Sharky's Machine (1981) Script

This is a shithole, Murray.

Well... just wanted to make you feel at home.

I’m freezing to death out here.

Look at you.

Where did you get those clothes?

I rolled a white guy.

Now let me see the scag, man.

Don’t try to talk like a nigger, you sound stupid.

Will you just back off, Anxious?


First, a peek.

Diamondback, very pretty.

It bites, too.

Oooh, ain’t we mean?

You should get a grown-up gun like mine, Anxious.

That is, if you can carry the weight.

No, not over there, move to your right, to your right a little bit.

Now just look down and pull the plug.

How many times can you step on it?

Oh, you can hit this hard... 8 times.


Don’t get nervous.

Just somebody turning around.

Damn sure better be.

Come on, damn it!

Goddamn it! The man’s just turning around.

If that son of a bitch comes all the way up that alley, I’m going to blow your goddamned brains out, because I ain’t going easy!

I’ll handle it.

Hey, Sharky, you all right?

It’s me, Smiley!

Aw, what a dumb son of a bitch.

I’m all right.

Nice going, asshole.

Tell Jojo to block the alley.

God damn it!

Get him! Fan out! Fan out!

You all right, Joe?

Yeah. Who is that guy?

I don’t know, that animal must have a cannon!

Let me go!

What the fuck happened? I didn’t signal Smiley.

You didn’t... Shut up, Jojo!

Want a SWAT team, Lieutenant?

Mitchell to Prior! Seal it off!

28 to station 1.

2 minutes! I want 2 minutes!

2 minutes! Officer needs help!

Come on! Let me go! Help me!

Open this goddamned door, or I’ll blow her head off!

Open it!

Help me!

Drive, or I’ll blow your goddamned brains out!

Somebody help me! Shut up, bitch!

Please! Somebody help me!

Hey, man, give us a break!

Cut that shit out!

Let go of me! Please let go of me!

Get down, goddamn it! Get down! Get down!

Hey, brother, look, man...

Hey, I’m cool, I’m cool.

Hold your fire!

Hold it, hold it.

No! Please! Please!

Mister, don’t shoot!

He’ll kill me and my baby! Please!

Oh, God!

Nobody’s dead yet!

Let her down!

Son of a...

You ain’t going to shoot when I got this pregnant bitch in front of me!

Now back off!

Or all these chumps on this bus are dead!

I’m shot! My God, I’m shot!

I’m shot!

Is that the junk man?


Is he dead?

Why don’t you shake him and see if he comes around?

So a civilian got shot, that’s no reason to transfer you, especially to that hole.

It’s Smiley, that schmuck, he came in from nowhere.

You want to know what I think? No.

I think it’s shit, that’s what I think... shit.

It’s a waste, you, busting hookers, perverts, and flashers?

Jesus Christ.

I mean, that’s really sick, Sharky.

Thanks for trying to make me feel better, Joe.

I mean, they got all losers down there.


You know what I mean.

Listen, take your citations, for Christ’s sake, you earned them, you know?

What the hell you taking that piece of shit for?

Buy yourself a new lamp. Why do you need that crap?

Can I help you carry anything, huh?

I don’t think you’re going to need the vest, Sharky.

The last casualty they had in Vice was a suicide.

You know what I mean?

I don’t understand you, you take a stupid cup, you got citations up the kazoo, and you're walkin'...

Sharky, wait.

Um, I’m... I’m really sorry.

What can I do?

Have a heart attack.


Have 2, Smiley.

You bimbo.


You told him, Shark.

You want to know what I think? No.

I’ve been in this force for 12 years, and you are the best partner I’ve ever had.

And that’s no shit.

I mean, you’re a little crazy, you know?

But I like you, and, uh, I’m never going to forget you.

I’m never going to forget you, Jojo.

Thanks, Shark.

I appreciate that. I really do.

I mean, 4½ years together, right?




This is as far as I go.

I mean, people go further, sometimes you never see them again, you know what I mean?


See you around, Shark. See you around, Jojo.

What a putz.

I told you I’m looking.

Hey! Sharky!

So I had an erection.

I always get erections when I’m there.

When I was a kid, I got erections when I was there.

Oh, I know you love Jackie.

Jackie won’t eat his dinner unless you feed him.

You know you can't go around pulling your dick out in the park every Monday.

Monday’s my day off.

You gotta work on yourself, a hobby, you know what I mean?

Well, uh, there’s a tank full of fish at home, but that’s really not as exciting.



Hello, Friscoe.

Been a while, what 8, 9 years?

9 years.


Welcome to the snake pit.

You know, Friscoe, we used to flush the toilets upstairs... always wondered where it came to.

Still got that sense of humor.


I hope it stays with you.

That’s your place right over there.

Right by the cage.


You can get it organized later.

It’s been 6 weeks in a row.

No, it could not have been 6 weeks in a row.

Maybe 6 times, but not in a row.

I’m telling you...

Get rid of this clown, will you?

I’m getting an earache listening to this shit.

Hey, Ron! Upstairs. Book him.

Go on, Mr. Mays, go on.

You organized that real fast.


I didn't say that.

You did.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Papa, what, are you on a date?

She’s a hooker! Book her or get rid of her!

Ahh, Friscoe.

For Christ’s sake.

Here you go, darling.

Something for the doggy.


You had a good machine going upstairs

'til Smiley screwed it up.

You cut off his head, he wouldn’t be any dumber.

Down here, it’s different.

Mostly misdemeanors, hookers, panderers.

What the hell you doing down here, Friscoe?

How many years you got in?


I got 18 in.

2 more to go, so I don’t growl too loud anymore.

What about Driscoll, Marindo?

Arch is the best street cop in the house.

He won’t take shit, that’s why he’s here.

Papa, too.

You know, he’s been shot 3 times, he doesn’t even remember where the scars are, but he’ll bare-hand a locomotive.

They’re top men.

They used to be.

And I got news for you, Sharky.

Upstairs, you had a big reputation for being a bad ass.

Well, you got your pusher, all right, but you got a civilian shot doing it.

Down here, you don’t make waves.

You’re right, this place is a cesspool, and if you make waves, I get a mouthful.

Papa, Sharky.

Hi. Arch!

What’s on for tonight?

