Shocking Kung Fu of Huo's (2018) Script

Freeze Halt Freeze Halt Freeze Freeze Halt Freeze Stop Freeze Stop

Brother Brother The asthma attacks again Don't worry Chuan It’s all fault of the damn opium Not bad, bro Fortunately we burnt the damn opium den Otherwise, we’d never know how many people would be afflicted We learn martial arts not for beating people down but for lifting people up As long as we die for justice it’ll be worth Go this way Freeze Here Freeze Freeze

Get him Mum Mum

Mum Freeze Freeze

Chuan Go

Bro Go

Chuan Take good care of my family


Stop it

Mr. Wei

You rough necks why not be honest but contended for woman with me and even burnt my opium den This is your destiny Leave him a whole corpse

Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum

The old Shanghai at the beginning of last century was called the Paris of the East It was also a paradise for western adventurers Here foreigners ran amok and was full of strong western style, luxury and dissipation life However there was a little-known form of athletics Black Fist It's cruel and bloody free from the morality of martial arts creeping out from the oriental magic city

Monkey fist

The life and death contract has been signed Kuan Kuan Life and death are decreed by fate Wealth and rank are matters of destiny Ready go


Little monkey Don’t beat my face

Bravo Bravo

Kuan Kuan

Bravo Kuan Wei So, you call this Chinese Kung Fu?

I’m really afraid that it might waste my film Wake up Get him away Kuan Kuan

Kuan Kuan Kuan Ladies and gentlemen Look at this This is called Kung Fu Monkey show?

No wonder that foreigners call Chinese Kung Fu “Girl Fight” not practical at all merely form I brought you something really good This is called camera Set this by our boxing ring Thus we can record the Kung Fu of Chinese boxers and well research them If not Your Chinese Kung Fu might no longer be extant What do you mean Wanna steal our Chinese Kung Fu?

No No Wei Listen I can’t agree with you Your boxers usually hold back a trick or two to their prentices so will their prentices to their own prentices After the martial arts bans in the Ming and Qing dynasties. in addition to the emphasis on the martial virtue ideology that military forces are to be used only for maintenance of peace and order the originally profound Chinese martial arts have been gradually weaker and weaker after generations I'm here to protect the cultural heritage What if I don't agree


You should know I've bought your boxing hall I'm your boss now Only in the random black fist match like yours can I shoot the unique skill You're a wise man You must agree In this world A wise man never plays a trick with his fate

Come and look Come and look As long as anyone can win our three masters Noriyuki Inoue from Japan Somchai from the southeast Asia

and Changhao Park from Korea he can take all these money awards

Who is that Who is that

You smelly beggar Are you crazy Where are you from

The death warrant has not been signed yet Forget it

Bravo Bravo

This man is somewhat interesting

Smelly beggar how can you use weapon Then, let our Japanese samurai fight with you

Drink it, son

Oh my god

What a unique skill Black Tiger Digging Crotch

Bravo Bravo

Come on As long as you win our boss you can also get the money award Beat him Beat him Beat him Beat him Beat him Be quiet


My Boss Beautiful

Get up

Holy crap

Extra! Extra!

Local master lost streak in black fist Chinese Kung Fu suffered humiliation On the random arena match of the bund Western boxing champion James Japanese samurai Noriyuki Inoue and southeast Asian warrior Somchai set arena to match Chinese warriors China can’t Since the opening of the match Chinese side had Monkey fist Drunken fist Shanghai fist Totally 15 boxers all lost Not even one orthodox school dares to accept the challenge The arrogance of foreigners shocked Chinese martial arts circle

Who are you Who are you What are you doing here What are you doing here Hey! You What are you doing here

Together Beat him

You know our Kung Fu

Sister, stop that

Sister Sister What are you doing You think we are not tired enough?

Yeah Hey Brothers I saw you practice too hard Make some fun You call that fun?

You were so hard See?

