She S1E3 Script

The Pawn's Move (2020)

Stop talking or I will break you.

-Bhumi, don't take him so seriously. -He'll do something.

-He wants revenge... -Relax.

What can he do to you in there?

Look at me.

Look at me.

I chose you.

You were on traffic duty and we were passing by.

I saw you...

I knew you had the caliber in you.

You could do something big.

And I'm proud of what you have done.

But Bhumi, this is just the beginning.

You have a long way to go. I have a feeling.

Sir, it's good to hear all this, but I know--

I never say anything for the sake of it.

There will be nonsensical talk during the interrogation.

So, what are we going to do?

Run away each time?

What did the lady constable tell you? Just ignore these things.

You have got to be strong.

And confident too.

You can't let him scare you. Rather you scare him.

Control him.

Look him in the fucking eye!

Then we'll see how he speaks all that rubbish.

I'll go in first, you follow after a minute and start again with confidence.


Stay in your limits, you bastard.

Where is the base of this operation?

-Your question is too weak... -Hey! You better answer me now!

Since you asked me the question so strongly, I'll answer you with equal strength.

Listen up now, cocaine and heroin...

Cocaine is imported from South America and heroin from Central Asia.

Both enter India through different paths.

However, currently this business is not well established.

We have a plan to set it up.

After five years of research, we discovered that in India, Mumbai is the best possible city for this business.

We have not one but 12 warehouses here.

I will give you all the addresses.

And this is because you asked me a question, darling.

You give all those addresses to Fernandez Sir.

Ask him to go and check.

First check them, then I'll tell you more.

Tell Fernandez Sir...

Tell him that Sasya is his friend.

Tell him, Sasya said this.


What are you staring at?

No one has ever looked at you the way I do.

Hey, this is a police station.

You are under police custody. Think before you talk.

Your looks are quite ordinary.

You don't look very special. I have better looking girls than you.

You are no match in front of them.

But yet, there's some inside you.

I can't take my eyes off you.

Must be that scorpion inside you.

I can feel the heat of its venom.

-Shut your mouth. -I definitely feel it.

Shut your mouth, understand?

I don't know about other men. Don't they feel it?

Look, don't get personal with me.


Being a cop, you came disguised as a slut the other day.

But what happened between us was personal.

Do you remember?

I do.

Nothing of it was personal.

It was my duty.

I was right there.

You too were there.

I know everything.

Come on, interrogate me. Why aren't you interrogating me?

Fernandez Sir is here too.

Ask me questions, I'm waiting since long.

I have lots to say today.

Let's continue.

Now, I'll just give you a name.


We call him Nayakudu in our language, which means a leader.

Cops assume that it's just a name.

A myth.

People wonder whether he is for real.

Because cops have never seen his face.

But trust me...

Nayak does exist.

We all follow him.

He doesn't meet many people.

Many don't even have a clue that they work for Nayak.

The entire plan is in his mind. He doesn't tell anyone the complete plan, for safety.

He tells us only on a need-to-know basis.

I'm special to him, so he tells me a lot.

Now you're special to me, so I'm telling you.

Sweetheart, do you remember Karwar, five years ago?

Corpses, murders, arms smuggling...

That was all a part of Nayak's plan.

Since then he has been spreading his web of narcotics.

He has been fooling the cops for a long time.

Who is Nayak?

We've come across the name - Nayak, but have no specific proofs.

The entire police unit got their hands on a few explosives, got happy, clicked photographs, selfies, praised each other.

And he fled right under your noses.


I don't work for Nayak anymore.

I work for you now.

If you plan well...

Maybe, you will get Nayak.

Deep, check whether the entire conversation is recorded clearly.

-Sir, he is the same Nayak... -What?

-Nothing, sir. -I'll have to inform Mathur sir.

Double check the recording.

Leena, I want the transcript in ten minutes. I'm coming back.

Bhumi, good job!

Even you want to finish what we started right?

What nonsense.

What to finish?

Darling, don't be so furious.

-Quiet! -Your nerves are tense.

Your blood is boiling, but you've been cold for a long time.

-Has it been too long since you had sex? -If you say one more word...

You don't recognize yourself.

You don't even know of the scorpion inside you.

Ask me about it.

I have touched it...

Since long I am trying to woo you like a lover.

But you don't seem to budge.

At first, I was alone in this story.

Then you entered.

Now it's you and me.

So, we will meet someday.

Then I will give you...

what you actually need.

