Seven Samurai (1954) Script







During the Civil Wars, an endless cycle of conflict left the countryside overrun by bandits.

Peaceable folk lived in terror of the thunder of approaching hooves...

Take this village too?

Take it! Take it!

Not so fast!

We just took their rice last fall.

They'll have nothing now.

Very well.

We'll return when that barley's ripe!

Is there no god to protect us?

Land tax, forced labor, war, drought... and now bandits!

The gods want us farmers dead!

That's right! We're better off dead!

What's all this? Crying won't change anything.

The magistrate can do more than collect taxes.

We can ask him for help.

We know all about him!

He shows up after they're gone, acting big while he surveys the damage.

That's right. He's useless.

We might as well hand over our rice and barley to the bandits and just hang ourselves!

That'll bring the magistrate here in a hurry!

We'll kill those bandits.

We'll kill them all.

Never again! Let's kill 'em all!

Not me!

I couldn't possibly —

That's crazy talk.

So we can kill defeated samurai but not bandits?

Stop it! This is no time to fight amongst ourselves.

We don't have a chance against bandits. And when we lose?

They'll slaughter us all, down to the last unborn child.

I've had enough! Better to risk it all than to live like this. Kill or be killed!


The farmer's only choice is to endure.

We can't defy the powerful.

When the bandits arrive, we'll greet them meekly and quietly hand over all our barley.

We'll plead with them to leave just enough for us to survive.

"That's all we ask," we'll beg on our hands and knees.

What bandit will agree to that?

Have you forgotten how low we had to stoop for the rice we're eating now?

We should go see the Old Man.

Let him decide what to do.

Consider who we're dealing with here.

Give a wolf a taste of your leg and he'll ask for your hand.

Once they have a taste, they'll be back in the fall.

- But what if we lose? Then we're no worse off!

Without our barley, we're doomed anyway!

We fight.

Old Man, that's madness.

We're farmers. What do we know of battle?

We'll hire samurai.

Whoever heard of farmers hiring samurai?

I saw it with my own eyes, when the village you were born in was torched.

I saw it when we escaped to this village here.

The only village that didn't burn was the one that hired samurai.

But Old Man, there are different kinds of villages and villagers.

How are we to feed samurai when we live on rice gruel?

We'll make do on millet!

Show me a samurai who'll fight for farmers in return for food!

They're a proud lot.


Find hungry samurai.

Even bears come down from the mountains when they're hungry.

How dare you?

You're nothing but a farmer! I'm still a samurai!

I don't need your charity!


What'd I tell you?

Look, the barley's ripe.

Ten days already since we left the village.

What do we do?

This barley's early, not like our mountain barley.

Hey, we're soaked through to the bone.

Find any cheap, strong and foolhardy samurai?


You can have 'em cheap.

That's a laugh!

What's so funny? He's blind.

What about you, then? Not me.

I'd rather eat horseshit.

Won't get a nose bleed outta him. Cleaned him out gambling last night.

Pulled his sword when he lost, so the three of us beat him up.

Not a drop left in his nose now.

Don't bother. They only eat millet.

Is that true? You can't live like that.

Without nourishment you'll go night-blind.

I've got just four left.

I'll trade 'em all for a cup of rice.

What do you say?

Damn! What a bunch.

What a waste.

If we still had that rice, we coulda bought 40 of those.

Shut up!

But it's true, right?

The blockhead's cracking up!

What a show. Go at it, boys.

Who ever heard of anything so unfair?

We give him his fill of rice and a free bottle of sake, and he thanks us with a beating.

Good for him!

Not like this one playing possum here.

Say, let's go home. Let's just go home.

Look at him sobbing.

Misses his wifey.

I'd pay good money to watch the two of 'em going at it.

Let's hurry and get back to the village.

Go on home. You can't afford buns, let alone samurai.

Farmers like us know good from bad when it comes to seed, but not when it comes to samurai.

Besides, we're no match for the tough ones, and the only ones interested are weaklings.

If I lost last night, it was only because I was starving.

Liar! You had plenty of money to gamble.


Wanna fight?

It's a fight.

Over here! Wake up!

Quit that strumming, monk! It's depressing!

Keep it up, grandpa. We're on your side.


Stop it, Manzo!

You said we were going home, you son of a bitch!

I said we'd go home, not bargain with bandits!

If we can't hire samurai, what's left?

It's bargain or nothing!

Fine, have it your way!

But tell me:

If we do strike a bargain, what have we got to offer this year?

Are you willing to give 'em your daughter?

Shino's a fine-lookin' girl.

What's going on?

There's a thief in that barn. We raised a ruckus and he ran in to hide.

How many thieves are there?

Just one.


All of you can't take a single thief?

