She's the One (2013) Script

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Wake up. Okay, okay. Bye-bye.

-Did you sleep well? -Carrie!

Wake up, it's already 5:20. Get dressed.

Oh, I see.

-I'll just wake up the kids. -Thanks.

-Leaving already? -Carrie?

Carrie, wake up.

-Good morning. -Bye.

-Sir, any news? -None yet.

Come on, come on.

-I'll try calling his landline. -All right.

-Have you reached him yet? -Not yet, sir.

Come on, come on, come on.

Pray before eating, okay?

-Have your breakfast. -There you go.

Get Going, Philippines!

I wish you all a good morning, this day of...

-August 8, 2013. -Where's Uncle Wacky?

Let's all greet this wonderful morning with hope and joy.

-Is Wacky there yet? -He's here! He's here!

Yeah, sorry. Can't talk to you. I'm at the studio.

The show's about to start.

Dummy! It already started!

I woke you up extra early today but you're still late.

Hurry, Charlie's waiting for you.

She won't go to school until she sees you.

Yeah. Good morning. All right. Bye, boss.

Wacky! You're late! Where were you?

Good morning, good morning...

-Relax, I'm here. -Where were you? Relax?

Speaking of shirts, why are you in red?

Today is green day!

Stay tuned to...

Get Going, Philippines!

Script for Wacky, please!

And look for a green shirt!

Okay. Retouch! Retouch!

You're still watching...

-Good Morning, Philippines! -It's Uncle Wacky!

Welcome back to the show.

Before anything else, I would like to greet my number one fan, get going, Charlie!

-Cool time! -Remember that!

You actually made it.

Of course. Actually, I'm just one day early.

-For Christmas. -One day early...

-For Chris-- -For his birthday.

-Didn't you get the memo? -No, it got stuck in traffic.

I gotta go!

Oh, it's Ma'am Cat!

-Wow, Mina! First one today! -Good morning, ma'am!

We're here with the successful stylist to the stars...

-Put these in the dryer next. -Yes, ma'am.

...Ms. Mandy Capicio.

How's your morning so far, Mandy?

It's awesome 'cause I get to be with you.

-Really? -Just kidding.

You got me, huh.

Sir Wacky is so handsome.

But who's this bimbo getting all flirty with him?

-You know what, Mandy? -Yes?

I noticed our clothes have the same color this morning.

-Oh, yeah! We're both in red! -What could that mean?

-That's right! -We're a match!

Okay! She said it! We're a match!

Do you think we're a good match?

-I don't think so. -You can answer that online.

Is it a match? Yes or no?

I know you said no more set-ups, but...

Of all the nights you could pick to make me look like a fool, you chose Tarzan's birthday.

I know I made a booboo with Thaddeus.

And Paul, Peter, Jeremiah, Ezekiel.

Who will you set me up with next? Jesus?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I promise, this time will be different.

Jason is a really nice guy. Look him up on Facebook.

Check him out in Mike's company outing photos.

No, thank you. I don't have time to surf the Internet.

I promise, he's a great guy.

-Just give him a chance. -Wait.

Don't you think Wacky will get mad?

You think setting me up during his party is a good idea?

Come on. Don't worry about Wacky.

Cat, it's fine. He's bringing his own date anyway.

Hey, stop smiling at me. I've already moved on from you.

Steve, don't forget to find me a guy.

Hey, Tony, don't be too hard on him.

You're crazy.

And here's Cat, the party planner.

She acts like the girlfriend, but she isn't.

Cat's a bit busy. Anyway, honey, I miss you!

-We're about to eat. Look. -Don't be silly.

-Hi! -Hey, Cat!

Jason is coming. Let's go, dress up!

-What? No. -Come on!

-Choose one. -No, I'm fine.

-But this looks better. -But I'm fine!

This is from our new collection.

-And Lyn, he's not... -Joaquin Rogelio Delos Reyes!

Jason is worth it. Now change!

-No, no, no. -Now.

-Can you please... -Take it off.

-All right. -Stop it!

-Take it off! -Stop!

-Cat, get dressed! -Look, it's a free live show!

-What's up? -Dress Cat up.

My god, wait a second.

My god, dear. Those are gifts from God.

If I hadn't shown these off, I would not have a boyfriend right now.

So show them off!

-No, stop it! Hey! -Gosh, I'm late.

Jessica's here, Lyn!

I need to get the cake! Stop it!

-Put lipstick on her! -No way! No!

-Don't move! -Pout, faster.

Cat, this is for tonight's prince charming.

-True! -Pout some more.

It's okay now.

Wacky! Hey!

Bro, what's up?

That's not your prince charming.

-Ancient history. -Your lipstick's not for him.

Fix your hair. Your rival's really something.

-But let's still greet him. -Yeah! Happy birthday, Wacky!



-Best friend! -Hi! Happy birthday!


Looks like you chose to dress up like a decent human being

-for my birthday. -Wow, thanks.

Do I look that bad all the time, huh?

Oh, wait.

-Okay-- -Mandy.

-You're really something. -Her name's Mandy.

-Hi! -It's so nice to meet you.

-I'm Mandy. -Nice to meet you.

Why do you call him Tarzan?

Maybe you should ask him. Come on, guys, let's eat!

-Come on, let's eat! -All right!

Jason! Hey, how are you?

There you go.

-Go on, eat. -Let's just eat, guys.

But when they passed away, I had to take over the business.

Sure. I'll have pasta.

-Cat? -It was a long time ago.

-How much? -Just a little.

And I'm so bored! She's a young alcoholic!

Where did Wacky pick this one up?

You're all mean!

-Thank you for caring! -And this guy right here,

Boss, don't be so into that Brazilian wax.

This is really delicious.

Idiot! Shut up!

So you and Cat were partners since college?

