She he ba bu (1978) Script



Once a year, the masters of the eight martial arts schools meet to demonstrate and emulate.

This year, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the eight masters put aside their differences and combined various techniques from the different schools to create a unique and powerful fistfighting technique.

The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

A hybrid of the Snake and the Crane.

Once the eight masters... had developed the Eight Steps of the Snake and Crane, they elected the most skilful man amongst them to be their leader and to be responsible for the safekeeping of the book.

And the Badge of the Nine Dragons, the emblem of the leader of the entire martial arts community.

They were committed to maintaining peace and stability.

However, one day...

...the eight masters vanished mysteriously.

Endless battles ensued.

At last I have you, my friend.

You have the book of the Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

Hand it over, and go free.

Our leader is addressing you!

I see! You know Kung Fu too.

You won't get away from the Ting Brothers today.

So you are the Ting Brothers! My compliments.

How famous we are, brother!

Not really, you are just well-known.

Is there a difference? Of course.

You are well known for...

...being useless.

Brother! Who exactly are you?

I am Hsu. Ying-fung Hsu.

Remember, the Ting Brothers will get you one day.

You are welcome to try.

Let's go.

You rascal, give them to me!

You've soiled my buns. I'll kill you!

Will that do? That's enough for all of my buns.

Do you fancy a bite to eat?

On you? On me.

Really? As much as I can eat?

Of course. Roast pigeons, duck, chicken soup...

...scallops, tripe...

...sea cucumber, civet-cat legs...

...pickled pork knuckles and pig's brain soup to finish, and...

...five minced pork buns! It'd take ages to cook all those dishes.

And... they are very expensive.

What's the problem. He is paying, isn't he?

I will pay for everything. I'll ask the chef to cook it all for you.

That's right, hurry up.

BEEF BUNS, CHICKEN, EEL Rumour has it that the book of the Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane has shown up in the community.

Really? That is why all these martial artists have been appearing out of the blue.

Drink up.

I am an orphan, Yellow Pearl is my name.

What's your name? Why are you here?

I am Ying-fung Hsu, and I'm an orphan too.

I'm looking for someone here.

Who are you looking for?

I don't know. You don't know who you're looking for?

The people I look for will come after me.

What if they won't?

I am sure that they will.

Why? It's top secret.

Here's your food, sir.

I hope that you enjoy it.

The other dishes... will follow.

...thank you. Good day, boss!

Thank you.

Come on!

I do beg your pardon.

You should be more careful who you bump into.

THE EIGHT STEPS OF THE SNAKE AND THE CRANE The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane!


I told you people would come after me because of this book.

You... Behind you!

We are students of the Wu Dang School.

Be wise and hand over the book.

Why don't you get it yourself?

Get him!

FIVE EEL DISHES Five dishes.

Oh, no! My restaurant!

Don't let him go!

What shall I do?

Come here.

Look at this.

Look, they're smashing everything up.

Come on, let's go!

Look, boss... What can I do for you, sir?

Please bill me for the damage. Yes...

What about my eye?

Thank you.

Give me a nice clean room. Yes.

I've never seen anyone fight like that.

You wouldn't understand.

Here's something my master taught me. Can you tear this?

Try it once more.

Now you hold it.

I try not to hurt people too much.

Hey, are you stupid or crazy?

Unfortunately, neither.

Not only am I smart, I am a genius.


You call yourself a genius?

What do you mean by that?

Everyone's after the book, yet you make no attempt to hide it.

You're asking for trouble.

Are you after it too?

Why would I want it?

But... can I take a peep?

No way!

Well, I'm not bothered. Jerk!

You'll want to show it to me one day, though.

Who are you?

A friend.

What kind of friend? Any kind.

What do you want? Invite you.

Where to? Old Temple.

Must I go? You must.

You only speak in two-word phrases?

My habit.

After you.

You have the book? That's correct.

How much do you want for it? Sorry.

I don't do business with women. Why not?

Because women are like children. They don't keep their promises.

Do you know who I am?

I know that you are a beautiful woman.

I am the third-generation leader of the Szechuan Tang clan, Ping-er Tang.

My compliments.

Now, may I have the book?

I already told you. I don't deal with women.

That book holds the key to the mystery surrounding my father's whereabouts.

I must have it at all costs.

The same applies to the other schools.

Where did you get the book from? And where is the Badge of the Nine Dragons?

That's my secret.

Are the eight masters dead or alive?

I am sorry, but that is also secret.

