Sholay (1975) Script

The Thakur...? -Welcome, sir. This way...

I knew it the moment I received your letter, Thakur...

...that you wished to meet me.

I took the first available train.

I'm putting you to some trouble, jailer.

Not at all, sir. Just name it... whatever it be.

I need two men. Two?

Do you recognize them?

There's hardly a prison where they have not been held, Thakur.

This is Veeru. ...and this is Jai.

They're crooks, both of them. Thieves of the first order.

I know.

They're just what I need for the assignment at hand.

I can't say what assignment you have in mind, Thakur.

But I can surely tell you that they're good for nothing.

That's not true, jailer.

For all their vices, they have some virtues, too.

A fake coin is a fake, sir. Whichever way you look at it.

That is perhaps the difference between man and coin.

I clearly remember what happened two years ago.

I had arrested both of them in district Jamalpur.

We had to reach the police station at village Tamli by dusk.

Since no other arrangements could be made...

...we took a goods-train.

I had two constables with me. And there were these crooks...

...Jaidev and Veeru; chained and handcuffed.

Could you have been at the Daulatpur police station earlier, sir?

Yes, I was. Why did you ask?

I remember now!

I've been wondering where I've seen you, ever since you've caught us.

Remember Lalji's shop? The provision store which we robbed?

Do you remember? The provisioy store? no...

Don't you? Jai...

Remember, we were held at the Daulatpur police station?

Daulatpur? Yes, don't you remember?

When was that? We had robbed the grocer...

He was the officer then... Don't you recognize him?

All police officers look the same to me.

I can't help it, you know... He's always talking nonsense.

Since when have the two of you been in this racket?

You could say, we stood our own two feet, the moment we could!

But why must you do all this?

The reason what you're a cop for... we into it for the money.

Not true. I'm not a police officer just for the money.

I have enough of family land to keep us going.

But perhaps I'm fond of the dangers involved in the game.

We face dangers everyday, too.

There's a difference. I take on dangers to protect the law.

And you do it to break the law.

You need to be a brave man, in both the cases.

Oh sure! You do need courage.

I see.

You guys think you're very brave, don't you?

You will see when the need arises, Inspector.

We'd at least take on 15 or 20 guys.

I haven't exaggerated it, have I?

Now that you've already said it... We deal with it!


Well, Inspector? Want to try out our guts?

There's still time, Inspector. Give it a thought!

Don't you try to escape.

Stop the engine, driver!

Let's move ahead! As fast as you can!

Charge ahead!

Give me a swig! Quick!

-Are you okay? I'm all right...

He dares mess with Veeru!

They've fled, the swines!

Let's go... Come on!

I had warned you not to escape...

What do you think?

We can run away.

Leaving him in this state?

He's going no die, if we Leave him in this condition.

Suppose we take him to the hospital...

...we get sent away for four or six months.

So what do you suggest? -What do you think?

Get it out.

If it's Heads, we go to the hospital; If it's Tails, we escape.

They are criminals, no doubt. But they're terribly brave.

They are dangerous, because they know how to fight back.

They're bad... but they're human.

Could you find these guys for me, jailer?

We'll easily find them, if they are presenly in some prison.

But if they're free, it's difficuln to find such people.

Soorma Bhopali! You're pulling oun more of the firewood.

Naturally. You don't expect me to put some more, do you?

The scale says it's enough... and you insist on more. just take the wood and get going. Give me the money...

Here's a 2-Rupee bill.

I can see that, but is it genuine? okay, it is.

So then, good-bye.

-Won't you return my moyey? Money? What money do you want?

That's a nwo-Rupee bill! The wood is worth 2 Rupees too! just this much of wood for two Rupees ?!

Were you out to buy the whole forest for two bucks then?

Now look; l've had enough! Just get going.

I'm not Soorma Bhopali for nothing! okay?

Get lost... I wonder where they come from!

He says the wood is too little! Wants the forest then, does he?!

They always come early every morning to spoil my day!

There, Chand! You're at your cursed poetry again!

Go and check if they're unloaded the stuff from the truck yet!

Well! Well! Are you guys watching a drama here?

This is no travellers' bungalow... who are you guys?

God Almighty! lt's you!

How are you, Soorma Bhopali?

I'm fine, thank you!

But what are you guys up to?!

Come here!

The police have declared a reward of 2000 Rupees for your arrest.

If someone watches us together, I'll land in trouble, too!

So please get going!

Know what, Soorma Bhopali? We want to go to prison.

I hope God fulfills your wish!

Had this been Bhopal, I'd have had you locked up in just two minutes!

I'm not Soorma Bhopali for nothing, you know!

But why would anyone need me here?

A warrant's out in your name in any case!

But we want you to have us arrested.

What are you talking about?!

There's a reward of 2000 Rupees which you will get.

Give us half the money, when we're released from prison.

Do you get it? -What are you saying!

Have some betel-leaf; Go on... it's great!

Since when have they started having a parade here?

You've just arrived, sonny boy. You'll get to know soon.

This new jailer is a nasty one!

-A nasty jailer, he says. There he is.

Attention, l say!

But they're already an attention, sir.

I know that.

Prisoners! This is a warning for you!

Everythiyg that went unchecked before my arrival here...

...will no longer be tolerated!

I've been a jailer since the British days!

I don't belong to the breed of jailers...

...who waste time, trying to reform the prisoners! l know it for a fact! You guys can't be reformed!

How can you ever change, when I have not changed?

I know, my words don't go down well with you.

Which is why I am transferred from every place I work in.

But despite all my transfers... I have not changed!

So you'd better remember!

Don't think I am not informed of all that you guys are up to!

I have spies everywhere in the prison.

I get a report of every moment.

Not even a bird could flap its wings here...

...without my consent!

-What the hell was that?! -A bird... a pigeon, sir!

What's that in my eyes... never mind!

This will do for today! You may leave now.

Let's go!

Strange guy!

Who could be the jailer's spy?

I know that. It's the barber, Hariram.

He's very thick with the jailer. The swine!

Hariram, the barber?

Go ahead and shave my moustache, Hariram.

It has all been arranged!

We get cracking tomorrow.

How many days will it take to make the tunnel?

You've cut my face!

The tunnel? lt should be ready iy about a week.

Where are we going to dig the tunnel from?

It's from Barrack No. 9.

I hope the jailer doesn,t get to know!

No one will hear of it!

Let's go!

There. l'm through.

Yes, Hariram? What news do you bring?

Be careful, sir. They're digging a tunnel in the jail. oh, well! tunnel in my jail...

What was that? A tunnel in my jail ?!

