Shot Caller (2017) Script

Dear Joshua.

I know it's been nearly six years since you heard from me.

I can't believe you're already in tenth grade.

It's like time has flown by and stood still all at the same time.

It's usually a father's hope that his son will follow in his footsteps. Thankfully, that won't be the case with us.

I never meant to hurt you, Josh... but I have failed you in every way possible.

My intention with this letter is to properly say good-bye to you.

Why it's taken me so long, I don't know.

Maybe I'm a coward after all.

Make your mark in this world, son.

Always be your mom's protector.

And no matter what you hear about me, you keep moving forward... and never look back.

Your father.

Ooh, that motherfucker hung himself, bro!

Hell no, that buster got deal with, homey!

What happened, Lopez?

Homey had issues, sir.

Suicide, my ass. Stick Lopez in the hole.

Photograph everything before you take him down.

No, wait.

Don't do anything yet.

Code four.

Looks like two of you will be leaving the block today, Money.

Let me get you outta here.

This fucking mess will take all day.

Your gate money, 200, and your CDCR ID.

Use it until you get a new driver's license.

The van outside will take you to the train station.

Just take it one day at a time, Money.

From the Beast.

What's up, Wood?

Man, good to see you, brother.


That's for you, man.

Picked that out myself.

Something in there just to get you started.

Appreciate it.

Got a big night planned for you, bro.

Youngster ride there, that's Howie.

He's the man with the plan.

Should give you the welcome home party.

Told you he'd know who you were.

Youngster's all star struck and shit.

Hey, he's a sniper though, man.

Did work over there in Afghanistan.

Only job you got now is staying clean.

Roger that.

Fuck, let's go eat, man. Whatever you want is on me.

Need a room, too.

Of course. Time to lose those parole duds, right?

Get you a whole new getup. I got you, bro.

Ed Kutcher, Parole.

I got a tip this sex offender has a

14-year-old girl in his place.

Waiting on the damn warrant, though.

No worries, Lenny's one of my cases so I'm your warrant. Good.

Kutcher. Come to the door, Lenny.

Lenny, it's Kutcher.

Come to the door. You know the drill.

Drop it!

Go, go! Shit! 10-3, shots fired!

Repeat, shots fired!

What's up, Chop?

What the hell, Chopper?

It's been a minute, huh?

Welcome home, brother.

Jason Horvath.

It's an honor.

How about the name Chef, huh? Name mean anything to you?

Hell, every tweaker south of Folsom knows that name.

Any one of these bitches in here, they're all fucking dirt legs, dude. I'm telling you, man. Every single one of them, man, they're fucking cheerleaders, brother.

You can literally do whatever the fuck you want to them.

You want a drink? Smoke? I got you, brother.

He looks good, don't he?

He looks good.

Hey, you looking for a bathroom?

Come on, I'll show you one more private.

Put your clothes on.

I could just get you one of the other girls, if you just tell me which one you like.

What's your name?


How about you and me get a drink sometime, Janie?

Just not tonight.

Howie and Shotgun have my number, or...

I-I'll get it from them.

I need a ride.

Sure, Money.

Everything okay?


Who's down?


No, Janie. No! No!


Hey, hey, hey! Money, we gotta go!

Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go!

You ain't inked. Get him outta here in case we're stopped.

Come on!

Go, go, go. Come on, move.


This ride clean?

Insurance is up to date, reg, everything.

I need it tonight. Tell me where to drop you off.

I'll pull over here.

Catch the bus.

They said you're not inked.


You answer only to me now. You don't go near anyone, especially if they're validated, unless I authorize it.

You got it.

Get two prepaid cells, both of them different.

Then be at my motel at 10 a.m.

Copy that.

Charge. No basket.

Charge? It's a pick-up game.

It's a foul!

You can't take a little bump 'n grind, get off the court.

It's all right. Let's just play.

Lower the shoulder.

If Greenman pulls that shit again, I'm gonna kick his pussy Citigroup ass.

Yeah? You bringing a stepladder?

How is this an opportunity for a short joke right now?

Oh. Hirsch is predicting Kelly will win if the DOW gets above 10-4.

Yeah, not in this market.

But still, Metzger's a Republican.

Let's close him asap, just in case.

All right.

Let's strategize tonight.

You know the rules, bud.

How was school today?

We made masks for President's Day.


I picked Abraham Lincoln. I also made his hat.

That's so cool. I can't wait to see it.

Turn the TV back on when you're done, okay?

Mom upstairs? Yeah.

Hey, babe.


You know, we got 45 minutes before we pick up Tom and Jennifer.

I just showered, lover.

I know. It's my favorite smell.



