if we were to go to war today you would complain that you won't be ready?

What's the matter, my lord?

For starters, I now have Fushimi Castle

An impressive castle But it will soon burn to ashes

You've grown heavier, my lord

White Snake Who will join me in bed?

Not tonight, my lord No?

Your pulse is alarmingly irregular You must be stressed from dealing with the Toyotomis That's why I want someone A woman now will shorten your life Are you sure the talks over tea are not leaking?

We are extremely cautious but we will increase security You are scrupulous, whether in running security or my harem You know tea ceremony I even want to hear your thoughts on government But "White Snake" will not do Then give me an appropriate name What's a good name, Mitsu?

She reminds me sometimes of Lady Acha Acha?

She was pregnant with my child Joined me at the battle of 1584 and died with the baby Good. I'll call you Acha

Red Ear What, White Snake?

Call me Lady Acha from now Okay, Lady Acha

You leaked the tea conversations to Hatsume No, never

Sir Hyogo and you are always together We will die together brandishing our swords

Hatsume, what did leyasu do?

He didn't even come out to send off the procession to Osaka Report every detail to Gyobu Yes, my lord And check on his health

When will you return?

I will see you in five days in Osaka Return safely

What's so amusing?

It sounded like you care A dog does not deserve it

ls something the matter?


Stop calling yourself a dog Your name is Hatsume You are a priceless woman to me

I have a wife and five children I cannot have a concubine as that would betray their loyalty But I love you more than any other

I have thought much about the justice of love It's a trait that hounds me, but I cannot help it

Dai lchi Dai Man Dai K ichi If one gives oneself for all-

The world will prosper and hearts will be enriched When that happens, I will abandon my name and my house I will travel to see other countries and other people Hatsume Will you come with me?

I shall always serve you No

You are my love

I'll be waiting in Osaka

Echizen The territory of Otani Gyobu

How many stayed despite the order?

Kiyomasa's Seven and 10 others including Date Masamune... remained in Fushimi to show their allegiance to leyasu A bit too many

leyasu is spreading word that Osaka is preparing for war He sent a messenger ordering his troops to come down from Edo Fushimi and Osaka are bracing for imminent war It's gamesmanship War will not break out so easily Lord Mitsunari wants you to join him in Osaka presently if your condition has not deteriorated I still have some sight but my legs are completely useless You seem in pain You can tell?

Iga women can sense others' pain but are numbed to our own

Snow is falling Shall I close the doors?

The cold eases my pain

Tell Mitsunari I will depart Echizen promptly He will be glad Have you become his loved one?

No, sir, not at all

Let me help you

Move and you die I'll die either way You helped the women on the steps That spelled your end Clever distraction White Snake set it up?

It's my head or yours I'm sorry

March 3, 1599 Lord Maeda Toshiie dies

Rifle unit Hurry!

Mitsunari's mansion in Osaka We have learned the Team of Seven plans to attack at night in four days So soon after Lord Maeda's death Damn Kiyomasa!

I'll take him down with my spear Only 200 men here We have allies You must flee for now If he leaves now leyasu will enter Osaka Castle and take over leyasu wants to rule To do so, he must cause chaos and rebellion Given power, he'll show his true colors It's best you retreat to Sawayama Our true enemy is not Kiyomasa

What's the matter?

Hatsume has not returned Just another dead dog Think twice about using that word It's your prerogative to mourn a soldier But you should not let it show

You are right. I'll leave Then Wait I want to see someone first Whom?

A man who loathes leyasu

Hosokawa's troops have come from Fushimi They set up camp north of Osaka My lord, one more night may be too long

Mitsunari has fled He won't reach Sawayama I'll press on to Fushimi Masanori Meet up with Asano's troops and join me later Don't hog all the glory, Kiyomasa

Come to Aizu if you want to see a man That was a popular song in Aizu the castle city of Uesugi '5 fie fdom Of what man did they sing?

The Uesugi Army created by the late Kenshin?

Or the counselor, Sir Naoe?

In any case, the people considered it an ugly sight to see 200 lords prostrating to Ieyasu They expected something different from the Uesugis of Aizu Especially given their tradition This man, Sir Naoe, knows the expectation There's Osaka Castle and Fushimi Lake Biwa and Sawayama Castle So, this is...

Mt. Fuji Edo The dragon is Date And this is my home, Aizu Have you decided?

I have What will Kiyomasa do?

