Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators S2E4 Script

Beware the Ides of March (2019)

Calling crew. Going live in five minutes.

TX in five minutes.

The Fortby brand doesn't only belong to you!

Please Marcia. Don't go upsetting yourself.

All the smoke alarms are working fine, Miss Fortby.

I'm sure I smelt something. It was like pipe smoke.

I just checked your dressing room, nothing.


Thank you, Bruce. Oh, that's alright.

At least let me have a try today as a practice run for the Extravaganza.

I could alter the cues.

I don't want to drag up the past...

Standby crew to starting positions.

No, I have worked on it since then!

We'll talk about it after the show.

Scott, let's run through cues.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Tonight's performance is about to begin.

Please take your seats.

I'm getting constriction across my chest, does that mean anything to you?

Mum was asthmatic! And she...

Oh darling. Mum's right here.

She died of an asthma attack, didn't she?

This is so weird, that's right.

Mum says "don't forget your inhaler!"

You're asthmatic too, aren't you?

Yes I am.

Thank you so much for calling in.

Thank you, Julienne, you're amazing.

I'm only the messenger.

I'm sorry we can't take all of your calls. It's time now for the Fortby Orb!

Marcia, will you do the honours?

Honours indeed, Julienne.


Jason's looking to contact his wife, Carol.

Where are you?

Carol's loving the rose bush.

The one you named after her?

She loves you chatting to her there.

Jason, in a departure for the Fortbys today I would love it if you would come up onstage with me...

Uh, we've certainly got a lot of spirit movement here more messages coming through.

I'd like to ask something.

The vibrations are strong.

We could have some surprises...

Can someone call an ambulance?

So, you uh... you had a premonition?

The pipe smoke must mean something.

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick here, but um...

If you're a psychic, why do you need us?

The information I receive, it isn't ordered. It's... fractured images, a smell, a sense of someone's energy...

"I have heard (but not believ'd) the spirits of the dead may walk again..."

Yeah, so could you not have just sensed the light was gonna fall on you?

That would make the case a lot simpler.

No. But I'm certain someone's trying to kill me.

You have a latent gift yourself.

That's what drew you to this line of work.

Me? No, I, I, no...

It was more like a really complicated situation on my wedding day.

It was urgh...

You worry about living up to people's expectations.

Nothing you do is good enough for Mum?


In fairness that could apply to half the population.

There's an older lady coming through. I'm getting an M...


I don't believe it. Yes, that's my gran.

She's saying your mum means well, but she's too hard on you.

Oh. Wow! Yeah, no that is just like Gran! That's...

Um... can you predict career paths too?

I'm actually a RADA graduate.

Let me see.

I'm sensing small screen opportunities involving uniforms...


I can totally see you like as a junior doctor.

Three, two, one, clear!

I'm so sorry. We tried everything we could.

She's gone.

Brilliant. It's brilliant.

I don't know what to say.

So, who might want to try and kill you?

Marcia's never been stable.

It's not her fault.

Dad was a drunk.

Mum died when Marcia was 14, she's never really recovered.

So you suspect your own sister?

Well, she's convinced I'm holding her back but Marcia's cost us.

Cost you how?

There was a big TV opportunity last year.

Big contract, all we had to do was impress the exec.

I shouldn't have risked it.

Her section was a car crash.

Marcia might resent me, but I never thought she'd try and kill me.

No, thank you.

Marcia? I'm off now.

But I've made you eggs.

Well, thank you darling, but I've got errands before studio.

You'll be alright here while I'm gone?

Of course. But Julienne, the doctor said take it easy.

Oh, you don't have to worry about me.

Shouldn't we cancel tomorrow?

The Extravaganza? We've got a full house.

I know, but after the light...

Oh, that reminds me this Health and Safety man wants to speak to you too.

I know it's a pain, but we don't want them closing us down.

What if it wasn't an accident?

The light falling.

What if it was... a message?

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry. I'm imagining things again, aren't I?

You should rest.

Big day tomorrow. I'll send Bruce back for you later.

Bruce Perry, security guard and driver and look, he's declared his spent convictions at his job interview.

Convictions for what? Theft and vandalism.

Nearly twenty years ago...

Surely their broadcast technician what's he called? Scott had the opportunity and the technical knowledge.

Yeah, but I still think there's more going on between these two sisters than Julienne's letting on.

Is this your special psychic sense?

Yes, well, didn't you say that 50 per cent of this job is instinct?

