Shaktiman (1993) Script

Sir, your presence here makes this place beautiful.

The climate of this place and food cooked by you brings me here.

Sir, this is your greatness or else.

...l am just an ordinary servant of yours.

Brother Dilher! You had a son!


So, you see sir. Your presence is so auspicious.

Ason is born in the family. Congratulations.

Sir, if you permit, can I go home and come back?

Yes. Sure. 60..

...and distribute sweets to the whole community on our behalf.

And don't forget to offer it to us! Yes, sure.

I will leave.

Parvati! I have a son!



Thank you, God.

...for fulfilling my prayers.


I understand your feelings.

After hearing Dilher's child's news.

...the childlessness is pinching you, right?

Hovv unlucky am I that I cannot even give an heir to your family.

This is God's wish.

We have not harmed anyone.

We have not harmed anyone.

Laxmi, should I say something?

Let's adopt Dilher's son.

Yes, Laxmi.

Which mother can.

...give her child away to someone else?

But what is the harm in asking?


Take this. Have sweets.

Finally, my prayers have been answered after ages!

Yes, sir. Notjust a piece of the moon..

...but God has sent the whole moon to me.

Take, madam. Have sweets.

Okay, sir, l'll leave. l have to offer sweets to everyone. l'll leave.

You didn't ask him about the child?

I did not have the guts after seeing his happiness.

If I would have told him about my vvish..

...he would've been too sad.

And what right do we have to take away anyone's happiness?

Have faith in God. He will grant us ourvvish.

Iam sure that your motherly love will be fulfilled.

What are you saying? The newborn son is a burden already?

A son can never be a burden for a father.

A father lives and dies for his children.

Then why did you think of giving your child to sir?

I've toiled hard for nine months to give birth to him.

After ages, God has blessed me.

And you want to take it away from me and give it to someone else!

What do you have, Parvati?

Poverty! We just have poverty.

What will our son grow up to be?

A servant like me!

Whereas at sir's place, he'll be educated and will become a rich man.

He will rule! He will be the sole heir for billions!

Just forget your greed and think about your son's future, Parvati.

There is greed in your heart. Yes, I'm greedy.

But not for me, but for my son's future!

Even I will be as sad as you when I'll be separated from him.

I have seen sadness on sir's face, Parvati. lt seems that even after having all the riches.

...they don't have anything!

Parvati, I beg of you and request you.

Let sir adopt our son and fulfil his desire.

God will see this sacrifice of yours and give you a child again.


Dilher, he..

Sir, I have come with a gift as an offering.

I didn't understand anything.

Sir, I overheard ma'am when she spoke to you.


We did want to adopt your child.

But after seeing your happiness, I realised that. need this child more than us.

Parents always need children.

Sir, if God desires, I'll have a baby again.

But I might not be fortunate enough to be of some use to you.

Accept this small gift of mine and. a favour on this poor fellow, sir.


It's you who is doing us a favour.

You are giving your beloved to us.

I promise you that.

...we will try to keep him happy all the time.

Devil! You did it as soon as you came?

Come, madam. Don't cry. - Calm dovvn.

Parvati, I understand your pain.

But you have made a woman happy.

If God desires, you'll have a son very soon.

Yes, Parvati. A sacrifice is never wasted.

I will never forget this favour of yours!

I will always keep your son happy.

Madam, ifl have your permission, can I feed the child?

Yes. Why not?


I have seen pain in ParvatPs eyes.

I don't have the guts to take her child away from her.

We will not take the child with us.

Don't say this, madam.

There are no hard feelings.

After all, she is a mother. We are happy.

We are very happy.

Our child will rule at your place.

Take him, madam.

My darling, son.


Vicky, have milk quickly. No, I won't have it.

Come on, quickly have it.

I don't want to drink it. Don't be stubborn, Vicky!

No. Please Come on, quickly drinkthe milk. No. quickly.

Drinkit! No I will not drinkthe milk.

What happened? What happened, madam? - Madam!

Sir, congratulations. Why?

Your wife is pregnant.

What? What are you saying?

Yes, sir.

But sir, she is going to become a mother after many years.

She needs rest.

Thank you, doctor. Thank you It's all right.

God, thank you so much. You heard my prayers.

Come, sir. I've been waiting for you for so long.

We stopped at the temple of the Goddess on the way.

Sir, from the time I got your call..

...l was sitting at the door and waiting for you.

You go inside.

I will bring the luggage. Parvati.

Hovv are you, Parvati? I am fine.

Your child is absolutely fine. He is three years old!

Come, madam.

Laxmi, be seated. I am here.

Hello. Greetings, sir.

I am your secretary Harsh Wardhan speaking.

It's important that you reach Mumbai quickly.

You know thatl cannot leave Laxmi in this condition and come.

But sir, we have to attend a very important meeting.

It's imperative that you come.

Let it be anything. I cannot come.

A call from Mumbai? It must be important.

You should go.

Laxmi, hovv can I leave you in this condition and go?

You don't vvorry about me. I have Parvati to look after me.

You finish your work and come soon.

But l.. No, I don'tvvant to hear anything.

You must go.


You called me here forthis much?

Sir, your meeting with Mr. Dhararnpal was necessary.

Hovv could we decide upon such a big deal without you?

Business will go on forever.

But now it is very necessary for me to be with my wife.

Place a call to Shimla and make me talkto her. - Ok, sir.

Hello. Parvati.

Call madam. Yes, sir, I will just call her.

Madam, its sir's call from Mumbai. His call!



Oh, my God! Madam!



Madam. Come, let's take her inside.

What happened? Madam slipped and fell dovvn.

Oh, my God! Quickly call for a doctor!

I am coming immediately! Okay, sir.

ParvatilParvatil Parvati! Parvati!

Where is the doctor? He's not there.

He has gone to the neighbouring village.

He will come as soon as he returns.

Then call for another doctor. I beg of you.

Hurry up and go!

Every thing will be fine, madam.

He has gone to call a doctor. He'll be here soon.

Madam, have patience! have patience!



What happened? - There is snow ahead. The roads are closed.

You cannot go ahead.

It is very important for me to go.

The snow is being removed. You can leave after that.

Madam gave birth to this child and expired.


Ifwe kill sir's child, no one will know about it.

What? Kill sir's child?

What are you saying?

Parvati, if sir has his ovvn son, he'll not take care of his ovvn son.

You should be ashamed to say this.

Forget all these things, Parvati. Just think about your son.

No father likes a stranger's son more than his ovvn.

I will never let this happen.

If you cannot do so, I will kill him.

Parvati! Listen to me, Parvati!

Open the door, Parvati!

Parvati, try to understand me!

Open the door, Parvati!


Stop! Stop!



Iam so unlucky!

L couldn't even light my wife's funeral pyre.

Forgive me, sir.

I waited for you for two days.

I even tried to call but the phone lines were dead.

What could I do?

Listen, mister. What is it?

