Sex and Lucia (2001) Script

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I'm sorry, Lorenzo. For everything l said when l left.

Yeah, but you were right.

You live with a sick person.

No, that's not true.

I was too hard on you.

Don't worry, Lucía. That's it.

I’m in a hole. I've tried to get out, but l can't.

I’m lost forever.

I'll take a few days off and we'll take a trip.

To your island.

You can show me. How about it?

Just the two of us. It's calm this time of year.

We'll swim and lay in the sun. l don't want to go to the island.

I don't understand you. You always wanted to go back.

Relax, honey. Don't worry.

Look, wait up for me and tell me tonight.

I’ll listen to anything you say.

Is that why you're so screwed up?

Something about the island?

I’m sorry, l can't tell you about it.

You don't deserve this. You shouldn't know.

Lucía, we're slammed.

Sorry, I have to hang up.

We're slammed, but later... Yeah, slammed. Bye.

Sorry, but l have to go. Lorenzo needs me. lf l were you, I'd take him to a shrink.



Lorenzo Alvarez residence? Yes.

Are you a family member?

I’m his girlfriend, I live with him. What is it?

This is the police department calling to inform you that...

I’ve got some bad news.

Don't wait up. l may never be back... ever.

You see, he... a car came along and... l don't know where to, but far away.

I leave you everything... but me.

Forgive me. That's my last request.

I’ll live alone.

With no one else.

I don't need people.

What'll it be?


Alone in the sun.


I’m not gonna swim. I’ll stay in the sun.


Alone in the sun.

Alone. Alone in the sun.


The best fuck of my life.

I don't even know your name.

It’s better that way. Less complicated.

Give me a hint.

Anything. I’d like that.

Like a souvenir. Where are you from?


I’m from Valencia.

Another one.

Two more hints each and we go our separate ways.

I’m a paella expert.

That's logical. Not quite. Keep in mind that you just fucked a world- class cook.

You're right.

Everything was delicious.

Of course.

A little salty, though.

What about you?

Sure, lots.

Let's hear one. l was born in Madrid on this very day.

Around this time.

It’s your birthday!


My birthday boy from Madrid.

What a great way to celebrate!

I’m your paella chef from Valencia.

And your birthday gift.

Hey, that's three things!

You gave me only two.

I’m going to look for the third.

I’ve been calling all morning.

It’s not my fault he's so busy.

Then who's fault is it? It’s his job's fault.

Tell him to work less. I’ll call back later.

He still can't talk.

Can l leave him a message?

Of course. I’ll pass it on.

Well, let's see.

I’m pregnant.

Since l know it's not his, and l don't need him, tell him I’m going to find my child's father.

You're leaving? That's right.

I’ll give you both a little hint.

He's not from Valencia.

Fine, one more hint.

I’m leaving right now for... Madrid.

They'll advance you 20 percent of what they gave you last time. l couldn't ask for more. No, it's fine. Thanks, Pepe.

It'll get me through winter.

I’ll have it ready by summer.

Really? You've been blocked two years.

I’m figuring out if I’m really a writer.

You? A writer?

To the core.

What about that other story? The one about the island.

And the Valencian girl?


I’m going to buy smokes.

Put lots of sex in it. That's always nice.

Yeah, very.

Can l talk to you?

Now? Later, then.

I’m with a friend.

What about?


Is something wrong?


Tell me.



What's your name?


I’m Lorenzo. l know. l know you. l read your novel.

Many times, and... l can't read anything else.

It grabbed me inside and won't let go.


I’ve also followed you.

When l see you l like to follow behind and see where you go, in secret. l know where you live.

It’s nearby.

And sometimes l see you here. Do you recognize me?


I’m a waitress in that restaurant.

You've never come in.

My boss is fine.

He's a good cook.

But he wants to live together, and the truth is, l was really glad.

Because... l felt needed.

And l even like him.


I’ve decided...


The person l really want to live with is you.

It’s not that you're lonely.

I’m completely in love with you.

Madly, as you can see.

You're so brave. Yeah.

And it's over. l tried.

Did you enjoy that?

