Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) Script

Surely come to the wedding


How are you brother in law?

Very Good..very good Come..come Food? I will also eat Did you bring the photo?

Photo? I've brought the complete biodata, sister look Where are you creeping in? Go..go..First turn off the gas

-Please bring the paratta -Yes uncle Its Shukla ji's girl, I've got all the details And she's from good family Mom used to say,"If you bring a girl, bring from a lower status than us"

All of the house and family will be under control, you see!

Isn't she beautiful ?

Ye..ah more beautiful, than expected I hope she doesn't sits there doing the makeup and I cook for her No, no we are there know You'll cook and feed your daughter in law, I've less hope on that from you, Shanti ji Yeah, why would you've any hope from me?

Show me Daughter, you call Sattu And tell him to see the girl on Sunday Yes Papa

Tell me one thing, whenever meeting a girl why do you sweat?

In ten minutes meeting how can any one decide that, I want to marry and spend my whole life with this girl Ok And if the decision is wrong Your whole life is gone

-So don't decide in ten minutes -Then?

Lets book an expensive Mercedes, get in it and go Headlights, bumper check everything properly I'm saying, you'll make the right decision Lets do one thing I'll check the headlights, bumper, all of your car and send it back Shut up; Insolent Shame on you, she'll be your sister in law Your girl, my sister in law and my girl ?

-Ok listen -Yes Don't boil eggs for me, Today is tuesday Friend, your eggs are defintely getting boiled, She looks very beautiful..

I don't understand one thing; A girl like this in Kanpur and I did not know?

Give me Yes mom..I'll go there Listen. Which clothes did you wear?

The pink one, which Guddy Aunt gave me And listen wear matching earrings Yes Mom. I've put them, Last time also i wore the same

-Ok Mom, Listen -Yes..tell Talk to dad for one last time, Maybe he'll accept I studied so much and topped in MA I don't want to marry so soon I want to study some more, get a job, become someone And then I'll marry whoever you say Talk to him for the last time and see You know, he don't listen to anyone I'm still hearing for sending you to Allahabad to do MA Now forget about studying further And listen, talk to the boy properly And as it is your habit, dont laugh Be a little between Mom I can't be shy and all I'm telling now itself Just as he's coming to see me I'm going to see him And if the boy is great And If I say I don't want to marry Will Dad force me to marry?

Aarthi dear, is there a problem?

What happened? Why silent?

Yes Dad Do you like any boy in the university?

No Dad You are a fool! The boy is educated, He is a clerk in the collectorate Government work, a good home, Much higher family status than ours We cant find a good proposal like this for you again and again You are not going to get any IAS or PCS, Did you understand?

Yes Dad And yeah if you don't like this boy also Jogi Uncle have found three more boys Before the end of this year You will be married, did you understand?

Yes Dad So be quiet and go see the boy Yes Dad What happened?


-Satyendr -Aarti Please sit...

Will you have something?

Yeah, I Waiter What will you have?

Coffee Coffee, Two coffee..something with it? Pastry..No..Biscuit..No

-Two coffee -Ok sir

Ask..what you wanted to know, I'm ready for the interview No..its not an interview Just as I've come to see you, You've come to see me You can also ask whatever you want to know?

To tell the truth..I feel all this so weird How can anyone decide about the whole life, in half an hour?

I also feel awkward

Dad said that you are in a government job?

Yes, I'm a Clerk in the Excise Department I'll join from next month, I just got hired Excise Department People of Bribery Do you want to take bribe and progress?, I don't believe in giving and taking bribe But our system is like that if you don't accept, Still they will give you I won't accept No..You won't be able to refuse

-You will see I won't take -We will see

-I.. -Sir

-Thank you -Welcome

What are your expectations from your wife?

Wake up early and make tea for me, When I go for bath, make breakfast Prepare lunch box for the office Like my mom has been doing for my dad all these years When return from the office, get ready and look beautiful Massage my leg at night.. I don't expect these at all I just want a life partner who will be my friend forever

Just who takes care of my parents And respect them, that's enough What are your expectations from your future husband?

Dad never gave me permission to work I was always a topper since childhood I expect that my husband Give me permission to do a job You studied a lot, your education should not be wasted It's good if you've a job, we'll have double income Then I won't have to take bribe

I have one more expectation, but it's a difficult one You just tell me I expect my husband to take me to see cinema every week

-You love cinemas? -Soo much Then every Sunday we will watch evening show in Sangam Talkies

-Promise ? -Promise..

So now what?

Choose a finger

This ? I'll call parents in the evening And say yes for the wedding Did you like me that much?

Me...Anyone would have liked you..

Unless you like someone else?

I'll also call my aunt in the evening

Can I say something? You look really pretty in pink Thank you Satyendr...what was the second finger? That inside you...

O that ! Instead of evening I'll go to the bathroom now itself And call them to tell I want to marry

Can I say something if you won't get upset?

Say it, I'll never get upset about anything you say It's not Aakward.. It's is Awkward.

Haa? Did I say Aakward?

Ok..Leave it..Anyway we are getting married, Now nothing will be aakward Awkward Aww..Aww Aw...kward...Kbard Not Kbard...Awkward Ok..I understood I'll learn it slowly Uncle..Greetings

-Come here -Yes Excellent..

If you want to respect, Do it right Don't act Come, touch again Haa..come here Blessings!

Now tell.. How is the preparation of your competition going on?

Going good...with your blessings

-What'll blessings do? -Greetings Aunt.

Father is dying in darkness and son is power house I'm hungry....Come..come Ancestors died selling utensils And son wants to be an officer If your son wants to do something then support him, dear Once he becomes a magistrate or collector Your seven generations will be improved

-Dad, next year I will clear 100% -O..really?

If I'm busy selling utensils at the store, How will I study?

I need to focus a little know Son, I'll set your focus You come home Aunt, I told Aarti to attempt it Last year she topped in MA She'll definitely top PCS Should I do one attempt on your face?

These IAS, PCS are not for girls Don't give wrong suggestions to sisters

That proposal is very good for Aarti So brother in law, when are we going to Misrah ji's home?

-They've called there tomorrow at 3 o'clock -Hmm Stand here at sharp 2 o'clock Don't be late Brother in law, you make my arrangement, I won't go anywhere You'll not change..right?

I talked to Mahish Tomorrow few people will come from Shukla ji's family OK

-Shanti -Hmm

I talked to Sattu We both decided that We won't take dowry If we wont take dowry, How will the wedding happen?

What do you mean by that?

Means will you be able to find Poonam, A family who doesn't take dowry No...right?

How can the wedding take place without dowry?

We can't save much from your job, to find an officer's proposal for Poonam and we didn't create this custom Whatever will come in Sattu's Wedding, We will fix and give it to Poonam Poonam's wedding is after two years Well, Dowry will be twice after two years Ok, leave it You drink the milk, it is getting cold I told Mahish, he'll come at 2:30 You won't say anything Someone should be there to talk sensibly Drink the milk and sleep

You and sister had already thought upto 12, I'm saying, as boy and family are very good If it's extended till 15 also, We shouldn't lose this proposal No, we can only afford 12 and, We'll do it in 12 You don't talk there

25 lakhs

Is there 25 lakhs now a days? No, my nephew can't get lesser than this

Shall we go brother in law? Let's go Wait..Let me talk We have come here to talk know Mishra ji, we have a small plot in Kanpur It will be sold in 3 or 4 lakhs Some we have saved in Aarti's name, Rest I'll take personal loan from the bank We want this weddding to happen Why are you embarrassing me?

