She S1E6 Script

The Promise (2020)

Bhumi is going out of town for work, I was helping her.

Where's your camp?


Will you stay there for two weeks?


And what training is it?

Why are you troubling her? Leave it.

No letter came, Mhatre isn't going either.

What secret training is it?

It's police work.

I cannot answer all your queries. That's it.

Right. You can get away with lies because you are a cop.

Rupa, go and get my balm.

If you keep pestering her with questions, she'll forget to take her things.

Go, get the balm.

Your medicines for two weeks, grocery, vegetables, rice, lentils, I've stocked everything.

I have also paid one month's electricity and water bill.

I won't be able to call you from the camp.

I've given instructions to Mhatre. He'll call you once in every two days.

If you need anything, just let him know.

Yes, you carry on. Go.

Take care, Mom.

You too.

I'm leaving.

Is Nayak's operation on?

In full power, sir.


This is Nayak planning, sir.

First, all the goods arrive at one place.

Then we store the goods at different locations, and send to Mumbai.

And, Nayak never uses higher-ups for bringing the goods.

Only the labour class.

Those people who have no name, no identity.

We see them everyday on roads but ignore them.

Nayak is planning something different.

Why would he plan bulk delivery of drugs at the same time?

Why the hell is he taking the risk?

And after these goods arrive in Mumbai, they are exported across Asia.

The entire business runs on tip-off.

Perfectly smooth.

Nayak is the Big Boss of black market.

He keeps tab on everyone.

Anything goes south... you understand, right?

There's a special motive behind taking over these warehouses.

After all the landings in Mumbai, the drugs would be packed and sorted according to their order.

At present, our information is incomplete.

We'll soon have complete information.

Once everything is exposed, in simultaneous raids, we'll catch them all together.

Including Nayak.

No piece of jigsaw should be left behind, Mathur.

And yes, these raids will be commanded by me.

Jaya Shinde.


Room 104.

This is Jaya Shinde's phone.

You'll take this phone with you when you go to meet Nayak.

This phone has few contacts and photographs from Jaya Shinde's life.

But this phone has limited access.

You won't be able to contact anyone from the department.

But we'll be able to reach you on this number.

No one from the department will come to see you at the hotel.

You'll give a missed call on a number that's listed as your pimp.

We'll then come there and get you out of there.

As soon as Nayak meets you, he'll switch off the location service on your phone.

But we'll always have our eyes on you.

After you meet him, you go straight to your hotel, then go for a night walk.

Send a signal to the surveillance team.

Someone from the department will pose as a customer and pick you.

After recording everything, you'll be dropped back at your spot.

Create a mystery when you're with Nayak.

Don't talk much about yourself.

Surprise him with your answers.

Be interested in him, his likes, his dislikes, his past and his work.

But... back off if he seems withdrawn.

Stay alert, like a deer. Ready anytime.

And whatever you hear, record and save.

Stay calm, even if you feel like revolting.

On your face, there should be calmness.

And wear a smiley face.

What were you ogling at?


Check me out if you want to.

Why were you doing it stealthily?

Are you scared?


Okay, check me out and tell me how will you rate me out of 10?


Rate me. Come on.


You keep checking me out.

We are two of us, take us together.

How much?

Not together.

No other girl here has a problem with it.

So then, pick up any other girl.

-Look at the way you're talking. -You stay quiet. I'm talking.

See, we liked you.

If not together, take us one after the other. Okay?

But I didn't like you.

-What drama is this? -Hey, are you out of your mind?

Okay, listen. Tell me your rate. Tell me the rate for one person.

No means no.

Hey, listen up.

Has he come?

Are they sending me to him?

Speak with Fernandez sir.

-Yes, sir. -Are you ready?

-Has he come, sir? -He is on his way.

Are you all right?

Tell me if you're facing any problem.

Sir, the fan in my room is making a strange noise.


-Sorry, sir. -No, it's okay.

Ask the hotel staff to fix it.

-Okay, sir. -Anything else?

-No, sir. -All right.

Get up!

The fan in my room is too noisy.

-Fix it. -I'll do it in the morning.

How will I sleep?

Stuff this in your ears and go to sleep.


Are you scared to come with me to my room, at this hour?

What's there to be scared of?

Come, if that's such a big problem for you.

Go to sleep.

-Hello. -Hello.

Are you alone? Are you missing me?

I'm also missing you so much.

Where did you get this number from?

Why are you talking like that, sweetheart?

We both are the main leads of the same story, right?

So, it's obvious to take things further, on phone and then, in person.

I don't wish to speak to you.

Talk to Fernandez sir.

Silly girl. If I sweet talk Fernandez sir, do you know what will people call me?


And then like you, I will also have to wear lipstick and get out all decked up at night.

I called him first, my beloved.

He didn't answer his phone and so, I called you.

It's something urgent.

Tonight, Nayak will be going out to pick up a girl.

You be ready.

Fernandez sir might call you any time now.

I won't go out if Fernandez sir doesn't call me.

Oh, my. You're getting hot.

Stay like this.

-Hello. -Are you ready?

Sir, why did Sasya call me?

Forget about Sasya, Bhumi.

He is far away, in Hyderabad and won't come in front of you.

Now, listen.

Most probably, you will meet Nayak tonight.

You have to get ready right now and reach your usual spot.

-Hello, Bhumi... Are you there? -Yes, sir.

I think they will take you to the same place where you met Sasya.

Our units are already at the location.

Do you remember your training and instructions well?

Yes, sir.

Just keep it simple, Bhumi.

Nayak could be anyone, you don't know him.

For you, he is just a normal client.

Talk to him normally. If there's any confusion, talk less.

And if there's any danger, indicate.

Today, you only have to ensure that this is not your last meeting with Nayak.

That's what is important.