It's not happening, is it? No.


Oh, by the way, your design looks amazing.

Oh, thanks. Did you see the floor samples?

Pennies, right?

Finally, the pennies are gonna fly.

Yeah, but how long is it gonna take?

To lay out the pennies? Yeah.

It's gonna take a really long time.

That's why I have to ask Jennifer for her help.

I'm gonna butter her up tonight.

Does everyone use the same house for finals?

Yes. Even playing field.

Damn, I wanna live there.

I know, right?

Wait, wait, wait.

What did I do?

It's just-I just gotta...

I knew it. I felt that coming.

You shouldn't have.

Jennifer, I also want to let you know that I've been eating asparagus.

No! No!

That's all I'm going to say.

Can we get another bottle?

You want one more? Yeah, let's do it.

This is nice. This is a good place.

One more?

See, I honestly don't think that baseball constitutes a date night. Like, that's not...

But they're dugout club seats on the third base line.

It's romantic, and they're free.

What? It's free, guys.

Okay, fine, fine, fine. I will allow that, as long as it means that Jennifer and I can pick the next two.


Two? How did you get two?

Okay, we want John Mayer. We get John Mayer.

John Mayer's not free in any way.

You are gonna brown-nose your way into some John Mayer tickets.

Don't look at me. Look at Jacob.

He's got the best knee pads in the office.

And well used.


Wait until we close the Metzger account.

We'll see whose butts are getting kissed, right?

Yeah, that's right, partner.

Honey, the light! Watch out!


No! No! Tom!

Baby, no! Oh, my God!

Sit down.

Your foreman called, Tony. Why'd you miss work?

Especially after I went on the hook and got you the damn job in the first place.

Look, I know, okay?

Dante was sick, and my mom...

Hey, hey, I don't wanna hear about any of that.

No excuses. You said you want a plan B, instead of wasting the rest of your life.

Look, it's hard, Kutcher. It's hard for me.

Of course it's hard. You're a convicted felon.

Own the shit. Rise above it.

Or I'll bust your ass right back inside.

Don't think I won't.

Look, I will, I will. I'll rise above it.

So, how's Ed doing?

I don't know if it's hit him yet.

Yeah, well, he saved that girl. That's gotta feel pretty good.

Still, three of the best?

Sorry for keeping you waiting, Manny.

No worries, bro.

So, how you feeling, man?

I'm good. You?

For the record, everyone I know, they high-fived after you put that jester down. Especially after that fucker shot you.

You ready to catch some cockroaches?

Yeah. Bring it.

According to our CI, The Beast is doing an arms deal with this southern Mexican in the next 48 hours.

He's ordered this guy, Jacob Harlon, goes by the street name of Money, to handle things.

Harlon hit the streets yesterday.

This Harlon validated?

No, but our CI says he's a sleeper.

The Beast, huh?

That dude's been running Cali for the last 15 years... all from the fucking hole, too.

You okay, Ed?

I'm good. Keep going.

Come on, go. I got work to do.

All right. Any specifics on the deal?


A thousand full-auto AK-47s, and at least

500 Glocks smuggled from Afghanistan none registered in the U.S.

You alert ATF?

And let them take our collar? Hell no.

We're controlling this one, brother.

I love it. So, what's the plan?

Harlon faces strike three. We nail that fucker, get him to flip on The Beast. Simple.

Whole power structure comes tumbling down.

All right. I'll start pounding the streets on the eses, see if anyone's talking.

I'll set up on Harlon. Meet with him later today.

Let's rock, fellas.

Face directly ahead, please.

So, what's next?

The arraignment, right?

Yes. And I know the prosecutor assigned to your case. This guy's a hard-charger, Jacob.

He only cares about his stats, especially on DUI manslaughter cases. He's going for the maximum sentencing guidelines, four years plus an additional three for great bodily injury enhancement since the other driver broke his legs.

We're talking about seven years here, man.

Seven years.

Can we fight it?

Yeah. I mean, we can go to trial, but...

I gotta be honest, man, the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

It didn't help the intersection had a traffic camera, either.

My advice is, you let me go to the prosecutor now, get him to make a deal.

Because if we go to trial, he will stick to the maximums.

That's what they do. That's how it works.

What kind of deal?

Look, you agree to a no-contest plea...

I think I can get him to two years on count one, reduce the great bodily injury enhancement... to what's called a DUI with injury.

Now, that drops the additional three years to eight months.

It means... realistically you'd only have to do 16 months.

Yeah, 16 months. Ehm...

It's your call, pal.



Okay, so they accepted the house as collateral.

So I can bail you out, get you outta there. Okay?

