She S1E1 Script

The Pickup (2020)

Hello, sir.

Please come upstairs.


Come, sir.

Welcome, sir.

Please come.

Since your last visit, new girls have arrived.

-Should I call them? -Just present them.


Is that all?

Not even the new ones?

Why the hell are you confusing me?

New, old... my foot.


I have two more, part time, only for special clients.

Part time?

They don't work here. They are classy.

During the day, they work or attend college.

To earn extra money, they come here sometimes.

Why didn't you say that before?

How special does the client have to be?

-What are you waiting for? Go get them. -Okay.


-Hi. -Hi.

And you... come here.

I won't go with him.

You won't?

What do you mean?

Who's asking you?

I'll decide whom you will go with.

What are you staring at, you slut?

I'll pull your eyes out.

Rascal, why don't you say something?

Sir, this is her part time job.

She has the choice of saying no.

That's not my problem.

Why does she have a choice?

She's so unattractive to look at and behaves like a princess.

Hey, dream girl.

You're in the market, right?

You get paid to have sex.

Just go. Why are you so stubborn?

I get paid to have sex... but you have to pay for it.

You slut. Enough of your tantrums.

I'll make you walk naked in the city, got that?

-Kashif. -Sir...

There's a scorpion inside you.

In between your thighs.

Its venom is flowing through your words.

Man, I'll have to slaughter this scorpion.

This scorpion's venom is fatal.

You may lose your life.

You bloody slut...

Hey, back off. We're talking here.

Let me talk to her.

Now, tell me...

are the rest of your organs as sharp as your tongue?

I start off with my tongue.

If I like it, other organs come in action too.

-You're testing me? -Do you have stamina?

Is that so?

All right then, I'll show you what I've got.

I will go with him.

Thank you very much.

Hope you won't turn out to be a soft toy.

And you, better don't cry... asking for forgiveness, to show some mercy on you.

Because I don't forgive.

Come on then.

Sweetheart, did you forget the way?

Today, that small room, the five by five bed won't be enough for me.

And I'm not in the mood for the stench of old condoms either.

-Then what are you in the mood for? -Sir.

You've started making excuses already?

What did I tell you?

I won't show any mercy on you tonight.

That's why I'm taking you to my personal room.


Are you scared?

Yes, a lot. I'm freaking scared.

But not for me, for you.

Because even I don't know what I'm going to do with your body tonight.

Believe me.

Save your energy.

And don't worry...

I won't charge you extra for the personal room.

I'm the one who's going to take extra.

Well, then I'll pay you today.


Remember, first they will enter the room.

Only then will our squad seize him.

-Okay, sir. -Yes, sir.

If you're a part time slut, then what do you do during the day?

Finding a job is a job too.

Tonight, if you turn out to be good... and if you're still alive... then I'll keep you with me. Full time.

What the fuck!

What's this?

We did not agree on this.

Hey, are you scared now?

We don't go out like that.

This isn't right.

Since my childhood I can't do what is right.

That's my problem.

How else do I explain?

I won't go.

Sweetheart, hear me out.

My room doesn't smell of used condoms.

Just the fragrance of roses.

It's fully scented.


Did he say where he is taking her?

Sir, there's a disturbance in the audio. We can't hear them.


Sir, the target's name is Sasya.

He's a big player in narcotics.

We've been after him for two years now.

But the problem is, three different individuals are disguised as Sasya.

So, it's difficult to catch him.

Suspect 1, 2 and 3.

Amongst them, the one we doubt the most is presently in Mumbai.

This one. But he has four different identities as well.

Badri, Rana, Yasir and Sasya.

Our task is to find out whether he is the real Sasya.

Without him knowing that we are looking for Sasya.

That's the reason, we're doing this undercover operation.

Because if the cops catch the fake Sasya, the real Sasya will be alerted.

And if he is the real one... then we have to catch him.

-Where is the attack squad? -Near the room.

-What's the target's location? -Opposite street.

-Why isn't she getting out? -Khan, where is the car?

-A few seconds, sir. -She should've done something.

-Would you have? -Sir--

She's not carrying a gun and they are three.

Sir, the target's only weakness is... prostitutes.

He goes to brothels.

You will have to go disguised as a prostitute in a brothel.

An agent will then introduce you to the target.

Bhumi, you will get proper training and briefing for this operation.

And you have to confirm whether he is the real Sasya or not.

Is your scorpion still sleeping?

It's still not awake.

If he is the real Sasya, we have to catch him cleanly.

Else, there could be a lot of violence.


Yes, it's waking up now.

Give me your phone.

Give it.


Because I want to turn it off.

Ask me why again.

I won't answer all your questions, sweetheart.

Come on, give it.

-Sir, we can't see her location. -What?

-They must have switched off her phone. -Fuck!


You keep saying anything.

-Don't you have any work? -Yes, you!

Let's go upstairs.


Mom, it's time for my shift.

-I'm restless since morning. -What happened?

I'm out of breath.

Did you have your medicines?

I did, last night.

You're buying less medicines to save money, right?

What's the use of having the same medicines every day?


This is for your blood pressure.

This is calcium, for your bones.

Take these two tablets with breakfast.

Did you prepare breakfast?

I'm starving.

-Mom, I'm getting late. -But what's the hurry?

You have an awesome collection.

-These shades look great. -Did you like them?

Yes. Do I look sexy?

Hey, what are you doing tonight?

Hey, get one for me too.

-You want one? -Yeah.

-Which color? -Green.

-Green would look amazing on you. -Is it?

