She S1E7 Script

Devil's Share (2020)

Hello, Nayak. I know, you're suspicious about me.

There was a police raid and they nabbed me.

They asked me many questions.

You must be wondering what all Sasya revealed.

I thought, let me personally tell you about what happened there.

I want to clear the air.

You already know, I book an entire floor of the hotel for me.

The police got suspicious and they came to check.

So, they came. And the raid was for... it was a raid to nab those prostitutes, actually.

You must be thinking Sasya has all important... documents and papers.

What if... something got exposed?

But they came only to nab girls.

They opened the wardrobe, closed it on finding no girl there.

They checked under the bed, found no girl. They didn't check for anything else.

They took me to the police station and I played smart there. I said, "Sir, you are on duty and are doing your job.

But you cannot behave like this with an honest man.

I don't deal in flesh trade." I told them clearly.

They heard me out and agreed with what I said.

And then they asked me to leave.

I said, "Okay, sir."

I knew, they could follow me and so, I did not go to the hotel.

I checked-in to an ordinary hotel in Vashi that was close by.

It was a cheap hotel. I stayed there for three days.

Then I left from there and went to the hostel.

So that they think, I have no money.

I then went to a charitable inn and stayed there.

I did all this to confuse them, if they were tracking me.

That is when I got your message asking me to go to Hyderabad.

So, then I came to Hyderabad.

Right now, I am here. Look, this is today's newspaper.

Sir, I've been working for you for five years. I mean... to be honest, I've literally struggled for you.

Are you still suspecting me?

Please talk to me on direct line, at least once.

Do at least that.

What should I do?

My brain doesn't stop working at my behest.

I can shut my eyes, but not my brain.

It keeps working.

So, Sasya is in Hyderabad on Nayak's orders?

Yes, sir.

Sir, if Sasya is not in Mumbai, then Nayak won't be able to connect him with Bhumi mentally.

And Bhumi hates Sasya anyway.

It's good for her, if he is not around.

Does she even hate anyone?

She is turning out to be quite a bitch actually.

Pardon my French.

What if I am creating a monster, sir?

-Hey, Rao! -Hi.

Your tummy is walking ahead of you.

Yes, I've grown fat.

-How are you? -I'm absolutely fine.

ACP Fernandez. He is my friend.

He used to be in the police force as an ACP.

-ACP was your final rank, right? -Yes.

In Karwar, during the case of arms smuggling--

I was suspended. You can say it openly. I wouldn't mind.

It's good that you were suspended. You are earning good money.

He mints money.

Nayak or Nayakudu, whatever his name is, I heard it during Karwar case.

I thought it was only a story, a myth.

I never found any evidence.

See, there is no evidence.

But are you sure, he exists?

Yes, sir.

During the Karwar incident, the story was that he hailed from Andhra Pradesh.

From Rayalaseema area.

Like a scene in Telugu movies, ten to twenty people in uniform came with swords.

He belonged to one such family.

Very big, rich landlords.

It's their trademark to slit one's throat and kill.

He caused a bloodbath for a couple of years.

And then, sold his property and vanished.

That is the story I know.

Sir, if you don't mind, can I bother you more about Nayak and Karwar?

Of course, you must bother him.

Don't call me to the police station.

Those flashbacks still haunt me.

Four... three... two...

Mhatre here.

She is in their car.

Sir, she is in the car.

They're taking another route.

-They're changing the route, sir. -They're changing the route, sir.

They're taking her towards a ferry.

Bhumi has worn a black burqa.

Sir, they're taking her in a boat.

Sir, the boat is leaving.

Leena, inform Kihim and Alibag police stations immediately.

Yes, sir.

Fuck! How the fuck did that happen?



Confusion, right?

Here, there, boat, bikes... it was necessary.

But now it's easy.

Tell her what you want to eat. Order for me too.

I made you wait too long, right?

So, I'll take better care of you.

Tell me your phone number.

Why are you quiet? Tell me.

-9819... -9829764325.

