Shadow Dancer (2012) Script

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We've got to get started really early on Monday, though.

I'll talk to him about that.

Go out and get us some fags, love, would you?


Collette, get going.

Get yourself some sweets?

Sorry, mate. Aye.

No one's heading out now except for the missus.

Dad wants you to get some fags. He asked you.

It doesn't matter. I went last time.

Do you want a glass of milk, Collette? No, I'm fine.

Don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed, love.

Go on. No.

I'll give you some money.

Stop talking and get ready. Aye, I'm coming. I'm coming.

Get me some sweets.

Run! Come on. They're coming!

Ma! Dad!

Jesus Christ! He's shot. Jesus. What happened'?

He got shot, Dad. What? Who is it? Sean?

Is it Sean? God, Gerry.

Breathe, for Jesus' sake, breathe.

Get a towel. Get a towel.

Get out the way!

Just breathe. Just breathe for me. Go on, please.

Give that to me. Get the fucking...



Jesus Christ. Jesus.

Sean, Sean. God. Sean, Sean. God.


God. God. God. God.

Please, God. Sean. God, no.


Excuse me.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.

Due to a reported emergency, will all passengers leave the station immediately?

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.

Due to a reported emergency, will all passengers leave the station immediately?

Do you want water? Coffee?

It's not gonna give you what you want or what your family's lawyers expect.

But it might help.

This could take a while.

You're wasting your time.

I doubt it.


So, a lot of this you know we know.

Some of it you definitely don't.

Like this. Remember him?

'Course you do.

Look at him.

Henry Laws. You used to work in his print factory.

You told Connor he was a part-time soldier.

You scouted it. Gerry ordered it. Connor pulled the trigger.

Henry's wife found their kids clinging to the corpse.

Now obviously his family didn't know, but a week later, you went to the funeral. Why did you do that'?

OK. Provisional forensics.

This is definitely not one for the brothers back home.

This would definitely lead to a lot of awkward questions.

So I guess this is how you figured it.

You leave the bag. You make the call. They place a warning.

There's a bomb on a train somewhere on the line.

We have to close down the whole network.

We find the bag. We carry out a controlled explosion, and that way your brothers at home never find out, right?

You never set the timer, Collette.

I want a lawyer.

A terrorist who can't bring herself to... I want a lawyer.

Let me tell you what it's going to be like.

Irish girl. English jail.

Every time you want to see your boy, every time he wants to see you, his grandma's gonna have to load him onto the ferry and drive 400 miles.

It's gonna break his fucking heart.

Do you know how many people your brothers killed last year?

This year's victims are still walking around, Collette.

They're doing the washing.

They're dropping their kids at school.

You can keep it that way.

You see, now that everybody's talking peace, the word is that your leaders think that Gerry's the problem.

He's not going to let them sell out.

So how far is he gonna go? What's he gonna do?

You agree to watch him and talk to us, and you're out of here like nothing ever happened.

Back to your ma. Back to your boy.

We'll Pa)' YOU...

And one day, if you want it, we'll give you a life far away from this.

Nobody dies.

Nobody gets hurt.

We just talk.

I want a lawyer.

This isn't who you are, Collette.

How the fuck would you know who I am?

I know it bugs the hell out of you that your mum won't get the washing machine fixed.

I know you're asking yourself why your boy still wets his bed at night.

Fuck off.

And I know you were so lonely the night before you came down here that you went home with some guy you don't even like.

I want a lawyer.

You can have all the fucking lawyers you like, but it's not gonna change a thing.

We've got you. You're finished. You're done.

So is your boy.


There's the paperwork to have him taken into care.

You really want a lawyer? You wanna go that way?

Just dial 9 for an outside line.

Yes, the IRA does continue to insist it's serious about peace, but a lot of people are going to find that hard to credit when the organisation appears to be trying to send young men and women over here to place bombs on the London transport network.

And now the police have issued this photograph of the alleged bomber tonight.

It is a little indistinct.

It was taken from the security camera before she went into that tunnel, but they hope that someone will recognise her from it.

Now, in other news, and the government is expected to give its decision later today...

They'll kill me.

They'll never know.

They will.

I'll be there, day and night, watching.

Have you done this before? Yes.

Are any of them still alive? Yes, all of them.

Till you don't need them any more.

We do this together.

But I need to hear you say it.

You have to be sure.

I'm sure.

