Sen'ya ichiya monogatari (1969) Script


Here I am in Baghdad!

A Thousand And One Nights Planned and Produced by Osamu Tezuka Written by Osamu Tezuka, Kazuo Fukazawa, Hiroyuki Kumai Sound by Atsumi Tashiro Art Direction by Takashi Yanase Music by Isao Tomita

Voice Cast: Yukio Aoshima as Aldin Hiroshi Akutagawa as Baldi Milliam and Jallis as Kyoko Kishida

Directed by Eiichi Yamamoto

Fresh medical water From Nile!

Buy my water!

Drink this and live long.

Water, old man!

Let me show you... one of most precious slave girl.

18-year-old girl in the bloom of youth.

Look at her eyes!

Show the rest.


That's cheating!

They say, Where beauty lacks, you'll find a maid Stop the rubbish talk.

Let us see next girl. I have another.

Are you ready?

Behold a most ravishing maid.

Long and slim legs...

Full breasts...

We want to see below her eyes.

I'll take her!

One and half pieces of gold.

Get yourself some candy.

100 pieces of gold.

Not bad, handsome man.

450 pieces.

How about f-f-five hundreds.

600. 650.

Ummm...700 pieces!

800. 1,301.


I'll give you 5,000.

10,000. Sold!


Sold for 10,000..., Oops, 10,000 pieces of gold!?

She's mine. Forever mine!

Make way!

Where's she?

Don't take my girl. Catch the thief!

Those fatty and old men of...

Baghdad, you think you can catch me?

Are you shocked?

Sorry...but I wanted you so much.

Strange place.

A fancy house! Let's check it out.

Absolutely empty. Not even a cat!

Well, a cat at least.

My legs feel like lead. I'm dead tired.

Aren't you tired?

Not really.

Tell me your name.


I'm Aldin.

I sell water.

I'd never dreamed of lying a bed with a girl like you.

Good that I came to Baghdad.

Tell me, Milliam.

I know that I pleased you just now.

I too was pleased and am happy.

But why with me? I'm just a water vendor.

You gave me such immense joy.

I did?

I was not bought as a slave by you.

I'm here because I like you.

All right.

We ain't master or slave, but a man and a woman?

I seem to have lost in this match of passion.


Let me make a return match?

Let me prove that I am the master of passion.

It was not locked last night.


Aldin, the window...!

You two play a sweet tune together!

You peeping bastard!

I shared the pleasure of music all night.

Who are you?

Shalieman, owner of this palace.

Sorry for barging in. We mean no harm.

Why do you lock us in?

Relax, young man.

You'll have all comforts... necessary for you. So enjoy your stay.

I may enjoy it here from my little peeky-nook.

Shut up!

We aren't a show.

Be quiet... or I'll call the police.

Milliam, we are stuck in a cage.

My love-birds are now getting my point.

Your tune of love was the nicest one I've ever heard.

Please feel free making a lovely tune.

Listen, Mum.

I need her.

Oh those rose-buds of her tits... and bite her little toes...

Please, please Mum. Help me get her back.

Your dad will do it for you.

Right, darling?

You are the chief of police.

To insult our son... is an insult to... our house and to yourself...

The Chief of Police of all Baghdad.

You only think of your medicine... when our only son is suffering.

He might've been a guinea pig in his before life.

Don't turn deaf ears to me!

Inspector Badli to see you, sir.

Any news about that slave girl?

She and the water vendor are in Shalieman's house.


It appears that Shalieman... locks up them in his house.

As you know, Shalieman is a bit strange.

But he is in favour with our king.

What could we do?

Why don't we resort to force?

With our usual tricks.

It's a good chance to get rid of our old friend.

With our usual tricks...

I leave it up to you.

Do it well.

There'll be a meeting for promotion soon.

Madam, be aware that you are playing with fire.

Beware that you'll be judged for promotion soon.

Right, Madam.

Open O' Sesame!

