Seven Sinners (1940) Script

(Man 1) Bijou! (Man 2) Let's have Bijou!

(Cheering, shouting) Bijou!

Come on, Bijou! (Cheering, shouting continues)

Let's have Bijou!

Come on, Bijou!

Let's have Bijou!

Come on, Bijou!

(Man 1) We want Bijou! (Man 2) Let's have Bijou!

(Sirens wailing)

(Overlapping dialogue)

I'll show ya if she's a lady or if she ain't.

Attention! What's going on here?

Nothin'. I'm just sittin' here minding my own business, and...


(Policeman) Rubio! Yes, sir?

Another one of these, and I'll close your dive!

What can I do? They all want to fight.

Where's this girl Bijou? Oh, she's gone.

Wait a minute. Bijou had nothin' to do with this.

Quiet! Where are you from? The navy.

There's nothing American in port. I, uh... I was in the navy.

I see.

I gave this girl a whole lot of money. I want her to sing.

She won't come out.

He thinks he buys her, so he starts for her dressing room.


See? Report to the magistrate at 10 o'clock!

Take him out!

Come on. Come on.

I warned you about this girl Bijou months ago.

Have her at the magistrate, 10 o'clock. (Rubio) Yes, sir.

(Policeman) Hey, you! You too! Yes, sir.

James Clyde, convicted of disorderly conduct and vagrancy.

To be deported at once.

Andre Boulier... Stop that smoking back there.

Disorderly conduct, vagrancy. Deported.

Luigi Coreo.

Petty larceny, disorderly conduct, vagrancy. Deported.

Sasha Menken.

Sasha Menken?


Petty larceny, disorderly conduct, fraud and vagrancy.

Your Honour, the petty larceny, disorderly conduct and fraud I admit.

They are minor of fences.

But the vagrancy charge is a tissue of lies! A tissue of lies.

(Judge) You have no visual means of support.

(Sasha) I'm a magician. Cagliostro was, too.

You're a card shark, a pickpocket and a petty thief.

Do I say no? Nevertheless, I am a magician.


(Judge) What the...

You impudent pickpocket! How dare you?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but...

Goldfish. (Crowd laughing)

Well, may I have my watch now, please?

Certainly, sir. And it's perfectly dry. Allow me to put it back.

Your Honour, I rest my case.

All right, all right. You're a magician.

And you're a fair and brilliant official.

Deported. Now, get out.


Patrick Edward Finnegan, alias Ned Little.

Disorderly conduct, assault and battery, vagabond and nuisance. Deported.

Hey, chief, how's chances for a fair trial?

You're getting one. Outside.

Bijou? Hey, now, wait a minute.

It's OK to push us tramps around, but that little lady is playing a lone hand in these islands.

She's gotta get a square deal, cos it she don't, I'm gonna have to start trouble.

I'm sorry. I just gotta. Bijou?

Bijou? Bijou?

Coming! And that's what happened to the farmer's daughter.


Give me a penny. Don't go so far away.

Let us know where you're going. Don't worry, boys.

When I settle down, I'll send word to all naval units.

Cable code is "Man Overboard". Bijou, I fixed it.

Good morning... curly locks.


Three times I had to call you... Now, just a minute, chief.

As you were, big boy.

Take him out to be deported.

You're accused of...

Of inciting and exciting a riot, of being a public nuisance.

I make rough seas. I set the jungle on fire.

I'm a bad influence.

So I'm to be... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too, but what can you expect?

There have been a half a dozen complaints since you came to that café.

A half dozen? Why not 50?


I'm surprised. You know, handsome, when I stop singing to you and you say, "Mm, darling," and I say, "Uh-uh. Goodbye."

You don't get drunk and roar and fight. You're a nice man.

It's the judgment of this court... That's what I mean.

The minute Bijou is in trouble, she's out.

"To be deported," so the court says.

But you must realise... Don't feel sorry for me, curly.

The next island will be wonderful.

Bijou will sing again, and the café will be full.

And may an angel take my place here.


It'll serve you right, curly locks.


(Chattering) (Man) Goodbye, Bijou!

Gangway! Gangway!

Gangway! Gangway!

Gangway! Gangway!

You're not gonna leave us, are ya? When are you coming back, Bijou?


When you coming back, Bijou? You're not gonna leave us, are ya?

Hey, the governor!

Oh. That's the man who's deporting us, huh?

Who is that?

Just human backwash, Miss Henderson. The lot of them.

Steerage passengers, report to the doctor on the lower deck.

You're a very lucky girl I'm along. Everything is gonna be all right.

Remember, this belongs to you.

Of course, of course. Everything is going to be just dandy.

(Ship's horn blowing)

(Shouting farewells)


(Shouting continues)

Turn around. There's nothin' wrong with me, Doc.

I know. I just want to look at the pictures.


She's cute, ain't she? Beautiful.

Put on your shirt. That's all.

Hey, mate.

There's a little lady aboard, name of Bijou.

I want you to give her a break, see? That's all.

I'm... kind of looking out for her.

We'll be known allover the thousand islands as Sasha the Great and Company, with Bijou.

I tell you, it's simple mathematics. Look what happens.

Little Ned does all the work, and we collect.

There's nothing to the big gorilla except south of the ears.

He can fetch water and props and fan us when it's hot.

What happened to your great brain when you spoke to the judge?

As you were, big boy.

He'll think of me every time he wants to know the time.

(Chicken clucking)

Remember. Yes, I know.

This belongs to me.


(Clears throat) Strip to the waist.

Well, you see how it is, Doc, I just can't take my clothes...

Strip to the waist!

Yes, sir. (Clucking)

Oh, Susie, Susie!

Come on back. Come on back, honey. Come on back to Daddy.

I won't let that nasty doctor hurt you. Come on, honey.


I've raised Susie from an egg, Doc.

I've seen some queer riffraff.

