Selena (1997) Script

Selena! You're still not dressed?

Mija. She's getting ready. =I can't decide what to wear.

Mom, could you tell her something?

Anybody seen an eyelash? You are always late, Selena.

I know which one.

Oh! Here it is. Cool. Cool.

Dang, girl, that'll look great.

Abraham, is it true that this is the largest crowd in the history of the Houston astrodome?

That's what they're telling me.

What about the english-speaking album?

We've been hearing about that for quite some time now.

Should be out by later on this year.

Knock 'em dead. Thanks, baby.

Mija, I found your eyelash.

Madhouse out there. She ready yet?

Not yet. Right there.

They're hanging from the rafters. Let's go. You look good.

Selena! Hey!


Okay, good luck.

I love you. Go for it, honey.

I'll be watching you. Go, honey.


Selena, aca!

How you doing, Houston, Texas?

I first I was afraid & j I was petrified j j kept thinkin' could never live without you by my side j j but then I spent so many nights j j just thinkin" how you did me wrong and I grew strong j and I learned how to get along j and now you're back j j from outer space j j just turn around j j 'cause you're not welcome anymore...

Robert. Yeah?

Eq the snare.

Sure, Abraham. Give me more highs.

I wanna feel the bass drum. Come on.

Man, she looks beautiful.

Im will survive j j ohh as long as I know how to love [ j I know I'll stay alive j I've got all my life to live j j I've got all my love to give j j I will survive I will survive j j hey hey j

j huh j

J huh j

I last dance j I last chance j j for love yeah j yes it's my last chance j j for romance tonight j you go, girl.

J I need you by me j j beside me, to guide me j j to hold me, to scold me j j 'cause when I'm bad I'm so, so bad j I so jet's dance the last dance j j; So jet's dance j I the last dance j j; So jet's dance j I the last dance j j tonight j

J someone found the letter you wrote me on the radio

j and it said exactly how you felt;

j I never told a soul just how I'd been feeling over you j

j but they said it really loud, they said it on the air j

j whoa, oh, oh on the radio j j whoa, oh, oh on the radio j j whoa, oh, oh on the radio j j whoa, oh, ohh j j on the radio j.

J blue moon j j you knew just what I was there for j j so you heard me saying a prayer for j j someone I really could care for j

j blue moon j = wah wah j j now I'm no longer alone j = ooh wah j j without a dream in my heart j j without a love of my own j I wah wah wah wah j j ba ba doom boom boom j = blue moon j j; Blue-ooh-ooh-hoo j yeah! = yeah! Beautiful.

Nice job, gentlemen. So what do you think?

I think we're gonna knock 'em dead, stud.

So what should we ask for? You know, the money.

I mean this is our first professional gig.

N-not too much, Abraham. Let them offer us something.

After all, they want us to audition, right?


Who are you? What are you doing at my place?

Good morning, sir.

We're the dinos.

The dinos? Yes.

Uh, you wanna wait right there just a minute?

I don't care if the kids like 'em, they're a bunch of Mexicans.

You didn't tell me they were Mexicans.

I thought they were Italian.

No, I can't have that in my club.

This club is whites only. Now, you know that, Charlie.

Uh, now, this is for you.

Uh, for all your trouble coming out here today.

I sure do appreciate it, but, you know, there's been a mistake and, well, we can't do the audition today.

But we'll call you, okay?

Let's get out of here.

Hey, nobody kicking us out of this joint, guys.

After all, they're tejanos y mexicanos like us.

That's right, daddy-o. All right. Let's go to work.

J you're mine... j that's gringo music!

We wanna dance! Real music!

Play some Mexican music!

J eternity... j

Hey, you guys better play some Mexican music or this crowd's gonna tear the place down. They wanna dance.

We don't know any m-mexxican music.


Atencion, por favor! Listen. Listen. Listen.


You're gonna get your money back!

We wanna dance! Queremos bailar!

They're madder than a bunch of hornets.

What'd y'all do, anyway?

We sang "we belong together."

J together j j whoa oh for eternity... & we wanna dance!

J eternity j

Aah! Ew! Gross! Selena!


Selena! Mommy!

Selena, honey, come inside.

Why did you leave April in the shower, huh?

She was sleeping. I didn't wanna wake her up.

Selena, there was caca everywhere.

You're gonna have to go clean it up, huh?

Okay. Mommy.

Can we have a farm with chickens and goats and cows and horses and pigs and...

Mija, first take care of April.

Okay. Right now. Go on.

She loves to play football.

Go, Selena! Yeah!

Whoo! Go, mija!

Super bowl champs! All right, Sam!

Let's get another touchdown.

Where you going? Selena! Hey!

Selena! Hello, Selena! We're playing here!

Aw, she's a big baby.

J for eternity j; come in.

J; You're mine j j and we belong I j together j j yes we belong together'

j for eternity j;

j; You're mine j j and we belong together j yes, we belong together.

J yes we belong j j together j j for eternity j; j eternity j wow.

What are you doing, Abraham? What does it look like I'm doing?

What is all this? I'm starting a band.

Who's starting a band? Me, the kids, you.

Rock and roll.

How did you pay for all this? No, take it back, Abraham.

Get the money back right now before...

Hey, hold, hold, hold it. Hold it. Take a look at this stuff.

It's all secondhand stuff, practically given to me.

Bring that stuff in. Hey, Abraham!

Hey, George, how you doing?

Abraham, we need to talk about this.

Abraham, you're not listening to me!

Abraham. Ugh!

You said that you got music all out of your system, remember?

I did get it out of my system.

You were never home. There was never any money.

You weren't even there when suzette was born.

You were out at a gig! Here, help me with this cord.

That was the dumbest thing I've ever done, and I've been trying to make it up to you ever since.

But this, this is different, all right?

This is like a fun, spare-time thing, all right?

A fun, spare-time thing? Like a hobby, okay?

A hobby? Yeah.

That we can all do together, with the kids, everybody.

And you know what happens if we don't play with the kids and keep ourselves together.

They're just going to end up going out on street corners and getting into trouble. No.

This is something special that we can all do together.

Just a hobby, Abraham. Just a hobby.

Something for them to do together.

Yep, do together. And they love rock and roll.

Oh, damn!

We're gonna play rock and roll.

No! No way!

Dad, I don't wanna play rock and roll.

No way! You like rock and roll.

I love to listen to it, not play it.

Yeah, dad, we like the eagles.

Yeah, but we're not gonna play that kind of music in here.

I think daddy's really gone crazy this time.

Mom, I don't wanna play. Don't worry. Abraham.

She's not gonna play. She's gonna sing.

Here, mijita. Go ahead, mija. Sing.

= you're mine... I see? That sounds good, don't you think?

Wait a minute. What am I supposed to play?

You're gonna play drums. The drums? No way!

No, you... come on. No way.

Girls don't play the drums. Yes, they do.

No, way, dad! Dad, no way! Girls don't play the drums!

Let me show you real quick. No, dad.

Just try it, mija.

Mijita, this is so good. No way!

Dad, I don't wanna play the drums.

Forget it. Forget it!

Aw, shit! Abraham, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

J blue moon j j you saw me standing alone j j without a dream in my heart... j sick, sick, sick!

Have you ever seen a girl playing the drums?

Hello! Listen!

You guys, have you ever seen a girl playing the drums?

No! You see them playing the harp.

You see them playing everything, you guys...

How come there's no music coming out of this room?

Dad, we've been talking about this and we'd rather go outside and play.

I mean, not this play, but play as in run.

You can play outside in an hour, okay?

Right now, I want you guys to play "feelings," all right?

Dad, "feelings"? Play it.

No way! No, dad! No!

No. Why not?

It's the '50s.

I mean, that song's way out of style.

'50s are over. Yeah, we wanna play stuff that we like.

Stuff that's cool. Stuff that's happening.

Show me what's happening.

Shut up.

It's too cool for me, all right? Play "blue moon."

No... Come on, dad.