Hello, my beautiful Hallimar.

Don't be so insolent.

My humble apologies.

The party is over.

Everybody clear out of here.


Clear out of here.

Do as your father says.

Don't you dare touch my arrow.

You should thank me.

That fish eats flesh.

Who cares!

You don't know me.

I do.

You are a woman, Madia.


I'll kill you.

I Will kill him.

We want two things.

One is to kill Shalieman and rob his treasures.

Another is... to catch the water vendor and the slave girl.

And bring them to Badli.

Madia? Where is my daughter?

What are you standing there for?

Get your horse!

What's going on?!

Beats me.

A war!

Open Up! We'll burn to death!

Where is Shalieman?

Please spare my life. Girls don't kill people.

Help! open up!

I hate to become Yakitori!


Did you open the door?

You're the water vendor.


Take all the treasure!


Your name?

I'm Aldin and she is my...

Aldin. Yes.

You killed Shalieman, didn't you?

Are you kidding?

Rough him up.

I killed nobody! It's a frame up!

Milliam! Aldin!


Inspector Badli, Send her to my son.

She's my girl. She's mine.

You're my girl. Yes, my girl.

We're together at last!

You missed me, didn't you?

A case of pearl before swine.

Please don't hit me.

Should I stop? Please.

Spit it out then.

If I do, you let me go?

You'll stand a trial in court.

And then? You'll be beheaded.

You killed Shalieman.

Tell us...

You murdered Shalieman!

Another day of torture.

You die hard.

While there is life, there is hope.

Listen, the forensic doc is my friend.

You won't die.

You'll be buried alive at a graveyard.

Crawl up and get off by yourself.

Wow, I don't know how to thank you.

But why are you helping me to escape?

A big eater like you has... a big heart and do nothing bad, so they say.


Why don't you sleep with me...


It's been a month.

You don't even give me a chance to show myself.


Wake up!

Such a pitiful bloke!

Open your legs.

This will do to every women.

Be a man!

Be a man.

That's what mum always says to you.

Let's see... There you are.

A stimulant.

Thanks to you, Dad. A specialist in medicine.

Oh, my sweet Milliam. You're my girl.

I've become big and strong tonight.

Open your legs!

Let me hold you.

MY PM?? my pearl.

Wha-wha-what's wr-wr-wrong with my...

Y-y-your bo-bo-body...

What did you do to him?!

Come right down!

I may be able to help you, so get here.

This fool hurled himself down.

I'll witness like this.

In return, you'll be my property.

I'm looking for a girl, Milliam.

Her name is Milliam.

She's young, 16 or 17.

I heard the name at the Police Chief's house before.

Is Milliam here?

She was, but she left.

When? A long time ago.

Where to? Don't know.


A girl Called Milliam.


Be brave Milliam.

It's coming.

Every woman goes through this.

And she becomes a mother.

Milliam, push a little harder.

Think the man who fathered your child.

Bear his image in this difficult moment.

That's it. That's the way.

AI-di-n ...

Did you say, Milliam?

I did. You know her?

She's down there.

Down there?! Inspector Badli's place.

Thanks, old man!


Jallis...the baby's name?

It's good, isn't it?

Why yes! Beautiful name.

What's wrong, Milliam?

Milliam! Milliam!

Who the hell are you? Let me in, please!

My wife, Milliam is in there.

Well, you know money talks.


No money! Forget it.

Please, please just... let me know if she's fine.

Good grief... Let me see.


My dear child, mother must leave you now.

Your mother...

Your mother...

She must go to heaven.

I pray that you will grow up a good child. you... one...last...favour.

One...just one...

Tell...your...father, Aldin that... she...loved him... and...died smiling.

Carry this message in your heart.

She died?!

That's impossible! It's not.

When? Last night.

The old housekeeper said so. Sorry.

Milliam is dead?

Inspector, Badli?

Who is it?

You've got promoted.

Who are you?

