Shopkins Wild (2018) Script

No one kidnaps my lieutenant and gets away with it.


No need to flip out.



Get away from her, you big bully.

Huh! Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?





Hey, ugly. I got a joke for you.

Knock knock.

Who's there? Nobody anymore.

Nobody anymore who?

Uh, "nobody anymore who" will hurt my best friend.

I knew you'd never let those monsters hurt me, Ava Blade.

Ah! You're the best.

You're not so bad yourself, Bandit.


So next time we take on jungle monsters, remind me to bring my Magneto Vacuum 5000.



That joke was so bad.

Come on. Look at all the dust.

That was good.

It was really bad.

What about my "knock knock" joke?

That was pretty good.

You know what I always say, Bandit...

Be fierce and never give up. Never give up!

Oh! They're the best best friends.

Ooh, ooh! I cannot wait to meet Ava Blade.

I mean Scarletta Gateau.

Yes, I know the difference.

You know, gateau is French for "cake," and I love cake, so we're basically the same person.

Oh, I just adore her movies.

And she's the nicest, sweetest person ever.

Doesn't she also run that charity? Yes.

The charity for Love and Adoration of Wildlife.

Her last CLAW ball made every other charity ball look like a last-minute hoedown.

I can't believe we're going to meet her.

Oh, I hope Bandit is there too.

She is just the cutest little raccoon in the history of, um, well, ever.

Fun fact. Bandit's real name is Rubie Blaze.

Good thing you said it was fun.

Otherwise, I may have mistaken it for what it actually was... a snore fact.

Well, what did you think of the movie?

I really liked it.

Oo-wah! Oo-wah!

I liked the "knock knock" part.

The jungle bougie look is fierce.

Ah. It was okay.

Cheeky, what are you talking about?

I mean, it was a good movie.

But it wasn't Mistabella good.


As in the multi-award winning movie star?

Uh, yeah.

Only the best actor in the world.

Cheeky, maybe it's because you don't know about Scarletta's philanthropy.

None of that matters.

Scarletta Gateau is the greatest movie star in the greatest movie.

Case closed.

You don't think that's a little bit of an overstatement, Donatina?

I said, case closed.

Well, there is only one movie star coming to Shopville to meet her fans.

Scarletta Gateau!

Who's got fat toes?

I do.

I'm so going to vote for her for the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award.

She'll definitely win. - Of course. Love her.

BT-dubs, I love that we match Ava Blade with our little wrist goodies.

And by wrist goodies, you mean the Cortar Series 2000 watches.

Yeah, I match the most.

Quick. Rainbow Kate.

Take a picture of me as Ava Blade.

"Be fierce."

Oh. Whoops.

That's the video call button.



Try talking a little louder, Peppamint.

Hello! Ow!

Maybe try somewhere in the middle.

Did you get it?


That's not it.

Take it.


Got it.



You know these Cortar Series 2000 watches are gonna be so handy when we fight the crowds to meet Scarletta Gateau.


They have so many features.

Like an alarm clock.

Ah. It's time. She's here!

She's here. She's in Shopville.

Oh, my cakeness. I am so excited!

Quick. Smart watches, synchronize.

In three, two, one.

Let's do this.

Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah!

Um, are they chasing someone?

You think you'd know what that looks like, Kooky, considering we chased you all around the world once.


What do you say, gang?

Let's go find out what's so great about Scarletta Gateau.




Oh, scoops.

The line is massive.

Why didn't the Cortar 2000 tell us we should have gotten here earlier?

I don't think it has a "foresight" feature yet.

Can you see her? How does she look?

I can't see anything except the back of your head.

Well, I can't take it off.

Even though it would be the best way to do my hair ever.

Huh. I'm going to invent that.

Ah, we can't see anything either.

Uh, what are we looking at?

The limo!



That's the lady from the movie.


Is that...

Height? Rubie-sized.

Weight? Rubie weight.

Absolutely adorable?

That's Rubie Blaze!

If Rubie looks over here, I think I might...

Like clockwork.

Did that just happen?

She looked at us.


What happened? What did I miss?

Oh, just that Scarletta basically said come right over and be my best friends.

I didn't hear any of that.

I did.

Look at this line.

She'll have forgotten about us by the time we meet her.

We gotta get in there.

I have a plan.

Help! Help!

Has anyone seen a banana around here?

Careful. He bites.



Shake 'em off and we'll see you in there.

Quick! Secure that banana!

I am a dinosaur. Raaar!

There he is.