Don’t wanna talk to you anymore Dad Master

Master, are you OK

Who is the curator

This is the letter of challenge for random match from our Sino-British Boxing Hall

Since we are talking about arena why not to set an open arena in the square I would never participate in such a brutal and shady boxing match and I’ll never allow my disciples to participate We’re not foreigners but we really wanna see how amazing Kung Fu is Who is the authentic Kung Fu man Orthodox school Orthodox school should not be a coward What did you say

Learning martial arts is not for being combative Master Stop it Let him out

Master Let’s go and fight with them

No We don’t even know why they hold the random black fist match You always teach us to be vigorous to be self-motivated to get rid of the cruel and pacify the good  people and never forget the mind of chivalry but now it is right the moment to do that Remember We’re successors of Huo’s fist We should never play such black fist I’ve been always teaching you that martial arts practitioners should uphold force and morality cultivate the mind You have very good foundation and aptitude but you’re too flighty and impetuous and hard to control your desire This is a taboo for all martial arts practitioners Go to meditation room and do introspection Master Go Fine Master

Stone Go Let’s buy something on the street


Wei Yiping?

Have a look at the fans Stone Chop-chop Freeze Catch the thief


You have accomplices It’s too late to know that

Since you’re so awesome why not to play the black fist match


What took you so long

You called the police?

Why’s it so fragrant

Who else Is there anybody else to challenge Ah Come and look Come and look

20 gold bars

500 silver dollars Just by beating our three masters one by one you can take all these money back home Where are martial arts experts Where are masters What makes you all become cowards

What the Where did you get up What’re you doing here

Opera actor

Opera actor What the fuck are you doing here Wanna bet?

Go there to bet I’m here to fight What Did I mishear?


I challenge them three

Seems like Chinese Kung Fu has nobody left Good Look at these days, monkey show drunkard beggar now a reckless opera actor OK Wanna fight?

Sign the life and death contract first No need

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Perfect This is called unique skill

Bravo Bravo

Bravo Come together

Bravo! Bravo!

So cool

Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill Quiet Quiet Quiet The opera actor No Sir these awards are all yours Chinese martial arts invaluable treasure How could it be measured with money I came just for the integrity of the Chinese nation

Very impressive Very good Very good

Very good Sir Very good Please wait

He is our boss Mr. James Our boss is very interested at your unique skill Good job Pig Zhu Where did you find this guy Oh my boss No Pig It’s Peter He flies from the sky

Your Kung Fu is great I wanna fight with you If you lose you can still take your money awards If you win your money awards will double Fight! Fight! Fight!

Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!

Forget the money Another day, another match

What’s going on What’s going on there Was the fight too severe?

He must be hurt

Stone What’re you doing here

Stone Are you following me?

You've been running with me on your back for so long. but you doesn’t even gasp and your pace is so vigorous You must be a Kung Fu practitioner Tell me why did you come to our Huo’s Martial Arts School

Beat him Beat him

Little dummy you've got balls Do you think a coward like you match our little junior sister apprentice


Come on Beat me down

Come on

Stone Are you OK Get up

You've gone too far Why did you beat him I didn’t The little dummy likes Huo's martial arts very much Just now I just taught him a few tricks Yeah Taught him a few tricks Just for fun

Big brother You know that Stone doesn't know Kung Fu but you still beat him so badly Do you wanna beat him to death?

He overreached himself A beg for the moon You…

Let’s go Let’s go

So ugly Not like me at all

What’re you laughing at Stop it

Does it hurt?

Bro Go

Chuan Take good care of my family Go

Chuan Our enemy Wei Yiping I’ve found him but now my physical condition is going from bad to worse

I don’t even know if I can revenge for you

20 years passed I still haven’t found Chun and the two children Sorry Bro Sorry

Huo’s fist is a skill and also a kind of self-cultivation Self-cultivation of loyalty, braveness, kindheartedness and justice Wanna learn Kung Fu, cultivate morality first Morality is a kind of attitude and a kind of behavior Just like before Shaolin monks learn a unique skill they must learn a Buddhist doctrine first so as to defuse the cruel mind This is just like owning a sword you must have a sheath Or you may hurt both your enemy and yourself

Everyone Master

Dad Master, are you OK?