What? Did something happen? What?

I know this is gonna be hard to take... but Steve got them to accept a deal.

If I plead no-contest, they'll agree to two years...

No! eight months.

No, we're fighting this.

If we do, I'm facing seven years.

If we win this, you face none.



Honey, I blew a point.10.

I ran the red.

I killed Tom.

It was an accident. It was an accident.

I know.

I don't care what Steve says.

People don't go away for accidents!

Jennifer and Tina will never see Tom again.

I'm responsible.

Sixteen months, it's nothing compared to what they're going through.


Programmed my number into both.

Erase it from this one so it's clean.

Where are we heading?

East L.A. Lola's Flowers on Beverly.

Any word about last night?

I haven't heard anything yet.

And the girl?

She'll be okay. Luckily, the round went through clean.

She solid?

Definitely. Janie won't say shit.

Put the word out, anybody ID's me at that party, they're green-lit.

Roger that.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for Herman Gomez.


It's been a long time, man.

It sure has.

Here you go, baby. We're gonna be in the back, okay?

Call me if you need me.

I hate those pinches coolers, man.

Fucking hate them.

In and out all day from the cold.

Makes my bones hurt.

Have a seat.

You have a beautiful family.

Thank you, homes. Appreciate it.

What about you? You got a lady, got kids?

Used to.

The world went on without us, huh?

Feel for you, homes. I do.

Spent 17 years total inside. What a fucking waste.

You know why I asked The Beast for you to handle this?

You asked for me?


To me, a man is only defined by his actions.

Appreciate it.

I'm the one who's gotta be grateful.

Youngster out there, he's the one with the guns?


Your friends set the location?

Midnight. Pretty close to the Salton Sea.

We're gonna get exact coordinates one hour before.

We both need this to go smooth.

It will.

Can't wait for this cheese steak.

Used to come here a lot?

It's a short walk from my office.

Sorry, but I just can't picture you in a suit.

All Gordon Gekko and shit.

You were probably what, 12 back then?

About that.

Where you from?

Small farm town, Pennsylvania.

Boring as hell.

So, you know, when I came back...

I decided to come out here and check out the beach.

How did you come across the guns?

Sheer luck.

DOD was shipping plane-loads of them to arm the Afghan Security Forces but thousands went missing.

Anyway, one night, my unit hit a Taliban house.

I was clearing a back room, found a trap door...


Whole cache of AKs and Glocks were down in a hidden tunnel.

All of them?

Yeah. They just piled them in there.

So I sealed it up, didn't tell my C.O.

Fucking Muj's, they'd just used them against us anyway.

So I found these contractor dudes who agreed to load them in a container heading back to the States.

Cost me a hundred of the AKs... Wait, wait.

You're telling me there's just 900 now.

No. There was 11 hundred to start.

I figured a hundred was pretty cheap to get them home but then again we're talking about Soviet factory full-autos, not that cheap-ass Chinese knock-off bullshit.

He said he needed to see you, Money.

Fucking knucklehead skins from the party, man.

I said to them, I said, lay the fuck low.

They didn't listen to me, okay? They've been butting heads with these fucking Crippers from the beach.

Those Toads, they knew that house.

So you're telling me it was a drive-by.

I'm just telling you what I told them...

It sure didn't feel random, that gun aimed at my face.

Hey, look, it's on me. This is fucking on me.

But I'm gonna fucking hit them.

I'm gonna check their fucking asses, I'm gonna find out who took those shots and I'm gonna fucking hit them.

Not until the deal's done.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I'm on it.

Man, I know you like the fucking kid.

I like the kid, too, man.

I mean, GI Joe over there in fucking Afghanistan.

But that's not where we are, is it?

You know who I am. You know what I'm about.

Now, I need to be with you. I need to be on your fucking hip...

You know I can't be seen around anyone validated.

Like I'm doing right now in broad fucking daylight!

Now, you get everyone in check.

We got too much on the line for any more bullshit!

Just be careful.

Fuck me!

You were told to answer to nobody but me.

I'm sorry... Shut your hole!

Look at me.

Everything you do in this game has a consequence.

If you defied my order like that inside, I'd make you fucking bleed.

I will walk the walk, Money.

I swear.

Damn right you will.

Open East Gate.

High security first!

Look, man, I know you're scared. All right?

I would be scared. But you need to know this-

All violent crimes, from domestic battery to capital murder, get housed together.

It means you'll be with the big boys... and they will test you, whether you like it or not.

The rest of you, single file.

So you gotta stand up for yourself... because once you're marked in there... it will never end.

Yo, bring that in!

This the real place.

This the real place, yo!