We don't dare make a move. He took a kid in there with him.

Says he'll kill him if we attack.

Listen. Hear him?

Poor thing.

It all happened in the middle of the night.

Poor kid's been bawling the better part of a day.

He can barely make a sound now.

He's only seven. Imagine how his parents feel.

Who's that samurai getting his head shaved?

No idea. We asked him for help and he agreed right away.

Then he asked us for two rice balls.

He asked a monk to shave his head and lend him his robes.

No idea what he's up to.

Stay back! Any closer and I kill the brat!

I'm a monk.

Stay back!

I'm just a monk. I mean you no harm.

I won't come in.

I just thought the child must be very hungry.

I've brought some rice balls.

You should eat one yourself.

Won't you have one?

What's wrong?

Throw 'em here!


My baby!

Even you can't object to a samurai like that.

Ask him quickly. It'll be harder in town.

What do you want?

My name is Katsushiro Okamoto. Please make me your disciple!


As you see, I'm a ronin. The name is Kambei Shimada.

I don't take on disciples.

Get up. I can't talk to you like this.

I'm begging you — let me be your disciple.

First get off your knees. We'll talk as we go.

I'm at a loss.

You think far too highly of me.

No, sir — Just hear me out.

There's nothing special about me.

I may have seen my share of battle, but always on the losing side.

That about sums me up.

Better not to follow such an unlucky man.

No, I'm determined to follow you whether you allow me to or not.

I forbid it.

I don't have the means to travel with an attendant.

Can I help you?

What do you want?


Stay out of this, little chick.

Are you a samurai?

Damn right I am!

I wonder.


Who was that?

Leave him be.

I beg of you, sir!

You idiot. Why don't you scram?

Stubborn old fool. They'll eat it and run like last time.

It will never work.

Sir, we could arm the villagers with bamboo spears.

I thought of that. But, sir —

This isn't a game.

They may be bandits, but they ride 40 strong.

Two or three samurai won't suffice.

Defense is more difficult than offense.

You say there are mountains behind the village?


Passable by horse?


Fields in front.

Until those are flooded with water, you're open to mounted attack on four sides.

You need at least four men, one to guard each side.

Two more to guard the rear.

No matter how frugal our estimate, we need seven, including me.

We can manage seven somehow.

But the Old Man said four.

It's only three more.

Hold on a second.

I haven't accepted your offer. I'm only speculating.

First of all, it's not easy to find trustworthy samurai.

What's more, all you have to offer is food.

Only those out to fight for the hell of it will agree.

Besides, I'm sick of fighting.

Age, I suppose.

Good thing I wasn't born a peasant.

Better to be born a dog. Goddamn it.

Go ahead — hang yourself and die! You're better off dead!

Silence, you lout!

What's it to you? I'm only telling the truth.

What truth? What the hell do you know of these farmers' suffering?

Don't make me laugh!

Like you would know.

How dare you?

You heard right. If you know, why don't you help them?

So you wanna fight?

That's enough.


Hey, samurai, look at this.

This here's your dinner.

But what do you think these blockheads eat?


They eat millet to feed you white rice.

This is the best they can offer. What do you say to that?

All right, then. What?

Quit your jabbering.

I won't let this rice go to waste.

Manzo and the others are back!

Where are Rikichi and Yohei?

They stayed behind. We still need more samurai.

The samurai are coming?

They sure are. Seven of 'em.



I was against it because you said four, Old Man.

I figured we'd need at least ten.

But if I'd said ten, we'd have ended up with 15.

That's the way it goes.

Old Man, I'm worried.

The village girls will go crazy over the samurai.

If the samurai touch 'em, all hell will break loose.

Bandits are coming, you fool.

Your head is on the block, and all you think of are your whiskers?

Samurai, sir.

You require my services? Yes, sir.

Who's to be my opponent?


Hide just inside the door.

Strike that ronin as he enters.

Here he comes.

Don't hold back. Give him a real whack.


Please don't take offense. I am Kambei Shimada.

We're seeking expert swordsmen and have no time to waste.

Forgive me.

What's this about?

The reason better be good, or I'll have to redeem my honor.

I humbly beg your pardon. We only sought to test your skill.

We must soon contend with a gang of bandits.

I see. And whose clan do you serve?

It pains me to tell you, but we're fighting for farmers.

Farmers? That's right.

This job affords no stipend and no reward.

But we can eat our fill as long as we fight.

This is absurd!

My ambitions are greater than that.

That's a shame. Won't you reconsider?

I will not.

Sir, we lost a good man there. Such a fine swordsman.

What's wrong?

That one samurai's good, but how'll the other six be?

Enough of your worrying.

How can we know before they get here? Don't worry till you've seen 'em.

