Seven Beauties (1975) Script


The ones who don't enjoy themselves, even when they laugh.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who worship the corporate image, not knowing that they work for someone else.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who should have been shot in the cradle.

Pow! Oh, yeah.

The ones who say, ''Follow me to success, but kill me if l fail, '' so to speak.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who say, ''We Italians are greatest he-men on earth. ''

Oh, yeah.

The ones who are from Rome.

The ones who say, ''That's for me. ''

The ones who say, ''You know what I mean?'' Oh, yeah.

The ones who vote for the right because they're fed up with strikes, oh, yeah.

The ones who vote white in order not to get dirty.

The ones who never get involved with politics.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who say, ''Be calm. '' Calm.

The ones who still support the king.

The ones who say, ''Yes, sir. '' Oh, yeah.

The ones who make love standing in their boots and imagine they're in a luxurious bed.

The ones who believe Christ is Santa Claus as a young man, oh, yeah.

The ones who say, ''Oh, what the hell?''

The ones who were there.

The ones who believe in everything, even in God.

The ones who listen to the national anthem, oh, yeah.

The ones who love their country.

The ones who keep going and going, just to see how it will end.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who are in garbage up to here.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who sleep soundly, even with cancer.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who, even now, don't believe the world is round.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

The ones who are afraid of flying. Oh, yeah.

The ones who've never had a fatal accident. Oh, yeah.

The ones who've had one.

The ones who, at a certain point in their lives, create a secret weapon, Christ, oh, yeah.

The ones who are always standing at the bar.

The ones who are always in Switzerland.

The ones who started early, haven't arrived and don't know they're not going to.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who lose wars by the skin of their teeth.

Oh, yeah.

The ones who say, ''Everything is wrong here. ''

The ones who say, ''Now let's all have a good laugh. ''

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

What the hell?

My God! Jesus! Jesus!

Why, you're Itallan.

And you...who are you?

Were you on that train? Damn right I was.

Damned, miserabIe woods.

You scared me to death.

These Germans, first they shoot and then ask, ''Who's there?''

You're telling me.

Maybe you can tell me where the hell we are.

I'd say it's Germany.

Anyway, what I say is, we're better off here than on the train.

That's for sure. That train is a blast furnace.

Poor bastards. Yes, poor them.

You know, I'm not really wounded.

I've got to be a deserter, or worse, by now.

Worse. No doubt about that.

Faking a wound...

But anyway...

It's pretty good. It Iooks real, my Iad.

I saved myseIf, but I was helped out by a dead man, may his soul rest in peace.

With all due respect for the dead, I had to take his bandages.

Instead of being in Stalingrad, I'm here.

So, I said to my men, where are we going?

What are we doing, running around llke this?

Who wants to go around killing?

Let's go. Go back home.

You can't work for people who send you with cardboard shoes.

Here, where when you blow your nose you get a crystal chandelier, and when you shit you get icicles.

So I grabbed two trucks and sent the men home.

I hope they made it.

They would have had me shot tomorrow.

I hate the military courts here.

How long is this river! It must be the Rhine.

Where's that? It's still in Germany.

Then it's still a pain in the ass.


Who were they? Maybe they are Jews.

That's impossible. It's possible.

And we're as guilty as they are. We're accomplices to those rotten shits.

Why do you think that we're accomplices?

Because we didn't make a sound, didn't come out and spit in their faces.

We could have, but we ran instead.

That's crazy. How could we have?

They'd have come after us and we'd be shot.

Useless suicide.

No, it wouldn't have been useless because in the face of certain things, you've got to say no, and instead, I said yes... to Mussolini, to duty, and to all that crap.

In this war I've killed bastards I didn't even know.

I killed before the war, but I had my reasons.

I kill like an idiot, for no reason.

I did it for a woman.

I killed for a woman.

A woman...

Mama, mama, mama mia What a bad thing is jealousy Tell Marianna she seems an old bag How much you have to sanction me...

What a funny trick The fascist ltaly under sanction They want to give us such a slap l do not care a rap about sanctions l feel better alone Than accompanied badly

l am a real beauty Since l was sanctioned Oh, pretty sanction Shit, coffee Mess, mess, mess No sanction, no more Milo, I'll make...