My old illness attacks again You practice first Stone help me to have a rest

In all my life I have no son but only a daughter Your big senior fellow apprentice is naturally aloof and proud

Dad is going to teach you the unique skill of Huo’s fist The unique skill of Huo’s fist has always been passed on to female

In the future if you meet the just and honest Mr. Right you may teach him the unique skill of Huo’s fist Um

Actually in the unique skill of Huo’s fist every set of movement consists of 6 fists

scratch hack lift punch strike and suppress

Every set of movement of Huo’s fist consists of the six fists false first and real second which is very changeable Each trick hitting on the different acupoints and positions of other's body will cause different damage to the opponent Take Holding Head to Trip Body of Huo’s fist as an example It’s like fishing in the air

giving a sudden attack blotting out the sky and covering the sun

Come Practice with dad Um

Extra Extra Mystic opera actor boxer Black Demon beat 3 masters in black fist match alone

Extra Extra Mystic opera actor boxer Black Demon beat 3 masters in black fist match alone Extra Extra Mystic opera actor boxer Black Demon Please welcome our new champion A master in mystery who beat our three masters successively 2 days ago People call him the Black Demon

What do you come for today Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill

In front of the Black Demon is our boss Mr. James

If the Black Demon can win our Mr. James today your awards will be double One night after, you’ll become the richest boxer


You’re not that opera actor If you don’t wanna die use your unique skill



Whoa This American will leg method Never before and never again Watch carefully Unique skill Double Kick Perfect Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

James, very good James

The Black Demon’s tricks, I’ve never seen before Catch Kick Wrestling He combines the advantages of all schools Now look at our Mr. James He integrates the essences of martial arts all over the world

The Black Demon’s arm is dislocated


James Be careful

He set it by himself!

Dear me!


Kuan Kuan, wake up James, wake up James, wake up Get him away James, wake up

I just wanna tell you all Our Chinese Kung Fu is extensive and profound definitely not the so-called jack-of-all-trades martial arts They foreigners can learn the movements of our Kung Fu but they’ll never realize the moral spirit of Chinese Kung Fu Pretending dummy Be a good Kung Fu practitioner does not mean to be combative Be a good Kung Fu practitioner does not mean to beat many people down on the arena but to lift many people up in his life

These awards were originally yours Now I return them to you

What the What the

Hide Face to Punch

Turn Waist to Hit Head Milord Milord Aunt Zhu What’s going on

Aunt Zhu Miss Did you see Curator Huo

What’s going on Curator Huo hasn’t come out and ate breakfast yet I have prepared the medicine but I can’t find him

Is he in the study room

Dad Dad Are you there Master Master



Dad Are you OK?

Master Dad




Dad What’s going on with master Hurry on Dad Milord Dad Master Master Master

Mr. inspector This study room is the crime scene There is neither trauma nor sign of poisoning on the dead body The time of death is about 4 to 6 hours ago The specific report will be made after further examination Carry it away

Wait a moment

Please let my father stay at home for three days so I can perform my filial duty as a daughter Three days later if you need to keep investigation it will all be up to you Um My respect, Miss Huo I’m very sympathetic How about this You handle the funeral first and properly keep the corpse I’ll seal up the study room to prevent others from approaching and spoiling the scene I’ll come back 3 days later Thank you, sir

Miss Huo What kind of perfume do you use So special I’ve never used perfume

Sorry No offence My nose is easy to be allergic can’t resist the irritation See you Let’s go

Sister It’s too late

Surround it Freeze Freeze Freeze

You really show up

I knew something is wrong with you It’s really you

I didn’t kill Curator Huo

Aren’t you a dummy l You pretended a dummy and concealed here for half a year You fooled us all Sister Do you know It’s right him who concealed from the master to play the black fist match He is the most horrible boxing champion in the black fist market the Black Demon

You've been always lying to me and now you’re still lying to me Xiaoyu Trust me It’s not like that I can explain Take him to the police station

Take away

Xiaoyu Trust me I didn’t do that

Sister I’m going back now

All right The killer has been caught, right?

Stop crying



Sister I bought a piece of western soap so the smell is still left on me Have a rest

Where’s everybody The big brother went out early in the morning Some other fellow apprentices are having a holiday Some were assigned for other affairs by the big brother

Miss Huo The autopsy result of the curator has come out There is no fatal injury It’s sudden death of asthma

There's also a possibility of drug murder But with the current technology we cannot prove that your dad was murdered What do you mean You mean my dad… Of course with my years of experience there are a lot of doubtful points in the death of Mr. Huo I have more things to know from Miss Huo OK, inspector I will cooperate with you to investigate the truth Suspect Stone You’ve got a visitor

Why did you kill my dad?

Why did you pretend a dummy?