The Team of Seven will attack my mansion at night on the 13th You should leave for Sawayama I agree Do we also agree on a plan hereafter?

You were assigned to Aizu recently Things still need to be organized Use that as an excuse for Lord Uesugi to go home I will also invite the powerful Lord Satake Upon your return, build many castles across Aizu Recruit fighters and build up our army When threatened from the east, leyasu will ask Lord Hideyori to declare war He'll go east with his allies to fight Uesugi I will then return to Osaka Gather those loyal to Toyotomi and we hit him from both sides We agree This vision of war may be the biggest in the history of Japan Nothing could be more satisfying to a man Get him!

There may be more Go

My lord! It's me, Red Ear I served you, remember? It's Red Ear I beg your mercy Red Ear from Ueda You've grown old Ninjas age twice as fast I beg you, mercy I would never kill you I'm sick of being a Tokugawa dog Please let me serve you again I'll do anything Sir Naoe!

Are you unharmed?

This ninja was once my caretaker I'll send him if something happens

We'll let loose the horses in the castle to run wild During that time, Tata...

You ninjas will take Lord Mitsunari through this alley Sakon, Hyogo, everyone, listen Who will hate it most if I die now?

Leyasu What do you think?

Very interesting, sir So, you approve?

I am thoroughly impressed Tokugawa '5 mansion, Fushimi My lord is asleep That is why you must speak to me Honda Masanobu is your name? I've never met you before How very polite, sir But I know you very well... as I accompanied His Highness to the castle Mind your words, Masanobu My Words?

Who do you mean by "His Highness"?

The master of this house Lord Tokugawa leyasu Disorder in words lead to disorder in the world so listen well

“His Highness" has meant the ruler of the realm since Lord Nobunaga After the Supreme Taiko, his son is “His Highness"

Do simpletons from Mikawa not know?

“His Highness" in Kanto means Lord leyasu Then is a fox a badger and a badger a fox in Kanto?

The merchants in Osaka call leyasu the Old Badger But is he the Old Fox in Kanto?

How dare you, sir! I beg your pardon Lord Mitsunari

Allow me to hear you I am pursued by Kiyomasa and the seven fools I have nowhere to flee I am asking your house for shelter I should beg for protection but have unwisely offended

Kiyomasa will arrive soon to ask for Mitsunari I don't see the dilemma Why not kill him now?

That will not make our lord the ruler of the realm Suppose Mitsunari goes free More lords might come to his support Naomasa, that's the gamble Who can conquer all without a gamble?

Acha, what do you think?

A gamble is fine, so long as it is a well-devised fix to win That's a fix and not a gamble A true gamble is a fix, Masanobu This is a gamble of my life... my position, territory, people, everything All is lost if I lose I will cast the die only after every measure is taken to ensure...

I will win Against Mitsunari Yes. I chose Mitsunari I agitated him and endured him to make him my worthy adversary I created him

My blood still boils to recall the incident of the stick

Guard and accompany him to Sawayama tomorrow morning

You are hiding Mitsunari

As you all know, I wish for nothing except to do what is best for Lord Hideyori in Osaka

Kiyomasa, I thought much about my answer to you

Is it best to hand over Mitsunari or keep him from you? I asked with my whole being Have any of you thought of what's best?

Are you pursuing Mitsunari as a result of thorough consideration?

I will be asking you to go south shortly to Kyushu I swear I will turn not only my land but all of Kyushu... into your colors, Lord Tokugawa Mitsunari lost...

Was not what this man thought When he learned that Ieyasu dismissed the Seven he thought the venom of the dragon stopped the venom of the snake He was very satisfied I'm sleeping under the same roof as that man Bold is this night

Amusing, indeed

Hatsume Hurry UP

North of Lake Biwa, Spring 1600

I'll make it cheap if you buy all five weaklings Gotta bring me better ones if you wanna sell me a package They're better than before Don't need the kids Three girls

Unbind 'em All right already. Stingy hag Hurry the hell up

South of Lake Biwa Sawayama Castle

leyasu declared war on Uesugi yesterday He'll come east in a few days You ninjas go east where he goes Nip this in the bud. Attack him when he passes through your territory You must decide I said I will take up arms on a matter being just When all the world is self-interested you said it is worthy to run alone against it Merely running alone against the current is madness A man's task is to run upstream to win That will not make us just Justice is shattered anyway if we lose Sakon

