Short Eyes (1977) Script

Sittin' here waiting for tomorrow But I don't think it'll ever come Well... just to think that I'm a young dude

My whole life is almost gone Well, well...

This prison life's a pressure

Keeps my back against the wall

Constant lookout for the snakes and the bandits Program leans toward us in law

I keep my back against the wall

Back against the wall Back against the wall

Morning, fellas. Open the gate.

Can I get inside?

Take these.

Brown, is that you?

Big Brown.

Oh man. Hey, Mr. Browns, what's happening up there?

Comin' off the pavement or what? Yo chill, little kid.

Some of that old ham and eggs for breakfast.

[?], a little overtime?

[?] after retiring at last, huh?

Yeah, I gotta make that money, bruh. Señor Brown! - It's okay.


Aight, listen up. - Officer! Spread that motherfucker, Omar.

I said listen up!

Coño, man. Está bueno.

Now when I call your name, give me your cell locations.

Now if I have to call your name more than once, pray.

Your soul may belong to God, but your ass is mine.

Aight, lockout, criminal court. A-side dayroom.

Homer, J. Lower D24.

Stone, F. Lower E4.

Miller, G. Upper E7.

¡Ey, Paco! ¿Conoces al tipo ese con la jodienda esa de ñeñeñe, ese? Supreme Court, Johnson! - Upper D2!

Toda la manaña está el tipo con el Alaju Akbar. - Lower D17!

Allahu Akbar. Shut the fuck up.

Aight, look at you. If ya'll keep that bullshit up, man, I'll sweat them cells and open up them fuckin' windows, man!

Allahu Akbar.

Enough now. I don't know who you are, but you've got to come out in this dayroom sooner or later.

You guys go to the C-side dayroom.

Sing Sing Reception Center.

That's what it is. Every man and his fuckin' problems. - Gomez, A. - Upper D7.

Hey, homie!

I'm headed for the bigfoot country!

"Korea." Mira, "Correa!"

You mispronounced my name. The country is Korea, I'm Correa.

Guys, bring your belongings to the B-side dayroom.

Aight, on the hold-ins, on the lockout! - Oh shit!

Alright, Go-Go and Cha-Cha on the cleanup.

Ayo, Ice! - Yes, what's up? You see that hombre...?

That sucka that's right down there next to you.

On the gate! - Did sho' look like he got a lot of that bitch in him, jack.

Did you check him out?

On the hold-ins, give me a column of ducks right here.

Are you going to court, sir?


I'm supposed to go to court for [?].

Okay, move out.


Four. Alright gents, wake up!

It's mental health time! Store's open! Cigarettes, two for one! Cookies, three for one!

Walkin' down, walkin' down! Oreos, parfaits...!

Store's open, go ahead! Cigarettes two for one, fellas!

Peace, God. What can I get you, bro?

Whoa. - Come on, what can I get God? Keep steppin', bruh.

Well if Class As and parfaits ain't your speed, then P can drop some rollies of what you need, bro.

Hey, what you want, man? Pack of Pall Malls? You got a combo slip?

Come on, let me see.

All right! The man got some money in the store.

Okay, give him one.

Yo, yo! Get up, get up!

Get up, get up, motherfucker! Come on, motherfucker. Get up here!

Yo, it's two packs of smokes. You got combo this week?

Then we're gonna have to double up on you, brother man.

That's the way it goes. I'm gonna tell you something, man...

You don't get commissary this week, man, there's gonna be blood on my knife or shit on my dick, you got it?

Dig that.

Vaya, Cupcakes, mi nene lindo, ¿qué pasa? What's happenin' with you, pasa, papi?

Hello there, my man. What can I do for you, papi?

Hey, that's my kid, man. I talk to him that way.

Tell you what, Cupcakes. Here's two packs of cigarettes.

You don't need no combo slip. Just give me a smile.

Hey man, I don't play that shit. Ooh! - Aww!

Looks like he wants to take it to Dukes City with you, though. That's because of you. You're so ugly, man.

Me? - Yeah, you, man. - Damn, man. You don't wanna rumble with me.

I'll tell you what. You can rumble, throw all the punches.

I'll throw all the kisses.

Come on, man. Let's get out of here before they lock up.

Come on, hombrecito. You know I love you.

I love you, papi... Hey Cupcakes! ¡Mira, nene, papi! - Fuck you.

This is your papi speaking, um... You know about them smokes you owe me?

Well you can chalk 'em up, man. Just throw me down your underwears.

Did you hear that?

Te tengo que tener la cosa al lado, porque si no, tú sabes, no?

Tengo que... hacerme aquí con la cosa porque el negocio siempre pa'lante.

Ey, búscate ese calzoncillo. Es para mí. That's my, that's my baby.

Eso es para Feis. Estáte quieto. - ¡Cállate!

I started calling her name out.

Very softly.



Jane, baby.

Aw, Janey... mama.

Jane, Jane...

Now you come here, and get a part of some real... down-home, gut-stomped, black buck fucking.

Hey man, I was like... I'm like running...

You know something?

I don't understand you niggas sometimes.

I mean here you've got an opportunity to learn about yourselves, about the greatness of the black man.

But what do you do?

You spend your time reading filthy books, talking negative shit, and beating your meat at night!

Nothing... that will benefit you in the future world of the black man.

Now the time for whitey is almost up.

He was meant to rule for a certain period of time.

Shut up, motherfucker! And his time is near.

Nigga, let me tell you something!

I'm a hope-to-die dope fiend, not 'cause I'm black or 'cause I got some kind of personality disorder.

It's because I like being a dope fiend.

You hear me, nigga? I like being a dope fiend!

And ain't nothing gonna change that in me.

Now if Allah come down from wherever he is and he ain't sellin' no good dope, I ain't gonna cop from the motherfucker, and I'll put out a wire that his shit is cut with rat poison.

So you go back to your lessons and get off my back, 'cause I do as I please.

Now when the time comes that I want to become a Black God, a muslim, or a Panther, then I'll become one.

So all that you shit you keep talkin' about us being niggas, stupid and ignorant, ain't gonna get you nothing but a good swift kick in your motherfuckin' ass.

On the lockout!

You got, you got the, uh... money?

It's about motherfucking time, man!

We was locked up in that motherfucker all day long, homie!

Do I look like a... Do I look like a fucking kid?

Fuck the cans. - Fuck you, man. You niggas sleep too fuckin' long, man.

Don't be tellin' me...! Come on, I sleep in the...!

Hey, look up. I hope you guys got them cells cleaned up there in the back.

Yo, Mr. Brown! - Yeah? Mr. Brown, can we have the dominoes?

Yo Paco! Five dollars.

Hey Paco, here come your stuff.

Hey, cut that loose. Ven pa' áca, compay.

Come on! ¡Me cago en Dios!

Don't you think the kid gets tired of that every morning?

Hey man, we just jivin'.

Cupcakes... you ain't got no plexes behind there, do you?

No, I'm alright, Ice.

You see, Juan? Eh, Cupcakes don't mind, man.

Hey, Juan, man! I don't mind.

That motherfucker...

Hey, but that doesn't mean that I like to listen to that shit every morning.

You're like cavemen. I call you guys by your names.

Why don't you call me by mine?

All right!

My name ain't Cupcakes, it's Julio.