That one there.

Excuse me, samurai, sir.

Just like last time?

Sure. It's good practice for you.

Surely you jest.

No offense intended.

I'm with you.

But I have to say that although I understand the farmers' suffering and understand why you would take up their cause, it's your character that I find most compelling.

In life one finds friends in the strangest places.

What is your name? Gorobei Katayama.

A name fit for a giant, no?

Yohei, what are you doing? Hurry and wash the rice.


What's wrong?

Someone stole the rice.

You idiot! Didn't I warn you?

I was so careful.

I slept the whole night hugging that rice jar.

Fine, then! I'll get more from home!

But what'll we do till you get back?

There's only a handful left.

Stop that, you idiot!

Hide that money. The master's returning.

I ran into you at just the right time.

So you're still alive. I figured you'd long since left this earth.

Now tell me, what happened after that?

I hid among the grasses in the moat until dark.

When the outer walls tumbled down on me in flames, I knew I was finished.

What ran through your mind at that moment?

Nothing special.

Sick of fighting yet?

Truth is, there's a tough battle ahead leading to neither money nor rank.

Will you join us? Yes.

This may be the one that kills us.

Where are they when you need 'em?

What do you need, sir?


There's a pretty poor excuse for one in my backyard.

I couldn't believe his gumption.

He says, "I'm hungry. Feed me.

I'm broke, though, so I'll pay you by chopping wood."

I like his frankness.

Never seen a man split wood before?

Sure, but you do it with such relish.

It's just my nature. Sorry if it bothers you.

You're very good.

It's nothing compared to how I cut down men.

Have you cut down many? That I have.

There's no cutting me off when I start cutting.

So I make it a point to run away first.

A most excellent approach.

Why, thank you kindly.

Tell me, do you feel like cutting down 30 bandits?

Let us commence!

Too bad.

It's a draw.

I'm afraid not.

I won.

That's ridiculous!

If these were steel, you'd be dead now.

Then we fight with steel! Don't throw your life away.


Don't you see? With steel blades, you'd die.

It's a waste of your life.

Wait! Don't try to flee.

Draw! This isn't a contest of words!

This is preposterous.

There's no contest.

How did you fare?

We let a good fish get away. An excellent swordsman.

They say the fish that gets away looks bigger than it really is.


I watched him cut a man down with my own eyes.

It was amazing.

A man obsessed only with testing the limits of his skill.

I doubt he'll join us.

That's a shame. Indeed.

I did tell him where we're staying, though.

And how did you fare?

Caught one. I see.

As a swordsman, barely mediocre. Barely mediocre?

But an honest, amusing man.

Something about him brightens one's spirits.

He'll be a treasure in hard times.

Much obliged.

Actually, I did land one myself. The one dressed as a peddler?

That's right.

In fact, he's an old trusted friend.

I'll bring some water.

I'm Heihachi Hayashida.

A modest warrior of the Wood-Chop School.

Just three more to go.

Three? Don't you mean two?

No, we can't afford to take a child along.


I know, I know.

I know what you'll say.

I was once your age, you know.

Hone your skills, then go to war and do great things.

Then become lord of your own castle and domain.

But as you dream those dreams, before you know it, your hair will turn as gray as mine.

By that time you've lost your parents and you're all alone.

Tomorrow you go home.

You've learned a lot these four or five days.

You have fine stories to tell.

Please, sir. I beg you to let him come along.

Why not let him come? You call him a kid, but — Actually, kids work harder than adults.

But only if you treat them like adults.

Then let's treat him like an adult.

That means only two more.

Actually just one, it seems.

You wish to join us?

I'm very grateful.

When do we depart? Tomorrow.


This is enough. We don't have time to find the last one.

All right, then.


Master! All right.

Master! All right! That's enough of that!

Hey, I just found a real tough samurai.

There was a huge fight. They were no match for him.

Never seen anything like it. He's like a wild dog.

Someone stopped the fight. They started drinking.

I told him about you.

He's on his way.

Shall we give him the usual?

What are you doing?

Testing him.

That's a dirty trick!

Hey, samurai! Just shut up and watch.

A true samurai won't get hit.

But this guy's drunk!

A samurai never drinks enough to dull his wits.

I told you! You guys are nuts.

What the —

Who the hell hit me?


Who hit me?


Damn bastard!

You again!

I see that bald head of yours in my dreams!

Hey, you.

How dare you even ask me if I'm a samurai!

You got some nerve!

Don't mess with me.

I may look like hell, but I'm a real samurai!

I've been looking for you ever since that day.

Wanted you to see this.

Look at this!

This is my family tree. All my ancestors are here.

Damn you, trying to make a fool outta me. Screw you.

Looky here.

Making a fool outta me.

