Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework (1997) Script


[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Maniacal laughter ]

Man: Pick up the ball.

Come on, you guys.

[ Coach's whistle blows ]

[ Kids chatter ]

Boy: Take it! Take it!

Don't let him get you!

Boy #2: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

[ School bell ringing ]

[ Chatter ]

[ Bell ringing ]

[ Wind howling ]

[ Electrical crackling ]

[ Glass breaking ]

[ Maniacal laughter ]

[ Laugher continues ]

I lovethe young!

So full of ideas and imagination.

Ha ha ha ha!


Number 13.

My classroom.


You don't want to be late.

[ Crackling ]

Reaper: Take a seat...

If you dare.

The shadow zone is everywhere...

At school; Even in your own bedroom, and it's so easy to get into.

It is the place between the living and the dead, where the ordinary, everyday world meets the things that live in your worst nightmares.

There is only one requirement to enter...

A little touch of evil.

It's as simple as stealing, as easy as cheating, as near as a lie.

[ Clatter ]

Jesse hackett is a good boy.

But he's sick and tired of his teacher.

He hates her. [Laughs]

There's too much homework.

He's a lazy boy.

And that's his ticket to the shadow zone!

Ha ha ha ha ha!



Oh, that and, uh...

A living doll.

Ha ha ha ha!

I wonder if he'll graduate...

Or if he'll stay here like little Tommy.

Shall we see?

[ Rumbling ]

[Train whistle alarm]



What? No! What...?!

Oh! Oh!

Oh, whoa!




Good morning, Mr. Hackett.

You're late again.


You're alwayslate.

[ Jesse grunting ]

Good morning, Mr. Hackett.

Late! Late!

Late! Late!

Late! Late....[Echoing]...

[ Gasps ]


Dad says don't be late again.

Don't you ever knock?

Did you make your bed?

After breakfast.

Gotta go into work this morning.

[Exasperated] Dad.

Overtime's good, buddy.

So I need you to do me a favor.

Put the wash on for me.

No! All right?

I have to get to school.

After school is fine. I mean, no one's gonna be home till five, you can pop it in while you're doing your homework, okay?

I remember when I had a life.

Come on, Jesse, when we opened the restaurant, we all agreed we'd pitch in.

Remember you were gonna fix my Dollhouse?

I just did! How many times do you break that thing?!

Morning, annabelly.

Hi, Jesse.

You guys make your beds?

I did. Jesse didn't.

Hey, you know what?

The bluefish are running today.

You want to drive me down to the pier?

Sure! Get me into work early.

Yeah, you might get a bonus.

A bonus would a good idea, daddy.

Yeah. A big bonus would be a greatidea.

Get Annabel a glass of milk, and clean off the table for me.

And Jesse, can you get Annabel to brush her teeth?

Where's my milk?

[ Sighs ]

Man, where have you been?

You know, this is not a good day to make me late.

Cody, relax.

Got plenty of time.

I just... I had to...

Don't tell me.

Let me guess...

Your alarm didn't go off.


No, that's too simple.

I think I have it.

You had to rescue somebody from a burning building?


No, your clothes are too clean for that.

I-I got it...

You just don't care.

Cody, it's not a big deal.

It is for me. See, I like my things orderly, on schedule, and simple.

You like confusion.

Well, excuse me, but I had a couple of things to do before school.

I have to get Annabel dressed.

I'm the one that does the laundry andthe dishes and...

All right, all right.

No problem. Let's just go.

So Jesse, you busy after school?

Me, busy? What, are you kidding?

Good. Because my mom told me what I'm getting for my birthday.

What, your own gold card?

No. A brand-new mountain bike.

It's from that bike shop in St. Jude's, and I get to pick it.

How come you always get awesome stuff for your birthday?

That shop has outrageous bikes.

So you want to help me pick it out?

Well, let me think.

Uh, Annabel's at swimming, mom's at the restaurant, and dad's at work till five.

Yeah, I can make that work.

Good, "cause Geneva's" gonna drive us there...

Wait. Did you say Geneva?

Yeah. Do you have a license?

And besides, she promised not to put on any whale music.

Cody, I know she's your sister and all, but Geneva's kind of a freak.

No, she's not. She's just on a different plane than us.

So, you coming or what?

Absolutely. All right.

I'm thinking blue.

Oh, man.

I mean, pink? Come on.

It's a girl color.

Hey, punk.

Come on, bartunek.

Come on where? Ha ha!

How can you even think that's clever? Now just...

What? Nothin'.

Yeah, that's what you are, kid. Ha ha! Nothing.

Hi, Mrs. Fink.


[ Roars ]

I'm gonna get you, hackett!

Cody: You got your homework done? You know Mrs. Fink will go ballistic if you don't.

No sweat. I know she's got it in for me, but I spent all night doing 600 words on great expectations.

That's our English assignment.

Right. This puppy's gonna get me an "a," and it's gonna keep El finko off my back.

Jesse, that isn't due till Thursday.

Ohh. Then what...

History. The civil war?

Man, you're dead meat.

Well, maybe she won't call on me.


Mr. Hackett, is something wrong?

No, Mrs. Fink.

I'm fine, thank you.

Very well.

Your report, please.

Uh... well...

We're waiting.