Acknowledge that you are God, and your name will not be Cupcakes, Julio, or anything else.

It would be Dahoo.

Already? Can't you spare us that shit early in the AM? - God damn!

No one is talking to you...


The name is Longshoe Charlie Murphy, Mr. Murphy to you.

Yacoub, maker and creator of the Devil, swine merchant.

Your time is near at hand.

Fuck with me and your time will be now.

Soon, all devils' heads will roll.

A new river shall flow through the cities created by the blood of whitey.

Salaam Alaikum. - Salami con bacon. ¡Pa'lante, mi hermano!

Devil... beast! Power to the people!

A la lucha, a la lucha, que somos muchas.

Power to the people, honey.

Hey, what kind of original black man talk is that?

Your presence here affects the mind of my people like a fever.

You, Yacoub, are the bearer of 9,999 diseases, evil, corrupt...

...porkchop-eatin' brain. I'm sick and tired...!

You see, brothers? Now he admits that he is sick with corruption.

You stupid son of a...! Who, me?

He? Him? They? Those? Us? "U" for the unknown.

I think maybe... I think I...

Oh, aye!

Aye, aye.

Oh, ahh!


Games, huh?

The way of life... no game, lame.

G-O-D, D-O-G. God spelled backward is dog. Dog spelled backward is God.

If Allah is God, Allah's a dog!

Break it up!

I'll break your face, motherfucker! Stand down!

Mr. Nett. Yo, Mr. Nett!

You better let them two get it off.

Elsewise, we gonna have mucho static 'round here, jack.

That's right, Mr. Nett. They been having a personality thing going on for weeks now.

Fair fight, Murphy? Yeah, that's what I want.

Johnson? - El Raheem. Johnson is a slave name. - Look out!

Alright, Morrison, watch the front. We're gonna take this to the back.

Uh huh, got one!


Got you, motherfucker! - Don't let him up! Throw that right! Come on, Shoe!

Come on, man! Throw that right! - Oh shit!

That's it. That's it. Hey, Mr. Nett. - That's it.

Hey Mr. Nett, how come you ain't break it up when that whitey was on top?

Exactly, man... exactly! That's it.

That's it. I want you to clean up. We'll be one big, happy family, alright?

That's it, okay?

Back to the dayroom!

Let's go! Back to the dayroom!

Fight him!

Go back to dayroom!

Yo, Mr. Nett, Mr. Nett.

Look here, can I speak to you for a minute, please?

What do you want, Omar?

You know, like, I've been here over ten months now, and I'd like to know why I can't get on the help.

I've asked you over a dozen times, and dudes that just come in get a shot over me and I get shot down.

I mean, like, why? Have I done something to you?

Is there something about me you don't like? I mean, you know, what is...?

I got nothin' against you.

It's just that when you came in here, you had the claps.

Come on, man. That was 10 months ago. I ain't got it no more.

How many fights have you had since you came on the tier?

Seven. Seven?

I count over 10!

Look, if I put you on the help, there'll be trouble in no time, but if you can be cool, give me your word that you won't fight, I'll give it some deep consideration, okay?

Mr. Nett, I'll try to be cool.

At least you're honest. I'll think about it.

I am God.

I am a poor... righteous teacher of Almighty Allah.

And by his will, I am here to awaken the original lost in these prisons.

The original black man is a secret.

This here is your school of self-awareness.

The black man is asleep. Got mine's ready? - Wake up!

You like it?

Will it hold up on a man's chest? Hm, just a few slashes.

Three packs. Three?

Okay, I'll give it to you on the lock-in.

I'll give it to you on the lock-in.

You spics don't trust anybody, huh?

I'm telling you guys...

The door is open.

Another devil.

Hey, Longshoe.

Hey, one of your kin lookin'-like-sin just walked in, bro.

Yo, what's up? He looks like squeeze.

Hey, hey.

What do you say?

Name's Longshoe Charlie Murphy. Call me Longshoe.

What's your name?

Davis... Clark.

I mean, I'm Clark Davis.

Clark Kent. And a mild-mannered one, too!

Fast as a speeding b-b-b-bullet.

Clark is my first name.

It's a plane! - No, it's Superman! No, it's Super Spic!

Oye, oye. Oye, Shoe.

Está bueno para rajarlo.

Hey, back, back, boy. No está bueno.

Anyway, no mucho como Cupcakes.

Vaya, vaya... Shoe, you'd fuck up a wet dream!

Pay them no mind. They're crazy spics.

Where you lockin'? Upper D15.

Siberia, huh?


First time in the joint, huh? Yeah.

Well I better hip you to what's happening fast, huh?

Come here.

This is our section.

White, dig?

Look out for your homie, Shoe. Second!

Clark, say hello to my main man Tony.

Hello. Hello.

That's the Rican table over there.

You can sit there if they give you permission.

Same goes with the black section.

Some of the fellas are in court.

I'm the Don Gee here. You know what that means, right?


Niggas and spics, they don't give us honkies too much trouble.

We're half-ass cool.

It's a good floor. Dynamite hack on all shifts.

Stay away from the Black Gods.

Aight, listen up. On the gravy train! You'll know 'em when you see 'em.

Blacks go in the front of the line and we stay in the back.

It's okay to rap with the blacks, but don't get too close with any of them, Ricans too.

We're the minority here, so be cool.

Thank you.

If you hate the 'yams, keep it to yourself. Don't show it.

But also, don't let 'em run all over you.


Funny people.

Took me a long time to figure 'em out.

And you know what?

I realize I still got a lot to learn about 'em.

I rap spic talk, and they get this big-brother attitude about the white folks in prison, but they'll also back the niggas to the T.

If a spic pulls a razor blade on you, and you ain't got no mop wringer in your hands... run.

You have any static with a nigga, and there ain't no whites around, you can get a spic to watch your back.

You may stand a chance, but that ain't no guarantee.

You have any static with a spic, don't get no nigga to watch your back, 'cause you ain't gonna have none.

You can say that again! Two times.

You're a good-looking kid. What you say!

You ain't stuff and you don't wanna be stuff. You stay away from the bandits.

Paco! - Yo? He's one of 'em.

You take no gifts from nobody.

Let's get something to eat.

Don't nobody move!

Don't nobody move!

Alright, Brown. On the gate.

Clark Davis. That's me.

You listen, and you listen good.

Because I'm only gonna say it once.

This is a nice... quiet floor.

We never had too much trouble on this floor.

With you, I smell trouble.

Why the warden or the captain put you here...

I don't question their motive.

But for once I'm gonna ask... why they put a sick... fuckin' degenerate like you...

...on my floor.

If you look at me from the side, if you talk from the side of your mouth, if you mispronounce my name, if you pick up more food than you can eat, if you undersleep, if you oversleep, if you call me when I think it's unnecessary, I'm gonna bust your fuckin' face up so bad, your own mother ain't gonna know you.

Mr. Nett is being kind of hard. Shut up!

My eight-year-old daughter... was molested by one of these bastards, and I'd just as well pretend that it was you, Davis.

Short eyes...

Davis, are you one of these short eyes freaks?

Are you a short eyes freak? Stay out of it, Murphy!

I'm talkin' to this scumbag!

This child rapist!

How old was she? Eight, seven?

Disgusting bastard, you stay out of my sight.

You look at me wrong and I'll take a nightstick and I'll shove it dead up your ass.