Feel free to leave.

Is there anything else you want?


With time, living together, you'll end up falling in love with me, of course.

l think l just did.

Let's go get drunk and celebrate.

What pretty lights you have at home.

I’m so happy. You can't imagine.

Go ahead and undress me.

Forgive me, Lorenzo.

I’m not used to things working out.

Do whatever you want to me.

You start, okay?

A ray of sunshine...

Brought your love to me...

Slowly. With love. We're just starting.

Like that. So it lasts longer.

I’m dying, I’m dying!

My love! I’m gonna die!

It’s delicious, Lorenzo.

Wait until you try the fish.

I’ve always been around good cooks. l don't know why.

Though my boss isn't around much anymore.

My grandmother, yes.

With her home cooking... just for me. l moved in with her when l was six.

She said my parents and brother had opened a newsstand in heaven in front of the angel school.

And a bookshop.

Their stand in the village never paid much.

The three of them were killed in a car crash.

And my poor grandmother two years ago... told me the whole story. l still believe it. l always liked people who tell good stories. l trust them.

Did your mother teach you to cook?

No. She left my dad real quick, when l was young. l had to cook for him.

Until one day he got stabbed.

l may be a shitty cook, but I’m a great waitress. l have a camera.

How about a striptease?

Right now, without getting up. lf you do one later. You wouldn't.

I’ve got just what you want.

Oh, how l knew...

I’ve got just what you want.

Oh, how l knew... I’ve got just what you want.

It’s all been taken care of, I’ll settle the score, remember...

I’ve got a map... Gorgeous.

...and I’m one nosy bitch. I’m working on it.

I gotta do it, l don't want to end up broke.

My feet are my ticket...

Had to be good at something...

I’m working on it. I’m working on it.

I’m working on it.

I’m resourceful, baby!

You turn me on, saliva, milk and stuff...

I’m in control.


Lorenzo, my love. l can't take anymore.

So much love will kill me.

I’m dying!

Don't scream, it's no big deal!


That's it, a little more.

Here it comes. A little more.

Here it comes.

I’ll get the dad. Yes, please.

You see? Shouting makes no difference.

There's no one there.

It’s all right, my little girl will help me find him.

Have you ever... with another girl... had better sex?


Tell me the truth.

Maybe on an isolated occasion.

But it's different.

Isolated on the island, right?


A random somebody, a total stranger, with a full moon...

We should go to your island. Separately, and meet there, like strangers.

We'd have the best sex ever.

Which do you prefer?

Wild sex with a stranger?

Or sex with someone you know, someone you love, but also wild?


You have to choose.

Wild sex with a stranger, or wild sex with someone who's crazy about you, and who you love.

Go ahead, be frank. With you.


I’d never imagined being so lucky.

Girls like you never like guys like me.

You're a gift.

The restaurant in Madrid grew famous thanks to the paellas made by the silent girl.

She still recalled her grandmother, buried back home with her parents.

When asked where she was from, she was so timid that she'd say she was from Malta.

Her destiny changed that night, when she ran into a real Maltese.

A ray of sunshine...

Brought your love to me...

A ray of sunshine...

Straight to my heart...

How's it going? Fine.

Getting used to all this clean air.


You get used to everything here. This island's easy.

And you're a pro, of course. You have oxygen.

I’m renting scuba equipment this summer.

I’m testing it. You like diving?

No, not me. Just the opposite.

Sorry, but... l prefer open air. Open air and sunshine.

Too bad.

These waters are special.

To each his own.

This really isn't an island.

It isn't?

It’s a giant lid. A floating piece of earth.

Like a raft.

But it isn't moving.

People get dizzy here during high tide.

And no one knows why.

Except you.

I’ve dived underneath the whole island.

It’s totally hollow.

Thousands of caves, but nothing else.

Not a single rock connects it to the seafloor.

What's your name?


I’m Lucía.

Trust me, Lucía.

I’ll show you someday.


But I’ll stay up here.

Right. The girl waits on the pretty side, and the crab explores the ugly, rocky, horrible side.

You want to see the good things on this island?

Yeah. l want you to meet Elena.