It's not like I chose to be. Mike was hounding Lyn.

And Paolo, he was too short to be her partner.

I broke three bones with her as my dance partner.

-What a pro! -That wasn't my fault!

It's true!

You're lucky your partner's so kind to you.

-Yes, goodness. -Cat, just sit down.

She's so kind, so willing to be his project partner, lab partner, business partner.

Every kind of partner.

Correct, every kind of partner

That's because I'm kind, but I'm not stupid.

I may be stupid but I'm not that kind to date her.

The two of you are so cute.

Are you sure you're not a couple?

Here we go.

Here it goes.

Stop it!

When we all thought Wacky was moving to the U.S., after our last night drinking together, Wacky and Cat played tonsil hockey.

-Oh, so you kissed! -No! No, no, no!

You've been lying for six years now.

-Come on, admit it! -What?

You're embarrassing!

Admit it!

Fine! Let's do it for real now!

Stop it! You're a jerk.

Okay. This is what happened.

I did not kiss him.

He kissed me, but he claims he doesn't remember--

I don't remember because it never happened.

-Period. -You're such a liar!

Cat, just--

Okay, let's stop talking about this.

It's going to be Wacky's birthday in five minutes


I wish on your next birthday, we'll still be together.

Oh, wow. You wish.

Wacks, now that you're 30, I wish you'd stop fooling around.

Because you've made at least 30 girls cry.

-Right. -More than 30 for sure.

-It's more than that. -My gosh!

Hey, isn't it my birthday? You talk like I'm a big douche.

-It's a bit true. -Be nice to me!

So I won't know if you're badmouthing me.

What does that mean? It sounds so romantic.

What does it mean?

-Oh, he's in love with Cat. -He likes Cat.

So, you're in love?

-That's so romantic! -I thought Jason was single.

That's what I thought, too!

I don't get it.

Different girl. Oh, my god.

-Come on, let's sing for Wacky. -Yeah! For my birthday!

I'm sure it won't be hard for you to find the right guy.

Of course, we'll make sure of it.

Right, best friend?

That's why my birthday wish is for you to find a better guy.

Shut up! What? Is this a pity party for me now?

-No, I'm kidding. -Make a wish for yourself.

-Don't waste it on me. -All right. Okay.

I wish for you to find a boyfriend.

No, but seriously. My wish is... that nothing would change.

No, it's okay. I'm almost done. Thank you.

-Are you sure? Wait. -No, no, it's okay.

I'm fine. I'm done now.

Okay then. Are you sure?

Yes. Thank you.

-Boss! -You got me! Wow!

For you. To make you feel better.

Feel better from what?

From being dumped even before you could start making a move.

-Wise-ass! -Ouch!

So, what happened to your date?

Nothing. She was an airhead. So, I took her home.


I'm sure some sex happened before you took her home.


-Perv! You're such a jerk! -What can I do?

Go check that.

Who's that?

-Your precious Mandy again? -It's a different girl. Look.

You're such a perv!

She's another Mandy. "Oh, so, so drunk!"

-You're disgusting. -That's not true.

You know what, Tarzan? You really are such a Tarzan.

You think girls are like vines you swing from.

There's always an old one to let go of...

Tree vine?

...and a new one to grab onto. You're such a player!

That's what you call "dating", Cat.

-Dating. Dating, okay? -No, that is what you call... you can't handle being alone.

And that's why you always spend your birthdays here in my house.

There you go again.

-What? It's true. -No.

Look, just watch your favorite movie.

Don't change the subject. I need to tell you something.

Tarzan, what you're doing with your life will result in you being alone.

And you will become that dirty old geezer in bars that every young girl would be disgusted with.

-There's your favorite line! -Whatever! I don't care anymore.

-I'm telling the truth. -You know what your problem is?

You give me more sermons than a priest.


Thank god, you did not become my girlfriend.

Otherwise, I would have left you.

I wouldn't have agreed to it, anyway.

You're thickheaded, selfish, irresponsible.

No, thank you.

Okay, okay, okay.

You insult me as if you're...

I know. I don't fit your standards.

And there's no one alive who can fit your standards.

-Your standards are impossible. -Hey, "Jason" fits perfectly.

Perfectly in my net.

-Give me that. -Maybe he did, but in Amy's net.

Amy's net! "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

-Yeah, right. -Not yours.

Because you were dumped! Weren't you?

-Shut up. -No.

No, but seriously, you have my word, I'm going to do what I promised you on my birthday.

Yes, I'll find you a boyfriend. Yeah.

I promise. I will do it.

when that time comes, and it still doesn't work out, if you're not a match even if it's hard, even if it's against my will, even if I hate it, I will try to be good for you.

I'll be your boyfriend. Yeah.


I will try to be stupid too, for you.

If I have no other choice, I'll be your girlfriend.

That's it! There we go!

I'm really lucky that you're my best friend.

You really are.

Hey, did you guys break up already?

-What? -Break up?

Long-distance relationships don't work.

Hello, only couples can break up.

And we're not a couple!

After all this time, still no?

But you're sweeter to each other than these married folks here.

-Hey, you're wrong. -That's not true!

That's why we aren't a couple.

At least we don't have to break up.

-Right? Right? -Is that so?

-That's right! -It's true!

That's why no matter where I am...

-What am I gonna do there? -You need to go there.

Because your stepdad offered you a pretty good job, right?

I don't like it. I don't want to work.

Plus, you'll get to bond with your mom again.

But she left me, Cat. Remember?

She said I was nothing but a waste of space, so screw her.

She doesn't love me.

How about you?

Do you love me?

'Cause I...

I love you.

Wacks, you're drunk.

Cat, he's your best friend.

Stop it, Cat.

This won't go well.

That was hot!



Geez, your hands are so coarse. What have you been doing?

