Sensei! (2017) Script

[ Entrance Ceremony ]

Um... The warm sunshine of spring is falling...

Today is a good day.

In honor of our dear guests and the places of the parents, we cannot bear the happiness with the people involved.

Um, and...

To all new students, certainly,

we would like you to think being a part of a high school student carefully.

Well, our student lives, you see...

If it's books, then we're talking about mind. If it's about mind, then we're talking about books. And so on.

And it's like, "Buy a book instead of eating.....

That time...

I still wasn't aware.


...being in love is.

[ Sensei! My Teacher ]

[ One Year After ]

Geez! [ One Year After ]

[ One Year After ]

I told you that Mr Sekiya's shoe box would be 2 from the right, 4 from the top!

Sorry! 2 from the top, and from the right...

Hey, Chigusa. Don't always ask Hibiki for anything!

You should have put your own love letter yourself.



It's gone?

Ah! It has already been taken! It's over!

Sorry. I'm really sorry!

I wonder which teacher is this?

This shoe box is...

Of all the people, it's Ito.

I'm really not good with him. Besides, he doesn't take jokes.

I wonder if Hibiki will be okay?

[ Social Studies Preparation Room ]

I think Hibiki is also not good with Ito. [ Social Studies Preparation Room ]

[ Social Studies Preparation Room ]

Why? [ Social Studies Preparation Room ]

[ Social Studies Preparation Room ]

You see, when answering Ito's world history class, Hibiki's voice gets a little higher.

Excuse me.

M-Mr Ito...


Ah, ah, um...

You see...

It's about that letter that was in the shoe box...


So you wrote it?

No! Um, it was Chi...


So it's Chigusa.

It sure sounds like something she would write.

Big hand.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry! If you'll excuse me!



Tell Chigusa if she's Japanese, write properly in Japanese.

Yes, Sir.

[ Supplementary Lessons ]

[ Should be in different parenthesis ]

[ Announce candidacy ]

So annoying! [ Announce candidacy ]

[ Because there's no sender's name: 0 points ] So annoying!

[ Because there's no sender's name: 0 points ]


To think someone who can't tell a woman's presence would grade a love letter!

This is so funny! Ito's awesome.

Oh right, Hibiki, did you tell Ito to not tell anyone?

Ah, I forgot.



I'm sure Mr Ito won't tell anyone.

Hey, you guys over there!

The bell has rung.

Mr Sekiya...

Ms Nakajima!

You're really beautiful so early in the morning.

Don't make fun of adults.

If you want cute girls, there are lots around you.

But you're really beautiful.

Please stop it, even you say it.

It's true. I'm not the type to compliment people either.

How annoying...

Ah! I wonder if Sekiya actually likes Nakajima.

I wonder what that bastard Sekiya is thinking.

In front of students, seducing a woman...

It's not Sekiya's fault.

He's just deceived by Nakajima's lust.

You're just being too hostile with Nakajima.

That's because she's excessively with Sekiya recently!

Sekiya's unbelievable!

I told you, it's not Sekiya's fault!

You two seem to be having fun.

Huh? Huh?

Even though I thought I just got into high school, I just realized I'm already a second year...

Even my current 17-year-old self, will end without me realizing it.


Kawai's so cool!

Isn't he so cool?! He's so great!

Oh well. Everyone is getting tricked by him.

I wonder why everyone knows the feeling

that they like that certain someone.

I wonder why they know it.


Recently, there's news that a suspicious man is hanging around school.

This goes especially to girls, please be cautious.

Yuck! Could it be you?


I'll kill you.

Scary! Kosuke, you're scary!

What the. Next room's seems noisy.

I wonder what Mr Ito's doing.

Hey, wait for a minute.

Yes, Sir.


Time... time.

It's really bad that there's a pervert.

I guess people long for high school girls.

Yuck. That's gross.

Ah, maybe the teachers are also trying to control themselves when we, who are exceptionally delicious girls, are always right in front of them!

