Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) Script



Haven't I told you this is illegal and it pisses me off?

You're under arrest.

Not tonight, Kenner.

Kick his ass!

Five grand on the new guy! That's a good bet.

Was that an offer?

I'm too much woman for you, Kenner-san.

You better start with something easier.

We are from the New Merchants Association.

You are highly thought of in the community.

We are looking for a donation.

I give each year, to fund the lights and the parade.

We were thinking more of a percentage of your gross profits. From now on... deliveries will be kept on time.

The bad element will stay away.

You will keep from getting hurt.

Things are changing around here.

The Yakuza will take care of any problems you may have.

The Yakuza? Here?

This is not Tokyo, this is America!

I'm only a small businesswoman, please.

You got a problem, fucker?


No problem at all.

Don't do this.

If I don't get breakfast, I get real grumpy.

You wouldn't like me grumpy.

Put it down. Now!

Come on, Champ.

Police! Hold it!

All right, say it.

Asian Task Force. You're Kenner? Mm-hm.

Nelson sent me. I'm your new partner.

Really? Looks like they all got away. Good job, Officer.

All that upper-body strength really slows you down.

I'm not slow. You didn't hit me.

If I did, you wouldn't be here. I'm not arguing.

But you didn't. Children.


Here's one.

Should I read him his rights? Sure, if it makes you feel better.

But I don't think he's conscious.

You're right.

All right.

Down there.

Good luck. Sorry.

Good luck.

Too bad. Good luck.

These are my ex-partners.

You got a name?

How long you been in L.A.?

I don't think Bozohead speaks English.

Who is your boss?


Stop it.


Tell me what I want to know.

You want to tell me what's going on?

He works for a group called Tetsu No Tsume.

The Iron Claw.

He's Yakuza, a perversion of the warrior class. It dates back to the 12th century.

So, they've been pissing you off for a long time?

This isn't going to work. I'll have Nelson send you back to wherever he found you.

Don't do that.

They don't really want me back. I have a problem keeping partners, too.

I'm not surprised. I hate you already.

I want to find out his boss's name.

His oyabun. Oyabun?


His boss won't be happy. His choice.

What's he doing?


That was nuts!


What the fuck did he do? Made his choice.

In his world, that was the honorable way to die.

What world is that?

Let me get this straight.

You lost all your suspects because you were whacking each other?

Yeah, except one.

He just broke his own neck.

You arrest the nicest people.

Mr. Yoshida, you can have the Bonsai Club and the girl!

I'll work for you!

Please! I'll give you anything!

No, come on, please!

I'm pleading. I'll do anything you want!

Get me out of here!

Tanaka should have retired when we gave him the chance.

One must submit to the inevitable.

Hate to see him die that way. It crushes me.

How you doing?

I thought you quit that stuff. I heard something.

The sound of your brain frying. They sent guys to kill Tanaka.

What are you talking about?

These guys scare the shit out of me. Why do you still hang around them?

Come with me. Mr. Yoshida wants to see you.

Tanaka. These guys are bad news.

Who told you they owned a beer factory?

They're talking about taking over your Bonsai Club, and everything else.

I'm not kidding. They'll kill you if you don't do what they say.

That was foolish. You're our guest.

Loyalty is an admirable trait.

But Mr. Tanaka is retiring.

I don't believe you.

He didn't either.

So, you're looking for employment, yes?

Angel, what am I gonna do with you?

I could do you.

Even in front of these guys.

I think I'll do you.

Single blow, very clean. A surgically sharp instrument.

A sword.

Yeah, a sword.

I have seen a lot of would-be beheadings.

It's not as easy as it looks. Whoever did this was very good.

It was also completely redundant.

How do you mean? Open this, please.

Eyes are still dilated. It's very strange after death.

So I did a prelim.

There were enough methamphetamines in her system to kill her.

What kind? It's called ice. Big in Japan, but not here.

It makes rock look like decaf.

If it breaks wide, there'll be a plague like you have never seen.

Thanks, Russell. Anytime.

This is a weird part of town.

How come you don't know a goddamn thing about your own culture?

My culture?