I hope to God they send you to Sing Sing.

The men up there, they'll know what to do with you.

Short eyes, man.

Hey Davis.

Captain wants to see you.

They better take you off this floor.

Hector, que está caliente, mira.

Vamos, vamos, ya.

What's happenin', bro?

Hello there.

¿Cómo está?

Mr. Black, you better check out the shower, man.


There'll be no takeoffs on this floor. Aw man, what you talkin' about?

Don't play no games, Ice. Let me tell you something, man...

If a dude is willing to up it, then I'm gonna take it and that's all there is to it.

That's right.

If a kid's willing to up a shot of life, then I'm willing to live.

Ain't nobody willing to give up nothin' but hard times and bubblegum, and you know they don't allow chewing gum in the joint.

And we're the hard times.

Man, ya'll serious? We're as serious as terminal cancer.

And that is the final stage, brother man.

So long as I'm on the floor, there won't be no young kid... up shot of life.

Which might not be too long.

¿Y qué carajo tú quieres decir con eso, maricón de mierda?

Say if you think you bad.

I don't think I'm bad... I know I'm bad!

¡Ey brother, jara! ¡Ahí viene jara, brother!

¡Oye, escóndete! Fuck this, man. Settle down.

You heard me. What's going on on this floor?

Ain't nothing but a little doo-wop.

You better doody-wop back into that dayroom.

Battling beauties are at it again.

Alright, let's move back to the dayroom.

What's your problem? I'm going to my cell... banged my hand.

Now get your feet off the bench!

If you let 'em, they'll drive you ape-shit.

Nice things are happening here today.



Ya'll motherfuckers don't want me here, bail me the fuck out!

Get your commissary slips together!

Hey, fuck ya'll!

Yeah, keep on steppin', man. That's right.

Ask your momma to bail you out, bitch!

Hey, that's right, ladies and gentlemen, damas y caballeros.

Every night is latin night here at the house of detention.

Today I got a sho' nuff, sho' nuff show for you.

I got my man Willie Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Bing-Bing-Bang, está aquí con [?], y está Louis La Cara, por favor.

Louie Face, por favor, sit right here and [?].

Vaya, vaya. - Hey Longshoe, you ready for the steps, man? We're goin' through that.

Sing one for me, baby! Mira, una cosa más, señores y señoras.

Queremos que sepan que aquí vamos a tener un debate musical tremendo, con el hombre con el palo, por fa... - Uh...

Este... Nice, nice, Cupcakes!

Cuando yo la vi por primera vez yo me enamoré Sus brazos, sus labios, su boca, su forma de hablar

¡Qué linda es, ay morena, qué linda es!

¡Qué linda es! - ¡Ay, morena! ¡Qué linda es! - ¡Morena, morena!

¡Qué linda es! - ¡Qué buena que está! ¡Qué linda es!

¡Espérate, Paco, espérate!

Charlie D, Charlie D, you gotta sing for me, bro.

You gotta sing! ¿Qué pasó? Estás bárbaro...

Give me a slow beat! Give me a slow beat.

Slow beat. Alright.

Sing it, Johnny. ¡Música!

Break it down! Break it down!


Break it down! Break it down!

Wastin' away... Break it down...

I'm getting old... Go ahead!

Don't make no waves...

Do what I'm told... Do what I'm told, that's right!

'Cause there's too much fear...

And it turns a kind man cruel... Cruel, that's what!

So don't waste your tears... Don't waste 'em, man!

I'm not the only fool...

Sing it, bruh! And the man on the gate...

Has a hand in my face...

Get out my face now, yeah! Yeah, that's right.

I belong to the state... Yeah!

Break it down! - Break it down, break it down, baby! Yeah, now!

Break it down! - Break it down, break it down, baby, now!

But my mind's still free...

And I can't give that up for no one...

No one... - No one! That's right.

For this uncertainty, I'm goin' insane, but it isn't showin'...

So any day... Any day!

When the pain cuts through... When the pain cuts through now!

I play the lonely game, and wonder when the A-train's due...

A-train, that's the one! Sing it, sing it.

You can see through the bars...

But you can't hide the scars... Can't hide the scars...

Livin' life from a jar...

Break it down! - Break it down, break it down, baby! Yeah!

Break it down!

Hey Mr. Brown, turn up the music!

Out of sight, young gato. - Hey Pappy, how about a little doo-wop, man?

Aw man! - You can do better than this cat on the radio, man.

You wanna take him off, man?

Well if you don't, then nobody else is. - I'm hip.

It's all right. Si no, vamos a meter mano. A meter mano, fuck it.

I'm with it, man. I'm down.

Yeah, Paco. You gotta watch out for Paco también...

Sing it, Pappy! Soul! - Here I come!

Well, to keep from dyin'

Hey, hey, I've been lyin'

To be me... Funky!

That's my nigga, brother!

Well, well, we tried to beat 'em

Oh and I lost my freedom

My woman know that I'm in need So save some of mine for me If you got to give it up don't desert me

'Cause leaving me you know it would hurt me Snake cuts and Lucifer's burns Can't take the strength I've earned and learned Grease, it just ain't greasy And nasty baby come so easy Ain't no heaven Ain't no heaven This devel level Oww, do it to it!

All alone, all alone, all alone I get stoned, I get stoned Yeah! Saw him pile 'em...

Oooh, in the shower

Hey now I plan to be a bad titty-sucker And I plan to stay a black motherfucker Stepped in depth of the same living hell So I ain't too proud to die here as well

Ya'll know you straight, homie. That's right!

Oh shit! Yeah!

Aww, Do Do Wap is strong in here That's it!

Do Do Wap is strong in here Wakin' up to find yourself creamin'

Check your fears and hope that you're dreamin'

A little space is all that I need If these suckers just allow me to breathe

All right, listen up! ¡Viva Puerto Rico libre!

On the frisk! ¡Viva mi hermano! ¡Que venga!

Take your clothes off!

Put 'em on the bed, and bring your naked asses out of them cells!

All right, let's go. You heard the man. Let's go! - Aw shit! Assholes.

All right, Paco. Rags off, you heard the man.

I'll be dating other...

Son of a bitch.

On the gate!

You passin' again, man?

Captain Allard.

I guess you wouldn't happen to know how this got in your cell, Mr. Howard.

I don't think it's his, Captain.

Yeah, he was jammed! Administrative segregation.

Which is a nice way of saying solitary confinement.

Take him down after the lock-in. Who thought that up, your momma?

Okay, Howard.

Lock in!

Okay you two beauties, on a quick clean-up.

Rotten shit, Emerson did it!

I'll take care of it, brother. Don't even...

It's only a light clean-up, man. I'll take it out, man.

On the gate! Thanks a lot, man.

Hey faggot! You, scumbag. I'm talking to you.

What do you want, what do you want, what do you want, man?

On the lock-out... me and you.

Get your sneakers together. All right, how do you want it, man?

How do I want it? Any way that you want it, man.

Pipes, knives, any way... razors.

All right, a fair one... just rags. Rags?

All right, just rags.

You know, that was dirty, what you y ese maricón de mierda did to Pappy.

It be's that way, brother.

Yes, it be that way sometimes, motherfucker! Get ready!

Go-Go, you ready? All right, you guys, come on.

Grab everything out if you wanna drop out now.