My honorable self is right here.

So this Kikuchiyo here would be you?

That is correct.

"Kikuchiyo, born February 17, 1574."

What's so damned funny?

You hardly look 13 years old to me.

If you are in fact the Kikuchiyo listed here, you'd now be precisely 13 years old.

Where'd you steal this family tree?

Steal it? Shit!

Damn jerks.

To hell with samurai.

To hell with samurai!

Hey, you bastard!

Come back here!

Goddamn it, you son of a bitch!

What's wrong, teenager? Here you are.

Damn you!

Come back here!

What's wrong, Lord Kikuchiyo?

What's the matter, junior?

Screw samurai!

Is he really a samurai? In his own mind, anyway.

Take me too!

Hey, Kikuchiyo.

Guard your treasure.

Let me go too!

What is it, Father?

What is it?

What are you staring at?

Shino, cut off your hair.

Cut your hair and dress like a man.

What are you talking about? Just cut it off!

It's only because I love you. No telling what those samurai'll do!


No, I won't!


He's a fool.

But Manzo knows those samurai better than anyone.

If he cut off his daughter's hair, he must have good reason.

You've only got sons, so you're safe, but we — Goddamn it! Now I understand.

So you agree to hide my daughter at your place across the bridge?

Idiot! I meant that I see what Manzo's up to.

That rascal doesn't care about the village, only about his daughter.

Damn him!

Look what you've done!

Now the whole village is crazed.

Every family with a girl's gone mad.

How do you plan to set this right?

The samurai will show up any day now.

Come on. We're seeing the Old Man.

There's nothing to see here! Go home!

Go home!

We can't let the samurai see us like this.

He's still following us.

Where did Kikuchiyo go?

Think he gave up?

It's funny.

Now that he's gone, it's almost a little... lonely.

This way.

Oh, hell!

So that's our castle, eh?

No way I'm gonna die in that dungheap.

No one asked you to.

We're back! The samurai have arrived!

The samurai are here!

What's wrong with you? The samurai are here!

Hey, what's wrong?

What's the matter?

This is a fine welcome.

What's the meaning of this?

Hey, what's going on? The samurai have arrived!

We'll go see the Old Man. The Old Man?

Whatever happens in the village, the Old Man — He's the village elder?

An audience with the village elder. This is truly an honor.

Well, let's go.

I know they're being foolish.

All farmers ever do is worry, whether the rain falls, the sun shines, or the wind blows.

In short, all they know is fear.

Their behavior today... is also due simply to fear.

But Old Man, why do the villagers fear us?

What can they expect from us under such circumstances?

Samurai, sirs!

Samurai, please!

Quiet down!

Don't panic. Calm down.

I want clear answers.

Where are the bandits coming from?

The mountains! No, the road!

Who saw the bandits? Come forward.

No one saw any bandits?

Then who sounded the alarm?

I did!

Outta the way.

What's with the faces?

Don't worry. No bandits have come.

Hey, blockheads.

Remember how you welcomed us when we got here?

But as soon as I bang on this, "Samurai, sirs! Samurai, please!"

You're practically groveling!

Got what you deserved, you mud snails.

Got a problem, gramps?


All's well now.

Looks like he's good for something after all.

There are seven of us at last.

Sorry it's so dirty.

But where will you sleep if we take your home?

In the barn. With your horse?

The bandits got my horse last year.

A barn's not so bad with a wife to snuggle up to.

I don't have a wife!

What's the matter, you fool?


By the way, what's your real name?

I don't remember.

Give me a new one that fits.

Then Kikuchiyo it is.

Fits you perfectly.

How would you attack this village?

I'd charge from this mountain.

I agree. Along this road.


And what's the best defense?

Shichiroji knows what to do.

See these logs? He'll make a fence to block the horses.

Indeed. Your trusty right-hand man.

All right!


Nothing forces you to run like a battle.

You run when you attack, you run when you retreat.

When you can't run anymore, you die.


We'll flood these fields after they harvest the barley.

That'll make a good defense. But will we have time?



Pretend I'm a bandit and stab me.


Come on!



What's wrong with all of you?


Destroying this bridge will foil an assault from the east.

But what about the houses on the other side?

They'll have to evacuate those.

And the mill?

The Old Man's not going to go quietly.

Listen now. The enemy is scary.

Everybody's scared.

But the other side's scared of us too.

Just great.

You all make great scarecrows.

Problem is, the enemy isn't a bunch of sparrows and crows!

You there, chewing your cud. Can you cut that out?

This isn't a cow shed!

Look at the bunch of you.


First in line, step forward!

I'm talking to you!


Look here! You gotta pay a mon each to watch the show!

What's this?

A spear, sir. Idiot.