What you desperately need.


-Bhumi. -Yes, sir.

There are orders from the headquarters.

They have asked us to relieve you from duty.

What do you mean?

It means, you have to leave the police station.


These are orders from headquarters. I don't know anything.

Sir, I have some work pending...

I suggest... go and apologize.

And continue the interrogation.

You are also blaming me, as if it's my mistake.

Don't you understand this world yet?

Besides, what did Sasya say that made you forget you're on duty?

He was saying the wrong things.

I am a woman, right?

-So, he was trying to overpower me. -Woman!

These days the woman in you is coming out very strongly.

What on earth is wrong with you?

What is wrong with me?

I am the same.

All this new planning has ruined everything.

Disguise as an escort, wear revealing clothes, go in front of perverts...

Everything was smooth earlier.

Maintaining the police register, keeping record of our refreshments, standing under the hot sun for traffic duty...

Do you call this smooth?

Everything is going good now, just like in a film.

Going in a disguise, tricking a criminal...

That too, an international criminal. It's so thrilling.

And, you were looking so gorgeous. I couldn't recognize you.

Now the film is over, Now what?

Quell your pride and apologize.

Didn't you see how they threw you out of the police station?

What will you do without a job?

Excuse me! You aren't allowed to go inside.

Bhumika Pardeshi, senior constable, Reay Road Police station.

I need to go for the interrogation.

Your name isn't there on the list.

I am with Fernandez Sir.

He is the one to cut your name.


I want to meet him.

He is busy.

Fine, I will wait for him.

He will stay busy for a long time.

Then I will wait for a long time.

Yes, sir.

Wait! You can't just barge inside!

I'll call you back.

What are you doing?

Sir, I want to come back on this case.

For the interrogation. I will do properly now.

No need now.

You may leave.

Sir, I am sorry. Please.

All this happened quite suddenly, I was shaken a bit. But I won't make mistakes anymore.

Bhumi, I am looking at you, but my mind is occupied with something else.

Do you understand?

Are you worked up?

-No. -You should be.

Hemant told me what you did.

You have a problem with me then talk to me.

You'll raid my boyfriend's hotel and scare him?

You will use your uniform to your advantage?

You're worried that he'd complain, right?

No, I'm not worried about that.

Then what is it?

I don't know whether I have a job or not.

What do you mean?

I guess they are firing me.

Oh, gosh! How can they do that?

Bhumi, what's the matter? Did you do something?

-Nothing... -So how can they fire you?

It's a government job.

No, I mean, I'm just afraid.

They aren't firing me.

You just said that.

Just for the heck of it... you forget about it.

If you're fired, how will we pay the rent?

Hey... that won't happen.

-Don't worry. -What will we do?

Rupa... since you were asking, I just told you what I was thinking without giving it a thought.

Don't say such things. Just don't.

I won't ask you anything.

Firstly, we need to get you divorced from that rascal Lokhande.

Darn it! Your husband has turned us homeless.

You go back to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Sir, Bhumi is calling.

Just cut it.

I know.

Just tell her we are busy.

Just look at her, Fernandez.

Do you think she's capable of facing Nayak?

Sir, that's all she has to do.

We will support her. We'll be her brains and hands.

You can't be with her at all times, Fernandez!

There will be a time when she will be all alone with those guys.

With Nayak.

That's the hope, sir.

If this hope turns into reality, what will she do?

Sir, I'm sorry, but we're not just risking Bhumi's life here, all the lives in India are at risk if their plan is successful and Mumbai becomes the new drug capital.

How will their plan be successful?

You have Sasya's information with you. Just use it.

Sir, all the information is in Nayak's head.

He doesn't tell Sasya everything.

Sasya is telling us everything he knows, but that's not all. There's much more.

Sir, Sasya trusts her completely.

He is quite certain that Nayak will like her.

She is his type.

Why this covert operation with a spy?

Sir, to begin with, how will we find out whether he's Nayak or not?

-Sasya will tell you. -No, sir.

We can't blindly trust Sasya.

And we have no report on Nayak's appearance.

That is why the way we verified Sasya's identity with her help, the same way we will identify Nayak's identity.

Secondly... if we arrest Nayak, all his operations will stop.

All the activities and people that are related to this operation will remain hidden.

So, what I suggest is, let's locate Nayak first, then track all his activities with the help of high caliber secret surveillance.

That means, the girl's task is to identify Nayak--

No, sir.

-I'm sorry. -No, it's okay. Carry on.