Who blows a raspberry

She must be kidding! What more do you want?

Screw off!

Let's see you dance... walking cow!

Screw off! Drop dead.

How about letting me tickle you all over?

You can tickle your mama!

I'll give you something, so don't push.

Nothing easy about me!

What a lass! We want more!

What do you want me to do? There! There!

Give us more!

Take it off! Come on!

Forget it! Fuck you!

There! There!

Pasqualino! Let's taIk, Concetti.

Look at yourseIf in the mirror.

Go on, take a Iook at yourseIf.

Are you pretty? No, you're not pretty.

You're not even intelligent.

Among mom and our sisters there isn't a penny.

I'm the only man in the house with eight women.

There's one thing I've tried to defend.

One thing: Our honor!

To defend and protect that honor as best I can.

Not being the biggest or strongest man in the worId, I carry this thing around, I wear this gun.

They know about it, and they have to respect us.

And you ugly, miserable pig put your disgusting thighs on display in a musical... because that lousy rat said he'd make you famous.

That filthy bastard who helped to get you started and gave you this job-- I'll kill him.

No! I'll shoot him.

You mustn't! I beg you. He'll marry me!

He promised! I'm going on 37.

I'll be a spinster!

Better a spinster than a whore!

I must kill him. No! Potono'll marry me.

First he'll make me somebody, then his bride.


Somebody! Come on...

Look at yourself, a squawking crow.

Didn't you hear them?

Disgraceful! What a shame! I'll kill that Potono!

No, I'm through! I have a much better contract.

He'll heIp me sing at Club Margarita, then he'll marry me.

He made a promise. He loves me very much.

One month, eh?

I give him one month to straighten things up.

One month! Our house mustn't be dishonored.

You understand, idiot?! Understand?

Imagine the eldest becoming a whore!

What will the others do, become whores?

He's got a month to to marry you or I'll kill him.

The word of Pasqualino Seven Beauties.

Do you understand?

Rosina, my carnation.

Coming right up, Pasqualino.

Damn Francesco! After all this time in Africa.

Now they're sending him to Spain.

We need another war? It wasn't enough last time?

Now we'll never get married.

Don't give up hope. Because with God's heIp he may still be lucky enough to get a nice wound in his leg or his arm.

You'd get a pension for life and you'd be set.

What? Or he'll lose an eye.

What crazy talk, mama!

Hey, mama, we don't enjoy such lucky accidents in our famlly.

Yes, of course.

It will pass.


Rough up those mattresses.

Pasqualino, leave it in the drawer.

Are you looking for trouble?

Hey, mama, it doesn't get you into trouble.

They learn to fear you, and respect you.

And beileve me, they all respect me.

Excuse us for a moment, family business.

You'll pardon us?

He needs to talk in private. It's business.

It's a big secret. Who gives a damn!


You can't trust them to lick Leno's famlly.

Is that clear?

Mama, look, money to buy groceries.

Lucky Mama. I'm sick of bread and onions.

Buy an egg for each one of you.

And be careful of cheats.

It'd disgust anybody to look at such yellow faces.

There's a lot to be done if they're ever to get married.

Stop that!

Now, listen to me.

Don't let anybody see your eyes. Look down or you may be taken for a cheap little tart.

And I'll beat the first one who misbehaves. Remember.

Smlle, no reason to be upset like that.

Cheer up.

Have a good day.

And you too, Louiselle. And you too. Hmm?

Don't look so gloomy, eh?

Smile for a change!

What's the matter with you?

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Don't stop singing! We need the money!

Understand? Go on, sing! You, get going!

Little girl, have your parrot tell my fortune.

Why the tears? It's my mother's fault.

I never could sing, I go off pitch.

To make me sing is wrong.

But it doesn't matter, you can yell.

The men bother me. They make fun and tease.

Can't you answer back?

If anyone falls to respect you, you just say that you're my fiance, hm?

Like this:

Say you're engaged to Pasqualino Seven Beauties.

But I'm not your fiance. It's false.