Don't compare us with perverts.

You've been eavesdropping!

Even though I don't like it, I can hear you with that loud voice of yours.

Ah, but but Mr Ito, when you look at us, don't you feel your heart skip a bit?


How annoying!


If it hit in a bad place, I could've died.

But thanks.

Let's start class.

He's annoying after all!

"Every hour of lost time"

"is a chance of misfortune for the future."

Even though this is Napoleon's famous saying, with Napoleon's amazing speed and ability to take action, he has expanded the territory of France, and, excluding England and Russian, held the whole Europe, and in the year 1804, he had become the emperor of the French.

Well, if you all do not want to regret something later, you should not waste your time on it now.

Um... And after that, in the year 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia but...

[ Every hour of lost time is a chance of misfortune for the future. ] Um... And after that, in the year 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia but...

[ Every hour of lost time is a chance of misfortune for the future. ]

You must believe me or you'll really get into trouble! [ Every hour of lost time is a chance of misfortune for the future. ]

You must believe me or you'll really get into trouble!

It's really, really, really dangerous!

Bye then.

Be careful that so that you won't encounter a pervert!

Stop it!


Bye bye.


What's wrong?

Hey, Shimada.

Mr Ito...

I was so scared.

So hot.



Come on.


Thank you very much.

What's wrong?

Ah, it's nothing...


Hey, are you okay?

Are you alright?


I'm really relieved it wasn't that serious.

To think it's a misunderstanding. You really give the wrong impressions for a long time already.

It's the times after all.

It's alright that a young girl gives the wrong impressions at this time.

Ah, if you want, why don't I pick you up everyday?

You shouldn't. You're being too overprotective.

Hibiki's not a child anymore.

She still is a child.

I guess I still am a child...

Hm? What's wrong, Hibiki?

Just as I thought...

He had big hands.

[ Prefectural South Senior High School ]

I see.

You're really good.

Of course.

This puts food on the table after all.

Do you draw self-portraits?

If it's your drawing, even if I pay for it a 100 million yen...

I've already told you.

There are many others who are younger and cuter out there.

I have no interest in kids.

That's a coincidence.

Same goes for me.

Taking the arrows.

Hey first year! Your voices are too soft!

Whenever you take arrows, say them louder!

I'm sorry!


Why are you so being irritated?

Hey, how about after Sunday practice, we go visit Nakajima's place?

Huh? Why Nakajima's?

She lives in a staff dorm, right? Sekiya's in there too, you know.

I wanna go!

Right, Hibiki?!


Hey, now which way? This way? This way?

Over there? Inside? Which way? This way?

That way.


Hey, this is the correct place, right?

Ah, I wonder if she's not here.

But wouldn't she return here?

Looks like Sekiya's not here too. Geez, to think we went all the way here!

You're noisy.



It seems like a boring room.

Well, thanks for this Mr Ito. I'll have black tea.

Mr Ito, I'll have black tea!

You'll all have brown tea.


If you don't want it, you'll have tap water.

Besides, why did you come here?

Just a homeroom teacher visit.

But don't you all belong to Mr Sekiya's class?!

No, you're scary Mr Ito.

Could it be that you're also like that to your girlfriend?

That's none of your business.

What? No way. You have a girlfriend?

No, I don't, it's too bothersome.

Huh? What's that? Do you mean you hate women?

Isn't that a controversial issue?

Sekiya has returned?

Mr Sekiya~!

You guys...

What's wrong?

Mr Sekiya...

Ms Nakajima and Mr Ito.

Are you two dating?

What are you talking about? He just took me for a little ride.

That's true, you guys!

Why don't you guys try to take a ride with Mr Sekiya too?


I'll leave to you.

They're our "precious students" after all.

Okay, I don't mind.

Let's go.

Wait, Kosuke!

Okay, for each radius of ( alpha + beta ) and intersection of the unit circle, we make them into a P.

