Shin Godzilla (2016) Script

We just spotted a pleasure craft drifting offshore of Haneda.

Recon and intercept. Over.

Roger that.

We've got the vessel in sight.

From here, there's no apparent hull damage.

She's called "The Glory Maru."

Requesting owner information now.

In the meantime, we're going aboard.

We're now on board.

Hello? Anyone here?

There's no one on the flying deck.

No sign of life.

Just some personal effects.

No traces of an incident.

Maybe a fall overboard?

Vessel's vacant. We'll prepare a tow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, stop!

Here's all the info we have so far.

That eruption caused a leak in the Aqua-Line.

As a result, water is pouring onto the auto lanes.

A liaison office has already been set up, and an emergency order issued.

And where's the PM?

He's arriving in 28 minutes.

We'll need intel. Downstairs.


First report confirmed at about 8:30 am.

A leak occurred in the Tokyo Aqua-Line tunnel near the 2.5 kilo marker.

Seawater entered from a fissure...

Update me as you get info.


...damaged by the flood.

Emergency crews are currently on the scene.

Hamanami Coast Guard efforts are being stymied by the steam cloud that's in the bay.

The Aqua-Line is still closed both ways, and safety alerts have been issued throughout the region.

Status report, Mr. Koriyama?

We have a total of five confirmed collisions in the tunnel so far.

Was it an earthquake that caused the flooding?

We're awaiting the seismic readings.

Could it be related to that strange sea eruption?

We don't know that, not yet at least.

We've got aerials!

An underwater volcanic eruption, maybe?

If so, it's a strange one.

Coast Guard six-nine-one reporting continued steam eruptions in the bay.

Undersea visibility is currently zero because of all that churning water.

When the PM arrives, I'm suggesting a unified initial response.

We'll need to reorganize.

FDMA disaster task force is currently assembling.

Third Regional Coast Guard HQ has sealed the bay. As of now, there is no sea or air access to the area.

A coastal evacuation advisory has been issued to the public.

Attention! Please evacuate the premises immediately!

For your safety, please follow police instructions and evacuate to Kisarazu!

What's happening? Is someone hurt?

This way, and watch your head!

Cool, a slide!

Stay calm.

Heading to first aid.

This place is awesome!

Ow, my feet hurt!

You know, I bet I can sell this footage to the news.

What was that noise?

C'mon, let's go.

Something's up there.

Please stay calm and seated...

This is bad.

Look, this is starting to freak me out.

Hey, what's that?

What? Wh-Where?

I see it, too.

Sir, the PM's arrived.

We haven't been able to ascertain the cause of the tunnel rupture yet.

Never mind the details.

How many fatalities have there been?

None. Then things aren't as bad as they could be.

Still, there's a secondary disaster risk.

I've cleared your schedule so that you can attend an emergency meeting in five minutes, sir.

Well then, let's get there.

Obviously, some type of undersea thermal discharge has occurred, but do we have any ideas as to its cause?

The meltdown of an unidentified nuclear submarine perhaps?

There's no way. The bay's too shallow for a sub so that would be impossible.

We believe the fissure was created by magma steam.

Something that was released by a new undersea volcano.

Um. Excuse me, sir.

While we did initially believe that, further study has shown the epicenter to be shallow and just steam, so we're now confident that it's not volcanic activity.

You should have shared that info with me sooner!

Sorry, sir.

Another idea forwarded is a new, large hydrothermal vent.

Yeah, that must be it.

Come on. A vent directly above the tunnel?

Past geological surveys would have uncovered it years ago.

Well, maybe it was simply overlooked.

The cause... is something on the sea floor.

Something, eh? Like what?

A colossal creature, sir.

There's some footage of it online.

That's absurd. People probably just saw a big whale spouting.

The sea is boiling.

No living creature could survive those temperatures.

We've been scouring online videos, Prime Minister, but we've yet to find any conclusive evidence of the flooding's cause.

Look, time's a wasting here, people.

How about a process of elimination?

I agree. The cause is a new volcano, or a large thermal vent. It can't be anything else.

Then we need to plan our general response, ladies and gentleman. Therefore I suggest holding a cabinet meeting immediately. Prime Minister?

Yes. Good idea.

In that case, let's move to the main conference room.

We have to stay on top of this situation.


Listen, you're going to have to toe the line on their decision. Don't stir things up, okay?

I just think that we should consider every possibility.

You're a rebel. That's good, but the guy who got you here isn't one.

Got it? Take my advice.

I'm happy to report that all those injured in the tunnel are receiving care.

In order to prevent any further accidents, fireboats and helicopters have been mobilized in the bay.

They stand ready to respond. Who's next?

I am. Regarding the Tokyo Bay coastal region, we're currently at evacuation preparedness level one.

Due to possible debris and ash from the previous incident and any potential future ones, we're considering the possibility of grounding all flights out of Haneda.

Please forgive me. I was just handed a correction.

It's been decided to definitely ground all flights out of Haneda to ensure citizen safety.

No flights will be going in or out until further notice.

In regards to the undersea volcano-induced flooding of the Aqua-Line Tunnel, it's fortunate that no toxic gases whatsoever have been detected thus far.

A team from the Meteorological Agency has been mobilized.

As has a group of experts from the Coast Guard.

And both are now currently on route to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause.

Everyone. I've been notified that eruption activity is dying down rapidly!


Is it over?

No big deal, I guess.

Sir. With all due respect, I must reiterate the presence of a large marine creature... a possible cause.

Yaguchi, this is a serious matter. Not some joke.

I agree. This is a ministerial meeting after all.

Don't make a mockery of it.

And with no time frame for restoration, we can expect...

Sir? There's been another incident.

Turn on the TV.

Sorry! But we have to suspend this meeting!

The TV! Turn it on now!

It's unbelievable! Look at the size of it! I... and I doubt anyone else... has ever seen anything like it before!

A few minutes ago, this strange...

Wh-What is that thing?

A tail? It appears so.

I guess Yaguchi's "joke" is no laughing matter after all, huh?

This meeting's adjourned! All cabinet heads, please, let's assemble in the Prime Minister's office right away!

Eyewitness News chopper just...

So what is this thing?

"Giant Unidentified Lifeform," sir.

That's what we're calling it for now. But, um...

That name, it will more than likely change since we're currently compiling a list of leading biologists and scientists to consult with on the subject. Once done, they'll come here for an emergency meeting to ascertain what this thing is and what we should call it.

We need to know now! Get them here!

Right! Sir.

Until these folks arrive, we should focus on something else. Our response.

Yes, of course.

How do we respond to something that's unprecedented?

I think that the choices are obviously quite simple.

We can do nothing and just let it go, or capture it, try to exterminate it, or possibly even attempt to chase it off.

I vote for extermination.

And I concur. Look at the costs incurred already with the tunnel, and the Haneda flight groundings.

Plus, if Tokyo Bay remains closed indefinitely, those costs are going to skyrocket, gentlemen.

I agree, and vote to exterminate it.

Me, too. The sooner, the better.

And you? Defense?


While it's true that we have prepared for a wildlife-based threat before, it was never with self-defense forces using weapons in the bay.

I vote no.

Well, in that case, why blow it up?

Can't we chase it off?

If I may.

We might want to factor in the public's opinion, as well.

So, you know, academics and environmentalists are raising a stink and they're calling for its live capture as a new species.

No, let's kill it.

A few torpedoes won't hurt the bay.

The use of weapons actually could, and that's why I'm advocating for a live capture instead.

I do as well. I think capturing the thing is our best option at this point.

Go gather all the intel you can on the lifeform.

And the options for extermination, capture, and expulsion and what those things might require.

Seems like they're evenly divided, aren't they?

Sorry, who are you addressing?

A vapor cloud's been spotted moving near the Tama River!

What? "Moving"?

It's alive, isn't it?

The creature's just off of Haneda Airport, near Runway D, and it appears to be entering the Tama River.


We just got a report from the Bayshore Expressway!

It's flooding!

Damn, not again!

Forget capturing it.

Sir. Three experts have arrived.

I suggest we go consult with them right now.

