She S1E5 Script

It's Time (2020)

Sir, do you remember when three years ago in Mumbai, there was a gang war between all the drug dealers.

All of them were shooting down each other.

The police killed the ones who survived.

Some of the policemen were awarded with medals, some lost their jobs.

Why did all that happen?

Not because the police wanted to eradicate the drugs business.

But because, Nayak wanted this.

He foresaw that Mumbai could be the drugs capital of Asia.

The supply chain would begin from here and reach every corner of Asia.

Ten times more than before.

Millions of new users would get a chance to get addicted to cocaine and heroin.

So, the old drug business and the new drug market would have only one king.


This was Nayak's five-year plan, sir.

The entire operation... rests on a network of 365 people.

That's 365, like the days in a year.

Everyone is delegated a particular duty.

And in the chain, each person knows only the person ahead of him and behind him.

So, if anyone is caught or becomes a witness, police could never reach Nayak.

That is why, everyone thinks Nayak does not exist.

That's how it is.

But he is the only ace in the game.

Rest all are his slaves. Supplier, shooter, investor, transporter, politician, police, everyone.

How many policemen are involved?

Only 52.

Like, that's the number of weeks in a year.

They have only one job.

To keep the warehouses and supplier routes clear.

So that the consignments can pass through easily.

And how many warehouses are there?

-I told you, sir, 12. -Like, months in a year.

This is how he has designed the plan like a year.

Sir, we got a random check done at the warehouse locations mentioned by Sasya.

None of the information has been proved wrong till now.

We have to raid all these locations at the same time.

Nayak should not get any warning.

Yes, sir. For now, only the core team has this information.

Mathur, we can't repeat the Karwar case.

If we let Nayak escape this time too, he will come back years later with another dangerous plan.

-We have to look about it. -Yes, sir. I understand.

This is where Bhumi comes in, sir.

Because Nayak does not share his entire plan with everyone.

He keeps certain things only in his mind.

Nayak's mind is... like a horse that keeps galloping.

If I stay with him for a while longer, I feel tired.

That's how he is. He gets very tired too.

So, for some relaxation... he picks up girls.

I mean, sluts.

His time-table is so bad, who else will he find?

When he spends a night with a girl, he feels as if he's normal like us.

He turns his brain off... and just relaxes.

There is only one way to reach him.


You want me to trust you?

Sir, we've met just now. So, you don't trust me.

You wait and see, slowly you will learn to trust me.

Write down the name!

I know his taste.

The kind of girls he likes.

He'll definitely like my girlfriend.

Mark my words.

Should we become pimps, you bastard?


You did not nab me at a temple either.

I am just taking your plan forward.

We've interrogated three policemen from Nayak's network.

Their records match with Sasya's information.

But don't arrest them now. Or Nayak will know.

We'll take action only after this operation is over.

Yes, sir.

I've asked the three of them to report on duty regularly.

But we're watching them.

Only Nayak knows the landing and delivery date of drugs.

He will tell others only after fixing everything.

Now, it's time for Nayak to enter Mumbai.


She's as hot as her photo, right?

She's hotter, buddy.

And my little fellow... is craving her warmth today.

It's a wonderful night.



Come on.

What are you doing?

This is just a short interval in our story, sweetheart.

Don't think this is the climax.

Do you like this?

I'm sure you can feel my happiness, right?

I told Fernandez sir, not to tell you anything.

If those guys downstairs get the slightest doubt, they'll bury the two of us here.

Patience always pays, honey. Come.

We have to go down now and narrate a new story. Come.

Everything is in control.

Sasya is doing exactly what he said.

No surprises.

Yet... the next part is tricky.

Let's hope Sasya manages to convince his men.

Drop her back.

What happened, sir?

-You were craving her just now. -Yes, I still am.

But I would have committed a sin.

Do you know what kind of a girl is she?

She is the kind our boss likes.

He would love to have her.

He wanders on the streets to find a girl like her.


Drop her back on the road. If he finds her one day, he'd pick her up.

Who knows when boss will come.

And when he does, who knows whether he will pick her up or no.

What if he does?

I don't want a war between two brothers because of a girl.

If he picks her up, good, otherwise let it be.

-Draupadi, you please go. -Okay.

As soon as boss comes, we'll take him to her.

Now we know where to pick her up from.

Do what you want. You want to please the boss, whatever...

But don't tell me. Go.

Come, madam. We'll drop you back at the same place.

Okay, sister.

Good night.

I'm bad, I'm bad I'm really really bad Come, baby and dance

Why didn't you tell me that Sasya would meet me today?

Sasya told you why, right?

He knew everything, but I did not.

Bhumi, you come to the base. Then we'll talk about it.

Sasya harasses you. I know.

Sir, I don't know what he told you about me.

He told me the truth.

Bhumi, if Sasya respects any woman, it's you.

Why would he respect me? What for?

You are uncomfortable with him. I know.

But he wants to make you feel uncomfortable.

He wants to overpower me.

When I saw you at traffic duty for the first time, you were standing in one corner, very quiet.

Even then, I could clearly see that you were a powerful girl.

That there was something special in you.

That is why, you've been chosen for this special operation, Bhumi.

This Sasya is not the problem.

We are done with him.