And P's coordinates would be cos (alpha + beta) and sin (alpha + beta).

So by the formula of the distance between two points, AP squared is...

[ Isn't it really really suspicious that the two of them went out last Sunday? ;A; ]

[ Why did you fell in love with Mr Sekiya? ]

[ Huh? Why do you want to know? ]

[ Because the probability of both of your parents agreeing is low, you know ]

Ah, hey, Chii.

I mean "compared to a student... Chii... Chii...

Hey, over there!

Shimada? Stand up!

What? Yes, Sir.

Even though tests are near, you're slacking!

Stay after school and solve all the practice problems on page 133 and show them to me.


Where's your response?

Yes, Sir.


What are you doing?

Um... I was asked to stay behind by Mr Sekiya.

I should solve the problems in this page during the day and show it to him.

But Sekiya already left.


No way...

Finish the number you started then do the rest at home.

Ah, besides that I already said "yes" to him, I can't go home until I finished it.

Even though Sekiya had already left?

Let me see.

Huh? Do you know Math?

I'm better than you or Chigusa.

Do you know how to grade them?

If I think like how I grade in world history, I can more or less do it.


Huh? You're fast...


Why are you...

...being kind to me?



You said that women are bothersome and you hate them.

Please tell me honestly...

Is it because I'm a good student who does what their teachers say?

I wonder why I said this.

You're not even my homeroom teacher.

You don't have to be kind to me.


I-I-I'm sorry.

Ah... I said something really rude...


Why are you laughing?

What are you talking about being an honest good student?


To think you peeked into someone else's shoe box without permission, mistook it and put someone else's letter in there, and suddenly wake someone up when he's taking a sleep.

Well at least you're right about being honest.


Come on and let's finish this already.


Thank you very much.

Okay, 4-1.

Yes, Sir.


Thank you very much for even taking me home.

That's because it'll be troublesome if you get wounded again for misunderstanding.

I'm sorry.

Pitching for the 2nd time, the pitcher, Shota has now thrown the ball.

It was hit and it's a line drive! It has crossed over the short stop!

It was hit before the left!


The score's reversed to 3 to 2! Reversed! Pinch hitter Hisamoto made a run-scoring hit!

[ Ms Nakajima: There's something I would like to talk to you. ]

[ Ms Nakajima: After school tomorrow, just please come to the art room... ]

What are you doing?


Why are you here?

Why? Well...

I'm just wondering if Nakajima's here.

Ah, come here, come here...

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey! Hold it! Wait!

Huh? What're you...


Sorry if I told you to come into a place like this.

It's alright. Is something wrong?

Recently, Mr Sekiya has been inviting me frequently.


That I feel sorry to him refuse every time.

Would it be alright if you refuse him for me?


I have... someone I like.

I don't want him to get the wrong idea.

Sekiya and I are friends though.

I cannot say something like that to him.

Are you serious saying that?

You've already noticed it, right, Mr Ito?

Regarding my feelings.


I'm sorry.

To be honest...

My hands are full with work right now.

Oh, no.

Did you...

...just rejected me?

I guess...

...that's how it looks.

Please forget it.

I don't want it to be a hindrance at work too after all.


Well then, if you'll excuse me.

Okay. Thank you for the work today.

That Ito bastard!

Ah, Kosuke! Don't!

Let me go. I'm gonna punch Ito!

No! You must not!

Why not?! Ito's such a...

If you punch him, I'll punch you back!


If you punch Mr Ito...

I'll punch you!


Could you be... love with Ito?


With the current construction of the gym of the North High, because we are unable to use our archery field, we are going to use your grounds of South High.

Even though we'll be inconveniencing you for a little while, we hope we get along.


Thank you very much!


North High is amazing. Everyone's form is matched.

Hey, isn't that Fujioka the one who entered the nationals during his first year?



Hibiki is in love with Mr Ito?!

Idiot! You're voice's too loud!