I am also sorry, but you must reveal your secret before I let you go.

Oh, God!

The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane?

Stop it!

You may go!

A word of advice before I depart, my lady.

If only you'd smile a bit, you'd be the most beautiful lady in the land.

Sir, you are back.

How are you feeling? Much better. Please come in.

Please, rest upstairs.

All right, I'm coming.

I beg your pardon.

Don't you recognise me?

Ah! It's you.

Will you let me see the book?

That's some disguise, little brother.

It's just as well that I know you're really a man.

It'd be awful if you were a girl.

What do you mean? What's so awful about my being a girl?

No man likes a hermaphrodite!


You're the most loathsome man in the world. You're vile.

You're right. I am vile.

However, I have the wretched book, and that makes me desirable. Am I right?

Who wants to see that rubbish?

All women are the same. Unpredictable.


Old beggars like me avoid women like the plague.

Why are you hiding there?

Who in God's name wants to hide?

I was asleep on this lovely bed here and in comes this girl.

What did you expect me to do? Go and hug her?

Let me guess. You're here for The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

Well, aren't you a clever boy!

Now are you going to give it to me? Or do I help myself?

Neither. Now be good and run along.

You are so arrogant.

That's because I am clever.

Do you know who I am?

You're the new leader of the beggars, Forever poor.

Why, you are more knowlegeable than I thought.

Let me see what kind of skills you have.

You wouldn't still be standing if I'd used the other end.

You're serious, aren't you?

Had I used the other end, there'd be a hole in your foot.

I give in.

I just want to ask you something. What?

Why do you keep showing off the book?

I'm looking for someone. Who?

What do you mean by that?

The man has a mole on his shoulder. Why he?

Sorry, I'm not ready to tell you that right now.

Well, I shan't force you, my son.

Just be careful.

Were the book to fall into the wrong hands the whole community would suffer.

I must go.

Does Ying-fung Hsu really have The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane?

He does. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Leader Chin, your man is right.

Ying-fung Hsu has the book.

Leader, we know that you are desperate to have that book.

For 200,000 taels we will snatch it for you.

There is no shortage of talent in our Black Dragon Gang.

We know how to handle ourselves.

Right then. We'll go.

But know this: Next time our price will not be the same.

Keep an eye on Ying-fung Hsu.

I'll get help elsewhere.

Sir, what would you like?

A pot of tea and some noodle soup. Right away.

Waiter! Coming.

Please come on in.


You are Ying-fung Hsu? Correct.

Good. Please come with us.

Where to? The Fragrant Court.

Our mistress wants to see you. Who is she?

Lady Sun, of the Black Dragon Gang. Mistress of the Fragrant Court.

What if I don't go?

Don't go?

Get him!

Not again!

Not bad.

You've seen what we can do, so please come with us.

Very good. Then come with us.

By "very good" I mean I like fighting with skilful people.

Come on!

Come on, get him!

Go on, get him!

Do you still want me to come?

Not anymore.

But I want to, so let's get going.

All right, then. After you. Thank you.

Where's my food? Hurry up! Right away.

Yl-HSING COURT This way, please.



This way, please.

My Lady, Ying-fung Hsu is here.


You are Ying-fung Hsu? I am indeed.

However, you are not Lady Sun.

How do you know? I just do.

How could you possibly know that?

Have you met Lady Sun before?

Although I have never met Lady Sun, I know that she is fragrant as well as beautiful.

This lady is beautiful, but not fragrant.

And you are cute as well as smart.

I am very smart indeed, but...

I am not cute at all! Why not?

Cute people die young because they are dumb.

You are very cunning!

You didn't bring me here to chat, did you?

I want the book and the Badge of the Nine Dragons.

For how much? 100,000 taels of silver.

And all the pretty girls here, including me, of course.

Money brings trouble, and women bring even more trouble, so I want neither.

Then what do you want?

I want one person. Who?

The man with the mole on his shoulder.

Leave us alone.

Now, where in the world would I find such a man?

If you can't help, please excuse me. Stay there!

No-one leaves the Fragrant Court alive.

I'll be the exception to the rule.

Here I come!

Come on!

You? I'm here to help.

There he is!

I'm Shi-ping Fang, a fifth-generation pupil of the Emei School.

I saw that you'd been lured here by the Black Dragon Gang and I feared the worst.

So, I'm here to help. Stop lying.

What a load of nonsense.

You're just after the book.

