Short Peace (2013) Script

Are you ready?

Not yet!

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

I'm ready!


Are you there?

I'm ready.

Bunny, is she there!?

Sister where are you?


Exit / Entrance.


Short Peace.

According to the onmyou writings...

When a furniture goes through a hundred years, they change and acquire a soul...

...Deceiving people's minds.

It's said these are called tsukumogami ( From Tsukumogamiki )


I've sadly lost my way inside this rainstorm.

Please, I will like you to let me rest here until the rain stops.

What does this mean? What's going on?

Here and there, throwaway.

Here and there, throwaway.

Broke, it's useless and disabled.

Broken it's simply useless.

Here and there, throwaway.

Here and there, throwaway.

Some fine umbrellas are these!

I'll borrow one!

I'm going home!

I'm going home! I'm going home!

Am I pretty?


Pretty... every one said...


The taste of people change in any moment...

What is out of fashion is thrown in the drawer and never used.


Am I Pretty?

What a soft feeling!

Although it's a little worn out.

It's ok!

I'll borrow them!


I'm just a traveler passing by.

Lost my way under the rain.

It's seems I entered your house without permission.

I'm sorry.

Will you let me go out soon?

That's a very nasty smell.

Even here it's all battered.

Up to be thrown in the dump indeed.

But, before that...

I won't forget...

Before becoming useless, were wonderfully useful to people...

Good work.

Hinoyoujin ( Beware of Fire )

Japan Edo Era (1603-1868)

This is the story of Yaoya Oshichi ( ca. 1667 - 29 March 1683 )

O-ume? There's nothing I can help you yet?

I'm sorry Princess, I'll be back as soon as I drop this.






O-ume you are not quite good. Right?

I'll go see.




Where's the fire?

There's anyone on the rooftop?

I'm on my way.

It's in the Honjo district. You know?

Also the wind comes from the northwest. Don't worry.


The son of the neighbor! Isn't he?!

The love of Matsuki-san for fire will give him trouble. Right?

Matsuki! Where did he go?

Told you to keep an eye on him if the fire bell was heard.

Where did the keeper go?

Send people to the fire chief place. Tell him I said not to let him in to the place of fire.

It took a lot of dealing. You heard it?

Dear, will you talk about that again?

It's because Naritaya-san has a reputation of being meticulous. Right?

Even that is a fanatic of arrangements.

Well, O-wakama introduce yourself.

My name is Wakama.

She's being taught to act normal in a general way, bur...

It's because she don't know the meaning of " hard work".

O-Waka -chan!


Son of a bitch!

"This body of mine have I received for my parents...

...And to keep it safe from harm is my first filial duty..."

Don't you know? Matsukichi!

You are not just some clerk sitting on a reception to have irezumi.

You are disinherited!



What happened?

I've just been said by my father that I'm disinherited.


Matsuki-san... You are his only son. Aren't you?

It doesn't matter.

I was being forced to...

From now on, finally I'll become a firefighter.

You were like this since you were a child. Matsuki-san.

But... if that happens... I...

I want to see you Matsuki-san. I want to see you as soon as possible.

Don't worry.

I'll come to see you.


Did you forget it?

What about?

The promise we made when we were children.

When we were children?


When we were children.

So the wedding is the 3th of the next month isn't it?

Before that, she must go to Kobikichou to see her grandmother and say something about the Obi.

I wonder if I misheard it...



You all right? Run! Hurry!

You are in the way! You are in the way! Out of my way!

Matsu! Where's Matsuki?

Yes! Boss! I'm here.

The origin of the fire is near your neighborhood.

Can you climb the rooftops and give instructions to demolish the houses?

Trust me please!

My house...

O-Waka-chan house too...

In any moment it will take the left of that store in the southeast.

If it surpass to the northeast it will be dangerous.

At the other side of the street there is a tenement house.

If the fire spread to there...

...It will reach the Honganji temple.

Understood. I'll tell the boss.


This and this pillar only.

Then tie the joist.





Damn it!

It cannot be...

That house...


Don't go there!


All right! Pull!

That's all you got? Come on!

Don't go up there!


You understand, the human language?

I heard rumors about you... monster...

Kill me... Beast...


It's getting a lot better. Isn't it?

Excuse me, town chief, but...