Who's locked out? Uh, I'm out here, you in there... sir.

Wise guy...

On the lock-up!

Yo, ah... watch the garbage, man. Watch the garbage, man.

Watch the garbage, man. Don't be droppin' it all over the place.

¡Ah jo... ah joder, cabrón!

Die, bitch. - We should've broke your neck, motherfucker!

My arm is broken... Cheese-eatin' motherfucker!

¡Saca la mano, coño!

Hey Nett!

It's an accident, man.

Now let's go! Everybody in dayroom!

Let's go, come on! Let's go! My arm, my arm!

Let's go! Move it out, come on!

Let's go! Hurry, look here, get a stretcher.

Get a stretcher! Don't move, don't move.

Let's go! Everybody move inside! Hurry, get a stretcher!

Let's go help. Right over there.

Over here! Let's go, move it out!

Let's go! ¡Que lo hiciste, maricón!

Come on, let's go. Move out! I don't want no fire alarm.

Let's go, move it out!

Yeah, that's what you'd better fucking do. You'd better get off of this floor.

Pero déjame decirte algo, maricón.

That was really dirty, what you and that scumbag did to that poor old man, settin' him up.

Esa fue una cosa bien sucia, y usted lo sabe.

It be's that way sometimes.

¡Me cago en Dios, coño!

Hold it, hold it.

Entra uno así, compadre. ¿Y no iba a venir Juan?

Oye, no me están cogiendo, man. No me están cogiendo.

Cuidado, cuidado con la mesa.

All right, listen up. On the lock-in.

Omar, on the house gang. Juan, stay out and clean up the dayroom.

And Clark Davis, stay in the dayroom.

All right, come on, let's go. Hurry up, hurry up.

Tiene la cara como un perro.

Aight, let's go. On the gate.

Okay, Juan, on the clean-up.

Hey officer!

Quiet down!


Juan, let me out!


God damn it, you faggot!

You fuckin' ape!

Thank you.

Hey, Paco!

Hey, Paco! Your pussy's out there!


Hey man, did you really do it?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know, man? I mean, what do you think I am?

Some kind of a fool or something out of a comic strip?

I know, I don't mean to sound like that. I'm... - Look...

Either you did it, or you didn't. That's all there is to it.

I don't know if I did it or not.

Look, wait a minute. You better break that down for me.

Because you lost me.

I don't remember. I don't know whether I did it or not.

I may have or I may not have.

I don't remember.

I mean, I spent 33 days in that observation ward, and I don't remember doing anything like that to that little girl.

Hey... you done something like that before, haven't you?

Haven't you?


How did you know?

Because the guilt flies off your tongue, man.

You sound like one of those guys in an encounter session looking to dump your shit off on somebody.

You know, you need help.

And the problem is that you know it.


I know.

I'm afraid to find it.


This fear...

I'm just, uh... afraid of finding out that I may have to be locked away for the rest of my life.

I got a wife and kid and I love them very much.

I want to be with them. I don't want to be away from them.

Now this has happened.

I don't know what to do.

If I fight it in court, they're gonna get hurt.

If I don't, they're gonna get hurt.

Jesus, help me.

'Cause man won't.

Yeah... man won't.


You got a half an hour before lockout.

So go ahead, run it.

I don't know.

I got these little pictures runnin' through my brain, you know?

I can remember being...


Waking up in the morning... voices coming from the other room...

...cartoons on the TV. Yeah, they were watching cartoons on the TV.

Two little girls.

It's my sister and a friend of hers.

And then, right, you know what it's like... when you wake up in the morning...

...inevitable hard-on gets up with you, you know?

So I drape these sheets over me.

And everyone else was asleep.

And this little girl, friend of my sister's...

She was, uh...

...about eight or nine.

She was very pretty.

Black hair...

...her dark, flashing eyes.

My sister said, "I... gotta go do number two."

She said, "Wait for me, I've gotta go do number two," and she left the room.

And I sneaked in.

And this little girl sensed my presence, and uh, she...

...turned around and smiled.

And I said, "I'm a vampire."

She laughed.

Then I spread the sheets.

And she stopped laughing all of a sudden. She just looked at me.

I started coming closer towards her like a vampire, you know, and uh...

She got out and she ran for the door.

Then she stopped.

She turned around and she looked at me.

She didn't look at my face. She just looked at my body.

I don't know whether it was, uh... fear or what, but I'll never forget that look.

One time...

I was alone at home, I was watching TV, and uh...

There was this little Puerto Rican girl.

She used to live next door. She was the janitor's daughter.

I'd see her around all the time.

She was always sliding down the banister.

Her panties always looked dirty.

Then I get in the bathroom with her.

Yeah, I was combing her hair.

Her little red curly hair, I was combing it.

And I was naked, except for...

...white, uh, boxer shorts I had on.

And all of a sudden, I get this feeling all over me, you know?

It's like a flash fever.

And I'm hard.

Then I put my arms... around her, and I...

...held her little shoulders.

Then I took her hand... and I pressed it...

...down on my penis.

Then I started to take my shorts off, and then I felt really naked so I poked 'em, pulled 'em back up on.

My eyes were closed.

But there was like this big eye somewhere off in space staring at me, you know?

So I opened my eyes and I looked up and she's staring at me in the cabinet mirror.

Then I pulled her back away from the mirror so she couldn't see.

Then I started to take her shorts off.

Her little panties.

She resisted a little bit, and then she...

She stopped and she turned around and she giggled, and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth.

Then I lubricated myself.

I heard this scream.

And it was my own.

And there was a spot of blood on my shorts, so I took 'em right off and I tore 'em up, flushed 'em right down the john.

And then...

By that time, she was dressed.

She... she came over to me, and uh...

She said did that mean that I was her boyfriend now, and were we going to do it again tomorrow, and I said yeah.

When I wasn't with her, I'd be with that... be in the children's playground, or else I'd be in the children's section at the movies.

You wanna know something?

Uh, what...? Juan. - Juan. Yes, Juan.

I became a...

...what, a pro?

A professional degenerate.

It seemed like I almost had a second sense about children.

You know, I would sit there on that park bench for hours.

And then I'd talk to a little girl for a minute.

I'd know right away whether we were gonna do it or not.

The little Puerto Rican girls and the black girls were the easiest.

Little white girls would masturbate you right there in the park for a quarter or whatever, depending on how much emphasis their parents put on money.

I couldn't stop myself.

I couldn't stop myself.

I thought of killing myself... but I couldn't go through with that.

I don't wanna die.

I thought maybe I was crazy, but uh...

I read somewhere or heard that crazy people don't know the difference between right and wrong, and I know right and I know what I'm doing is wrong, but I just can't stop!

Well why didn't you go to a police or to a psychiatrist?

Well I thought of that many times, but, uh, I...

Well if I went to the police, they would either find some pretext to kill me or else... they'd turn me over to a psychiatrist, and then if he couldn't help me, he'd turn me back over to them or else I'd spend the rest of my life in a nut ward.

Listen, Juan. Try to understand me. I'm, I'm... will you try to understand me?

Motherfucker, try to understand you? Let me tell you something!

If I wasn't trying to understand you, I woulda killed you stone dead, punk, that moment that you said that thing about the Rican girl.


Look, man...

You better ask for a transfer to protection, because if you remain on this floor...'re asking to die.