Deposit that stuff someplace outside and come back later.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

I'll bet you Susie's waiting for me out there frightened stiff.

Susie! Susie! Excuse me.

Come on. Break it up now. (Goat bleating)

(Bijou clearing throat) Strip to the waist.

What do you think you're doing? You said I should take off my dress.

Well, forget it. Never mind.

My head's full of pigeons and rabbits.

Are they pink?

Inhale. (Sighs)

What happened to nice, old Dr Kramer? Is he dead?

How should I know?


Do you exam the goats, too? Inhale, please.

Isn't it a bit early in the morning for cognac and rabbits and things?

It's a bit soon for impertinence. Turn around.


It's a funny thing about rudeness. When I say it, it's impertinence.

When you say it, it's importance.

You talk too much. Will you hold still?

Now, cough. (Coughs)

Inhale. Inhale!

What's the hurry? The next stop is a week from now.

You're quite right, but you're holding up a lot of people.

Just human junk to you, aren't we?

But we do come in handy. Turn around.

What's your name? Bijou.

Bijou what?

Just Bijou... for my friends. (Scoffs)

Bijou. Yes, Bijou.

And wouldn't you be lonesome if you had no Bijous to kick around?

Bijou, Bijou. Yes. Bijou. Yes, there it is.

Deported, health A-1.

Deported, health A-1 All right, I can read!

Why all the fuss? You oughta be used to being deported by now.

All right. I'm used to it. You can get used to anything.

You can get used to the plague, but I don't like it.

Now, wait a minute. I'm no plague.

Maybe I haven't been very cordial. Cordial?

All right. So I've been rude! I'm sorry. Here, have a drink.

Oh, no, I've tried that. And when I try, I try hard.

But I prescribe it. It'll do you good.

Better to know what you're doing... even if it's wrong.

So long, Doc.

Health A-1? Sure. Health A-1.

How'd it go? Did he treat you rough? Oh, just routine.

Good evening, Dr. Martin. May I present you to Miss Henderson?

How do you do? Dr. Martin.

She's going to join her father at Boni-Komba.

He's the new resident governor.


(Bijou) ♪ I can't give you anything but love...

Excuse me.

It's my first trip out here, and very exciting.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

Good night. Good night.

J“ Dream a while, scheme a while

♪ And you will find

♪ Happiness and, I guess

♪ All the things you've always wanted

♪ Gee, I'd like to see you're looking swell, baby

♪ Diamond bracelets Woolworth's doesn't sell, baby

♪ Till that lucky day you know darn well, baby

♪ I can't give you anything but love

♪ I can't give you anything but love, baby

♪ That's the only thing I've plenty of, baby

♪ Dream a while, scheme a while

♪ And you will find

♪ Happiness and, I guess, wh... ♪ (Coin clatters)

More, please, it's grand.

Oh, you want a performance, huh?

Genius, perform for the lady.



We enjoyed it, too.

I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

Oh, I wouldn't worry about it.

I'll tell her. Oh, please do, will you?

(Bijou) Sumatra... out. Trevor... out.

Boni-Komba... out.

Mapping a campaign?

No, a retreat. I'm running out of islands here.

This isn't a professional visit. I just wanted to tell you that the young lady up on deck didn't mean to be rude.

Oh, yeah? Who is the sweet thing?

Her name is Henderson.

Her father happens to be the new governor of Boni-Komba.

I thought you might like to know.


Governor Henderson?

A new governor? She didn't mean to offend you.

Oh, but if she's the governor's daughter, she couldn't offend me.

Cause for rejoicing? Rejoicing?

Doctor, you have lifted the Pacific Ocean right off my neck.

Now I can go back to Boni-Komba. Oh!

How about a celebration?

Yes. You come to Tony's cafe, Seven Sinners, in Boni-Komba.

Oh, how frightened Tony will be when he sees me.

But then, he's going to celebrate.


How about my cabin for a snack?

A snack is food.

So I ran to the end of the world and jumped off, and here I am.

It's so nice and peaceful here. I don't blame you for running away.

Are you sure?

When the girl married the man with all the money, why didn't you get mad and make more money?

For what? So I could buy her back again?

Good. I'll tell it that way next time.

Now let me have the story of your life.

I tell it so many different ways, too. Which one would you like to hear?

Go right ahead.

Well, there's a lovely version about a little girl from a convent in Marseilles.

You better get out your handkerchief, because this is going to be awfully sad.

And a young, dashing officer from Saigon.

And wedding bells. Ding-dong.

He drank like a fish.

He's dead.

Grape juice?

No, thank you.

Wait a minute.

Come up like this every night, will you?

Thanks. You're a good doctor.

I might get to like it. Then why hurry?

Sleep. Last night was bad. Very bad.

I shall miss you very much. Sure, in the evening.

You must have someone to sit around and drink all the grape juice.

I'll be here waiting. Yes, when they throw me out.

When you're tired, I'll still be here.

Oh, my smoking career would get in your nostrils.

That shouldn't make any difference to a couple of friendly derelicts.

I'm not quite ready for the word "derelict".

I'm sorry.

You're the kindest man I've ever met.

Got a penny?

Goodbye, Doc.


Run aground, miss?

I'll give you a hand.

Oh, Lieutenant Brent. Miss Henderson. Captain.

Lieutenant. Shall we go?

Goodbye. (Captain) Goodbye.

Your father was sorry he couldn't be here to meet you himself.

Oh, I'm sure he was.

Well, I can tell you this.

From your father right down to the last gob, the navy's ready for you.

Uniforms spick-and-span, parades heads-up.

Sounds enchanting.

Lieutenant, I shall report you for want of attention.

Yeah... Huh?

Oh! There'll be no lack of attention.

We've been waiting for you too long. Shove off.

Hey, Ned? Oh, oh, hello. I... I got the bags.


I've been saving it for you.