Instinct isn't the same as hokey-pokey psychic mumbo-jumbo.

Well then, how did she know about my Gran?

It's all psychology, isn't it.

"Barnum" statements. Stuff that could apply to anyone.

Like what?

Well like um, "I desperately need to be admired by people but privately I'm very critical of myself".

That is so me.

Or shot-gunning, where you just chuck something out there read the reactions, and get the hits.

"Ooh, oh I'm getting a Derek.

Oh no... no Dave?

Oh, Dave, Dave I miss you..."

Yeah, yeah. That is a show I'd pay to see.

They just say what people want to hear.

Medical drama, my eye!

When did you become an expert?

I watched a documentary actually.

So Marcia tries to bump off Julienne because she isn't star of the show?

Could it really be that simple?

If they can't stand each other, why don't they just split?

Yeah, but isn't the "Psychic Sisters" their thing, you know, their USP?

Yeah and Julienne does seem to feel responsible for her.

Hm. It's all very Baby Jane. Yes.

I want you to find out what Marcia thinks of her sister.

We're gonna check out the studio crew.

Would a Health and Safety Officer really ask about sibling rivalry?

Try subtlety.

"Wherein cunning, but in craft?"

Eh? What?

So, Scott does a check at two and then Bruce monitors the studio until the show?

That's right. Bruce?

This is Tom Marks and Olivia Jones, from the Five Stones shopping channel.

Hi there! Hi, hi.

They're looking to share the lease.

You and Scott will be alright showing them round?

Yeah, of course. Follow me.


Yeah, we're probably being a bit over cautious.

It's just we heard about what happened in the show...

Six months I've been here, never known anything like that.

You reckon it was some kind of accident then?

What else could it be?

Well, you just never know, do you? You don't know what they're gonna summon up.

Well, we told her to cancel tomorrow, but Julienne won't let her public down.

Yeah, she's very dedicated.

Best contract I've ever had.

Scott? Scott?

These two are here to lease the studio.

Thanks. Yeah, no, we're just... just checking we don't get brained, you know, when we're showing an engagement ring!

The safety chain was on when I checked before the show.

Ah, there he is. And Bruce was keeping an eye on the studio, yeah?

"Keeping an eye." Right.

There's no way Scott would have missed anything.

You and Julienne Fortby have your own briefing with Scott Blacksell immediately before each show?

Just the three of you?

That's right.

And these concern safety?


Sorry, I just have to get this.

Hello. I can't talk right now.

Is there?

Funny you should say that. Thanks.


It's a lovely home.

What else would you like to know, Mr Johnson?


Who makes the decisions about the show's running order, would you say?

Myself and Julienne, of course.

Of course Julienne has the final say.

You're very thorough, aren't you?

That's the job!

I appreciate it.

You taking your time.

Slowing things down making sure every base is covered.

Digging deep.

Digging deep.


Thank you, Miss Fortby.

Hope that information was in the right ball park.

Boing, boing!

Blimey! Call a Fortby Sister for one pound fifty a minute?


Right, so if Scott, Bruce or Marcia took this safety chain off beforehand then...


Potluck who it hits, though?

You know, if they're waiting for the light to fall.

Yeah. Must be some other trigger.

Well look...

Bruce wouldn't have thought anything if Scott was up in the gantry, would he? but he surely would have noticed Marcia?

That's if Bruce is in the studio the whole time cos Scott seemed a bit odd about that.

I'll get Sebastian onto the CCTV footage when he finally returns.

I'm getting constriction across my chest.

Does that mean anything to you?

Mum was asthmatic and she...

Oh darling. Mum's right here.

She died of an asthma attack, didn't she?

Mind reader?

She's just listening to that woman's reaction.

Mum says, "don't forget your inhaler!"

You're asthmatic too, aren't you?

Yes, I am!

Even I can tell she's got asthma.

Thank you so much for calling in.

I did read your mind about lunch though, didn't I?

I always have pulled pork in my pasties.

...more messages coming through.

I'd like to ask something!

- The vibrations are strong... Here look at this.

I'd like to ask something!

The vibration...

Oh yeah! They recognise her!

The vibrations are strong Is Marcia saying something to Julienne? - we could have some surprises.

It looks like it, yeah.

What's that, back Row, seat number 4?

I've got some audience records somewhere...

There, Look. Seat 4, Mrs Enid Kascar.


Oh, look at this. From last March.