What line?

That was surprisingly easy.

Oh! She's talking to so many people.

I wish I could be brave like that.

Peppamint, the only thing stopping you from being brave is you.

Yeah. Be like Ava Blade and, like, just go talk to that cheese.


Pretend you're spies exchanging information.


Uh... Um... Uh, I, uh...

Be, uh... um, fierce, uh...

Uh, never give up.

I'm not cut out for this.


Do you hear that noise? I'll get ya!


I'll get ya! He's heading for our Scarletta!

I knew it couldn't be that easy.


Well, howdy there.

How do you do?

Now I dance for you.

Oh, no.

She's going to be so mad.

We'll never get to meet Rubie now.

I got this.

This lipstick's got charm.

♪ Na, na, na, na-na-na-na ♪ How are you today?

Oh, no. Oh, no!

I'm so sorry.

Are you hurt, my little friend?

Oh, you're so incredibly kind.

Oh, no. It's nothin'.

It's just so important to take a moment to care for those in need.

Oh, dear.

Are you sick?

I'm allergic to raccoons.

Oh, my. Well, I recognize you.

You're the cookie who the Crown Jules was after.

And Macy Macaron's muse.

I say.

We need a bit of privacy.

We're in the company of celebrity.

Move along.

Move along. Clear the field.

You heard the bull! Deer the shield!

Mm, mm-mm.

Gee, they've really beefed up their security.

Hang on a second. You're the celebrity.

Oh, I followed your little caper of a world vacation, along with the rest of the world.

They love you.

I just knew I needed to meet you.

Y-You wanted to meet us?

Can you guys believe she wanted to meet us?

Can you guys believe Donatina doesn't know we can all hear her?

This is perfect. We wanted to meet you.

Yeah. We-We-We think you're the... the best.

Especially you, Rubie Blaze.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, y'all are sweet, but adoration is not why I wanted to meet you.

I need your help.

You see, I get so much attention in public now, I can't even get myself a chili hot chocolate without being mobbed by fans.


I know.

It's stopping me from doing what I really love most... helping those in need.


You're so selfless.

And when I saw your determination to find your friend and clear this cookie's name, It made me realize that I needed to come to Shopville and find you, because y'all are the perfect fit for my charity's next project.

Wait. You mean CLAW? That's the one.

Y'all are gonna help me with the CLAW Save the Shoppets campaign, TM.

Maybe this will help me win that Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award.

You want us to help you with your charity?

You betcha.

Hi there.

I'm Scarletta Gateau, international movie star and generally popular Shoppie.

My life was full of film premieres, fancy parties and glamorous trips, but deep down in my heart, I knew there was more I could do.

The Charity for Love and Adoration of Wildlife... No! is dedicated to our mission to help the less fortunate.

And to date, our campaigns have brought joy around the world.

But now it's time for our most important work yet.

The sweet little Shoppets of Pawville live in horrible conditions and are constantly under threat.

With the CLAW Save the Shoppets campaign, TM, we are pledging to take them away from the Pawville slums and give them a new place to call home.

Call now to find out how you too can Save the Shoppets, TM.

Seriously, you're the kindest, best, most amazing movie star ever.

Please stop. Y'all are making me blush.

So, you're willing to help?

Of course. - Absolutely. My dream come true.

This is fabulous news.

Good acting in the video.

Thank you.

It was hard work under all the...

Isn't it sad to see those poor creatures in need?

Yeah, it was hard work, knowing there was still so much we could do to save them.

Cool. I just have one question.

Of course. Ask me anything.

Have you met Mistabella?

Ixnay on the IstabellaMay.

Mistabella and I go way back.

We're wonderful friends.

I'd love to meet her.

Oh, of course you would.

Why wouldn't you?

Everyone loves Mistabella.

I bet you'd even consider voting for her in the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Awards.


What's this bull... business?

A little paperwork for the campaign.

Safety. Being able to use your image online. Blah, blah, blah.

Just sign on the dotted line. Don't bother reading the legal mumbo junk.


You're going to post about us online?

Sure am.

All right now, huddle up and give me your best Ava Blade.

Are we filming?

Quiet on set! Shh!

When it comes to saving the Shoppets... be fierce.

Never give up!


Great. I'll post it now.

This is the best thing that could have ever happen to me.

It was only a matter of time for me to become famous.

All signed? Great.

Let's go to Pawville.

I'll see all y'all little heroes tomorrow mornin'.

Come on, Rubie.

Ah, she's awesome.

So brave.