At the moment. But in a few years, things could happen.

Never try to predict the weather or the future.

Think about growing up.

Say, come on, try.

To get by

Even you started stealing from the cradle.

Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Excuse me, Don Raphaele, I don't understand.

What's the matter? I've aIways been loyal.

It's not about loyalty.

I'm interested in people who know how to show respect.

What are you talking about? What are you referring to?

I'll tell you what I'm referring to.

I'm talking about someone who doesn't respect his family.

In what sense? I'll tell you.

At 3 o'clock, you'd better be at the Polonetto.

Look around. See what they're doing to you.

Potono bought your sister a pair of shoes with red bows on them, and put her in there for life.

We have a client.

My God! It's my brother!

Who is he? It's her brother!


Stupid bitch!

Are you satisfied now? Your fiance‚ got you into this business?


What a disgrace! You brought dishonor on us!

Let go! Get the hell out of my way!

Tell me where he is or I'll murder you, do you hear me?

How do I find that son of a bitch?

I can't breathe. Let go of my throat first!

This is how he married you, that lousy bastard?

Disgracing our house! Where is he?

Right here. Filth! Go home!

How can I, dressed this way?

Take this. Go like this.

Go home!

No, Pasqualino! No!

Don't kill him! I love him, pIease!

Screw you and your love! Idiot!

Eighteen Karat Potono, is that you?

Damn right. Damn right.

Weren't you going to marry my sister, Concettina?

You promised and therefore you'll marry her.

Who are you? Who the hell do you think you are?

Miserable worm. Get out.

I didn't understand.

Does that help you understand? Have a good day.

Poor boy. Will he be all right?

Get that mess out of here! We've got customers!

Where is he? Where is he?

Where'd that rotten son of a bitch go?

It's really not worth bothering about.

Isn't it?

I'm going to chop his head off.

Scum, humiliating me.

He won't live long.

Eighteen Karat Potono... wake up!

I won't shoot the brains of a sleeping man.

Come on, wake up.

Wake up. It's me.

No, Jesus! Don't shoot.

You're the one who caused it.

You called me ''miserabIe worm'', remember?

Find that pistol, I need it.

Find it and be quick! It's important to my defense.


He's dead.

Where the hell are we?

Jesus. What--

I smell onions.

Ah, Signora.

Good morning, good morning.

Excuse me for coming in without permission.

Stay quiet.

Sorry to disturb, but I'm hungry.

I'm an Itallan soIdier. Understand? No?

That's okay, German lady.

Oh, something to eat.

Italian soIdier, Naples.

Sunshine, blue water, mandolins.

Understand? A pizza pie with tomatoes on top, or macaroni.

There's food in here. I'm starving! Ah, German soup.

Nice. Good and hot.

Signora, I'm hungry. I'll have some bread, with your permission.

Oh, bread with stew?

It's so good.

Our mama often gave us stew in Naples.

A mama, Signora, is never forgotten.

You're a mama too. Your daughter will catch coId with her ass out.

Hard times, Signora, the war's been responsibIe.

Shh, if someone's there, I... No, it's all right.

Soup, bread... potatoes...

I'm taking some bread for my friend.

He's Italian. This is for him.

A drop of wine, cin-cin, salute.

Good wine. Good.

I'd like to be your guest-- your daughter has a great ass-- but I have to run.

Thank you.

May you live to be a hundred.

Oh, salami... Salami and some cheese.

Thank you... you're welcome, untll we meet again.

Good night, Signora.

What's that about?


A mysterious word, amigo.

We must work occasionally, or eIse: acid bath.

Or crematorium. How do you know? Who are you?

That's how it is. I'm a death expert.

I know an anarchist whose bombs didn't work.

Mussolini, Hitler, Salazar.

I've got failure after failure.

These people have made a business out of death.

That goddamn, rotten whore!

What's the world coming to?

How the hell did the world ever get llke this?

And we Iet ourseIves get killed this way.

Nobody says anything.

The Jews, who were supposed to be so smart...

The brave Russians, who began the revolution, they're not rebelling.

My rotten luck, ending up in this shit pile.