Sir, if Bhumi invades Nayak's personal space...

Only if Nayak trusts this girl...

Then Bhumi will bring us that information from Nayak that none of his men know.

Personally, I feel this plan is too weak.

And we cannot afford to have a repeat of Karwar here.

Exactly, sir.

There was no covert operation or information breakthrough in the Karwar case.

And in Sasya's case as well, we weren't very hopeful Sir.

But because of Bhumi, he is in our custody today.

We were lucky in Sasya's operation.

But we can't rely on luck all the time.


I will come back tomorrow.

So don't apologize now, do it tomorrow.

You've been coming here since three days. It's of no use.

We've received orders from seniors, You won't get the permission to go inside.

But I have nothing else to do, right?

And I can't stay at home.

They get worried when I don't go to work.

So, coming here and sitting is my work.

Actually, I'm the one who is sorry.


What else do I say now?

Even then you did...

You spoke to me. Thank you.

I'm sitting here since the past six hours. Nobody spoke to me.

Come on, hurry up.


Hey, Rupa... are you taking some medicines?

From where did you get this glow on you?

You should be the one to take medicine, for control.

And... you're not yet divorced and you're flirting with your sister-in-law?

That too, inside the court.

So, will the police arrest me for that?

Greetings, sir!

Sir please explain it to her that praising someone is not illegal.

Lokhande, let's end this right now.

We are getting divorced.

So don't talk rubbish before the judge.

Else he'll ask even more questions, the case will continue for long.

The lawyer will fill his pockets.

It won't help us in anyway.

Do you understand?

Come on.

Ajay Khanna, Binita Khanna.

Ritesh Kerkar, Mansi Kerkar.

Why wasn't your client present for the previous hearing? We kept waiting for him.

I was confused back then.

I am clear now.

And I don't want to pay any alimony.

What is he saying?

It was already decided, written in the agreement.

-What is the problem now? -She has a problem.

I've been betrayed.

-Look... -She's not worthy of being a wife!

-Why? -Why?

Sir, what do you say? Should we tell them?

-One minute-- -Don't touch me!

Listen to me.

-Come out for a minute. Please. -Why?

Whatever you want to say, say it right here.

Karman Sheikh, Laila Sheikh.

Anil Dalve, Sunita Dalve.

Listen, let's talk in private for two minutes.

Anything for you.

Come on.

What is the use of saying all this now, Lokhande?

What do you want?

And why do you keep blabbering she's not fit to be a wife?

-How is she not fit? -The way you are perfect.

Lokhande, I'm ready to reduce the alimony amount...

No more alimony!

Okay, let's make it half of the original amount.

I will open the agreement on my phone and make it official right now.

-If you give me your sister, then maybe. -I don't believe this!

-I have to leave! -What?

I got a call from work.

He's already here, the judge will summon us in ten minutes.

-I got a call from work. -Tell them you're busy.

It's urgent. I will have to leave now.

-How can you... Bhumi? -I'll be back.

It must be a high profile case, that's why they want the best cop!

-Fernandez... -Fifth floor.

Thank you.

-Sir, this... -Sit!

You have to take this psychometric test.

Tick the right answers and explain in detail wherever it's needed.

Sir, what is this test for?

I don't know anything.

Don't ask me any questions.

I'm doing what I've been told.

You have... one hour to complete this test.

Your time starts... now!


"I respond well to instructions by seniors.

I can work for long hours without getting tired.

...calm under pressure.

I'm a bad judge of character.

...comfortable talking...

I get my ideas of right and wrong...

I am experienced in getting people to talk.

I can judge a situation and know what role to play.

...right and wrong from other people.

I can lead people and get them to do what I want.

I respond well to instructions...

People often rely on me in tough situations.

I can think about a situation from all angles and take a decision accordingly.

I find it difficult to relax in stressful situations.

I respond well to instructions by seniors."

I'll send the result to Fernandez by 12 noon tomorrow.

There was no time to think.

I wrote whatever I understood.

I had no idea what it was. Some... psychometric test...

I've not even heard about it.

Come here.

Mhatre, just hold on.

Yes, ma'am.

Were you staring at me?

I'm a waiter. That's my job.

If someone wants something.

I'm not asking about others, I'm talking about myself.

Mhatre, I'll call you later.

Were you staring or not?

Stare all you want.

Excuse me.

Where's the toilet?

It's there.

Come on.

Do you feel anything?



Touch it.

Touch it.