Donald Hotchkins here is running for governor, and he don’t want anybody peddling ass while he’s making his speech in the square tonight.

We gotta keep the city pure, right, Arch?

Sure, Papa.

Like missionaries.


Oh, and we gotta make sure... the cab drivers wear their hats at all times.

You’re shittin’ me.

City law, Sergeant, no shit.

Cab drivers gotta look nice.

Pretty exciting work.

You got the rank, Sergeant.

You wanna skip it?

Hey, that’s it! Let’s go eat.

You like ribs? Jesus... aw, he don’t like ribs.

There’s a place down here that...

Come on! Move it!

Show super cop what it’s all about, he’ll love it.

Let’s eat Japanese.

Arch, move it!

I’m moving it, Lieutenant.

Don’t have me tell you again!

Hello, my sweet blind angel.

My friends, my friends, when you stand in that election booth on election day, and you mark that little “X” in that little square next to my name, you are saying "yes" to good government!

Yes! When you say yes to Donald Hotchkins, you are saying yes to good government!

Say yes! Say yes!

Say yes! Say yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Unit 12 reports 2 victims in the shooting.

Female, oriental, 20, alleged prostitute, and Detective Tad Roper, Central Intelligence.

All involved units switch to Tac 20.

Scuttle was he was onto something.

We’re baby-sitting a politician.

What you need is someone who’ll give this city back to you!


Don’t let him get you down, Papa.

I just wanna know who shellacs his friggin’ hair.

Yes, this city has problems.

Ohh, shit.

What the hell are we doing here?

Hello, Sergeant.

Well, we’re here to arrest certain individuals that might be offering to perform sexual acts for money.

It’s what we do.

Hey, Papa. I see Mabel’s working.


Right over there.

Ahh, Mabel.


The one in the tiger skin.

Ohh, Mabel.


Well, go out there and get her, Sharky.

She knows us.

Go ahead.

Oh, she’ll love you.

You’re cute.

50 bucks?

Listen, I’m a trained professional.

I demand a decent wage.

Honey, I wouldn’t give you 50 bucks to do anything.

I would.

Hey, she’s yours.

Sold... to the man with the smiling eyes.


Narcotics... uh... Vice.

You fuckin’ low-life creep!


What happened to the smiling eyes?

May you go blind.

And may your prick wither and fall off, you Nazi bastard.

What’s your first name? Ahem.

Uh, Rachel.

Rachel... what?

Um, you just better go ahead and make it Ralph.

Rachel Ralph?

Just... just Ralph.


However, I’ll tell you something...

Just give me your name, okay?

Trixie Dumbaugh. Can you spell it?

Trixie? As in tricks?

You want us on the corner or in the unemployment line?

I’m new here, Mabel. This is my first night.

Give me a break, huh?

Well, on the corner we cost the taxpayers nothing.

Attitude! Lay it on him, baby!

Ya get a lotta pleasure for a little bit of hard-earned coin.

Jackson, wanna put the lady in the cage, please?

Why!?! Why this political sexist persecution?



Get your hands off of her, shit-for-brains!

Get your hands off her!

Where’s he going? He’s going free, right?

Why? Because he’s protected by the man!

He’s the man’s favorite pimp!

He’s safe, with his $1,000-a-night, thoroughbred imported...

No. My God.

He’ll kill me.



I’m sorry.


I didn’t mean it... I didn’t mean it.

Oh, God, I swear I didn’t mean it.

I didn’t mean it...

I didn’t mean it.

Who was that guy?

Percy Sinclair, he’s a big-time pimp, Shark.

If Mabel ever made $1,000 in one night, it’d break her back.

You better know it.

She said the man, what man?

Ya know, Sinclair left his money here.

Yeah, he left his address book, too.

How much money you got, Sherlock?

Got names in here. I copied them down.

You did what? I copied them down.

He copied 'em down.

You copied them down? Yeah.

For what?

Listen, a $1,000-a-night hooker would never sees the inside of this place, you know that?

But I do happen to have here in my trusty pocket, The List.


Sharky. Yeah.

Ya know, the lawyer’s gonna be down here in a minute.

Ya know, something's strange here, look.

- Every... every name has 7 letters. Yeah.

Isn’t that weird?

The money this guy’s got... $700 worth. Maybe not, maybe not.

What do you think that means? $700.

That's not your money, what are you doing?

I know it's not my money. That's why...

Let's put it back in the bag.

Jesus, look at this! Would you take a look at that!

Uh, listen, if you don’t let me go pee, I’ll have to do it here.

This place looks like a shithole, so I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway, would it?

- "A" is, uh... You got two, Shark.

All right, yeah.

- "D" is? 3.

Okay, Sinclair is coming down the steps, so hurry up.

“l” is what?

“l” is a 4. What are you doing here, Shark?

Just bear with me. “A” is 2, right?

I can’t believe this guy’s got $700.

I got $11 in my pocket.

"A" is 2.

“N” is...

“N” is 6.

6, and “A” is 2.

Now what do you got? What is it?

What we have here is phone numbers.

Could be, could be. So what?

We got phone numbers, Papa.

So this is not Sinclair’s.

Lieutenant Friscoe, I would like to officially request...


Seven wire taps.

Yeah, he ought to have 7.

He had $700, I can’t believe it.

I got $11 in my pocket.

Homicide wants to know where we got this one.

How do you pronounce this one? Siakwan.

Yeah, well, anyways, that Chink hooker that got blown away with Tad Roper.

Jesus, somebody oughta call the cops.

What’d you tell Homicide?

I told them to eat shit.

Yeah! - Sure you did! Yeah! - Sure!

The Department allowed all the taps on all but one.

Yeah? Which one?

This one, number 2, Dominoe.

Why? It’s protected.

Usually means another section’s on top of it.

What section?

Look, I don’t know! Jesus, you got 5 taps!

You’ll be getting tapes tomorrow!

I need 6.

Sharky, we can’t get that one.

I can get that one.



This friend of mine, he’s buried over in Personnel.

He’s a top wire man, he’ll do it as a favor to me.

Favor my ass, Sharky.

Nobody does Vice any favors.

I’m telling you, he’ll do it as a favor to me.

Piss off, Sharky!

You’re an ungrateful son of a bitch.

Hey, hey, hey!

This is my house.