Hi, I’m Elena.


Stay for dinner?


You can sleep here, too.

It’s a guest house.

Carlos is alone, so l have 9 rooms free. Want to see them?

Come on.

This is my room.

Next to the kitchen, so l can cook on-line.

Come on in. No, I’m sorry.

I’m not ready to see other people up close.

l know which room.

It’s perfect for you. Come on. l leave the second floor vacant until summer.

3,000 a day in low season, but you can have it for 2,000.

Plus 2,000 if you want board. l recommend it, I’m the best cook around.

Can l skip dinner and stay tonight?

We'll talk tomorrow.

Of course.

Something terrible happened and l had to run.

We'll take care of you here.

A ray of sunshine...

Straight to my heart...

Brought your love to me...

I’d searched for so long...

And finally it's mine... l have a new guest. She's a fantastic singer.

So from now on, I’ll cook even better. lf possible.

Can l name you?

Name? Yeah, Lucía.

Are you writing it?

It’s still unsent.

You can change your name if you want.

We all use nicknames.



Is that okay?

It’s great.


This is for you.

"Sing us something, Lucía."



"Welcome, Lucía. Nice song. Where are you?"


So would Carlos. For himself.

He's been here 6 months. l sense he's still tied to the mainland.

He's someone who gains your trust easily.

Is there anything between you? Yeah, sex.

Every now and then.

Without intimacy.

l prefer it, this way l don't get hooked.

Just wild sex.

It must be the island.

Yeah, but...

Carlos has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.

How lucky.

l don't know where he got it. It’s enormous.

Where are you?

The abortion part.

Is that a hint?

Why don't you take a stroll? l am.

In the street.

You're like an expectant father.


And you're the mother.

It’s very positive. There's lots of happiness.

It’s me. l was expecting something tragic.

Like in your first novel.

l should have read it while you were writing, to get used to the idea.

l screwed up. I’m sorry.

I’m going for a walk.

l didn't grab your heart this time. l guess l already have it.

Remember that birthday when you were on the island?

You sure got a great gift.

Get ready, because tonight I’ve got another for you.

From me. Are you proposing?

Remember my sister? The one who's a nurse?

Well, she's become close friends with a girl whose baby she helped deliver four years ago.

A little girl.

Speaking of girls...

How's the novel? All the stalling...

What do l tell my editors?

You always think of something.

Sure, that's why you get all your stories from me.

Write this one as is.

It’s unbelievable.

Why's that?

By the way, don't worry about my sister.

She doesn't know it's you. Or the mother who gave birth. l don't even know her. l kept you secret.

Why secret?

Well, the baby girl was born here in Madrid.

But she was conceived on a beach, on an island, a night like tonight, with a stranger... from Madrid.

It was his birthday.

lf you write this well, it'll be the story of your life and my birthday gift to you.

l know where to find the kid. Afternoons in a square.

Without the mother.

What's her name? The mother?

No, the daughter.

Your daughter's name is Luna.

Of course. Luna.

What's your name?


What's the sun's name?

Lorenzo. Lorenzo.

Just like me.

What's the moon's name?

You want the job? Yes.

Then the moon's name is Luna.

Today was an important day.

You don't know your father? You've never seen him?

Do you know his name?


Don't worry, names don't matter.

Would you like it... if l were your dad?

Could you be? Yeah, if you want me to be.

But in secret.

My real father?

He thought it was a very big secret for such a small little girl.

His smile faded.

Then he went over and sat alongside her.

You know what happens if someone discovers the secret between the moon and the sun?

The tide would drop... and drop... with a sound like:

Like mountains caving in.

Maybe someday he'd find a way to tell her, so for the time being he left it at that.

What was the point of being a father if she didn't know?

He knew then that if he'd told her, she'd have kept the secret.


You have a daughter?

Lorenzo, honey.

Do you?

Why do you ask? l saw it on your computer.

And l loved it. l can't keep writing it.

Why not? l don't know what it is to be a father.

Then make it up.

I’m glad you're writing again. l was feeling guilty.

None of it is your fault.