Cafe Seven Sinners. Cafe Seven Sinners.

(Finnegan) Gangway! Gangway! (Sasha) Gangway! Ricksha!

Ricksha! Ricksha! Gangway!

(Finnegan) Gangway! Gangway! Gangway! Gangway!

Wait here. (Finnegan) Gangway!

I want to talk to Tony alone. I'll see him. I can sell anything.


Take care of him, big boy.

(♪ Piano playing)

♪ I can't give you anything but love...

No! ♪ Baby

♪ That's the only thing... No.

♪ I've plenty of... No!

♪ Baby ♪ Bijou!

Yes, I've come back home again. Bijou is home again.

(Mumbling, indistinct)

Please, my heart is not so good.

But you look new.

The place... looks new and nice.

Yes, and it's going to stay new and nice!

Yes. We won't have any more riots.

We're going to keep it that way, huh? We are going to do nothing.

Bijou, sit down. No, don't sit down.

Stand up. Your boat is going to leave in an hour.

I'll buy you a drink.

Bijou, I love you.

I adore you.

You're wonderful. Uh-huh.

But you're too much!

Bring the drinks.

No, thanks. I'm on the grape juice wagon.


Did it get too hot for you in Sumatra?

Run along, ladies, and hurry.

Be gone when I turn back up here.

Ah. An angel from Lotus Street... Sumatra.

Yes, my gorgeous one.

But even Sumatra is dull, deadly dull, without you.

In this dump for 48 hours, I've tried to reap some fun out of this place.

Then suddenly, I turn around.

Is this Bijou? Tell me. Or am I too drunk, hmm?

So Bijou is going to sing for you again, Tony. Good.

It is not yet arranged. It is now.

Whatever became of that big knife?

Were the police in Sumatra touchy about returning it afterward?

Or were you shy about claiming it?

(Pool balls clanging)

Scratching in the pocket. (Chattering)

Ooh! The navy.

(Officer) Come on. Let's see you make this shot.

See you later... dear Antro.

The navy?

Well, in there is only a little bitty navy.

What a girl. She insults me to my teeth, and I like it.

I love it, my friend. (Gasps)

I love it!

I beg your pardon.

May I have an American cigarette?

(Officer 1) Have one of mine! (Officer 2) Have one of mine!

(Overlapping dialogue) Thank you.


Bijou Blanche. (All shouting names)

Bijou to the navy. That's us.

Go on with your game. I'll watch you if you don't mind.

(Chattering) Shoot, Judson.

I got a buck that says he can't make it.

I got another buck that says he does.

Any more takers?

(Officer 1) Here he goes! (Officer 2) That's easy money.

Come on.

Oh, come on. Hit the ball.

I'm not very good. (Laughter)

(Officer 1) Go ahead and shoot.

(Officer 2) Here he goes, boys. Here he goes.

You wanna make that shot, sailor? Uh-oh.

I sure do. All right. I'll help you.

(Officer chattering) (Mouths indistinctly)

Now, you put your hands on mine. (Wolf whistle)

Wrong side. Way to go, Judson.

There. Is that what you mean?

Yes, that's what I mean.

(Officers laugh)

Oh, I... I see what you mean.

What are you shaking about, Judson?

Shut up, will ya? Give half a man a chance.

Now, the one ball is blocked. That's too tough.

So we play billiard combination and put the 12 in the right side pocket.

Say, that is a tough shot. Great shot.

Easy. Easy.

She did it! (Overlapping dialogue)

Come on. Pay off. Do you really wanna see a tough one?

Come on. Show us. All right.

Hey, do you know... Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Now, the two will go in that corner, the 14 in there, the 15 in that pocket. And I'll bet.

I'll bet 50 cents you don't. One dollar.

Seventy-five, one dollar. Such easy money.

She made it! What do you know about that?

Let that be a lesson to you. Never gamble with strangers.

Hey, they got blackouts here.

You discovered America.

Here, I work for nothing. Sure.

Remember what Bijou said. (Tony) Hey!

The flophouse is two doors down below.

This is no place for loafers. Come on! Get out of here!

Come on! Get out of here! Go on!

You see, I... You tell me I got to hire Bijou.

Why don't you tell me to set fire to the place?

It's the same thing.

But while the place burns, have some fun, hmm?

I don't want any fun. Ten minutes ago, I was the boss.

You will be boss as long as you keep Bijou happy.

Here, buy her some dresses, lots of them.

Wait a minute, bud. Bijou buys her own dresses.

(Stammering) Didn't I told you to get out of here?

Oh, I'm your new bouncer. Oh. See, I tell you...

What? Bouncer.

And I'm the new magician, waiter, juggler and dancer.

What is this? Waiter, juggler, dancer, bouncer?

Who told you that? Bijou.

That's enough. That's enough!

That's enough!

You seem to have whipped the navy into a furious sense of duty.


Mr Jensen and Mr Henckel have deck duty early in the morning and they wish to say good night.

How splendid. Did I do that? (Governor) I'll give you the credit.

We're going to have some boxing bouts aboard ship Saturday night.

Would you like that? I'd love it.


Well, how do you like us? You're wonderful.

Oh, by the way, Austin, Wilson, Robbins, and, uh... oh, yes, Vance.

They wanted me to say good night and thanks.

They had a wonderful time, too.

Duty first, Father? Mm, yes, yes. Oh, undoubtedly.

Splendid, just splendid. Hmm?

Oh, will you pardon us? Oh, yes, yes. Of course.

Shall we dance?

Aren't you going to the Seven Sinners, too?

Here she comes! (Men) Bijou! Bijou!