Listen, champ. I was raised in the Valley.

My dad's a white guy who's a dentist.

I know about malls, MTV, driving Dad's car on Mulholland.

That doesn't explain the Bushido.

Mom made me study martial arts to get a Japanese identity.

Actually, she had this idea about flower arranging first, but be serious.

What's your excuse?

I was raised in Japan.

Did you have to do that flower-arranging stuff?

A warrior who knows only one side leaves himself vulnerable to attack.

Many of the greatest samurai also wrote haiku.

Those poems that don't rhyme.

This is the Bonsai Club. Japanese come for their own kind of fun.

Get ready for some sudden cultural immersion.

I'll warn you, I don't eat raw fish. But that's just me.

I can't exactly get in the front. They don't like me.

Why aren't I surprised?

Does everyone around here know you?

They know who I am.

Come on in.

How long did you study?

Since I was four.

You should have started earlier. That would've helped your form.

I was four!

There's nothing wrong with my form.

'Cause I got a man with slow hands

I got somebody who will spend some time

Sushi in the raw.

You know what I said about the fish? I could change my mind.

If I want it all night Please say it's all right It's not a fast move...

May I speak with Mr. Tanaka? Mr. Tanaka no longer owns this club.

What did he say?

Something very strange. Come on.

I got a man with slow hands I got a lover with an easy touch See that girl singing?

Oh, God. Yeah.

...who will spend some time You're right. I could get immersed in some of that.

She hung out with a girl that comes in two parts now.

You remember Angel?

I found a lover with a slow hand A lover with a slow hand Don't mention Angel's dead. Not yet, anyway.

Excuse me.

We're looking for Angel Mueller. Have you seen her?

You must be Sgt. Kenner. Everybody does know you.

I shouldn't be talking to you.

When'd you last see her?

She was at the party last night. Who was the party for?

The Red Dragon Brewery. The new owner. Of the brewery?

Of the club. The owner of the brewery now owns the club.

Did you see Angel leave the party?

They sent her to see him and I never saw her again, okay?

See who?

You know where to find me if you need to talk to me.



We have a problem. Let's go!

Maybe we should have paid the cover.

Come on.



Down, motherfucker!


You'll be fine.

If they wanted to kill us, they already would have.

Champ, I got a real bad feeling about this.

There's no problem. Just play by their rules.

Be polite. Show respect.

Honorable new owner, may we speak with you?


Have we met before?

Last time I saw you, your face matched.

I knew you would come some day. You saved me the trouble of waiting.

You should've finished the job. I'll do it for you now.

I don't think so.

Cop. Policeman. Understand?

It's bad to shoot me.

He's a cop, too.

It's bad to shoot him.


You don't like this guy?

I understand you don't like this guy.

But you shoot him and you're scum.

This is not the way.

You give up everything you are, champ.

All your Japanese-warrior bullshit.

And you get me killed, too.

Can you hear me?



Are you going to kill him? Not right now.

Maybe later.

I've put us in a fucking situation.


We are leaving now.

You can't kill two L.A. cops. Too many people saw us come in.

I'm sure you will try to kill me again.

You, too.

What's the matter with you? Are you out of your mind?

You said "be polite"! That was not polite!

You better drive.

There's something you're not telling me.

If we are going to go any further, let's discuss it, or you can go alone.

I'll go alone. That's not good enough.

Listen, you Zen warrior, fucking samurai asshole!

I want to know what's up.

Because, despite myself, I like you.

I don't want to see you dead.

I was brought up in Japan.

My father was an MP with the occupational forces.

When I was nine, both my parents were murdered.

I saw it done.

The man who killed them wore the tattoo of the Iron Claw.

I saw him as he killed my parents.

I struck him in the face with his own sword.

It was Yoshida.

That's perfect.

I'm partnered with a homicidal maniac on a vendetta of family vengeance.

Okay. I'll tell Nelson this isn't working out and get you reassigned.

Like hell you will.

Listen. Will you do this right?


Like a cop in the 20th century, and not some samurai warrior?

We'll nail this guy.

And when we're done, we'll go eat fish off those naked chicks.