You're asking to commit involuntary suicide.

Ah, Jesus!

I mean, why the fuck... did you have to tell me all of it?

You don't know me from Adam!

Why did you have to make me your Father Confessor? Why?

Why, why didn't you stop?



Because you asked.


There's only five of us.

Paco, hurry up. You got a council visit.

Stay on your bullshit, bullshit...

Your shot, your shot. You ain't do nothin'.

Okay, it went out.

Well that comes from... Ayo, Shoe. - Mhm? - Here, man.

Have you got anything to drop?

I got some A-trains left for a deuce a piece.

Class As for an ace. Hmm.

Hey, you know something, you guys give some heavy motherfuckin' prices, yeah?

Well the streets are right out there, my man.

Hey Shoe, dig this. Let me cop... a deuce, and I'll lay the money on you at the end of the weekend.

I thought you ain't had no commissary downstairs, buddy.

You ain't got no combo downstairs? No, I don't have no combo downstairs.

But I expect some money... uh, this week.

Yeah, and I expect to get out some day.

Let's go, fellas. It's track time.

Okay, fellas. The odds are 3:1, even, 2:1, and 3:1 on the end.

Aight, gentlemen place your bets. Here's the board.

In post #1, we have Mr. Allard. In post #2, we have Mr. Morrison.

In post #3, we got Mr. Brown. And in post #4, we got Mr. Nett.

Place your bets.

All right, the bets are coming in. The board is starting to clear.

Let's get 'em up to the post line.

Okay, we got 'em up at the gate.

Everybody set?

The board is cleared, the gates are open, and the race is off!

And there goes Mr. Allard's going down the first pole.

Watch out, here comes Mr. Nett up the second furlough.

Watch out, here comes Mr. Morrison and...

...Mr. Brown wins. I win! - Aw, man!

Alright, everybody got their thing in? This is the second race.

Alright, the bets are placed.

Mine looks like she come from Queens. Okay, ready?

Post is clear, the bets are in, the gate is up.

And they're off... they were off. Get 'em outta there.

Look at this, here comes Mr. Morrison off the ledge. What an opportunity.

Get your finger off the rows!

There we go, look!

Push! Get it out of the row!

Man, come on, come on, man! Come on, yeah!

Hold the phone there. We'll wait a while.

Oh man, stomp 'em!

Oh shit!

Hey, what do you want, man? All over the pot! - It was on Brown!

The roach still fuckin' died. What the fuck is...?

Hey, anybody want to play Dirty Hearts?

I ain't got no money, but I'll get some cigarettes later on in the week and I'll pay you guys back.

Cupcakes, you know what they say... on the wood, makes the betting good.

Julio... there you go, bro.

Hey, thanks a lot! Alright, bro.


Hey, Paco. That was a sure enough fast visit. - Not fast enough.

¿Qué pasó? - Esa tipa me tiene a mí los huevos hinchados, man.

She wants me to cop out to a motherfuckin' D.

Seven and a half to fifteen.

She must think my dick is made of sponge rubber.

I told her, "You tell the D.A. to rub it on his chest!", and not to bother to come to court on my behalf.

She must've made a deal with the D.A. for one of her paying customers.

Man, if I wait, I can get a misdemeanor my own motherfuckin' self!

What I need with a legal aid?

And guess who they got out on the motherfuckin' bench.

Who they got out there? Cop-out motherfuckin' Levine, my man!

First they give me the student, and now they give me this double-crossin' bitch.

We all gotta make a living. On my expense?

No fucking good.

Brother man, don't you know what justice really means?

Just us white folks.

Look here, my man.

I don't expect nothing from nobody...

...especially them yankees.

Man, this ain't my first time in front of them people, behind these walls, because I ain't got the bail to get out.

And you can bet your ass it's not gonna be the last time, not as long as I am poor and un puertorriqueño, baby.

Hey freak!

You standin' on my chinese handball court.

All hoes to the back of the gallery, homie.

That there is where I hang my wet clean clothes.

Move, creep.

Hey freak.

You are in God's walking space.

That is Paco's walking space, my man. Hey Clarky! Hey Clark!

Hey man, you don't have to listen to these dudes, bro.

I know a spot that's not taken. Here, over here.

The toilet bowl. You'll find you got a lot in common with it, too.

Look, I'm not gonna stand for this kind of treatment.

You say something out your face, you motherfucker?

You talking to everybody or to somebody in particular?

I know you ain't talkin' to me.

You got something you want to say to somebody in this room... faggot?

No, I was talking to myself. Don't talk to yourself too loud.

Hey yeah, talk to the toilet bowl. You go well with each other.

Alright, come on, man. Hey, drop it man, cut it loose, alright?

Uh huh?

¿Y dónde está La Mancha?

Or did Sancho move upstairs?

You know, Paco, one of these days you're gonna get me very, very angry, man.

Yeah, well I'm very, very scared.

I mean, like, I'm tremblin', man.

Can't you smell it? I'm shittin' bricks.

Don't...! - Just, just... cool it, god damn it. Just cool it.

I don't know why you want to front for that freak.

But you don't go against your own people. You be wrong, Juan.

I ain't going against my own brother, man.

All that I'm saying is that if the dude is a freak, cut him loose.

All that is not necessary, Ice.

Man, I'll tell you, this man's got special interests, man.

Don't come out your face wrong, Paco. We both know where you comin' from.

Don't make me put your business in the street.

And Juan, you out of order.

This ain't your turn, baby. Hey, let's go do up them clothes, Juan.

Aight, get the buckets, kid.

Man thinks he's a grande pingú. Squash it.

Hey man, don't leave.

I want you to hold it for me while I pee. - What?

I want you to hold my motherfuckin' dick while I pee, sucka, so I don't get my hands wet. I can't do that.

Oh you can't do that?

But you can rape seven-year-old girls, huh?

I never, I never did anything like that in my life.

I didn't.

Check this pussy out, man.

You're welcome to some.


I'm welcome to all of them, creep.

Take him out.

What about me? What about you?

Well, I... they're all I have. Kick.

Well, uh... - Kick. Kick, motherfucker, kick.


What's this?

A gold chain.

How many carats?



Damn, Shoe. If you're gonna take the chain, take the chain.

Me, take?

Who said anything about taking anything?

That would be stealing, and that's dishonest.

Ain't that right, Clarky baby?

You wanna give that chain, don't you?

After all, we're both white.

We both gotta look out for each another.

Ain't that true, Clarky baby?

I mean, you're gonna be real white about the whole thing, ain't you Clarky baby?

It was a gift from my mother.


I didn't know you had a mother.

I didn't know human beings gave birth to dogs, too.

Uh-oh, look like the freak ain't uppin' the chain, Shoe.

Oh man, Clarky baby...

How you gonna show in front of these people, huh, man?

You want 'em to think we're that untogether?

What are you tryin' to say, man?

You mean to stand there... in your nice, cheap summer suit... lookin' very white... and deny my whiteness by refusing to share a gift with me?

That's totally uncool. You're insultin' me.

Man's tryin' to say you ain't white enough, Shoe.

You tryin' to put a wire out on me, creep?

He said you's a nigga-lover. You sayin' that I'm a quadroon?

He say this devil's got some royal Congo blood runnin' through his veins?

Freak say you were tryin' to pass.