Where the hell did you get it?

Did it sprout up in those hills?

I know perfectly well.

You hunted down retreating warriors and took their weapons.

If you've got one, you must have more.

Fess up, damn it!


What a peaceful grove. But it's also a death trap.


We're going. I'll be right there.

As I said, he's still a child.

Are you from the village?

Are you a girl?

A boy?

Then where's your spear?

Is this any time for an able-bodied man to be picking flowers?

Come here! I'll teach you.

Come here!

Why, you!

This is fine, and this too.

But this is a problem.

Heave ho! Heave ho!

Get back, the rest of you!

Stand up straight!

What a haul!

What's all this?

Plunder from defeated warriors.

Where did you find it?

Here in the village? Yep, over at Manzo's.

What's the matter?

Don't you like 'em?

This is good stuff.

What's wrong?

You said you wanted armor, spears and bows. Now you got 'em.

Bastard! You call yourself a samurai?

Those farmers killed samurai to get these.

I know that. Then why the hell — That's enough!

You can't understand unless you've been hunted.

It's nothing. Get outta here.

Now I want to kill them all.

Well, that's just fine and dandy!

What did ya think these farmers were anyway?

Buddhas or something?

Don't make me laugh!

There's no creature on earth as wily as a farmer!

Ask 'em for rice, barley, anything, and all they ever say is, "We're all out."

But they've got it. They've got everything.

Dig under the floorboards. If it's not there, try the barn.

You'll find plenty. Jars of rice, salt, beans, sake!

Go up in the mountains. They have hidden fields.

They kowtow and lie, playing innocent the whole time.

You name it, they'll cheat you on it!

After a battle, they hunt down the losers with their spears.

Listen to me!

Farmers are misers, weasels, and crybabies!

They're mean, stupid murderers!

Damn! I could laugh till I cry!

But tell me this: Who turned them into such monsters?

You did! You samurai did!

Damn you to hell!

In war, you burn their villages, trample their fields, steal their food, work them like slaves, rape their women, and kill 'em if they resist.

What do you expect 'em to do?

What the hell are farmers supposed to do?

Damn it! Goddamn it!

You were born a farmer, weren't you?

What is it now?

Nothing at all. Everything's fine.

It's me.

I'm sleeping here from now on.

Those guys cramp my style.

Idiot! Stop cowering!

This is your place!

You hand over your house and sleep in a barn, and still you can't stand up for yourself.

Get to sleep!

Brings back memories.

Sure is quiet.

On a day like this, it's hard to imagine bandits on that mountain.

Damn it all, I need a girl!

Where are you going? The hills.

The hills? To practice.

No girls up there.

Sometimes you really hit the nail on the head.

What are you making there?

A flag. A flag?

It doesn't feel right in battle without a banner to raise high.

What do the symbols mean?

This represents a field: that is, the farmers and this village.

And those circles? Those are us.

There's only six. You leaving me out?

No, this triangle's Lord Kikuchiyo.

That's a good one!

It's real rice.

Go ahead. Eat. But — Rikichi gave me some millet.

I could barely get it down.

Go ahead. Eat.

Hurry up and eat.

If you're embarrassed, I'll go.

I'm not going to eat it.

Why not? I went to a lot of trouble.

No, I just — I know you did, so I'll take it to Kyuemon's grandma.

Kyuemon's grandma?

Rikichi, I'm full. I'll save the rest for later.

Go ahead and eat.

Take my leftovers this time.

What's this? What are you up to?

What's going on?

How terrible.

Doesn't she have family? The bandits got them all.

I... want to die quickly.

I want to die soon and leave this suffering behind.

But you know... the other world may be just as full of suffering as this one.

It's not.

In that world there's no war and no bandits.

There's no suffering there, grandma.

How the hell would you know? Have you been there?

Why the hell are you always screaming?

I hate wimps.

Worms like her make me sick!

Pissing and grumbling about everything.

Shit! I want to do something wild!

Save your spit and fire for the bandits.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, but why did you — You saw us today, didn't you?

Me and the — The girl? Yes.

Why didn't you — Tell them? You want me to?

We want rice! White rice!

You little brats! There's no rice!

Quit yapping!

If you've got the strength to scream, "We want rice!" then you don't need it!

Listen here, you little piss pants.

This is all the rice there is.

If we give you any more, we'll get all —

That's how it is.

Say, any of you got a pretty sister?

How about you? You got one?

So, Old Man, when is the harvest?

In ten days.

How quickly can you do it?

No less than three days.

We'll flood the fields when you're done.

You see, we want to create a moat to the south of the village.

It'll keep the horses out.

We don't need all the fields. One patch per family will do.

Then... it'll take at least a day to flatten the paths and draw the water.