Why were you the Black Demon?

Xiaoyu Trust me I didn’t kill your dad Then, why did you pretend a dummy? and conceal in my family?

What are you really up to?

I have my reason which I’ll tell you later on But Xiaoyu, you should trust me Curator Huo had been very kind to me How could I be the cruel murderer Then what were you doing there Why did you appear next to my father's body?

I was trying to find out the truth The real cause of Curator Huo’s death What did you find

This is my father’s Yes Or no I found it when it fell from the curator I found the smell so strange which was different with the smell of the medicine used by Curator Huo before But this is indeed my father's medicine bottle for asthma And there might be something else in it Although it's an empty bottle. some of the remains have not evaporated

My father used to have a cool smell after taking the medicine but this smell is more intense

Miss Huo What kind of perfume do you use So special

Xiaoyu Xiaoyu


What smell is it Blood Blood

Blood Adopted father What he can do I can do and can do it better than him

Good You have not let me down James has gone back home to heal this is your world now

Now please welcome our ultimate master, the Black Demon

Come on

Dear me The unique skill

Wow The unique skill The ribs are all broken Ever more cruel than the gweilo Bravo Black Demon Black Demon Black Demon

Brother You’re…

…the Black Demon So you’ve known it Why Why would you be the Black Demon, too Have you forgotten the rule of the martial arts school?

How could you do this I’ve not But what’s wrong with the black fist match?

Stone can do it I’m ten times stronger than him Why can't I?

The stupid rule of the martial arts school is rubbish Don't we learn Kung Fu to be stronger?

I have strength I wanna win make more money with my own hands Stronger ones survive, and weaker ones be weeded out, this is the rule of the world My dad was most opposed to the underground black fist match How could his soul rest in peace Your dad Your dad is the real Black Demon Nonsense

My father's medicines were bought by you What did you put in

Sister I didn’t expect that you would suspect me One day as my teacher, he could be deemed like a father for the rest of my life How could I harm the master?

If you don't believe You can go to the police station to see if the bottle is poisonous Sister Now the master is gone but I’m here By my side I promise you’ll live a better life than anyone else I'll take more fellows to play the black fist match I will revitalize Huo’s Martial Arts School No I'm going to let the school dominate the whole Shanghai Isn't that what the master wants to see?

No, brother Sister You know that I've always liked you Let’s get married We inherit the school together It's your only choice No Stop it Stop it,brother When what's done cannot be undone, it will not be up to you to decide

Sister Sister

Xiaoyu Huo Xiaoyu

Huo Xiaoyu Let me ask you the last time Do you agree with me

Does my father's death have anything to do with you?

The gloves are off Don't blame your brother for being ruthless

Xiaoyu You waked up It’s me Brother Stone Watch out

Stone You How come… Because the lack of evidence Inspector Li released me after you left I went to the school but I didn’t found the big brother and you so I went to the underground boxing hall In the way I heard your quarrel with the big brother Huo Xiaoyu Let me ask you the last time Do you agree with me Xiaoyu

Thank you, Stone

Let me do it


You’ve seen it already Right?

Go away

Xiaoyu Calm down Listen to me

I know you're sad but this scar on your face cannot be the reason to give up investigating the murderer Moreover Your father has made painstaking efforts to the Huo’s Martial Arts School for more than ten years you can’t just let it go I believe if the soul of Curator Huo knows this he will definitely cheer you up

This is your father's legacy I found it in the study room

Dear cousin Zhenshan I heard from Dachuan that You have quitted opium Asthma often bothers you please take care of yourself Dachuan is addicted to boxing and is born honest and frank and likes defending others against injustice I’ve been pregnant and have a baby by my side Thanks for your care. Missing you!

It was written by a woman named Chun She called my father “cousin” so she should be the wife of He Dachuan, my father’s sworn brother and my father's cousin I should call her aunt Lin No wonder when I was young my father was often not at home.

