Shock Waves (1977) Script

NARRATOR: Shortly before the start of World War II, the German High Command began a secret investigation into the powers of the supernatural.

Ancient legend told of a race of warriors who used neither weapons nor shields and whose superhuman power came from within the earth itself.

As Germany prepared for war, the SS secretly enlisted a group of scientists to create an invincible soldier.

It is known that the bodies of soldiers killed in battle were returned to a secret laboratory near Coblenz, where they were used in a variety of scientific experiments.

It was rumored that toward the end of the war Allied forces met German squads that fought without weapons, killing only with their bare hands.

No one knows who they were or what became of them, but one thing is certain, of all the SS units, there was only one that the Allies never captured a single member of.


ROSE: I don't know how long that dinghy floated around with me lying in it.

All I can remember is the sound of the water slapping against the side.

Then I heard the engine sound getting closer.

That was when I realized I was still alive.

Get yourself down in there and help me get her out.

Hey, hey, don't do that.

He's trying to help you!

ROSE: I couldn't understand what they wanted.

It didn't occur to me I was being rescued.

It's okay, it's okay, we don't mean no hurt to you.

Jonathan, fetch some water here.

What you doing way out here in that there boat, little lady?

Here, some cool liquid for you, make you feel right.

You gonna tell us now what you doing out here?

ROSE: I wish I could've told him.

But it's only now that I remember any of it at all.

It was the second day on one of those small dive boats that takes you around the islands.

The engine had broken down for the second time.


Keep her at half speed.

No sense putting any strain on that crankshaft.

Here's your course.

Three, three, zero. Northwest?

Three, three, zero, North-northwest.

Listen, my friend, what we must have on this boat is accurate navigation.

A sailor's best friend.

It's the way he makes his way around without losing his boat and his crew.

It isn't how good-looking he is, it's his ability to navigate.


Don't apologize, navigate.

Jesus, look at the sun.

See if you can raise someone on the radio.



Cut the engine.



Do you hear that? Be quiet!

Let's get the hell out of here.



Norman, it's pitch black out there, what do you expect to see?

I don't like this one bit.

I hope these people know what they're doing.

They must know what they are doing, they're sailors, aren't they?

So was the crew of the Titanic.

Look Norman, if you're so worried, why don't you go upstairs and help the captain steer the boat?

I'm sure he'd be very grateful.

I think I'll do just that.

Hey, how about a drink? No thank you.

I'm going to speak to the captain about this situation.

Oh, relax.

Besides, you won't get anything out of him, I already tried.

NORMAN: Well, don't you think it's a bit unusual?

You people ready for some dinner?

Can anyone tell us what's going on out there?

I'm only the galley hand, I don't know no more than you do.

Hey, Dobbs, how about a drink? Don't mind if I do.

Yes, but you're an experienced seaman, you... you must've encountered...

No, I... take it neat, just the way it is.

You mean to say you've never seen anything like this?

Can't says I ever have.

Well, aren't you curious about it?

Sea spits up what it can't keep down.

CAPTAIN BEN: We've been holding steady for half an hour.

Steer one six five and keep her below eight knots.

Take another reading in a couple of hours.

You have any idea where we are?

Will when the weather clears.

In the meantime, keep checking the radio and keep your eyes peeled.

By the looks on your faces, maybe I shouldn't eat this.

Oh, your cook Dobbs here just told us one hell of a yarn.


What was it this time? Sea monsters or ghost ships?

Well, as a matter of fact, it was ghost ships.

Up to his old tricks again.

You don't believe any of these stories have some truth to them?

Look, miss, I could match you story for story with logical evidence, but what does it prove?

Men at sea often have hallucinations.

They work hard, they have eyestrain, lack of sleep, exhaustion.

Sometimes, they're just plain stupid.

Why, some say they're more afraid of water than little old ladies are of the dark.

Now just a minute, you mean to say that what we all saw out there is just a mirage?

It was a minor underwater disturbance.

It was a hot sky acting on a cold current coming from a mile down below.

Dobbs was just saying...

Oh, if everything that old fart said came true, both he and me would be in the deep six by now.

Given the condition of this boat, I wonder that hasn't happened already.