I'll admit that I do want The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

But I'm too weak to compete with you, so I want you to keep it safe and find out what happened to the masters of the eight schools.

If you'll excuse me.

He may look nice and honest, but he's vile and cunning at heart.

Didn't you say that about me? You...

You are vile, and evil too!

Father, we've nothing to do with the eight schools, so why are we fighting them for the book?

Anyone who gets hold of The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane...

...will excel in martial arts, and also have the Badge of the Commander.

I want Fort Tiger to emerge as number one.

You must try harder to get to Hsu, my girl.

I don't care for that lunatic.

My young master! You did well at the inn.

Why, master, you were so powerful my arms ached for days.

How is my teacher? More or less the same.

Master, your humble pupil wishes you well.

How is your work progressing? Very well.

People from every school wish to get their hands on the book.

Every day things get more risky. You must be on your guard.

Yes, master. You must only come if it is urgent, to avoid revealing my whereabouts. Yes.

I told you that the Ting Brothers would get you.

And I said that you would be welcome.

This is the renowned Iron Fist.

If you are sensible and hand over the book, we will forgive everything.

And if you are sensible and leave, I too shall forgive.

You are the one who should be begging forgiveness.

So you are the Iron Fist?

You might have an iron fist, but I have iron fingers.

Clear off, the lot of you!

Good evening.

Seems that I'm something of a ladies' man.

The Golden Peacock is our family heirloom.

And I am right here.

Mightn't you regret paying such a high price?

I've already told you. I will pay any price for that book.

And for information about my father.

Miss Tang, are you really prepared to pay anything...

for that bloody book?

I only have one question for you.

Do you accept the deal or not?

Only a fool would turn you down.

You! Although I am a man, I don't like women.

So there is no deal.

Nobody gets their hands on my book.

How goes it, old man?

I am not well at all.

Why not?

What am I to do when you are tempted by neither women nor money?

What? You still want the book?

Drop the act, you rascal.

Can you tell me if the eight masters are still alive?

And where is the Badge?

I cannot say. Well, when will you?

When I can. You loathsome rogue.

That I am, so please leave.

There's the door.

Salutations from the leader of the Loyal Court.

Lady Sun of the Fragrant Court has failed.

You must capture Ying-fung Hsu at once.

You can count on me.

You must get The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane by any means necessary.


Why are you following me?

What? Do you own the place? Can't I come and see the sights?

Is everyone at Fort Tiger as unreasonable as you are?

How do you know that I'm from Fort Tiger?

I also know that you are the only daughter of the Fort's owner, Huang.

How did you find out?

When I saw you dressed as a woman.

The golden hairpin with the tiger's head, is only worn at Fort Tiger.

You... are way too crafty.

That's not craftiness. That's intelligence.

Intelligent people live longer.

Fang! That's your fate for antagonising us.

Is it bad? OK. He's the leader of the Gu Loyal Court.

You destroyed the Fragrant Court?

Correct. Here's some advice, Leader Gu.

Get your men out of here before I lose my temper.

Or you'll die here.

You've no idea who you're talking to. Get him!

Let's go!

Oy! Haven't you got any balls?

Go and find some medicine while I take him to that house over there.

Just hold on while Pearl looks for medicine.

That's OK. Thank you for saving me.

Not at all. You've saved me before.

Fang, how did you come across the Black Dragon Gang?

I intended to protect you so that the book wouldn't be robbed.

But I was intercepted by the Black Dragon Gang.

You should get some rest.

You simply won't give up!

The Black Dragon Gang is known for persevering.

You are digging your own graves here.

I know that you are fierce and aggressive, but you are outnumbered.

You won't just walk away from this one!

Get him! Yes!

Go, go. Don't worry about me.

No-one's going anywhere.

Pride comes before a fall.

Shi-ping Fang!

Leader Gu says our enemies have only one fate.

That is death!

Aren't you one of Emei's pupils?

I belong to the Black Dragon Gang now.

I should've seen it coming. Men have betrayed friends for less.

You are good, but not good enough to escape from our master.

Killing me isn't quite that easy.

Give us The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane and you can go.

You will get that book over my dead body.

You're a dead man already. Let's see how long you can last.

That's the Tang clan.

Bitch! What do you want?

I want him. Go to hell!

Let him go!

Thank you, my lady.

Why didn't you take the book?

I am sure that you will give it to me yourself.

You will also tell me of my father's whereabouts.

You are so confident.

You're the first man I've known who isn't a sycophant.

Is that all?

Is that not enough?

