Shimla Mirchi (2020) Script

Avi, I need to ask you something.

Please don’t say, "no."

What if I say "yes" before you ask?

Then, I will always be grateful to you.

Why are you being so formal? It’s me.

Actually, I...

I don’t know how to say this.


I mean my...

-You as well? -No.

It’s easy. You can say it.

You can do it.

My mom is in love with you.

Come on.

What are you guys doing?

We’re enjoying ourselves.

You've come to Shimla after two years.

What do you know?

Just wait and watch, sister-in-law.

Soon, he’ll stop coming to Shimla for good.

I disagree, Kannu.

Next year, he'll be here with a girl!

His girlfriend.

Or Mrs. Avinash.

Right, Avi?

Don’t worry, Grandma.

Everything will be normal once he gets married.

You've poisoned the child's mind as well.

Have I ever complained about coming here?

I am bored of coming to the same hill station, all my life.

-But do I ever complain? -No.

You haven't complained yet. But I don't trust you.

You’re very unpredictable.

No, Auntie, never.

I’ll never complain.

I’ll just leave quietly, if I'm bored.

We’re here just for a week.

“Leave quietly!” I know, Mom.

And I’ll seriously try to stay for a couple of days.

Uncle, stop making excuses.

It’s such a beautiful place.

You’re not leaving.

You find it beautiful, just because this is your second trip.

This is my twenty-second trip.

But, if I still find something attractive...

I promise I won't leave.

Couldn’t you guys relax?

You could've attacked the market later.

Not everyone comes here to sleep.

Talking to you guys is a waste of time.

My love!

-How’s it going? -Great.

Come on don't be shy!


-How have you been? -I'm good.

-And you? -Great.

-I have a new book for you. -Which one?

-Do you want to see? -Of course.

100 ways to woo a girl.


-Any luck? -Not yet.

Whenever I try to convey my feelings to a girl...

I get totally dumbstruck.


I was trying to say...

I was saying that...

So, you couldn't ask a girl out. What's the big deal?

There’s always arranged marriage.

You won't have to talk there.

The family takes care of everything.

You don’t need to worry.

The day I find true love...

I’ll ask her out in grand style.

Wait. Wait.

What’s taking them so long? What are they doing?

Grandma! Auntie! Let’s go.


-Come on. -Where are you taking us?

Wait. Wait.

I came over to borrow a hammer, not to be a part of your silly photo shoot.

Cover your head. Cover it.

And give me a good pose. Something like this.

That’s more like it.

What a beautiful girl.

Yes, Sonu. She’s very beautiful.

But she’s a little too pretty for our Avi.

Your shop is doing well.

Maybe you should think about my café as well.

Don't be jealous!

You’re not the sole owner of that café.

I’ve invested in it as well.

Talking to you is a waste of time.

Go ahead, click.

You didn’t wear the head ornament.

Head ornament?

Look, I don’t have time for that.

-This is your last and final pose. -Please.

Sangeeta, get the head ornament quickly.

I wish Avi was good enough to ask her out.

She would become our daughter-in-law.


Hold on, sister.

She’s not a piece of mango which you can pick and take home.

Wait, let me talk to her.

Just two minutes.

Just a minute.

Hi, dear.


Are you... married?

No... I'm not.

And I don't intend to.

Just one minute!

This Vikas is good for nothing.

Yeah, Captain Uncle.

-The false ceiling fell down! -What?

The false ceiling fell down?

Yes... the false ceiling.

Stay there, I am coming over.

I will show that bloody...

-Naina, my photo-shoot. -My child!

Mishti will love this!

Mishti, where are you going?

I want to sit with Auntie.

Did you pack the walnuts?

Listen... I had fun this time.

Mishti, say goodbye to Riz Road.

-What's wrong, Avi? -Nothing.

You know what, you guys go on.

I’m going to stay.

Don’t translate it. Tell us what's wrong.

Why do you want to stay back?


I just don’t want to leave yet.

What’s wrong, Avi?

Nothing, Mom, I just...

Do you guys get why Avi wants to stay back?

Of course, son. You can stay as long as you want.

May God give you the strength to propose the girl this time.


But who is she?

I don’t know.

What? No, there’s no one.

Your uncle used to say...

Mishti, cover your ears.

Yes, Auntie. I’ll try my best.

Here’s your luggage.

And this time come back only after you have wooed her.

I admit it's a big order... but, we don’t deliver food. We’re short-staffed.

What can I do if you’re all alone at home? I can’t come over.

I said I cannot come over.

I’m a changed man now, madam.


Captain Uncle, I’m going to crush that contractor Vikas today--

Candidates for the interview are here.

He's been working for six months and the place is already falling apart and--

What are you doing?

Are you blind?

What are you doing, Naina?

You know what, why don’t you break a few more.

Hey! Hey!

Hey... what are you doing, Naina? What are you doing?

We need to hire people who are willing to stay and work.

If you keep behaving like this... who would want to stay here?

I’ll get on with the interviews.

Send them in one by one.

Guy number one... come in.

Keep your file.

Tell me about your education.

You’ll have to do everything here.

I’ll even make you clean the bathroom.


I’ll pay you 5,000 rupees.

No? Please leave.

Why do you show up for the interview if you don’t want to work?

Come, please.

Who's next?

...for all the chores.

You're cooking almost after a year.

Well, the weather’s quite special today.

This 24 karat smile is the most special.

Just like you started cooking... you should resume your dance practice as well.

I will.

Kidney beans. Okra.

You know what...

Let’s sign the divorce papers as well.

Let’s start with a clean slate.

Should I call Tilak and tell him... that you’re signing the divorce papers.

Why do you call him "Tilak"?

Call him Papa.

Mom... he’s no longer my papa.

And he’s never coming back here either.

So, I am telling him that you’re signing the divorce papers.

Do call him... and wish him a happy birthday.

In fact, pay him a visit as well.

So, all this is for Tilak’s birthday.