Look it, you guys, 15 minutes is it.

Fifteen minutes of real playing.



Okay, go ahead. Count it off.

J blue moon j j you saw me standing alone j j without a dream in my heart j that's better.

J without a love of my own j I whoa oh oh j j blue moon, you knew just... I you know, marcela, I've been thinking.


Here in lake Jackson, there are a lot of gringos.


We wanted something better for the kids.

Better than the barrio. Yeah, but...

There are no Mexican restaurants here.

And gringos love Mexican food.

Abraham, you're not thinking of opening a restaurant, are you?

Yes, I am, there's a lot of good money to be made with a Mexican restaurant.

Abraham, you got a good job... I mean, a good restaurant.

A steady job, Abraham.

And we just bought this house! = enchiladas.

What are you thinking of?

Listen, I'm not gonna quit my job, all right?

But a good Mexican restaurant? Mmm.

Ay, Abraham! Oh, god.

Never satisfied. There's enough room.

Always dreaming.

We put up a little stage for some music.

Music? That's what this is all about really?

Isn't it? Music! No, no, no, no.

This is about food, okay, and I'm hungry.

Sabes que? Tengo hambre.

And the kids could play there and we'd all be together and the clients would love it.

You wouldn't quit your job, right?

No, I wouldn't quit my job.

Ah! Damn it. God.

Well, look it, man, I got to tell you, you got it centered, okay? I-l...

It looks great, but I don't buy that "g."

The "g" is perfect. Well, it looks like a "y."

Come on, man. It looks great.

It looks like "papa yoyo's."

"Papa gayo's." It's perfect.

No, stay up there. Go back up there. Look.

Look at that "y" right there. Look at that "y" right there.

Huh? "Papa y." Exactly.

No, it says "papa gayo,” Abraham.

No, that says "papa yoyo's." Abraham.

Come on, let's go home. Let's go home. No, no, go ahead. Go home.

Go home. No, no. All right. Ay, dios mio. Okay, stay. Stay!

All right, get outta the way. Go ahead.

I'l do it. Let me do it. I wanna...

I'm gonna do it. = I'll do it.

If you don't let me do it... Hey, watch out!

I somewhere j j over the rainbow j j way up high j j there's a land j heard of... j enchiladas.

How's it going out there?

I think you're right about gringos liking Mexican food.

They like it so much, I think we're gonna run out pretty soon, huh?

Marcela, I gotta talk to you. = hold on.

Where are my enchiladas?

Had to quit my job today.

I didn't want to, but they didn't want me to be out here today, and they wanted me to work and I wanted to be here.

Do you have to take this stuff out?

Yes. Ah!

I'll take your order in a minute.

We'll be right out with your food in a second.

Whose plate is this? That girl is really cute.

That's my daughter. She sings pretty, doesn't she?

Sorry. Ah!

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir.

I'll... I'll bring somebody out to pick this up, all right?


I just dropped a plate over there. Go pick it up now!

These plates are too hot! Move them from the fire! Now!

Marcela, everything's gonna be fine.

They love the restaurant. The people love our band.

They love the kids. You heard that lady.

We're gonna make lots of money here.

Abraham, I don't care about the money. You know that.

As long as the kids are taken care of, I don't care.

We had everything, we bought our little house so our kids could grow up in a nice place.

That was my dream. We had security.

You promised me.

I guess this is your dream.

And I'm sure everything'll be fine.


J birds fly over the rainbow j j why then, oh why can't 1? J

Selena, what are you doing here?

I'm looking up at the moon, and I'm dreaming.


Well, let's just say, you wouldn't imagine what my dreams are like.

I mean, when I saw those people applauding?

I mean, come on, Suzy, what did you feel?

I mean, what did you think? It was so cool.

I mean, I've never seen so many people smile before.

I know. It was. It was so exciting.

Like, when I'm up on stage, I feel like...

Like I can... I can be anything I wanna be.

Want some candy? Hey, don't spill them all.

Come on, guys, don't hog all the candy.

Selena. Selena, come here. Come here, baby.

Mira, mami. Selena, come on!

Come here. Look at this.

Come on, dad. Please? What?

I wanna go outside and play. = come on. Just for a second.

Gimme a minute, all right? Here. Look at this.

What's this? It's a song in Spanish.

But I don't know Spanish. Say that word.

Reloj. Ray-low.

Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then blow air out.

Did you feel it? Do it again.

Say that word. Reloj. Reloj.

Aha. Perfect.

Now, "reloj no marques las horas porque voy a enloquecer.” That means, "clock, don't Mark the hours because I'm going nuts.” Clock don't Mark the hours 'cause you're going nuts?

I know. It sounds a little weird in english, but...

Dad, what's this all about?

This is about learning to sing in Spanish, all right?

Dad, I don't wanna sing in Spanish.

I don't even like music in Spanish.

I ike Donna summer. That's what I like.

Do you like to sing in front of people?

Yeah, dad. I love it.

It's... it's like you can feel them when you sing.

It's a wonderful feeling, but let me tell you something.

Something I learned the hard way, that I don't want you to learn the hard way, okay?

When I was young and singing with los dinos, one time, I was singing and they started throwing beer bottles at me.

It sounds funny, it does, but it scared me.

But I did learn something.

You gotta be who you are.

You can't change it. Now, you're an American.

= mm-hmm. I'm an American.

You like Donna summer. I like doo-wop.

But you're also Mexican deep inside and that's a wonderful thing.

You can't be anything if you don't know who you are.

Especially if you wanna be a singer.

If you wanna be a singer, you're gonna have to sing to people from deep inside here.

And you know what's in there?

Your heart. = your corazon.

So, what you're saying is, I gotta learn how to sing this stuff?

Mm-hmm. Remember...

"Clock, don't Mark the hours, because I'm going nuts."

J' reloj no marques las horas j

I-I don't understand it.

We were doing so good the first nine months.

It's that Ronald Reagan. Como le dicen? Reaganomics.

A lot of small businesses have gone broke.

Come on, Abraham.

Let's go home, huh?

I don't wanna leave my home. Me, either.

I mean, do you know how many cousins we have at uncle hectors?

Marcela, let's go! Come on! Abie, are my keys in there?

I don't think so, dad.

Come on out here and check the house.

Dad! Dad, your keys are in the car!

What? Your keys are in the car!

Abie, keys are on the seat. Come on!

Come on, dad. Get in the car.

I'm coming. Coming!

Put your seat belt on.

Mom, do we have to go to uncle Hector's house?

Bye. Goodbye.

Do good today.

Look who's here. Selena.

Selena? What kind of name is Selena?

You mean saliva?

Come on, guys. Selena's a pretty name.

I mean, I don't make fun of y'all's names.

"I'm Selena, I'm so pretty, I'm so perfect.”

"Oh, I'm Selena, I'm from lake Jackson.”



What's the matter?

It's those girls over there.

They're making fun of me and saying I'm stuck up but I'm not.

I'm not.

I know you're not, baby.

It's okay. They're just jealous.

Don't worry about it, they're just jealous.

Just jealous, okay?

You know, Abraham, the problem is you're really over qualified for this job.

I mean... = I know what it takes and I can do it.

I just feel that a man with your experience, Abraham, is gonna very easily get frustrated and you're gonna wanna leave. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I gotta feed my family.

Now, I'll do anything.

I'm a good worker.

Abraham, this is not the job for you.

And I go out there every day looking for a job and I can't find nothing.

I feel guilty for leaving town.

But what are we gonna do, Abraham?

I mean, Hector and Linda have been great.

One bathroom for 13 people?

I don't know how much longer this can last.

I gotta go.

I'll see you later.

Listen, the reason I'm calling is because I started up a new group.

Selena y los dinos.

No, none of the old dinos. These are all new dinos.

You're not going to believe this. Uh, they're my kids.

Yeah, Selena's my daughter.

She's nine years old.

But, Freddie... look, she's great. You gotta believe me.

No, she's got all the moves. She's a natural performer.