You gonna roll with us or not?

Best check yourself, peckerwood!

Looks like some lame just stepped on a land mine.

Yo, motherfucker, move!

I'm fucking about to boot your ass!

Get down! Get down! Now, get down!

Get the fuck down right now! Everybody down!

All right, break it up! Get off him!

Get on the ground!

Spray 'em!

Stay down. Stay down. Just breathe.

Fish has heart.

Get on the wall.

Step in.

You throw any piss or shit...

I'll leave you in here for the whole 30, no rec.

Leave your dirties by the door.

Turn around.

No new inks since your release?

Thought I might find a shamrock or AB.

Only a select few can wear that ink.

I see.

Get dressed.

Need you to clear something up.

Girl got shot last night out in South Bay... and someone reported you were there.

Then they got it wrong.

I need an alibi.

Got a room at the Easy Stay Motel near downtown, till I find an apartment.

Says here you checked in at 6:35 p.m.

But the shooting was after midnight.

That's all I got. Paid cash with the rest of my gate money for a steak dinner at Sizzler's.

Hit the bunk after that.

Not much of an alibi.

Not much putting me at the scene either.

I figure you'd already be giving me a one year bullet for breaking parole.

Don't think I won't.

When do I report in again?

You don't.

I check in on you.

Got a cell phone yet?

I wrote the number down on the form.


Thank you.


Come with me.

The man you're about to meet has the keys to this yard.

Treat him with respect.

I'm Bottles.


Yeah, the stock broker from Pasadena.

When you come to yard, chow, you take a shit, whatever... you stick to your own race.

Why did you fight that Toad?

He challenged me first.

You gonna go around kicking it off with every buster that calls you out?

I'm not looking for trouble, no.

But I'm not taking any shit either.

The only thing we got in here is our respect.

The question is, what you gonna do when you're out here slumming it with the rest of us?

Cause the safety of these numbers comes with a price.

There are no free rides here.

Everyone puts in work, whether cliqued up or not.

I understand.

I'm not talking about helping us with our computer skills.

You'll get your fucking hands dirty like the rest of us.

Or you can go back to seeing how that lone bullshit works out for you, money man.



Joshua made you a letter... and he's very excited for you to read it.

He did it all by himself, and...

I wanted to give it to you, but some guard up front took it.

I know, I know, but they'll get it back to me.


Can't wait to read it.

I think you'll like it.

How is he?


He's really good.


It's okay.

It's good to see you.

Kate, something's wrong. What is it?

Ehm, Jennifer's suing us for wrongful death.

I mean, I...

I don't know what to do with that, but...

How much is in our checking?

Three months, maybe.

I called Lynn, 'cause I'm gonna get my job back.

No. No, you're not quitting school when you're this close.

I don't have a choice.

I have to pay bills, Jacob, so...

Look, it'll take her at least six months to get a court date and we have some equity on the house.


Use our equity line while we put it on the market.

I'm not selling our home. I'm not.

It's just a house, Kate.

It'll help stretch things long enough for you to get your design license, and that's what matters.

It's our home.

Your life is not stopping because of this.

You promise me.



Thank you.




Must feel good to be out...

I would imagine.

Drove by old house and... doesn't look much different, to tell you the truth.

So, where are you working?

I'm working in a legal firm.

It's a...

I'm a paralegal.

Ever think about pushing your interior designing again?


No, there's no time for that.

You know, it's just between work and being a mom, it's...

It's fine. It is what it is.

Why'd you send him that letter?

Josh thought you were committing suicide.

This is for you.

They're signature cards to your new checking.

Have them notarized, then get them back to me.

You're not gonna answer my question?

There's 178 grand in there.

I don't know how you got that money, and I don't care.

You need to keep that. I'm not taking it.

No, it's yours now.

I'm not taking your gang money!

Just keep it down.

Don't tell me what to do. You don't get to do that.

I don't hear from you for seven years.


I mean, how do you even now where I live?

I'm not trying anything here, Kate.

The money's clean.

I just couldn't get it to you until I was out.

Okay. What is this?

Is this my consolation prize?

Give it to Josh then. Whatever you want...

You give it to Josh. He deserves a dad.

I wrote him that letter... because I won't let my stink affect him another day.

He deserves better.

And you deserve better.

Once that's handled, it'll be the last time you see me.

Your order from the canteen?

There's gonna be a balloon in your canteen.

You're responsible for it.

What do I do with it?

Take it to yard tomorrow.


In your fucking ass, man.

Make sure you lube-up, too.

You don't want this shit breaking off inside you.

The fuck you looking at the floor for?

Is there a problem? Hm?

