Shabhaye roshan (2003) Script


We have a class you know I had a feeling in my heart That there would be a day We'd be separated from each other

We'll analyze it next session Only talk and talk and talk Contest between Hafez and Molavi with Gouteh and Shakespeare Nice Words Pretty but no good Words

Sorry professor

Yes I just want to say the poem you read by Farrokh is very pretty And?

I Want to know who has been effected by this style Well, the simplicity of Farrokh's poems effect other poets a lot

I mean the effect of Khorasani style on Iraqi style But you didn't read it Well Pardon?

There is a certain sorrow in that poem which Wasn't traced in your tone at all Isn't it enough that it exists in the poem?

But correct reading puts a lot of effect It depends on who the listener is Besides with all that noise...

But you guys are the ones making the noise No, everyone would have turned quiet had you read it properly Then those who truly wanted to hear it would have gotten excited It's passed me to get anyone excited by reading a poem What about the poem then?

Everyone is better off reading it for himself What do you mean?

I mean you should forget such things And let me get back to my Work

I'm from this very city I love the people of this city That's because I barely know anyone here

We built statues of great characters and put fences around them And if you are to believe What these statues say...

They you'd have to put a fence between yourself and others I was one of them What does it mean to believe anyway?

If you're knowledged then you're capable Really?

I'm a stranger to them To the people's statues To the people who are like statues

You can't get close to anyone here People are better from far

I may be afraid Or I have a Wild imagination and am afraid to find a friend...

And would have to stop imagining then But should two people get forced to lie to each other...

All their lives in the name of friendship...

They're better off being alone and imagine the things they love

The buildings have more to say than the people here Or it's just that I probably hear them easier One says that it's going to be demolished to be rebuilt again Another one talks about its new floors

This one is my old friend I talk to every single brick and I think it's not closer to any other building than it is to me I Whisper old poets in the ears of old buildings here I think they're more of a match

It's useless to Walk during the days Noise, lights and the crowd make it hard for one to imagine You'd have to Wait till the night


One of the few things which fulfills my sense of imagination...

Is books Where there are books...

There are those Whom I can tolerate for a couple of minutes and vice versa


Hi You're so late I Won't come again if you haven't put together my order I know, you don't come here to see us

Is the professor's order ready?

They're on the table Except for one which will be ready in a couple of days

Don't Worry You Won't find such a clean piece being the first edition This one's even got a stamp The owner Waited so many years to sell it now No, the owner died And the children are auctioning the belonging What a pity

It Worked out for you though Your collection will be completed Should I put in on your tab?

No, I'm better off keeping my tab as much as it is now

You didn't find the other one yet?

You couldn't find the other book?

It's the one I just told you But I'll definitely find it in two days I'll stop by here tomorrow night too

Is my tab looking bad?

No You pay Well And so is your cheques You got a unique library

Too bad you have a bad attitude though

See if you can find a better one in an auction for me too Bye Take care

Light is not such a good thing you know You can see everything and everyone can see you You can imagine in the dark That something or someone is Waiting for you somewhere But there's no such a thing in the light Of course there isn't

Hello Yes?

Where are you going? Just Walking Open your case

Is it a book of poems?

One of them Identification card

What do you teach?

Literature I have a question Are you in the mood to answer it? Go ahead In your opinion Why did all the poets Used so much Wine and Wine glasses in their poems?

Why didn't they use other examples for the reader not to misunderstand them?

I think it was probably because they used to sit in a corner at nights.. I And think and Write poems But had they Walked at nights outside instead of sitting and thinking...

Then they Wouldn't have had the urge to use such Words

What took you so long?

I'm sorry I had to call you Weren't you afraid of falling into a larger trap?


You don't look like a bad person Do you look like a person who stands in the street?

No, I don't look like the type But I was really Waiting for someone I'm sure But these luxury cars don't let anyone to wait outside for a long time

I have to stay here for a couple of more minutes Thanks for your help No, I Want to stay I Wouldn't mind to see What type of a car picks you up

I can leave though if I make you feel uncomfortable by being here It's up to you


You don't look like the type to be looking for someone at this time of the night I Wasn't looking for anyone You mean you Weren't Waiting for someone? No I envy you for Waiting for someone What do you do?

