Seong lung wui (1992) Script

Hey, you little one. How are you? Come here. Hi.


Here, let me hold it.

Inspector. Huh?

Call the station.

Tell them the suspect is on his way to surgery. Yes, sir.

You'll have to keep these boys separate. I can't tell which is which.

You shouldn't say that, honey. Besides, we never want them to be apart, now, do we?

Take cover!

Oh, my little man.

Give me that baby!

What's going on here?

Please, please, our baby.

Son of a bitch!

You'll never take me alive!

Give me back my baby! Bitch!



I should shoot you for what you did to that baby.

Oop. Hi there, little fella.

You want a drink? No? Well, I do.

All we found was the empty wheelchair.

Hey, here, he could use this. Here.

Oh, thank you.


He's so sweet. We didn't even know you were pregnant.

I didn't get pregnant. I found him in a park.

Hey, Boomer! Where's our money?


Quit it! Oh, hi.

He grabbed me. You what? You, come here!

No, I didn't. Boomer, he's tryin' to hit me. Hit him back.


Try this, you little prick.

Come on, finish up. Let's go.

There he is. Get him.

Thank you.


♫ And many more ♫ Happy birthday, son.

I love you. Thanks, Mom.

Ahh, nice.


That's the one. Put it over there.

Here are the pictures.

Hey, boss, remember this one? Look at that.

You won the last four races, checkered flag. Nobody could touch you.

Boy, boss, you're good. I wouldn't worry.

No, not a chance.

Nobody like the boss. Yeah, burn, baby.

Boomer, come here. Hurry. I've been waitin' half an hour.

Why do I have to wear this stupid coat and this silly tie?

Why? That's one of them classy joints. We gotta look respectable.

So, you got the piece? Right here.

Good. Well, where we going?

Come on, we're late. I want you to meet someone. Sounds interesting.

I've got a girl. Girl?

There she is. Check her out.

She's your babe?

What do you think? She looks like Maradonna, doesn't she?

Maradonna plays soccer. You mean Madonna, don't you?

Oh, yeah, right. Let's settle your business.

Yeah, give me that. Do us the honor.

Come on, boss. Go ahead and sing.

Let's get her upstairs. Tonight's the night. What do you say?

Go ahead, boss. Give it a shot.

Excuse me. No one's allowed in. There's a private party booked here.

Oh. Thank you.

♫ If you could only look into my heart ♫

♫ You'd see ♫

♫ Lovely lady I wish you'd go upstairs ♫

♫ With me ♫ What do you think you're doing? The song isn't over! Get your ass back up there!

I can't let you in. Boomer!

Sir, I don't want to have to call security.

No, I'm not leaving. I have business here.

What, are you deaf? Go on. Keep singing.

Leave her alone! She's done singin'.

Who said that? I did. You got a problem with that?

Who the hell are you? My name's Tyson.

Who the hell are you?

That's none of your business. Get the hell out of here before we kick your ass.

We'll leave when we're good and ready.

I see.

Get 'em. - Shit. Boomer! I'm no singer.

Listen, I'm here to protect you. You sure? He's doing all the work.

Kill the goddamn speaker.


Get him! Don't let him get away!

Beat it! Hey, wait. She's mine!

You want some of this, punk?

Shut up! Boomer! Help!

Save me!

Boomer, don't forget about the gun! All right, nobody move!

I said, don't move! Are you all right?

What did you do to my jacket?

I can't believe you did that. You know how hard I am to fit?

Nobody move. Nobody move.

Where is she? Where are you? Ah!

Don't move, anybody. Let go. You're hurting me.

I'm sorry, miss. You all right? We're here to help you. Don't worry.

That's right. I could take five of you with my bare hands.

I shoot seven more with this gun. With, uh...

No, no, no, no. I could shoot another six.

Which one of you would like to go first? Huh?

Get out.

You hear that? Let's go.

Hey, so what about the jacket?

You think I'm just gonna forget about it?

Come on, give me the gun. We've made our point. Let's go.

No, we haven't. What, are you trying to embarrass me?

This gun's a fake. Give me the damn gun.

Tell you what. Your wallet, and we call it even.

Huh? Wh...

Where'd you get this thing? It's the best I could do. Run.

Get her.

Get the girl! Come on! Don't let her get away!


Okay! You're mine!


Get him.

Hey, hey, hey, can't handle me by yourself, huh? Aren't you a little bit embarrassed?

Boomer! I'll save you!


Who do you think you are? Huh?

Hey, tough guy, careful not to get blood on your suit.


Hey, Will.

Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Huh?

Oh, no, wait. I'm a road racer. Break my left leg. I'm gonna need my right one.