What's the deal? Looks like business to me.

It's funny, being in Little Tokyo. I never expected to work this part of town.

It's reverse racism, if you think about it.

I wanted to work in Malibu.

That will never happen.

Thanks, that's supportive.

I've joined you on a quest for personal vengeance and you shoot at my dreams?

Malibu is Sheriff's Department, not L.A.P.D.



What's this place?

Must be the Red Dragon Brewery.

Remember, the owner of the club is also the owner of the brewery?

That arrogant, scumbag, motherfucker. He put the iron claw right on the logo.

I have a feeling that explains the ice.

You may remember, we discussed arresting this man legally.

I'm not going to shoot until they shoot at us.

The problem of introducing a new product to the market is distribution.

That problem has been solved.

Red Dragon Beer will have its own national network of trucks.

The world around us changes, gentlemen.

The Berlin Wall falls.

Russia's no longer a superpower.

America's corrupt with greedy politicians and police.

The world looks to Japan for economic leadership.

Enough bullshit! Talk price. Yeah, price!

Twenty percent above wholesale.

It'll put us out of fucking business!


Not if we run it and distribute it to you.

You run the crank business?

No way! Go home, fucking slopehead!



Now you have one hand left to wipe your ass with.

You want to keep it? Yes!

We have a deal? Yes!

How about you? Yeah, we got a deal!

Whatever you say, man, you got it.

Minako. Yes?

Mr. Yoshida.

For the beauty.

Thank you.

I enjoyed your singing.

Any other duties?

I sing.

I don't understand my countrymen's obsession with these other women.

Forbidden fruit, I guess.

I find the apple outside my door is the sweetest.

Beauty must be possessed and protected.

I will own you and you will appreciate it. Please, don't...



Obey me, or this will happen to you!

So this is America.

I think I'll like it here.

She's enjoying herself. Make sure she stays. Nobody in or out.

He's leaving.

It's that girl from the club. The one we talked to.

What's she up to? Straightening up.

Laying things out real carefully. Someone left a big knife out.

Hand me that.

Kenner, come on!

She's making preparations for seppuku. What's seppuku?

Ritual suicide.

It's rarely done by women unless they've been irredeemably dishonored.

You take the car. Follow Yoshida.


There must be nine guys in there.

I have dishonored you.

For the improper guarding of your house.

Please... accept my apologies.

Is that all?

That's not enough?

How can we make this right?

Bring me the head of the blond cop.

That is the only way.

Toss the finger in the trash.

When the safety's off, point this at the target... pull the trigger and they'll fall down.


Where's he now?

I'll be there.

Shoot anything you see move.

What if it's you?

You won't see me coming.

The water must be out at the house. They all went in to take a bath.

Come on.

What happened at the house?

Minako's fine, but I had to kill nine of them.

We're so far outside on this one it's not even funny.

You scared?

No. You should be.

What the fuck do you want? We're closed.

Wrong. You're open.

He's in there. Thanks, asshole.

Up against the wall.


Back off!


You have a problem, officer?

You're the problem. You're going to the station.

What are the charges? Let's start with Angel Mueller's murder.

The illegal manufacture and sale of methamphetamines.

You have nothing. We have a witness.

And you've got a bad habit of taping things.

Also, you have a problem getting it up.

So, just don't waste my time. Get your clothes on.

Don't give me an excuse to kill you.

Name your price.

I always wanted a Porsche.

That's right.

The report read, "Kenner killed a naked man in a bathhouse."

That would do little to glorify the honor of your father's name.

Get your fucking hands up!

You don't have the honor to speak of my father.

Let's find Yoshida.

This will sound strange from a cop. Let's get the fuck out of here.

It's okay. We gotta get you out of here. I have a place.

Say hi to Johnny. He's with us. Hi.

Come on.

It's not much, but I hope you like it.


It'll get warm in a couple of minutes.

Next time, get a furnished place.

There's some sweats and stuff there.

Try to get some sleep.


Look. Maybe there's a hotel down the road.


Get some sleep. There are three rooms...

...three futons. Okay.

What's a futon?


I'll try to make more noise next time.