I teach literature So you're a teacher I teach at the university So you must meddle with poems and stories a lot

What about you? A lot I've been reading books ever since I started school But I grew more serious during the past couple of years What time is it?

You have a Watch of your own I thought it might have stopped Working It's past eleven isn't it?

It's half past eleven

He didn't come Who didn't come?

Who can I say it to?

Are you Waiting for someone?

Can I trust you?

Depends on What the subject is

I don't know if it's your knowledge or my own feeling But I would like to trust you I Want to be frank with you and speak my heart There's only one condition though What condition?

Without love What love?

I don't even know your name

I'm talking about the future and not now

I'm sure you can help me But...

I would like you to promise me...

I don't Want to feel I'm hurting you You're the only one I'm comfortable with given my situation

Okay, I promise Frankly I haven't talked to anyone for a long time neither

Why are you lonely?

Didn't you ever think it's possible to not be lonely?

If you Weren't Waiting for someone...

Would you have gotten in that car to not be lonely?

No I would have searched for someone like myself I don't search I don't even like myself You're a strange person So are you

Don't trouble yourself I can't go anywhere like this You should have thought of it before I Wouldn't have had to think about anything had he shown up

Is there anyone you can stay with?

There are a couple But I don't want to stay with them Do you really Want me to help you? Yeah I have a feeling you understand What I'm saying Do me a favor and be honest with me then Sorry if I'm too straight forward I don't trust anyone But if I do trust someone I'll definitely help her Why didn't you leave when you saw me then?

I don't know Perhaps I got caught off guard And perhaps I thought after all this time...

It was possible to talk to someone and not regret it later on What is your problem?

There, I was Waiting for the best person I've ever met in my life But he didn't come Right But We've agreed on four nights Tonight was the first night Have you known him for a long time?

About two years I met him during the second year of the university We planned to meet at the very...

Place We parted in a year Why did you get separated?

We didn't We got separated Hasn't he called you during this time?

There Wasn't anywhere he could have And he told me it was better if I didn't call him neither Why?

Do you think he'll come?

We are supposed to meet between ten and eleven You know Why? No He said two people are like number eleven next to each other One person looks like number eleven too But only if you look at the legs Don't you ever have anything positive to say?

Sure Don't you think your parents are probably looking all over for you?

They passed away long time ago I live with my grandmother She thinks I'm here visiting a friend It's the first time she's ever allowed me to do such thing

I don't have any friends to stay with though What if he doesn't show up?

I didn't think this far I've been through Waiting before But tonight seemed like a century Is love really this hard?

Yeah But even the hard parts are good too Haven't you ever... I've never But why?

I mean when you were a student or as a professor?

I'm sure you've met many Yes many Perhaps that's Where the problem is I think you're your Worst enemy Otherwise you shouldn't take life so hard on yourself

Why is that frame empty?

I haven't found a suitable photo for it yet

Help me find him He might be in trouble because of me I have an address of him But I don't know What I should do in this city

I Want to look for him during the days and Wait for him at nights I promise not to bother you much

okay I'll do anything I can

Frankly it's not so bad for me At least I'm not lonely anymore and don't feel useless as Well

Besides I might learn some things from those in love

What do We do tomorrow?

You mean today?

Catch some sleep to start with And We'll think of something

Wouldn't you feel more comfortable in the other room?

Is there a problem being in here?

I feel all the authors are Watching over me I used to think I have a Wild imagination before I met you You can lock the door from the inside Let me know if you need anything No

There are everything in here Good night

Good morning


We both made it through the night

Sorry if I Woke you up It's alright, I'm glad you did it Did you have breakfast?

A long time ago Some treasure you have in here I've only had two friends ever since childhood I read books if I Want to hear something And I would have talked to my mother if I Wanted to talk to someone You mean...

Sure, she comes sometimes But she doesn't hear me anymore And she doesn't say anything for me to hear Don't you think she's happier if you find happiness?