Yeah? - That's right, tough guy. I could beat your ass any day.

You want to end up like Koo, with his guts spilled all over the sidewalk?

Koo was a loser anyway.

On the Prince Edward Road Circuit, he couldn't touch us with a ten-foot pole.

What do you know about racing? -My name's Boomer, and I'm the best driver in Hong Kong.

You wanna bet on that? For 3,000, you're on.

Three hundred thousand. Well, those are pretty small potatoes.

Three hundred thousand?

Get your car together and meet us tomorrow. Ferry Pier.

Three o'clock.

I'll be a little richer, and you'll have another day to live.

Come on, start, you son of bitch!

How can you race that guy? You can't even start your car.

Who's that?

You aren't leaving me, are you?

Ah, hi.

Please get in. Thanks.

I appreciate all your help. I just started working here last week.

That gangster's been bugging me every night.

If you didn't show up, I would've been in trouble.

What's your name? Boomer.

Oh, I see. And you? Tyson.


You don't know who he is? Not really.

You told me she was your girl.

Uh, she is, sort of. I'm workin' on it.

How dare you? That's it.

I'm getting out of here.

Wait. - Leave me alone.

Boomer! Boomer!

We've been friends forever. You can't let a little thing like this come between us.

Look, we've been to hell and back together, but you have to get a grip on reality.

How could she be interested in you? You two have nothing in common. Look at her hair.

I don't know. I think I got a shot. Don't you?

You're driving me crazy!

I didn't like that job anyway.

Uh, what's your name again? Barbara.

Uh, Barbara, that's right. Do you think you can tell the big hero over there... if you might be interested in him?

Just between us, you see,

he's never had a girlfriend.

It was nice meeting you.

You have a good time. I'm going home now.

I'm sorry, Boomer.

Excuse me, Mr. Ma, is this your first visit to Hong Kong? Yes.

Well, we certainly look forward to your concert, sir.

Three hundred thousand.

That's the last time. Come on, I need a car.

Look, last time you were three hours late.

You sure didn't complain when I gave you $400. Are you backing down on our deal?

You scratched the last one up. They almost found me out.

That's $600 you owe me, hmm. Hey!

Careful. They might be watching us now.

This is the last time. I never wanna see you again.

Step on it! Yeah!

I'll be back in a second. Wait. Where the hell you think you're going?

I gotta take a leak. Hurry back.

Whoa, whoa! Hey, you think you own the damn road?

Pardon me.

Here we are, Maestro. Uh-huh.

Oh, bellman! Hmm?

You outdid yourself. Nice choice too.

My favorite color.

You are the man.

Let's take a ride. Get in! Huh? Hey!

Sorry, kid, I really don't know what you're talking about.

Quit fooling around, huh?

Hey, Tyson. What are you doing down there?

Huh? You and your stupid jokes. Take that!

It's not funny!

Hey! Damn you!

I'm so sorry.

What the hell?

Good morning, sir. Welcome.


Not 100... 400,000 shares.

Ah, there you are, John! I remember you!

Still well? I'm good. We haven't seen each other in a long time.

Oh, come on over here. Look. Do you recognize her?

She's the same girl you used to play with when you were a kid.

Tammy, go on and say "hello" to John. Go on!

Oh, come on, a nice, big kiss. That's better.

She finished her training as a nurse.

When she heard you were coming, she quit her job, just to take care of you.

That's nice, but I feel fine.

Now, John, there are a lot of diseases in this part of the world.

You're a world-famous conductor. You really can't afford to catch anything.

It would be terrible.

Please, I would like to freshen up first.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. We'll talk later, huh?

Oh, Tammy, will you show some interest?

Daddy, I already have a boyfriend.

I'm helping you get a husband, not a boyfriend.

What about Rocky? Who? Stallone?

Not Stallone. Frankie Lok. I call him Rocky.

Even Rocky would tell you to go for it. Now, take this medicine bag.

Your daddy's very serious about this. I want you and John to hit it off.

We'll have a merger with the Ma family, and both our businesses will prosper.

We'll be one big, happy corporation... I mean, family.

It's a very tough business world we live in, my dear.

John, are you there? My daughter's here to see you.

Now, you remember: Be nice to him. Daddy, Daddy.

Go on, get in there.

Oh, God, I hope it works.

Here, let me help you with this. So many bottles. I thought your father was kidding.

I didn't know nurses were so sexy these days. You're showing.

No, up there. Oh!

Even when I was a child, I hardly needed vitamins or medicine.

If I had known, I wouldn't have brought so many.

Come on, sit over here.

Thank you.

Your dress is a bit tight. Must restrict the circulation.