[ Jesse grunts ]

Am I to understand that your report is not done?

Well, I... uh...

I got my English paper.

I thought it was Thursday.

Youare failing history.

Do you realize that you are in danger of being left back?

Yes, Mrs. Fink.

And you still came to class today without your homework, knowing that your final Mark might drop at least a whole grade for being late...



Technically, it's not late, because, you see, it's...

It's done. It's just, um...

I brought the wrong assignment.

Mm-hmm. Let's see.

It's done?


And your English assignment as well?

Mm-hmm. Yep.

Very well.

Then you should have no problem whatsoever copying out the

"facts to remember" section of chapters eight and nine in your history text...

Tonight. Ohh.

Andturning it in with the finished report tomorrow.

No, Mrs. Fink.


Thank you.

Cody glimpsure.

Don't sweat it. I'll bring my bike over after.

No way, all right?

I can get it all done.

Trust me, I'm not letting Mrs. Fink ruin our day.

Just because we got the nastiest teacher in the entire universe doesn't mean that she can wreck our lives.

Mrs. Fink is just...

She's pure evil.

I heard that she used to work in an animal shelter, gassing puppies.

Oh, and I'll bet you her husband was a mass murderer and she left because he wasn't good enough at his work.

I wish she would just get out of our lives, you know, just forever! Shh.



Hey, Mrs. Fink.

[Sighs] Great.


I mean, she didn't hear that, did she?

[ Stammering ]

She didn't know I was talking about her.


Ohh. Great.

Dead meat.

Shut up, Cody.

[ Chatter ]

Sorry to keep you waiting.

No problem.

Time controls us; we don't control time.

Speaking of which, you sure you've got time to come with us?

Plenty. And don't worry about me.

I don't haveto. Your fate is already predestined.

It's in the stars.

[ Whale songs ]

Are we gonna listen to that all the way to St. Jude's?

Whales sing to each other when they talk.

Did you know that?

[Sarcastic] Cool.

Thank you, mother earth.

Geneva: Cool.

A parking spot by the store.

Jesse: Great.

A shopping pit stop.


Cody: Hey, look at this.

Geneva: Wow.

Isn't this positively beautiful?

This would go so well with my purple dress.

It's you.

Oh, look, they sell incense.

This stuff is really old.

[ Hinges creak ]


Beats the heck out of a doorbell.

How much are these earrings?


That's cool.

[ Rapping ]

Hey, come on.


Ooh, that's nasty.

[ Clatter ]

[ Electrical crackling ]

Boo! Hey!

Ha ha ha!

Don't be sneaking up on me like that.

Nice doll.

Does it remind you of anybody?

Is it supposed to?

Mrs. Fink.

No way. Uh-uh.

Come on, are you kidding?

I mean, it's too cool.

It's got the same hair, and...

What are you doing with that?

That is not for sale.

Give it to me!

Hey, I just want to look.

Give it back.

M-my sister, she collects dolls, so I might want to get it for her.

This doll is not for sale.

Okay, let's go.

Hey, there's no need to be rude.

Yeah. I mean, if it's in the store, it has to be for sale.

You have no idea what you're dealing with here, young man.

Guys, you know, he's right.

Let's just get out of here.

If you really want it, then takeit.

Take it and get out.

It called out to you...

So, you shall be called to it.

That is the legend.

It is a gift.

Perhaps you two will find each other.

[ Evil laughter ]

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, they sure got a lot to learn about customer relations.

The guy is freaky.

I mean, "find each other"?

What's that all about?

Well, we got a mountain bike to buy. Let's go.

Oh, man. They're gonna be home any minute. [Sighs]




Mrs. Fink.

Your report, please.

"Well, you see, Mr. Hackett, I... I... "


Your punishment for not being ready is banishment from the world of Jesse hackett!

Ha ha ha ha!

Dad: Jesse? You home?

Oh, you're doing homework.

I'm... impressed.

Might as well.

I brought home some chicken teriyaki.

I'm heating it up now, so, uh, come on down.

[ Exhales ]

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Wind howling ]

[Railroad alarm ringing]

[ Alarm off ]

How did you get...?

You fix my Dollhouse yet?

Didn't I tell you to knock?

What was that?

It was nothing. I'll fix your Dollhouse later.

Come on.

So how much did you get done?

Well, most of it.

A lot, all right?

I started it.

You know what?

It was good knowing you.

Cody, I don't know how to get it all done.

The homework, the chores...

It seems like I'm always behind.

Time management, that's the key.

You see, it's simple.

You lay out the time you have available, then assign all the things you have to get done to a specific time and length.

Yeah, right. Maybe I'll just fake Scarlet fever.

You did that last month, remember? It didn't work.

She'll know.

El finko alwaysknows.

Yeah. [Sighs]

Boy: Maybe she's sick!

Boy #2: Maybe she's dead!

I heard on the news there was an accident last night.

Maybe she ran away with a musician.

More like a mortician.

Oh, man!

[ Chatter stops ]


[ Clears throat ]

Good morning, Mrs. Fink.

What happened?

I, uh, sprained my arm this morning...

Rather badly, it seems...

On the way to school.

And, uh, I'm afraid we won't have...

We'll just read our books today.


Chapter nine.

Saved! Man, I can't believe how lucky you are.

