Sensation (1994) Script

(suspenseful music)

(eerie whispering) (ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)

(overlapping chattering)

(pen scribbling)

(overlapping chattering)

(pen scribbling)

[Lila] You're so good at that part.

I've had lots of experience.

(overlapping chattering)

(pen scribbling)

His car broke down.

Then they declined his credit card.

I ended up paying for dinner.

We got back to his place and he asked me for a condom.

Can you believe it?

I'm surprise he had his own dick with him.

[Lila] Men are really different here.


Yeah, like a different species maybe.

I'm kind of missing home.

Really, I just got this work-study assignment and it sounds really cool.

Oh yeah, that'll take edge off of those Mercedes payments.

(typewriter keys clacking) (overlapping talking)

Dr. Burton. Yes.

I'm Lila Reid, the scholarship committee assigned me to your department.

Ah yes, please come in.

Sit down.

Have you ever studied psychology?

Not really.

I took a couple of intro courses.

[Ian] Hmm hmm.

Ever worked in a lab?

Dissecting frogs.

Come here, let me show you something.

Did you know that the flutter of a butterfly can be detected over two miles away?

A butterfly?


And radio signals from a broadcast in the 1940's have been recorded as still traveling in space.

A butterfly?

(loud whining)

This disseminates radar waves.

I can't hear them but certain individuals are extremely sensitive to their sound.

I must be one of them.

I'm hearing shit all the time.

Do you take drugs?

Excuse me?

I mean birth control, antibiotics, prescription of any kind?

Nnn mm.

Hmm hmm.

Any induced stressed?

Emotional episodes?

Are you suicidal?

Well sometimes when I break a nail, I feel like I just can't go on another day.

(faint background chattering)

I'd like you to fill out this form for the university.


I pay $75 per assignment.

You can take as long as you want.

Five minutes or five days, it's up to you.

To do what?

Record impressions.

You know, that shit you keep hearing.

Here's my address, come by at eight, I'll explain it.

Okay. Okay.

Oh God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hi. Hey you.

Mmm (lips smacking), was that her?



She can hear radar waves.

That's all I know for sure.

And she thinks I'm a work study assignment.

Hmm, well I've got a committee meeting tonight so when are you gonna begin?

Why do you waste your time with the tenure committee?

Well, where would you be if I didn't?

Paula, if this girl's got it, we'll make a major breakthrough in psychometry and that'll take us both way beyond any tenure committee.

Give me my goddamn phone.

Mmm. Mmm.

(vehicles passing)

(soft jazzy music)

(police siren wailing) (clock softly ticking)

(soft jazzy music)

(saxophone music)

(suspenseful music)

(crickets chirping)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music) (eerie whispering)

(light knocking)

(ominous music)

Oh great, it's you.

Come on in. I filled out your form.

Thank you.

(suspenseful music)

Come on in.

Wow, this place is like a museum.

Where'd you get all this stuff?

India, Africa, southeast Asia.

Newark, New Jersey. (laughing) Interesting.

Actually, it's mostly inherited.

You don't speak Chinese by any chance, you do?

Listen, Dr. Burton.

Call me Ian, take a look at this.

It's beautiful.

Yes, Chang and very rare.

Okay, watch your eyes.

(laser beaming)

Okay, these lasers act like a CD.

They transform pattern vibrations into electronic signals to produce sound.

Only in this case, the Chang is a disk.

(laser beaming) (distorted talking)

Can you hear it? Yeah.

I think we're in the actual conversations of the potters at the time this vase was created over 600 years ago.

Through the vibrations of their voices, they're patterned into the pottery as it's made just like a recording.

That's incredible.

It's a real phenomenon.

It's called psychometry.

I believe and I'm gonna prove that all objects maintain century impressions.

And what I want you to do, here sit down.

Is construct an entire human being out of the objects that belong to that person.

You can do that?

No, but maybe you can.


I give you an object.

You touch it, you feel it, you absorb vibrations, whatever.

And then you tell me about the person that owned it.

Why me?

Because the way you reacted this afternoon, to those radar waves.

And who knows, maybe you have other unusual abilities.

Do you have a tape recorder?


Good, use that to record your impressions.

What if I don't get any impressions?

What if you don't get any impressions?

Then this will be the easiest 75 bucks you ever earned.

(Lila laughs)

(ominous music)

(paper ripping)

(ominous music)

(light knocking)

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

(hard knocking)

(suspenseful music)

Hi. Hi Denny.

Am I interrupting something, I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

Well, I was just passing by.

I thought I'd see if you wanted to get a little bite to eat or something.

Oh. Maybe?

Um. Are you busy?

Well kind of, I'm not going anywhere.

I just have stuff that I have to do here.

Well that's all right, really, I stopped by.

Okay, thanks for asking. Sure.


Do you wanna, maybe you wanna do something some other night?

Yeah, sure.

Just give me a call, okay?


Absolutely, yes, I'll call you.

I'm sorry, I'll call you.

Okay, Denny. I'm sorry.