From washing your dirty laundry. Stupid.

No, seriously. Promise me.

Promise me.

Okay? Whatever happens, we will be friends forever.

Thank you. Here.

I'm not really into posting my own videos.

No information, whatsoever. As in, none!

I don't know why, like, when I saw her, I just froze,

What was I supposed to do? She was so hot, right? Like...

or if you might have seen her somewhere, please, message me.

So cute and sweet.

-So how can I tell him... -Sweet? That's sweet?

That's so cheesy.

Hi, ma'am. Remember that.

Get Going, Philippines' ratings have been declining Uh-oh, we're reformatting.

As if I know.


I knew it.

-Do you know this? -Not at all.

-I'm sorry. -It's okay.

-Well, come on. -All right, let's go.

GGP's going to be reformatted.

So, it looks like I won't be part of it.


Judith said I'm not good enough.

That I need to give more effort.

That I need to--

What do you expect?

-You show up late every day. -Every day? That's not true.

And sometimes, you come in with a hangover.

You keep flirting with guests you find hot.

-But they flirt with me! -And then...

Wait a minute. I thought you were my friend?

-Shouldn't you be on my side? -Yes, I am your friend.

That's why I need to tell you the truth.

You know what your problem is?

You can't handle hard work. You want everything to be easy.

So what? You're just giving up?

You can do it.

Hey. You can do it. I know you.


-No, it's embarrassing. -Give me a smile!

You're the one who dragged me here.

-Smile. -Okay.

-Stop! -Yuck! Gross!

-That stinks! -No, it smells good.

But at least you're smiling.

You're smiling!

Hi, Grandma!

Yes, I'm with Wacky.

-Come on, guys. Let's go. -He's so cute.

Don't get your panties wet over that kid.

Is it Christmas?

-Is he for sale? -Wacky's here.

Admit it, your panties got wet, too.

Wait, wait.


I'm sorry, but I'm telling you.

The way that boy stares makes me weak in the knees.

You've got the hots for a kid. You're such a cougar, Mama Bing.

Oh, come on, just get me wet under the rain

-Let's see it. -Pour water on her!

Let me see. How many views?

-One million. -I will destroy him!

He'll never be the same!

One million hits in six days?

-The kid's more popular than us. -Yes.

With little effort, he got the whole country talking about him.

But us, no matter what kind of gimmick we do on our show, nobody's watching.

-Good morning. -Okay, let's start.

-In ten seconds. -Game! Let's start the shoot.

Happy faces people, let's start.

-Move it! -You ready?

Get Going, Philippines!

It's David!

-David! -Hi, David!

-Okay. Let's go. -Hi.

Oh, yeah. What's up?

It's a fact that Filipinos are suckers for romance.

I'm telling you, this will click with our viewers.

I will help you look for the Girl in the Rain. Okay?

I will guest you in my show and because of that, you'll get greater media exposure.

It will be easier for you to reach out to the girl.

And of course, the people will eat it up.

-David. -So in that case,

-Hi, Penggoy! -Oh, dude! What's up?

I finished editing our report.

-Oh, the report? -Yes.

Yeah. That's not important right now.

What's important is...

-Dude, awesome, right?

Wait. Couldn't she be your Girl in the Rain?

-Gillian? -Isn't it her?

Her? Are you kidding? She's my best friend!

Oh, is that so? Really? I see.

Dude, by the way, Wacky's gonna help me Yes, and once we find her, we will air your first meeting live on the show.

Cool, right? What do you think?

You know, your video has a million hits on YouTube now.

If that girl really wanted to be found, she would have contacted you by now, Penggoy.

Penggoy? Why Penggoy?

-A penguin and a fat boy-- -All right. All right.

A penguin and a fat boy! I like that!

I was a fat kid and she beat up all the bullies--

-You were so chubby! -Okay! Okay!

because once you meet her, you might get disappointed that she's not how you imagined her to be.

You know, if you love someone, you can accept anything about them.

And because of that,

And if you really love the person, you'll do anything for her, right?

-Right, that's right. -I am, aren't I? So, what...

-Come on, you guys. -Good morning!

Uncle Wacky!

What's that?

-Oh, you're here. -Look! This is Carrie's crush.

-He's your crush? -No, he isn't!

Hey, hey. Stop it with the crushes.

You're still kids. Come on.

Best friend, that girl would save my life.

Not another one. What are you doing here, anyway?

She's gonna be my savior.

Look at the number of hits. It's gone viral.

Imagine the show's ratings if I can get David to meet the mystery Girl in the Rain.

They'd be stupid not to retain me in the new show, right?

Oh, no. I think it's impossible.

Don't be so negative.

It will work. It will be a hit.

You just can't see it yet, but it will work.

No, it won't, because if you do find the hot mystery girl, you're going to bang her even before they get to meet.

Well, if it doesn't work out with him, why not?

You're so disgusting, Joaquin!

-What? -Alma, coffee for Wacky, please!

Wacky, sit down. Let's eat.

Let me help you.

Dig in.

Do you think you're going to find her?

Of course. What if she's just around the corner?

-Right? -Whatever.

She's just next to you, Uncle Wacky.

There you go! Nothing but good vibes!

I don't know why you have no faith in me.

I will find David's lucky girl. Right?

You already did.

That's what I'm talking about! Moral support.

I wonder where I can find her...

Right beside you.

Come again, dear?

She's there.

What are you talking about? It's impossible.

Why me? I'm sure I'm not...

But that's you.

No. No!

-That's impossible! -You're amazing!

How can I be...

-I'm not-- -Wait, wait a minute! Wait!

-That's you! -That's not me!

Right? It's her!

-You're the Girl in the Rain! -It's you!

Oh, my god! You said you're going to bang me!

So sweet!

-David will finally meet her! -Hot...