-Okay, sir. -Good luck.

I had made this city so beautiful.

Population has increased now.

They have dirtied the city.

They don't understand.

-What is it? -What?


Shall I say something?

You won't tell anyone, right?

I won't tell anyone, be it small or big.

I don't mind coins as well. Give.

I am scared of walking till there.

Then, run.

I cannot run.

You cannot run? Everyone runs away, you can do that too.

-I cannot step back. -Can't you?

So then sit here in this corner. No one will come looking for you.

-That's a good idea. -Isn't it?

But I have to go.

Give me something.

Where do I give you from? I have nothing right now.

Then why are you wasting my time?

-Run away from here! -Why?

Will you lay eggs at this hour?

-Will you eat it? -Why?

Does this footpath belong to your dad?

Do you have a permission to sit here?

Are you a cop?

Yes, I am a cop.

Bhumika Pardeshi, senior constable, Reay Road police station.

Show me your permission.

Show me the authority to sit here. Come on, show me.

Jeez! Are the cops given this kind of a uniform these days?

I am on an undercover operation. Got it?

I'm up to something very big. Very big.

So then go and do it. Why are you wasting your time here? Go!

I'm going.

I'm feeling little better now.

I am going.

But I will get back to you when I return.

Get back!

Get some money when you come.

-Good night. -Good night.

Good night.


Is this your second round or was the business slow tonight?

What do you want?

I have a client. You have to come with me to our place.

We'll drop you back here.

Full night. What's the rate?

Full night will be very costly for you.

Never mind, come along.

This was not the plan, Fernandez.

You sent Bhumi to Nayak on such a short notice.

Where's the surveillance team?

Is it in gear? Where's the protection squad?

Sir, it's all coming together.

Right now, as we speak.

Pass me your phone.

Don't worry, we won't steal it.

There's a safety lock on my phone.

Not anymore.


Keep safe distance.

They seem to be going to some other location.

-What? -This is not the same route as last time.

Our entire unit is busy surrounding the old location.

Zubin, come in.

We need more back-up right now.

The car is going towards Vikhroli.

-We'll have to inform the local station. -Shit!

This is a residential area. There will be chaos.

All units, be careful. This is a residential area.

I repeat, this is a residential area.

Mhatre, turn left.

-The car disappeared. -It was just here.


There's some mess in the last minute.

-Take the next right. -Turn right.

Speed up! Come on!

Jaya Shinde.


-Yes. -How are you? Are you fine?

All your photos are with your mom. Nothing with your dad?


Does your mom know, you do this?

-No. -Since when have you been doing this?

Three years.

You like it?

I earn money.

That's nice.

The whole country will be in danger if Nayak succeeds in his plan.

He is Nayak!


Police thinks it's just a name.

A story.

People wonder if he really exists or not, because police has never seen his face.

Need to check.

-Strip her and check. -Come here.

Hands up.

When you will go to Nayak, you won't have any weapon or recording device.

It's Nayak.

If he gets a hint, no weapon can save you, Bhumi.

You will go to him only carrying your Jaya Shinde I-card, phone and some cash. That's it.

Everything is okay, Nayak.

Okay, you may wear them.

They stripped me. So, they will put my clothes on too.

Help her wear her clothes.

It's okay, come.

But what are we expecting from Bhumi?

Are we expecting her to sleep with him?

Sir, that won't be required.

She just has to pose as a prostitute, not be one.

How's that?

That is the clincher.

There's a secret about him.

About Nayak.

He cannot have sex. Do you get it?

Very few people know this.

He picks up girls, takes them to his room.

But he sits all night, chatting away with them.

He can do nothing more.

-His weapon is only a show piece. -I got it.


I will not do it with you.


I was stripped outside.

You humiliated me in front of everyone.

I may be anyone, I am into this profession, but I am human too.

It's okay, relax.

You were brought from outside.

So, it was necessary to check you properly.

In front of everyone?


That's because you could be anyone.

We have some enemies.

You could be one of their people.

You could be a police informer.

But I won't have consensual sex with you tonight.

We're not having sex tonight.

What did you call your dad?


How many years have passed since he left?

Thirteen years.

I was young too, when I lost my dad.

I had just enrolled myself in engineering.

He was slit, then.

None of my siblings survived either.

Do you have any?

I have a sister.


But what?

There is not a single photo of hers in your phone.

She is my sister.

But I don't like her.

Despite all the training we gave you, you told him about your sister.

How could you take our instructions so lightly, Bhumi?

Sir, my instructions were to win Nayak's trust.

I was alone in that room, with him.

I did what I thought was right.

What if I lied to him and he saw that on my face?

So, let us start telling him the truth now.

I don't understand this approach of yours.

But I do, sir.

And that is more important.

Because whatever happens there, will happen with me.

Why don't you like her?

She is always in front of the mirror.

She thinks, she is very beautiful.

And people always keep flattering her.

Is she more beautiful than you?

How can I say that?

You can.

Are you of one of those, who call girls and only talk?

I don't rape.

I have consensual sex.

I am of that type.

Girlfriend sex.

That is what we call it.

Do you know how to do that?

-I haven't tried it ever. -Oh.

That's sad.

If we ever have sex, we'll have that kind of sex.

You will waste a lot of money in that case.

I have a lot of money.

Why do you like girlfriend sex?

Wait, let me think and tell you.

I like it.

I feel as if I have someone.

How could you talk so rudely with sir?

This is how I talk.

If you don't like it, wear a mini skirt and go.

Go and extract information from Nayak.

You may leave now.

You seem to be a big shot.

What do you do?

I try.

I try to do something interesting.

And I keep my eyes open.

I hope you are not a spy.

And that you are not here to trap me.

I will not trap you.

But you don't hurt me.

I will never hurt you.

All right.