Sings from the heart.

No, Freddie, listen, please. I don't care about the money.

I just wanna get 'em some exposure.

They play everything.

Freddie, this is familia. You gotta do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Selena y los dinos.

Let's hear it, harlingen! Yeah!

In just a few minutes we're gonna have grupo fuego doing a set. Thank you.

Oh, you guys did so good. Come on. Come downstairs.

Abie, honey, you did great. You guys did good.

Abie, you gotta pick it up, man.

People are... you lost everybody because of the rhythm...

Dad, we don't have good material.

Well you... they weren't dancing because you weren't playing it right.

Abraham, Abraham, the kids did great.

Abraham, the kids did great. Okay? They did great.

I'm really proud of you, okay?

You did really good. Listen, if you want to write the songs, please, be my guest.

Maybe I will. I will write it. But until then, just keep...

Keep the rhythm going.

Abraham, we need to talk, okay?

Yes. Tejanos like to dance. Kids, go to the car.

Get settled. Abraham.

Go on. Go. It's... it's okay, mija. Go on.

We'll be there in a minute!

Come here, Abraham.

Abraham, what are we doing?

What are we doing to our kids?

Grupo fuego!

Look, the kids are good, and they're gonna get better.

The kids are kids. They're children.

We should be taking care of them, not hurting them.

Selena is just a little girl.

And even if she keeps going and keeps singing, tejano music is all men. You know that.

Women are not successful.

Marcela, everything you're saying, I understand.

But... she is special.

She's got it. I can feel it. I know it.

She's gonna make it.

Come on. Come on. I'm sorry. Okay? Sorry.

I know what you're thinking right now.

You're thinking that after what happened at harlingen, we should quit.

Yeah. = well..

Let me just tell you something.

You guys are gonna make it. You're gonna record records.

You're gonna play everywhere. Even gonna play Disney world.

Disney world? You really think we'll make it there?

I know you will.

I also know how hard it is to make it in the music business.

But every single star that's a star right now, had their harlingen once.

And if we try hard, and if we really want it... we can do it.

You believe me?

Yeah, daddy. I believe you.

Selena. You hear that music? = yeah.

That's a cumbia. = a cumbia?

Mm-hmm. It's a dance your dad and I used to dance when we were young.

We did. She used to do the washing machine.

You want me to show you? = yeah.

Come here. Watch.

Okay, first we start moving your hips...

Like this.

There you go, mija.

And bigger. Bigger.

Add a little hop.

There you go. Do the washing machine!

Wait a minute! There you go.

You get the washing machine going.

Your father likes the washing machine. = that's it!

Move your hips. There you go. The washing machine! Yeah!

Make a little circle. And spin! Selena!

There you go.

And back.

J sssaah hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey j j hey j

& hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey j j hey j bravo, Selena!

How does the bass sound?

Qué esta pasando, marcela? Marcela!

Abraham. What is she wearing?

She's practically got nothing on!

That... she's in her bra!

Abraham, it's not just her bra.

It's one of those things, you know, like all the girls are wearing.

Marcela, she can't be wearing things like that.

There are men out here!

It's a bustier. Bustiquela? Es un bra!

Look at it!

I think she looks cute.

J hey hey hey hey hey j

j hey hey hey hey j

j hey hey hey hey j

J hey hey hey hey j

Hey, girl, say hi to the camera.

Hello there. How are you? Oh, you look so pretty.

Tell us, what does it feel like to be on the stage, to be...

I would just like to thank all the little people that I had to step on to get here.

Come on, you bunch of burros!

Hey! No more pictures, please!

Six hundred and twenty dollars? Juan Luis, this is not what we were talking about.

Lo siento, hermano. Pero, that's the way it is.

Those people came here for a reason tonight.

They came here to see Selena. They love Selena.

What can I say, Abraham?

She's just a woman.

Ta sabes.

Ah. You got my chin, dude.

Sorry about that. Watch out.

Hey, when are we getting a road crew? That's what I wanna know.

I think dad is perfectly happy with the road crew he has and I do mean you.

Yeah, 'cause it's free.

Great. Come on, no coffee breaks!

Let's go. We got a whole stage out there!

Slackers! Turn that thing off.

What's gotten into you?

What are you doing walking around wearing something like that?

Come on, dad. She looked great.

You stay out of this, suzette.

Dad, it's just a bustier.

It's a cool thing. It's a bra!

It's a bra with little sprinkly things on it.

Listen, you cannot go out there wearing stuff like that. It's...

It's indecent. Abraham, it's okay.

She looks so good. And the crowd, they loved it.

You shut up. She's not your daughter.

Dad, you don't understand. Look, all the singers are doing it.

It's the style. They're wearing bras?

Yes. Madonna. Janet Jackson. Paula Abdul.

Mom, would you tell him, please?

You helped me make it.

You helped her make it?

We... we did sew the jewels on together, Abraham.

How come nobody can talk to me about this kind of stuff?

I'm sorry. You cannot wear this kind of stuff out there.

Is that clear?

The rest of you guys, come on, let's get this equipment in there.

Busti-caca de la menta. Come on!

Mija, we'll talk to him later.

Forget it.

Well, let's get some more shit, man.

So much for my bustier.

You still mad?

Ay, mijita.

I'm just trying to do what's best for you.

I'm really sorry for exploding.

But, you know... You're my little girl.

I know that, but that's just it, dad.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

You know what I mean.

And I didn't wear anything bad.

Really, no one thought it was bad.

That's just the fashion right now.

Onstage, you know. It's... it's entertainment.

And we don't wanna be old-fashioned, right?

No, we don't wanna be old-fashioned, but...

And don't you think I look just as good in those outfits as Paula Abdul would?

You look better, but...

But what?

But keep your jackets on, all right?

Just leave them unbuttoned, you know.

Let the "busti-la..."



Thanks, dad.

Abie. Ay.

Take Bertha down and fill it up.

Aw, dad, come on. Gas station's miles down the road.

I want diesel fuel, all right? Don't make any mistakes.

I can't even switch those gears, dad. You know that.

You can do it. You've been practicing.

I've seen you do it before. Come on. Hey, Joe.

Not by myself. = you can do it.

What's up? = you can do it.

Go with him. Diesel. All right.

Shotgun. You're fueling, dude. Damn, I hate that, man.

Abie, you taking up the bus? Aw, no, no. Hey!

Wait up! We're going.

Aw, look at wonder woman and her sister. Hey, hey.

Quiet. I got to see you drive big Bertha. Let's go.

All right. I can do this. Last time, it was disastrous.

Fuel it, abie, go.

Oh, okay. Oh, yeah, this is good, abie.

Smooth. I need some dramamine.

I'm getting dizzy. Bertha and I are one, baby.

Oh, nice. We lost a bumper.

Oh, come on. What's this gonna do?

That's all I could find. That's the biggest one I could find.

Gimme something else.

Look, here. Sel, you're gonna get all dirty.

Get the bus out, or dad's gonna kill me, man.

Put more stuff under there.

What do you want me to do? There's no more stuff.

Well, you better go get more stuff.

I'm gonna get someone to help us out.

There's a truck. Hey, hey, dude, stop! Come on!

Oh, come on, man.

You're scaring the cars away. Excuse me.

What do you want me to do? Stand back, dude.

Let the master work. Show him, sel.

Here comes one now.

Hey! Hey!

They stopped. See? Did you see that ruca?

She looks just like selenas.

Rewind. Come on.

Let's go. Let's go.

Fast, fast, fast, fast.

Hey, can you guys help us out? We're stuck.

It is selenas. Selenas. Vete guey.

We've been stuck for a long time.

Thanks for stopping, dude. I don't know, this ditch just snuck up on us, man.

We need to get pulled out.

I got a v8 and 400 horses, ese. I can pull anything out of anywhere.

Mi hermanita"s not gonna believe this.

Dale. Ready to pull it forward, dude?

Put it right in reverse, we'll hook it up. Yeah, right here.