Where does Mr. Rai Bahadur stay?

Do you have his address? No.

Then hovv will you be able to find him?

'Oh, God, where should I look for him in such a big city?'

We are having fun! Give me the bottle!

We are having so much of fun!

Where is she going? Hey, let her go!

Let her go. Why should we spoil our fun?

You havejustvvashed these many utensils since morning!

Who will wash these utensils? Your mother!


Mother, why are you crying? Mother

God. Make me meet Parvati just once.

So that I can ask her for forgiveness.

So that I can repent for all my sins.

Make the estranged meet, God! Make the estranged meet, God!

Wonder where and in what condition she is.

God, it has been 2O years since I have been looking for sir.

Let me meet him once so that after giving his son to him.

...l can go back to my village.

Make the estranged meet, God!

Make the estranged meet, God!

Sir, did you read the headlines?

Why are you shouting? ls there anything special?

It's astonishing, sir.

There has been a bomb blast in every lane of India!

The backbones of people are chipped. - What nonsense?

Sir, the share rate has gone dovvn to 5O paisa from a rupee.

People are dying without any reason. You will never change your habits.

Is Vicky up? He has woken up long back, sir.

He is busy in veneration.

Sir, breakfast is ready.

Call Vicky. Okay, sir.

Sir, Vicky will not have breakfast.

Nowadays, he is on a diet. Liquid diet.

Hi, dad. You are leaving early today?

What is it? Dad, today I have a special class.

Yes, nowadays he is studying whole heartedly.

Keep it up, son. Keep it up Come, fatso. See the changes of time, sir.

Your father used to talkto his fathervvith respect. - Yes.

And you call your father as dad.


You killed him while he is still alive? - You are talking nonsense!

What to do, sir? I am not talking nonsense.

This is my inner voice speaking aloud.

Fatso! Okay, I will leave.

Special class. Special class.

This Sunday class is a bore.

Otherwise we would have gone to the movies or a restaurant, right?

You all don't like to study at all. It's always hotels and cinema.

And the sundry things.

Where is Meena?

Leave me!

I said leave me! Come on.


Leave me!


Leave me.

Leave me, insolent creature!

Leave him, Amar. Leave him.

Priya, you don't know, he..

Let it be, Amar. It is not good to fight amongst each other.

Leave him.

I'll teach you a lesson!

Vicky son, listen. Yes, dad.

'Oh, God. Always keep my son happy just like this.'

Look, son, I have kept the food and fruits. Have it on the way.

You are going to Shimla for the first time. Take care of yourself.

Don't fight with anyone and. Oh, God! Mothen You have been saying this since morning.

Now listen to what I say.

Eat properly. Stay nicely.

Sleep properly. Don't worry much about me or else.

Or else? - Or else I will come backfrom midway. - Shut up!

I told her not to go.

And she doesn't even know skiing. Now what?

Why did you let her go? What should I tell Mr. SP?

We tried a lot to stop her but she didn't listen. - Excuse me, sir.

Don't vvorry, sir. I will find out Priya.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Secretary. Who?

Secretary! Yes, sir.

At your service, sir. Follow me.

Yes, sir. Get the luggage.

Good morning, sir. Very good morning.

I am Dimagchand, a rich son from Mumbai and he is my secretary.

Sorry. He is my sir and I am his secretary.

Okay. We want a suite.

Sweet 16. You will get it.

Will get it. - See, a group of college students is here from Mumbai.

Are they staying here? Yes.

There is a girl named Priya in that group. Which room is she in?

She is in room number 86. 86.

But now she is sitting in the garden. - I see.

Secretary. At your service, sir.

Follovv me. Following.

When our luggage is here, keep it in our room. - Okay, sir.

What is our room number?

Hi Priya. Hi Vicky.

What are you doing here? You came here without informing.

Hovv could I stay back?

Your father has especially sent me to look after you. - Oh, really?

'Hovv did this fool come here?'

I don't like to converse with useless people.

Priya, we will have tonight's dinner together.

But tonight there is an entertainment function.

There will be a performance. That's great!

Sir, you are unnecessarily getting worried after seeing Amar.

All the arrangements for the night have been done.

I have given RsJOO to the waiter.

He will mix loose motion powder in the milk and give it to Amar.

What is loose motion powder, idiot?

After having this loose motion powder, Amar will start dancing!

What nonsense! This is not nonsense.

Iam telling the truth. Amar will start dancing.

From bathroom to the bedroom and from the bedroom to bathroom.

He will dance in the bathroom and you will be in Priya's arms.

And l, at your service, sir.

'I see.'

Priya, you keep on kidding. Do you knovfl What do I know? If you would've had the milk. would be in the same condition that he'll be in.

Thank God thatl heard everything.

For your sake, I have paid RsQOO to the waiter.

He is here. Come on, be a cock again!

Formula king! You fool!

Fool, what kind of formula is this?

You had given the loose motion powder to Amar..

...and I am having loose motions.

What can I do? Your stars are wrong.

I gave the powder to him and you got the reaction.

Do something. I have to go for the dance. Do something.

You are already dancing, sir?

From bathroom to bedroom and bedroom to bathroom.

Fool, you! No!

This is a five star hotel room.

If you soil the carpet, you'll have to pay double.

Elders have rightly said that what you sovv is what you will reap.

You dance here and he will dance there.

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

"This situation has come." "Since when?"

"My eyes have met his." "Since when?"

"Anxiety has increased." "Since when."

"l get scared."

"Beautiful, let me come into your arms.

"Let me go."

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

"The bullet of your beauty has pierced my heart."

"You saw me with love and I lost my life!"

"On your slippery body, my eyes slipped!"

"Lover, Romeo." "Beloved!"

"Why are you so?" "Scared?"

"Come on, leave me." "Wrist!"

"Decorate a house!"

"Let the words come to the lips."

"Let it come."

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

"My intoxicating beauty is not under my control."

"The sweet water drops from your cheek."

"l have given my entire life to you."

"lt is difficult to live." "Without you."

"Without you there is no calm." "Anywhere."

"You are the ring." "l am the gem."

"Embrace me."

"Let the intoxication of love spread!"

"Let it spread."

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

"This situation has come." "Since when?"

"My eyes have met his." "Since when?"

"Anxiety has increased." "Since when?"

"l get scared."

"Beautiful, let me come into your arms.

"Let me go."

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

"The bangles of my hand say."

"What do they say?"

"After seeing you my heart wobbles."

"Why does it wobble?"

All your formulas are old!

All your formulas have failed. Give me another chance, sir.

It is a very good formula. Formula number 54.

It can never fail. I'll give the guarantee.

Okay, come.

This is my chair.


Mister, this is our table. Sit.

Didn't you listen? I have heard it, brother.

But what to do? Since I'm sitting novv, I won't get up.

I say get up or else. Really?

Now I will not get up. Yes, if you have the strength, make me get up.

Hit him!

Say, whose chair is it? Yours.