Amazing... You've made desserts as well.

Then we don’t need this.

What are you doing?

Don’t do it.

I've spent the entire day cooking.

Give me that!

Please, don’t throw the food away.

-Give it! -Leave it.

Give me the sweets.

Give me the sweets, Mom.

He doesn’t want to divorce me.

He dumped you a long time ago.

And you’re still holding on to him.

-Give me the sweets, Mom. -No.

For the past one & half year, he’s been living a few miles away with a girl half his age.

He does this sometimes.

But eventually comes back to me.

You just wait and watch, he'll come back.



One’s crying after cooking the food.

And the other one’s crying after throwing it away.

And what for?

My good for nothing son, Tilak.

This is way too much drama.

What are you looking at?

Want some? Go ahead.

It’s really tasty.

It’s called National café.

The board will change soon.

And you’re going to be her employee... as long as the café doesn’t open?

It will open soon.

Everyone in Shimla knows... she keeps announcing every month that her café’s opening shortly.

Do you know how much she has delayed it?

In fact, she had to setup few coffee tables outside, just to meet her expenses.

Fine. Everyone goes through a bad phase in their life.

So what?

But soon, everyone in Shimla will know... that I’ve joined the café now.

I’ve planned everything, Jude.

When the time’s right...

I will finally say what I never could.

I couldn’t have imagined a bigger surprise!

My daughter personally coming over to wish me.

Not just to wish you, I also brought sweets.

-Mom made it. -It’s a little too sweet.

A bitter man like you... needs an extra dose of sweetness.

Take this.

Why do you blame me for everything?

Because you’re adding years to your life... by celebrating your birthdays.

But your wife’s losing on hers waiting for you.

Look dear, you’re still very young... and you haven’t fallen in love yet.

One day you will understand my situation.

Mr. Sensible man... why don’t you talk some sense into my mother as well?

I already sent her the divorce papers.

It's not my fault that she isn’t signing them.

Why marry a woman... who can’t divorce you?

A man getting divorced, and remarrying is not that big a deal anymore.

Then you should know that...

I will ensure that a woman getting divorced and remarrying will not be that big a deal here in Shimla.

for bringing me to the temple.

Thank you for what, Mom?

You’re feeling good, right?

Mom, let’s do something that will make you feel better.

-What? -Come on.

Just stay quiet.

-Hello, priest. -Bless you, child.

Now that we’re here...

I am sure we’ll be blessed.

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Can you read my sister's palms?


Have a look, please.

Have a look, please.

What does it say?

Don’t worry, dear.

It did take some time... but her prince charming is on his way.

Your sister’s blushing.

Anyway, thank you, priest.

You’re very naughty.

If this is bad, then so be it.

I see...

Be happy. Enjoy your life.

Look at yourself.

Why? What’s wrong with me?

Mom, do you need me to tell you how beautiful you are?

How talented you are?

And how graceful you are?

Are you going to waste all this?

And for what? For that Tilak?

I understand, dear.

Change is an important part of life.

And I am trying my best.

Don’t try, Mom, just do it.

Say it out loud...

Rukmini’s going to live life on her own terms

Rukmini’s... going to live life on her own terms She's doesn't give a damn about this world.

She's doesn't give a damn about this world.

All Rukmini wants is...



The picture on the back, that’s my husband.

But he's with someone else.

What can he do if some girl forces herself onto him?

Let me take a look.

Just a minute.

Why don’t you buy a copy for yourself?

I just want to take a look.

But I--

Let me see. It’s my husband’s picture.

Let go.

You’re such a strange man.

Look what you’ve done.

Wait, wait.

Give that back.

And use this cheaper one.

I’m going to use this at the Marina.

Hey, Mr. Vikas contractor.

Are you going to think about your own progress in every contract... or, will you let others live peacefully as well?

Captain sir, I've already had enough of Naina's blabbering.

Please spare me the lecture.

I am designing this place. I'm not digging a pit.

I think you’re trying to complete your incomplete designing course in our café!

You know... that I am trying my best to finish the job.

Naina should’ve never dreamed so big if she didn’t have money.

Why should I suffer?

Bloody contractor... this light will go up here.

-Naina, this bloody-- -Why are you scolding the poor guy?

Let's resolve this issue calmly.


Have you lost your mind?

Those are expensive!

Who's gonna pay for that?

How would I know?

-All I know, is that I am... -Naina, wait! cancelling your contract today.

-I am throwing all your stuff out. -Naina, listen to me.

You’re crazy.

I don’t want to see your face.

He has left.

He’s absolutely right, Captain Uncle.

This is just a dream.

Tear it down! I don’t want this!

Shut it down! I don’t want this!

She’s leaving. Please stop her.

There's a storm raging in her life.

No one can stop her.

Shambhu. Janak. Sorry, guys.

Please clean this up before you leave for the day.

Can I stay back with them?

You’re new here.

And this isn't your job.

I’ll do anything for Naina madam.



Such is the plight of lovers... they build their own little world, without a hint of hope.

You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for so long.

Let's start.

Bring it in.

We’ll finish upstairs first.

-Me? -Yes.

-Are you out of your mind? -Why?

I opened a bookshop so that I wouldn't have to dirty my hands.

You never dirty your hands for a good deed.

And I know how clean you are.

But I have brought people along.

So you aren’t coming?

Come on, guys.

Now you’re dirty.

Let's go.

Before you give me credit for all this... let me tell you, I have done nothing, as usual.

This is Avi’s magic.

Who’s Avi?

Poor boy did the unthinkable overnight... and you don’t know who’s Avi.

Avinash, the guy you employed yesterday.

Please sleep.

-I’ll-- -No, no.

I was about to get up, anyway.

How can I sleep, now that you're here.

I couldn’t sleep all night... thinking about how I will fix the café after firing Vikas in a fit of rage.

That's the bond which a employer and his employee share.

They understand each other.

I wish to start a café, as well.