Norman, please.

What's bothering you, mister?

It seems to me, you're taking an unnecessary risk with a boat like this.

What do you mean "a boat like this?"

I mean, a broken down old tub that should've been retired years ago, along with her captain.

How is it that a used-car salesman knows so all fired much about boats?

I know enough to see that this boat is not what you people would call "shipshape."

The accommodations aren't worth the money at half the price.

I think that you have a responsibility to your passengers.

We should turn around right now. Set back?

For one crankshaft? No chance.

The first thing you'd want is a refund of your money, and I've already spent your money on her.

No, we're gonna sit right here, and you... you people are going to get your money's worth whether you like it or not.


Now I understand why we're the only passengers.

I think it's time for us to take matters into our own hands.

Take over the ship?

I mean nothing of the sort.

There are two other crew members on board.

They may not be smart, but they seem to have their wits about them.

I'll admit he is a bit unusual, but I think you're overreacting a bit.

Overreacting? Am I?

All right.

I warned you people.

You're inviting trouble by not taking any action.

I've spoken my mind, my conscience is clear.


I think I'll stay up a little longer.

I'll be in the cabin.




You really gave me a scare. Sorry.

I guess we're all a little jumpy tonight.

Do you always steer the boat with your feet?

You're not very talkative, are you?

Captain doesn't like us messing with the passengers.

Do you stay up here every night by yourself?

Ben was supposed to relieve me.

He needs the rest more than I do.

So, I've got the whole dogwatch to myself.


It's the middle of the night watch.

I like it.

I get a chance to be alone.

Can you really tell where we're going from this?



Calculating your speed, time, and distance.

Where are we now?

I don't know.


Our compass has been out most of the day.





What's the matter?

I don't know. Did you hear anything?

I don't think so.

Now I do.




What the hell?

Are you all right?

Lend a hand here.

Where is it?

Where's what? The freighter off the port bow.

Freighter nothing. What it'd do, fly? Where's it gone?

Freighter coming down on us. Running without lights.

Ships don't come up out of nowhere. You ran us onto something!

He is telling the truth! I saw it, too.

What happened?

Get back inside. There's no danger here.

Well, it sounded like we hit something!

Sure we hit something, a school of canned tuna.

Take that jacket off, we're not sinking. Not yet anyway.


Well, here's one goddamned thing those bastards won't get.

(SPLASHES) What the hell?!

Has everyone gone crazy?!

Don't you know?

We've been hit by a ghost ship.




It's over there.

It was moving down on us, Dobbs.

It ain't going no place now.

But it was moving! I swear.

Where's Ben?

I wish I knew.

What do you mean?

Went looking for him a little while ago.

He wasn't in his cabin, and he wasn't no place else.

Come up on deck, and I found these.

First off, I figured he was checking the underside.

Beats me.

Clothes here, dinghy's still here.

He's too old to go swimming around these here currents!


What's it look like?

Well, the props and shafts are all right.

She's lying flat on the bottom and I can't see everything.

Are we gonna be able to get out of here all right?

We'll know as soon as the tide comes in and lifts us off.

Oh, swell, and then we can go look for the captain, right?

He's probably waiting for us to pick him up on the other side of the island.



I still don't see why we can't stay in the boat.

Surely you can pump the water out.

The hull's been damaged.

One wave, and she rolls right over.

You'd have a lot of trouble getting out of it then.

You know, I keep asking myself if this is really happening, if this isn't all a bad dream.

Then I realize, it isn't a dream anyone would believe, so it must be real.


Ben! Ben!

Where the hell are you?

What the hell does he think he's doing?

He is trying to break his neck.



Are you sure we're not weighted down too heavily?

Norman, leave him alone. He knows what he's doing.

Knows what he's doing, does he?

Beverly, these people haven't the slightest idea of how to boil water, let alone sail in it.

Sorry I said anything.






Looks like our trip up here was for nothing.

This must've been one hell of a joint.


Hey, Dobbsy!

I found your room!


Don't you ever get enough of that stuff?

Only once in a while.

Then I don't usually remember it.


Well, will you look at this?

Ah, it's just a dusty old refrigerator.