A former devotee of the psychic Fortby Sisters shows publicly accused the pair of using ear pieces as part of their act.

What did I say?

So then the Fortby's sued Enid Kascar for defamation.

They don't like a critic, do they?

No. Well Julienne didn't mention that.

Someone else with a motive.

Yeah, who was at the show.

Listen you better check out... Check out Enid Kascar, yeah.

Cos I'm really good with old ladies.

See what I did there? That... is the gift.

I read your mind.

Christina. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Breach of the peace? He's not been playing his lute again, has he?

The officer's bodycam recorded this.

Oh... blimey.

Yeah, I didn't have him down as a West Bromwich Albion supporter.

He's not exactly well versed in the offside rule.

Don't look at that. I can't bear it!

Yeah, you know, no need to thank me.

All the time in the world.

I'm gonna show this to Keeler.

What ever happened to subtlety?

I was taking notes.

I felt very odd... and then somehow I was compelled to join a group of men with dubious dress sense and very poor haircuts.

Hang on a minute. Where are your glasses?

That's coming out of your wage packet.

Marcia took a phone call.

My notes! Maybe there's something in here.

What on earth?

Hang on.

What if you were hypnotised?

Thought I'd give them a shock by turning up.

Throw them off their stride and then the lamp came down.

Yeah. Oh sorry, I was just...

What were you going to ask them?

Those girls were a tremendous comfort to us once.

My daughter Beatrice.

She'd be 50 now if she'd lived.


Oh, I'm sorry.

All that "time heals" claptrap.

It doesn't. It changes, but you never get over...

Course not.

Ralph saw an advert for the Fortbys I wasn't sure, but we went along.

They knew so much about Beatrice Julienne gave us private readings whenever we wanted.

It brought her close.

Until you heard something over the hearing loop?

It wasn't interference like Julienne said.

I heard a man's voice clear as anything.

No. You've made a mistake.

"Lost Stephen in a car accident".

I heard someone say it!

Can someone help this lady, please?

We've got a problem with the hearing loop.

You must think we're idiots. No.

Of course not.

Grief can play strange tricks on the mind.

Don't you dare!

Scamming the bereaved.

You should be ashamed!


Come with me, madam, please. It's time to leave.

Made a fool of by a couple of fakes.

Ralph said not to go public, but I couldn't bear others being scammed too.

So what made you settle out of court, in the end?

Well, the lawyer said, without proof... and anyway, I couldn't fight anymore not after Ralph's stroke.

I see, I'm sorry.

He only lasted a couple of months in the nursing home.

Mind you, I wouldn't have wanted him lingering, not like that.

Enid, that's awful.

A hundred grand to the Fortbys legal and nursing home costs.

The house had to go.

Oh, I don't want you feeling sorry for me.

I'll get by.

Oh, sorry.

Hi, Frank.

What? Is he OK?

Yes. Yes, I'll see you there.

I'm so sorry, I'm going to have to go. Oh.

Thank you though, for the tea, I didn't...

Did Ralph smoke a pipe?


So Enid's dead husband Ralph is taking revenge from the spirit world?

Yeah, well you've gotta admit, the pipe smoke is a bit of a coincidence, isn't it.

Those Fortbys have been messing with your head as well.

Is Sebastian alright?

He's gone for a lie down. Traumatised by those football chants.

Marcia could have got anything out of him.

Makes her pretty suspect.

Hm. Although when would she have had time to tamper with the lights?

Unless... unless she was in league with Bruce.

Well, seeing as Sebastian can't do any actual work

I've had a look at the CCTV myself.


Look at the time.

That's when Bruce was supposed to be guarding the studio.

I can't believe Marcia managed that.

She'll have known they were playing today.

Yep. Yeah, see you later.

All set for the technical, Miss Fortby?

We need to be extra vigilant tonight, Bruce.

Yep. We're on red alert here.

Are you quite sure about that? Nothing you want to tell me?

Anything about leaving your post?

Look, you've got every right to sack me, something like this happens on my watch...

Well, the point is, you weren't watching, were you Bruce?

Why didn't you tell me before?

Cos of my probation period.

Please, Miss Fortby, I can't lose this job.

♪ And the Baggies keep marching... oh! ♪

Well, Miss Fortby.

Look, so any living thing?

Yeah, yeah. Large or small. But just don't, don't let your mind drift, OK.

You gotta focus.

Don't give up your day job. Shh!

It's coming...