It's gotta average out sometimes. Yeah.

[ Dog barking ]

No. It... it couldn't be.

Hi, mom.

Hi, Jess. How was school?

It was fine.

You know, the usual.

Listen, I have got to get back to the restaurant, and dad is still sleeping.

So would you mind getting some dinner for Annabel and yourself?

Sure, no problem.

You are such a big help.

See ya.

[Sighs] Yeah, that's what I am...

One big help.

[ Sizzling ]

Annabel: I'm really glad Jesse brought you home, and I can take care of you.

You don't need to stay in his room.

You can stay in my room, too.

Jesse isn't really all that bad...

Well, maybe he is...

But mom says I have to make allowances.

Jesse: Annabel!


Jesse, guess what.

Annabel, no!

What, Jesse?

Don't touch this doll.

Why? You could play with mydolls.

Yeah, but this isn't a regular doll.

Dad: Hey, you guys.

Can you keep it down, please?

Yeah. Sorry, dad.

Go back to bed.

How come you have a doll, Jesse?

You never liked them.

This is a really rare doll.

It's not like yours, so you can't touch it, all right?


All right, come on.

Cody: She won't let me ride my bike until after my birthday.

I mean, that's unreasonable.

But she won't listen.


You'renot listening.

I mean, what's wrong?

What's the matter?

Boy: Get him!

Boy #2: He's open!

Pass it! Pass it!

Wait, wait, wait.

You didfinish your homework, didn't you?


I can't believe it.

I-I mean...


Teacher: Oh, my. I don't think you should be doing that.

Oh, no, my grandfather got a nail in his head, and it didn't hurt a bit! Ha ha!

Oh ho ho ho!


Get it, get it, get it!


[ Gasps ]

Oh, no!

What happened?

Kids: Oh! Oh!

[ Excited chatter ]

Get a teacher!

[ Chatter ]

Someone get a doctor!


You kids stay here.

Oh, my gosh, is she dead?

Mrs. Fink? Mrs. Fink, speak to me, Mrs. Fink.

Are you all right, Mrs. Fink?

Cody: I can't believe it.

You lucked out again.

Jesse: What if luck had nothing to do with it?

What? It was an accident.

But what if it wasn't?

You mean Brent meant to hit her with the football?

No, that's not what I said.

But what would you say if I told you that Mrs. Fink...

Woman: Good morning, class.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is miss macro, and I'll be with you until Mrs. Fink gets better.

Now, does anyone want to tell me what you were doing last class?

What's with you, Jesse?

You've been acting weird all day.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Try me.

Hey, look at this.

Well, what do we have here?

Give it back.

Look what hackett brought to school today.

His little Dolly.

Come on, bartunek.

What's the matter, worried about your Dolly?

Only a jerk like you would want something this ugly.

Man, that's his sister's.


You want it back?

Jump for it.

Oh, now you're gonna cry, are ya?

Cry without your Dolly.

Maybe I'll just go burn your Dolly next to the barbecue, huh?


Oh, yes!

It bit me!

The doll bit me!

Are you okay, Joey?

Did the Dolly bite you?

Did the Dolly bite the baby?

You're weird, hackett!

You and your doll both!


All right!

Man, you are awesome.

Mrs. Fink and Joey in the same day?

We're partners for life.

Hey, Jesse, you're nutting up, you andthe doll.


Jesse: Hello?

Mom's voice: "Annabel and i" went shopping for new shoes.

Dad'll be late.

Can you sweep up and maybe fold the laundry before dinner?

"Thanks, honey."

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Eerie whooshing ]

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Thunder ]

[ TV goes on ]

[ Electric train whistle ]

[ Stereo playing ]

[ Cacophony ]

[ Electric train whistle ]

[ Wind howling ]

[ Train whistle stops ]


[ Thunder ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Exclaims ]

What... what...

Mr. Hackett, we meet at last.

Who... who are you?

If we are going to be partners, you must learn to express yourself more clearly.


Of course. You and I have a lot of work to do if we are to achieve your goal.

Get control of your life.

Banish Mrs. Fink from the world of Jesse hackett.

I-I know what this is.

It's just a dream.

I fell asleep in class and you're just a nightmare!

You seem wide awake to me.

Pull yourself together.

You... you look just...

Are you Mrs. Fink?

No. But you might say that it's because of her and you that I am here.

I'm a friend; A friend that can help you with your heart's desires.

Yeah, but I mean...

Don't interrupt.

I'min charge here!

Don't ever forget that.

You may not be good at lessons, but you willremember that one.

[ Gasps ]

[ Dog barking ]


[ Knocking on window ]

Who could that be?

Cody! Let me in!

Of course. Jesse.

Cody, you're not such a geek that you can't find more enlightened people to hang out with.

He's my friend.


I think they have shots for that now.

What are you doing?

You have to come with me.

I'm doing my homework.

No, no. Cody, you have to come with me now.

You have to see it!

This better be big.

It's big. Come on!



The doll!

The doll. Wait, are you telling me you made me run all the way over here just to look at the doll?

It is not just any doll.

Jesse, I was there, remember?

This is the same doll you got at the store.


What, I'm gonna hurt its feelings?

So you dressed it up like Mrs. Fink.