(♪ Jazz playing)

♪ See those shoulders, broad and glorious

♪ See that smile, that smile's notorious

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy

♪ See those nice blue trousers walk about

♪ That's that salty walk they talk about

♪ Mister, watch your wife, the man's in the navy

♪ Now, lots of men stand 6-foot-7

♪ And lots of men have arms like heaven

♪ And lots of men have hair all golden and wavy

♪ But when 10,000 gorgeous women'll chase him like some hunted criminal

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy

♪ See those shoulders, broad and glorious

♪ See that smile, that smile's notorious

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy... ♪ Now, that's a fine thing.

Officers and gentlemen by act of congress!

Well, where were your manners? (♪ Music stops)

Wouldn't have taken any skin off to stand by for another half hour.

You left me hanging out on a limb. Who do you think...


Would the lieutenant like to say it from up here?


(♪ Music resumes)

♪ See those shoulders, broad and glorious

♪ See that smile, that smile's notorious

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy

♪ See those nice blue trousers walk about

♪ That's that salty walk they talk about

♪ Mister, watch your wife, the man's in the navy

♪ Now, lots of men just can't remember

♪ That big romance from last November

♪ And leave the lady cold as yesterday's gravy

♪ But when he says, "I love you, Bessy"

♪ To some poor kid whose name is Jessie

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy ♪


(Tony) Bijou! Yes, Tony?

This is just your first night, and you're starting already.

Yes, isn't it wonderful? Just like old times, huh?

I heard that tomorrow morning there is a boat sailing, and you're going to be on it!

Shh! Just like old times.

Oh, Tony, don't let's quarrel tonight. It's too marvellous.

You insult the navy. Not only the navy, but one of the executive officers.

All right. I'll apologise.

No, you're not going to do anything of the kind.

You're going up to your dressing room and you're going to be quiet.

Very quiet, you hear?

I promise to be on my best behaviour, and I'm going to apologise.

No, you're not. No! Bijou, please! I...

Are you looking for me? No, I was going...

Come on. Sit down. Have a drink. This is your table.

I'm sorry. I'm joining the navy.

You don't want to make a scene here, do you?

No, I don't want to make a scene... not for anything in the world.


Bijou! (Overlapping dialogue)

As you were. As you were.

That tall lieutenant didn't seem to think I was so wonderful. Where is he?

His face is a little red. He executed a hasty retreat.

He won't be up for air for a month. You certainly did pin his ears back.

What's your ship, sailor?

The Seven Sinners. The good ship Seven Sinners.

Bijou, did anybody ever tell you... What?

I'm-I'm sure they have. You gotta watch him, Bijou.

Bijou. What is it?

Uh... Antro is sitting there at the table.

He wants to spend money. You remember me.

I work for a living. And anyway, I'm in the navy.

(Overlapping dialogue)

Maestro, give! (♪ Piano playing)

Now, all together, sing. We sing? We sing, too?

♪ See those shoulders, broad and glorious

♪ See that smile, that smile's notorious

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy

♪ See those nice blue trousers walk about

♪ That's that salty walk they talk about

♪ Mister, watch your wife, the man's in the navy ♪

(Finnegan) Gangway!

Boy, oh, boy, I'm sure happy. Gangway!

We're sure a sensation in this place. Gangway!

What do you mean, "we"? (Cuckoo clock cuckooing)

(Cuckooing continues)

Take it back. Yes, ma'am.

I don't know what you see in that guy. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

In my great joy, do I know what I'm doing?

Beat it, boys. See you at the café.

Good morning, Miss Bijou. Good morning.

OK, Charlie. Give me the routine over here.

Missie Bijou, Iikie little pot of tea?

Yes, yes. I could use two or three of these.

Oh, excuse me.

Good morning, Miss Henderson.

Can I do something for you this morning?

Go ahead. I can wait. (Bijou) Take care of the lady, Charlie.

And, uh... keep "shirtie" on.

May I say good morning, Lieutenant?

Oh, hello. May you say good morning!

I've been looking all over town... Yes, it's such a big place, isn't it?

But I still sing at the Seven Sinners.

Well, I haven't been in since... I know. I insulted you. Tony told me.

And he gave me one week to make things straight.

I've only two days more.

Oh, Tony's wacky. I'll square him.

Do you really mean that? Mean it?

Look deep into my honest blue eyes.

No, grey. My honest grey eyes.

Can you doubt me? (Chuckles)

(Clearing throat)

Missie Henderson, thank you vely much.

Thanks an awful lot, Lieutenant.

Homeside. Chop-chop. (Mutters)

Missie Bijou, Iikie buy little pot tea?

Missie Bijou gottie littie pot tea.

Don't you got nothing better to do than to stand here in the corner?

What? Oh, I was reading. I like to read sometimes.

It improves the mind.

Don't break your arm, fella. You in the navy?

I was once, but I-I missed my ship in Singapore.

Tough going. Hello, Tony. Lieutenant Brent! You come back!

Oh, I'm so glad you're mad at me.

I-I mean, I'm so mad I'm mad at you.

I'm glad you're mad... I'm... You know what I'm saying.

Don't tell me. Let me guess.

Come on. Let's have a drink. All right.

Did I tell her! Gangway, gangway!

Did I bawl her up!

Well, you shouldn't have. It was entirely my fault.

I know. Sure.

Bijou is only a little bitty baby.

A baby.

Does he laugh by the hour, or is it piecework?

You had a good laugh the other night, too, didn't you?

Don't you like it? Wait a minute, you!

Don't you go makin' no passes at a uniform of the United States Navy.

Why, I wouldn't for the world have anything happen to that beautiful uniform.

Well, don't you forget it, see, cos I'm the bouncer around here.

Will you go over there and bounce yourself?

See you later, Lieutenant.

He thinks he's a rubber ball.


Greetings, greetings and greetings! (Officer) Hello, Dan. How are you?

Hi, Dan. These amateurs giving you a show?

Amateurs? How do you like that?

I saw Tony. Oh, thank you.

Bijou. Bijou. Yes?

He thinks he's good.

Well, does anyone think I'm not? Bijou can take you.