He often locked himself in his study room and blamed himself for having not found his cousin and the two children

Brother Stone

Actually I am the eldest son of He Dachuan He Shilei The woman Chun mentioned in the letter is my mother

For twenty years It’s the first time I see them

At the age of five

my mother left us due to dystocia when delivering my younger brother when delivering my younger brother A gang of men in black broke into my home A gang of men in black broke into my home and took my brother away I was afraid and hided under the bed I heard that my father was killed by his sworn brother Huo Zhenshan In order to take revenge I diligently practiced He’s fist skill with my master’s senior fellow apprentice Later on I hided my identity and pretended to be dumb to enter the Huo’s Martial Arts School I pretended to be a labor In fact, I came here to find out the truth I learned that your father is very righteous and aboveboard How could he be murderer who killed his sworn brother?

Then why did you still act as the Black Demon to play the black fist match?

Actually The real Black Demon was your father

Stone Put me down Let's have a rest here for a while

Stone In fact, I knew you’ve been watching my whereabouts although I don't know why

but I can see in your eyes that you are a trustworthy and honest child

So I haven't shown you up

Do you wanna know why I didn’t keep my words but played the black fist match by myself

The reason is very simple As a master I can’t let my disciples to get involved in such a bottomless struggle But I'm also a martial artist seeing the foreigners provoke our Chinese martial arts and insult our national spirit like that how could I stand by and watch?

A Kung Fu man must have faith composure psychokinesis intelligence and gumption such five faculties and strengths We learn martial arts not for beating people down but for lifting people up As long as we die for justice it’ll be worth Be a good Kung Fu practitioner does not mean to beat many people down

but to lift many people up

Be a good Kung Fu practitioner does not mean to beat many people down but to lift many people up

Actually in my mind your father has already been my master He taught me the true essence of martial arts And I was worried about your father's physical condition He could not fight the foreigner James So I became the Black Demon to fight for him not to save people from catastrophe but at the very least for the national integrity and dignity

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

What brings you here


Who’re you Big bro You have a terrible memory You don’t even remember us No Is this not a Little sister?

How come she becomes like this Stop the nonsense

She is right my wife Huo Xiaoyu the only heir of Huo family We have name card and engagement as evidences Right I am the real Huo Xiaoyu Who’re you Faker Stop playing fox in Huang’s Boxing School Disciples catch them and send them to the police station Freeze Stop Stop Freeze Stop Freeze Stop

Come on Hurry on Hurry on Go Freeze Freeze Freeze Stop Freeze Freeze

Boss Here they comes

My honor to meet you here Let me introduce myself I’m Wei Yiping Sit down please

Mr. Wei Thank you for saving us You’re welcome Sit down

Please Look at this

Employ us to play fist match?

You’ve got the new Black Demon why would you invite us to play Um?

Unsatisfied about the price?

As long as you’re willing to negotiate price is not a problem My father told us when he was alive Huo’s family members are not allowed to play an underground match Curator Huo would never expect that In just one month after his death Huo’s boxing school has been totally transformed and usurped by others If he knows

I’m really sorry for that I'll get justice for my father Justice It's not so easy as it sounds As far as I know Huang Jinpeng has already found a substitute of you and made the household register of Huo Xiaoyu for her They’ve get married and has inherited the Huo’s boxing school with the real testament of Huo Zhenshan and the fake signed instrument of Huo Xiaoyu How can you get this justice?

In this world there is only justice of the strong but no justice for the weak If you trust me

I can help you two to take your justice back Huang Jinpeng is now your Black Demon You’ve got him why would you help us

I just wanna cultivate you to be the new Black Demon and help you to take your martial arts school back Have a kiss

Really bad Have a kiss Taste this

Big brother, Boss Wei is ready to sign

My adopted father seems to be too rich making him so fool

Mr. Wei I accept your contract I hope you’ll keep your promise Brother Stone

Xiaoyu I’d been the Black Demon I have to deal with something by myself

Good You’ve got the balls

Who’s there?

Boss The Black Demon

Sorry the boss is busy

Bastard I can adopt you raise you make you become the Black Demon make you rich and glorious

I can also ruin you with my own hands

Smell it

Here is our ultimate master, the Black Demon Black Demon Black Demon Let's move on to the next one Southern Fist school boxer from Guangdong Lei Hao

good Iron Flower from Zhumadian of Henan and the warrior from northeast China Let them come together I don't have much time to spare You don't fit the rules Rule?