They're playing a waltz.

My God. My God.

Like sheep about to be slaughtered.

It can't be.

Francesco, I don't want to die.

I can't accept that. I'm still young.

I had a miserabIe life.

I wouId liked to have changed it, but I never managed to.

I can't die like this!

I just can't die like this.

I'll try and get out of here.

I'll do it! I'll find a way to get out of here, starting at this moment.

A woman is a woman, Pasqualino.

And a woman, even one who is an evil person, has a little good for someone who can reach her heart.

There's a bit of sugar always there.

The song goes: ln a cup of coffee, Rosalie Ugly to take, unsavory Sugary, burnt and wasting can make it distasteful So l must stir her up, like a sugar in the cup To bring to my lips what's sweet and fine

You're crazy, Pasqualino.

Yes, but I must try.

It's dangerous. She's cruel, sadistic.

I understand all that.

But I had a vision.

Something my mama said-- That bit of sugar, I know it's there.

No matter how rotten she is, or how evil.

She must need love. I'm right, Franche.

You're educated, but in the matter of women--

I'm way ahead of you. I'm sure.

You know what I used to be called?

''Pasqualino Seven Beauties.''

They did? Yes, because I'm ugly.

You look terribIe, all right.

But that was the point. In spite of my looks, I appealed to women.

They loved me. PeopIe were amazed.

They'd say, ''It's unbelievable. He's repulsive.''

Others replied, ''He must have the Seven Beauties.''

That's how it came to be my name, see?

No, but I believe you.

I appeal to the ladies.

I used to appeal to them.

The fact is, without any exaggeration, I haven't looked at the mirror in years.

Since I know, from the beginning, that I'm an ugly man, I'll admit it's been bothering me.

How did I turn out llke this?

My teeth have become loose. I can't keep my eyes open.

My ass has dropped.

Look at me and tell me honestly, how do I look?

Awful, to be quite honest. I'd forget it.


I'm bound to be killed, so why not?

I want to live, have children.

See my chlldren's chlldren, and more:

The children of my children's children.

All the children I can possibly have.

What bullshit, amigo.

You pig! How dare you tell me what to do!

How dare you insult me like that?

Come on, that's nonsense, you're talking bullshit.

Piss off. Because the more children you have, the faster the end will come.

In what sense? What do you mean?

In the year 1400 there were 500 million peopIe on earth.

By the year 1850 the amount had doubled to one billion.

Now we're all... extremely indignant because of the death of 20 million men.

But in 200 or 300 years, there'll be a lot more of us, 30 billion or more.

So, anywhere you go on earth will be worse than here.

That's when men are going to butcher each other... and murder an entire famlly for a piece of bread or an apple... and the world will end.

Too bad, because I believe in man.

But soon... very soon, a new man, a new man will be born.

He'll have to be civilized, not this beast who's been endowed with intelligence and obliterated the harmony in the world and brought about total destruction just by disturbing nature's equilibrium.

A new man... able to rediscover the harmony that's within.

You mean, put things in order?

Order? No, no...

The orderly ones are the Germans.

A new man in disorder is our only hope.

A new disorder.

You made a mistake, boy. You made a mistake.

You should've waited until he got his revolver out.

I waited about five minutes, but he didn't have a gun around.

He didn't have a weapon.

You shouldn't have shot him, you should have given Potono a gun.

I only had one.

You should've had two with you.

You can't ever be careful enough.

This case demanded the simplest of care.

You must prepare for the job.

You should throw him his gun, defend yourseIf.

He picks the gun up, you shoot him.

You didn't murder him. Self-defense.

Later on, the case comes up, a quick trial.

In no time, you're out and you're respected.

It's a breeze, get it?

Don Raphael, how couId I have known?

A real man prepares a job with foresight or else anyone at all would be able to do it.

Now you've got the probIem of making it all disappear.

50% is all you can hope to get out of it morally.

I'm talking about respect.

You must make yourseIf a name.

You need lots of publicity.

For this you need discretion.

The man's on a trip now. He's gone to America.

It's a supposition, but we must be sure.

He's disappeared. Sounds simple.