It talked to me.

It got out of the bag all by itself.

It had a fork.

[Laughs] What's next?

Is it gonna go flying around the room?

Come on. You did it before, do it again.

Jesse, this is so lame.

Just look at it.

Its face is changing.

It looks exactly like Mrs. Fink.

So? You drew a face on it.

So what?

No, 'cause I didn't do it.

And look at the hair...

I didn't do any of that.

Listen, when we brought it home I got a fish hook stuck in its right arm. All right?

The next day Mrs. Fink sprained her right arm.

And then Annabel knocked it down the stairs. That's exactly what happened to Mrs. Fink today.

Whatever happens to this doll happens to Mrs. Fink.

This is like the sea monster you told me about at summer camp, isn't it?

No! That was...

And I wouldn't go swimming and I failed the test and everybody laughed at me.

Cody, that was just a joke, all right?

This... this could be the coolest thing ever.

It's alive. All right?

It's really... it's alive!

Get the thing away from me.

What? You really think I'm that stupid?



Ha ha. Oh, man, I knew it.

Just because I study and get good grades instead of goofing off...

I didn't mean that.

[ Sighs ]

Mom said to say we're home.

Are you playing dolls?

Can I play too?

Great. Perfect.

Now everybody's gonna think I play with dolls.

Thanks, Jesse.

Cody! Come on, you know that's not what I meant.

Mom: Jesse!

Hi, Jesse. Can you give me a hand? There's two more bags in the car.

What are you doing?

Don't you ever knock?

I told you never to touch that doll.

Well, you put it in my room.

I did not.

What, it walked?

What did you do to it?

I bandaged it.

The poor thing was hurt.

It just needed a little tender loving care.

And you know, it really isn't all that ugly.

You listen to me.

If you ever touch this doll again, I will...

You'll what?

Jesse's mad at me for playing with his doll.

Come on, Jesse.

Don't you have enough to do without messing with your sister?

Your brother's not gonna do anything to you, Annabel.

By the way, I wanted to talk to you about the, uh...

It was an accident.


All right, you're allowed one or two... but leave your sister alone, all right?

Dinner's ready. You coming?

Yeah, I'll be right down, I just... I just gotta change my clothes.

Now stay there, all right?





[ Bell ringing ]

What's up, little brother?

It's Jesse.

The poster child for delaying, laziness, inventive storytelling, otherwise known as "lying"?

You remember when he came to get me today?

What did he want?

He wanted to show me...

Well, he had something.


Well, this doesn't mean anything, all right? But you remember that doll he got?

From that crazy person?

Yeah, what about it?


Do you, like, do you think dolls can talk?

Sure. They all have microchips now.

They can have their hair grow, cry like babies. Anything.

No, no.

Not like that.

I mean reallytalk.

Come to life.

Any inanimate object can come to life if given the proper energy.

People are foolish to think that we are the only things alive in this universe.

It goes back to our inflated egos.

Yeah. Jesse says a lot of weird things, but this doll has got him going, and I don't know where.

[ School bell ringing ]

All right. Now, I gotta go to class, so don't go anywhere. You hear me?



Look, Cody, I didn't mean what I said yesterday.

What, about me being stupid?

No, you see, you're not stupid, I didn't mean that.

I was reacting...

To what?!

The doll, okay?

It grabbed my fingers.

You know what? You really want to work this, don't you?

It's not like that.

You gotta believe me.

Believe you? That's it.

Why should I believe anything that you say?

[Sighs] Cody!

What is all this noise about?

Cody, come back here right now!

Right here.

Mrs. Fink.

Your arm, it's... it's better.

Yes, thank you.

The doctor told me all I needed was a little loving care.

Tender loving care.

Wait a minute. Did you say

"tender loving care"?

Yes, I did. But you're trying to distract me.

Cody, what was all this noise about?

Nothing, Mrs. Fink.

We were just... talking.

You were notjust talking.

You were yelling.

I heard you all the way down the hall, in the principal's office.

Now, what was that you just put in your locker, Mr. Hackett?

Oh... that? It was nothing.

Just books and... stuff.

Let's just see. Step aside.

Stepaside, Mr. Hackett.

Thank you.

It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it?


Oohh! Ohh!

No! Get it off!

[ Doll chittering ]

Watch out! Watch out!


[ Grunting and groaning ]



Oh, no!

Quick! The doll!

Jesse, let's split!

Mrs. Fink! What happened?

[ Siren wailing ]

I said it was too early to come back. Head injuries just don't heal that fast.

I can believe it.

I saw it jump at her.

Did you see the face?

Yeah, it was smiling.

What isthis thing?

I don't know. At first I thought it was cool, but now it's beginning to freak me out.

I mean, this doll is dangerous.

You know what? Maybe we should just give it back.

That's a good idea.

Come on, let's go.


It looks like nobody's been here in years.

There's gotta be a logical explanation.

Whatlogical explanation?

Jesse, this isn't one of your stories.

Wait! Come on, Cody.

Come on where?

Jesse, you got a doll... a doll- that jumps out and bites people.

And the store? It never existed.

It's just a door and a wall that nobody has been through in a hundred years.

Yeah, but Cody, come on.

You're not gonna let a little...

We've been through worse together.

Nothing this bad, but we've been through a lot together, right?