Yes, sir. The prisoners are making a tunnel in the jail.

I've been a jailer since the days of the British!

A tunnel in my jail, eh?

So this is where the tunnel is being dug!

This is wonderful!

But you guys seem to have forgotten that my spies...

...are spread out in every part of the prison.

And what is this?

So this is the tool with which you will dig the tunnel!

I'm a jailer... from the British days!

Here he comes!

ls in all arranged then? -Yes.

We won't miss out this time!

A pistol has arrived in the prison!

Has the pistol arrived?!

In just a couple of days, the jailer and his spies...

A pistol in my prison, eh?

A pistol in my prison, did you say?!

-A revolt?! Than's right.

Streams of blood?! Exactly.



Search every nook and corner of the jail!

Half of you go in that direction.

Half of you go there.

The rest of you guys... come with me!

Here's the pistol!

Move an inch, and...


They've left.

Let's go to your office. How can I?

You have asked me not to move!

The firsn order sstands cancelled. Let's go.

lt the jailer of the British days so scared?


Come and see us off at the gate first!

Have the gate opened.

open the gate.

Here's the key.

And here's the ''pistol'' !

The two of them must have tried to run away, isn't it?

Tried to run away? That's an understatement!

They put their lives into it!

Bun I wasn't about to let them go!

As I held one of them...

...the other tried to escape.

I dragged him back and asked, ''Where to, feller?''

With two stinging slaps, I ordered them to the police station!

That was it! They were begging at my feet!

Did Veeru and jai really beg an your feet?

They're dangerous criminals!

They're criminals, all right!

But I'm not called Soorma Bhopali for nothing!

You can imagine! They wept at my feet!

And begged for forgiveness; I'd have forgiven them, too!

But I was furious than they had dared to trespass my territory!

-What happened next? -What else?!

You know I carry a stick!

It was days since I had used it. So I got down to brass-tracks...

...and I really thrashed them! I gave them a terrible beating!

-What happened next? -What would have happened?

I held them by their collars ayd said...

-What did you say? -What did I ?!

What did I say?! Yes, I remember...

I said, ''Do let me know if there is something more I can do for you''

Well, guys... have you nothing better to do?

You plunk yourselves here and compel me to concoct falsehoods!

Go and attend to your work! Go on... lazy bums!

Well,... I was oyly kidding.

But you guys have been released pretty quickly, haven't you?

My word! The stint at the prison seems to have been good foryou!

We are here to collect our thousand Rupees.

-A thousand rupees? That's right. A thousand bucks.

I see!

I got the money the very next day of your arrest!

Since that day, the money has been lyiyg in an envelope in my pocket!

Check it out... it's a thousand bucks!

Well, Soorma... see you again.

It's these chaps I've been lookiyg for.

When does their prison term come to an end? on the 18th of the next month.

Could I have a beedi, guard?

Well, Inspector? Who have you brought to the prison today?

I'm not an Inspector anymore. I'm just Thakur Baldev Singh.

Why? Have you gotten overyour fondness of playiyg with dangers?

If your bravery really makes you so arrogant...

...will you accept an assignment from me?

We accept assignments oyly for money.

How much do you want?

What's the job?

Why must you worry about that, if you're really brave?

Name the price. And you will get it.

Provided you do what I want you to do.

Gabbar Singh?! The notorious bandit?!

Yes. He's the one.

The police are even said no have placed a reward on his head.

-50,000 Rupees... for capturing him dead or alive.

You've got to capture the bandit for me... alive.

You want us to get Gabbar Singh... that too, alive ayd kicking!

Gabbar Singh is no sheep-kid we could run and catch, Thakur!

I know it's a difficult task.

But no one pays so much for something easy.

Let's suppose we risk our lives and somehow manage to capture him.

Do you want us to hand him over to you for just 20,000 Rupees?

So you can make a cool 50,000 Rupees, for nothing?

The reward from the police will go to you, too.

I only want Gabbar.

Is it ay old feud?

That's none of your business.

May I ask you another question then?

You know we're criminals, too.

Why did you choose us to track down the bandit?

Only because iron shall deal with iron.

That's 5,000 Rupees.

You will get 5,000 more upon your arrival in Ramgarh.

The rest afteryou have accomplished the mission.

What do you suggest?

''Heads'' -we go.

Well, gentlemen? Where will you go?

Belapur, Rampur, Ramgarh... where do you want to go?

Have you never seen a horse-cart before?

This is a village, sir.

You can't find cars here in which you can speed away.

Basanti's "tonga" is all you will find around here.

Now look; I'm not in the habit of talking unnecessarily.

Say so, if you wish to go... -Well, we do wish...

It's okay, if you don't wish to go! You won't be my enemies!

I thought you'd need a tonga and happened to ask you.

But you don't have to be my passengers, you know.

It's your own free will!

This is Basanti's tonga, not the field of the landlord...

...which you will have to till, even if you don't want to!

This is just like... Let's go! We wish to go!

Let's go! Sure. When have l refused?

Now look; I'm not a chatter-box.

So I'd better tell you in advance.

A ride to Belapur costs 2 Rupees and one to Rampur costs 1 .5 Rupee.

Don't haggle, please! What Basanti says is final! okay, but we... I know what you will say!

Just why I charge 2 Rupees for Belapur and 1.50 for Ramgarh?

You'd better ask which village this tonga belongs to. Go on.

Well, where does it belong? It belongs to Ramgarh!

I see! So it belongs to Ramgarh! Now I know!

Actually, there is this thing worth considering.

When I make a trip to Belapur, I actually make two trips.

To Belapur and back to Ramgarh.

But should I go to Ramgarh, it's like going home.

Where would you like to go?

Actually, we'd like to go to Ramgarh, too.

Sure! When have I refused?

But you will have to tell me whose house you're going to.

So Basanti can take you to that house.

If I'm not told where you've got to go... will I stop the tonga?

How will the tonga stop if I don't stop it?

Who holds the reins? I do!

And if I......

We've got to go to Thakur Baldev Singh's place.

Sure! Let's go! When did I refuse?

You could said as much!

Let's go, Dhanno!

So you see, I had already lost my parents.

And who had to fend for my aunt and ply the tonga?

Me, of course.

People ask how a girl like me can go around plying a tonga.

I have an answer ready for them.

Dhanno is a mare; and she can still draw the cart.

So why not Basanti? Am I right?

So what's wrong? City girls drive cars... no one says anything to them.

You're a wise man, although you're from the city.

What is your name? Veeru.

You haven't yet asked me my name, have you?

What is your name, Basanti?

Oh, shut up! You're always talking nonsense!