It's a butterfly, isn't it?

No. Yes, it is!

No, it's not.


Harsh. Oh!

Not you, Sebastian! Frank, I've just read his mind.

I'm sending something through now, I've just trawled through the rest of the CCTV...

Don't overstretch yourself.

Your empathy is touching.

Can you please ask about getting me de-programmed from these appalling football chants?


Ooh, look at this.

They don't look too worried about Julienne, do they?

Bruce fessed up.

Honestly, anyone could have got into the studio.

Even Enid Kascar?

Oh come off it, Enid's not capable.

Anyway, where are these cameras? Oh no, I'll do them myself.

You'll be noticed, it's impossible.

Right, well listen.

Put them both on the gantry.

One pointed towards the exit, and one towards the lighting rig.

Right. Oh, and just one last thing!

Did you have any clue at all about a relationship between Marcia and Scott?


Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.

Oh, sorry.

Romeo and Juliet doesn't equal the Macbeths.

Yeah but... Oh.

Thank you. Oh.

Yeah, but then why keep their relationship secret?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.

Have you turned your phone off?

I'll double check. Yeah.


Julienne was up here before.

It must be from those detectives.

Marcia, you hypnotising that guy it proves you can go alone.

Mum wants me to stay with Julienne.

According to Julienne.

You can't trust those messages of hers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.

The performance will begin in one minute.

Could swear I smelt that smoke again.

Are you ready?

Pretty low, spying on me, Julienne.

I know you sent that detective.

What are you talking about?

She loved her cigarettes, didn't she, Mum?

The smoke.

Maybe she wants you with her. You always were her favourite.

Is that little boyfriend of yours putting ideas in your head?

Funny how Mum's messages left you in charge after she passed.

You know, the ones only you could hear?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like you to give a big round of applause for your hosts tonight, the Fortby Sisters!

Good evening and welcome to the Fortby Full Moon Extravaganza!

That's why I'm feeling this blackness around me!

He's saying take me out of that damn wardrobe.

Can't blame him! Scatter me by the birch, he's saying!

That's his favourite tree, right?

Thank you, ladies.

You've got to admit, they are good, aren't they?

Ear piece. Eh?

I've got a younger spirit coming through, a teenage lad.

Is, oh is this for you, sir?

I'm getting a P, is that right? Peter?

No, Paul? No.

I'm feeling cold.

I'm going too fast, does ice skating mean anything to you?


Well you sit down and have a think, cos that's the message I'm getting.

"I can call spirits from the vasty deep, but will they come if you do call for them?"

That's the question for us psychics, isn't it, Marcia?

Certainly is, Julienne. Now I'm getting something for the gentleman at the back.

Yeah, you.

Me? What him?

Time to take some calls.

Stand up! No get off!

Yes, you have to stand up. Get off me.

The spirits are strong... You cover your true nature.

You've made a career out of it.

Erm, the spirits are strong and the questions are coming through, so...

I'm getting uniforms, police?

Or at least it was once?


She didn't see that coming, did she?

Call an ambulance!

Ambulance. Calpurnia Studios, West Rome Avenue...

Marcia destroyed one of the cameras.

Another hundred quid down the drain.

She accused me of spying on her!

Which is literally what you were doing.

Did you give Scott the signal to release the Orb?

No. That was to put the first caller through.

Right, cos there was a bit of a stumble, did something put you off?

It happens sometimes.

Look, I've got to go to the hospital.

I can take you, Julienne.

Bruce can drive, can't you, Bruce?

Um yeah. Yeah, course.

Find out who's doing this. Please.

We'll do our best.

I'll be adding the other camera to her bill.

D'you think the Orb was meant for Julienne?

Certainly looked like it.

Marcia was right then?

You are detectives?

You already know the answer to that.

It was you that tipped Marcia off about us.

It's alright, we know about the relationship.

Why the secrecy?

Marcia didn't want to tell her...

Julienne has got rid of every other boyfriend.

Oh. Right.

Couldn't you just both leave, together?

It's not that simple for Marcia.

Is this where the Orb's usually attached?


What's that then?

No idea.

Don't touch it.

Looks like some kind of cigar cutter.

Oh, do you think that's what they used to cut the rope?

Well, don't look at me!

You're right, that device had some kind of receiver on it.

Which would suggest it was triggered remotely.

Tell forensics to get a move on.

Good plan. Where would I be without you, Frank?

What about the other witness statements?