Don’t you talk to me that way.

I’ll tear you apart right now, ya know, right here!

I’ll kick the shit out of you!

I’ll knock you to your knees!


I’m trying to put Lisa to bed, so no more playing high school, okay, tough guys?

You see?

You wanna kiss Daddy?

Come on.

Good night, Daddy.

Ohh What a big girl.

Say good night to what’s-his-name there.

Good night, Sharky.

Good night, Lisa.

What, from over there?

What are you afraid of? Come here!

Come on, she wants to kiss you.

Sharky, come over here!

We hug in this family.

Good night, Lisa.

Good night, Sharky.

You were talking when you were kissing.

Give me another kiss.

Would you believe that she came out of something like me?

No, I think you better check the mailman.

You oughta have one of those, Sharky.

You know, they keep you sane.

Like you.

Sure, like me, I got a family, I got a house.

A nice little workshop here. I make all the payments.

And what do you do? You run around the street like a kid.

Ya know, I’m grown up now. Ya know... that's...

What, I’m supposed to go ahead and do that with you?

Oh, no... sheesh... ooh.

What do you want me to do?

Just a shirt, that’s all I’m wearing.

Oh, she sounds terrific, she must look good.

Did you see her? No, you didn’t see her.

I bet she looks terrific. Oh, God.

My nipples are hard.

Oh, hard nipples, oh.

What color is the shirt?

What difference does it make what color...

Shh! God damn it.


Good stuff! Good stuff! Oh, God! She’s driving me crazy.

I’m spreading it open.

Spreading what open?

Would you touch yourself?

Of course. Where?


Oh, you dumb son of a bitch.

Ohh. Oh, oh.

You got anything else?

I got it. That’s the wrong tape.

Uh, Shark, this is it.

Listen to the voice on this.

Ok, yeah. I love that girl’s voice.

Darling! Sugar!

The guy's voice. The guy's voice?

Listen to the guy’s voice.

- I’m listening to the guy's voice. No, that’s the girl’s voice.

All right, here it comes.

It’s gonna look great on that body of yours.


Just 2 arms, 2 legs, 2...

This is boring shit.

God, I love that body.

I don’t recognize that voice.

After the election, it’ll be a different world for us.


Goddamn Hotchkins!

Fucking Candidate for Governor Hotchkins.

He’s got a wife and 5 kids, and we got him by the jewels, huh? Huh?

We got headlines.

That’s all we got... some headlines.

Right... another politician screwing around.

They see that on television every afternoon.

I mean, not that I watch that shit.

Seven ladies.

One’s got her hooks into Hotchkins, and that’s the one the Department won’t let us touch.

Now, doesn’t that tell you anything, Friscoe?

Aw, come on, Sharky.

Jesus, you got wires into the Department?

Come on, Sharky.

Maybe it’s Hotchkins.




What do you want now?

I want to watch her round the clock.


What’s her name, Nosh?

Uh, Dominoe, with an “E. ”.


Do you know how many man-hours that would take?

Just me... 24 hours.




You see, that’s the trouble!

Who else gives a damn?!

Who else gives a... aw...

Who else gives a damn?!

You see, we got a one-man show here.

We gotta follow his routine.

Huh? Change our routines.

You know, dance to your tune.

If I take this through the Department...

No, you do that, you blow it.

What? We blow it.

We don’t wanna blow it.


This is our case, Friscoe.

Oh, no. No, no, it’s not my case.

Now, don’t give it to anybody else, Friscoe.

So who wires the place?

He does.

I didn’t hear that, what?

He does.

Are you crazy?

Are you...

He's dumb.

Let’s see.

Hello there. Hello.

We got one on the chairs, the dressers, which will pick up the john, this one here.

Give this a little test.

Hello? Zebra 1 to Zebra 2.

Zebra 1 to Zebra 2. Come in, Zebra 2.

Come in.

Nosh, you wanna cut that zebra crap?

I read you already! Over.

I think he reads you.

Let’s check the ones in the other room.

Wanna get your shoes, Sherlock?

Thank you very much.


Sharky, Papa, she’s walking in the building.

She’s what?

She’s walking in the building.

What happened to she’s coming down the street, she’s getting in the driveway?

She's getting out of the...

Ya know, you got a big communication problem here, Sharky.

I didn’t hear one 10-4 in all that time!

These guys don’t know diddly shit about electronic communication!

I’m not gonna do you any more favors.

Damn you, Nosh, you take forever.

You didn’t tell me we were working...

Jesus, she’s on her way up.

Start working.

What are we working on?

Tiffany, do you always have to leave the door open?

Were you born in a barn, huh?

Who is that?

Hello! Close the door!

Tiffany. Tiffany.

You know, we got some really good stuff on the Tiffany tapes.

Oh, yeah?

Got a congressman.

Can we kill the golden oldies, please?

Look at her tits.


Tits, lungs... no wonder we get a congressman.

From the Great State of Mammary.

Not after last night...

A thousand bucks a night?

Is that right? Is that what they get? A thousand bucks a night?

That’s right.

I think that’s ridiculous, I never paid for it in my life.

Except that time when I was in the service over in Japan.

I mean, I was lonely, everybody was lonely over there.

Been there for a long time.

I don’t know what I paid, though, it was yen, Japanese money's piling up, sleep on it.

I either paid a buck 35... or $1,300.

I still haven’t figured it out.

I have a plan.

She was nice to me, though.

Hang on.

This Tiffany, now... ya know what I mean? She's...

She’s got a little meat on... she’s a softy.

Not like the other one there, What’s-Her-Name, Dominoe.

She’s too skinny. What do you think, Shark?

I get it.

You remember in the 10th grade there was this, uh, Rosalie D’Amato.

Italian girl?

She... she was built like this.

Same kind of boobs.

Rosalie D’Amato.

Jeez, I loved her.

Never screwed her, though.

Did you?

I mean... you can tell me now because, what the hell, a lot of time has gone by, what am I gonna do?

Ya know, I’m not gonna get mad at you, hit you.

Did you?


Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!

I knew you did! I knew it!

Jesus! You were always doing that!

We are getting out.

Uh, then how will we live?

Well, we never settled on the dancing school, or the boutique or the farm.

I’ll take the farm.

I don't know... the boutique?