I wasn't talking to you, you know.

But since you have asked me, let me tell you... name is Basanti.

Than's nhe firsn nime I've heard the name.

Basanti! What a lovely name!

There's a story behind my name, too.

Really? Do tell me... !

When I was a little girl...

...a distant relative said...

That's it, Dhanno! Halt!

This is the Thakur's mansion.

Strange! Talking to you guys, I didn't even realize the distance.

That's right. We are very talkative.

Here's the 1.50 Rupee we had settled for.

You're a nice man. I shouldn't be accepting the money from you.

But what will the horse eat, if it befriends its food?

So I will accept the money. That's very kind of you.

Let's go, Dhanno!

Wow! She talks so well!

She talks too much!

Let's go. You don't have to score with every girl you meet.

Come on!


This way, please.

Greetings, Thakur.

You had no problems getting here, I hope?

Well, not much.

Come in.

Had you dropped a letter, I'd have sent someone to receive you.

Your stay has been arranged.

Just let me know, if there is anything you need.

I had promised to pay you 5000 rupees on your arrival here.

You remember your assignment, don't you?

I want Gabbar.

I want him alive. Of course, remember.

You want Gabbar... captured alive.

You will have him.

Go and take some rest. You must be tired.

We'll discuss the rest later.

Follow me.

Please go ahead. I'll go and fetch the keys.

That safe was stuffed with riches!

Folks in this village seem to wear a lot of gold.

So what do you say?

Quite a big house... and beautiful, too.

Who else stays in there? Your keys.

That is your quarters.

Do call me over, should you need something.

I can't quite figure this out.

Why must we bother, Jai? The Thakur has paid us 10,000.

Let's clean out his safe tonight and get away. What say?

Very well.

Let's sleep now, if we're going to keep awake tonight.

Thakur! These guys were...

They're my men.

TThen why did they attack us?

I wanted to see if you still possess the courage and strength.

Or whether time has rendered your might, impotent.

So? What did you see?

I see that I have made no mistake in having you brought here.

There is one mistake you have made, Thakur!

You have shown us the cotnents of your safe.

Here's the key to the safe.

The safe has some ornaments which are of no use to me.

A widow will never need them again.

It has some money, too. You can take that away.

I'm glad, it will at least break the Thakur's false hopes.

Hopes, that he has pinned on you.

Excuse me.

That which happened last night will not happen again.

Here... have some more!

You've eaten enough to be big and strong!

But when we make to trip to Belapur, you sure do put on airs!

Go ahead and eat...! Basanti...!

I'm here, feeding this donkey, auntie!

Now watch her take off!

Listen, lady! You can roam around all day!

But you wouldn't do a simple chore for me!

You're always losing your temper with me, auntie.

Won't you give me a chance? What had you asked me to do?

You asked me to go to the physician, didn't you?

I did go to him to fetch your medicines.

But he wasn't there.

He's supposed to be ill...

...and has gone to the neighboring village for treatment.

I didn't mention the doctor and you gave me a whole lecture!

What else did you ask me to do?

Didn't I ask you to fetch some raw mangoes for the pickle?

But you will never remember!

Oh sure, you did tell me! I'll go and fetch them right away!

Lmamsaheb! Do you want me to reach you home?

Who's that?

Basanti! It's you today.

I've spent years in this village.

You weren't even born then.

But even before I can alight the steps of the mosque...

...there is someone to reach me home.

Why wouldn't anyone?

There's not a soul in town who does not respect you.

When they respect you so much, why won't they help you too?

It's all very natural. Actually...

When you can talk so much, why don't you talk some sense to Ahmed too?

He's even younger to you.

I know how to make them see sense, lmam.

I can make your son see reason too.

But unless I know what I have to talk about, how will I?

Ahmed's uncle works for a beedi- manufacturing factory in Jabalpur.

He earns 300 Rupees every month! Really?

He has written to me so very often to send Ahmed over... he'll talk to his boss and find Ahmed a job in the same factory.

But Ahmed is just not prepared to go!

He says I'd be left all alone!

Hi! How are you? I'm fine, all right.

Now tell me; you've completed your matriculation and speak English too.

And as your uncle in Jabalpur writes...

There you are! You're taken up with my father says, too!

That's the only thing he says to anyone who meets him.

So what's wrong? I just answered a question she asked.

You know, I'm not used to talking without reason.

But just think it over! It's a beedi-manufacturing factory!

Work while you work... and smoke a beedi, when you feel like it!

It's like getting all the mangoes for nothing...

My God! What's wrong??

The mangoes! I forgot them again!

The raw-mangoes! The raw mangoes?

Yes. I had to fetch them for the pickle...

Well? What are you doing here?

Well...! That's how it is.

Well... which mango do you want me to knock off?

Can you really shoot down the mango I want?

That's child's play!

The best of the big shots pay respects at my meet...

...and swear they haven't seen a marksman like me!

You seem to be a damn good-shot!

Sure... he's of royal descent, isn't he?

What was that he said? Never mind. He talks nonsense.

So, which mango do you want?

That one there... the other one, too. And yet another one there.

My word! Your friend is a great shot, too!

Eh? Oh, yes. Bright chap, you know.

I'm still teaching him... He'll learn soon.

Can you teach me, too? Certainly! I can teach you, too!

In fact, I can teach you this in a matter of two days.

In just two days?! Of course.

There have been people he has "taught" in a couple of hours!

In just a couple of hours! He talks nonsense, you know!

Well, come with me, if you wish to learn this.

Can you see that mango there?

You can see it, can't you? Sure.

Now hold the gun...

...and bring this other hand... close to the other.

Now place this finger on the trigger.

Now close your eye and...

I have already shut my eyes!

What is he talking about?

The usual nonsense!

Now close your eyes. Very well.

You've shut your eyes, have you? Now... can you see that mango?

Strange! How can I see the mango, when I've shut my eyes?

Have you shut both your eyes?! Yes.

But you must shut only your left eye... this one!

Now use your other eye to aim at the mango.

Okay. And what do I do now? Now? Well...

Now squeeze the trigger!

He's found his mark!

I thought I was learning to handle a gun.

But now I smell a rat!

A rat? What is that? I don't understand!

But I understand this perfectly well!

You city-guys think we in the countryside are morons!

But Basanti could very well teach you a lesson!

I was only teaching you! You're misunderstanding me!

I understand you very well!

Sit here with your gun! I'm going home!


Kashiram! Dholiya! Where the hell are all of you?

Come, Shankar... what have you brought?

It's some jowar, sir.

Bloody fiend! You give us a handful of jowar?