But if I don’t help you with your dream, how will I build my own?

-Am I right, madam? -Absolutely right.

But please stop calling me "madam."

I hate these formalities.

What else can I call you?

Call me Naina.

Or call me "sister" just like Shambhu and Janak do.


Why? What’s wrong with "sister"?

Well, I already have a sister.

Her name is Sonu...

Then call me Naina.

If we’re on first-name basis, does that make us friends?

Then let’s be friends.


I have something to say.


I think we should buy a water purifier for the café.

I think this--

Because Mom says that this purifier gives you the purest water.

I was hungry, but you seem to be enjoying the food more.

What can I say?

I have never had a dinner like this in my life.

-Excuse me, a paper towel, please. -Have some more.

-No, I am done. -Don’t be shy.

-Should I call for more? -No, I'm not being shy.

This is just the beginning, Naina.

I’m sure we'll be having many more dinners together.

Did someone ever tell you that... you look really ugly when you smile?

No. Why?

Then why don’t you smile?

I seldom get an opportunity to smile.

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini Where are you off to?

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini Where are you off to?

Can I say something, if you don’t mind?

Of course.

I feel there is something wrong with your café.

Well... people go to the temple, to pray.

They go to the theatre, to watch a film.

Similarly, they don’t go to a café, just to have some coffee.

They go there...

I mean... they go there to do a lot more.

Like what?

To each his own.

A café should attract the attention of any person.

Make him feel like this is the place to be.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Why do you have to think as long as I am here?

Just wait and watch... how I transform your National café into an International café.

Here's your bag.

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini Where are you off to?

Where are you off to?

Where are you off to?

You better talk to your mother.

Next time... if she tries to sneak into my room...

I’ll either call the police or send her to a mental asylum.

All I wanted... was a glimpse of him.

-What happened? -Nothing.

Tell me what happened?

Why are you crying?

I... broke a heel.

That's no reason to cry.

That happens often. And they can be fixed.


Not every broken thing can be fixed, Avi.

You can, if you try with a little love.

And, no need to cry over what can’t be fixed.

You can always get a new one. Right?

You can’t solve all my problems, Avi.

This is just the beginning.

I wouldn’t let any problem touch you.

Aren’t you doing a little too much... for a job that pays just 5,000 rupees?

Am I now?

Why don’t you enjoy the service?

You can decide if you want to raise my salary... to 7,500 or reduce it to 2,500 rupees later.

Please, smile.

What can you do for me right now?

Right now?

Your feet are gorgeous, my lady.

Don’t let them touch the ground, they are getting dirty.

My heart has fallen in love Your name is now etched on my soul Your love is enchanting All I want is you

Everything happens for a reason I know you’re unaware Everything happens for a reason I know you’re unaware To make you mine My heart made many mistakes Many mistakes...

Many mistakes...

Many mistakes...

My dawns and dusks

My nights are sleepless All I can do, is wait for you Our distance makes me restless All I can do, is wait for you Your voice is what makes my heartbeat Your image dwells even in my dreams To make you mine My heart made many mistakes Many mistakes...

Many mistakes...

Many mistakes...

Many mistakes...

My heart has fallen in love Your name is etched on my soul My heart has fallen in love Your name is etched on my soul Your love is enchanting All I want is you I wonder what every lovestruck guy tries to find in the moon?

Stop staring. It will fall down.

A guy whose love lasts only for a couple of hours... will never know how long one can stare at the moon.

Get some sleep, bro.

I know you’re a Romeo at night but in the morning, you’re just her employee.

I can’t get enough sleep these days.

Can’t sleep?

Why don’t you take her along?

I swear, if she doesn’t put you in coma...

I’ll change my name.

You are just...

Hold on.

Who is she?

What happened to the other one?

She was asking me to tattoo her name on my arm.

I broke up with her on chat.

At least have the balls to say it in person.

If you're not comfortable saying it, write it down.

Of course.

If you're not comfortable saying it, write it down.

Janak, clean this place.

You won my heart, the moment I saw you for the first time.

You must be wondering who is crazy enough to write a letter in today’s time.

It’s me...

Your Secret Admirer.

Avi, throw that away.

Yeah, that paper in the dustbin.

Avi, hold on.

Finish the other chores first.

-Someone's at the door. -Sure.

Do this later.

You give me sleepless nights, and make my days restless.

I think the only way to cure this pain... is when you’ll utter my name.

Just like I chant your name all day.

I have just one desire now.

Bear your attitude, alleviate your sorrows... and make you smile.

You know, Brownie, I wrote that letter to Mom... so that she can get over that Tilak for good.

So that, she get rid of these heavy-duty thoughts like "together-for-life" and face the reality, and accept the truth.

So Naina smiled after reading your letter.


And she gave it a tight hug?

I mean I've never seen her this happy.

I know you won’t lie to me... but, I find it hard to believe.

You won my heart, the moment I saw you for the first time.

Say it out loud...

Rukmini’s is going to live her life on her own terms!

She doesn't give a damn about this world.

What’s wrong?

What’s wrong with you?

You look really happy.

I see...

Is it that obvious?

Only con artists hide their feelings.

Honest people are not capable of doing it.

You know, Avi, I have never done anything like this before.

I am really scared.

Everything will go as per your plan.

You know, I always thought that money can make the world move.

Me too.

But, I've just realized that even a piece of paper can change someone’s life.

Of course, it can.

But I’ll have to wait and watch to see if this is true.

People bitten by the love bug are at every nook and corner.

Millions dead... and yet, billions are queuing up.

Captain Uncle, where can one buy flowers in Shimla?

For a funeral?

No, for love.

Grandma, is Mom there?

She isn't home.

What do you mean?

I can’t say.

Are you a writer?


Do you write well?

Did you write this?

It's good.

But... I didn’t write this.

Then, why are you wasting my time.

Just because someone wrote you a letter will you look for him on the streets?

