She S1E4 Script

Night Walk (2020)


Oh, God.

Oh, no.

What are you looking at? Where's your mind?

-Ma'am... -Fernandez sir is in his cabin.


Your test.

You failed, Bhumi.

I didn't tell you, but I was recommending you here.

So that you work for us, under cover.

Everyone was against it, but I convinced them all.

All you had to do was pass this test, Bhumi.

This simple psychometric test, through which we'd know if you are mentally strong enough to do this.

But you failed it.

No awareness, no presence of mind, no killer instinct.

You'll go and worm out information from those criminals?

No chance.

Anyways... I have failed.

I will inform DCP Mathur tomorrow.

I will have to face him.

Sir, I had no time to think during the test.

If I had, I would have--

Sir, I need this job. It's very important for me.

-Really? -Yes, sir.

I will do anything, but I want this job, sir.


Being desperate is not a qualification, Bhumi.


-Sir. -Jai Hind, sir.

What are you doing here?

You know.

I have come to convince you that I can do this job.

Is it?

Then convince me.

By sitting alone in a room and writing a test on a paper, will you find out if a person could get information from a criminal?

If the person has killer instinct or not? Is it that easy?

The entire world trusts the psychometric test blindly.

You should not.

Are you done?

I am still not convinced.



There are other ways than this test to find out... what I have in me.

Like what?

Like, anything.

Anything you want.

She's trying to seduce me. Yeah?

Well done, Bhumi.

But actually... I have a girlfriend.

She is very beautiful.

Much more beautiful than you.

If she is very beautiful, she won't be willing to do all that...

I am willing to do.

You are extremely desperate?

This is my biggest qualification.

I am starting to see that spark in you... that Sasya saw.

Don't go by his words.

Check it for yourself.


-My girlfriend is at home. -Let's go someplace else.

-Here? -Any problem?

-No. -Good.

How are you doing?

A vodka quarter and one soda.

Shall we sit on that table?

Let's sit here. Come.

Come, sit.

We both are cops.

I am your senior officer.

Whatever you told me in the last half an hour, will remain a secret.


But after listening to you, I am convinced... that you must be given one more chance.

One more test.

Not with a pen and paper.

With this.

Not by sitting on some desk, but with real people.

In real world.

Let us test your killer instinct right here.

Your objective is, to find a person here, who is alone.

Go to him... and convince him to go out alone with you from this bar.

Then find an isolated place... and stab him with this knife.

Not on his back. This is a test.

You have to stab him on his chest.

And that too, when he is looking into your eyes.

Will you be able to do it?

Like him.

He is alone, but strong.

Can you pull it off?

Bhumi, look...

Police is not with you in this work.

But I am watching you.

I am watching you.


Are you waiting for someone too?

I don't think he'll come.

But I am here.

You were sitting all alone here.

I didn't like it.

And what about him?

Him? His story is different.

How so?

He is not interested in women.

But my story is not different.

I am very much interested in women.

-What are you drinking? -Whisky.



Like you?

After everything, will you ask me for money?

Who do you think I am?

Don't get offended.

Why do you men think... that we don't want what you all do?

I didn't mean like that.

I was just joking.

Okay, then let's get serious.

What if your friend comes now?

It is too late now.

He turned out to be a true friend.

-Why? -He didn't turn up.

-So? -So, I found you.

Not yet.

If despite coming so close to you, I do not get you, I would be a bloody fool.

What are you doing? There are people here.

This is Mumbai. There are people everywhere.

Let's go there.

Is this place fine?

I am the only one here.

Is that okay with you?


-Come, let's start. -Hey, how are you doing it?


-Let me see. -Don't you know?

It's the same as every woman.

What? Show it to me.

Hey... Look there if someone is around.

Look around.

The customer you are calling is unavailable...

Why didn't you take my call?

Let me be at peace at least for one day.

Today, she is at home. So, you got me worked up.

Why are you taunting me? What did I do?

You go to sleep.

Don't taunt me if she is in some mess.

What mess?

I just came late, what's messy about it?

There must be something.

You left me at the court the other day.

With that scoundrel Lokhande.

And where are you coming all decked up from, at this hour?


Just because you're at home for one night, you aren't a Goddess.

That hotel owner must be busy with some other girls.

That's why you are here.


How dare you mention him.

He isn't complaining against you because I told him not to. Do you understand?

And he is my boyfriend, Hemant.

-Forget about it. -Then why did you start?

I never ask you where you go or where you come from.

You don't ask me either.

What are you saying?