-Buy me one? -Absolutely--

Hey, Rupa.

-Go check on Mom. -I'll go in ten minutes.

-Where did you buy it from? -She's unwell.

She's always unwell.

She only pretends, and you know that.

So how much did it cost you?

-Will you come... -Soon.

-Bye. Really? -Green will suit you.

-Did you get the full salary last month? -No.

You'd taken two days' leave?

-My village... -Here she comes. Late again.

Mom is not keeping well.

Make a new excuse at least.

Mhatre, she is a woman, she must have errands.

Then why did she choose to be a cop?

Aren't we men enough?

These days, there's no difference between a man and a woman.

What? Is there no difference?

There is a difference.

Their bodies.

And the body of a woman does not suit the job.

They have to take care of so many things while on duty.

These asshole criminals will pounce there.

And we have got no shit to protect.

In front of a lady don't talk...

There'll be trouble if she complains.

Come on... Bhumi isn't a lady.

-Am I right, Bhumi? -Bhumi, you say.

Is a police job suitable for women?

I get my salary.

So it's good for me.


-What? -Did you complain about me?

Whatever I spoke earlier today at the barricade.


-Sir. -Sir. You sent for us?

-Both of you, come along. -Where, sir?



-Take them. -Come along.

It's okay.


Be seated.

Sir, I've asked both of them to wait. Please come.

-Sit. -Sir, it's them.

-Thank you. -Sir.

Sir, I...

Is your name Mhatre?

Yes, sir.

Okay, come inside.

-What's your full name? -Bhumika Pardeshi.

How many years of duty?

Seven years.

First posting was at Reay Road itself?

Sir. Hirve?

-Yes, sir. -Yes, sir.

-Mathur? -Sir.


-Okay, Fernandez. -Thank you, sir.

Come, Bhumi.

Take a seat.

I'm in the anti-narcotics cell, in the crime branch.

My name is Jason Fernandez.

There are certain secret operations that are carried out by cops.

These are under-cover operations.

In one such operation, you have to work disguised as a prostitute.

So, you haven't received any complaint. Sorry...

Do you know who is a prostitute?


I'm aware of it, sir.

It's quite a sensitive operation.

You must not speak about it in public.

Only selected cops would know about it.

In fact, nobody at your police station would have a clue about it.

Except for him.

So... will you do it?

How will I do it, sir?

There's nothing much that you need to do.

Let me explain it to you.

You just have to dress up, we'll get the make-up done.

We'll take you to a place.

Whatever you have to do will also be organized.

Only if you're ready...

I'll handle everything.


It's a black Scorpio.

You have the details of the number plate. Yeah. Circulate the information now.

-Did you see the car? -Not yet, sir.

Keep driving.

Zubin, please tell me we have her location now.

No, sir. Still can't track her.

Are we even on the same road? Or a different one, Khan?

Sir, I'm not sure of it right now.

Fuck it. Stop the car.

Stop, we need to evaluate this.

They won't be too far.

They should be within a radius of two kilometers.

Yes, sir.

Yes, but which way?

Did you inform the nearby traffic units?

Yes, sir. They have the details.

Ma'am, come out of the car.

It's a bit old, but does the job well.

Come, don't be scared.

Are you done?

I have booked all the rooms on this floor.

Don't tire yourself unnecessarily. We have a lot of work to do together.

This is not fair. This wasn't decided.

More than you, I have to save myself. Let's go.

You cannot force me.


There's no question of force between you and me, sweetheart.

The only thing to decide is whether you're paying me or I am.

That's it.

Don't be scared already.

Today, I will give you only one kind of pain.

Come, don't throw these tantrums.

Come on, now. Don't make your lover crave anymore.

What's this nonsense? It's stuck, unzip it.

You take off your clothes too.

I'm shy, you don't know me.

Fuck it. Why so much hard work? Come on.

What little man, you want to do everything at the same time?

We'll go slow. First you go, then I will. Right?

I have to go pee.

Till then, you get your scorpion out.

Take off all your clothes, bra and panty. Be naked, like that.

Head down, back in front. The moment I'm back, I'll get inside.

This is a dog whistle.

You will blow this and alert us. It will be in your purse at all times.

It's a high frequency whistle. Human ear can't hear this.

But we have detectors.

As soon as we hear it, we will break in.

-As soon as we get an update, we will-- -We have her location.

-She must have switched on her phone. -Sir.

Let's go. Get in the cars, guys.

Your job is to confirm his identity.

And then, we'll arrest him.

-How far are we? -Fifteen minutes, sir.

It will be too late.

Why hasn't she left?

She is dumb?

Fernandez, you've made a huge mistake.

You made the wrong choice. She isn't the right girl.

She'll get herself killed and we'll be responsible.

-We trained her, sir. -For two days. Are two days enough?

And you threw her in front of a hardcore criminal.

A simple constable with no experience in operations.

Bitch. Will you make me do all the hard work?

It's waking up.

Your scorpion is waking up now.

Will you lay like a corpse or do something?

You're definitely not a prostitute. Right?

You made me toil for three months!

But you're still cold!

There's not even a little fire inside you!

You will turn me cold as well!

Whoever you are, your scorpion is real.

I'll listen to your story later.

First, I have to kill this scorpion.

If I don't kill it right now, I don't know how many men it will sting in the future.

What's your secret, sweetheart?

Don't you understand, we need to finish what we started?

Come on, now.

You have a lot of fight in you. Huh?

You're a man.

You are not a woman.

Your family cheated me.

They got me married to a man. Motherfuckers.