We shall divide the land in two in a battle for dominion

July 12

Thank you for the welcome

The lords advancing together with leyasu and those on the sidelines will lose the will to fight if their families are held in Osaka Even leyasu will have trouble if hit by Uesugi from the north and us from the west Our solidarity will determine the rest Our success depends on the Mori house joining us The Elder Mori has no sway over his house His deputy Lord Kikkawa and I, his advisor, determine our course Leave the Mori house to me But, the Elder Mori will not move for free Please give me a seed for persuasion If we win, make him the chief council of thejunii Then Mori becomes Tokugawa Do as he says! We'll fight under Lord Mori He shall become the pillar of Toyotomi and you shall advise him

Sir Ekei

I entrust everything to you

Nobukatsu My lord

Be seated

We will punish leyasu We will secure the reign of Toyotomi I pray you give me your lives Now, there is only... swift action Hvogo. Mai Start an uprise in Echigo Very good, my lord Sukeza Send messengers to the houses of Mori, Ukita and Oda Those to Osaka shall await orders from Sakon Armed forces shall immediately dispatch to Omi Stop those in the West from joining leyasu Kiyomasa is stuck in Kyushu The other six are already with leyasu The rest don't want to use force Persuade them to return to Osaka

Sakon, leave for Osaka tonight and go encourage the commissioners And the declaration of war?

I spent all night writing it

Take this. Have the commissioners sign it Then, deliver it posthaste to leyasu The mansions of the lords in Osaka are clumped around the castle The families of the lords are like hostages The news of Mitsunari going to war terrified those in the mansions Mitsunari watched Hosokawa's mansion burn from aboard a ship Mitsunari and his men were sailing down the Yoda River to enter Osaka that night Sakon, we'll to the council's chamber Till later Out of my way Make haste July 16

Find the commissioners!

They have both gone home On this important night?

I will call them back

Kiyomasa's wife hid in a row boat and escaped Nagamasa's wife and mother are also missing It eases my conscience to have them gone You are hard on your allies and easy on your enemies

A self-righteous judge only creates enemies Be wary of it I know Stay here

The counselors of Hosokawa set their mansion on fire Lady Gracia refused to commit suicide So, they killed her This is not the outcome I desire I summoned you because you are the enforcers of the law We will increase patrol of the city On the contrary Contrary?

Forcefully taking hostages will create another Lady Gracia and more It will harden the resolve of the lords fighting Uesugi We must cease immediately You were the one who urged us to take hostages I realized I was a fool

So I am correcting my error That is why I am asking you If you insist Now

The battle for dominion has already started

August 20

Everyone is waiting to see what happens leyasu is still in the east If he comes, many lords will flip sides Who cares? Where's the battlefield?

Mitsunari has taken over Ogaki Castle He's in a stare-down there with the frontline of the East Which is Fukushima's castle leyasu will attack Ogaki Castle He's good on the field Not at besieging castles A siege requires triple the men in the castle How do you know that?

Wisdom of a ninja Then, where is leyasu gonna fight?

Where two roads intersect in Sekigahara

Kyoto Lady Nene's Residence

Why the sour face?

I burned down Fushimi with Mitsunari Forget about that If you're surrounded by the West You have to go with them ls Lord leyasu unhappy with me? He hasn't replied to my letters Of course. He has to deceive Mitsunari He won't even greet my messenger Your counselors Send their families as collateral Who would listen? Kuroda Nagamasa, of course!

Yep. I'll write him a letter Nagamasa will then entreat Lord leyasu Don't you worry Just keep pretending you're with the West

This is my adopted daughter Greet the gentleman My name is Tatsu She's the youngest daughter of Mitsunari

Lady Nene will protect the children of Mitsunari It's better for the future if Mitsunari lost However, it's best if his bloodline continues Ogaki, September 7

20,000 from Young Mori and Kikkawa marched up the bay route

1,800 from Sir Ekei, 6,600 from Chosokabe... and another 1 ,500 A total of 30,000 troops arriving Combined with the troops already here... their total is 60,000 We are 40,000. Divided unit of 35,000 is stuck in the mountains We lose if we fight now Mitsunari is after Lord leyasu He won't make a move until His Highness arrives And Osaka Castle?

Lady Yodo is frightened and keeps Elder Mori there Young Mori's troops are climbing Mt. Nangu

Sir Kikkawa. Sir Kikkawa?