(MUMBLING) Dusty old refrigerator.





MAN: Why have you come to this place?

I am waiting.

You will please answer my question.

Who wants to know?

MAN: That is not of importance.

Why are you here?

Our boat ran aground out on the reef.

Where are you?

MAN: I am near, but also far.

We can't get her off. The bottom's filled in.

We saw this place and came up here.

MAN: How many are you? Why should we answer you?

MAN: Because I live here and you have entered uninvited.

Look, we didn't mean to trespass.

It didn't seem like anyone was here.

We were running at night and hit that wreck.

We're alone, we need help.

We don't mean to cause you any trouble.

MAN: What do you mean? There is no wreck.

Sure there is. It's right out there on the reef.

Can you help us out?

Are you still there?

I don't like this one bit. He sounds like a nut.

Ah, this is some old hermit, probably harmless.


Perhaps you do need help, but you cannot get it here.

I have been the sole occupant of this hotel and this island for many years now.

You have left others at the beach?

No, there's only us.

There are no survivors from the wreck?

No, it's all rusted out.

It must've been there for years.

It has a name?

Yeah, the Pro something.

Protious? Might be.

Do you know it?

What about getting off the island?

I've had enough of this!

If he's gone, let's get out of here.

Think you can find your way? You're not coming?

Just where are you going to go from here?




Where'd you find those?

There's a whole room full of them upstairs.

Any sign of our friend?

(SIGHS) Not a sound in the place.

What time is it?

Why? Are you going someplace?

I haven't been to bed this early since I was five years old.

How can he just fall asleep like that?


He played very hard today.



I know what you was goddamned gonna say.

It ain't hot now, right?

It ain't hot now, so I can carry them goddamned cans back here.

Hey, not so loud, will ya? You'll wake everybody.

I didn't say anything. Well you was gonna say it!

Shut up, will ya?

Least we can do is feed these people now and then.

I'm going, I'm going.

You don't have to. One of us can do it.

None of you can do nothing, that's what it comes down to.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

I'm only doing my job.




Ah. Ah.


Is anyone there?


Who is it?




And now, you have found me.

Wait a second.

I was hoping you would give us some help.

Ah! Of course.

You must excuse the manners of an old man who has lived by himself for too many years.

Not having people around, they have grown rusted with disuse.

All we want is for you to tell us how we can get out of here.


Yes, this is a most unfortunate time for your visit.

You and your friends must leave immediately.

Fine with me. How do we do it?

There is a boat, a small boat, but it can get you away from here.

You're only a sail of two days from the nearest inhabited island.

If you hurry, the tide will be favorable.

What's the rush?

It is better if you do not know that, but I can tell you this.

There is danger here, danger in the water.

If you are quick, you can escape that danger.

On the edge of the grounds is a path which leads to a small canal.

There, you will find the boat.

I believe it is still sea-worthy.





Help me, will ya?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Look at this.


What is it?

It's German. Symbol for the SS.

SS? What's he doing with that?

Bet I know who to ask.

Maybe we should ask them.




I am here, gentlemen.

Why is it you have not left?

Because of this.

Where did you find it?

We found it in the hand of our cook when we pulled him out of the creek down there.

He is dead?

Don't you know?

Most sincerely, I do not.

It seemed like he was drowned.

Then I am afraid it is too late.

Too late for what? For any of us.

You are, indeed, very stupid.

I gave you a chance to save yourselves, but you have refused to take it.

So be it.

Now, it is too late.

Did you kill Dobbs? Yes, I killed him.

And your captain, too, perhaps, but not in the way you think. It was indirect.

CHUCK: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You're not making any sense.

If you will not be so impatient, maybe I will have the opportunity to tell you.

Well, try and make it fast.

We are not alone on this island.

So, those other two we saw are with you?

We Germans developed the perfect weapon, a soldier.

He was capable of fighting under any conditions, adapting to any environment or climate, equally at home in the Russian winter or on the African desert.

They were the most vicious and bloodthirsty of all the SS divisions.

The group under my command was designed for the water, to man submarines which would never have to surface.

This is nothing but a lot of double talk.