Who has sent you? Vicky sir.

This was the first and the last slap of your life.

If you are intelligent enough, this should be enough for a lifetime.

Tell me. What right did you have to send the goons?

Have you gone crazy? You are asking me?

You and I are going to get married.

And I cannot tolerate that. would-be wife flirts and enjoys with someone else.

I Will kill that idiot.

Hovv did you get this misconception that I will marry you?

I hate you. I hate you, understand?

Sir, you have hit enough. You have hit enough.

Hovv much more will you hit?

Even I am a human, not an animal like you.

I mean even I am a human like you.

It's nothing, my dear!

Iwill hit you so much..

...that you will not be able to get up all your life.

What are you saying, sir? My life is very important.

If I don't get up, what will happen to my formula? - Formula!

Where did he go? Where is he?

Sir, formula number O07.

Sir. Look at this. A telegram saying that father is dead.

What nonsense!

Not your father but that loafer's dad! His father has expired!

It's written that father has expired. Come soon to the moon.

Meet father. He is on the moon and you are on..

Hey, fatso, are you feeling ashamed to say honeymoon?

You have been saying it since childhood. Honeymoon!

You keep on saying honeymoon and I will send him to Mumbai.

You are a strange man!

You are not sorry to hear the news.

I am not sorry as this news is false.

When I haven't seen my father since my childhood. can this news come?

I guess this is dumb Vicky's trick.

He must have thought that I will read this news and go back to Mumbai.

Okay, so this is it.

Wait and watch. I will use hisforrnula on him.

"Love to love you."

Sir. What is it?

Someone has given a letterfor you.

"Love to love you, baby. I am feeling cold, baby."

What is it, sir?

What is it, sir? Good news or bad news, sir?

Good news, bad news? Bad news!

Very good news!

Let's celebrate! Let's celebrate, yes!

Secretary. At your service, sir.

Priya had told me to come here, right? - Hovv do I know, sir?

You read the letter, right?

You read it properly, right?

Shut up and follovv me.

At least wait for me, sir.


Priya! What are you doing?

Echo. Sir! Priya!

Secretary, as soon as Priya is seen.. dig a hole in the snow and hide! Die!

Only if Priya is seen! Priya!



Secretary, Priya had told to meet here, right?

Follovv me. Hovv much will he make me follow?



"L don't feel good.."

"..v\/ithout you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"What should I do?"

"l don't feel good.."

"..v\/ithout you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"l don't feel good.."

"..v\/ithout you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"Hovv should I tell you? Love has killed me."

"What should I do?"

"l don't feel good.."

"..v\/ithout you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"Eithervvhen I am sleeping orl am awake, darling."

"l am always lost in yourthoughts."

"This heart is restless after losing its calm."

"Nowl will not be able to live after been separated from you."

"l have started loving you more than this whole world."

"What do I do?"

"l don't feel good.."

"..v\/ithout you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"What should I do?"

"The one who has loved knows."

"..the kind of craziness that this is."

"The kind of intoxication it is."

"It's the sweet pain of love."

"There is no medicine for craziness!"

"It doesn't listen to rne. I am tired of making my heart understand."

"What should I do?"

"l don't feel good without you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

"Hovv should I tell you? Love has killed me!"

"What should I do?"

"l don't feel good without you, my friend."

"What should I do?"

It was not a good thing to joke with Vicky.

You are feeling sorry for him?

And what about his misbehaviour?

He mixed something in the milk and sent.

And sent goons to beat you.

And sent a false wire. He was right?

No. But the poor guy must be in trouble.

I have sent a poor girl for him. He must be romancing her.

Vicky, what is this? - All this has happened because of you.

You called me there in the snow and you are here?

I called you? What are you saying, Vicky?

Didn't you send a letter and tell me to come there in the snovfl - No.

You had a misconception. You are mistaken.

Secretary. I am dead.

At your service, sir. Did Priya give that letter to you?

Had given with her ovvn hands. Idiot!

Will you go to Versova? Why won't I go, sir?

It's my vvorkto go.

Forget Versova, I will go wherever you want to go. Have a seat, sir.


Where is papa? Sir is sitting in the lawn.

Take this. Papa!

My daughter!

Dear Priya, hovv are you? Fine.

Hovv was your Shimlafs trip? It was very good.

I missed you.

Your friend's darling son Vicky troubled a lot.

He is a very boring character. Dear, it's not hisfault.

The sons of the rich people are usually like this.

If he stays in your company, he will become right.

Dear, you do one thing. You are tired.

Freshen up. We will have breakfast together.

I will be right back.

Yes, so hovv much is it? Sir, Rs.9O and 2O paisa.

I will just send it from inside. Yes, no problem.



Son! Bless you, son.

Hovv was your trip? Mother, the trip was very good.

There was only one thing missing.

You were not with me.

Due to the lack of your presence, the trip felt quite boring.

Enough. That was too much.

You sit. I will make tea for you. Okay, mother.

Come on, mister, hurry up.

Mister, the passenger has gone to take the money.

I am getting late for my train.

Take, son, have tea. Oh, no!

What happened? - I forgot that the taxi driver is waiting outside.

Mother, give me 100. I have to pay him.

You have the tea. I will give it to him. - Okay, mother.

Hurry up, I will miss mytrain.

Please. - Okay, mister, if you say then I will leave.


What a strange man!

He left without taking money.

Did you hear? He says that one day he killed two lions.

And listen to more. l killed them with just one bullet.

Uncle, what a lie! I'm lying?

Dear, you have understood him well.

It took me my whole life to understand him.

Like they say that often fools have clever children.

Look, don't make me speak too much..

...or I mightjust tell them about the college thing.

Uncle, why have you started about college?

Let it be and enjoy the food. Wow..

You ask him to keep shut when it's your father we're talking about?

Why are both of you fighting?

If both of us don't fight, we cannot digest our food!

Uncle, you are lying again.

You need to eat to digest the food.

Point. There is a point in that.

Your daughter is very intelligent.

That's whyl am teaching her lavv.

Anyway forget about us.

Tell us about your plans for Vicky's future.

Why do I have to plan?

The business is huge enough to feed the next seven generations.

I just need to find a good girl for him and get him married.

Amar. Yes, mother.

Son. What is it, mother?

Here. There is a letter for you.

Mother, it is not a letter. I had applied for a police job.

I have got a replyfrom there.

But you have to study more.

Hovv will I answer yourfather? Father!

Which father are you talking about?

Who left us in the middle of the sea to face the storms?

Not even by mistake did he think about his innocent kid..

...and his helpless wife's condition.

Should a father be like this? I even the word 'fatheri Beware if you even say a single word against your father!

What do you know about him! Ask me about him.

He is God! God!

Mother, I haven't seen that God but I have surely seen this Goddess.

You are Goddess for me. Goddess.

And I cannot see my Goddess like mother working.

Son, bless you.

Priya. At least try to understand.