What a leader.

Yeah, I'm gonna save all the Shoppets.

Wait. Is this a competition?


I feel like we're missing something.

My backup backup curling iron.

Didn't you hear what Scarletta said about Pawville?

I think we're going to be roughing it, Donatina.

You mean only one spa treatment a day?

I mean none.

I don't understand.

Is that all you're bringing, Buncho?


Howdy, y'all!

Who's ready to save us some Shoppets?

Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah!

Ooh, it certainly seems like you're ready for anything.

Even gardening.

Psst, psst.

Loading jeep.

Loading jeep.

Exploding sheep.

May I have your attention?

Come on, girl.


Rubie has something to say. Go on.

I just wanted to say thank you.


You're always so cute.

Actually, I wasn't always.

What? - Unbelievable! No way!

That's right.

When I first met Rubie, she was a scraggly little thing.

You wouldn't think it to look at me now, but I'll never forget the horrible jungle where I came from.

You're a saved Shoppet?

That's right. I was rescued from Pawville.

Rubie's my inspiration.

Hearing her talk about the horrible life she was subjected to before I found her, I just knew I had to do something.

Pawville's a terrible place that needs to be wiped from this world.

You're so kind. Scarletta, you are the best.

There's no one better than you.

Rubie, do you have any friends left behind in Pawville?


Uh, I... Rubie's all alone.

I'll be your friend.

And she's got me, of course.

And now she has all of us too.

We better scoot off to Pawville 'fore we lose the mornin'.

Ready, CLAW soldiers?


Ooh, check it out.

We all have Cortar series 2000 watches just like you.

Well, isn't that just the sweetest thing.

Just like me.

And what a good idea.

Constant contact.

This is how we get to Pawville?

More like "Pawful."

We're not going in there, right?

It looks very dark and scary.

Cadets, there are hundreds of poor defenseless Shoppets in there, just like Rubie.

They are hungry!

They are cold!

It may be frightening, but we have pledged to help those less fortunate.

So, are we chickens or are we heroes?



Did you catch that epic speech?


Where are you going?

Oh, no.

Don't you remember?

Keep the engine running, Clover.

I have a hair appointment for that press conference.

Oh, it's just that, you know, I'm so ridiculously famous that I can't go into Pawville because the paparazzi will surely scare them away.

Looks like something scared the paparazzi away.

Luckily, a super-smart Shoppie made sure we all had one of these, so it'll basically be like I'm right there with you.

In the meantime, be fierce.

Never give up!

Oh, and remember, when you find a Shoppet, do not ask them about Pawville.

Just escort them straight out of the jungle to the rendezvous point.

What was that last part she said?

She, um... she said, "Never give up." And we won't.

I meant the part about not asking them about Pawville.

Here goes.

We've got Shoppets to save!

Be, uh, fierce.


Ooh. I'm so totally lost.

Where are you guys?




Scarletta makes jungles look so chill in the movies.

I don't like it here.

Hey, where are the Shopkins?

Um, we're down here.


There's something out here with us.

This is just like Ava Blade 4: Planet Wars, where everybody was zapped into the Zorb galaxy by alien invaders.

Donatina, aliens haven't been proven to exist yet.

Key word... "yet."

The truth is out there.

I'm-I'm sure it's just a Shoppet crying out for help.


Wha-Wha-What was that?

Are you okay?


♪ Oh, dream banana ♪ I can't see. What is it?

"It" has a name.

Bianca Banana, investigative journalist, at your service.

Wow. A real-life investigator.

Did you hear that, Wormy?

Investigative journalist.

What's a journalist doing in the middle of a terrifying jungle?

Well, I needed answers, of course.

Answers of what?

There's something fishy about someone I know.

I'm here to prove it. I got a tip off from Mistabella.


Well, I was writing a story on her new flick.

Let me get this straight.

You're saying Rubie Blaze is not who she says she is.

I just have my suspicions about them, you know? Pawville is actually...

Are you trying to tell me that Rubie Blaze is not actually an actor?

No, but my manager is from Pawville, and...

You're telling me that Rubie Blaze is not a raccoon.

Bianca... Did you just wink at me?

All right, cub. That's enough questions.

You're stressing Mistabella out, and she's got a big concert tonight.

Go on. Get.

Bianca, I'm saying I'm worried about Rubie.

Do you have the ability to control time?

So my thinking is she's not really a raccoon. Probably an alien.

See? Told you.

Trust no one.

Well, I intend to find out.

I hate seeing Mistabella upset.