Good night.

Yeah, good night.

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

It's strange I'm not sure what I'm seeing.

Seems like a young girl.

Beautiful, distant.

Sexy, but I don't know, somehow cold.

It's hard to tell if these impressions have anything to do with the hosiery or if they're just my imagination.

But anyway, that's it.

(suspenseful music)

(door bell rings)

Hi Lila, come on in. Am I interrupting something?

No, just doing a bit of Chinese yoga.

Helps to keep me calm.

I listened to your tape.

You have a strong psychic sense.

Do you hear voices?

All the time.

Drives me crazy.

Hmm hmm.

Have you seen anyone about it?


I was diagnosed as a schizophrenic.


Good for you.

Can I get you something?



You know when I was a teenager, my senses were so strong that I couldn't tell if they were real or not.

It was really confusing.

[Ian] Keep talking.

Well, then the doctors, you know how they can be.

[Ian] Yeah, doctors don't know a goddamn thing, that's why they call it a practice.

(suspenseful music)

Ice? (ice splashes)


Excuse my hands.

Anyway, my mother took me a neurologist.

He ran some tests.

Excessive brain activity.

But no dementia.

Just hypersensitive, right?


Hmm hmm.

Must have been very traumatic for you, huh?

Yeah. (ice rattling)

I'd like another assignment.

[Ian] Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Besides, I could really use the money.

Okay, let's get you set up again.

(ominous music)

(animal growling)

(dramatic music)

(animal growling)

Here's your check.

Okay, different object, same procedure.

Take your time on it.

So what do you hope to learn from all this?

Whatever you can tell me.

(eerie whispering)

[Woman] Fuck you, I can't believe you.

(eerie whispering) (faint arguing)

(ominous music) (water draining)

(woman yelling)

[Lila] Dr. Burton?

Sorry, can I talk to you for a minute?

Concentration is crucial.

You okay?

Well, I've been having these visual images.

[Ian] Hmm hmm.

And I can't really describe her.

But she was there.

Did she do anything in particular?

Was there an emotional counterpart?

Well, it scared me.

If that's what you mean.

I put everything on the tape.

Um, she seemed really frightened.

Why would she be frightened?

Well, fear is just one expression in a whole range of sensations.

The next object will most likely bring you something totally different.

Did you know her?

Lila, don't rely on deductive reasoning to create your imagery.

Just follow your instincts.

You seem to have a convenient supply of these.

Makes me popular at parties.

(Lila laughs)

(paper ripping)

(birds squawking)

(ominous music)

(pensive music)

(chalk scribbling)

(faint background chattering)

(suspenseful music)

(fan whirring) (ominous music)

(eerie whispering)

(fan whirring) (ominous music)

(eerie whispering)

(fan whirring) (ominous music)

(eerie whispering) (clock ticking)

Light and airy, huh?

Cozy, that's what the realtors like to say.

It's a euphemism for small.

(shade reverberates)

Good windows, though. Good light.

Nice view.

Yeah, I'll say.

So, when would you need it?

Oh, I'm just looking right now.

So, how are the neighbors?

Aw, they're pretty nice.

Good neighbors, a lot of university folks.

Are you a student here?

Yeah. Hmm.

That girl that, you know, last year (coughing), she was a student, God rest her soul. (coughing)

(suspenseful music)

What did you say?

Oh sorry, my lungs clog up on me now and then.

No, what did you say, God rest her soul?

Oh, I'm sorry, you didn't know?

(ominous music)

[Lila] I felt sick when he told me.

Okay, now, back up a minute.

You saw the sign in your dream and you went to go check it out.

Now, how do you know that it was the same sign or even the right apartment?

I didn't. (clock tolling)

When I got there, it was like I had been there before.

Like I'd been led there.

[Maryann] Led there?

By the girl.

By the dead girl.

By a strangled dead girl.

[Lila] Yeah.

They never found the murderer?

I don't Maryann, that's what the guy said.

Well, she's probably right.

So you've got a strangled dead, raped girl, led you there and you didn't even know her.

I didn't.

At least not when she was alive.

Well move in there Lila, that sounds great.

You can call me up and we'll hang out and get raped and murdered.


[Lila] Why are you doing this?

This is my work.

I believe objects retain impressions, actual sensory experience.

And I wanna prove it.


But why this girl?

Why her?

(scoffs) She's dead, isn't she?

(suspenseful music)

She was murdered here in this building, right?

You got that from the stocking or the compact?

I don't know, why don't you tell me.

(suspenseful music)


You're trying to guess at this person's life.


Discover who she is from the objects.

Use what you have.

Rely on your sensations.

Whatever they may be.

(suspenseful music)

(intense classical music)

(canvas scratching)

(intense classical music)

(eerie whispering)

(woman gasping) (glass breaking)

(suspenseful music)

Hey girl. Come on, let's go!

Hey down here.

(suspenseful music)

(eerie whispering) (ominous music)

(keyboard keys tapping)

Excuse me, I'm looking for periodicals.