Poor Milliam.

Ah, you!... You didn't die.

Hey, Aldin.

It's not my fault. It's a misunderstanding.

Milliam was your...

No, please!

Spare my life!

I quit. Listen Badli.

Milliam would'nt come back to life even if I killed you.

I've almost lost myself.

Good grief.

Open O' Sesame!

Ummm...Open Sesame?...

An automatic door!

Open some more Sesame?

Hey, be careful, Sesame.

Close O' Sesame.

Be quiet, Sesame.




Open rice...


Open beans?

Open corn...or peanuts! beans? garlic...

Ahh-Open pepper... Open...

Sesame! That's right!


You've got a lot of nerve trying to steal from thieves.

You won't get out alive!

Hey, hey, I'm unarmed.

Then, use this.

Grab the knife, punk!

Shhhhh! Don't wake the bad up!

I said pick it up.

If I do? You die.

Then I refuse.

See, you won't.

Open... Don't play with me!

You wanna fight, lady? You really do, eh?

What the hell!


You are the water vendor at Shalieman's.

And it's you who saved me from the fire.

You were locked up. How did you get out?

I managed somehow.

You came back to avenge yourself?

Avenge? No.

Gold is the reason to come back.

Gold? For what?

You see...

I'll invest the gold... and become rich.

You don't know what I am capable of.

The world is big.

Why don't you come away with me?

Leave this dingy hole of a cave.

Be free!


Why not.

You know, you have a big mouth.

But you are small.

Don't worry. I'll take care of you.

What's that? My gift for you.

Dad grabbed this thing.

It's a child's hobby horse.

Shut up and get on!

Hold on tight.

Open O' Sesame!

Flying hobby horse?!


Are you all right?

What is it?!

Aren't there any men in this island?

No one but us.

This is what I heard, woman's island.

Oh my god!

I am the Queen of this island.

Are you...a wo-woman? Or a goddess?

You will enjoy yourself in a fountain of wine and love.

I will? Yes, I will.

When do we start?

Right now. Come with me.

Not so fast!

You can't take my Aldin away from me.

My Aldin?

Madam, move!

Women just fall for me, you know.

Get out of here.

This knife ain't made of rubber.

Shut your mouth, or you'll die.

You talk!

Stop! Will you just stop it?

She's just a small girl.

I will spare her life for your sake.

But she must leave here.

Leave right now!

I will. I don't wanna stay here.

Aldin, are you coming with me?

I'm...not leaving.

Why this is paradise! I must explore.

So what you say a big thing is this, huh?

You let me down.

Sorry if I did, Madia.

God willing. I hope we meet again.

Have a pleasant voyage!

You are a fool, Aldin!

It'll be dawn soon. Rest a while longer.

Good night. I'll see you tomorrow night.

If you want to keep going like this... you must promise me one thing.

Do not open any door in the heart of this jungle.

I promise.

Good boy.

O' my queen.

Where are you, queen of pleasure?

Let's make love throughout the day and the night.


Aldin is mine.

Make him spit water.

Don't lie down on the job.

Move your ass, will ya?

You heard him.

Leave the drowned. Move, everyone!

Hey, who are you?

Who? Me?

I was just saved from the sea.

Get this free rider!

Make him work. Nothing free on this boat.

Aye aye, sir.

Row with all your strength!

Hey, you!

What do you think you're doing?

I'm thinking about woman's island.

So you're dreaming.

Woman's island? No way.

Believe it or not, I escaped from there.

All you see is women, they're voluptuous.

The queen was the most glamorous.

She wriggled her body... holding her plump breasts against my chest...

What's next?

She said, I'm desperately in love with you.

I am wrapped in the fire of passion now

That's it. No!

Paddling makes me slur.

You row, then I talk.

Why yes!

We held each other tight.

Her legs wound around my waist.

I trailled my hand over her legs.

And slipped it between her...

What's going on!? The ship is whirling.