Luna doesn't know her dad.

She lives alone with her mom?

No, with a dumb soccer player.

I’ve never seen my dad.

Me, neither.

My mother's an actress.

A porn actress. l like that.

She quit last year.

She met this amazing guy who was a client, and fell for him.

Now we live together.

He retired her.

Sounds nice.

He's the sweetest guy.

He has the biggest heart ever.

And he's handsome.

He's really sexy.

You like him, too?


Why? Can you tell?

You like him a lot?

Okay, drop it.

Would you do him?


He's my mother's lover.

Poor thing, she's in love for once.

Do you think he likes you?

lf he offered, and your mom never found out?

Just once, as a test.

A test, right?

This is between you and me.

Just once?

Yeah. Why not?

Because. l don't know... l hope l never get put to the test.

But she put him to the test.

One morning when her mother was shopping, she took a shower and left the door open.

It almost happened.

What did?

The test with Antonio.

Tell me about it.

Last night, when they went to bed, l put one of my mom's movies on.

It’s strange, but... seeing her in action gets me hot.

You masturbated.

You always guess. l took one of her dildos from her room while they slept.

l lay naked on the sofa, in the dark, in front of the TV. l started copying her sexual positions.

Their lust almost killed them.

He covered her mouth so her mother wouldn't wake up.

We decided not to tell my mom.

And to never do it again. l promised Antonio I’d find myself a boyfriend right away so I’d have someone to play with.

Here, I’ll loan you my mom for a couple days.

l masturbated because of you, but ended up thinking of him.

But we didn't do it.

I’m not even sure l saw him. l just felt him.

Spying on me from behind.

At least l think so.

How nice!

You never greet me this way anymore.

l should get home early every night.

Your mom was great.

Quite an actress.

You got off? Yes. lf only I’d seen you through a hole in the wall.

Are you Belén's boyfriend?

Would you like him to be?

Yeah, sure.

Then that's that.

l have to sleep at Luna's tonight.

Her parents are going out.

l can ask if my boyfriend can come along.

She's really cool.

What's her name?


Well, I’d prefer just to see you and Luna, no one else.

Why the boyfriend? Can't they wait?

She asked me as a special favor. Maybe they can't.

They'll fuck. Good for them.

We don't even know him. And in our bed?

You're just like your dog.

Hi, boyfriend. The doors are open.

Be nice to him or I’ll have you fixed.

You hear me?

Delicious. You're a great cook.

And what do you do?

You won't tell me?

I’ll find out later.

l want some water.

Before l met Luna, l thought I’d never have kids.

Wouldn't you want a daughter like her?

Of course.

To me... you'll always be my first.

And to you?

The first and only.

Can l watch TV?

It’s late, go to bed. lf Lorenzo tucks me in.

You'll have to show me where.

And a kiss?

Can you tell stories? Of course, that's my job.

Did you know that island has the lowest moon?

That's right. But only a few of us in the world know it.

It also has great weather and it grants wishes. lf you need something, the rocks below the shore give it to you as a gift.

But watch out for the holes in the ground.

Though it doesn't matter, because no one ever dies there.

For example, if you fall, you can choose any life you want.

You can be your favorite fish.

The island was glad when the girl arrived, especially the rocks below the shore, so they decided to give her something.

But what?

A raft.


A dog. No. Something she didn't have.

Her father.

Bull's-eye, butterfly.

Tonight you keep watch outside.

All she had to do was look everywhere for him until she found him.

Her father could be whoever she wanted.

But then the girl had doubts, like everyone.

Would she choose a lighthouse keeper or a fisherman?

She knew one thing: what she really wanted was her mother to become a beautiful mermaid.

She's asleep.

Belén, l want you to know something.

l changed into this, do you mind?

Hi, it's Elena.

Is Belén there?


It’s Elena.


How are you? Better.

I’m improving. And you?

Well, l haven't cried. l can't. l haven't seen her.

They told me, but l don't understand. l don't want to imagine it. That's why l came here.

To be closer to her by swimming in the sea.

Cry, Belén.

Now that you can.

It helps me to hear you cry.