D'you want to feed the guests at your daughter's wedding with the rest?

I speak the truth, sir! I've brought all I had!

We need just one bullet to blow your brains out!

The stinking bastard!

And what have you got, Dholiya?

It's wheat, sir.

Very well. Keep all the stuff there.

Hold it.

Welcome, Thakur!

You're still alive, are you?

Yes. And till such time as I live...

...tell Gabbar you won't even get a grain from this village.

And who's going to stop us? You? es. My men and I will.

These men?

HHeard that, guys? The Thakur has built an army of eunuchs!

Death hovers over your head, Kalia!

Just look around!

Two of them? Is that all?

That's enough for you.

Kashiram... have all the things taken back.

Think it over, Thakur.

When Gabbar gets to know...

...that people of this village refuse to give him foodgrains...

...there can be a lot of bloodshed.

Why must you simply...

Get lost!

And tell Gabbar...

...that the people of Ramgarh have stopped feeding mad dogs!

Go away!

All righn, Thakur! I will go away!

How many were they?

There were two of them, chief.

Two of them?

Goddamned bastards!

here were just two of them... and there were three of you.

You have still returned...

...without anything.

What did you expect?

That I'd be delighted?!

That I'd congratulate you?!

Shame on you!


What prize has the Government placed on my head?

Fifty thousand Rupees, no less.

Did you hear him?

Fifty grand!

And that's only because...

...when children as many as 50 miles away from here...

...when the babies are hollering away in the nights...

....their mother ask them to go to sleep, lest Gabbar Singh arrives!

And these bastards!

They've done my reputation to dust!

You will be punished. You certainly will!

How many bullets does this gun have?

How many bullets in this? There are six, chief.

Six bullets.

This gun has six bullets.

Six bullets... for just 3 men.

That's an injustice!

It's okay now... it certainly is.

Three parts of this now hold bullets; and three are empty.

I'll just roll the whole stuff over.

I don't know now where the bullets are, or where they are not.

I know nothing!

This gun now holds three lives and three deaths.

Let's see what they get.

He's escaped!

He's escaped, too!

What's gonna happen of you, Kaliya?

Chief! I've always lived on what I got from you!

ln's nime you snopped a bullen.

This is amazing!

All three have escaped!

None of the bastards stopped a bullet!

All three have escaped!

Death to the cowards!

When is the festival of colours? When is Holi?

Well... so this is the Thakur's soldier!

Kaliya told us there were two of them, Samba.

Where is the other?

Where are you, soldier?!

Hey, soldier... where is your partner?

Speak up!

Listen, you other soldier!

Will you step out, or do I gun down your friend here?

Hold it!

Welcome...! Welcome!

We now have you in our clutches!



Well, Thakur? You broughn nhese guys to protect Ramgarh, did you?

To take on Gabbar, did you?

Listen, you villagers!

Take a look out here!

These the guys who came here to protect you from me!

Have they lost your pluck? All of it?!

There's only one man who can save you from Gabbar's wrath!

And that's Gabbar himself!

In exchange for your security, if we take some provisions from you....

...that is no crime or injustice!

No crime, I say! It's no injustice!

That's it then! Should anyone dare raise his head again...

...I will...

The heads!

You think these guys are accomplished fighters, don't you?

These hired-gunmen will now... their heads on my feet and beg for mercy!

They will beg at my feet!

You've heard me, haven't you? You have?

Those heads of yours... at my feet!

Come on.

Move, I say!

Hurry up, Dhanno!

We can't wage this battle for you anymore, Thakur!

We held you in great respect. But it's all over!

We came here for the brave inspector...

...who waged a lone battle against a gang of bandits in the train.

We didy'n come here for a coward...

...who couldn't pick up a gun lying before him to save our lives!

It's okay, if you wish to leave.

You can go.

Before you leave, won't you want to know the reason...

...why I didn't pick up this gun lying here?

What reason can there be? You're a coward!

It's a long story.

It happened during the days I was posted at the Belapur police station.

We got information that Gabbar was going to loot the village Haripur.

The police raided them at the right time...

...and the bandits had to flee.

I started chasing Gabbar.

Let me go... let go... Leave me alone, you bastard!

Gabbar Singh! This is no arm! This is a noose!

In view of the testimonies and the evidence at hand...

....this Court reaches the conclusion that...

...Gabbar Singh is a dangerous and professional criminal.

This court, therefore, holding him guilty of dacoity...

...sentences him to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment.

I'll remember you... I'm sure, I will remember you.

After 20 years in the prison, you will forget everything, Gabbar.

No prison in the world has walls strong enough... hold Gabbar captive for 20 long years.

And the day I escape... you will regret it, Thakur.

You're going to regret it.

Take him away.

TThis enmity's going to cost you dear, Thakur!

Thakur! Congratulations!

Another criminal you've nabbed is coming to my prison.

He's a dangerous man, jailer. You'd better be careful.

I'm glad your application for leave has come through.

It had to anyway. You're going on leave after a very long time.

Had I not taken leave now, my folks would have stopped talking to me.

It's the same story with everyone in our profession.

I face the same problem.

How many members do you have in your family?

I have two sons who are married and a daughter of marriageable age, too.

I want to find a nice groom for her this time.

I also have a grandson.

Really? You don't look so old!

We in the village are married very early in life.

An early marriage means the son comes early, too.

Since the son marries early, he has a son very soon.

In fact, he's about 8 years of age.

Old enough to take offence if you don't visit him on leave?

You bet!

I'm carrying gifts for everyone, in order to pacify them.

There you are then; I've never accepted a bribe in my life.

Bun l have no bribe my family, wheyever l go home!

I must take your leave now.

What is it? Gabbar Singh has escaped, sir!

Gabbar Singh has escaped?!

You've missed again!

You're no good, uncle!

Oh sure! Your father's been hunting lions, hasn't he? Just shut up!

You're going to the station to receive grandpa, aren't you?

May I come along, too? Go and ask your mother.

Why don't you tell her?

Just tell her that you're going with me. Go on.


Len me cun nhe vegenables.

May I go to the station with uncle, mother?

No. You're not going to the station.

Madam... I've asked someone to fix the main-gate.

And here are the things you had asked for...

Young mistress! I'm coming over!

I'm going to the temple. But if there is anything I can do...?

Go on. I'll handle it.

Let's go. Give me that.

May I go to the station, mom? Haven't I said you can't?

Let him go, if he wants to.

No way. There are always so many trains passing by.

I'm scared.

The trains seem to have an axe to grind against your son.

They'll leave their tracks to go after him! ou have a funny logic.

So you're preparing the vegetable father likes, eh?