You would take the boutique.

Why me?

Oh, Jewish guys never take the farm.

What’s the matter, you didn’t see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’?

Nothing but farmers.

C'mon! I hate the things he makes us do, too, but we gotta go.

I’m not up to it.

We have to.


Tiffany, move your ass!

“Things he makes us do”?

This could be something, huh?

Yeah, I’ll take it.

What, you’re gonna leave me here alone?

That’s right.

Well, that’s terrific, that’s terrific.

I’ll be staring at space here and listening to surface noise all night.

1, 2, 3, and 4

1, 2, 3, and 4.

Come on!

Come on, girls!

You’re supposed to be ladies!

Move! With elegance!

And 3, 4.

And 1.

That’s good!

Now, go on!

Let’s see it go back!


Right and left!

Back! Get back!

Back! All the way back!

What, have you broken your neck, darling?

Move your head back!


1, 2, 3.

Oh, Tiffany, you cow!

That’s it! Your other left!

That’s good!

All right! Now have fun, girls!

Have fun!

Keep that elevation!

Reach the ceiling!

Roll over.

Good night.

You play much tennis?


You gotta kinda isolate that little area.

What little area?

I mean, the tennis court becomes like...

You read any Zen?


It becomes your universe.

And you become one with that space.

One time, when I was, uh, ridin' cruiser, before I got into Vice...


I got a call that there was a domestic "squabble".

And I was all by myself in the cruiser that day.

Had no partner.


So I went to this very, uh...

"depressed" part of town.

And I had to go around the back of this house and up these steps.

And I knocked on the door, and this lady opened the door, hysterical, crying, and she's bleeding like...

Well, I guess the guy had hit her or smacked her or something.

And so I stepped inside, and then this guy just stepped outta... shit, the closet or someplace. I didn’t see him.


And he had a 357 in his hand.

He was ranting and raving, and I thought he was gonna kill me.

I thought, “God, I’m gonna buy it right here. ”.

What’d you do? Well...

I looked down the barrel of that gun, and I thought, “Oh, shit. ”.

So I just...

I had to cease to exist.

Do you know what I mean?

I wasn’t there.

I pulled my antenna in, and I just, uh... minimized my force field.


I disappeared.

You disappeared? Yeah, I wasn’t there.

I... I gave him nothing, he felt nothing from me.

No hostility, no animosity...

’fraid that he could hear my heart beating, though... and walked into the other room.

She was standing there, looking.

I turned and walked towards the door, and she was still looking at the spot I was standing in.

You were gone.

Yeah, but, you see, I didn’t exist then.


So she was... I said, “Ma’am, ” and she was startled.

She looked and she said, “Uh, yeah. ” I said, “He’ll be all right, go on, you know, tell him you love him or something. ”.


I’ll never forget that.

Me neither.

What does Sharky think he’s going to miss?

I mean, it’s all on tape, anyway.

Well, he’s enjoying it, maybe.

You like looking at broads?

He could take 10 minutes to take a shower.

What’s he gonna miss? I mean, she’s just...

You want some chicken?

Walking around.

You know I don’t like chicken, Papa.

Jesus, man, you don’t like anything good.

You don’t like chicken, you don’t like ribs, you don’t like hamburgers.

You eat that Jap shit, that raw shit.

It’s metaphysical.

Metaphysical? Raw? Yeah.

Raw fish is metaphysical? Sure.

Fuckin’ worms in it? Comes from the earth.

It's bad for... comes from the earth.

It’s good for you. Know what it does for you?

Got iodine.

All right, what’d it do for them Japs?

You ever see a Jap who was more than 4 feet tall?

Yeah, but they’re very spiritual.

You gonna tell me some more of that Zen shit?

That’s right, you notice how they can go out and live in a jungle off of just nothing?

It’s all in the philosophy.

It’s in their attitude about life.

We eat too much in this country.

No shit?

That’s right.

Besides, ribs'll kill you.

How the hell did I ever wind up with you?

Jesus Christ.


I appreciate you guys letting me take a shower.

Well, we appreciate you taking a shower.

You can leave now.

Smelled like the bottom of a lion cage.

Go ahead.

It’s Don.

That’s him, I think.

It sure as hell is.

I had to be with you.

What about the security men?

I’ll only stay 5 minutes.

Okay, 5 minutes.

Hello, there, Don, come on in.

How come we don’t hear him any better?

Let him get in the door.


God damn, that’s him.

It’s gonna be a landslide! I can feel it.

Mmm! Does that mean I get to have my house?

How much do we pay our governor, anyway?

You’re in that house, whether I win or not I already bought it.


I already bought it.

You’re kidding me, aren’t you?

You’re kidding me, aren’t you??

Cross my heart.

Hope to die?

Hope to die.

Promise me you’re telling me the truth.

Did you really buy it?

I got 4 minutes now... 3 and a half.

Would I lie to you about a thing like this?

Sweetheart, I’m gonna be the governor.

Would the governor lie?

I don’t know, I don't... you’re not being serious.

These are beautiful, did I buy you these?

He has his head in her crotch.

I ask you, should that man be the governor?

That’s the human touch.

- Yeah. Ha-ha.

Don, be serious.

Did you really buy me the house?

I swear the house is yours.



My house.

It’s her phone.


I’m kind of busy now, I’m gonna have to call back.

I want him out of there now.

Okay, bye.

Who the hell was that?

That was “The Man”.

Sounds kinda foreign.

It’s Italian.

That’s what I said, "foreign".

I’ll cover that phone call, so you have the voice on it.

Jesus Christ, don’t you ever go to bed, honey?

I can’t see.




I love the sound of that door.



J’adore le bruit de cette porte.

The best gifts are those not asked for.

You’re always invited, never expected.

You know what I leave on the other side of that door when I step in here?

Did you get my call? The past.

All of it, the future, too.

All doubts, all questions and beliefs.

Did you get my messages?

I got all your messages even before you sent them.

Victor... we have to talk.

Come on.

He has a place for me.

I have a place for you.

This is a house, Victor.

My own place.

Does he still think you’re a dancer?

I am a dancer.

She is a dancer.

Well, come, then... dance with me.

I want everything tonight.

Everything we’ve ever done, and everything we’ve never done.


So, you've decided.