This is a nice place.

I built it.

Somehow, I knew that.

Close your eyes.

Ow! Hot.


Why did you do what you did up at the house?

Sometimes you do the right thing because you have to.

Most people do the right thing only when it's easy for them.

I could've quit that job at the club, but it was such easy money.

It's harder to do the right thing for the right reason than you know.

You're a rare man.

I'm too scared to stay in there by myself.

I'll stay on my side. Do you hog the blankets?

I brought my own. Okay.


That time...

I heard you coming.

What's wrong?

We got company. How many?

I'm not sure yet. "Many" many.

Where's Minako? She's in my room.

I knew that was going to happen.

She was frightened.

I saw you strip down for that hot tub. I'd be frightened, too.

We're in trouble, champ.

There are more bad guys than we have bullets.

Take this.

What about you? Don't worry about me.

Kenner. In case we get killed, I wanted to tell you... you have the biggest dick I've ever seen on a man.


I don't know what to say. How about, "Don't get killed"?

Don't get killed. You, too.


It's like one of those video games. You just defeated the first wave.

You have moments when you're truly an asshole.

They win.

Meet Hagata, master of pain.

He can find the smallest secret in a man's mind.

We don't know anything. He's going to do this anyway. Don't beg.

Beg? Fuck you.


In between cooking cycles, you're supposed to baste us.

That's right, you fucking idiots!


You've always thought of yourself as a man of honor... but obviously that's not enough. Once, I thought you'd kill me first.

But I also thought that of your father.

You are much like him.

You should've gotten to know him better, but you didn't have much choice.


At a higher voltage, your muscles will contract so much, they'll snap in two.

We will watch this in private.

How American.

The back seat.

The movies. A beautiful girl.

You know what's missing?


This is either going to be very right or very wrong.

Well done.

Get me the fuck off of here.

Hide yourselves. The fun's not over yet.

Leave the cop's car.

Let's find that asshole.

Where is everyone?

I don't know. Let's go find them.

Watch out!

Bad news. The asshole found us first.

Where are we going? Someplace bad.

Come on, you...

Oh, shit. Holy shit!

Do some of that muscleman stuff, Kenner!

With your fucking legs, push!

Heavy metal sushi.


What did that mean? Roughly translated:

Out of the frying pan and boned up the ass with a red-hot poker.

There you have it. I liked that car.

And I like that girl. I'd like to cut off some parts of Yoshida's anatomy.

You've got a fixation, pal.

Shall we climb down and kick some ass?

No. Let's enjoy being dead for a while.

Trust me. They'll be surprised when we show up.

At 3 a.m., the first shipments will leave for national distribution.

It's a glorious time, gentlemen.

A time for celebration.

Now America can enjoy our beer and our drugs while watching football.

Good evening.

One for you. One for me.

It's no coincidence that we've timed... the launching of our venture with the Spring Festival.

It fortuitously ensures our success in this enterprise.

Have you fortuitously gotten those cops off your ass?


You talk all this shit. What's up?

We chewed them up and spit them out.

Any other questions? I guess not.

Do we look like truck drivers?

Oh, well.

Nothing we can't handle. Call us when you've handled it, pal.

Let's get the fuck out of here!

Keep going?

Keep going.


Knock, knock. We're here!

You're dead! It sucked. We came back.

Kill them. Send them back to hell!


I've got Yoshida!

Yeah, pal. You are under arrest.

I said, "You're under arrest."

You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to an attorney.

You have the right to be dead.



Leave her out of this. It's between you and me.

All right. She doesn't matter.

Just as long as you die.

You okay? Yeah.

Kenner! It's not over yet!

Take care of her. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Get back!

Is he okay?

It went straight through.

Stay out of this!

I won't watch him kill you. If that happens, you will.


Kick his ass, samurai. Yoshida!

Go ahead. Use your gun.

You don't have the honor to fight like a man.

You do believe in fate, don't you?


Take him!

This is for my parents.


Nice slicing and dicing, partner.

What do we call this in the police report?

How about, "Community relations"?

We blew up the crime scene, killed the suspects...

And joined the local parade.

I like it.