Ask any random person?

But just like you said...

Rukmini, you must live life on your own terms.

I was shocked to read this letter... because someone thinks about me more than I do.

I will find my secret admirer.

What is it?


Who called for these?


I don’t know.

Someone left them outside.

Someone left them outside.

-Outside? -Yeah.

He must have done it.

He sent these flowers.

He must be around.




Keep it.


That’s mine.

Read your own letter.

I was reading my own letter.

She used my emotional letter to heal her mother’s heart.

It’s okay, buddy.

There's no shortage of girls in this world.

Your decision to leave is absolutely right.

When did I say that?

So you're not leaving?

Why would I leave?

This was just a temporary setback, not a loss.

I’ll start afresh.

I'll think of something new.


And anyway, her mother’s definitely in a better mood after reading the letter.

If her mother's happy, obviously, Naina will be happy.


And when everyone’s happy, everything goes well.

My daughter says bad is good.

So I’m going to be bad.

Mom, I didn't tell you to be so bad.


Tilak’s divorce papers.

They were lying in the cupboard all this while.

But now I am taking them out and keeping them on this table.


Now that’s like my girl.

Now that Tiku will learn his lesson.

And look...

I'll resume my practice today!

You’re doing a great job at being bad.

After the divorce, I’m going to stay with you.

Of course. You will stay with us.

I don’t want to live with that idiot.

Of course, grandma. We won’t let you!

Come on, Mom. Now sign these papers quickly, please.

Of course not.

I'll do it, only after I find my secret admirer.

Sorry, I am late.

-Is your mother alright? -Yes.

She is absolutely fine.


Let’s get these done today.

We have been ignoring it for a long time.

-But the accounts are done. -Done?

Did you do it?

-I thought you did them. -No.


-Actually, I did it. -He did it.

-You know accounting? -Yes, I do.

You never asked, so, I never mentioned it.

Wow! Wow!

Words aren’t enough to praise you!

It's hard to find such hard-working boys on a tight budget.

What happened?

Avi, what are they saying?

Avi, what are they saying?

I don’t understand their language.

I don't know, someone was staring at the girl.

It's good to know that these fights are common.

I thought this was just an Indian thing.

So... you know accounts as well as Chinese.

I do.

But they were speaking Japanese.

So, you know Japanese as well?

And about 10-12 more languages.

And of course, you didn’t tell me because I didn’t ask.


Mr. Avinash, before I inform the police... that some secret agent has infiltrated my café... tell me who you are.

Honestly, I am Avinash.

I'm not some secret agent.

But I am on a secret mission.

Actually, my family left me here... warning me that I cannot return until I find a bride.

I thought I’ll work at a café.

Girls frequently visit cafés, maybe someone will notice me.

You just wait here, I will take a decision right now.

Captain Uncle. He’s a bloody fraud.

How does he know so many foreign languages?

He wanted to make an international café, didn’t he?

He’ll just add "inter" to our "National" café.

And make it an international café.

Naina... he cannot just take over our café.

Do you want me to believe his stupid excuse... that he's trying to find a bride?


He’s got his hands in every single department of our café.


And much more.

No, dear.

I don’t think so.

What do I look like?

There’s no way I will let him take me for a ride.

I will show him.

Come along.

Wong Ching Pong, here we go.

Your services are no longer required.

You’re fired.

Why are you being so formal? We’re friends.

No, we're not. You are not the guy you were pretending to be.

And you’re definitely not the guy I hired.

How does it matter?

The fact is that I am the best man for this café.

Let me be the judge of what's best for this café.

I know its National café, but it’s mine.

And I’ve no intentions of taking it over.

Uncle, please talk to her. What is she thinking?

The owner says that you’re a cheap man.

-And, I don’t even know you. -What?

Okay anyway, stop wasting my time and get out.

I don’t care, and I don’t want to know.

You really don’t know.

You’ve to give 30 days' notice before you fire an employee.

If you don’t want to end up in legal trouble before the opening... then, you must bear with me for 30 days.


So, I’ll leave now and come back tomorrow.




He knows the law as well.

I think this man is trouble.

Captain Uncle, don’t give him any work.

No work at all.

Dear Lord, benevolent one.

How long will you mischievously keep admiring me from a distance?

Step into the light, and into my life.

Please reply to my letter as soon as possible.

Yours, Rukmini.


What’s going on?

The priest says that he secretly loves me.

But he’s afraid to admit it.

There is no one.

Sit down, Naina... and listen to what the priest has to say.

Hey, priest!

What bullshit are you feeding my mother?

What is your problem?

Why will a priest have a problem?

Priests have solutions.

Look... I’ve found a solution.

Rukmini has written a love letter to God.

Soon, the Lord will initiate his divine game... and things will fall in place.

Priest, all I want is a reply to my letter.

You'll get it tomorrow.

-Tomorrow? -What nonsense!

-No, you won't. -Of course, I will.

Mom, it’s not going to happen.

If I don't get a reply, I’ll harm myself.

-Mom, I am leaving. -Okay, dear.

Drive safe.

-What are you doing there? -Waiting... for the love letter.

Are you going to stand there all day?

Whether I sit, stand, sing, or dance, it’s my wish.

Mind your own business.

I said leave.

Here you go.

-Don’t do it. -What’s wrong? Let me do it.

That’s my job.

I’m just checking the stock. Let me do it.

I was halfway through, you’ll just make a mess.

-It’s alright. Let me do it. -Like I said...

I know how many cakes have arrived today, you don’t.

-Fine, you do it. -I was doing it!

What’s wrong with him?

Are they fresh?

Oh, God.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

This is not your job, either. This is my job.

-Let me-- -I know where to keep these.

Why did you get these?

-You keep them! -I am doing it!

You'll get a heart attack.

These two have a fight... and I've to bear the brunt of it!

Oh, God!

Don’t climb up there.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Don’t do anything.

-What’s wrong? -How do I explain?