You can't force happiness No you can't You are a successful person You know a lot None of that brings happiness But it does bring comfort You're more at ease when you know Perhaps that's the cause of torture That's not important It's Worth the torture if his World changes I didn't know What torture meant just two years ago And I might not have enjoyed your books

It's great when someone opens your eyes

Now I'm sure you're an imaginative person Why is that?

The very person you claim has opened your eyes last night in the street...

Like I said, our arrangement is four nights

Sorry if I got rude You may be right You don't always hear good things from good people though You teach the best things...

Are you sure all those people were as good as What they've Written?

You may think I'm an imaginative person Or happy-go-lucky Or I have a lot of nerves But I think you understand me Well deep down inside I have a postal address and a couple of phone numbers I trusted him so much not to have asked for anything more from him

Sorry I didn't ask for your permission I had to tell you

- But I... It's not important There are things which pop in your head sometimes...

And it's better if they're in front of your eyes too

Do you have a class today?

No I have a class tomorrow But I may not go

Are you in the mood to write a letter?

What is it then?

Give me a moment please I have been quiet for ten minutes I know, sorry But I have to come up with something Worth Writing

I'd imagine you should be more comfortable than that with someone you love Yes But I never did tell him that

I told him that I would Wait for him But I never did tell him that I loved him Why?

I don't know It was hard for me to tell him What was going on in my heart Frankly I was afraid it could have ruined everything But he did tell you, didn't he?

Yes Very much so So you don't want to write what's in your heart then I do, but not everything I don't Want him to know he is very important to me So he doesn't get carried away Specially since he didn't show up the first night neither

Can a lot change in a year?

I'm not a good person to ask Since nothings changed for me for a long time now I don't know What to say My head isn't Working at all

I Want to ask you for a favor I know it's very easy for you But it's very hard for me

If you really love someone and if you try to say What's in your heart...

What would you Write?

I don't know It's never happened to me You know my situation Just put yourself in my shoe

I... I know it's not very easy But please do it My most dearest, more dear than life...

I'm in a city which isn't strange for me with you But I spent last night Without you alone My share of love is a cold and dark corner in this World Which I've kept Warm and lid with your thoughts Help me believe that anticipation is love itself How much more can I hide the obvious?

That I love you clearly How is that?

It's so good that I think he'll know I didn't Write it I'm very lucky to have met you I think God sent you for me I'm not so sure the opposite isn't true God is used to doing a couple of things at the same time

For instance to have forced me to become sentimental...

And to write a love letter after so many years But What's fair is fair It's hard to become sentimental But it was Worth the trouble Yes For a moment I thought I was eighteen again When will you mail it?

Right now if you Want me to With the fastest possible Way

Whose poem was it you Wrote at the end of the letter?

Saa'di I didn't know he has such poems too Pieces like that are his best Work actually I'm not very familiar with old literature All I remember from Saa'di's poems are the ones We learned at school Isn't it a bit strange for a person to have Written Boustan and Golestan?

Everything human does is strange For instance We go through danger for someone And stand outside in a strange city at midnight But we're not willing to tell that very person that we love him More strange is that you love literature...

And you know so many love poems...

But you've never been in love We all have faults

Do you remember any other poems by Saa'di?

A lot Can you read me one?

Come to me, I'm confused in the sorrow of your love Come and see how ill I am Without you I moan all night for being away from you oh my beauty And I'm as if I'm on fire when the day comes Without you

You haven't tried to be with me oh my love I'm always drinking the poison of being with you my love

If you keep doing this with me oh my love I'll leave this world of being without you oh my love

I've sent a message for you to come to me But you replied and said you were happy Without me

Your kitchen was just as messy as your library I don't take care of it much Perhaps once a Week or so The dust I saw was more than a Week intellectuals are usually lazy too What's new?

You shouldn't give bad news to someone who can cook so Well I'm in trouble if your news are as bad as my cooking No, it's not bad at all Frankly I can't tell you the truth Nobody knows the one you love He's left all the addresses you gave me If the truth destroys your happiness and your youth...

Then you're better off hearing lies Although there were some who didn't know him But those who did know him said good things about him

Basically your friend is Well-known

I left him a message that someone is Waiting for him So We're going to Wait for him tonight then

Perhaps From the things you said it's definitely If it makes you feel better, okay

You know What is making me happy?