That's it. Cry. Cry.

You need to cry.

She hears you, too.

A big kiss from the sea... from both of us.

Lately you're always in bed.

You know what time it is?

It’s a beautiful day. Sunny and clear.

And it's my day off.

Get up, lazybones!

You need all these pills just to sleep?

You never had problems sleeping before.

Lorenzo, honey.

I’m worried about you. You've been depressed for days.

Trouble with the novel?

Is that it?

You look terrible.

Something's happened.


You're sweating.

I’ve left, and there's no coming back.

Your life is more important than your novel.

Than any novel.

Writing is vital to you, but you need to take care of yourself.

You're too good a person to see the shit l have inside.

Stop, that's enough. l have a confession.

So you see how close l am.

I’ve been reading the novel. Everything you've written.

At night, when you're asleep. Do you mind? l understand why you're so affected, why you reject it, and why it's hard for you to go on.

It can't be easy living there, in that house, with that stormy relationship.

So much repressed desire, impossible to control.

He's coming between a mother and her daughter, breaking a sacred bond.

But the passion's there, too. The lust.

l identify with her. l understand exactly how she feels.

Disgusted, guilty, selfish...

Her mom's jealousy...

But she's forced to choose between passionate love for a man, and love for a mother.

I’d have chosen the same.

Such decisions are made by gut instinct.


The thick, burning lust filled the mother, the man and the daughter.

They were sex-crazed.

The stench of raw sex...

The mother and the man,

the man and the daughter, the daughter and the man.

All the man's poisoned love...

Alone with the daughter, the daughter and the man...

The smell was heavy, hot, overwhelming...

Stuffy... stale air.


The paint fell from the corners of the room and the walls became rocky, like those in a cave.

A filthy den of...

Get out!


Just wanted to let you know that I’m here.

The man was selfish, a coward.

He hated himself so deeply, so utterly, there wasn't even time for forgiveness.

Only time for death.

Death, death, death, death.

Belén's fine. She's home with her family.

Forget the whole thing.

You've suffered enough.

Will l ever read the novel?

Of course.

Another thing.

Tell me about Elena, too.

My sister writes to her on-line.

She's on that Mediterranean cooking chat every day.

Her user name is "Alsi." "Alsi"?


That's Spanish for "island" backwards.

Hi, Alsi. How are you?

l don't know you.

It’s better that way. I’m here to help.

What's your user name? l don't understand the icon.

It’s a lighthouse for your island.

Are you the keeper?

Yeah. l have a story for you, it's full of advantages.

I’d like that.


The first advantage is at the end of the story.

It doesn't finish, it falls in a hole.

And the story starts again halfway.

The other advantage, and the biggest, is that you can change course along the way... lf you let me. lf you give me time.

All the time you want.

Go on, please.

To be continued.

What happened? Why are you so late?

My boss invited me to dinner.

He wanted me to try a new dish.

Did you screw him?


Did you go to bed with him?

That's right, you guessed it.

And how was it?

Tell me about it. No.

You first. What's going on?

What's your problem? l lost track of you ages ago.

You're not alive!

Was it the first time with him?

The second. The first was before we met.

Or should l say before l proposed?

So it doesn't count.

You could have told me before.

Yeah, l could have.

And today?


It doesn't count, either.

It’s a lie.

But we came close.

How close?

Did you stop or did he?

What about you stopping with me?

Lorenzo, do you love me? l need to hear you say it right now.

Yes. Deeply.

More than myself. But I’m lost.

Then let me help you.

You don't deserve this.

Why not? I’m your girlfriend and l love you more than myself.

Come on, it's obvious. You're draining my life away.

I’m doing all l can to get back, and accept myself, but if l can't, don't wait for me. l wouldn't, either.

What happened to you?

Belén, it's Elena.

How are you?

It’s real hot here.

Why don't you come out? The sea will do you good. l have a guesthouse for the whole summer.

I’ll have a room free in August. Upstairs.

My best room. You'll watch the sunset from your bed. Bring someone if you want.


The truth is, I’d love to visit an island... with someone.

Then that's it.

