Shadows on the Road (2018) Script

(suspenseful music)

(woman panting)

Excuse me.

You can't be sleeping here.

I'm sorry.

I was just leaving.

[Woman] Don't leave your shit here, everywhere.

My kids play here you know.

Hey, hey.

Your shoelace.

(melancholy music)

Hey it's me.

I'm okay, I just, I might need to stay with you for a little while.

Probably Friday.


I'll call you, you won't be able to reach me.

Okay, bye.


(melancholy music)

(horn blares)

I didn't do anything.

Where you heading?

South, as far as I can go.

Lit motherfucker.


He means we're going in that direction.

That'll work thanks.

So like what you doing down south?

Do you live there?


Oh so you live here?

[Zoe] Not really.


(laughs) You're a really talkative cookie.


[Driver] Hey relax, we're just playing.

(rock music)

* Such a pretty one

* Such a little one

* Oh my God

* Little biddy girl

* Got an ass that's fine

* Hand of God

* Little biddy girl

* Got an ass that's fine

* Oh my god

* Such a pretty one

* Such a little one

* Hand of God I appreciate the lift.

[Passenger] Yeah the beach is right up that way.

Just go across.

Yep I see it, thanks.

(locks click)

It just takes a magic touch.

Thanks man.

(melancholy dance music)

(birds sqawking)

(distant singing)

I hope you like peanut butter sandwiches.


Yeah, they were all out of grilled cheeses so I had to get a fricking peanut butter sandwich.

Oh I'm okay thanks.

Don't be embarrassed I'm just doing my good deed for the day.

Never mind just keep it.


Thank you.

It's all good.

You want half?

Yeah thank you.

So do you live around here?

No, not really.

Oh just visiting?



Is everything like all good with you?


Just having a rough day I guess.

So who are you?

I'm Kate.

Hmm nice, Silver.

(clears throat)

I'm sorry, there's nuts in this peanut butter, it's so shitty.

So do you like live on the streets?


That's so cool.

I guess you could say that.

Although there is some crazy motherfuckers on these streets, you gotta watch yourself.

Hmm, yeah, I should probably get back to my board before it gets jacked but--

Yeah of course.

Thanks again for this.

I'm sure I'll see you around so.

I'll see you.

Probably not actually.

I'm getting out of here tonight.

[Silver] Oh where to?


[Silver] Without money?

I'll probably just hitch or something.

(laughs) As in like?

Okay, I don't know what streets you're from but that's like definitely not a thing around here.

Well maybe I'll get lucky.

Maybe, but don't tell yourself it's fate when some nasty pervert in a rape van pulls over and just happens to be heading to Mexico too.

Well, if you need anything, I park my bus in a alley up near Main.

It's like a big VW, white camper thing, you can't miss it.

So just yell out if you need anything.


[Silver] Peace.

(melancholy music)

(footsteps clicking)

(suspenseful music)


(wind howling)

(distant rock music)

* Doesn't really matter how hard I try *

* All of these things you do and I don't know why *

* You're just gonna save me Kate.

Hey Kate!

Oh hey.

Holy damn that was so creepy.

I saw someone outside my window and I was like what the hell?

[Kate] Sorry, I wasn't sure if it was yours.

Alright well don't just stand there.

Get inside.

Come on, you coming or what?

Lucky for you I just stocked up.

I'm good, thanks though.

So let me guess, you couldn't hitch a ride, like I said you couldn't.

And now you need a place to crash.

No I was just gonna crash on the beach.

[Silver] So why didn't you?

The tide.

Yeah it was way too high.

Right (laughs).

Yeah it was weird.

Okay whatever.

You're welcome to stay here, I'm just breaking your balls.

It's only cool though if you promise to cook in the morning.

I'm so not a morning person.


Thanks I should probably find a ride before morning anyways.

[Silver] What's the rush?

I just, I have somewhere I need to be.

Somewhere you need to be.

Sounds sketchy.

Okay, if you wanna kick it in my van for a while, that's fine.

But I do have a no bullshit policy so, just spit it out babe.

My brother's down in Mexico and I'm going to stay with him for a while.

[Silver] Okay, so what's your deal?