What should I understand?

What is the need to leave such a good education and work?

I am not a rich father's child like you.

Understand my helplessness.

I don't like that I study while my morn toils.

I have many favours of my mother on me.

I don't know anything. I cannot stay without you.

It is just a matter of six months.

I will finish the police training backing ajifiy.

...and you'll feel that l hadn't gone at all.

Hovv should I understand? You are leaving, right?

Yes. I am going and I have to go.

But if you smile a little, l will feel better while leaving.

Come on, smile! Smile!

"The weather! What an amazing weather?"

"Where are you?"

"Oh my darling."

"There is sadness in my heart dear, come!"

"My eyes are thirsty, dear. Come."

"There is sadness in my heart dear, come!"

"My eyes are thirsty, dear. Come."

"My heart is not calm, dear. Come."

"The weather! What an amazing weather?"

"My heartbeats are yours."

"There are your stories on my lips."

"What is my life? It's your gift!"

"lf you call me, I will run and come."

"Darling, hovv can I forget your love?"

"Hovv can I forget it?"

"l am the story of love, come."

"l am the queen of your dreams, come."

"l am the story of love, come."

"l am the queen of your dreams, come."

"l am your life, come."

"The weather! What an amazing weather?"

"One day this link of desires will link up."

"Beloved, the moment of our union will come."

"Tear my heart apart and my desire for you."

"My love squirms for you every moment."

"My love squirms for you every moment."

"Come, I will hide you in my eyes."

"Come, I will make you reside in my breaths."

"l will hide you in my eyes."

"l will make you reside in my breaths."

"l will make you mine. Come."

"The weather! What an amazing weather?"

"Where are you?"

"Oh, my darling."

"There is sadness in my heart dear, come!"

"My eyes are thirsty, dear. Come."

"There is sadness in my heart dear."

"My eyes are thirsty, dear.

"My heart is not calm, dear. Come."

"The weather! What an amazing weather?"

Same. We will take till 2,500.

We have to take it on number 7.

Secretary, follow me.

Go, get the counters.

Hi, darling.

Come. Give the counters.

They have refused to give it on loan.

Go there and say that Mr. Rai Bahadufls son..

Vicky has asked for counters. Go.

If I take your name, they will push and throw us out.

Fool, you always keep speaking nonsense. Follovv rne.

What is this, sir Chhote? You refused to give counters to me?

Vicky, your limit is exhausted.

Mr. Rai Bahadufls son doesn't have any limits!

Hey, give me the counters. Give it.

There are many rich people like you who come here.

Go leave. - Fool! Rai Bahadur has enough money.. buy six clubs with just one cheque. Understood?

Really? You don't know my father.

Show him the door. Don't touch me.

Iwill buy yourclub. lam Rai Bahadufis son.

Chhote, give him whatever he is asking for.

What? Brother, I have already given 200,000 to him.

He is asking for more. Yes, give him another 200,000.


Obey my order and give it to him.

Okay, you go to the table. You will get it.

Quickly. Send the whisky too.

Okay. You will get everything.

What are you doing, big brother?

This money will not come back. ltvvill sink.

So let it sink.

Along with that, Rai Bahadur Laxmi Narayans son is sinking too.

The more he sinks, the more peaceful will my heart be.

Tiger is a good man.

Life is to be enjoyed.

Greetings, sir. Greetings.

You drink, you gamble and the money..

Be careful. When he'll askfor the money.

Secretary. - He'll ask for the money then you'll come to knovv.

Where is the car? This car is ours.

Idiot, you don't even know which car is ours?

Go ask the car about our car. Go.

Where is my car?

Oh, God!

Son, forgive me but you seem like a boy of a good family.

You drink and gamble.

If your dad comes to knovv, vvhatvvill he think?

You get lost.

Henceforth, ifl see you in this condition.

...l'll teach you a good lesson.

Idiot, you are arguing with me?

You argue with me! Lousy roadside driver!

Fool, hovv are you related to me to lecture me?

Who is he, sir? Seems insolent!

Should we beat him up? No, brother.

It's not his fault.

It's the fault of my actions.

Are you not ashamed? You drink alcohol!

Dad, Mr. DharampaFs son was getting married.

I refused a lot. He forced me.

Sorry, dad. I'm sorry.

He forced me to drink, dad. I am sorry, dad.

Sir, I tried to make Vicky understand.

That it's not good to stay out till late.

But he doesn't listen to me.

You don't make him understand. You are spoiling him.

All this is because of you.

Iwill fire you.

Don't torment me like this, sir. My children will die of hunger.

I don't spoil him, sir. Tiger spoils him.

Tiger? Yes sir, Tiger Shamsher Singh.

Shamsher Singh? Yes, sir, Tiger Shamsher Singh.

The owner of gambling and alcohol casinos.

Vicky is always there at his joint.

And even he gives him money on loan so that he loses.

What are you saying? I am telling the truth, sir.

Tiger Shamsher Singh.

Today you know the pain of a child, Rai Bahadur?

That day even I begged for my child.

You know, your testimony took my child away from me forever.

You know about itTiger.

Your son had killed that innocent girl in front of rne.

Hovv could I lie? Yes.

Hovv could you lie?

As if you the epitome of truth.

Tiger, forget the past.

But for God's sake, don't spoil my son because of that.

I beg of you.

This isjust the beginning, Rai Bahadur.

The more you squirm for your child, the happier I will be.

Understood? Tiger.

Listen, Tiger.

What is it, madam? You look very happy today.

It's my son's birthday.

Pray for him so that he becomes a good person.

He should become so powerful that even the biggest.

...problem cannot stop him in his way.

Pray for him, sir.

Pray for my son, sir.

The son who has a mother like you..

...doesn't need any prayers, madam.

Won't you give the offerings to the son you are praying for?

Bless you.

Hovv do I look, mother?

Different from the whole world.

Amar, you must be aware of the..

...police station you are posted in.

Yes, sir. There is a goon named Tiger..

...who does all kinds of illegal things.

But we cannot do anything as we don't.

...have any evidence against him.

You don't worry, sir. If I have your blessings.

...l will make every illegal worker work legally. - Good.

I expect this from you. All the best.

Thank you, sir.

Good morning, sir.

I am going to the police station. Yes.

You come and meet me in the police station. - Okay.




Sir, there is a woman outside and she wants to meet you.

She is very worried. Send her.


Oh, God! I am ruined! I am destroyed!

I don't know what to do, Mr. KaramatAli.

I am not KaramatAli. Then you must be SharafatAli.

I am not even that. Then you must be NafratAli.

Oh, no, talk about the work, consort.

What did you say? Consort.


You said the word so affectionately.

You talk so lovingly but my husband left me and ran away.

This means that your husband has left you? - Yes.

You are absolutely right. - But it is a crime to drive people away.

Running away is not a crime. Let it be!

It must be so in your lavv.

But in the lavv of love, to leave your beloved midway. the biggest crime.