The fact that the time for your meeting is approaching?

That too But the fact that you are not surprised by the things I do I haven't been surprised for a long time Everything seems ordinary to me Even my situation?

No But if it's repeated and you go and stand there every night...

It's not going to be every night He'll show up tonight This is a bad hill to climb up Didn't you come from this street last night?

No, last night I came from another location Do you want to use the other street?


The good thing is that I know someone is Waiting for me there Otherwise What was going to make me climb up this hill?

You'll climb it up just fine even if you know nobody's Waiting for you Why do you think it's hard for me to climb it up then?

It's because you're not sure You have doubts Wait, don't go any further They can't see us Let it go by What if they come and see us?

It's no problem It is for me Have you forgotten is so soon?

Why are you standing there?

Are you afraid? No Aren't you cold?

No, it's not very cold

Time goes by slowly when you're Waiting It doesn't go very well neither when you're not waiting

What would you do if you were me?

You Want to know the truth?

You don't lie Well I Wouldn't have Waited

No I mean What would you have done if you were going to Wait?

I would have talked to myself or sung poems to myself What poems?

I don't know You should know better since you're the one Waiting Sing something to forget that you're Waiting

Where are those who used to come and go?

They turned into street tales They used to turn houses upside down They used to make the soil sacred It's as if the long Way has been Walked This story may have put many children to sleep I can smell the soil which is in the search of our Warmth Stories have always begun from the heart of the night

Now you read one

She told me to come Told me to stay Told me to laugh Told me to die I came I stayed I laughed I died

Have you ever come across anyone who captured your heart a bit?

Yeah, but I didn't capture her heart What do you mean?

I mean her heart was taken by someone else already

I can't find out how to talk to you Why?

I didn't say anything strange Sometimes you feel like talking to someone a bit And?

But What if that someone doesn't Want to hear What you have to say?

Well you go to someone else What if it's not possible?

You keep looking till you find the one There are other Ways too Such as?

For example you ask yourself...

Why do I have to need someone to talk to?

I can talk to myself for more than a bit And I can understand What I tell myself easier Once you get to that point you Won't search anymore...

And you Won't Wait any longer Isn't that right?

It could be Wrong I mean there are those who are so sentimental they are afraid of expressing feelings...

And they say things like that to make excuses for themselves Isn't that right?

It's eleven thirty

Don't Worry There are still two more nights left

Just a moment

You see? That's the kind of a World We live in Do you still think it's Worth the torture?

Don't Worry It's my mother

You see?

She doesn't even talk to me anymore Why doesn't she live with you?

I don't know Perhaps she likes to be alone too

Didn't you sleep?

I couldn't Have you been awake for a While?

I think so

You brewed some tea Would you like some?

Yeah, I started to cry and forgot about it

Are you better?

I'm better

Do you think I made a mistake?

You still have half of your arrangement left You're not backing out so soon are you?

No I'm not First I thought what if something had happened to him?

But then I thought he might send a message But now...

I think the problem is from me

It's horrible to beg in any Way But begging for love is the Worst kind When I think about it and realize I burnt all my bridges behind me And I put my life over an arrangement

Do you think I've gotten light and belittled?

Well, love makes one light But not belittled I don't understand What you mean Love has caused you to Wait for a year...

Over one Word and when the time came...

For you to burn all your bridges and come here Only a person Who's been made feel light by love can do such a thing

But when you say you were belittled that means you've been put down

If he never does show up...

Love has still made you have Wings And do things you would have never thought about doing before

If What you mean by being light is going up...

Then you have become light But if you mean getting put down then...

Someone in love keeps going higher the smaller he or she gets Don't you think these Words are prettier in literature?

Life is different than literature All this is just so life becomes more like literature I feel light when I talk to you And I mean the Way you described it You know What I like?


I like being so comfortable with you Someone else would probably annoy me somehow Or he Wouldn't have been trustable at all But you're different than others Your nightly Walks didn't turn out to be so bad for me at least

I've never seen anything bad from it neither

Lucky her Lucky who?