Miss Tang, there's a reason why I do this.

I'd gladly tell you everything, if I could.

I can wait for however long it takes, as long as you're with me.

Tell me, have you kidnapped Ying-fung Hsu?

Get out. Let me in!

No way!

Stop it!

Who are you?

I'm Yellow Pearl. What have you done with Hsu?

I don't know. You don't know?

I found these on the bodies of the Black Dragon Gang.

These are unique to the Tang clan from Szechuan.

Do you deny that?

What is your relation to Hsu?

That's none of your business. Just let him go.

Or I'll burn this temple down.

You can try.

I will. I don't care for vixens.

Stop fighting.

Brother Hsu!

Did they do this to you? No.

Is it serious? Not really.

Hello, son!

My young friend!

Had you not come out, these girls would've killed each other.

What are you doing here, old man?

You've been missing for a whole day. The whole world is worried!

Me? I couldn't care less, but someone here might commit suicide.

Brother Hsu, let's go, I'll look after you. Come on.

He is not going anywhere.

Your weapons don't scare me, Ping-er Tang.

Very good.

You're gutsy. Why, you've done Fort Tiger proud.

Father, I was so worried.

Relax. No one would dare to hurt you.

Welcome, Mr Huang of Fort Tiger. My compliments.

Care to try your luck, Old Beggar?

Father, don't pick fights. You should treat his injury first.

Don't you worry, Pearl.

He will survive.

Please, don't fight. Stop!

Miss Tang, Mr Huang. We mustn't fight amongst ourselves.

Do you have any better ideas?

Let's be honest with one another.

We are all after The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

We should wait until he has recovered from his injuries.

You are right. Let me take a look at his wounds.

Father! Don't move!

Or I'll kill him. You're a cunning, evil scoundrel.

One needs to be cunning to survive in this world.

Step aside, otherwise no-one gets the book.

Father, release Brother Hsu. Don't interfere.

Come with me.

Miss Tang, we have a common enemy now.

Keep a close watch and I will get help. Let's meet on the hill tomorrow.

Let's go.

How do you feel?

Be kind to him, Father. He is very ill.

Pearl, don't interfere.

Father knows best.

Behave yourself, you little rascal.

What is this? Speak!

I am not stupid, Huang.

You didn't think I'd have the book on me, did you?

Where is it, then? And the Badge?

I don't know.

I'll starve you for three days. Then see what happens.

Take him down. Yes.

Father, I beg you to set him free.

I will free him once I have the book and the Badge.

Miss Tang!

Where are they? Ruined house.

Which one?

The hill.

This man is... This is Oddball Lu.

He is old, yet he behaves like a child.

What are you playing at, Old Beggar?

What did you drag me out of bed for?

Oh, stop moaning. This man is vital to the future of your Eagle Claw school.

Isn't that so? Very well. I won't ask any further.

But tell me, who kidnapped him?

It, er... Does it matter? Just help us save the man.

After you, Miss Tang.

I fear nothing except Old Huang of Fort Tiger.

If you've tricked me...

I'll skin you alive! Oh, don't you worry. Let's go.

Pearl, what are you doing here?

I just want to give him some food, Uncle Huan.

Mr Huang won't allow it.

Uncle Huan, please, give him some food. Father doesn't have to know.


Father, he'll starve to death. Get out!

Cruel people never live long, Mr Huang.

You'll die even sooner if I don't get that book.

Don't you worry, I am never cruel.

And... I am always very lucky.

I won't die before you.

Let's wait and see.

Look out! Intruders!

You take care of this lot. All right.

Old Beggar!

You won't leave here alive. Don't worry.

I wouldn't leave even if you let me.

You've never had any business with us. Why are you doing this?

You should know that I always do as I please.

Who is this troublemaker? I'll show him a lesson.

Oddball Lu!

Long time no see, Master Huang.

But I'd better not see... Stay there!

You gatecrashed my birthday party and wreaked havoc.

I have vowed to avenge this disgrace, but I never expected it to be so easy.

Old Beggar! You rat-faced son-of-a-bitch!

I've been lured into his trap!

Help me! Please!

Shut up, Oddball Lu!

Be a friend die with me.

Oddball Lu, your Kung Fu has improved a lot in two years.

Well, I've been practising just in case you came after me.

Master Huang! Everyone stop!

Old Beggar!


Stinking Old Beggar!

Those who run away are pigs!

I won't desert you.

If you hurt Ying-fung Hsu and Oddball Lu, the Beggars will haunt you forever!