We created the perfect soldier from cheap hoodlums and thugs and a good number of pathological murderers and sadists as well.

We called them the Toten Corps, the Death Corps.

Creatures more horrible than any you can imagine.

Not dead, not alive, but somewhere in-between.

They were transported to any scene of battle and let loose.

But problems arose. They could not be controlled.

Their innate desire for violence made their behavior unpredictable and erratic.

There were even incidences when they attacked their own soldiers.

So they were withdrawn for further study.

Then the war was drawing to an end.

I was ordered to remove my group from possible capture.

I took them to sea just before all our ports were closed.

We roamed the oceans for many weeks, waiting orders which never came.

The war was lost.

Somewhere near to this island, I sent the ship and her cargo to the bottom.

And here I have been ever since in voluntary exile.

That's the ship? The one out on the reef?

And now, she has returned.

You mean to tell us, these things have been underwater all these years?

What kind of story is this?

You gonna believe this stuff?

You may believe what you wish.

What you do now is no longer any concern of mine.

I want you to leave.

If I see any of you at all, I will shoot on sight.

I think that's pretty clear.




Where do you think you're going with them?

You don't expect me to leave them, do you?

Don't be an ass, Norman.

There's barely enough room on here for us!

When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

Are we taking you or the bags?



What is it?

Damn. Damn! There's a goddamn mud bank.

We'll have to push it across. Everyone out!

Rose! Get in the boat. Steer the rudder.

Keith! Keith!

Are you crazy? Let's get the hell out of here!

Keith, we're sailing!

Come about! Come about!

What did you say?

Help me.

Take her in.


Beverly. Beverly.

Where's Beverly?!

I'm sure she's all right. Well, where are they?

Beverly! Beverly!

Beverly! Beverly! Norman! Norman!

Shut up! All right.

All right, all right, all right.

All right, let's just think. Let's just think.

No, let's just keep moving. Keep moving? Where, where?

We'll go to the hotel. To the hotel?

Yes. Come on. All right, all right, all right.


Which way now?

This way.


Norman, wait!












How's everything down here? All set?

Set as we'll ever be.

ROSE: Any sign of them? No, nothing.


Where's Chuck?

I don't know.

He just said he didn't wanna come inside until he had to.

I told you to stay inside.

What are you doing up here anyway?

I thought maybe he had something up here that might help us.

What's the matter?

Nothing. I'm coming.

What is it now?!

I don't see what the percentage is of hiding in a refrigerator!

They hate the light, right?

When do you think you're most likely to see them?

The refrigerator's got walls two feet thick.

I hope it'll be enough.

You've got your nerve.

We were all supposed to be in here before dark.

You've put us in danger! Do you realize that?

What's with him?

Beverly, it's gonna be a long night for all of us.


Everybody ready for lights out?






Chuck, do you feel all right?

Chuck, what's the matter?

You've got to let me out of here.


Not now. We can't do it now.

Just let me out. You don't have to come.

I can't stay in here any longer.


I didn't want to come here. He came and got me.

I thought it would be okay.

Sometimes, I can control it, but this...

Please, let me out! I'll take my chances!

It's too late!

They'll find us. You're gonna have to control it!




You all stay inside! I can't control it!

I don't have any choice. Now... now, get out of the way!

Put that thing down! Are you insane?!

If he fires that thing in here, we'll all suffocate to death!

Let him go if he wants to!

If I open and close that door, one of them might hear it.

Then where will we be? Open the goddamn door!

Open the door, please. Open it, open it, open it!

All right, just let me look.

Open it! Open it!

Give me the flashlight!

Then we'll be left with nothing but an oil lamp!

You don't need it.

I need all the help I can get out there, now let me have it!



(SCREAMS) My eyes!



Help me! I can't see!







What is it? Boiler.








Is that you?






Come on.

(SOFTLY) Come on.

The oars!





ROSE: I don't know how long that dinghy floated around with me lying in it.

All I can remember is the sound of the water slapping against the side.

Then I heard the engine sound getting closer.

That was when I realized I was still alive.

I don't know how long that dinghy floated around with me lying in it.

All I can remember is the sound of the water slapping against the side.

It's only now, I remember any of it at all.