Have you gone mad?!


My boatswain lost his mind!

It must be the egg of of the bird we've never seen.

They say it's the biggest in the world.

Hey buddy, it could be a good omen!

Let's take a bite!

Heave ho!

Heave ho! Heave ho!

Heave ho! Steer to the left.

Bird! It's his egg!

What a spooky island.

We survived.

So what? I lost all my goods.

I'll go and see if anyone is on this island.

Is anybody here?

There you are!

But without the flesh.

Is anybody there?


Damn! That hurt.

I need a drink.


Mighty good!

Something in the way of a meal...

A butcher's shop full...

How'd that happen?

That wine must've gone straight into my head?

This is real meat!

What's next?

Maybe I go to bed?


Or magical boat?

Sail the Boat!


How about a window?

Oh really moving!

Where to, master?

We are out to sea, as you commanded.

Give me my destination, sir?

By Ship?

That's right, sir.

I'll do anything you'd ask, master.

Fantastic! I know where to go.

Set sail to the port of Basra!

So shall be it, master.

A real captain wears fancy clothes.

How about a silk garments for me, Spirit?

Now I need handy seamen up on deck.

Don't stand there. Move!

Tell me though, why are you helping me?

I was created by Satan and served him as slave.

But he got bored and dumped me 5,000 years ago.

I vowed that...

I'd serve the first man... who found me here, as my master.

You are the first man who came across me.

That's just great!

I have just one more small favour to ask.

I want a beautiful ravishing maid.

What's the matter with you?

Sorry, master.

Women bring bad luck to a ship.

Oh, I see. That's all right.


I'll have a girl in every port I stop at.

I've got a magic ship.

I'll collect the rarest treasures... from across the seven seas.

I'll be the richest man on earth.

15 years have passed.

Eggs again?

Anything wrong with that?

Eating, sleeping and making love.

That's your idea of fun.

We imps have nothing... while Allah and Satan have all powers.

What else is left for us... other than sex.

You've become a hopeless sexual maniac.

I got tired of you.

We've been married for 500 years.

So I'm not surprised.

Let's have some fun.

Do you call that fun?

Heads or tails?


Here goes.

Tails. I choose the position tonight.


We've done the Kangaroo one.

Dolphin's has been over 50 times.

Try something else.

How about a bird?

No way.

Oh, we haven't tried this!

A cockroach! You what?!

It's worth trying.

Are you out of your mind?

I won the flip of coin. You must obey me.

How anyone calls that erotic.

Snug as two bugs in a rag.

Why can't I have a love affair at the risk of my life?

That's human's choice.

Our choices are greater than theirs.

Hey, hey. Stop! What's now?

I just saw a man.

There you go again.

Ah...He's positively beautiful.

Sweetheart, I'm warning you.

He's not of our race.

I know.

Let see, how I overcome our differences?

Impossible. Oh yeah?

No, you can't Yes, I can I saw a better looking one... in Baghdad the other day.

I wonder.

I refuse to listen to you, until I see that guy.

Seeing is believing.


All right, all right.


Let's see the guy.

No, no. Go and wake up your man first.

It's a girl! You tricked me!

I said a better looking one.

I didn't say guy, you know.

Ouch! That hurt.

Now then. she'll give him up'?

Here you go.

What?! She's in love with him?

I am Jallis from Baghdad.

I am Aslan from Basra.

Aslan. Jallis.

You are beautiful.

The both said same thing.

We both seem lost.

Looks like all hell is going to break lose.




It wasn't a dream.

Jallis, my dear. You are up.

Today you'll join the Caliph's harem.


Like I told you, I will not.

Yes, you will.

My dear child...

It's a great honour to enter the royal harem.

You are the daughter of a slave woman.

I adopted you and treated you... as my own child.

You owe me a lot for that.

You don't wish to obey me?

Think it over, will you?

Jallis young lady, it's time to dress.

Listen, let me ask you a favour.