Primarily newspapers from last fall.

Down the corridor to the left.

Thank you.

(keyboard keys tapping)

(suspenseful music)

(soft squeaking)

(suspenseful music)

That's your answers?

That's your answer?

You're wrong Irwin, it's because we trust ourselves.

We trust ourselves to know that a sunset is beautiful.

We trust ourselves to know that fire is dangerous.

But what about our sense of beauty and danger?

Senses we disregard because, we can't see them. (students laughing)

Okay, what if we're overcome by a feeling?

It's a feeling we cannot explain.

And where would that feeling lead us if we acted on it?

I'm sure you've all heard what the poets say.

Even in he absence of evidence, you always know when your lover takes another.

Whoo hoo, let's look at Steven Harkie. (dramatic clapping)

Okay, that's it for today.

Finish your book for next week.

(students faintly chattering)

I thought that was you sitting back there.

I was hoping... You lied to me.

It's not something I'm incapable of but could you be a little more specific?

You told me that you didn't know her.


Quit playing games, Ian.

Carrie Reiner.

She was my student.

How'd you like my landlord?

He's a gossip.

Yeah, well it doesn't matter where I got the name from.

You were involved with her.

She was murdered and the police questioned you as a suspect.

She was my student.

And my lover.

That's why the police questioned me.

Truth is, I hardly knew her.

You're lying.

Am I?

How well do you know your lovers?

Why are you giving me Carrie's things?

[Ian] What makes you think they're hers?

Why don't you just tell me one way or the other.

Just tell me.

You wanna think I'm a killer?

Go ahead.

Yeah, well you know what I think?

I think I quit.

But I don't understand.

Why he's trying to dress up her like her?

Well you see, that's the brilliant part.

She's totally taken him over by now, is he crazy or he is possessed?

And you know, there's a great scene at the end of this thing where he actually becomes the opera singer. (laughing)

I'm sorry, you're bored.

No, I like it, I'm just really tired.

It's okay. You don't mind?


But, Polanski, he is a genius okay.


Thanks for dinner.

We could do this again, it's, I, I like movies, a lot.

What else do you like?

Um, painting.

And I like quiet.

But I don't get much of that.

But I really love painting.

You are really good at it.

Not yet.

I can see things but I just can't get at them.

That's what I want is just to be able to see all the way in.

(laughing) What?

Can you see into me?

(laughs) I think I can see right through you, Denny.

Oh God, you're so beautiful.

Hold on, Denny.

You're so beautiful. Denny, hold it.

Denny stop, Denny stop it!

(Denny murmurs)

I am sorry, I am so sorry.

I wanna see you.

I promise, I will never do anything...

Denny, I just, I wanted to be friends.

Oh, um.

Lila, look, I'm sorry if I rushed you.

Okay, I'm sorry, give me another chance, okay.

Just call me.

Okay. Okay.

(door slams)

[Maryann] So what's happening with this guy, Denny?

It's over.

Hmm, so you guys are just friends?


Doesn't have anything to do with Svengali, does it?

That was work and anyway, I quit.

What happened?

(scoffs) Maryann, I've been having these dreams.

Honey, I hope you're not getting involved with the teaching staff here for God's sakes.

It's right in the middle of our first semester.

(suspenseful music)

You don't go fucking your professor, Lila.

There have been so many rumors about Dr. Burton.

(suspenseful music)

Lila, don't go fucking... (ominous music)

While Dr. Burton.

(ominous music)

(dishes crashing) (Maryann faintly talking)

The university standards and behavior dictate that you don't go fucking your professor.

(ominous music)

Don't get sucked in Lila.

Trust me. (suspenseful music)

(distorted chattering) (ominous music)

You can't trust him Lila.

(ominous music)

He could have strangled that girl.

(ominous music)

He could have smuggled her and slit her throat.

Trust me. (ominous music)

You can't trust him Lila.

(ominous music)

Fuck me. (eerie whispering)

He killed her.

(suspenseful music)

What? (ominous music)

He raped her. What are...

He killed her. Fuck me.

What are you doing to me?

(ominous music)

(dishes breaking)

I'm trying to talk to you.


Anyone home?

Definitely out to lunch.

[Ian] Get me out of these clothes.

(faint overlapping chattering)


(sighs) Denny. Sorry.

Um, I am really embarrassed about what happened.

Denny, it's fine, it's okay.

[Denny] Well great, do you wanna maybe do something tonight or?

[Lila] I'll be home later, call me all right?


That's terrific. Right.

Wait, should I bring a movie?

I really gotta go.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

[Denny] Great.


(suspenseful music) (crickets chirping)

(eerie whispering)

(suspenseful music) (crickets chirping)

(ominous music)

(cigarette lighter flickers)

(ominous music)

(door bell rings)

I'm sorry about blowing up on you the other day.

I was pretty upset.

Can I come in?


I know you probably think I'm crazy.

It's just that I've never tried to use my voices or whatever.

I don't know.

And then when I found out about the girl downstairs...