I feel ya, sista.

Okay, your turn.

What are a bunch of Shopville slickers doing out here?

She knows my name.


She said "bunch of." He heard "Buncho."

Close enough.

Oh. I forgot about that scary growl from before.

What was that?

Over there!

No, there.

We're surrounded.




How's it going for y'all in Pawville? Found any poor Shoppets yet?

I don't know if you've noticed, but we're kind of busy running through the jungle right now.

Yeah. You need to save us.

Oh, sounds like someone's been drinkin' the drama juice.

Best to save that for the talent.

Please, Scarletta.

I really think we're being chased by a monster.

Looks like I might have to start planning our funerals.

Rubie, you're from Pawville. Tell our friends what to do.

Get out of there.


She left us.

She left us!

It's gone.

Great. All that exercise for nothing.

Hey, gang. I think...

Oh, my.


Everybody remain calm.

I know what to do.


It doesn't work like the movie. Run!



Ha ha!

We pranked you good.

I'm Pupkin Cake.

Sorry for scaring ya, but this is our Shoppet welcome.

We pride ourselves on pranks, fun, and kindness.


You'll never take our freedom!

Take that and that!

Hey, quit it. That tickles.

Come on, pals. The jig is up.


Aha. It was you.


How do you like it? Aah!

Duncan, is that any way to treat a new pal?

But-But-But back in the jungle, the tree shook.

The ground trembled.

The-The-The monster came from the other direction.

There's something still out there.

Yeah, we can get a bit carried away with pranks.

That was us. Huh?

A good prank is not just about jumping out at someone in a scary costume.

You gotta set the atmosphere.

Make it an experience.

Duncan masterminded this monster.

My finest work.

I'm Minty Paws.

You may recognize my growl.



That was precious.

A tiger that can't roar.

Grrrrr! You were scared of that growl, like, ten minutes ago.


Bunny Bow made the ground shake under you.

Powerful legs.

But what about the tree shaking?

Oh. I had an itchy back.

Ew. Gross.

So as mayor of Pawville, I'd like to apologize for scaring you with our, eh, Shoppet welcome.

I'm the mayor of Shopville.

Good for you.

Whoa, whoa. Hang on. You're from Pawville?

But your clothes aren't tattered.

And they have mayors in Pawville?

Do you need saving?

Is this mint lady for real?

What would we need saving from?

Jungle monsters.

That was us, Duncan.

Oh, yeah.

Come on. Let's show 'em how we do it in Pawville.

This is how we do it.

♪ This is a place where ♪

♪ We see the positive ♪

♪ And every "good-bye" ♪

♪ It's "see you later, gator" ♪

♪ A new adventure ♪

♪ Anything possible ♪

♪ We ride the good vibes Just like an elevator ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ You're in another world ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your style ♪

♪ If it makes you smile It's your way of life ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your tribe ♪

♪ There's a place for you here All right ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Go wild ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ No matter who you are You've gotta have some fun ♪

♪ And we do fun here Better than anyone ♪

♪ We have a good laugh ♪

♪ And we don't mean no harm ♪

♪ We're gonna wake you With a wilder life ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ You're in another world ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your style ♪

♪ If it makes you smile It's your way of life ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your tribe ♪

♪ There's a place for you here All right ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

Whoo-hoo! - Whoo-hoo! Yeah!


Oh, yeah! I am so feeling this wild style.



Aw! That was incredibly cute.


It was a terrifying roar.

You are so cute.

I'm not cute.



Did you see me fighting that monster earlier?

Yeah, I was pretty brave.

Are you impressed?

Well, I am officially in love with Pawville.

Life just got pawesome.

Yeah! P-A-W...

Uh... You know how to spell the rest.

I'm sure glad we came, even though it looks like we didn't need to.

You mean we did all that running and jungling for nothing?

Lippy, exercise is good for you. Accept it.

You're just lucky there ended up being a beauty parlor here.

I did really want to do some saving though.

Why are you so obsessed with saving?

That's what we came here to do. Right.

Scarletta Gateau told us Pawville was a terrible place and you all needed to be saved from it.

Scarletta Ga-who?

Scarletta Gateau, Rubie's sidekick.


She stole my monster design for her hack movie.

You know Rubie Blaze?

Don't you ever mention that name around here again.

I'm so sorry.

Just leave us alone!


What was that about?

We need to show you something.

Yeah, here. Have a look at this.

What am I looking at?

Really, Duncan?

You choose this moment to play a prank?