This is a place to pass through on your way.

People like us don’t stop, Dominoe.

We have too much of the world in our eyes.

We have seen it together, we’ve met the devil together, and we’ve been to heaven, haven’t we?


And I am stopping.

I don’t think you can.

For him?


For me.

It’s time for me.

Say good-bye, Victor.


All right. I’ll say good-bye... but not with words.


We’ll be artists... one last time.

One last time?


You mean it?

Do I ever say what I don’t mean?

I’ll make it the very best.


Viens, chérie...

Qu est-ce que tu fais, chérie? Viens!


Well, the car was registered to Far East Imports Incorporated, which is owned by Ibsen Properties.

Which is?

Uh, which is I’m working on that.

So far, I got no Victors.


You okay?

Yeah, bored.

Anything I can send you?

Heh, heh. No, thank you.

All right.



She just came in, I gotta go.

Okay, bye.

Where the hell you been, for Christ’s sake?

Hello, my angel.

C'mon, open the drapes, get some air.

Want some wine?

That’s good, ‘cause I don’t have any wine.

How about a little pizza?


Looks terminal.

Who the hell is that?



Police officer! Open up!

What’s going on?

What’s your name? Henderson.

Is that elevator on the 19th floor?

- Yes, sir. Are you sure?

Yes, sir. Police officers are on their way.

Tell them to seal off the basement and lobby.

Where’s your fire exit? There! Who’s coming down?

If he gets past me, stay out of the way!

I hear that.

Don’t move!


Okay, Nosh, hold it by the head, will you?

Uh, let me see. That’s, uh...

55 inches.

This is not my favorite thing, you know, Barrett.

I’m in Personnel, remember?

Only take a minute.

Okay, 45.

Will you look at this apartment?

By the fingers, see?

It’s gorgeous.

We’re on the wrong side.

That’s it, right?

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!!

I see M.E.

I see Forensics.

I see Vice.

Where the hell is Homicide?


We didn’t call 'em.

You didn’t?

No, we want to do it.

Do what?

Handle it.

Handle it?!

You’ll handle yourselves right off the force!

The rule is, Homicide gets notified before anybody takes a breath or goes to the goddamn toilet!

Homicide gets notified!

Where’s the body?


What’s her name?

Jane Doe.

Oh, Jane Doe, that’s original.

God damn it!

How’d you get her down there?


Probably a sawed-off shotgun, about 3 inches under legal, I should think.

Looks like a cannon.


Probably double-ought, you think?


He shoots her, then he walks away nice and quiet.

We’ve got the whole thing on tape. This guy’s very cool.

Arch, for Christ’s sake, are you in on this?

She was ours, Friscoe.

Somebody blew her up.

You know how far over your head you are?

No, how far?

Well, they’ll nail your asses to the wall!

Mine, too, and I got 2 years to retire!

You keep telling me that.

I’m calling Homicide.

Oh, bullshit!

They’ll bury it, ya know that, Friscoe.

Oh, shut up!

No, they’ll lose it, Friscoe.

Well, what can we do?

I mean, we can’t go after Hotchkins.

All you got is a tape.

Would you look at that hole?


The killer stood approximately... here, pressing the gun against the door... tall enough to get his body weight behind it.

Probably a sawed-off shotgun, about 3 inches under legal, I should think.

We’ve got the whole thing on tape.

Shut up!

This the same one who iced that Chink hooker?

Asian... I’m checking on it.

And I’ll talk on you.



Twigs, call me later when you finish the autopsy.


Barrett, come on. Hey, where are you going?

I'll tell you where I'm going, I’m going to that building over there.

Whoever iced that lady was watching her at the same time I was watching her.

There’s only one empty apartment over there, you were in it.

There were 2 where people were out of town...

I told you to shut the fuck up!

He would’ve checked on it.

Ya know, Shark, we’re dealing with a professional killer here.

I mean, this guy is cool.

He’s what I call an ice man, and he’s not stupid, either.

First door on the right.

I suppose you’re going to pop it.

Why don’t you just get the manager up here?

He’ll get the house key, he'll open it up.

I was never good at this.

Even when I was good at this, I wasn’t good at it.

How about you, Barrett?

Were you ever good at this? Yeah, I always liked it.


No, no, no.

This scares the shit out of me!

Well, we struck out again, right?

Will you shut up?

Not everybody’s as neat as you are, you gotta look.



Hey, Kitten. What do you say, my man?

Can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Get out, bitch.

What’s this?

That’s Valium, 5 milligram.

That’s funny.

Yeah, yeah, that’s funny.

5 fucking milligrams.

Don’t bullshit me.

I’m going to drop a dime on your ass.

It’s going to be 30 fucking years for you.

You got a goddamn mini-doctor mixing Dee’s and PCP.

I ain’t going to waste my breath on you.

That’s a lot of time.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

There was a buyer.

There was a buyer? Yeah.

Last month.

How much?

Late last month, a thousand.

Who was it?

I don’t know, I didn’t see the guy.

Oh, Jesus, Kitten, you talkin' to Arch here.


But you don’t know who it was the buy goes down?

No, tall guy...

Are you The Man in this town? Are you The Man.

Yeah, I’m The Man. Don’t you ever stroke me, man.

Shit, shit, I’m not strokin' you, I'm Kitten, I don’t know.


I’m tryin' to tell you, it was a tall guy.

What else? Caucasian.

Yeah? He had a mole on his face.

Somebody told...

A fucking mole! You gonna to give me that old line?

A fucking... a tattoo?

No, I don’t know about a tattoo.

Look, let me talk to you.

Hold on, now where we going?

I'm... I'm... I know where...

Now ya come downtown gettin' in trouble, is Arch there?

Is Arch there? Yeah.

Do I help you out?

I looked for you last night.

Well, why did you go fuck up like...

What did my partner tell you?

He said if any shit go down, you were gonna shoot my dick off.

That’s right.

I want a name.

I want a fuckin’ name.

Oh, c'mon, Arch, goddamn, you make it awful tough.

I told you I didn’t see him, I didn’t get a name.

You know what I think? No, what do you think?

I think your fuckin’ ass is in trouble!

Fuckin’ A, Arch! C'mon, Arch! Goddamn it!

Hey, this is Kitten, man, what do ya... Can you fly?