Let him go, I say. Okay! Go ahead and spoil him!

Will you go like this? Go and have a bath.

Ask your aunt to... Nirmala!

Yes, sister-in-law?

Will you get a set of clothes out for the kid, my girl?

Right away.

Go on.

And you've started chewing on the raw vegetables!

They're all busy today to impress father!

As if you get the witch to do the chores every day!

This wheel is still lying here?

Ramlal has become a forgetful old man.

I'd asked him to have the drawing room and father's room cleaned.

But he's not even to be seen.

He's away at the temple with Radha. He will do it when he returns.

Hey, Ninni! Yes, brother?

Have a bath and get ready! Aren't we going to the station?

I'll join you in a minute!

I can't figure out how this silly hunter found a wife like Radha.

It was I who asked father to pursue the alliance.

But does anyone even acknowledge what I've done?

I've found him a wife who's one in a million!

Or girls nowadays ask for a division the day they are married.

Wait and see what a great match I find for Nimmo next.




Welcome, Thakur.

I knew for sure that you'd come here.

The ass struggles!

You contemptible bastard! God-damn scoundrel!

Curse me as much as you wish! To your heart's content!

You bastard! Yes! Shout some more!

Remember? I cried the other day and you watched the fun?

You will cry your lungs out today... and I will watch the fun!

Know what, Samba?

I was livid at the court that day... so very furious!

I could have wrung his neck there and then! The bastard!

But I couldn't help it! I was held by four of those cops!

Handcuffs in my hands... my legs shackled! Remember?

You remember that, don't you?

Any last wish, Thakur?

There's still a lot of life in your arms.

Tie him up!

I'm not going to kill you now.

After I'm through with you... the world will spit on you.

Your arms are full of life!

His arms are strong enough to pull down a running horse!

Your arms are full of life!

D'you remember what you had once told me?

They aren't arms... they're a noose!

And here you are! The noose has been destroyed!

It has been ripped open!

Arms full of life, aren't they?

These arms...

...give them to me, Thakur. No!

Give me your arms, Thakur! No!

Did you see anything else? No, sir.

We shut our doors and windows when we heard the gunfire.

I see... very well.

Put your thumb-impression here. Very well, sir.

Welcome, Thakur.

I've got to know of what happened here, from these folks.

I wanted to discuss something with you.

The police want Gabbar; dead or alive.

You will have him one day.

Is there something you can tell me about Gabbar?


Okay. That's all I wanted to know.

Thank you, Thakur.


We don't want that money, Thakur.

Please take it back.

Please don't think, we won't carry out the mission for you.

But didn't you say you only work for money?

Well, we...

We will get the money anyway.

Once we have killed Gabbar... You will not kill Gabbar!

You are here to catch Gabbar alive and hand him over to me.

Give me your word! That you will hand him over to me, alive!

We give you our word, Thakur. But please take back the money.

Girija, the blacksmith, brings some news from village Titli.

You might meet Gabbar again very soon.

Come on.

Greetings, Thakur. Greetings.

So what's news, Girija?

There are some gypsies staying at Pipri.

Hira and his friends are there too.

Hira is the one who sells arms and ammunition to Gabbar.

Gabbar is bound to meet him in a couple of days.

Strike... when the iron is hot.

My God! What happened to him?

Don't worry. The bullet has just grazed his arm.

It's not a serious injury.

We blew up almost all their arms and explosives, Thakur...

...but Gabbar managed to escape.

It's okay. We'll get him again someday.

Take a swig, partner. Your troubles will vanish.

Should you stop drinking, it will reduce most of your troubles.

Would you like to...? God almighty!

Greetings, lmam. I have a letter for you.

Here you are. It must be from Jabalpur.

Could you read it for me? Certainly.

Where are my glasses? I put it in my pocket!

That which you are looking for is here with me!

Here you are! The chatterbox is here, isn't she?

Actually, we were going in the opposite directions.

You were on your bicycle and I was on foot.

You dropped your glasses and I picked them up!

I guessed as much that the glasses must belong to you.

The funny part is, it's really yours. Actually...

If you rest your mouth a little, I'd know what the letter says.

I'll listen to you later. Okay! When did I refuse?

It begins with a greeting. Greetings himself, too.

Everything is fine here and we pray for your well-being.

"The good news is that the job for Ahmed has been finalized''

"He will get a salary of 200 Rupees''

"He can very well stay with me and eat with us, too''

It's good that he will be in his uncle's care.

Oh yes! That's wonderful! That's just what I wanted, too.

"It wouldn't be proper to delay this matter anymore''

"I hope you will treat this letter like a telegram''

"Please arrange to send Ahmed here at the earliest''

"Everything else is fine here; my folks send you their regards''

" I remain, yours... Mukait Ul-lah.

I will not listen to any excuse from Ahmed now.

That's right. But he's very much here.

Let me tell you, father. I'm not going there.

This is like... This boy is a fool!

I have one foot in the grave and you have your life ahead of you!

How long will you cling to me? You don't find such jobs everyday.

Your father is right, son.

In fact, I've heard of people praying at temples in the cities...

The temple?! What's wrong?

Actually, I was headed for the temple and happened to find his glasses.

That's it! I forgot where I was going!

But I've remembered it now!

Hey, Veeru... nhere goes your horse-cart girl.

Well, Basanti... you're on foot today.

Has your mare run away with the cart?

You still don't understand that no one elopes out here.

My mare is honorably at home and today being a Monday...

...aunt told me that if I pray to Lord Shiva on every Monday...

...l'll get a husband that the world will be stunned.

I said, okay... I don't intend to marry a bum anyway.

Okay, then... I must leave. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Lord! There is nothing in the world that is hidden from You.

You are omniscient, Lord!

I don't say that You have forgotten it.

But it's always good to remind You.

Today's a Monday and I have a small request, Lord.

Look at my hands, rough and rugged from holding the reins!

And what problems could You have, Lord?

Get me married into a family where I will rule like the Queens!

Life's gotta be fun!

I leave the rest to You.

Young lady...

Who spoke?

It is I who has spoken!

Lord! It's You! This is a miracle!

l have fouyd a manch foryou, lady.

In just one Monday? That's excellent!

You must obviously have chosen the best!

Could You tell me the name, perhaps? Or do I come again next week?

I will do as You say, Lord.

His name is Veeru.

He's okay to look at; but he's a bloody smart ass!

Silence, maiden!

I never talk without reason, Lord! I'll do as You say! lf you doy'n obey my commayd, you will remaiy a spiysner all your life!

Forgive me, Lord!