It's said! To put the wife to take care...

Are Ogami-sama's orders.

Even if he says so...

Hotoke-san is praying for mercy.

Don't worry.

Ogami-sama will give us a quick answer...

I'm sure it will send us armed troops.


Well... In this town... there's nothing left to take.

In that case we shouldn't be helping wandering samurais...

That demon... could be a white bear?

No, its 10 feet tall, and it's a red big monster, demon like.

A monster...

We are begging you to help us. Exterminate the demon, please!

Since then, that demon, night after night keeps coming...

Kidnaps young girls, and destroys everything, Already in this town, that's the only girl left.

We are not able to hold that girl any longer.

There's nothing to do.

No one can match with that thing...


O-samurai-sama, I beg you!

In the name of God and Buddah, we depend on you, Samurai-sama.

A bear!

There's nothing to do... nothing to do...

A demon came.

Save me... please...

Gambo? ( Gunbo )

You are too... a child.

It's dangerous to go alone!!

I wonder if it is God's messenger.

Kill me... I beg you...

Kill me...

This are the demon seeds...

Before they birth...

Kill me I beg you!

This is terrible... Terrible... Please stop it!

Don't look away. Pray!

You prayed for help...

You must believe until the end...


If you pray... Pray for death!



Gambo. Thank you!


Explain it! What is this white bear?

I think... You may not believe it...

Well, when you get discharged... what will you do?

Jin-san has been here for so long, he well deserves a big payroll.

If that's so... It's good. Right?

What? Already expended it?

Just got 30 acres of vineyard.


Yes. If I can make it, I'll send you some.

That, will be a pleasure.

If we make through alive...

Today we will only look for garbage again?

Bring a basket, a sandwich or something...

It's like going hiking... In a bleak place though...

A farewell to Arms ( Buki Yo Saraba )

Nice catch.

The UAV is back!

The camera! The camera!

Prepare that one for the next launch.


Yankee, good job.

Under control.

Report status?

Arriving in about 5 minutes.

Before arrival we will launch an UAV.


About that protective suits... no matter how you look it, look awfully hot.

It comes with aircon, you know.

You fool.

Look at the monitor.

Take a look before you drop, idiot!

I was looking down...

No, you wasn't! I was!

At all... Was my fault.

God... so inefficient...

Well... Let's go!

Please enter on the collapsed tunnel.

In about 500 meters there's the place we are searching for.

Ram, don't run.

Male, pay attention to your steps.


Lieutenant, what happened?

Don't worry. Male stepped over a landmine.

Really? In a place like that?

You are not scared. Aren't you?

Leave me alone...

Lieutenant, be careful please.

Right now a heat source has become visible.

Ok! Let's change location.

Everyone, listen!

There is something lurking in the ruins at the west.

It's not like they are unarmed people.

We will take a walk before exploring underground.

Let's start the procedure as usual.

Launch the UAV.

The enemy is already moving.


Male here.

I'm going up in the white building on the right.

Gimlet, understood.

There you go!



Jin here.

The rockets on the intersection are deployed.

Ram here. Sniper point secured.


You were fast Ram.

Finnish the preparations and stand by.

Yankee... can you give me position status?

The enemy is moving to the east. You'll be able to see it when it goes out to the street.

You'll be able to shoot a hellfire?

As always...

Ok. Wait for mi instructions.

Male, how's going?

Male here. I'm moving.

Three drones on the air.


Jin, report status.

This is the last one.

When this starts, they will fly to the objective.

Keep going.

Yankee. Over.

Yankee here.

Drop the hellfire immediately.

Understood. Dropping the hellfire.

Yankee... that's all?


It's a GUNK, isn't it?

Everyone listen! Gimlet here.

The bombing failed.

The enemy is getting closer.

As shown on the screen it's a self-supported tank.

But, we will proceed as in practice.

I will move to position too.

Male, until then, be the look out.

Male here.


I should be able to see it.

It's coming!

Marking it with the laser.

What is he doing?

Male, are you ok?

I marked it with the laser!

It looks like we finished the job.

Male, life check. All green.

Male. System check.

It made me run...

All green.

Let's start.

Understood. Dropping one.

Yeah, come...

4 seconds until impact...

3... 2...


Male here. "Seeker" destroyed.