Although you Won't have any more reasons to Walk at nights if you do find her I thought you meant something important Are you sure you've never been in love with anyone?

I'm starting to have my doubts the way you keep asking But let me tell you this I'm an imaginative person And I got Worse year by year

I never did have many friends Frankly I never felt the need for anyone Except an old friend of mine Who I haven't seen for a While now

I was supposed to meet him last night But I stood him up because of you What does he do?

He sells books Books again I think if you try to love someone...

You'd have to get out of your shell of books first In order to be able to see that person Anyway she is a very lucky person to be with you whomever she is How can you be so sure?

Women understand these things They may never tell you the truth But they easily understand the Way someone is looking at them Don't you believe me?

I'm starting to Just take a look at me if you Want to become a firm believer

I know you are a better person But my heart is with him That's Why if he never comes back...

There Won't be any of his love left with me

But if you and I leave each other right now...

We'll have respect and affection for each other

You see, I'm just as imaginative as you are

There is only one reason why I want him to come - What is that?

Just so you don't regret being in love No, I Won't back out so easily There are still two more nights left I really Want to know how you treat someone you love Are you imagining things again?

No I'm serious I really Want to know It's easy to find out if you really Want to know Be with me all day tomorrow You can imagine you're with the one you love

and I'll imagine I'm with one of my usual imaginations You haven't forgotten our arrangement right?

No, I haven't No love

I'm happy Just as happy as a happy-go-lucky person Or someone who has good news...

But has no one to tell it to

You know everything about me But I know nothing about you What do you Want to know?

That house Without furniture is all I own You take out the house payment from my salary and not much will be left I guess you spend most of your money on books right?

You know it, Why do you ask then?

You mean there are no secrets?

Nothing you are attached to?

Or a place you want to go to Of course besides a book shop Sure Are you in the mood to go to a theater?

Not a bad idea I haven't been to one in a long time I like to Watch a good movie But there are no good ones What do you mean?

Can you keep a secret?

Even if I can't, there are no one around here I would know to tell it to

Look at this place Well What is it?

This is the movie theater I love a lot You're joking No I've Watched the best movies in my life in these two theaters I have lots of memories of them What happened?

They burnt Both of them burnt down to ashes I was here when they were burning It's as if the person you've been with all your life...

Suddenly starts to fly away without even looking back Do you think anyone remembers the movies these theaters showed?

Never mind I can't believe I brought you here to show you a bunch of dust and dirt What movie do you Want to Watch?

Do you think anyone in real life is Willing to be so unselfish?

There may be such a person But I Won't be the one Frankly I'm used to putting myself in others' shoes I couldn't have tolerated it so much This may be the problem with the theaters They reduce your imagination at points When you read a story you can envision it anyway you Want to But with a movie you have to believe What you're being shown

I'm more imaginative than you when it comes to this For example when the hero of the movie marries the girl...

I put myself in the girl's shoe and I go as far as all their fights and separation Do you think that's stupid?

No In fact everybody does that in real life in his own mind

Here comes another secret I'm unfolding my old secrets for you So there will be room for my new secret

This isn't the same city I used to know when I'm with you I go to places I've never been to I've never told these secrets to anyone else I get to know places I've never known before you And I'm getting to know the places I've known even more than before Do you remember the first book of poem you read?

Yeah I was still in the primary school One day I Went to see my dad's books What was it called?

The Date In Mud What a strange name The poems were just as strange But they didn't seem so strange when I read it for the second time But the title is incredible

The Copper Butterfly Was sitting like a mirror In the mud And there were lines on both ends A line towards nothing A line towards the border of nothing We fled from each other Over the line of fate We shed blood You've taken the oldies away No They're in the back on the desk They're back there if you Want to look at them

Back there

Did you find it?


The one I was supposed to come and take last night, you forgot it?

No I didn't I'll have it here tomorrow I think you'll have to come to me Why?

How are these?

This one in incredible For beginners or for professors?

This one is great for all Listen

I went to the desert Love had rained and the ground was wet My feet went deep in love just as one's feet go deep in the mud

You Won't charge too much will you?