Sure. Oh, gentlemen, huh?

Letting her win.

(Officer) Two bucks says you'll be a gentleman, too.

Two bucks says I'm not. We'll take 'em.

Call it for the break. Heads.

Will you give me six bits against a half a dollar you're not a gent, Dan?

It's a bet. Your break. (Laughing)

Laughing boy is here again.

If I bet you are no gentleman, I'm on your side, no?

No. Fifteen points.

(Wolf whistles) 2-to-1 for any amount.

I don't want to take your money. (Antro) You won't get any.

Bijou and I are a tough team to beat.

Shanghai, Bali, Sumatra.

We were never a team.

Shanghai, Bali, Sumatra or any other place!

About this game or anything else.

Mm, the blushing, sweet-scented flower.

Is that the package you're selling?

Look, Pollyanna... Um, you'll excuse us?

(Chattering) (Officer) Take your time.

After you. With pleasure.

You know, you're old enough. There's some things you oughta be told.


Uh, I don't think that climate in there agrees with you.

As a matter of fact, I've been worried about your health altogether later.

You don't look well.

Oh, it's just a little dizzy spell.

Every time I look at you, I see eight or nine of you.

I'll be all right when I can only see one.

That can be arranged, too.

Careful with the uniform, Lieutenant.

Aw. Won't anybody give you a light? Our hero.

We were mighty worried about you, Lieutenant.

Yeah? Well, you took the words right out of my mouth. Go ahead.

I usually do my own fighting, but thanks anyway.

Got a penny?


It's an English penny, but...

...but it brought me a lot of luck.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

(♪ Band playing)

♪ And you've heard songs and singers, too

♪ But there's nothing really new

♪ In the way these singers sing today

♪ Now, I've a song that cannot miss

♪ But you must remember this

♪ To sing this song you must be ooey-scray

♪ You've heard folks go boop-boopy-do

♪ Boop-boopy-doopy-doop, boop-boopy-do

♪ But you ain't heard folks go pigga-dagga-putt

♪ Pigga-putt-putt, pigga-dagga-putt

♪ You've heard folks go vo-doe-de-o

♪ Vo-do-de-o-de-doe, vo-doe-de-o

♪ But you ain't heard folks go pigga-dagga-putt

♪ Pigga-putt-putt, pigga-dagga-putt

♪ Now, to sing this song you must be gifted... ♪

(♪ Music continues) Just a minute.

Come in.

Oh, hello. Oh, hello.

Uh... I went hiking today, and, uh... well, these are wildflowers.

I see. For you. I, uh...

You got me picking wild orchids. That's a new low.


Have you never done it before? No, never.

But I saw these, and they made me think of you.

Or... rather, I was thinking of you.

Thinking of what?

Is there something I could do with these?

Yes, I'll take them.

Now, where were we?

You were thinking. Oh, yeah.

What were you thinking of?

Well, if you keep looking at me like that, I'm liable to tell you.


Oh, that admiral's coat. Where did you...

Can't you do something about it?

(Air raid siren wailing) What's that?

Oh, uh... that? Uh... nothing.

Uh, look, if, uh... I get you something else, will you wear it?

Yes. (Knock on door)

Come in.

Hello... Oh, hello.

I, uh... was just on my way to the ship.

(Chuckles) The shortcut through my dressing room.

(Laughing) I, uh... went hiking today.

Oh, you did.

Don't tell me you were picking wildflowers.


Not, uh... orchids?

Yes. (Air raid siren wailing)

What was that? Oh, the blackout.

(Judson) Oh.

(Dan) You look handsome, Judson.

(Judson) Gosh, it's dark. (Dan) The blackout's a success.

(Wailing continues)

(Bijou) Heaven help a working girl on a night like this.


That admiral's coat fooled me for a minute.

Now, don't be frightened, darling. It's not Brent.

And you needn't be nervous as long as I'm here.

I won't.

I hope you girls don't think I'm intruding.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, the lights went out all over town! It's a blackout.

(Finnegan) Well, they oughta notify people about them...

You find Sasha and bring him here right away.

I'm sorry, boys. This is serious.

Well, go on.

Gangway! Gangway!


Come on. Take it easy. What's the matter? What's wrong?

Hand it over. I don't know what you mean.

I do. You got a basket? Yes.

What do you mean? What are you doing?

Wait a minute! Look out! That ain't fair!

Oh, honestly, I don't know how it happened.

All I know is I was working away...


For once, I'm going to make you laugh at each other.

I will make horrible examples of careless people.

Anyhow, if you have to lose things around here, why don't you lose something I would like?

(Crowd laughing)

Ensign James Scott. Hey. Hey!

(Bijou) Stand up.

Is this your pocketbook?


Why, yes.

How much money's in it?

Only seven dollars.

The family wealth. Now, that's very, very careless.

(Crowd laughing)

Now, this I would know anywhere.

Mr Antro?

Next time there's a blackout, you better get under the table.

I'm surprised.

Such a smart man.

Now, who's this?

"Edward Patrick Finnegan."

Edward Patrick Finnegan, speak up! Come on!

But it's you. Edward P... Oh.

(Crowd laughing)

Now, let's see.

Who's here that knows Helen in Singapore, Myrtle in Manila, Honore in Borneo?

Oh, it's you. Yeah, it's me.

(Crowd laughing) Kid Romeo, hmm?

(Laughing continues)

Agnes in Tokyo... How do ya do it?

And Mabel in Hong Kong... A lady-killer.

And Becky in Barcelona... What a man!

And Rose in Trinidad. Yeah.

Rose? Why, you chiseller!

Light-fingers, you're getting your very last warning.

I told you I like it here.

It ain't the junk I want. I know where the things are.

The lights go out... one, two, three... boom, the lights go on, and nobody knows what happened.

I ain't no thief. I'm an artiste. Little Ned.