Thanks. All right, let's go, let's go.

Come on. We're gonna do it, man. All right, come on.

Move fast. Go faster.

Come on, come on, come, push. Push.

Just gun it, gun it, dude! I'm giving it all I got.

Gun it. Just... Go for it. Go for it.

What happened, ese?

The bumper, man. God, man, look at this.

We are so sorry. What'd you do?

Hey, we'll buy you a new one.

Yeah. Let us get you a new one. We're sorry.

We'll buy you one. We'll Polish it, dude.

What can we do? Do you need a new one?

Are you kidding me, man?

This bumper, this... this bumper's gonna go on the wall of my garage, carnal.

I'm gonna put a little sign under it.

It's gonna say, "this bumper was pulled off by the bus of selenas.” verdad, ta.

Orale, hombre. = you like that?

I mean, anything for selenas.

Thanks. That's cool. Orale, let's go.

Whoa. Watch it. Watch it. = careful.

You need a... you need a ride or something to a phone?

'Cause there was a phone we passed a couple of miles back.

Si? = uh-huh. Sure.

We're gonna have to call dad. "Il can't believe this, son.

What were you thinking?"

I can't believe this, son!

What were you thinking of?

Abraham, what happened? Where are you?

Who's that laughing? Is that Selena?

Listen, where are you?

So he didn't care about his bumper, huh?

Nah, dad, he was happy, you should have seen these two big, tough-looking cholos, dad. Right, Joe?

Yeah, man. They had tattoos and goatees.

They were cool. Yeah, man.

He wanted to hang his bumper in his garage.

Oh, yeah, like a shrine. = yeah.

He was like, "anything for selenas."” I mean, not Selena, but "selenas"™ with an "s." It was weird.

He didn't even let me pay for it. He was, like...

He was happy to have his bumper taken off by our bus.

Or by selenas' bus.

By selenas.

Quit it. What? You're it, girl.

I'm scared of you, girlfriend. = whoo!

Hey, anything for selenas. For selenas.

They were not saying that. Selenas with an "s."

I'm studying! Oh, I'm studying. Big baby.


The record company. Come here.

What? It's the record company!

Where's everybody going? Mom, come on.

Dad's on the phone with somebody from the record company.

They just talked. Yes, José. I'll see you there.

What'd he say? Abraham, what's going on?

Shh. Come on, I'm talking business.

That was José behar.

He works for capital emi and they're getting in the Tex-mex business.

And? And they wanted to know where the best Mexican food restaurants were.

Dad! Come on.

Okay, okay. To make a long story longer.

I told them it was at the high ho but that was in corpus christi.

Don't tell jokes! Come on, Abraham! What's going on?

Then he told me that he wanted to sign Selena y los dinos.

Road crew! Road crew! Road crew! Road crew!

See? This is it. Isn't it cute?

We could make, like, cowhide trousers for the guys and then, like, a little bolero jacket for me, and then all black underneath, right?

You come up with the cutest designs.

Thanks. And little rhinestones everywhere.

I think you should be a designer.

Really? I always wanted to do that.

Okay, y'all are never gonna believe what's downstairs.

What? Come here!

Well, wait for me.

Oh, what planet did he come off of?

Planet dump truck.

Excuse us for a second. = sure.

Look, I know he looks a little weird, dad.

I told you that. But... but he's brilliant.

Yeah, but he doesn't play our kind of music.

He plays heavy metal. Aw, dad.

He's a talented musician.

He's versatile. He can play anything.

That's just the kind of music he likes.

He's been in some trouble.

He's wild. Oh, dad, he's not wild.

It's just musician stuff. Come on. You should know about that.

Look, I'll take care of him.

He's a cool guy, really. Look.

Come on. The boy can play.

How about cutting your hair?


Oh, my god.

Stand still. You're gonna drown me!

I'm not gonna drown you. The water is hot.

I'm telling you, it's hot.

Ew! Oh-oh!

Now it's too cold!

I'm outta here.

Hold it. You're not going anywhere.

Way too much hair on the floor.

That's too much. = no!

J huh! J are you guys done yet? Dude, you look so good.

Are you ready? = yeah.

All right.


Selena! What?

Come here! I'll go get her.

Thank you.


Huh? Looks good.


Thank you.


Oh, hey, sel. How's it going?

It's going good. How's it going with you?

You doing okay? The guys treating you all right?

Yeah, the guys are cool. I like the group.

And, hey, I like the bus.

This turned out good.

Suzie did a good job.

Yeah, I dig it. I like it if you like it.

I like it. It looks good.


So, tell me, how did you get to be such a great guitarist?

Because, let me tell you, we have never, ever had a guitarist like you in the group before.

Did you start when you were really young?

Serious, you know you're bad.

Naw, I was, I was in junior high school.

It was the rebel thing.

You know, my parents, they wanted me to, like...

Get real educated and become a doctor or something.

Naturally, I wanted to be a rock 'n' roller.

Dude, you like to practice? Yep.

My father would have loved having you in the family.

He used to have to force us to practice.

We never wanted to. =I don't know.

I mean, if I'd have been in your family then I'd have been a doctor.

Well, I wanna go get something to eat. You wanna come?

Sure. Yeah?

Okay. I want pizza.



Are you gonna eat that whole thing?

Yes. Watch me.

I can eat a whole medium pizza by myself.

I love pizza.

I can see that.

It cracks me up when they ask me my diet and exercise secrets.

"Selena, how do you keep that trim figure?

Every girl wants to know."

"Well, I eat medium pizzas all by myself with lots of pepperoni.

That's important.

And I drink cokes and scarf doritos and never exercise."

You're too much, man.

Dude, what are you doing? Hot sauce.

That is enough. = no.

They can't make food hot enough for me.

Oh, you are gonna be sorry. Watch this.

Whoo! That was good.

I need soda. Mm. You are so tough.

You are so strong.

What a macho man. Would you like some?

No. Are you sure?

Yeah. No. = just a little bit?

Now you gotta have half of my pizza.

I don't like pepperoni. It's too hot.

I don't want that. So...

Yeah, like that, like that, like that.

Well, see, dude, the song is about, like, the flower that lasts forever, like the kind they sell at the concert, dude.

'Cause plastic, right? So love should, like, last forever.

Love like plastic? Yeah, because...

Hey. Hey, y'all. Hello! Yo!

Okay, we have one new rule for this big, beautiful, redone bus.


Any food that is in this beautiful, well-stocked little cabinet... is off-limits.

Finished? That's the rule of the bus.

Come on, we're brainstorming here.

Come on, dude, p-play it, Ricky.

I con... con tanto amor j j dadadada.. J ah, it needs some work.

Like it dies.

What are you doing? Eating Suzy's chips.

Can I have one?

Selena, what are you doing? Yeah, I got it.

Those are my chips! =- mmm! That makes 'em better!


Pass 'em down! Pass 'em down, dude!


What do you want? What do you want? Okay.

Y'all, I'm not taking orders.

Hi. Hi, ma'am. May I help you?

Yes. Can I have, um...

That was "como la flor" by Selena y los dinos which has just skyrocketed to the number one spot on the tejano music charts...

Selena! Selena!

Abie! What?

We're number one!

Number one, I just heard it on the radio! We're number one!

No way! You heard it? Oh, my god!

Let's tell dad! Dad! = dad!

You're not gonna believe this! We're number one, dude!

At the end of the day...

Number one! My god, can you believe it?


After all these years, and then all of a sudden, bang!

That's how it is, I'm telling you, you just start from here and then, pow! It's like a bullet.

You know and, abie, I mean, abie's really smart, you know.

He... he really knows his cumbia rhythms, you know.

He adds a little funk and a little disco, puts it all together, and then you sing the heck out of it.

And you add a little heavy metal to the guitar breaks.

I can do that.

You know what I was just thinking?

I've never seen you dance.

Do you dance?

Dance? Oh, yeah, I dance.