You will continue to drive the horse-cart all your life!

I now command you to go and tell your aunt, in no uncertain terms...

...that it is Veeru who will be your companion for life!

To respect and honor Veeru therefore shall be your prime duty!

Because, your heavens lie at his feet!

Should you please him, I shall be pleased!

And if you irritate him, I shall be enraged!


So go to him...

I thought I would...

You thought this village belle has no brains!

You thought you could fool me!

You think you're smart!

But I could outsmart guys like you!

Sin here and play God! I'm going home!

At least listen to me!

I've thought of something today.

You must do that, once in a while.

I've taken a very crucial decision today.

I know what your decision is; you want to marry Basanti.

That's wonderful! You're a true friend!

Only a friend could know how I feel!

But I also know that this is your 8th decision to marry this year.

But this is final!

Really? No wonder... you've been drinking from early this morning.

Will you do something for me? What is it?

Go and talk to Basanti's aunt; make such an impression...

...that the old lady is compelled to propose our marriage!

Why must I do that?

Naturally! It's the groom's folks who approach the bride's parents!

Besides, you're the only one I have in the world, my friend!

It's your wedding, okay? So go and do this yourself.

Give it a thought... a cozy home, after marriage!

A home that is yours. A loving wife...

Your wife. A handful of kids...

All yours, too. You're the one they'll call uncle!

They'll forever pester you, play with you all the time...

...and ask you to tell them a story!

Which means I'm going to play the maid-servant in your house.

It's clear now! You are no friend!

To hell with such a...

Acting pricey, aren't you? Because no one else can do this for me?

Had only my mom been alive, I'd have settled down in life!

I'd even have had kids!

Had my old man been around, he'd have celebrated my wedding in style!

Had I brothers and sisters, they'd have begged the old lady...

...but seen to it that I married Basanti. ut don't you forget! Those without support, have God on their side!

Lord Almighty!

You're not the friend I knew!

You don't want me to give up crime and settle down in life!

What had I imagined you to be... and what you really are!

The bloody clown... he's forever up to dramatics!

Cut the act! I'll go and talk it over with the old lady.

Will you, really?!

An unmarried girl at home is like a burden on the soul, son.

I can be at peace, only when Basanti is married.

You're right. You are indeed bearing a burden.

But I can't just dump her in a well, can I?

Please don't mind this, but I must ask...

...about the suitor's family, his habits and his earnings.

As far as earnings go, once he is married, ...he will start earning to fend for them.

Doesn't he earning anything at the moment, then?

Of course, he does! When did I say that he doesn't?

It's like this; no one can win all the time, can he?

There are times the poor chap even loses money.

Loses money? That's right...

...but that's gambling, you know. There's little I can say about it.

My God! Is he a gambler?

Not at all, madam! It's a shame to call him a gambler!

He's a gem of a person; decent and straight.

But when someone is high on liquor, he can't see things in perspective.

They force him into gambling. How's poor Veeru to blame?

You're right, son. A drinker and a gambler... and yet, faultless!

You're misunderstanding my friend. He's an innocent, young chap.

Just get him married to Basanti...

...he'll give up drinking and gambling in no time!

Don't tell me, son. I know better.

Has anyone ever been able to kick habits like drinking and gambling?

You don't know Veeru. Believe me, he's not at all like that.

Once he's married, he'll stop visiting the nautch girl. Period!

His drinking problem will be solved on its own!

Good Lord! That's all he lacked! He even visits brothels, does he?

So what's wrong with that?

Even kings and princes have often patronized dancing-girls!

I see... but can you tell me which family your friend hails from?

We'll let you know that, the moment we get to know of it!

I must say one thing, son. For all your friend's vices... can only praise him!

I can't help it, aunt. I'm really soft at heart.

So, do I take it then that they will soon be married?

Married? It's okay even if she remains a spinster all her life!

But I will not let Basanti marry such a man!

I'm her aunt; not her step-mother!

It's strange that you refuse, despite the best of my efforts.

Poor Veeru. I don't know how he will deal with this.

I'll take a jump and die! Out of my way!

Hey, watch it! What are you doing?

I'm doing just what every legendary lover has done!

They died for their beloved's!


Well now... what is suicide?

Well now... what is suicide.

But why do the English die?

What's up, feller? Why do you want to commit suicide?

You'd rather not ask! You'll break into tears!

It's a very sad story!

It has emotions, drama and tragedy!

You know Basanti, don't you? I was going to marry her.

But her wicked aunt has been an obstacle!

I can't live in this big, bad world, anymore!

I bid you farewell, villagers! Good-bye!

Well... what is "good-bye" ?

When the English leave, it's called "good-bye"'.

But where do the English go?

Hey, villagers! Here I go!

God Almighty! Here I come!

Hold it! Wait...!

What?! Okay, if you insist, I'll wait for a while.

Hey... you're a strange friend! You're sitting here unaffected!

Why? What's wrong? How am I to know?

Look at your friend! He's climbed all the way up there!

You see that, don't you?!

Yes, I do. But nothing's going to happen.

He'll climb down, when he sobers down.

I've seen many cruel people. But not a heartless friend like you!

Hey, watch out!

I have no one in the world! Nor friend, nor buddy...

So I'm going to end my life!

But I must warn you, villagers!

Where a lover ends his life, the village is wrought with calamities!

What calamities will we have to face?

There will be famine and drought! Diseases and death!

And all that only for the sake of that old hag! That old hag indeed!

My God!

You will see for yourselves! When I die...

...the police will arrive and take the old hag away to jail!

In jail, the old hag will labor on the grindstone...!

You'd better agree, lady. Or he'll kill himself!

But how can I agree, Dinanath?!

You don't have to beg for anything from the hag, villagers!

Nothing can stop me now!

I will certainly end my life!

Here goes; one, two, three...

Please, aunt! Agree to what he says!

You'd better agree, or do the rounds of the courts and police stations!

But I've never been a court or a police station!

Then you'd better agree. All right.

Stop that, Veeru! I agree!

The old lady has agreed! Now quietly come down!

Who wants to marry the old lady!

It's Dhanno... I mean, it's Basanti I want to marry.

I'm willing to marry you, Veeru! Come down now!

Hear that, villagers?

The old lady is willing... and so is Basanti!

So my death has been cancelled!

I'm coming down, aunt... my adorable aunt!

I'm coming down...

What am I going to do now?!

So long, father. You're leaving, are you?

Go on... my God protect you.

Write to me, the moment you reach there.

You're a very careless eater; look after your health, okay?

As my father, God bless his soul, used to say... good health lies true happiness and wealth.