Give what you wish..its a custom, which is followed since ages or else we would...

Brother in law..just a minute I'm here know...I'll talk nephew is the only son And the only heir of this house And now he has a government job, In excise department And here my brother in law is a professor, In the university for 30 years

-What are you.. -So they have the standard to ask...right?

Yeah When we get the money we wish, Then we'll agree for this wedding else no..

Sorry sir No matter how much you make us count, If we double the amount also it doesn't make 25 lakhs Is your maths weak Jogi gi?


-We've 40 lakhs offer....40 lakhs -Oho..

It's because our Sattu liked your daughter Otherwise we won't have taken, a rupee less than 40 lakhs It's true You said so we stopped and waited for you Otherwise tonight we would have finalised another party Sister where is their number? Where is my phone?

Come on brother in law, in the evening another party is coming, with 40 lakhs Let's go now I told you don't talk too much

Mishra ji you're wise and you've seen the world You can understand the capability of a man like me I'm definitely in a BDO's post But for me till today a single rupee of bribe is immoral You please, tell what is your final wish?

Shukla ji I am...

Shukla ji we can understand your capability This wedding can't be possilbe in less than 25 lakhs Do you understand?

18 is cash, 7 lakhs worth goods And this is our final decision My brother in law and my sister also thinks the same, This wedding can't be possible in less than this

Now can we go....? Brother in law

Mishra ji...I accept it, I'll respect your wish Why're you folding hands? Shanthi ji give sweets..

Now we're a family Congratulations..

You're cleverness and attitude only works on me Mishra ji I'll respect your wish Now from where will you bring the extra 13 lakhs We won't get a good boy in less than this..anywhere Before retirement I'll take loan and repay it slowly At least my daughter will get a home she likes, Thinking that....I said yes

Can I say something?

In pink you look like Juhi Chawla

In every color you look like Shahrukh Khan Really? Shahrukh Mishra

Let's go

Let's go

You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you

You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you You talk like the savoury chaat Your eyes are like the Ganges I'll sleep near to it And In the morning wake up in you You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you

Every Sunday, in Sangam Talkies we'll watch movie, The night show

Like in movies, there will be a day When I'll be your hero

Every Sunday, in Sangam Talkies we'll watch movie, The night show Like in movies, there is a day When I'll be your hero Entertain you, dance and Romance only with you I'll stay in your heart like happiness So when you smile, my reflection is seen You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you You be the streets of Varanasi So I can wander till night in you

Can I say something?

I was never so happy in my life, As happy as I'm now by marrying you Me too

Shall I drink coffee from your cup?

So where will we go for the honeymoon?


For honeymoon?

I want to go to a cold Masoori We should go to Masoori Okay, We'll go

I also have a secret wish What?

With my husband once I want to....

Yes I want to get drunk

I never drank, but I saw in the movies and it seems to be so much fun I saw how hero makes heroine drink, And he too gets drunk Then they have so much fun I want to do exactly the same And if husband is your best friend You can trust him...Right?

Absolutely.. Secret..

Choose one finger..this ?

-We'll drink Bhiskey -What?

We'll drink Bhiskey What is Bhiskey? It's whiskey Yeah, we'll drink that I feel intoxicated now itself What was the second finger?

Barandy It is not barandy...It is brandy Staying with you, I'll become a foreigner

You do one thing..come home soon Fix everyone's English I'm tired of teaching them What?

Really, did I say barandy?

Yes Satyendr See, you call me Sattu Those who love me, call me Sattu

See who's beloved niece

-Uncle.. -Where is your husband?

O Dad..He is so busy He'll come on the wedding day Now I am here Any work, Anytime Tell me I'll never do it

You'll not find this anywhere else in the market

-The bra is already attached in it -Yes,its already attached This is very petty..Its fitting is excellent Sir, these can be worn together There are colors other than these, look No sister...this is beautiful If she've decide,she'll buy bra and panties in pink color

-Neelam -No, that you can but in any color It won't be needed Sister? you say whatever you please?

How much more time...? I'm feeling ticklish...

Aarti will rub and change the size of your shoes Its my wedding you have to do pedicure

What's going on? let's see.. Now this whole bed is mine Brother is hitting me...Mommy Mommy let's take this Aunty, promise by God you wear it.. You'll look exactly like Madhubala If Dad sees us, he'll kill us You also have one I don't smoke, sister Ranjan Round...round...stop No not from my plate Dad...

It's very delicious

-Which one? -Lets finalize this red one Aarti loves it too Dear, Red color is for girls My son won't wear red


Your husband is a clerk and Mine is a junior engineer Mine is expert in licking And yours will make you lick Sister...

I meant the sole Does brother in law know, you smoke so much?

I don't hide anything from him..Aarti And he doesn't hide from me We're best friends and You also don't hide anything from your husband No..I won't hide I already told Sattu That I want to get drunk with him during honeymoon Aha? You are two steps ahead of me And what did Sattu Sir say?

He is more excited than me He has never drank in his life Sister...He is so cute Aarti...I've learned two things from wedding Which is the most important

-What sister? -A lot of sex and a lot of money Sister...You talk anything I'm saying the right thing

What a timing! He is amazing..

It feels like without talking to you He can't even go to loo Chee.. Sister Put it in speaker, let me hear what he says Speaker? in front of you... Am I crazy?

I know what he would say, You put on speaker dear..

You won't say anything..ok?

I won't say anything

Hi Happy Birthday You remember?

Yes, I remember everything about you Is it?

Well...Listen wife, I want to meet you In the temple at the main bus station, Tomorrow meet me there, there's a room behind it There we can meet each other easily I'll give you...

Why will we meet in a room?

You don't misunderstand by the word 'room'

Everything will happen at home only after marriage

I didn't see you for many days I just want to see you Without you, its even difficult to breathe I'll not come Ok, tomorrow evening 4 o'clock Hey Sattu...hello

I love him, what a romantic boy Move...Move Well, from 2 things one is set in your life Your sex life will be great This boy will always be on you Sister...

-And now I'm imagining it also -Chee..sister But Aarti there is one problem..


In the matter of money, I think he is a miser Why?

You think about this... Do anyone call his would be wife to the temple?

There are so many five star hotels He could 've boooked a room there, And gazed at you What'll he do in temple? Make you ring the bells I don't know about all that, but I'll reach there before 4o'clock Poor thing can't even breathe without me...know?

I'll be the oxygen And fix it up until the wedding But you remember one thing Don't let him touch you You know boys are bastards First he'll do something, Then he'll doubt your character I'm telling you Yes...My lord

Happy Birthday to you

Thank you Sattu..You did all this for me?

This is nothing.. I wrote something for you, Shall I read?


Yes, shall I read?

Juhi, Madhuri, Divya Bharati You are beautiful than them, My Aarti You're laughing? Is it bad?