And your posture's not too good. That's probably why you often get a sore back. Am I right?

How'd you know that? Hmm, come with me.

Lie down, please. So soon?

Ooh. Oh?

Don't worry. No need to rush. We'll go slowly.


Put your leg up here. Just relax.

I'm almost done. Wouldn't it be easier with my clothes off?

No need to.

I'm just loosening you up.

It improves the circulation.

Are we ready yet?

Feels pretty good, don't you think?

Asleep already?

You must be very tired.

I can't believe just because we don't have the $300,000, we have to run away to China.

That's a real joke. Hey, I didn't drive that bad.

So we came in second. What's so wrong with that?

Did we win anything for it? Not really. Hold this.

Oh, my back.

Hi, I slept so well after that workout you gave me last night.

Would you like to see a menu? Mm-hmm.

Let's go! I ain't got all day. I'm busy. Talk to him.

What's he saying? I'm out of breath. Talk to him.

Where's my money? Tyson, give him the money.

You got the money. No, you have it.

Oh, right.

Wait. I'll give you half now... What are you doing?

Listen here. I know the boat's stolen. I hope you can appreciate it.

Call me when you get to the mainland.

Do you remember Barbara's last name? Barbara Whatchamacallit.

You fueled the tank, didn't you?

Oh, yeah!

Tyson, I think we've been double-crossed. What, there's no boat?

A farewell party. That wasn't necessary.

You idiot! Over there! Let's get out of here.

I left my phone book. I have to get it. Forget the stupid phone book.

Untie the rope!

Stop those two idiots! Hurry up, will ya?

Come on, come on. Go!

Stop right there! Where the hell do you think you're going?

You're not going anywhere. What are we gonna do now?

There's no way out. We should just go ashore.

Either way we're gonna die. What?

Let's go!

Stop that boat! Stop it!

You know, maybe you should let me drive. Quick!

Put on your life jacket and shut up.

There, that's it. That's it.

Go! Come on!

Yes! Let's go meet them at the docks.

You better sit down! You're gonna fall out!

What's the matter? Must be the chair. I feel like I'm on a boat.

I've been feeling strange ever since I got here.

I don't know. Maybe it's jet lag. I feel like I'm seasick.

My father said you should use his car.

He said it'd be more convenient for you. Here, take it.

Thank you. It's very kind, but I don't even know the roads.

If you get lost, just call me.

These chairs are springy, aren't they? What are you trying to do?

I want them... now!

Over there! Get closer!

Take that!

Boomer, check this out. Will you quit fooling around?

Look out over there!

Oh, God! Tyson!

Come on, he's ours. Stop him, now! Will!

Let's get 'em. All right.

Oh, hurry. I think I'm dying.

We're almost there. Hang on!

I'll make them pay.

Boomer, Boomer, I'm not dead. You can come back now.

Help me. I can't drive this. Hurry!

Turn, turn! Look in front of you! Get out of the way!

That was close.


Well done. Okay.

Hey! Moron! Watch where you're going!

Yeah, tell him that.

You okay, boss?

You want trays? He started throwing water.

Check, please.

We're back on shore now. I'm sorry about that.

Come on.

Why don't you go change and we'll go somewhere else?

No, thank you. I'm afraid we'll go on another boat ride. Thank you.

It's me.

Boomer, is this the mainland?

We made it, didn't we? We're still in Hong Kong. You're lucky, you know.

You got away with just a few bumps and bruises. You should see what happened to Boss Wing.

He was totally wiped out.

Enough. Will you please keep quiet. I can't hear anything.

Hi. Are you a doctor? What?

Are you a doctor? Are you blind? What else would I be?

Eat slowly. It's very hot.

You know, you guys piss me off.

For your information, this hospital pays us protection money.

That means you're in deep shit, punk.

Tyson, we're changing hospitals. - All right.


If I were you, I wouldn't try anything stupid, 'cause you can't get out of this one.

You see, I had a job that required my boss' great driving skills.

And since you put him out of commission, and since I know you can handle a car, I'm offering the job to you.

What is it? You'll find out soon enough.

Keep your cellular phone on 24 hours a day. We'll be contacting you.

And if you don't answer, you can pick up your buddy piece by piece.

All right, men.

I wanna hear the music and the feeling... together as one.

Hello? Tammy, we on for tonight? Where are you?

Rocky, I'm kind of busy right now.

You're seeing someone else, ain't ya?

No, of course I'm not seeing anyone else. I wouldn't lie to you.

Right. I'll call you in a few days. I'm working on some business.

Hey, Tammy. I knew it.

So that's the little twerp you're going out with instead of me.

I'll show this guy. Hey!