Let me walk with you for a while. I'll get myself some air, too.

It's okay, father. Relax... I'll go away from here.

Really? Okay, then... Let's embrace.

Hurry up, Junga... I hold the Queen of clubs.

That's okay, Samba. But look there; the easy prey.

Chief... -Yes?

This boy's from Ramgarh.

He was on his way to the station, when we found him.

Hear that, guys? People from Ramgarh have started fleeiyg their homes!

Please... let me go. I must...

Do you know me?

Do you?

I happey to be the father of Ramgarh!

Well, Samba... these bastards have their noses up in the air, don't they?

High up, indeed.

But I swear, I'll have them rub their noses on the ground and...

You're going to grovel before me and rub your nose on the ground now.

Come here.

Come here!

Hold in...! He will bow on his own!

just watch what a dumb son-of-a-bitch he is! okay your knees, bloody swine!

Hold it!

Killiyg him with a bullen would make things easy for him.

I'm going to torture this bastard to death!

Why's there so much of silence here?

Imam-saheb... Who's that?

Veeru? Why's there so much of silence here, son?

Please come with me.

Please come... What's wrong?

What's up, son? Where are you leading me...

Who's that?

Ahmed ?!


lLmamsaheb, I must...

How will you console him, Thakur? You're responsible for all this.

It's true! nd you villagers had better listen to this letter from Gabbar, too!

Addressed to the people of Ramgarh, it says, "Look at the...''

"consequences of challenging me at the Thakur's instigation''

"Should you folks still not mend your ways...''

"death shall perform its ugly dance in every courtyard of Ramgarh!''

"Should you care for the lives of your family and children..''

"...then before sunrise tomorrow...''

"hand over the Thakur's men to me, at the old hillock''

He has signed it off as "Gabbar Singh, chief of the bandits.''

How could you land us in such a grave danger, Thakur!

To lead an honorable life, we will have to pay a price, Dinanath.

We are farmers, Thakur.

And we can pay the bandits with food-grains for our lives.

We can't pay them with our children's lives!

We're farmers, after all. We are not soldiers.

You are right, Shankar. We are indeed farmers.

This has been a country of farmers for many ages.

But whenever someone evil has shown aggressive designs... God, it was farmers who melted their ploughs into swords!

It's not the blood of cowards that flows in our veins! No!

But how is violence and bloodshed going to help?

Non-violence has its place, too.

I do believe in non-violence.

But it won't be an act of non-violence... grovel before a wicked and evil man!

It's nothing but cowardliness! Plain spinelessness!

Those who don't bow are broken down, Thakur!

This Thakur can neither be made to bow nor be broken down!

This Thakur can only die!

But I will live in dignity, till as long as I live!

For how long are you going to live? And how long will we live either...

...with these guys around in the village?

If you think you can save your children's lives... handing us over to Gabbar Singh... can very well give us up to Gabbar. We are willing.

Yes. We must do the right thing now.

We can't bear the burden of this problem anymore.

Who's speaking of not bearing the burden?

Do you know what is the biggest burden in the world?

A father bearing the bier of his son!

There can be no bigger burden.

An old man like me is willing to bear this burden...

...and you refuse to combat a problem?

There's something I very strongly believe in.

An honorable death is any day better than a life of humiliation.

It's I, who has lost a son.

But I'd still want both of them to stay on in this village.

I leave the rest to you.

It's time for my prayers.

I will ask God today why He did not give me...

...some more sons to be sacrificed for the village.

Will someone please help me reach the mosque...?

What's that? A letter?

Of course, you idiot! Read it.

"If you kill one villager, Gabbar, we will slay four of your men''

Check out if it's those guys, or have they dumped someone else here?

"For every villager you kill, Gabbar, we will slay four of your men''

The fun begins now!

It's ages since I've run into someone who boasts so much!

The real fun begins now!

This game will end with the lives of these two guys.

Every family and household in Ramgarh, will end with this, too!

Here you are.

It was really bothering you.

She's a very unfortunate girl.

It's almost as if she has forgotten to speak.

As for earlier, I'm always reminded of those days...

...when I first visited her village with my master.

It was on the festival of colors.

Hey! That's enough!

It's the festival of colors! No one can take offense!

How will I celebrate with your father if you douse all the colors on me?

How will you celebrane nhe fesnival winh my fanher iy ayy case?

He just doesn't know how to celebrate the festival!

He's been sitting at home all day!

Either he touches the feet of the elders visiting him...

...or the younger ones touch his feet as a mark of respect.

They apply a pinch of color on each other's forehead from a plate...

...embrace each other and that's it! They've celebrated it!

That's no way of doing it! It's us, who really celebrate it!

Really? And how do you celebrate it?

You know Paro, don't you?

Paro? -Yes! Paro!

There's a tank in her courtyard. We've mixed all the colors in it!

Where folks normally douse color on people...

...we dump people in the colours!

The moment we spot someone, he goes straight in the tank!

I hope you don't have a tank of colors in your house!

Or Ramlal and I will find ourselves neck-deep in it.

Watch what I do!

Anyone in, mister?

Who's that?

I've scared you again! You're crazy!

The Thakur! You didn't even tell me!

Welcome! Greenings of the season!

What are you standing there for?

Won't you bring some sweets for the Thakur?

Just a moment...

Must I bring the plate too? Which one?

The one from which you will take a pinch of color...

Sure, go ahead and bring it.

Please come, Thakur.

Let's go and sit there... it's very loud out here.

So, Ramlal? Is everything fine? I'm fine, thank you, sir.

Well, Thakur? I hope you've had a nice crop this year Actually, I'm an outsider in my own house.

It's Ramlal who knows everything about my farms.

It's he who commands things in our farms.

Sweets for everyone!

Open your mouth, uncle!

That's enough, dear...

Okay, Mr. Ramlal... open your mouth!

Give it to me, dear. I'll have it. No, sir!

I will feed you! Give it to me, dear.

She's like your daughter, Ramlal. Let her feed you.

He's right. Now open your mouth!

My God! How could I forget the plate with the colors?

She's a very jovial girl.

You bet! She's always kicking up a racket!

Here I come with the plate of colors!

Here's the plate of colors for you to take a pinch out of it!

I'm leaving! Where are you going?

I'm going to my friends to celebrate! May I leave?

Haven't you had enough of the colors yet?

It's a festival of colors, uncle... of all hues!

How can anyone ever have enough of the colors?

Tell me; wouldn't the world be so dull, without these colors?

How dull and lifeless her world has suddenly come to be.

With her tears having washed away her bridal-henna...

...what colors can she look forward to in life?

I've taken a decision.