From the TV images, it's indiscernible whether this thing could possibly be a relic dinosaur or some undiscovered whale species.

In my opinion, the creature is a heretofore unknown aquatic species.

But I can't say for certain without an examination.

Since I don't know if this footage is legitimate, I cannot say. If I comment on unverified evidence...

...I could lose my credibility as a biologist.

It's wrapping up. We'll resume shortly.

Can't be good if it's already over.

Sorry to say, but that was a huge waste of time.

I agree, sir.

Those experts were useless.

Get me some people who know something.

On it, sir.

Shimura. Any ideas?

Well, I do have a college friend who's with the Environment Ministry, but she's low-ranking.

That's okay, call her now.

This creature... it appears to be serpentine with auxiliary ambulation, and even though it possesses gills, it also has legs just like a lungfish does.

Huh. If it has legs then can it come on land?

Yes, it's a possibility.

If it does, who stops it?

Well, frankly, we haven't determined which agency it falls under yet, sir.

Um, one of our scientists is of the belief that the creature's fin-like feet would more than likely be crushed by the immense weight of its own body.

So it coming ashore should be physiologically impossible.

We can't be sure of that since we're dealing with an unknown animal.

Is that so? Do you share this view as well?

I apologize for the deputy chief's lack of decorum, sir, but just as your experts have already concluded, I believe the creature coming on land is quite improbable.

I see.

Sir. Regarding the damage to the tunnels...

I'd like to humbly suggest that the sooner we hold an official press conference to calm the public, the better.

But sir, I must stress this, please be careful that you only give out information that's been verified thus far.

Let's do this.

Please get my uniform ready.

Earlier in the day, both the Aqua-Line and Tama River tunnels sustained significant damage.

We're currently tracking the creature responsible as it moves up the Nomi River.

We've yet to positively identify what sort of animal it is, but we don't believe that it can come on land.

Even though it's unlikely, should it beach itself in the bay's shallows there is no need to fear.

Our experts believe its own weight would crush it to death.

I repeat, there is no danger of the creature coming ashore.

So please set your minds at ease.

Thank you. That will be all.

Sir, sorry to interrupt.

What? It has?

Well, well. No danger of coming ashore, huh?

Well, now what? I was just proven a liar on TV!

But sir, like Akasaka said, you were only supposed to give verified info!

I wanted to reassure the public.

How's that thing ashore?

We don't know. We've posed that question to our experts and are waiting to hear back.

To hell with them. We have to act.

Sir. We need to set up emergency disaster control headquarters now.

Then do it.

This cabinet council meeting is now adjourned.

Let's get to work.

There's so much bureaucracy involved.

Every action requires a meeting.

Come on, don't knock red tape.

It's the foundation of democracy.

Why does there have to be so much for a press conference?

In the last few hours, we have set up emergency disaster control headquarters.

Its sole purpose is to combat the Giant Unidentified Lifeform that has come ashore.

We are crafting a full-scale response to secure citizen safety, and that includes coordinated evacuation with both Tokyo and federal government agencies.

Evacuation instructions will be issued shortly for areas along the creature's path.

The creature is currently headed towards Shinagawa. We're clocking it at a speed of about 13 kilometers an hour.

For something so big, it moves quite slowly.

But it could still reach Tokyo in three hours at that pace. Just imagine what that thing could do to this city.

Good God. The damage here would be catastrophic.

Let's exterminate this thing right now!

Not in densely-populated areas!

We have to evacuate the citizens first.

Have MIC and MLIT set up evacuation zones and transport.

The PM's ordered us to conduct evacuation measures! Report to your stations!

I thought the orders would have come much sooner.

I can't say I'm surprised.

The First Reponses manual doesn't cover this.

An evacuation due to a monster.

What's more, an expedited one.

We've never even drilled for this type of action before, sir.

Plus, a city-wide evacuation will more than likely cause a general panic.

There'll be mass gridlock with everyone trying to leave the city.

In that case, we'll make every effort to control the traffic.

Traffic signals are out of order.

For your safety, please leave your vehicles and follow police and safety personnel instructions.

Attention! Attention!

A full evacuation of Shinagawa has been issued.

All residents are required to evacuate the area immediately.

Hon! Hurry!

At this rate the city'll be in ruins.

Contact Public Safety. Get them on the horn now.

Tell them we're requesting Self-Defense Forces to come exterminate that thing.

So they want to use weapons?

Correct. Article 76 says in an armed attack, Self-Defense troops are allowed to use force.

But this doesn't qualify as an armed attack.

And to be accurate, Article 76 stipulates

"by an aggressor country or equivalent force."

Not some monster.

We don't have time to argue over semantics.

Only the SDF is equipped to respond.

This request, it means soldiers engaging in urban combat.

That's certainly going to give the Prime Minister pause.

All due respect, but we need a response with a two-pronged approach.

Military force and citizen evacuation.

I also urge you to declare a state of emergency.

Right now, it appears that we have only one option, and that's mobilization for defense, of course.

But we can only do that on your orders, sir.

You're talking about a declaration with no precedent.

We'd be... mobilizing the country for war.

What's more, the police are still evacuating thousands of people.

If we launch a military strike, there is a high likelihood of collateral damage in terms of casualties.

I don't want that.

The US forces that are here.

Can't we get them to kill this beast under the Security Treaty?

No, our government and SDF, we have to move first here.

Even under the Treaty, the US can only provide support.

We're facing a living organism.

And an unknown one, so aggravating it might lead to more damage.

It is an organism.

And that means, we can stop the thing in its tracks.

And unlike an earthquake or a typhoon, we can halt its progress.

Lives, sir. That should be our top priority.

Sir, I know this must be a difficult decision, but to prevent further calamity your authorization is needed now.

Wait, right this instant? You're serious?

Time is wasting. Your answer.

Moments ago, the Prime Minister declared a national state of emergency in response to the giant creature that has come ashore.

He's also called for the first-ever mobilization of Self-Defense Forces in this nation's history.

This makes it Japan's first military action since World War II, and when asked for justification, the Prime Minister referenced the terminology in Article 76.

Nerima 1st Division was dispatched at Tokyo's request.

While this group has been tasked with guiding both rescue and evacuation efforts, I must stress that they are not equipped for battle.

I'd say attack helicopters would be our best defense.

Contact Kisarazu Base. Sir!

Shall we deploy F-2s from Misawa Base?

No. Any civilian casualties could destroy the SDF forever. So let's minimize firepower.

But we still don't know this thing's strength.

I think we need to be prepared for anything in this case.

I agree. That's why I'm going to recommend an integrated, three-force operation.

Call the PM.

According to this plan, the joint force will be led by the Eastern Army.

The goal is extermination.

The ground troops.

They'll continue to evacuate all of the citizens.

With your permission, our rapid response helicopters will attack the creature.

Sir, it's very likely that some elderly and infirm people might still remain in the city.

That's why I can't make a decision without an inspection first.

Unfortunately, under conditions like these, I'd say some collateral damage is unavoidable now.

Sir, I know this isn't easy for you, but we need a decision.


This is a risky mission against an unknown enemy. Did this group volunteer?

No, standard rotation.

They said this is what they signed up for, sir.

Pilots! Good luck!

Lifting off from Kisarazu at 13:08.

ETA 13:20, over.

What a relief this is. That thing will be dead soon.

I'm sure the choppers will make short work of it.

Yeah. I bet we could turn its carcass into a big tourist attraction.

Sirs. Just as a reminder, the Old Imperial Army thought like that.

During the last war, their armchair theories led to the loss of three million Japanese lives.

So beware of unfounded optimism.

Please watch your step!

Remain calm!

This way, please! Pick up the pace!

Local evacuation centers are useless!

Tell us where to send these people! Hurry!

The creature's progression!

Somehow it's suddenly stopped!

Stopped? But why now?


It's evolving.

Attacker 1, this is CP, over.

Copy that, CP, over.

Head to holding area 2 to await further orders. Over.

Attacker 1. Copy.

It's not like we were told.

CP, it's Attacker 1.

Target differs from report, and that thing is much bigger now.

Attacker 1. Hold your position and await further instructions. Over.