That's the feeling I'm talking about, but no chairs. As one.

Is this the guy? Huh?

Run before he kills you. Hurry! Come on.

Tyson was always nice to you. Why don't you go to see him?

He's in a lot of pain, and you can make his day.

Well, I don't want him to get the wrong idea.

You can see him as a friend and settle the rest later.

I don't think I can do that. Sounds very serious.

If you need anything else...

No? ♫

Two, please. Yes, of course. Right this way.

I don't want to go to the hospital. Let's just have lunch, okay?

Uh, I take care of it for you.

Excuse me. Sir, sir?

Would you mind not leaning on the glass? You might disturb the gentleman on the other side.

Excuse me, sir, I've instructed the gentleman on the other side not to disturb you.


It's very sweet, you know, Tyson having a crush on me.

But I'm not gonna be his girlfriend. People change. Come on.

Who was that huge guy back there? M-My boyfriend.

Looks more like a gorilla. I work with him at the health club.

Wait a minute. I thought you were a nurse.

Look, if you promise to tell him, then we can stop by.

Sounds fair enough. Waiter. Check, please. Okay. Coming.

So that's it. Let's get out of here.

I'd like to go back soon. I have a rehearsal.

I hope it's all right. Your check, sir.

Is it a policy? We haven't ordered yet.

Oh, sorry. So...

Get out of my way! He's not a bad guy. - Here he comes now.

You better hide.

♫ Tammy!

Move! Hey!

What are you doing? Just get out. Run! - You scum!

Hey, hey! Hold it right there. You hear me?

Nobody messes around with my girl. Get back here, you son of a bitch!

Rocky, wait! Come back.

Hey! Stop it! Stand back.

Tammy, I'm gonna show you what a real man is.

You better run, or he's gonna kill you.

Ow, Tammy. You look great.

Be right back. Wait!

I'm gonna get you, you sucker. What's going on?

Don't hit him!

Why are you defending me? I don't even know you. Tammy!

You better run. I'll hold him for you. What?

Go on! Run! What? You are really hurting my pride now, miss.

You forgot your change, mister.

I don't want it. Thank you, sir.

Here, you hold her. I got her.

Haven't you had enough yet?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait. I don't even know you. So what? I don't care.

Excuse me.


Why are you in such a hurry? You didn't pay the bill? No, I did not.

Hey, where'd you get that jacket? Did you steal it?

What are you talking about? Cut it out.

Wow! That's a great car.

Cool! Whose is it?

I can't believe it. Does it belong to a lawyer? Can I drop you somewhere?

What a car! Real leather.

Excuse me.

Come on now. You shouldn't do this. Why don't you tell him that?

Wait. I really have no idea who you are.

Now you're gonna get it.

Please, don't do this. You're as good as dead. Huh?

These cost money.

Don't you ever try to cross Rocky again! Who'd want this now?

My balls are everywhere!

Hey, I'm warning you. You gotta stop! Come on!

I'm gonna...

I don't want to hurt you anymore.

Don't you stop? We have to settle this bill.

Hey, someone's got to pay. Come on. Pick all this up.

There's the manager. No, you take care of him.

Look, you've got to pay this! Like hell I will.

That guy's crazy.

I never knew you were so strong. What are you doing?

I really like what I just found out about you.

Well, I'm glad. What do you want from me?

Don't tease me like that. "Teasing"?

Well, whatever you say. Hmm!

Please, tell me your name. Boomer, would you stop kidding around... punk.

My name's John Ma, not Boomer.

So where should I drop you off? At the hospital.

Why? Are you sick? You asked me to go see Tyson.

Oh, really?

Stop acting. Always on stage. I know.

I played the piano when I was eight.

The Royal Music Conservatory at 12.

At 20, I won the Beethoven Conducting Award.

Like you have a lot of money. Well...

Of course, you went to the finest schools overseas, huh?

How do you know? Oh, of course.

Wow! Huge place. You know, you made me feel so good the other day.

Would you mind doing it again?

I don't know what you're talking about, lady. I'm just a mechanic.

I'll go lie down. Hurry.

Hmm? Oh. This joke's going further than I thought.

I might as well go for it.

I'll fix her motor.

Wow, look at this. This is great.

Hey, you know, that's very good, Beethoven.


Stop! What is it?

Oh, continue.

I'm sorry. Go on. Okay.

Your turn. Try it. Me?

You think so?

No, I can't. Sit down.

I can't wait any longer. Hurry up. Hmm?

All right!


I didn't know you drank and smoked. Always after a workout.

A workout? That's all it was?

Hey, you're the one who took me up here.

That was very different from the last time.

You mean we've done this before?

Stop it. What do you think I am?