No..Its lovely...Pls read You're my destination, You're my dream You're God's most beautiful idea Now my only intention is to, love you more than myself Sattu. How's it?

Very...very..very lovely Thankyou This color suits you so much What do you think.. Why did I wear pink color?

O....For me?

For what else?

There are flower petals

I'm in love with you Shall I say 'I love you'

It is your choice Ok I'll say I love you

Now your turn I also love you Say it....say it know Its so small, say it

I won't say, I'll say everything after the wedding only Ok then, I wanted to ask you something?

Please ask If you won't feel bad?

Shall I kiss? Shall I kiss u..

Will you kiss in the temple?

God is everywhere Right ji....If you invited me to a five star, Maybe I would have

One moment

I brought you something Happy Birthday Are you bribing me? Bribing to kiss me?

I love you so much Then do it leave it Why, now you don't feel like it?

No, I feel...

Then do it please Shall I?

Shall I keep it down?

I'll keep it

Only once'll kiss and then doubt me No, I won't doubt No, You would Mother Promise...I won't Now everything, after the wedding I won't doubt Its just one day Sattu, Bye I won't doubt Sattu just wait for a bit Tomorrow we'll meet at our wedding

The sky is bright with many stars When you shine like a moon in me

The sky is bright with many stars When you shine like a moon in me I'll be so near to you, that I'll be your feeling Dear, come I'll live in your every breath You set like evening and rise like dawn I'm walking by your shadow, I'm with you...I'm with you Now my only intention is, to love you more than myself I promise by my heart, I am with you...I am with you

I'll spend my day and night for you When you sleep, I'll watch you all night

You are so much dissolved in me That if I walk in the crowd without you, I'll feel lonely In any mirror I look I only see you I also became your face Now my only intention is, to love you more than myself I promise by my heart, I am with you...I am with you

Your love kites fly in my chest I fly in the wind and be your veil

I'm soaked with you in your rain When your hair is spread, I'll be your cloud.'

Your dark eyes are my sea of dream I got down and lost in them Now my only intention is, to love you more than myself, I promise by my heart I'm with you, I'm with you, I'm with you

Brother...Bride groom Wake up, wake up Can't you wake me up after two minutes?

Tomorrow onwards, when sister in law will wake you up, Lets see what you'll do?

Go from here

-Get up mom is calling -Coming

See, my your name Now your name is written in my life Well, I'm yours in this life

Why only in this life? I'm yours in every single life

Choose a finger Right one Its 'I love you'

What's the second one?

I love you very very very much

Did Haldi(ceremony) start?

Yes, we were waiting you Did you apply?

Yes, Brother is full yellow in color Brother, this is Aarti's sister and this brother

Welcome to the family, don't touch feet

You're looking nice Sister...Mom is inside Ranjan ji.. How are you?

Didn't your husband come dear?

Aunty, you know how busy junior engineers are But he'll come on the wedding day

-Dear bring the breakfast -Yes mom And Ranjan, what are you doing?

Aunty I'm preparing for PCS exam That's good I've attempted two times and this is the third time Don't worry, you can do it, You just have to try a bit more..

I just need your blessings Thankyou My Sister in law's son is an RTO in Indore Last year we went there It is a high status Government job has its own grandness Yes, exactly Now our Sattu also has a government job Its Ok know Aunty, Sattu has a government job And Aarti also want to work after the wedding She is very lucky Aunty that you allowed, My husband's family did not allow me Allowed? Who said so?

Aunty, Sattu and Aarti talked about it Dear Sattu is a kid, He will say anything in excitement I buy his underwear till now See Abha dear The brides of Mishra family don't work It's our tradition, what will people say? We live with daughter in law's money?

Till today daughter in law of our family didn't work, And they never will At least not until I'm alive And about government job, I am the goverment of this house When Aarti comes and take care of this house, Let her think this as a government job, right?

-Mommy -Give

Dear, this is for daughter in law Eat, son You didn't eat anything

You are looking very cute Aarti sister in law Hello I am very nervous I'm feeling very weird What happened? I'm here...don't worry Listen...Send me your photo in bridal dress There should be some suspense know..Sattu Please send..I want to see you Surely you'll see, Today I'm looking very hot Why suspense anymore? Now we are almost married Stop it brother I'm coming to take you Bye Shall I beat you? Are you out of your mind? You are a fool I was just talking in the phone You could have told me you wrote PCS mains exam What is there to talk about it?

There's nothing to tell...are you crazy?

If it's all done.. Can I talk?

Aarti you cleared the PCS main exam, You can be an officer

Your results came just now, I saw online officer? Sister, I passed


People try for ten years and, they don't get selected Me and Ranjan are trying for two years and we fail everytime And this girl hit a four in the first try I hit a sixer not four Not sixer Madam... You scored a century Aarti think, you'll have your own mansion, Car with blue lights And the servants saying "Yes Maam"

A big job in UP state, your own office in Sachivalaya And So much respect that you can't even bear Now, you'll be told "Yes Maam", Officer Shukla Not Officer Shukla...fool I'll be Officer Aarti Satyendra Mishra I can't even believe it Sister, I'll be an officer Sattu is so lucky for me Wedding is the happiest day of everyone's life and it's double celebration for me Sister....

Baraat (Groom's family) will come now Hurry up...keep it near the gate

-Dad, one minute -What is it?

-They are coming -I want to talk an important thing Do not get angry...please listen Ok, Your husband mustn't have arrived. I knew it...Where did he reach?

-Dad it's... -Listen Baraat is coming Put on your coat soon You also get ready Dad listen, Please don't get angry What happened?

Tell me quickly...there's no time Aarti wrote the pre exam of PCS and she passed Then wrote the main exam and passed in it also. She didn't tell us, dad She passed the PCS exam Yes Dad Online results came Well, this is a very good news Aarti is ready....right?

Baraat is coming Dad, You're not listening..,she has cleared PCS main exams. She can be an officer From today, Aarti is Mishra family's daughter in law What will she do or not do, Will be Mishra ji's decision. Ok?

Are you ready to welcome them?

Mom...tell him, We are making a big mistake They will arrive soon Aarti's mother in law won't let her do job By getting her married to this family, We are making a big mistake By telling your Dad also, Nothing will happen Mom at least you listen Manju tell her to be quiet and go inside Today its the wedding day, Don't make me do something wrong Dad...I know you're angry, but think once with cool...

Don't talk nonsense, otherwise my hand will rise What are you doing? She is our guest

If you say one more word....

I'll say Dad, why shouldn't I say ?

Be silent please..

What do you want?

Do you want Aarti to do cooking, like me and mom and look after babies?

Shouldn't she try once to be an officer?

She passed the mains in the first attempt She is very talented, Why are you destroying her life?

Why shouldn't I say ?

Because of people like you and her mother in law Girls are sitting inside the house What do you want me to do? Hear your nonsense and stop the wedding Shall I tell Mishra ji that my daughter can be an officer..

So I want to stop this wedding Yes Dad, stop the wedding She can marry later, But she can't be an officer afterwards Her mother in law said she won't allow her to work She always wanted to do a job, Dad Please stop this wedding

-Abha quiet.. -Manju, this girl is crazy Take her away from me, Otherwise I'll kill her Something wrong will happen You are doing wrong Dad, with Aarti's life Abha, Be quiet

-Am I doing wrong to Aarti's life? -No, she didn't mean that Listen carefully dear, you're married Let your sister get married Don't try to be chief of this house, understand?