Yeah, I put on my white shoes and black jacket and dance like John Travolta.

Yeah? Well, we can dance to this. Come on, let me see you dance.

I was just kidding. Come on, come on!

Let me see you dance. Don't be shy.

I won't tell anybody that you weren't being cool. Come on.

I'll be making a pit stop in about, uh, five more minutes.


All right, follow me. Let me see a little James brown.

Yeah, see? I got soul.

Do you?


You banged me. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Come on, I'll teach you the cumbia rhythm.

I've never seen you... =

Wait. I don't... I don't think we should be doing this.

I'm not sure we should, either.

J I always catch my breath j j and I'm still standing here j j and you're miles away j

j and there's a storm that's raging... j I'm sorry, man.

Is he gone? Yep.

Do you think he'll tell?

I don't think so.

That sounds good, dude.

Oh, thanks, man.

Hey, you want a beer? = sure.

All right.

Hey, dude, don't worry about it, man. I'm not gonna say nothing.

I know. You're cool, man.

But you know if this gets serious, there'll be trouble, you know that, right?

Come on, dude. Abraham's not gonna like it.

Selena getting serious with a guy right now?

Come on, with a guy like you?

What do you mean, a guy like me?

Dude, look it. You're my boy, right?

We're cool. But we're musicians, man.

We both know what you're like.

And Selena, man, she's like...

She's like a sister to me.

I don't know.

It's different with her, Joe.

I mean, she makes me feel different.

I don't know what it is. I can't explain it.

Mom, he is so cute.

I don't know what it is, he just makes me feel...


I get little butterflies when I think about him.

Girl, I could tell you like him.

And you know what?

I think he's cute, too.

Mom, he is so funny.

Mija, he hardly talks.

No, you have... You have to get to know him.

I'm serious, when we're together we just laugh and laugh at all these stupid things.

But, mom, you can't tell dad.

Oh, don't worry.

I was a young girl, too, remember?

So you promise?

I won't tell.

Now get off the bed.

You're messing up my pillow.


They want us to play Mexico?

Dad, a gig in Monterrey, Mexico...

Dad, that would be so cool.

I'm not sure of that right now.

Come on, dad.

Hey, dad, you always said everything's a risk, right?

They don't accept us over there. They never have.

Hello. We're Mexican.

No, we are Mexican-American and they don't like mexxican-Americans.

They can be mean, and they can tear us apart over there.

Selena's Spanish is... What about my Spanish?

I've been singing in Spanish for ten years. It's perfect.

Singing, yes, but when you speak it you speak it a little funny.

And down there, you got to speak perfectly, or the press will eat you up and spit you out alive.

I've seen them do it. Oh, man.

Overreacting as usual.

The music will speak for itself, dad.

Listen, being Mexican-American is tough.

Anglos jump all over you if you don't speak english perfectly.

Mexicans jump all over you if you don't speak Spanish perfectly.

We gotta be twice as perfect as anybody else.

Why are you laughing? W-what's so funny?

Nothing. = I'm serious.

I know you're serious, dad.

Our family has been here for centuries, and yet they treat us as if we just swam across the rio grande.

I mean, we gotta know about John Wayne and Pedro infante.

We gotta know about frank Sinatra and Agustin Lara.

We gotta know about Oprah and Cristina.

Anglo food is too bland and yet when we go to Mexico, we get the runs.

Now, that to me, is embarrassing.

No, dad! Japanese-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans, their homeland is on the other side of the ocean.

Ours is right next door, right over there.

And we gotta prove to the Mexicans how Mexican we are, and we gotta prove to the Americans how American we are.

We gotta be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans both at the same time.

It's exhausting!

Man, nobody knows how tough it is to be a Mexican-American.

Well, dad, you know, it's a good thing we have frijoles and tortillas to keep our strength up for the job.

Now you're making fun of me. = no, I'm not. And menudo.

Hey, menudo, hey. Mm, menudo.

Now you're making me hungry.

Come on, dad.

I can do it. I know I can. Really.

Trust us.

Listen, guys, let's get through with the tour in California, and then we'll talk about it.

But, man, being Mexican-American is really hard, man.

J you know where you are? J j you're in the jungle baby j j you're gonna die... j


J welcome to the jungle j

j my my serpentine j in the jungle, welcome to the jungle j j watch it bring you to your j security.

J knees down in the jungle & j welcome to the jungle... &

what's going on here?

We'll pay for everything.

And I do mean everything.

You think that's going to make it right?


You do this everywhere you go?

He's fired. I never want to see his face again.

Dad. Dad, you can't do that.

We are not a disgusting punk rock group!

I know that, dad, okay, look, trust me. Look. Look, I know...

Where is he? I don't know, dad.

I want him fired! I do not want to see him again!

Dad, we can't do that. We're going to Mexico, man, we... we can't...

There's no way we're gonna find... I do not want to see his face again.

Dad, there's no way are we gonna find a new guitarist before then, dad.

I-it's impossible.


What was that all about?

What's with you, huh?

Why are you trying to spoil everything?

I'm no good for you.

It'll never work.

You know, I wish everybody would stop telling me what's good for me.

I gotta hear it from dad, mom, abie, and now you?

Maybe you should listen to them.

I wish everybody would just stop telling me what I should want.

You don't know who I really am.

You don't know anything about me.

Oh, and that's you up there?

Big hotshot rock-and-roller, gotta trash hotel rooms, huh?

I've been around musicians all my life, Chris, okay?

I'm not impressed.

And I do know who you are.

I can see you.

You're just Chris.

I want it to work, okay? But it just...

But what?

You know what your problem is?

You can't even accept something great even when it's staring you in the face.

I may not be streetwise and all that...

But at least I know not to be that dumb!

Ay, dios!

Her Spanish...

If only she could just keep singing.

Listen, when we get out there, let me do all the talking, okay?

Dad, why don't you let me handle this, okay?

I've got an idea.



Selena! Selena! Selena! Selena!

Selena! Selena! Selena! Selena...

Selena! Selena!

Are they shouting for me?

Yes. They are shouting for you.

Selena! Selena!

Oh. Mija, you gonna wear your jacket?

No, no.

Have a good show.

There's over 100,000 people here, Abraham.

We were expecting 10,000.

Just order extra security people this minute.

They're going onstage already.

The police are sending extra help.

We were not prepared for a crowd this big.

I've never seen anything like it.









That's enough! Stop! Get off!

Get off! Everybody! Get off!

Mija, are you okay?

The stage was collapsing.

They're pushing the stage. = this crowd's out of control.

This is too dangerous. The stage is gonna crack.

You can't stop the concert.

I'm not gonna let them play if this is gonna happen.

It's gonna cause a riot.

These are my children, and they're in danger.

We need you to go back out there and settle this crowd down. Can you do it?

Yeah. Are you sure?

Yeah. I can do it.

Okay. Get out there. Quickly. Come on. Come on.

Let's do "como la flor.” But start it slow. Okay? You got it.

J como la flor &

Whoa! Front page. Okay?

You said we couldn't do it, dad.

What is dad doing?

Listen to this. Listen to this.

"Selena is the genuine artist of the people.” Whoa.

You're an artist.

I've never seen so many people before.

I've never been scared by a crowd before, not even when I was nine.

But then you started to sing and they all loved you.

You know, sometimes I think about the things I never had.

Like, I guess I never had a normal childhood.

You know, 'cause I finished high school by mail.

I've spent more time in big Bertha than I have anywhere else.

But when I was on that stage...

That was like nothing I ever felt before.

It's hard to describe, I just had this feeling, like...

My dreams were the same as the dreams of all those people who were out there in the audience.

Like all their hopes were centered on me.

And I just felt lucky.

I felt really lucky.

I know why they all love you so much.

Oh, yeah? Why?

Because I love you, too.

I mean it.

You're the best friend that I've ever had.

I can talk to you about anything and you always understand.

I thought a lot about what you said to me that night in la, out by the dumpsters.

And I don't want to be that dumb.