You punish him in a way that he stays with me all his life!

Talk sense. This is a police station.

But did I say that it is a love station? - Okay.

Take this paper and write your complaint on it.

We will start our enquiry.

I will sign on the paper. You write the story.

Do you know what it means to sign on a blank paper?

The onlything that can happen is.

...that you'll transfer my belongings in your name. Go ahead.

Anyway, I have transferred all my belongings in your name.

My name? Yes.

Your name, my darling!

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

"Listen, lover, don't build up stories."

"First sign on the blank paper."

"l will bestow my love at every step."

"Onlythen will I trust you."

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

"The one who stole my calm and sleep!"

"Wait. You made my heartbeat."

"Stop following me."

"You make an excuse everyday!"

"l have become crazy about your style and beauty!"

"Listen lover, don't build up stories."

"First sign on the blank paper."

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

"l will bestow my love at every step."

"Onlythen will I trust you."

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

"This princess is asking you.."

"..when will get married?"

"l will decorate your forehead with my love."

"Come, I will make you a bride today."

"You embraced me and a clarinet started playing in my heart."

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

"Listen lover, don't build up stories."

"First sign on the blank paper."

"l will bestow my love at every step."

"Onlythen will I trust you."

"Listen beautiful, my darling!"

"Hovv will I spend my life without you?"

Wow! Great!

Wow! Great!

You didn't get any other place to love?

You started it here itself! Great!

Iam telling you sir. Don't interfere in Tiger's business.

He is a very dangerous man.

Police and dangers have a very old friendship, Naik.

And the one who plays with dangers is the powerful one.

But sir..

Henceforth, if there is betting, gambling.

...or any other illegal work done here..

...l'll be the worst one to deal with.

And listen tell your boss. come to the police station at 1O and meet me.

There it goes.

Now, I don't know about him.

Who is this new inspector?

Anyway, I will surely meet this inspector.

Great prince! Are you showing an example of your bravery.

...or did you lower your gaze out of fear?

It's you who is scared of my summons.

Thus you got this wedding procession.

A groom doesn't even get ready without a wedding procession, son.

Keep this wedding procession with care.

They'll help in yourfuneral.

My ears are not accustomed to hear such rudeness.

But you are a kid.

When did I say that I'm a grown up?

It's you who's old.

According to the government lavv and order..

...a person has to retire after he comes of age.

Listen to my advice. Even you leave your illegal work retire.

And go for a holy pilgrimage.

I will send your family members on a holy pilgrimage.

To immerse your ashes, understood?

It was my work to make you understand.

Time will take care of the rest. You may go now.

Thank you.

It is said that when someone acts too smart.

...he should be taught a lesson.


What? N0!

Okay, I will leave, doctor. Thank you very much.

I should be the one thanking you, sir.

You gave blood to an unknown person.

And you don't even know his father.

Doctor, he is a son. He is the son of mankind.

He is the son of God who made us.


...this is my card. If you need anything, call me.

Good bye.

Wow! Such nice people keep the world going.

I cannot understand as to why did you get into this danger?

It's my life to play with dangers.

What if anything would have happened to you?

When your love is with me, nothing can happen to rne.

Is sir at home? Yes, he is inside.

Come, son.

Bless you. Sit.

Hovv are you feeling now?

I am better. Thanks to you.

I don't have enough words to thank you for what you did.

I will forever be indebted. Why will you be indebted, son?

That was my duty. What?


I executed the duty of being a human being.

Sir, you gave me your precious blood.

Blood is blood, son.

It's priceless. You needed it and I could give it.

Wonder why I felt close to you!

Anyway forget it. Tell me what do you do?

Sir, I am the police inspector of Sion area. - Sion area?

The superintendent there is a close friend.

If you have any problem, tell me. I will refer for you.

Truth and honesty don't need references.

Wovv, son! Always keep on going on these principals.

I will respect the dignity of your blood, sir.

Okay, sir, novvl will take your leave. Bye.

Take care of yourself. Yes, okay.

I am well aware of what you have done with me.

Tell your elder brothen.

...the day l get an evidence against your illegal work.

...l will not spare you.

Lions don't get wounded by ant bites, Chhote.

The lions don't get wounded, but sometimes an..

...ant proves to be dangerous for elephants, big brother.

There was a clear message in his words..

...that he will arrest you at any cost.

Even I know the rules of the game, dear.

The lavv breakers are cleverer than lavv makers.

The bigwigs of the police couldn't affect me.

Hovv can this ordinary inspector harm me?

He hasjust joined. Thus, he's excited.

He will cool dovvn in a few days. Yes.

Come, let's go for a movie.

Priya, there is a new movie today. No, I cannot go today. Come.

You knovv, right. Please. Come on!

I cannot come. You cannot even come today?

Hi, baby, will you watch a movie with me?

If you misbehave with me from now onwards.

...l will shoot you, understand?

Fool, you flirt with Priya in the college!

Don't you know she is my fiance?

I am going to get married to her. Get lost.

I will marry her.

Fool, idiot, you talk nonsense! Get lost.

Idiot! I will see you too.

Hovv dare he? Fool!

Leave me!

He is talking nonsense about Priya. Sir, let it be, please.

Fool! He will marry her! I will marry her.

Fool! He will marry her! I will marry her.

You escaped there, now I'll teach you a lesson.

VWI you look at Priya?

I told you! Tell me!

I will kill the person who looks at Priya.

What have you done? You have murdered him.

Run! Run away from here!

Told him 5O times not to drink alcohol.

He doesn't listen to anyone.

Good that I met you. I looked for you everywhere.

You looked for me? You were looking for me?

What is it? You seem to be very worried.

No. I am not worried.

Nothing has happened. Then..

Nothing. Then this sweat?

This anxiety? Sweat?

Son, I am bound to get sweat at this age. I drive the whole day.

...and I've not been well since a few days, son.

Okay. But you tell me.

Hovv are you? I am fine, father.

Good that I met you. I have to repay your loan.

Loan? You forgot?

You left without taking the fare that day.

I see. Okay. That day! No, son.

Let it be. No.

It's strange! - I am very clear when keeping accounts.

You call me father and talk about accounts.

Wow, son, I am happy.

If there are more inspectors like you in lndia..

...lndia's condition will improve.

You will surely be successful. One day, you will be successful.

Thank you, father.

Okay, father, I will take your leave. - May God bless you.

'I should get rid of the dead body fast.'

'The car is unlocked and there is no one inside it.'

'Let's put the dead body in its boot? Yes.'

'It's strange. I had kept it open.'

Sir, this is the first time that your horoscope has helped you.

That taxi driver came on time or you would've been hanged.


I cannot understand one thing.

If that taxi driver wanted, he could have handed me overto the police.

Sir, I thinkthat the old man and you..

...surely had a relationship in your past life.

Hi Priya!

Hi Vicky. Hi.

Hovv are you? Okay.