No! Fly?

No! But I talk better on my goddamn feet!

You better get some wings.

You’re my buddy, you’re not gonna throw me over this shit.

Oh, is that what it is? Yeah!

All right, well, good-bye.


Okay, I got a name, I got a name, Arch.

Arch! All right you son of a bitch.

Wait, now, c'mon.

You all right, you all right, Kitten.

Trust me.

Man, you’re gonna hear from my lawyer, my attorney, Every-Goddamn-Body, you got that?

Oh, Arch, look, uh...

Let’s talk, can we get over here?

You’re talkin’! You’re talkin’, Kitten. Quit bullshittin’.

I’m not, man, just get over here.

We’re in the light, c'mon, c'mon.

What are you talking about?

Look, look, tell me something. What?

He’s lookin’ for us, Arch.

That’s not the look of a winner, Donald.

I loved her.

You loved her art.

And she loved me.

That was her art, creating that illusion.

Yeah, well, you’re wrong.

You can be wrong, do you know that?

Do you think you’re God?

Heaven forbid.

I’m telling you that we loved each other.

I'm telling you I’m sick of you twisting my life around.

You went too far, Victor!

There’s no such place.

I’m telling you, you went too...

Shh! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You can’t tell me, Donald.

Now, shh!

But perhaps you can learn from me.

You draw a clear straight line to where you want.

And you move, you do not stop.

You do not go around anything or anyone.

She would have stopped you, destroyed you.

No. No.

Stop the car.

I’m on my way to what I want, Donald.

I can take you with me all the way... or I can drop you here... now.

She wouldn’t have hurt me, Victor.

Open his door.

I have a long way to go.

Are you coming?


Hey, boy.


Good morning.

Jesus Christ, what a great looking machine.

Okay, who’s got what?

Well, come on, put something on the table.

Time’s gettin’ short, we got our nuts in a door jamb, Papa.

This is what the model looks like.

Jeez! Put that away, what’s the matter with you?

What the hell’s the matter with you? Hard to come by.

Somebody’s tracking us, because they killed Kitten Holmes.

Kid who? Kitten Holmes.

He’s an informant, he gives me information. Yeah.

They killed him. They didn’t shoot him, they kind of just kicked his ass.

I mean, they broke him like a stick.

They kung fu-ed him.

Anyway, I found out that our shooter has a bad habit, he’s a junkie.

Now, a buy went down last month.

That puts him in town about the same time the other hooker got blown away.

Can I say something? No, no.

The blind woman and Roper were shot at close range with a silenced 22, just one shot each.

He’s very sure of himself. You shut up!

I’d say the same man killed all 3.

Nobody ever sees him come in or go out.

May I speak now?

Jesus Christ, speak.

I told you he was dumb.

Bureau made his print.

No shit?

Carlos Scarelli, alias Mouserel, alias Billy Score.

He’s 45 years old.

I didn’t see it.

I don’t care!

Great reputation.

Slave trade.

Little girls. They... buy 'em, kidnap them, then they break them down... drugs, rape, whatever the hell it takes.

Then they sell 'em.

They sell them?

Who is “they”?

"They" is him and his brother Albert Scarelli.

Albert, he’s been out of sight for about 15 years, but we got his ass, Sharky.

You got the name, that’s all you got.

How about a face?

Hey, a face.

The guy on the left.

Where, where, where? Let me see it!

Will you... I didn’t see it!

I don’t give a fuck!

That’s fantastic! Fantastic!

Look at this, which one is it, which guy?

He’s the guy on the left.

This picture’s about 20 years old.

You make him for making, Sharky?

I don’t make him.

Okay, he’s been in town about a month, right?

He’s probably still here.

You guys got 40 more hours, then I turn it over to Homicide.

I’ll call you at home, Sharky.

I’ll be at her place.

Whose place? Dominoe’s.

Oh, yeah?

What the hell are you doing here?


Tiffany, where are you? I’m back.

Where is she?

Tiff let you in, didn’t she?


What are you doing here?

I was about to ask you the same question.

Well, I’m glad you can talk.

But if you don’t get out now, I’m gonna have to call the police.

I am the police.

Oh, yeah?



A woman was killed here yesterday.

We thought it was you.


You said Tiffany.

Was that the woman’s name?

Was that the woman’s name that stayed here yesterday?



You sure it was Tiffany?

No, I’m not.

But somebody was here.

Couldn’t you have taken it off the goddamn wall?

He thinks you’re dead.

He thinks he killed you.


William Score.


Did you ever hear of him?


Get your stuff together, we’re going to get out of here.


Shark, the tapes are gone.


Yeah, they've been missing from the squad room.

I come over here, and the fuckin’ tapes are gone from here, too.

What are you talkin’ about? All the tapes are gone?

Yeah, all of 'em, except a few I was working on at home.

I can’t reach Arch, and I can’t reach Papa.

I’m gonna call May right now, tell her to take the kid and get out of there.

I’m goin’ home, Sharky.

Nosh, listen to me.

You got copies of Victor, right?

You got copies of Hotchkins?

Copies! I got fuckin’...

Don’t you ever let go, for Christ sakes?

Just go home, Nosh, I’ll call you later.

Shark... who’s on our side?

We got to get outta here.

If he finds out you’re still alive, he’s gonna come back for you.


He wants you dead.

Then I am dead.


That’s dead.

Where are we going?

Somewhere where you’ll be safe.

South America?

Where have you been for the last 24 hours?

I went to the mountains.

I like being alone sometimes.

None of your business anyway.

I see.

You told Tiffany you were going, though, right?


At dance class.

You know everything?

I don’t know Victor’s last name.

I don’t know your first name.



Tell me, Sergeant, just how big is your army?

They’re good men, you’ll be all right.

More than a hundred?


What? Four!


Just one bed?


I’ll sleep on the floor.

I know.



Is this your place?

I used to live here when I was a little kid.

Father sold the house right after the war.

It came up for sale about a year ago.

I come here every weekend.

I fix it up, I love the house...

Why do you have my pictures on your wall?

They are my pictures, aren’t they?

Why do you have my pictures all over your wall?

I don’t know.

Does Victor use the other women like he uses you?

Does he pay you, or does he own you?

You’re so goddamn smart, aren’t you?

