Sexy Cat (1973) Script

It was me. I did it all.

I was the author. Me, understand?. Only me.

Yes, I understand.

You did it all, you're the author But Paul Carpas is the one who gets paid, and Paul Carpas is famous in the country...

... and throughout the whole world Paul Carpas, that son of a bitch That thief stole everything from me The character, the story, the success, the money The money most of all I still have enough to pay you with Your ad says you charge reasonable rates What do you call reasonable Cash?

20 dollars a day if, I don't have to leave the city Very well, you're hired for ten days

Alright, what do you want from me?

I'm used to following cheating wives and things like that I don't have a wife. I don't have anyone Then what do you want me to do? To show I'm the real creator of Sexy Cat, that girl that's made Carpas famous The first Sexy Cat comic was published by Gold Publishers, I signed the drawings I made the mistake of not copyrighting it and Carpas stole it and took it to St. Jane to be published, they're the official publishers now And Gold never reported the theft?

It couldn't. There was a crooked manager back then who sold Carpas the original plates and archival drawings They didn't have any legal proof against Carpas And for 200 you expect me to find all that and give it to you on a silver platter More or less. Would you be able to?

What, do you think I'm Santo? How the hell would I do all that?

That's your problem. If you don't think you can I'll hire another cheap detective, a more determined one Fine, alright, I accept I'll see what I can dig up Move quick, Cash, if there's a settlement I'll give you 30% How much would you consider fair?

A hundred thousand would be fair, but don't bank on that If you get ten thousand that'd be a success. If you fail with Carpas we still have another chance of getting something Where? At Independent Atlantic Television Right, they're going to make a Sexy Cat series, I read that somewhere Is that what you mean? That's right, that's what I mean They won't want the scandal. They'll pay for sure if you handle things right Alright Grandi. I don't like this job much, but...

... when I agree to something I see it through to the end, you can be sure of that I am

I'll keep you informed Good luck

Dead. Yes, that's what I said, Cash, murdered.

You were at his house today, weren't you? Yes, he was a client of mine What did Grandi want from you? Inspector, business between a detective and his client are always confidential, you know that Look Cash, we know each other too well. You aren't a brilliant detective that can put on airs. You were always mixed up in shady business, and I suppose whatever you had with Grandi wasn't on the up and up, so you better fill me in on everything before I remember you're our only suspect in this crime at the moment How was he killed? With a dagger A Venetian one, according to the experts Venetian? How's that?

I don't know, it's some sort of odd medieval weapon The murderer made sure he was dead, he slit his jugular with a single cut Alright Cash, let's finish this already. Why did Grandi call you?

He's dead now, there's no reason to keep a professional secret The key to his death might be in that meeting of yours I doubt that Why?

Because we talked about drawings, comics About what?

Look, about this specifically

Sexy Cat?

Yes, Sexy Cat, the lovely masked killer. Grandi claimed he was her creator As you can see, nothing that could relate to the crime It can't, can it? Have you read the title of the story?

I'm afraid you're simply wasting the time I've given you, Mr. Cash Wasting it? You think so?

Make it quick friend, I'm in a hurry Yes, I can imagine

What's the important thing you have to tell me in relation to my character Sexy Cat?

We're about to start shooting the pilot episode, so you must understand I don't have much time to waste on foolishness The death of a man is no foolishness, Mr. Carpas Death?


Martin Grandi's Grandi? Yes, Grandi the drunk We worked together occasionally I think he only had time for drinking gin

What did he die of? Alcoholism perhaps? Or did he commit suicide?

Murdered, with a Venetian dagger A Venetian dagger?


That's strange Yes, very strange Just like in your comics Carpas I'm sorry Paul, I'm sorry for your show A man died just like in your comic Shut up Sugar, that's nonsense

And what's your relationship with Grandi anyway?

He was my client My, so he was your client

And you worked for that loser?

A lot of the time losers are where they are because others took advantage of their work Not in this case Sexy is mine, she's my work, and she's legally registered Even if she wasn't, what would be the point now that Grandi is dead?

He gave me two hundred dollars, he hired me for ten days I have to keep defending his rights even if he is dead

Let's finish this I understand. Let's make it brief friend

How much?

Go on I don't think you've understood I told you a client paid me two hundred dollars But Grandi is dead Why don't we say... ten thousand?

