She S1E2 Script

The Proposal (2020)

Slut, ass, dick, pussy, boobs, fuck me.

When you hear such words... just ignore them.

Don't think too much, there's nothing to worry.

Without your consent, no one can even touch you.

Got it?

When will the target get interested in you?

When you behave different from other girls.

That is when he'll notice you.

I won't go with him.

And then whatever he says, just say the opposite.

You have to challenge him. The target will not expect this.

And will take more interest.

I get paid to have sex... but you have to pay for it.

Don't try to be good. You have to be the bad girl.

Don't talk to him with respect.

Instead, taunt him.

Come on.

All this will be new to him, because he is well established.

Then he will take more interest in you.

We will have ten minutes to respond. David, I am going to call you.

Okay? Be ready, your phone should be around you.


I like it.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hold on.

You please wait here. I'll get the car.

What's wrong with you, brother Mhatre?

I have lost it. Come on.


Just can't recognize you.

Check one, two, three.

Okay. All set?

-Take her. -Yes, sir.

Sit there and wait.

Let's go. Come on.


Where is Rupa?

I have no clue about where she goes or with whom.

People say that she is meeting the wrong people.

Now they say it to our faces.

What is the use of you being in police, if you can't save your sister from this mess?

It's left open, look there.

Secret means...

Mhatre, answer your phone.

Secret means secret.

Sir, Mhatre here.

Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.


They've called you to the headquarters.


Maybe they're happy with us, so want to meet. Why the questions?

You go. I'll stay here.

You were also part of the operation, not just us...

I mean... You are the lead actress of the film.

I don't want to go there and recall all that happened.

-You go ahead. -Moron.

What you did was your duty.

This isn't my duty.

I did not join the police force to do all this.

Some things are personal for me and not for duty.

I will never go there again.


Our operation is complete.

Now, it's time for promotion.

Don't lose this opportunity.

Brother Mhatre, please try to understand.

Will you be okay if an unknown man touches you here and there?

Not a man, but if a woman... touches me, I won't mind.

I'll do it as duty.

I will allow an unknown woman... to touch me anywhere...

I got it.

Two charge sheets are ready, one is left.

-Okay, finish it, Vasudev. Good job. -Okay.

Thanks, sir. Thank--

Come. Well done, Bhumi.

Come in. Come.

Well, there's new found interest and respect in the officers for Bhumi.

This was your first operation... and very successful.


Thank you, sir.

Well done, Fernandez.

You chose her.

I don't know what you saw in her, but she really worked.

I think we got lucky, sir.

Come on, Fernandez.

Learn to take compliments.

All this was your idea.

All of us were against it.

Actually, I was truly impressed with the way she spoke to the target.

-I mean... the way you spoke to him-- -I understand English... sir.

You are very smart, Bhumi.

-Much more than what I had expected. -You are right, sir.

When the target changed his location, the entire team freaked out.

We thought... the operation was over.

But the way Bhumi handled the situation...

-Mhatre... -Yes, sir?

Speak only when you are asked to.

-Till then, please stay quiet. Just relax. -Okay, sir.

Most important thing is, we've found that our target is a part of some big plan.

And we're still wondering how to proceed further.

So, whatever has happened in this operation, needs to be kept confidential.

Even from your co-officers or cops at your police station.


Do you want to say something?

No, sir.

Doctor has told me to do some exercises twice or thrice a day.

-Is it? -So I will feel energetic.

Don't overdo it, Mother.

You will feel giddy and faint.

I haven't even started as yet. How is that overdoing?

I wonder what they're up to.

Hello, sir.

How are you doing?

Bhumi, come here. Sit.

The weather is so bad these days.

Just breathing can make you ill.

Pass the salt.

Rascal wants to eat fritters.

Onion and potato, both.

Serve him sauce as well.

Scoundrel won't like it without sauce.

Our mom is too lenient.

She should have directly asked him, when is he vacating your house and when is he giving you a divorce.

Instead, she is inviting him in and offering him fritters.

Bhumi, come and sit.

Lokhande is doing well in his business, he says.

He purchased the next door shop as well. Right?

Why are you telling all this to her?

She is an officer.

Her skin has become as hard as her uniform. Crisp.

She doesn't care for anything.

The tea has turned cold, I'll get it heated up.

It's too hot, mother.

Court issued a date for next hearing.

Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.

If you don't show up again, the case will be dismissed.

So, let it.

The advocate doesn't come from Town to Bandra often.

The case will be dismissed.

When is the date?

Tuesday, 3:00 p.m.

No, I need to get the electricity wire fixed that day.

It's giving me electric shocks these days.

Listen, Lokhande...

The case has been going on since two years.

Why don't you go and finish it off this time?

-I'm leaving, mother. -Have lunch before you go.

Mother, I don't feel like going.

But I have work.

I'll come once I get free.

Everything is allowed here, isn't it?

He was openly flirting with me.

-Speak softly. -What? Why should I?

Your husband was ogling at me.

What nonsense. It's not like that.

Is it? Do you think I am blind?

-He is gone. So just be quiet. -No.