He owns you, too, you’re just too naive to know it.

Nobody owns me.

I don’t want to talk anymore.

I’m so tired.

You got to give me a little time.

We don’t have any time.

We’re fresh out of time.

Can I just take a shower?

Over there.

I forgot about the pictures.

What a putz.

Hope you don’t mind... I borrowed your robe.


Look, uh, we haven’t got much time, so, uh...

I got to ask you some questions, all right?

Can’t you just let me lie here for 5 minutes?

I just need a little nap.

A nap?

Look, you had a shower, now you want a nap.

Want me to bring you your supper?

This is not a resort.

We’re running out of time.

Now, what’s Victor’s last name?

What good is all this gonna do, huh?

It’s gonna help me nail him before he nails us.

Nail Victor?


Yeah, nail Victor!

Nail him before he nails us!

Now, what’s his last name?!

What the hell difference does it make?

God damn it! I’ll tell you the difference!

I’ll tell you the friggin’ difference!

He’s gonna blow us away!

Now, tell me his last name!

Did you watch us?

Did you watch all of it?


How many other people did he set you up with besides Hotchkins?

Did you enjoy watching us, Sharky?

Get off of that!

Why? Does it bother you?

Does it make you feel like some pathetic peeping Tom, huh?

You bitch.

Don’t make me call you what you really are.

So he bought you, and then what?

He didn’t buy me!

Well, what were you, a librarian?!

A nun?! A schoolteacher?!

I’m a dancer! Can’t you see?!

I’m... I’m a dancer!

I ought to punch your fuckin’ lights out!

So now you’re gonna hit me, right?

I bet you enjoy hitting people, Sharky.

Sometimes, yeah!

That’s all you know, isn’t it?

Hitting and pushing and punching?

Does it make you feel good or something?

Sometimes, yeah.


God damn it!



I’m never gonna tell you!

I’m never gonna tell you his last...

I’m never gonna tell you his last...

Oh, God!

I hate you!

Didn’t you ever learn just to hold someone?

Yeah, I know how to hold people.

I just don’t have a thousand dollars.

Is this your bedroom?

Used to be.

It was smaller then.

Stained-glass windows your idea?

Uh-huh. I love stained glass.

Is this chest yours?

It was my mother’s.

When I was 9 years old...

I carved my name in the drawer.

Tommy? Mm-hmm.

Is that your name, Tommy?

No, it’s Ralph.

I just put Tommy there to fool her.

Was the school always there?


Three steps away, and I was always late.

You know...

I come here every weekend, and those damn kids are out there playing.

I can’t work when they’re there.

I have to stop and watch it.

I could watch kids playing all day long.

You’re a strange guy, Sharky.


That’s what everybody says.

Just find Sharky, huh? Tell him to come on in.

He’s so far over his head! He is so far...

I hear you’re onto something big.

Just read my report, okay, Friscoe?

What are you talkin' about?

Read the papers tomorrow! What do you mean you want to talk to me.

Everybody down there is so goddamn... goddamn cheap they won’t buy a goddamn paper.

Are you gonna talk to me? Go pull another one! No!

You just wait a minute.

You know something, right?

Sharky was right all the time.

One man on top of the whole town and one fink inside the Department.

Joe, I don’t know where Sharky is.

You are an asshole.

Get on a phone and find him.

You want to help? Then tell him to come on in.

Tell him it’s a goddamn fix, tell him there’s no way that he can win! Do you understand that.

What’d you find out?

Never mind what I found out. Wait a minute.

Joe, where are you going?

I’m going to the D.A. Now!

I’m gonna get Sharky that head he’s been hunting for, I'm...

I’ve got the son of a bitch!

Stop you son of a bitch!

Get back! Get back!

Get back! People, back!

Oh, Christ, Joe!

He’s dead!

What are you doing?

Just working.

A window seat.


Did you make it?


It’s very good.

Thank you.

What are you doing there?

Uh... just... doodling.

Doodling what?


Just doodling?


It’s a rose.

Were you embarrassed to tell me you were making a rose?


Yeah, you were.


You’re a strange guy, Sharky.

I know.

That’s what everybody says.

That's him at the far table.

Thank you.


Sergeant Sharky.

Please sit down.

No, thanks.

I just came to look.

What do you see?

Nothing much.

Care to have some food?

It’s Chinese food without a trace of Western corruption.


I’ve got you by the ass.


All the way from selling little girls to murder.

How does it feel?

It feels great.

It feels like you’re a lump of shit lying in the bottom of a commode, and I got my hand on the chain just waiting to pull it.

Look at you.

Righteous anger, defender of the people.

Tell me something, Sharky.

Why are the people on my side?

Why do they line up with me instead of you?

Huh? Ha-ha-ha.

Confusing times.

You have nothing.

No tapes, no link with Hotchkins, except a dead woman.

He’s as good as governor.

You’re an outcast about to lose that badge of yours.

You’re about as bothersome to me as something stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

As I see it, you have 2 choices.

You can disappear... or maybe I can throw something your way.

Perhaps even another Dominoe.

Pick one, go ahead.

Ha-ha. Of course, she won’t be quite as good.

Dominoe was the best.

She was 12 when I found her.

Can you imagine?

I taught her, and I taught her, until she began to teach me.

Yes, she was the best, because I created her.

Anyway, that’s all academic, because she is gone.

She’s alive.

Have you talked to Tiffany lately?

Somehow I get the feeling that your rear end is puckering up.

I’m gonna pull the chain on you, pal, and you want to know why?

’Cause you’re fuckin’ up my city.

’Cause you’re walkin’ all over people like you own them.

And you want to know the worst part?

You’re from out of State.





Hello, Sharky.

Hello, Smiley.

You look awful.

You met the Chins, huh?

Yeah, they’re delightful.

Oh, by the way... your friend, uh, Jojo... he’s gone to that big police station in the sky.

Oh, and... and also...

Nosh... has gone there, too.


Ya know, when you went to see The Man, you really pissed him off.

You should have just brought the girl in.

She’d be dead, but Nosh and Jojo and all your chums would be alive, and you, too.



What, is he auditioning for a job at Benihana’s?

Oh, you’re funny, Sharky.


Now, let’s make this nice and simple.

I’m gonna ask you a question, and you’re gonna answer me.