My job’s at stake here.

-Job-- -Don’t do anything.

Don’t do anything.

And anyway, you look so tired.

I know you’ve worked really hard... and made this café what it is today.

-Look! Look! -What are you doing, Captain Uncle?

What’s... going on here?

We’ll have to tolerate him for 30 days.

Please come to my office.

If you behave like this... no one will get anything for you.

Go on!

What’s going on, Captain Uncle?

Some people achieve what they perceive.

And some are losers like him who just waste their time.

Let him be.

That's alright.

But, at least you focus on your work.

What happened?

The café invites are still here.

Anyway, please have these delivered.

Just a minute. Listen to me.


Don’t be mad. I said sorry.

-I have a small job for you. -Now you want me to work.

Come on.

Do it for me.

These are the invites for our café’s opening.

Please have these delivered.

-What a stupid job? -It’s a job after all.

And you said you want to work.

Please do it for me.

Here’s the money.

I have money.

I’ll talk to you when I get back.

You seem to have a lot of money! Why don't you give me some?

I'll walk over to the third street and deliver it.

Is the address close-by?

It's the second house on the third street.


Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini There she goes Ruk. Ruk. Rukmini Ruk. Ruk. Rukmini There she goes...

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini There she goes...

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini There she goes...

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini Hey...

Looking nice, Auntie.

Who are you calling auntie?

Don’t come again.

Captain, the boy who just walked in, does he work here?

You mean... Avinash?

-So, his name is Avinash? -Yes.

I see...



You've good manners even at such a young age.

-Age has nothing to do with it. -That’s true.

Age has nothing to do with anything.

-Mom, please come inside. -Coming.

Come meet me in the office.

"You look so cute when you deck up.”

“I see you in my dreams day and night.” It’s not right to read out your love letter.

But, between us... this letter, as compared to the earlier one, lacks passion.

But still... Avinash, you’re such an amazing writer.

How did Avinash get into all this?

Avinash is my secret admirer.

-What nonsense, Mom? -Call me sister.

I am sure he knows, but still... sister sounds so much better.

-May I come in? -Yes, of course.

How did you know I was thirsty, Avi?

-Can I call you Avi? -Call me anything you want.

By the way, how long have you been--

You’ve been wasting time.

Go and do some work. Go on.

But you said I shouldn’t work.

But now I am telling you to work.


-Go, go. -Strange.

Mom, he’s my employee.

He can't dare to write a love letter to you.

I am sure there’s some confusion.

Naina, I loved a blue-blooded man.

But what did I get in return?

But this common man changed my life.


But as long as we don’t confirm that Avinash is your secret admirer, please stop this drama... and go home.

Take those anklets off and wear my shoes.

-Come on. -Yeah, I know.

You’re feeling embarrassed.

Because, a guy your age is hitting on me.

What if he’s your employee, he’ll available in the evening after his working hours.

Until then, I'll go to Pinky's parlor and get ready for him.

Avi, what’s wrong?

I can’t change clothes again.

I apologize for everything that happened inside.

Actually... I wanted to say something to you.


But... it’s a little personal.

Where are you taking my boyfriend?

No, Mom... I am with Brownie.

If you are with Brownie, am I sitting here with her twin sister?

-Yeah, Jude. -Where are you?

Naina’s brought me out of the city.

I think something is going to happen today.


Just hold on for a second.

Say that again.

I was saying that something’s going to happen today.

-Really, son? -Mom?

I just made a conference call to give them the good news.


Avi, can we come over to watch you.

Stop embarrassing me, Sonu.

If it's all set, why are you feeling embarrassed?

Come over, Sonu.

Jude! Stop this nonsense!

I’ll call you later.


Don’t waste your time holding hands.

Just kiss her.

Okay, bye.

Don't call me again. Bye.

If you want me to sign the divorce papers... then it's crucial I meet Avi.

You’re getting me wrong, Mom.

It's not what you think.

I’ll explain everything later.

Avi, I need to ask you something.

Please don’t say "no."

What if I say "yes" even before you ask?

Then, I will always be grateful to you.

Why are you being so formal? It's me.

Actually, I...

I don’t know how to say this.

I mean my...

-You as well? -No.

It’s easy. You can say it.

You can do it.

My mom’s in love with you.

So, you brought me all the way out here... to tell me this.

Actually, my mom was pretty depressed.

Then one day I got a letter from some secret admirer.

I thought, if Mom receives a letter like this, maybe, she will forget about her problems.

I sent that letter to my mom.

Please, just pretend for a few days.

Just pretend that you are my mom’s secret admirer... and you wrote those letters to her.

I promise that I’ll tell her everything when the time is right.

Just for a few days, Avi.

So, Rukmini suggested meeting here.

Why not?

It's my daughter's café after all.

Why are you here?

And, how dare you bring her here.

We didn’t come here to meet you.

Can we get a table for four?

You can forget about getting a table here even after the opening.

And for four people?

-Who did you invite? -I didn’t invite anyone.

Your mother invited me over to introduce me to her boyfriend.

Yes, Naina. I invited him.

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini What’s wrong with you?

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini What’s wrong with you?

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini What’s wrong with you?

I won’t leave without meeting Avi.

And, I must introduce him to these guys as well.

What are you doing, Mom?

I will definitely let you meet Avi... but why introduce him to these guys?

That's necessary.

We lovebirds will often bump into each other.

At the park, the theatre, sunset point.

I don’t want us to bump into each other without a formal introduction.

That would be so awkward.

Isn’t this awkward as well?

Please send the man of the hour.

Mom, I don’t know how to say this, he is not coming.

Promises once made must be kept.


Make it quick.

Tilak, how are you?

I am fine.

He has that effect on people.

Karishma... how old are you?

And Avi?

Just a year younger to her.

Karishma, how educated are you?

-I’ve completed my graduation. -Graduate?

Is that all?

Avi. You’re highly educated, aren’t you?