Mom please explain it to him once Enough!

Enough. Pack your bags and go We will complete the wedding without you, Go Dad just once Go from here What are you doing? Dear wait..

-What happened sister? -You come here Just now I sent a message to Sattu Is every thing fine?

What happened?

Listen carefully, to what I say Today morning I went to your in law's house I told your mother in law that, Aarti wanted to do a job after marriage She completely rejected it And said Daughter in law of Mishra family does not work How can she say that? Sattu himself told me Yes, I said you talked to Sattu about it Did you know what she said?

Sattu is kid and she still buy his underwear. Do you know what this means?

She didn't say this to me, She wanted you, to know That you definitely can't do job when you are there Forget about PCS But Sattu told me What will happen with Sattu's words?

He can't speak a word in front of his mother. Now you decide, what do you want?

Sister...I can't be a housewife I want to marry Sattu But in our first meeting itself I told him I wanted to work And he accepted I can't be a housewife

I will talk to Sattu once...

Why are you saying Sattu...Sattu like a parrot?

He is going to be my husband He is a clerk When you become an officer, 25 clerks like Sattu will work under you I'm not saying that he is a bad guy. He is very good..

But even if he wants to, he can't understand this, Aarti

What will I do now?

What will I do....means?

Look at me, father in law, mother in law, husband, children And three meals of the day, which nobody cares And on other side..respect, freedom and your self earned living. Think of it, Aarti Your future is calling you Think of it...why did your results come today?

It could've come tomorrow, after your marriage You could have done nothing but now you can. Go from here, just go I'll call my husband He'll handle everything You go to Varanasi with him

I can't do this to Sattu Can you do it to yourself?

I and my husband are with you, you go Nobody will listen to you Go from here...

Dear, you first become an officer, Dad, Sattu...everybody will give in.


What do you want, dear?

Dad, Sattu That I'll take care Do you want to be an officer?

Then go away There is no other way, dear The society is like this, Value their boys more But don't value their girls And doesn't give them the life they want That's why whenever a girl gets the chance She must keep her head high and live life on her terms She should cross all the sea of fire and go Go dear, Go

Aarti, leave now, Baraat is at the door I have to go down so that no one suspects and come I can't do this sister, Dad will kill me Aarti, Uncle said he'll take care of everything..right?

Just keep in mind that Uncle will say, That you heard about dowry and ran away Sister, what wrong did Sattu do? He loves me very much You will get love again in life But this opportunity won't come again, Go..

Can I talk to him once please..? Only once..

No Aarti...Not now, and don't talk to him until I say If they come to know why you ran away They'll put all the blame on you Come now

Abhaa, Baraat came

Come, Let's welcome them Mom

Brother in law is waiting at the back You go now..

Go, go. Good luck

Congratulations To you too

Where is Aarti?

Where is Aarti? I'm asking you something She didn't want to marry, Dad She didn't want to, or you didn't want her to?

What are you doing?

Beating your married daughter?

Go from here, Go away If not beat her...what should I do? Worship her?

Please don't hit her...why are you hitting her ?

Baraat is here

Tell me where did she go? She must have told you..

I do not know Dad, sorry Dad

Educate her more Send Allahabad to study You can't even look after a young girl?

Why did you invite her? It's because of her...

Uncle, why are you scolding sister? I didn't pass till now At least Aarti has passed If I can, I would have choked them And burn myself Don't say so...

She has disgraced us.. What will we do now?

Come here

I can understand your pain It is a hard time, But we must somehow break it out See don't think of the world Just think about the 18 lakh cash, we gave. What will happen to it?

Now you tell me what to say Sorry Mishra ji, we made a mistake Forgive me, our daughter ran away Put our money in an envelope and give it back, Like this?

That's it Sir! You don't understand Once Mahesh hears our daughter ran, he won't give us a rupee back All the savings of your life will go

So how will we get the money?

Sister it won't, We must get it out Brother in law, I'm begging you, let me handle this from here Just keep quiet in front of them

We will drink tea later First, tell us what's the matter? Why did you call us here?

Mishra ji, the thing is there's a big problem For us and for you also

-Problem? -Yes Jogi ji, What is the issue?

The thing is that, Aarti What happened?

Son, when we checked, she wasn't in her room Not there....means?

There was only this letter Take it You look

When our daughter came to know that, You've asked 25 lakhs as dowry She decided not to get married She left the wedding and went Where did she go?

Dear, how do we know where she went?

Let me to talk to her She isn't answering our calls, How do we make her talk to you Shukla ji, how's it possible Everything was fixed with the consent of both sides You are right I know it's not the matter of dowry I'm sorry, Sattu I haven't told you one thing, I attended PCS exam Today it's result came and I passed in it I'll be an officer She went to study in Allahabad Maybe she had an affair there The girl ran away, disgracing the family Did you understand?

Buy lots of charcoal and put it on your faces, understood?

-Put a brake on your tongue, Mahesh -Or else What will I do?

I don't want to talk to you Look Mishra ji, you are educated I am folding hands and requesting you Now our daughter doesn't want to be related to your family So, return our 18 lakhs, in peace And go back with respect This wedding is canceled Is this train ticket? wedding canceled?

Your girl ran away and you want money from us?

Shame on you, Is it a joke? We will not return you a rupee

We'll not return a single rupee You come, let's go Are you crazy?

Don't think about leaving without returning the money What will you do?

Chandu, Keshav Come here Hey Ranjan, Take the gun You'll shoot, then shoot us..

18 lakhs, until I don't count each and every rupee You aren't going anywhere, Shoot him I'll shoot Dad Shoot I'm not afraid of you Come...shoot Mishra ji...sit silently And till you don't return it with your hands You're not going anywhere, did you understand?

One minute, what are you doing dear?

Leave it I'll get your money But my Dad and Uncle shouldn't be harmed

I'll take and come

Aarti Did you see Aarti?



Sister, where is Aarti?

I called her many times, she isn't answering. Where is she?

Take everyone with you and go home What? What happened Sattu?

I'll tell you later

-What happened brother? -Sattu

I'm sorry Sato I haven't told you one thing I attended PCS exam Today it's result came and I passed in it I'll be an officer


What happened?

-Dad...Uncle -Nothing Nothing Mom...Don't cry Save them Where did you put the money? I've to give it to them

8 lakhs has been spent, 10 lakhs is there, you take it and bring them with you That's not enough, they want the full cash We'll give them later They won't agree At this time from where will we bring the money?

I kept it for Poonam's wedding

I wore this in my wedding

That girl will be cursed, She made our life hell and went

Hello sister Yes, they just went They returned Dad all the money Is Dad fine?

No, But uncle is sitting with him I'll stay here for two days, Until things get better Did Sattu call you?

Yes, many times, but you said so, I didn't answer Sister, can I call him once please?

Yes, talk to him once. He is very sad We made one mistake His heart broke I saw him

Stop the car

Where is he going? Sattu see..