So this is our number. Memorise it, then burn the paper.

Always ask for Declan.

He's your new boyfriend. That's your cover story.

So we meet every Wednesday at midday at the car park in the quay at Queen's Island starting this week.

You just walk around until I find you.

You think you're being followed, don't stop.

Don't use the phone at the house.

Anyone sees you in a phone box, just say it's a love affair you don't want your mother to hear about.

You're gonna need this. It's an emergency bleeper.

Hide it well.

You press that button, half the world will come running.

What's your name?

Always ask for Declan.

I mean your real name.

It's better you don't know.

If you make a mistake, I'm dead.


I'd like to know your name.


So I'll see you at the quay the day after tomorrow.

You make damn sure you're there.

Where is he? He's out the back.

He's fine.


Go away.

Hey. Come here. Leave me alone.

Come here. Come here.

You're all right.

Let's see.

I can see one, two, three, four, five...

How youse all doing? We heard a rumour our girl was back.

Hi, Gerry. Hi, Ma.

Hi, Connor. Hi, Ma.

Good to see you. Good to see you. How's it going?

It was all over the news.

So just be careful with Ma. She's been a bit upset.

- All right, wee man? The Taoiseach and I are agreed on a joint declaration on Northern Ireland.

It makes no compromise on strongly held principles.

You heard about this, right? Aye, I read about it.

Our message is clear and simple. There is no future in violence.

Republican leader Liam Hughes gave his reaction.

Republicans are very disappointed about what they've heard here today, but we will give this document serious consideration and stand ready to move the process fon/vard.

But even after...

Finish your carrot, there.

Want to play some football before you start your homework?


So, what, were you being followed?

Not all the time.

I think there was some of them on the train, so I got off and ran.

Into a tunnel? Aye.

Brave. Stupid.

You'll need to talk to Kevin.

Jesus Christ.

He's all right, so he is.

How are you?

I'm fine.

See that.

What did Gerry say?

I have to talk to Kevin.


Because Gerry says so.

How are things here?

It's OK. It's quiet.

Remember that peeler who tried to put us away for your boss at the print works?

We know where he lives.

Maybe you'd like to be a part of it. Friday.

I'm going up to my room, Granny. I've got to do my homework.

There you go, sir.

Hey. OK, Pat, thanks.

Congratulations. Your idea.

But it was your catch.

Is she really in? We'll see.

Well, they'll run her past Kevin Mulville.

They're even more paranoid than normal at the minute.

It's OK. She's smart. She'll be fine. Good.

Have a good day. Bye.

See you later.


I asked Connor to fix that.

We need to get Gerry in, Ma.

Connor can't fix his own hair.

She's not coming.

Hi, Granny. Hi, love.

You have a visitor.

All right, Mark. What about you?

Are you all right?

Hello, Kevin. Collette, what about you?

Hey, you. I'll be there in a second. Go through.

That's a beautiful wee young fella you have.

That's kind of you, Kevin.

We just need to talk about London.

Later. I've got to give him his tea.

A volunteer is never off duty, Collette.

Neither is a mammy, Kevin.

All right. No problem.

Tomorrow, then. Aye.

What the fuck's he doing here?

He's grand, Connor. He was just leaving.

Just doing me job, Connor. Fuck off and do it somewhere else.

See you tomorrow, Collette.


He's no business coming to this house.

All right, Gerry? Kevin.

Are you looking for me or something? No, I was just calling in for Collette.

Gerry should be keeping him in line.

Her hands are full there with the young fella.

Mummy? Mark?

Can I have some cake? All right.

Open up! Police!


Mummy! You have no business breaking in here.

Who do you think you are? Get dressed, Miss McVeigh.

Where's Mark? Get dressed.

Leave her. Leave her alone. Look, we've had enough.

We've all had enough. She's a mother, for God's sake.

I'm a fa, but what does that change? Nothing.

Well, let her get dressed.

Are you looking after the boy, Mrs McVeigh?

Mummy? Mark. Jesus Christ.

Come on, hurry up, you wee bitch.

Mummy! You're all right, son.

Come on! Look, come here, love.

It's all right, darling.

Get out of the way.

All right, Mark. Mark.

You're OK, darling. You're OK. Mum!

Bring her out.

Come on. Move yourself.

Where were you?

I was looking after my son. I couldn't get away.

So I save you from a lifetime in a prison cell, and you're seriously gonna sit here and tell me that you didn't turn up because you couldn't find a fucking nanny?