-Come on. -Highly!


Tilak... do you have any questions?


What did you say your name was?

-Avinash I-- -How much sugar?

No sugar, no milk.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee. And Rukmini knows.

That’s even better.

Your loss is my gain. Again!

You’re so naughty, Avi.

Really sorry, guys. But I am a little drunk.

Of course, if you don't have a problem, let’s have some more.

I am sure you know.

This is how they drink coffee in Ireland.


How about I make your coffee Irish as well?

As far as I know, Rukmini doesn’t drink alcohol.

I've come a long way from the woman you once knew.

By the way...

-What do you do? -What do I do?

Actually, I do everything.

The chair you’re sitting on, resting your hands... the glass you’re drinking water from, and the place where you’ll take it out.

I deserve the credit for it all.

-I work in this café. -You don’t look like an employee.

That’s because these days I am someone’s prince charming.

With a catch like this, the happiness will clearly show on the face.

Right, Rukmini?

You know, the name Rukmini is too long. Too long.

If I can call you Avi, you can definitely call me Mini.

It’s your personal affair.

You can call each other anything you want.

Why will it matter to us?

How do I address our ever changing relationship?

I mean it’s changing at the speed of a rocket.

A few days ago, you were my boss.

Then we became friends.

What do I call you now?


Only I have a right to call her daughter.

Even I have a right to call her daughter.

In fact, why don’t we let Naina and Avi decide that?

Fine, you guys can decide among yourselves who will address whom as what.

Come, darling. Let’s go.

You’ll have to make new divorce papers.

I didn’t want to sign these at first.

But, now I am so happy that, I couldn’t stop signing.

Must have been hard...

for Tilak.


But do you feel sad for him?

Why will I feel sad?

-You’re here for me. -Yes.

Why? What’s wrong?

You’re okay, right?

Sorry I...

Well, I tried Irish coffee for the first time.

So, I’m sloshed.

The things you do for love.

I know them pretty well.

Well, I'll take your leave.

Avi, I am really sorry for whatever happened inside.

I didn't know the situation--

You got what you wanted, right?

Avi, I know it was a difficult job.

You don’t know what you’ve done for me.

Wow, Mom!

It seems like you never stopped practicing at all.

By the way, you look like you're in a very happy mood today.

Why wouldn’t I be?

Last night, my boyfriend Avi blew Tilak out of the water.


Mom, are you sure about Avinash?

Why? Is he interested in someone else?


I mean, how would I know.

Then... why are you asking me about him?

-Are you in love with him? -Who me?


You know that I don’t waste my time thinking about love.

Love cannot be explained, or perceived in thoughts.

-Love just happens. -I see.

Just like dengue and malaria.

When someone stays up all night to fulfill your dreams... and the mere mention of his name makes you restless... and fireworks go off in your heart.

When nothing seems impossible because he’s with you.

-Have you ever felt that way? -Yes, I did.

No. I mean never.

Yes... never.

That means yes.

Don’t be shy. Tell me who he is.

Mom, stop it.

Now listen, you've finally taken a decision about Dad.

Yes, I have.

And you've resumed practicing.

Yes, I have.

-So, life’s back on track again? -Yes.

Now, let's end Avi's track at this point What is your connection with my love story?

This is between Avi and me, which he started.

Mom, let’s not worry about who started what and why?

Let’s end this here.

My daughter’s getting insecure.

Mom will never forget you.

And Avi will love you a lot as well.

Mom, you don’t know anything.

And dear... you don’t know me.

Just wait and watch...

Avi and I will be inseparable!



Are you alright?


You’re mad... at Naina?


Is she mad at you?

-How would I know about her feelings? -Really?

They say that if you want the daughter... then you must keep her mother happy.

And if you like the mother, you must keep the daughter happy.


-Are you getting me? -Yes.

You are smart.

-How was your date, Rukmini? -It was amazing.

You should get a boyfriend as well.

-We can go on a double date. -Of course.

I am always ready.

Thank you.

Everything was going well.

I mean random conversations.

But then it happened.


What happened?



-He's with a lady. -What?

Now there’s good news and there's some bad news.

Give me the good news first.

My family didn't see my so-called girlfriend’s face.

And the bad news?

I am pregnant and it's your child.

...they want to meet her now.

Let them meet her.

Who? Your mom?

Her daughter.

I’ll be your girlfriend.

-You? -Why?

Am I not good enough?

-I mean, you and me-- -We’ll look like a really cute couple.

Wait, let me show you.

Be careful!

See... we look so cute.

I look like the crazy type, and you look so mature.

Should I wear a traditional outfit tomorrow?

Yeah, just like I saw you for the first time.

Yeah. Since, they'll be seeing you for the first time.

And, they will never know.

I’ll pretend to be completely lovestruck.

Me too.

In fact, I will be...

the better actor.

Of course.

It's just acting.

You did it for me, and I’ll do it for you.

It's just acting.

Avi, if my eyes tear up when I see her... please don’t be embarrassed.

Don’t be embarrassed if I start crying, either.

No, this is the first time.

I mean tears of joy.

But where is she?

Exactly. Where is she?

-Sonu, isn’t she the same girl? -Yes, Mom.

This girl very confidently proclaimed that she'll never get married.


And you made her fall for you.

Bravo, son.

She’s already approved.

-Am I right? -Yes!

You really proved yourself, Avi.

Auntie! Please.

Uncle, she isn’t the one who was on the bike with you?

That's her, Mishti.

She looks different in a helmet.

Have your juice.


-That's my mom, my aunt, sister... -Namaste.

Avi talks about you guys so much... that I don’t feel like we’re meeting for the first time.

We’re quiet just because of Avi.

Or else, I can tell you right now, -where and when we-- -What?

It’s nothing.

Auntie is just joking.

You’re looking nice.

So how do you like my Naina?

This is the happiest day of my life. This is better than... the day you were born.

-Dear... -What is this?

I can’t take this.