I get it. You think you're bad ass 'cause you put your tips on some fucking Toad?

Maybe I should get you transferred into my side.

I got a open door policy, bro.

Find out how a white boy fights. Would you like to find that out?

We don't have a problem.

No problem? No.

No loitering, Jinkins. Let's go.

Just keeping good hygiene, sir.

Keep putting it in that work, money man.

Fuck out of the way, man. Don't you see me fucking coming?

Fuck out of the way.

We'll get the location from the eses tomorrow night an hour before. We got a problem here?

No, man, there's no problem.

No, it's just that's not a lot of time, you know.

We have no idea what we're walking into.

I'm just trying to protect you, that's all.

Shit, man, you got it. You got it, bro.

I'm here for you, man.

I'm good.

Stash still out in the I.E.?

Moreno Valley. A storage unit.

Anybody check it lately?

I was out there yesterday. It's good.

Yeah. Shotgun knows the on-site manager.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's good, it's good. He's gonna cut the camera as soon as we drive in. I'm on that shit.

Let's keep vehicles to a minimum.

Just the moving truck and a scout. Who's cleanest?

Horvath. He's been off parole for two years.

You're scout. The rest of us will load up in the truck.

You know what's riding on this.

Now, go home, lay low.

Get a ride with Chopper.


I tried, man. He's not giving up the exchange. He said he's gonna let us know an hour before, that's what he said. I tried.

I done everything you asked me to do, man.


Then you wear a wire.

You can't ask me to wear a fucking wire!

Don't come to me with that!

How you want me to come at you?

That means I'm a fucking dead man!

If I'm a dead man, you ain't got shit!

You chose this. So, unless you produce, Monica stays locked up for trafficking, and you're next.

I'm trying to help you out, man.

And I'm here.

I'm fucking here, man. I'm fucking here.

I done everything you asked me to do.

I can't help it if he ain't giving me shit...

And I can't help you and your old lady if you don't give me shit. It's simple.

It's simple.

What do you suggest I do, Frank, huh?

You tracking my phone, right?

Just do the phone thing, man.

Just do the phone thing.

Frank, listen to me.

I'm gonna say it one time, all right?

If your fucking cell phone loses its signal even for a millisecond-be quiet.

Then I'm kicking your trafficking charges up to DEA.

All my friends there gonna take care of you and Monica real well. Fair time. You know what that means?

A fucking mandatory twenty right off the top.

It's the position you're putting me in.

All right?


Can I ask you something?

What, Frank?

I deliver, she comes home. I want your word.


I want your word, man.

I said, yeah.

You got my word.

Look, man, she's my life, okay?

She's my fucking life, man.

Ball's in your court, Frank.

Catch you later, Frank.

It's your turn, money man.

I know you're shitting bricks right about now.

Trying to rationalize the morality.

What will your family think of you?

How will they judge you? All of that went through my head, too, when I first broke my cherry.

And then I realized none of that matters.

The only thing that matters is you getting home to your family in one piece.

This guy's a monster, brother. Make sure you're with me.

How can they know he's really snitching?

Doesn't matter!

If we leave him breathing, they'll whack us, okay?

All right, they're popping 'em. It's time.

Come here! Come here! We're doing this!

All right, before he hits the tier.

Get him!

The fact is we all started out as someone's little angel.

And a place like this forces us to become warriors or victims.

Nothing in between can exist here.

And you've chosen to be a warrior.

Now it's up to you to remain one.

Did you get it notarized?

Uhm yes. Yes, I did.

I told you not to bring him here.

I know, but he wanted to be here, so...

I'm gonna stay by the car, okay?



I meant every word in that letter, so...

I don't have much else to say.

You know, I used to love getting your letters.

I reread them like a dozen times.

And then nothing from you for the past seven years.

And then I get this one.

Even when you knew you were getting out, you still want nothing to do with your son.

It's not that.

Some things just don't go back together again.

They just don't.

You, your mom, are on your own trajectory now.

I'm on another one.

What, just wasting the rest of your life, Dad?

It doesn't matter what I do!

Your job is to take care of yourself and your mom.

Look, I get why you pushed us away.

It was to protect us.

But, Dad, you've done your time now.

It's over.

Let us help you get back on your feet.


You wanna help me?

Yeah, I do.

Then stay away.

You're a fucking loser!

Just get in the car.


What can I get you today?

An order of pancakes... scrambled eggs and bacon, and a cup of coffee, please.

All right.

Same for me. Okay.

Thank you, ma'am. Please and thank you.

I need another car.

Janie's Nissan's out front.

It's a piece of shit, but it's clean.

Did my truck break down?

No. We'll pick it up tomorrow.