Everyone asks me to be quiet as if I am at fault.

Because of her we have to put up with that bastard.

If you wanted to leave him, why did you have to leave your house?

It was your house, you took the loan and you left.

What's the point in discussing now?

What's the point in not discussing?

Every time, he makes a different excuse.

He has usurped that house.

He knows that once he divorces you, he will have to vacate it.

No matter what happens, we have to bring him to the court.

How is this miracle going to happen?

I thought that now that I'm caught, there will be some excitement.

But this is boring as hell.

All I have to do is sit alone and stare at the walls. That's it.

Then someone walks in, looks at me in style and walks away. Then silence.

Then another one comes and it goes on. Nothing else is happening here.

Now that you are here... tell me what should I do.

I'll do and leave immediately.

Hey, so soon?

Sir... please don't do this.

Have some mercy on me.

No, Sasya.

A lot is going to happen to you now.

Sir, I'm already screwed.

I've seen in movies what you cops do with criminals.

I cannot bear your torture. Let me be very clear to you.

I'm just a cowardly goon, sir.

If you call me a criminal, then it's an insult to other criminals in the world.

I won't be able to bear your beatings. You really...

I'd rather tell you everything, sir.


Start talking.

Ask what you want. I'll tell you.

I know that you are not alone.

There is an entire gang. You are only a part of it.

And you all are up to something big.

Yes, you know half the story.

Tell me the rest.

Who's involved in this?

What is the entire plan? Suppliers, feeders, tell me everything.

You may not know what to ask me, but I very well know what all I should tell you.

I have those answers to which you don't even have questions.

I have so much to tell you, sir.

There should be someone to hear me out.

I have a small condition.

You please don't mind, I am an ordinary man, so is my condition.

I will tell everything.

But I will only tell that girl.

Which girl?

The one you sent as a slut that night to nab me.

As a slut?

I don't know any other word for it. I am sorry.

But you know who I am talking about.

Have you lost it?

Sir, it might sound strange to you.

But think about it.

You have nothing to lose.

You may stay here and other cops can also sit here and listen to it.

I will answer only those questions that she will ask me.

This is my small condition.

Sasya, do you think that you are in a position to make such demands?

No, sir. I am well aware of my position.

I am on this side of the table while you are on the other.

You are a super cop and I'm an evil rogue. Agreed.

But look at it from a different perspective.

We are just two people having a conversation.

You and I want the same things in life.

It's just that our styles of working are a little different.

I chased a dream of mine, for five years.

Everything was going smoothly.

And then that girl walked in...

My dream got shattered.

But there's no point in crying.

It won't help.

That is why, I am thinking about your benefit.

You also think about mine.

You better become a preacher.

You have a bright future there.

-You are so good at giving lectures. -Sir, you are...

How can I boast of myself?

I told you, I just need someone who'll hear me out.

-What's that girl got to do with this? -Sir, I landed here because of her.

She made me bite the dust.

Else, Sasya can't be nabbed so easily.

Not by a woman, for sure.

That's why, I respect her.

I'll salute her and reveal everything.


The whole thing is very silly, Fernandez.

If we agree to this, he'll come up with something else.

No, sir.

This is his only demand.

We can get the information from him in our way.

Yes, we can.

He will tell us everything without her help.

But what will we ask him, sir?


This is a very big operation.

It's a very complex game plan.

It's not like, I'll ask him the name of a person and he'll tell us.

Sir, he is ready to be our informer.

He will tell us everything, including what we don't ask him.

Taking him under confidence, is a very good option right now.

But what is it about that girl, I mean, the constable?

She is not a beauty queen as such.

Sir, this man is eccentric.

Just like other clever criminals become eventually.

But she is just a constable.

She has no experience of interrogation.

Will she be able to face him?

Sir, in Sasya's words, she is the girl who caught him.

She only has to sit in front and talk.

We'll steer everything else.

I think this is the best option we have right now.

Hello, how are you?

Listen, the groom works as a driver.

His boss lives close by.

He drives a big car.

The wealthy man has four to five drivers, but he is the head driver.

-They make a good pair as well. -Quite a party.

-Who is getting married? -I have no clue.

You want a gift?


Is this for me?

-Here you go. -Give it here.

-Give me. Pass me the phone. -No...

Give me the phone. Hey...


I'm not feeling well.


New phone?

Hemant gave it to me.

What is it, Mom?

I'm feeling giddy. I think my BP has dropped.

-Should I get you something to eat? -No, take me home.

-Oh, dear. -Wait a minute.

Rupa, let's go. Mom wants to go home.

You want me to come home at 4:00 o'clock?

Mom wants to go.

So, you go with her.

I've just come here. I'll come home later.

-What are you doing? It's not good. -To whom?

What will I do with this girl?

She was clinging to him, in front of everyone...

How will I face everyone?

Where did she learn this?

These are the qualities of her dad.

She has inherited from him.

What were you doing there?

Don't you have any shame? What will I tell everyone?

Tell them, your daughter is not in control.

Shut up. You were dancing so shamelessly.

Mom, stop lecturing me. Okay?