I was just informed that resident evacuation is complete.

Excellent. Minister, we're now ready to open fire.


Well, sir, we'll fire at your command.

Say the word.

Very well. Fire.

Attacker 1, you have a greenlight from the PM.

Commence fire on the creature.

I repeat, commence fire. Over.

Copy that, CP. Commencing fire.

Target in sight.

Aim straight for the head.

Ready. Aim.

Wait, hold your fire!

Why aren't they firing?

We just spotted a few civilians near the line of fire!

Civies present. Can we fire?

Can we fire if civilians are present?

So do we wait? Or do we fire?

Civilians present. So do we proceed or abort?

Sir. Your answer. We need it!

Now, sir!

Abort. Call it off.

Do it now. We must protect civilians!

Attacker 1, abort and move to holding positions. Over.

Copy that CP. Over.

The creature is currently on the move again.

It's breaking through the expressway and appears to be headed towards Tokyo Bay.

All flights out of Narita have been canceled.

We have several reports of fires blazing out of control...

The Transit Authority verified that...

Meanwhile, pledges of support continue to pour in from...

...and more supplies and aid workers are said to be on their way here now.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange will be open as usual today.

Barring any unforeseen events, the bullet-train is operating shuttle service from Shin-Yokohama.

Scientific envoys from France and other nations have arrived in an attempt to help the government ascertain the exact nature... the search zone is being expanded to cover a much wider area. Officials...

...bringing the total number of confirmed casualties to 100 at this hour, but rescue personnel are still...

...reportedly been put out.

While government officials search for the creature, Disaster Management Minister Kanai is leading an envoy to survey and assess the damage that it's caused.

It was ashore for what, maybe two hours?

And it did all this?

No. We did wasting time with our response.

It's our fault.

We didn't know what it could do. It surprised us.

Everyone did their best in the circumstances.

So don't be so damn smug.

It's time to speak to the press, Minister Kanai.

This way, please.


We've arrived at the coordinates that you requested, Captain.

Full stop, begin scanning operation.

We believe the creature more than likely submerged itself somewhere on the seafloor off Kanaya.

So then, we've stepped up patrols and strengthened our surveillance around Chiba and Sagami Bay as well.

But if that thing's hiding somewhere in the Sagami Trough, detection's a moot point.

Who knows when or where than damn thing will emerge next?

How are the preparations coming along?

A rapid land strategy at water's edge won't be easy.

I suggest multiple plans.

I agree, so get to work devising them.

I want to see numerous ones for a landing point encounter and expeditionary pursuit.

Right. Sir. I'll get on them.

And they will include a number of different artillery, tank, and F-2 scenarios.

Well, well.

Defensive operations lean heavily on Kanto.

I knew the metro area would take top priority.

Yep. Sounds like a fifth floor order.

But why Kanto and not the other regions?

Well, you see, in regards to the other regions... at least in terms of the GNP... they make up 17% of the total.

But Kanto, on the other hand, it makes up a whopping 40% of it.

Gotta admit that sounds like a real prudent strategy to me.

I'd hate to make that decision.

That's right, and in fact, they've even set up a special response team in the PM residence.

You don't say. I also heard you were appointed its bureau chief.

Well, look at you. You're big time.

But I still need you to pick the team.

Can you do that for me?

'Course I can.

I'll bring you people who'll speak their minds to the PM.

Good. I'll need them.

I'm Tachikawa. I'm Takeo.

Ready, lift.

My name's Rando Yaguchi.

Thank you all for coming here.

This operation'll be an informal one.

Titles and seniority don't mean anything here and you can speak freely.

Well, that's it.

I'm nominally in charge, and we're relying on you, a crack team of lone wolves, nerds, troublemakers, academic heretics, freaks, and general pains-in-the-butt-of-the-bureaucracy.

We need your expertise. So let's have it.

Here are the basic specs we have on the creature, so find out what you can.

Is this all? Yeah, that's all.

We have to fill in the blanks for the rest.

If you have any info whatsoever, share it.

Yes, since yesterday's so-called "experts," they were too baffled to conclude anything, and then people died as a result.

This is a simple profile I put together.

It shows the three mutations we've seen so far.

I believe that more are coming.

What is this thing?

Um, well. We're analyzing a sample of its body fluid at our lab to find out.

If you pass some samples onto me, I can get us outside help.

Yeah, I'd love to do that, but the US took everything we had left.

As for the on-site remains, they're currently being burned because of the stench.

Yeah, I heard.

And at the insistence of the Americans.

Then we leave the analysis to you.

Okay, what about its behavioral biology?

Well, behaviorally, all that it's done so far is move, so we can't determine intellect.

Based on that fact, I think that communication with it is unlikely.

One simple question.

What's this thing's energy source?

It's big. So huge that it would need an enormous amount of energy not just to move, but also metabolically.

But at that size, oxygen conversion in its digestive tract just wouldn't be enough.

Maybe the answer... nuclear fission?

Sense of humor, Miss Ogashira?

That's impossible.

A US carrier is leaving port?

Correct. We heard that Yokosuka City's radiation monitoring alert went off and that could be why.

Let me check.

I'll call the Nuclear Regulation Authority.

I have orders not to go public about this just yet, but radiation levels in the metro area have risen in the last day.

Could this be caused by a leak somewhere?

Have you checked?

Yes. My team's inspected all of the nation's reactors and didn't find a leak at any of them.

Then where's it coming from?

Is this even possible?


Quick! Here, look at this!

This data shows radiation spikes that match the path the creature took.

Look at this!


Miss Ogashira was right after all.


This information has apparently already gone viral.

That isn't good. Contact the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

This will be trouble.

The PM needs to call a press conference right away, sir.

Actually, I think we should hold off.

Unless you can absolutely prove that the creature's radioactive, this could set off a huge wave of panic.

And it's not enough of a spike to warrant evacuation.

We also don't have any legal grounds to implement one.

But still, we are dealing with elevated radiation.

Please remember that.

You're right. We can't wait. I'll talk to the PM.

You there.

Schedule a briefing with the PM in five minutes.

Yes. President Ross.

I understand. Thank you.

So many unilateral requests.

Typically, American.

I've got word about an assistant Deputy Chief to the US President.

They're requesting a secret meeting with the PM.

They move fast, don't they?

Yeah. He just left Yokota Air Base and is already en route to see the PM.

The Foreign Ministry's in an uproar, of course.

Oh, and this Deputy Chief's aide.

They made a request and are coming here to meet with you.

With me? But why?

I need someone within the government that I can work with.

I'm familiar with your record and your interesting history, so the most obvious choice is you.

Don't you think?

Well. I'm honored, but Hideki Akasaka would be a better choice.

Thanks, but he turned me down already.

All I need is a favor that won't stain my record.

I want you to find someone for me.

And who might that be?

A man who foresaw the coming of that creature many years before it ravaged your country.

Are you interested?

We know he landed at Narita seven days ago.

Goro Maki.

Japanese. Former professor.

I hear that your intelligence agency is...


And what's in it for us?

Give us Goro Maki and we'll give you all the intel we have on your creature.

But listen. Let's keep this op bilateral, okay?

Just US-Japan. So, win-win.

Understood. Let's get to it.

Thank you.

Ugh! I rushed to Yokota straight from a party so I didn't have time to change.

Where's a Zara?

Kayoco Anne Patterson.

She's very young.

America admirably values performance over age, and she's Senator Patterson's daughter.

Ah, the same one behind the Kern Agreement.

Formidable. A mixture of talent, pedigree, and coattail-riding, huh?

I suspect she's not really your type.

Nope. Since she uses her father's connections in such an unabashed way, she's the political type.

Like Yaguchi.

A search at a time like this?

It's for Rando Yaguchi.

I owe his father a debt, a great one.

Use as many agents as you need.

This is the subject's profile.

A professor who was expelled from his university and left Japan as a result.

Although a biologist, he ended up working for an energy firm in the US. Interesting guy.

Is this a red notice?

No. You just need to locate him.

Once he's found, the NSA or CIA, they'll move in.

And discreetly, I hear.