I understand.

And I don't think you're crazy.

You were right.

And it's better we discontinue.

No. I made a mistake.

I made a mistake of overlooking the emotional aspect.

Bad science.

Can I get you something to drink?


All right.

I've been overcome by psychometry myself, sometimes.

I mean, you know, think about it.

It is no small thing.

(drink pours)

I hope Cordon Bleu 1987 is adequate.

I think I messed up.

I'd like to give it another try, if you still want me.

Sit down.


It's not a matter of wanting you.

I have a lot of at stake.

There was a problem last year in the tenure committee.

Tenure committee.

They're breathing down my neck.

It's not a stable experiment.

But I thought you needed my help.

[Ian] I can put you on another assignment.

No one has ever helped me to use what I have, to turn it from torment into something positive.

You can do that Dr. Burton.

You called me Ian when you were mad at me.

I'm sorry, I suspected,

I don't know what I thought.


But this is just work like your other studies, okay?

Strictly scholastic.

Hmm hmm.

No sex.

(object clanking)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

(rhythmic music)

♪ You never know when it's going to be right ♪

♪ You never never know when it's really all right ♪

♪ I can tell in your letter ♪

♪ It can only get better, better, better ♪

♪ Take a right ♪

♪ Get ready ♪

♪ Take your chance, take a chance ♪

♪ You're ready ♪

(rhythmic music)

♪ Take your right ♪

♪ Get ready ♪

♪ Take your chance, take a chance ♪

♪ Are you ready? ♪

♪ Take a right ♪

(rhythmic music) (phone ringing)

[Lila's Voicemail] Hi, It's Lila...

(rhythmic music)

♪ Get ready ♪

(rhythmic music)

♪ Take a right, take a right ♪

♪ Get ready ♪

♪ Take a right ♪

♪ Take a chance ♪

♪ Are you ready ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

(rhythmic music)

♪ Take a chance ♪

(suspenseful music)

(door bell rings)

(soft classical music)

My impressions were so strong that I just had to show ya.

I think you better come in.

(classical music)

As I was saying.

Lila, this is not appropriate.

You are very lovely but this is not appropriate.

It's okay, Ian.

Just trust your self.

Lila, just exactly...

Shh, it's okay.

I'll be here with you. Lila.

(Lila whispering)

Just relax, we can relax.


[Lila] It'll be great.


Lila, honey.

Lila, I can't, I, I, I just can't do this.

Oh my God, I'm sorry.

I didn't, I.

I'm sorry.

(ominous music)

(eerie whispering)

Goddamn it.

(ominous music)

(saxophone music)

Just keep it down, after midnight, okay?

(saxophone music)

(faint background talking)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)


Relax, Lila t's just me.

Denny, what are you doing here?

We had plans, I've been waiting since nine.

We did not have definite plans.

I said to call me.

No, no, no, no, I've got Scorsese films here.

And some comedies, I don't know what you like.

Denny, this is not a good, okay?

It's late and I'm tired.

Lila, wait! What?

(suspenseful music)

Where have you been?

What, are blowing me off?

(suspenseful music)

Go home Denny.

[Denny] You're seeing someone else, aren't you?

What's the matter with me?

Go home Denny!

Lila! (door slams)


(eerie music)

(sensual rhythmic music)

(scissors snipping)

(sensual rhythmic music)

[Maryann] Wow.

You don't like it.

No, I mean, no, I like it.

It's cute, I just wasn't expecting, that's all.

I was just sick of the same ole thing.

No, I totally understand.

It's very cute, it's sort of carefree.

Kind of frames your face.

One little problem though.

I think you cut off more than your hair.


Well, you're moving into Carrie Reiner's old apartment.

[Lila] So?

Okay, you know, maybe I'm a presumptuous opinionated bitch but I think you're being just a little rash.

The place is much nicer.

I'm sure it's very nice.

One floor below the good professor.

You wanna give me a break?

I'm just working with him, that's all.

Have you told your parents yet?

Maryann, stay out of this, okay?

You know they wouldn't understand, they never have.

Anyway, I've made up my mind.

You see the evidence is you, even having a mind.

I'm finally doing something powerful.

I've been hearing these voices and seeing these images all my life.

I'm finally putting them to use.

Yeah, but you have to move in next door to Dr. Jekyll?

'Cause she led me there Maryann.

No, I think I'm her only link.

Her only hope.

SHe's dead, Lila.

I have to do this.

I have to know the truth.

The truth is I'm having a little trouble telling the two of you apart.

Other than she's dead.

Okay, so.

That cop that you said was handling the case, what was his name?

Detective Pantella. Yeah.

Go talk to him.

If he says that Dr. Feel Good is copasetic, you won't hear another peep out of me.

It's departmental policy to keep all unsolved cases on the books but, for all intents and purposes, this one's closed.

She was a friend of yours?


We use to hang out, you know.

You can imagine my shock when I got back and found out she'd been murdered.


I just had to find out anything I could.

Well, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Well, thank you.

I appreciate your time.