Forget about that! Forget it! But...

-It is Cat! Gramps, it's Cat! -No. That's not her.

You-- It is you! Wait.

-Okay, wait, wait, wait. -But it's too dark.

Cat, we're best friends, right?

-Don't get started with that. -Cat, please.

-No. -Please, please, please.

No. I don't want to!

-Boss. -No way, no way, no way!

believes he will meet

I just hope the Girl in the Rain does show up.

Because if she doesn't, don't expect to be part of the new show, all right?

So, our dear viewers, if you have any information about the girl who made David's heart flutter, the girl who makes his mornings beautiful, please, let him know, okay?

-Watch out, Girl in the Rain. -Big Sis, come on.



Okay, I will hit this ball over the 180-yard mark.

And if I do that, you will agree to meet David.

This is from Jessie. Jessie!

So what if they're young?

He's too young.

No matter how many tweets you show me, if I'm gonna look like a pedophile, no, thank you.

You cheater!

You lose! You lose!

You screamed. That doesn't count.

-Boss! -No. So annoying!

Come on! Please!


-That's your final answer? -Hang this up.

Send your tweets and texts now. All "Yes", okay?

Just vote on GGP's poll. All right?



Just say yes, and I will never ask you to wash my laundry again.

Stand up!

Agree to meet David and I will personally deliver all these clothes.

I will even do the laundry! All of it!

-Boss, please. -You cheater!

Okay. Fine. Stop it.

Okay, I will think about it.

-You'll think about it? -Yes.

-Yes? -Yes.

-I'll think about it. Wait! -It's okay now!

-You heard that! Yes! -I said I'll think about it.

-No! You said yes. -I will think about it.

Okay, I'll think about it.

-Done! -I'll think about it!

Yeah! You heard it, right? Okay!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah! All right!

Dude! Dude! Dude, she said yes!

-What? -She said yes!

Dude, she said yes! Yes! She said yes!

Wacky just called me.

The Girl in the Rain agreed to meet me!

Finally, right?


-Sis! -Be careful.

You're all up early!

-Get dressed. -Don't you need to go to GGP?

Go, go. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Boss, why aren't you answering? Where are you?

Wacky, is she there yet?

Don't worry about it.

We're going to be number one after this, I'm sure of it.

Have some faith in me.

Just make sure this works.

Got it.

I will show you to my classmates!

Big sis, please? He's so cute!

He's our super crush.

Well, he's not my crush.

Rise and shine, David!

Rise and shine, Wacky! Guys! Rise and shine to all of you!

Wow! You seem very happy this morning!

It's because I will meet the Girl in the Rain!

All I can say is...

Destiny. You heard that, Girl in the Rain.

So, where are you?

Don't let us down. Don't let David down.

We're all here waiting for you.

-Hurry up! -Oh, wow, David.

-Where are you? -All of that, for her?

You know what? She's probably stuck in traffic.

And then...

-She said she'll show up, right? -Knowing her, no.


We're all waiting for the Girl in the Rain.

-Hurry up, Mommy. -But how are you?

-How are you feeling? -You won't be late.

Well, actually, I'm nervous.

But I know she'll be here.

Oh, my god! He's so cute!

Come out, Cat! Please! Come out now!

-Ma'am Cat, why are you here? -Yeah, Ma'am Cat.

Shouldn't you be in GGP now?

Dude. Bro, thank you.

If it wasn't for you, I would never get this chance.

No problem. Just relax. We'll be airing on the last gap.

-Go on, go on. -All right, all right. Thanks!

Do you really need this?

-We're still waiting for her. -I don't think she's coming.

-All of us are waiting for her. -She'll be there, Granny!

But you know, some people are saying all of this is a practical joke.

That the Girl in the Rain is fake.

-What can you say about that? -No, she's real. I saw her.

I talked to her.

And I truly fell in love with her.

Guys, she's here! The Girl in the Rain! She came!

GGP EXCLUSIVE: David and "Girl in the Rain" have met!

She's finally here!

The Girl in the Rain! Cat Aguinaldo!

Oh, my god!

Come on, guys! Position, now! Let's go!

-You got the moves! -Oh, my god!

Let's go, David!

GET GOING, PHILIPPINES Wow, you're here. As in, you're actually here!

I'm happy I finally met you, but...

I'm sorry. I have to go.

Wait. We haven't even talked yet.

No, I have to get to work. Right, Wacks?

Is that so? Well, can I have your number?

IG, Twitter, FB, anything? Is it okay?

I'm sorry. I don't have those.

She's technologically challenged.


Thank you for everything you've done for me.

But, David, you're too young for me.

You're 20. I'm 28.

How will that work?

The only way it won't work is if we don't even try.

I mean, so what if you're a little older than me?

I'm sure once you get to know me, you'll see

Man enough to say that I like you.

Yes, I really like you.

Just one date.

David, I really can't. I'm sorry.

So, she's your best friend. Why didn't you go for her?

Why would I?

That's going to be a problem. Cat already declined.

Then what's the use of being her "best friend?"

Convince her!

You need to make her agree to date David.

-That's right. -It's not that easy.

You don't know her.

So, are you going to help me or not?

-No. Sit down.

-Let's eat. Come on.

Bad trip. I really need this.

It's your needs again. It's for you again.

It's about you again.

But have you ever thought about what I want?

You're so selfish.

You act like dating this guy is a death sentence!

You should even be thanking me for this.

Shit, Wacky, I'm not that desperate.

-She's right. -Right? Exactly!

-She has a point. the guys I set you up with, they can fall in love.

Wow, Cat.

-That's right. -You've got nothing to lose.

-Give it a chance. Go on! -You're all agreeing to this?

I don't like being a cougar.

-That's it. -Hey, you're no cougar.