Her husband enters our house, ogles at me.

He talks nonsense.

If that is okay with you, why pretend outside?

Don't change the topic.

You took a phone from that boy and hugged him.

Tomorrow, you'll have to pay.

This free phone will cost you a bomb.

Mom, you have nothing to pledge for my sake, do you?

So I'm helping myself.

Everything in this tenement is cheap.

I don't have anything so precious to lock away in a safe.

So why not take it?

Rupa, don't talk like this to Mom.

How else should I talk?

Why are you opening your mouth now?

You were silent when you should have spoken.

None of you supported me. Now, you're here to lecture.

I cannot take this anymore.

The way she is going, she will definitely get into some trouble.

You are in the police department. Do something.

What is the use of you being in police?

Come on, Parab.

-See you again. -Bye.

Parab, check there.

Randive, check upstairs. Check every corner. Don't miss any.

What is it, sir?

We are doing our duty, you do yours. Get aside.

-Where are you barging in? -Should I take your appointment to go in?

What's going on?

What is the problem?

Smarty pant, don't act smart here.

Stay quiet till we finish our raid.

And don't interfere in police work.

Do you have a warrant?

Warrant? I don't need to get a warrant for a fucker like you.

I got a tip about your hotel which is enough.

What tip did you get? Who told you?

Are you the commissioner that I should give a report to?

I'll slap you so hard that...

Okay, now I got the reason behind this raid.

You got it, right? So, act sensibly.

And think twice before you do anything wrong.

Wrong? You raided my place for your personal grudges. Isn't that wrong?

If you utter a word more, you'll be put behind the bars.

I'll be behind the bars?

You spoke another word.

Parab, take him in!

If we put him through a tire, he'll learn!

Well done.

Sit calmly and think.

Let us check the place.

-All is clear. -Did you check the license? Check them.

Everything is okay.

-Check the CCTV footage. -That's clear too.

Hey... you say it's clear before hearing?

I heard you, I checked all the footage. All clear.

And now your actions are recorded in the CCTV.

You raided them without a warrant.

Only for personal grudges. Your threat is recorded too.

-Hey-- -Hey, you!

I am not the commissioner, but my friend's uncle is.

D.Y. Dikshit, eastern zone.

I didn't tell you earlier because you would have stopped there.

I would not have got this proof.

What is this? Shut this.

It's our duty.

I will tell uncle Dikshit that you performed your duty well.

Rupa's sister and what's your name? Yes, Mhatre.

Listen, this is not fair. Try to understand.

I will send this footage to the press.

You know how they long for such news.

They will also pay me well.

There was some confusion actually--

Yes, it was a confusion. Let's take a selfie.

Put your phone down. Please.

-How will exaggerating the matter help? -I have nothing to lose also.

Let us put an end to this. Okay?

I didn't start this.

Let's forget about it. It's done and dusted.

It's a shut case. Okay?


Don't ever do such things in future. Got it?

Don't drag your personal problems to work.

That boy is a scoundrel, brother Mhatre.

Rupa is in danger.

How do I explain to you?

Will you tell the commissioner that Rupa's in danger?

If Rupa is in danger, tell her!

She doesn't pay heed to my words.

Does that mean, you'll keep raiding different places?

I thought he'll stay away from her after this.

Now you stay away from him.

It's like we have given him an atom bomb.

He can explode it any time he wants.

He got convinced now.

But the suspense is not over yet.

Anything can happen. Stay alert.


Come on, Bhumi.

I've spoken to the senior officer in your police station.

Till the interrogation is going on, you will report at the crime branch.

And during the interrogation, whatever Sasya reveals, whatever we'll record, everything will be highly confidential.

You cannot discuss it with anyone.

Not even with Mhatre.

-Okay, sir. -You want to say something?

I won't do this... sir.


I don't want to meet that man again.

But why?

He doesn't have an answer to why he wants to testify to me.

Then, I also have no answer.

I am sorry. I don't think I made myself clear to you.

We aren't requesting you, Bhumi.

It's an order.

And it is already sanctioned.


Sir, I've read this. What should I do next?

Come, Bhumi.

Looking a little different...

But you're the same.

Shall we start?


-Keep your personal comments to yourself. -Sure, sir.

-So, tell me-- -I was 15 years old... when my dad caught me one day.

I was having sex with a girl.

I used to call her my girlfriend back then.

How is that connected to the case?

Sir, I am the connection. I'll explain everything.

Hear me out, please.

My dad was a renowned goon in the area at that time.

If I even heard his name, I used to shit bricks.

He was so scary.

When he caught me, I thought he'd break my bones today for sure.

But he had a different plan.

He said: "Why did you stop? Finish it off."

He sat there to watch.

Not just that, he even called a few of his friends.

All of them sat together to watch the scene.

I performed as best as I could.

From every side, I banged.

I had to.

Poor girl.

She committed suicide next day due to embarrassment.

Since then, I've had this fear.

To never leave any job undone.

Be it any work or business, I finish what I start.

You understand, don't you?

Whatever we started that day... we have to finish.