-This is my new phone. -You've had this phone for six months.


Sometimes... I tell my brain that it's enough. Stop.

Sometimes I feel it's better to get caught.

I don't understand what you're saying.

Let me explain.

Your phone is mirrored on this phone.

All your contacts and their numbers are on this phone.

Open the list now... and call any number.


Call anyone listed under alphabet - B.

Keep the phone here. Let me see.

Now call anyone whose name starts with the alphabet - B.

You can't?

Now, call anyone listed under alphabet - M, except your mom.

You won't be able to... because all numbers are fake.

That's not true.

All the numbers in this phone are of my clients.

Once their work is done, they block me.


That's possible.

I hope that is the truth.

But my brain... is saying something else.



Have you seen them before?

Do you recognize them?

How many times have you seen them before?


Including today or excluding it?

I mean, I'm seeing them today and once before.

You are a call girl.

You are into flesh trade.

There was a raid at Sasya's room for call girls.

Is it possible that...


has Sasya sent you here?

-Who Sasya? -She met him one night, sir.

I might have met him.

The clients don't tell me their names.

If you were in Sasya's room at the time of the raid, the police must've caught you too.

What do I say?

Don't say anything.

I'll ask Sasya.

It was working so well.

I felt calm. Everything is ruined.

Sir, we'll tell you everything.

We got her that night for Sasya.

He took her in but came back in five minutes and said, that she is your type. And if destined, you two might meet.

That's why, we took you to her spot on purpose.

We made a mistake, Nayakudu.


Basically, again we have no idea where Bhumi is.

This is our level.


Nayakudu, we swear by God that we didn't mean to betray you.

We only wanted to please you.

Forgive our lives, please.

-Forgive us. -What are you doing?

Go. Go and watch movies.

Go on, boys.

What is this?

I don't know what they see in me.

They never make eye contact.

They have a picture of me in their minds and they assume that's me.

What was your sister's name?



-Rupa. -Rupa.

Did Mom decide the name or your father?

Rupali is a nice name.

I don't know who chose it.

I don't like... Rupali.

Do you?

It's okay.

Not the name. I'm talking about your sister.

Everyone has spoiled her.

Right from childhood, she used to roam around wearing Mom's lipstick and stole.

Nothing changed as she grew up.

She thinks that she's very beautiful.

I don't know what her problem is.

She always boasts that all men are crazy for her.

Like all men want to have sex with her.

And with you?

Not even my husband wants to have sex with me.

-Husband? -That's what Rupa says.

And the husband?

What does he say?

Have you ever told Rupa, that you earn your income from sex?

How much do you earn for an hour?

Thousand to two thousand bucks.

And according to you, how much would Rupa get?

Obviously more than what I get.


You aren't sure, are you?

Even you don't like her, do you?


She enjoys when men stare at her.

Men are assholes.

Do you know what makes her happy the most?

When I walk with her...

and no one looks at me.

I see... happiness in her eyes.

And drama... that men cause tension to her.

When men will stop looking at her...

then she'll get tensed.

I won't look at her.

She isn't here, is she?

Imagine, she is here.

I will not look at her.

I will look at only you.

-I'll be back, Mhatre. -Okay.

-Yes Rupa, tell me. -Any updates on Bhumi?

Bhumi is at the camp. She must be fine.

What kind of training is it?

Don't they allow to call home?

There is network issue there. I've told you this before.

-Mom is worried. -Why?

She enjoys being worried, but you have some connections with the officers, right?

Please talk to them.

Yes, okay. I'll do something.

Tell your mom not to worry.

It'll affect her health even more. Take care.

You should've seen her face when I returned her the phone.

And I told her that I didn't have to give all that to Hemant... that he was asking her for.

It felt good...

seeing her face.

I too never bonded well with my family.

We were always in danger.

We used to get threats all the time.

I was born in such a family that I believed families are meant to be that way.

Homes are meant to be that way. But then I grew up, met people... and realized that... a home can mean something different too.

Since then, I am searching for a home... which is free of danger.