Maybe a Puma.

What's that?

Puma? Prefers an Under-aged Man.

Shut up.

And, Cat, don't you want to be promoted to a real girlfriend status?

Are you going to be Wacky's pretend-girlfriend forever?

Maybe the reason why you don't want to date David is because you enjoy being Wacky's pretend-girlfriend.

Or are you waiting for Joaquin to get himself together so he can pass your standards and go from pretend-boyfriend to real boyfriend?

That's impossible!


You really know how to kill the mood, huh?

Tactless much?

Come on, be careful.

is it true?

So is it about me, huh?

Just tell me. Come on, really.


Yeah, you. You're the reason for all this.

Because my world revolves around you.

I don't know how I can date a 20-year-old boy because how will I ever fit him in my schedule?

All my time is already dedicated to wiping your ass.

-Really? -I'll go ahead.

-Cat. Hey, Cat. -No, it's okay.

Wait a minute.

Did I ever ask you to take care of me?

Did I ever ask you to live your life around mine?

I didn't, did I?

All of this falls on you.

Maybe you're right. It's my fault.

It's my fault I was stupid enough to be your friend.

Wow, okay, wait, you talk like I'm the worst friend in the world.

-Is that how it is? -Why not?

Ever since we became friends, I kept taking care of you, I cleaned up after you while you enjoy your carefree life.

I never forced you to do anything for me.

Look, come on. Don't be unfair here.

I know, that's why I'm saying it's my fault.

So, it's over. I'm done.

So stop asking me to fix your own damn problem.

Thank god you two did not become a couple.

-Thank god, all right. -Thank god, all right.

You are miserable because of your own doing.

Joaquin, that's enough.

-Wacky! -Well, it's true.

You keep looking for something wrong with all the guys you date.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe it's not them who's wrong for you?

You're an asshole, Wacky. A real asshole.

You know, Pao, you better put a damn zipper on your mouth.

Hey, go talk to Joaquin.

Because I love you.

Wacks, Wacks, you're drunk.

Cat, stop it.

He's your best friend.

It'll be one big headache, Cat.

This won't go well, Cat.

Let's just borrow it. Give it here. Let's borrow it.

The books are yours.

Go on and help him with the suitcases in his room.

-Come on! Go, go, go! -All right.


About last night...

Last night was crazy, huh?

You know, my head was throbbing when I woke up. What a hangover.

I don't even know how I got home.

I took you home, remember?


I thought Mike did.

I did.

Oh, thank you.

Sorry for forgetting.

I really don't remember a lot about last night.

Thanks for taking me home.

And then you kissed me.

I kissed you?

Hey! Best friend, really?

Maybe you're the one who's drunk.

-What are you saying? -You kissed me.

But why would I kiss you? Why?

It would have been fine if you just didn't remember.

But don't act so disgusted by it.

Cat, you asked me, and I'm just giving you an answer.

What the hell? I'm about to leave.

Yeah, I'm so glad you're leaving.

You're a worthless friend.

Guys, what's happening?

Talk to your friend here.

-He's a liar. -A liar?

I really don't remember.

How can I admit to kissing you when I have no memory of it?

And if it did happen, it didn't mean anything.

You told me so many times that you've accepted being just his friend.

You even said he's not the guy who's right for you.

You keep believing he will change.

But, Cat, what if he doesn't?

What if he doesn't want to change?

Like you, I've seen how good he can be.

when your dad died.

Then he came home from the U.S. when your mom died, because he wanted to be by your side.

This was even after you fought about that kiss.

Where are you? There's an update on CatVid.

Please, Big Sis.

-Take us with you, please. -She's right!

-I want a picture with David! -You're not allowed there.

Come on, finish your food.

Then can't David just go here instead?

I want him to teach me some dance moves.

Like this. He's so cool.

My goodness, kids. You can't go.

Finish eating. Hurry.

-Uncle Wacky! -Uncle Wacky!

-Uncle Wacky, how are you? -Oh, it's Wacky.

-How are you? -Hi, Uncle Wacky.

-Good morning. -Uncle Wacky, Cat won't let us go with her on her date.

Oh, wow! Another present.

Why? Where's her date going to be?

I'm sure you know.

Uncle Wacky, aren't you going with Big Sis?

Of course, he is. It's his job.

Alma, please set a plate for Wacky.

Wacky, I'll leave it to you. I've got to get to work.

-Gramps, I'll go ahead. -Okay, take care.

-Bye, Grams. -Be safe.

Bye, Charlie. Bye. Bye, Wacks.

-Big Sis, take care! -Go ahead. Excuse me.

All right.

About what I said last night...

It's fine.

I mean, if you don't want to date David, I won't force you to.

Because maybe you're right.

Maybe it's my fault because I keep looking for flaws.

That's why instead of thinking that David is too young for me, maybe him being too young is a good thing.

Just forget about it.

If you want, I can pick you up later so we can go there together.

No need.

It's one reason why we're seen as pretend-lovers.

Wacky, don't worry. I'll be there.

Bro, thank you again. This is all on you.

I promise you'll have a good time, okay?

So, what now? You wanna dance?

Come on. Let's go! Let's go!

-There. -All right. Can I see?

Nice. Thanks. One more, okay?

Give me a smile. Okay?

Okay, let's do more later.

But now, we dance.

Hey, are you okay? Are you all right, huh?

No, really?

I just wanted to speak to you, but it's too noisy.


It's noisy!

Find a good angle. Do more close ups.

Where to?

Come on. Wait here. Don't follow us.

-Let's go. -Where are you going?

Let's go here. Come on. Let's chill.


I'm sorry.

-Why? -I'm just not used to this.

Is it the crowd?

We can go somewhere else. I know this place--

It's not that. What I mean is, I'm not used to dating.

What? But I thought your friends set you up a lot?