We will hold a war counsel at Ogaki I pray you return Sir Kikkawa

Out of my way

Sir Ekei, they're heading toward Mt. Nangu!

The Silver Fox never listens to me I pray you enter Ogaki Castle He will climb if he wants Let him go But we have a war council tonight Ask Elder Mori to come We have sent messenger after messenger to Osaka

Akasaka-Okayama and Ogaki Both armies are at a standstill Ieyasu does not come There is no gun smoke Rain showers several times a day And the nigh ts are especially cold The East is waiting for leyasu's arrival Mitsunari, too, was waiting for the arrival of Lord Mori... the Commander of the West Naturally, Mitsunari sent for him in Osaka many times Some were killed en route and some reached their destination Elder Mari came close to making a move at one point But there were those who advised him it was best to stay... because someone connected to Ieyasu may do something... if he vacated Osaka Castle So, he settled back down into stasis

I'm writing a plea to Osaka Count them out If the hearts of all the generals are united Elder Mori may be Commander of the West But is only thinking about his land regardless of the outcome The same goes for his son and the Silver Fox How foolish if that is true Consider how little land there is in Japan leyasu will confiscate Mori's vast territory if the West loses There is no other land to give as a reward to the lords of the East

This letter did not reach Osaka either

Hurry UP Hurry Who are you?


You're battlefield thieves Stop, please stop

September 14 The eve of battle

Ogaki Castle is that way That way? That way No, this way Which way?

This way? Which is it?

Small reinforcements are arriving daily from Satsuma afar The East will be 100,000 We are 80,000 Yet half are high in the hills watching from safety This is a war of justice and injustice We cannot lose

Gyobu, will you not enter Ogaki Castle?

Leyasu will not attack the castle He cannot easily leave Edo If he does, Uesugi will attack Edo It is natural to think he's already left That is illogical You're ever the same

Here comes His Highness His son won't make it Don't despair My lord, I believe the 30,000 we have now is sufficient Well said

The generals from the frontline are here Let me out Keep moving

Here's a fig, Father. Your favorite

Thanks to your father-in-law here You are maturing well Think of your older brother Hidetada He's stuck in the mountain fighting the Sanada army 35,000 men will miss my battle

What's the news on Mitsunari?

He has not yet detected your movement How sloppy...

Mt. Matsuo, south of Sekigahara

Camp of the East's frontline Akasaka-Okayama

I never fell from a horse wearing my own helmet

Raise the battle standard and the flags Presently

Look at that! Ogaki Castle right in front of me

Where's leyasu?

He has arrived at Akasaka-Okayama Are you certain?

You said he would not leave Edo from fear of Uesugi behind him The war council is starting I will restore morale Nobukatsu, I need 500 men Foot soldiers! Bring your sickles and gather We'll create a diversion lshida rifle units!

Make haste Onward

Kobayakawa set up camp at Mt. Matsuo What do you think, Nagamasa?

I believe he's with you, my lord His counselors gave... their families as hostages and we have exchanged covenants I assigned our best swordsman as their guard Ordered to kill Lord Kobayakawa if he turns to Mitsunari

There it is. Here we go Battle has started at Kuise River Bring my lunch here

Don't fall for that Oh, no, no, no, no They demolished us

After name tags, rouge on the lips

Sir Naoe's ninja has arrived from Uesugi

Red Ear?

Tell me on the turret Did something happen to our ninjas?

During a war council in Kanto every lga ninja-


Their bodies on display

What of Hatsume?

No clue, sir

Sir Naoe said, "we were surrounded and had to give up pursuing leyasu"

“We will now head north to fight Mogami"

"You must follow leyasu... overtake him and report the situation"

Red Ear got these from the Eastern camps leyasu is showing the letters from the lords who betrayed us Even your colleagues, my lord Who would have guessed so many?

The East has too few troops Did leyasu dispatch separate troops by the Mountain Route?

Hidetada, accompanied by Chancellor Honda And 35,000 men took the route Lord Sanada guards the Castle up there

35,000 men are stuck in Sanada territory Sakon, that's good news The impact on leyasu is great Red Ear, hereafter become the eyes and ears of our army Yes, my lord Why are we waiting?

The logical action is to rush Ogaki Castle and take the heads of Mitsunari and Lord Ukita I'm telling you a siege is reckless Mondo, scout of Lord Kuroda reporting back, sir Enter, Mondo

Report Reporting, sir Report, I say Reporting, sir The troops of the West number about 18,000 Some reported 150,000!