There's one other thing.

You need to leave the houses this side of the bridge, and the mill too.


You want us to move out?

I know it's tough.

But there's no choice.

We can't possibly protect the outlying houses.

Listen carefully. You'll soon begin harvesting the barley.

The bandits will come when you're done.

We have to assume that.

Therefore we prepare for battle as we harvest.

We'll harvest not as families but as squads.

Starting tomorrow, each squad will live and work as one.

Understood? Starting tomorrow, nobody acts on his own.

Hey, everybody.

Give your wives plenty of lovin' tonight, you hear?

This is all a load of crap!

Everyone from across the bridge, follow me.

Throw down your spears.

Why should we abandon our homes to protect theirs?

That's right. We'll protect our homes ourselves.


Pick up your spears!

Return to your line!

Fall in!

Squad formation!

Where's Yohei gone?

Where the hell's Yohei?

There you are, you idiot!

There are three outlying houses, but 20 in the village.

We can't risk 20 to save three.

And if this village is destroyed, those three cannot survive on their own.

Is that clear? This is the nature of war:

By protecting others, you save yourself.

If you only think of yourself, you'll only destroy yourself.

From this day forward, anyone caught doing that...


Hot damn!

Look at all those girls!

Hey, Yohei!

Where the hell have you been hiding these girls?

You devil.

Hey, lend me your scythe.

I'll cut three times your share.

In return, we get nice and friendly, eh?

Rikichi. Yes.

It seems the married couples are the most productive.

Time you got yourself a wife.

Why do you always get so mad? I just said you should — Katsushiro, go after him.

Running off at a time like this.



Shino, what are you gawking at?

What's this? A bear's den?

This was done with a scythe.

Was it Rikichi?

Yes, though I didn't actually see him do it.

I lost him for a while, but then I spotted him leaving this grove.

He was furious, soaked in sweat.

What did you say to him?

Nothing. Just that he should hurry up and find a wife.

Something's upsetting the little bugger, but he won't say what.

You can see it all over his face.

Those lips of his are bolted up tight as a house.

Why don't you try to open them up?

Who's there?

It's me.

All clear? Yes.

Have a seat. Let's have a little chat.

I think talking... is a good thing.

Whatever your burden may be, talking can ease it.

You, for example, seem pretty tight-lipped, but if you're suffering, you shouldn't bottle it up.

Letting out your feelings bit by bit can work wonders.

I've got nothing to say.

Time to head out.

Shall we wake him?

No, let the kid sleep.


I swear he just said "Shino."

Sounds like a woman's name.

Even kids can be charmers in their dreams.

Where shall we start our rounds?

The place that worries us most, of course.

Who's there?

Who's there?

Come out here!

Who's there?


You're lucky it was us.

If we'd been bandits, you'd be headless right now.


What's this?

That's my horse, sir.

I thought it was a big old mouse.

The sparrows chirp, chirp, chirp The crows caw, caw, caw

I wonder why the bandits aren't coming.

What a waste if they don't. Think how much we feed those samurai.

Idiot! It's best if they don't come!

A nag like that can't carry your weight!

Yohei's horse is too worn out.

Please stop. Yohei'll be in tears if you break its leg.

A skilled horseman can make even a nag soar into the sky.

Not bad.

Very fine indeed!

They seem to be having fun.

The threshing's done, and still no bandits.

Everyone's saying they might not come after all.

A tempting thought.

But when you think you're safe is precisely when you're most vulnerable.

Send them back to their posts.

I wish I'd been born into a samurai family.

A farmer's life is too cruel.

My life has been so easy, I'm ashamed.

That's not what I meant.

It's because you're a samurai and I'm a farmer.

But I don't — It's all right. I don't mind. We can't know what the future holds!

Coward! Act like a samurai!

Three suspicious characters on the western road.

The villagers haven't noticed? Not yet.

We can't have them sounding the alarm.

I saw three horses up in the hills.

I think they're bandits. We know.

So they're here. How did you know?

How could I not? This one here was in such a panic.

Where are they coming from? The mountains or the west?

The west.


Send everyone to their houses. There are only three of them.

Tell them to keep quiet no matter what.

They're probably scouts. We can't let them see any samurai.

What is it?


Bandits, eh? Where are they?


Where are they, Shichiroji?

Beyond the fence.

No doubt about it — they're scouts.

The fence took them by surprise.

They don't seem to realize we're here.

With luck they'll report there are only farmers here.

Hey, where is everyone?

That idiot!


Hey, I hear the bandits are here.

You fool.

Too late. They've seen us.

If they report back that samurai are here, we're finished.

I'll kill them. The mountain's my territory.

I was just — Enough. You can make up for it by getting one.