I wouldn't have come if I were afraid.

There's no reasoning with him, Old Beggar.

Why don't we just do it?

No, we'd all get hurt.

Let's barricade them in.

See who surrenders first.

I'm sorry, Oddball Lu. Let's go!

Huang, you dirty old son-of-a-bitch.

Let me out, and let's have a proper fight.

Keep an eye on him.

Call me if anything happens. Yes.

Let's fight, Huang, you old donkey.

That's an apt description.

Who are you, lad? I'm Ying-fung Hsu.

I see! You're the one the Old Beggar wants to save.

Who else would he want to save?

I thought he was trying to save a VIP or something.

Turns out it's this kid!

I may be nothing special, but this book I have is priceless.

What's so special about it?

So you don't know? Would I ask you if I did?

Keep your eyes peeled. Yes.

The Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane?

That son-of-a-bitch!

No wonder he wouldn't say anything.

He has his own agenda.

I'm sorry, lad, but I must have that book.

If I'd had it with me, Huang would've been very happy.

Tell me, where is it?

I don't know.

Speak! I swear, if you don't let go...

Well, no-one can match me when it comes to swearing.

You son-of-a-monster, you. Grandfather-of-a-swine!

Good! That's wonderful, fantastic!

I'm the son-of-a-monster, grandfather-of-a-swine.

That's ugly.

I really like you, young man.

Let's be mates so that we can get together and swear.

We'll swear so much that that old donkey Huang's ears will burn.

We'll use this dirt instead of incense.

These straws will do as joss sticks.

There we go! Isn't that nice?

With Heaven and Earth as my witnesses, I...

Oddball Lu take Ying-fung Hsu to be my lawful younger brother.

For better or worse. For richer or poorer.

In sickness or in health.

It's your turn now, brother.

What? Do I not deserve to be your older brother?

You do.

I, Ying-fung Hsu, take Oddball Lu to be my lawful brother.

For better or worse. For richer or poorer.

In sickness and in health.

Are they still here? Yes.

You'd better be careful. Yes.

Don't even think of sneaking in, Old Beggar.

Very well, then. Let's have a proper fight and see who wins.

We must do something, big brother.

We need to escape.

I don't need you to tell me that. Do you think that I want to die here?

Let's think. Take it easy.

I am thinking.

Yes, that's it.

What do you have? Pick the lock, then we can go.

That's obvious.

Don't underestimate your big brother.

Picking locks is my speciality, but we mustn't be seen.

Give it to me. Let go!

Give me the money, or I'll break every bone in your body.

You scoundrel! First you wanted the book, now you want my money.

In your dreams! Give it to me!

No way!

Let go, you bastard!

Oh, my arm!

Give me the money. Let go!

Not so rough, mate.

It has to look real, or else they'll suspect.

Give me the money.

Take it, you two!

Money, take it! Give it to me!

Quick, take it! Give it to me.

Money, money! Come and get it! Give me.

Go and help them. We can't leave here.

Why not? They'll come looking for the book.

There'd only be trouble.

And just who got you into this mess?

Yes! That Old Beggar tricked me into coming here.

He must pay for this. Let's sneak out the back.


Master! They have gone!

Oddball Lu has left without us. I'll give him a good earful next time I see him.

The fisherman stands to gain when the fish and the seagull fight.

Why don't we join forces, make Hsu hand over the book and investigate the mystery behind the disappearance of the eight masters?

Good idea. He's long gone. Where can we find him?

I'm sure we have enough manpower. Aye.

Brother, why look for a man with a mole on his shoulder?

It's not that I don't want to tell you. It's just not the right time.

OK, I won't ask.

But where can you find this man?

The Master of the Black Dragon Gang is the only one left.

If it's not him, then I don't know where to find this person.

You want the Black Dragon Gang? Just follow me.

You mean to tell me that Ying-fung Hsu has fled Fort Tiger?

Yes. Please forgive me for not knowing his whereabouts.

As long as he is still in town, I will find him.

Come here, Leader Fang.


Our master is on his way! Yes.

The master is in action, brother.

Thank you for your custom. Welcome in, sir.

Please, sit here.

What would you like, sir? Two glasses of white wine.

Lee! A bottle of white wine!

Stay alert! The master is about to intercept Flying Dragon's security cart.

Listen, this business is extremely important to our gang.

Don't lose it.

Otherwise, our master will be angry and you will lose your head.

Relax. Do you think I'd miss such a big target?