That's what you came for, right?

I suppose for less, but Carpas is generous

Take this and forget the matter

That's a nice bit of cash? I'm sorry Carpas, but I'm not for sale

Are you mad?

I'm warning you, I won't pay a single dollar more If you're paying that much, you're afraid of something Certainly not of you, you gutter detective You convince me more every time Get out, Cash. Let's go, out.

Alright, but I still think you're hiding something if you're willing to pay a gutter detective ten thousand dollars Look Cash, I don't like tribunals or scandals or tabloids I'm right on the edge of international success, The live action Sexy Cat series for television will play all over the world, IATV pays huge royalties I'm not trying to hide anything with all of this I'm willing to buy your cooperation I already said I'm not for sale Carpas Alright, then we'll go before the tribunals. You've tried to blackmail me.

Me, blackmail? I don't think anyone would agree there No? You heard him Gale, he tried to blackmail me with some filthy nonsense That's right dear, he tried to get money out of you, I saw it. That's two against one I wouldn't say that. He ripped up a check for ten thousand dollars, and no blackmailer would do that Sugar, I picked you for the role, what's the big idea? I'm sorry, Carpas. I'm just being honest And you're right, Sugar I also think what he did is refuse money from the powerful Mr. Carpas Martha, you're risking your role in the series if you're against me I'm so sorry Paul, but you know I'm a good actress I'm here because IATV and the show's producers demand it If I were paralysed tomorrow they'd roll me out in front of the cameras in a wheelchair Just like Aaron Shyde But prettier, doll Come Mr. Cash, I'll see you out, you'll only hear nonsense here

That's three against two Carpas

Watch out for starch Imbecile

So why the help, you don't know me at all I know Paul Carpas and his entourage of admirers, that's enough for me You're risking your artistic livelihood if you make the big fish angry I'm the only real actress at this station I don't need admirers to convince the public Here Like Gale Crystal, for example Gale Crystal? Who is that? a mixture of races without scruples but... full of attraction She is Carpes’s girl friend

-The other? -Sugar Lane?

As an actress she is a ....?

But she would do anybody as long as they cast here as Sexy Cat And you don't need protection?

I can't tell whether you're a rogue or not I am, I promise

But in any case, I admire that you'd defend the rights of a dead man for two hundred dollars He was my client Not many would have refused ten thousand in the palm of their hand like you did Maybe Carpas offered ten because there's something at stake worth forty?

I don't know if you're just shameless, a boorish cynic, or simply an absurdly honourable man In any case, I'd like to find out I already told you. A rogue, but a sentimental one

Extraordinary, dazzling...

... but no, it's not possible I think that...

... we're pushing things, especially after that stupid detective's accusations and that absurd crime. This would be too much But it's what you asked for Forget it I need something...

... less strong, less cruel Then should we change Sexy's essence?

No no, not that. The essence must remain the same, just the reflection Now Sexy has to go into millions of homes

You should tone down that terrible sensation of pleasure Alright, you're the boss Mr. Carpas A beautiful monster that terrorizes its own creator But it's just a doll Paul, isn't it?

I have to see you later, I want to help you I'm a close friend of Carla's, Carpas' ex-wife Another woman? What does she have to do with this?

Carpas was married to her when this whole Sexy Cat thing started No one would know the truth better Alright, I'm grateful

I'll be at my apartment at ten, don't be late We're filming Sexy's pilot episode tomorrow, ''Coral Snake'', the first episode in the series, and I have to get up early Be punctual, I need my sleep

I'll be there at ten, on the dot

Is that you Mike?

Miss Martha Renov? Follow me, please It's on the fourth floor

Martha, it's me, Mike

Alright Mr. Cash, anything else?

You mentioned the woman who runs the Gold store chain She's a very rich woman, her name is Diana Singh She's the widow of the man who created the business empire She's bitter, both because her business is going south and because of the son she has who suffers from polio and is tied to a wheelchair I see. So you don't get along, I mean your companies We can't get along. They declared war on us along with Carpas, as if it were our fault They didn't have a written contract with him and so they couldn't do anything, that's it Could there have been a verbal contract Mrs. St. James?