I don't want to lose you.

I don't want to lose you, either.

When I was five years old and my parents split up...

Not a day has gone by that I haven't remembered the feeling that I had that day I knew my father wasn't coming back.

Chris. Until I met you.

And I don't feel like that anymore.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Hey, you know, I got a surprise for you in the back.

You do? Yeah. You want to go see it?

Yeah. Okay. Come on.

Hold on. Wait for me!


Oh, look. How cute!

Thank you.

All right. Everybody off the bus.

What's going on? = get off the bus.

Get off. Everyone. You stay in. You stay in.

Get off.

This is over right now. What do you mean, dad?

This. You and him. It's over.

Abraham, you can't tell us what to do.

I can tell you anything I want to tell you!

You don't think I know who you are?

I come from the streets.

I know what a bum musician is!

Dad, don't talk to him like that!

I can say anything I want to say to him!

I'm not gonna have this in my family.

Now let's just get one thing straight.

You're not to see each other like this again.

I'm not agreeing to anything.

Okay, you can't tell me who I can and can't see.

Selena! You wait!

You're gonna ruin your career! You're gonna ruin your life!

You're only 20 years old. Give yourself some time.

Dad, I don't care what you say.

It doesn't matter, okay? I love him, and that's it!

What did you say?

I said, I love him.

And he loves me, too.

Of course, he does.

You're young, you're beautiful, and you're rich!

Yeah, you would say that!

It's not like that.

He cares about me.

The real me...


And there is no way I'm gonna let you take that away.

Abraham, we're not gonna stop seeing each other.

Now you listen to me!

If you think I'm gonna allow you to come in and mess up my family, ruin everything that we've worked for, you're wrong!

I respect your family and I don't wanna ruin anything.

I love Selena and we wanna get married.

That's right, dad. We wanna get married.

That's it! You're fired! Do you hear me?

You can ride back to corpus christi, but after that, you're fired!

That's okay. I can make my own way.

You cannot do this, dad! = Selena!

Dad, I'm not gonna let you do this!

Let me go!

You listen to me.

You all listen to me.

If you follow that man, I will disband the group.

There will be no more Selena y los dinos.

Do you understand me?

Do you all understand me?

It's over!

Mija, your father is right.

You're too young to get married.

You and dad were just as young when you got married.


It was different back then, Selena.

What was so different?

I was the daughter of poor farm workers.

We didn't have any choices.

In those days, there was no other way.


But you and dad have been happy, right?

Yes. Yes.

I love your father very much.

But I wanted something different for my daughters.

A chance to see things, to live, mija.

Look, mija, just wait a few years.


I know it seems like forever to you now, but believe me, it's the right thing.

But I love him, mom.

I love him.

It's okay.

Selena! Selena!

Selena! Selena! Selena!

Selena! Selena! Selena!


I hate this.

Can't even go into a burger joint with you without worrying about somebody seeing us and it getting back to dad.

Can you pass me the hot sauce? It's in the glove compartment.

Don't worry about it. Just give it some time.

Where are you guys heading next?

I don't know.

El Paso tomorrow. Some big gig.

And they keep me busy between gigs, too.

Like today, I have to go to the water park with Sara.

I mean, I have to talk fast just to go shopping alone.

And you're here with me.

You know, he keeps saying he'll break up the band if we keep seeing each other.

But so what? I mean, I can do other things.

You know, I could design clothes.

I've always wanted to do that.

Sel, you don't want to quit music.


And making it to the big time, that's really important to you.

I mean, being big in Mexico and doing that whole english crossover thing.

Remember when you told me that you felt like everybody's hopes and dreams were centered on you?

That means a lot to you, doesn't it?

It does.

And what if they're right?

You know, about us getting married?

I mean, they feel like it's gonna hurt the act, not just Abraham.

Abie, Ricky, Pete, Joe, Suzy...

They all think like that.

Let's go do that velcro thing over there.

Yeah, looks good. What, the spider web thing?

That one over there. Oh, yeah. That's cool!

We could all do it together.

How 'bout that?

Oh, sel, you're so full of it.

Right. Come on, dare me. You wouldn't do that, no way.

I double-dog dare you. = don't dare her.

Sel, I'm just kidding. Sel! Sel!

Selena, what are you doing?

You shouldn't have dared me.

You can still get off. Selena, come on.

This isn't funny.

Come on down right now.

What are you doing? This is not funny!

Selena, nobody's laughing!

Get down here! Ha-ha!



You know, if you look down, you're not gonna do it.

Step back.

Right hand on this side, left hand on the other side.

Come on, the hardest part is letting go.

What are you doing here? I've had it, Chris.

I've had it. I can't take it anymore. That's it.

I've made up my mind. El Paso is 12 hours away.

You're supposed to be getting on that bus.

I don't care about El Paso.

You mean more to me than any gig in El Paso.

If you're not in El Paso, your father's gonna know that you're here.

Let him know! Let him, okay?

I'm tired of hiding from him! I'm tired, too.

But everything's gonna get messed up this way.

Chris, can't you just hold me?


I don't want things to get messed up.

Don't you want to be with me?

Of course I want to be with you.

Do you want to be with me forever?

Forever. You're it for me.

So let's just do it. Let's just get married right now.

That's, that's... that's crazy.

You don't want to marry me?

Of course I want to marry you but the right way.

What's the right way?

You know, with you wearing a beautiful white dress and... and your friends in those different..

Colored dresses.

Bridesmaids, Chris.

Yeah, bridesmaids, and lots of flowers and your family.

Look, I don't care about all that.

It's not the important thing.

No matter what you say, I know how important it is to you to have your family there when you're getting married.

And it's important to me, too, because I care for you.

You're right.

I would love that.

To have a big wedding.

Have my dad give me away.

That would mean more to me than anything...

But it's never gonna happen.

I know him, Chris.

I know what he's like.

And he will never accept us.

Never! All right?

He's dug his heels in, and that's it!

The whole world, all of corpus christi could come tumbling down on his head and he would not budge!

The only way he will know that I am not gonna give you up...

Is if we go out and get married right now.

Then he'll have to accept us.

But what if he doesn't?

Well, I'll still have you.

And you'll have me.

And there's no gig in the world more important than that.

I love you.

Let's get married.

Yeah? = yeah.

How does it feel to be a married man?

It feels great. I like it.

But it also feels like I don't know what we got ourselves into.

Look, don't worry, okay?

You don't know what it's like to be a quintanilla.

We're tight. Like this.

And I'll talk to my dad.

I'll find the right way to tell him. Okay?

Okay, sel, but listen, just in case things are not okay, I can take care of you, all right?

I mean, I can make up to 400 dollars a week doing session work and there's plenty of bands that want me, and...

I can take care of you.

I love you.

See, now, that's my macho man talking.


I love you, too. Oh, I love you!

Oh, it's gonna be okay, I know it.

For all you Selena fans out there.

We have just found out Listen, listen, listen.

That Selena got married today to the lead guitarist for her group, the dinos.

That's right, Selena and Chris Perez have tied the knot...

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Oh, god.

It's on the radio already. = oh.

Don't go to corpus! Go the other way!

Where are we gonna go, Alaska? Anywhere but corpus.

We just... we just have to give him a day.

I know my dad.


I'll talk to him tomorrow.

You just wait here, okay?

Good luck.

Dad, I know you're angry.

Come in and sit down, and shut the door.

When I found out yesterday what you had done...

I went crazy. I...

I didn't know what to do. I...

I went for a walk on the beach to where I took you when you were a little girl.

Do you remember? Yeah, I remember.


I sat there for hours, and I cried.

I cried like a baby. Dad, I didn't mean to...

No, mijita.


This might sound a little strange, but...

I'm glad you did what you did.

It was a great weight on my shoulders.

And I know I forced you into it. I know...

No, you didn't. = no. Listen.

I can be pretty stubborn.

And you did what you had to do.

But I just wanted what was best for you.

I know that.