There's no deal, I don't have a deal.

You're living on the streets and now you wanna skip town at 2:00 a.m. to go visit your brother in Mexico.

Yeah I'd say you 100% have a deal.

Look, I can just go.

No, I didn't mean to pry, I'm just curious.

It's not that fucked up, I just got into some trouble you know.

Like what?

Looting houses?

Damn I'm good.

I just need to lay low for a while.

Let all this blow over.

Sounds pretty scary.

I guess I should watch out for you.

No, just for your stuff (laughs).

Okay well, if you're gonna crash here I should probably at least know your real name.

I'm Zoe.

Hey Zoe.

Do you hear that?

[Zoe] What?

Close your eyes and just listen.

(waves crashing)

(crickets chirping)


(melancholy music)

(cutlery clinking)

(siren blaring distantly)

No I'm not gonna fucking apologize.

Yeah and that's exactly my point.

Okay, okay.

Well you guys can have a nice life.

I'm sorry is everything cool?

(phone ringing) Oh my god, fuck off.

Sorry I can give you some space if you need it.

No, thank you.

[Zoe] So is that your boyfriend?

Not anymore.

Do you wanna talk about it?

I mean there's nothing to say.

He's a prick and I don't tolerate pricks so.

What was up with all your crazy night terrors last night?

I thought you were possessed, seriously.

What are you talking about?

You were up like, once like every hour, yelling.

Fricking crazy.

No one's ever told you that you do that before.

I should actually get going.

I was actually thinking, I'll just drive down with you.

Wait what?

[Silver] You need a ride down to the border right?

Oh yeah but, I don't wanna ask you to do that.

So, you'd rather ride with a complete stranger than me?

(upbeat rock music)




Sorry I had to get that out.

(laughs) Thanks.

No you're good.

Why do you have a gigantic jar of peanut butter in your purse?

[Silver] (laughs) Why are you judging my peanut butter?

I'm not I love peanut butter, I just, this is like pretty heavy to carry around.

Give me some.

I would like some right now, now that you mention it.





So, how serious is it?

What do you mean?

[Silver] Well you said you got into some shit.

Like breaking into houses or whatever, how serious we talking?

I don't know.

Does it really matter?

Well yeah, it kind of does.

I mean we need to figure out where we're gonna cross.

I don't know.

It was all, kind of a blur.

I can walk you through it.

So first of all you break into some big ass house right?

[Zoe] Right.

Okay and then what?

I don't know.

I thought it was empty and

I was walking through

and then out of nowhere he came at me.

[Silver] Who?

The guy who's house it was.

So I grabbed something really heavy off the bookshelf and

I hit him over the head with it.

Is he fucking dead?

I don't know.


I think so.

Holy shit.

I mean it was like a mansion right, so were there cameras everywhere?

Dude we've gotta figure something else out, you can't cross in San Diego.

(engine revving)

Where are you going?

It's way too obvious, you've gotta get out of California.

We should go to Arizona, maybe even like Texas or something.

Are you serious?

[Silver] Yes I'm serious.

And you're gonna take me all the way there?

You're damn right I will.

(melancholy music)

Still nothing?



I could go to the store and get a map?

No, it's cool I've got one in the van.

(melancholy music)

(map thudding)


Okay, so.

Where exactly is your brother?

You don't have to take me all the way there.

We can just cross wherever?


Where does your brother live?

Okay, so he's on the coast here.

But he said he can come up and meet us.

It's a little border town right about there.

Okay nice, that should take like two days tops.

Maybe less if we're lucky.

That long?

Have you seen how fricking slow that thing runs?

(laughs) Shouldn't we just cross in Arizona?

It'll be closer.

No, the further away we are from California the less heat there is on you.

And what about you?

You're willing to just take that risk too?

Doesn't that make you an accessory or something?

Do you want my help or what?

I do, of course.

Okay, then stop trying to talk me out of it or you're gonna lose your ride.

Let's go.


(engine rumbling)

No, no, no, no, no.

Fuck shit.

[Zoe] What was that?

The tank is drained.

[Zoe] But the gauge says it's--

I know what it says, it's busted.