Were there ever any suspects?

No one was charged.

My mother kept the newspaper clippings.

And um, I think one of 'em said something about, a professor of hers.

What was his name?


Dr. Ian Burton.

Did uh, you know him?


Well anyway, like I told you, the department conducted an intensive investigation and decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge any of the potential suspects we interviewed.

What do you think?

(scoffs) I'm not the chief.

(faint background chattering)

Well? Not guilty, case closed.

I'm taking the apartment.

Oh fuck.

Oh, let me help you.


Okay great.


Say, if you'd like you know, I could show you the area.

The conveniences, it's a really nice neighborhood.

Yeah, maybe sometime.

I know the area pretty well from school though.

Uh huh and laundry, oh I showed you already.


You know, I do mine on Wednesdays and if you're busy, you know, you can give me your things.

I can do 'em for ya.

Uh, that's okay.

Thanks for asking though.

What a surprise.


I see you made friends already.

No dust on you.

Hey Mitch, Ms. Reed's my student.

Have you got her settled in?

Uh huh.

Well if there's anything else I can do for ya, I'm right next door. Okay.

Just knock on the door anytime or, knock on the wall. (laughs)

Thank you.

Well. See ya Mitch.

(laughing) Is he all right?

No, he's out of his mind.

I heard you were moving in.

For you, housewarming.

Thank you.

Can we talk?

Oh I, you know, Ian.

I understand... I'm sure you do.

But it goes way beyond you being my student.

Uh, when Carrie was murdered.

What did you have to do with Carrie's death?


But I felt, I feel entirely responsible.

I mean not for her murder but for her.

Don't you see Lila, it's not that I don't want you, it's uh.

I just can't do that again.

And besides, I'm already in a relationship.

And I like her.

[Lila] So where's my next package?

Are you joking?

[Lila] I can't let you start from square one.

But this has been a nightmare for you, Lila.

[Lila] Yeah, well, I'm use to those.

Besides, my nightmares don't pay as well.

(Ian laughs)


(water dripping)

(dye shaking)

(suspenseful music)

(water running)

(suspenseful music)

(glass squeaking)

(suspenseful music)

(water running)

(eerie whispering)

(ominous music) (water running)

(suspenseful music)

(Lila laughs)

(suspenseful music)

(paper ripping)

I'm seeing them again, together.

She wants it.

It's sexy.


He's kissing her.

Her breasts.

Her neck.

He turns her over.

His eyes are intense.



(smooth rhythmic music)

She wants it.

(smooth rhythmic music)

♪ Just call me up ♪

(smooth rhythmic music)

♪ Just call me up ♪

(smooth rhythmic music)

Are you waiting for someone?


Could I buy you a drink?

No thank you, I'm fine.

What's that you're writing?

I'm just writing down some things.

Could I get you to accept a drink from an old English major?

My name is Earl, I'd love to see your writing...

Please. I'm sorry.

I just have a keen interest in poetry.

Are you familiar with the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats?

Do you have any Irish in you?

No. Would you like some?

I would really like to be left alone, okay?

You want to go to a crowed bar to be alone?

Maybe you wanna go to a library.

Mister, you have two choices.

Leave the girl alone.

Or spend the rest of your life in a coma.

(smooth rhythmic music)

Or you could maybe just buy her a library card.

Keep the change.

He's just an asshole.

♪ Just call me up ♪

(police siren wailing) (car horn honking)

(smooth rhythmic music)

Excuse me, I offered to buy you a drink and that makes me the bad guy?

What is going on here?

No, I.

Who said asshole?

Somebody called me an asshole.

No, that wasn't me, I didn't say anything...

Somebody said it.

I just wanted to be left alone.

No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm not done with you.

Please. Can we just be nice?

Can we start over and just...

Excuse me, I just wanted to be alone.

I'm not gonna hurt you, sweetie calm down.

Please let go of me, let go of me! (yelling)

[Man In Street] Hey, who's over there?

Uh, we'll talk to the bartender tonight and see if we can get a definite ID.

[Lila] I'm sorry, it all just happened so quickly.

Earl might not be this guy's real name.

You don't think he followed you home?

[Lila] Well, I didn't see him.

Well, Roger will keep an eye on the place tonight.

Nick, why don't you go ahead and phone in a black and white and stay in the neighborhood.

[Lila] Thank you.

You live in Carrie Reiner's apartment?

You don't need police protection, you need a psychiatrist.

Listen, you don't understand.


What don't I understand?

Why'd you come see me?

Some sort of a college game, you playing detective?

No, I was worried, when I found about Dr. Burton's involvement with Carrie Reiner.

You decided to move in next door to the guy.

You said there was no evidence against him.

I said there wasn't enough to charge him.

Well, I just can't believe that Dr. Burton could kill anyone.

Yeah, well.

I hope you're right.

How come everyone believes he's innocent but you?

He had an alibi, a woman.

Very solid, full of shit, but solid.

Made the place nice and cozy since I was here last.