But now that you've told me, I get it.

How could she have fallen for someone that rude?

Isn't that something you can't say with just one word?

Can you say what you like about Nakajima?

Her face.


You're a scum of men! A demon!

To be honest, what's wrong about that?!

You're in the way.

In the way?

That's what you'll say when you're renting our archery grounds?

I don't care who likes which teacher but it would be better if you don't bring that up in this place.

H-He heard...

What should we do...

Well, I think it's fine since we go to different schools.

You should honestly apologize to Hibiki, okay?


The North High are too serious!

It's like I can't cut out practice.

You know, Hibiki.



It's about Ito... you see...

Did something happen... Mr Ito?


Ah right... Before and during exams...

I heard that Ito's staying overnight then!

Heard he's looking after students who are studying...

The Social Studies Preparation Room?

It looks like he's converting it into his home.

He's probably saying to them that they're not probably listening during class.

You know, Ito... surprisingly thinks of his students, huh?



Surprisingly though...

"Every hour of lost time..."

" a chance of misfortune in the future."

What's wrong?


I just remembered something important.

Huh? Wait! Ah...




Mr Ito!

There's something I want to say to you.

Is it about the exam?


Is it alright if I fall in love with you?

You should give up on me.


Because I'm a teacher and you're a student.

That's all.

But is it alright if I just stayed in love with you?

You know...

"Every hour of lost time..."

" a chance of misfortune in the future."

Those were Napoleon's words which you taught in class.

Even though I'm a bit scared...

But doesn't that mean that I should live my life to the fullest now for the sake of the future, right?

I don't want to regret the future!

That's why, um...


If I got more than 90 points in the world history exam, is it alright if I fall in love with you?

Do you even...

...remember how high you got in the last exam?



56 points.

But... I'll do my best!


Wait, wait, wait... What?!

What was that? It's like you've already confessed!

Just wait. The things went on too fast that my head can't catch up.


How did it go?

He said no.


Thought so.

But you know.

He laughed,

I'm not so sure I understand but...

I don't understand but...

I feel somewhat good.


But you know, you've been rejected, right?

Then that means it's a no.

Do you understand?


Ah, geez. You don't understand it at all.


That hurt...


My glasses...


Oh no...

Ah, there are steps down here.


Is your eyesight that bad?

It's fine if you leave me here. I'll do something about it from now on...

No, please let me guide you.

I'll be sure to properly protect you.

Protect? Hey...

Ah, they're here!

Hey! Hey!

This way.

We will be arriving soon. Passengers near the doors, because it's dangerous, please step away from the doors.

It's you.

This is far enough. I'll be fine now.

Ah, okay. I'm really sorry.

Um, I'll reimburse the glasses...

Ah, no need. I have spare.

Thank you for protecting me.

You are welcome!

Then, I'll take my leave.

Be careful, now.


Mr Ito!


Was that Class C's Shimada just now?

Ah... yes.

If I remember correctly, she also came some time ago.

How rare.

So there is also a particular student who gets close to you.

You're getting the wrong idea.

It was just a coincidence today.


It's alright.

Because she's overly too serious.

What is alright?

It's also rare to see you make excuses.

[ 3 days before midterm exams!! ]

[ World History B 13:20~14:00 ]

Okay, that's it for today.

We'll continue this next week, so don't forget your sketch pads.

Yes, Ma'am.


Can you help me put away the statues?

Yes, Ma'am.

Let's put it in the back.

Yes, Ma'am.

Mr Ito!

Since the exams are over, why don't we have a match in Power Pocket?

I'm fine with it, but play against me when you leveled up a little bit higher.

When you talk to Mr Ito, you'll can sometimes see that he's actually kind.


The truth is he is kinder more than anyone.

But he's always so blunt that his kindness can be misunderstood that it was only towards yourself.

Especially... to the people your age.

Ms Nakajima...

Um, I'm not...

Thank you for helping me.