I need some boy's clothes. Boy's clothes?

I want to dress like a boy.


C'mon, forget it.

That's love of human being!

I'll please you tonight with my excellent techniques.

Filthy sex is all you can think about!

What you think about has nothing to do with sex, huh?

I'm off now.

Come with me, or I'll be gone.


Come with me now.

All right. I'm extremely mad.

Good bye!

Heads or tails. She'll come with me.

Here you go.

Look at that. Sideway... which means...

I'll go for a simple life of an old bachelor.

Now I know! I shall go to Baghdad.

I will go and find Jallis there.

Where did you come from?

No saddle...


You do have a saddle.

It's convenient.

Run faster.

It's getting dark.

Let's camp out here.

A tent?

Suddenly a tent?

Two pillows...

Who's bed is this?

I saw a tent from afar.

Can I sleep here?

It's not my tent. I've just come by.

I've come from Baghdad.


Ha ha.. That's where I am going.

Do you happen to know a girl called Jallis?

Jallis? I love her.

She lives in Baghdad.

I think I know her.

Oh! Really?

Where does she live and what does she do?

Why don't we lie down?

You know what?

Put your hand on my breast.

On your breast?

But...I am afraid your tastes are...

You'll be pleased.

Don't be silly.

Are you afraid?

If you don't, I won't tell you.


Do as I say, okay?

You...but you're a woman!



Ms. Jallis.

Your father is worried about you.

You must come with us.



I've brought you a good news.

We'll soon have a great guest...

Sinbad who is the imminent merchant.

According to the source...

He is the richest of all merchants on earth.


If you are befriend with this merchant...

He'd have much to offer where you are lacking.

How dare you talk of what I am lacking.

How'd Sinbad know my lacking?

I'd like to carry out an idea.

If you'll allow your Excellency?

Allowed. Very well, sir.

Are you leaving? I am.

When will you be back? Don't know.

Do you love me?

Umm...I do...

Get lost!

Badli, she can't wait forever to become... your wife, now can she?

You now talk like other fathers do.

Incidentally Sinbad time is approaching.

Incidentally yourself.

He'll be an easy prey for the condors.


We'll talk about your daughter after that.

Don't you dare making any noise!

Go now, Madia.

You deceive Sinbad no matter what.

Your honour, Sinbad.

I and aging father have brought oil from afar.

We wish to take rest... here in your oasis tonight.

Why yes! Be my guest.

Are you doing well in your new trade, Madia?

It's me Aldin.


Don't be afraid.

I can guess what's in those jars of oil.

A full-grown woman you've become!

Aldin... if only you knoew... that I'd thought of killing myself... since that day I was forced to abandon you.

I was only hoping to see you again someday.

Charge! To the attack!

What's the hell going on!'?


You traitor!!

So it's you! You betrayed me.

Beg pardon?

Do I know you, sir?

You sneaky rat!!!




Let her go.

It take long to catch her.

Are you Mr. Sinbad?

Yes, I am.

It was a close call, sir.

Allow me to introduce myself... the Captain of Police in Baghdad.

I enjoy the great services of the police.

I feel most safe.

It is my honour to escort you in Baghdad.

I'm grateful for that.

It is a pleasure to have your company.

Pleasure is mine too.

I am staying at the house of the Captain of Police.

It should be the safest place in town.

Have you come for the purpose of trade?

Trade you say? No.

No'? Well then...

What is your reason?

You never know I might be in the position to help you.

Captain, as you know...

I own the greatest treasure of all times.

I'd like to buy Royal crown.


I should like to be crowned.

Hunh? B...Baghdad's?

That's right.

I heard the King owns the greatest treasures.

I want us to compete... in the arena to see who's greater.

Would you be able to help me?


Are you thirsty?

Take him away!

Enlist him in the slave service of the army.

Aslan. Jallis.

Jallis was the child of the water vendor.

I can use of this situation in my favour.