The bastard always turns up when you least expect it.

Now we can't even see his shadow.

Relax. Perhaps Master Huang might see him in West Town.

It's time to go!

There's Leader Fang of the Black Dragons. Where?

Over there.

That is really odd.

It's none of our business. Let's go.

No, you are wrong.

The Black Dragon Gang would never stop trying to get hold of the book.

It must be... A disguise!

Why would they do this?

They're after Ying-fung Hsu just like us.

This must be a trap.

To lure Ying-fung Hsu.

The security cart must be going via the East Mountain Way.

Tell Master Huang to meet us on the East Mountain Way.

Yes! Aye, that's right!

Black Dragon! Let's help the security. Hold on!

I'll wait for Master Chin.

The security people would've died.

I'll go alone. Brother!

Sons-of-bitches! Why do they run off?

Hsu, you're here at last!

Why, it's a conspiracy! The bastard!

The Black Dragon Gang really is something else!

We had to play a few tricks in order to catch up with you.

Like leaking news of the robbery? Of course.

You son-of-a-bitch! Where is Master Chin?

He's been expecting you.

Master Chin!

Do you surrender or would you prefer me to capture you?

I don't care for your attitude. Come and face us like a man!

Are you tired of living, old man?

Bastard! Let me have the first crack.

I want to see how good he is.



There you are! We've been waiting for ages.

Let's go and have a look! Good idea.

Allow me, brother.

I have a reputation to maintain.

I must fight a duel with him. Old Lu.

You think too highly of yourself.

Don't die, Lu. We have a score to settle.

The same goes for you, Old Beggar, otherwise there's no score to settle.

Wonderful! The Tang clan, the Fort Tiger posse and the Beggars are all here.

I'll send you all to hell in one go.

Wait here for me, Lu. I'll take care of this.

Take this!

I'll strangle you!


Master, Pearl...

Pearl! You go ahead, I'll chase him.

Brother, you go ahead. I'll be OK.

Go! I'm OK.

Pearl! I am OK.

Hsiung! Go! Quickly!

Get off me!

Get off me!



Pearl! Father!

I... Brother Hsu...


Chin, may you rot in hell for this!

Chin murdered the eight masters. What?

There is someone I shall take you to see.

After the conference at the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, when the eight of us created the Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane, we went to the royal cemetery one day to discuss ways of bringing about peace in the martial arts community.

We drank the water drawn from the fountain there.

Little did we know that the water had been poisoned with a powerful substance.

By the time I realised, it was too late.

Just then an intruder appeared, clad in black.

He killed all the masters.

Mr Hsu brought me round and I am determined to find the killer.

I took Hsu as my pupil and taught him the Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane.

The killer was masked, so I thought that he might belong to one of the schools.

That might be the reason.

So I asked my pupil to take a fake copy of the book into town.

I hoped that he would lure the murderer, and I was right.

Master, now that we have found the murderer, why don't we join forces and destroy the Black Dragon Gang?


That would cause unnecessary loss of lives.

I will summon the new masters of the eight schools.

We will congregate on Mount Hua and we will issue an invitation to Chin to come to Mount Hua to resolve the matter.


Chin, would you like me to repeat my account of what happened that day?

There's no need for drama. I accept full responsibility for what happened.

I killed them. Unfortunately, slipped through the net.


Do you want to come together or one at a time?

May Buddha have mercy, Master Chin.

The masters of all the schools have agreed to elect one representative to compete with you.

If you win, you will be free to leave this mountain.

If you lose, you will stay in Shaolin and repent until you die.

We have a deal.

Some of you I have already encountered.

Who else has the courage?

I do.

You've bitten off more than you can chew.

Remember, justice prevails.

Be calm, and find out his style and pattern first.


Show me what the Eight Steps of the Snake and the Crane are like.

He is not calm enough.

It is not so easy to break this stance.

His style is rigid. No direct confrontation.

That's right, attack the minor points.

Hsiang West Brothers!

Master Chin, is there a deal or not?

Okay, 200,000 taels. No, it's 400,000 taels now.

You are very greedy. OK, it's a deal.

The more, the merrier.

Choose your moment carefully.

Break the leader!

Simultaneous attack!

This is not easy money.

This money must be earnt, my friend.

You don't have much strength left, Ying-fung Hsu.

And I know your style now.

It is getting tougher for you.

What is this? The Snake-Crane Hybrid.

You won't get away.

You son-of-a-bitch!

Take these!