You've got one minute to give me something, otherwise the deal's off, and you're down that corridor looking at a charge sheet.

I'm sorry.

Have you seen your brothers?


What does Gerry think of the declaration?

Not much. What did he say about it?

I don't know.

He was round your place the other afternoon just after the document was signed. It was all over the news.

What did he say about it?

So tell me what's moving. Operations, plans.

I don't know.

You know what?

This isn't gonna work.

You need to call a lawyer.

There's something tomorrow.

Connor's going to get the detective

who tried to put us away for the murder of my boss at the print works.

Where? I don't know.

What time?

He didn't say. That's all I can tell you.

He said he was called Jenkins.

He wants to know where I was last week, what was I doing?

OK, let's go over it again.

I've got it.

OK. So they might not come at you straight away, so be careful. Don't drop your guard.

OK, it's time to go.

You should go.


I wet my bed. I'm sorry.

No worries. You're all right.

Is he OK?

Aye. He hasn't done this for months.

Collette, if you won't tell Gerry that you've had enough, I will.

Hey, Geoff. Are you still going to London in the morning?

No, I got pulled into this last minute TCG meeting.

What meeting?

Guess it's invitation only.

Please tell me this is bullshit. You can't be serious.

You're going to put the SAS in his back garden?

Derek Henderson is one of our own.

We can't just sit here and... Tell him.

You do this, our player's dead.

Look, we have a chance here to take Connor McVeigh's entire team out of circulation, and we have to take it.

You lay an ambush, there'll be the mother and father of all tout-hunts.

You might as well print her name in the Belfast fucking Telegraph.

Come on. You're overreacting.

I'm gonna call London.

I want everything on hold until I've spoken to Buchannan.

I've already spoken to him, Mac.

What the fuck is this all about? How should I know?

You give us Connor McVeigh, we're gonna take him.

The rest of it is your problem.

Collette? Jesus fucking...

What time is it? It's 6:00.

What's going on?

Brian Flynn was picked up last night. We need you.

I promised I'd take Mark to school.

He's fine with Ma.

Get up. Get dressed.

No, I promised Mark, Connor.

Is something wrong?

No. Get dressed.

Henderson pulls out of a cul-de-sac off the Newtownards Road at 7:30 on the nail every day.

He drives a silver Granada.

You block one side, we block the other and Brendan does the business.

Have you got that? Aye.

Youse can have coffee, if you prefer.

Put it down.

Connor, I'm going to the toilet.

Collette, are you ready?

I need to speak to Declan.


Collette, are you ready?

- Collette? Collette.

Listen, I've had to come on a wee trip with my brother.

I'm inside. I'm inside.


Are you OK?

Aye, I'm fine.

We're ready. Right.

Put this on. You're coming with me.

What? You're coming with me.

Jesus Christ! Get out! Get out! My God.


Where's the key? Where's the fucking key?

My husband has the key.

So what have you got? Anything?

The shooter's name is Brendan O'Shea. He's in intensive care.

It's touch and go whether he'll make it.

- Mulville? We 're still looking.


What a fucking mess.

Thanks for coming by, Barry.

Talk later.

What was all that with Delavine earlier?

Are you feeling left out, Mac?

So you're working another angle? No.

Relax, we're all on the same side.

- Can I speak to Declan? Hold the line.

Yeah, this is Dec/an.

Is he dead?

He's in the hospital, but it's not looking good.

He came in when I was talking to you.

Did he hear you? Aye.

OK, we'll deal with it.

If he's alive, that's it.

I said we'll deal with it.

Right, right.


We need to talk.

Aye. Now.

Have a seat there for yourself, Collette.

Do you want a coffee?

Be grand.

When did you first hear about the operation, Collette?

This morning in the car. In the car this morning?

Aye. Are you sure about that?


No mention of it before then? No.

Connor drop you a few hints? No.

We were going to take out the guy who tried to put you away?


See, it's like this, Collette.

Only two men knew the time and the place, right?

And it's hardly our Gerry squealing to the Brits.

So, is it his shaggy-haired brother?

Or did he blab his fat mouth off to his sister?

We lose you in London, but then you're back like nothing ever happened.

Then the peelers bash in your Ma's door, haul you off to Castlereagh.

But you're back by tea time, like nothing ever happened.

Sure they knew I'd been away for a while.