His last known whereabouts.

My grandmother's homeland certainly works fast.

Goro Maki's missing.

His boat was found adrift a few days ago, but there was no trace of him.

Miss Patterson.

Were you only looking for Goro Maki?

Or this as well? Yeah, that too.

"Now do as you please. I did the same."

His last words?

Do you want to confirm this?

No need.

I trust you. This is in special ink, it can't be copied.

I'll just take photos then, to share with my team.

God... zilla?

That's right. It's the DOE's code name.

Godzilla. He gave it an English name.

Gojira. What's it mean?

I found one link.

On Ohdo island where Maki's from, Gojira means "god incarnate."

A violent one.

That's apparently why he put "God" in the name he gave it.

In Japanese, the characters read "Gojira."

"Gojira..." you say?

Who cares about its name at this point?

It sounds ridiculous.

It's just as well, the name originated in the US.

At least now we know what to call it. "Gojira."

Just in, and according to multiple sources, in regards to the giant creature, "Gojira" is the unofficial name by which the government is calling it.

Goro Maki? An ex-biology professor at Jonan U, huh?

Find out all that you can about this guy.

Do so and you'll get an exclusive when the time's right to go to print.

That's a promise. Hope that's enticing enough.

Yep. It sure is.

Sixty years ago.

So this is all about unregulated dumping of radioactive materials.

Don't tell me.

Gojira fed on these.

Yes. That's the DOE's conclusion.

They sent requests to various institutions to analyze what exactly had been held in those containers.

Goro Maki was on staff at one who responded.

According to him, this thing wasn't just an ancient species of marine life.

But now, one also surrounded by radioactive waste.

Exposure didn't kill this creature, but mutated it into an entirely new lifeform.

And that is his Godzilla theory.

But it's continuing to mutate since its body lengthened and changed after it came ashore.

Yes. It can somehow mutate itself to live on both land and sea.

I have to admit its capabilities far surpass anything I could ever imagine.

This is all the information at my disposal.

What comes next?

Personal service.


This is what Goro Maki left behind?


I can't make sense of it.

This thing's not a molecular array, so how's it relate to Gojira?

Well, perhaps it's an analytical table.

One with structural layers.

Even though Maki intentionally left out some final data in his original hypothesis, we now have the complete version we can study.

We'd like to analyze that info. Can we do that?


I'm bad at Japanese honorifics, so can we be informal?

In that case, can you tell me what it is that the US wants with Gojira? Capture or kill?

That's for the president to decide.

Who is it that decides in your country?

So, the cabinet finally made a decision on the relief and recovery bill?

If you thought that was an interagency nightmare, wait until the Gojira bill.

Yeah. I guarantee a lack of precedent's going to cloud orders, and I bet you can expect a lot of passing the buck to happen, too.

I can't believe it.

The security bill passed so easily.

Foreign Ministry muscle, and US pressure, of course.

From what I've been told about that deal, the US wants to use its Gojira info as a diplomatic card.

Well, if that's the case let's pray that Aide Akasaka can handle the White House.

Based on all the analysis we've done, I can positively say that these gamma rays match no known elements whatsoever.

It's unprecedented. Gojira is it?

Its body is harboring new elements that are unknown to science.

Well, this certainly explains why the US Department of Energy moved so quickly.

Take this data with us. Call the PM.


Understood. This is going to complicate things.

So... how much do we say?

Having fully analyzed substances recovered from its path, we can confirm the following...

In the stricken area, radiation has risen to point-five sieverts but is not...

Thanks for the food.

Yes, thank you.

Even with this new information the US agreed to share with us, I still think we can expect some gridlock.

Yeah, Riken's report had impact, but in addition to that, Gojira has eight times the amount of genetic info of humans.

It's literally gonna take us years to sequence all of that genetic material.

I think we can agree Gojira is the most evolved creature this planet has ever seen.

Capable of self-mutation to best fit the environment that it's in.

That trumps human intelligence.

It's still mortal, though. So it can be killed.

I sure hope so.

That's exactly what we're all here to find out, Professor.

Well, does anyone have any clues into its behavior?

All it does is walk.

One thing I don't understand.

Why did it return to Tokyo Bay?

That's it.

For cooling.

Gojira has something akin to a nuclear reactor in its body, and its fins must serve as heat vents.

And if that is indeed the case, then its blood more than likely serves as the body's cooling system!

I get it. You're saying that it temporarily retrogressed to sea creature so it could adjust its body temperature after mutating, eh?

Maybe our only hope is to try and find a way to shut it down.

Its internal cooling system, that is.

Then not only would we need to force Gojira to shut off its internal reactor to stay alive, but also find a way to cool its blood down, and so much so that we can immobilize the creature.

Just as a suggestion, what about administering a blood-coagulating drug?

Wait, is that even possible with Gojira upright?

We'll investigate a few practical methods.

Perhaps a compression pump system like this.

We, the Health Ministry and METI, will gather all of the necessary coagulant and equipment that will be required for this op.

We're submitting this to the Prime Minister as

"The Yaguchi Plan."


Name aside. Let's get to it.


Gojira's God, save Gojira!

Gojira's God, save Gojira! Gojira's God, save Gojira!

Care for some tea, sir?

Yes. Thanks so much.

Thank you, ma'am.

Hey. We need a break.

Okay. All right.

Got it.

I see everyone voluntarily doing whatever they can.

They haven't gone home to rest even though they've all been urged to.

There are some staff members who've actually brought in hot meals for everybody that's here.

It's very inspiring.

No jurisdictional infighting.

No arguments between ministries.

Just people working together for the common good.

And not just staff, either.

There're a lot of outsiders who've volunteered their time, too.

Yeah, you're right.

There's hope for this country.

That there is.

Just one question, though.

When was the last time you changed that shirt?


To be honest, your shirt smells pretty rank.


A shower and a change of clothes wouldn't hurt.

Yaguchi! Gojira's resurfaced in Sagami Bay!

And it's coming ashore!


The lifeform designated "Gojira" has come ashore!

Primary evacuation order over Em-net has been transmitted!

This is an emergency evacuation order.

This is not a drill.

A colossal-sized, unidentified creature has come ashore.

For public safety, citizens are urged to evacuate the city immediately.

Repeat, evacuate immediately.

Please follow the instructions of police and fire personnel.

The Prime Minster.

On its current route, Gojira's moving towards Kamariya.

Wait. Am I crazy or has it gotten bigger?

Yes, and beyond expectation.

Both its face and body look different!

Yes. Its size has nearly doubled.

Gojira's evolved and into its fourth form.

Oh no, this is going to be disastrous.

Attention! Citizens are to take refuge indoors immediately!

This area is now under official curfew and the streets must be cleared!

Attention! You are in a designated evacuation zone and must leave the area now!

Please proceed and follow the directions of police and safety personnel!

Gojira is currently projected to reach Tokyo in three hours.

But why the hell is it coming here?

An armed assault on its body has potential risks.

Namely the release of radioactive materials into the surrounding region.

So, preventing it from reaching the metro area, that must be our top priority, in my opinion.

I hear this thing lives on radioactive material.

If this Gojira were to attack a nuclear facility, this disaster would be far worse.

Sir. We must stop it, and stop it now.

That's right. And also because if we don't, we'll be viewed overseas as timid.

How is your Yaguchi Plan coming along?

Regrettably, it's not ready yet.

All you have to do is give the order and the SDF will do its job.

The state of emergency is still in effect, so the only one who can order an attack... you, and you alone.

Well, sir?

I know.

Commence attack.

Right away, sir. Contact command.


The Prime Minister has just ordered an attack.

We've been given unrestricted weapon use.

With this directive, we must do whatever it takes to prevent Gojira from reaching Tokyo.

So Plan B if it goes to Kanagawa?

Yes. We'll make Kawasaki the primary battleground.

Are we clear on that?

Yes, sir. And the Tama River will be our absolute defense line. Let's go kill that thing.

Taxi to holding point B1.

Runway one-zero.

Runway one-zero cleared for takeoff.

Attack formation report five miles west. P0304 now embarking from Tachikawa.