All right, his lights'll go out, and they won't come on quick, neither.

Yes, and he has my permission.

Now, good night. I might resign.

You heard the lady, she said good night!

(♪ Whistling)


I, uh...

...was just hangin' around to say good night.

Good night. Oh, I haven't said it yet.

What? Good night.


Well? Good night?

No. Not yet.

Oh, I must.

Because at this time of the night, I have no sense.

Is that a fact?


No sense this time of night?

No sense at all.

Look me in the eye and swear to that.

I swear.

Tony is here, sir. Oh. Come in, Tony. Come in.

Oh. Thank you. Sit down, Tony.

Yes, sir, I'm... (Grunts) I'm not tired. I...

Tony, there's something I want you to do for me.

If I can do it.

Uh... Bijou was on the list of entertainers on board ship for the officers' party.

Yes. See, Lieutenant Brent... He's the one, he's...

Yes, well, I'm not asking you how it happened, but...

You know, I don't want to make official business of this thing.

She's very popular. The boys like her very much.

Yes, she's all right, but, uh... there are some reasons why...

Well, it might be just as well if she didn't appear.

Can't you take care of this thing and leave me out of it?

When Bijou makes up her mind, you know, is very hard to make, to change...

You're her boss, aren't you? Yes, I'm her he...

Yes, I'm her boss. Don't worry. I'll fix it.

Well, I'm very grateful, Tony. It's a little bit awkward.

It's all right. You don't have to worry about awkward, because when I tell Bijou who's the boss, she knows that I'm the boss, and I'm going...

Yes, it could be a little awkward. (Chuckling)

Yes, well, try to make her understand, Tony, that the navy has enough destroyers.

Yes. I...


What's your hurry? Did I tell you to hurry?

I want to register a complaint.

You know, I think you're making a mistake devoting so much time to the navy.

(Bijou) I see what you mean.

Supposing I were to tell you that I'm in love?

(Antro) It would be a pity.

I'd have to get rid of the gentleman.

Never mind. Run along. Have a good time.

Don't let me spoil your fun.

Chop-chop. Au revoir.


Admiral! Admiral! Tell fortune!

Not today. Tell fortune, Admiral!

Money, please! Money, please! Tell fortune!

Fortune! Admiral! (All shouting at once)

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Listen! Listen! Listen!


Your fortune, sailor?

I got my fortune.

Bought it for a penny, remember? (Chuckles)

I'm a little late, but... A little late?

I've been waiting for nine years.

Flowers for Bijou! Aw.

We're casting a funny shadow.

Excuse me.

Look, Junior, are you by any chance following me?

No, I ain't.

Oh, well, that's fine. Then it's the lady you're following.

You'd like to meet her, is that it?

Junior, this is Bijou, and Bijou, this is Junior.


Flowers for Bijou. Thank you.

Flowers for Bijou. Thank you.

Flowers for Bijou. Flowers for Bijou.

Flowers for Bijou. Flowers for Bijou.

Flowers for Bijou! Flowers for Bijou!

(All children) Flowers for Bijou! Flowers for Bijou!

(Children laughing)

Same table?

Imagine finding you here. (Chuckles)

I'm the type of girl you're liable to find anywhere.

Flowers for Bijou.

Not me! (Man laughing)

Excuse me. (Laughing continues)

What's so funny? The kid give you the flowers!

Junior, you sure see things from a funny angle, don't ya?



How does it look from there?

Oh, Dan, I wish you hadn't done that. I'm scared.

You mean Antro?

Don't let those professional house-haunters scare ya.

Oh, I've seen Antro hunt before.

He never misses.

Now, look. I'm going to do something I've never done in my life.

I'm going to leave an island before I'm chucked off.

Wait a minute.

You're running away to save me.

I'm always running. What difference why?

Nothing doing. I'm sorry.

Well, ya gotta stay. Them's orders.

I'm not joking, sailor. I've played out my string here.

I better move on.

Then... I mean...

I mean, my welfare means that much?

Just what a sailor usually means to a girl.

Well, ya can't go. You know the penalty for desertion.

Desertion? Yes, desertion.

You promised to sing aboard ship next week.

And I promised the officers.

And a gentleman always keeps his word. And a sailor.

And a sailor's girl.

Doesn't make any kind of sense.

But I never desert the navy.

Bijou, what are you doing?

Whatever you tell me, I wouldn't believe it!

Antro is screaming! There's crowds there!

You're late! But tonight is navy night. All aboard.

Bijou, I forbid you to go on board that ship!

But that was the day before yesterday.

You go ahead to the ship.

They'll show you the room where we'll dress.

And take the piano player with you. You don't take no piano player!

You leave the dressing rooms...

Bijou, Antro is waiting with a crowd of knives...

...uh, with a bunch of people!

I'll take care of Antro.

You wouldn't want Bijou to miss this party, would you?

I forbid it. I am the boss!

Honest to goodness, I'm the boss.

Oh, something must have gone wrong. I'm sorry.

See? I bring you Bijou. What's the idea? We've been waiting.

If I'd only known before, but now I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me.

Sit down.

I would love to, but first I'll have to tell the navy that Mr Antro and his guests must be entertained.

That's a great idea. Tell them in a letter.


(♪ Singing in Italian)

(Shouting in Italian) Sasha is wonderful, ain't he?

Sasha's very clever. (Laughing) Oh, very.

Once I heard he turned a streetcar into a side street.

Smart guy, huh? You stinking...

Look! Straight from the barnyard.

Oh. Straight from the barnyard.



(Laughing continues)

Who's laughin'?