Oh my God.

[Zoe] Okay well lets just stop for gas in the next town, no big deal.

Oh my God.

We're gonna have to pull over.

(engine stuttering)





So what do we do now?

I don't know, just be quiet and give me a second to think.

I can walk into town.

Should I flag someone down?

Who are you gonna flag down?

There's no one around.

[Zoe] You do realize this isn't my fault right?

Oh my God.


This is broken too.

I'm sorry I snapped at you.

I'm just frustrated because the van keeps acting up and she's all I've got you know.

I know.

What's her name?


The van.

Oh uh, Fran, Fran the van.

Fran the van.

Good old Fran.

Hey we're gonna figure this out.

I hope so.

Fran's gonna pull through.

(melancholy music)

[Silver] Oh my God.

Someone's coming.

Hi thank God, we ran out of gas.

(man laughs)

Any chance you'd mind giving us a lift into town or the nearest gas station?

That's 30 miles out.

That means no.

Come on, why'd you pull over then?

I've gotta take a shit.

You're welcome to watch.

Please, we could be here all day.


It's about an hour to the nearest station and back.

So unless you wanna sweeten the deal a little bit?

Yeah, hmm.

Thought so.

Can we at least use your phone?

[Man] It's dead.

I'm sorry I tried.

Fuck that prick.

What's that?

Just keep him distracted, cool.

Here, ask him for a light and stay on this side of the van okay.




I thought I told you I couldn't take you into town.

Yeah, I actually, um, was just wondering if you had a light.

(laughs) No sense smoking the filter.

That shit'll give you cancer.


You wanna light.

You know what I left my light in the car.

Oh wait, um, I actually think I have one, I just, I can't get it to light sometimes.

If you don't mind trying for me.

Yeah it's them damn safety's on these things.

You girls ain't good with anything are you?


[Man] Hmm.

Any by the way I'm sorry about before.

Well you're a pretty girl.

You're allowed to be a bother.

Get your hands off of her.

Who the fuck are you?

Her girlfriend.

(laughs) Nasty bitches.

Look what I got.

I didn't know you had so many tricks up your sleeve.

(engine revving)

Oh no way, look what we have here.


(horn blaring)

Nasty bitches!


(horn blaring)

Fuck him.

* Heading for the coast

* Hmm

* Uh

* Oh oh This hotel was such a good call right?

Yeah, thank you so much.

That shower was life changing.

[Silver] I know right.

Hey do you think we'll still be able to make it by tomorrow night?

Oh I doubt it.

Especially after our little hold up today.

I'm thinking we'll probably need one more night actually.

Which should put us at an early border crossing the next morning.

Which is actually probably better in the long run, because I bet those border patrol guys and way more chill in the morning.

That's fine.

(guitar strums)

* Hmm hmm hmm hmm

* Hmm hmm hmm

* Hmm hmm hmm


No keep going.

You're so much better than me.

I just brought it up to mess around with but you're like actually talented.

I wouldn't go that far (laughs).

[Silver] Okay well go, sing.

I don't sing.

[Silver] Bullshit.

I don't, I barely even play.

Okay anyone who can play guitar like that can definitely sing, that's just like a fact of life.

Well not me.

[Silver] Why not?

I wasn't exactly encouraged in my family growing up.

Is that why you ran away because you had like, a super strict family or something?

Not exactly.

Okay well screw it, you're here now and I wanna hear you sing.

Go, I'm not watching.

Look, I'll just be facing this way, not even paying attention.

(laughs) Stop peeking.

Then go.

Oh my God, it's not a big deal, I'm not judging.

Don't judge, I'm probably gonna mess up.

* Hmm mmm

* Hmm mm mm

* Hmm mmm

* Hmm

* A wooo

* Ooo

* Oooo

[Silver] You're so good.

* Oooo

(suspenseful music) (gasps)


Sorry, um, I'm really tired.

[Silver] I'm sorry, what did I do?

Nothing, I, I just, I don't feel that well.

Okay well you felt fine just a minute ago so why are you spazzing out?

Can we just drop it?

Yeah whatever.