Collect yourself Mondo, have you seen the rush among Lord Ukita's forces?

I have, sir Your thoughts?

They're rearranging camp Not preparing to attack?

The movement started in the afternoon Not enough time for battle in daylight Perhaps a night raid?

The movement is too widespread Well said, Mondo The West are camped atop the mountain They seem afraid even to come down for water They are not warriors, but puppets Those subtracted, the troops on the field number 18,000 Very well said Your work deserves a reward

Mondo Eat this Thank you, my lord Good. I have decided We will leave here tomorrow and advance west Very well, my lord

We know the positions of the lords Has any seen the camp of leyasu's vassals?

They have just erected a fence Any moats?

None, my lord You maY 9°

It's a temporary camp They are undoubtedly advancing west They will likely leave some troops to keep Ogaki Castle in check We should vacate the castle before they position themselves Let's head to Sekigahara That's just leyasu tryin' to confuse us

What are you suggesting, Lord Monk?

A night raid on their main camp My army will lead A night raid is for yokels It's below us With many allies cowardly standin' by It's the only strategy No one can betray us if we attack first-

History will mock us if we attack at night

We will go to Sekigahara Are you abandoning this castle?

That's what leyasu wants Quiet! Let's hear him!

But, we are prepared with catapults, boiling oil-

Here's my plan We will lead and set up on Mt. Sasao Lord Monk goes behind us followed by Lord Konishi Lord Ukita, anchor with your large army Set up camp at South Tenma With our troops set in Sekigahara... we can win without Mori And leyasu?

He lives and dies by his Buddhist flag He will camp on Momokubari Hill as Prince O-amano did...

1 ,000 years ago

Tassets should be tied down and lamps extinguished Gag the horses to prevent their neighing

I'm too excited to sleep A hora basket?

First one in 18 years

Do you know the history of the hora?

Why a samurai fights with it on his back?

To showcase his manhood?

According to a book hora is modeled after the placenta which prevents a fetus... from being poisoned in the womb Hence, the characters for hora mean “mother's covering"

Life and death are determined both in the womb and on the battlefield What happened when you made one 18 years ago?

Lord Nobunaga was betrayed at Honno-ji I was in Sakai with only a few of my men

I escaped into the mountains of lga and was preparing for hara-kiri Before I killed myself I decided to make a hora Otani Gyobu's camp, Yamanaka Village


Yes, I have not eaten since last night Warigayu porridge? You remember?

It was His Highness' favorite How could I forget?

You saved me back then, too His Highness was being unreasonable Nobody takes a grindstone to hunt Still, a mere page cannot argue And you said we can chop up three cups of rice easily All the pages took our swords out and-

Started chopping

We have begun moving I'll move my camp I will advance to Mt. Matsuo Just in case Kobayakawa betrays us It's too late for him to betray us

I'm sorry about Hatsume

Just a ninja who didn't return Still... I'm sorry She's alive She can't die so easily I won't allow it Meet Lord Kobayakawa

Let him see who you are You demand too much I won't send you off. Forgive me

I will always remember the taste of this porridge

The Shimazus are expert night raiders Increase the night watch I have finally come to where dominion is within my reach

It's all because of...

the hora

Look, it's finished

My lord

Mitsunari's army has just departed Ogaki Castle Have they? Order all troops to advance Position my own army of 30,000 on Momokubari Hill The battle will be determined...

at Sekigahara The foot of Momokubari Hill Lord Fukushima Masanori's forces

Who are you that move ahead... of the spearhead troops?

We belong to Lord Ukita Enemy HOOPS?

Indeed Let us move slowly We'll move slowly

Mt. Matsuo We will ask the Emperor to appoint you Regent and guardian of Lord Hideyori You would buy me the regency?

A warrior fights for his position That would be "farmer" for the Toyotomis Indeed!

The times allow the lowly to climb to success My parents were peasants I was adopted by a beggar priest That is why...

I understand His Highness' admiration of Lady Yodo I am Regent. And you?