Really? So you've started taking decisions too?!

Yes. When you are into it, I think I'd rather do it too.

What is that? Get married.

Get married?!

You want to get married?!

Yes... I've had enough.

I've now decided to lead a straight and simple life.

In which I have a house of my own, a wife, many children...

...who will pester you for stories...

Hey! That's enough! Sit down here, will you?

Sit down here, I say.

I hope you know that you need a girl to get married to?

Have you approved of a girl then?

Yes, I have. Who is she, may I ask?

Than Radha?!

Are you mad? Don't you know who she is?

Now look; even thugs and criminals are given a second chance in life.

And then, Radha has done nothing wrong.

Has she no right to start life afresh?

How can that be? What will society and community think of it?

The society and community are meant to save man from loneliness.

They're not meant to isolate someone.

Besides, must we let Radha suffer in silence for fear of society?

How long are we going to live anyway? We might soon be dead.

Whose support will she live on? Whom will she turn to?

It was because of all this that I came to you.

But you are her father. I leave the decision to you.

Not at all, Thakur. She's your daughter now.

Whatever you decide will be best for her.

I'll send him over in a couple of days.

I'll send him over in a couple of days.

A penny for your thoughts!

It's nothing.

I get it! I know what you're worrying about.

You're wondering whether your proposal will come through.

I suggest you toss again.

If it's Heads, it's gonna be okay. Or else... well!

If everything works out well, Veeru...

...why don't we settle down here, in this village?

There! You've spoken my heart!

I've been thinking of this, too.

It's no use being thieves all our lives.

We've spent enough time in the prisons.

Once we get the money, let's settle down here.

We'll buy some land and turn farmers.

But we can't use the plough... how will we be farmers?

Our vices taught us to wield guns; our virtues will teach us this.

You're right. Necessity does teach a man a lot in life.

I've already worked out everything for myself!

I'll marry the girl who drives the horse-cart...

...and be the father of a couple of children in 2/3 years.

I've even thought of the brats' names!

And when I ask my wife where the kids are...

She'll say...

"They must be with your friend Jai to listen to his stories''

Why must you always send your children to me for stories?

You know I can't remember these bloody stories, Jai!

Stories, my foot! You don't even remember what happened yesterday.

Yesterday? Of course I remember I met Basanti yesterday!

We've promised to meet at the lake this morning!

This morning, huh? Yes!

Here I go!

Let's go, Dhanno!

Let's go! It's a question of my chastity today!

Go on, Dhanno! Faster!

Faster, Dhanno! Go for it!

What do these guys in Ramgarh feed their daughters with?

Look at her... she's one hell of a spicy doll, isn't she?

Damn spicy, all right!

Remember how we went to Jamnadas's daughter's wedding last year, chief?

She'd given them a terrific dance performance there.


She must be a sizzling dancer!

Show us a couple of steps, darling.

Now look, lady... don't you act too high and mighty!

Or I'll scratch off this beautiful skin... all right?

Wait a minute, darling.

Tie the bastard!

You seem to be thick with him, what say?

Well, strong man? Mohammad comes to the mountain, eh?

You have a scene with that babe, do you?

You bastard! I've yet to see a creep like you!

You won't get to see one either.

Because your life is now going to end.

The bastard... No!

Like a house on fire, eh?

You're pretty thick, aren't you?

Pick up your gun, Samba!

And aim your gun at this cur!

Now listen to me, darling.

If you wish to save your lover, show us some dance.

No! Don't you dare dance before this dogs, Basanti!

Delay this any longer, and we'll blow your lover's head apart!

There's another thing I must tell you, darling.

That man will breathe, only till you continue to dance.

That gun will go off, the moment your feet stop moving.

If anyone dare moves, he's gonna be dead meat!

abbar Singh! Ask your men to drop their guns!

Go on

Go after them! Go on!

And don't return empty-handed, you bastards!

Hurry up!

-jai! Are you all right? -Yes, I'm okay.

The three of us can't escape on a single horse, Veeru.

Take Basanti away to the village and return soon.

And bring lots of ammunition when you return.

No! I will stay here! Take Basanti and leave quickly!

Listen to me, Veeru! Take Basanti away! I'll stay here.

No, Jai! I can't leave you alone. ryye of us will have no go, Veeru.

Or else, we'll soon run out of bullets.

Well, all right. Let's toss instead.

If it's Heads, I stay back. If it's Tails, you hold fort.

I win!

But how can you be... No more arguments, Veeru!

Leave your gun and bullets behind. And take Basanti out quickly! Go on!

I somehow don't feel like leaving you alone, Jai.

Take care, okay? Sure.

There's just one bullet!

Are you okay, Jai?! Yes... I'm okay.

I've killed every single bastard before...

Don't worry, Jai! Just don't be scared!

Why must I be scared when you're with me, Veeru?

Let's return to our village! Everything will be all right!

My game is up, Veeru.

-- It's all over... No!

No, Jai! Don't say such things!

But I have no regrets, Veeru.

I have lived for my friend... and am dying before him!

But there is something I'm leaving unfinished, Veeru.

I won't be able to tell stories to your children.

You're going to be all right, Jai! Nothing will happen to you!

But you must tell your children tales of our friendship and exploits.

You won't forget that, will you?

Whan yoyseyse are you nalkiyg?!

Look there, Veeru...

There's yet another incomplete story, Veeru.

What had I dreamed of; and what has come to be?

No, Jai! You can't leave me like this!


No, Jai! Please don't!

No, Jai! You can't do this to me!

Jai! You have cheated me to save my life?

I swear upon the blood that you have shed!

I will pick and choose each one of them, and give them death!

Gabbar Singh! I'm coming after you!

Run! But how far will you go, you swine!

Gabbar! Come out in the open!

Face me like a man, you bastard!

I've come to avenge every drop of blood that my friend has shed!

You can't escape death today!

Hand him over to me, Veeru.

No, Thakur! I'm not going to let this bastard live anymore!

Doy'n forgen your promise, Veeru!

I don't remember anything!

All I know is that this bastard's men have killed my friend!

And I'm going to have his blood for that!

It was that very friend of yours who had made a promise to me.

Leave him alone.

I wish it was I who had made the promise; I'd have broken it today!

But it was my friend who gave you his word.


You can't fight me, Thakur! I've already cut your arms!

One uses his feet, not his hands, to crush the snake, Gabbar!

My feen are eyough no deal winh you!

Your arms are full of strength, aren't they?

Gabbar! Give your hands to me!


Give me this hand, Gabbarr!


Well, Thakur... I must leave now.

I know I can't share your grief; But I do