What's wrong with you?

Nothing, Mom. I'm tired.

There's nothing else.

No, Mom. Let her carry on. You do what you want to.

From now, I won't come to the court to trap your bastard husband.


If you don't want to come, then don't.

And one more thing. Just because you're earning, that doesn't mean you can bully me.

If my meal is a burden to you, let me know and I will leave.

I would not become a call girl for the sake of you two.

Rupa, shut up.

What do you want?

Do you want me to die worrying about you two?

Drink some water, Mom.

Bhumika Pardeshi...

Senior constable, Reay road police station, Mumbai police.

Age 29.

As soon as she passed out from college, she applied for a constable's job.

She has been in Mumbai police since seven years.

She lives in a tenement at Parel with her mom and younger sister.

Father has been missing for thirteen years now.

She is the sole earning member of her family, sir.

Four years ago, she got married.

But right now, her divorce case is going on in the court.

She has no close friends and relatives, sir.

Which makes her suitable for the operation, sir.

In real life, she comes across as manly, sir.

I mean, there's nothing feminine or femininely attractive about her, sir.

I'm sorry, but the specs are right.

She is 5.7", bust 34, waist 26.

Hip measurement, 36, sir.

It's perfect.

She is an average performer, follows all orders.

She will stay in our control, sir.

Atul Tonk.

He works with me in ANC.

From now, he'll be your handler.

You had not failed in the psychometric test.

But a field test was very important.

Atul knew you would stab him.

We only wanted to check your skill and killer instinct.

And you're good.

I have sent your test results to Mathur sir and other senior officers.

And we have a green signal, Bhumi.

I am inducting you to the department.

Very few people in the Anti Narcotics Cell and police department know about this operation.

In fact, your suspension and the story of failure... was planned, So that we could justify your absence from work.

You have to stick to the same story.

Apart from us and Mhatre, don't be in touch with anyone in the department.

Your phone is now under surveillance.

Buy a new phone for your personal use.

Good luck.

No one can read the doctor's handwriting.

Even God can't read it.

Very funny.

What if I take the wrong medicine and die?

You talk nonsense. Hang up now.

Look at what rubbish he is talking. Is this the medicine for BP?

Yes, it is, Mom.

Last time, it was yellow in color.

This is for BP. Now, take it fast and get ready.

The three of us will go out for lunch today.


Because I'm in a mood to go.

Why did you bring us to such an expensive place?

Hey... did you see that?

I'll sit here. It has good view.

I understand what a good view means to you.

One hakka noodles, one egg fried rice for you and chicken manchurian.

-And... -Order one veg manchurian as well.

Yes, that too. And bring it quickly, mister.

Yes, thank you.

I have to leave in half an hour.

Where do you have to go now?

-I have to go. -Why ask her every little detail, Mom?

Rupa is an adult now.

My blood pressure fluctuates thinking about her adulthood.

I was happy when she was a child. I could slap her.

-Mom, I'm just going out to play. -What?

Play catch.

-Shut up... -Get some cold drink for her.

Hey, but get this straight, I will not go to the court with you.

Forget about all that.

No one will ask you anything about it.

Anyway, she won't obey what you say.

-We've come to such a nice place, so-- -Have you come here before Mom?

Yes, I think Pardeshi had brought me here.

Your dad used to take me out for meals very frequently.

He loved many flavors outside home.

-Every man has the same story. -Correct. All of them want only one thing.

-Shut up. -I meant--

-Food. Mister, serve our food. -What did you say?

Where are you going so early?

Mom, don't you know the new rule of our house?

Don't stop anyone unnecessarily.

Don't stop anyone, no matter what one does.

-Shut up. -Mom, I am going for duty.

From now, my shift timings will be different.

Have your tea at least.


Come on.

What's going on, Bhumi?

What are you up to?

You forgot to go to the court today.

We had convinced Lokhande with great difficulty.

He isn't taking my calls now.

Mom, I had a lot of work.

But this was the most important work.

Duty will get over.

But life keeps moving on.

What's going to happen now?

Mom, I will handle Lokhande.

How will you?


Be careful.

One, two, three, four...

What are you doing here?

-Lokhande, listen... -Listen what?

This is not a court and there is no lawyer here.

This is my shop.

And you have missed the date. Okay?

I don't want to see your face. Get out of here.

Hey, what are you staring at?

Lower your gaze, I say. Lower your gaze.

I came to say sorry.

I don't want your apology.

Go away.

The court has given a new date for the hearing.