Get me Shotgun's address.

I'll pick him up myself.

Will do.

How did you meet Shotgun?

Did I do something wrong, Money?

Just never told me.

A guy from my unit, he's from Huntington Beach.

We were real tight.


All he talked about was this skinhead gang he was with and surfing.

Man... he was gonna teach me when he got back, but... he got blown up.

When I went to the funeral, I met Janie.

She's his sister. I told her about the guns because her brother and I were gonna sell them.

We were supposed to sell them together.

And she introduced me to Shotgun.

Two coffees.

So Shotgun...

he's jumping you in for this.

I don't wanna be a part of a gang.

Who's with Bottles?

Herman Gomez. He's got the keys to the yard for the eses.

His old man's royalty, bro. Fucking OGMA.

Herman's solid, solid as fuck.

You make sure you treat him like he's one of our own.

Word already came down from The Beast.

Eses kicking off with the Toads, bro.

I'm fucking going with them. Fucking live for this shit.

I heard that, brother. Fuck, yeah.

Damn, I can't be part of a riot.

Don't expect a hall pass, brother.

Whole wood pile's expected to get down.

Just don't go anywhere the cops or cameras can single you out.

Stay in the middle, keep swinging on dudes.

Unless there's something obvious, they'll just put us on lockdown like they always do.

Then you're home free.

Iron up.

Fuck these busters and these blacks homies!

Go! Earn your ink!

Oh, shit!

They're moving! It's on!

Come on.


Get down! Get down! Get down!

Stay down or I will shoot you!

I fucking owe you one.

Nobody get up! Stay where you are!

Please rise.

Mr. Harlon, with this court finding you guilty of assault by a prisoner with a deadly weapon I'm sentencing you to the middle term of four years.

In addition, having been found guilty of committing this crime in association and for the benefit of a gang, I'm sentencing you to an additional five years to run consecutively. Penal Code 667.5 requires that you serve a minimum of 85 percent of these terms.

Both will run concurrently with your initial sentence.

It's over. Forget I exist.

You'll be locked down 23/7 in the Security.

Housing Unit with one hour yard time.

Three showers a week. You will not be allowed in the same open area as any other inmate, outside your cellie.

And there will be no warning shots.

You cliqued up with anyone?


Why participate in the riot?

You know why.

You got your rules and we got the gang's rules.

And theirs matter.

Yeah, well, it cost you a year of good time on top of the new sentences and put you with the heavy hitters, so...

I hope it was worth it.

You know the deal, Ripper. Face the wall.

Crack 13.

Close 13.

Hands through the food port.

You can get up, Ripper.

Welcome to the pad, Money. I'm Ripper.

Who's got the keys here?

Redwood, from The Brand.

Open forward yard door.

Redwood, this is Money.

Heard how you got down at Chino.

So did The Beast.

Appreciate it. He still in the hole?

Four hundred yards to my six.

Less nine years.

Little different than the mainline, huh?

You could say that.

Make no mistake, brother, they design places like this to break men like us.

Eses and woods.

500 Navy SEALs. Ripper, count 'em.



One, two, three!



One, two, three!



One, two, three!



One, two, three!



Thought you were posting up on your CI.

Since three a.m.

Figured I'd get some chow and take a piss.

Any movement?

Nada. You know, I can't put my finger on it, Manny, but there's more to this Harlon guy.

What you mean, like a power play?

Phil says his wife and his kid show up to his motel, slams the door in their face.

I mean, you talking about a guy with a perfect life, all right?

A fucking envious life.

He's got not one prior.

Can't even fucking spell the word gangster, man.

He gets fucked up on a DUI manslaughter, kills his friend.

Yeah, a dime will change you for sure, but a guy like that... gets out, throws everything away?


Look, all I know is, once a dude gets institutionalized, anything is possible, man.

What you got?

Still squat on the eses.

But ATF did pick up a call from Mexico on the wiretap.

Something about picking up guns near the Salton Sea.

So at least we know the area now.

Who's the tap on?

Heavy hitter from the Sonora cartel.

And of course ATF wants any and all intel we got.

Sonora, huh?


This thing just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to have ATF out there with us.

Hey, you know what, check it out, bro.

Why don't you just quarterback this one from the office?

I mean, shit, what's it been, a week since the shooting?

Sit around with a thumb up my ass? Come on, you kidding me?

That's worse, man.

Sure as hell have seen my share of violence, man, but when you're in it... when you're on the other end... that's a whole different ball game, brother.

Look, man, I've never been in an actual gunfight myself... so I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I know what you're going through, because I don't.

But what I do know is that there's a young girl out there who's safe right now.