And it’ll all be over just like that.

Otherwise, he’s gonna take your fingers off, one joint at a time.

And now, I figure you got about, uh... 10 answers, and then, if you don’t bleed to death, you’re gonna run out of joints.

Now the question.

Where’s the girl?

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Smiley.

I don’t know anything about any girl.

I’m gonna ask you one more time.

Where is Dominoe?

Ok, Sharky, I think we’ve arrived at what the bullfighters call “the moment of truth. ”.

I’m gonna ask you for the last time, where is she?

I don’t know.

Come on, Sharky, yell.

Come on, it’s got to hurt.

It’s painful. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

I mean, it’s not as though it’s like you’re gettin’ a manicure.

We’re in the middle of a lake, go ahead, yell.

Want to try for 2?

Now listen good.

Where did you take her?

I... I...

I... I... I... I don’t know.


Now, look, this is embarrassing, it’s pathetic, it’s pitiful, watching a grown man cry.

I don’t want the boys to do that.

Uh, guys, take a break, get some air.

You’re a crybaby, Sharky.

I always knew you were a crybaby.

All that shit around the Department about Sharky the tough guy, the tough cop, the macho man...

I knew you had no guts.

Not only that, you got no fingers.

Ok, Shark, let’s cut the macho shit.

Nobody’s here, it’s just you and me.

It ain’t there.

I took your gun into protective custody.

What do you think we are, dummies?

We looked up your nose, we looked in your ears, every orifice.


I’m gonna lean in, and you’re gonna whisper in my ear where the girl is at.

Then I’m gonna get the Chins in here, it’s gonna be over just like that.

O... okay... okay, Smiley.

Good boy, Shark.


God damn it!



Ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of the great state of Georgia.

Donald Hotchkins!

Thank you, thank you.

We want Don!

Thank you, thanks. Please... thank you.

We want Don! We want Don! We want Don!

The governor... The governor has just conceded at 4 A.M., and I hated to keep him up so late, but I’m gonna... I’m gonna give him 4 long years to rest up.

Every single one of you... every single one of you who voted for me holds my IOU, my promissory note.

And I... I am accountable!

I am accountable!

I... I am accountable for good government!

I am... I am accountable for the cleaning up of this city!

I am accountable... for your piece of mind.

I am accountable... for... the education of your children.

I want to s...

I, uh, I want to say to all of you...

I... I want to say...


I want to say... I, uh...

I want to say that...

We love you, Don!

Way to go, Don!

Don! Don! Don!

I don’t know what’s happening.

I’ll get a comment from the governor-elect.

What’s your name?

Where are you taking the governor?

Governor, what is this?

Two men, identified as police officers, escorted the governor-elect from his campaign headquarters at... police custody.

Now, whether that's simply protective custody or not, we don’t know, but sources have apparently have told Brian.

Hotchkins is being questioned by police.

Where a man who has just been elected governor disappears almost immediately. So far we have been unable to.

You lost the governor?

I’ll buy another one!

Here’s twenty thousand for you.

I’ll contact you later, okay?


Hey, Carlo, you misunderstand.

You can’t be seen with me.

I can still make it if I move now, quickly, and alone.

But I’ll send for you soon as I get set up somewhere.

Okay? No!

After all these years? You go to hell!

“Send for me? ” No! No! No!

I go with you!

Carlo, you’ll do as I say.

You’ll do as I say, as always.

Please, Victor, please!

Look at you! You’re not strong enough!

Look at you! You’re a walking drugstore!

A dope head!

You should try! Look at you! Junkie!

A used-up butcher! Control all gone!

I don’t need you anymore!

Do for yourself now! Fend for yourself!

Like my big brother?


Act like you?

Well, try!

I will!

I will try!

All right.

I love you!

I love you, too.

It’s all right.

It’s all right.

368, block off the underground parking area, cover all exits.

402, 402, move into the lobby, secure all elevators and stairways.

Nobody comes in that building, nobody leaves it.

I say again, nobody comes in or leaves.

We’re gonna need a 1052 for a backup.

Roger! Your 1052 is on the way.

We’re set, Shark.

Let’s hit it.

How many men we got down there, Jimmy?

There’s a hundred of them at the bottom of the building right now.

Son of a bitch!




He’s dead, Sharky.

He’s dead! For God’s sakes, Sharky, he’s dead.

Who killed him? The brother.


What’s your name? Mongol.

Come here, Mongol, I want to talk to you.


Go down to the 40th floor.

Two men on a floor and work your way up.

Yes, sir.

Arch, this son of a bitch is going to walk out of this building, and some goddamn traffic cop is gonna take him off!

Sharky! Not more than 5 minutes ago the son of a bitch is on the stairs. The fire exit!

I’ll check it.


I don’t like it.

I don’t either.

Sharky! Coming your way!


Papa, where are you?

By the friggin’ door!

Don’t move! It’s the only way out of here!

Well, haul your ass, I ain’t gonna save him for you!

A fuckin’ ghost.

Sharky, the guy’s a fuckin’ ghost.

I just said that.

Yeah, you did.

You go that way.


Sharky, that better be you.

It’s me.



You told Papa there’s one way out of here! Right?

One way you told him.

You fucked up, you dumb shit!

It’s not your fault, Papa.

He ain’t real.




Son of a bitch!




Oh, shit.

You all right, partner?

Of course not, you asshole, I’m shot.

Oh, shit.

Where the fuck is he?

He crawled off towards the stairway over there.

Sharky, I hit his ass.

He’s got 4 bullets in him, and the fucker won’t go down.

Maybe he knows more about Zen than you do.

Yeah, I tried to disappear.

I bet you did.

But I couldn’t.

Hang on. Shit.

Hang on.

There’ll be somebody here, okay?

All right. Okay.

Sharky? Yeah?

When you find him, you got to put him down.

I’ll put him down.



Smack his ass in the ground, you hear me?




I’m talking about burying him and putting a stake through his fucking heart

’cause he’s not real.

I hear you, Arch.


Hey, Sharky?

I think I ruined a perfectly good jacket.




Do you... know... what I was thinking?


Do you think...

I’ll live... or die?

Oh, you’ll die all right.


No, no, I don’t think...

I don’t think so.

Not... not by you.


!! Die!!