Head them off at — I know, at their horses. Take us there.


Just watch, you understand?

Those are some horses!

Wait in this hollow.

What do you plan to do? Who, me?


You can come out now.

Help me!

Back off!

He's a captive who has confessed. He's begging for his life.

You can't just chop him to pieces.

Stay out of this!

Let me do it! Scum!

All right.

Let her avenge her son's death.

Someone help her!

I'll do it!

That bandit said their fort — It's hardly a fort.

It's full of holes, like Yohei's underwear.

Easy to sneak in. Let's attack at night.

They have 40 men. We'd usually pick off a few first.

Wait. We can't afford to lose a single man, even if we kill five for every one lost.

War is always a gamble. Three of us can take 10 of them.


How far away is their hideout?

At least a day.

Hey, we've got three of their horses.

Half a day by horse.

Very well. Let's do it.

If we leave now, we'll arrive before dawn.

But who should go?

Not you.

And me makes three.

They need a guide!

There aren't enough horses.

There's Yohei's horse. You ride that.

The only man to master that steed is Lord Kikuchiyo himself.

Whoa! What the hell?

It's the other way!

Stupid horse!

This way, you useless mule!

You call yourself a horse?

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Hey, wait!

Please stop! I apologize!

I'm sorry!

Hey, let's set the place on fire!

Cut 'em down as they run out!

Serves you right!

We did it!

Take that, you sons of bitches!


Are you crazy?

Stupid idiot!

Look what you've done! Who is she to you?

She's my wife!

Heihachi, hang on!

You said... he'd be a treasure in hard times.

The hard times have only just begun.

Stop crying!

Damn fool!

Stop crying!

Goddamn! Here they come!

Take note: They have three muskets.

Twenty riders bound north, 13 south.

Muskets? Three in all.

Take the south, and watch out for those muskets.

Retreat! Retreat!

The 12 headed south have turned east. Wasn't that 13?

An arrow got one of them.

Good old Gorobei.

Make sure the eastern bridge is out, and watch out for — The muskets!

Take the north. That's where we'll battle it out.

If you knew that, why didn't you build a fence there too?

Every great castle needs a breach.

Draw the enemy there and attack. You can't win by defense alone.

Use your balls, if you've got any!

Take it away, damn it!

Twelve riders are on the way. Hurry with the bridge!

Are you blind? What do you think we're doing?

And he said to watch out for the muskets.

What kinda idiot you take me for?

Where are you going?

We're looking for Father. We can't find him anywhere.

Father intends to die in that barn. That's what he's always wanted.

Stubborn old fool!

Hurry up and get him!

Get out of our way!

What are you doing? Hurry up!

On this mountain — Twenty riders.

And 12 to the east.


This won't do. They're all scared stiff.

Good! Again!


Shichiroji's at it. Let's fire ours up too.

Everybody out here!

Raise your spears and give the battle cry.


Damn 'em, listen to that! We can beat 'em!

Yohei, what's that look for? Again!

Take cover!

Here they come!

Goddamn 'em!

Hey, where do you think you're going?

Oh, no, you don't!

Don't panic!

Goddamn you!

They're burning!

Damn bastards!

Back to your posts, everyone!


They're just rickety shacks!

Everybody, back to your posts!

Goddamn it!

You dogs!

That's the Old Man's house!

Where's the Old Man? What about that couple?

And the little brat? What the hell's going on?

Stop! You can't abandon your post!

Kikuchiyo, come back!


Where's the Old Man and your husband?

She's been speared. How'd she make it this far?

Let's go!

Damn it, what is it now?

This baby... is me.

This is just what happened to me!

Here we go!

What the hell?

What the hell were you staring at?


No one wounded?

Good. You did a fine job.

Fine job!

Gunpowder! Take cover!


Where were you hit?

Shino! Shino! Bring me my daughter.

Don't bother.

If this kills you, you'd die of a fleabite.

You make a ruckus over a little scratch and blow your daughter's cover in the process. Nice going!

You don't have to chase them all down.

That's far enough. Well done.

Who are you?


They've attacked from the east, west and south and run away each time with their tails between their legs.

This is the only approach left.

We don't know if they'll come tonight, but when they do, they'll mass their forces here.

Perhaps, but...

I don't hear a thing.

Nevertheless, this will surely be the focus of their attack.

I'll prove it to you in a minute.

Good work.

Now poke that scarecrow out from behind those trees.

I'd say tomorrow morning they'll attack us here with everything they've got.

And we'll let them in.

Don't worry. I mean we'll let one in.

Two at most.

Once they're in, we form a wall again with our spears.

The one or two who get in are as good as dead.

We can cook 'em up any way we want.

We'll pick them off patiently, one by one, until the final showdown.