And... [sighs]...

You're all I've got, okay?

You're the only person that can help me.

All right. So what are we going to do?

Let's get out of here.

[ Maniacal laughter ]


Shut up! All right?

Why don't you just go away?

Leave me alone.

I can't do that.

Jesse, we're partners, remember? You wanted me.

There were a lot of dolls in that store.

It was just an accident that I chose you.

You didn't choose me, Jesse. We chose each other.

Didn't you ask for someone to get you out of trouble with Mrs. Fink?

Yeah, but...

Quiet! Weren't you the one complaining about all you had to do?

Yeah, but...

Yeah, but nothin'.

There's a price for everything, Jesse. You're getting what you want, and I'm getting life.

Life? You're a doll.

Only partly.

With every passing moment the cycle gets closer to completion.

When it does, I will be forever of your world.

And you will be my servant.

You're crazy.

You don't get it!

Once you started this, there was no way you could stop it.

We're attached, so to speak.

You see, I never wanted to hurt anybody.

Sure you did.

You just didn't know how.

And what could I have done without you?

Your hate for Mrs. Fink was the key to my life.

It's what I feed on.

We're in this together...

Forever. Ha ha!

Forget it. I don't have to listen to you, you can't hurt me.

Jesse, I'm shocked.

I would never harm you.

I needyou.

But your dad, Jesse, he's here all alone sometimes, isn't he?


You can't do anything to my dad.

And how about Annabel?

You can't hurt her.

You just don't understand, do you?

I'm the one in control now.

You'll wish for the day that the only problem you had was Mrs. Fink and a few chores.

[ Blender whirring ]

Geneva! Geneva!

Oh, hey, Cody.

What? What?

Shut it off.

I said, shut it off.

I hope you didn't ruin it.

I think I'm about six weeks too late for that.

You want some?

It's my own blend.

It organically lines up the DNA so your transitory vibrations can flow easily through you.

Egg plant and tapioca with blue cheese...

Balance the yin and Yang.

What do you want?

I need a book.

On what?

Life forces.

Non-animated objects becoming animated... you know, stuff like that.



Because I think that maybe there's more to my life than what I can see.

You know, so why don't we just check it out?

Broaden my horizons. You know.

This isn't something about Jesse and his stupid doll, is it?

No. Not at all.

[ Doll humming ]

Uh... oh...


Got ya!

[ Doll screams ]

Hold still!


[ Grunting ]

Stop it!

No more.

You are out of my life.


Stop it!

What are you doing?

[ Muttering ]


Doll: Jesse. Jesse.

Oh, you are gonna pay for this.

Please, please!

Jesse? Jesse?

[ Compactor clattering ]

[ Truck audible from street ]

[ Hydraulics whining ]

[ Clatter ] [ Gasps ]




[ Both grunting ]

You tried to get rid of me!

That wasn't nice!

Don't you know that?

You blame me?

Every day.

What is all this noise?


What are you doing?

Nothing. I just...

Just tripped.

Isn't this Annabel's?

You really shouldn't tease her, you know.

You're right. I'll give it back to her right away.

Good. She looks up to you, you know.

Doll: Baaahh!

They make them so life-like.


Doll: Put me down or I'll scream!

Now, there's a few things you're gonna do.

You sure you don't want to come?

No, it's not my kind of movie.

It's mykind of movie.

Well, enjoy it.

Bye, Jesse.

Mom! Mom.

You change your mind?

No, but... what would you say if I told you that I...

Ohh, forget it.

What if what, Jesse?

Never mind.

Enjoy the movie.

I will.

Hey, thank you for doing the laundry.

That was a really nice surprise.

No problem. See you later.


Doll: Freeze, hackett.

Going out?

I'm just going over to see Cody.


You know, if I stop seeing my friends, people are gonna get suspicious.

Be back by six, or else.


It sounded like Mrs. Fink?


Does that mean she's dead?

I don't know. It's like it's taking over her life, and it's all my fault.

So what are we gonna do?

How do I know, Cody?

It's not like we can just walk into the police station and say, "excuse me, this is" my doll that attacked

"my teacher."

Of coursenot. But...

I can't handle this alone.

I don't know anything about this stuff.

Who does?


Interesting? Try terrifying.

Do you believe us?

Of course.

Are you meditating, or is that just how you think?

Since you are coming to me, I think you should show a little more respect.

We are. I mean, we're showing respect.

It's just, we want to know.

Can you help us or not?

Of course.

Well, at least, I thinkso.

But it will take some research.

I've got to go to the library, and there's some book stores we can check out.

It sounds like the doll's using her energy, her life force, to animate itself.

Well, where is she?

It depends on how weak she is.

If she's very weak, it could have vanished her to a sidereal dimension, another place.

It's hard to explain.

The doll has to keep her alive until it can steal her soul.

Oh. Well, I mean, why did she pick Jesse to help her?

Perhaps there was something in him...

Something powerful...

Or evil.

Or maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Can we stop it from stealing her soul?

Only by destroying the doll.

Hey, sport. You missed a good movie.

Hi, sweetheart.

Hope you didn't snack, I'm making dinner.

Fries, cold roast, peas and gravy.

Wow. Sounds really good.

Are you feeling okay?