(suspenseful music)

That's where she was, on the bed.

On her back.

Her skin was real pale

'cause all the blood had settled.

The backs of her leg were black from it.

Of course, her bowels had emptied when she was being strangled.

Stop please.

Yeah, right.

(suspenseful music)

You're even starting to look like her.

(suspenseful music)

I don't know why I'm angry at you, I should be grateful.

I always wanted to catch the bastard that did that to her.

And when he kills you, I will.

(suspenseful music)

(pen scribbling)

Dr. Langford, my name is Lila Reed.

[Paula] Hi.

There's something I'd like to talk you about if I could.

Sure, how can I help you?

Do you believe in communication with the dead?

Well, anything's possible but this is really Dr. Burton's area of expertise.

Were you with him the night Carrie Reiner died?

What's your interest in Carrie Reiner?

Well, I'm living in her old apartment and I think she's trying to communicate with me.

Well, she's been dead for nearly a year.

[Lila] I know.

Parapsychology is not really my field.

They don't believe you.


The police.

They think you're lying to protect him.

You've been talking to the police?

Do you think that he could have killed Carrie?

Of course not.

Were you really with him that night?

Yes, I was with him.

The first night that I was in Carrie's apartment.

I saw him standing him over my bed.

Not in reality, it was, like a dream.

Does Dr. Burton know that you're here?

[Lila] No.

I think you should talk about this with him.

I mean, has he frightened you or?

No. Done anything?

Look, Ian Burton had nothing to do with Carrie Reiner's death, Lila.

Thank you.

(soft classical music)

She thinks the dead girl's been communicating with her using her to identify the killer.



Uh huh.

She's psychotic?

No uh, hypersensitive prone to fantasy but her responses are reactionary.

They don't indicate a split in the psyche.

Then why is she talking to the police?

I don't know.

Look, I don't wanna have to lie for you again, Ian.

She's helping me Paula.

I see.

Doctor's in?

You know, I don't sleep with every researcher that comes my way.

And why not?

'Cause I don't have the time.

Just take me to Stockholm when you win the prize, hmm?

Oh yeah, I'll get the tickets right away.

(laughs) We just have to get you past that tenure committee this year.

I'm doing my work Paula.

If they don't endorse it, I'll do it somewhere else.

Oh, and where might that be?

Wherever I'm welcomed. (Paula laughs)

(soft classical music)

(curious music)

(couple moaning) (suspenseful music)

Hmm, I know what you like.

(couple moaning) (suspenseful music)

Is that how you do it, hmm?

(couple moaning) (suspenseful music)

Come on, don't wait for me, come on.

(couple moaning) (suspenseful music)

(Ian gasping)

(couple moaning) (suspenseful music)

[Ian] Kiss me.

(passionate music)

(pensive music)

(door jingling) (ominous music)

(suspenseful music) (door shaking)

(curious music)

Who's there?

(eerie music)

(light banging) (suspenseful music)

Who's there?

(door jingling) (eerie music)

(ominous music)

Here you are. Thank you.

[Ian] Hmm hmm.

I must have scared him off.

What, with this? (Lila laughs)

Did you see anyone?

No, I heard them.

And then the lock was broken on my door.

Hmm hmm.

Do you want me to call the police?

(sighs) No, there's nothing they can do now anyway.

Yeah, you're right.


I think you spend the rest of the night here.

Are you sure that's such a good idea?

I mean, on the sofa.

I'll get you a blanket.

(curious music) (Lila moaning)

How you feeling?


Coffee? Thanks.

Can I use your bathroom?

[Ian] Make yourself at home.

I called a locksmith.

They fixed your lock.


(eerie whispering)

(ominous music)

(loud knocking) Sugar, cream?

[Lila] Nothing, thanks.

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

French roast decaf.

Actually, I really have to be going.

Hey, quick sample, I'll walk you out.

(ominous music)

Hey. (eerie music)

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

How's that coffee?

It's great.


(curious music)

Forgetting something.

My new key. Hmm hmm.

I'll leave the spare with Mitch.

Hey Lila, shut that lock, will ya?

Get some rest, I'll see you later, okay?

Thank you. Okay.

(eerie whispering)

(door squeaking)

(clock ticking)

(curious music)

(eerie music)

(ominous music)

(ambient music)

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

(trunk lid shuts)

(heart beating) (ominous music)

(object thumps)

(sinister music)



Get away from me.

I'm sorry Lila, I did not know it was you.

(sighs) My head is splitting.

I'm not surprised, I gave you quite a whack.

What were you doing in here, honey?

I don't know, I...

[Ian] Well, that explains it.

I wasn't trying to steal anything.

I, I was just hoping that I would find something.

Find something?

Those things that you've been giving me are Carrie's things.

And I know that the police think that you killed her and I know they don't believe Paula Langford's story.

And I was just, I was concerned.

I was afriad for you.

I want to find out the truth.

Look, slow down.

It's all right.

The police have no reason to suspect me.

And you need some aspirin.

You know what?