Liz, if you please I don't know, that's a matter for Mr. Carpas and his own ethics I can't involve myself in those matters, and neither can the law Yes, that's what I imagined. These days a person's word doesn't matter much compared to a signed contract. Well, I think I'll keep looking For Sexy Cat, the one who escaped off of the printed page?

Perhaps, or perhaps for a woman who's just sexy, without the cat

Like me, for example? Like you, for example But I'm not a killer, I wouldn't hurt anyone That's possible, at very least I can say you didn't hurt me

Will we meet again?


Drop by the Ula Ula, I'm there every afternoon...

... when my husband is away Your husband mentioned Belda Lynn, do you know where I can find her?

She's a model, why don't you ask at the agency?

Ms. Belda Lynn? A new sketch artist?

No, I'm a private detective? I have nothing to say to detectives If some jealous wife sent you tell her I don't have anything to do with-

No, no jealous wife sent me I can't trust just anyone, Mr...

Cash, Mike Cash. It's a good idea not to trust people, it's a jungle out there If you think that's going to convince me... What do you want from me Mr. Cash?

That's enough for today Belda It's time for my break and it's my habit to have lunch by myself It'll only take a bit I'll just accompany you for a bit and then leave, you have my word Ms. Lynn I wanted to speak to you About what?

About Sexy Cat Sexy Cat? I just modelled for the character With Martin Grandi or with Carpas?

Grandi? That old drunk? I hear it's been ages since he's drawn something He can't draw. He's dead now I didn't know Well, I didn't know him very well, but in any case it's a shame when someone dies Yes, of course. So you posed for Carpas?

And instead of choosing you for the TV series he picks another, and you made the character famous I model for many fictional characters who later become famous, but I never do, and this time because of that pig, Carpas You have nothing to envy Sugar or anyone else for

The agency suggested me for the role and the station accepted it, since I was the one who really brought Sexy Cat to life It was nowhere near the character we have now, I mean back when it was released by Gold Publishers I understand. Sexy already existed before you posed for Carpas But very different, she was still a cat woman but she had nothing really sexy going Do you understand? She didn't have any eroticism, I gave it to her And now Sugar took your TV role She's Carpas' little friend Yes. Is she? I thought that impressive mulatta was Gale Crystal Sugar has everything she needs in order to take her place, I'm sure of it So there's a lot of women dancing around this Sexy Cat thing Alright Miss, I think that's everything, I won't bother you any further Forgive me for earlier, I thought you were here on behalf of someone's wife That's a problem that comes up sometimes. It's this business, you know You can have lunch with me if you want I've already eaten, but I'll come with you

Why are you asking me so many questions?

Because it seems that Sexy Cat has come to life. She's killing people My god, are you joking? No no Miss, it's no joke Two people have already been killed, I don't know if it was Sexy or not What I do know is that this gentleman is coming with me right this moment Inspector Cole. A female acquaintance

Do you think you did the right thing Inspector?

The right thing would have been to handcuff you and have two agents bring you here I don't see why You don't see why? You visit the homes of two people who are murdered in odd circumstances shortly thereafter and you see no reason for being brought here I didn't kill them Inspector I'm not so sure of that, but what I can say is that you knew of both these events, and you knew of the second crime before anyone, then you disappeared without a trace I called so they'd come to Martha Renov's apartment You only made a phone call, and then you started investigating on your own, sticking your nose in everything as if you were an officer and not a blasted detective who with a single word of mine would lose his license and wind up in a jail cell I only wanted to learn the truth about Sexy Cat. Grandi paid me and my obligation-

Of course, of course Look Cash, neither you nor any of your kind fool me. There's a lot of cash at stake here Now that's just unfair Inspector Yes, that's true. If I was fair with you I'd have you in jail for withholding evidence and as a prime suspect for murder Come on Inspector, you don't think I threw a coral snake at that girl or found a Venetian dagger for Grandi What I think is you know things I don't, and if you don't decide to be come clean you can be sure I'll carry out my threat Alright, I guess I should play along, but only because I'm under duress Duress? You call this duress?

One day someone like you is going to make me lose my patience

Start talking

This way sir

Mrs. Singh, I'm Mike Cash Delighted

My son Malcolm and Dr. Pentis Please, take a seat Would you like something to drink Alright, what can I do for you?

Well, I really came to speak with your secretary, I didn't mean to bother you Carla hasn't come, I suppose you know what happened to the actress Martha Renov?