Who? A man. An English fella.

What was his name? Jenkins.

Ml5? Probably, aye.

What did he want?

Where was I'? What had I been doing?

What did you say?

I said I was visiting my auntie in the south.

Without your son?

I told him I was going with a fella there.

Which one asked you about it all, now? Mac.

Who's Mac?

You said his name was Jenkins.

Well, Mac Jenkins, that's his name.

So you were friendly then?

First name terms and all that.

You're red-lighted, Collette McVeigh.

Don't leave Belfast. We're not done yet.

Where is he? He's making his excuses to our Lord.

So sad, isn't it?

He said he wants to talk to Collette again.

That's not right, Gerry. You need to tell Kevin to back off.

After what's just happened, he'll need to talk to her again.

What do you mean?

Just heard from the hospital. Brendan's dead.


Did you kill him?

Did you fucking kill him? Calm down.


Were you going to?

Were you going to?

Kevin knows. He's red-lighted me.

No, he doesn't. It's his job to make you think he knows.

Well, he's brilliant at it then.

You said, "Nobody dies", "nobody gets hurt". Collette!

Collette, love.

Fucking loads of them.

Do you want to talk to these guys?

I'll do the talking, OK? Yeah?

Youse will have to let us through.

Good morning. We agreed none of this would happen.

Yes, we did. You know the law, Mr Hughes.

Yes, I do. Good.

You're not going to bury this man as a soldier. Not on my watch.

There's nothing here. That's a colour party.

It's a few grieving men.

Do I look like I was born yesterday?

Do you realise how antagonistic this is? There'll be no trouble from us.

Come on, Gerry. Listen, no trouble...

Just make sure there isn't.



Walk away.

Move your men back. Do you hear?

Stay where you are.

Better stand in, Liam. You know I can't.

Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

For God's sake.


Any comments, Mr Hughes?

Look over here, Liam.

All right?

What about you? What about you?

Where's Connor? I think he's in the back room there.

Right. Aye.

See you. I'll see youse in a wee bit. No bother, take it easy.

What happened today makes us look bad, understand?

It makes us look divided.

Youse want a ceasefire now.

We're not there yet, Gerry.

We're not there, but youse are.

The Brits are talking about a serious...

A document of surrender, that's what's on the table.

The Brits are talking about a serious response to any gesture we make. It's a document of surrender.

You've no fucking right. No fucking right.

The leadership decides, Gerry. You don't represent us.

You never fucking have.

The leadership decides. Never fucking have.

The leadership decides, Gerry.

Now cop yourself on. Fucking child.

Hiya. How you doing, man?

Hey, pet, are you all right? All right.

You away there, Collette?

Aye. Aye, it's getting on.

Don't forget to pay your respects to poor Brendan's parents.

Actually, I've been meaning to ask you, Kevin.

Are you my brother's keeper, now?

I'll do what I have to do, Collette.

I believe it's your wee boy's birthday.

Get a football or something.

That's kind of you, Kevin. Don't worry about it.

Identification please, sir.

That's fine. Thank you.


Come in.

We'll go in here.


Can you give us a minute and go and talk to Daddy a minute in the other room?

Right, drink? No, thanks.

Come on. It's the weekend.

If I had known you were on your own, I would have invited you over.

Why have you locked the Henderson file?

Maybe it was London. It wasn't London.

Barry Delavine works my side of the street.

If he was pumping your hand, that means he's got another angle on Henderson.

Another angle means another tout.

So you got someone else. Mac.

But Collette McVeigh was your idea, so I'm asking myself why.

You know, I spend eight months reeling her in, and you're prepared to burn her on day one. Why?

I'll tell you why I think.

I think Mulville was getting close to Barry's tout, and you just wanted some fucking red meat to throw him.

I want to take her out. That's out of the question.

Look, they'll assume she's one of ours, so she'll still take the heat off whoever it is you're trying to protect. That's fantasy.

Besides, she's only just got started.

She's done what we asked of her. Come on, Mac.

A new identity, protection, a house, income for life.

What is that? A million?

Throw into that eight months' work setting her up.

It's more like two.

You think London's going to buy all that just for one good hit on Connor McVeigh's crew'? Forget it.

We made a deal. I absolutely forbid it.

Kate, she's got a son.

Is this because she has a pretty face, Mac?

Because I thought you were a lot smarter than that.

Do you like it?

There you go.

What do you think it is?