Sinbad said what?!

He wishes to compete for a crown... with our king.

He's out of place!

Please tell me your answer.

What do you think?

Well, what would hurt our position... whoever the winner be?

Sinbad is a rich upstart.

It'd be easier to control him.

Oh, I see.

You'll make a history. No doubt.

Your treasures are truly magnificent.

I shall take care to watch over them.


What, sir? Who's that girl?

Ah...she's my daughter, Jallis.


She's Milliam.

Children of Allah.

People of Baghdad.

Worthy subjects of my crown!

I, Caliph Mohammed Binn Sabaiq, the Fourth...

Ruler of Baghdad swear in the name of Allah... that Sinbad and myself shall enter into... competition of our riches in such ways that... you will judge before your eyes... the power and the extent of said riches.

The one who win this competition shall be... the next Caliph of Baghdad!

I shall see a poor man lose his head.

We shall see! Behold the greatest fool.

The rules and proceedings of the games are... that there will be 13 rounds.

The power and beauty will be measured... and the score... will be recorded on the board.

White is for the Caliph.

Black is for Sinbad.

Let's start!

The first round!

The second round.

The third round!

Don't even try corrupting the holiness of this crown.

Get water! Hurry!

Why that's a mermaid.

Yes, but it's gone now.

The only one left in the world.

Too bad you've marked her.

Behold this mysterious dancer.

Mark her indifference... to the pounding of your heart.

She knows your fear and guilt and thrusts her sword... into the bearer of fear and guilt.

I bear no fear or guilt to harm to your throne.

So my husband killed Kamhakim.

He ordered the bandit be killed.

The plot was that... the bandit was used as an ambush... and I staged the rescue of Sinbad by killing him.

Kamhakim was my friend.

I was forced to betray him.

That swine! He'll pay for this.

Calm down Madam...

You stay out of this!


Kill the traitor!


My own prime minister?!

Kamhakim has been avenged.

That was close.

Come come, juries!

The sixth round! It may go into extra rounds.

You never know who'll be the winner.

Definitely it will go into extra rounds.

The score is exactly tied.

Now for the last 13th round!

That will give us the winner.

We'll experience a great moment of history.

Bring the executioner now.

The 13th round!

Ladies and gentlemen.

The last treasure to compete is a horse.

It will be a race.

The horse that fetches the Caliph's pennant first... from 50km away from this Coliseum.

The fastest horse in the world.

The damn hobby horse!

Objection to that entry!

It belongs to me.


It's mine.

It was given by a girl named Madia 15 years ago.

Shut of your filthy mouth!

It was confiscated from the cave of bandit, Kamhakim.

Will you admit... that you consorted with the enemy of Baghdad?'s not a real horse.

It flies.

Fly or not, it is a horse.

And it is my entry.

All right then. I'll ride on my horse.

You what?

With your permission...

I can't be a mere spectator at a disadvantage.

Mr. Sinbad.

I shall ride the hobby horse.

Place your bet! Give it a whirl!

On your marks!

Get ready!

Remember the swinging blade in the torture chamber?

You'll end up in that chamber.

We'll see about that.

The last lap!

Make way!

I've never ridden a horse before.

The pennant shall be examined.

The winner is... the Caliph of Baghdad!

I protest!

Our arrival was simultaneous.

It was a draw.

Yours bears defects.

Desecration therefore you lost Sinbad.

That wasn't the conditions of the race.

You were told it's holy banner of Baghdad.

You soiled it.

Therefore, you have lost.

Executioner! You have an order to carry out.

Wait one moment.

I've become known as Sinbad of the sea.

If I am to die, I die on my ship.

My ship is moored at the estuary.

The rest of my treasures are laden on that ship.

Please take a look at them before cutting off my head.

My treasures will be all yours, my lord.

Wait Baldi... I mean Prime Minister!

Prime Minister? Yes, you will be... if you remain with me.

Where is the treasure?