(♪ Band playing "Anchors Aweigh")

(♪ Music continues)

(♪ Music ends)

(♪ Piano playing) (Chattering)

♪ I've been in love before

♪ It's true

♪ Been learning to adore

♪ Just you

♪ Some old romance taught me how to kiss

♪ To smile like that

♪ And sigh like this

♪ I've been in love before

♪ You see

♪ But, darling, what a bore

♪ I'd be

♪ A heart that's lived a bit

♪ Can't tell when it beats true

♪ I've been in love before

♪ Haven't you? ♪

Congratulations, Dan. Huh?

Oh, uh... Swell show.

And I do like... that kind of a band.

Uh, shall we dance? What can we lose?

Beg your pardon. May I cut in?

Your song was swell.


And so are...

...are you.

It's been a good many years since I've done any dancing.

Getting too old for that sort of thing.

I'm getting so I get out of breath playing checkers.

But I do like to see the young folks have a good time.

No. Excuse me.

(Inaudible dialogue)

Thank you, sir. Excuse me.

I beg your pardon. May I cut in?


Beg your pardon, sir. Yeah?

The captain would like to see you at once.

All right.

Yes, sir?

I want you to see to it that that woman leaves the ship at once.

Orders, sir? Orders.

Aye-aye, sir.

Someday those people are gonna drive me up...

Oh, darling, darling. It's all my fault. Your fault.

Yes, it was my fault. I shouldn't have come up again.

But I wanted to dance with you, and I don't regret it.

Well, if you don't, I guess... But I'm awfully glad you're mad.

Well, in that case... (Both chuckle)

No, no. You have to go back to the boat.

Oh, but wait a minute! It's your job.

But hurry.


Oh. The welcoming committee.

Sure. Antro is waiting.

Always, Antro is waiting.

Tonight in Tony's, waiting and drinking.

And thinking, if I stay here much longer, I'll be too drunk to welcome Bijou.

Looking for this? It's no good.

It's empty.

(Gun clatters on floor) Get out.

Imagine, Antro too drunk to be nice to Bijou after the navy kicks her out.

Bijou entertains the navy, and they kick her out.

If she would entertain Antro...

Maybe that's the trouble.

I'm too nice to you.

You are too beautiful.

I should choke you.

See that? (Chuckles)

That's the trouble.

You make Antro sentimental.


(Knock on door) Come in!

Uh... it was stuck.

It... it was.

Oh, Tony says you gotta come back to work right away or you'll be fired.

That's all right. We were leaving anyway.

Oh, d-d-did you speak to the lieutenant about me?

No, not yet, but I will tomorrow.

Oh, good. I'm sorry, Mr Antro. That's all right.

You sent for me, sir? You're making a fool of yourself, Brent.

I don't know what you mean, sir. This Bijou gal.

You'll admit it started out as one thing, but now it's developing into something else.

I'll admit nothing of the kind, sir.

Everybody knows about it. For the past two weeks, you've...

Well, everybody's a liar.

With all due respect, sir, you have no right to...

Of course I haven't any right. I know that.

It's unfair. You're condemning her without knowing her.

We're shoving off for manoeuvres very soon.

Shoving off? Yes.

It'll give you a chance to think things over.

Yeah? Well, I've thought things over.

I'll be married before we sail. Married?

It's a disgrace you're in the navy.

It's my own personal, private business.

Oh, Brent, I know all about these things.

It doesn't work. It never works. Is that all, sir?

No. I must ask you to remain on board until we shove off.

Order, sir?

I wish you would. Thank you, sir.

Miss Bijou, sir.

(Governor) Come in, please.

Won't you be seated? Thank you.

Nice of you to come so promptly.

Cigarette? Thank you.

We've learned from Lieutenant Brent that he intends to marry you.

Marry me?

Dan said that?

You were deported from here... let me see, uh...

...nearly three years ago.

And you've been deported from several of these islands, always for the same reasons: inciting a riot, questionable character.

This is part of our records. And he wants to marry you.

He wants to marry me. It's preposterous.

I know Brent's family well.

His father was an admiral. His grandfather was an admiral.

And they're proud of that, too.

I trust I've made myself clear?

You understand?

Yes. Oh, yes, I do understand.

You're wonderful, Governor. Thank you so much.

I don't know how to thank you.

(♪ Piano playing)

(Inaudible dialogue)

At exactly 5:43 and a half, I have an announcement to make.

The governor just told me. I'm going to be married.

That's great! That's wonderful! That's marvellous!

Nothing is too good for you. Nothing is good enough for you.

Nothing is half good enough for you.

Hey, you're not gonna marry me? No, Tony.

I'll be Mrs Lieutenant Dan Brent.

Where's Little Ned?

Oh, the super-stupid is having a hearing on a battleship.

I have an idea, and it's hot!

And the time to strike is when the iron is hot!

That's marvellous! That's wonderful!

Bijou! Bijou!

Look, your first wedding present.

Oh. But they're real.

Why, would I give you anything phony?

Look, don't wear 'em right away. Give 'em a little time to cool off.

Now, I tell you what you do.

Return them just as cleverly as you took them, and I'll never talk about it again. All right. I'll return them.

But I resent the implication. Shoreside, chop-chop.

Well, ya did it. Why?

I was just aboard. What a mess you made out of that ship.

Looked like a submarine smacked it.

If you're gonna start a riot, why don't you stay where you belong?

Why, Ned.

The lieutenant's taikin' of resigning, yellin' all over the ship like a maniac, and for you.

He had a great career, and you stopped him right in his tracks!

Shut up!

What're you tryin' to make outta him, somethin' like me?

Take your hands off me, and get out of here!

Shut up! You're off your nut! They'd kill ya inside of six months!

You've got as much right to be an officer's wife as I have to be an officer!

You fool! You don't know what you're talking about! (Sobbing)

When he thinks of all the years he's been in the navy, and now he ain't there anymore, and he looks at you, and everything he worked for is gone by the board, he's gonna hate your insides!

(Continues sobbing)

You can't get the navy out of your heart and your blood. Honest, ya can't.

If he didn't kill ya, you'd do it yourself. You couldn't take it.