Those weren't real dates. They were group dates.

And they never really panned out.

It never passed the first meeting.

What? They never called back? Is that it?

More like I didn't.

Well... I don't really have the time to date around.

I've got a lot on my plate. I have a family.

I have a business. You know?

So, I'm special.

At least, I got through the first meeting.

I actually didn't want to date you at first.


'Cause you're too young.

You might not understand my responsibility to my family.

And I don't have the time to fall in love.

The truth?

I'm scared of getting hurt again.

I already got hurt once.

I fell in love with one guy.

And I loved him for a long, long time.

That's it.

I guess I want to move on.


Does that make sense? I don't know.

I even dragged you into this. Sorry.

I shouldn't tell you this.

Maybe... you'll fall in love with me, too.

Just relax, okay?

I have plans with Cat.


Okay, all right. Bye.

Sorry, I have to pass today. I have a date with David.

There, there, there!

Oh, my god! I'm losing!

Good morning!

Hi, sir. It's you.

Right, right, right! Faster, faster! Faster!

Here, here! Hurry, they're right behind you.

Let's play tomorrow?

-Like this? All right. -Fix your grip.

-Hi. -How are you two?

Okay, just straighten your left arm.

-Just look at the ball. -Okay, here it goes.

Come on.

Yes, this is your boss.

Get up because I can't afford you being late again.

Okay, sir.

-Trust me. Come on. -But I don't know how to.

Hurry. Stay there.

-Oh, it fell! -Oh, no.

-I'll handle it. It's fine. -It's okay, it's okay.

Quick, quick!

One more, one more.

#CatVid Partying at the club! So hot!

#SexyCouple #PerfectMatch

I want to fall in love, like them! #Jealous I wish I can find my #GirlinTheRain They look so in love.

They are now a social media phenomenon.

How about you, Wacky?

How does it feel knowing that you're the cupid who got them together?

-That's right! -I'm happy for them.

-Definitely! He should. -I'm really happy for them.

I brought Mary Anne with me because we're now a couple.

And, of course, you're the--

You know what, man?

It's like she's forgotten she has a best friend.

Think about it, ever since she started dating, she started ignoring me.

What the hell?

How old are you?

You're like a jealous little kid.

Idiot. I'm not jealous.

Who said I was jealous?

All these empty bottles do.

You love Cat.

You love her. Just admit it.

It will make things easier for you.

How will it make things easier?

Bro, the last time I tried to show her how I really feel, we ended up fighting.

Wait, wait, wait. When was this?

So, it's true.

But why lie about this?

Why do you keep denying it?

Because she doesn't want me.

She said so herself.

She even said she's not stupid enough to have a relationship with me.


You know, bro, I sometimes think... it's better that we stayed friends.

Treat her like nothing but a best friend.

Because, man, she's not just any girl.

She's Cat.

What if, let's say... she becomes my girlfriend?

Bro, I don't want to hurt her.

I don't want to lose Cat, bro.

So then make sure you don't hurt her.

Like what?

I mean, what...

What can I do to top everything that kid has done for her?

Why? Is he the only one with the moves?

Is he the only one with back-up dancers?

Let's go home, please.

I need to go home.

Lyn is looking for me.

-So, let's go. -Okay.

So, tomorrow then?

-I'm so tired. -Tomorrow again?

Tomorrow morning. Please.

Well, come on.


And thanks for all the gifts you got for my siblings.

You didn't have to get them anything.

No, it's okay.

Besides, I don't have any siblings.

Of course, you do.

Really happy.


-Let's do it earlier tomorrow. -All right.

We still have to practice a lot.

-Mike and I will pick you up. -All right, all right. Tomorrow.

Guess what? We're now a couple, bro!

Oh, really?

Right, Cat?


Bro, thank you.

If not for you, this wouldn't be possible.

These are my friends.

Here's Tony.

-Mike, Pao. This is David. -David.

This is awkward.

What's with the getup?

-Actually, we're just leaving. -We just passed by to--

-Oh, okay. -Dude, your car, can you...

We'll move it.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure.

-Yes, sure. All right.

-Come on! Let's go. -"Bye"? Where are you going?

Oh, yeah. Okay.

He just asked her to be his girlfriend.

They're not married yet. You still have a chance!

That's right. Don't be so glum, Wacks.

Come on, Wacks, even couples about to get married, before they say "I do," the priest would ask if anyone objects.

But she looked happy, right?

She looked really happy, right?

So, I'm just going to support her.

This is for your fans online. I'll tag everyone, okay?

Just tag both of us, okay?

Cat's updated.

I know, right?

But in a bit.

Okay then. Hey. I'm gonna go to the restroom.

-Stop it.

He calls you "Pretty"? I'm gonna hit you.

It wasn't my idea. He just started doing it. Sorry.

But wait.

Do we look good together? Isn't it weird? Is it okay?

Cat, it's fine! It's not weird. You look great together.

Let me see. are you happy?

I'm so happy.

You're so different when you're in love!

You're glowing!

Look. She's glowing.

What a glow.

Shut up! Okay, next topic. Let's talk about something else.

-So, how are you, guys? -We're okay.

How are Mike and Pao?

How's Wacky?

It's been awhile since I saw them.

-Let's not talk about us.

What's important is now.

-You and your lover boy. -Actually...

So, how is he in bed?

Girl, no, not yet! We're not there yet!

Okay. Wait.

-Are you sure nobody's around? -Yeah.


Do I have bad breath?




You mean...

You mean, I'm more experienced than you?

As in you've never done it?

Don't get it wet for three days.

-Hi, Uncle. -Are you okay?

Yes, we are. Thank you.


What happened?

Oh, so your Dad's a doctor.

Not just any doctor.

Right, Uncle?

Really? That was five years ago.