It’s difficult, Elena. Difficult?

Nothing is here. All the bad's left behind.

Just bring along the good. Right.

The good up front. l really want to see you, but here. l don't want to lose touch.

Say you'll come.

Promise me. l promise.

I’ll try.

Good bye.

Forgive me, Lucía. I’ve got to end this.

I’m going to kill them for once and for all.

Both of them.

Right now.

lf you've stopped being a writer, you have to explain why.

You're holding back.

lf you don't tell me, I’ll never forgive you!

You hear me? Never! l can't talk like this. Talk?

You're the one who won't talk.

You keep it all inside.

You won't let me help you.

Everything's you. I’m crumpled up in the corner.

Look. You were meant to live alone and to suffer alone.

And to drive yourself fucking crazy, which l don't understand.

You're sick, Lorenzo.

Sick of yourself, of your own standards and nothing else.

Of your fucking secrets!

You keep me around, but in the dark.

Because my complaints don't count.

Because you don't give a fuck what happens to me.

Your troubles are so deep, I’m fucking stupid, and all you care about is if l screw my boss or not.

I’m exhausted.

You're driving me nuts. I’ll be late to work.

Enjoy your hole.

Have fun rotting by yourself.

Look, I’ve never been this mean to anyone.

It’s the last time I’ll let myself talk like this.

It’s for me, not you.

That's right.

It’s time to think of myself, of my own needs.

Because l see no future with you.


Come over here and lie next to me.

Relax, Lucía.

Let the mud absorb all the bad.

Later it'll wash away in the sea.

l don't want sex.

I’m not ready yet.

Don't worry.

We'll just lie here, drying out in the sun.

Yeah, he looks like Carlos.

"Missing for 6 months."

"Manuela and Belén Lozano, mother and daughter, and Antonio Castillo, were all living together. lf anyone knows where they are, please contact the police."

The police? We'll... act like we didn't see this, like nothing's happened.

We know he lived with two women.

Mother and daughter.

Yeah, and the daughter...


The daughter was taking care of... my daughter.

They quietly left without him, without saying good bye.

As he slept, like in a dream.

When he woke, he felt the two lifeless women were still with him, like any morning at that hour.

And he lay still, wishing his life would also leave him through his blood.

What good was his blood now?

He wished it softly, without real intent.

And he chose to escape, to start over, to be new.

To change his blood.

So he said good bye and left.

We should give him a chance.

Don't we all deserve one?

Just in case, if in doubt, isn't it better to trust people?


So when he gets back, we'll ask him to explain.

It’s better this way.

Especially for you. For me? l just want to forget.

You can't forget some things.

In this house you can. That's why we're here.

Then it's too late. l should have come before.

When there was time...

for Lorenzo. l wanted him to show me the island. l asked him to, but he wouldn't.

It would have been his birthday soon.

What day? The 23rd.

Of May?

We could have celebrated here on the island.

Maybe even with you.

Who knows if we'd have met, right?


When was Lorenzo here?

A long time ago.

Before we met. How long ago?

About six years ago.

Yeah. l think he turned 25 here.


What is it?

I’m overwhelmed...

But l can't cry.

Don't worry. You don't have to.

I’m the one who should cry over him.

I’ll just faint, then.

It’s the sea. Must be high tide.

I’ll never cry again.

I’m going to bed.

What's going on?

"Luna, spring of 1988."


"Why bother being a father if she didn't know?"

He knew then that if he'd told her, she'd have kept the secret.

Lucía, never talk to me about this. l don't want to hear it.

Well, l do.

He's out diving.

Beneath the island.

Do you like Carlos? l don't anymore.

Go ahead, he's all yours. l won't even be jealous.

What are you doing?

Asking a friend for advice. l don't know him, but I’m getting to like him.

He's been writing me since l got here.

He made up a sweet story to help me.

He taught me to forget. And to escape pain.

Want to read it?

You could get into it.

It’s full of advantages.

Because in the end, there's a hole to escape through.

Back to the middle.

To change course, if you want.

That's his icon. It’s a lighthouse.

But it has no keeper.

It must be a computer.