I'll be taking my leave.

Please don't tease Hibiki.

Just because you got rejected by Ito.

This and that are different.

I just advised Shimada as a teacher.


Besides, I only thought Mr Ito was slightly a nice man.

To force someone along is...


Weren't you crying?

What do you want to say?

I love you, Ms Nakajima.

I'm serious.

I'm sorry but I know that being serious for high school students actually does not come as serious.


Mr Ito.


Stop wandering around me endlessly already.

The marks for the exams aren't out yet.

"Every hour of lost time..."

" a chance of misfortune in the future."


Do not waste your important high school life paying attention to someone like me.

I don't think I'm wasting it.

I cannot answer to your feelings.


I told you...

Even if you don't feel the same.... I still...

I feel suffocated

you're doing that.

Especially how much you pound your feelings on me.

Am I annoying?



You're annoying.

Coming, coming, coming.

Huh? Hibiki?

Kosuke, 'morning!

Hey, 'morning...


What's with that look?

Hibiki stayed overnight at my place.

I gave her make up. Ain't she cute!

It looks really weird.

It's not like her.

What? You're just not used to it.

Wait. Shimada, you quite look good today.

Hey, is one of you free today?

We have a group blind date with Central High and we miss just one girl.


Sorry! We have club practice.

And Hibiki's not really into group blind dates...

Should I...

...try to go there?


Oh really? That's great.

What? That's great, isn't it? Then, tell them.

Okay, I'll be sure to tell them.

Please do.


Hey, Chigusa!

You should stop.

There he is! The rotten teacher!


If you're going to dump someone, there's some better way of doing it!

Even if you say that now...

Hibiki was in such a terrible state. She went to my house crying.

She cried and cried until morning. And her eyes have swollen a lot.

Ah, that's why she has make up.

To top it off, she said she's going to a group blind date!

She's desperately trying to give up on you!

If this goes on, Hibiki will go act strange more!

It's none of my business.

How heartless!

Hey, hey.

Usually, the more serious the person is, the harder the setback they'll feel this time.

It could be bad for her.

You don't have to date with her. It's fine even if you lie to her.

Hibiki will feel better if you say some few nice words to her.

Even if I lie, huh...


If you're done talking, leave. I'm in the middle of checking your exams.

Ito, you're actually...

You're the worst! Let's go, Kosuke!

Hey, hey, hey, wait...

She said she's going to go the karaoke place in front of the station. Be sure to patch things up even a little!

Let me go already, dammit.

[ Hibiki Shimada: 97 ]

~ Me! Me! Me! Me! Ole! Ole! ~

~ Ah, midsummer jamboree! Reggae beach big wave!! ~

~ Ah, the heart beat that got carried away ~

~ Extremely hard to touch, welcome weekend ~

~ Ah, the scorching hot jamboree ~

Hibiki, are you having fun?


I like girls with short haircuts.


I think I'm leaving after all.

Huh? What's that?


But Shimada, if you leave just now...


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What did you just do...

No, no, I didn't do anything.

Thanks for the meal!

Thanks, I'll come again.

Hey, high schooler, you'll get sick.

Your teacher will scold you if you play at night, you know.

I want to get scolded!

I want to see more of him get angry and laugh.

Hey, hey, is this girl okay?

So you're a girl who likes her teacher. You know that's wrong, right?

Why is it wrong?


even did my best in exams because I am in love with the teacher.

Everyday, my heart beats fast and it's becoming fun.

It's definitely not pointless.

Even though he doesn't answer my feelings,

right now,

I want to continue loving the person I love the most.

I'm sorry.

Mr Ito?

Let's go, Shimada.

Good luck, high school girl!

Mr Ito...

The seat will get wet.

I'm sorry.


Yes, Sir.




Yes, Sir.


Yes, Sir.



Yes, Sir.


Yes, Sir.





Anyway, for today's homeroom class, we'll be discussing the special program for the South High Festival.