Brother in law

Dad, Dad I won't die, son I'm not so weak

I was not feeling fine Open the button Stop, one minute

I don't feel like going home We were to go with the bride, right?

What will do at home? See your mother's tears?

Everyone will be watching us See it's..

Jugal Kishore Mishra, whose son's wedding...

It's very embarrassing, dear

What are you saying?

Satyendra Please take it

We won't leave them Don't worry, don't worry

5 years later

In support of builders and developers, We started a single window program With which you won't have to do double effort So I hope you would invest in our area This will be beneficial for you and for us

Ask me, if you have any questions

Neelam, how many times did I tell you, Don't knock. Come in, straight And I've told you many times, Here you are Senior and I'm Junior Look, I tried PCS exam five times, But I did not succeed But you passed in the first attempt Aarti, I'm very thankful to you Today I've a job because of you Otherwise, I would be teaching in a school in Kanpur

-Shut up...will you drink tea? -Tea?

Compliments with tea...That's nice

Two teas please I heard something from the office. Is it true?

It depends on what you heard Now don't act The whole office is talking about one thing What?

What are you doing? I didn't look You didn't look You were peeping If you peep too much, you will fall off You've put on weight When brother in law is loosing.. He gets violent Yes naughty Dad, Neelam called She said maybe Aarti will get a promotion That's a very good news Congratulations brother in law Come Ranjan It's tea time Tea's here...Bring it here Sister Keep it there, Ranjan I'm very grateful to God Aarti made a lot of progress in 5 years Now if her marriage gets fixed, I'll be at peace Stand up Stand up Why? What happened?

Turn around..turn Wipe your sari What happened ?

Her needle is stuck at Aarti's marriage for 5 years I thought if I find it, I'll move it a little I'll give you one

Yes Uncle, play Mom, why are you cheating?

When did I cheat?

-She cheated -You cheated If Sonu is saying then you must have cheated Dad, did I ever cheat?

-Sometimes you do cheat -Tell him to go Ranjan, you take him from here Oh, you in the middle of the game...

Sister you come Come Manju Come, Uncle's nephew I think you were born for me, Let's go

Manju it's your turn Abha, when are you going to Aarti's place?

I'm thinking to go, day after tomorrow

Miss Aarti Shukla, You're temporarily suspended from your job For transferring the 90 acres of land, behind the Barabanki railway To the name of Kukareja and sons You are charged, for taking bribe of 3 crores

Sir you've known me all these years Do you think...I can do something like this?

Aarti..It's not about, what I think is right or wrong?

Point is that,Yesterday in department enquiry also, Everything was against you And now official enquiry has begun, which ADM finance is assisting And DM sir has himself started this enquiry They have asked you to go tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock Yes sir

Good Morning Sir

Miss Aarti Shukla, is that your name?


Are you calling a senior IAS officer by his name?

What's your post?

I am the sub-registrar

How many years?

Four years

You are just born and already started taking bribes?

Do you want to progress taking bribes?

No but it's Ok, you are part of the system So there's no problem in getting bribed Right?

-It's not like that, -Did I ask you to sit?

Sir, I'm innocent, I can explain You don't have to explain anything, Aarti Shukla You've done, what you wanted to do

Now I'll do,what I've to do

And for the mistake that you committed, You'll surely get the punishment Job suspension and six years of jail

When found guilty..

When or If?

When I declare you guilty Satyendr, Please listen to me once Sir

Hats off to you, Brother in law You were watching her for 4 years Now at the right time, requested minister and took the case under your control What do you think? Is she guilty?

It doesn't matter to me I just know she is guilty for one thing And I will punish her for that There are many hell in this world I'll send this Aarti Shukla there

Everything is fair in love and war, Priyansh. Love is over, Now war begans

Be happy What happened?

Eat sweets Why are you so happy...What is the news?

See this What is it?

Just see it Why are you showing me her photo?

What happened?

Madam was being very dignified, and was against dowry Ran away from the wedding Now lets see how she'll escape Why..what happened?

Soon she'll be imprisoned Prison...Why?

For bribery Not a small bribe, 3 crores

3 crores She'll be fully stuck...

You sweeten your mouth brother in law Yes, we should eat sweets Okay, I'm eating. It's Lucknow's news, Sattu is also there I tell him. He'll be happy Yes tell him

-Greetings Mom -I have a very good news.

What happened? Am I going to be an uncle No..better than that The Shukla ji's good girl, Who ran from the wedding Now she is caught, Charged for taking 3 crore as bribe She'll go straight to prison You are also in lucknow, Ask about it Mom, I'll call you later Greetings Ok

Hey Poonam ji How much did Sattu ask that his bride ran from the wedding?

I'll marry you without dowry. What do you say?

Hey..Where are you going?

Hey Sato, Don't get upset, friend

Listen Mahesh, She didn't go because of dowry She went to become a PCS officer And 25 clerks like Sattu will work for her She doesn't care for people like Sattu

What you filled in my heart, You will see that poison You'll suffer my pain, The Havoc of my curse Now you'll see the result of your selfishness You rejected my love, You will now see my revenge

The answer to my love was cruelty, You gave this meaning You weren't forced, But still you betrayed me You will see my hatred, Morning and night You rejected my love, You will now see my revenge

You've done all this atrocities, Keeping something in mind At last, God gave you punishment, For your wrong doings The whole world will see your defeat in public You rejected my love, You will now see my revenge

You've done nothing, still he broke the whole house Now he became IAS so will he do anything... And he'll raid wherever he wants?

-Bindu -Yes sister Bring a glass He has taken this case purposely Is it not clear, he has come to take revenge from her?

Why would we be afraid when Aarti has done nothing?

Because we can't do anything Every power is in his hands, He told her that he'll send her to jail You are badly trapped Showing professionally but, He's taking personal revenge

Sister, now you tell what she should do?

Aarti, Why are you crying?

Everything will be alright Drink water, Everything will be alright

Aarti, You do one thing Apologize to him He loved you so much, Maybe he's very angry because of that Maybe he'll forgive you, I heard that he didn't marry yet You meet him somewhere outside the office Or invite him for coffee

Maam sit, I'll call Sir

How are you?

How can I help you?

Listen I'm really sorry For what?

For what I did to you I still regret Dowry was just an excuse, I had written PCS exam.

Will you drink tea?


Yes sir Bring two cups of tea So what were you saying?

I had written PCS exam and result came on our wedding day

I was confused, I send you a message also My sister said your family, won't allow me to work And I didn't think what's right or wrong?

Yes I know I've been cruel to you, I hurt you I want to apologize to you from my heart

I understand why you are so angry with me But what will I do now?

If you were so sorry, Why didn't you try to meet me?

How many times did I call you that night?

I thought we loved each other

And now when your case is in my hands, You realized your mistake?

And if I didn't come here You would have never thought about me, right?

You were practical then, and you are practical now but you have become more hot.

Officer Aarti Shukla, Very tempting, desirable Excuse me?

Are you feeling awkward?

You've come looking so beautiful that Himalaya will also melt, Right?

So let's do the thing for which you came here Shall I shut the door quickly?

Satyendr, Please don't talk like this What ?

Stop talking to me this way Ok then tell me, How should I talk to you?