Yes They were friends. Horrible, wasn't it?

How long has she worked for you? Since she divorced Carpas With Carpas working for you Gold Publishing would be doing just fine, isn't that so?

Gold Publishing... it's a luxury ship that's slowly sinking, Mr. Cash It started leaking while my husband was alive, when his heart failed everything just got worse I'm not a good publisher Do you hate Carpas?

Why should I? Well, for what he did to your business In the end, it was my husband's fault for believing that the best contract was a man's word And that wasn't the case with Carpas?

No, not at all. Carpas is capable of anything if it benefits him Even stealing Grandi's idea?

I know what you're talking about. Carpas has no ideas, he just copies What are you really after Mr. Cash? First I was investigating a theft, now I'm looking for a killer as well I'll give you Carla Glove's address I will advice her that am sending you

Your personal physician, Mrs. Singh? Yes, Malcolm is still here thanks to him Sometimes I'm glad I don't publish Sexy There are creatures that can cause damage even from a printed page, though I can't keep Marco for reading it, it's a bit of a passion for him It's not right that a heroine captures the hearts of her readers by killing Sexy is bad, but she does it because people were bad to her Have you read The Venetian Dagger Malcolm? Yes, that was several days ago, afterwards came The Coral Snake and today I start on the new story Look, The Synthetic Death

Some flowers for you

Alright, come in

Put them... right over there

Who are you? What's the meaning of all this?

What are you going to do?

Have they called me?

Not yet They said they would I don't know. They called you the other day, but you had already left

Who is it?

I'm Mike Cash, Mrs. Singh sent me Wait

The Synthetic Death

Put me through to Inspector Cole. This is Mike Cash

Death by asphyxiation, and no more than two hours ago And not a single clue It doesn't make sense to me Not to me either You? Damn it, since you got into this mess all you've done is find corpses all over What's wrong with you that everyone you try to see ends up in the afterlife?

I asked you for permission to visit Carla Glove, remember that Yes, and you visited her, but not in time I'm afraid these crimes are going to increase the sales of Sexy's comics 1000%

So who are you suggesting is the culprit, the St. James or Diana Singh?

I'm not suggesting anything It could also be Carpas, if it increases sales he'd make millions Yes, and Belda Lynn, the model they keep passing over, Sugar, for publicity, the television station, to launch their show, even Sexy Cat herself

We have to do something, we can't sit here twiddling our thumbs So what do you want me to do?

Like it or not, you're going to help the police as best you can because you're in this up to your neck, understand?

It'll be a pleasure, Inspector It'll have to be, otherwise you lose your license. People tend to open up to you more than with my agents, women mostly. It seems like you have a certain way with them, though I don't understand why. Alright, enjoy your charms, use them, do things your way but get them done, do you understand?

Alright already, what should I do? Speak to the women most directly related with Carpas and Sexy. Sugar Lane, Gale Crystal, Belda Lynn, all of them...

Remember that you're our only witness Though of what, I don't know You were invited up to Carla's home through a speaker, you said it was a woman's voice It seemed that way, but anyone can fake a woman's voice through a speaker Well, supposing it was a woman, could you recognise her voice?

No, I didn't pay attention, I thought it was Carla Glove Carla was already dead by then, it was her killer that invited you up and let you in Someone named Barry McKay wants to speak to you Inspector McKay? Yes sir, he says it's urgent He's been waiting a while To hell with it, I have a lot of work Inspector, he says he's a witness to something related to Carla Glove He hasn't said more, he's very nervous Send him in right away, go on, move.

You, come here

May I?

Come in. Come on, don't just stand there

Sit down They brought me some tea out there, I do get so nervous Well, I don't have much to tell you because all I say was the escape, you know?

Go on, don't keep us waiting That's it, I just saw the escape What did the man look like?

What man? The man.

What man? The man who fled.

No, it wasn't a man, it was a woman of course, a woman Go on, go on.


I don't like getting involved, I'm just a simple tailor I came because I thought it was my duty- What was she wearing?

She was dressed in black. Sorry, sorry I just get so nervous. Tell him not to yell at me Here's the cup, thank you She was in black, like I said. Her outfit was... passée, antique, graceless, very ugly.

What was she wearing on her head? She was wearing some sort-

Yes, on her head, on her head.