I never befriend anyone who sells expensive No, I also loan them to friends

There is a phone across the street I'll call again and see if there's anything new But there's a phone in here I'm more comfortable there He may pick up the phone

I've never seen you like this I've never been like this

Where did you meet her?

I found her in the street Stupid!

You see Nobody believes you even when you're telling the truth

Where should I be tomorrow?

Come to the house I Want to get rid of the books

You don't have to sell them you can...

No, I Want to clean up that room For people like me...

There only may be one chance to escape his dreams

Besides it's not just love You need money too So bring cash Don't Worry I'll bring a cash-paying book collector customer

I need to repair that house Are you trying to test yourself?

Perhaps To see if I'm capable or not It's either everything or nothing It's not the nineteenth century you know Don't you Worry about the calender

You're still bitter although you're happy It's because I'm not used to it Sorry I'm done Can I take the books?

- Could you loan them for now... He'll put them on my tab

He's gone from that number too He was there only for a short time They haven't heard of him for a long time Why is life like this?

It's because that's how the people are Life has meanings with people

Don't Worry, you'll see him in a few hours How can you be so sure?

Did he tell you? Not at all Just imagine you're Walking with him I can't do that Why not? You have a strong imagination Where would you have gone if you were with him now?

Anywhere he wanted to go Let's go then Where I know is a bit far Where is it?

A place with nice hot meals

How was the food?

Great, everything is great I Wish it were better What is Wrong with you?

How about you?

Answer me I don't know I Wish everything were better I've never been in the situation I am in right now I don't know What to do not to make any problems I was thinking I Wish the movie were better I Wish there were a better place I never would have thought I'd be in such a situation You can't make the right decision In one end I think it's Wrong to Wait But I Want the night to come Would you keep someone you love Waiting for so long?

No I would have made sure she'd forget What Waiting was No, you don't look like the type to make someone Wait

We all have our own secrets

Did you ever think I could be lying to you?

No Didn't you ever mistake me with another Woman?

No I just thought you might be more important than your secret Maybe his secret is regret Anyway he's had enough time to feel regret It's not just about him I think that's how all people are Even the best of us are far from each other like a secret

You know...

Everybody thinks if they show their true feelings...

Everything may become a mess Nobody talks What's in their hearts

But if he didn't Want to...

That very first night...

He could have told me

Don't you think people may have reasons for hiding their reasons?

Their reasons puts distances between them What could be more important of a reason than love?

Listen to this

You're more beautiful when you don't know it You're just pretty when you know it Do you know it now?

Can you believe a person like that... Is it his poem?

Yeah why?

I think his honesty makes up for his lack of affection He Won't ever come with a few other fans like you Will you listen to a poem? Yeah

You're alone with a hundred thousand people You're alone Without a hundred thousand people This is new poetry right?

No, it's from a thousand years ago You're joking It seems to be new Poems are neither new or old They're either good or bad When this is over with the first thing I'll do is to go to literature I Want to start fresh Will you help me?

But only if you don't get bored You need patience to learn just like anything else It's getting late

He Won't come It's not late yet He Won't come Hold on

Don't you love him?

I don't know I think I don't know him Well Or he hasn't gotten to know me Well Otherwise he should have been Where you're standing right now But if he's not here...

That means something is Wrong You come here for your sake and not for him No, it's not for me It's for the love you both had and now you think it's gone with him And so if he comes here now then nothing will be Wrong anymore

You are so sure of What you say that one has no choice but to trust you No, don't do it Do What you like to do What do you Want now?

Now, I Want to hear a poem okay I'll read you one But only if you read the next one Okay?

The one who thinks of a goal isn't afraid of death

Someone who was standing in the street said it There aren't much opportunities in life...

To be able to Watch yourself in the mirror Or to choose from some who cry and others who laugh This was said by someone standing by a three Way Love doesn't even give you enough time...

To have reasons for loving someone I swear someone else said this too A shaking tree...

Which was standing tall in the midst of a Wind Should We leave?

I don't know Isn't your Watch eleven yet?

No, it's one poem to eleven You read it then You forgot our deal so soon?

Just one condition What? No love?