I will give away everything and travel To find my loved one I do not understand you I could not save 20 women at the riverbank But I retained the 30 samurai who lost their master They are all warriors fit to serve a regent They will support you in every conceivable way

Confucius taught selflessness

Mencius taught justice in a degenerate age

Justice alone can establish a world without chaos We need the justice of Mencius to preserve order in our land Injustice must not defeat justice

Red smoke will be the signal...

for you to attack

We'll to Momokubari Hill The spear and rifle units are not ready No matter His Highness rides out His Highness will establish headquarters on Momokubari Hill Collect yourselves

Stay calm

Mt. Sasao Headquarters of Mitsunari

September 15, 1600 Lord Mitsunari is arrived

Don't lag behind I'm not lagging There's some tunnels in Sekigahara We'll hide there till the battle ends

There are a lot of them

Dammit! You gotta be kidding me We're right in the middle of the two armies


Run away

Don't drop it!

This is the captive from Choson?

Yes, my lord He is fearless. He let himself become captive to stay with his fo/angji Fo/angji? These brass cannons?

Yes, he is the best at handling them We depend on you Commence!


Ukita's force of 17,000 arrived We are in position now And the enemy formation?

Here, my lord

Well done Red Ear, how can you help us best? What do you want to do?

I would like to go after leyasu's head, my lord

Shimazu fireworks

Chuman, would you stop throwing things in?

These are all useless This goes over there I said stop it!

All gather!

Here are your formations Pay no heed to Mitsunari's orders once battle begins Shimazu will march to its own drum What if the enemy attacks?

Don't shoot first But shoot if they get too close Yes, my lord Take the wedge formation Get in formation!

Moriatsu, get them sutras started Right away

7 a.m., Momokubari Hill

Can't something be done about this fog?

The spearhead of this monumental battle should be a Tokugawa vassal Lord Fukushima cares only about killing Mitsunari. He is not loyal to you He will boast of leading the charge forever!

Naomasa, this is the first battle of Tadayoshi, your son-in-law Wouldn't you like him to observe the frontlines?

Yes, my lord

Here At last They beat us to it My helmet! Horse! Drums!

All men, charge!

Bang the drums!

Ukita's troops of the West


Kuroda's troops of the East


Spear units, forward

Flank the left!

Sakon and Game's units have penetrated Kuroda's troops

Flank the right

Is that Shima Sakon?

Yes, my lord

Trample them


Ready Prun to !

Prun to !


Firing angle confirmed!


Momokubari Hill, Ieyasu's headquarters

leyasu's own troops are watching the battle from Momokubari Hill Our time is now We can win! Signal Ukita's troops for a full attack Shika, you go to Sakon and tell him to take courage What about the red smoke signal for Lord Kobayakawa?

We launched one Launch another Advance the front line Spear units, forward

We'll push forward Make haste

Target Shima Sakon Ready Fire

Ready Fire

Sir Sakon!

Warm up the intestines and slowly put them back Use barked willow for a brace

How is he?

He can fight, once he's stanched Kuroda will fall if Shimazu attacks the flanks Any movement from Shimazu? None, my lord Go to Shimazu and demand they attack No, I'll go Bring my horse Be not reckless, my lord


Why isn't there movement from Mt. Matsuo?

Otani and Ukita can be destroyed if Kobayakawa moves ls there no report from Kuroda?

Is he doing nothing? Send a messenger I'll light a fire under Lord Kuroda We will advance

Do not shoot Hold fire It's Mitsunari's men Don't shoot It's lshida's men Hold your fire

What the hell? They said hold fire I know!

Stay. I'll go alone Why are you not attacking?

Kuroda will flee before us if you move Victory is in reach The West will lose

Behold the battlefield Our only troops on the field are from Otani, Ukita, Konishi and lshida None of the large reinforcements are making a move And, yet, we are still standing our ground Our chance was in a night raid Did you forget we opposed fighting here?

We are in the midst of battle Our Shimazu troops are only 1,000 We'll make no difference in the outcome A great general is one who moves the many troops who refuse to move Does the Lord Monk share your opinion?

Indeed So, we just gotta each do our best in this battle today You should take that to heart, too

Good luck

My lord. You must help Lord Tokugawa My lord!

Kuroda, where is Lord Kobayakawa?

You shall address me as Lord Kuroda That is not an answer Kobayakawa is none of my business It's pointless coming to me at this hour I have no talent in negotiating My gift is in fighting I'll tell His Highness so I'll think about it after I dismantle Mitsunari

Any movement from Mt. Matsuo?

No, my lord

My lord, send me there Where is Sakon?

Defending below the cliff See him before you go Presently! Make haste!

Get a horse for Nobukatsu!

Follow me

Hammer them!

Spread out



Spear unit, advance!