I think that's why deep down I knew it was gonna be okay.

You know that day on the bus when... Chris said that he loved you?


Well, I know he meant it.

He did mean it.

We both love each other very much.

But it scared me.

I don't know how to let you go.

Oh, dad.

I just want you to be happy.

I love you, dad.


We don't need the getaway car?

Everything's cool? Yeah, everything's good.

Come here!

Welcome to the family.

Hey, brother-in-law!

You're stuck with us now.



You take care of my sis, okay?

You know it. I know.

Well, y'all know we got a gig tonight in San Antonio.

So if we don't get packed and on the bus, we're gonna miss it.

And y'all know how I hate to cancel gigs, so...

Well, Chris, you got your guitar?

Yes, I do.

Come here, son.

You're a good man.

Welcome to our family.

I mean, did it really happen? Are we here?

Yes, we're here. = married?

And it's okay with everybody? We're married.

We did it.

Baby, I just feel like I can do anything.

I want the whole world dancing to my music and wearing my clothes.

Well, then that's what's gonna happen. Guaranteed.

Pretty soon everybody's gonna look like Selena.

Chris, for the first time in my life I swear, I feel like I'm free, like I could fly if I wanted to, like I am flying.

J paripititumon hey hey hey yeah j bidi-bidi bom-bom j = j bidi-bidi bom-bom j j bidi bidi bom bom bidi bidi bidi

J bidi bidi bom bom ooh j

J hey hey j

J bidi bidi bom bom j = j bidi bidi bom bom j j oh bidi bidi bom bom j = bidi bidi bom bom j j ah bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi bom bom j j ah bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi j

J bidi bidi bom bom ooh j

J hey hey j

J ah bidi bidi bom bom j = j bidi bidi bom bom j j ah bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi bom bom j j ah bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi j j hey yeah j j paripititumon j j hey hey j manos arriba! Vamonos!


Yj oh j = j bidi bidi bom bom j

J oh no no not j oh no no no noj

J oh oh yeah oh oh right j j oh yeah oh right j bidi bidi bom bom j J oh yeah j j oh no no no noj j oh ooh yeah j j ah bidi bidi bom bom j j ooh ooh j

She's taking off, Abraham.

And now with this grammy nomination, she's like a rocket.

She's very happy.

Probably the happiest she's ever been.

Well, we're happy, too.

Record sales have been phenomenal.

She's fantastic, Abraham.

I think she's the next Gloria estefan.


Abraham, we wanna make a major english language album.

English language album.

A crossover album.

The best producers, the best songwriters.

Everything first class.

Is she ready? There'll be major promotion.

We'll get her on all the shows, leno, letterman, everything.

She's ready.

We've been ready for a long time.

How do you feel, Selena? 1am so proud.

We've been working so hard for this day.

I wanna introduce y'all to Martin.

He's the designer I've been working with.

And yolanda saldivar.

She's been handling all the business end for me.

She's my fan club president.

It's really like a dream come true.

So, let's do it. Great.

All right, come on in! I'll give you a tour.

So do you have the sandblaster to work on her feet?

I need you to sign right here. Okay.

What is that? Just some inventory stuff.

Ooh, it tickles. Stop wiggling. It's gonna smear.

Okay, yolanda, from now on your toes are gonna look good, girl.

I don't deserve this. Nobody cares about my toes.

I care about your toes. Oh, Selena.

Everybody who works for me gets a pedicure every week.

That's the rule.

Yeah, your feet look like little irons. Ah!

All we need is a shirt, a wrinkled shirt.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Mm, gimme another one.

Selena, you like this color better?

Yeah. It's pretty. I like it.

What are you doing here so early?

Oh, I came to tell you that Pete can't make it to la today for the grammys.

Get out of here. Why? Hi, Chris.

Oh, hey, what's up? Hi.

Um, he said he has, like, this family thing or something, I don't know.

Is that the same sheet? But now we've a spare ticket.

Selena, is that the same sheet?

Yeah, it's the same thing.

Reenie, what are you doing today?

About 5,000 things.

Well, forget them and do 5,001.

Come to la with me and Chris today.

La? = la.

Please, girl. Do what?

Movie stars, rock stars, free drinks, free food.

Y'all are crazy. I can't. Come on.

I got to do inventory. Don't worry about it.

I can do the inventory. I know where the lists are.

I know everything that needs to be done.

You go with Selena. Go. Come on.

I ain't got nothing to wear. = oh.

Then we're just gonna have to go shopping.

Duh! Come on.

Dude, you know Andy Garcia's gonna be there?

I'm bringing my camera. You know that.

We gotta hurry. We don't have that much more time.

How much time do we have left? = three hours.

Are you nervous? Little bit.

I think you're gonna win.

I do. Get out!

I do!

Doesn't matter if I win or not.

Dude, but I hope I do!

Oh, my god. = oh, look.

There's a store right there with some nice dresses.

That's a pretty place. Come on.

Come on, let's check there.

Ah, look at that one. You see that one in the middle?

Looks good.

Ooh, we can find something in here.

Hey, look. Every bridesmaid's nightmare.

Looks like a suit of armor. = no.

It's very minnie Pearl.

Ugh! Uh! Now, this is nice.

What do you think?

Where am I going to get the boobs for that?


No. I'm kidding.

You like this? This is nice. Yeah, it's pretty.

I like the color.

Excuse me, miss. Can we try this on?

Well, I don't think you'd be interested in that one.


Well, because that dress is 800 dollars.

You know what? Could you just take it off the mannequin?

We'd like to try it on.

I want it to fit, girl.

Suck it in. I'm trying. Ow.

We're just gonna have to get you a girdle.

This dress is too tight. = it's not!


Se... Selena? Hi.

Selena... s-Selena esta...

Selena esta aqui.

Salgan! Selena esta aqui!


Selena esta aqui.

Selena's here. No. No way.

Hey, Selena, Selena's in the mall.

What's going on?

Si. Vamonos.

No. Selena? No! Selena?

You doing good in school, Ariana?


What's going on in here?

It's Selena. Who's Selena?

She's here for the grammys. The grammys?

Sel. What do you think?

Mm! Me, either. Excuse me, miss.

Excuse me? We don't need the dress.

Selena! Thanks.

There you go. Thank you.

Selena. Selena, please.

What's your name? Heather.

The nominees for best Mexican-American album are...

Oh, man. = Vicente Fernandez...

Whether or not you get on that stage tonight, sel, you're it.

If somebody else walks away with that grammy...

We'll kick their butts.

And the grammy goes to...

"Live!" Selena.

J bidi bidi bom bom j j bidi bidi bom bom j j bidi bidi bom j j bidi bidi bidi cada vez j

j cada vez que lo veo pasar j

First of all, I would like to thank my family, my dad, who's my manager. Dad, I love you.

My mom. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Abie, who's my brother and produces all my music.

Suzette, thank you for always being there.

To my husband Chris.

I love you, baby.

And I'd especially like to thank the fans...

Because without you, we'd be nothing.

Thank you.

Selena, the fashion show was such a success. How's it feel?

I'm just so happy. I'm so excited.

How soon before your fashions hit the boutiques?

Uh, probably about another month.

Tua sabes. And she's been so great.

Everybody's chipped in, and we're gonna get her a present.

A ring from all of us.

Would you like to chip in, too, yolanda?

That's great, I was just thinking we should do something like that.

Yes. I think I know this place where...

Listen, I know the perfect ring that she would love.

Any men's fashions, Selena? Um, no.

No, I think I better stick to women's for a while.

I don't know how they'd look in my bustiers.

Here, give me the money, and I'll go shopping in the next few days, and it'll be ready by the time she comes back from Nashville.

Oh, that's wonderful, yolanda.

Thank you. Don't worry about anything.

I'm sure she's gonna love it.

Chris, how's married life treating you?

It's good. He better say that.

Selena, are there any plans for a Selena boutique in Mexico?

Uh, you know, that's something we've been thinking about.