But now, Nayak's about to come.

And we don't know what he is capable of.

You need to start mentally preparing for Nayak now.

That's your job.

-I am going. -Hey, wait. Where are you going?

-Give me a kiss before you go. -Move!

No one is seeing us. Kiss me.

-Get lost. Got it? -Now you get lost.

-Give the phone. -No, I won't.

-Give me. -Kiss me.

-Give me the phone. -Kiss me, I say.

Why are you doing this? Okay, keep the phone with you.

What is it?

The lipstick is spreading outside your lips.

I'm doing that purposely.

Men like it that way.

It looks cheap.

Will you teach me what looks cheap?

If you know so much, go and try on your husband.

He is dying to have sex with me.

That rascal says that if I agree to sleep with him, he'll divorce you.

Mom is very smart.

She started coughing at the right time. Mom, drink some water.

What time is your shift tomorrow?

Mom, I am on night shift these days.

Mom, how did your coughing stop?

You didn't drink a drop of water.

Is there still some stress at work?

There's always some stress, Mom.

But good things are also happening.

Excuse me, do you have change for Rs. 2000?

Are you one of Mr. Anand's girls?

I don't do business in this area.

I just came here for some tea. Thank you.

Hey, hello. Come here.

-No. -Why not?

I am on break.

What? On break?

Stop this drama, tell me your rate.

Tell me.

A tea.

One more day went by!

Where did the time go? It ran away again!

Catch it. Catch it, I say!

I will punish it for not following my orders.

Bring it to my court.


Is this all we're supposed to do every night?

I feel less like a policeman and more a watchman.

Why don't you tell Fernandez sir then?

I am here because he requested me personally.

And you... your parade every day.

What's the point?

You enjoyed all this, didn't you?

Are you enjoying it now?


I get a salary, so, I'm happy with it.

Pull over the car.

Where do you want to go now?

I'll see you at the base. Stop the car.

Come on, hurry up.


Yes, ma'am?

Hello... Excuse me...

She is with me.

Close the door as you leave.

What are you doing here?

Go back.


A little more.

I was clicking your photograph.

To show Rupa.

You can only see...

not show.


Then you show me.

You won't be able to take more than this, in the first time.

I'll try, to take more.

You keep trying.

I'll pray that your lucky day comes soon.

-Where did you get this from? -Keep it.

Did you meet Hemant?

How did you get this?

Not the way he asked you to give it.

Why did you meet Hemant?

I told you to stay away from him.

I am not interested in meeting him.

I did that for you.

To get a phone, you need not give him anything more.

It's not that cheap!

Look, that's our personal matter.

Don't come between my boyfriend--

He isn't anybody's boyfriend.

Hey... first, you get a divorce from your husband.

If you have enough guts, don't send me to sleep with him.

To get your work done.

You're trying to teach me!

-I told you, you need not go there. -Well, fine.

I'll handle it.

Exactly as we planned, sir.

Sasya has gone back into his gang.

And we're tracking every move of his.

You remember all the instructions, don't you?

There won't be a single moment when we're not tracking you.

Sir, don't you trust me yet?

I thought, we've come close now.

Don't worry, we'll keep you close.

If you go away even for a second... we'll shoot you.

I know you will definitely double-cross us.

You may only shoot me sir.

But do you know what Nayak will do to me, if he learns about this?

He'll slit my throat.

He'll cut me like a goat, and let my blood flow in the gutter.

So, no matter what you say, now I'm scared of only him.

And Nayak?

Any day now, sir.

He can land in Mumbai any day.

And we're ready for him.

And Bhumi?

We'll shift her to some hotel very soon.

Nobody will be able to trace her there. It will be safer.

What are the orders for her, once she is picked up?

You know what I mean.

I know, sir. We've planned everything, sir.


Will Nayak work according to your plan?

He is Nayak.

In Karwar, the arms-dealing went on for four years and the police had no clue of it.

When the police cracked it down, do you know who they arrested?

Local laborers and drivers.

The police did not even know, if there was a man named Nayak or not.

Four senior police officers... I mean, IPS officers got suspended.

And this girl will be with him, at his place, that too, alone.

Don't you understand?

What will she do? How will she protect herself?

You don't have to catch Nayak, Bhumi.

You only have to pass on the information.

Everything that you see, you hear... remember that.

And record it with us once you are back here.

-That's it. This will be your job. -Yes sir.

Don't rush with Nayak ever.

He'll sense it.

You have to win his confidence.

Slowly, you have to make a place for yourself with him.

We will always be with you. Atul will always be close to you.

If there is any emergency, if you feel there is any danger, instantly inform the team.

And we'll get you out of there.

Sir, I have some news.

It's bad, but if you want a promotion, it's very good.

A very huge consignment has landed.

It landed yesterday, it has landed today and it will come tomorrow as well.

I didn't see anything myself, but my boys saw and informed me.

All the fishermen in the village wake up every morning, wear a sarong and go to spread fishing nets.

But they return with everything but fish.

Drugs, guns... everything! You got it, right?

Something big is about to happen.

I suggest, you be ready.

Hello, sir.

It's time.

He is coming.

Hello, Bhumi...

Yes, sir?

I will call you and we'll move you to the hotel.

Yes, sir.