Are you getting enough sleep?

Yeah. Why?

Well, the amount of work you do around here.

Doing well, too.

I don't see how, but I reallyappreciate it.

Thanks, mom.

You know, I gotta go upstairs, do some reading for history for school Monday, so...

See ya later.

Homework on a Saturday?

[Doll clears throat]

You're late.

Well, I have a life.

A messy, disorganized one.

What did you and Cody talk about?


Not plotting anything against me, are you?

That would be a very serious mistake.

No. Actually, I was talking about my history paper.

In fact, I'm gonna do it right now.


Hey, sport.

Hi, dad.

Listen, I just want to talk to you for a minute.


You've been really pitching in, and your mother and I were talking and, well, we decided to raise your allowance.


Starting right now.


So, dad, do you believe in, I don't know, magic phenomenon and stuff like that?

Sure. It exists in some form or another.

I mean, there's a lot of things in this world that no one can explain.

[ Gasps ]

[ Clatter, glass breaking ]

Mommy! What happened?


Mommy! Mommy!

Mommy, are you okay?

Did you hurt yourself, mommy?

Mommy! Mommy...

Jesse, call 911!

[ Siren wailing ]

X-ray line one, please, X-ray, line one.

Which one do I fill out?

This one?

Dr. Williams to pediatrics, please, Dr. Williams.

Dad: Thanks for all your help.

Well, she has a concussion, sprained wrist, and various bruises, but none of it, obviously, threatening.


Not now, honey, she needs to rest.

Exactly. Her contusions have caused severe trauma.

I'm gonna have to keep her here for observation.

About how long?

At least overnight.

You could have killed her!



She should have used the ladder.

You expect me to believe that? You didn't do anything, right?

I don't care whatyou believe. You're very clever, Mr. Hackett.

You lie very well.

You lied to me about what you and your little friends talked about, and when you lie, you pay!

I'm warning you. I...

You can't hurt me!

Go ahead! Hit me, and Mrs. Fink suffers.

[Gasps] Oh!

Good evening, sol.

Is it?

So, like, what is it today, Geneva?

Voodoo. Malevolent dolls kind of voodoo.

Oh! Voodoo hoodoo!

Snatch your soul, take control!

Oh! So are you into, like, giving? Or taking?

I don't know.

Stopping, I guess.

Wow! Oh!

Voodoo for real.

Bad stuff!

Bad stuff!

I mean, nobody believes in voodoo anymore.

Why are yougetting mixed up in this?

Voodoo is nighttime and graveyards.

A friend of mine's in some trouble.

Trouble with voodoo is realtrouble.

Sol: I got it!

I got it. Oh, I knew I had it here somewhere.

You don't want to touch this.

Now, I have to translate.

Okay, let me find it.

Check this out.

"Transference of a soul" has shown up.

It says, "the spirits of voodoo" have a chance to cross over

"once in a while."

Come into this world for real?

"The time is now."

The place is near water.

Needs a soul, "a body to inhabit."

I knew that.

I figured you did.

Time's getting close, Geneva.

Too close.

Thanks, sol.

[ Monitor beeping ]


Jesse, please!

Help me!


[ Groaning, whimpering ]

Morning, Jesse.

Oh. Morning, dad. Sorry.

I didn't mean to wake you.

You didn't.

Sit down.

Hey, son, with your mom in the hospital, I'm gonna have to take some time off and work full-time at the restaurant.

Oh. Are you gonna be all right?

It'll be hard for a while, but it's what we planned to do.

It's just a little earlier than expected.



I'm gonna need your help.

Let me guess.

You want me to take care of Annabel.

Have you figured out where to lock up the doll?


Shh. Shh.

All right, that's enough.

Come on.

A doll house?

Yeah, I thought you might like a place of your own.

So does this cut me any slack?

Certainly not!

It's too small.

Well, it was the best I could do.

I don't think you understand, Mr. Hackett.

You can't scare me.

You can't buy me off.

You... aaah!


There's nothing you can do to me!

You can't hold me!

Aah! Aaah! Aaah!

Come on, the amulet!

Where is it?

It's in my bag. Get it!

All right, all right!

[ Explosions ]

Come on!

I'm trying! I'm trying!

Hurry! Hurry!

What do I do now?

Get it over here!

[ Doll screaming ]

[ Screaming stops ]

You can't get away with this!


What is that?

It's a charm. An amulet to ward off evil spirits.

Evil? You haven't seenevil!

You'll pay!

And pay and pay!

[ Grunting, groaning ]

It worked.


Well, the book was kind of iffy.

You never know about these things.

And when were you gonna tell us?

Chill. It worked, didn't it?

Yeah. So now what are we gonna do?

[ Telephone rings ]


Jesse, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is I found a couple of spells, one that will help confine the doll.

Great, let's do it.

I can't, not for another day.

The other spell might banish it, but it's dangerous.

Well, howdangerous?

You don't want to go there.

And we only get one shot.

If we don't succeed in banishing the doll at the first full moon after it appears, the doll will take over and Mrs. Fink will be gone forever.

Now, I'm willing to try if you are.

It says here if we have pure intent we should be all right.

Pure intent? What do I know about pure intent?

The doll will have to bring Mrs. Fink back from wherever it put her, and we will have to possess her near water.