Tanks and artillery have been deployed to Maruko Bridge.

Roger. Ready attack positions.

Please let this work.

Eight minutes to contact with target!

We're really engaging in live fire?

Just relax. It's like our drills.

The target's body contains radioactive material.

So pinpoint your attacks solely on the thing's head and legs.

All battalions ready to fire.

Target approaching!

ETA is three minutes and counting!

First to fourth chopper squadrons are arriving now!

CO1, this is CP, over.

Copy CP. CO1, over.

CO1 to PP1.

PO1 in flight over Musahi-Kosugi, holding at BP1.

PO2 to PO4 behind towers.

Standby at Holding Area 2, over.

CO1 ready to engage at PP1.

Target distance at 1,200 meters.

Roger. Maintain positions, over.

All helicopter reconnaissance has now been completed.

Total area evacuation has been confirmed.

Koriyama. Are you sure this time?

No stragglers?

I trust the report that we received from the field.

Madame. The target is advancing.

Sir, please authorize the use of force.

I authorize its use.


The PM just confirmed the order.

Commence fire. Light that thing up.

Phase 1 is now a go, Commander.

Commence fire. Repeat, commence fire. Over.

CO1 copy. Commencing fire.

Ready. Fire!

Autocannon direct hits are thus far ineffective!

Try the Apache's 30 millimeter.

Let's give it a shot.

Third squadron in reconnaissance.

Report on effectiveness, over.

Third squadron on site. Target is fine.

No effect.

So 16,000 rounds of machine gun fire and it didn't leave a scratch.

Get HQ and the PM.

It's the Commander. He's requesting to use missiles.

It's a dense area, but we have no other choice.

Permission to use missiles, sir?

I authorize... the use of all weapons.

Give the word!

CO1, switch weapons systems to missiles.

When you've got a lock on the target, fire them all, over!

Roger! PO1 to PO4, switch to missiles.

Target straight ahead 700 meters!

Locked on!

Ready. Fire!

Keep giving that thing hell, boys!

All direct hits, but no visible damage sustained, and it's still alive.

Even missiles don't work?

What is this thing?

Nothing's piercing the skin of that monster!

Time to shift to Phase #2.

Copy that, Commander.

Commencing to Phase 2 of the operation.

Commence fire.

Repeat, commence fire.

Roger that. This is Tiger 1. Commencing fire.

Type 10 tanks, aim for the target's legs and unleash a concentrated barrage on the commander's order!

Ready. Lock on. There it is!

Distance good!


Direct hit! Keep firing!

The target, it's decreased speed!

Good! It's working!

Now commence artillery fire!

Time to target.

Seven... six... five... four... three... two... one...


All hit target! Fusillade. Fire!

Sir, the target has just been sighted entering the Tama River!

Tell Gotemba to attack. Launch all rockets!

The target! It's halted!

Time to move to Phase 3.

Launch the aerial assault on Gojira.

Type 10 tanks, shift to Phase 3!

I repeat, all tanks shift to Phase 3 positions immediately!

Roger. Cleared for attack.

Ready. Aim. Now!

Bombs away!

Laser on. Tracking.

Bullseye! The target is turning northwest!

Repeat, it's heading northwest!

It's turning away?

You mean this plan is working?

JDAM second wave's next.

Yes, that'll finish it off.

Way to go!

All tanks retreat now!

Evacuate! Get the hell out of here now!

Mayday! Come on. Come on.

Attention, target has crossed into Tokyo!

ACP, CO1. Choppers are out of munitions!

Repeat, munitions exhausted!

Tiger 1, this is 40. Give us a status report over.

This is Tiger 1. Eight squads are out of ammo.

Three tanks are severely damaged, and two others are crippled, over.

It's confirmed, sirs.

The forward command post has been destroyed!

The target's breached the defense line!

Our defensive position has collapsed entirely!

Sir, that creature.

It's still within artillery range.

Let's continue the assault.

We can't. Those wards still aren't fully evacuated yet.

Sorry, but I'm afraid that's all we can do.


We'll suspend the operation.

We couldn't stop it. Sorry, sir.

Don't lose hope.

It's our job to protect the people here.

An offensive isn't the only way.

Speed up the evacuation.

The operation failed, and Gojira is once again on the move.

The SDF's full power was futile against it.

That thing's self-preservation ability is amazing.

Standard weapons won't take it down, that's why we're here, remember?

An organism that surpasses man in every way.

The target's been sighted entering Meguro Ward!

Sir! Let's petition the US for military aid in taking it down. It's our only choice!

Sir. I just heard from the USAF.

They've confirmed that a squadron of stealth bombers is already en route.

Submit a formal cooperation request to the US. I'm on my way to meet with the ambassador.

With your authorization, I'll hold a press conference on the subject.

And so, we've requested aid by US forces in fighting Gojira based on the Japan-US Security which...

The proposed US bombing zone.

It's this large?

The damage will be worse than Gojira!

The bombing zone's so vast.

We'll have to evacuate everyone underground!

The US will soon launch an attack on Gojira! Please evacuate to the nearest subway or underground shelter at this time!

Stop pushing!

This residence is directly in Gojira's path, sir.

And since the SDF failed to stop this thing, the US military might fail, too.

You're saying... that we should evacuate?

Yes! Both you and the entire cabinet!

For the nation to function, you need to leave for the secondary facility in Tachikawa quickly!

Just as the US strike is about to begin?

No, I have a duty to stay and monitor its execution!

And besides that, I can't abandon the citizens here!

You must leave.

Remember, you have an entire nation to protect but you can't do that if you're dead, sir.

So please evacuate.

Tokyo City Hall is still functioning.

So for right now, please, let the governor take charge.

Very well.

Sir, two choppers'll be on the roof.

My group will travel there by car.

Okay. Get going. I'm sure it'll take some time.

Traffic is going to be murder.

We'll see you there.

Right. We'll get moving.


A mandatory evacuation order has been issued!

Hurry everyone!

Please vacate the premises at once!

Repeat, a mandatory evacuation order has been issued!

Please vacate the premises at once!

It's gridlock all over the city. Traffic isn't moving.

Even so, the strike's still coming.

We need to get everyone out.

So that's Gojira.

Just got word. The strike's going to occur ahead of schedule!

MOP II bombs have struck the target.

Direct hit! It's confirmed bleeding!

This may work!

Nice job USA.

Sir. The helicopters are arriving.

Quickly everyone! Down this way!

What's that glow?

Gojira's back has begun to glow all of a sudden, sir!

No more details than that!

What can it be glowing for?

That's everyone! Come on, Yaguchi!

There's an emergency call from Yokota Air Base.

B-2, Number 1 seems to have been downed!

But there's no way. That's impossible!

Godzilla. Truly a god incarnate.

The target is shooting some unidentified weapon from the front.

Bomber 2 and Bomber 3 will circle in from behind.

Payback time.

Roger. Payback.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet are on board and en route to Tachikawa...

High levels of radiation have been projected. For their safety, people are urged to remain indoors for at least another 49 hours.

How much radiation the creature has released on Tokyo is still unknown.

Due to the attack, expect emergency services to be severely delayed.

I hear radioactivity is high.

Will the government distribute iodine tablets?

Authorities are urging residents...

Nuclear, biological, and chemical response teams are being deployed throughout the city for decontamination and rescue.

A government spokesperson stated that these teams will arrive in all affected areas...

The Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, and five ministers are still missing at this hour, and presumed dead after their helicopter was blown from the sky.

Police headquarters and two ministries still remain intact.

Other government buildings didn't fare as well... describe what I'm looking at right now is "apocalyptic."

It's almost like looking at the historic photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombs were dropped, but then you realize what you're staring at is actually right in front of you.

...refugees left homeless in the city are estimated to be in the millions, and that number is rising every hour.

With the Prime Minister presumed dead, government officials are racing to select an acting PM to fill the political vacuum created by the tragic events of last night.

With the PM residence still in the path of danger, government headquarters are being moved to Tachikawa City.

Several miles from the city center, it's hoped it will be a safer location for the government's base of operations.

Attention, all staff.