No Just don't look at me as if you're going to correct my mistakes

I'll panic

You start...

I Won't even look at you

You don't know how many nights I beared till the morning Without my eyelids even touching each other Without going to sleep And even when I did go to sleep


I though it was him for a moment Wasn't it him? No I was Wrong But the Way the guy was looking it was as if he didn't mind it too much Are you alright?

Should I not be? No You don't ever feel bad Since you're not a selfish person You were almost rid of me Wasn't it the opposite?


Why couldn't he be a bit like you?

According to his photo it's better if he is like himself Is that some kind of an industrial literature to play stupid?

No it's not It's a God-given talent

Yes Am I intruding?

How can you intrude in your own house?

Although I'm so comfortable here that I think of it as my own house

I've messed up your life haven't I?

Yeah Are you mad at me so much?

No It hasn't gotten to that point yet Nevertheless you Won't have me making problems for you tomorrow Are you sure he'll come?

It doesn't matter if he comes or not I'm going to go back to where I came from It's easier to forget when you're alone

Why do you have to forget anyway?

I can forget him if he can You see, so you still love him How do you know?

You still are trying to do things he's done to you

You want to go as far as he goes Anyway...

Perhaps this proud and serious person...

Isn't the same person I used to think he was You know, maybe me and him never were a match Or We used to think We were one

It's hard to love Yeah I'm starting to learn How?

I thought you said you never did love anyone

How do you know?

So you have your own secrets Yeah I think it's contagious You don't even give me the chance to cry Isn't it a pity?

There's still one more night left You're just saying it for my sake Otherwise you know Well he Won't be there No I'm sure you'll meet the one who loves you There are certain things which are bothering my mind What?

Why would you postpone your life for me?

I didn't do that I have a class tomorrow Don't beat around the bush I think you're trying to...

How can I say it?

I think you're making sacrifices for me And I'm very grateful for it But shouldn't you use some of your affections on someone you love?

Don't Worry She'll eventually realize What I'm doing

I just Wanted you to know I'm not an ungrateful person I'm very sorry for all the trouble I've been putting you through I really Wish happiness for you and I hope you find the one you love Just make sure you don't throw your books at her face Women can't tolerate any sort of a competition

I love the people of this city Since I know one of them

[ Realism ]

I used to think stories are a part of the authors' imaginations But now I know how characters can take the readers...

And even the authors anywhere they Want to Perhaps a poem too can change the World of its poet as much as the reader

Hi Hi

Sorry if the decoration is changed I couldn't have done any better than this Why do you have the habit of putting yourself down?

It couldn't be better Maybe because I'm a small person


The sender is unknown Not the receiver

I'm leaving tomorrow morning anyway If I've stayed tonight it's just for my own sake You see professor? You can't force life to become a story

Maybe the key is to change the story He's not a very loud person I guess you could say he's very quiet too But there is something in his calmness I always thought it would happen in a different Way But I was sure that it would only happen once If this girl has so much love to be able to pass up on everything she has...

Then What's left is probably not enough to allow Another love anytime soon I used to think I'm cheered up and everything was Well But there are lots I need to learn yet

I was so sure of myself...

That I used to think I could have moved a mountain The self-confidence I've found...

Has caused me to believe I could live Without him too And perhaps alone Forever!

If there could be such an effect by loving someone absently...

Then loving someone Who's with you must be much deeper This is the lesson you taught me What are you thinking about?

Nothing But I'm sure you were thinking about something And I Want to know What I was thinking that your love...

Isn't much different than my imagining things I really Want to know your state of thoughts before meeting that person What about?

About love Was that how you imagined your match?

Not at all I used to think it would happen differently But I was sure it would only happen suddenly

Why suddenly? I don't know It may happen again

But the first time is very different That's how it was for me Why it was?

There's still one more night left

Not anymore I think it's better if I stop fooling myself

Did you ever imagine about love before this?

Very much But it's all from when I was a teenager As you grow older...

How can I say it? It's nonsense Everybody means something But they say another thing Do you understand?

I'm starting to Besides, it's very hard being alone Don't take yourself as an example Barely anyone can take it That person, sure he didn't come...