I didn't say anything. Yeah, you callin' me a liar?

No. - Then you did say it. I didn't say that.

Look, here, take the goddamn chain. Just leave me alone, alright?

Pick up the motherfuckin' chain, freak. Pick up the chain, bitch!

That's right.

And you tell that boy over there he's not good enough to talk to you.

First I'm a nigger-lover, then I'm a quadroon, and now I'm not even good enough to talk to.

Boy, didn't I tell you about walking in God's walking space, didn't I?

You better answer God when he talks to you, boy.

Don't turn your back on me, motherfucker!

Watch out, Clark is down there!

Ayo, Mr. Nett, Mr. Nett! This man here, he started the fight with Omar.

That's right... - We just broke it up. That's right, man.

You all right, brother man?

Yeah, he just cold-cocked him in the jaw, man. - Fuck 'em. - Yeah!

You guys know the rules. Get him up.

No sleepin' on the floor.

You guys really ought to learn how to touch up a dude.

Fuck it, I'ma get a bucket of water. Fuck the bucket of water, Omar.

Put the sucka's head in the toilet bowl. There's water there.

Hey man, he's still a devil, but I will not do that to no man.

Oh shit, Shoe! There's still piss in there, man!

Fuck it, you put his head in there, Omar, and I'll flush it.

No, Omar. Let him put his head in there and you flush it.

It makes no difference. Flush the motherfucker, Omar.

I baptize thee in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and his mama.



You know, it's kinda like a shame, what those dudes did to that poor, ugly, misbegotten son of a bitch.

I almost feel sorry for the slob.

If anybody ever... did that to me or even thought of it, it would be war to the bitter end.

Hey, spare me.

Where did they take him? - I don't know, don't care, and don't give a fuck.

They took him down for positive identification, man.

Yo, Omar. Yo, what's happenin'?


Yo bruh, look here. How old are you? None of your business, motherfucker.

Omar, what you got on the street, but beside the sidewalk?

Hey man, what is it with you, anyway?

Now what are you, CBS News? An FBI agent?

The fuck you tryin' to be, Geraldo Rivera or somebody?

Nah, bruh.

Hey guys, I knew you had no combo downstairs, so lighten up on that nigga's ass.

Looks like you made the wrong move that time, governor.

Seems that, um...

I'm gonna have to prove to you young whippersnappers that you can't...

...fool around with the old man. Yeah, you talk a lotta shit, Ice.

Yo, Omar!

Yo, what's happenin'? Yeah, I wanna get a few things down.

You talkin' about all these things, like sell the kid, but keep the Cadillac, and, uh, 'cause you need wheels to move.

But bruh, you ain't movin' nowhere... 'cause this is your life here.

This is your home, bruh.

You found yourself a home.

Hey man, why you comin' down on me like that?

What I done done to you, man?

You're 33.

Seventeen of those years you've been on this planet, you've been in jail.

I mean locked up.

People been telling you where to go, what to do, how to shit, when to shave, when to shower, when to eat, and when to sleep... when to masturbate and how to masturbate...

Omar, you ain't got nothin', so don't be messin' with me when I'm tryin' to get somethin'.

I'm sorry.

Okay, man? I'm sorry.

Sorry didn't do it... you did it.

Squash it, man, please? Yeah, okay. We'll squash it.

But you be cool, man.

Don't do me like that.

I dig you a lot, Omar... and I'd never do nothing like that to you.

Aw, come on! Give the sucker a break!

You're in check.

Ten months and I finally beat this motherfucker.

Excuse me while I answer nature's call.

Look guys, it's Sunday morning! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Aight, knock it off! Knock it off!

All you supposed to be killers!

You ain't nothing but a bunch of counterfeit pussy-lovers!

Why don't you...!

And like I always say, if you'll shuffle, you'll deal!

How about sucking these, Mr. Brown! You first!

I said suck it, bitch!

Hey poet, you got a visit!

I knew my mammy wasn't gonna let me swim this ocean by my lonesome!

You too, Murphy.

On the gate!

Come on, Murphy!

What are you gonna keep your people waiting, man?

I refuse my visit, Mr. Nett. That's up to you.

Hey Murphy, man, what kind of talk is that?

Your people, they come all the way up here from Coney Island...

...and what are you gonna refuse? What are you gonna show like Cagney?

Juan, I like you, but don't go in my kitchen without permission.

I'm sorry, solid.

Later, bro. Hey Juan, wait.

It's cool, man.

Oh yeah, hey man, it's cool. Me and you is all right, sure.

Hey Juan, wait!

Don't go, man.

Don't make your visit.

Wait a minute, man. What do you mean not to make my visit?

What are you, crazy? You been fuckin' with them A-trains lately.

And that goddamn homemade wine. That's right.

But you know, like everybody else knows, that I know what I'm saying, even if I don't say it out loud.

You know, Murphy... you're lucky I don't put you in the bing for being stoned.

You wouldn't do that, Mr. Nett.

Mr. Nett, you wouldn't do that, because what would happen to your bread on the white side of the road?

Hey, man. Be cool, Shoe.

I said white side, not Puerto Rican side, Paco.

Hey, man... if I blow, you're gonna have to answer.

Hey Murphy... - I should have you call me Mr. Murphy, Mr. Nett.

Don't push it Murphy, heh?

You don't want your visit, that's your right.

I give less than a fuck.

Let's go, Juan. No.

Hey, look, look, man. Don't do that, don't ever do that, alright?

Don't ever attempt to think for me.

Man, it's the freak.

I feel it, man. You're gonna seem out of place when you show back.

Don't you see he's got the mark on him?

It's like I told you before, man.

It's the same thing as coming out of the joint. You're branded.

A week, a month, sooner or later they're gonna take you off the count, you know that.

Don't you think this place is any different. It's all the same thing.

You in the life, you know, Juan.

Alright, look, man, you lost me, but keep me lost, 'cause I got a feeling if you find me, I'm not gonna like it.

Alright, go ahead, get your part of it, but let me tell you this...

You better not bring it back on the floor with you.

'Cause if you do, you better walk pretty hard, Juan.

No, Shoe. I walk soft...

...but I hit hard.

And visits and mail are my ounce of freedom, and I'm not gonna give that up for nobody.

Now that's fuckin' heavy.

What the fuck? Get the fuck off me, motherfucker!

Hey Paco, man, what the hell is the matter with you?

What's the matter with you, man? Hey, you know what. I don't play that shit, man.

You don't play what? - You know what, papi. Stop... You don't play what? - That faggot shit!

Oh man... just because I kiss you doesn't mean you're a faggot.

No, it means that you're a faggot and don't do it again!

What you gonna do if I do? Nothing, man. Just leave me alone.

Why I should I stop it? I dig it. Well I don't, man. I'm tellin' you to stop.

You don't tell me nothing, boy! Alright, Paco. I'm askin' you, uh?

And you ask me right. You ask me like a daddy should be asked.

Hey man, stop threatening on me. ¿Y qué?

Oyeme, negrito. Déjame decirte algo.

Tú a mí me tienes loco. Me tienes enchulado, man.

Yo quiero ser tuyo. Quiero que tú seas mío.

Dime lo que tú... ¿Qué es lo que quieres que yo haga por ti?

Que me dejes quieto, man. Yo no soy un maricón.