Forget about the hearing, court, divorce. Forget about all this.

I gave you so many chances.

One last chance.

This time, we'll finish it off.

Last chance? Really the last one?


Okay, ask Rupa to call me.

Tell her to meet me in private.

-What are you talking about? -This is how I will talk.

If you can do it, then tell me or just forget it.

I fail to understand if you really want divorce from me or no.

First you leave court, then miss the court date.

Is your mind okay or have you changed your mind?

-No. -Then, ask Rupa to call me.

And I won't pay you a single penny as alimony.

-You're talking about it again. -Yes, I will.

Why should I pay you?


You all have fucked my happiness.

On our wedding night, I got this...

This corpse. Should I pay for this?

That was past.

-How many times will you say this to me? -You have to hear it.

Why does a man marry a woman?

Why does he? To stay cold?

Come on, go.

Harder. Faster.

Bhumi, you should know... if you want to withdraw from this undercover operation, you can forget about all this and go back to your normal life.

No one will question you.

But if you decide to proceed further from this point, you can't back down until you complete the operation.

No matter what.

-Sir, the plan is already in motion. -Whatever it is...

Bhumi, you will not do this job under any pressure.

I don't want to go back to my past life, sir.

I want to do this.

Why did you refuse before?

-Because I got scared. -And now?

Now, I want to face my fear.

Even if I'm afraid, I will do it.

What do you fear the most?

Come on, tell me.

What is it that you fear the most?

Myself, sir.

Check. Check.

Unit car.

Will you take it in your mouth?

Take it. It will be great fun.

Come on, take it. Suck it.

What is good and what is bad?

I got 50 rupees.

I had a smoke and that filled my stomach. Yes.

Go, go and tell them.

I will handle it. All of us have to go to the same place one day.

I will see them there as well. I know how true is each of you.

You're going to explain to me.

You think I am a kid? A lunatic?

I will see you all...

How did it go?


But if this continues every night, then Mom will worry and worsen her health.

Hey, no.

If this news leaks, we will be in big trouble, Bhumi.

Don't share anything with your mom. Tell her, you have a night duty.

I'll speak to Fernandez sir about this problem.

I share a good rapport with him.

Sir, are you really here or am I hallucinating?

Touch me.

Sir, get me out of here please.

I am going crazy. I will die of boredom here.

Did you check the information that I gave you, sir?

-Was it correct? -It should be correct in the future also.

Else, if you die Sasya.

No one will even miss you.

Sir, how many tests do you want me to take?

How many tortures do I go through? When will you be satisfied?

We will get you out of here soon.

Else, Nayak will wonder where did Sasya disappear?

Sir, that is what I'm telling you. Get me out of here.

The two of us will plan together what you will tell him.


He shouldn't suspect that you are on my side.

If he has a small doubt, he will kill me.

We will keep our guns at you at all times I am already screwed, sir. Don't trouble me anymore.

Take your phone along even when you go to shit.

Keep it under your pillow on vibration mode when you sleep.

Throughout 24 hours, I want to know where you are and what you are doing.

Sir, 24x7, I will follow your orders outside.

Trust me.

-Will you trust Sasya? -Yes, sir.

That's because Sasya has no other option right now.

Who will give me shelter if I betray the police as well?

There is no place for a petty goon like me to go, sir.

I am completely trapped, sir.

My girlfriend trapped me.

First, she trapped me in love.

And then, she put me in jail and just left me.

How is she?

She is good.

I told you, sir.

She was meant for this job.


Okay, sir.


What do you want?

First let me see what you have.

Hey, what are you doing?

Nothing. Tell me the rate.

You tell me.

For how long?

Full night.

And how many?

Only one man.

All right, then.

Who is it?

He isn't here.

-Then? -So, come along.

Don't look at me with so much love, madam.

We are not your customers.

Where is the customer?

Our boss does not wander the streets... to pick up birds. Right?


Bird means you. A girl. Do you get it?

What dialect is this?

-Where do you live? -We live here.

Our Mumbai, just like you.

And who is your boss?

The one who is very fond of girls like you.

Like a red chili from Guntur.

Why did you bring me so far?

-Come on, get down. -Hello, mister. Speak politely.

Madam, these are all our men. You need not be afraid. Come.

Which place is this? Tell me the address.

See, if you don't come out on your own, I will have to handle you roughly.

If you are willing to offer it for free, it's your wish.

Hey, get down.


Stay away from me. At a distance.

No touching. Don't touch.

I was just helping you practice. That's all. Nothing more.

Shall we?