What's happened?

Ignore him. He's always like this.

Come on. Follow us.

Ha ha.

Panda Eyes.

It's not even a good joke.

Over here.

Rubie was our best friend.

And she was Pupkin Cake's best best friend.

They were the best double act Pawville had ever seen.

But Pawville wasn't big enough for Rubie.

I wanna be famous, Pupkin Cake.

We're already famous, in Pawville.

Pawville's not enough.

I want film premieres, fancy parties and glamorous trips.

Come with me.

I'm not leaving my friends.

I'm not leaving Pawville.

Remember what I told you.

A good prank is an experience.


I wish you weren't leaving.

I'll be back to visit before you know it.

Ooh, I think I see the bus.


What time does she get in?

Pupkin Cake took Rubie leaving the hardest.

We haven't seen Rubie since.

She doesn't let us leave Pawville now.

She says it's to protect us.

Hey, I can travel back in time to learn about things that happened in the past.

What ya doing?

That was a juicy scoop.

I'm starting to think that maybe Rubie Blaze is a raccoon.

Hey. Look at what I can do.

Yeah, I'm pretty strong.

Something doesn't add up.

Why would Scarletta tell us that Rubie was saved?

And that Pawville was so awful that you all needed to be saved too?

To be honest, we're not big fans of hers around here.

We can barely say her name around here.

Scar... Nope. Can't say it.

Yuck! Aw!

Stop it!

But she's an awesome movie star who's the kindest person, to boot.

We could teach her a thing or two about kindness.

She's a prank thief.

Whoa. It's like she knew we were talking about her.

Maybe she is an alien.

Think before you talk.

What do we do? What do we do?

Answer it!

Hi, Scarletta.

Hello, my sweet little Shoppie heroes.

Just wanted to make sure you're savin' all those poor Shoppets.

Hey, good news.

The Shoppets don't need to be saved.

Wait. You're not...

Is that Kitty Town Hall behind you?

Oh, have you met Pupki...

Scarletta's a liar.

But I also can't say I've been particularly honest either.

Where have you been?

She's been angry dancing.

I need to show you something.


Huh? No!


I went to Shoppiewood once to find Rubie.

What? When?

Remember when I said I was visiting my cousin in Idogho?

You're a sneaky doggo.

Well, I didn't find Rubie.

Instead, I found Scarletta.

She told me Rubie hated Pawville and never wanted to see us again.

I became obsessed with figuring out why Rubie changed, and what I uncovered was...

Hello, heroes.

Just wanted to make sure y'all are doing what I sent you into Pawville to do and not something else, like talking to Shoppets about backstory.

Um, can you remind us again why you wanted us to come here?


Your mission is to save all the poor, innocent, needy little Shoppets in Pawville.

And then you're going to take care of them at the CLAW Shoppet Rescue, right?

Of course.

Why the 20 questions?

But what if they don't need to be saved?

Oh! They need to be saved.

Those little twerps need to be schooled on how to vote for the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award.

Wait. What is she talking about?

We always vote for Mistabella in the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Awards.

The Ava Blade movies are lame.

I heard that, you little fur balls!

You lied to us.

This isn't about saving the Shoppets.

This is about your ego.

You were our hero.

Did you ever believe in us?

Was there ever even a rescue?

Call it movie magic.

I only recruited you because they love your little gang online, and being aligned with you will get me more votes.

You're not going to get away with this.

Yeah. We don't like you anymore.

I'm likable!

Not like that no-talent hack Mistabella.

I will be the most liked star in the world whether you and your little feral pets are around to see it or not!

Yeah. Okay, bring it on!

Pack my bags for Pawville hideout.

It's time to end this once and for all.

Uh, Scarletta.

Did you hang up?

Oh, crumbs.

Gah! How does this thing work again?

I'm all frazzled.

It's just the...

Don't you miss when you could slam shut a flip-phone?

Now, that was a dramatic hang-up.

Well, it's clear what she's going to do. Huh? Wha...

She's made deals with the press to write fake news about a war in Pawville.

She's going to destroy Pawville so it looks like the horrible place that the press say it is.

And then she'll put it all over social media that she saved the Shoppets just in time so everyone votes for her in the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award.


How did you figure all that out?

I've had that up for months.

I don't know.

Well, if it's a war Scarletta wants, then it's a war she's gonna get.

Yay. Planning party!

Yeah. It's huge.

Are you getting all this?


You have to get out here.

I read books. Cool.


Did you enjoy it?