On this arena rule is a piece of shit Win is win Lose is lose You Come together Together

Life and death are decreed by fate Life and death are decreed by fate Wealth and rank are matters of destiny Congratulations to our champion of champions, the Black Demon another prime Black Demon Black Demon Black Demon

What’s up You look upset Brother Stone My mum passed away when I was young I was raised by my dad I'm afraid I'm afraid if my dad is really the… Then will you hate me?

What’re you talking about, silly girl?

I’ll never believe that master Huo might do such a thing

Idiot No matter what is the truth it’s the matter of last generation how could you be blamed I wish all of these hadn't happened so I can live a quiet life with you

I promise you after tomorrow everything will come to a close

Our champion of champions, the Black Demon, finally meets the challengers tonight with a true face.

Welcome the Black Demon Black Demon The challenger opposite to the Black Demon is also from Huo’s Martial Arts School like the Black Demon Tonight it will be the race between the fellow apprentices He is Stone


It’s you Little dummy I didn't expect that you’re so scheming You hurt Xiaoyu occupied Huo’s Martial Arts School It’s you who caused the death of Curator Huo You’d better plead guilty as soon as possible

Death is knocking at your door and you’re still blathering here Come on



Friends, look at this The two Huo’s fist skill students are not playing the Huo’s fist skill This kind of combination of miscellaneous martial arts may be an innovation It is also the watching focus of the match

On this arena, live or die

Huang Jinpeng Stop it

You shut up They’ve signed a life and death contract Stop running wild on this ring Xiaoyu You’re so fortunate

This medicine bottle Are you familiar

I really underestimated you Stop talking about the old days Keep fighting Shut up I’ll tear your mouth to shreds If I hadn't smelled you that day I would never know that this strange odor was actually the poison that killed my father Poison?

I didn't have any poison That’s pollen

Your father's allergic asthma is the worst in the season.

I added pollen to his western medicine bottle Then let him have an asthma attack I didn't expect that he died so fast My dad treated you so well how could you do this to him Insane


The one who’s insane is your dad Huo Zhenshan

My adopted father Wei Yiping told me that He saw Huo Zhenshan killed his good sworn brother

and opened a martial arts school to become a famous martial arts expert Bah!

I’ve followed him as an apprentice for many years In fact, I want him to die every day and every night How dare you…

Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill Unique skill

Ho’s Catch Finger must not be used unless as a last resort How could you knowthe unique skill of He family That’s my family’s fist skill


He Dachuan What’s your relationship with him

He’s my father What?


You’re my elder brother The elder brother that I’ve looked for in all these 20 years

You’re my younger brother Brother Inconceivable They are brothers I thought that they look somewhat like each other I almost killed my only relative I haven’t known it until now I’m a fool


Wei Yiping You raised me for 20 years stolen He’s boxing spectrum to teach me just for let us kill each other

I hate you

It's all your plot You're the real murderer

That is right I have to tell you more Your father was killed by me, too

Kill them both

Go Go Go Hurry up

I saw this on newspaper before Foreigners use it to shoot films Now they use it to steal Chinese Kung Fu Get away

A group of waste

Bro Bro

I miss our parents

I don't know what my parents look like, though But I know they are my closest relatives

My parents

I was bent on revenge made an alias of Huang Jinpeng


I My last name is He

I failed to take good care of you, bro



Brother Brother Brother Brother

Chun They’ve not well protected you I’ve killed them all

You rough necks why not be honest but contending for woman with me and even burnt my opium den This is your destiny

In this world I’m the man who loves you most

Chun You did all for that poor guy Is it worth?

Chun How could you just leave me

Chun Chun Why didn’t you just share a little of your love to me


Freeze Freeze Freeze Knee down Knee down Knee down

The essence of the unique skill of Huo’s Fist is the mind Change according to the attack of opponent False first and real second, which is very changeable Each trick hitting on the different acupoints and positions of other's body will cause different damage to the opponent


Have a baby soon Thank you Please Thank you Thank you Please Thanks

Please Inspector Li Miss Huo

Mrs. He Curator He

15th anniversary of Huo’s Martial Arts School Fresher comes Congratulations Thank you, thank you Through all the difficulties finally, I and Xiaoyu are together now Thank you, Inspector Li Promoted Promoted Delivered?

Xiaoyu hasn’t delivered yet It’s me I was promoted Now I’m the Commissioner

Be a good Kung Fu practitioner does not mean to beat many people down but to lift many people up

China I have to come back I have to come back