What do you think that is? Are you just gonna look at it?

He's doing nothing. Open it, Mark.

Go on. Open it up.

Look. Just rip it off.

It's quality wrapping right there, isn't it?

Go on. Rip it open.

Look at that. Do you like it?

It's a good one, isn't it? Yeah.

Reckon you're big enough for it? I think so.

It's very fast. A very fast bike this, you know.

I'm just gonna check the old...

It looks good.

All right, get up on it.

OK, off you go. Yeah!

Yes! Perfect.

Turn round. Ls the brakes all right? They're fine.

Check them when you... Just try them out down here.

Slow it down. Keep going. Keep going. Keep...

Perfect. It's all uphill now of course.

He's doing all right. Looks great.

I think we done a good job there. I think so.

Just go faster. Look at his face.

Faster. Come on.

Go on. Perfect. Mark McVeigh!


Right, come on. Right, 20 seconds.

Twenty-two seconds, off you go. There you go.

That's all right. That's 20...

Don't start, Ma, please. Not today.

Come back now. Where you going? That's 23...

Where you going? He's gonna kill himself.

Stop him going. No, stop. Stop, stop, stop.

What are you doing here, Mac? I need a favour.

You were all out of those a long time ago.

They're hunting a tout in Gerry McVeigh's crowd, right?

Have been for a while?

Maybe a year.

They know it's someone close to Gerry.

What's Gerry doing about it?

He's listening to our friend, Kevin Mulville.

You know Mulville, Mac.

He won't stop until he's put a bullet in someone's head.

Be back in a wee bit.

I have a doctor's appointment.

Can't you take Mark with you?

Where are you going? Downtown.

Then going downtown can wait. Please, Ma. I've got to go.

What are you going to do in the town, Collette?

Please, Ma.

No one has to go downtown. I've got to go.

You're late. I'm here. I've made it.

You've seen me. I've got to go. My mother's raging.

Collette. Kevin's watching me.

Look, we've been through this before. For Christ's sake.

Listen to me. You've got a job to do. My job is to end up in a ditch.

No, it's not going to end up like that. Aye, it is.

You've got to pull yourself together, otherwise this isn't going to work.

You made your choice.

I'm dead. I'm dead. That's the choice I've made.

No, you're not. That is not gonna happen.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

I'm sorry.

I've got to take you out.

It's just me, you understand?

They've got their own agenda, so if I take you out, we're on our own.

I'll need a few days.

I can take your boy but nothing else, you understand?

Do you understand, Collette?

I'll be here at 3:00 on Monday.

Sure, the politics of it is all bollocks.

If it comes to it, we'll go our own way and be better for it.

But we're nothing if we're not clean.

And a tout means we're dirty.

Gerry, I can't hold on any longer.

We can't.

It's someone close to you. It has to be.

I need the word now.

Don't worry about it.

- Hello, Geoff. It's Mac. Hi, Mac.

Yeah, listen, I'm just doing a bit of paperwork here.

You know the Henderson operation last week?

Do you know if they've put a hard copy in the library yet?

Not sure. Why?

I can't seem to get in.

You couldn't dig me out the agent code, could you?

- You got a pen? Yeah, shoot.

Actually, there's two on the incident report.

That's all right. Just give me them both.

672545 'I/MIU and 5736917/LPN.

So let's try this one more time, Connor, '?

When did you tell your sister about the attack on the peeler?

Fuck you.

Go on.

All right.

If you didn't tell her, then that means you're the squealer, right, Connor?

I need a favour. You always need a favour.

I need to look at some of the records from Castlereagh.


I want to check out everyone that was brought in for interview or interrogation around April '82. I said, "Why?"

You know how uptight they are.

Come on, Ian. Everyone's got to fight for their guy, right?

I don't think mine's got long left.

Last chance, Connor.

Just fucking do it.

Fucking do it.

He's not the one we're looking for.

'82. What month? April.

Get on with it.

Come on. Youse are going to be late.

Did you clean your teeth? Yes.

I'll go.

Here's your coat, Mummy. Thank you, Mark.

- Hello? They're coming for Collette.

We recruited her to protect you.

Right, off we go.

There was nobody there. I'll see you later.

Bye, Granny. Here, Mark.

See you.

We made it in time.

You should have seen his little face at the gates.


Mummy, where are we going? We're going on a wee trip.

Connor? It's done.

We need to get going.