No estoy diciendo que tú eres maricón, man. Yo no pienso así. - ¿Y qué tú piensas?

Que te quiero.

Que te adoro, nene. Oye, yo no soy ningún nene, Paco.

Tú vas a ser mío. Tú vas a ser mi nene lindo.

I know you're a man.

Que Dios bendiga la tierra que tú pise.

¡Echa, que está caliente, Paco! Ponme frío, man.

Motherfucker, cabrón! Oh you little punk!

Man, I oughta take you right now! Leave me alone, Paco. Come on, déjame.

Nah, man. I don't wanna take you, little brother. I don't wanna take you the hard way.

Hey man, well that's all you're gonna get is the hard way to go, and don't you be callin' me your brother!

If you considered me your brother, would you be tryin' this shit?

Oh man, if my brother were as pretty as you, yeah.

Man, you're sick, Paco! What, I'm sick? Don't you say that to me!

Don't you tell me that I'm sick, you motherfucker!

I'm sick because I'm in love with you?

Man, you use words you don't even know the meaning of... brother, love.

Shit, there's a gringo who does it to little girls. Why don't you mess with him? Why?

'Cause he's white and you're scared of whitey, but you fuck with your own kind.

I'm not scared of nothing or nobody. Not God, not man, nor spirits.

And you remember that.

But I don't want him. I want you. Yeah, well you can't have me, Paco!

Yeah, well I can take you. Push come to shove, I could take you.

But I don't wanna do that, man!

'Cause I know I'm gonna have to hurt you in the doing.

Look, man... look, I'll go both ways with you.

Who you lookin' for? Juan?

Listen, let me tell you this.

It makes me no motherfuckin' difference if he does have your back.

I'm gonna show you that you got a man that's gonna protect you.

I'm gonna take that freak, and you...

You... are gonna help me.


Man, how you let that creep talk to you like that?

All you oughta do is swing and keep swingin'.

Fuck it if you win, man, and fuck it if you lose.

It makes no difference either way, but you got to let him know that you a man.

Now I ain't the smartest guy in the joint, but I know some people you can't talk to, man.

Some you gonna have to fight 'em! Well I took a swing at him, didn't I, Omar?

Not hard enough. Not at the right place.

You know, you better wait till Juan get back. Man, I don't wanna use no Juan.

Aw bullshit, if you drownin', you'll use anything.


You's a fine motherfucker, Cupcakes.

And like I say...

I ain't the smartest guy in the world... but I get the feelin' that you like being a fine motherfucker and just maybe...

Hey look, man. Hey, we're gonna do it to the white freak, bruh.

I'm down either way.

What you mean either way, Omar?

I like you, Cupcakes... and if you gonna give it up with an excuse...

...then I want some.

Alright, listen up. On the sick call.

And I don't mean you pill freaks.

If you're not sick...

...don't come out of your cell.

Back here, man!

Aight, move your bottoms up. Move up against the gate.

Alright, let's go, hurry up. Column of twos, on the wall.

Motherfuckin' God! What's wrong with you?

Some prick almost broke my arm in the gate.

Hey Juan, get [?], okay?

Juan, how was the visit? Oh hey, it was beautiful, man.

I told her to chalk up the bail money, but only to go for the lawyer.

I think that's more important, don't you? - That's right.

If I had someone out there lookin' out for me, I'd do the same damn thing.

I say, you know, she ain't very pretty and she's not very smart, but she's all I got, and I burn her every night, brother! Look out.

What's wrong with you?

I got a white swelling. When you get the white out, the swelling goes down.

Yeah, okay.

Aight, let's move out.


Can I talk to you for a minute?

Yeah, what is it, Clark?

Listen, ah...

What I said before...

You know that's just between you and me, right?

I mean, I don't know why I said all of that stuff.

It's just that, uh... everything was coming down on me at once and everything.

Like in the hospital.

Like, um, my wife...

She didn't look at me once. Not once.

Will you please keep it to yourself, alright?

I mean, I promise I'll go to seek help this time, I promise.

What happened at the P.I. stand?

Um... well, I don't know. Nothing happened.

Did she identify you?

Did she?

Uh, I don't know. They just, uh...

Well, they put me with a bunch of guys that were my own size and weight.

Eh, the whole line-up routine, you know.

And there was this... voice that kept sayin', um...

It'd say, "Turn around," and it'd say, "Hello, little girl." Stuff like that.

Did they ask you to sign some piece of paper?

No, I didn't sign anything.

Well wasn't there a lawyer for you there, somebody from the courts?

Uh, I don't know. They just hustled me in, hustled me right back out.

Well that means you have a chance to beat this case.

Did they tell you what they're holding you for?

No, they didn't tell me anything.

Well if they're rushing the P.I., that only means that they're waiting for the limitations to run out.

Well what does that mean? What does that mean?

That means you're gonna get a chance to scar up some more little girls' minds.

Juan, why do you say a thing like that... if you don't know...?

Juan, why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you?

Listen, what have you done to me? It's...

It's the stance that you're forcing me to take.

You hate me. I don't hate you man, but uh...

I hate what you've done.

I hate what you're capable of doing, what you might do again.

You sound like a judge.

Well, in this time and place, I happen to be your judge.

No you're not. You are not my judge.

I am sick and tired of people judging me!

Listen, I don't give a fuck what you're sick and tired of.

And what you told me under pressure...

People do strange things under pressure.

I'm not used to this. I don't care what you're used to.

Now I gotta make some kind of a thing about you.

No you don't. You can just let me live. Let you live?

I can't. I can't make this.

Hey motherfucker, don't cry on me! Why shouldn't I cry?

Why shouldn't I feel sorry for myself? I got some rights, you know.

Look, when they come back, I'm gonna tell 'em what Captain told me.

That if anybody touches me, I'm gonna tell. I'm gonna tell 'em!

Listen, then you will die. Well I don't care!

Juan, when I came in here, I...

I'd already been beaten by the police... threatened by a mob that the newspapers created, and then the judge, for my benefit and the benefit of society, committed me some nut ward, where I was looked over by some kind of... like some kind of god damn animal...

Yeah, I know the scene.

No you don't! Electrodes, sedatives, hypnosis... and then some crank nurses who strapped me to my bed and... played with my penis to see if I could get it up for "big girls like us."

Did it? Yes, it did.

You know, my father used to say...

He'd fuck 'em eight to eighty... blind, crippled, or crazy.

Juan, you're the only human being I've met in here.

Come on, man. Don't try and leave me out, because I don't know how much of a human being I would be...

...if I let you make the sidewalks.

¡Qué barba...!

I don't know how to stop you...

...short of taking you off the count.

Aight, give me a column of twos.

Hey Juan... can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, Ice. What is it?

Uh, do you remember what was said after the, um... last riots here?

Come on, you should, man. You suggested it, didn't you?

Yeah, I remember everything that was said. - Everything?

Anything that affected the whole floor, we hold council on it.

Well the freak affects the whole floor.

What's happening, man? He's white like I am.

And you ain't got no right, according to the rules, to take his back if he's stuff.

He isn't stuff. Well we say he is.

Who says that he is? I say that he is.

Besides which, man... anybody that rapes little girls is a faggot.

He is stuff, squeeze.

I say he ain't. You ain't got no say in this.

Oh he got say.

Not that it means anything, but he got say, right?

Paco, be cool. Yeah, Paco. You be very cool.