The hold is the empty!

Now O' spirit, sail my ship to the end of the earth!

Very well, master.

Pretty neat trick, eh?

O' Caliph of Baghdad.

It's great see you, Your Majesty in good humour.

Yes, Mister Prime Minister.

How would you feel to be the Caliph of Baghdad?

Excellent! Super excellent.

Your Majesty...

I'd like to hear of the new policies you may plan.

Here you go with my new policies.

Take note.

The people of Baghdad shall lick their noses... when they greet each other.


You heard me. Lick one's nose. mean like a dog?

That's an order. Take it down.

Your reply?


Say it louder.

YES like this.

Yes, sir. Louder.

YES, sir!


Next. How to greet to your superior...

A handstand!

Those are not policies, Your Majesty.

Tell me what then?

Housing, prices, education...

The prices of rice and salt to increase tenfold.

Price down one tenth on pepper.

That's absurd.

Are you telling them to eat pepper everyday?

Arrest those who oppose to that.

Crack down on them!

That's it. Push it through the Senate.

YES, sir!


The third policy.

His Majesty ordered a tower to be built.

A tower? What kind?

A tall one.

A tower to reach the sun.

Build for what?

To consume taxes.


A sailor never can be a politician.

Heavy taxation...

We want that money for our pension.

You'll be executed if you oppose to that.

Any objections?

We'll set to build from tomorrow.


The seventh policy.

Go to war!

Your Majesty, you are in good humour.

Don't be so formal.

Let's enjoy good wine.

Listen Jallis...

I have a great news for my family... that His Majesty wishes to take you as his first wife.

Yes I do.

What's that attitude?!

You are most honoured!

Please forgive me, Your Majesty.


Easy on her.

Don't yell at her.

His Majesty the Caliph of Baghdad!

Have you reached the sun yet?

No, sir. We have done everything.

We've drained the mental capacities of our scientists... and the physical capacities of the masons and slaves... without success.

Are you saying you want to give up?

I am. If we go on... the tower will collapse due to its enormous weigh.

Collapse? When?

I don't know, sir...

Then keep going till it does.

Your Majesty, Baghdad will be crushed!

Do as I say, or you'll be crushed.

If not the sun, go to the moon!

Hold it.

We must kill him for our Baghdad.

If your wish is to save Baghdad,?? 1006 01:49:59,427 --> 01:50:01,137 we need to have the citizens with us.

Trust me. I'll handle this.

Drained your all capacities?

What are you saying?

We want... a king who rules well.?

Huh, not so easy.

What is a King?


When a King sneezes, doctors heads roll.

When a King yawns, thousands of women dance.

That's a KING!!

Since I happen to become a King...

I need to see how far a King can go.

I shall go all the way to see... what Power is all about.

Now I tell you.

Do as I say.


You are Jallis.

What're you doing?

The war front...

Umh? What do you see?

Soldiers who are killing many soldiers.

Jallis. Your Majesty.

Your father Badli told me... that you refuse to join my harem.

Why? Not my wish, your Majesty.


Why not?

Forgive me but I have Aslan.

Aslan? Your Majesty.

He's with the slave-army.

Is he your lover?

I love him.

I wish to choose my own love life.

Look who's talking.

I wish to choose my own love life?

You wouldn't dare!

Come to my bed tonight. That's an order!

No please.

I'll let Aslan decide this.

Your Majesty?

He'll renounce his love for you.

Don't overdo it, kid.

Aslan was executed for attempted desertion.


It's my fault Jallis.

My fault that I enlisted him in the slave-army.

If you do not want to... join the Caliph's harem, you need not.

I'd give my life to our king if I can make up for Aslan's death.

No father!

I'll join.

I can't let you die.

I will not testify.

But you will.


Oh my dear Badli!

How wonderful to see you!

I'd never fail to see you.

I rendered service to your late husband.

You've taken over my late husband's position.