Decontamination protocols have been enacted.

Interior access...

Chief Yaguchi!

I'll call you back. Izumi, you're safe.

Yeah, only for one reason.

It's because I went home on Friday night.

That's the sole thing that saved me.

Hey. Do you know that you're bleeding?

You okay? Yeah, sorry.

They said bandages were in short supply.

I know, everything is.

Tokyo is directing fire and rescue.

We have no Internal Ministry yet.

Let the police handle refugees.

We're working on it, okay?

They'll have to hold out for one more night.

Rumors will fly, so get on the press now.

I need information now. Where's Gojira?

It's inactive near Tokyo Station.

And the reason for that? Who knows why?

And radiation levels?

The Nuclear Regulation Authority.

They're out getting readings right now.

They did inform me earlier that radiation is dripping from Gojira's mouth, but it's only trace amounts.

Gojira's radioactive plume blew out to sea, but contamination is still widespread.

So then the hardest-hit areas aren't just uninhabitable now.

They're contaminated as well.

Yeah, conditions are about as dire as they can get.

We're lacking in manpower, materials, and even political infrastructure.

They're all dead.

The Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Everyone who was on the evac chopper.

Don't go to pieces!

We'll just make do with the few staff that's left!


Calm down first, okay?

I'm sorry.

Who's been made the acting PM?

The ruling party has just announced that Minister of Agriculture Yusuke Satomi has been named as Acting Prime Minister.

He will head the provisional emergency government that has been quickly set up and has stated that his first order of business will be to name a new cabinet to fill the political void.

So then, the Agriculture Minister is now the Prime Minister because of his seniority?

That's who they chose? But why him?

Well, I heard the job was foisted on him by the party secretary. Can you blame them?

Who wants responsibility at a time like this?

What should we do about the disturbing movement near Tsushima Island?

Well, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

Can the Foreign Ministry act?

We're still getting up and running right now, sir, but soon.

Well, at any rate, try to avoid any unforeseen surprises.

Right. I'll let the ambassador know.

Noodles got soggy.

I knew this job wasn't going to be easy, but come on.

Yeah, that guy. He's a hard man to read.

Whoever the PM is, it's our job to keep the government afloat.

We need emergency powers.

I know. We're 30 kilometers from where Gojira's sleeping. Scary, huh?

I'm more concerned about something else right at the moment. The decisions that will be made to stop Gojira by the acting PM.

You want his job?

Not right now.

But maybe in ten years.

Yeah, if Japan's still around then, you should run for office.

I'll help you, in exchange for a nice cabinet position.

Akasaka was in Yokota last night, so he survived.

Every politician needs two things, strategy and luck.

He has both and now he's Chief Cabinet Secretary.

You could be more ambitious like him, y'know?

The Disaster Bureau is still a unique path for you.

Just think about it.

You're practically in charge of this group here.

No, I'm not. I'm here to take the fall if needed.

Akasaka is a shrewd delegator.

If anyone gets a career boost from this, that person's going to be you.

What exactly's wrong with that?

If you don't like politicians, why'd you become one?

Because it's just friend or foe.

It's simple. I like that.

Excuse me, sir. Bureau members have arrived.

I'm so happy to see you all.

Over half of our team has returned to duty.

Thank you.

Our hearts are broken over all those we've lost.

Let's do this for them!

Honor their sacrifice.

We're all hurting. But I assure you that together we can and will prevail!

For our country's sake.

I ask you, please pour your hearts and souls into completing our work!

I beg you!

Well, let's get to it!

Yes, sir!

Chief Mori. Yes?

Where are we with the freezing plan?

At the moment, we've got several private companies formulating 24 different blood pro-coagulants, using silica, thrombin, and other agents you'll see here in these specs.

We're hoping at least one of them will work.

What about samples?

We've asked GSDF for some living samples and they're retrieving them now as we speak.

Roger that.

Samples retrieved. Orders?

I'm requesting that some be sent directly to BSL4 labs.

Very good. Send the remainder to any P3 level lab, and it doesn't matter if it's a public or private one.

But, sir, these samples are government-classified substances.

I know, but we need diverse info on Gojira.

No change to radiation levels.

They're still reading at Below 1 Sievert.

Still sleeping.

And apparently storing radiation in its belly.

Shift change. Let's go.

Yes? Yaguchi.

It's me. I'm arriving in five minutes.

Secure a meeting with the acting Prime Minister.

So then, you wish to provide us with something to assist in our fight, is that correct?

Yes. There is a movement centered on China and Russia, to take Godzilla from under the control of the Japanese government, and put it under the control of international organizations.

Many countries are aligned with that opinion, too.

However, as for the US government, we strongly hope that Japan and the US can perfectly control Godzilla together.


From the government's point of view, it is for that reason that we would agree to a two-plus-two cooperation.


As army experts will remain as the backbone of the government, we have to respectfully decline your offer to remain at the center of the decision-making. In place of that, we will...

So a US-Japan Gojira research coalition?

The way I see it, the more knowledge, the better.

Now let's clear some space.

Nice to meet you. I'm Rando Yaguchi.

This is from GSDF's latest unmanned surveillance system.

It froze shortly after the attack.

Same as the D2 simulation.

Just as I thought.

It appears that Godzilla has something like a built-in phased-array radar.

If so, then that means it can instinctively detect and intercept any approaching objects.

Squad 2, this is CV1. Five minutes from point zero.

Ten minutes remain. Over.

Copy that. CV1. Over.

After cross-referencing the field data with Tsukuba's, I believe we've discovered how Gojira plans to propagate, I'm sure of it.

With abilities like these, it could rapidly colonize the entire world.

Its body can evolve. Make itself smaller.

Or even... sprout wings capable of flight.

Let's go.

And that will mark the end of the human race.

Before that happens, using our nuclear wisdom is the only road to salvation for mankind.

Are you serious?

I'm not really supposed to be sharing this info, but, the Defense Secretary wants to use a warhead against Godzilla.

What'd the White House say?

Yes, because there's now a 13% chance of Godzilla landing on the west coast.

The UN's ready to move, too, and the Security Council has set up a multinational strike force.

The US is serious.

Afraid so.

They say that to end the threat of Godzilla, a nuclear missile is the only weapon that could kill it.

The missile they're going to use is the B83 which is 75 times stronger than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima!

They're dropping that on Tokyo?

Well, I was ordered to evacuate.

I see. So it's highly likely. Isn't it?


But I don't want to be here for it.

I won't see a third bomb...

...dropped on the homeland of my grandmother.

She lived through the last two.

We have no choice. Not with the way things are now.

Tell them yes.

Certainly. We will act accordingly that way, President Ross.

Well, you heard it.

It isn't the first time something crazy's been foisted on us.

That's for certain.

But this goes too far!

I agree.

Get the Chief Cabinet Secretary.


A resolution has just been passed by the United Nations Security Council granting a US-led force to exterminate Gojira.

As party to that, and participant, we must obey it, and its tenets.

To do that, the PM needs to be vested with full powers so I can authorize a nuclear strike.

Isn't there some other way?

Think of the devastation it will cause to Tokyo.

I never imagined that I'd go down in history for something such as this.

Yaguchi, from here on out, Gojira comes under US-led, UN jurisdiction.

Post-war Japan is a tributary state.

"Post-war" extends forever, huh?

This is a bad choice.

No matter how enormous Gojira is I doubt it can withstand the million-degree heat of a nuke.

As a method of extermination, it's our only viable option right now.

My team and I are on the verge of a breakthrough, with our freezing method.

There are still too many unknowns with that plan of yours.

Besides, multiple nations have pledged their support to assist us with a complete rebuilding effort, provided we sign on, of course.

Despite our best efforts, we can't destroy Gojira on our own.

So if this nation is to survive, we have no choice but to put our fate in the UN's hands.

You have to understand.

I have to look ahead, and think about what's best for a post-Gojira Japan.

Damage is limited to just three wards.

But if we allow this strike...

If it happens, that number will multiply.

The city's economy is currently in a free fall.

Bonds and stocks are plummeting, and if we can't put a stop to this soon, the nation will go into default on all of its loans.