Okay, let's get down to business.

You have a, uh, plan?

I was born with a plan.

We know Scarletta has a secret hideout.

Tiger Tribe, that's Peppamint, Apple Blossom, and Minty Paws.

This place looks pretty suspicious.

What if there's a monster?

You'll have the toughest Shoppet in Pawville with you.

Bunny Bow?

No! Me!


Jessicake, you, Cheeky, and Kooky are with Pupkin Cake.

Uh... Yes, Cheeky?

May I suggest our name be Tribe Choco-Pup?

I'll allow it.


What's a tribe?

From the top of this mountain, we'll be able to see everything.

You need to get up there and check out what kind of artillery Scarletta's bringing.

Donatina and Duncan, who do you want on Tribe Monkey?

I want the bananas.

Good thing we have Scarletta's biggest fan amongst us.

Ex-biggest fan.

We know that Scarletta and Rubie Blaze will be coming into Pawville.

We need trackers.

Tribe Rainbow Bunny.

We'll keep calling Scarletta on the Cortar 2000 to find out what she's doing.

Once we know where she is, we'll catch her by surprise.

Ready, tribes? Let's break!


Uh, Lippy?


Do you want to help save Pawville in any way or...


Tribe Bunny. Yay.

Hey, would anybody like some peanuts?

What? It's just some peanuts.

Oh, no.

I've learnt my lesson from the binoculars.

It's totally going to do that thing where snakes pop out or something, isn't it?

It's peanuts.

I packed a snack.

Open it.


Ha ha!


Super hot peanuts? Okay, that's a good one.

Hmm. What's that?

That's Catnel, Scarletta's favorite sunglasses brand.

If she left them out here, she must be going somewhere with no sun.

Oh! Oh!

I can't go on.

Come on!

You can do it, Peppamint!

It's only a little distance.

Sorry. I live here now.

Peppamint, think about why we're doing this.

I-I-I-I love my new log home.

Remember, you're doing this for your tribe, for your friends.

Oh, you're right.

I-I-I promised to help them.



Another case solved by Detective Wormy.

Lippy Lips, you're up.

Why are you calling me?

"How to tell if your friend is not who she says she is."

Is this a quiz?

Uh, hold on a second.

...really think I have time for this?

Question number one.

You tell her a secret, does she...

"A," keep it to herself forever.

"B," immediately text it to everyone.

Or "C," you stu...

...won't be... alive any...

Good work, lipstick.


You just got Scarletta to tell us that she's somewhere with no reception, like here.

Uh-oh. Oh, bull...

She's got a whole demolition crew ready.

Well, I'll be.

That sure looks like a hideout.

Way too obvious.

So exactly Scarletta's style.

We gotta get down there. Nobody destroys Pawville and gets away it.

Say hello to Jessi-blade.


Scarletta and Rubie are at the cave!

Okay, tribes.

We came to Pawville to be heroes.

So let's be those heroes.

Be fierce!

Never give up! Never give up.


Kind of hard to be heroes when you can't see anything.

It's so dark in here.



That's funny.

Kooky's only allergic to...


The ol' fake floor prank.

Some heroes.

I'm more organized, braver...

Definitely smarter.

I'm not nicer, but I don't wanna be nice.

Rubie, how can you let her do this to Pawville, to us?

We were your friends.

This was your home.

I have my reasons.

Bye-bye, Shop-pests.

Wait. You can't do this to us.

Uh, yes, I can.

You signed your lives away.

Luckily, you already voted for the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award before you so tragically disappeared.

What? We didn't vote.

Yeah, you have.

Always read the fine print, ladies.

You can't leave us here. What are we gonna do?

Not my problem.

But I'll make sure to cry...

When I tell your tragic story to the press.

I failed all of you.

That doesn't seem fair.

But if I hadn't wanted to be a leader like Ava Blade, I never would have pushed you all to do this.

But you're so good at motivating us.

Or me wanting to become BFF's with Scarletta.

You're so friendly and welcoming.

Or me just being obsessed with her.

But you know so much.

No, it's my fault.

I'm always so scared.

I just wanted to be brave like her.

But you're full of kindness, like us.

Yeah. Nobody's perfect.

But in a way, that's what makes us perfect.

Well, kindness isn't going to help us get out of this hole.

We're all doomed!

No, it's my fault.

I'm always so scared.

I just wanted to be brave like her.