Oh, and it has to do it in the dead hour.

Wait a minute. What...

The dead hour?

The hour before midnight.

That's when we have to stop it.

We have to cast a counter-spell that will banish it forever, or Mrs. Fink is gone.

How do we do it?

Well, we need some things.

Some of Mrs. Fink's hair, an item of clothing, a treasure of hers.

Well, if that's all.

So you'll have to break into her house.


Sorry. Bye.

All right, remember, we need some of Mrs. Fink's hair, an item of her clothing, and something she treasures.

So what are yougoing to do?

I have some things to get.

All right.

Man, this is like something from out of the x-files.

Come on, let's go.

Uh... wait. Wait.


Maybe I should go with you.

All right, come on, let's go!

Or... maybe I should stand guard, you know, out here, just in case.

All right, you stand guard.

You sure?

Look, whatever you do, I don't care. But do something soon, because if we stay out here any longer, people are gonna get suspicious.


Yeah. Let's... let's go.

All right, great.

I don't know.

What are you doing?

Do you really think this is the best thing?

Just stay here, all right?

You sure?

Cody... ohh!

I'm just checking.

All right. You're gonna stay here, and you're gonna be guard.

All right? We need a signal.

Can you bark?

Y-yeah. I do a great chihuahua. I'm not so good with the big dogs.

All right, whatever.

Now, you stay here, and if you see anybody coming, you just bark.

Just bark?


Okay, I can do that.

Just bark.

Man, we're dead meat. Ohh.

[ Clatter ]


What am I doing here?

I mean, I got a future.

I'm going to go to college.

[ Hinges creak ]

[ Gasping ]


[ Hinges creak ]

Oh, man.

Come on, Jesse. Come on, Jesse.

[ Car approaches ]

Oh, man. Um...

Arf arf! Arf arf!

Arf! Arf arf! Arf arf!

Arf! Arf! Arf arf!


Oh, come on, Jesse.

Arf arf! Arf arf!

[ "Barking" continues ]

Arf! Arf! Arf!

[Real dogs bark in distance]

[ Distant barking ]

[ Barking continues ]

Arf! Arf!

Arf arf arf!


[ Barking continues ]

Why didn't you bark?

I did.Me and every other dog in the neighborhood.

Did you get everything?


Cop: Did you hear something over there?

Cop 2: Yeah.

Let's check it out.

Let's go! All right.


This is perfect.

All right. Let's do it.

We can't.

What? Are you crazy?

After everything I went through, are you saying we can't do it?

It has to be the full moon, and the full moon isn't until tomorrow. I toldyou.

Yeah, but hey...

I'm new at this too, all right?

Besides, the doll is safely locked away. Nothing is going to happen.

So relax.

[Train whistle alarm]

[Turns off alarm]

[ Exhales ]

Doll: Mr. Hackett, please.

I'd like to talk.

What do you want?

I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused.

Yeah, right.

I am.You can't know what it's like being only a doll.

I thought that the only way anyone would take me seriously is if I were scary.

I really am sorry.

I'd like to prove it.

And I suppose I have to let you out now.

Of course not.

But I was thinking, your homework assignment, I could check it for you.

After all, I know what Mrs. Fink would say about it.

Don't you wantto know what Mrs. Fink would say?


I'm real proud of it.

It's a stellar piece of work.

Thank you, Mr. Hackett.


[ Munching, growling ]

What?! No!

You locked me up!

You forget, i'mthe boss here!

Not for long.

[ Burps ]

We took her to the hospital, and I had to watch my sister because my dad was still working, so I didn't finish my assignment.

It's okay, Jesse, I understand.

I'll give you until Wednesday, okay?

Thank your very much, miss macro. You know, Mrs. Fink never cut me any slack.

Did you ever tell her why you didn't do your homework?

She wouldn't understand.

She's pretty hard to talk to.

Uh-uh. Did you ever try?

Are you sure it's still locked up? Yes.

All right, I'll meet you at your place at eleven.

Geneva will meet us at the beach at eleven-thirty.

And you're sure she has everything we need, right?

Man, I hope so.

I'll see you later.

All right.

[Gasps] Annabel!

Get back to bed!

I can't sleep.

I had a bad dream.

It's all right.

Nothing's gonna hurt you, it was just a dream.

Could we play "go fish"?

What? N-no. Not tonight.

I mean, maybe tomorrow.

But no.


[Sighs] Fine, one game.

Three games.

One more game, Jesse, please! Annabel!

Hey, you said you had no threes.

I wasn't paying attention.

I win.

Good. Now get to bed.

One more game.


You're mean and I hate you!

I'd rather talk to my dolls than you!

Fine! Go to bed!

Doll: Annabel...


Come here...


Doll: Look up.

See the pretty beads?

Look up! Look up!

See the pretty beads?

See the pretty...[Echoing]...


Annabel, I'm sorry.

I just... I got some things on my mind.

Annabel? Come on down, we can play some more games.




Oh, no.



Annabel's gone.

The doll's got her.

How? I don't know.

I yelled at her, and she let it out.

Where's Geneva?

We have to stop it.

We've only got 20 minutes.

That's why I was late.

She called. Her car has a flat.

But the doll's out there.