Consistent with yours, suggesting that Julienne was the target.

And Scott admitted to having a relationship with Marcia?

Yep. And I'm grateful for the intel on him, Frank.


What have you found?

Come on, I gave you that lead! Quid pro quo.

He confessed to feeding Julienne false information just before the Orb hit.

Marcia finds the camera at 19:04.

There's no clear view of the Orb, or the exit.

If you want something doing...

No. Watch this. It's quite the show.


Julienne was up here before.

It must be those detectives.

Well, I think she's more Blanche than Baby Jane here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.

The performance will begin in one minute.

He could have just set the device off camera.

Oh. Your visit did tip Marcia off.

Oh, I'm sorry my mind was meddled with.

Well, at least you entertained Arden police force for a bit.

That is a comfort.

Maybe that's your "small screen" break, huh?

The bodycam. Not a medical drama, no.

Crime drama.



Hi, so Marcia has been discharged and I'm at the house.

And guess who's just bowled up?



I'll be there in a minute.

No, but you said you'd ask about de-programming me.

Oh yeah.

Might have took my eye off the ball there a bit.

Baggies, baggies, baggies!

Sorry. Oy, oy, oy!

What? Baggies, oy! Baggies, oy!

Sebastian! Boing, boing.

Boing, boing!

Ball! Boing, boing!

Ball must be your trigger word. Boing, boing!

Sebastian. Boing, boing!

Sebastian! Boing, boing!

Boing, boing!

Oh, ow! What happened?

I just figured out your trigger word.

It's b... No!

Sorry! Sorry.

"Full of scorpions is my mind"

Ball! Boing, boing!

Boing, boing!

So why try and sabotage Julienne?

I was sick of Marcia being held back, that's all.

Enid was right about the ear pieces then?

We just need help with the specifics.

I told Julienne not to sue!

I listen in on the audience before the shows, and then report back to Julienne.

So that's what the briefings are about.

It's always more mundane than you think.

How did you get in?

I gave him a key. I want him here.

You're not yourself, darling.

We can't trust anyone, right now, apart from each other.

I'd never hurt Marcia.

So sweet.

But you might be trying to kill me.


Am I right?

We probably couldn't rule that out, actually.

Blood's thicker, darling.

My head hurts, I can't think straight. You should all leave.


Oh please.

Oh come on, do I have to?

Yes, you do!

But we've established it's all fakery!

Come on.

Really hear, come on, really hear that tune in your mind.

Yeah. Have you got it?


Yes, it's coming. It's coming, shh.

Lily Allen. "Somewhere Only We Know?"

Oh! You're freaking me out now. It is, isn't it?

How, w... It's good isn't it?

So... hi.

Do you really think that Scott would risk hurting the woman he loves?


And we can't actually see from that footage whether it was him that planted the device.

So it could have been planted before the camera went in?

Which opens it up to anyone with motive access or enough engineering know-how to construct a device...

There was a trophy.

Call Sebastian, I need to get him to check something.

Is Marcia alright?

Yeah, she's er, she's recovering. So she's lucky.

Well, I don't know what more I can help you with.


Ah, "Emerging Engineer."

You see, I thought that was Ralph's. But it's yours, isn't it, Enid?

What exactly are you driving at?

Uh, we dug around and found this from 1989.

"Enid celebrated her success with husband Ralph and their foster children."

Yeah. See, you didn't mention that you'd fostered when we met.

You didn't ask.

Where were you yesterday evening, Enid?

I was...

I don't have to tell you.

How did you get into the studios? You must have had help.

I'm sorry?

Ah you see, you didn't want me looking too closely at this before, did you?

Would you kindly put that down?

More hair, but that's definitely Bruce.

Did Bruce help you plant the device? What device?

You don't recognise that then?

It's a solenoid of some kind...

You didn't by any chance share your engineering skills with Bruce, did you?

That's why you went to the show, isn't it?

Because you found out that Bruce was working for the Fortbys.

This is all... you can't prove anything!

Oh, come on, Enid. You must know how he triggered it, just...

Help us. Help us to stop him.

I tried to talk to him. He wouldn't take my calls.

You don't want your foster son getting into any more trouble, do you?

A raspberry Pi with an RF antenna could activate the solenoid, releasing the light through the spigot.

No idea.

What about the Orb?

I'm guessing that blade cut through the rope when activated.

What would he use to trigger that?

Any piece of studio gear could be rigged with the right interface.