We will be deciding for the class opposition costume contest.


Okay, anyone who has suggestions?


Okay, Chigusa.

I think happy wedding is good!

What's that?

We will make different wedding dresses each one likes then wear them!

What will the guys do?

If you wear the collar inside out, it would be like that.

You know, I'm thinking of impressing Tonobe of the soccer club in a wedding dress.


What about Mr Sekiya?

Hm? I'm over him.

It's like the feelings that I thought were kind of different.

When I thought about it carefully, maybe he's just someone I look up to.

I see.

Your form's messed up.

Your bow hand's shoulder is falling out.

Looks like everyone's not here today.

Yeah, because it's the school festival in the weekend.

Club activities are halted because of it for the time being.

I see. Same goes for us.


You were a first year representative at last year's tournament, right?


I thought you were someone good.

But I felt a bit disappointed.


It seemed like you're not into practices recently.

There is hesitation in your bow stance, and looks like you're not serious...

I'm sorry.

Ah, no...

I'm also sorry. I said too much.



It's just that...

I was only just thinking about myself.

I'm not thinking how much I would drag other people.

I'm sorry.

Can you talk me about that in detail?


The person you like is a teacher, right?

It's just that...

I just fell in love selfishly.

All because he was kind to me sometimes.

It seemed like I got too ahead of myself.

I'm really an idiot.

I should properly... give up.

Don't laugh.

If it's not something to laugh at, don't laugh.

It's harder to look at you.


Even though I also don't know how one should properly give up, why don't you try to make sure the feelings that it's really time to give up?

I already know that...

I already know what he feels.

That's not it!

It's your feelings.

It's because that you're not properly rejected that you seem so exhausted?


If I would further be of annoyance...

Because he's a teacher, it's also his work to not be an annoyance to students.

[ South High Festival ]

Even in sickness, we...

Hey! We lack safety pins here.

Is it good now? Okay? Okay? Okay?

It's on? Okay?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Does it look strange?

It's cute.


Yeah, yeah, it's cute, it's cute.

Then might as well show it to Tonobe!

Have you talked to Ito since then?

Not really.

I see...

I guess I had the wrong idea.

I guess I don't really understand adults.

I don't really understand them.


I don't understand them.


It's alright to just to make sure, right?

That's because...

I got it.


I got 97 points!

Hey, Hibiki!

Mr Ito.

It's just today.

Just today.

Why are dressed like that?



What do you think?

It doesn't suit you.

How mean.

But still, it's true.

Someday, you too will be wearing a real bridal dress.

That makes me smile.


Hibiki Shimada, in sickness, and in health,

even when I graduate,

even if I find employment,

I will always...

promise that

I will love Mr Ito for the rest of my life.

Just kidding!

I'm sorry.

This will be the last time.

I will now properly go back being a student.

And I will surely aim this time.

I will be obedient and listen to what you'll say...


Please be on standby for now!

Section C, please proceed to the stage...

Hey, hey, hey, where is Hibiki?


I dunno.



Mr Ito.


...should I do?

Please tell me.

Hey, hey. Isn't she Shimada from Section C?

No way! That plain looking girl?

It's really her!

Heard a first year student saw them by chance.




Come here!




It's circulating widely in the net and continues to be spread.

The principal just called Ito awhile ago.

I have to go.

What are you saying?! No! Let's run for it, Hibiki!

Even if she runs for it, nothing will be done about it.

No. Best to do that.

So you're here.

Shimada, return to your home.


It's not something a child would be able to discuss.

Leave it to the adults.

That again? Hibiki's seriously...

Do you think being serious is something to be great about?

Don't you realize that straight forwardness would hurt the other?

That's why I'm telling you she's a child.


For the time being, go home today.

There is no mistaking that this is you, Mr Ito, and Section C's Hibiki Shimada, isn't it?


Yes? How dare you!

Could you please explain the meaning of this?

It's just what you see.