And you wouldn't wanna hurt anybody, especially a guy like him.

It's cuckoo. That's...

It's just cuckoo.

It's cuckoo. (Door opens)

Everything is rosy. I returned the pearls, and nobody...

The Malacca's in.

It sails tomorrow.

Get three tickets.

(Finnegan) Make it two.

On board, they said I might get back in the navy.

Make it two.

(Door closes)

The lieutenant said he was gonna come and see you at the cafe tonight.


I could see him once more.

Even the navy couldn't resent if I saw him once more.

I better get down to the cafe and pack before he comes.

Yes, I'll pack.

He mustn't know until after I've gone.

Oh, leave the poor dame alone. She's made up her mind.

(Knock on door) Oh, hold this.

Will you... darl... Bijou, honeymoons is wonderful, but not when business is wonderful, and business is wonderful, and you're wonderful.

(♪ Band playing)

Watch where you're...

(Laughing) When somebody sends anybody some flowers, somebody must like anybody.

That's why this b...

Oh! (Gibberish)

(♪ Music continues)

White... (Chuckles) Just like yours.

You go and find Dan. Don't let him come in here.

Hit him if you have to, but stop him.

I can't hit him. I'm gonna get back in the navy.

Do anything you like, but stop him. OK.

(Cheering, whistling)

(Bijou) The navy song, boys. (♪ Band playing)

♪ See those shoulders, broad and glorious

♪ See that smile, that smile's notorious

♪ You can bet your life the man's in the navy

♪ See those light blue trousers walk about...

(Finnegan) Lieutenant.

Lieutenant. Finnegan!

You can't go in there, Lieutenant. I what?

You can't go in there. She told me you couldn't.

Why not?

You'll get in trouble. She told me. Trouble?

You really will get in trouble. Antro's in there.

Oh, he is?

Well, that's for me. Please, Lieutenant!

♪ Women'll chase him like some hunted criminal

♪ You can bet your life... ♪ (♪ Music stops)

Look, Antro. No uniform.

Uh-oh. I got one of your dizzy spells.

(♪ Violin playing)

Stop the fight! Stop the fight!

(Women scream)

(Men shouting) Come on!


How do we know who to hit? Any guy in a white coat!

That's good enough for me!

Lieutenant! Hey!

Blue... (Chuckles) Like yours.


Hey, Lieutenant, where are ya?

(Mouths indistinctly)


Listen, you big bully! You can't do this to me!

(Blow lands) (Finnegan) Lieutenant! Lieutenant!


Lieutenant! Lieutenant!

Lieutenant! Lieutenant, where are ya?

Over here, sailor!

Stick with 'em, Lieutenant! Here comes Baby!

Welcome aboard, sailor! Happy to be aboard, sir!

I'm gonna get Antro. Get to gettin'.

Bye. Nice goin', Lieutenant.

Watch out for the knife! (Dan) I'm watchin'!

Look out!

Get upstairs!

Thought I told ya to stay outta here.

That's right. You did.


(Man shouts)

Hit him with that jab! There you go!


And the man's first round!

Not so tough.


(Siren wailing)

(Wailing continues)

Bijou, you've got to get out of here.

If they catch you here, they will deport you.

Oh, what difference does it make if they deport me?

Bijou, who's the boss? You are the boss.

Sometimes it's good to be the boss.

Now, you lie still. I'll be back.

I am the boss.

Is he all right? Yeah, he's all right, just knocked out.

(Wailing stops)

Get him out. It's the police. Get him out.


What" I tell him? Tell him anything. The truth.

Tell him everything, but get him out of here.

I should have recognised you before, Antro.

And you'll report to the ma... Yes, to the magistrate tomorrow for inciting a riot, questionable character.

To be deported.

(Policeman) Hey, you! You too!

Yes, sir.

(Bell ringing)

With your mind at rest, are you thoroughly reconciled and ready to go back to work?

Yes, sir.

By some miracle, you have escaped the consequences.

However, the navy can neither countenance nor condone such rowdy behaviour.

You will be restricted to the ship until further orders.

That's all. Yes, sir.

Oh, and Brent. Yes, sir?

It might interest you to know that Mr Antro has a couple of broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and can't eat a bite.

Is that all, sir? Isn't that enough?

Oh, yes, sir.

(Officer) Attensh-hut! And salute!

Two! Well, fellas, I...

I hardly know what to...

Well... well, what are ya savin' that button for?

Button it up or cut it off! Aye-aye, sir.

Trim that cap! Aye-aye, sir.

What is this, a bunch of Camp Fire girls? Suck that in!

Well, what are ya waitin' for? Break it up!

(All) Aye-aye, sir.

I beg your pardon, sir. Yes? Oh. Finnegan.

I have permission to speak to the executive officer.

You're lookin' good, Finnegan. It's thanks to you, sir.

May, uh... may I have half-hour's leave, sir?

Sure, and while you're there, uh... give her my, uh...

I'll deliver your message, sir.

(Whistle blowing, bell ringing)

Steerage passengers report to the doctor on the lower deck.

The lieutenant got me a year's probation.

Well, I'm awfully glad.

And-and he said to say goodbye and-and everything.

(Crowd shouting farewells)

I'm going to miss this.

Watch out!

Looking for islands, Doc? Any new governors?

Health A-1? Yes. Health A-1.

Hey, wait a minute. She won't be needin' you.

Give this back to the doctor.

(Children shouting)

Drop penny! Drop penny, lady!

Penny, mister! Penny, mister!

Penny, lady! Throw penny!

Throw penny, lady!

A penny, mister! Drop penny, mister!

Penny! Penny!

Drop penny, mister! Drop penny!

Penny, lady! Penny! Penny, lady! Penny, mister! Penny!

You are a good pal, aren't you, Doc?

What do you think?

Then how's about buying a pal a drink?