Look at yourself ! Have you come here to seduce me Come on, I'm ready.....come Satyendr Listen Miss Aarti Shukla, if you think after seeing your beautiful face I'll forget the disgrace of me and my family It would never happen And you also should never forget this

Please don't make this personal, Satyendr It is personal Its very personal This betrayal of your's, I'll never forget This is the biggest fight of my life And yes, I'm not angry I hate you

Now, get the hell out of here

-Satyendr -Get out

-I'm sorry -Get out, move

Miss Shukla, from now on Don't wear pink and come in front of me It feels disgusting, Go

Sir tea Put it on the table

Yes say Sir this is Aarti Shukla's father's pass book and this is her personal pass book

-Is this personal? -Yes And that builder Kukareja?

Sir, He has a lot of businesses And connection with great politicians He bought this land to build a factory there, He is in London now, And he'll be back by next week Who arranged this deal?

Yes, I did it. Sir this is my job Did they have the documents of the land?

Yes sir, without documents How can anyone sell the land?

And where is the owner? Shifted to America...

Yes sir And it's clear that you don't have the number No sir Any Address?

Here! Where else would I be?

I came at 9 o'clock It's five o'clock now Did you eat anything?

No, only if I go outside know..

I'm not allowed to move Take care, Bye

Ok Listen, I'll call you back

Yes sir, I talked to her Tomorrow at about 9 o'clock in the morning and I'll meet them Madam Tomorrow 9 o'clock I'll talk and see what happens

Where were the photos taken?

Sir, this is when we went to visit the site, The same plot which Mr. Kukareja bought You physically went and checked, Where is the land and how much is it?

And then on purpose transfered the government land, To the name of Kukareja No sir, I really didn't know

Who is this guy?

This is Mr. Kukareja's CEO Mr. Saigal, you must have bought lots of land Yes This land which you all bought, its market value Is about 15 crores. For how much did you buy?

Actually Sir, the thing is that..

6 crores Yes

15 crores worth land in 6 crores Then you got direct profit of 6 crores Six

3 crores you gave to Aarti Shukla, right?

Is this your friend?

No Sir I only know him professionally He also gifted you a car Sir, he bought it in my name and gifted me on my birthday I sent it back, But he didn't accept it Sir, Its still parked in my car park I did not use it at all Umesh Yes sir Have anyone gifted you a car?

No Sir, Never Never?

No Sir They're also officers. You are very special

This land was registered, three days after your last birthday Of course, when you're in the system, It's hard to say no You believe so, right?

Kukareja ji, you are such a big industrialist Yes Sir You didn't verify the documents, It's impossible Only your officers would've known that, Its government property I'm just guided by the documents The documents of the land was correct, So I bought it Are you sure?

I'm pretty sure Satyendr, Aarti won't take bribe from anyone I think you had a confusion Did I ask you for advice Mrs.Neelam Gupta?

No sir Who is this?

Sir,This is Aarti's friend Not your's ?

How can big people like these my friends?

It's that Aarti used to take me to the parties, So I would go with her What does your husband do?

Sir, He is a school teacher How much do you both earn together?

What would I earn in this, Sir?

I just get my commission Kukareja Sir said that she 'll handle the things in government Sir, What is my fault in this?

Look it's your right, Aarti The Investigation Officer can be changed If you want to, But in my opinion. Don't do it Because as far as I know, DM is a good guy The other officer who'll come instead, Don't have a good reputation regarding women. So I leave it to you

Let's meet CM sir and then we'll decide what to do Listen. Tell Sir, I'll eat and come

Good Afternoon Maam, Pramod Singh BA LLB Allahabad University Maam, I know you from college I was your senior How can i help you?

Maam, Tell me how can i help you?

Whoever is your Investigation Officer, I'll make deal with him He'll prove you innocent, But for that you've to...

I am her Investigation Officer, Make the deal Sir, I don't know him

-Do you know her? -Yes Sir

-Is she your friend? -Yes She'll surely go to prison, Atleast for six years What is your name?

Pramod, Sir So I'll send you both together, To keep company Take it

Write a letter for me Greetings Mom and Dad Aarti Shukla's Enquiry

Write Aarti Shukla's Enquiry is going well All the evidence is against her

There is no hope of being saved No, hope Tell Mom to get ready to make offering to God Ready to, make offering to God

Aarti Shukla will surely go to prison

What did you write? What is it?

It's sure, Full stop

Your's Obedient Son I'll write the name You can go

Go and sit outside

Love isn't easy Just understand that, It's a sea of fire and you drown in it No, I want to turn to ashes in it You made a one yourself ?

-Did you understand? -Of course

Listen to this, Priyansh Don't you ever promise anyone, That you'll love them more than yourself This is it This love and all is nonsense

-I want to talk to you -Look who've come to see me

I dedicate the poem I just said, To my able friend

Miss What was her name?

Miss Aarti Shukla right?

Dedicate to Aarti Shukla She is very famous, a very practical girl She is the talk of the town She was in the newspaper also The bribery news of 3 crores, know She is the one Now if you had to go to prison, Then why three?

At least she should have taken 10 or 20 crores, right?

What happens in 3 crores now a days?

This is Men's washroom I can't tolerate this torture anymore, Satyendr I'm choking, I can't breathe What do you want from me?

What would I want from you? I'm doing my job Are you doing your job, Or using this oppurtunity for your gain?

Am I using the oppurtunity?

-Yes -Well, I learned it from you You did it that time, now I'm doing it I didn't use oppurtunity for my gain, Satyendr You know how to misuse an oppurtunity?

How is it?

If I scream now, And I tell that you're molesting me Satyendr Mishra IAS, my investigating officer Is asking me favours That's called opportunism Go and tell No, I won't say Because I'm not like that Not then and not now, Satyendr When results came, Baraat was at the door I was confused Your mother told my sister, She would never allow me to work, so what would I do?

So you should have talked to me You should have trusted me for once How I loved you. Didn't you think once, about me for these 5 years?

Now, are you showing me tears?

What about my pain? And what about my parent's tears?

I agree, But what should I do now?

What can't you tolerate? That I left you Haa, You couldn't tolerate the rejection But for once did you think that, If I hadn't run away You wouldn't have been in this position today?

What do you mean?

If I didn't run away, you won't have this fire in your heart and you won't be an officer today And you would still be a clerk, right? Did you ever think about it?

Aarti Shukla, today the truth came out You wanted to be an officer and had problem being married to a clerk You feel embarrassed by that, right? I was a lower class man?

I didn't deserve you, know You aren't understanding me, what happened to you?

You wanted to ride in blue lighted cars, And I was not of your standard Aarti Shukla you were always selfish that's not what I meant, Satynder I'm talking to you I'm not selfish

Do you want to send me to prison? Ok then send Call the police, I'll go Send me now instead of tomorrow

At least I'll escape from this daily torture I can't do it anymore, I'll accept that I took bribe

I can't do it anymore You call now itself Calm down, please listen What calm down?

You want to talk Okay, let's talk You don't know how to talk, Satyendr I'll talk calmly I can't really tolerate I'm sorry, I got very angry today

I thought you would kill me today

-When did you start smoking? -After you left, I was feeling insane Didn't know what to do, Leave it Those are old stories...