Nothing Nothing She wasn't wearing anything on her head

She wasn't wearing anything, no She did have on some sort of... mask Yes, a mask. It's the truth, it really is It sounds like I'm making it up, but I saw it And her hair?

Well, her hair was... her hair... Like what?


She was wearing gloves too, yes, gloves Was she carrying anything?

She had a bouquet of flowers, a bouquet of flowers.

Did that woman see you? No sir, I don't think so Well, at least I hope so Which way was she going? The opposite way, towards my apartment Towards the service escalator Is this the woman you saw, more or less? Of course, that's her No... but that's Sexy Cat.

Of course that can't be her, but I swear I'm telling the truth, I swear.

It's alright, it's alright, we believe you. Just one more detail, did you try to follow that woman? No, I would never have caught her And you didn't think of going into Mrs. Glove's apartment?

No, not at all. I thought it might have been something... personal You know, something between women, a fight or... well, you know Alright, if you remember anything else let me know You'll have to sleep here, in a chair or something Am... am I under arrest then?

But, but, I'm just a humble tailor, I've always behaved myself. It's absurd.

You're not under arrest, you can go back to your apartment if you like If we find you dead tomorrow it won't be anyone's fault If Sexy or whoever it is saw you and figures you've been here...

Well, do as you like No, no Inspector, I can sleep anywhere, the chair, the table, the ground Wherever, I can sleep wherever Or... or I just won't sleep Yes, I don't think I'll sleep tonight

Please, may I have a large cup of tea?

This is stupid. Stupid and senseless.

Don't make a fuss Carpas, it's not stupid at all We have a Sexy Cat right in front of us She's an actress, this is a television set, a backdrop, and you're talking about a real criminal It's easy to make a disguise like that. Black Lycra, gloves, a mask That's nonsense, no one would be on the streets dressed like that Wearing a raincoat and a hat, and in a car...

So in brief: you're back to see me because I'm a suspect, the prime suspect, right?

Now you'll dredge up my relationship with poor Carla, and the police will jump down my throat for having created a comic Is that my crime? I don't know what the police is thinking, but you and your character are in the middle of this whole mess This is a plot to ruin me and my creation.

You think so? Have you looked at the newspapers? On the front pages, right alongside the lead stories on the crimes are pictures of your famous Sexy Cat You call that ruining your creation? Listen detective, I don't need publicity for my comic, it sells millions of copies every day and I charge massive sums for the rights every month Why do you suppose I'd risk a stupid-

Paul, I'm going to take a coffee break Yes, go, I'm tired too Do you want anything else Cash? No, not at the moment I'll be around, and I'll see you when you've calmed down

I apologize for having interrupted

You wanted to speak with me?

You're a pretty woman. Honestly, I find you more attractive than Carpas

You think I might be a killer?

Why not?

Is that your only interest in me Cash? Just that? Don't you like me?

Who doesn't like a girl like you? Carpas likes me too He says I'll go far, that he'll help me all the way And Gale? Her time ran out And so will yours, Sugar We'll see, I'm more than I seem to be. I might even become the second Mrs. Carpas Sugar, you didn't go out dressed like that to kill someone, right?

Would I tell you if I did?

Alright Sugar, good luck. I'll watch the show tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be a hit Thank you, I hope so as well If I weren't so ambitious...

What would you do?

You're a very attractive man, but you don't seem to have much money

Do you think I'm an attractive man?

I wouldn't know. But it's true, women can read your dollar value on your face and they're never wrong Sugar needs an account with four zeros at the end, at very least Do you want an account with four zeros and some other number in front of them?

Well now, Paul Carpas' great love No, the woman who hates Paul Carpas most Couldn't it be jealousy that makes you talk like that?

There's neither passion or jealousy in this I'm telling you I'd be willing to kill to destroy him That's serious. Maybe you've already started?

If you mean those crimes then don't worry, I'd only kill Carpas Is it about Sugar?

It's about a lot of things that only a woman can feel But at least I have money I can offer you a tidy sum For example?

Let's say... ten thousand dollars A pretty woman has never offered me so much. So what do I have to do, kill for you?

I'm not asking for that much, I just want you to find Carpas guilty of those crimes If you manage that then the money's yours That'd be quite easy if he's guilty He is.