But do you know what I think?

I mean I'm scared that I'm addicted to danger.

I want to go far from danger but somehow manage to come close to it.

I want everything to be easy and normal but being normal isn't easy for me.

I try again.

I told you... I try.

-What will you do with me? -We won't speak about work.

Who sent you? Why did they send you?

Torturing you to get the truth out... it's such a wastage of time.

I'll get to know about it.

My people will find out.

We will only... talk.

Our personal conversations.

Let's do that and see what happens.

-Where are you? -I'm in Hyderabad, sir.

How will I know where they took her?

You tell me.

Nayakudu hasn't spoken to me even once since I came here.

Aren't your men there?

Can't you get information from them?

Sir, no one is telling me anything.

Everyone is terrified of Nayakudu.

They aren't speaking to me properly.

Sasya, we didn't agree on this.

You told me that you'll keep me informed every minute.

Sir, everything is clear.

I work for you, sir.

If I get any information, I'll call you first.

Can I trust you?

Do you have any other option, sir?

I think Sasya is double-crossing us, sir.

This was Nayak's plan from the start and we are trapped now.

For God's sake, Fernandez. Stop flying from one pole to another.

Okay, tell me... is Sasya's information accurate?

Yes, sir.

And information about Nayak's operation is recorded on the tape.

Yes, it is recorded.

So, if Sasya is with Nayak, why will he give us all the information on record?

Why will he give us the details of the operation?

Sir, what if Sasya is double-crossing Nayak?

There you go.

And... he used us for his mission, sir.

Even if it's true, what is wrong in it?

We will still catch Nayak and stop his operations.

This is our objective, right?

I don't know, sir.

They belong to a different breed, sir.

The way they think, the way they work... there is no limit.

Finally, the day has come when the hero and heroine of the story meet.

The game my finger started... will reach its climax here.

Weren't you in Hyderabad?

Yes, but I am here now.

Close to you.

And your boss, Fernandez Sir knows nothing about it.

-Come on. Come here. Where are you going? -Stay away from me, Sasya.

Go, run.

The more you try to escape, the more warmed up I get.

And the harder I'll come for you A damp squib.

You called me a damp squib.

I'll show you my strength.

A woman... you tried to dominate me?

You wanted to overpower Sasya?

I put in so much efforts to get you out of interrogation room and here.

I said that Nayakudu was impotent.

But that's not true.

He is exactly like me.

If he gets a chance, he will mount you.

Like how I'm going to mount you... now.

Does Nayak know... that you became a police witness?

Everything is good between me and Nayakudu.

He himself called me here, told me that there's a girl in his room and he was going out for a day.

He told me, "Sasya, brother look into it... do something so that the girl can never open her mouth."

But why will you open your mouth?

I am going to kill the scorpion inside you... on this bed tonight.

I'm going to take my revenge from you all night...

N... Nayakudu...

You... Nayakudu, before you do anything, please hear me out just once.

Listen to me just once. I can...

I'm sorry... sorry...

There's not even a little fire inside you.

Bhumi isn't a woman.

Your looks are quite ordinary. Body too.

Has it been too long since you had sex?

The scorpion inside you is real.

You are not a woman.

You're a man.

There's not even a little fire...

Bhumi isn't...

Has it been too long...

The scorpion inside you is real.

Sasya has not sent me here.

I am a cop.

I know everything about your operation.

I am the only one in the entire department... whom Sasya told everything.

He told me every single thing.

You can do whatever you want with me.

I cannot change your mind.

But I have an offer for you.

Nayak... look carefully at me.

This is me talking to you.

Sasya is dead!

I will take Sasya's place for you.

I will give you all the information that Sasya told the police.

I will give you his testimony.

If I do... what I'm promising you now, if I am of any use to you, you give me money or whatever you want.

This is my offer to you.

Accept it, or else slit me with your sword.

Do as you please.

Whatever you feel is right.

You do it.

Whatever you feel is right.

I told you,

I will never hurt you.