How am I to fix it? Throw him in the bay?

It'll rise to the top and you'll go straight to prison.

Marvelous, perfect, damn it! Dear God.

Imagination. A creative effort's needed.

Easy, no? Like smoking a cigarette.

Smoking cigarettes, anybody can do that.

The man who wants to be something more needs the guts to perform.

The nerve to do things that normally no one eIse couId possibly imagine.

Get the point?

I get the point, Don Raphael.

You seem nervous, my boy.

Calm down, my boy. I am caIm.

There are men, who, at the very mention of their name, make the whole world tremble.

Get my point, Pasqualino? I get it.

You're intelligent.

You follow everything I tell you.

I follow, Don Raphael.

As I explained, you could make a great start for yourself with this opportunity, or not.

Of course, it's entirely up to you.

Potono has to disappear. Don't pay attention to anyone who talks about the American system.

Traditional cement shoes were invented here in Naples.

Chicago and New York just make cheap imitations.

It's plagiarism.

The king-size coffin is our invention.

When you see a funeral in Naples, nobody knows how many bodies are in the coffin.

When things get busy, two or three can be stuffed in.

Depends on the demand.

We invented everything here in Naples.

For example, you know the ancient graveyard?

Well, when they first opened it they found 500 skeletons.

Now, there are 5,000.

The question is, who put the other 4,500 in there?

So, as l said, it depends on the demand.

Oh, God.

He's so ugly.

Wait a minute, here.

Son of a bitch.

Even dead, you are a pig.

Just a big bag of wind.

I knew it.


Who's there?

Who's there?

Who is it? Who are you?

Who is it?

Who's there?

What's going on?

Who's there? What's going on?

What's going on?

Get going. Where to?

To the station. And hurry.

Damn stupid animal! Blind idiot!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

You have no respect for a poor blind man!

Son of a bitch!

What is this? Stay back.

Keep your hands off me, please. Get back.

Will you get back! I don't want any heIp.

I'll manage myseIf. I don't need help. PIease.

I can manage myseIf. He's so strong!

Look. A big cheese box roped up wrong.

Could you pIease take these?


How did you wrap it?

Don't drop anything. That's enough now!

Where are you going? Palermo, Milano and Genoa.

You know that shipment of Provolone?

It's been sent off.

Palermo, Milano and Genoa. Goodbye.

It was your advice I followed about creative thinking.

I don't think you'll hear about it anymore.

He killed my Potono! Pollce! He killed him!

Leave me aIone!

Give up!

You'll never take Pasqualino Seven Beauties.

Never will you be able to take him allve.

Stop bragging. So I'm wrong.

Are you out of your mind? Don't worry.

Where are you going? Be quiet.


Monster of Naples confesses!

It's Pasqualino and no other.

Latest edition!

Big murder story!

So, you have confessed. Yes, sir.

Nobody in his right mind ever confessed such a thing.

Complete madness! I will look ridiculous.

What the hell do you think I can tell the judge, huh?

It's impossible to defend this case. Advocate, this time I Iost.

I'm glad I confessed, I'm a man of honor.

No, you're an asshole.

How dare you!

You'll pay for that!

Calm down or I Ieave. Who the hell are you?

Your lawyer. Want to kill me as well?

Watch that asshole stuff.

I wanted to say incompetent.

It's not so simple. I have a great reputation.

You understand?

If you screw yourseIf, I won't take the case.

How can I defend you if you tell the truth?

''The monster of Naples is captured and confesses.''

Who ever heard of such a thing? Confesses?

It''s... it is unbelievable!

Listen: ''Confesses to cutting up the victim and shipping the body to three, different cities.''

To do it, I understand. But to confess...

The only thing left for us to do is plead insanity.

I don't get it. I'll claim you're mad--out of your mind.


I have to deny an honorabIe act aimed at protecting the loss of dignity and pretend I'm a fool.

Let's forget it, my friend.

Can't you understand? Don't you see?

You're confused.

Look, they're going to condemn you to death, huh?

It's the firing squad.

I can not play the fool.

I'm sorry about Don Raphael but I'll have to send you away.