You sound like a woman who hates him Prove that he's guilty and you'll earn ten thousand dollars You can find proof and testimony, legal or not. Do whatever it takes And if he's innocent?

Suppose I raised the sum to fifteen thousand, that's more money than you'd earn in your entire life No. If I discover Carpas is guilty then you'll hear about if, and if your joy leads you to giving me that money then go ahead, but only if that's the case Gale It has to be now.

Accept and you can have five thousand by tomorrow You're terrible, terrible and surprising Gale No, I'm afraid I can't accept a single dollar from you. Goodbye

A double whiskey

Could you make that two? Hello Mr. Cash, you've finally decided to come If it were up to me I would have come sooner, but things are getting complicated Don't tell me you're still in a mess A mess? I'm at a dead end Come on, we'll be able to speak more comfortably over here

Did you already hear about Carla Glove?

Yes, poor girl

You're not mixed up in that too, are you?

No, I simply found her in her apartment, asphyxiated with a plastic bag, but that's it You're starting to become a sign of bad luck, don't you think?

One must be careful when dealing with you

It's not my fault Mrs. St. James Excuse me, Liz That's better Mike, do you think someone really wants to ruin Carpas and the publisher?

I don't know. As far as Carpas goes, I have the suspicion he'll ruin himself Aside from his lack of scruples, I had a conversation with Gale Crystal today and she doesn't seem too happy There's been a change of lovers, right?

It seems like Sugar Lane will be the next Why do you think that?

Simple logic I think Carpas is playing a risky game, Gale could be dangerous Well, like any woman I'm not... or am I?

Let's forget all this, Carpas, the publisher, crimes I'll make sure you won't think about any more horrible things, at least for tonight

You drive

Alright, where to?

I have an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Would you like a drink?


Miss Gale called an hour ago to let you know she won't be joining you for dinner We also received a call from the television studio asking you to come in at 9 am Prepare a bath

Leave me be.

You can go, I'll call you later Is the gentleman going out tonight? No, I'll have dinner at home

Does your husband know this place? I don't think so, at least we never run into each other here

Forget Cameron That's exactly what I'm trying to do Wait

Not right now


It must be a wrong number, no one knows we're here One person does, Inspector Cole I'm under surveillance as a suspect, that damned Inspector Yes, it's me Inspector What?

I'm on my way This is getting more complicated They tried to murder Mrs. Singh and they've kidnapped her son And a fine time to do it

Why did you wait so long to let us know Mrs. Singh?

I lost consciousness I don't know if it was fear or pain, but when I came to I called the service The first thing they did is find the doctor Who discovered your son's absence? Me

I did, Inspector And how did whoever get in? The windows on the terrace were open, I suppose it was through there because when I went into my bedroom I heard a noise, and when I turned around someone shot something like a shotgun. I think it was a crossbow It must have been my fright that saved me, because at that moment I tripped on the door when I tried to turn on the light Did you see the figure clearly?

I already told you I saw it perfectly You could see her in the light that came from the salon, it was Sexy Cat Now you must remain completely still and rest as much as possible You can't be serious Doctor, I can't do that while Malcolm is in danger What are you going to do Inspector?

The most urgent thing now is the boy. How the hell could a woman have carried him off?

There must have been someone else outside. I think I remember hearing something outside, though I'm not sure, something like many footsteps on the grass Another question: is this yours?

No, it's Dr. Prentis'

Hello, governor If you have anything on your mind, out with it Yes I do, but it's not fit for polite company Then don't say it. What I want is ideas, understand?

I don't understand a thing in this mess And I should?

Listen boss, didn't the boy scream?

Yes, a servant said she heard the scream You think they hit him to knock him out?

Yes, that's most likely...

... but why didn't they kill him?

It looks like Sexy Cat needs money You think they'll ask for a ransom?

I don't know, but if we lose this opportunity to unmask the killer I doubt we'll get a better one

I have it.

We won't move from this spot until the phone rings, understand?

If it rings, that is

Yes? It's for you, Inspector

Now Carpas?. Yes, I'm on my way Carpas has been murdered?

This doesn't make sense, I refuse to go on Pretty soon there won't be anyone left in the city

Do you think the kidnapping might have been to distract us so they could kill Carpas?

They may have thought he was being guarded and this way they'd draw our attention And what inference do you make from all this Cash?