I don't think anything. So what's the matter?

Aren't you gonna get that?

I gotta go.

What concert are you talking about? The one I'll be conducting.

All right! No more jokes, okay?

Boomer, I thought I told you I never wanted to see you in here again.

Mister, you are really impolite. You are Mr...

Security! Come on, let's get out of here.

We have a problem. Excuse me, sir?

What seems to be the problem? I know this man. He's always trouble around here.

Mr. Ma! There must be some kind of mistake.

Mr. Ma is a world-famous conductor. You should apologize.

S-Sorry. Let's get back to work.

Mr. Ma, it's an honor.

Thank you for your help. Don't bother our guests. I'm sorry. I should get back to my room.

By the way, the concert hall is filled to capacity.

Ah, that's right. I almost forgot. Thank you.

If the lady needs anything special, please don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome, welcome. Mm-hmm.

Why do they all know you? I really need some good help.

Hey, these clothes are ridiculous. Let's get one thing straight.

I don't have to be your slave because I slept with you.

What are you talking about? Give me a kiss.

Stay still, will you? Thousands of people are waiting to see you perform.

Perform? Now we gotta do it in public? Hey, be careful.

Let's go. Come on, hurry, hurry. Where are we going?

So, how much you pay them to put on that show?

A room here costs $400 a day. Four hundred!

Yes. U.S. dollars.

You look like a conductor. What do you mean, "look like"?

I really am a conductor. I wasn't kidding, you know.

I know you're teasing me, but I love that.

I don't know why I let her push me around.

How do I get myself into this mess? Hmm, anyway, she is pretty.

Not again.

Ghost! You look just like me.

We're even dressed the same.

Weird. I don't know about you, but I think I am going crazy.

Wow! It's strange, isn't it?

Hey, imagine, I could be taken for you.

Ah! No wonder the girl out there thinks I'm a musician.

She certainly thinks I'm you.

That's why the girl doesn't believe I'm giving a concert.

Ah! You play in a band. A band?

Never mind. Well, what are you gonna do? What do you mean?

You're wearing my clothes. You have to give them back to me and fix things up.

Okay, but don't tell the girl I'm with, all right?

Wait. Do you know a Barbara?

What? You mean you know her? I'm pretty sure that's her name.

She got into my car and asked me to take her to the hospital... to see this guy, Tyson.

It's getting awfully confusing.

How come when I sneeze, you sneeze? Right.

Were you on a boat lately? You're right.

Oh, my God. No wonder I was seasick.

What do you do when I get laid?

You mean, with a girl? Of course. What else would it be?

I hope he's not too kinky. Oh, wait.

Wait! Hey, you better take your hand off me.

You're forgetting your phone.

Thanks a lot.

Ah, maestro, right on schedule.

Hey! Finally ready? Barbara, what are you doing here?

Always kidding. Is there something wrong with you?

What's going on here? Why do I have to remind you of every little detail?

Please, not now.


Hi, Boomer. Who's this?

Better get your ass out here. We've been lookin' for you.

Oh, no, I'm not Boomer. You've got the wrong number.

Huh? This phone isn't mine. They got switched around.

You just wait right here. Wait.

Yes. Boomer!

Where are you? I'm in the lobby with Barbara. Just tell me where you are.

I'm in my car with Tammy. Get in here. I got to protect her. Make it fast.

You can't take her with you. It's getting too dangerous.

But I can't go inside. I need your help to explain something to her.

You don't understand. I've got more than I can handle right now.

What? What?

John, John? Hello? Damn it. The battery.

Please wait a second. I need to change phones.

Wait, please! We're gonna be late.

I'll be right back.

Stay here. Don't go away. I'll be right back, okay?

Where you going?

Ah, Maestro! This way.

That was quick. Please, get in.

Get in! Please. Thank you.

I was really getting worried. We're gonna be late.

Driver, let's go. All right.

Where we going?

To your concert.

Is that Boomer I saw leaving right now in that big car? Yeah, that was him all right.

Then who the heck's that?

Oh, hi.

I thought I just saw you leave.

Barbara, I'm glad you're here.

I have to talk to you. Stay away. Don't touch me.

Pretending you don't know us? Have we met before?

We're holding your little friend, so don't mess around.

I'm not sure I understand. I'm talking about Tyson.

Don't you think you can tell me where I'm going?

You're gonna save someone for us. Sounds interesting. Who?

The cops got our boss. He's in that truck right there.

No way. Chase the police? I'm not a race car driver.

I heard you were the best. Now is the time to prove it.

If you fail, Barbara and Tyson are history.

Don't be uptight. I'm not scared. You're the one who needs to relax.