Mom, I think you’re getting late.

Let's wrap this up.

We just got here, and you’re asking us to leave?

Actually, Naina has to leave as well.

Her mother is feeling unwell.

-I am so sorry, dear. -No, she’s okay, Auntie.

Actually, her mother has a mental condition, you know.


But Avi, we must meet her mother.

Why Mom? What’s the point?

Well, we’ll have to discuss the wedding with her mother.

What do you want to discuss?

You just book a venue and we’ll be there.

-Right? -Yes.

This is not some yoga class. "We’ll be there."

I am sure her mother has some opinions.

Auntie, I think it's best not to ask her mother about her opinion.

She has a mental--

What’s wrong, Avi?

-This place is infested with mosquitoes... -Mosquitoes?

-You go home, dear. -Okay.

We’ll come over tomorrow for tea.

-Tomorrow evening? -Tomorrow evening?

Mom is getting ready.

She will be down soon.

She takes time to get ready. Right.

Let’s come back later.


Come on. Let’s go.

Sit down. Sit.

He’s very shy.

You call that being shy?

They should see our Rukmini.

Ruk...Ruk...Rukmini What’s wrong with you?

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini

-Hey... is that her mother? -What's wrong with you?

Ruk... Ruk... Rukmini What’s wrong with you?

Well, it can’t be her father in a sari.


-Namaste. -Namaste.

Avi, pass the plate.

-Help yourself. -Thank you, dear.

How are you feeling now?


What's wrong with me?

Avi was saying...

I am so sorry. I dropped my glass.

I should be the one who's nervous.

After all, the groom's family is here.

-Avi didn’t want us to meet you. -I see.

He’s a shy guy.

Maybe he wanted to surprise everyone.

When Avi first told us his love story... we were really surprised!

We couldn’t believe it.

But God works in mysterious ways.

He has a plan for everyone.

Yes. Right.

Mom, can I sit with Auntie?

Of course.

Go on, Mishti. You don’t need to ask.

You’ll be sitting next to her for the rest of your life.

Go on.

Come on, dear.

Come here.

Come, Mishti. My child.

So, what do you think about Avi?

I can't praise him enough.

Avi’s the only guy in our entire family... who has bagged such a big trophy in love.

I hope you’re happy with this relationship?

What are you saying?

I hope you don’t have any objection to his choice?

Why would we object?

Our son always wanted a beautiful, talented and mature girl, which he got.

In fact, Avinash deserves all the credit.

Ever since he has--

What happened?

-Are you okay? -I am fine.

Are these samosas?

I am allergic to samosa.

-Allergic to samosa? -Yes.

-Since when? -Since last month.

I’ll keep this in mind.

We’ll never make samosas again.

Take these away.

These samosas are really bad.

So, shall we leave?

Sit. Sit.

We haven’t discussed the important stuff.

I was waiting for you to bring it up.

I feel a little embarrassed to fix the date of the wedding myself.

That's strange.

You must fix the date.

You guys are really modern people.

I am so fortunate... that I’ll soon be part of your family.

Me too, Mother.

Now fix a date quickly and come to Delhi.

We’ll have a grand wedding.

The girl is so beautiful.

But the relationship between mother and daughter--

Hold on. Hold on.

Naina doesn’t know that you wrote that letter to her.

And Rukmini thinks that you wrote that letter to her.

Your family thinks that Naina is your girlfriend.

And Rukmini thinks that you’re going to marry her.

And you...

love Naina.

But she doesn’t see that.

I am in a big mess.

Don’t you see a way out?

No, there is.

That’s why I am leaving today.

But today is the café’s opening ceremony.

I will leave once it's done.

Many poets perished...

Lovers died...

And Romeos lost

-their lives -Wow, that's great!

Anyone who dared to cross the sea of love... drowned in the middle Getting me, Son?

There’s a girl at the party Looking so gorgeous There’s a girl at the party Looking so gorgeous She’s a little traditional, and a little modern She looks so sweet, And she packs some heat I never thought She will be so feisty

As she sways to the Hot hot beat...

And moves her waist, this sizzler of Shimla

She adds sparkle to the party...

And keeps dancing, This sizzler of Shimla

As she sways to the Hot hot beat...

And moves her waist, this sizzler of Shimla

You send out two Wedding invites Your phone’s running two sim-cards You have your sights here, And there as well No matter how hard you try to hide, But I know You have your sights here, And there as well No matter how hard you try to hide, But I know She used me, Confused my heart When will she change her flavor

As she sways to the Hot hot beat...

And moves her waist, This sizzler of Shimla

She adds sparkle at the party...

And keeps dancing, This sizzler of Shimla

Listen up...

The year was 1950, And I was the apple of everyone’s eye The boys in the neighborhood

-Were crazy about me -What are you saying?

Look at my moves Look at me groove As I sway my waist Their hearts skip a beat As she sways to the Hot hot beat...

And moves her waist, This sizzler of Shimla She adds sparkle at the party And keeps dancing, This sizzler of Shimla As she sways to the Hot-hot beat...

And moves her waist, This sizzler of Shimla She adds sparkle at the party...

And keeps dancing, This sizzler of Shimla.

As she sways to the Hot-hot beat And moves her waist, This sizzler of Shimla She adds sparkle at the party And keeps dancing, This sizzler of Shimla

What are you doing here?

Were you expecting someone else?

You showed me the trailer of your love... do you want to show the movie to someone else?

That’s not true, Rukmini.

But the situation is such that I have to leave.

Are you leaving... or are you running away?

Something like that.

Actually, Ms. Rukmini...

I don't--

You don’t love me.

But you do love someone else.

When you met Tilak at the café... you had at least four drinks.

Two for showing your confidence to Tilak... and two more for showing someone how frustrated you are.

You pretended to be in love with me because of Naina.

Because you... love her.

How do you know?

What do I call you now? Daughter?


I also know that Naina’s secretly watching us.