I am headed to Mt. Matsuo

There's so much I should have done for you No, sir, I could not have asked for anything more Cross in front of the Shimazus and head to the back of Mt. Matsuo Slow down for nothing

Shield unit forward



Spear unit forward

What did Kuroda say?

He has no skills in negotiation, only in fighting True indeed Acha, have you seen this instrument?

Is that what they call a telescope?

A shipwrecked Dutch captain had it Everything looks twice as big Take a look Don't drop it Oh, my!

My lord

Don't hesitate! Stab the both of us!

Do it!

Stand your ground I will kill any who retreats Onward to leyasu's headquarters Move ahead of the Otani troops


My lord, do not let any more die unnecessarily

3 hours later Mitsunari's camp, Mt. Sasao

Hold Retreat, retreat!

Clear the way!


Kobayakawa's headquarters

My lord! You must decide

I must see Lord Kobayakawa himself Where is Lord Kobayakawa?

Hold! Hold I say!

Out of my way!

If you will not attack Otani, we will My lord, please stop You shall not! I will not let you

My lord, I beg you, stop I am Shima Nobukatsu servant of Lord lshida Mitsunari

I beg you, heed my lord's plea Please, please Mitsunari I will help Mitsunari My lord!

Nobukatsu I will help Mitsunari My lord! Put up your sword We will attack leyasu Kill leyasu

Gore, what have you done?


My lord, now you may freely attack the West Attack the West!

No, no, that's not what I want Attack Otani!

Lady Nene is preserving Mitsunari's blood I shall preserve Mitsunari I shall attack leyasu


Kobayakawa's troops annihilated Otani's men

MY Lord!

Kobayakawa's men are coming My time is up Gosuke! Do not let the enemy take my head


Take care of Sakon's wife, Hanano Survive with her My lord I will die on this battlefield Forgive me

This is a medical tent Are you wounded? Shall I treat you?


Escape now with your son, I pray you


The kid did it Shout out the battle cry But that's for the start of battle Now is indeed that time!

All troops attack!

1 p.m. 5 hours from the start of battle

Are you harmed, my lord?

I told your wife and son to flee

I thank you And Gyobu?

His troops and Ukita's are destroyed


Why what?

Why the battle cry?

The only thing left for us is to consider how we will go in defeat

Pointless to die now Nobody can read a person's intentions or the outcome of a battle

It is best you flee What will you do?

I will blow up justice... as a testament to my life

A mountain behind Shimazu's camp

This is it

Did they surrender?

Where is Mitsunari?

Their camp is surrounded We sent word to urge surrender, but-

Trample them Press them all the way

(My brothers in arms!)

Tomokatsu, go help him Yes, mother

Are you Hanano?

Are you of Lord Mitsunari's house?

I once served him Where's Lord Mitsunari?

He probably...

Let us flee together Before the East hunts us down

We'll blast open the enemy camp in two and run right through them

3 p.m.

The cowards on Mt. Nangu escaped long ago

She must be from the village I pity her

Mitsunari escaped to his former territory An old farmer friend helped him The farmer risked his life to hide Mitsunari And within a few days Mitsunari was healthy again

When pursuers drew near, the farmer urged Mitsunari to flee Mitsunari was immovable To flee would mean the death of the farmer That is no way to repay the man's justice Go alert the authorities You will save my name to do so Mitsunari waited for his fate All the while, he never considered killing himself on his own blade Otsu Castle I cannot decide what to do with him

For now

Place a mat in front of the gate Have him sit there awhile

Who have we here? Lord Mitsunari?

You started an ill-advised war against Lord Tokugawa who is the greatest samurai lord of Japan Look at you now A halfwit like you will never understand the heart of someone like me Be gone. You ruin the view

Fate determines who wins or loses Still, your shame must be unbearable You are kind

Give us some time alone

I failed to requite your good faith I became entangled by leyasu over many years

I succumbed to injustice Forgive me

Last night, leyasu's men asked me why I refuse to kill myself I told them my heart is only known to him who started all of this To tell you the truth I want to stay alive a little longer...

to see that those I care for are still living You are one of them So...

Wipe away your tears and insult me

It will please leyasu

All of this was reported to Ieyasu He finally nodded and said ”I'll meet him. Treat him with respect”

No words were exchanged

Dai Ichi Dai Man Dai Kichi

This is my justice

October 1, 1600 Ishida Mitsunari dies. He was 41