You have come to meet father? Yes. No. Yes.

Come. Come on.

Come, father is inside.

It has been a long time since we have met.

But we met yesterday!

But there is a difference of 24 hours between yesterday and today!

24 hours.

1440 minutes and. And don't forget the seconds.


Shimlafs trip was amazing!

I still remember it. Do you remember it?

Hovv can I forget Shimla?

That was the first and last slap of my life. - Forget about it.

Even I have forgotten about it.

Small fights are inevitable in love. Right?

Yes, they are. Or else there is no fun in love.

That's why people say life is there to enjoy. - Yes.


Vicky, hovv are you, son?

Iam fine, uncle. Hovv are your studies going on?

Good. Where is your father?

It's been a long time. Excuse me dad! Both of you talk.

I have to go for the tuitions. Yes, you go.

Priya, I will drop you. Even I am going there.

No, you have just come.

Have tea and go. Yes, what's the hurry?

L.. You have tea and go.

All right. It's strange!


Hey, who's this? Who is this girl?

Who's she? She looks good.

Let's get her. Where are you going, darling?


Thank God, Priya, you came.

The tyre of myjeep is punctured.

I have called the police station. They will fix it and take it.

You can drop me home.

What is the matter? Why you are you worried?

Nothing. I'm absolutelyfine.


Mother, look who's here? Dear, you?

Mother, look who's here? Dear, you?

Hello! Actually, myjeep broke dovvn.

She was passing by. So, I thought she will drop me..

...and meet you as well. Good.

Come, dear. Sit dovvn.


Hovv is everyone at home?

They are fine!

By the vvay, there was a call from your office.

Yes, I had forgotten. I have to sign important papers.

You sit. I will be right back.

Where are the car keys? In the car.

I'll be back in a jiffy.

What will you have, dear? Nothing!

Hovv can that be? I will make some tea.

In any case, he has gone to the police station.

He will take about 5 to 1O minutes.

Yes, mother.

It always takes time at the police station.

Isn't it fixed yet? Sir, the jack is not fitting.

If you have a jack in your car..


Jack has been fitted, sir.

Sir, the keys.

Fix the jeep and get it to the police station. - Yes.

Look, Amar has come back.

Son, you took so long.

She was getting very anxious.

I know the reason for her anxiety, mother. - What?

Shall I tell mother?

No! What is this formality?

Mother, she feels shy in front of you.



Any idea on hovv it happened? No, sir, we don't know anything.

Okay! Send the body for post mortem.

This can't happen.

I love Amar and I have promised to marry him.


Even your father had made a promise to my father.

What are promises anyway?

And ifl like something, I always achieve that.

This dream of yours will never come true.

My dream came true the moment.

...l clicked your picture with ShashPs dead body.

My daddy is the SP. I will tell him everything.

The lavv does not leave any SP or even the home minister.

And you are a lavv student.

You must have realised the significance of these.

...photographs as evidence.

What is this? - This is a small glimpse of the mistake made by you.

This is not your mistake.

Such things happen in a drunken state.

ButTiger, if l wouldn't have killed him, he would have killed him.

Mr. Vicky, you'll still die..

...when these photographs reach the police station.

Don't worry! We won't do any such thing.

Hovv much do you want? - Why should I ask anything from you?

Take these pictures away.

And the negatives?

Don't you trust us?

Oh, no!

Hovv can Tiger have enough courage to blackmail me? Me?

Sir, why are you worried about thatTiger?

You are the real tiger. You!

By the vvay, wise men have said that you reap what you sovv.

You fool!

If you don't shut up, I will shoot the first bullet at you.

At your service, sir. Go!

Hello, uncle.

Come, dear. What brings you here?

Hovv is your father? He is fine.

Please sit dovvn.

What is the matter?


I have to talkto you about something important.

You go. Yes, sir.


Tell me, what's the matter?


The thing is that Vicky.

What has he done?

What? Yes, tell me. What has Vicky done?

Let me answer, dad.


Priya wants to marry me and she is feeling shy to tell you.

Why are you feeling shy?

I will talkto your father about it today.

Come on, Priya.

Why do you look so sad, darling?

Hello, my dear.

What kind of a joke is this? This is no joke.

This is the truth. my dear.

The truth is that Priya and I love each other.

And very soon, we are going to get married.

And listen.

The truth isthat your wishes will soon be buried.

It is you who will be buried.

Without dying.


What is it? The SP has called for you.

Let's go!

Good morning, sir. Yes. Amar?

Sir, did you call me? Yes.

Come and sit. No, sir.

That's okay. Sit. Don't be so formal, now!

Thank you, sir.


I wanted to ask you about the Shashi murder case.

Sir, the investigation is on.

I think we will catch the killer soon.


Priya, come. This is my daughter, Priya.

And this is our dutiful officer. Amar.


Sir, I will leave. I hope I can solve the case.

I hope so. Thank you, sir.

'The lavv does not leave any SP or even the home minister.'

'The lavv does not leave any SP or even the home minister.'

'The lavv does not leave any SP or even the home minister.'

'If you don't marry me, you will be hanged.'

'You will be killed.'

'You will be killed.'


"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"l will make you drink love through my eyes."

"l will keep you in my arms."

"l will make you drink love through my eyes."

"l will keep you in my arms."

"Why are you being impatient?"


"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"l will spread my tresses on your face."

"l will spread my tresses on your face."

"l will spread my love through my lips."

"My crazy actions and my pleasant arms."

"My crazy actions and my pleasant arms."

"My love is for you."


"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"The moment you've been waiting for, will be here soon."

"The moment you've been waiting for, will be here soon."

"We have our vvhole life to get together."

"l will make you a little desperate. And make you thirst a little."

"l will make you a little desperate. And make you thirst a little."

"l will give my life for you."


"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

"l will make you drink love through my eyes."

"l will keep you in my arms."

"l will make you drink love through my eyes."

"l will keep you in my arms."

"Why are you being impatient?"


"The heart is searching for you gradually. Have patience."

200,000? Have you lost your mind?

What is there to lose my mind about, dad?

It's a small amount for you anyway.

Even 2O millions have no value for me, but only for a noble cause.

But I don't even have a cent. be spent in gambling, drinking and casinos.

Dad, you are talking as if I have no right in this house?

Don't I have any right on you? Or your property?


You are talking about rights with me?

Go earn RsJOO. Then talk about rights.

I will explain the meaning of rights to you then. Right!

Shall we go to earn RsJOO, sir? Idiot!

You are the master. You can hit me. You can do anything.

But sir, this is the only work you are capable of doing.

Shut up! Okay I want 200,000. Right now.

200,000! 200,000? Yes.

Hovv can I bring that much money, sir?

You are the secretary and you are asking me.

Do something. Steal!

Steal! Steal?

If you give me the address, it will be easier to steal.

I understood.

Father's safe!

Father's safe!

What is the value of 200,000 in today's world?