(melancholy music)

(suspenseful music)



[Weather Woman] We'll be watching that through the weekend.

Nice, drifting clouds hang out over the area.

54 degrees in Sedona, 40 in Whitlow, 33 in Show Low and 24 in Flagstaff, we'll see top temperatures at 42 tonight--

You're up early?

Yeah well I couldn't sleep.

Oh my God, it's so cold in here.

Okay well you can book the hotel room next time?

[Weather Woman] 70 in Sedona, out to our East 71 in Globe.

And we'll see a low or I should mid to upper 60 in Show Low.

Is this 'cause of last night?

I told you, I wasn't trying to be rude.

I was just--

Your night terrors or whatever they are, are like constant.

God, I can't get any sleep with you around.

Sorry I didn't realize.

(suspenseful music)

I'm sorry.

Look, I'm in a bad mood because I'm tired and we have a lot of driving to do today and when I'm tired I'm an asshole.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I promise.

Look maybe it's best if I just get a lift into town and I can figure something else out.

Don't be like that.

[Zoe] Like what?

Did I apologize?

[Zoe] Yes.

Okay well do you accept my apology?

Yeah sure.

Okay then shut up and let's go.

Come on, we've gotta get ready.

(melancholy music)

Are you coming to what?

Well maybe if I had a little help packing, freeloader.


Mind if I grab a cigarette?

You smoke now?

I think you got me hooked.

[Silver] There's a pack in the glove box.


[Silver] Grab me one too.

Why do you need a gun?

Don't worry, it's not loaded.

It's fine.

Why do you think I need a gun?

I'm a girl and I live alone in a fricking van.

Plus it makes me feel safe.


Have you ever shot one?


Will you teach me?

[Silver] Fuck yeah.

(melancholy music)

(gun clicking)

Does this work?

Yeah, yeah, yeah that's perfect.

Alright, hold this.

Oh my God.

Okay, first lesson, don't point a gun at anyone.

Treat it as if it's loaded. Sorry.

Even if the safety's on, just.


Alright, you go it?



[Zoe] What are you doing?

It's so much better like this.


I'm telling you, I wouldn't lie.


You're crazy. Chill out.



So what you're gonna do, is you're gonna hold it like this.

Put your fingers on this side, keep your finger on that side of the trigger until you're ready to squeeze it.


And then you point at whatever you're gonna shoot at.

And you look, close one eye and--

(gun fires)


Okay, wanna go again.

(gun fires) (glass smashes)

You got one!

Fuck yes I got one.

Okay, are you ready?


[Silver] Okay well let's go, suit up.


Yeah. No.


Come on, you're gonna regret it if you don't.

[Zoe] Okay, okay.

It's so fun.

[Zoe] I'm keeping this on.

Okay here. Hold it.

Yeah carefully.

It's cold.

Okay keep your thumb on that side or else you'll jam it and get so fucked up.


Okay, don't put that on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.


Alright now-- And I just pull the trigger?

Yep, close one of your eyes.

Aim at-- Oh it's cold (laughs).

Aim at whatever you wanna aim at and go.

(gun fires)


Okay, okay, okay, calm down, calm down dude.

Wow I suck, sorry.

No, no, no.

Okay, just you have to try again.

Okay, I'm, I'm super nervous.

Just pretend the bottles are something else.

Put a face on 'em.

Someone you absolutely fucking hate.

Pretend they're right there.

(suspenseful music)

(gun firing)

(glass smashes)

Okay Zoe.

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, okay chill, it's empty, chill.

Are you good?

Yeah. Okay.

You okay?


(peaceful music)

No, no, no, no, we need to get you something else to wear.


I'm fine in this.

No, you look ridiculous and you smell like ass.

Here, wear that.

I don't wanna take all your clothes.

Shut up.

I don't wanna keep looking at you in that stupid outfit.

(laughs) Okay, fine.

Is it cool if I grab these?

Yeah, here take these jeans too.


(food crunching)



What is wrong with you?

Dude that was pretty intense back there.

You're telling me.

No that was like pure rage.

I was just getting started.



No, that was something else.

That was like cold blooded.

You must have had some crazy asshole on your mind huh?


Hey, it's okay.