I've never met a female burgular before.

Do you have to do any special kind of training?

I see this got your interest.

(files slams)

I did not murder Carrie, Lila.

Truth is, I've been using you to help me find her killer.

Come on.

After Carrie died, the cops, they got nowhere.

Morons, one of the detectives, he takes it as a personal failure and gets a bug up his ass about me.

I couldn't let it go.

I hoped it could find someone who could help me use psychometry to find out what happened to Carrie but I needed the right person.

Well, this old colleague of mine in Michigan State, he tells me about you.

About your abilities.

About the fact that you're in transfer for a year, so.

I arranged to have you assigned to me.

Arranged it? Yeah.

Why didn't you tell me what you were doing?


Conjuring up the dead isn't exactly the kind of job you advertise for.

Were you really with Paula Langford that night?


(smooth jazzy music)

(faint chattering)

(smooth jazzy music)

I have confirmed my theories.

What's that?

Men here really are a different species.

(laughs) No kidding.

So anyways, you believed him?

I don't know.

But if he killed her, why would he be giving me her things?

I mean, he would just be incriminating himself.

Well, he's weird.

Shut up. I'm sorry.

Those scarves, it's just scary.

Maybe it's some kind of kinky psychic sex thing.

(laughs) Oh yeah.

I've practically thrown myself at him.

To no avail.

I don't think he's just out to get laid.

Like you.

(ladies laughing)

(faint talking) (smooth music)

Maybe you should go talk to that detective again.

Oh come on Maryann, what am I suppose to say?

I've been having these sexual fantasies about him.

And I broke into his apartment.

He'd think I was crazy.

Oh shit. What?

Don't look now but that guy is here. (sighs)

♪ At last, she was fulfilled and collapsed on the floor ♪ Psychic sex, honey.

In your dreams, men are watching you.

No Maryann, I'm serious.

That guy that was really nasty to me the other night was just over there.

(smooth music)

Come on, let's get the hell out of here.

I haven't finished my drink yet.

(scoffs) Shit.

(smooth jazzy music)

(ladies laughing)

(crickets chirping)



You coming in?

No, I'm gonna head home.

Oh come on.

No. I'll see you.

Thanks for the drink. You're welcome.

Oh you want your coat back?

Nah, keep it.

You gotta walk home. Okay, okay bye see ya.

(water splashing)

(Maryann gasping) (suspenseful music)

(Maryann yelling) (ominous music)

(police siren wailing) (helicopter blades whirring)

(police faintly speaking on radio)

(overlapping chattering) (helicopter blades whirring)

Excuse me, hey. Detective!

What happened?


Oh my God, no, no!

No, that's my friend!

That's my coat, she was wearing my coat.

(Lila sobbing)

No! (ominous music)

(Lila sobbing) (suspenseful music)

No! (sobbing)

(somber music (Lila sobbing)

It's all right Lila.

I shouldn't have let her go.

I shouldn't have let her go.

There was no way you could know.

Now listen. (Lila sobbing)

I'm a little worried about your safety.

I'm gonna put your in protective custody.

If you're so fucking worried, why don't you find the bastard that did this to my best friend?

That's exactly what I plan to do.

But I need your help.

You help me, we nail 'em.

What are you talking about?

You tell me.

You work for the guy.

No, no, no, no.

No, Dr. Burton did not do this to her!

He did not do this. (sobbing)

He was using me to find Carrie's killer.

Don't you see? (sobbing)

(suspenseful music)

What are you saying, Lila?

He would give me Carrie's things.

And I would get these images from them.

It was like ESP.

It was a theory he called psychometry.

(suspenseful music)

Why the fuck didn't you tell me this?

(suspenseful music)

He was setting you up like he did Carrie Reiner.

Two students, two murders, one MO and now one motive.

What, motive?

This, this shit, this whatever, psychometry.

His life's work.

He didn't even know Maryann.

She was wearing your coat.

He thought he was killing you.

(suspenseful music)

It's Carrie Reiner all over again.

In all the odds, we find leather marks on Maryann's throat.

(ominous music)


Forensics showed Carrie was strangled with a leather cord of some kind.

(ominous music)

Oh my God.

What is it?

Carrie's diary.

Carrie's diary?

I had a vision.

Visions of Dr. Burton together with Carrie making love.

I know it's real.

I know it's real.

I was writing in the diary.

That Dr. Burton gave me.

I was writing things about Carrie.

I could write an ending where Ian kills Carrie.

Where he kills her.

He'll think that I've actually seen it.

Wait a minute now.

You think he's guilty?

If you wanna know if he's guilty, it's perfect. (sobbing)

I'll be the bait.

He'll come after me if he's guilty and I'll be the bait.

Look, I asked you to help me.

I didn't ask you to become a human sacrifice.

No, it'll work.

You'll be there to protect me, it'll work.

(pensive music)

You love this guy, don't you?

(pensive music)

(Lila sobbing)

(doorbell ringing)

Fuck you Ian. Excuse me?

Why her Ian, why?