Like a walkie talkie, maybe?


It's a crying shame he gave up on that apprenticeship.

See, he won't answer...

Bruce, I'm here with these private investigator people.

We're coming to your flat. Don't do anything silly.

He's had his problems, such a rough start, but he's a good boy really.

Was he close to Ralph?

Bruce worshipped him.

Julienne's not answering either.

Marcia, is Julienne with you?



Julienne's at the studios. Bruce drove her.

It's been a terrible shock for all our fans, but I want to inform you... inform you...

But I want to reassure you that the Fortby Sisters will be back stronger than ever...

Who's there?



Please. Think of Marcia.

Whatever our differences, she wouldn't want me dead.

Let me go, and we'll say no more about it.

You can, you can take Marcia away and set up your own hypnosis show if that's what you want...

Who's there?



Yes dear. Now put that thing down.

Please. Please, stay back.

Careful. We don't know what he's got rigged to fall.

Get me out of here!

Don't move.

What have I ever done to you?

I renewed your damn contract!

We know what you've been doing, dear, and I know why...

Then let me deal with her!

I blame myself. I shouldn't have gone to the press.

It upset Ralph... No!

No, the stroke was all her fault!

Look, we know you must have been devastated when Ralph died, but please...

I don't want you hurting anyone. You hear me?


So, I'm supposed to just stand by?

You could have killed Marcia.

Marcia was a mistake.

The spirits are strong and the questions are coming through, so...

I'm getting uniforms. Police?

Or at least, it was once.

Call an ambulance!

Ambulance. Calpurnia Studios, West Rome Avenue...

You didn't get the chance to get your solenoid that time.

No. Julienne...

Julienne who came after Enid.

You're always so resourceful, dear, but this isn't the way.

When you've quite finished with the motherly pride can I remind you my life hangs in the balance.

You've got blood on your hands.

I'm very sorry about Ralph, but what was I supposed to do?

Give up everything I've worked for?

What? So you just take it all from Enid instead?

She would have finished us!

No one gave a monkeys about me not until Ralph and Enid took me in.

Fourteen years old!

And they're the first people to ever love me. and you destroyed them...


That is enough!

Why didn't you just expose them as fakes?

That's why I took the job in the first place.

Just couldn't get the proof. And then Ralph had his stroke.

Good work, Frank.

Looks like he's been planning this for a while.

He just went off the rails after his foster dad died.

Did you research me?

All that stuff with my Gran?

I did intuit some of it.

I do have gifts, I do hear the spirits speak.

But you just need help with the specifics.

I brought Ralph and Enid comfort...

What, by using their dead daughter and suing to the point of bankruptcy, yeah?

Thank you so much Ladies and Gentlemen.

Don't forget to visit our website for our upcoming shows.

And please, also show your appreciation for my supporting act, Julienne Fortby!

Pet psychic!

That bit where the guy who thought he was skiing! That was amazing!

Although Sebastian was the best subject I have ever had.

Yeah. Don't take that as a compliment.

I can't tempt you into my next show, can I?

I have only just been de-programmed! Thank you.

So Julienne's going to give you back your money.

Mm. Credit to her for that.


Well done, darling.

Mum would be proud.

That's not another message?

No. But I did feel it.

"That Marcia, always was a late bloomer!"

You smashed it!

The cat reincarnation thing you did was great too.

Thank you.

Pet psychic. Bit niche, isn't it?

I had to re-brand, the adverse publicity...

I meant what I said, about testifying for Bruce.

I'll let him know.

Did we ever figure out what the pipe smoke was?

It wasn't Bruce.

"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of..."

Sweet Baby Jane. Maybe she really did get a message from Ralph.

Yeah, see you can't take away all the magic.

Because I have still got my gift.

Yes, it's coming. It's coming. Ssh, ssh...

Lily Allen. "Somewhere Only We Know."

Oh, you're freaking me out now.

It is, isn't it?

Don't give up your day job. Shh!

It's a butterfly, isn't it?

No. Yes, it is.

I'll find out how you were playing all those tricks.

Ha! Call yourself a P.I?

You didn't have a clue!

We planted that earworm.

And you fell for it.

And the butterfly!

I mean, that one was really obvious.

Yeah well...

I was aware of that. Yeah.

Anyway, you don't need to be a psychic to be a good Private Investigator.

Ah, that's one of the nicest things you've ever said to me, Frank.

No, I was talking about me.

You can shut up and all.