He was my Mom's doctor.

He took care of her like she was family.

Thank you, Uncle.

Wacky asked me to take care of your Mom like family.

I remember him saying, "Dad, I can't bear seeing my best friend cry."

-Give them a ride home. -Yes, Dad.

-Sure. -Thank you.

-Bye, Uncle.

So, let's go?

It's okay, Joaquin. We're fine.

-It's okay. -We're good.

No, come on. I'll take you guys home.

Come on.

Follow me.

Let's go.

-So, what happened? -Thank you.

Don't tell me that kid's hurting you.

No. No.

No. So, what?

It was just an accident. That's it.

What kind of accident gets the arms of two people sprained?

Don't tell me you were having sex when--

We were not having sex!

We were not having sex.

I don't know. I'm not a psychic.

So many possibilities are running through my head.

Like you finally having sex.

-We didn't. -So, what? What happened?

-Hey! -Stop!

-What? -Don't!

-What happened? -Nothing.

-What happened, okay? -You're so annoying.

-Okay, okay. -Tell me what happened.

I'll tell you.

We were kissing, but then Gillian arrived.

We were surprised. We fell. That's it.

You fell?

-Yes. -You fell?

You went rolling down?

We did not roll down! We fell! We didn't roll!

What? Like from the bed?

Why do you have to know?

I just want to know how you got hurt, okay?

Ouch. It hurts.

-Sorry. It's your fault. -It hurts.

How many rolls?

-You rolled down! -You're mean.

-I'm just kidding. Okay. -No more questions.

Anyway, thanks, Tarzan.

-Good night. -Wait, what about tomorrow?


The laundry. The cooking.

I don't know. I'll think about it tomorrow.

-I'm just gonna wing it. -Okay.

Here's the margarine, Grams.

And for my favorite cool-timer, I'll give you three.

What's this?

Let me do that.

No. I got this.

Just relax and let me handle it.

Just sit down and eat.

-Wacky. -Okay?


Sit down, boss.

I got this. Don't worry.

So, there's... Oh, Alma! Coffee, please!

What about GGP?

Oh, I asked for a leave. You're down one hand, right?

So, I'll be your right hand today. Nice!

Some sugar, please.

Wacks, you don't have to do this.

Right? So go ahead and eat.

I can even feed you if you want.

Here you go.

No, I can do that. I'll do it.

No, come on. Here.

No, I'll do it.


Okay, come on! Let's get to work!

Girls and boy!

That's impressive, Sir Wacky!

Come on, let's--

Just stay here. Stay here. Don't move a muscle.

-What? -Just relax.

You need to rest your arm. Right? Sit down, I'll handle it.

-You'll handle it? How? -Relax.

You don't even know how to wash clothes.

Joaquin, be careful with that.

That belongs to a tough costumer.

How's this?

You're gonna make a great husband.

The question is, who do you want to get married to?

Sir, looks like you're losing her to that kid.

No gossiping. Just keep washing.


That's enough.

For you, any time.

I got this.

Sit down. Relax. Eat.

Say hi to your boss for me.

Can you still handle it?

This is easy. I can do this in my sleep.

Okay. I'll leave it to you.

Wacky, it's raining. Wait.

-You'll get soaked! -I got this. Go inside.

Wait! I'll get an umbrella.

-Oh, no. I left it at home. -Don't worry.

-Give it here. -I'm fine.

Wacky, get inside! You'll get sick.

Leave that first.

Put it here.

Here's a towel. Give me your shirt.

I'll put it in the dryer. You might get sick.

And, please, put the wet clothes in here.

Babe! Babe, why are you here?

I didn't know you were coming.

You're soaked, too.

You didn't have to--

No. His shirt got wet.

He helped me carry the laundry. His shirt's in the dryer.

-Are you okay? -Yeah.

Let's go home.

Unless you want to stay and wait until his shirt's dry.

-No, no. Is it okay? -Yeah. Go ahead.

I'll close up here.

How... I'll take the car back to your place later if you want.


-No. What about your arm? -I'm fine.

All right, man. We'll go ahead.


Babe. Babe, don't force yourself if you can't.

We can take a taxi.

Your arm might get worse. Babe, you sure?

-Oh, come on. -I didn't like what I saw.

Don't do it again.

Babe, Wacky just helped me. That's it.

It doesn't look good.

I can't believe you did not do a report on Cat and David's injury.

It's all over the Internet and we don't have a scoop.

And you keep complaining that I'm unfair.

That I don't recognize your efforts?

-Are you listening? -Sir, yeah.

Last Friday, you skipped the show without telling us.

I'm sorry about that, sir. I had something important to do.

So the show is not important to you?

The doctor said--

Babe, I'm okay. It doesn't hurt anymore.

I'll just put this in your bag.

So you can use it if it hurts again.

-It's in the pocket, okay? -Yeah.

Babe, didn't I tell you to stop hanging out with him?

I haven't seen him in a long time.

Ever since you picked me up at the shop.

So, what's this?

He still wants to see you.

I don't know.

What's really going on here?

What do you mean?

Have you seen how close they are, huh?

I'm going ahead.

You and Gillian are very close, too.

But I never thought anything of it.

Don't be like that. I'm offended.

Then tell me, Cat.

I'm trying to forget what I saw in the shop, but I can't.

Is it him?


David, that's over.

A long time ago.

Let's not...

-David, wait!

Are you okay?

David, come on! Stop it! David!

Sir, please take this.


What are you doing?

-Don't drunk-call her, David! -Get off me!

I thought you were a good guy.

You asshole!

Asshole! You're useless!

David, it's humiliating! Don't make a scene here.

David, let's go.

Are you just a best friend?

-Or are you also her boyfriend? -David, stop it.

-Come on. -Go home!

Go home with him!