You'll give me a scoop, understand?

I won't do it. What shouId I do?

I have high blood pressure. I've got to stay calm.

Make up your mind. If you pIead insanity, I'll defend you and we may save your neck.

But if you prefer your stupid honor, we'll forget about it, and you're dead.

Understand? It's your life or your honor.

Think about it, Pasqualino Porfusso, and let me know.

All right, then, you can see your visitors.

Let the family in.

Mama! Mama!


Pasqualino. Mama!


Pasquall, dear Iove.


My Pasqualino! Mama!

My son! My son!


My son. Mama.

At last, I can see you. You're telling me...

How you are? I'm not so well, mama.

How about you? Does Don Raphael give you anything?

He's been heIping us a little, but not with money, just words.

So it's been left for us to manage somehow.

How do you manage?

I will do all that I can...

Concettina! Pasqualino!

He's a friend. What do you want?

Your lawyer's one of the best in Naples, recommended by Don Raphael.

He costs a lot.

You did commit the crime.

She's not innocent...

It's one matter not being innocent. Being a whore is another.

Now sweetheart, have a little patience.

A rotten comedy, a lousy farce, called living.

One, two, one two...

Your ass will drop and your belly'll get fat without exercise.

Come on, run.

Keep the body beautiful.

You'll be as good as new.

Italians! What now?

Let's welcome the war for the virtues it brings out... in those of us who have the guts to fight!

We're making history.

Our peopIe are a race of distant warriors!

Duce! Duce! Duce! Duce!

It's very funny.

Our people are poets and heroes.

He's out of his mind. And that is their fame.

The challenge this breed poses is a threat to all on earth.

Take him away, eh?

And greet your sister.


Hatchet killer.

Pasqualino Porfuso, 'The Monster of Naples'.

The act of an unbalanced mind, 12 years.

You're Iucky.

They gave me 28 years and 4 months.

28? How did it come to that?

I simply thought.

It's the most atrocious crime a citizen couId commit.

He doesn't want that.

You're anti-fascist. Socialist.

To tell the truth, politics are boring.

I've other interests.

Papa was a brickIayer. He talked a little Socialism.

But I don't think about it anymore...

because I think Il Duce is pretty great.

To be truthful, he's given us roads.

He's given so much-- an entire empire.

All the other countries are jealous of our leader.

Listening to the man speak to us-- that voice, and those eyes-- and his court found me completely insane.

But our people are respected.

They used to spit at us, Italians, on the face, remember?

Besides, there were many strikes, riots, demonstrations.

We used to be in terrible condition.

Thanks to him, there's been no disorder.

He is a marvel, you're right.

There has been law and order, and he's done it by outlawing unions and strikes.

The resuIt is that salaries in 1919 were up and today, peope are making less than half, while the cost of living has increased 30%.

You didn't know that, huh?

This Mussolini, of whom everyone envies us...

Do you know who envies us? The masters envy Mr. Mussollni!

The Italians are a bunch of fools, listening to that bag of air on his balcony.

Your Duce.

Wait, Careful, they'll hear us.

You mentioned the strikes, and the riots?

At least then we knew if there was a disease, we could hope to get well.

Now we imagine we're strong and we hide the disease.

That man will bring our country to war.

That's the final catastrophe.

You put it very well.

What do you intend to do?

I don't bother with politics.

I go to the insane asylum and stay there for 10 years. lt's just a question of getting things organized, becoming friendly with some doctor or some nurse. ln Naples, we're very inventive.

I might get assigned to clean the women's quarters.

Then l'll have it made. l'll be on Easy Street.

What do you know, you're awake.

Let's see how well you've done. A little bit.

That's not much.

Not enough. To pee is to live.

The more you pee, the more you live.

Pasqualino, how are you doing?

Do you llke your new job as intended?

Keep up the good work.

I'm starting procedures for a new psychiatric test.

You'll see, they'll let you out.

We have to put an end to this--

All the judicial cases who end up here...

What are you doing?

What do you think?

A gift from heaven can't go to waste.

I've had no woman now for several months.

I must ask you to forgive me.

I must, must have a look.