For that reason, Japan needs international funding in order to survive.

So scrap and rebuild, huh?

To save Japan.

There isn't any other way.

Yaguchi. This is the reality.

All else is just a dream.

What? They're going to use a thermonuclear missile?

And drop that thing here?

The government just gave the UN its sanction to do so.

That's insane.

There's still so much we don't know.

Gojira might even be immortal.

We're faced with two choices, incinerate it with a nuke, or freeze it with a drug.

Yeah, I guess we do have two choices here, but both are bad.

Man is more frightening to me than Gojira.

If we're to do something, we have to do it quickly.

The UN will be giving time for evacuation.

That's our window for finishing the freezing plan.

Okay. We got good results on a coagulant, but formulating it is one thing. Producing it's another.

To freeze all of Gojira's blood, we've estimated we'll need 672 kiloliters of coagulant.

I'm trying to secure facilities for that now.

What if we can't?

We have to do it! Don't give up.

Our country is depending on us all.

Every chemical company you know.

Contact them now, and ask them to open every line possible!

You will? Thank you!

I'm sending all pertinent data to you right now.

And please let everyone know that we need production finished by tomorrow at the latest.

Cross-checking's complete by all the groups we've reached out to. Well, well.

I guess spreading knowledge works.

We're still working on logistics for police and MLIT to ship the coagulant.

I can handle that, but I need METI to coordinate with the pump makers.

Hey, I was just told that if we agree to buy them, Shanghai will get three tanker trucks to us.

Any size. Yes, that's correct.

We still need five more wheel loaders.

We have news, sir.

Ambassador Lansing relayed coalition projections.

According to current readings, Gojira's energy beam will be restored to previous levels in 360 hours.

That means the creature is likely to resume activity again in 15 days.

I see.

A charter home will be leaving in an hour.

All remaining staff, prepare to leave immediately.

The start time for the nuclear strike against Godzilla has been decided.

Countdown will begin in five minutes.

So, it's too late to turn back now.

Japan has been given a two week grace period in order to evacuate remaining residents.

That may seem long for the Allied Forces, but it's too short for Japan.

What they ask... that we somehow evacuate millions of people from their homes... is far easier said than done.

I agree.

But 3.6 million people? That's insane!

We don't have the manpower for a job that size!

What about the millions more in neighboring prefectures? What are we doing about them?

The governor protests the sacrifice of Tokyo!

Look, this is a national decision, not a municipal one, got it?

But, sir. Relocating that many people in two weeks is impossible, we can't do it.

For the sake of all those people's lives, you have to. The moment Gojira stirs, the strike is going to be moved up, and we don't want people here when that happens.

Regardless of collateral damage, a thermonuclear missile will be launched from a sub at that time.

As per the coalition's decision.

Ridiculous! It's easy for them to say with us in far-off Asia!

They told me they'd do the same if Gojira would have surfaced in New York.

Please proceed in an orderly fashion, and if you're travelling with children, please hold their hands.

Land prices are soaring in West Japan.

Food is short.

Kanto area shops and businesses have all been shuttered and the city's full of the unemployed.

The yen's plunged, of course. Investors are scared.

Except those profiting from it.

People come in all forms. Good and bad.

So did you uncover anything?

'Course I did. That is my job, after all.

I'll use it in an article I'm hoping can be published, on the day prior to the bomb drop.

Some new Gojira material.

In exchange, we can control the announcement timing.

How's that sound?

It sounds very good.

So Goro Maki hated the radiation sickness that took his wife's life with every fiber of his being.

He hoped to find a way to render radioactive materials harmless.

Well, if something like that could be possible, then so, too, could the creation of new material.

He must've feared the military would use it.

That certainly would explain why he redacted the DOE data.

Professor Maki hated radioactive materials.

And possibly even anyone or anything who worked with them.

And that includes Japan, which left his wife to die.

But then he leaves his data with a note that says

"Do as you please"? What a strange guy.

But just what did Maki do in the end?

Thank you for this meal.

Agh. Hmm.

You solve the chart yet?

No, not even with the help of a brilliant cryptographer who came highly recommended.

You hear anything from the US?

I don't think we can rely on them too much.

Not right now.

We've taken a multi-tiered approach to try and decipher Maki's info, but it's bizarre.

This chemical schematic is quite confusing.

Resembles a mandala.

I've even tried working backwards from the solution and still can't figure it out.

This Maki. Was the man insane?

Even I'm baffled by these lines.

Why'd he put it on paper instead of an electronic file?

Perhaps... it's meant to be folded?

You know. With a lot of us eating now, it makes me wonder about Gojira there.

Do you think that it gets hungry?

No doubt.

Yeah, but look, the thing's got some really crooked teeth.

It can't even prey on nuclear waste. Hmph.



It's not eaten.

We finally figured out the entire pattern.

This new information came from making folds, just like in origami.

What we've done is focus on radiation as its energy.

When the schematic's folded, it's a molecular chart for converting elements in the body.

Gojira's body has molecules that can do this.

And the proof of this is in the unknown radioactive isotope. I'm sure of it!

The way it works is when either hydrogen or nitrogen enters the body, it's converted into the necessary molecules.

Gojira's a mixotroph with an organ that converts decaying heat into the energy that sustains it.

That's my hypothesis. Questions?

It can live anywhere where there's water or oxygen, huh? So basically everywhere.

What you're saying is that Gojira is not only a threat to mankind, but also an organism that could potentially be indestructible.

Is that right?

If the latter's true, we have no certainty the coagulant will be effective once it's inside Gojira's body, killing the Yaguchi Plan.

Yeah, possibly. So what now?

We raise the certainty of it working through a series of tests.

Exactly, and the first thing that we'll do is analyze this structure. Top to bottom.

I've already got supercomputers running parallel analysis, but results are still several weeks away I've been told.

But we only have ten days left, Yasuda.

I know. That's why I've asked MEXT to use their global connections.

A call from Japan.

They're requesting parallel computing on info about the Gojira creature.

Tell them we're sympathetic, but there's no way we can do that since ours is a closed system, and a proprietary one, at that.

We just can't risk our data being stolen.

Oh, come, don't be like that.

Have some trust in your fellow man for once. Right?

Please tell them that our answer is yes.

We'd be happy to help them.

Hey, we've done it! We've solved Maki's riddle!

Here, look!



You see there. It's not the cell membrane itself, but an extremophile configuration that inhibits cell membrane activity.

You understand?

This inhibitor could mean the blood coagulant plan is still a viable option, and one that might actually work.

It looks good.


I get the feeling Maki anticipated this.

Maybe he saw the arrival of Gojira as a test.

One for mankind, the world, and of course, Japan.

Does his "Do as you please" include nuclear weapons?

Maybe so.

"Do as you please," right?

You know, that's a pretty hard thing to do in this country.


If you're alone.

Sir. I'm happy to announce that we've managed to iron out the last kinks in the Yaguchi Plan.

We ask your approval to deploy it.

I'm sorry, Izumi, but the UN resolution has already passed.

Some say the US seeks a quick resolution for one primary reason.

And that's to bury their knowledge of Gojira.

Of course, and we already know that!

And you know the condition that our country is in.

All due respect, why let other nations blow our country up when we could save it?

What you're saying is the fate of our country, it would be best guided by our own hands.

Perhaps it's time that Japan did as it pleased.

Yes, you're right.

So, my stamp. Where do I affix it?

"Once the coagulate has been administered as strategized, the blood will freeze and render the creature immobile as a result."

Wordy, I know.

You have a name for this plan?

"Yashiori" after the legendary saké that felled a hydra.

Very well. We'll run this op in five phases.

Akasaka worked out the details.

Requested vehicles have all been prepped.

Plus explosives drills have been conducted and quite successfully, I might add.

Forces are execution-ready.

I owe you thanks.

No, you don't.

It's our job.

Just two days left on the countdown.

Dammit. I still need three days in order to make the amount of coagulant we need.

Is there any way the countdown could be suspended?

Who on the Security Council could we get to help us stall? Any suggestions?

Not China or Russia because they're too geopolitically close to us.