Maybe his.

You'll meet my daughter.

l can't read this.

Why not?

It will grab me.

And won't let go.

That's good.

Did you finally do it?

Do what?

Change course?

Not all the way. There wasn't time.

That's why I’m writing him.


Don't write him.

There's nothing more he can do.

Has he written you since l first got here?

Hi, Lorenzo. How are you?

Your face says it all.

They called to say you were more awake.

Do you know who l am?


Thank God.

Glad to have you back. You'll be writing in no time.

Where's Lucía?

It says here that... your cranial hematoma has subsided.

And the rest of your bruises are history.

Where's Lucía?

You were in bad shape.

We didn't think you'd make it.

How long have l been here?


One week in a coma, with this horrible respirator...

And two more weeks breathing on your own, but unconscious.

And in this room since four or five days ago, blabbering in your sleep.

And when you'd wake up, you were out of it.

We haven't heard from Lucía in the past four weeks. l looked everywhere.

She hasn't been to your place, nor the restaurant since the night of your accident.

Lorenzo. l think Lucía believes you're dead.

That's why she left. l talked to the ambulance guy.

He said a cop called your house and talked to her.

He mentioned the car and she hung up.

He tried to call back but she wouldn't answer. l need to pee.

Do it there in the pan. No way!

Wait, wait.

Thanks, Pepe, but l can manage.

Lose the attitude.

I’ve helped you all week.

You just don't remember.

l know where she might be.

You came by car?

As soon as they called.

Good morning.

Tell me right now why you're here and Belén isn't.

You see? l don't want to forget anymore. Thanks to you, honey.


Won't you answer me?

It’s time to show you who l really am, no more stories.

Were you there with Belén, in my room...

when that fucking dog killed my daughter?

It wasn't me. It wasn't?

Then why are the cops looking for you?

Belén was with some guy who met her in the park with your daughter.

But he disappeared after that night.

What about Belén?

Where is she? Since you know everything.

She left with her mom, but didn't tell me where.

She changed in the end, and chose her mom over me.

Can't blame her.

A mother always comes first. l don't trust you anymore, Antonio... l won't ask you any more questions.

I’ll leave that to the police.

Lying to them won't be so easy.

Look how brave l got all of a sudden.


Please don't call the police.

Why not?

Are you holding back anything else?

I’ve no one left who l can trust.

Where are you going?

Making a getaway? They'll track you down! lf you call the cops, I’ll leave, too.

Are you stupid?


Where are you going? l don't understand. l trust Carlos, and l believe him. l want to know more.

That's the easy part.

Believing what you want. What pleases you. l did that, too. Until tonight.

I’ll chase whomever l please!

Men matter less and less to me.

That's my lot. They've never given me anything.

Except sex.

No? What about the keeper?

What? Besides wild sex and a daughter?

Don't forget that story full of advantages that he wrote just for you!

That's right.

Maybe your boyfriend was the last good man on earth.

No, he wasn't.

You're wrong, but that's my business.

And l suppose Carlos is also your business.

Yours alone.

You're the only one chasing him.


Come to think of it, l always chase men. When l like them.

To each his own, right?

Where could he be? l don't know. I’m going home.

You guys cook tonight.

I’m so sorry.

Carlos! It’s me, Lucía. l want to come down, please.

Come and help me. l know how to dive, too. What did you think?

Lucía. It’s me, Elena.

Where's Carlos? Down there.

Did he escape?

Maybe he's dead.

lf he turns up, we have to believe him, okay?

Whatever you want.

That's right.

He's a crab.

Let's go home.

What for? To eat.

So early?

I’m not hungry.

Tough. It’s about time you helped me cook.

We'll make a special meal and we'll be together and have fun.

You're a gift to this earth.

Elena. You're crying.

Tears of happiness, which is what I am from now on.

Great. l hope it's contagious.

Piece of cake. Let's go.

The first advantage is at the end of the story.

It doesn't finish, it falls in a hole.

And the story starts again halfway.

The other advantage, and the biggest, is that you can change course along the way... lf you let me. lf you give me time.

A ray of sunshine...