Oh, no, you must be kidding. I'm getting out of here. Go!

Stop fooling around. Show me you're the famous John Ma.

I'm not Maestro Ma. I'm Boomer.

Don't jeopardize your future. Now get out there.

Stop it! I'm not jeopardizing my future.

You've worked so hard all your life for this night.

Now you get out there. Show some guts.

Fine. I'll go out there.

But you'll be sorry.

What are you doing? Wait. There's so many people out there.

Your baton. What's that?

Just wave it around. You'll be all right.

Here goes nothing.

All right, let's move it!

We'll get you out of here, boss!

This is fun.

Get out! Get out!

Wait for me here and stay cool. Move it!

What's wrong with this door, damn it?

Unlock the door. Take it easy. Thanks a lot.

What? Are you sure you don't have any reservations tonight after 9:00?

'Cause I specifically remember calling last Tuesday and... Hey.

Ah! Oh. Ah! Hurry up, will ya?

It's Tues... No, you don't understand.

Hey. Sorry. It's my turn. Go away.


Is that you, John? Boomer, I need your help to get me out of here.

I need you here. You don't understand.

They put me on stage. I'm conducting your concert. It's turning into a disaster.

Just wave your hands around, all right?

What's happening to you? Get out of the car now!

We're sorry...

Wish us both luck.

Just move my hands, huh?

This is my concert! Get the hell out of here!

Do I know who this guy is? This is our big, big boss.

You're the big, big boss. Okay, hotshot. I want to go!

Come on! You heard him!

That's it. That's it! Stronger! Stronger! More freely!

Just shut the hell up and drive!

Hey, come on. Quit foolin' around.

Let's go. Step on it! Where'd we get this guy?

I'm sorry. Watch that car!

Hey! We're going to hit the truck!

No! No!

Hey! Start driving or I'll kill you.

Get going.

Hey. Is that them?

Just step on the brake!

Here, you do it. It's all yours.

Hey, slow down! We're on fire!

Just pull the hand brake! Pull it yourself!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Out of my way!

Boss! I'm comin'!



Thank you. Welcome, Mr. Ma.

Uh, you could use a little freshening up before the reception.

We'll all be waiting in the V.I.P. room. That's wonderful.

Mr. Ma! Mr. Ma!

Ah, hello, my dear. Hi.

Is the V.I.P. room ready for the reception?

Certainly, it's ready. But...

Wait a second. Uh, may I...

May I ask who you are? I'm John Ma.

But who was the man who went to your room?

Did you see me come back? I really think we should hurry up for the press conference.

I have to take a shower. I'll be right back.


Uh, thank you.

Get in. Hurry.

You can't believe what just happened!

And what about me? I was almost killed.

Let's forget about it and be ourselves.

You're Boomer, and I'm John Ma, okay?

Tell me: Did you sleep with Barbara?

No. We didn't do anything. Good.

She's Tyson's girl.

It's Tammy. Don't you think you should go hide upstairs?


Hello, Tammy. It's me.

Haven't you showered yet? There's lots of people waiting.

I know. But you go down first, and I will join you soon.

Hold it. Hmm.

Give me a kiss. You scum.

I'll wait downstairs.

My purse.

Oh, you're here. Boomer, what are you doing?

I'm filling the bathtub. What's it look like?

This whole situation's getting out of hand.

Oh, Boomer. What should we do?

It's ridiculous.

I think I like Barbara a little. Don't even think about it.

Barbara is Tyson's girl, you hear?

What's the big deal? I don't even know Tyson.

Wait a minute. When you touch Tyson's girl, it's like touching my girl.

So stay away from her, you hear?

But you touched my girl. How could I know she's your girl?

It doesn't matter whether she is or not. Don't mess around with her.

Wait! Come back.

Are you telling me what to do?

Just a minute!

John Ma.

Are you all right?

I'm fine! Huh?

Why did you answer? I'm John Ma.

She really thinks I'm you. I answered.

Hey. Is there somebody in there with you? Wait!

Tammy is my girl. I'm the one she likes. Not you, but John Ma.

Not Boomer, you hear? I'm not so sure.

Besides, we already...

You know. Do you want her to know she's been tricked, you impostor?

John Ma, if you don't open the door, I'll break it down.

Uh, wait!

You better find a place to hide.

Hey! You better not touch her.

Why did you do that?

I'm sorry! Are you all right? I'm fine.

Who were you talking to?

I fooled you, didn't I?

I was pretending to be two different people.

Not bad, huh? I've showered. Let's go downstairs.

Uh-oh. Tammy, what are you doing?

Now that I'm all wet, I need to take a bath and change my clothes.

A bath?