I don't have any room for explanations.

How dare you say that?!

I'm really sorry.

Mr Ito.

This is not your personal problem.

It's a problem where all the faculty members can be trusted!

Do you think it would be the end after you apologize?!

Mr Ito, for this matter, punishment is inevitable.

Is that fine with you?

Could you tell us what you truly feel?


No way, Shimada did that?

What? Even though she's really looks serious.

I know right.

What's wrong?

Yeah, it's seems like everyone's making a big fuss over it.

There's a girl named Shimada, right?

Seemed like she got intimate with a teacher...

[ Shimada ]


I'm going out.

Be sure to microwave the shrimp pilaf in the refrigerator and eat, okay?


You know...

Your father and me have no intention to blame you.

We just want to give you a normal happiness a high school student would have.

That's all.


It's Ito.

Mr Ito?

Are you getting cold?

I got promoted.


The one you bought in hospital vending machine last time was strawberry milk.

It's amazing you remember that.

I thought if you treated me as a child.

But It has now become a can coffee.

I'm sorry.

It's because of me that I make you feel awkward even in school.

I'm really sorry.

Please don't apologize.

It's my fault too.

I also lead you to trouble.

I'm sorry.

I'm alright.

I'm really... alright.

I don't care what others see me.

It's alright what other people think.

It's alright even if I stop going to school.


Mr Ito.

Please tell me.

Why did you...

...hug me that time?


did you...

I just gave in to the temptation.


That's all.

I understand.

I'll send you home.

It's alright if you just send me to the station.


[ Fujioka ]




I heard what happened.


I was the one who prompted you to do it.

I'm sorry.


Don't apologize, Fujioka.

A train going to Kurato will arrive shortly.

Since it's dangerous, please wait from the inner part of the yellow brailles.

Ah. Since it's dangerous, please wait from the inner part of the yellow brailles.

Since it's dangerous, please wait from the inner part of the yellow brailles.

The train is here.



I see.


Bye then.



The train will be on track four shortly.

Since it's dangerous...

Please wait at the back of the inner part of the yellow lines...


Why are you here?

It's because I thought you were crying.

Everyone will get tired of rumors immediately.

For example, if you go out normally with someone else from now, everyone will stop talking about it someday.

Could I... be that someone?


Since last year's tournament, I've always thought that you're fine.

You don't have to answer right away.


Since I've had those feelings, I somehow feel unpleasant that I'm hiding it.

I thought it's best that I tell it to you first.

That's all.

I'll send you home.


Do not overdo it even though classes are suspended.

Please act knowing that you're still a high school student.

Yes, Sir.

Anyway, and furthermore, um...

It's about the world history teacher, Mr Ito...



I'm gonna die...

Chii, what's wrong?

Hibiki! You see, this is awful.

Ito will be gone!

Is this all your belongings?


Thank you for helping me.

It's alright.


is it really alright?


I thought you're already gone.

What's wrong?

Are you running away?

Then can I do some emphasizing?

Stop predicting.

If I don't, then I'll get hit.

Why do I have to get punched by you?

That's because you annoy me just seeing you.

Stop it, Kawai!

What's with changing school?

Don't act so cool about it.

How long will you try to act like an adult and run away?


It's better if fight back.

You can't, can you?

Since I'm a student, and you're a teacher, after all.

But why did you half-heartedly accepted Hibiki?!


Go to Ito's place!


...can't go.



I fell in love...

...with someone I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have from the start.


Awhile ago, Mr Ito said to me.

Because I'm a high school student, I should get more experience.

Even though I don't know if I would fall in love with someone else.

Is that...

For a change of pace, I was invited to practice in the municipal archery field.


Who invited you?




No! This is strange!

Even though Mr Ito always say such difficult things, why doesn't he say something easy at all!




There is no such thing in this world where you can't be in love with someone.

I'm sure!

It made me happy, you know.

About what you said during the faculty meeting.