Those muskets worry me.

If only we could get one of them.

I'll go. I swear I'll get one!

No. You're looking to die. I'll go.

Footsteps! Listen!

That's enough. Get some rest.

It's true! I hear them! Listen.

I said enough.

You're exhausted. Get some rest.

I hear them.

Two more down.

What is it?

State your business. I'm going to get some sleep.

You are a magnificent person.

I've wanted to tell you so for some time.

They're here.

We'll let one in.

We're letting one in!

Remember, after the first one's in, jump out with your spears.

Here they come.

Step aside!

Good work.

What's wrong? You did well.

Here he comes! Scatter!

Fall back! Fall back!

After them!

Another on the way!

Here he comes.

Watch this!

Having fun with your horsey?

They've stopped. Won't fall for that trick again, eh?

They're all wimps! Who's scared of bandits anyway?

That little skirmish just cost them four. Kyuzo got two last night.

That man is a true samurai.

He's fearless, his swordsmanship is amazing, and yet he's kind too.

He never once boasted about capturing that musket.

He walked into a forest filled with bandits as if on a mushroom hunt.

Fascinating. I'm not bored at all, I swear.

Hey, Yohei.

Take over for me.

What's that face for?

There's no danger here now.

You make a great scarecrow.

Hear me good!

If anybody else turns yellow —

Out of my way!


How's it goin'?

Man, they're a pain.

Won't be long now.

Everything's upside down.

They burn us out, and we starve like farmers.

Quit your moaning. There are better times ahead.

Do your part, man.

Hey, it's me!

Serves you right, you dogs!


Why did you leave your post?

Just look at this!

Don't scold me, man. My post is fine.

There's nothing heroic about selfishly grabbing for glory.

Listen to me: War is not fought alone!

Gorobei and Kyuzo, guard this post!

Let no one pass!

Stop, you asses!

Damn you!

Damn it! Two made it in!

Goddamn it!

Where's Yohei?



I defended my post.

Don't give up, Yohei!

Go ahead, shoot me!

Shichiroji, take over!



Just 13 left.

But these last seven... came at a steep price.

How are you? Tired?

Poor man. You've lost a lot of weight.

I'll go throw some water on my face.

Next time they come, we fight to the finish.

It's better we fight it out before we're spent.

When do you think they'll attack?

They're exhausted too, and a few are wounded.

They won't come tonight.

But they have no food, and their ranks are splitting.

They can't afford to dawdle either.

I say they'll come at us like hell tomorrow morning.


An order from above.

Place two on watch and let the rest sleep.

The men may visit their families one at a time.

So tomorrow's the showdown?

Yes. Please carry out the order.

You all heard what he just said.

I'll stand guard.

The rest of you sleep.

Manzo... you go home first.

Take a good look at your daughter — I mean, your son.

I told them.

All right. Get some rest.


How was Kikuchiyo?

Still beside the grave.

I see.

Are we all going to die tomorrow?

There's no way to know.

But we might!


Where's Shino?

Anyone seen Shino?

Sake, eh? Where'd you find it?

I see. They have stockpiles, just like Kikuchiyo said, and tonight it all comes out.

I think I'll help myself.


Here's some sake. Drink up and get some sleep.

This is hardly like you. You must rest for the battle tomorrow.


You tramp!

You wench!

Stop this brutality!

What the hell's a farmer girl doing with a samurai?

You slut!


Is this your daughter?

Tell me what happened.

You mentioned a samurai. Who was it?


Manzo, say something.


Are you Shino?

Manzo, don't be angry.

When the dawn threatens our very lives, the weight of it makes us all a little reckless.

On the eve of decisive battles... this often happens, even inside castles.

Remember what it was to be young. You can't blame them.

I can't forgive them.

I can't stand by when my only daughter has been made damaged goods.

What's wrong with two people in love? It's not like bandits took her!

They're wound up tight. We need to loosen them up.

Everyone, the final battle is here at last.

By the way, Katsushiro, we expect much of you today.

As of last night, you became a real man.


Where's that fighting spirit?

You'll never win with such long faces!

Kikuchiyo, what are you up to?

I can't kill five with just one blade.

There are 13 left.

We'll let them all in.

Once they pass this point, we close in from all sides at the crossing.

Everything's riding on this battle!

Here they come!

Here they come!

Shichiroji and Katsushiro, go west!

Kyuzo, Kikuchiyo, east!

Katsushiro! Rikichi!

East! Go east!


Shut up!

Scream and you're dead!

We did it!

We did it!

Head east!

Katsushiro, pull back!

Damn you!



Where are the bandits?

They're all dead!

Once more we survive.

In the end, we lost this battle too.


I mean, the victory belongs to those peasants.

Not to us.