Choose a finger?

-If you won't feel bad, Can we kiss? -What?

One kiss

-I won't doubt your character -No, Satyendr No, I won't kiss you, you'll kiss me It should be deep and passionate

And then that's a five star hotel, lets go there to spend the night together

And in five star, you won't have a problem to do anything You said it, remember?

-You know it was a joke -This is not a joke Tonight is the price for your freedom

Come on

I misunderstood you

Won't you ask, What was the second finger?

Today is 10th, in one week. The result of the committee will be announced Send me the 3 crores you have, Bribe I am part of the system now, If I refuse, still give it to me I didn't take the bribe, I don't have 3 crores Ask Kukareja, He won't refuse you You know a lot of facts about him, right?

Look Shukla ji We can't help you in this No sister, don't say so Satyndar is not a kid He know how to do his work Now if its 3 crores, you've to give it. From where will we bring 3 crores?

Look, we couldn't talk then and we won't talk now Once I sold my ornaments, to save the lives of my husband and brother Now you see what you can sell to save your daughter If I sell myself also, I can't get 3 crores It's your problem

Come Maam, Kukareja ji is waiting for you

Ok I'll do it

Come Madam I was thinking for days that I have never seen you, But I heard a lot about you Mr. Kukareja, if I am proven guilty in this enquiry, I'll lose my job My parents house will be sold I'll go to prison You have to come and say the truth Everyone knows the truth Don't act so naive in front of me You have taken 3 crores Did I take bribe? 3 crores?

Didn't you give it to anyone in the department?

Did you take it all for yourself?

You should have given a little bit to your subordinates What are you saying? I didn't take any money from you Someone from your department must have told this?

Now I lost my respect and money because of you And now that you are caught so You want to take me down with you?

Wow, Madam I have seen a lot of officers, but not...

Miss Aarti Shukla is trying to manipulate the Investigation Arrest her right away Yes, right away

We can't be disgraced more than this He's taking revenge for each and everything Lets try one last time Take this, I kept everything in it Go fast and save Aarti Don't cry Pray to God that they let Aarti free

Come Jogi

See. I'm here where you wanted me to be

Now your revenge is done, right?

Happy Birthday

This night is the best birthday gift in my life Thank you


I wish I had never met you

These are the documents of our house Please save our Aarti

I'd like to present all the necessary proof and evidences that we'll need to reach a conclusion On Miss Aarti Shukla's case I'd like to seek permission of the hon'ble Jury to proceed

-Please proceed -Thank you, Sir

I want everyone to watch this video carefully

Is it written on my forehead?

You'r well educated, You took the complete 3 crores And came here again for money?

Okay, I'll give you whatever you want Just close the case that started because of your ignorance

Do you want to say something?

No Sir I have nothing to say I'll accept your punishment

Mr.Kukareja, I'm not afraid of you If I go to the prison, I won't let you escape

What is this? You said she came to settle this.. I think she's crazy!

She threatened to send me to prison, We should do something about her Kill her Her old lover came to take revenge.. He is behind her like a hungry lion And we will the prey to her foolishness We have to stop their love story drama Kill her today

Can you explain Mr. Mishra?

Yes sir, I can explain Mrs. Neelam Gupta's husband is a school teacher, And broker Rakesh Yadav who welded this deal Is her husband's childhood friend The information of the land, which is unused for years Mrs. Neelam takes it from the office and give to her husband Which her husband forwards to broker Rakesh Yadav Then Rakesh makes false documents, And sells it to different business men Right Mr. Yadav?

Mrs. Neelam misuses Aarti's trust, And gets the documents signed

For years, they have been taking bribe, in Aarthi Shukla's name and then split it between them Mr. Kukareja surely gave 3 crores, But Aarti Shukla doesn't even know about it Because the money never reached her

Right Mrs. Neelam?


The accused, please stand up

Thank you Mr.Mishra The evidence is conclusive The Jury is of the opinion that, Miss. Aarti Shukla is not guilty

Arrest them Yes sir


Today I understood Sir, When someone close to us betrays The heart really breaks

Thank you, Thank you so much

You can call me Satyendr

You can join from Monday Sattu

Saxena ji, How are you?

Sir, You saved Aarti by sending her to the police station Very nice of you Pramod ji, Good Job Thank you sir OK, I'm going to Kanpur I'll see you, when I'm back

Aarti is innocent

Listen, Satyendr sent all the documents of the house

I want to be with you forever I want to bear all the sadness with you I want to be with you forever I want to bear all the sadness with you What I can't say to the whole world, I want to say it to you

You are so good ! How are you "so good"?

I want to become a crazy lover in your love You are so good ! How are you "so good"?

I want to become a crazy lover

-Where is Sir? -He didn't come here yet

-When will he come? -I don't know I took thousands of precautions and understood, You are river and I'm the water You are the only path in which I can flow After understanding a hundred times, I realized I'm the chapter of your story Only when we join together, We will reach the conclusion Once again, one more time I just want to see you After all that has happened Anybody would be effected, Aarti If I was in Sattu's place, I also won't believe in love anymore Sister, you are right But I feel, Sattu still loves me very much If he didn't love me so much, He won't have the hatred, to be an officer and take revenge Sister, Sattu never wanted to be an officer The problem is that his brain has told his heart, Don't fall in love with her Now I'll make his mind silent And I'll make him hear the sound of his heart Sattu! Listen, how much will we run? I'm tired of it I ran and became a PCS officer And you became IAS officer Stop it, I'm tired We have to stop somewhere, right?

I'm going to run away from you, Aarti Shukla Stop following me, our paths are different What if our paths are different, Goal is the same..right?

Sattu, slow down I can't run that fast

Here OK Thank you sir

One second

Can you drop me home?

Please, my car has break down


Thankyou Drop her at home Haa, Satyendr Go

Where are you I'll take time to reach Till then you drink 1 or 2 pegs

I came

I know that you won't marry me But that doesn't mean we can't drink whiskey Now wherever you are, That's my Masoori Order me a drink Ok leave it, I'll start from your drink It's ladies first, right?

Maam, Whiskey on the rocks Thank you, It's sour Nothing happened?

Something is happening Your specs are coming in between? May I wear?

-I'm looking cute, know? -Please

-Maam, your drink -Thank you

You know, something more is happening You are Allahabad's Tom Cruise Waiter, Bring one more drink

-Ok, I think -Only one

Husband I want to hold your hand And wander in the mountains of Masoori Please, don't joke Aarti There are people here, please behave Shall I kiss you? One, little one

-She has drank too much -Aarti

Sattu, Can I say something?

I'm thankful to God for making us meet, Under the pretext of the case Otherwise I would have lost you forever

Sir, why do you look upset?

No, I was upset before, not anymore

Let's go Satyendr, Sattu wait I'm coming

Aarti, Be careful

I was looking for you everywhere

Can I say something Sattu? Satyendr....Satyendr

Can I? I think I'm in love with you

Shall I say I love you? Haa?

I love you so much I want to marry you Is it because I didn't send you to prison?

I only got you out of prison now, I got you out of my heart long back I agree that it was my fault, Satyendr

Please agree

Life is so strange There was a time when I crazily wanted to marry you I think about you all day, And what did you do?