But his love was for real He knew I loved books And he used to bring me You see professor?

Truth is very much different than imagining This is the lesson you taught me What lesson?

Like I said, it's hard being alone

I grew as much as ten years during the past four nights You think I'd be like I am now if I were alone?

No, I'll tell you though I was thinking about killing myself Or to yell that my feelings have been taken for granted Or that people are a bunch of slimes Even Worse than that could have happened But I was lucky enough to have had a good companion The owner of that photo is still very much respected by me

Let him not come I'll take care of my heart by myself

You see?

It's possible to learn about love Even from someone who says he's never been in love

Perhaps I used to think differently But now...

Thanks to you I'm not the girl you met that first night

What are you doing today?

I'm going shopping I have to buy some things for grandma so she knows I was thinking of her Won't you come with me?

No I have to do some things

We meet at eight The same restaurant

Do you have an umbrella?

I do But I think I Won't open it for a couple of minutes I like the rain Bye

I'm sitting alone And I don't realize the World is with me

You chose a bad day to become rich What happened to your face?

Nothing Just some customer who didn't like my books Stupid!

You see You tell the truth but nobody believes you You're right Reality is different than imagining I'm throwing out my imagination To make room for the only reality in my life

It's almost done Are you sure you don't regret it?

Are you sure you brought the cheque?

I'm sure and so is the buyer Isn't it a pity?

Isn't it a pity for you to sell a couple of these a day?

Good books must go to the hands of those who want them That's how a good heart is too But you can't sell it Remember our deal?

You sold them all What's with this one?

It's something to remember

I Want to remember this day

Is that you mother?

Come close

I Want to tell you something

It doesn't matter if you didn't hear it It doesn't matter if you didn't get it

Had I seen you looking like this a couple of days ago...

I'd be very sad But now I think you may find more friends like this

Why didn't she come?

What if she doesn't come at all?

Or she might have met a friend Or that certain man Is it possible?

Sorry I'm late The traffic was very heavy What's Wrong with you?

Is it really this hard to Wait?

How did you bear it for so long?

Your things are in my room

What is this?

Can I see it?

It's a book

Have you read it?

No, I've been trying to find it for a While Finally, a book I've read but you haven't

I got this for you

The Date In Mud

Listen to me well I may not find another chance to say it I sold all my books I thought I had to be better to start a new life I Want to repair that house I just may build many things afresh The person Who's supposed to live there...

Everything must be ready for her Are you sure you've found the one you Want?

Yeah You're the only person I've ever loved

Are you sure you're not feeling sorry for me?

I thought about it a lot When you told me you Wouldn't accept anyone else's love that first night...

I never thought I could love you

But everyday that Went by I trusted you more Now I'm sure of What I'm saying

Will you marry me?

I don't know What to say What would you have said?

I would have Walked all night and said yes

I've already told you my situation Although it's not like it used to be But I Want to be honest with myself I didn't Want to take revenge out on someone else...

Do you understand me?

It's enough for me that you don't lie to yourself

I'll tell you this much that I don't feel any less than you do

It's hard to say it

I just need some time


Is that you Roya?

Dear reader!

It was a beautiful night One of those nights that we're unable to appreciate it when young The sky was so pure and full of stars...

That you couldn't help but to ask yourself...

How could such bad-intentioned people...

Live under such a sky

Are you upset with me?

You don't ever get upset with someone you love

Yeah You don't get upset and you forgive any Wrong doings if you see one I didn't see any Wrong doings to forgive it I looked everywhere to find you Why? I had to see you

I Wouldn't have Waited for him that long had it not been for you I'm with the one I love now And I owe it to you We're going to get married soon But I saw some things during the past four nights...

That I Wouldn't change them with anything I was Worried to have hurt your life

Listen to me then

You may think you did me Wrong...

But you're mistaking

The happiness of the past four nights was enough for all my life

I understood the love you felt I'll try to keep it forever

I'll never forget you

Will you read me a poem?

Are you going to keep him Waiting now?

I Waited for him for four nights I have the right to make up for only a few minutes What do you Want to hear?

Anything you Want to

I had a feeling in my heart That there will be a day when We will part