But the way you take responsibility is wrong!

Mr Ito is thinking what's best for Shimada...


For Hibiki, you take the blame yourself and run away?

That's not what she wants even the tiniest bit!

That's not what she wants for now.


If I think about her future, this is the only choice.

Who decides on that?!

Things like this is not for the sake of anyone.

We should also take responsibility for it!

Mr Ito is doing it as an adult...

Ah! Adult! Adult! Shut up already!

That's right.

We are children, that's why we don't get it!

That's why we're desperate we have to do something!

Is it because you've been a teacher for a long time that you can't see your truly think anymore?

Mr Ito!

Ah, I actually hit him...


That might be true.


She might despise me someday for hurting her.

That's probably why I'm just running away being afraid of that.


During that time...

Mr Ito said this during the meeting.

She's serious, clumsy, and always tries her best,

that's why I can't get my eyes off her.

As a teacher, she's someone I cannot ignore.


When I realized it, I forgot my position as a teacher...

She is not wrong in any way.

I will take responsibility in everything.

I don't want to hurt her anymore.

It hurts that I fell in love with Mr Ito.

It hurts, that it makes me feel helpless, that it's painful...

But even so...

I don't think that it's better that I didn't fell in love with him at all.

That's because...

You are...


Someone I fell in love with for the first time in my life.

Mr Ito!

Stay there!

Mr Ito!

I'm sorry.

Please don't quit school.

I'll talk to the principal and the others! I'll tell them is a misunderstanding!

It's alright already.


You did nothing wrong.

I told you, it's alright.

No, it's not!

Nothing is alright at all!

It's not a misunderstanding.

I fell in love with Hibiki Shimada.

Why am I...

...a child, I wonder?

I want to be...

I want to be an adult already.

Someday, let's properly go out together.

I want you to wait until then.

You don't have to overdo it.

If during that time... you fell in love with someone else, I won't...


Please wait for me.

[ Graduation Certificate Awarding ]

Um, everyone. [ Graduation Certificate Awarding ]

[ Graduation Certificate Awarding ]

Congratulations on graduating. [ Graduation Certificate Awarding ]

Congratulations on graduating.

Three years ago, the cherry blossoms bloomed through the gates of this school.


And just like that, this day of your departure has come.


As you know, in English, it's called "graduation".


The truth is...

this "gradu" part is...

Ah, I wish that the principal wouldn't talk that long.


What will you do later starting today?

Ah, I'm...

I have some business starting now.


Could it be...

Ms Nakajima?


I have decided to properly confess again after I graduate.

So you've been always waiting even before you graduated?

Whoa! So scary! You're really obsessed!

What the hell.

It's a compliment! You're so passionate!



Sorry. Just wait a bit!

What? Huh?

He's our second year junior.

What the hell. So you have something you have to do too.

I didn't notice.

I thought of it when I saw you two.

Trying to do my best trying to love someone... really good!


Hibiki, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I would be leaving you.

Congratulations on graduating!

Oh well.

Then I'll be leaving too.

I'll keep in touch. Bye.

The cherry blossoms bloomed early this year...

That's right, if you don't hurry, he'll leave!


It's the graduation ceremony!

That's right, you went all the way to write it!

Two from the top, from the right...

Hey, Chigusa. Don't always ask Hibiki for anything!

If tomorrow comes,

this place will no longer be ours,

and someone else would again will make a new story.


The things I've pondered here...

The things I've hesitated here...

The things I've thought here...

Will always remain in me...

And will become strength to the path I will be taking from now on.

Whatever memories it may be..

[ Thank you South High ]

Joy... [ Thank you South High ]

[ Thank you South High ]

Sadness... [ Thank you South High ]

[ Thank you South High ]


Will become my strength.

I have... graduated.



What do you want to do?

I want to...

...hold hands.

It's small.

It's cold.

Your hands are...

...are warm and big.

I'm glad I met you.

My teacher.