Can you not?

Jesus, what is it with you?

Nothing, I'm sorry.

It's obviously not nothing.

It's like any time I try to come near you, you freak out.

I just, I don't get why you have to act like a fricking rape victim all the time, it's weird.

Oh my God.

I'm so sorry.

It's fine.

No it's not fine.

It doesn't matter.

Just forget it, it was a long time ago.

Oh my God, fuck, I hate myself.

I'm so, I'm sorry.

[Zoe] I know.

I didn't even mean it like that I...

What happened to the guy?



Absolutely nothing.

(melancholy music)


(door grating)

What took you so long?

[Silver] Oh my God I was only gone for like 10 minutes.

Who was that guy?

Oh no one.

[Zoe] Didn't look like no one.

I mean he's some trucker.

What I thought you were hungry for a real dinner?

I had to score us a few bucks.

What did you do?

Oh I have my ways.


You seriously just let him do that to you?

No you idiot, I only give head for liquor, chill out.

I'm kidding.

(laughs) Oh my God.

Okay, well while you sit here and chain smoke, I'm gonna go and get us some food.

(door grating)

(peaceful music)

This is so good.

Hell yeah.

Rags to riches.


It sure beats the hell out of your oatmeal.

Hey no fair.

Limited resources, I did what I could.

It sucked.

You know if you needed money, you could've asked me right?

You're broke too right?

Yeah but, I don't know, you could've asked.

And we'd have figured something out together.

Well we did, or else we wouldn't have this.

Plus, you would have just suggested using that card that you jacked and it doesn't even work.


Yeah I tried it at the motel and it said declined, which was super annoying, so I had to use my own cash, which like, I wasn't planning on.

What card?

What are you talking about?

I don't know, you were asleep, I found it on the floor of the van.

It's a Thomas or something, it's like a blue credit card, I figured you jacked it from that guy that you robbed, but it didn't even work so it doesn't matter.

Didn't even use it.

Are you fucking crazy?

What are you talking about?

Are you that thick, seriously Silver?

Give me the card.

Okay here.


Zoe stop.

Zoe wait.

Leave me the fuck alone.

I'm sorry I used the stupid card, I thought the guy was dead.

I don't know.

Maybe he's not, maybe I was wrong.


I think he might be following us.

I saw his car on the road yesterday and again at the rest stop.

How do you even know what his car looks like?

I just, I recognized it from his driveway.

You're being paranoid, a lot of people have the same car.

And you said he was dead, he's dead.

It doesn't matter. I don't know.

I don't know what to think anymore.

I just, I just want it to be over.



I can't go back.


(melancholy music)

Everything's gonna be okay.

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, you know that right?

What if it's too late?

Look, I bet that wasn't even him in that car.

If he was gonna track you down he'd probably just call the cops.

Maybe it's not that easy for him.

No, I'm telling you he would of.

He's not gonna drive all the way out here.

I mean, unless he like has something to hide and he can't call the cops, but if that's the case, you're probably like the last thing on his mind anyway.

What if I'm not?

Did something else happen that night?

Did he, like, do something to you?

And that's why you tried to kill him?



Right well if we see that asshole again, I'll finish him myself.

(melancholy music)


Where are we?


Come out.

(peaceful music)

(camera whirring)

You think maybe we should get back on the road soon?

Come on, you earned it.

It's okay.

So have you been thinking anymore about tomorrow?

You mean like crossing?

Well like after, like how long you're gonna stay in Mexico or whatever.

I don't know, I haven't really figured that out yet.

But I guess until at least all this blows over, if that's even possible.

Well how long do you think that's gonna be?

Why, are you gonna miss me?

Just wondering.

You know if you, like after we cross, if you like still need anything or whatever, I mean, I don't have anywhere I need to be so.

Thanks but you've already done enough.


No, not like that.

I just, I mean you've seriously done more for me than I could of ever asked.

Thank you.

Okay well.


Oh no, I hate pictures. This is happening.

No (laughs).

Come on, if we get booked at the border tomorrow I wanna at least have something to remember you by.

Fine, go before I change my mind.

Hey, one for my jail cell.