Would you excuse me? I also need to take one.

All right. Let's take one together.

I've changed my mind. We took a bath together the other day.

We did? Are you sure about that?

Mmm. Yes, I am sure.

And you even put your hands all over me. You were so naughty.

You dirty rat! You took a bath with my girl!

Huh? Why are you undressed if you're not taking a bath?

I guess I changed my mind again.

I really can't figure you out.

Hey. Why have you put your clothes back on?

Oh. I never took them off, Tammy.


I must be seeing things.

Wh-What are you doing?

Draining it. No need. The water's clean.

Didn't you just take a bath?

I have to fill it up after I'm done.

It's just another habit of mine.

There is still so much I have to learn about you.

So cute.

Then I better start now, since I'm already yours.

Maybe it's better we don't take a bath together. It could take us hours.

John, what's the matter?


Let's take a bath together.

You're so horrible!

You're such a naughty boy. They're all waiting.

We don't have enough time. Forget about that. Let's enjoy ourselves.

It's just a reflection. Take it easy. John...

It's a mirror.

It's a mirror.

Don't scare me like that. I'm awfully sorry.

Who's that?

Uh, yes? May I help you, miss?

Where's Boomer?

Who did you say you were looking for? Boomer?

There must be a mistake. I was here earlier today.

- Boomer! Barbara.

I wish you would leave. I'm just here with my boyfriend.

Boomer, where are you? Here we go again.

Hey, Boomer! Are you here? Wait!


Do you know this woman?

What are you doing? And what kind of girl do you think I am?

What is it? Keung says bring his case to the docks... because if you don't, Tyson will be a goner.

Well, who is she?

What's wrong with you? I thought you cared!

And now I find you here with this woman!

You're just a goddamn loser! Hey, wait a minute.

I've had enough. Who is she?

Barbara. And what's her name?

She's Tammy. His fiancee.

And we're going to get married. You're getting married?

Wait, Barbara! You promised me, remember?

You're not going back on your word?

"Just close your eyes and imagine." Did you tell her that?

But we agreed on a spring wedding!

There is something important you should know.


Where are you?

Boomer! Where are you?

He could be behind here.

Yes, he's just afraid he will scare you girls. That's why.

Come on out! Uh-oh.

You'll see. Boomer!

I know you're there. Come on!

Oh, no. I think I'm losing my mind.

Uh, I...

Wait! I know! TV!


Uh... Huh?

He's real.

Boomer, Tyson's in trouble. You have to find Keung, quick.

If I only knew where he was hiding. Wait. At the shipyard.

And you're supposed to bring the briefcase to him. Then you look after them.

Hold it! Aren't you coming back?

If I survive, I will.

Excuse me. Come to the conference room for the pictures.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Ah, Maestro!

Ah, Maestro! Sir.

Ah, Maestro!


We should be like brothers, we're so alike.

Fate is a funny thing. Know what I mean?

'Cause if I had as many breaks as you, I could have turned out pretty good.

I'm honored to know someone as loyal as you.

Let's take care of this together, as brothers.

Let's go get Tyson.

How do you do? Shut up. We're wastin' time.

Good to see you again. Will, bring the briefcase here.

I'll take that. Hey, hey!

I have a bomb. Hand that over!

All of you, back off! Stand back! It's full of explosives.

Do you hear me? Don't come near me! If I drop it, we all die.

I'll check the other side. Yeah. Fine.

What are you looking at, huh?

Where's Tyson? He's up there.

Safe and sound. Help! Boomer, help me!

Up here!

Are you really Tyson?

Don't kid around, Boomer! Can you say something to prove who you are?

Yeah! When we were kids... Take a closer look.

He's such a crack-up. Ain't he?


Hand over the briefcase, huh? Or good-bye to your buddy. Know what I mean?

Move over!

Hey, boss! There's another guy! Boss, we got trouble!

Oh, what's with this? Boomer, help!

Help me!

That was your last chance.

Oh, what have I done?

That was close.

Oh, m... Gimme that!

It's a bomb!

Any closer, and this will explode!

All right. I've had about enough of this. Get him!

Step aside!

Wait. Take it easy, boss. I got it.

No, wait! Look at that. Huh?

Somebody go check it out.

Go on. Hurry! Come on!

Help me! Put out the fire!

You two, go. Go on! After him!

Now what?

Tyson, get out of there!

Let's get out of here! I'm tryin', but I hurt my leg.

Hey! What the hell? How'd you get here so fast?

What are you talking about? I've been down here the whole time.

My leg! My leg!

All right. There's eight.

And nine.

Nine... good play. Hey, what's that?


Your turn.


There is somebody in here.

Come on.