This ain't necessary.

And neither is your gettin' in the way of the council.

The council was set up to help, not to destroy.

Oh, "the council was set up to help, not to destroy."

Man, will you listen to this, man? Very, very pretty bullshit.

He's fuckin' Cupcakes and now he wants the freak for himself too.

Man, ain't nobody fuckin' me, Paco.

Maybe not yet... but he's settin' you up to.

Giving you all that fatherly advice, my fuckin' ass!

He is just like El Raheem.

He wants to fuck you too.

Puttin' the wisdom in front of the knowledge and all that shit!

He's callin' you a girl! That's what he means by that.

And Omar...

...playing exercises with you so you can take showers together, right?


And Shoe... the kid some cigarettes and some short-heist books.

Aw man, everybody wants to fuck you, Cupcakes.


Ice gave you that name, didn't he?

Ain't that your woman's name out on the block, Ice?

Ain't nobody sayin' anything.


'Cause I hit the truth.

Pushed that little button.

Everybody on this motherfuckin' floor is trying to cop, and the only one that's gettin' his share is Juan.

And now he wants the white freak for himself, too.

You know, man, you are sick.

¡Tu madre...! Nah! No, no!

¡Tu madre, hijo de la gran puta, cabrón!

Let him go! - No! Let that motherfucker go!

Hell no!

Why you fightin' over some bullshit for? - Let me go.

I'm cool.

Okay, Juan. You check this out...

I want him!

Longshoe is white, he says it's okay. That means that he wants him.

And Omar wants a piece, and so does El Raheem.

El... El, are you in this too?

He's a whitey, a devil.

Anything goes.

What about you, Cupcakes?


Julio... Come on, man.

It's either him or...

I'll go with you, Paco.

You punk, you little fucking punk...

Did everything I say to you just go in one ear and out the other?

What do you want to be an animal too?

You're gonna let this place destroy you?

Ice? What?

Which way, man?

Man, I don't want no part of it. You what?

You don't want a part of it? You heard me.

Juan is right.

This places makes animals out of us. Ah man! - Ah man what?

You think you know anybody here good enough to take me?

Take us.

If that's the way you want it. Hey motherfucker, that's the way it is!

Ice... you don't have to take whole part. - Dig that!

You my man, but you stickin' up for that honkey is wrong.

You goin' upstate, you know that.

But Juan here...

He's likely to hit the street. He got somebody out there, you don't.

Only thing you got is a plea to cop.

You know, I dig you a whole lot, but what you doing is wrong, man, it's wrong.

You don't have to take part. Play chickie, that's all.

Play chickie. Dig it.

Okay, I'll play chickie.

You still got me to deal with, man.

Come on, Ice, grab him.

Come on! I got 'em! - Ice, Ice!

I got 'em! - Ow! All right, okay, all right.

Who got 'em? Got 'em? - I got 'em!

Come on, man, come on. Who gonna stick him first?

Wait! - Kick his ass, too. Stay out of it. - Don't beef. - Stop 'em!

Mr. Nett, don't think you can walk away from this!

Okay, look, do what you want. Just leave me alone.

Please don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me, please.

Man, it ain't Cupcakes, but it will do. No! I'll tell the Captain!

I'll bring you all before the courts! You're gonna do what?

He's gonna squeal. He's gonna rat us out.

Shut up, shut up!

I didn't even like him. Come on, you gotta let me through.

Now look, you're in this too, Ice. We all gonna get more time.

I'll see that you get life, you son of a bitch!

I'll lose my job. I'll see you all go to jail!

Come on, shut up, shut up, you crazy mother...!

I ain't gonna do any more time than I have to!

No, Paco. That's murder. Kill the motherfuckin' rat!

Kill the motherfucker! Kill him in self-defense!

It's still a suicide. He did it to himself.

Kill him, kill him! Kill the sick motherfucker!


Yeah! - No! - He's a devil, man. Kill him! - Kill him!

Come on, man. You said the devil was gonna die anyway!

Shit! - Man, don't kill him! Man, hold him, man. Hold him!

Cut his throat! - Yeah, cut his throat! Cut his throat!

Do it, El! Do it, do it! Be chill, do it.

Kill him! Do it, El. Do it!

Come on, nigger. Kill him. No!

No! - Kill him! - Do it, El! Come on, nigger. Kill him! - Do it!

Kill him, kill him...

Kill him.

I can't do it, man.

What do you mean you can't do it? You talk about killing whitey every day.

Man, let the honkey up and let him fight, then I can kill him.

Kill him laying down, sitting, standing up, either way he's dead.

Quick! Please, please, don't kill me!

I won't tell anybody! I won't tell anybody!

I got a wife and kid!

I don't wanna do anything I said! Allahu Akbar, you...!

Give me that knife, punk.

Brown! Report an accident!

Aight, listen up!

On the lockout!

Let's go, let's go! Shit!

Oh shit! - Oh, this motherfucker! What the hell!

All right, knock it off, men.

I'm Captain Allard, men.

I'm here investigating the terrible tragedy that occurred here today.

And I'm satisfied...

...that it was a suicide.

But I would like to state that I and Clark Davis' parents...

...hold you all morally guilty.

If you had taken some time out from your own problems to help this poor man, that was placed in here because of mistaken identity...

Knock it off, men!

Now we took him down for a positive identification line-up... and the person who Mr. Davis was supposed to have assaulted...

...was not in her right mind.

She had already pointed out two, maybe five other men... the man who assaulted her.

Clark Davis was an innocent victim of circumstances!


Good night, men.

All right, on the lock-in.

...fuckin' white man, always with a black man. - Let's go!

The man was guilty. I know, I could tell it from his eyes.

He did himself.

Hey man, the kid was clean.

Someday I'm gonna be walking down the streets, minding my own business...

...and bam!

I'm gonna be shot by some pig who's gonna swear that it was a mistake.

I accept that as a part of my destiny.

Sí, es mi destino morir en la calle como un perro.

¡Ay Dios mío!

So don't worry about me.

Okay, Mercado. Get your shit together! You're on the bail.

¡Juan, sácame de aquí por favor! ¡Quiero salir!

Juan, ¡sácame de aquí! ¡No puedo soportarlo más! ¡Ayúdame!




All right, on the gate! ¡Ayúdame, sácame!

¡No puedo, ayúdame!


Ey, Juan.

Dime la verdad del tipo ese, que tú sabes.

And what's there to tell? You got it all under your belt, don't you?

Hey Juan.

You better tell this kid something. He thinks you some kind of a guru.

If you don't tell him something, he's gonna go out there and run this thing down on somebody who shouldn't hear it.

Can you dig what I'm saying, right?

Cupcakes, I've killed and I'm not afraid to do it again, you understand me?

Okay, Mercado, let's go. Get your ass out of here.

Hey Paco, what are they doing down there?

Oye, espera. No corras.

Just one thing, brother.

Your fear of this place stole your spirit.

And this ain't no pawnshop.

Yo Cupcakes, I mean Julio!

Hey listen, little brother. Hey, do me a favor when you get out.

You know, call my woman, and tell her I say to come up and see me, man.

You know, say it's important. Okay, little brother?

See you in Sing Sing, Cupcakes!

Don't O.D. on me, sucka!

Shit, I ain't lost him yet.

Aw shit...