(peaceful music)

Zoe, Zoe, wake up, wake up.

Dude look at the sign, did you see it?

You missed it sleepy ass.


It says we're 50 miles away from the border.

That's rad.

Are you cool?

I saw a sign for a campsite, I think it should be coming up any minute.

Are you cool to just like crash for the night and do the rest tomorrow? Yeah of course, of course.

Dude we made it.

We did time.

We fricking made it.

All I did was sleep I feel like.


Well it's a cozy van, thanks Fran.

You've been good to us.

(peaceful music)


Cough it out, cough it out, good job.

Holy shit.


That's awful, it's horrible.

Holy shit, it's not that bad.

I'm a wimp.

I'm realizing.

Oh my God.

Too many years on the road.


Okay so, I was thinking, before you go and I never see you again, I do have one question, are you ready?

Oh my God, you're making me nervous.

Are you ready?

What the fuck is in that bag?


Its like it's always with you but you never open it and you're very.

Alright, I think you've earned an introduction.

An introduction okay.

Where are ya?

I don't you tell me.

This is Little Bean (laughs).

Oh my God.

Little Bean meet Silver, Silver meet Little Bean.

Nice to meet you dude.

He prefers hugs.

Pound it.


I found him in the middle of the road, he'd been run over various times and was covered in mud, and I gave him a bath and he's been with me ever since.

Okay, that's like kinda sweet I guess.

A little weird but.


Hey so. What?

You know, I know we've been on the road for a while, so you probably just wanna get back or something but um, if you don't have anywhere to be, I was thinking maybe it'd be cool if, you stuck around for a little while when we get there.

Like, like in Mexico?

With your brother?

Yeah if you're-- Dude are you sure?

Obviously you don't have to, I just, you know, he'd love to meet you.

He wouldn't mind if I tagged along like?

No it'd be, it'd be awesome actually.

Yes, hell fucking yes, I wanna go to Mexico.

Do you know how much, I've been dying for a decent fucking burrito.


And I'm already packed.

I'm ready.

Sweet. I'm there.

Okay, I'm gonna go on a walk.

I'm gonna let you and Little Bean chill.


Oh if any coyotes try to come after our really gourmet food, I want you to blast those motherfuckers.

Shit that's so intense.

[Silver] Yeah that's how we roll bitch.



(melancholy music)

Mind if I join you?

What's going through your mind?

A lot.

Well spit it out.

I just.

What if I really did kill him?

I thought you said you saw him?

I don't know what I saw.

Well, it's like I said, if you did kill him, then, I mean he deserves it.

End of discussion.

No one deserves that.

Why are you protecting him?

I'm not.

What if he had a family?

A wife and a kid?

What about them?

Well, then you did them a favor.

Hey, do you wanna go back inside?

I'm fine.


Here you must be freezing.

(melancholy music)

(suspenseful music)


Get off me.

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get up.

Get off.

[Silver] You're fine, you're fine!

(gun fires)



No, no, Silver!


Silver wake up, Silver wake up.

No, no, no.

Oh Silver.

Wake up.

Ah somebody help me please.


(melancholy music)

(birds squawking)

(melancholy dance music)

(engines revving)

(phone ringing)

[Man] Zoe?



[Man] Oh thank God.

Tell me where you are.


Near El Paso.

Some little town.

[Man] I'm close.

So that was you.

[Man] Are you alone?


[Man] Give me the intersection.

Ellis and Bond Street.

[Man] Don't move.

(suspenseful music)

(phone banging)

(brakes squeal)

(melancholy music)

You know you could've killed me right?


Zoe, look at me.

[Zoe] I'm sorry.

I'm fine.

Nothing to cry about.

You're lucky my bank called me after you tried to use my card.


Don't worry.

I'm not mad.

I was just scared that's all.

Your mother's still away.

She doesn't get back until tomorrow.

This will be our little secret okay?



[Man] Who was that that brought you out here?

A friend.

[Man] Did you tell her what happened?


[Man] Did you tell her what happened?

[Zoe] No.

What'd you tell her then?

I said, I had been living on the streets.


(suspenseful music)

(engine revving)

(melancholy dance music)