♪ The world is scary It's true ♪

♪ Most times I don't know what to do ♪

♪ Can't even stand up Afraid to speak out ♪

♪ So shy and filled with doubt ♪

♪ I know I'm wary, I do ♪

♪ I really wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ I wish I was more I wish they could see ♪

♪ The brave girl hiding inside ♪

♪ Of me ♪

♪ I wanna be brave ♪

♪ As I can dream ♪

♪ I wanna dig down ♪

♪ Inside of me ♪

♪ I wanna feel free ♪

♪ To finally see the light ♪

♪ To shine out bright ♪

♪ And it might take more time ♪

♪ But I can't wait ♪

♪ I have to find the me ♪

♪ The me hiding inside ♪

♪ I can be selfish, I know ♪

♪ I wanted to be part Of the show ♪

♪ Hear the applause Steal the spotlight ♪

♪ But none of this feels right ♪

♪ Is it all worth it, truly? ♪

♪ Can this be all There is to me? ♪

♪ A life of just fame Alone with no friends ♪

♪ Is this really How my story ends? ♪

♪ I wanna be ♪

♪ More than I have been ♪

♪ I wanna fix All that I have seen ♪

♪ I wanna change everything ♪

♪ And do what's right ♪

♪ To shine out bright ♪

♪ Who cares if I'm a big star? ♪

♪ It doesn't feel That great so far ♪

♪ It's finally time I tried To find the me hiding inside ♪

♪ I must be brave And stand tall ♪

♪ It's time to break down These walls ♪

♪ The courage that I need ♪

♪ Has always been a part of me ♪

♪ Life can be hard But it's worth the fight ♪

♪ I'll take a stand And do what's right ♪

♪ To shine out bright ♪

♪ I'm gonna be ♪

♪ More than ♪ ♪ Brave ♪

♪ I can dream ♪

♪ I'm gonna be ♪

♪ Better ♪ ♪ Stronger ♪

♪ Than I have been ♪

♪ I'm gonna find out ♪

♪ How to step into the light ♪

♪ And shine out bright ♪

♪ And it might take more time ♪

♪ But I can't wait ♪

♪ I have to find the me ♪

♪ The me hiding inside ♪

Glad we got the mushy stuff out of the way because this looks like the end.

You! What are you doing here?

Haven't you done enough already?

I haven't done nearly enough.

You're free to go.

Go stop Scarletta.

You're finished.

We're hopping mad.

That really sounds like something I should say.

Don't trust her!

I get why you're mad.

But you don't know what it was like out there.

Everything was so big and overwhelming.

I was rejected at every turn.

No one wanted a singing, dancing Shoppet.

That city would have swallowed me up whole pretty soon.

But then Scarletta found me.

She promised me everything... and delivered.

We lived the most glamorous life.

I was in the movies. Famous.

Everything I ever wanted.

But she forbade me from ever talking about or visiting Pawville again.

I can see now that she was just using me.

She was nothing before I came along.

She needed a cute sidekick to make her likable.

I missed home every day.

I'm so sorry.

You can be angry. I understand.

Welcome home.


Hate to break up our reunion, but we have a Pawville to save.

Yeah! - Yay! Whoo-hoo!


This is it. This is our Ava Blade moment.

Just remember that no matter what happens today, we're all heroes.

Pawville has saved all of us.

And now it's time for us to save Pawville.

Love your tribe!

Party on! Whoo-hoo!


Bring it on!


Ha. The only thing swinging around here will be this wrecking ball.

Monkey see, monkey kick butt.


Blast off!


Ahh! Ahh!

Stop right there.

'Cause we're not monkeying around.


Get paved!


Time to make a juice cart smoothie.


Move over.


You're so cute.

Ha ha! I'm not afraid of an adorable little kitten.

No? Yeah.

I am not a kitten.

I am not cute!

Let me go!

Let me go. Let me go. Let me go.

You're no match for Ava Blade.

Ha! And you call yourselves heroes?

In case you were wondering, I do all my own stunts.

What do you want?

Knock knock.



Who's there?

Raccoon Eyes.

What are you talking about?

Rubie, take care of my little problems, won't you?

Raccoon Eyes who?


Don't you "Raccoon Eyes" me?

Quit joking around, Bandit, or it's the last you'll ever see of your movie-star life.

You should recognize me as the cutest star in all of Shoppiewood.



Your hero days are over.

Unfortunately for you, you're up against the pawesomest tribe ever.





Nothing tastes better than ice cream from your hometown.

Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah!

Bad villain. Bad.

Quick. This way, Scarletta.

What's she doing? Bianca's helping her get away.