It's got Annabel. We have to banish it. I mean, we have to do the spell ourselves.

Do you have everything?

Everything she had in her room. Let's go.

[Continuous beep]

Cody: Remember, Geneva said you have to be of pure intent.

Right. What do I have to do?

One thing at a time.

Okay, "powder fine one" twisted root of orris plucked at full moon from

"charnel field..."

Come on. Find it, find it.

One twisted root. Oh, there it is. I think I got it.

Oh, man.



Oh, whoa!

All right, next.

"Three pinches of mandrake" shoot while yet it screams

"and trembles in the night air."


Look, I didn't write this.

All right.

I think this is it.

Okay, next.

"Hair from the head of" the troubled one, to twang

"about the evil heart."


Uh, "dirt from... " Holy cow!


No wonder she didn't want us to go with her.

Listen to this.

"Dirt from the grave freshly" dug, the body newly buried

"and shrouded still."


"Shrouded still." Ugh!

I think I got it.

Open it.


Come on, come on, come on.

Please, please, please.

[ Exhales ]

Okay, what do I do?

Uh, I-I don't know.

I can't read it.

I can't make it out.

Give it to me.

"Imimium astutun dominius" praelorus Rex.

Fobiscus anurum

"dismas cocosmis est."

This is crazy! I mean, what if we're not doing this right?

Well, it says, "if your heart" is right, your enemy will appear encased in a prism

"of light."

[ Cody gasps ]


[Backup warning signal beeps]

[ Geneva honks horn ]

"Perisans nos voder."

Summum pax eternum lamia Domina praelorus

"cantus conflagorium."

Where's the eyeball?


I need an eyeball.

There's no eye.

I-I mean, what are we gonna do?

We'll just...

We'll go on without it.

Maybe we don't need it.

Hurry up.

Hurry up...


You hold the bowl to the moon's light.

I'll watch the fire.

[ Whooshing ]


Jesse, Jesse, I think it's working.

Doll: Don't do this, Jesse!

Don't go on!

If you do, you'll destroy me!

You'll destroy the best part of you.

You hurt my mom.

No! I would neverdo that!

Your mother tripped!

You took Annabel.

Annabel went for a walk.

Think: Your home is clean, well organized, you're doing well in school...

People are noticing you, saying good things about you!

Your parents are proud of you!

Think! Think how much better your life is with me!

Jesse, you have to remember what Geneva said: You have to have pure intent, to be focused.

I'm trying.

Doll: I can give you anything you want.

Great marks, lots of friends, even your sister! Like I said, she went for a walk on the pier.


Put the bowl down, and maybe I'll stop her from taking a swim!

Put the bowl down, Jesse.

We're together.

You called me, and I came.

And now you need me.

I am the best thing about you!

[ Honking horn ]

Jesse! Wait!


But my parents are really happy with me now.

Doll: And Annabel is just in the way, Jesse.

With her gone, it'll be just you and me, they'll have time for you with her gone.

Don't do this, Jesse!

[ Thunder crashes ]

Geneva: Jesse!

Jesse, the eyeball!

Don't do this, Jesse!

Please! Let me give you a gift!



[ Whooshing ]

Doll: Jesse!!!

Save me!!!


Geneva: Jesse!




[ Thunder crackles ]



Annabel! Are you all right?

Hi, Jesse. Yeah, I'm okay.

I was scared at first, but then I met this nice lady.

She was lost, too.

What am I doing here?

Mrs. Fink!

Are you all right?

Mr. Hackett, where are we?


[ Thunder crashes ]

Thank you.

We're grateful you called.

Dad: Thanks.

Mrs. Fink: The last thing I remember? Well, you and Cody were making an awful lot of noise in there by your lockers.


I don't know. Everything's kind of hazy after that.

Well, with your head injuries, and you were gone about a week...


You're a nice lady.

Oh, well, thank you, dear.

A week, you say?

Tell me, Mr. Hackett, did anybody miss me?

Sure, I mean, everybody did.

I know I sure did.


Thank you, Jesse.

How did we get here?

And how in the world did my old bear get here?

It's obvious. You were part of a parallel dimension experience that took you on...



I like you, Mr. Bear.

Well, I think he likes you, too.

How would you like it if he went home with you?

That would be just fine.

So sweet.

The hospital's relieved that you're doing okay, Mrs. Fink.

They've been looking for you.


How didyou get here?

Mom, look. Yes, darling, it's very cute. I think you should get this sweater on.

It's getting so cold.

I've never seen a bear like that. Where'd you find it?

Oh, there was the quaintest little shop at St. Jude's.

Really? I don't think I know it.

Just the perfect thing...

Mom. Dad.

Guys. Wait!

I thought we had Jesse hackett as a permanent guest at the shadow zone.

But he just slipped by.

But youwon't.

Well, students, I hope you've learned your lesson.

[ Thunder ]


I'm sorry we couldn't find you a playmate.

It's... it's okay.

Maybe next time.

Talky little chap, isn't he?

Ha ha ha!

Well, at least he doesn't eat much.

I hope to see you soon.

Or should I say, I hope to see you...


Ha ha ha ha!

I'll have a room waiting for you...

In the shadow zone.

[ Blows ]

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[ Evil laughter continues ]

[ Evil laughter continues ]