I suppose it's my turn to serve you tonight.

Speaking of your late husband... didn't he make a drug that make the dead talk?

Oh Badli, it's so good.

Now bite my tits.

Where can I find the drug?

It's on...the 2nd shelf 3rd aisle.

Rough me up, will you?

As you wish.

All I need is that drug.

Why are we here for?

It's the valley of the starving lions.

They'll eat us alive!

Don't look!

Why hide? I want to say thank you.


We, imps are not to be exposed to humans... or we'll die on the spot.

But who cares!? I'd rather die... if I don't say I love you now.

Wake up!


Oh my god!

C'mon, Jallis is in trouble!

There you come again!

Get Aslan to Jallis. Hurry!

Don't take my Aslan!

Jallis. What?

Not so loud. Be more romantic.

Your Majesty.

I love you Jallis.

From now on, you'll be on your own.

No more apron strings.

I did what I could do the best for him.

So long, Aslan.

Who's there'?




You are alive! Jallis!


Let this opportunity work for me.

It's the King's order.

Renounce your love for Jallis.

You'll be beheaded!

Aslan... you'd better listen and obey the King's order.

These will make your life so rich.

You don't need Jallis.

Not enough?

How about these.


All right.

Take all my treasure and the crown!

Take'm all!

This is your last chance.

Take my offer.

Jallis, come to me or you'll be dead.

You traitors!!

Jallis... I am such an old fool.

I am desperately in love with you.

How can you not see this poor man?

I can not.

Why not?

You are the King no matter what.

Not a man like everybody else?

Oh well. This is what a King is.

I want to love and to be loved like everyone else.

I want to talk with people just like everybody else.

Buddha is dead! God is dead!

I came to the end of my luck.

What's all this noise?

I've called them.

I'd like to show you something really interesting, sir.

People of Baghdad!

Sons of Allah! I've summoned you forth... to witness the trial of the ruler of our city, Sinbad.


Bring in the witnesses!

My old nurse maid!

Old woman tell us about Jallis and Sinbad.

You who witnessed her entrance into the world.

Who are the real parents of Jallis?

They are Milliam and Aldin.


Step forward old prison guard.


Tell us who Aldin and Sinbad are.

Aldin and Sinbad bear the same birthmark.

Your majesty, if you allow me...

Yes, there is a mark, it's cross-shaped.

Cross-shaped? It is not a birthmark, sir.

It was from the torture Aldin was put as my prisoner.

Son of Allah! Now you know Aldin is Sinbad.

And Jallis is the daughter of Sinbad!

Silence, please!

I hereby accuse Sinbad... of committing the most heinous crime... received into his bed chamber... and had intercourse with his own daughter.

People of Islam... that imposter...

Sinbad disrespectfully bears a crown.

Let the people have him!

O' children of Almighty Allah.

One more thing.

Who would you have as your next and rightful...

Caliph of Baghdad, the protector of souls?

Badli, of course!

It was an amusing show.

Wasn't it, Aldin. Leave the throne now.

Very well.

I've been waiting for this occasion.


Wait Jallis.


Sinbad is innocent.

You are lying.

No. Caliph gave me her hand.

I am her husband.

It's all over, Badli.

Your treachery has caught up with you.

Murderer! Foul vermin of the earth.

Caliph of Hell and all the underworld!

She's the evil. Get her!

Remain still!...

Or I'll kill you.

Aldin, let's go now.

We are not made for this place.



See I have told you the truth.

I must leave you, Aldin.

The People's Court has found Aldin... alias Sinbad the first, guilty of atrocities.

Against the kingdom we hereby... condemn him to death.

Have you anything to say, Aldin?


Your father deserves beheading for his crime.

But that crime... is not the one for which I am now beheaded.

When you grow up and have kids... you'll know which crime I am speaking of.

Grow up and find strength in the story of my life.



So long everybody.

I was a king. It's just a king.

What's next?

I'll have to start all over again.