Leave it to me, I'm an expert.

Let me please you.

You want it.

Stupid bitch! Go to hell!

Shut up. Shut up, you idiot!

Shut up! What do you want from me?

That'll keep you quiet.

I'll take care of you. Like to bite, eh?

Rotted whore. Stinking crazy bitch.

Now we'll show you.

Get his pants off. Right.

Come on, move!

In seven weeks we'll be out of here.

Then we'll Ieave, all of us, all of us.

In seven weeks we'll be out of here.

Then we'll Ieave, all of us...

My cigarette!

May the souls of your damn famlly burn in the hell forever, I am starving!

My cigarette!

My cigarette!

My cigarette!

Though you've done these terribIe things, you're normal.

You can't be shut up in here with these hopeless cases.

You must control yourseIf.

You know what a revision of your mentaI status entalls.

Your behavior is what counts most.

Eight more years here couId drive me crazy, Doctor.

I really mean it. I know, I know.

Make an effort: now is your chance.

Pasqualino, Italy is at war now and they'll be needing all the men they can get.

They can't be fussy about anyone who voIunteers, even if it's someone coming out of prison.

Of course, this doesn't apply to mental patients.

But if we run psychiatric tests to demonstrate you've made a complete recovery...

Help me, Doctor.

I want to go on living.

That isn't asking so much. HeIp me.

Help me.

I'll try my best for you but I'm afraid this war will end in a terrible massacre.

It couldn't be more terrible than in here.

I'm ready to do anything to get out of here. l'm ready to do anything to live, anything.

I'm ready to do anything

How much sleep have I lost for you?

For you Let me Crematorium six.

A night close to you With you Oh, Mari, Oh, Mari, how much sleep...

How much sleep have I lost for you Let me sleep Oh, Mari, Oh, Mari Oh, Mari, Oh, Mari

Get out.

You too.

Get up.

What exactIy is your game, shit macaroni?

Jesus, you speak Italian.

Then I can talk to you.

At last, I can talk to you.

Who are...who are you?

An enchantress, or a magician?

Because you put a spell on me.

When I saw you the first time...

I was--I--

What are you saying, you disgusting macaroni?

I love...

I'm in love with you.

I love you very much.


What? Did I hear right?

You asked... me to strip?

All right.

I'm willing because I'd like to make you laugh, because I love you.

You hate me.

You all despise me.

You want something to eat.

You Iove me in order to get something to eat.

I'm sorry, Signora. You know how hungry I am.

But what goes on inside my heart--

You, you, Signora, have no idea.

You're right. Everybody hates you. I should too.

I should hate you because I've never seen a woman llke you.

I have to admit I'm crazy... but the reason I'm crazy is because-- because I'm not convinced you are as you seem.


Who are you really?

I need to know who you are.

Tell me the truth.


No, of course you're not a witch or an enchantress.

I'm convinced you're just a poor victim, yes.

You're a victim because you're forced into-- forced to kill...

You kill out of a sense of duty.

Not a witch at all, you are a victim, llke we are.

There is--

There's a real femaIe under that uniform.

I imagine the rosy flesh, delicate and beautiful and soft to touch.

It drives me out of my head.

Yes, I've gone out of my head.

To caress sainted fIesh is something I dream about.


Yes, I can hardIy stand on my feet.

I think of you and I become weak.

Yes, I'm in love.

Love is madness, it's a disease.

When you're in love, you lose all perspective.

I've gone crazy thinking of you.

That's why I did what I did and that's why I'm here now.

And that's why I'm asking you one, big favor, one.

If I'm to be killed, I ask to be killed by you.

By the touch of your hand. I beg of you, touch me.

And I'd be very glad if you'd kill me now. Touch me.

You shit, Neapolitan. You can hardly stand.

You cannot keep on playing in this comedy of yours.

You want to eat.

Now, you'll make love to me then I'll kill you with my bare hands.


It's what you've asked, no?

Yes, thank you.

You have to be patient.

I love you, but I'm weak.

You can't even open your eyes.

You don't have the energy for an erection.

Wake up!

Eat, Naples.