Wait. Stop.

I trust her.

After all this, I'm still likable!

I'll finally get that award now.

Yes, sure thing.

The award ceremony is right through here.

How do you feel about Mistabella winning the Ultimate Shoppies Choice Golden Award for the fourth year in a row?

Scarletta, is it true that you're trying to incite war in Pawville?

What will you do next, now that your career's over?



And that's a wrap.

No! No!

No, no, no!

Okay, who wants to guess what's coming next?

Party time!

♪ Uh, uh ♪

♪ Ha, ha, ha ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ You're in another world ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your style ♪

♪ If it makes you smile It's your way of life ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your tribe ♪

♪ There's a place for you here All right ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Foxy Lemon ♪

♪ Now that you've been here You know ♪

♪ You got that beat Drop your flow ♪

♪ Go wild and show you the way We're not just friends Family ♪

♪ Go take that wild style With you ♪

♪ Kindness and all that you do ♪

♪ Every day, be who you are ♪

♪ Be fierce Reach for the stars ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ You're in another world ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ So what you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Oh, hey-o ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your style ♪

♪ If it makes you smile It's your way of life ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Find your tribe ♪

♪ There's a place for you here All right ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪ ♪ Go wild, go wild ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪ ♪ Go wild, go wild ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

♪ Why not go wild? ♪

♪ Go wild, go wild ♪

♪ Why not just go wild? ♪

It's time to go.

Warriors salute... but best friends hug.

Oh, bring it in.

We're going to miss our tribe so much.

Every time we think of you, I'll purr and I may never stop.

No, it's cool.

Yeah, whatever.

I don't know what you guys have done to me, but I'm going to miss you.

Next thing on my to-do list is, come and visit as soon as I can.

Scarletta once told me to save the drama juice for the talent.



I can't say good-bye!

Look who's the talented one now.

I'm gonna go bananas without you.

Pawville, sweet Pawville!

We're glad you're back.

I can't believe we have to leave so soon.

Well, we can keep in touch easily with these.

Yeah! Whoo!

Hey, Duncan, are you there?

Right next to you.

Bunny Bow, are you there?

Seeing you get into the jeep.

Pupkin Cake, are you there?

We're missing you already.

Minty Paws, are you there?

We can't wait for you to visit again.

♪ Sitting here afraid to show What I've got inside ♪

♪ So much to say I wanna say ♪

♪ Instead I sit and hide ♪

♪ Inside of me's A shooting star ♪

♪ It cannot be denied ♪

♪ It's time to let This shooting star ♪

♪ Go flying far and wide ♪

♪ So come on Take what's inside ♪

♪ Show them What you can't hide ♪

♪ Come on Let what's inside out ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside Take them on a joyride ♪

♪ Come on Let what's inside out ♪

♪ Take what's inside ♪

♪ And let it out ♪ ♪ Let it out ♪

♪ Because the world Is better off ♪

♪ When you show What you're about ♪

♪ Don't waste your time ♪

♪ With fear and doubt ♪ ♪ Fear and doubt ♪

♪ 'Cause you got That special thing ♪

♪ That the world Can't live without, yeah ♪

♪ Come on Take what's inside ♪

♪ Show them What you can't hide ♪

♪ Come on Let what's inside out ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside Take them on a joyride ♪

♪ Come on Let what's inside out ♪

♪ Now is the time ♪

♪ To take those fears ♪

♪ And let them go ♪

♪ Because you know ♪

♪ The time is right To show the world ♪ It's not going to be easy to find the secret city beneath the lost ancient world of the keepers, Lieutenant.

We'll have to crack the code of the Lock Guardians and make sure Steelia doesn't figure it out before us.

You in, Bandit?

Captain, I'd follow you anywhere.

Be fierce, Bandit.

And never give up, Ava Blade.

Moo. I'm excited.

I love Mistabella.

♪ Come on, let what's inside Take them on a joyride ♪

♪ Come on Let what's inside out ♪

♪ Just let it out Just let it out ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Show the world ♪ ♪ Show the world ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside ♪

♪ Inside out ♪

♪ Show the world what's inside ♪

♪ Dance and shout ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside ♪

♪ Inside out ♪

♪ Show the world what's inside ♪

♪ Dance and shout ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside ♪

♪ Inside out ♪

♪ Show the world what's inside ♪

♪ Dance and shout ♪

♪ Come on, let what's inside ♪

♪ Inside out ♪

♪ Show the world what's inside ♪

♪ Dance and shout ♪