How about France? Nuclear country.

I'm sure they'd be interested in biology, too.

Yeah. I've got a French contact.

Would you like for me to reach out?

Yes, please.

I'll try the Chief of the European Bureau.

Do it. And I'm going to call the Foreign Minister.

We need 24 more hours, people!


France has petitioned to interrupt the countdown.

China and Russia are opposed, but we're maintaining silence.

That's because it isn't just hardliners at the nucleus of Washington and the Pentagon.

Japan has grown up enough to have international trade deals on the sly.

Danger is another opportunity for personal growth.

Our friends are progressing with an effective deep freeze plan.

I think this country is betting on it.

And you're raising that bet also I see.

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent.

I've been trying to advise Charles against it, but it goes against the flow of the mainstream.

And you and I must bear the risk of retaliation.

Me, I'm okay.

But you, with your fastidious career and the Patterson name, mud will stick.

And your dream of becoming president in your forties will disappear.

Hey, Kayoco.

Good luck.


A joint strategy, huh?

Our countries can raise the chance of success by partnering up.

The US'll give my plan a shot?

Gotta admit I'm surprised.

Well, it helps to have me as a friend.

Whatever you need, I can get, whether it's vehicles or technology.

Even drones if you need them. So, what do you say?

I'm in, but there is no guarantee of them coming back in one piece.

Of course. I'll bill the Japanese government later.

We were able to finish the number of inhibitors that you needed. That's right.

You can send over the tankers to pick them up.

They're done.

We have material and coagulant.

Everything will be operation-ready in a few hours.

You can give HQ the green light.

Yaguchi. Are you sure you won't reconsider accompanying the front line troops?

I have to be there because a political decision might be needed. And if so, I have to make it.

It's still risky. Directing from the rear's safer.

Don't you want to be the PM in ten years?

If we're not able to pull this off, there may not be a country left by then.

If I don't make it, there are lots of others who can take my place. Such as you.

You'd make a great leader.

You've kept me going through this. Thank you.

Don't thank me. Thank Akasaka's mentoring.

Good luck.

Thanks. Now go save this country.

Operation Yashiori will be dangerous!

The risk of radiation exposure could result in both sickness and death!

I cannot promise that all of you will make it back!

But know that your work will matter!

The greatest strength that this country has is you, its people!

The SDF. It's the last fortress that can protect this nation, and you are its soldiers!

The future of Japan is now in your hands.

Protect it.

Roll out!

Yes, sir!

Weather readings were just confirmed, sir. Optimal conditions as hoped.

Skies are clear.

Northwest wind is at two meters.

It's holding steady and...

If conditions remain steady, the plume should blow out to the bay and minimize the impact to the city.

All platoons are on the ground standing by.

The US attack drone squadron is in the air in its designated holding pattern. Happy to report.

All systems are go, Chief. Just waiting on one thing.

Word from Tokyo that the evacuation is complete.

We've only got one shot at this so we can't wait.

Let the local governments know we're proceeding and to enact curfew.

Roger that. Alert Kanto area municipalities.

Have them issue a mandatory curfew for all citizens!

Indoor confinement, fifty-hour minimum!

Roger! And Commander, we've just gotten word that the train car detachment... it's approaching the zero point!

Then let Operation Yashiori commence!

Phase 1 Diversion! Begin!

Success! The train blasts were effective, sir!

Proceed to Phase Two!

Commence with the aerial assault!

Contacting US Forces, sir!

Command, this is Bravo 1.

Target in sight, engaging.

Copy that. First wave airborne. Engaging.

Sir! The target is discharging photons from its dorsal fins!

Gojira's taking down the drones just as we anticipated.

First sortie destroyed!

Don't stop. We're going to wear that thing down and keep it discharging energy. Until it's spent!

Second drone sortie destroyed.

Third drone sortie commencing attack!

Target moving to predetermined coordinates.

Third sortie destroyed!

Contamination zone is growing.

Radiation. It's exceeding the permitted amount.

If we stop now, all will be lost.

So continue the attack!

Fourth sortie destroyed!

Launch fifth sortie now!

Those beams. They've stopped discharging from the fins. But something strange is happening.

How the hell can it do that?

Fifth sortie has been destroyed.

That thing's plume. It's doubled in intensity!

Hang on. Can't stop yet.

Launch the sixth sortie now!

Volume is decreasing, Commander.

The target's flame has just ceased!

Luring target to Kill Point 1 complete!

Right! Begin Phase Three! Stationary blasting!


Radiation is at expected levels.

Now fixing target at Kill Point 1!

Right. Start Phase Four. Guided blast!

Target is down!

Kill Point 1 fixing complete!

Launch final phase! Deploy special crane platoon!

Roger! First platoon! Forward!

Crane Platoon One. Hydra-Slayer One.

Move out! Cranes 12 to 14, deploy to battle positions behind BP2 per your orders!

Hydra-Slayer One, Crane 11, and BP1 in deployment zone, over.

Crane 11, Hydra-Slayer One, copy!

Standby with engines ready! Deploy outriggers!

Approach BP1 and when ordered, commence injection!

Crane 12 and BP2 deployed.

Hydra-Slayer One. Crane 15. All vehicles deployed.

Engaging hook-up. Over.

Crane 15. Hydra-Slayer One. Copy!

Stay at outer operation range!

Begin the injection!

Injecting coagulant!

All pumps initiate!

RC is operational!

Okay, raise the output pressure!

Target the mouth as much as possible!

Commander, 20% of supply administered.

The dosage target is now exceeding 30%.

Crane Platoon One.

They're gone.

Dosage is working! Look, the target's slowing down!

Now's our chance! Deploy all train bombs!

Do it now!

Gojira. He's fallen!

Then roll out the second and third platoons!

Second and third platoons. Forward!

Freeze the bastard!

Do it! Administer all at once!

Fifty percent of supply administered!

The first 20 tanks are almost empty.

Got it. Switch tanks to 21 and above! Quickly!

Sixty percent of supply administered!

Seventy-five percent of supply gone.

We've now passed the coagulant minimum that was projected.

Ninety percent of supply administered!

One hundred percent used!

Critical point's been reached!

The target's skin appears to be stiffening!

Please let this work.

Did it work?

Oh, no! The target has resumed activity!

Full evacuation now!

Change positions! Hurry!

All troops, abandon attack and evacuate to the holding area!

Chest area temperature has dropped to negative 196 degrees.

Gojira. It's completely shut down!

Operation Yashiori... Appears to be a success.

Thank you. All of you.

We were down to just under an hour, which was far too close for comfort.

But we wouldn't have even had that if the PM hadn't been able to convince France.

'Scuse me!

Come and look at this survey data.


Gojira's new isotope has a half-life of 20 days.

And then halved again a month from now.

It'll be gone in two to three years.

Right. That's good news for the residents of Tokyo.


Thank goodness.

Good work.

Yaguchi, I've been told that the Satomi cabinet will soon be resigning en masse.

All in line with your scenario, correct?

Wasn't mine. This was all Satomi's scenario.

The capital and the government are in shambles right now.

It's a good opportunity to rebuild it right.

And speaking of which, once the relief and reconstruction bills have been passed, the event that will happen afterwards is the next election.

To resuscitate Japan and its 3.6 million refugees, we'll need a new leader and a new cabinet.

This country was devastated before but it rose from the ashes.

It'll do so again.

The countdown was only suspended.

But it'll restart if Godzilla begins moving again.

Nuclear weapons will be used if that happens.

I'm really amazed you agreed to that.

Well, I had to keep the world satisfied.

Now Japan, no... all mankind, must coexist with Gojira.

So you shared the data with France.

Yes, with France, and the entire world.

But still I regret nothing.

I like this "by-any-means" approach of yours.

Therefore... don't quit.

When I'm President of the US, you'd be ideal as my Japanese counterpart.

Your Japanese puppet, you mean.

The fact remains that casualties were high.

And accountability comes with this job.

A politician must decide whether to own it or not.

I myself choose to own it.

Well, like Maki said, "Do as you please."


I guess now's not the time to quit.

Because things aren't settled.

Not yet at least.