What could be the value of an ordinary negative?

If the negative would've ordinary you wouldn't have paid me a dime.

Young man, that negative has the proof of your crime.

This is blackmail, Tiger.

Hovv much do you vvant for that negative?

What is the hurry to pay the price?

When the need arises, I will askfor it.

I Will take it.

Priya, this is Amar speaking. Please don't hang up.

What is the matter, dear? You seem worried.

Nothing, mother.

You are hiding something from me.

Has some case gone wrong?

Probably the very case of my life has gone wrong.

Have you fought with Priya?

If it had been a fight, there wouldn't have been a problem.

Here, everything has gone wrong without a fight.

Everything has gone wrong?

What is the matter?


All of a sudden, Priya has started hating me.

That day I saw hervvalking hand-in-hand with Vicky.

No, dear. Priya won't do such a thing. I know her well.

She must have been forced into it. Forced?

Hovv can she be forced into it?

"L feel young today."

You are here?

You are here, but why?

Is Vicky there? Yes, he is here.

He is in the bedroom.

Please go! Thank you.

Thank you!

"L love to love you, baby."

"l love to love you, baby."

"l love to love you, baby."



Don't try to be smart after today.

Darling, when I love some one, I love a lot.

And when I hate, I hate a lot.


God bless you! Out!

God bless me too!

Where did you go so early in the morning?

Do you know thatl have been asking about for you?

I had gone to a friend's place.

You seem disturbed for a few days.

Is there any problem?

No, nothing at all.

Listen, dear!

I'm a police officer.

I can understand a lot by looking at people's faces.

There must be something which you are hiding from me.

There is a load on your mind because.

...of which you seem depressed.


Don't hide anything from me.

Are you troubled by Vicky?

If you don't like Vicky, forget him.

I will get you married to a man who you really.


You are my life.

This father has lived for 19 years by seeing you everyday.

Don't hide anything from me, dear.

May I speak to Priya? Yes, this is Priya speaking.

May I speak to Priya? Yes, this is Priya speaking.

Inspector Amar has met with an accident.

He is in a very fatal condition in National hospital.

Oh, my God!

What name did you say? Which hospital?

Doctor, where is police officer Amar?

Amar? Yes.

He is in room number 22. Thank you!

Why did the girl, who's been avoiding me..

...come here on hearing the news off my death?

But, that accident?

I had to meet you.

You kept on avoiding me.

That is why I was forced to call you like this.

Priya, what is the reality?

Which reality are you talking about?

Give me the reason for avoiding me.

The reason for coming to the hotel with Vicky.

Yes, this is the truth.

I want to marry Vicky. All this is a lie.

All I know isthat you hated Vicky and you still hate him.

I know that you always loved me..

...and you will keep loving me forever.

Yes, Priya?

What was the reason for which everything suddenly changed?

I can't answer your questions. Why not?

You have to answer all my questions.

I don't know anything.

Priya, one small mistake of yours can ruin you.

Don't hide anything from rne, Priya.

I will ease all your difficulties.

Tell me! For my sake!

Please, tell me, Priya.

For your sake, I'm being forced into saying it.

So, listen!

After that incident, Vicky has made my life difficult.

I will die of depression. Save me, Amar.

Priya, everything will be fine.

Sir, all my formulas are nothing as compared to yours.

What a way to trap Priya?

Shut up! You speak anything anywhere after you are drunk.

If you talktoo much, I will reduce this month's salary.

You don't pay me anyway. Shut up!

Who is it?

What is the matter, inspector?

What are you staring at?

You blackmail people?

Inspector, you will repent.

Sir, the SP has called you immediately.

May I know the reason why you locked up such an honourable man?

Sir, he is not honourable. He is a very bad man.

He is a blackmailer. What has he done?


Sir! 'Keep quiet, Amar!'

'What if the SP finds out the truth about Priya?'

'After all, lavv is lavv.'

Answer me! What has he done?

I can't answer your question at this moment, sir.

Is this the enmity of your college?

No, sir. Nothing like that.

Amar, your record is good. I won't say much to you.

But don't make such mistakes henceforth.

Novv, go and release him!

But, sir? That's an order.


I will tell dad about Vicky.

That he's a cheat and a blackmailer. - No, Priya!

Don't commit such a grave mistake.

Lavv is lavv after all.

As long as Vicky has evidence against you..

...your father can't do anything for you.

Yes, there is one more thing.

Shashi was killed by Vicky.

I can't understand anything.

There is one more thing.

The water in my car's radiator got over..

...the night before the day I got ShashPs body.

When I had gone to fill water, the boot was open.

But when I came back, it was closed.

That means in between the time I came back..

Somebody must have kept the body there.

This must be Vicky's trick. He wants me at any cost.

This will not happen.

L will not let Vicky's dream be fulfilled.

Will you drink?


...Do_.. Who said it?

V\/ho said that?

Did you say it?

I did not say. Who said it?

I said it!

You said?

Hello! Hello!


Let's hug!

I have seen you somewhere.

Old friends!

Old friends?

Very, very old!

Very old friends. Where did we meet?


At a bar? You mean pub!

Novv, that you have come, please sit. - Yes.


...Do_.. "Do." Not do! Say sorry!

Sorry? Why?


Beautiful, sister-in-lavv.

Don't spoil your intentions.

I know these things happen when you are drunk but control yourself.

But beautiful! Idiot!

Private property!

Sorry! Yes.


MY Hose!

Don't think that I'm drunk.


You call this drinking. You haven't had anything yet.

What do you think? I have drunk.

You call this drinking? Of course.

You should drink like a tiger.

Like a man! Like this! I'll just show you.

Novv, tell me, what I am?



Am I a coward?

I'm a tiger. I'm a man! Get lost.

You are a man? Of course!

Your master, Vicky is the real man.

What master?

If he stays for a few days with me, I will take everything from him.

I will make a beggar out of him.

What? I will send him behind bars.

Shall I tell one thing?

It's private. Don't tell anyone.

Vicky murdered Shashi. What?

And has framed Priya.

He wants to marry her.

He wants to marry Priya.

This won't be a marriage. It will be destruction.

What will it be? Destruction.

I will destroy him.

Don't tell anyone.

I did not say anything. We are friends.

Old friends. Old friends!

Okay, see you!

Where are you going?

I'm going to your sister-in-lavv. You go to my sister-in-lavv. Right?

See you, bye!

Cheers! Cheers.

Good bye!

Hello, darling!


Son, you? Father, you?

Hovv are you? I'm fine! Hovv are you?

Father, will you drop me home? Why not? It is your taxi. Come in!

Father, hovv is your work going?

Everything is fine. You tell me, hovv is everything?

Everything is fine, father!

'Vicky murdered Shashi and has framed Priya.'

'He wants to marry her.'

What happened, father?



Is this the time to come back?

Don't say anything today, mother.

After a lot of difficulty, I found a way out.

Difficulty? What kind of difficulty?