Wait! There really is somebody in here!

I'm not lying! Guys with guns! - Hey, you!

Get your hands up! Card game's over.

Put your head down. Yes, sir.

I think he's gone in!

You were right! Inside!

Tyson! Tyson!

Hey, Boom!

Caution. Clear test area. Caution.

Shut the gate! Yeah, boss.


Over here! Take him!

Tyson! Tyson!

Hey, here! I'm here, Boomer! I'm here in the car!

Quick! Get in the car! Get inside! Wait! How are you inside?

Let's ram our way out! The car's raised up! What are we gonna do?


All right. Check it out. Move it.

I can't see anything. Just shut up. Keep lookin'.

Find anything? Hey! No.

Oh, I'm sorry. Bye.

There you are. Get him!

I'm sorry.

What are you doing? I didn't have much choice.

Don't you come near me!

Stand back. Caution.

Ow! Hot!

Huh? Boomer?

Am I glad to see you! Shh!

Ya chicken, come over here. I'll kick your ass!

Come on. Come on! Shut up!

You want some of this? Boomer, get him. Get him! Chicken!

I'll show you!


Here! Come on over here.

Hit him, Boomer! Hit him! Come on!

You're gonna get it now, Tough guy!

That's it! Form and balance.

What's wrong with you?

Hey, what are you doin'? Kick him in the head!

Boomer, come back here!

You should be able to kill this guy. Something wrong?

Get up! You're fighting like a girl. My grandmother could beat this guy!

Hey, I was kidding. I don't even have a grandmother. Oh, no!

Are you okay? Tyson's in trouble! You've got to help him!

Time out! Time out! Hey, you! Bastard!

Pick on someone your own size!

Hey, I'm gonna tell you one last...

Oh, wow! Finish this loser off and I'll go turn off the heat.

Caution. Lowering heat apparatus.

Hey, look out, Boomer! It's comin' down!

What are you trying to do? Kill me?

You know, it's too hot in here. You take care of that guy and I'll cool off in here.

Ah, heaven! Huh?

You were in there! Never mind. Just run.

Come on! This one's a pushover! Who's a pushover?

Boomer! Help me!


Boomer! Run away!


Wait! Haven't you finished?

Hey, I'll finish him. Watch while I do it, okay?



Please don't hit me.

Boomer? Run!

This way!

- Don't move! We got 'em now.

Oh, my God! Boomer, let's get the hell out of here now!


I owe you one. Come on.

I'll just stay in here until you're finished. Hurry up!

Get him!


Heads down!

Get off me or you'll die!

Look out!


Tyson, get up, will ya!

Recorded speed of 50 miles per hour.

Estimated survival rate for passengers with seat belts: Ninety-nine percent.

Tyson! I had the seat belt on! I'm gonna be okay!

I'm gonna kick your ass! I've had enough, please! No more!

I-I-I'll make a deal. Anything you want.

Take him!

I gotcha! Say your prayers, buddy.


No way.

Hey! There's two of them! But only one can fight!

So which one do I have? Guess.

Ooh, I think I got the fighter.

That's enough!

He's not Boomer! He cannot fight you! Why don't you come fight me?

Look behind you!

Turn around! John! Behind you!

I move, he moves. Hit him! Hit him!

Hit him! Harder!

Turn around!

Kick him! Kick!

Turn around! Kick!

I'm not done with you.

So, tell me: Which one am I, actually?

John Ma. Who do you think?

I wasn't really sure, 'cause when I was fighting...

Cut the crap! Open it up!

Where's Tyson?

Stop there!

There are two of you! There's just one of us.

Just one? Must be seeing things.

Ah. Get on the ground! Move it!

There are two of you!

Proceed test. John!

Where's the seat belt?

Estimated survival rate of passenger without seat belt: Zero percent.

Please replace test dummy.

It's so beautiful!

What's holding them up so long?

I'm very anxious to meet the man who looks like John. I hope he really is our son.

Now, Mama. Don't get your hopes up too high.

You promised. Yes, of course. I won't, dear.

Father, Mother.

I still haven't seen Boomer. I don't know where he is.

I'm afraid the wedding will have to be cancelled. Cancelled?

Wait here. I have to find Boomer.

John, where are you going? There he is!

Hey, come back here! John!

Where have you been? Did you have to bring the whole crowd?

I can't believe it... our son! That's our boy?


What do we do? We get outta here right now. Let's go.

Are you all right? They're getting away! Come on!

I got you! Are you Boomer or John?

You're not getting away that easy. Come on!

That one's Boomer. No, that's Boomer...

Or is it John?

Tell me, which one of you is John?

You are!

Now what do we do? It doesn't make any difference!