Moving to the next building.


Male here, dropping the second bomb.

Good. Come here!

Time until impact. 4... 3... 2... 1...

Male, are you safe?

Moving to the second shooting position.


Forced discharge!

Calm down.



I'm still alive...

I knew it...

Jin, fill up the holes. Cover me.


Jin, I trust you...



Jin-san, hurry up!

Jin, how's going the preparation of the saturation attack?

Not yet...

Shit! Gimlet!

Yankee here. Hellfire ready.

A little more.

Ok, Gimlet.

Do it!


Yankee, can you see it?


Do it!

Dropping hellfire.



How's that, bastard!

You draw his attention!

Ram, shoot!

Shut up!

The GONKU is now inoperative.

Every one. Good job.

What happened? Hey!

As expected... it's underground.

Let's work.

Here is today's crucial moment.

Good night, this is Tokyo Rose.

Your jokes are hard to understand.

Receiving you clear. Yankee.

From now on we will split and start the search.

Ram and Male search east side.


We will turn to the west.


Are you going to search with Male's RC? Right?

It's just for precaution.

I know...

Ok, ok. They make a good team, you know.

Jin-san, I wonder if even now you are being discharged, you want to stay.

Hold on, Captain.

Before when we were running under the bombing... you know I could have done it alone. Don't you?

But... we are trained to don't let no one behind.

Fool! Nobody is going to praise you...

"Thank you" you should say...

Male here. I found the main point.

It was true... there's a special warhead...

Male here. Entered inside the TL.

Good. Start the access, I'll go as soon as possible.

Yankee. Can you immediately put together a log?


What's going on? Yankee?

Gimlet here, over!

Male, reply! Gimlet here.

Male here.

Can't contact Yankee.

I'll send a scout team to the surface to investigate.

To the surface?

Hey! Male!

Didn't earn your points yet?

You know, we are a team today.


Male said something yet? Jin-san, Yankee is not responding. I have a bad feeling, we must go up immediately.


The joints... are not moving...

There's another GUNK. Take cover!


Deploy the launchers!

Male! Are you hurt?

Ram's suit is freeze. Smoke!

Male! Wait!

Even if you launch them here...



Damn it!


Where's Ram?

Was evaporated...

Gimlet! We have signal from the UAV camera.

Yankee! Yankee! Are you alive? Yankee!

Jin here. I just snaked behind.

Use the EMP grenades!


Male and I are going to be the distraction.

We will do it on three.

When the EMP hit it... it will shut down.

Male, you'll destroy the TL.

We can't take back the warhead under this circumstances.

In that case, to destroy it is our mission.

Ok? Let's go... 1... 2... 3...

Male! Are you ok? Male?

Male! It was done?

No... Just...

Destroy the TL immediately!

If you lock the fuse like that, the booster will burn it down. You are going to roast a warhead.


Jin here. I'm going to disable the GUNK's launcher.

Please, destroy the main weapon from there.

Male here, entered in the TL.

I'll report back when the launcher preparation is ready.

Hurry up Male!

If the GUNK recovers mobility, it will start blasting immediately.

Gimlet! Before that, please, destroy the main gun!

Sorry, was in trouble.

I'm in a blind spot here. Let me see if I can do something...

Male here.

The ceiling is blocked by debris.

The booster cannot ignite! I'm going out to remove it!

Ok! Watch out! Hurry!

Gimlet! Still nothing? The GUNK it's going to reboot!

I'm sorry, was trapped.

Male! Jin!

Male! Run!


Jin! Run! Jin!

Captain Gimlet...

Are you ok? Can you get up?

Don't panic!

First extinguisher, and then escape.

Yes... escape...

Male! Hey! Male!

Hey, are you ok?


Be more careful.

Enemy presence: Terminated.

Destroy mode: Off.

GUNK AP here.

Damage on main gun and TV tracking system.

Returning to base.

Bastard! Wait! Are you running away?

Enemy presence: Unimportant.

Recognized as civilian.


This is a restricted combat zone.

Civilians, please, leave immediately.

Son of a bitch!

Bacteriologic contamination over 1 kilogram.

Please, look here.

In today wars it is rational to be on our side.

If you read this pamphlet, you may understand it.

Don't play with me! Bastard!