-You ran away... -Sattu

-Remember, and now see?

You know the day I saw my family's disgrace From that day I hate the word marriage

And In my life, I don't want to marry you, Or anybody else

You understand that, thank you The color of white love, my beloved There's no deceit, no cheating, no discrimination, my beloved You are equal to a hundred colors together, Fire has turned into ashes, my beloved

The war for which you are honoured, I'm a soldier in that war, my beloved

You are so good ! How are you "so good"?

I want to become a crazy lover in your love

I want to be with you forever I want to bear all the sadness with you What I can't say to the whole world, I want to say it to you

What I can't say to the whole world, I want to say it only to you

-Ranjan -Yes sister FEW MONTHS LATER

-Are you out of your mind? -What did I do?

What is this spelling? Don't you know the name of brother in law?

And you wanted to do PCS, right?

He wrote Sharada for Sharad Go, print it correct Time goes by so fast Look, how is God doing justice?

That girl betrayed And he is sitting here unmarried Have you promised yourself that, we'll die without seeing our grandchildren?

Now that girl is getting married, Do you want to play with her children?

Why will he play with her children?

Of course you're right How long could Shukla ji, keep the girl unmarried?

She have to get married some day I am not refusing her to marry, I'm telling him Son, Let me be a grandmother before I die Yes Son, your mother is right We want grandchildren Don't you have any other topic to discuss?

This is a very important topic for us ......your marriage Now where are you going?

It's tuesday, I'm going to the temple

-How are you? -I'm fine. How are you?

I am fine

I heard that you're getting married I thought my enquiry was over Shouldn't I marry?

No, please. Do it It's your life The, shawl

No, I was thinking a few months back you were saying You love me and you want to be my wife Yes, I said, but you refused

Yeah, you're a practical girl You always do the right thing, at the right time Should I wait for you all my life?

No, of course not But I'm glad that I decided not to marry Otherwise, I would get stuck with a girl like you Not a girl like me...

I'm one unique piece And now I'm also getting married

-Is everybody at home fine? -Yeah Sharad This is Sharad, my fiancee This is Satyendr, my old friend I know who he is, in fact, she told me everything about you And I want to thank you I didn't do anything Thankyou, is for doing nothing What if you married Aarti? What would I do?


Just a minute, I'll come now

Sharad You bring the car

If you don't mind, can I say something?

Say Don't marry Aarti, She can't be trusted What do you mean?

See don't mind but she is not stable Just a few days ago, She was following me crazily to get married And now see See as a friend, I'm telling you If you marry her, you will be ruined Otherwise it's your life, your to man

Thank you for this advice also Here, take the offering

-No, thanks -Satyendr, you

How dare you Satyendr Mishra?

Am I unstable?

Will Sharad's life be ruined if he marry me?

What do you want from me?

You don't want to marry me You won't let me marry someone else What should I do?

Do you love me?

Of course, I love you How many times should I say, I love you So you love me and you are marrying someone else?

Ok I won't marry him, will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

You won't, because your ego is not allowing you I decided to get married Love is not necessary for marriage Love can happen after marriage also Come, on 10th for the marrige I won't come Please come, I'll feel good

Surely come to the wedding

Sattu Hurry up Shanti ji Let's go, We have to take Mahesh also on the way Call the driver and ask where did he reach?

We are getting late What's going on? Where are you all going?

We are going to the wedding, dear Aarti's wedding?

Yes Why are you going?

Son, Shukla ji and his wife personally brought the card They pleaded that if we don't go, They won't give away the bride We must go, son So what, don't go know

-Hey, you are looking beautiful -Thank you I would say that you also come Please, I won't come for sure and I don't know why you are going

-Greetings -Greetings Aunty and Uncle Greetings Sattu, Its very good that you have come, Aarti just asked about you It's good that you came

-Come on, Groom is here -Come on

Where did you go Sattu?

Hi, groom Oh, sorry, Groom is there

Congratulations Jogi You found a nice boy for Aarti I just talked to him Boy is very nice and The family is also very good They didn't have any demands O good Uncle, Hey Sattu Come let's meet brother in law Yeah, introduce him Come on..

Come, Sattu Greetings Aunt Greetings dear, Be happy

Brother in law Come...This is Aarti's would be Husband I know him Sorry, you advised me but I didn't accept it I'm Sorry I should not have done that In fact, I felt the smell of jealousy from your words Like if Aarti isn't mine, She shouldn't be anyone else'....right?

Listen I'm too embarrassed, really.'t be Actually, I'm grateful It's good that you let her go Otherwise, today she wouldn't be with me And Dad booked the honeymoon ticket to Masoori So now let's go. It's time for the rituals Let's go Yeah, excuse me Come

Where are you?

Look at your left

Can I say something? You look very pretty in pink What do you think.. Why did I wear pink color?

O, for me?

I'm in love with you Did you like me so much?

Send me your photo in bridal dress

How do I look?

Just like my bride

What have I done, Aarti? I'm really sorry I love you so much I'll not be able to live without you I ruined everything in my ego I love you

Can I say something?

Last time you ran away from the marriage

Today also go away from here, for our love How will I go? Mom, Dad, Sharad and his family I'll talk to everyone I will make them agree Don't marry You just come with me

Let's go What happened?

Choose a finger

I can't go with you, Satyendr I can't break the heart of my family, or anybody's family again No,no..Aarti I'm really sorry Please If I was wrong that day, then I'm wrong today also You were not wrong, Aarti Please, I'm really sorry You can't be anyone else' Aarti, I love you

-What will I do? -Aarti

-How did he come in? -Satyendr please Can we talk for two minutes?

No, What are you doing?

You just leave us No, what are you doing?

I said, I'm talking

-Two minutes please -Sharad please

-Why did he hit me? -Sharad please Get your gun Put it on his head

-He is being a Hero, Come Aarti -You stay here

Sit down, Pandit ji begin..

She has made it a habit of running away from marriages I brought her here You begin No, Sattu I'll kill him today What are you doing, Sattu?

I said I love Aarti, Don't you understand?

Are you crazy?

If anyone come forward...

Listen Satyendr If Aarti is not mine I don't want her to be anyone's I'll shoot What are you doing?

Don't you see what he is doing?

Why are you doing so much over acting?

What is he doing, man?

He is holding the gun, this was not in the plan Brother in law, I'm not talking to you I was talking to Sattu brother in law What?

What is this?

What did you all think? Only you know planning and drama

I'm a DM Tell them

Aarti is gone, you stay here It is a gun It will blow

-Will you show me gun? -Sir

-Will you shoot me? -Please don't hit, sir

-You take out the gun in every wedding? -Sir, it's hurting Calling me...Brother in law, You are making fun of me I'll say...I'll say

-What will you say? -Will you listen......yes what?

This is your wedding itself You could have at least told me, that you planned with Sattu Sister, What to do he hit me so much?

See, my face is red I'm really sorry Meet him He is Aarti's brother in law And yours too Sorry brother in law But seriously, you all did this much for me and Aarti Thank you so much Thank you Dad

-Take the gun away.. -But You all acted very well So, give me my turban Give it, Brother in law

Where did the priest go? Call him

Where did the priest go? Call him Always be happy, my son