That the killer or killers aren't up to date, or at least weren't close to Carpas And?

And so we mustn't suspect anyone we know Who would you rule out?

I think we can rule out Gale Crystal, Sugar, Lynn, Mrs. St. James Is that right?

Your little friend Elizabeth St. James?

You ordered me to keep an eye on her And couldn't you have left your personal business for another occasion?

I wouldn't rule anyone out, especially those closest to us, they have a wider field of action This double play was planned out beforehand

Of course, I have it.

I don't understand a single thing, I've already said so And Mr. St. James? I think he's on a trip Under surveillance. He's over a thousand miles from the city

Him and his girlfriend Belda Lynn? Under surveillance Dr. Prentis? Under surveillance You?

One question. How much time went by between when you left Mr. Carpas in the bathroom and your going up to give him a massage? 45 minutes sir

And aside from that, do you have any idea what might have happened here?

No sir, I don't have the slightest idea Then you're in the same boat as I am Very kind sir.

I hope they haven't murdered Sexy Cat too

How are you Inspector? Just here staring at the body Come on, tell us what happened to him Mr. Inspector, it's for you

Yes... at first sight it looks like claw marks What do you mean, claw marks? But not from a common animal's claws How strange. They're deeper, like they were made with steel Well, the autopsy will tell us The call, Cash.

They're asking for a hundred thousand dollar ransom for the boy.

How did you get it?

We got in contact with Mr.Griff right away He's the president of the bank that handles Mrs. Singh's business dealings and the cash was here in under an hour Making the transfer doesn't bother you?

No, I'm just worried for Malcolm I believe he'll be in a state of absolute depression and there's no one better than I to handle the rescue, he's been my patient for many years Inspector, no one knows him as well as I do But you'll have to go alone, you won't have anyone to help you if there's trouble We can't act until the boy is safe or we'd be risking his life In any case we must do it, and I don't think there's anyone more suited than I am Did you treat Mr. Singh Doctor? Professionally, I mean I've been a friend of the family for years, I did happen to treat him as a patient What did he die of?

He was hospitalised due to a heart attack diagnosed by a colleague of mine He recovered and vanished from the clinic Vanished?

A body was found in the river, one in an advanced state of decay When the autopsy was carried out, it was proven that the man had perished due to a heart attack

Mrs. Singh identified the cadaver as her husbands When did this happen Doctor? Six or seven years ago I should go, the meeting is in an hour and I have more than half that in travel time Very well, you can tell me later. We can continue this some other time Good luck Doctor, you'll need it Do you want a revolver?

We'll be waiting for you here Try to calm Mrs. Singh down Don't worry Doctor

Let's take a look at the kid's room

Well Cash, what do you think of the story the Doctor told me?

It's very interesting Mr. Singh could be out there playing ghost I don't know Inspector, this thing doesn't seem to be coming to an end Don't you know-

Don't you think it's a bad time to be playing darts?

I'm going to go see how Mrs. Singh is doing

Where is the boy?

Want to make a deal?

I'll go to the car and come back in fifteen minutes If I find Malcolm here I'll say I gave the money to a masked man No one will know that Sexy Cat was here, I just want you to give Malcolm back

You can't kill me.

I'm the only one you can't murder. You know I'd never turn you in, and without me you'd fail at every turn

No Doctor, you thought I was in your control but you're mistaken, I never was I wanted to make sure you knew the identity of Sexy Cat You haven't been very smart, now it's a matter of your life or mine You won't be able to escape Malcolm, you've gone too far I've accomplished my mission. My father died because of everyone's betrayals and now they've all died for my father

The time has come to say goodbye to this farcical world I've lived in for six years, to a wheelchair I didn't need, to a meekness I didn't feel I've been smarter than everyone else and now I want to live

You never fooled me I know In a certain sense you were my accomplice, but I was smarter than you as well I made you doubt. I was never Malcolm Singh, that's what you'll never understand Neither will anyone else. Humans are limited creatures Us comic book characters contain the essence of the unreal and can overwhelm your absurd world I'm at the pinnacle of my story, nothing is impossible for me You'll remain here amid this rubbish and I'll continue on my way Sexy Cat acknowledges no obstacles, she's beyond good and evil

Malcolm, stop.

Stop or I'll shoot.