"We'll have to wait and see.'

j I could lose my heart tonight j if you don't turn and walk away j

j 'cause the way I feel, I might j j lose control j j and let you stay j

j 'cause I could take you in my arms j j and never let go j im could fall in love j j with you j j I could fall in love with you im could fall in love j j with you j j you baby j j and I know it's not right » j and I guess I should try & j to do what! Should do j but! Could fall in love j I fall in love j j with you j j you baby j im could fall in love j j with you j j you baby j j I could fall in love I = fall in love j with you j j you baby j j I could fall, fall in love j j with you j

okay. That's it. We got that one down.

That's a hit, and I always knew it.

We got gold, gentlemen.

They said you're a hit and, uh, that we got gold.

What did I tell you, girl? It's a hit. It's a hit.

You did it. Oh, man.

I bet everybody's gonna wonder how I learned english so fast.

I'm starving. Hey, dad!


I'm so proud of you.

Watching you cut that record in there.

Boy, you broke the tejano music scene wide open.

No woman's ever been able to make it.

Now you're number one.

You walk into Mexico and...

They don't even accept Mexican-Americans and they love you.

And now, whew!

And now gringos.

Disney world!

You remember. = yeah.

Boy, all those barriers that people have been trying to get past...

You went right through them as if they didn't exist.

Maybe for you they don't exist.

I love you...

And I'm very proud of you.


I'm tired.

What about this blue? Mm-mm.

Blue out.

Okay. That's pretty.

This is nice, isn't it? Yes.

I think you should go with that one.

You know, Selena, I am so proud of you...

For the opening of the boutique and the new record.

You mean so much to me.

I bought you a little present.


Oh. You shouldn't have done that.

Oh, my gosh.

That is so beautiful.

A ring with an egg.

Oh, I love it.

You're such a good friend.

Hey! What'd you get?

Junk food.


How's the grass going? = good.

You know what? I want a farm.

A farm? =- mm-hmm.

Not a big farm, just a little farm.

About ten acres or so.

What, you want me getting up early in the morning and riding around in a tractor?

Yeah. And I want to see you feeding the pigs.

Oh, okay. Feed the pigs. I don't think so.

And I want lots of animals too.

Just, like, we'll put up a wood fence in the front and just have all the cows and chickens and horses and goats and pigs.

Wait, wait, wait, if you're going to have a lot of different animals, you have to keep them apart.

'Cause if you don't, they'll eat each other up.

Not my animals. My animals are gonna get along great.

Whatever you say.

You know, I've been thinking.

About maybe having some little animals of our own.


Why not?

Yeah, but what about the singing and the touring?

I mean, you want to give it up?

No, of course not.

We could just take the kids along with us.

I mean, it's a family act, right?

So... s0, you're talking kids, the career, and a farm with lots of animals?


Why not? Anything's possible.

Kids, huh?


Let's do it.

Yeah? = yeah.

Let's get started.

Ay! Go! Go! Go! Go!

You forgot the food!

Hey, dad, what is so important you had to drag me out over here?

Selena, we got a problem and I don't even know where to start.

It's yolanda. What?

We started to get complaints from fans who had sent their money to the fan club and had received nothing, not a picture, nada.

Then we found out that she had had a problem with a previous employer.

What kind of problem? Because you know yolanda.

She wouldn't do that. Money problems.

Now, we didn't find out about it because they had settled it out of court, but I went through the records of some of the fan clubs and came up with these checks.

They're very suspicious to me.

And what's worse...

Is a lot of the records are missing.


I'm worried.

She's been handling all the business of the boutiques.

I know.

I don't know what to tell you, Mr. quintanilla.

It's true, I did have a problem with a doctor I worked with...

But I would never take anything from Selena. Never.

I love Selena.

[ I-l-l... I don't remember these checks.

What about the missing records?

I don't know where they are, but I'll find them.

I will, and I'll show you.

We'll need an accounting of all the money, yolanda.


How could you do this to me?

I never took anything from you, Selena.

I trusted you. I trusted you with everything I have.


How could you do this to my fans?

You know what they mean to me.

Please, give me a chance to prove it to you.


Mama, scratch my head.


You know, when we're finished touring for the crossover album...


Chris and I were thinking about having a baby.

A baby?


Come here, baby.

A baby.

I'm gonna be a grandma?

Well, not tomorrow.

Come here.

I've been thinking about the crossover tour a lot.

I've even had dreams about it.

It's just this whole different world for us, you know?

We've been working for this ever since we were kids.

I guess I'm a little scared.

Are they going to love me, mama?

Yes, mija.

They're gonna love you.

Now go to sleep.

Selena, what are you doing here?

I'm looking up at the moon.

And I'm dreaming.

I've even had dreams about it.

J late at night when all the world j j is sleeping j j I stay up and think of you j I and I wish on a star j j that somewhere you are j j thinking of me too j

j; "Cause I'm dreamin' j j of you tonight j I till tomorrow j j I'll be holding you tight » j and there's nowhere in the world I I'd rather be j j than here in my room j j dreamin' about you and me j

No vital or radial pulse. She's in hypo-bulimic shock!

Tejano superstar, Selena quintanilla-Perez, has been shot, allegedly by yolanda saldivar, her fan club president.

Apparently, Selena was meeting saldivar to recover missing financial records from the singer's fan...

Selena quintanilla-Perez was brutally gunned down in corpus christi, Texas, this afternoon.

The main suspect in the shooting is...

As we reported earlier, miss saldivar is barricaded in her truck and threatens to kill herself with the gun allegedly used in the shooting.

I can't put the gun down. Why? Tell me why, yolanda.

Because I'm ashamed of what I've done.

Selena was meeting saldivar to recover missing financial papers...

I don't deserve to live.

Saldivar, a resident of San Antonio, was meeting Selena to hand over financial records.

Look at what I've done to my best friend.

I wanna talk to my mother.

Selena, who grew up in corpus christi, was just 23 years old.

This is a tremendous loss for the music world.

In cities across Texas tonight, candlelight vigils are being planned...

To mourn the loss of the popular singer.

J late at night when all the world j j is sleeping j j I stay up and think of you j I and I wish on a star j j that somewhere you are j j thinking of me too j

j; "Cause I'm dreamin' j j of you tonight j I till tomorrow j j I'll be holding you tight » j and there's nowhere in the world I I'd rather be j j than here in my room j j dreamin' about you and me j

j I just wanna hold you close j j but so far j j all I have are dreams of you j j so I'll wait for the day j j and the courage to say j j how much I love you j j yes I dot I'll be dreamin' j j of you tonight j I till tomorrow j j I'll be holding you tight » j and there's nowhere in the world j I'd rather be j j than here in my room j j dreamin' about you and me j

j ahh-ahh j

j I can't stop j j dreamin' of you j

j late at night when all the world j j is sleeping j j I stay up and think of you j j and I still can't believe j j that you came up to me j j and said I love you j j I love you too j j now I'm dreamin' j j with you tonight ;

I till tomorrow j j and for all of my life & j and there's nowhere in the world I I'd rather be j j than here in my room j I'll be dreamin' j j of you tonight j

I somewhere j j over the rainbow j j way up high j I there's a land that I heard of j j once in a lullaby & j someday I'll wish upon a star j j and wake up where the clouds are far j j behind me j

j where troubles melt like lemon drops j j away above the chimney tops j I that's where j I you'll find me j I somewhere j j over the rainbow j j bluebirds fly & j birds fly I j over the rainbow j j why, then oh why can't? J

I all alone j

j nothing to do j

j it's lonely here j j without you j j the candlelight is burning low j j the love song's on the radio j j and memories are all I have to show j

j photographs j I tickets for two j j promises j j that all fell through j j now everything's in black and white j

j the stars we used to wish upon j j have somehow lost their light j j where is the feeling we used to know? J j where is the music that played? J j what happened to the love j I that used to show? J j where did the feeling go? J j what happened to the love j I that used to show? J j where did the feeling go? J

j ooh j