And that's because of you.

Goddamn, man. It sucks.

It's good.

I want her to move on.

Shit! Get him on the ground!

Get him, Money! Get down!

On the yard. One on one. Enemy combat. Enemy combat.

Fuck that Norteño up, homie! Get him!

Money! Money, let him go!

Rip that farmer's head off!

Spray him!

Get down! Get down now!





Your counselor wants to see you.

Since when do you escort alone?

Why, you gonna be a problem?

No, sir.

Know who I am?


They sent Redwood to Death Row after what happened.

It took him four months to finally get that screw.

Fuck 'em.

These cops... they need to understand... that we run the show.

Some get it.

Like Roberts.

But the rest think the more they lock us down... and isolate us... it strips us of our power.

They even think we closed the books.

We're a dying breed.

They're dead fucking wrong.

We're just real selective... who we choose to call our brother.

So the question is...

are you ready?


What I wanted to hear.

But keep your ink clean so they can't validate you.

That's how we lull the enemy to sleep.

I understand.

You have the keys out here now.

Roberts will single-cell you.

Get you some privacy.

Works for me.

You like to read?

I got a good collection on psychology.

Just finished reading The Human Animal.

I'll send it over with some of my favorites.

A warrior's deadliest weapon... is his mind.

Welcome to the family, brother.

Mr. Harlon, after serving 85 percent of your time... having a clean conduct record with no infractions...

I recommend to the Parole Board your release...

30 days from today.

This is your parole packet.

Tells you who to report to.

Thank you.

Push send. And I'll be back for it in 30.

You know Shotgun?

He just sent word to me about a heavy shipment of guns a youngster smuggled back from Afghanistan.

He wants permission to go to Herman Gomez to offload them for a million five to their cartel connections.

Herman got his letters?

And he's out, too.

Just like you'll be in 30 days.

I'll get word to Herman you're handling the deal for us.

And fuck our usual cut.

Shotgun just bought himself a full partner on this.

I'll be on parole though.

The fuck's that got to do with anything?

Well, 10 years...

You think the fucking honor of being one of us ends at the gates? It ends when you're six feet under.

Until then, you will keep earning for your brothers.

I understand that...

Before you say another fucking word... think of your family in this decision.

Excuse me?

Did I stutter?

I'll get word to Shotgun, tell him shit's on hold until I'm out.

Good answer.

Who is?

It's Money. Open the door.

Howie's been calling you all day. What the fuck?

Let's go!

The fuck you mean he's been calling?

He ain't been calling-Oh, fuck!



What you tell Kutcher?

Does Herman know you're a rat?

Fucking stupid motherfucker!

Herman's the one who tried to kill you, you fuck!

No, you both did, or his crew wouldn't have known I was there.

Go on and do what you gotta do.

Go ahead.

Go on and fucking do it.

Come on, fucking do it!

I ain't a-I ain't no punk.

Yeah. Anything?

Nothing. It's almost four o'clock, too.

All right, I'll check in on Shotgun.

There's no need to tip Harlon off if we don't have to.

Okay, standing by. Copy that.

Frank, it's Kutcher!



Get in that room now.



Yeah, he left his cell here, but he's fucking gone.

Hang on a minute. Hang on.

Hang on.

Somebody in this deal thinks Shotgun's still alive, man.

He texted them the coordinates at 11:00.

Still can't track the incoming calls to Shotgun's.

Must be off.

Fucking text better come through, or we're screwed.

Where's Shotgun?

You tell me. Went to pick him up, he's a fucking no-show!

I'll call him.

Yeah, you do that. I can't do babysitting.

Let's go. Give me the key.

That's Shotgun's.

It's a different number. 714.

Look at the Russian serial numbers.

And the Glocks from Austria, not the U.S.

Totally untraceable.


Shotgun's still not answering.

Pull your cell batteries, in case he got pinched.

You two, you ride in the back, since you're both validated.

Let's load up.

Well, our CI's dead.

Harlon's fucking MIA. How was your day?

All right, so what do you wanna do, hit the Indian casinos or what, you got a plan B?

Because ATF ain't heard shit either.

A different cell called our Cls, what, two hours ago?

We located it in Moreno Valley, then it fucking disappeared too.

Cockroaches are making moves.

Horvath caught back-up.

He's right behind us.

What time is it now?

Eight minutes to eleven.

Yo, we're in business! Yo!

The original incoming cell just passed Palm Desert on the 10.

It's 10:54 now.

If we can just get the exact location, we can set up on them.


About five miles out.

Got it.

Let's go, we got the coordinates! Let's ride out!

All right, load up!

It's half a mile up that way.