-Bro, that's enough. -Leave!

-Don't call me "bro"! -David, enough!

You're not my friend!

'Cause if we were friends... wouldn't lie to me!

You lied to me.

That's not true.

Isn't he the one you've loved for a long time?

Isn't he?

David, I love you.

David. David. I love you, I love you.

Don't think like that. I love you.

Hold on, hold on. Let me.

Let's go. Let's go.

Get in the back.

It's okay.

Don't put a blanket over him. He'll feel hot.



The last time David got this drunk when his parents separated.

I'm used to seeing girls chase after David.

But you're the first one he chased after.

That's why I know he loves you.

You're lucky.

Because he loves you.

Because I know you love him, too.


I see myself in you.

It's not your fault that he loves you.

And that I'm just a friend.

I'm sad.

I'm hurt.

I can't bear seeing him this way.

We're hurting David.

We have to stop being friends.

Cat, I love you, too.

Why only now?

Now that I have someone else?

You couldn't love me until David came our way.

No. I've loved you for a long time.


After all the women you've introduced to me, after all the times you denied kissing me,

after everything that...

I've done for you, just so you won't feel like no one loves you.

Wacky, that's ten years.

I closed off my heart to everyone.

I never loved anybody else because I hoped the day would come when... you would love me, too.

Even though everybody kept saying that it's pointless, I waited.

Because I love you.

If only you knew.

But I'll admit, I was afraid.

I was afraid I would hurt you.

Because I knew I was not right for you.

I was not who you needed.

Cat, I've made so many mistakes.

I'm not perfect.

And I never wanted you to be perfect.

All I wanted was for you to try.

Try to set your life straight.

Until you feel like you deserve me.

And what really hurts,

is that you can do it.

You can.

Like now.

Let's not make it any harder for us.

Let's end this.

It's over.

I thought...

I thought you promised not to break up with me ever?

I don't want to lose you.

All right. Thanks.

The producer of GGP called me.

He asked me if I want to join the show after the reformat.

So, what did you say?

Don't ever think that I don't love you.

I'm so grateful for you.

That you looked for me.

And because you found me,

I found myself.

You don't know how much you've changed my life.

How much you make me happy.

And how sorry I am.

because I hurt you.

I know you love me.

I told you once...

is if you don't try, right?

And I see you try.

I could ask your Aunt Judith to talk to your producer to get you back on the show.

It's okay, Dad.

I don't want to use her name just so I can get my job back.

I know but, Dad, I have to take responsibility for my actions.

It's my fault I was fired.

I know I've been a pain to all of you.

Dad, I really want to change.

In fact, I have a job interview with PNN.

The rival network?

Even if you do work for another network.

-Greet your dad. -Come on!

What are you doing here?

I heard you were sick.

I'm fine.

I heard you unfollowed Cat on Twitter.

I missed you.

I missed you, too, Penggoy.

Big Sis! Wake up! Wake up!

It's your birthday! Happy birthday, Big Sis!

-Happy birthday! -Happy birthday, Big Sis!

Thank you. Okay, I'm up.

-Okay. -We cooked you breakfast.

Hey, I like your Facebook pictures.

Yeah, Gillian and I are having fun here.

-Hi, Cat! -Hold on, David.

Come inside.

I'm glad to hear you're having fun there.

Yeah! You know what? She's the one for me.

I told you, didn't I?

I'm glad you realized it.

-Too bad you can't be here. -I know.

-Don't worry, we'll come soon! -Okay then. Bye!

Wow, that's amazing!

-Happy birthday, Big Sis! -Happy birthday, Big Sis!

-Thank you!

Oh, my god! We're so old!

-Enough singing, Pao. -So, Cat? He's there.


The one we set you up with.

You're unbelievable.

He's tall, handsome.

There you go again.

Uncle Wacky!

-We missed you. -Hello.

-That's right, Uncle. -How are you?

-We have ice cream! -Yes.

I'm Wacky, by the way.

Oh, what's up?

By the way, your friend, Lyn, told me that you're looking for a BF.

You're so cheesy!

Can I apply for the position?

-There's an opening. -Really?

Wait, wait, wait.

-You need to move aside. -But I love this song.

-It's time for Wacky! -Don't...

-Sing for us! -Sing for us.

-All right. -You can't say no.

-Where's the mic? -The song is beautiful.

You know this is my favorite song.



But how? Isn't Wacky leaving?


Didn't he tell you? He's going to New York.

-Oh, come on, Pao. Shut up. -Pao!

Way to go, Pao.


Boss! Boss, wait. Where are you going?

Please, Wacky. Stop following me.

Where are you going?

-Please. -Why did you walk out?

-Tarzan, leave me alone. Please. -Why did you walk out?

Stop. Don't...

-Don't dare-- It's pouring! -What?

Where are you going? Why did you walk out?

It's raining!

Exactly, and I won't let you go until you talk.

Come on! We're getting wet. Don't be stupid!

Tell me why you walked out first, and then I'll let you go.

Because I feel so stupid. Because I missed you so much.

Me too. I missed you so much.

Stop this. Come on, it's raining!

Stop this. Stop. I can't get my hopes up again.

I'm done being your pseudo girlfriend.

I agree, okay?

I'm done being scared.

And I can't be just a best friend again.

That's why I want to apply to be your boyfriend.


I don't want a long-distance relationship.

Long distance?

You're going to New York, right?

Yeah. For two weeks.

Just two weeks. That's it.

I just have a special report for PNN.

I'm interviewing OFWs in New York.

And then, I'll visit my Mom, too.

Just two weeks.

Boss, come on.

Boss, I didn't show myself to you these past few months because I wasn't ready yet.

But I've changed. I've changed for you.

Oh, my god.

Here's proof of the kiss! #NewCouple Oh, my god!