Now you eat, afterward you fuck.

If you don't fuck, you're finished.

Fifi, my first love... help me get it up.

I want to see your eyes.


You disgust me.

Your thirst for life disgusts me.

Your love disgusts me.

In Paris, there is a Greek who found strength to make love to a goose.

He screwed for what it gave him: something to eat.

It meant survival.

And you, you sub-human Italian, you found the strength for an erection.

And because you were strong you'll manage to live on and eventually you'll win.

Miserable creature, Iacking in ideaIs and ideas, And we--

We who thought to create a master race...

are doomed to failure.

You're in barracks number 23, right?

Starting right now, you're in charge of barrack 23.

That's an order.

As head of barrack 23,

you are to designate any six that you llke to be eliminated at once.


If not, I eliminate all men in that barrack.

You are to choose any six.

And the others may get something to eat, even survive.

You pick six or you'll all be cremated.

Understand? Finished.

The choice is yours.

You pig.

You rotten, dirty pig.

Now you're a butcher like the rest of us, filthy, sub-human Italian.

No. I've got to.

The bitch said so. It's either six or all of us.

Every last one of them is doomed to die.

At least we'll save our ass.

No. We'll be just like them.

That's what they want. We must say no.

So all the men will be dead tomorrow?

All the men, tomorrow.

Screw off.

Say what you want but remember who's boss.

Here, group three. Whoever they may be, I'm not interested.

Into 14.

I don't want to know who they are.

Here, the first six.

You need onIy five.

What do you mean? I volunteer.

You're crazy. Why?

Because I'm fed up with this.

Come on, get in line.

It's an order!

It's an order, go on!


Number 9423...

Number 9632...

9541 ...

Number 9376...

Number 9535...

Number 9464.

Somebody smuggIed food into barrack 23.

In addition, stolen property of the 3rd Reich was found in barrack 23.

As punishment for the breaking of regulations, these six men will face a firing squad.

Enough with this fear!

I've had enough!

Living in all this dark terror!

I'm going to throw myseIf in the shit!

Screw you!



A man in disorder!

Get him out.

Filthy rats! Bastards!

Lousy, rotten sons of bitches! You filth!


Dirty pigs!

Francesco! Filthy murderers!

Enough of your filthy killing!

Lousy, rotten, no good animals!

Let me by! You're not even men!

Leave him to me.

Give me... Silly bastards!

Put your hat on!

Shut up, Francesco! You're crazy.

Please fall down. Just pretend--

Fall to the ground. Pretend!

No, I don't want to live any longer!

Death can't be worse than this! Fall down! Pretend!

PIease shut up! I'd rather die than live in this shit.

I'll have the satisfaction of yelling--

Filthy pigs! You're mad!

Inhuman sons of bitches! Frances!

Rotten animals!

God...what do they want?

What do they want?

I won't shoot him.



Hurry up. You'll be freeing me.

Come on.


Somebody eIse will shoot me if you won't.

At Ieast you're my friend. You'll be doing me a favor.


I won't be tortured any more.

Don't you understand?

I can't play the hero much Ionger.

Don't make me ashamed in front of the others.

Shoot! Do me a favor.

Come on!

Go on, shoot, damn it.


Guess! It's Pasqualino!

Pasqualino is allve!

He's alive! I don't believe it!

He's alive! Pasquali!

Pasquall! My boy is all right!

And so you turned out to be a whore too?


And did you earn enough to get along?



You're giving it up. We're getting married.

There isn't much time to lose.

I want children. Many children: 25, 30.

It's a matter of self-defense.

They must be strong.

Look at the crowds out there.

Soon, they'll be murdering each other, families slaughtered, for an apple.

So we must see to it our family is large.

That'll be our defense, understand?

I've always loved you very much.

And I'm ready.

We'll get married, the sooner the better.

PIease, Pasqualino, don't worry.

Thank the Madonna for returning you to us.

One mustn't look back on what's passed.

It's so senseless. What's done is done.


Look at yourself, my son: you're beautiful.

The war is ended.

It's useless to think about these miseries.

Pasqualino, you're alive.


Yes, I'm alive.