She didn't even do anything.

Who? Maryann.

I'm talking about Maryann.

Who's Maryann?

You know damn well who Maryann is.

But this time, that bitch isn't here to give you...

An alibi.

You bastard.

Calm down, what's happening?

You're both lying.

No talk to me, what is happening?

I've seen it, I've seen everything.

And it's all right here.

All about you and Carrie.

I trusted you. (sobbing)

What was that all about?


Come here.

Let's go back to bed.

(water lightly splashing)


How you doing?

I'm sorry about Maryann.

She seemed like a.

Hey look, maybe I can help out, you know?

Denny, thank you.

We don't have to do anything.

I just...

I'd just like to be alone, okay.

You know, I thought I could come over tonight.

Maybe and just help out.

Denny, thank you, no.

Lila, wait, wait. (phone ringing)

Why you blowing me off like this, huh?

Denny, I just didn't feel the same way.

Wait, you think you can treat me like a loser and then you just walk out on me?

Is that right?

You can't do that to me Lila!

Lila, come here.

Pantella needs to speak with you.

[Lila] Thank you.




He confessed? It's bullshit.


Because this murder and Carrie Reiner's are too similar to be a coincidence.

And that loser in there is no serial killer.

But he confessed.

Happens all the time.

He was in my apartment.

He could have gotten in anytime, even before.

He could have gotten to Carrie.

That's my point, he didn't own the building till six months ago.

Ian is innocent, Ian is innocent.

We have to get to him.

We have to tell him that this whole diary thing was a plant.

We don't know that yet. We have to tell him!

We don't know that yet!

We gotta play it out.

We're almost home!

You want him to be guilty.

You just don't wanna admit that you were wrong!

That is not true, Lila.

You son of a bitch. Lila.

(Lila sobbing) Lila!


(suspenseful music)

I'm seeing them again.

It's sexy.

It's erotic.

He's kissing her.

Her breasts.

Touching her lips.

Kissing her.

Her neck.

She loves the way he feels.

(suspenseful music)

The way his skin smells.

His eyes are intense and powerful.

Exciting. (suspenseful music)

But he frightens her.

And he won't let go of her.

And she's gasping, choking.

He's strangling her.

And he won't stop.

He won't stop!

She's not breathing.

This is a fucking no smoking area.

Let's walk through this one more time.

I didn't mean to kill her.

(eerie whispering) (loud knocking)


(loud knocking)

(eerie whispering)

(overlapping chattering)

Dr. Langford!

I'm looking for Ian, have you seen Ian?

I haven't seen Dr. Burton since this morning.

Okay, okay. Lila...

It's your statement.

Those are your exact words.

What's the problem?

Well, I don't wanna go to prison.

[Assistant] Global's in.

[Pantella] Son of a bitch!


Why didn't you tell me about that?


I don't wanna go to prison. (door slams)

Don't worry, you won't be living that long.

You got a cigarette?

(phone ringing) (suspenseful music)

[Lila's Voicemail] Hi this is Lila.

Leave me a message. (beeps)

[Detective Pantella] Yeah Lila, please pick up.

All right Listen, Mitch Snyder couldn't have killed Carrie Reiner, he was in a drunk tank in Ventura serving time on a DUI.

Don't let anyone in your apartment.

I'm sending Detective Holmes over.

(suspenseful music) (machine beeps)

(ominous music)

(detective sighs) (Lila gasps)

Let me do that for you.

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music) (eerie whispering)

(suspenseful music)

(truck horn beeps)

(frantic instrumental music)

(dramatic music)

(frantic instrumental music)

(Carrie yelling)

(frantic instrumental music)

(security alarm beeps)

Who is it? It's Pantella.

[Detective Holmes] I'll be right down.

(suspenseful music)

How is she?

Everything's fine, she's asleep.

Nothing much happening.

I'll take over, okay.

(crickets chirping)

(door squeaks)


(clock ticking)

(statue bangs) (ominous music)

[Carrie] Lila, watch out!

(sinister music) (Lila yelling)

Oh fuck.

You bitch!

(women yelling)

(Lila gagging)

You're not gonna take him away from me!

Lila! (Lila gagging)

(Paula yelling)

(ominous music)

(Paula yelling) (loud banging)

[Lila] Oh, oh God!

Fuck you. (yelling)

[Ian] This time, you've got to stop!

(Paula grunting) (ominous music)

No Paula, Paula!

I gave up everything for you Ian.

No! (sobbing)

(Ian gagging) (Paula yelling)

(gun bangs) (Lila yelling)

(ominous music)

Ian! (sobbing) (suspenseful music)

Please tell me it's over.

Tell me it's over. (suspenseful music)

(somber music)

It's beautiful, isn't it?

I was just listening to the sounds.

I know. (reflective music)

She saved my life.

You set her free.

The voices, they're different.

Shh. (reflective music)

You have a gift.

It's a gift.

Use it well.

Thank you Ian.

(instrumental music)

Listen to 'em.

(instrumental music)