I did take my daughter’s advice and got carried away.

Maybe, that was the right thing to do back then.

But now I am in my senses.

I won’t let her get carried away.

I won’t tell her that you love her.

Always love the one who loves you.

And trusts you more than herself.

Where are you going?

Back where I came from.

What did Mom say?

She said that she got carried away... but now she’s in her senses.

Why are you leaving suddenly?

Actually, there's something...

In fact, I had a lot to say to you.

What do you want to say, Naina?

You have done a lot for me.

And sorry that you didn't find your dream girl... the one you came to Shimla for.

Actually, I did find her, Naina.

But I could never get her.


Forget it.

Your café’s open now. And your mom’s back to normal.

Everything that happened between us--

Did anything happen between us, Naina?

I mean all the problems that we had...

So, is that all we had?



It’s that stupid letter writer’s fault.

That’s where all the problems started.

I’ll solve this problem for you as well.

You won’t be getting letters anymore, Naina.

Your stupid letter writer is leaving.

It was your heartbeat in my heart But I couldn't see it Your love was keeping me alive But I didn't realize Everyone else knew... Except me How much you loved me But how could I not know That you love me?

How could I not know That you’re waiting for me?

I’m looking everywhere for you And trying to trace your footsteps The tears of joy...

Never ever dry up Since this distance has become So unbearable...

My heart is afraid to live on But how could I not know That you love me?

How could I not know That you’re waiting for me?

Such guys should be publicly shamed.

God knows how many more hearts will he break.

Mom... what’s wrong with you today?

That idiot Avinash tried to flirt with me first.

Then he broke your heart and ran away.

He did it for me, and you know that.

Yes, I know.

He tried really hard to make you happy.

But what was the result?

If he wanted to see you happy, he should’ve done it properly.

He should’ve stayed back.

You’re being really hard on him.

For the past one week... you’ve been sleeping in my room, your mother’s room.

Holding me tight.

All this while, you took care of me.

And now I’ve to look after you.

And all this for a letter.


What’s this?

Didn't you notice this?

If this was for me, I would’ve thrown it away.

-When did this arrive? -I don’t know.

I’ve stopped reading letters.

And you don’t read it either.

Stay out of this mess.

And listen, get ready.

Don’t you have a café to run?

Children, what will you do, when Uncle and Auntie enter?

Throw flowers.

Hi, Auntie.

Mishti says absurd things.

Didn't I tell you? See Naina’s here.

That’s not what you said, sister-in-law.

You asked whether Naina will show up or not?

But I knew that Naina will show up.

Why wouldn't she? After all, this is Avi’s wedding.

Where is Avi?

Sorry, but I was just rehearsing dance moves with my friends.

Wait a second. How am I looking?

You look very happy.

Well, I have a reason to be happy.

But... when did you get here?

Just now.

I am getting married!

This is my first wedding.

What is it?

This marriage was fixed by your family, right?

So... why are you so happy?

Why do you look so excited?

It's the excitement of getting the one I love.

And don’t hit me.

I am not that same old Avi anymore.

Is she really very beautiful?

Yes, Naina. She’s very beautiful. Like an angel.

I mean... big black eyes.

Pink lips.

That’s how Mom described her.

She’s the one who saw her.

And do you know what Sonu was saying?

Whoever marries her...

And your aunt? She must have said something as well.

Totally sexy, dude.

So Avi... do I have pale eyes.

Or rugged lips.

And my figure?

-Don’t I look sexy? -Naina, what are you doing?

Naina, there are people around.

Avi, I know I think I am very smart and clever.

But I am very stupid.

When you helped me with the café and the accounts...

I should’ve known how special you are.

I could’ve googled you when you spoke in Japanese, at least And all the time you were with me, I should’ve realized it back then.

If you would've confessed your love... maybe, I would’ve lost my temper, but I... would’ve understood your feelings eventually.

And all this wouldn't have...

So, after all this... it's still my fault.


You're impossible.

Avi, wait.

Is that your problem? That I could never go beyond "I"?

And why should I?

Can’t you see my emotions?

And why do I have to say it if it’s clearly visible?

A decent, well-educated guy was sweeping your café floor.

Instead of playing golf on sundays, he’s cleaning your chimneys, and you still didn’t get it.

Don’t say that.

-You think all this is a joke? -No.

Naina, the fact is, that I am getting married.


Your mom gave me these bracelets.

Let me help you with that.

Don't say another word to my daughter.

Just because she bothered you... that doesn't give you the right... to bother her.

What should I do with your daughter?

When I give her a love letter, she passes it on like a football.

And what have I done? I'm just blabbering.

In fact, I’ve been blabbering since the day we met.

But for the first time, she's blabbering.

And doesn't know that she’s the scapegoat.


And I am really stupid.

I could never tell you that I can be anyone for you.

Naina, I can do anything for you.


I am so restless without you... whether I'm in Shimla, or in Delhi.

And so is my heart.

And that’s why I want to say this in everyone’s presence... that...

Not fair, Grandma.


Wow, Rukmini. Your plan was...

Please, get them married quickly.

Tell me something.

Avinash, our son-in-law, what does he do?

He’s the language translator for the External Affairs Minister.

I must leave now, son.

Sir, it’s my wedding.

You must have a drink.

Isn’t that Rukmini?

-What is she doing here? -She’s my mother-in-law.


Years ago, when you were just 20... and you would walk down the street... people would keenly wait to catch a glimpse of you.

You would make their hearts skip a beat.

-And I was one of those Romeos. -I see...

-I wrote many letters to you. -Really?

Yes... but I never had the guts to send them.

And then one day I found out that you were married.

And I also found out that you didn't have a happy marriage.

Someone's been doing their homework!

It’s love after all, Although one-sided...

But it’s true love

Well... Rukmini, what have you thought about your future?

I will give it a thought.

I hope that you don’t take too long to think... and I’ll have to climb up some water tank, jump down, and die.