All right, turn in and stop.

Turn your cell back on, post up out here.

Text me if you see anything.

Will do.

Let me see your gun.

Keep driving.

What! What's wrong, Money?

How many guns did you tell Shotgun you had total?

Same as I told you!

You lie to me again, I'll blow your fucking head off!

How many?

Two. Two thousand AKs.

Shotgun, right before I met you, Shotgun said that if I said anything about the extra guns, he'd green-light me, Money. You gotta believe me.

Where are they?

Shotgun's dead, isn't he?

Answer the fucking question.

Second storage unit, number 246.

Does Chopper or the others know?

No. Shotgun and I went out alone.

This is what you're gonna do.

You're gonna forget they're there... and you're gonna fucking vanish.

Re-enlist, I don't care what you do.

But if I ever hear your name again... there won't be anywhere you can hide.

Do you understand me? Do you understand?

Yes. Yes.


But... Open the door and jump.

Where's Howie?

Dropped him off strapped quarter mile back.

Watch our six.

Keep your eyes open.

That's them.

Looking for Shotgun?

I know it was only business.

Just pick a better shooter next time.


You should'a seen me crack the whip on those fools.

What you don't know is you made a deal with a rat.

He was gonna throw you under the bus with me.

Has that been taken care of?

And the youngster who stashed the extra guns.

Don't worry, I know where they're hidden.

I figure, we make everyone happy with this deal... then you and I split the rest.

I'm down with that.


Tienes todas las armas?


AJ, carga los cohetes.

Chopper, move the truck around.

You got the money?

Un millón cinco.

All right.

Get down! Get down! Shoot, shoot, shoot!

Fuck, homie! The Flaca's dog!

Hands on your back! Don't move!

Drop the weapon!

He's got a gun!

Look away look away!

Hands behind your back.

We're officially validating you.

Means you'll do the rest of your new life term here in the SHU- unless you wanna play ball.

Got nothing to play. Come on, Harlon.

Don't let your pride get in the way.

You don't owe these people...

Save the speech. We're done here.

What happens when we put you in Death Row with all the low-lifes for murdering Shotgun?

Cause when it happens, and it will... whatever offer me and my guys are willing to make goes up in smoke.

That all you got?


I already pleaded guilty to the guns.

Let me do my time like a man.

You see, that's what I don't get.

I've been around long enough to know when a con's making moves simply to survive or when it's that rare breed... the one that relishes in the power.

But that's not you.

Not by a long shot.

Why you throwing your whole life away?

Look, I don't know what they're holding over you... but I can offer you something better.

Something real.

No bluffs, no BS.

You give me The Beast... and everyone involved... and you walk.

I mean it.

No protective custody, no reduced sentence.


Back in the free world.

Back with Katherine and Joshua.

Nothing out there is free.

Especially for a rat with a target on his back.

You know, Harlon, when I walk outta here... the deal walks with me, man.

Have a nice trip.

All right.

Good luck in here.

Come on, Money.


Right there.

Now that we're looking eye to eye... you're gonna answer something.

Shotgun's body was discovered around five o'clock which means there's no way he could've tipped off the cops with the location since Herman didn't send you the coordinates until an hour before the meet.

So explain to me how three different agencies had time to set up and take everyone down.

I gave you a gift... and you spit in my face.

How does it feel to be the walking dead?

No different than the last 10 years.

Oh, we'll see about that... when your old lady and kid are lying in blood and you get to live with knowing you're the cause.

Get this lame away from me!

Cuff up, Money.

Cuff up, Money.

Okay, Money.


All right, easy!


Drop your radio.


Easy, Money.


What the fuck, Money?

You knew they'd put you back here.

That's why you lead the cops to the bust... to get to me.

Well played.

Let's get down, Wood.

Nobody's touching my family.

We're gonna get a few things straight here.

I'm already doing life... so I could give a shit about additional time.

But I'm not sitting on Death Row waiting to be put down like some animal.

So you write it up that he attacked me with the blade first. In return, your arrangement with us stands... including the monthly deposits into your account.

Reason I can guarantee these terms is...

I'm running the show now.

Say it.

You're running the show.

Pop the battery and break the SIM card.

You gotta be shitting me.

I still don't get this guy.

But I fucking like him.

Got some mail, Money.


Mom told me you've gotten life without parole now.

I don't think I'll ever understand why any of this has happened but I wanted you to know that I've accepted reality which is why I will do what you've asked me in your letter.

I'm moving on with my life, Dad.

I will learn from your mistakes... and I will always be Mom's protector.

But most importantly...

I want you to know... that I've forgiven you.

Your son, Josh.