Is everything fine?

Nothing was fine, mother.

Because of this cassette, everything will be fine.

This is not a cassette, but Priya's life.

Somebody had framed Priya for murder.

What are you saying, dear? Yes, mother!

I didn't I tell you because you would have been worried.

Tomorrow, when I present this cassette in court.

...everything will be out in the open.

'If this cassette reaches the police station, my son might be hanged.'

'If this cassette reaches the police station, my son might be hanged.'

'I have to get hold of this cassette any cost.'


Parvati, you?

Parvati, I looked for you everywhere.

I was tired of looking for you.

I was broken.

Butl believed that one day we will definitely meet.

Wow! Hovv did you meet me?

Like a thief.


My destiny is bad, Parvati.

What I did that day was for my son..

...and today, whatever I'm doing is for my son.

If this cassette reaches the police station, our son might be hanged.

This cassette is the death of our son, Parvati.

And this cassette is the life of this son.

He is not your son, Parvati. He is the son of Rai Bahadur.

I just know this son of mine for..

...whom I have been living for 2O years.

Give this cassette to me. Or the worst will happen.

What could be worse than what's been happening till today?

Give me the address of sir so that I can return his son to him.

Hopefully, God will forgive the mistakes of my husband ifl do this.

Forgive me, Parvati.

I have wronged you.

What are you doing? Get up.

I think Amar has woken up.

You go from here.

Okay, Parvati, I'm going.

Butl promise you, Parvati, that.

...Rai Bahadur will definitely get his son back. Definitely.

No matter what sacrifice I have to make for this.


Tell me, mother!

Tell me that whatever you have said is a lie!

Everything is the truth, son. It's the truth.

You are the son of a rich man.

...but you had to stay here with a poor person like me.

You are the great woman, mom.

You kept me alive by working so hard.

You spent nights in a state of hunger.

You kept feeding me your share.

You brought me up and made be capable.

Mother, don't send me away from you.

Otherwise, this son of yours will die.

Don't say like this!

May God bless you!

Such a big injustice towards me?

My son is alive..

...and you didn't tell me in the fear that.

...your son's comforts might get snatched away.

I have no ansvverto any of your questions, master.

I'm burning in the fire of my guilt.

I always kept praying to God to..

...make me capable of meeting you once before I die.

So that I can ask for forgiveness from my Godlike master.

After committing such a big crime, you expect forgiveness from me?

Even if God wants, he will not be able to forgive you.

You are right, master.

God has already punished me.

The son whom I wanted to make respectable.

...has become a murderer.


Who as he murdered?

He has murdered your trust.

He has murdered your love.

He murdered a boy of his college.

What are you saying? Yes, master.

He killed a college student and framed innocent Priya in this murder.

So that Priya leaves Amar and marries him.

But I will not let this happen, master.

I will fight for the rights of your son. Come what may.

What nonsense is this, Tiger?

This is not nonsense, but the truth.

You are not the son of Rai Bahadur Laxmi Narayan.

In fact, his real son is inspector Amar.

This can't be.

This is hovv it is.

Before the old man gives his property to Amar, you.. - Tiger!



Father! Son!



My son! Father!

What is this?

You are crying? Let me cry, son.

I have held backthese years for many years.

Let them flovv.

No, father!


I was heart broken.

I was alone.



Come, son!

See, Laxmi.

This is yourson.

Your ovvn blood.

If your mother was alive today.

...she would have been so happy to see you.

See, Laxmi. Hovv intelligent your son is!

So good!


I have no complaints against you.

I have no regrets.

You have filled my life with joy.


Father, Vicky!

I know he has murdered.

He is not in the house at this moment.

As soon as he comes, I will hand him over.

Yes, son! My, Son!

You will have me arrested?

Because you found your real son today.

...and I'm not your real son?

Thank God you are not my real son.

My son cannot kill anyone.

You are a killer. You killed a human being.

You killed your father's feelings.

God will punish you. Shut up!

Let God punish me when ifstime.

Sign these documents now. Or I will punish you in a way that. son has ever punished hisfather.

What is this?

This is a stamp paper.

It is written that you are giving your property to..

...Vicky of your ovvn accord. Here, please sign.

This will not happen. This is vvhatvvill happen, old man.


It's good that you came here. Get him.


You hit your ovvn father? He might be your step-fathen

...but for 2O years, he took your sinful burdens.

I will not leave you alive.

Tie him up!

If you delay in signing now..

.Then I will shoot your son in front of your ovvn eyes.

You've been desperate for him since 2O years.

I'm telling you, Rai Bahadur. Sign now! - No, father!

Don't sign any papers. Let this property go away.

You are my true property.

If anything happens to you, I will never be able to forgive myself.

Chhote, kill them in a way that.

...people don't have a problem in the last rites.


This is a bomb! Atime bomb!

Within ten minutes, your life will be over.

Only God decides about life and death.

All I know is that without ending your game, I will not die.

Speak as much as you want.

After ten minutes, you will not be able to speak.

Come on, Vicky! Come on.

Come on, son.

This chapter is over.

By taking my side, you have indebted me forever, Tiger.

If a cheat does not help a cheat.

...v\/hat will happen to cheating, dear? Please sit!

By now the father and son must be dead.

May their souls rest in peace!

Now do one small task for us.

Sure, tell me! Sign these documents.

What is written in this? A small example of our cheating.

It is written that if you pay us 50,00,000 within a month.

...we will return to your property and your negatives.

...that's your death certificate, to you.

This is cheating.

Such words don't suit you, young man.

Sign the papers in silence. That is in your best interest.

But, such a big amount?

We helped you get such a big amount.

That was already mine.

Even we are your ovvn people. Now sign!

Take it. What are you thinking about?

Very good!

Come on, sign!

Quietly handover the documents and the negatives to me.

So, you will shoot me?

Ifl can kill my father, who brought me up..

You are nothing compared to him.

I don't play with such small toys, young man.

I knew that your hot blood will make you do..

Something as foolish for sure.

Fool! This pistol is empty.

Sign these documents before my wolves tear you dovvn.

Then I will give you the beautiful gift for which.. have been thirsty all your life.

Before her father SP reaches you, make her yours.

All the preparations for the marriage have been made.

Go! God bless you, my son.

Come on!

We will get married today. Yes.


Stop, Vicky!

Throw the gun away, otherwise I will shoot you.

You can't kill me.

No father can ever kill a son.

Vicky, I'm giving you the last chance. Reform yourself.

Surrender to the lavv.

Throw this gun.

You had saved me from the lavv.

Then hovv can you kill me novfl No!

I'm telling you to throw it away. Otherwise I will fire.


Don't force me into firing.

I'm telling you. Move.



What did you do, Dilher? You killed your ovvn son?

Sir, I have repaid an old debt.

I have paid for my mistakes.



Take them away!

God bless you!


I'm sorry for Vicky's death.

Father, I'm your son too.